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The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 273

Frank Rich: The Timely Death of Gerald Ford

(LAT) US Military No Longer Majority Republicans

Healthcare outsourcing now $300m biz, growing at 150%

House GOP Back to Drawing Board for '08

NYT editorial: The Imperial Presidency 2.0

Bush Tax Cuts Offer Most for Very Rich, Study Finds

Iraq may split Bush and GOP

Krauthammer: The Hanging: Beyond Travesty

U.S. puts squeeze on Iran's oil fields

Some advice for George Bush: a 'surge' in US troops in Iraq will not bring about peace

Did Sadr hang Saddam?

Labor Rights Begin at Home

Republicans’ division over Iraq grows - By Guy Dinmore at The Financial Times

Iraq war could cost US over $2 trillion, says Nobel prize-winning economist

The oil rush

Abbas declares Hamas force 'illegal' - CBC News

Contractors in war zones lose immunity

Former presidents cost U.S. taxpayers big bucks;'77 to 2000=$370 million

Can anyone really stop Bush's flawed war plan?/ Capitol Hill Blue

The Bush administration’s committee for regime change in Iran (PETER SYMONDS)

'Peace mom' turns attention to Guantanamo

Senators Introduce BioFuels Security Act (Harkin, Lugar, Biden, Dorgan, Obama)

Scientific American And The Silent Lie - Albert Bartlett

for the love of god, make the hatrack posts stop....

New in trash: Automating to boost recycling (Maine)

Cheney Speech In 1999 To The API Spells It All Out (Unbelievable)

UK Met DG - Climate Change Now "Irreversible" As Signals Flicker From Shropshire To Tibet

"The Coal Trap" - Beijing Battling For Control Of Runaway Energy Industry - MSNBC

NRA Members Pressuring Organization To Resist ChimpCo Energy Policies - WP

GM Announces Plans For Whole New Family Of Electric Cars - Starting In 2010, That Is - LA Times

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R - MD) To Introduce 15 Energy Bills, Including Peak Oil Resolution

Saudi Aramco Picks GE For Even More Seawater Injection Capacity At Ghawar (World's Largest Oilfield)

Summer Migrant Species Of Butterfly Entering UK Increase 400% In 25 Years - Times of London

Saturday Temperatures (6 January) Hit All-Time Daily Record of 72 In New York City - NYT

80% Of Orangutan Habitat Has Already Been Depopulated Or Totally Destroyed - NYT

Polar Bear Survey In Northern Ontario Shows Worsening Physical Condition, Weight Loss

Lake County (IL) Water Wells Petering Out - Towns Looking To Lake Michigan

GM Taps Two Suppliers In Race To Make Hybrid Battery - Detroit News

Catfight!! - The Sequel - UK Minister Quashed After RyanAir Comments - Greens Bash All Concerned

Adirondack Sugarbush Already Starting To Flow - Early Sap Means Less Sugar In Syrup

69F In Boston, 66F In Milford As Records Tumble Across Northeast - Milford Daily News

Despite Some Rain, NSW Drought Intensifies - 98% Of State Now In Drought Conditions - SMH

EU Visit Will "Pressure" The Decider On Post-Kyoto Emissions Framework - Times Of London

Malaria Has Returned To Italy - Scientists Think Climate Link Likely - Times Of London

Nice article about Winter Park ski area going green.

Report on the AlGore ClimateProject Training

Solar power creeps into the music world!!

Korea does not hear sound of global warming alarm

Endangered Whale Killed by Ship (National Geographic)

GM shows Saab hybrid convertible

Plant a tree. Or maybe a billion?

GM shows Chevy plug-in concept (

Ukraine weans itself from (Russian) natural gas (to coal)

Who get's the $.51 ethanol subsidy?? Can you say big oil??

(Oregon Gov.) Kulongoski proposes $30 million for green energy

Report: U.K. Army Guarding Energy Plants

Fatah holds huge rally in Gaza stadium

Court: Iman al-Hams death may have been prevented

Nuclear strike on Iran?

If Fox news is verifying this story we can expect a nuclear attack

Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran

Um, I don't know the validity of this source but....SHIT

Israel denies planning Iran nuke attack

Atomic attack on Iran? Here's how it might go down.

Barak seeks to regain Labor leadership

The Left in Israel and the Danger of a Palestinian Civil War

Palestinians free AFP photographer-officials (Reuters)

9/11 Accountability Conference in Phoenix 2/23--2/25

Book Review: Peter Lance Indicts FBI/DoJ, but Leaves CIA as Unindicted Co-conspirator

'Explosive Rings' prior to collapse--another huge smoking gun?

Voters' reports are still evidence

EXCUSE ME PEOPLE -- it's Jan. 7th! (And how quickly they forget.)

Stupid but important question

January 6th 2005: A March on Washington retrospective (photo intensive!)

Election Reform, Fraud,& News Sunday 01/07/07- Well done Juanita Millender-McDonald!

Hand Counted Paper Ballots

House passes new budget rules (pay as you go, lobbying reform)

Future of Iraq: The spoils of war.

Military: 2 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

14 killed as violence continues in Iraq

Sen. Biden announces intent to seek presidency

Supporters rally at the gates of Ft. Lewis for Lt. Watada

Saddam execution scenes 'wrong' :Blair`s office

Russia Slams US Sanctions on its Military Firms Ties with Iran

Cost of ending Alabama discrimination suit tops $200 million

WP: NRA Pressured To Resist Bush Energy Policies: More emphasis on oil and gas than hunter access

3 U.S. Airmen Among 17 Deaths in Iraq (at least 3,011 members of the U.S. military have died)

Love and losses

Israel denies planning Iran nuke attack

Damn he must have been giving our special favors...

If Fox news is verifying this story we can expect a nuclear attack

Sunday Times bombshell article about Israel's attack plans

WP,pg1: Critics Say 'Surge' Is More of The Same: Skepticism grows inside and outside administration

Did Sadr hang Saddam?

Pluto's revenge: 'Word of the Year' award (would love to see WH Plutoed)

U.S. general urges balance in Baghdad crackdown

Pelosi hints at denying Bush Iraq funds

US major Cisco Systems to shift 20% of top brass to India

FBI arrests 3 men trying to enter Port of Miami

Iran will respond instantly to aggression: Hosseini

Subway Train Derails in D.C.

Wis. legislator is longest-serving

Poisoning Of Ex-Agent Sets Off Alarm Bells

AP: Richardson gets bleak Darfur assessment

Incident at the Port of Miami-Dade proved to be just 'miscommunication,' authorities say

Wife of Kidnapped LaPorte Man Files for Bankruptcy

Men in Jordan charged with attack plots

SPRINGFIELD: Pay raise may be out for lawmakers

Cleric's story of abduction, torture, Letter opening salvo in CIA officers' trial

US to announce new nuclear warhead

BBC: Saddam aides 'to die this week'

Sunday Times: Israel Plans Nuclear Strike on Iran

New U.S. Iraq commander says may need three years

Intel: A Writer's Blocked (Plame)

WP: Democrats Revise Agenda To Deal With War in Iraq

Empty chair as 'Saddam' trial resumes

Saudis confirm Eurofighter order (BBC)

Republicans’ division over Iraq grows (

NYT: U.S. Selecting Hybrid Design for (Nuclear ICBM) Warheads

Military `surge' not enough to save Iraq, U.S. commander says

3 U.S. airmen die in Baghdad car bombing

Retrial for girl due to hang for killing rapist.

Wal-Mart Will Defend Reputation in Ads

WP: War's Toll on Iraqis Put at 22,950 in '06

Starving Afghans sell girls of eight as brides

GM Sweeps Auto Show's Truck, Car Awards

NYT: Plan Sets Series of Goals for Iraq Leaders (and target dates)

British Guantanamo Bay prisoner `losing his sanity'

Global evidence hunt uncovers horrific images

AP: Dems Look at Tax Cuts for Middle Class

Report: Amniotic Fluid Yields Stem Cells -----but........

Ten foot tall and the nurse stuck a needle in my arm....

Rock trivia question.


I want say ONE THING to all the DU Lounge men and women.

DUers who WISH they were still single, check in here!

Anyone Else Hooked on Sudoku?

Anyone Else Hooked on Sudafed?

I want to say HELLO to all the DU Lounge men and women

Have you ever tired of the phrase "It's fallen and I can't get it up"?

What amazing uses have you found for your food processor?

My SO got tickets to Spamalot!

My cat is 14" from the base of his neck to the base of his tail.

petersond, is somewhat, out of ask me anything!

Poll time....

I was embarrassed.

Awesome YouTube video - Shirley Manson with The Pretenders

In the Interest of Fairness: I Want to Say Hello to All the Women at the DU

Andy thread?

Before I go to bed, has anyone seen reformedrepub?

Holy cow....

Giraffes at the waterhole.

Rejected for MyFace! Is this not the final insult?

Just saw a commercial for the first DVD set of "Get Smart"

My neighbor killed an Alf this morning.

What Would You Do?

Woo hoo! I got my printer working again!

wow, pretty sad that USC's kicker died yesterday

I want to say HELLO to all the DU Lounge women.

It's THAT kind of lonely Sunday...

The BEARS cannot lose today!!!

Homemade Plum Liquor is beyond disgusting...What a night

Here's a football program Oxyrush could announce at 1am

You're the one that I want...

I'm Afraid

Guys, how do I cut and paste text from a pdf into WORD or some other usable text format?....

I played a fun little flash game this morning. You should try it.

I want to say HELLO to all the DU Lounge men.

Anyone know anything about Salmiak licorice?

Can someone help me locate a .dll file?

I just thought of something here...

Can someone go to work and finish my data entry for me?

OMG, it's snowing!

Grammar Rant: Can the pundits stop calling Pelosi the first WOMAN speaker?

"Home of the Brave" complete movie, please kick for all to see.

Today's theme song: Still In Hollywood by Concrete Blonde

My mouth tastes like I've been chewing aluminum foil.

All I taste is nasty plum liqour....

Hey LynneSin! Your Eagles are going down!

Just got a cheeseball movie set...

Origins of Homosexuality?

Whats up with SNL? Andy Sandburg? WTF?

BabyMidlo got a karoake machine for Christmas and is downstairs giving a concert.

Why Can't Andre Agassi be Like Jesus Christ!?

Damn he must have been giving our special favors...

Give me a reason not to go to the gym.

Funniest Star Wars ripoff I've seen so far...

Should I concentrate on my arms or legs today?

Is it just me, or does Donald want Rosie?

3 billion-pixel digital camera! - - - - Is thet more than a brazillion?

100% of children born by men are impossible?

The FBI has a new way of tracking terrorists

80% of children born to lesbians are male?

If this is true-I want I want!

I think Robert Altman made "A Praire Home Companion" as a eulogy for himself

***Official*** Patriots - Jets thread.

Centerfold Accused in Call Girl Ring in exclusive Atlanta, GA suburb

I'm trying to quit cursing.

something silly about my dog

anyone have a trampoline/rebounder exercise thing?

2 sets of six fighter jets just flew over...

Sharing a little love on a Sunday afternoon -- post 'em if you got 'em!

I'm on pins & needles. My husband left the house with $18K in cash

Participating in the DU lounge is like watching...

Whachagonnado this afternoon, you?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/7/07)

Brainy Caltech gets first NCAA victory since 1996

The DU spell checker is whack!

I don't dream anymore...

The Luckiest

Damien Rice- Love him or Leave him???

Hugh Laurie on Inside the Actor's Studio on Bravo now.

I think I just adopted a...

Go Indiana University! THey are currently slamming

Look at the face on this nincompoop!

LOOK! Up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's a comet!

Get Smart - the movie. to be released in 2008. In pre-production.

Jesus: FOUND! Latest eBay auctions!

need advice for dinner: foodies and everyone...

That hair... should I shave it?

Real animals infringe on Bambi - at Boing Boing

DUers who are excited to learn I am single, check in!

Smiles everyone Smiles

Happily Dead DUers check in!

How do you justify your infidelities?

People should have their kids before they're 18


Help me out here: is Via Voice worth anything?

See, I want breakfast, but I don't want to cook,.....


Teen Dies Trying to Save Cats From Fire

"Inherit the Wind" on right now, TCM.

Re: Real Estate. Is this legal?

New fav. Rob & Big and Meaty MTV 2

Alright you Burger King Bastards, that was WAY too much toppings on my Whopper!

My daughter would like to say 'hi' to the Lounge!

DUers who WISH NewWaveChick1981 was still single, check in here!

You are so freaken beautiful!!!!!

Contrast and Compare, Anita O'day and

Would You Like To Have A Daily Thread For People Who Refuse To Work Out

Verdi's Requiem

Top of Runyon Canyon, 8:50 a.m., 1/7/07

Spiders on drugs!

I am looking for a good rental movie

Narcanon and Narcotics Anonymous ARE NOT Related!

Yes, it's a whiny thread

Anyone else use Dr. Bronner's soap?

Franz Liszt or craigslist?

So, the Hooters up the street caused a shit flood in my area.

How does one dispose of an old computer???

Any Bond fans here?

Would You Like To Have A Daily Thread For People Who Work Out To Check In

Today has just been one of those days.

Need Meth Addict Support

Rejected by MySpace! Is this not the final insult?

There better be a Top 10 Conservative Idiot list this week....


24 Fans: Sneek Peek at Season 6

What's your favorite movie cliche?

A thread with only a link to a different thread?

Top Ten Conservative Idiots is up!

youtube video time

Trump calls Rosie O'Donnell a "DEGENERATE", threatens to woo away her partner with men

Best form of execution for local TV weathermen who call snow "the white stuff"

Lilac-breasted Roller

Post here if you don't own a cell phone.

I'll stop the world and melt with you.

Happy birthday MassLiberal!

Cat Lovers I Need Some Of Your Favorite Recipes

How come Moses or Abraham or Mohammad never appear on toasted

Cause there's never enough kitty pictures in the lounge

eh. not what I envisioned.

Guess what we're having for dinner?

I should have done my report about something else.

Benny Hinn: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Does anyone have a good friend who is at least 30+ years older

"American Dad" thread (George Bush appears)

Cat lovers....I need your advice....

The trailer park, dope, and insanity

Does hoodia really work?

Congratulations lonestarnot!! 25,000 posts

Anyone Else Just Feel Like Today



MMMMm Homemade Chicken'n Dumplings....

Oh God, I feel so good right now!

Dolphin love went over like this

*** OFFICIAL *** Eagles - Giants thread.

Post here only if you have seen my butt

I have a thread on the GREATEST page...check it out....

Best 80s movie starring Molly Ringwald

This is how I'll die

Happily Married DUers check in!

Has anyone had cosmetic surgery, ie facelift related?

Ever completely change your life?

why would youtube disable the comment section of a video?

When the NFL game on Fox is over...

I'm feeling grumpy.

Okay - who here watches "What Not to Wear"?

hm, hm, hm; so...what are you guys doing...

Last night I saw a Twilight Zone I'd never seen before

Here's today's "We got a new kitten!!" thread York football fans?

Angelina Jolie hovers over WalMart...

Put my box in a box (d_ck in a box response)

Little Miss Sunshine...

What is a plaxico?

Daniel LaRusso is going to fight!!!!!

There is a very insidious anti- pot commercial using leeches

Heavy pot smokers who have quit, please share your stories/advice

Bob Dylan just became my MySpace Friend.

I'm drinking YellowTail Shiraz. Who wants to join me for a Sunday-night tipple?

drop the pilot

Worst myspace page ever.

Task list for the evening:

Invent an offensive and completely inappropriate advertising slogan

OK, my first picture thread. This is me.

Okay, it's official. This ain't right...

I just can't believe that people actually pay for vibrating cock rings

I'll try again. Do cat's get dysplasia?

Real-life Bambi & Thumper

Music questions about mp3 players vs. ipods.

Red State values: Texas Cheerleaders run Wild

need some help.. i want to get a 1 or 2 GB Mp3 player... any suggestions..

What Makes You Cringe?

I just can't believe that people actually pay for ring tones

Is there a way to re-cover speakers?

How come women are non-entities in most movies?

I don't have one person on my 'ignore list' ...... never have - never will.

Football (soccer) thread - who do you support?

Truth and Proof

Nation's 1st black priest served Chicago's South Side

Polish archbishop resigns in spying row

Priest-professor reflects on Pinochet’s strong-arm regime in Chile

Paraguay: retired bishop plans presidential run, defying Vatican

Gadfly priest challenges mandatory celibacy in new book

An online book debunking the "great modern spiritual masters"

How Hitler Used Christianity To Scapegoat the Jews and Become Dictator

I forget where to post a prayer request. I've got neuro problems apparently

Will Jesus ever return?

USC Kicker Found Dead

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for January 7

Okay Chargers -- here come the Patriots


Why Do The Talking Heads Seem to Despise Garcia?

Astrologers: How important is the North Node in someone's astrological chart?

Manifestation group check-in...!

The Return - an online diary of one Vets return to Nam

OT: Finneran pleads guilty

First New York John Kerry meetup is scheduled

Good diary at dkos re: Catholic Church and 2004

Interesting interview with Deval Patrick 1/7/07 (About 08 preference)

New "Strike At Tehran" - I am freaked out

"Fun Activity" FREEPED!

ice storm pictures from

Went to a Flickr meet-up today in Austin

3 billion-pixel digital camera

In America. Right now. American Children and families in Concentration camps

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: 3,000 Too Many

Scientist : NASA found life on Mars - and killed it

To make things simpler should all churches lose their tax-exemptions

Peace activists lay in the sand to spell out 'IMPEACH!' -pics (vote for them at Yahoo)

"Move 2: Let the Democrat-controlled Congress throw a fit"....

New website for busy political junkies

GM unveils new electric car at Detroit auto show

Wesley Clark: Bush's 'surge' will backfire

Nova M Radio should hire Marc Maron.

Sibel Edmonds & the Neocon Turkish Gravy-Train

Democrats not looking fiscally responsible so far

MY FRONT PAGE TODAY: Utahns break from Bush on Iraq - Reddest state no longer behind war's handling

OMG! I Mean... OMG!

NYT Editorial - The Imperial Presidency 2.0 - An Argument For IMPEACHING BUSH!

Newsweek: "Self-styled security expert Giuliani can't keep his campaign plans from getting stolen"

Big Box Employees are officially serfs - flexible scheduling means no outside lives allowed

Betty Ford on 60 minutes ..... Wow

flip flop flip flop - remember the gop crowd at their convention?


Ray McGovern speaks Truth to Power! AND so does Jesselyn Radack

"Very, very disappointed"...GOP leaders whining in disappointment. Great editorial.

US woman jailed over flour-filled condoms settles lawsuit

Video FAQ about "The Real News"

PLEASE email NOAA to demand an answer RE: Dennis Feltgen's false global warming claim

Buy a Motorola RAZR from Sprint and they'll donate to stopping AIDS in Africa

Dems look at tax cuts for middle class

Meet Rosalie Little Thunder - a Lakota woman doing great things.

Bush: "Like a cat on its ninth life"

Live on CSPAN2 12noon - PJ O'Rourke 3 hour interview

My first youtube video!

No interest? No payments? No sympathy for the unwary

Freeper mad when security at the airport effects their family.

Attacking another country because of what they MIGHT do in the future

"A surge is also a sexual metaphor, meant by wordsmiths such as Karl Rove to indicate..."

"Cataclysmic Fight to the Death" (truthout)

Teen dies trying to save cats from fire

Nancy Pelosi Threw Down the Gauntlet On Face The Nation This Morning!

Life in the "free" Iraq...


Web site aims to post government secrets:

OMG - Bush is on 'American Dad'

Just for fun: fascism vs neoconservatism

Schwarzenegger aims to cut welfare (would put tens of thousands of children at risk of homelessness)

What's this crap on Drudge about Dems breaking the 5-day work week promise??

StepItup2007: Nat'l Day of Action/Meeting on Global Warming -- April 14

Where is Matthew Brady when we need him? (Civill war photographer)

Americans; best entertained, least informed...proved true again.

Home Video Shows 'Tigger' Character Apparently Punching Boy's Face

POLL: What is the most critical/important issue to you, Global Warming or the Iraq War

Continuing with stay the course...

They are still out there, the zombies and bush bots

I saw "Momma" (Stephanie Miller) Friday morning.

To all who think the Iraq war is not about oil.

'Precocious Puberty' Is on the Rise

A simple question about the environment I have never understood

How Much Longer Can Cheney Survive? ---pix--->>>

The Worst War in the World - a Sure Flop

Hanging Hussein for the wrong crime kept America's dirty laundry hidden

Hatrack's post in E/E about irreversible climate change-truly alarming

OMFG: ANyone else watch "American Dad" on Fox tonight?

Desperate Man funds his retirement by going to prison

The next phase has everything but a clever name: "Operation _________"

Anglers fear ban on 'cruel' live bait will spread

DEMS MUST STOP ATTACK! Nuclear bunker buster dropped on Iran would kill 100,000's.

For those of you who love learning. a nice resource..and it's free

A Prayer for America

Right now on the History Channel: Caligula

Cheney and Rumsfeld Used Watergate As An Excuse to Expand Executive Power.

Mother encouraging son to re-enlist for Iraq service...

A very strange "contest" my company's running

Lambertville, NJ mayor to be the first to perform Civil Unions in New Jersey

Group Calls for Bipartisan Investigation of New Orleans Levee Failures

why do pres. candidates point/count with a raised thumb, not a finger?

This Modern World: A handy guide to the eminently sensible American healthcare system!

How should we celebrate 100,000 user registrations??

It's way too early to open up on Democrats for the tenor of their Iraq opposition

Important Action!

Is Gladio still around today?

House working 4 days a week?

WE are the axis of evil


Signs that Republicans can evolve????

Sheehan on Hannity's Sunday night show

Student Loan Interest Rate Cut? Any word on this?

Just had to share this one

There is a very insidious anti- pot commercial using leeches

One click helps universal health care in California

I'm So FURIOUS Over This FWd RW BS: CO & Katrina!!

What does winning the 'War on Terror' really mean...

Bush hasn't made even ONE competent decision about Iraq so far, and yet . . .

I just read the Comments...

Blood and oil: How the West will profit from Iraq's most precious commodity

Will Bush ignore the votes of Congress on the Iraq war?

What is wrong with this picture????

NYTimes: bush* plan could take 2 to 3 years. Now ain't that convenient. Three years, I'd wager.

Obama and New Orleans

Zippy compares the Dem congress to an Adam Sandler movie!

Check out Frontline: Country Boys on PBS right now

McCain, Guliani, Brownback, Romney, Gingrich

Nobody should care what Bush "will" say about the war anymore!!!

Bush's 'Tried and Failed' Plan For Iraq


About those 3 suspected terrorists in Miami.....Whoops!

Wikileaks wants to be the Wikipedia of leaked documents.

Faux News: To Win in Baghdad, Strike at Tehran

GM: Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid electric car

Forget parking garages tomorrow's Deep Throat can go wiki.

The 'Bush Surge' is likely to add to debacle

House leadership is giving Monday off?

Who might benefit from striking the "Surge" with something special?

What's (TERRIBLY) wrong with this picture?

Is the Israel/Palestine forum still up and running?

Woman wants kids back after social worker marries ex-husband

If it was a country, ExxonMobil would rank 6th in CO2 emmissions


Ill former nuclear workers question why Mound records were buried

"Good work, Michelle Malkin!" She may get this guy killed . . .

Hillary's New Nickname to Annoy Republican's

Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld. ROTFL!

Are DEM leaders conflicted on question: Can we STOP BushCo's dollars for more war???

Angelina Jolie hovers over WalMart...

The Politics of Sexually Repressed Men

Detroit May Close Down Up To 52 Schools

Joel Pett Toon, brutal but true

US Suggested That Iran Needed Not One But SEVERAL Nuclear Reactors

LAT: Our long national nightmare -- still going strong

USNews: Rove believes victory is still achievable in Iraq, and Bush should pursue it vigorously

War poems. Please post your favourite or your own.

Has anyone had cosmetic surgery, ie facelift related?

Dallas food chain to start accepting pesos

Police investigating death of USC kicker Danelo

Does Bush admin think of Saudis funding sunni insurgency in Iraq?

Pig Hearts for Humans: What the Public Needs to Know About Biotech Risks

One reason why cold weather is important to New York

LOL...CNN calls this Congress, "Do Nothing Congress!"

Listen Now! - Background Briefing with Ian Masters on

NRA Pressured To Resist Bush Energy Policies

Hussein execution no longer available via you-tube

Pelosi hints at denying Bush Iraq funds

The military, voting, and Election 2004 - take a guess where the votes went.

Radical cleric Sadr meets top Iraq Shi'ite Sistani

The Audacity of Hype

Caption the lovey-dovey (hawky?) gruesome twosome, please!

Thank you!!!Thank you!!!Thank you!!!Thank you!!!Thank you!!!Thank you!!!Thank you!!!

What ideals would you kill for?

I was just watching Jimmy Carter's eulogy of Ford

Shadow's Taxicab reports: Three tiny troop tales

To this mother, war is personal

Imaging Pinpoints Brain Regions That 'See The Future'

DU registered users are now at 99,817; When will it reach 100,000?

What if Saddam's body double was hung instead?

Drudge desperate: Dems break first promise (5 day work week)

I just watched Black Hawk Down again

Presenting: The Decider

How Hitler Used Christianity To Scapegoat the Jews and Become Dictator

Do you think that Negropointe,...

On this day in 1999, Clinton was tried by the Senate after impeachment.


Report on ABC says Stem Cells can be derived from amniotic fluid

FBI grabs 3 middle eastern men at port of Miami!--run away! run away!

I just want to go home

I just watched Bound For Glory...

*** TOONS: 2006 Greatest Hits - Quarter 4 ***

"The Power of Nightmeres"( and Litvenko) Folks. What's your take on this?


"3,000 people isn't a lot. More people are killed in car accidents every year!"

Flashback 2004: "New coal plants bury 'Kyoto'"

Millard Fillmore born January 7, 1800

? - Within the last 2 wks, John Kerry asked for our input, anybody

Samsung’s $200,000 Machine Gun Sentry Robot


Your Congressperson can accept TWO days of free travel from a lobbyist...

Time: Bush's pro-surge advisor says "go for it" and THEN went to the Army to get the facts

To the Republics who seek to hug * and his war close:

I don't understand the silence from Japan.

Ok - who else has a beach?


"Act now on global warming or suffer later, experts say"!!!!!

Keep out of the rain this Sunday. . . . Stay inside and CAPTION!!!

Ya think W regrets Iraq?

The ' surge' is unconstitutional without authorization from Congress.

Bush admin trying to make car safety data secret

New details emerge of SunCruz-linked bribe to ex-lawmaker

George Will and David Brooks Join Critics of the 'Surge'/ Editor & Publisher

CJR: Cairo Ignores U.S. Request to Pull Plug on Jihadi TV in Iraq

Two men of Middle Eastern descent found in cab of truck at Miami port...

The War on Hanukkah

Israeli general says to depend on Hillary or dems to help with attack on Iran.

In the movie "Why We Fight". How did you interpret this scene:

Baptist pastor evades taxes, pleads guilty to 9 felonies...

"ABC This Week In Memoriam" Question....

Sunday Times ran similar "Israel to attack Iran" story over a year ago

Stupid freeper woman on Free Speech TV

CBS: Military Tells Bush It Has Only 9,000 Troops Available For ‘Surge’

How much civilian control should be over the military?

Why do freeptards defend the Haditha marines so vehemently?

Offshore trenches baffle scientists ( Myrtle Beach SC )

I feel like we are teetering on a knifes edge

Our friends the Israelis

Ohio Majority Radio: Support Progressive talk in Central Ohio on Monday!

Click On And You Go To

"Impeach now to end war" -- Rochelle Riley (DFP) -- killer column

Who funds "The World Can't Wait"?

LAT: Bush aides describe his thinking on the "surge," and try out talking points

How much do you want to bet me these are car smugglers...

Can we forward all our junk mail to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

relgion and the Founders

Common Sense from David Obey

Tony Snow laughed out loud this week when reporter said a group had

CIA Threatens Valerie Plame's Book - Won't Let Her Mention She Worked For CIA

Please Digg up the Beach Impeach story for more coverage.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Neocon World

Elected Democrats and other party spokespeople should start saying it out loud:

Re the Polish Archbishop mess

"bush will blame Casey and Abetzi for the mess they are in" cnn now

Simple poll: Are you in favor of ALL countries having nuclear weapons?

US Army Urges dead (killed in the war)to reenlist (anyything for the "surge"!)

Why Dan Burton voted against banning free trips

Lebanon: Small Country, Big Danger

Did anyone see "Children of Men" what was the point of that?

"And it's one, two, three, what are we dying for?"

Can Tax Cuts Boost Revenue? Bush Says They Do

Return Our Rapist or Else ... We Do What We Like

ITER should be our top priority project to develop commercially feasible fussion reactors...

If there is one thing I've learned in the last few years, it is that pardons do not heal the country

Conservatives George Will, David Brooks and Oliver North Join Critics of the "Surge"

There is no justification to reamin in Iraq

Kucinich program to be released tomorrow.

A short history of Saddam Hussein (and his allies in the West)

Question. Will the New Democratic Congress...

Execution of Saddam for revenge he committed killed news that Pinochet did it too

Anti-war Film "Children of Men" chillingly portrays the 24/7 hell of Iraq.

Notes to New Congress on Corporate Power & Antitrust

Barbara Boxer wants the Senate to vote on any troop escalation in Iraq by Bush

Reality TV - Triumph of the Thugs

Biden obviously knows a lot about foreign policy....

Hey folks, it's time to rally around the President!

My God, Lindsey Graham is out of his mind.

What is Bush Up to Now? Does Anyone Get it?

George Will's Christmas presents finally came!

Jeez, Howie Kurtz & some RW newstype hoped "Ford's advanced age"

Brent Scowcroft was addressing "The end of history" on This Week

Tony Blankley Favors Mob Justice

Come home Soldiers and with your help we will hold those responsible accountable.


Centerfold Accused in Call Girl Ring in exclusive Atlanta, GA suburb

Dennis Kucinich up next on CNN on stopping funding for war. Liars Roy Bluntblockead sneaked in.

While I would never vote for Biden,

Hey Bush*, It's Been 2 Months Since The American People Voted Against YOUR WAR.

On MSNBC, NY Times reporter Kornblut repeated "cut and run" attack on Democrats - New Judith Miller

Why do the Iraqi people insist on killing each other?

What did Biden say today that he hasn't already said on his famous "the window is closing" tour?

Sen. Biden announces intent to seek presidency

Six in 10 Utah Army recruits were high school diploma holders in 2006

Pelosi on Face the nation now

Late Edition on now (Boxer, Kucinich and others)

Hit them where it hurts the most!

For coverage of Democrats' historic day in Congress, NBC interviews ... John McCain

Cleric's story of abduction, torture - Letter opening salvo in CIA officers' trial

Military scams create problems for real service members - Second mercenary busted

Trump calls Rosie O'Donnell a "DEGENERATE", threatens to woo away her partner with men

Home Depot CEO leaves with severance package of $210 million

Mother fights for son who said no to war

EU 'broke trade rules' on GM food

NY Times, LA Times uncritically reported Bush's misleading deficit claim


Jan 2004: God told Pat Robertson W will win the war. Big. It's preordained.

Newly-appointed Polish archbishop resigns in spying row

Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran

Sunday London TIMES "Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran" - Amazing Jan 7, 2007

NYT: Rice made the 11th hour decision to hand over Saddam to Iraqi gov't

Does he really plan on lying & delaying for the next 2 years?

Nuclear Waste

If you click on Edwards 08 you get Hillary instead

Interesting article in NY times about Saddam's last hours

My prediction for new White House Counsel -- Ben Ginsberg

Follow-up to 500 year war:

Well, I guess this it folks. Time to wrap it up...

Redemption Song for out times

Clue for new posters: when you see a title that interests you, PLEASE

Found out! the culprits who stole Giulianni's notebook!

Just saw the rerun of the BSU/OU game

Kuwaiti in talks to buy Saddam's 'noose'


Did the House pass the ethics - lobbying bill?

Inspired by the surge

Y'all need to quit worrying about the weather!

Well, this is going to suck

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Jan 6, 2007

Iowa Lawmakers Set to Debate 60 Year Old Law

NOFX - The Idiot Son of an Asshole (anti-Bush music video)

US Soldier In Iraq Speaks

John F. Kennedy 1960 Campaign Ad


Faux News Interview with Cindy Sheehan

Impeach at the Beach Slideshow

"It's Not WW3 Unless We Make It That Way" ( Wes Clark on: Iran) Video 2:43........

Citizen Journalists on John Edwards' Campaign Trail

3,000 Too Many

O'Reilly Gets His A** Kicked Down the Block!

Bush's dusty veto pen may soon get busy

What if? Who do we believe?

does ANYONE read history books? we, "the west" have been here before.

Senator Jon Tester of Montana: Redefining what it means to be a Democrat?

Sheehan arrives in Cuba to protest Gitmo.......Go Cindy Go!

Bob Schieffer needs a boot to his ass (Face the Nation)

All you need to know about Dumbya

Days in Session for House and Senate from 1975-2006

Oh, I get it now . . .

Whaaaaaaaaaat is up with this??

The politicians may have to be "hit between the eyes with a 2x4, to

AP: Britain's Brown Suggests Policy Shift (in Iraq)

Where would bin Laden and Bush be without each other?

Rudolph Giuliani.2008.You're known by the company you keep.

What would have happened if Saddam had been left in power..?

Give me a reason (or two) to support Joe Biden in 2008

We need a sanity and education adjusted poll.

Karma at its best: Russia is playing hardball....What we gained/we lost.

US Army urges dead to re-enlist

One in Five Activists Illegally Fired for Seeking to Join a Union, way up since W took office

Nuclear strike on Iran?

Police: Man sets fire to nativity scene

Bush administration defends emergency mail inspection

President Biden?

Republican Stupak's Statement on 110th Congress

Clear Channel taunts "liberal radio fans" as it get ready to kill Air Ameirca ...

Poll shows Hillary Clinton way ahead and Lieberman close behind


Waxman vows to keep watch for the taxpayers

Kucinich on Rachel M

Thank you Judy Woodruff! As seen on Meet The Press Sunday (surge vs. escalation)

"The Invasion of the Alpha Male Democrat "

Have they no shame? At long last, have the Repugs NO shame?

A sobering page to send to "Surge" Fans...

Iowa Lawmakers Set to Debate 60 Year Old Law (right to work)

Global actions target Starbucks union-busters

Howard Dean to Visit Kentucky

Social Security employees face $3.8 million in work-related fines

Congratulations DLC hawks on Saddam hangings 2nd victim - a 10 year old Texas boy

So the Iraq War REALLY was about getting the oil...

Limitations of the DU

Help Me Save Democracy in Chicago

The "Last Throes" of the Bush War

It's Not A 'Surge' - It's A '14% Escalation'

Breakdown of soldier deaths in Iraq (Flash)

"Racial Undertones Complicate Handover of House Whip"/ Blunt/Clyburn

Caption this pic of our glorious leader (courtesy Xinhua, China)

Pelosi's new image as Italian Catholic mom has Republicans "reeling"

Who else is sick of the term "Surge"? When are our Dem leaders..

I can't believe what Speaker Nancy Pelosi just said

Feb. 5th budget request -- $100 million more for Iraq

Edwards - strongest Democratic candidate vs. GOP front runners.

The Democrats are the masculine party

Abortion rights activist backs Edwards

Nixon And Gore?

Should McConnell be confirmed? He's up to his eyeballs in

Administration/generals implicitly blaming the American people for Iraq, just as Clark predicted.

Which Democrat spoke at a 2002 anti-war rally?

Hillary leads fellow Democrats comfortably in Iowa, Nevada. Smaller lead in NH and SC: Poll

Boxer: Bush went 'General Shopping" to find some who will say what

StemCell Research funding to be voted on January 11th--please call/write now!

Wesley Clark: Bush's 'surge' will backfire

Pelosi: Bush Must Justify Future Iraq Actions

John Edwards as populist

Edwards tour stops in Reno - Democrat supports minimum wage hike, opposes Yucca

'Dark and dangerous' Democrats under fire from NRA

Rumors about Cheney and Rice flying

WP: Gore Leaves Door Ajar for 2008