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Archives: January 9, 2007

Romney Raises $6.5 Million in One-Day Blitz

Snobocracy: When "The Right People" Run Washington

Miami Herald: Hold hearings on Signing Statements

Army vets give arm & leg - but can't get drink

Norman Solomon: The Headless Horseman of the Apocalypse

Tom Hayden: Presidential Campaign in America Launched with Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq

Surging Towards Bethlehem: How to Stop the Madness

Terrified Soldiers Terrifying People

Airstrike Rekindles Somalis’ Anger at the U.S.

CNN/Reuters: Report: Human rights not improved under Raul Castro

E.J. DIONNE: Can Democrats stop surge?

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for January

Snow: The President Can Ultimately Do What He Wants…

"Why Hawks Win" (Behavioral Economics Nobelist Daniel Kahneman)

Ron Kovic: Surging Past the Tipping Point (Truthdig)

The Least Immoral Choice

US seizes its opportunity in Somalia(very opposite of a surgical strike)

Maternity Retailer Settles Pregnancy Discrimination Suit

Kent Southard: 21st-century machismo

Tom Andrews: It's Time for an American Surge to Stop the Bush War in Iraq

Ominous Signs of a Wider War

John Brown: How the World Will See the Surge

"Shallow Throat": Don't Let Dems Drink Bush's Iraq Kool-Aid

Kennedy speaks: Americans sent a clear message...

Halliburton, Your Time Has Almost Expired

Mission Impossible: Bush's smart new general can't save Iraq.

Cheney Makes Encore Bird-Slaughtering Performance Near Pittsburgh

Psychology Today: The Ideological Animal

Writing the American Dream (Mickey Z.)

Our CIA Puts 'Protecting American Economic Interests' Well Above Human Rights

Are you a health nut? (Mickey Z.)

The Warming (James Kunstler)

Novelist Nick Mamatas Declares His Independence (Mickey Z.)

Shouting Truth to Depraved Power (and Its Unwitting Accomplices) (Jason Miller)

Dispatch From The Chinese Landfill (Joe Bageant)

The Surge: Political Cover or Escalation? (Like Hitler Bush in Denial)

On Gitmo's 5th Birthday, New Pressure to Shut it Down


How the Richest Fuel Global Warming - but the Poorest Suffer Most From It

The Looniest Tune

The Nation: An Israeli Defense of Jimmy Carter

Britain's Cook Was Opposed to Iraq War

Truthdig: What Lies Beneath

To make health care affordable, attack insurers' greed

Homophobia, not injustice, is what really fires the faiths

NYT: Bush’s Task: Thrusting New Strategy on ‘a Sovereign Nation’

Attack on Iran could bring devastation to Arab world

The Smart Surge: Diplomacy By Wesley K. Clark

Shia hostages hanged in streets in revenge for Saddam's execution

Nuclear Attacks? - American Media in Denial - Public Uninformed

White House Gears Up to Sell Plan for Troop Increase in Iraq

More In Europe Concerned About Climate Change Than In U.S.

EU Critical Of Russian Decision To Cut Off Belarus Oil Pipeline - FT

Experimental 'wind to hydrogen' system up and running

Richard Heinberg: Bridging Peak Oil and Climate Change Activism

Climate Experts Worry as 2006 Is Hottest Year on Record in U.S.

Bohunice unit shut down

Connecting Dots of Climate Change is Bleak Business

Bush Lifts Alaska Oil, Gas Drilling Ban

Summit aims for 'greener' housing (BBC)

Rare whooping crane flock thriving (AP/CNN)

Maine sites eyed for bio-oil refinery

Chavez to Nationalize Venezuela's Power

Putin unlikely saviour of endangered grey whales

Study calls for cuts in U.S. lobster fishing (Gulf of Maine Right Whales)

TXU Asks UT - Arlington To Come Up With Technology To Enable Pledged Emission Cuts - DMN

Just What N.O. Didn't Need- Africanized Bees Reported In St. Bernard Parish - ENN

Warming Could Propel Rapid Evolution In Weed Species - Field Mustard Mutated In Just 7 Years

Iran smog 'kills 3,600 in month'

Canadians Give Harper, Tories An F On Environment, Pollution - 74% Negative

Beverage Studies Funded By Food Companies 8X More Likely To Rate Drinks As Healthy - Guardian

EPA Rejects Known Carcinogen As Wood Preservative For Homebuilding - WP

Bangor (Maine) Makes It Illegal to Smoke in Cars

NCDC - 2006 Warmest Year On Record For United States (Some Hedging) - USA Today

Chinese Officials "Stunned" By Soaring Obesity Rates In Children - USA Today

Blecch! Indonesia To "Tighten" Diesel Fuel Sulfur Levels - Down To 3,500 PPM - Reuters

Met Office - 2006 Warmest Year On Record For Scotland - Contained Wettest Months, Also - BBC

Number Of Japanese Citing Global Warming As Biggest Environmental Problem Up 7X In 10 Years

(Norsk) Hydro Look at Establishing an Aluminium Plant in Greenland

Solar power lights to be put up along I-277 (Charlotte NC)

The Private Sector: Rural areas could be a vast source of energy (PA Farm Show)

Geothermal pool a hit in Klamath Falls (OR)

Living in a carbon neutral home (UK)

Honeywell Awarded Solar Project by Pleasanton Unified School District (SF CA)

BP Oil Production Drops For 6th Straight Quarter - Off 5% In Q4 2006 - AFP

Coal Mining Causing Earthquakes, Study Says

Olmert: Unilateralism policy has been a failure

Don't Play With Maps

An Israeli Defense of Jimmy Carter

Interior Min.: West Bank settler population grew by 6% in 2006

Report: Olmert to be probed over 3 affairs

Youth believe Arabs dirty, uneducated


self-delete. wrong forum n/t

"Collapse" is disinfo-- the WTC was blown to smithereens

Are u a sleep?

Craig Bartmer, NYPD first respondent

Do the Crash Physics Prove No Planes?

High court won't tackle touch-screens

Because of e-voting, "...older, longtime poll workers are resigning."

Florida Voters Challenge Judge's Shutdown of Election Investigation

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 1/9/07

A little help with some votes could be good...

Hey, I don't hate Bev Harris...

Is Rush Holt ignoring Clint Curtis?

CIA panel blocks book by outed agent Valerie Plame

Boston Scientific laying off up to 600

Kuchinich banner at Rose Parade

Microsoft to build its products into Ford cars (but will the windows work?!)

NYT: Bush’s Task: Thrusting New Strategy on ‘a Sovereign Nation’

CNN: Key Senate chairmen to outline Iraq oversight at Tuesday news conference

Blair refuses to match US troop 'surge' in Iraq

'Hitman' e-mails rattle recipients

Schumer to Chertoff: More anti-terror funds for high-risk cities or Congress will require them

France urges 2008 date for U.S. departure from Iraq

Bush plan for more troops originated with Maliki

Iran Threatens to Block Key Shipping Lane

Cheney Makes Encore Bird-Slaughtering Performance Near Pittsburgh

Iraqi American Escapee Plans Return to U.S. (corrupt oil minister)

Bush Looks to Cooperate With Nicaragua

(Sen. Carl) Levin: Troops need to leave

Tenet memoir under scrutiny

AP: (Supreme) Court upholds conviction in border bust

U.S. Targets Iran's Oil Industry

AP: Ex-Official Sentenced for Abramoff Gifts (probation, fine)

UNICEF worker shot dead in Baghdad

Industry incentives vs. the Oreck challenge (Lott questions corporate welfare)

Reuters: Italian, U.S. agents urge govts to stop CIA trial

NY cries foul on NJ for smell

Shots fired into home of town's first black mayor (Greenwood, Louisiana).

Blair defends long-haul holidays

Reuters: Turkish PM warns Iraqi Kurds over Kirkuk

U.S. warplanes fly missions over Somalia(intelligence-gathering)

Nuclear sub hits Japanese ship

CNN: 9/11 bill at top of House 100-hour agenda: Democrats kick off self-imposed 100-hour deadline

Reuters: Iraq man to face magistrates over Saddam taunting

GOP officials: Four Bush court nominees pull out (*snicker*)

Lieberman predicts tough fight in Congress over Bush’s Iraq plan

USA TODAY: Most say no to Iraq buildup

LAT: Bush policy means second tours in Iraq, military says (Guard/Reserve)

Soldier's lost data used in fake video (local Ft. Campbell story)

Senate Moving on Ethics Bill

Soldier pleads guilty in Iraqi deaths (lesser charge: aggravated assault with dangerous weapon)

Vatican welcomes new stem cell advance

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 9

Trash Haulers Aim for Lower Fees in U.S. Supreme Court Fight

Chuck's wagon rollin' (Schumer identifies key '08 Senate targets)

Official: First wave of troops to Iraq by Jan. 31

Maternity Retailer Settles Pregnancy Discrimination Suit

O'Reilly, Colbert to trade appearances

CNN: Football game delays Democrats' "100 hours"

Judges Look to New Congress for Changes in Mandatory Sentencing Laws

Reuters: Canada tells Pakistan fence, don't mine Afghan border

Reid Watering Down Kennedy Anti-Escalation Legislation

Doom for Hubble's iconic pillars

Norton and Davis introduce bill to give DC a House vote (CNN)

Pentagon: Somalia attacks show U.S. commitment to hunt down terrorists

GOP Senator (Smith) calls Kennedy's Iraq vote requirement a 'good idea'

Cuba frees man linked to Posada

U.S. to Raise Royalty Rates for Oil and Gas Leases in the Gulf

Sharpton Considers Running for President

AP: Senator Tim Johnson's Condition Upgraded: From critical to fair

Channel 4 imagines Blair on trial for war crimes (and * in Rehab)

Fierce firefight rages in central Baghdad(Haifa Street...& Shia bodies found hanging)

Murtha Outlines Strategy To Restrict Troop Surge

BREAKING: First item on DEMS "100 hour" agenda passes!

CNN: Tony Snow: Democrats "have to make a choice" about Iraq success and support for troops

Grim picture of Iraq from US watchdog

NYT/AP: Four Bush Judicial Nominees Withdraw: Concession to new Democratic Senate majority

House Advances Anti-Terror Legislation

Bush lifts ban on oil drilling in Alaska fishery

Timing of Iraq Intelligence Estimate Questioned (NPR)

Santorum joins think tank (Directs Program "America's Enemies")

Saddam's belongings reportedly looted, vandalised

Judge rejects media request (Judge Walton on Libby case)

30 killed in cargo plane crash in Iraq

Defense official: 1st wave of additional troops will go to Iraq by end of month

U.S. launches new attacks in Somalia

Europe draws up plan to tackle energy (they are not pre-occupied

Health-care spending hits nearly $2 trillion

McClatchy: Soldiers doubt an influx of American troops will benefit Iraqi army

U.S. soldier, accused of murder, had been diagnosed 3 months earlier with homicidal ideas

Iran Says It Has Arrested a Nuclear Spy

Iraqi PM says he refused U.S. request to delay execution

Protestors Burn Cochabamba Governor’s Office and Demand His Resignation

Trans-Alaska pipeline leak causes shutdown

U.S. says Somalia must not become terror haven

NYT: Fissures Grow on Eve of Bush Speech on Iraq

Gates Cleans House

NYT: Faculty at S.M.U. Voices Concern About Bush Library

Spies put transmitters in Canadian coins: Report

Citgo is going, Valero arriving (Texas oil company )

WSJ: CIA Blocking Cunningham Investigation

Carter, Clinton announce Baptist meeting as counter to conservative Southern Baptists

Baghdad street becomes new Fallujah

Apple Unveils Long-Awaited Phone, TV Box (AP/ABCNews)

WP A1: With Iraq Speech, Bush to Pull Away From His Generals

CNN: Kennedy to call for Congressional approval of Iraq troop escalation ("vote in light of day")

Israel field-tests effective anti-RPG weapon (US Army blocks deployment)

Bangor Makes It Illegal to Smoke in Cars

CNN/AP: Job growth under Bush slower - by millions of jobs - than under Clinton, Reagan

NYT: Democrats Plan Symbolic Votes Against Bush’s Iraq Troop Plan

Vandals hit Shi'a stores (in Detroit, following Saddam's execution)

We just unveiled an important upgrade to the ignore function that lets you block other members.

EU: Somalia Peacekeepers may be needed

Couches are now ablaze...

I tried to write a poem today

I just baked 7 doz. walnut raisin oatmeal cookies. Ask me almost anything.

My first MySpace spam mail!!!!

Monkeys with babies at the waterhole.

Any sympathy for the rich fucks in Malibu?

Any sympathy for folks for no sympathy?


GoPsUx didn't PM me a pic of his butt!!!!

I'm going to bed now....

Who Would Like To Get Rolled?

Horseshit Or Bullshit, Which Is Worse?

Pesos for Pizza

Paris Hilton wants to be a serious really.

I just committed telephony: ask me anything.

How many threads do you have hidden right now?

Jan. 8,2007 first day of my last year in college

Unsolicited CD plug

AP & Coaches Polls Are Out...

Who the hell "road home on the mail train"?

Submit Your Ideas For A Movie (1 Sentence Please : )

Quarterlies/end of year stuff for me today

Is there a surge in McCarthyism going on this country?

Best and worst congress survey by staffers.Interesting read.

My Daughter's New Year's Norn Dance

Dammit. I broke my banana.

Woman Sentenced For Mailing Herself Pot

Texas Based Pizza Chain Accepts Mexican Pesos

Dunkin' Donuts Won't Let Man In Wheelchair Use Drive-Thru

Some rubbish I received via email

Scooby-Doo creator and prolific animator , Iwao Takamoto has died, aged 81.

Ideas for a business name?

So, what was your favorite Christmas gift this year?

So, Hound Dog?

LA "Apprentice" kind of sucky

Someone has a bit too much time on their hands...

Scorpion Stings Passenger On Airplane

I was raised a republican conservative.

If I ever get sworn in to Congress and have the press picture taken. I am going to use a...

World's Smallest Country For Sale

Spiders On Drugs

Goodbye, DU!

Scorpions! On a Plane!

HEY! Gator fans!

Bangkok Introduces Daily Nap Time For Workers

Caption challenge


What band am I thinking of? (#9)

Musings from the mind of KitchenWitch

A day in the life of a single mom

I suck. We suck.

The best Tetris game online


Isn't it time that we moved beyond a numerical assessment of performance in sport?

Mr. Noodle. The death of the Noodle Man

DGA announces "Best Director" nominees

Are there moments in your life

Gentle jerk-wads!

From last summer: Springsteen on Conan


I miss my boss

2 Year Old Boy Killed While Riding ATV

Who likes tacos?

Florida hit Ohio State Big Time

Man Stung By Hundreds Of Bees - Hospitalized

What's Britney Spears' Fate?

So, uh, watcha listenin' to?

I suck. We suck. Who likes to suck?

uh-oh!! shouLd see a doctor for this?

John Basedow



boy, do i feeL Like quite the fooL

MUST SEE: The graphic in SOteric's sigline!

Strop fans - who are your arch-enemies?

Ports fans - who are your arch-enemies?

How can we pay college athletes in a smart way?

What hair metal group do you hate the most?

Best Master

Best Grandmaster

weird. anyone eLso not abLe to pm?

Best Grandmaster of the Priory of Sion

I'm Screwn....I've got "Dick in a Box" stuck in my head...

weird. anyone eLso not abLe to bm?

Lady Freedom has become an Auntie Freedom!!!

Computer Scientist Tries To Document Every Second Of His Life ("Lifelogging")

Best Impressionist

Skorts fans - who are your arch-enemies?

I'm filing my tax return tommorow!

Real Men Eat At Burger King

Bass Master

Plotz fans- who are your arch enemas?



Apple announces 2 new products today.


What's your favorite Police song?


I'm looking at a picture of my Grandmother

I'm confronting my phobia of going to the movies alone to see...


Cold sore!

ChavezSpeakstheTruth is on a role! Go go go!

Who would win a boxing match between Britney and Tonya?

Primetime Proverbs!

Who's the funniest sit-down comedian?

Favorite musical stage or screen.


Suzanne Somers and Susan Anton

Not from behind!

UPDATE: Tigger's Union Rep Says Tigger Was Trying To Escape From Teen

Check out the canada gams!

Credit Reports - A RANT


Oh goodie,forcast of -31°C for Friday.

Hans Memling!

i'm all for sales



The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/9/2007)

I have no sympathy for lima beans.

Whatever does "screwn" mean?

Past Masters

Hans Moleman

Best Post-Impressionist

Pass the mustard.

If they can put a man on the moon, why can't they make Cheetos that don't stain your fingers? n/t

Squirts fans - who are your arch-enemas?

People Selling Florida Beach Sand On eBay Could Be Arrested

Passed Muster

I want

Greetings from Tate Street Coffee House

How many cornholes do you have in your drawers?

Who would you like to see get old?


The person who decided to explode kernels of corn was a genius.

Check out the panda cams!

Master List of Apartment Complex/Subdivision Names

I just ate a ferret

Democracy is dying, and I don't care


Flood the Lounge

Interesting but completely meaningless computer trick

How many drawers do you hold in the corn?

I'm going to pay taxes

How many corn holers do you have in your drawers?

How many drawers are your porn holders?

Clearly none of you have taken medication for Osteoporosis or you wouldn't rag on Sally Fields

How many corn holders do you have in your drawers?

when is it appropriate to use "whom" in a sentence/question?

YOU'RE the jerk, JERK!

There are a lot of overweight people in my chair

Earth to Rosie and the Donald:

so what's all this palaver about having the "last word?"

Ok, who put silly juice in the Lounge water fountain today?

I was just sent this wonderful picture of Bush and Pickles...

So I built a "coin operated boy" for buddhamama for Christmas...

Yoga is a tool of Satan - Parents

Yogi is a tool of Santa - Parents

Yoga is a tool of Stan - Parents

My only comment on the BCS

I was just reminded of a hilarious comment about Suzanne Somers...

Who is the funniest stand-up Canadian ever?

So, have the LaRouchie's found DU?

Yogi is a tool of Bear - Parents

Sally Field

So, have the Lionel Ritchie's found DU?

A couple of pathetical questions:

Some of you really crack me up

I'm going to die

Some of you are really up my crack

A couple of hypothetical questions.

Clearly none of you have taken acid for fun or you wouldn't rag on Totie Fields

At 2AM this morning, I heard what I thought was a fire truck.

i'm looking at a picture of my posse

Does anyone know the name of the comedian who does his routine on his dysfunctional family (more )

Whom do you think will win the Worldseries of grammar?

I, will not be ignored!

A present for Call Me Wesley

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.....

Clearly none of you have taken acid for fun or you wouldn't rag on Strawberry Shortcake

What's the funniest word?

Couple Arrested For Having Sex On Hotel Balcony

Yippeeee! All your Block/Ignore are mine!!!!

$225 Million bonus for radio? ... I'm Sirius!

skirts up!! screw the cheerleaders!!

democracy is lying and you don't care!

democracy is drying and you don't care!!

Wow! That one was CLOSE!

Ha Ha! I'm ignoring the mods! Now they can't lock this thread!

"No extraneous activity for six hours."

hi everyone

Yikes! The Mother Ship is hovering over Western Washington!

democracy is dying and you don't care!!


* *AS IF* * I would block anyone from blocking me.

They mentioned Winnipeg on Desperate Housewives!

Weird brakes question

What's offered this spring at Georgetown University!

democracy is frying (in Corn Flakes) and you don't care!!

I bet, even with all this fine-grained-control, that I still can't

Championship cornholing - in my hometown!

* *AS IF* * I would block anyone from replying to me.


Question: When does 20%=100%?

I love it when someone starts a new thread to answer an old thread.

Now wait just a cotton-pickin minute! This wasn't supposed to be an original post!

I got an AWESOME new job today!!!

Is it possible to be with someone if you don't share their morals?

Favorite "old school" wrestling "manager?"

Streaker Hit By Car During Gator Celebration - Hospitalized

cunnilingus please reply to my posts

I have a confession. I am SO excited about the new ignore feature.

Admins: Can we have a Bizarro Ignore function too please?

Where in the world is KG?

Have you googled yourself lately?

Advice for life

So evidently Nizoral is the best dandruff shampoo on earth.

Any actors/directors/producers out there? I signed up for an acting class

What we really need is the ability to block people from even *reading* our posts

"A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods"

Holy Crap - Liverpool 2 Arsenal 5!!!

Everybody has to agree with me- or you're BLOCKED!!!!!

I don't care if monday's blue...

I just made Turkey Meatloaf Muffins.

Google Rocks!! n/t

Favorite "old school" whistler?

"That is to say, I hid it in the drain."

What are you looking forward to in 2007?

Cialis found to lower IQ

I think Angelina Jolie and Madonna are fighting.......

When was the last time you cried?

Beets - Love them or hate them??

Richard Belzer.

Fraggle Rocks!! nt

Who do you support in the Rosie vs. Trump feud?

* *AS IF* * I would block anyone from dating me.

Having problems with my ipod shuffle

Because I always seem to kill picture threads . . .

Goddamn, I Have A Helluva Cold. What Should I Do?


Sodding Asus motherboard with the XP OEM licence...

One of my cats is a pussimist.

Clearly none of you have taken acid for fun or you wouldn't rag on Sally Fields

High school coach charged with 39 counts of "groin assault"

Beatnick propagandists will not be able to reply to my posts.

Hey beeyotches...Justin Timberlake wants to sing to you!

I now have DSL, {dial-up warning} - the sunflower/sunset, supersized.

I'm looking at a picture of my pussy

You have GOT to see this website.

Name one show (or program) that has a third half.

Chile verde

O'Reilly, Colbert to trade appearances

A question for experienced apartment dwellers/ penny-pinchers

Question about refusing a FedEx package?

while i'm at it--remember this one?

Is it possible to be with someone if you don't share their morels?

Clearly none of you have taken acid for fun or you wouldn't rag on Strawberry Fields

theres one thing you gotta do--

Hey where's KitchenWitch at?

Who Wants a Do Over?

More baby chinchilla pictures

Tuesday, January 9. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

am i the only one who like this song?

I have found a cartoon that sums up my entire existence.

Damn it, Bert Blyleven was robbed again

I finally had a pretty good day

NOOOOO....The Kinks' "Come Dancing" and Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" in the same set?

ever had anything strange happen while baking or cooking?

What? no cat thread(s)???


The Couple Arrested For Sex On The Hotel Balcony? MUGSHOTS HERE

Woman Dies After Getting Cosmetic Surgery

Who is the funniest stand-up comedian ever?

You Have 4 hours to live, and $49.95 in your pocket

We just got our first paper shredder.

Are Flexible Spending Accounts worth it?

The Beaniegirl did NOT hurt her hip in Basketball practice this morning! YAY!

Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly

What's the Proper Use of "Who" and "Whom"?

How have you recently Fallen?

Woman Dies After Getting Cosmic Surgery

On Your 40th Birthday.....what would you have wanted your Parents to Say to You!

Apple's new iPhone. most overpriced least useful gadget yet.

5 years ago today!

favorite oLd schooL ECW character?

Kyle's In A Coma

New York blames New Jersey for stench.

What did God want with dinosaurs?

I spend about 60 bucks a month for cable on my computer.

I know many around here don't like the Royals...but

Windows Vista is a Poor System

Beatlist propagandists will not be able to respond to my posts.

i saw two yuppies (mommy and daddy)

Boston Legal

Two Class Guys elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hmm....I'm pretty sure I saw something more dangerous to do while drive than using a cellphone.

Remember "Head East"

Who will write a new Apple iPhone song to match Banana Phone?

Sports fans - who are your arch enemies?

Modern Rock Lyrics Quiz

In honor of my 6 month anniversary with Lisa....PIC THREAD

Who is the least funniest stand-up comedian ever?

I'm the mood for some Vikki !!

Someone please win Freecell #617.

Hey Lounge ! Eat my shorts !!!

i dedicate this song to me--wildhorses

Beast Master

Ella Fitzgerald to be honored w/ a postage stamp.

Clowns Give Me The Creeps

I call this Ten Inches of Joy

Rachel Ray 30 minute meals

I just got a Ferret

Sabbatical in Germany! My STBE is talking about doing this next year

When Florence Henderson dies...

Feminist view of marriage proposal?

Favorite "old school" wrestler?

Who or what makes you laugh? Post some stand-up clips or comedy skits.

I am officially going to start snarling now...

Pandemonium cam!


DU's funniest comedian/comedienne?

We just unveiled an important upgrade to the ignore function that lets you block other members.

Carter, Clinton Back Moderate Baptists

The Muslim Mary (Ottawa Citizen)

My spiritual journey has brought me to Zen Buddhism.

Conservatives blame Shalikashvili's stroke for his support of Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal

Homophobia, not injustice, is what really fires the faiths

I stumbled across this 'lovely' rant about the GLBT community...

Rant on sexuality, gender roles, misogony, and race

and now onto Wisconsin Badger basketball......

Florida finishes No. 1 in a landslide in final college polls

I was completely wrong.

And to think Florida just squeaked by in the SEC

Just a few thoughts on UF v USU Game........

Do we know final BCS Poll? Has it come out?

The Pussycat Dolls Are Frauds and None of Them Will Date Me

Boise State's Petersen just fine with No. 5

okay, Dolphins fans...

The SEC is the Best Conference In College Football by Far

Congrats to the Florida Gators

Should Mark McGwire be in the Hall of Fame?

I still hate the fucking Gators!

Gwynn and Ripken elected to Hall of Fame

Who are these guys?

The Saints are frauds and will get annihilated Saturday night

Always--and I mean always pick the team that I pick against...

Daykeeperjournal up and running again

Edgar Cayce Health Database

Yasmin Boland: 1/11/07 - Venus Meets Chiron = Forgiveness

I just found this on Youtube

Follow-up Claims and Denial Management

Sen. Kerry filed more legislation yesterday on Ethics Reform

OT: Kennedy talking about war, CSPAN-2, 1 pm ET. nt

"Immoral" -- Andrew Sullivan

Fascinating article in Psychology Today about the personality traits of libs/cons

The Fix: Kerry Prepares Another White House Run

Guess it's Politician Day on DailyKos

Help needed: DailyKos diary that could make rec list is attacking Kerry

Ted Kennedy: Escalation: It's Not His Decision

Does this mean what I think it means?

The Corner Misleads With Snarky Headline on John Kerry Yahoo Photo

I'm not endorsing this plan, mind you,

Word is out; Cillizza post about Kerry running:

SFRC Iraq Hearings 1/10 & 1/11

Why I Think Kerry Should Run as The Energy Independence Guy

Kennedy Endorses Kerry; Calls Romney ‘Multiple Choice’

mildly amusing dear abby letter. Care to respond?

Gary Hart: We Don't Need A Military Surge, We Need - A CITIZEN SURGE - To Restore The Constitution

The Rich Stand Accused- Capitalism is the source of social and environmental crises

Most corrupt state in the nation?

New Net Neutrality Bill

My vow: no matter how much anyone insults me, I will never use "Ignore"...

If You Ever Wondered if Apple Was a Progressive Company, CHECK THIS OUT===>

Impeachment discussions: Why prefer uninformed opinion over fact-based information?

The Forest is Full of Trees

Historian Cuffed and Jailed for Jaywalking in Atlanta; Over $1,000 Bail

US bombs Somalia.

This Thursday we must stand up and tell George Bush, "No!" DFA ACTION >>>

CNBC Reports: Chavez to Nationalize Phone Co.'s...Verizon Stock

Kennedy on IWR: “the best vote I’ve cast in my 44 years in the United States Senate.”

Two questions for those who want impeachment.

For Lala_rawraw: Some notes, some praise, and some DU love

Rape, murder, and Randi.

Do you think that Bush will be impeached & Removed from office...

I watched a tape of the View...Who is that ditzy blonde GWB suck up???

Punk poet Patti Smith to join rock hall of fame

On Scarborough: O'Liely's body language gets analyzed.

Internment camp inmate who gave life to Scooby-Doo has died

It's possible Mel Gibson's home burned down in the Malibu fire

Snow Falsely Claims That Bush Said ‘Just The Opposite’ Of ‘Mission Accomplished’

Does Bush have the authority to bomb Somalia or any other country he chooses to at his whim?


Someone's gotta say it. Some of the 9/11 Commission recommendations are horseshit.

Are you sick of that person who constantly harasses you on DU? Now you can do something about it...

Who Else is going to Watch the Chimp

Speaker's Office: Fox, Drudge, Reuters are Wrong

Costco and Prescription Drug Costs

Democrats pass 9-11 Bill with VETO-PROOF VOTE of 299-128

Cape Cod Times editorial - Exit strategy

O'Reilly, Colbert to appear on each other's shows

Major loophole in Democrats' ethics bill will benefit controversial lobbying groups [AIPAC, ASPEN]

Concerning the war powers of Congress and the President

Please Sign Senator Kennedy's Petition!

Local wingnut letter wants liberals on reservations

NBC corrects false global warming comments, sends rightwingers into a tailspin!!!

Let Senator Kennedy know that we agree w/him

To those who advocate the death of my husband

Was Bin Laden ever indicted by a grand jury?

Edward R. Murrow: One Of The Greatest Speeches Ever Given

DUers are you familiar with "Johnny Got His Gun"?

On The Eve Of Bush's Iraq Escalation

French court to rule on 'pork soup' case

George W Bush and the Republicans have failed in Iraq.

Alleged murderer was diagnosed with ‘homicidal ideations’

Sell the highways, rape the forests, pollute the seas for oil, close our EPA libraries

North Dakota is home to first US mosque - neat story

ABC hires Glenn Beck as contributor to "Good Morning America"

Chinese Show New SUV and Odd-Looking Concept

Price of oil lowest in 1 1/2 years.

Ummmm Skinner

Thanks, DU, for being here

Biden Hearings tenative schedule

MUST READ this great response to Fox's: '100 hours to turn America into San Francisco'

Escalation - It's Not His Decision (from Sen. Edward Kennedy)

Grandmother of dead soldier wants Bush "to send one of his beautiful daughters"

We Must Apply Force To The Puppeteers, Not Just The Puppets!

Shrubby Bush is equal to JR Ewing.....Laura is a great Sue Ellen

I am so pissed off at the Congress of the United States!

Is America able to muster a 60's style war protest, or.....

Suzanne Somers lost her home in that Malibu fire

Sen. Feingold asks Bush to explain signing statement that gives authority to open mail

Why is Steny Hoyer Siding With bush Instead of Kennedy re: Congress' Power?

Peace, Harmony, or both?

Leno just did a joke about the Democrats and Congress taking the day off

Religious Right Groups Join Immigration Debate

Michelle Malkin comes up with new Jamil Hussein conspiracy theory

Bush is practicing his new speeches with a new twist..."How to be more Convincing"

SNOW: The President - CAN AND WILL - "Ultimately Do Whatever He Wants"

My local police department recently

20,000, to be sent as early as next week?

What is wrong with this idea for Iraq?

So Rick Santorum has a new job

The brick stupid echo chamber....

What's so bad about multiculturalism?

How many people have me on ignore?

Jon Stewart: What is the Virgil Good position?

Someone forgot to tell me while I was sleeping

"This area must be cleansed"

I believe Bush 1 was serious when he proclaimed a "New World Order".

A comet will brush by us

Fears that porpoises are starving

No more need for carring a wallet

Tucker now calling Obama "the Beach babe" in hawaii pic

NYT editorial: Democrats' stem-cell bill deserves veto-proof majorities in both houses

Pelosi needs to rethink impeachment if Bush doesn't respect Congress..

US Navy running a video "ad" on the front page of

Laura Does NOLA ---pix--->>>

HEY BUSH......I've got your surge right here! (dial-up warning)

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: New SoS Names Major E-Voting Critic/Attorney to Oversee Voting Systems in CA!

Stupid, stupid move Nancy? Not so fast

Ask your doctor

ABC Nightline just said Dems calling an "Intervention" against Bush.

You MUST see Teddy Kennedy's speech! (Link to crooksandliars):

Olbermann responds to Geraldo: "I'm nearly 6'4", Geraldo more than a half a foot shorter."

Molly Ivins: Bubba, we -- yes, we --have to stop the war now

General Discussion

Military Families Speaking Out: Politicians Are "Gambling In A No-Win Situation In Iraq"

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

It's 2007, do you know where your revolution is?

Boston Legal is a must see tonight

Has anyone seen the movie, The Good Shepherd?

A "surge" is a purge

The OIL Factor in Somalia

This poll needs DU help. It's been freeped...54% support "surge"

Boston Legal!

YARRABS (Yet Another Rabid Republican Against Bush's Surge)

Dems pass 9/11 recommendations: BUT top stories on FAUX Web site are...

I refuse to call it a "SURGE." It is an "ESCALATION" just like

Bush Senior Early CIA Ties Revealed

New EU path on climate and energy

At Least 10 Republican Senators Likely To Oppose Surge (NYT)

Best Bush pic ever...looks like he is about to burp.

to DU or not to DU

Here's how Congress voted (Ethics, Civility, Earmarks, Pay-Go, and Minority Bill of Rights)

I'm sorry to be so immature.

Why should Americans pay for a "Billion Dollar Jobs Program for Iraqi's?"

Question about refusing a FedEx package?

(TOON) Steve Bell (back from holiday) on "the surge"

"When the president goes before the people on Wednesday, he is basically saying, trust me."

Need some help yelling

Tuesday Afternoon TOONS

111 new members from 100,000...

Tennessee question, why did Kurita vote with the GOP to organize the Senate?

Photo of the recent launching ceremony of the USS George W. Bush

TOONS on the first week of the 110th


I need help from someone smarter than me. (Iraq caualties)

DU O'Reilly poll

Suzanne: At Least I Don't Have a Kid in Iraq

ENJOY this news, brothers & sisters, this is what MAJORITY feels like

U.S. Military Spending vs. The World

Experts Suggest the CIA, Not Kim Jong-il, is Counterfeiting Dollars

This just in - 128 House Repukes oppose implementation of national security measures.

This should be good: body language expert to "read" O'Loofah

US names state-owned Iranian bank as weapons proliferator

When will DU gain its 100,000th member?

My hero, Michael Ware. Maryland PBS "Frontline" on now. He has been in Iraq since the beginning

Top Dem(Durbin) Wants Public Campaign Financing

For all the bills that the dems pass will bush veto ?

I guess I'm part of a "focus group" that includes 88% of Americans

I Just Noticed There's No Mandatory Malloy Thread Tonight

We are too soft in Iraq? That's the spin, anyhow.

On KO: Ted Kennedy calls Iraq Bush's Vietnam.

Dem Takeover on Apple's Promo image of new Apple Phone!

What do we know about Fred Fielding?

Please send Pat Buchanan to Iraq

Caption This Photo.

My candidate is the best!

Pay-Go & Spending Cuts: Lets Get Ahead of This

Ted Poe (r-TX) is talking about a dead soldier who is a hero. I do not doubt him.

Senator McConnell, Representative Boehner, I'm getting tens of thousands of phone calls a day

New York Smelt it, but New Jersey Dealt it

Anyone notice all this escalation of violence of the eve of Shrub's speech?

For Mods: How is allowing Israeli discussions in GD a negative thing?

When you give your economy to the government, its communism....

The Scarlet Gene: Behavioral Genetics, Criminal Law, and Racial and Ethnic Stigma

Google Rocks!! n/t

Who do you support in the Rosie vs. Trump feud?

I know many around here don't like the Royals...but

U.N. report: War displaced 1.7 million Iraqis

Some how some one in Singapore is using my personal bank acct as their ATM machine

What will be the eventual fate of Iraq's Sunni population?

John Dean just said that Fielding has been "sipping some of the kool-aid lately"!

Recruiting dead soldiers...

Speaker Pelosi--We are making the American People Safer

First wave of troops will go to Iraq by month's end

How about this for a smakdown

Rep Danny Davis (D-IL) has a beautiful voice.

The "Surge Plan" as written by the "Surge" Architect

Anyone watch Lou Dobbs tonight

Lynn Woolsey is speaking out of order.

3015 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Finally, the MSM holding Congress to account

Lieberman predicts fight over Bush’s Iraq plan: Invokes 9/11 terrorists

Live coverage of Apple "MacWorld" here:

Bush asks for an escalation of troops - how should the DEMS respond?

KO has JOHN DEAN on TONIGHT>>> watch

Senator Durbin gets it! Points out the major flaw of the Senate's lobbying bill.

The one good thing about a troop surge in Iraq...

so Boehner is out today and all week??

Duncan Hunter on Hardball

Exit Strategy

Snow Falsely Claims That Bush Said ‘Just The Opposite’ Of ‘Mission Accomplished’

No Democratic response to Bush on Wednesday?

Soldier diagnosed with mental problems

Conservative Radio Host in Albuquerque is open to possibility of Impeachment

O’Reilly Calls Peace Activist ‘Lunatic’

Blitzer is interviewing Senator Kennedy at 7pm

Flashback from 2004 - Republicans REJECT Minority 'Bill of Rights'

No more nice Dems...


First U.S. execution of 2007 taking place here in Okla at this minute.

Mr. Speaker, The House is not in order!

Is there a pool for Skinner's baby? It's due soon, eh??

Pelosi is on NPR using the "e" word.

Reid: "We've Got To Tell Bush What He's Doing Is Wrong-We've Got To Start Bringing Our Folks Home"

The Islamic Revolution

Tony Blair refuses to match US troop 'surge' in Iraq

Let the bastard have his "surge"...

Bush is going to send Troops to Iraq regardless of Overwhelming opposition

Bush Appoints former Nixon Assoc. Counsel & "9/11 Commision Member to Replace Meirs

Cialis found to lower IQ

Mystery as thousands of birds fall from sky (Australia)

Top Dem Wants Public Campaign Financing (Sen. Durbin)

Shots fired into home of town's first black mayor (LA again!)

Parent Sues After Son Allegedly Shut In Closet For Discipline At School

Anyone know what happened to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s lawsuit

Can anyone explain how the congress can stop "the surge" the process?

Keith Ellison and the Right's Version of Religious Liberty

Sign Petition: No Escalation in Iraq

Critics Say Democratic Lawmakers Cater to White Agenda

Would Iraq oil law dictated by oil corps with US troops looming be a war crime?

Fundraiser for monument to George W.

House now voting on HRes 35 authorizing a new committee on intelligence spending

“Some of the law you might want to know to really enjoy Fitzmas”.

US Army Battalion in Halfaghanistan Being Sent to Iraqnam as part of the 20,000!!

Ted Kennedy coming up on Tweety n/t

Hastings: "Being in the minority is going to be a very long two years for you"

Virtual recruiter answers questions

Judge won't make tapes available in Libby trial

Could the NYC Gas Release Have Been a Test?

Is the Associated Press setting American foreign policy?

Gallup: 54% want COMPLETE pullout within 12 months

Americans Say NO! | Thursday, Jan 11: A Surge in Peace, not Troops

New documents back up claim local AWOL couple was lied to

Hannity names Sean Penn first winner of "Enemy Of The State"

Biden: "Defunding war is unconstituional." Even if fraud by Bush?

Crash course needed for the Speakers Pro Tem

Hey Admin, do you need to update your (c) at the bottom

With all these false so called terror alerts ,

Will someone please tell David Dreier to STFU

Will David Dreier ever

Make no mistake,the Somali operation was MURDER

I don't belong to any organized party

Best Republican president of all time?


Can we agree that everyone has the right to run for office regardless

Credibility of the War Bloggers, R.I.P.

CNN has instituted a "100 Hour Countdown Clock" to monitor the Democrats!

After escalation?

Citizens' arrest?

We voted, we've sent a message, w rejects it. Should we be angry?

Oil Stocks in massive sell-off, down 12% since start of 2007

What do you think about this Israel or US proposed attack on Iran ?

Watch out, Georgia: "Finally – A Bill That True Christian Lawmakers Can Support"

How on earth is Iraq going to self govern ?

Abramoff's Interior link gets 2 years probation

ok, tell me WHY Bush would attack Iran

Yet another MLK statue... but check this out

White House Withdraws Torture Judge Nominee

Australian ecological mystery: "We literally didn't have any birds left to die."

Bangor makes it illegal to smoke in cars

Methane...on a continental scale..

Mother Accused Of Putting Baby In Oven

"Many Dead" in Somalia, but the Batman villain got away, maybe.

What happens after escalation?

Warm December Pushes 2006 to Record Year

You call that a President?

Richard Nixon born January 9, 1913

A question about Ted Kennedys speech today

Abu Aardvark: Is US playing to the al Qaeda script in Somalia?

On the U.S. submarine collision with the Japanese tanker in the Arabian gulf:

George Clooney to play Dild O'Really?????

Here's why Kennedy/Markey Bill to Cut Escalation Funding Might Work...

Bush's puppet Iraq government backs Bush troop escalation plan

No skill for the job

Keeping children safe from the press gangs

Are there any other links to Randi's live stream?

NY Times coverage of resumed Saddam genocide trial:

When reading this realize that our equivalent to Haifa Street is Times Square

Muslim sitcom debuts in Canada (BBC)

Former Reagan Aide Compares Bush To Hitler

Next For Al Gore...

CNN used Lindsey Graham as proof that Dems disagree with Ted K

I need help in responding to this. I'm so angry I can't think straight.

CNN 100 Hour Clock. It Appears to Me They Are Mocking The Democrats In Congress..

Boy Howdy! The wingers are certainly performing for the cameras

They are wrong all of the "TIME"!

Hot stuff is good for you.

Creating a "Contribute Now" web button for PayPal?

I just noticed Murtha is currently the Speaker in the House

HOT TOPIC of the day: Cut off Iraq funding?

Happiness 101

A Total Victory for Children of Don Quixote

Melanie S.: BushCo Private White House Visitors' Records - not surprising

Conservatives don't understand the difference between poking fun and just poking

surge = escalation.

I heard this hilarious song on the radio today...

What's another name for the 110th Congress?

Cheney's mouthpiece, name of Rush, has spelled it out--

Ted Kennedy's speech on now C-SPAN

U.S. aircraft on watch along U.S.-Canada border

Did every one enjoy there congressional (football holiday) day off!

Senator Ted Kennedy Speech - CSPAN2 - 1:00 PM Eastern.

If Congress Sides With Bush* On Escalation of War, The AmerIcan People Have No Representation.

Sen. Johnson's condition upgraded

Scholar who helped write "Surge" plan says 18 to 24 months counterinsurgency mission

Excerpt from Ted Kennedy's speech on refusing to send more troops (long but with reading!)


Sharpton considers running for president

“My Lai of Iraq” PLEASE release the photos Why the censorship?

Ha. Santorum Finds New Job

FX Trading - A warning from Dr Doom

So if a tanker truck loaded with toxic waste crashes into your yard

want to thank W.J. caller who asked about the North Amer. Union

"There are so many dead bodies and animals in the village,"

Security clearance for a flight attendant with no finger prints?

My boss promised me a $100 bonus and a turkey

Tackle a Tuesday and give it a wedgy! . . . Then please come CAPTION!!!

OMG!!1!! Santorum Named Director of "America’s Enemies Program"

Great editorial cartoon from Benson (AZ Republic)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the HOUSE is in session!

Chris Floyd: The mess in Iraq is a victory for the Bush family...

Garrison Keillor: It's time for 41 and 43 to work something out

CSPAN-2: Arlen Specter just advocated a march on DC, the

The Iraqi "Victory" plan document.

And what the hell is this mother-ship anyway?

Bush Twin sightings in D.C. this weekend. = more BS

Amnesty International Asks for Help in Protesting Prisoner Abuse and Torture


"The ground forces must accept longer tours for several years."

McCain flips coin between Florida and Ohio State--wonder if he's deciding which state to focus theft

vandals parents to sue after death

Obscenity Prosecution Task Force

Brent Scrowcroft, Poppy's friend, comments on Junior's "surge""

I certainly wouldn't want someone who wore religious underwear to be

Was the war ever about anything else other than oil?

This is the price of success

Question Regarding Starbucks & * Speech

Dennis Kucinich speaking in the House

US Soldier asks: "Why can’t we just come out here, have our fight and go home?"

a Resident Scholar and a Senior Fellow opened their mouths

Tester's first appearance on Senate Floor - CSpan2 NOW 11:40 AM EST

How does one become a warmonger?

Just curious....why isnt the House in session right now?

What Congressman was just sworn-in using the Amistad Bible or Koran ?

Rice as VP, Negroponte as Sec of State?

I'm not giving anyone a break just because they have a 'D' before their name.

Anyone else think the timing of the announcement of using cells from amniotic fluid

Why Rumsfeld really got busted

3,018 troops have died for the establishment of a Socialist Theocracy?

Anyone know the amount of the national debt?

A smile tonight

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - TUES 1/9, Gorilla missing?

What's all this Iran crap I hear?

George W. Bush: Sending More Americans Would Undermine Our Strategy

I see a lot of Freeptards beating and thumping....

Glenn Beck's new partner, Diane Sawyer, honestly!!

Kennedy to introduce a legislation to block troop surge.

CNN Poll: Will more US troops help the situation in Iraq?

Smoking gun audio of Saddam's role in the attacks on the Kurds revealed after hanging

US nuclear sub collides with Japanese oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz

Child asks Blair why his Dad cannot come home.

Heres a fun way to get at the bushbots and At 50 years of age I find it very relaxing

Judges Look to New Congress for Changes in Mandatory Sentencing Laws

So the boy wonder has the supreme power to do whatever he wants anywhere in the world

McClellan "Bush doesn't know [Abramoff] no memory of meeting"

Only 8 more days til Libby Trial - Emptywheel outlines charges


Did anyone else hear that re Negroponte

When does Delay's trial begin?

A Huntin' They Will Go ... A Huntin' They Will Go

C-SPAN WJ Edward Luttwak on after Kagan

Fredrick Kagan: anyone watching CSPAN with this fat bastard on...

Reclaim Democracy: Reports on local- and state-level initiatives to build grassroots democracy

WP, Sally Quinn: The Least Immoral Choice: Squander No More U.S. Lives in Iraq

Retired US Gen: U.S. troops are going to stay with the local (Iraqi) people for up to a year

After this whole "surge" thing fails, I can't wait to hear the idiot

An irony so sweet, it just waxes poetic.

The Halo is breaking up {PIC}

Increased funding for community health centers is at risk

The Cheney WH: If we want you to know, we'll tell you.

New video of Saddam's corpse may reveal abuse

freepers reaction to US attack of Somalia

AfterDowningStreet: Winter Work Schedule for Spring Peace and Impeachment


More descendants of Fletcher Christian going to the slammer

United Nations makes $60m Iraq refugee appeal

Rice complains about lawlessness in the Palestinian territories

Installing a universal bullshit detector, how to...

What Do Employees At Google Do Anyway?

?'s about Congress and the Chimp-in-Chief.

a little funny for your pleasure

bush/snowjob to congress: Go F*** yourself, we do what we want

American Schizo

Hope for a new start in a new year--for all of us

Tweety gets it, Steny doesn't (on Iran)

The Only "surge" bu$h will Get Will Come Out Of His Ass

Lot of territory in Iran.

(FIORE) The Luckiest Despot in the World

Florida hit Ohio State Big Time

Explosive? No, sprinkler parts, in another false alarm at port

If Bush hits Iran, wouldn't you think that Iran is already to take out Israel at the least?

Who the hell is the warmonger Jack Keane on Charlie Rose?

Bushisms 06

There is a new (local) blog regarding my workplace

anti-war song from NewOrleans artist

What psychotic hate looks like

John Edwards hangs it on McCain: "The McCain Doctrine"

Call Congress! Demand hearings now! Re: Sibel Edmonds, Turkey, Israel, FBI cover-ups, etc.

Can someone link me to the Ft. Lewis demonstration?

How many people are on your ignore list?

GREAT NEWS!!! 100% DEM unity with 231 YES votes !

TOONS, More of the latest....

The iPhone is here...and OMFG...

UNHCR launches new US$60 million appeal for Iraq operations | 1 out of 8 Iraqis now displaced

Democratic Presidential candidate Mike Gravel speaks on the war in Iraq

Hurricane Women - Hurricane Rita and the aftermath to the small towns in SW LA

Americas biggest Dick

Oliver North says Bush plan 'eerily like Vietnam escalation'

Durbin on Iraq: 'Deception, denial, delusion'

Pelosi Explains House Schedule ('What's the BCS mean?')

BBC Report on Iraqi refugees: 50,000 a month left homeless

Spitting Image - Every Breath You Take

Olbermann - Tony Snow I Don't Know

More FOX News Whistleblowers Fess Up

Impeach on the Beach - The 'First' Video Documentary

AP: Supreme Court refuses to hear Nader's appeal of Pa. ruling

I'm afraid Wednesday the American people are going

Jerry Brown, quirks and all, sworn in as California attorney general

Washington Journal: Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) Hmld. Sec. Chair NOW!

Veteran Washington lawyer named counsel

Primary Challenges for War Vote

Standing ovation at Georgetown basketball game, as Speaker Pelosi continues winning ways

Sharpton Considers Running for President

Braking on MSNBC: AP: Witness says helicopter gunships launch new attacks in Somalia

News in Iraq you wont see in this country. news from the other side...

Halliburton, Your Time Has Almost Expired

Domenici: "The plan is not 20,000 soldiers...because that's too small a number for a surge"

AFAIC, Bush's "surge" plan is just a political ploy to shift the blame to Democrats

AP: (Robin) Cook's Anti-War Stance Now on Tombstone

Ted Kennedy says Bush must come to Congress to ask for more troops..

MSNBC wins first presidential debate (Dem April 26th SC)

The urge to surge

Iraq For Sale

Bigotry is good business for ABC

When Emperor Hadrian built *his* wall .......

Obama and Feingold Demand Senate Ethics Reform

At 2AM this morning, I heard what I thought was a fire truck.

The Democratic Representatives are just plain rude.

Congress to Pass 9/11 Commission Recommendations; Spinach Could Prevent Variety of Illnesses

MediaMatters: More Controversial McCain campaign hires - Will the media continue to ignore?

Looking for a website

AP: House resumes stem cell research debate

Kennedy introduces Congressional Oversight on Surge

Following the 110th Congress

Tell Senator Durbin what YOUR priorites are for this Senate.

Cheney Hunting Party - Santorum, LaPierre, Goldman Sachs Banker

At Newsstands Everywhere, the Honorable Beach Babe From Illinois

"Strangelove Doctrine" mutating under Bush

Should Kennedy Have Waited Until * Speaks Tomorrow To Unveil His.....

How Many Times Will * Use The Somalia Bombing And Fighting Them There....

Bush frigged up

A Note to CNN on fairness....

A letter from the President to the Senate?? What is this?

An Open Letter To Presidential Candidate John Edwards (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

DU a poll: Do you think Congress should deny funds needed for a surge of troops in Iraq?

Why in the hell is this Amy Studdard a spokes person for the Dem's

Remember all of the smoking guns? I thought somehow each one

(judge says) If You Can Work an Espresso Machine, You’re a Manager (no overtime@ Starbucks)

Urgent email from regarding the Kennedy Bill!

Want Wes Clark to Run for $20.08? Prove it!

Who Is * Listening To In Order To Come To The Conclusion An Escalation Is The Way To Go.....

JOhn DEAN on KO tonight.

Anything Can Happen

Sen. Johnson Upgraded to Fair Condition

U.S. Labor Against The War: No Escalation - Bring Troops Home Now!

My goddness anyone listening to Randy on the real reason we are in Iraq ....

Allcee Hastings(sp?) gets into it with Republicans on the House floor.

88 Senators dont support Surge, we need 67 to remove from office

Glenn Beck to be a regular on Good Morning America! Let's tell ABC how we feel!!!!

The "Surge" Fantasy & Troop Levels

7 out of 10 Americans would withdraw troops within 1 year

Science proves it: You can be proud to be a liberal!

Sen. Brown of Ohio loses bet - required to do 55 push-ups

Fox News on "high acheivers" and open class warfare (with a unique history lesson)

Kennedy was remarkable today - rerun - C-Span - after the current live hearings

Thought you'd like these sites

5 things to change the political system in America

Snow: "By 'bipartisan' we mean that we'll give the Democrats top billing every now and then"

Clean Minimum Wage Bill in House—But What About the Senate?

Edwards Statement on Criticism by McCain Ally Lindsey Graham of American Military

Anybody Have A Link The The Clark Smackdown On Faux (Nov. 2003)?

Dick Morris raising money for Hillary...not what you think...

Anyone see the movie "The Good Shepherd"???

The GOP 2008 roster of hopefuls is astoundingly weak....

Economic Report: Guess Who Benefits The Most From Tax Cuts? It ain't Workers

Rick Santorum Joins Ethics and Public Policy Center, Establishes Program on America's Enemies

America is like a goat with it's head stuck in a fence

A Blueprint for Peace in Iraq

Snow claims that Bush does not have to listen to Congress. Can we call him a dictator yet?

Kennedy to introduce Bill to Deny Bush his troops for Escalation! Wants Votes Counted.

A discussion tonight on Lou Dobbs about Hugo Chavez made me so mad.

98.6% - Cal's in the Hall

Iran Says It Has Arrested a Nuclear Spy

Draft or NO Draft?

Kennedy Endorses Kerry; Calls Romney ‘Multiple Choice’

What part of "no buildup of troops" does Bush not understand?

I Knew It!!!!!.....Hoyer Is A....

C-Span shows House of Reps pretty rowdy tonight!!

An inconvenient truth; what Al Gore got wrong

Dahr Jamail: Terrified Soldiers Terrifying People

What a difference a week makes - Pics.

WP political blog: Kerry Prepares Another White House Run

A possible method to impeach? Have * break a law Congress passes...

2007: It’s Clark versus McCain

Dick Durbin: Help me set the Senate's agenda

Bush and Abramoff have met. Here is the photo.

New US strategy to call for benchmarks for Iraqis (Anyone remember this from before?)

Kerry Prepares Another White House Run

Dues. Join in my applause for Cindy Sheehan.

John Edwards Calls on Congress to block funds for war escalation

Clark to appear on O'Lielly factor right before Shrub's speech.

List of House and Senate Committee Chairs

"The Iraqi people refuse to allow the future of their oil to be decided behind closed doors."

Two America Says No events Thursday night.

Hugo Chavez killing democracy

We just unveiled an important upgrade to the ignore function that lets you block other members.