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Archives: January 29, 2007

An Interview With Jason Miller, By Carolyn Baker

LA Times: Was 9/11 really that bad?(Horrible Act but History says Overreaction)

Bipartisanship may be breaking out in Senate (or The Gang 14 pimping for lobbyists again)

The Historic, First Ever DC Massive Impeachment March No-one Reported On

Iranians' love affair with America

AlterNet: Torture Sours U.S.-Canadian Right-wing Lovefest

John Nichols: "Exercising Congress's Constitutional Power to End a War" (The Nation)

Impeachment: The Missing Word on the Stage in D.C. Last Weekend--But Not On The Street!

We have nothing to fear from diplomacy (Lee Hamilton)

NYT op-ed: Congress, the Constitution and War: The Limits on Presidential Power

Drumheller on secret prisons/ Curveball

Frank Rich: (Hillary) has always been a follower of public opinion on the war, not a leader.

Dick Cheney: The New 'Baghdad Bob'?

Apple Sued for Patent Infringement On Click Wheel

White House Order Changes How Government Agencies Write Rules

Iraq War is Bush Legacy

False Perception: Hugo Chavez, the Press and the "Rule By Decree" Meme

The president himself, it seems, was involved in leaking selected parts of a top-secret

ExxonMobil in Dock for Indonesian Human Rights Crimes

On a per capita basis our youngsters are being killed at more or less the same rate as in Nam.

Dean Baker: If Environmentalists Cared About Global Warming.....

Kristolizing the (Neoconservative) Moment (ERIC ALTERMAN

Martin Sieff: The Logic Of US Deployments Points To Iran

Jason Leopold: "Bush Administration is Focus of Leak Inquiry"

Dick Cheney: A testimonial nightmare in the making

CommonDreams: War Criminals R Us

Cindy Sheehan: The Fifth Estate

GOP Stalls On Minimum Wage To Avoid Iraq Votes By Bob Geiger


My Redeployment Epiphany By Mary Shaw

Adam Carolla's genius -- spoiled

Hillary Clinton: A Triangulator for Non-Triangulating Times

Don't Fear a Filibuster

strib op-ed: To fund or not to fund

Truthdig: Christians on the March

Thom Hartmann: Join the Parade for We the People

James Carroll: Deathtrap

Clear Channel's destruction of the Emergency Alert System

Experts warn US air raids in Somalia may be inefficient, harmful (AFP)


JUAN COLE: Differing Najaf narratives

Richard Cummings | Lockheed Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Editorial ”Iraq war debate personal here”, Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama.

ChiTrib: Anatomy of a false story (Insight/Faux Obama Story)

Beware the powerful when they hail internet democracy

Ethanol production costs reduced by 60% by Carnegie Mellon Chemical Engineers

Uranium — The White-Hot Metal: Demand is Outstripping Supply

Solar thermal

US Scientist Stephen Schneider - World "Playing Russian Roulette" With Climate - Age

Does nuclear power now make financial sense?

Nuclear waste containers will not work, say scientists (OZ)

At Current Warming Rates, Great Barrier Reef "Functionally Extinct" Within Decades

Prince Charles - World Looking To US For Climate Leadership - Guardian

2006 warmest for some Gulf of M. monitoring sites & NOAA buoy data shows warming

Discovery Channel repeats Greg Palast's peak oil mistake

GOP Screws over Middle Class W Hybrid Tax Credit

Millions to go hungry, waterless -climate report

US Facing 40% Loss Of Instrumentation On Climate, Weather Satellites By 2010 - Miami Herald

And away goes Cantarell

North American Labor Assembly on Climate Crisis: Building a Global Movement for Clean Energy

ElBaradei's Idea for (nuclear) `Timeout' With Iran Is Rejected by U.S.

German plan to close coal mines (BBC) {misleading title!! ending subsidies}

Concerned about the Environment, Help find Solutions

NW Territory Barren-Ground Caribou Numbers Fall 40 - 86% In Ten Years - Reuters

500 Top Climate Scientists Convene In Paris In Run-up to IPCC Release - AFP

30 Reference Glaciers Worldwide Lost Average .5 Meters Elevation In 2005 - Melt Rate 6X 1980s - AFP

Parts Of Houston Will Miss Ozone Cleanup Deadline By Nine Years - Ready By 2017 - Chronicle

Environment Canada Study - Canada Warming Twice As Quickly As Planetary Average - Toronto Sun

Indonesia Could Lose As Many As 2,000 Islands To Rising Seas By 2030 - Reuters

AEI Op-Ed Slams Bush SOTU Ethanol Proposal - Bloomberg

Wind turbines set to break records in Antarctica

Despite LURC ruling, governor upbeat on wind power (Maine)

Bill may help schools go green (IL)

Nuvera to Provide PowerTap Hydrogen Refueling System

California Asks Government to Back Grid Plan


Power Producers Rush to Secure Nuclear Sites

Sea Shepherd offers $25,000 Reward For Japanese Whaler's Coordinates

Nestle CEO Pooh-Poohs Global Warming Fears (20 comments )

EU won't give date for car emissions legislation - Reuters

Can Claudia Schiffer save the world?

Huge mudflow "inevitable" from NZ volcano's lake - Reuters

Australia to drink recycled water - BBC

Communities reject minority groups

Rabbit in the headlights - Seth Freedman

Israeli Cabinet Approves Muslim Minister

Israel's Arab problem hits home

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, To Put The Heat On Iran

Israel launches Gaza tunnel raid (BBC)

Hamas and Fatah agree to cease-fire

Eilat: 3 killed in terror attack

Hamas, Fatah fighting continues despite talks offer

Israel's existence is in peril, expert tells crowd at temple

Study: Attacks on Jews in Europe rose in 2006

What makes an anti-Semite?

The silence when Arabs kill other Arabs

Israel to buy US bomb kits for $100M

A question, please...

Who did the structural design for the WTC towers?

Loose Change anyone?

BREAKING: EAC Exposes Severe Flaws in Voting Sytem Testing

Blackwell’s Actions Boost Voting Rights – Election Fraud Dis & Research 29 Jan 07

Dump Voting Machines

"New York Halts E-voting Machine Testing" FROM AN UNLIKELY SOURCE

Avi Rubin's Blog, Bad Software All Around

My report on yesterday's march and pictures

(Iraq's) Deputy PM calls on Iran and U.S. to stop making Iraq a competition zone

Contracts for detention camp construction in the US awarded...

Turkey mulls 'invading' Iraq - from AlJazeera's English language service

Bombs and sniper kill six in Iraq

(Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim)Shiite leader offers Iraq security plan (Federal Regions)

BBC staff to strike over outsourcing to India

Injury count in Iraq disputed

Four killed in Israeli resort suicide bombing

Three law professors kidnapped in Baghdad

Reuters: Gaddafi son says medics will not be executed

New climate report too rosy, experts say

French report: Former U.N. envoy Bolton says U.S. has 'no strategic interest' in united Iraq

E&P: Libby Trial Resumes Today: Ari Fleischer will testify

Iraqi cult leader killed in battle -minister (Najaf)

U.S.: Iran giving weapons to kill troops

Air America rescued! On Huffpo. YAY!!

Iraq vets group tours against troop buildup

RIP Barbaro

Experts slam upcoming global warming report (Too sugarcoated)

BBC: Saudi Arabia names US ambassador (Adel al-Jubeir)

Karzai offers talks with Taliban

Bush warns Iran against action in Iraq

Leader breaks ranks on Hicks

Norm Coleman injured 'dumpster diving.' No, really...

Franken Quitting Air America

3 helicopters lost in Iraq since Jan. 20 (54 lost since may, 2003

U.S. general: Anbar insurgents mostly Iraqis

'Three killed' in Pakistan blast.

Air America

Anti-War Groups Push Impeachment

Engineers Investigate Issue on One of Hubble's Science Instruments

US seems to rule out 'timeout' between Iran, West

Bush: Iran, Syria fomenting 'chaos' in Lebanon

ExxonMobil in Dock for Indonesian Human Rights Crimes

U.N. refugee agency seeking information on 2 detainees

CNBC Non-Interview Could Come Up in Waxman Hearing

New rules mean more delays in Guantanamo

US troop surge in Iraq could spill over violence to British zone: diplomat

Fleischer recalls discussion about Plame

Election Assistance Commission Exposes Severe Flaws in Voting System Testing

Bush Raises His Sway at U.S. Agencies (signs Executive Order giving himself more power)

India Celebrates Centenary Of Gandhi's Satyagraha Movement

WP: Accenture to raise India staff to 35,000 by August

WP/AP: High-Tech Army Rehab Center Opening: Funded by private donations

Hubble's primary camera shuts down

Reuters: U.S. Navy removes sub commander after collision

Bush: Cheney sees glass 'half full'

US offers advanced missile system to India

Miami plans big party when Castro dies

13 pct of Americans not heard of global warming: report

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 29 January 2007

Avionics Software Outsourcing Deal Draws Fire (Bad Idea)

Nagin: Class and race issues killing New Orleans' recovery (AP/CNN)

US mulls Bill to bring back call centres

Nine arrested in ant-war protests in congressional office buildings

Republicans Block House Pay Raise

Nice to see Jane Fonda in front of camera - W.House

Russert: Not Source of CIA Officer Leak

Chávez Calls for United Socialist Party of Venezuela

Nicaraguans back in School, Free

(Rep) DeFazio (D-OR) tells Bush 'Pull back' on Iran

Web Retailer Apologizes After Employee's Anti-War Comment Stirs Controversy

SF Chronicle: Pelosi's trip: Believes more strongly that withdrawal will help region

NYT: Missteps by Iraqi Forces in Battle Raise Questions

Europe Resists U.S. Push to Curb Iran Ties

Melting glaciers show climate change speeding up: UN, scientists

NY Times: Bush signs order giving him more power over federal agencies

Australian Guantanamo inmate's mental health in decline, lawyer says (IHT)

AP: Ex-Head of Italy Intel Agency Testifies (CIA kidnap case)

1,400 Felons Licensed By State To Carry A Gun (You guess it Florida)

UN asked to name official to protect Roma rights

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro euthanized

New anti-sealing group to lobby for licence buy-backs

EU probes Norway's seal hunt (Norwegian Aftenposten in English)

WP: Equipment For Added Troops Is Lacking

Snow: No Slight Intended by Bush's Gaffe

Nuclear agency: air defenses impractical

Huffington Post Exclusive: AIR AMERICA RESCUED

Anti-war protesters spray paint Capitol building

Microsoft launches new Vista system

Cindy Sheehan Endorses Kucinich For President!

School of Americas Protesters Sentenced

Message to all Madonna fans - The Confessions Tour DVD/CD sounds damn good ...

I watched the rest of "Jane Eyre" on PBS tonight and I was thinking.

Hey! Wanna come over and "use" some pudding with me?!

Should catty coppers be required to serve notice on threads we cop?

I don't like you anymore

It was for peace and understandig between

I've got this convention thing tuesday, and I'm so nervous

I just spent 3 hours referring a fight btw 2 people who

need a nmemonic for AAPPAU, a sentence where every word starts with one of those letters in orde

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Make up a nonsense word and a definition for it...

Somebody missing from the milestones thread

That's it Lounge! I challenge you to an Marm wrestling contest!

DU this poll!

Funniest nick EVarrr for *

Manager Installs Camera In Waffle-House Ladies Room

Tiger Woods won the SuperBowl yesterday

Man's Groin Impaled On Steel Fence

Lawyer busted for DUI while driving to pick up client busted for DUI

Holy moley! Two more posts to 5,000

My car's CD player is working again!

Something to make you feel better about Ayn Rand

Oink! Oink! Moo! Moo!

Rolling Stones "Rock 'N' Roll Circus" playing on my PBS affiliate.

I learned in GD today that fighting for the poor is consistent with the philosophy of Ayn Rand

Ida B. Wells. Can someone explain this quote please?

Did the bouncing smilie die? All the other smilies are rockin and rollin ..

last week a stomach virus. this week a head cold.

Man Crashes Car While Giving Finger To Sheriff

I got a deal on my house


My daughter drew this in one of her classes and they are putting it in the school paper

Barbarians have been euthanized

Barbra has been euthanized

Barbers have been euthanized

BarenakedLady has an epic mount

Babar has been euthanized

BooBoo has been euthanized

Morning Serenade for all the DU Parents: I bring you....BOWIE!!!

Ow My Balls

BoBo has been euthanized

Bayberry has been euthanized

Which one do you agree with?

The leftofthedial deprecation thread

This is why I love the lounge : All the copycat threads are cracking me up.

Our realtor called and told us to expect an offer. Holy Shite.

Babawawa has been euthanized

I'm listening to David Bowie's "Hunky Dory" - one of my all time faves


Umpire Pet Peeves

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/29/2007)

Bowie has been euthanized

St Louis stood with those in DC, LA and San

Man Robs SAME Bank Twice In 3 Days - Dye Pack Explodes In His Face BOTH Times

Lindy Hop Swing dancing?

I am so tired, I don't know how I'll make it through the day

Let's hear it for Youth in Asia

Have you seen this? Funny shit!

Baba O'Reilly has been euthanized

Devil's Advocate Appreciation Thread!

I need a flame retardent suit !

It's 12 degrees and snowing here...

Ba Ba/Ti Ki/Di Do has been euthanized

Barbosa has been euthanized

Need help with scholarships & grants

Barbarella has been euthanized

Baba Booey has been euthanized.

It bothers me

Bonana Fanna Fo has been euthanized.

Beer Barrels have been euthanized

Barbells have been euthanized

Big AAR news on Randi's show!

Bars have been euthanized

The Winter 2007 issue of the University of Montana alumni mag is good.

What happened the day you were born?

Barbarino has been euthanized.


Who the hell is leading the Democrats? C3PO? Jesus.

That duck escapes death again!

On a more positive note- I got a new pencil skirt & scrunchy boots!

Roseanne Roseannadanna has been euthanized.

ATTN: Greeks! What's your THRACE?

What program do you use to make videos?

Favorite Beatles song

Joe Jackson....

Spray Delays Ejaculation By 5 Times As Long

The CaliforniaPeggy Appreciation thread..

For that nerd on your list...

So Priyanka's girlfriend and I are going to be new best friends...

Why people believe Americans are stupid

Eagle Lugging Deer Head Causes Blackout

I guess i won't be buying a car from Roy

Dumm question - what's LIHOP/MIHOP?

More funny cats...

Anyone recall an early 80's era song "White Russian"

"You must have ACS: Ann Coulter Syndrome"

What's the quickest route from Florida to California?

BAB has been euthanized

Edwards to sell mansion in effort to shore up "progressive" credentials

I just read that they're going to stuff Barbaro and place him in front of the new Edwards home.

Orrex has been euthanized

Need suggestions for a good moisturizing hand soap!

I'm currently basking in the soothing melodies of bagpipe music. Ask me anything.

ATTN: Geeks! What's your TACO?

Have you ever went to look at a house you saw in a movie.

Everyone behold, the greatest book ever written...

Barbarino has been emasculated

Anyone else watch Heroes?

Unhappy as a boy, Kim became youngest ever transsexual at 12

So I was unlucky enough to have an asshole fall into my lap

I rearranged my son's old bedroom today.

My daughter's haircut looks even better today than it did yesterday


Former Male Prostitute Who Exposed Evangelical Leader Welcomed To The Church Haggard Led

So Who's Barnstorming Best Buy for Vista at 12:01 am?

What will be GD's flamewar du jour?

Trumad desires a thread where we all talk in 3rd person.

So I'm at a party Friday night and a guy tells me

working for bad people sucks.

Joke I heard today

Who else is thawing out this morning?

Cat question

Trying to light the stove

Here's what I want my e-mail program to do:

'Have mercy, we have the same mother!!'

Toad Suckers

"WKRP in Cincinnati" Fans: Updated release date; pre-ordering now available!

Pulp Fucktion

JanMichael, ShakeDave, Thtwudbeme. anybody heard from them lately

So I was lucky enough to have an assistantship fall into my lap...

xchrom was INSULTED saturday night!

My ass has shrunk so I cannot post in Shine's thread!

Recommend a hotel in Austin, TX?

Hey, I heard John Edwards caught a mouse

CHRISTIAN wrestling Federation?

Damn! Why does Afrin sting so badly?

Damn! Why does Sting annoy me so badly?

Damn! Why does Sting hide me so well?

Top Chef redux: Bourdain speaks out!

Who else likes KO's term

OK Lounge. You are to promise me that you CANNOT flirt with GF.

I wandered into General Discussion...

Time to play the "walking drunk" game again.

Cell phone tapping.


Nearly caused a huge earthquake after using my Preparation H

calpeg just dropped another f-bomb!! i just love it when she does that!!

Hey, I heard John Edwards bought a house

I think Edward's house is becoming the latest McMansion flamefest!

I'm training a runaway to watch!

Here's a tip...7th graders don't care for Brian Eno's "Music For Airports."

You know that part in Garden State, where they scream into the

14-year-old has sex change -- youngest ever

A public service announcement from youtube. It's about spaying or neutering...

That's it. I have had it.

Anyone have any suggestions for an IM client that can handle both AIM and Yahoo?

I'm watching Runaway Train!

yeah, freakin dupe

Please send some positive Lounge vibes.

Did anyone watch the second half of the most

OK, this is bizarre. Festus Hagen a Son of the Pioneers.

Most important female voice in current mainstream rock?

My favorite scene from Napoleon Dynamite

in regards to winter tomatoes

Hey Ya! Charlie Brown Style

Anyone know how long it takes to hear back from publisher after submitting a manuscript?

Eagle Lugging John Edwards' New House Causes Outrage

I am procrastinating from doing about 8 loads of laundry

Nearly made a huge mistake in my preparations to watch 24....

Headline: Eagle lugging a deer head causes outage

Granted torturing your brother for information may seem a tad excessive,,,,

For all Emergency! Fans the 3rd season comes out on February 13th...

Anyone hear Shrub on NPR this evening?

Eagle Lugging a Deer Head Causes Outage

What's "Windows Vista:"?

I just watched Zardoz.

Hey RevActs, you here?

Post a picture here only if you are an ugly troll!

I'm almost to post #1000 how long did it take you to get this far?

At what time will tonight's rants begin in GD about 24?

Any Doris Day (the singer) fans?

Congrats Jeanette from FL 2000 Posts!

George Clooney for President! (wishful thinking)

I am having a glass of wine.

How old do you look?

Name your least-favourite movie sub-sub-genre.

I only need 18 more posts to finally get to 2,000

Any Excel experts?

Fitness people....Do you have any experience with core training...

will they still be using roman numerals starting with super bowl 49?

Grr. Late night telemarketer.

G'Night DU Lounge, I Lurve Ya!

Um....24!!!!!!! (Spoilers)

Pink... pink... and more pink.

Congratulations donheld!! 10,000 posts

ATTN: Geeks! What's your THAC0?

Hilarious K-Fed Super Bowl commercial leaked

So Epson stops selling 8x23" panoramic paper...

Ever have a crush on a movie character?

Susan Sarandon

Post here if you live in a big-ass house

Ray Davies kicks ass!

Does extreme cold feel different from plain cold?

Woo. Over at a boys house.

Do you make your own additions to canned tomato soup?

Hm. Time to update the DU Universal Flamebait®.

"The Electronic Flanger and the Development of Early British Post-Punk"

I have a failing of compassion, and I want to address it

i am the MOST liberal Du'er......ASk me right wing nuts!


Oh, my!


Worst thing about John Edwards' new house?

Liz Renay is Dead

God, I miss Buffy

The Barbaro message board goes off the deep end

Please help re: online gourmet mail order foods sites. It's for a hospice patient.

Movie suggestions

Do you feel left out if you're name isnt in the "Name a DUer" thread?

My favorite meal after an intensive workout: a POUND of roast beef.

Any tips to put down those late night food cravings???

If you could choose your own cable TV package....

Draw your own stick figures on line and then watch them dance

who created the term "f-bomb" and is there any way we can stop it?

Barbaro has been euthanized

A guy's guide to breast-feeding: Don't be a boob

So what would happen if you Googled... Google.

Nearly made a huge mistake with my Preparation H

I now despise Cheney more than W.

I really shouldn't post this - but I am too pissed off not to, and a little hurt

omfg!!! just WOW!!! fundie nuts and evolution

Post here if you have a big ass

Anybody have a link to a free reverse phone directory?

Fans of Keith: Check out this animated gif...

Remember Sniglets?

I'm an indie-rock geek approaching 40. What will my midlife crisis entail?

My pictures from the DC march [DIALUP WARNING!}

Would you name your kid Diezelblaze?

Southern California Meet-up.

Please Join Me to Welcome my Girlfriend, ROCKIT to DU!!

Imagine one religion

Warning: Christian Fascists on the March.

Ted Haggard’s Accuser, and a Theater Troupe, Visit Megachurch

France united and divided over activist priest

No Swastika ban, says Germany after Hindus' protest

Imagine no Salvationist Religion.

Moscow Mayor Calls Gay Pride Parade Satanic

Anti-gay legislator forced wife to have an abortion (Indiana)

Church: we'll make gay rights martyrs

FA Cup fifth round draw-

NHL goaltending legend Lorne "Gump" Worsley dies at age 77 n/t

Barbaro Put Down

Can anyone recommend a good meditation or whatever for focusing?

Sexual fantasies and the Law of Attraction


Manifestation resources

From VVAW.......... all proceeds to go to the VVAW. Nice way to donate.

2007 Veterans Budget there will be none

Call a Congress person day! End this war

OT:WaPo on Iowa reaction to Dem candidates

Awesome post whometense posted on her blog

"John Kerry is the best sound on radio"

The Enterprise a RW rag? Nasty little piece on JK there.

I friggin love VoteVets. Sigh, see the new video (Jon Powers again.)

Okay, moving on. Let's talk about Iraq

US Senate this week: Iraq floor debate

Hello fellow Kerrycrats

More GOper's stupidity. Hunter attacks Kerry and criticizes Iran and Iraq for ...

More proof of what Kerry was up against, part II

Thanks Doc Funkenstein

Pet Peeves about Kos

Anyone familiar with the connex here w/Mark Rich, Scooter Libby, the pardon?


JK on Robert Drinan

A Canadian knows the Real Deal

Take another trip around the sun

Awww, Curt's not running; WEEI (Boston) goes into mourning

Time to Say Goodbye: My farewell e-mail to Andrew Sullivan

Lowell Sun: Kerry's Choice 1/29/07 (Wait, it's not bad.)

About to read "Unfit For Command"

does anyone have link to VIDEO of Kennedy's floor speech on JK?

Do NOT miss the first segment of tonight's Daily Show -

Not Kerry related, but oh so scary!

OT: What

Smithfield video on PBS from Dec 15th

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Hacking Democracy (with our beloved Andy)

Judgement at Nuremburg - Judge Haywood's Verdict

DNC Northeast Political Director speaks in MA about the wins in 06.

Tears Falling

Tonight Show: Cheney's smirk during the SOTU

Wide World (what makes you so proud?)

Cafferty on U.S. Attorney Appointments

Impeach!!! (SSCI cover-up revealed by Carl Levin)

Revolution For Peace - A video montage of the peace rallies

Mountaintop Removal Movie

John McCain vs. John McCain

VoteVets: If you support the escalation, you don't support the troops

My march pictures

Anybody watch "The Simpsons" tonight?

Bush's Iraq policy: "Often in error, never in doubt."


Angels still walk and talk

Been there done that

Combating the lost 'ic' in 'Democratic Party'

the REAL path to 9-11

Dear Mr Fitzgerald,

Up To 4.5 A Day Now...

Schumer: Predicts Shockwave to WH-With Possible Majority of REPUBLICANS To Condemn Surge

They want a fight, us v. them, they stole our "ic" .. well, it fits them to a T.

Does anyone here have any stories to tell about I.F.Stone.

The Cost of Medical Miracles (2057 on Discovery Channel)

Hillary was fantastic in Iowa on CSpan

We're making low cost "Impeach Bush" stickers

Still one of the best movie quotes ... a commentary on our times.

I can't help but think this is funny

Beer and the Bible

Warning to elderly women: dump your husband now

I just ripped a round political sticky off my old suede coat and

Octafish appreciation thread.

FNC Execs Say Hosts "Gave Too Much Credence" To Obama/Madrassah Rumor

Can the *organic* label survive behemoths like Wal-Mart?

Reuters: Yemen tells Shi'ite rebels to disband or face war

someone get me up to date,


Bush's Afghan puppet Karzai offers peace talks with Taleban to end bloodshed

IS R pResident Learning?

To what degree has our military been privatized?

So, what about the house?

‘Man Down’: When One Bullet Alters Everything NY Times a must read


There is no paranoia, just the Right Wing....

Beware of Republicans driving buses...

I want to thank everyone who marched in DC Saturday

how can you tell the difference between and Iraqi and Iranian ?

Fox News VP: "The hosts violated one of our general rules, which is know what you are talking about"

Contracts for detention camp construction in the US awarded...

3,080 troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Newsweek poll: 49% want a Dem prez in 2008

OMG! State Dept. claims Iran is "meddling" in Iraq!

So we now have DUers standing with Virgil Goode?

Can we/should we move all "trash the dem candidate I don't like" threads to another forum?

Will congress DO NOTHING again, about electronic voting and

C.I.A. casually shared Plame's name is the theme of reporting in my newspaper

OMFG!! I just realized my house is only 1800 sq feet!

“No More Money, No More Troops” – Call Congress Today

It is inefficient and a waste of energy to not post in the correct forums, ie ENVIRONMENT/ENERGY

Father Robert Drinan, catholic priest who served in congress dead.

If the Dems cut off the Iraq funding Bush would still keep the troops there until they were all dead

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon. 1/29 one side makes you smaller

Turkey mulls 'invading' Iraq - from AlJazeera's English language service

Tit for Tat

Was GWB pushed into running for President by his family and others,

A victory for Spermatazoan-Americans and Embryo-Americans

250 replies to a light bulb post?

CONTRAST ENERGY MEETINGS. I'm watching a repeat of

Poppy Bush whining again?

If we didn't vote for failure

Must Read: Paul Krugman on ethanol: "The Sum of All Ears"

We must demand PROOF of Iranian involvement in Iraq...

Cathie Martin’s note identified Valerie as a CIA agent….

Conyers: "There Was MORE TRUTH Spoken At Rally Saturday in 3 Hours-Than From Bush Admin In 3 Years"

Are we afraid to be unabashedly against poverty, now?

Hey Cheney the Dick; some more "11th Commandment" for you to break!

How many copters have we lost in Iraq in the last week?

Latest Tom Tomorrow TOON

America's Most Wanted according to D'Souza (Volumes of PUKE)

Libby May be on Trial for Perjury, But Bush and Cheney Should be on Trial for Treason

Article from my local paper on our local protest yesterday

Bush and Cheney Told The Nation

Some of my pix from DC rally.

Did anyone hear what the jackass on MSNBC said?

The Propaganda 'Surge' (or..."educating the American public")

Am I correct in my understanding that the actual Plame leak investigation...

wow...what's going on at CNN-they are actually covering the Katrina hearings ..

neo cons to attack Iran from bases in Bulgaria and Romania

Everyone projects

Cheney moaning about Hil's "clean up his own mess" bit..

Democracy Now! devotes whole show to Saturday's protest!

Countdown's KO to Hit Libby Trial Tonight at 8 ET; What do Lewinsky and Libby Have in Common?

Former U.N. envoy Bolton says U.S. has 'no strategic interest' in united Iraq

From VVAWNET number of Protesters

Oil And Gas Companies Ready Drilling Projects For Newly Melted Arctic

CNN's Noon Report ....Urging the release of Secret Govt. Info on Iran's

a media man who can say anything he wants & get away with it

Paintings of Abu Ghraib- Fernando Botero "driven" to paint depictions of the horror

Sherrod Brown live speech/q&a now, 12:30pm Eastern,stream-

(Ha Ha!) - BIDEN: "Only 20 Senators Will Support BUSH SURGE"

Bush is purposely continuing to threaten Iran

Dupe Barbaro thread, delete if you wish.

A truly apocalyptic photo of war

Barbaro euthanized this morning

Do you have "gold-plated' health insurance, like B*sh thinks you do?

i for one, hope that mike huckabee wins

snake Cheney won't tell who is on his staff or how many staff he has

Bush didn't intend to insult Democrats: Snow ( "I congratulate the Democrat majority" at SOTU)

Ari Fleischer: No One Knows!

Another reason I hate Joe Lieberman!

In these stressful times, we need peace and relaxation, so...

Edwards will jail sick and dying people?

Nuclear agency: air defenses impractical

Join Wes Clark and Iraq Vets and lead the charge against Bush's escalation in Iraq!

Fleischer: Plame came up over lunch

Office cake day and gender roles

Oh,swell...WH briefing coming up on CNN..more disinformation

13% of Americans live under a rock!

CO Republican wants to make religion an excuse to skip parts of school

I remember him saying she works at CIA at CPD.

U.S. military official: U.S.-Iran tensions could trigger accidental war

Bush: "Our response to the Katrina recovery has been very robust"

I'm going to miss Al Franken on Air America Radio....

Pimp my candidate

Pelosi's trip: She believes more strongly that withdrawal will help region, troops deserve better

Retirees and spouses of high level politicos working for Private Military Contractors.

John Conyers: The Bush Administration Needs to Get Their Facts Straight about Iraq

Protester at Homeland Security meeting on Katrina - pic (Probe the White House)

Skipped work today...

'Terror-free' gas available in Nebraska

Air America Rescued

Does our Global Warming crisis effect the way you build/live?

The 'liegacy' of George W. Bush

Pelosi Believes In Troop Withdrawal More Strongly After Iraq Trip

I'm concerned that John Edwards ordered Barbaro euthanized. What will the swing voters think?

Stopping an Illegal war 'sends the wrong message' to the troops? How stupid.

Anyone have a rundown on this weeks scheduled investigative hearings?

how many folks are undecided about their choice for 08???

I Don't Heart Huckabee...

Franken announcing his last show is February 14

New Climate Report Too Rosy, Experts Say

I found the coolest Cafepress site..The Philosophy gift shop

Local Winemaker Turns His Attention to Alternative Fuel

Go Bears! (Colts coach Dungy supports anti-gay group)

Any News On Molly Ivins Today?

Were Cindy Sheehan and at the march on Saturday?

Whose side are you on?

Isn't it Ironic?

The "middle" class, and poverty

Libby trial: C.Martin - "It wasn't a huge revelation to me because I KNEW"

Why do I get trashed on DU every time I talk about Latin America?

Robert Drinan dies : peace activist, congressman, law professor

Rachel Ray giving out "An Inconvenient Truth" on her show

Hunter criticized Iran and Iraq for not helping the US about Katrina

Accident at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, Soddy-Daisy, Tenn

Newsweek: only a “small percentage” of IEDs found in Iraq show signs of possible Iranian origin

NBC: Ari Fleischer is scheduled to testify today that Libby revealed Plame's identity to him

Deported, tortured, cleared

"Eek! That's not what we want our viewers to hear!" Iraqi-American says Iraq was safer under Saddam

Anti-war protesters spray paint Capitol building

It appears as though the RW'ers have lost their collective Muse

The professional liar is swearing to tell the truth - THE PIG IN A POKE IS UP

GOP announces elephant is dead

New healthcare Tax Deduction Means Lower Social Security Payments.

2002 - Bush: "...there are no war plans on my desk."

What is going on with Iran funding and helping Iraq ?

O'Reilly is Olbermann's "Worst Person" for claim that Sunni and Shia kill each other for "fun"

Woman gets 75,000 bank statements (BBC) {privacy concerns}

NYTimes: "Ex-Bush Aide Contradicts Libby on C.I.A. Agent"

"Bush: U.S. will respond 'firmly' if Iran escalates military actions"

President Buh.

Ari Fleischer arrives at U.S. Federal Court in Washington - pics

AP: U.S. troops say 100 militants captured near Najaf

"He's not the decider, he's the Liar" - Rep. Maxine Waters -video

6 Bill Proposals to Head Off Further War & Nuclear War

Will The Freepers Start An "Excommunicate Guiliani" Campaign?

TIM ROBBINS: Let's get him out of office! Let's get him out of office before --

Ari Fleischer brings up CBS news report: CIA says bush knew info was false!

The Unraveling of Dick Cheney - Dan Froomkin eviscerates Cheney

Radio broadcast about our trip to DC

Oh Fuck: Bush warns Iran against action in Iraq

Awww..a Freeper is mad at Dave Barry...Gotta read this classic Freepresponse

Potshot at Guantanamo lawyers backfires-Big firms laud free legal aid for detainees

DU this poll

Mark Green saves Air America. Is his house small enough for us?

I suspect that * has cut a deal with Shia leaders to have the U.S.give up on neutrality

The Unraveling of Dick Cheney

The dead reporter, Deborah something, is she the evil Nazi I see on Hardball?

VP office exempt from Freedom of Information Act

Pelosi reaches out to blogging community

He said the insurgents were members of a previously unknown group called the Army of Heaven

Speak up Mr. Bramford Is Chalabi still on the payroll?

New (? - to me at least) push to tax internet sales

Is Geo. W Bush a "nuclear football half inflated" kind of guy?

Police detain 9 in Capitol Hill protests Monday

What has happened to Monica Crowley's voice?

"Thunderous Applause" For Dozier At CBS (Reporter Injured Iraq)

Paying a high price for 'cheap food'

Has anything been learned about the tattered flag guy?

Military creates mental health hotline - A new automated phone-in assessment program

Wow, the DC politicos are so lost.

Bush: "...the Iraqis are beginning to show me something."

Susan Sarandon

tired of hearing about houses so

Here--Screening Questionnaire for Military Mental Health Hotline:

3 helicopters lost in Iraq since Jan. 20 (54 lost since may, 2003

Per Reuters. Third carrier strike group headed to persian gulf

Did anyone else just see Chris Matthews on MSNBC

Minumum Wage hearings starting in Senate

Blogging the Bible carries an R-rating

Rev Haggard's Former Lover Visits New Life Church

Staggering. What is your excuse Governor Perry???33% High School Dropout Rate

Why people believe Americans are stupid

Not a young blonde (which is why this isn't news, I guess)

Bush: Cheney Is A ‘Half-Glass-Full’ Kinda Guy

History News Network: Bush the Empire Slayer

Whassamatter Pissypants? ---pix--->>>

John McCain vs. John McCain

Is anyone watching C-SPAN? Iraq War hearing!

A Conservative 2008 projection: The GOP is screwed


Huckabee lost 110 pounds, i lost 80 so can i be his running mate?

I just read that they're going to stuff Barbaro and place him in front of the new Edwards home.

Do the math: This is no troop ‘surge’ in Iraq - More about withdrawal than escalation

After all the bullshit they put him through, Barbaro suffers no more!

How's those book sales going, Ari?

Would you visit a mosque knowing you had a hole in each sock??

Which Sunday Talk Show Will Most Likely Be Democrat-Free This Sunday?

Cell phones play vital role in developing world (AP/CNN)

Ms. Waters has called the Iraq War Veterans to come forward

Debauchery pronounced "Duh-bakery"

C-SPAN Antiwar Protest Viewers - Did you see the Hip Hop Caucus close the Rally?

I'll be back when the horse funeral is over

Profile of Clyde Allen Emshwiller


Some DU help needed on an anti-war protest poll.

Bolton: US has no interest in united Iraq

FUNNIEST thing I've read in a LONG, LONG time! "A house united by party, untidiness" Chicago Tribune

Just on voting record alone how do you feel about this person?

* is sorry for offending the Dems...

New White House pastry chef, William 'Bill' Yosses, wrote the book,

FLEISCHER- Was Told - !!!NOT!!! - To Stand By The 16 WORDS

Michael (Weiner) Savage calls Bernie Sanders a "Dirty Socialist" who should "Go to Hell"

Transcript of today's hearings "Iraq War Authors" Is it available anywhere?

The Savage limbo..."How LOW can he go?"

Today's Firedoglake Libby liveblogging posts are

Curt Schilling (Boston Red Sox) needs to STFU!

Example of "good English" from the anti-immigration crowd

Ari Late September, two and a half months later. Did you learn information that caused you concern.

Earth's future is in your hands (the BBC Game)

PhRMA = The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

oh please, "evil, and bad men" Lynn 'Sweet' - Chicago-Sun Times says...

Should I starve my dog on the off chance that Barbaro wound up in his Alpo?

E&P: Tony Snow: President Hasn't 'Thought A Lot About' Peace March

Who would have ever guessed it would be that 'liberal media'

Film maker turning McCain's words against him

Ok legal beagals on DU, I need help debunking this BS

Look people. We have seen evil seats of power in the world before

CNN Should Google be allowed to help China censorship

Rate Cheney's performance in office

Is Bush turning into another Nixon?

When we get Bush into the dock for his War Crimes trial will he call us...


George Dubya actually said that Dick Cheney sees things as an optimist

Horses break down every single day at horse tracks around the country.

Meet Me At Camera Three sends Web readers directly to a NY Times article

Libby told Bush spokesman of Plame's WMD work

Impeach the Bums!

Your Thoughts about George Will's article today.

What are YOU doing to change your ecological footprint?

Karzai offers talks with Taliban

My 4-year old nephew just pointed at the TV and called Bush

Good fugging grief

Beautiful, touching spiritual ceremony ... courtesy of our new friends ...

I thought I'd skim through "Ari's book" to see what he had to say

My head is spinning - who the hell did we fight today in Iraq?

VOTE-VET TV AD against ESCALATION - Go view at YouTube and Rec! Thanks!

IMPEACHMENT- The Missing Word at the Anti-War Demo

george bush, you started a holy war in the Middle East...

One more freaking "house" thread (other than this one)

At the presser announcing the Libby indictment Fitz said:

If Ari Fleischer's testimony undermines Libby's defense, is this good or bad?

Beneath the surface of the HOUSE!111

TOON: Other Personal Accounts!

Is this the Eli Pariser of the right?

Whatever happened to the DU Activist group?

The first primary is at least 11 months from now..........

Senator targets surplus sales to Iran

Hubble's primary camera shuts down

Do you believe horse racing is cruel?

Tony Blair's specialty - Robbing the Cradle to Pay War Profiteers

Dem Senator Trying to Block F-14 Parts from being sold to Iran!


Step Up to the Plate

Air America Rescued (Huff Po)

KO has a special comment tomorrow night

Anybody have a link to a free reverse phone directory?

"For official use only!" Cheney's huge staff revealed!

A journey to DC (dial up warning)

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic.....

More on Bush Mercenaries

why can't these old freaks expire ?

Emily's List Biggie Deserting Hillary for Obama

Dose anyone know anything about this?

The Oath Of Office. I'm waiting...

Is Nancy Pelosi Back from the Middle East ?

Impeach Bush Now Before the Neocons Invade Iran

What the hell is up with the Fidel Castro Add!!!

One Million Strong for Barack: Obama Facebook Phenomenon!

Has everyone here noticed how the Bush Adm. is shifting the rhetoric from Iraq to Iran?

Poll On Sean Hannity's Official Page

Norm Coleman - Technical - 5.5, Artistic - 4.5

Holy shit, it’s Cheney’s Cheney David Addington is testifing now!

Iraq war vet struggles to find employment

SF Chronicle airs reader complaint calls as podcasts

Hearing On Climate Censorship Tomorrow

Petition on global warming (via LCV)

The People Who Work For Cheney

Edging Impeachment Back On The Table

'dire warning' Run fishery a new way or lose it, Canada told

The Hidden Imam Show

"Christians Reviving America’s Values" calls for Congress to increase military to 2.1 million

Contractor in Iraq gets 9 years in prison

"I'm the VP and you're not"

Mary Cheney baby shower registry

Why we help others - scientists peer into the brain to see why some help more than others

The Sayings Of Chairman Cheney

"I'm running for President 08"

CIA Helped Bush Senior In Oil Venture

In your heart of hearts do you think Al Gore will run for president in '08?


where are the KO threads? Was he good tonight?

So...did hannity show the "edited" version of path 9/11? Now he will show it on his H and C show

I just talked to Randi on the air!

Questions to ask supporters of US involvement in the Iraqi Civil War.

Where will George hang?

Judy Miller first up Tuesday morning in the Libby trial.

What's to become of Dick Cheney

BBC: Melting of glaciers 'speeds up'; human-induced climate change "IS HAPPENING"

Report: New Bush order greatly expands powers.

Can Bush's self-crowning (ie. new executive order giving self more power) be challenged in court?

The psychology of being rich (NOT a house thread!)

On Barbaro...

The White House administration and pals have swift boated Jesus.

My Six Months On Right Wing Blogs.

At least Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald says DemocratIC....

Helen Thomas Demands That Tony Snow Learns To Count Heads

Live Blogging Libby Trial

Do you realize the Houseis still in session? I just flipped on

I think I finally found an explanation for the 30 percent that still approve of Bush.

I think we should all know - the argument being raised

How can you possibly be against the war if you're still for funding it??

(Is it only me? Democrat, Democratic, I could care less what I am called)

Why do you think extreme conservatives dismiss global warming?

You know how some folks talk of slippery slopes or hidden agendas? How about this news item:

Now the U.S. is Whacking Al Sistani's Opponents For Him

Bush Clarifies 'Democrat Majority' Gaffe

2004 Staff Directory for the White House Office of the Vice President

Interesting Comparision of Two Democratic Candidates

Should we begin an electronic congress to defeat Bush's power grab?

DU Here in Spirit at the Jan 27 march - pictures

Bush: "I'm not that good at pronouncing words anyway."

Special Congress of concerned citizens: President Bush's power grab and solutions to end it.

C-Span poll being freeped?

This was inevitable; however, this is one of the reasons I didn't want her to run

Lieberman leaving humanity (repost from jgraz's post on Liarman)

So TimMAY and Tweety are going to "do" Scooter??

Here's my #1000th post......I'm scared

LENO is fucking-over EDWARDS over the house & 2 Americas

Tweety has gone totally Vegas.

I Love This Take On the NYTimes Story Tomorrow on Shrub

Jim Webb for President!

One sign at the DC march that was a hit was one that moved.

Please feel free to check out my website...

Are you celebrating Milton Friedman Day?

Question: What is Iran's involvement in Iraq?

Hospice helped dying man lose his virginity

Rightwing W.Va. newspapers blog claims DC march only had 20,000

Miami planning Castro death party

The Media and the DLC don't pick our nominee for us. Do they rig our primaries?

Is this the new "Get a brain morans"??

Keith Olbermann Misses Libby-Downing St. Memo Opportunity

Reactions to Jon Stewart's Bill Gates interview

The next few weeks will decide whether it's gonna be "WWIII" or "shrubco is out the door"?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I had a nightmare last night...

Murder cult a grim new twist for Iraq - Paging Colonel Walter E. Kurtz

Some advice on getting the word out on bush's latest power grab...

With Signing Exec Order Bush Usurps Power Over Environment, Privacy ---NY Times Tomorrow LINK

PCWorld: Watch Out for Online Ads That Watch You

How To Make A Silver Bullet (We May Need This Info Soon)

War with Iran is the only option for b*sh

NBC news helping frame the war issue for Republicans - 'strong' vs 'weak'

Google Halts ‘Miserable Failure’ Link to President Bush

Why not fight back by not taking the bait?

US Rejects Timeout Between Iran and West

Remember "Baghdad Bob"? After Cheney's performance on CNN

"Widening the War"

"Meet the Paris Hilton of Television News" - Faux News Rips Anderson Cooper

NYTimes: Bush Directive Increases Sway on Regulation

Questions for the NY Times about the alleged spitting incident during anti-war protest

Anyone have a toll free number to Congress? They keep disconnecting them!

How small and energy efficient is Gore's house? Anybody know?

Unhappy as a boy, Kim became youngest ever transsexual at 12

Oaxaca: Despite Attacks, Another Popular Assembly Emerges

Republican Youth Hockey Coach arrested for assaulting parent

Jeezil Pete -- what happened to J.C. Watts?

DU this CSPAN Poll - Do you think a resolution against the Iraq troop buildup "emboldens the enemy?"

From the rally: who is this DUer?

Mathews has always been hypersensitive about his manhood...

"We Probably Gave Powell the Wrong Speech" Former CIA director for Europe

Capitol Hill police try to remove a banner placed by Codepink in Hart Senate Office Bldg. - pics

Cindy Sheehan Endorses Kucinich For President!

What the corporate media won't show you

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

"Scooter's Black Op." (Plame Thread #8)

When y'all get done sticking your noses into other people's business,

Four AF guys from the same unit with testicular cancer?

Ted Nugent denies making anti-immigrant remark.

The media's new darling phrase: "Shi'ite cult"

My House.....

Okay DUers, a little help

Ooooh those credit card bastards

Matthews Make Up Person flubbs up! Crooked Brown Eybrows Penciled on...

Snow: "This is a president who has tried to stay away from the business of doing slurs"

Why have prescription insurance? I have prescription for Sinus Infection 80 BUCKS>>>

Impeachment is the only way the Republicans can save their party from the Neocons takeover.

Why is there so much apathy about the DMCA?

What will she tell her daughter about her father's life and death?

Hillary sang the national anthem OFF KEY!!!


Aren't Dems Supposed To Be Able To Tell A Joke?????

Thank Maxine Waters for the march route around the Capitol

If Gore wants to run for president, he should announce during his Oscar Acceptance Speech

"Cheney's office is beginning to sound like the Bada Bing, minus the dancers."

1,000 plus pictures on Flickr of the DC march for Peace (link)

Medical marijuana and its witless enemies

RepubliCons say stand behind your president...

From Daily Kos: Backdoor Draft horror stories

"the history of the past"

Revolution For Peace - A video montage of the peace rallies

Patrick Fitzgerald's Official Website Updated: January 29 Court Materials (US v. Scooter Libby)

How much longer will Cheney last ??

Rigging the presidential race with “rock stars” and “front-runners”

What the hell is Nuclear Football Guy?

The arrogance of this creature makes my blood BOIL! "Well, I'm vice president and they're not."

Everyone HAS to hear this: Howard Stern and Co. talking about Rush's "Halfrican American" stupidity

This I Think Is Why FORD (Motor Company) is Going Down. >>

Link to my photos from DC

We changed insurance companies on the 1st. Just got this in the mail.

Air America


Are You Sick Of the MSM Picking our Nominee For US

women are making headway in weather forecasting - Female groundhog steps into the spotlight

FREE Impeach Bush Bumper Stickers!! No cost to you, not even postage!

Help me respond to "The World's Thinest Books"

36,000 kids molested by two men? 152 year sentence. Good.

AJC - OUR OPINION: Why can't Bush wise up on Iraq war?

Have you ever seen an appeal on TV or in other media for the

VoteVets Aims at G.O.P. Senators

The Edwards house. It's the greenwash stupid.

When did success become the bad guy?

I Confronted A WalMart Door Greeter this Morning


Attention Jan 27 marchers!

It's Global Warming NOT Climate Change

DU is at its best when there is strong debate on an issue

My pictures from the DC March...

Look at a map or globe, and you see we have Iran totally surrounded

Unhappy Meals - (or, What's wrong with the Modern Diet). - NYT

Bill Richardson for President

A very quick note about family values and the march on Saturday.

Freepers Confused Over Libby's Trial, LOL!

MASSIVE: Bush executive order increases his control over federal agencies...

Harpers: CIA's New Baghdad Station Chief - played key role in early “torture by proxy” transfers

Sgt. Maj. Marilyn L. Gabbard has died, age 46

Arrest Warrant Issued for Blond Sex Crazed Teacher

Did Ari Fleischer Commit Perjury Today?

Sorry if I'm late to the news, but Franken's leaving AAR, to be replaced by THOM HARTMANN!!!

When they debate energy policy

Proposed new forum: Protests and Marches

DU isn't as progressive and left-wing as I thought it would be

Giant yellow flying Peyronies-diseased phallus is sure to baffle, confuse and ridicule Texans

If a Nation Is Forced by One Man to Fight a War that Nobody Else Wants…

I Just Got Off The Phone With Capitol Police*****

Ok whats the deal with this Sparling kid

Massive Virtual March on Washington!! Be there!

One thing Congress needs to do is REPEAL the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Anyone recall Marc Rich pardon and his connection to Scooter Libby? I ask because

They might be liberals so we ain't gonna let'em vote, but we'll give 'em guns!

Have we Learned NOTHING from 2000?

Your thoughts on this mystery man I confronted and photographed in DC this weekend:

Southern California Meet-up.

The Unraveling of Dick Cheney

We have shipped your package to:

BBC: US plans to 'fight the net' revealed

Ask your representative to support Rep. Pallone's 'Clean Water Protection Act' in the 110th Congress

So what happens if we DO attack Iran?

I'm tired of moving up and am going to move down and get out of debt.

ITS OFFICIAL- 500,000 March on awesome sight!

Have investigations began (re: dsm)?

Just In Case You've Forgotten...

bush poll numbers hit a new low

"Something is missing" in Iowa; race "wide open"

Which Republican would you most likely vote for?

Democrats 2008: Hillary 40%, Obama 21% Edwards 11%

DU weekly poll (1/29/07)-Who wins the nomination and therefore the POTUS?

AP: Press strategy still focus in Libby case

Loose Change anyone?


This Week In Peace History (link to site with great blurbs and photos)

Applause Getting Lighter

MY Senator SUPPORTS the surge! List supporters of the surge

The biggest obstacle in Presidential races is oversimplification

The latest Republican Talking Point

So Republicans Have to Be Desperate

"Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'" check it out

Which woman would you prefer receive the Democratic nomination for president?

please delete

To all those senators who said they were wrong about the 2002 IWR vote

"I blame all of this on liberal parents"

Latest polls show very few want another Republican president

Question For Everyone Who Was At The Protest !

Need help with scholarships & grants

How Drudge Covered the March -

John Edwards, John Solomon and the Corporate Media, Same Old Same Old

Al Gore's a great teacher and role model, is he "greenwashing" us too?

Democrats Against Hillary?

Does anyone have access to the witness list re: Libby Trial?

"Women say Pull Out"

"Congress: Stand Up to Bush!" "We are the deciders"

Fair is fair.... chose two letters to drop from 'Republican' party.

Bush Doesn't Seem to Have Gotten Any Bounce from his speech.

Air America Finds A Buyer, Al Franken Departs

"The architect of the GOP takeover flees Washington."

Sorry...wrong forum...

Wow! The hearing on Cspan for ending the war was incredible.

Al Gore listed in Time Magazine with other Dem front-runners for nomination

Senate tries again to pass minimum wage bill.

Offering a Response to Senator Webb -- What America Really Needs to Hear (Joshua Frank)

I just signed the petition at

Edwards to visit WFU (best headline ever)

NY Post: Hill's 'Evil' Joke on Hubby Bubba

Gore WILL be our next president.

From Edwards on Minimum Wage Proposal (Email Letter)

John Edwards says he may have been too inexperienced in 2004

President of the minority

Edwards to sell mansion in effort to shore up "progressive" credentials

2004: The Election We Must Never Forget

Iraq - exactly where are we?

Oh brother, now Hillarys got a botched joke.

Will our Democratic Candidates who are Lawyers Speak Out against "Anti-Constitutionalism?"

"The Real McCain"--new from Robert Greenwald; MUST SEE!

Schwarzenegger targets UC labor and employment programs

Anti-War Marches Draw Hundreds of Thousands

FDL: "Ari Flesicher. Not wearing glasses, he looks balder than he used to be"

Scooter Libby BUSTED! Ari Fleischer rats him out!

Sometimes it is just sitting right in front of you.

DU This poll on whether Congress should STOP Bush from deploying more troops

It just occured to me the GOP memme "personal responsibility" translates to "shoulda...

Republicans block House pay raise

Norm Coleman injured 'dumpster diving.' No, really...

60% Say Dems Likely to Nominate White Male

NH: SurveyUSA...Hillary ahead of Obama and Edwards by 15%

NYT - "VoteVets Aims at G.O.P. Senators"...from Purplish States!

On Bush Schedule He is Attending House "Democrat" Conference

A VERY Special Thanks ...

Smithfield Foods will pay $1.1 million in back pay to workers it illegally fired for union organizin

Libby defense witnesses: Who are they?

I found the soul of the Democratic Party!!!


I had a revelation today: I agree with Hillary Clinton!

have presidential candidates ever picked a VP to run with them during the primaries?

can anybody shed some light on this supposed kerry comment? this comes from one of the trolls on

Why exactly do many Dems support Hillary???

Edwards and Obama are loosing support. I wonder why that is anyone want to guess

The Edwards home uses solar energy.

Keep an eye on Bush Mercenaries

Rockefeller on Bush’s NSA Shift: ‘Unacceptable,’ ‘I Can’t Trust What They’re Doing’

One thing you can't deny about Edwards

1-27 rally from my view and plea for footage/pics

Some great photos from Saturday's march

Feingold up tomorrow: "Exercising Congress's Constitutional Power to End a War."

Dying for a lie

Thoughts on Hillary and why our Dems sounding hawkish on Iran.

Kerry Supporter Looking For Reasons To Back Edwards (or Whomever, Actually)

Senators Clinton, McCain put aside politics for dedication of troop rehabilitation center

Letter from Wes Clark and Vote Vets about their new ad...Stop the Escalation

American presidential politics and big houses.

Hillary Clinton or Maxine Waters?

For Harold Ford, Jr., a "soft landing and lofty platform"

Dodd On Soldier's Death: Senate Will "Bring An End To This Insanity"

Bush Directive Increases Sway on Regulation - this is serious folks

Future Bookshelf: Al Gore and Reason

There Is One Thing That Could Bring Down *Co Immediately And That Is.....

Black men got the right to vote FIFTY YEARS before white women did

The Total Scoop on John Edwards Voting Record and Issues Statements...HERE!

GOP Stalls On Minimum Wage To Avoid Iraq Votes

One Million Strong for Barack: Obama Facebook Phenomenon!

Admired Jane Fonda's courage...

College Students Raise $400 in 4 Days for Obama Via Facebook

We did a great job buying into right wing propaganda. Please read link

A letter from the march on Washington

In the 2008 general election, I will vote for whichever candidate the Dems nominate. T/F

Here are some staggering facts:

John Kerry's eco-friendly life style should be an example to John Edwards - (satire alert)

Michell Malkin one fine lady BUT a rightwing nut case

Do people really believe that "bipartisanship" is the more effective

How to recognize a "puff piece" and catch the latest talking points. .

If McCain is the Republican's nominee then we must nominate Obama...

What I expect Bush is up to.

John Edwards sizes up his presidential prospects

Regarding the spitting "incident" Saturday