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The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 276

America ‘Poised to Strike at Iran’s Nuclear Sites’ from Bases in Bulgaria and Romania

Women see less need for ol' ball and chain

The real menace- Robert Scheer, -military-industrial complex.

Toronto Sun: Imperial Presidency

"Trust us, we're the media"...a remarkable article about Global Warming denial and the media

Bush wants more young Indian minds in US

Killing America: Bush Health Care Plan Rewards Wealthy, Penalizes Workers

What Bushco wants to destroy next

Les Payne: Bush Can't Dodge Webb's Critique

More Than Antiwar

NYT: Feeding Frenzy for a Big Story, Even if It’s False (Obama)

The Mysterious Mr. Bush by Deepak Chopra for Huffington Post

Death to the Constitution (Gonzales) By Thomas L. Walsh

They huff and puff but don't want to blow the house down

Three lessons of World War II for Today’s Generation (Michael Bess)

Rural America Pays the President's Price in Iraq (TOM ENGELHARDT)

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Emboldens America’s Enemies with Propaganda Stunt

How Far Is Too Far in Terror Fight?

Blackwater, Inc. and the Privatization of the Bush War Machine (JEREMY SCAHILL)

Bill Gates to appear on 'The Daily Show'

Robert Parry: Bush Bamboozles Democrats Again

India, the emerging global machine tool hub

"Embrace the suck" 'Rummy's dummies.'

Health Plan's Impact Debated [Bush SOTU health plan]

Move to the Middle Hurts Democrats

An editorial about HRC's candidacy from deep red territory.

"Conservatism" = We The People "Drowned in a bath tub". By Esbe

Experts See Peril in Bush Health Proposal - by Robert Pear for NYTIMES

How the Saudis Plan to Put Oil Squeeze on Iran

Iraq cultivates ties to Democrats - By Borzou Daragahi for LA Times

IRAQ: Baghdad hospitals in crisis as they lack security and drugs, say specialists

Elected embezzlers (raiders of the Social Security Trust Fund)

Sage Advice From a Supreme Court Justice (Scalia) By tabonsell

Mainstream Media, Democracy and Election Fraud

FRANK RICH: Hillary Clinton’s Mission Unaccomplished

DAVID BROOKS: Parting Ways in Iraq

NICHOLAS KRISTOF: A Choice for Darfur

Fantastic Media Criticism Piece - "Taking One for the Tribe"

“You go, girl.”..

Bush Throws The Dice by John Damien

Battle for Baghdad: City braces itself for US surge

UK: Parliamentary Committee Pulls Punches on Guantanamo (Human Rights Watch)

OHIO 2004: 6.15% Kerry-Bush vote-switch found in probability study

Last Warning: Ten Years To Save World

I just saw "Who Killed the Electric Car?". I am angrier and in more despair

Don't Expect America To Walk The Talk On Fuel - Independent

US Scientists (Including Thompson, Trenberth) Say New IPCC Assessment Too Optimistic - IHT

Blair Sees "Quantum Shift" In US Attitudes On Climate In Bush Speech - Sunday Herald

recycling electronics

Global Warming: The vicious circle

$25,000 reward offered for Japan whalers' location - Reuters

Yosemite Suit Could Affect Park Access

High DDT Levels Found Off SoCal Coast

Yucca Mountain: 'It may be time to stop digging'

UK May Deny Airfreighted Food "Organic" Label - Guardian

Brazil nuts' path to preservation (BBC) {Amazon rainforest preservation}

China admits to climate failings (BBC)

Experts: Latest Climate Report (IPCC) Too Rosy

Climate Breakdown Means NE Economy Will Change - Skiing, Tourism, Sugarbush All At Serious Risk

Penobscot River Restoration Project gets $10 million (Maine)

XDR Tuberculosis Has "Likely Spread" From SA Hospital - 52/53 Patients Killed By Strain - NYT

LIPA Issues RFP for a 5 MW Fuel Cell Cogeneration Project (Long Island NY)

Terrorism Bumped From Top Of Davos Agenda In Favor Of Climate - Bloomberg

China admits to climate failings - BBC

Israel's use of cluster bombs from U.S. examined

From personal experience

Israel names first Muslim cabinet minister

Saudi calls for talks to end Palestinian bloodshed (Reuters)

Jewish organizations sponsor anti-IDF tours in US

'Cluster bombs used in self-defense'

Israel May Have Violated Arms Pact, U.S. Officials Say

Is there still room for another book about and by another Auschwitz survivor?

Enable the Terrorist ?

Ask Mythbusters to Tackle 911

If journalists write that they believe LIHOP/MIHOP, will they be banned from the mainstream media?

Good god...

Congrats CT'ers

Gee, This Sounds Vaguely Important...

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 01/28/07 - What Are Tiered Election Audits?

Let's give a swift kick to the rumpocracy

Summary of all Florida county undervotes document ES&S machines unreliable at best

pssssssssst. . .It's helderheid's birthday today !!! Show the queen of roses some

Bush Was Never Elected

Tester Gives Glimpse Into Days on Hill...

Bombs at Baghdad market kill 15; 7 U.S. troops die

AP Crowds on both coasts protest Iraq war

NO on North American Union - Open Letter to Congressman Young...

Ex-Cheney aide details media tactics...

World’s biggest hog boss meets its match: Smithfield workers take on global Goliath

Saudi Officials Seek to Temper the Price of Oil (around $50 a barrel NYT)

U.S. Marine is 'delayed casualty of war'

LAT: Iraqi leadership sees links with Democratic congress ("Dem. ideas are more related to reality")

NASA Marks 40 Years Since Apollo Deaths (deaths of Virgil "Gus" Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee

U.S. Marine killed in Saturday fighting in Iraq's Anbar province

Guardian: "Nuclear plans in chaos as Iran leader flounders"

Gore's 'Truth' given cold reception in Seattle- Father gets schools to demand balance on global....

Industry ministry adviser among 17 killed in Iraq

Spokesman: Iran studying message from U.S. officials(Xinhua)

AP: Iraqi officials fail yet again to reach compromise on draft oil law

OHIO 2004: 6.15% Kerry-Bush vote-switch found in probability study

Army investigates war contractors for fraud, bribery

U.S. helicopter down in Iraq battle, 2 killed

Iran closes border crossings with Iraq

WP: Vietnam Shades Warner's Iraq Stand (Silent Then, Senator Won't Be This Time)

(Washington) State GOP ousts chief; former state senator Esser takes the reins

(NC) Truck maker (Freightliner) announces (1180) job layoffs

US sends in its Taliban tamers (US to focus on its 'winnable" war)--Afghan

Mortar Hits Baghdad School, Killing 5 Girls (NYT)

Canada's wild mustangs endangered by unknown shooters

CLP leader rebukes Govt over Hicks case (Australian in Guantanamo)

Pentagon Trying to Cut Forced Extensions (Stoploss Backdoor Draft)

NYT: G.O.P. Senators Criticize Iraq Plan

Blood center to collect DNA of donors

Sudan journalists protest detention of colleague at Guantanamo

U.S., Iraqi forces kill 250 militants in Najaf (US copter down)

U.S. helicopter shot down in Iraq

AP: 1,500 Policemen Fired in Iraqi Province (Diyala)

Clinton: Bush should withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq before leaving office

Stretched by wars, military retreats from drug fight

Waging Peace: Alabama teen's anti-war Web site creates furor

Global court to rule on charges for first trial (ICC / child soldiers / Congo)

Bush seeks to renew authority to fast track trade deal (Guardian)

Gates Aims to Lessen Forced Extensions ( break out the popcorn this should be interesting

Cheney Responds to Hagel's Criticism

Comair (Delta Air Lines Inc. subsidiary), Pilots Nearing Deadline

CNN: Mortar attack kills 5 girls, ages 12 to 14, at Baghdad school

Pelosi Meets With Troops in Afghanistan

WP: Jeb Bush Rallies Conservatives at Summit

(Drinan) Roman Catholic priest elected as voting member of Congress dies

Contractor deaths in Iraq nearing 800

Proposal would cut cancer institute budget again

Lieberman may vote Republican in 2008 presidential race

Experts: Latest climate report too rosy

Japanese Official Calls Women 'Birth-Giving Machines'

Cheney: U.S. carrier to Gulf sends "strong signal"

NYT: Iranian Reveals Plan to Expand Role in Iraq

Sinn Fein votes to support police

Top Socialist sacked for saying French football team is 'too black'

Biden: 'Failed policy' emboldens enemy

(German Foreign Minister) Steinmeier defends action in Guantánamo case (IHT)

Drunk man goes for unexpected train ride

AA's celebrity sitings tonite: Reno 911'a Lts. Dangle and Travis

I was feeling great tonight until I found myself taking a stinkin' bath.

You opened up your door,

Okay, I am done post-whoring

Most badass woman ever?

Damn it's cold!!

True love? Shout it out!

Watch out, I am in full-on "food is comfort" mode!

See y'all tomorrow. G'night

Molly Ivins' cancer 'back with a vengeance' XPost

9 Posts Until the 1000 Mark!

Almost to 1000 posts, help me get there!

Your lips a magic world,your sky hung with jewels.....

I'm Leaving

Flatland animation

OMFPG! Drug peddlers pushing new drug on our children!!!

When You're On Top

Just an observation here...

What's the better musical?

Jeebus Dog, but it is freakin' COLD here tonight!

And yet another from Minnehaha Falls...

Confessions at work

Love is the answer....

Tell A Lie Thread

How easy are you to (uh, nevermind)?

Canadian DU'ers, I beg of you. I IMPLORE you!!!!!!!!!!!

For wildhorses:

All right! Things are approaching normalcy here tonight!

I think my roomie is gonna try to nail my friend, Jay, tonight....

20 years ago...I was expecting my first baby.

Looking for a book on the history of the U.S.

Can someone tell me how this happened?

I found out something interesting yesterday

I just don't get cattle ranchers

Are there any Michael Buble fans in here?

Cultural diversity: My adventure at the Buddhist temple

60 year-old Boston woman arrested for grafitti

Did billyskank really leave?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/28/07)

Caption this photo.

I'm watching "D.E.B.S." right now, ask me anything

Sunday's are like a day of death around here.

Public service announcement - when in Vancouver NEVER go here

On Tara Banks and the American obsession of women and weight

I miss the block function

Why is there no "By the time I get to Arizona" on youtube!


I have a computer question, and I'm a cheap bastard.

Edwards Giant Mouse

How many Olive Gardens could fit inside John Edwards' house?

I didn't know haircuts were quite THAT important!

"The Day After" is on the Sci-Fi channel.

Lamb Chop vs. pork chop

Pictures of the most important things in the world to me...

Emo band names

Tate/LaBianca murders ...

jpgray's DU almanac

When you're on all fours...

I'm going to John Edwards' house to eat cornflake breaded fried chicken

Favorite concept band


I could care less about language

It's been a long long long month

Tell my family to stop asking me what I want for my b-day

Words with duel meanings...

What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

I've been doing a Law and Order CI Marathon while I am cleaning my apartment....

If I dont make it to 1000 posts in this thread

It's official: I have become a curmudgeon!

Stolen Bigfoot statue found - feet still missing

It's official: I have become a cuckold!

I can't take GD anymore! Also: did anyone see the movie on CBC last night?

Need to vent re: getting terminated a couple of weeks ago

Watched Alexandra Pelosi's "Friends of God" last night

Happy birthday soothsayer!!

Tabby cat trees black bear -- twice

Sundance results: Film starring Cusack as Iraq war widower wins

the hot topic of goth movies

Kid lipsinking Bush...this is hilarious!!!

Keep your prophet off my genitals!

Skool starts tommorrow...

January DUzy of the Month poll is up in GD!

Part 2 of Masterpiece Theatre's Jane Eyre tonight - 8pm CST

So I'm like 26,503 posts away from 30,000.

Pick a number between 1 and 68

Name an old tv show whose theme should be somebody else's music

Big doings at the Witch house!

Waaah, I'm sick. Waaaaah. Again.

U2 music on Cold Case tonight.

Which group of people is treated worse by the opposite sex and/or society?

Woohoo! I got carded today, when I was buying beer at the store.

MadTV fans - is the character of Stewart a parody of Chrissy Snow?

Meat Loaf/ pork chop/ Lamb Chop: A minute to learn, a lifetime to master!

Looking for a Boombox with HUGE sound and bass

Bear versus Colt

Mein Ohrwurm des Tages....

I'm going to cut off my hair.

Name your favorite dessert food/treat!

Tonight's Simpsons' theme is about revenge...

Man! These mofo's on "Grease: You're the one that I want" suck out loud


Grrr! Africam's got COMMERCIALS on it!

Anybody know anything about German immigration?

My daughter's repaired self haircut is really cute!

"Family Guy" just took a shot at the Rapture folks

Unsung Prog Rock on youtube

I want this movie REMADE...

Bill Gates' House 66,000 sq. ft. Kid You Not Per Google

Did any of you know that Montpelier, VT is the ONLY state capital that does NOT

You know who's responsible for our poor health? Popeye.

What's everyone reading right now?

Hey, grammar gestapo

Let's have a Top Ten riot. Bang your tin cup and yell "Where's the Top Ten!"

Bruno Kirby died?

Pan's Labyrinth: steaming pile of shit

Yippee! A 2-hour delay tomorrow!

Anybody watching the SAG awards.

I saw a botched robbery today

Just got back home from the DC march

Low fat, bachelor-style chicken soup gumbo type thing

DU Scavenger Hunt!

Guy: "Do you like apples?"... Other guy: "Yeah?"

No football today.

O.K. just saw "Apocalypto" and it is a MASTERPIECE!!1

Hey Kitchen Witch!

Get it off...get it off!!!

House mate rant....

I just came back from holding my nephew

Rocky Mountain High-Pics ***dialup warning***

Well, I could use a couple of Lounge vibes.......

JONI MITCHELL fans - a special tonight

Thinking of seeing The Last King of Scotland today

I met a great person tonight, but had the shittiest date

Like Disco Superfly

Country roads...

Think it's time to clean out my pantry? Yikes:

Good night, homies!

My Earworm This Morning

Indian version of MJ's "Thriller" (circa 80's)

That's it Lounge! I challenge you to an arm wrestling contest!

Does Family Guy have so few jokes they have to overrun gags?

Question for BellSouth customers.

Embarassment is

Buford T. Pi'Bull, in memoriam

So, I'm like 9 posts away from 30K

Anyone ever buy property with a partner. Any advice?

I think I over did it today.

Congratulations newyawker99! 140,000 posts

Just when you thought you couldn't love William Shatner any more

Let's hear how great your kids are.

Man Tasers wife's grandmother in spanking dispute

It may be cold tonight here in Wisconsin...


My earworm for the day...the Pipettes!!

I need DU love.

Now, for my 30,000th post; the BESTEST post in DU history.

Valentines Day gift ideas? I need help from the DU ladies.

We just got back from the emergency room vet

Vampire pet peeves?

John Edwards' house is so big, he had to hire three Brazilian workers.

OMG! I replaced my incandescant bulb

How do you say, "You don't have a prayer of a chance with me, so piss off..."

what do you think of ponytails on middle aged men?

The stomach flu sucks

I admit that I not a fashionista, but would anyone actually wear that in public?

We're getting some new babies! (Warning ... cute pic!)

Post a picture of your "best feature"...

Angelina Jolie to film Ayn Rand's 'bible of selfishness'

Church Step-Up Campaign to Release Australian in Guantanamo Bay

FREE!!! -- Get Your DIY-Deity Right Here!!! -- FREE!!!

Talk on having inner peace

A ghost with a dildo?

Cremation? I'm not sure what the Bible teaches on this. I know it is not mentioned specifically,

Judge lets ousted priest sue in test of First Amendment

After 'hate-crime' melee, calm eludes Quaker school

You know what would be awesome?

Know what I think we might need?

I'm discouraged. I feel my Lord is far away.

Bills would allow civil unions for gays in Hawaii

Lawmakers take tough questions at MassEquality forum

MassEquality holds Boston community meeting

A very few large donors financing most of Massachusetts anti-gay campaign

Pope Ratso's Bag o' Tricks

Equality Smackdown in Hartford, CT

Der Robenfuhrer Cardinal O’Malley donated $200 to anti-gay hate group in 2006

Have you ever felt "okay" about a situation that didn't "look" okay?

ASTROLOGY TOPIC DISCUSSION: Topic 4 - The Sun in astrology

Could everyone send some positive energy to the good senator

How the Moon Rules Your Life

The Stars This Week: "Try Something New" - Jan. 29 - Feb. 4, 2007

"Vertigo, Oh Vertigo" - Karen Bishop - January 28, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

Could we send some love to Molly Ivins?

Soldiers Against Iraq Desert To Canada

Where is Chairman Bob Filner of the House Veterans Committee??

Just wondering...

John Warner: "I regret that I was not more outspoken" on Vietnam

Good diary analyzing the mentality on RW blogs and the attacks on Kerry

Brazille-praise for Hillary, says Kerry dropped out because he wasn't wowing them and

I say good riddance to Allard who is not running for re-election

Interesting op-ed on Social Security by Jeffrey Lewis (Pres of Heinz Philanthropies)

Another Subcommittee Chair for Kerry

Another observation/question

Photos from the DC March. (MAJOR dial-up warning)

Bob Geiger - Reid and Kennedy Praise Kerry

TPM debunks Webb's Vietnam poll (apparently he repeated it on FTN)

Reading stuff like this really hurts

Whoa: SFRC Hearings this week, ah Kissinger testifies

A new Kerrycrat on DU??

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Jan 27, 2007

Rep. Slaughter tells House GOP to stop whining

IRAQ WAR PROTEST: Interview w/Rep. John Conyers

Richie Havens at Woodstock

Howard Dean: McCain is the New Nixon

Pathological Liars for God

The Rotten Eggs: The First 100 Daze (episode 2)

Sen. Clinton's remarks to the IA State Central Committee

Anti-war song video

Antiwar Protest Rally - NO SURGE!! - Jan 27 Rally - w/ Jane Fonda - Wash. DC

1-27-07 protest @ DC

UFPJ - March on Washington January 27, 2007

Charlie Chaplin/His first talking film 1940

Foo Fighters-There Goes My Hero-Madison, WI 10-28-04

Bush sings Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Mike Huckabee - Born to be Wild??

Foo Fighters-Live in Madison, WI 10-28-04 (Part 1)

Bruce Springsteen - Live in Madison 10-28-04

Hillary Clinton singing National Anthem in Iowa

Dean on CNN about Webb's speech, our misguided president, and the bad health care plan

Liebermann is a traitor

Reporter gets pied in the face and loses it.

The Case for Impeachment

Blue insurance companies who have in-home business riders?

Student Protesters, Fighting Image of Apathy, Call for a Cohesive Movement

Is this guy on Cspan a propaganda specialist for the govt?

AP: Ray gun makes targets feel they are on fire

Carter wanted debate, not hate, from book

Sen. Reid Dodges Iraq Oil Privatization (and theft) Question

Can we run House for president?

If you believe we're in it for the oil? Do you also believe it's OK

Comcast homepage leads with DC protest! AP story plus more.

Call me? Ex-Rep. Harris hands out business cards at State of the Union...

You think?

Israel May Have Violated Arms Pact, U.S. Officials Say

US elevates Pakistan to regional kingpin...

3,075 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Pot-running Arizona granny gets 3 years

What happens to your emails when you die?

Video: Reagan's General: US Out of Iraq NOW!!!!

Union for Reform Judaism disappointed by president’s failure to provide an exit strategy

Hillary, Obama beat McCain, Giuliani in latest Newsweek poll

Can anyone make sense of this web site?????

AP: Iran decries policy on nationals in Iraq

Anti-war rally on CSPAN right now-if you happen to be up too late.nt

Worst tradecraft ever

Another helicopter is reported down in Najaf area

Who was the pro wrestler who bitch slapped John Stossel?

question - not our country at war but * war - does anyone else feel that way?

why is the question do you want to raise taxes to have universal health care? They didn't raise them

Israel's use of cluster bombs from U.S. examined

Dupe thread Ignore

Cracks in Iran

Iran’s Involvement in Iraq C-SPAN, Washington Journal 08:30 AM EST

Economics in One Lesson -- by Henry Hazlitt . . .

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun. 1/28 shoe size

Saudi fears Iraq chaos is strengthening Iran

You know how C-Span has dedicated call-in numbers reserved for Dems, Repubs and Indy's ?

Duncan Hunter on ABC news now. Bad for troops to oppose the pres.

Thank you everybody who atttended the D.C. march.

Frank Rich: Hillary Clinton’s Mission Unaccomplished

Bye guys.

Neo-Continuers (you heard it here first)...

Has anyone seen this bumper sticker?

An atomic threat made in America

Are you or have you ever been a Troll

Heads up: Webb on FTN now. (Central) n/t

CONYERS: "Hopes To See New Revelations Uncovered, After Years Of Coverups

The Presidency must be the perfect job for a Narcissistic Megalomaniac

My protest group made our local newspaper

Sen. Clinton impresses crowd in Iowa

NPR balances Cato Institute loon with what?

"this week the Pentagon released the names of 47 servicemen killed

Watching FoxNewsfordummies right now.

Imagine how things would have played out had the FBI not been

I propose an "In the Streets for Molly" day w/pots/pans to end the War

Just Got Back From D.C.

On Future Protests, And Counting Huge Crowds...

Are Mass Protests Politically Effective?

Just to show you how screwed up Iraq is...

Must Read: Hillary Clinton's Unaccomplished Mission

Want some more pics from yesterday's March in DC?

What Could A Crazy Person Do With A Couple Trillion Dollars?

What is all the frigging hullabaloo about John Edwards threads?

New show with Timmy Russert and Chris Matthews to air next month

Who else is getting sick of the threads about the threads about Edwards' house?

Freepers attack Jane Fonda....AGAIN!

Washington Post reconfirms its status as fishwrap

sometimes I want to scream at other dems..

We should be fearful of Hagel

Most important fact about John Edwards right now

Stroke a Sunday, stoke its fires and whisper in its ear . . . then please come CAPTION!!!

When Dems were "Angry" Repubs threw it in their face. Why arent Dems doing that now?

BIDEN: "Its Not Americans/Congress That Emboldens The Enemy-Its The FAILED POLICY OF THIS PRESIDENT"

Who are these idiots on Meet The Press today?

Just saw a clip of Lieberman on Faux. Said he could vote for a Republican nominee for president.

Tell me about your home town/area.

Stars & Stripes letter to editor: "Logic" only lengthens war

Blogging the Bible carries an R-rating (and Edwards has a HUGH house too!)

One thing we can be assured of and that is it won't be long before we'll know once and for all

Warning: Blitzer is re-running his Cheney interview. Warning.

Repubs USING Dems again. Why did you vote for Gen. Petraeus if you don't buy policy?

Waxman:'Scariest man in Congress'

Would You Pay to Convert Your Car to All-Electric?

Suspend reality for a minute....

Why is Newsweek giving Cheney a platform to peddle his rancid lies?

Nouri al-Maliki Is to Bush 43, As...

Great Ironic MTP Moment:

'President Huckabee'

Here is why the Rethugs are so concerned about that meaningless non-binding Iraq resolution

Prairie Chapel Ranch

Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun

An observation on perception and prejudice

Could We (DU) Do A "Roses For Molly" Thing?

Hillary in Davenport, Iowa.

"Encourage our enemies" and "discourage our troops"?

A U.S.-Iran war scenario.

Elizabeth Edwards on CSPAN2 2pm

Portland , Oregon DUers. How was the anti-war march in your city?

I could support Hillary for the VP position.

Senate Investigates Credit Card Company Practices

Anybody catch Garrison Keillor this weekend?

Global Warming a Worry for Asian CEOs, Not an Issue for US Execs

Will Dems expose Big OIl role in war, hold them accountable, & build firewalls to stop reruns?

Shhh. I am getting my talking points from my Republican operatives.

He Man

Did Nancy Pelosi vote for the IWR?

A Poverty &Hunger Forum That Did Some *Real* Good

Iraqi pol to LA Times: US "Democratic ideas are more related to reality."

Will Al Gore run for president?

Sen. Joe Biden: "Failed Policy Emboldens Enemy."

Lives in the Balance

He's the Commander-in-Chief, so what he says goes

Tony Auth salutes this weekend's march

Michelle Malkin trying to throw gasoline on the fire.

I accidentally clicked on Meet the Press and....

3078 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Lord's Prayer for the "Right" (from Poets Against War)

Brownback Knocks Down Lieberman Claim That Iraq Resolutions ‘Encourage The Enemy’

US copter crash in Irag----two crew members dead.

Regarding Matt Drudge:

C-SPAN question this AM -- "No more Clintons or Bush" ?

Reenlistment officer told my friend's army enlisted son-in-law

Iran takeover been in the planning since the fifties.

Bushs health care plan------employers may drop the benefit.

LAT - phone bills are moving back up (consolidation leads to higher prices)

So Al Gore was DLC...okay BUT....

All Out Civil War.

CHENEY: "I'm Vice President (Not Darth Vader) & They're Not"

The British Are Leaving! The British Are Leaving!

My favorite DC photo, Send the Twins and a second one that I liked

Got Some Dirt on the Government? Wikileaks Wants to Know

TV Newser: In Wolf "Out of Line" Blitzer v. Dick Cheney, Wolf Wins

Ever notice how Chimpy and Dickie need to constanly remind people they're in charge?

This is what the neocons have wrought upon Iraq. I hope to hell they're happy.

Why are Republicans so "angry"?

U.S. helicopter shot down in Iraq

Senator Clinton Supports Domestic Partner Benefits for Federal Employees

So will More Vietnam mistakes me made and modern day LBJ be elected?

Yeah little piggies!

Iran Looks to Russia As Global Mediator

Where's all the D.C. pics damn it!

My main argument for leaving Iraq is simple

Iraq's battlefield slang: "Rummy's Dummies" "embrace the suck" in "Mortaritaville"


Clear Channel to sell four Burlington, Vermont radio stations

So how many did march in DC?

Bush Sr advises chimpass

I want to hear Cheney tell Fitzgerald that he 'fundamentally disagrees with his question'.

A fish swimming in water does not 'see' the water.

Back at DU, Back in the fight

1 million dollars to charity if DU can go a year without bashing Hillary.


Iran - Years Away from a Bomb

Why on earth do we focus on the three candidates that will absolutely not change anything

I think the core issue I have seen here on DU last two days: Lead by example

The great thing about the Libby Trial is that it all centers on the lies for war...

Proposed alternatives to the now-departed "block" function

For Those Still In DC: Lobbying Efforts Tomorrow- Don't ask- DEMAND!

Is anybody else having trouble loading the DU Main page?

"I believe Jesus Christ used you to expose Ted Haggard."

Freepers Awfully Quiet About Libby's Trial! HAHAHAHA!

Are we on the edge ?

The dirty 30% who support bush are not as scary as 30% of the world who HATE us

How many Mercenaries have been killed in Iraq?

Detective Kills Elderly Man In Gun Fight (War on Drugs)

Pick Your President

Wally World's bad year!

Bob Schieffer-"Yesterday hundreds of thousands of people descended

Escalation, "enemy body-count" (250-300), downed choppers ..

Bush wants you to link Iranian weaponry in Iraq as Iranian support of insurgents...

Heres another kool aid drinker gone mad, I had posted that shrub was showing signs of alcoholism

Ladies, you may want to purchase this tee shirt! :-)

"He is not `the decider,' he is a liar." Maxine Waters for president!

Someone needs to investigate McDonald's

9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory - Two for the price of one.

A Minneapolis question. Why are "most" of the airport cabbies, Muslim?

Parry and Webb: Conspiracy authors or Reputable investigative journalists?

I am NOT giving up on us...

If the sea levels rise, the ** family compound in Maine could get very wet

Battle for Baghdad: City braces itself for US surge (Independent / UK)

Have you read Hagel's GQ article?? It's a barn burner...

If you were in DC...

Let's do a property assessment of each and every candidate

Wingnut Brownback Knocks Down Lieberman Claim That Iraq Resolutions ‘Encourage The Enemy’

Russert questioned Huckabee about a paroled rapist...

Can you help counter Fox's seemingly airtight case for Libby

I just saw Pan's Labyrinth.

Lieberman looks like what cartoon character?

Holy Joe: "Disappointed with Democrats who would not

Gore-H20man in 2008

mercenaries in Iraq

Who check's Bush's mental health?

'Kids come first' and marriage...

Barbaro Setback

Clinton jokes about `evil and bad men'

Know anyone in the market for an "inexpensive" new home ?

Mission Accomplished? Again?

I have seen posts over at Freerepublic discussing if Colbert is a

"Without a Trace" addresses the 'missing blonde' issue

What I wish Russert would ask Huckabee on MTP

Adam, Eve the final explanation for sin?

Guardian: "Nuclear plans in chaos as Iran leader flounders"

Jam the White House Faxes

Check out Andy Rooney slamming Chimpy

Has any "legit" news organization given an accurate count of the numbers in DC?

Angelina Jolie's mother dies of breast cancer - AP

I just saw 20 minutes of Senator' Clinton's Iowa appearance on SPAN

Clinton: U.S. out of Iraq by January '09

GOP slogans bushco has rendered worthless:

Ware on CNN right now ...

Thank you Connecticutt for giving us this asswipe....

Marge: Revenge never solves anything

Miami's poverty a grim backdrop to Super Bowl glitz

Nevermind Edwards, all this talk about Al Gore is driving me insane...

I see the Int'l Criminal Court (ICC) might be about to start its first trial

3080 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Re: Chimpy always has to reiterate that he's POTUS, and in charge

Please vote -- If HRC gets the nod, will you vote for her?

Ben Stein:Media staging coup on Bush(CBS edits out "nabobs" in print?)

I'm going to say something positive about a Democratic candidate

Dear George

What's not to love about freepers? re: Katrina

Riding the Beast.

Remember when ?

January 28th in Iraq

Newsweek: The True Cost of War (last weeks helicopter crash killing 12)

Where do your tax dollars go?

Dems May Reauthorize 2002 Bill on War Time Powers to Bush

ODing on DU's Distraction du Jour-- How Do You Like Your Block Function Now?

*self-delete* nt

CNN's Bill Schneider nails the difference between Bush & Dem plans for Iraq

W. Contradicts Self in SOTU--"What Global Climate Change?"

Even with neocon toady as PM, Canada/US are on diverging paths

Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck:

Defend the Press and Sarah Olson

The not-so-long gone, but dearly missed (?) BLOCK function...

Sunday Comics and TOONS

Where are those who gave their lives in Iraq from?

On behalf of all the other countires out here,

Name one thing you DON'T like about your favorite candidate

Biden: 'Failed policy' emboldens enemy

McCain/Lieberman 2008

Unity: Iraqi & US forces, foreign fighters, Shia & Sunni insurgents...

What country do you think most fits this description?

Think the size of a house is in reverse proportion to the size of a man's heart?

Please correct me if I am wrong ( incoming rant)

When you get a RW Chain Email, what do you do?

Cheney responds to Hagel's criticism

Let's say there's some major disruptions

Fox News Preps News Satire Show

Interesting comment from Rudy Guiliani on Road to the White House

This Modern World: Any chance of anyone acknowledging how wrong they were about the war?

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic.....

Does Connecticut have a recall system in place, in case Lieberman follows through on his threats?

"They Sacrifice Peace Of Mind . . . Every Night"

Oh, Cry Me A River !!! - GOP: Democrats Aren't Playing Nice In Congress

Very good timeline on how the CIA Leak case began by MSNBC

What's The Best Resource (Besides DU) For Following The Libby Trial ???

If Bush is trying to bate Iran into a war, it won't work

If you could open a shop for people who want to understand how RW'ers work

Bromell: Scooter's Tragic Innocence

bush to attend super bowl? inconveniencing private plane arrivals? awwww

Poor Sludgie thinks Jane Fonda will improve Pissypants approval rating

War protest draws tens of thousands -- Google lists 955 news articles!

Heard Along The 45th Parallel

Here is the video report of the rally in Sarasota yesterday, including Stephen King's comment.

Robot nurses. Another example of progress?

One small fact about Hagel...

I'm sitting in John Edwards Master Bathroom

"Just How Nuts Is bush, Anyway?"

NYT: Congress, the Constitution and War: The Limits on Presidential Power

Molly Ivins: Bubba, we -- yes, we --have to stop the war now

House Republicans give the president a cool welcome at GOP retreat

MUST SEE : Ava Lowery's Best: WWJD (Graphic)

The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President

ROCKEFELLER: "I Can't Trust What The Bush Admin Says & I Will Not Shy Away From Subpoenaing Docs"

NO on North American Union - Open Letter to Congressman Young...

This photo shows the heart of yesterday's protest...

My 88 year old father wanted to march on Washington

Regarding breast cancer and male-dominated medicine

Is Hillary as the nominee really inevitable?

These military television ads are unconscionable.

Jeb Bush in '06 facilitated Office Depot deal for benefit of former business partner, Armando Codina

Christians sue GR pagan group over right to free speech...

Hate for the homeless Cops cut up thier tents

Great Dismal Swamp in North Carolina largest private military base...

Rocky cries 'no more' to the Iraq war - SLC mayor joins big-name speakers to stir up crowd

About 2% of Americans are "rich". Which means 98% of us are not.

Our first stop in DC was to the National Archives Bldg. to view the Constitution- -

Combat veterans' wounds never disappear

Yahoo has a 160 pictures of the protests in a slideshow (link)

Lamb Chops vs Pork Chops (Plame Thread #7)

Any AERIAL pics from the DC march?? Or on TV?

Marching and Protesting To End An Occupation (Again)

Doonesbury TOON on Shrub "library"

Congress must stop pres and VP from Candian paper (imperial presidency)

Smoking Gun: Cheney wrote the Libby statement that went to Time’s Matt Cooper


Hi, I'm back from DC. Here are my pix, DU!

Ari Fleischer will be a witness for the defense/prosecution at the Libby trial this week!

"Get Over It" as a response to ANYTHING is a Freeper argument.

Let's not forget how Hagel got to the Senate

Warming to Raise Seas for 1,000 Years

Iraq War Vet Josua Sparling (Amputee) Spit Upon by Anti War Protestor!

Why I love Wes Clark!

I'll take web cams for a few thousand, Alex. !EXTREME! dial-up Warning!

March on the Pentagon March 17, 2007

Mandatory health insurance coming to a state near you!

How is it that the some in Iraq...

4 out of 4 troops surveyed say we're going to war with Iran

I have seen several "I am leaving" or "Disgusted with" threads...

Oh 24 fans, guess what? 24's producer is doing the pilot of the Fox News Daily Show knock-off...

The War Profiteers

Three Paths to the Impeachment of Bush and Cheney....

Impeachment Is NOT Dead

FOR ALL THE LURKERS!!! I met so many people this weekend who claim,

Tiny Houses...Light-hearted Post

Current Democrats who are the hardest for the GOP to paint as librul boogeymen

"Out of sight, out of mind" crowd on healthcare.


My DC Anti-War March photos

Bob Schieffer calls Bush, Cheney and Gates liars on Face the Nation

Is Blackwater USA's private army a threat to the United States?

He's home! He's home! He's home!

How Bush and Cheney pay off their friends in Big Oil at your expense

Incredible Photo of John Edwards New House:

The DC Rally Will Spill Over Into Congress Tomorrow!

Leading (D) Candidate demands Impeachment, Immediate Withdrawal, National Health Care!

Question for IWR Dems now stepping back from support for Iraq war: What about Iran?

Bar Association Calls For Investigation Of Bush Admin Official For Boycott Of Gitmo Lawyers

My Photos:

A question about Blackwater/Civilian Reserve/Mecanaries.

Civilian Reserve = Occupation Government?

Lieberman may vote Republican in 2008 presidential race

Should the Founding Fathers "free thought" philosophies be required teaching

How Could Edwards Hope to Be Pure Enough? Remember This Guy?

Bush Is About To Attack Iran. Why Can't Americans See This?

What Cheney Really Thinks of Jr.

Another victim in L'affaire Sibel Edmonds

Video: from the Capitol to the Washington Monument: PEOPLE

White House in dilemma over Israeli use of cluster bombs

The human circle around the Capitol was completed:

Why does a man who says this get to run for President?

Pretty Basic: Excessive Consumption Creates Ecological Degradation and Inequality

My DC Pictures

Edwards home and lifestyle - where do you stand?

Freeper lady ("Kristinn") upset at low turnout at Pro-Pissypants rally

POS Lieberman says he might vote GOP for president

Father Robert Drinan has passed away

((RANT)) Why the hell do we ALWAYS have money to give foreigners but never enough for our citizens?

what I've been reading/hearing makes me think the neo cons will attack Iran

what do we, as individuals and as society, owe those less fortunate?

Is the recent spate of Anti-Edwards posts a conserted effort to discredit him?

I'm going nuts wondering why Fitz is not going for violations of the Espionage Act.

My report on yesterday's march and pictures

I learn so much reading posts here at the DU...(Re: DLC)

Should Congress introduce a bill to cut off funding for the war in Iraq?

Why isn't this the only issue for all present? Ohio election fraud conviction!

I hope I am doing this right...Here are my DC rally pictures.

More pictures from the DC march

***Cast your vote for January DUzy of the Month***

So yesterday I HAD to go to Walmart

BLACKWATER: Armed Christian Supremacy, Militia Style

What the HELL have we let happen to our country?

"The Guy James Show" looking for volunteer web-site help Please keep kicked

I am really frustrated about this entire Edwards situation

Sword wielding teen kills mom before being gunned down by police (Huron, SD)

Before candidate supporters fully dig their trenches, could we agree on something?

All Presidential candidates live in homes that would make a poor person blush

What in the hell is going on in Najaf? Breaking on cnn right now

Can you help find the story of the Determined Veteran at DC March?

Kissinger will be testifying to Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday.

Deborah Orin- dead?

Molly Ivins: Cancer back with a vengeance ...

Why the hell don't we have a "world politics/affairs" forum....

13 of John Pilger's classic documentaries - now on Google Video

These are "before" pictures of Tehran. You rarely see this.

Why is Elizabeth Edwards waiting until her lights burn out to switch to CFL's???

Bush Going Into the Lion's Den

Israel's use of cluster bombs from U.S. examined

Top Ten Campaign Slogans for Barack Obama (Mickey Z.)

Sunday Times(UK): Secrets of Obama family unlocked

Kennedy Invokes Brother's Words In Minimum Wage Fight

I have a hunch about 08'........I don't think it will be over in February 08'

The Terrorists of Our Imagination Aren't Muslims ... They're Us

A Suggestion For Future War Protest Marches On D.C.....

Huckabee(repuke, Ark.) announces for Pres. On MTP

Media Manipulation Of the Common Man (Direct TV)

Did anyone else catch Bob Scheiffers commentary at the end of Face The Nation?

Ian Masters coming up.

The Way Down South

Biden: The failed policy of this president is emboldening the enemy.

Building contractors and presidential candidates--sell the good stuff, don't knock the competition.

E poll: global warming, Bush beginning to say that we need to do something about it. Do you agree?

Iraqi soldiers still rely heavily on U.S.--they lack equipment -- and patience.

National Attention for Democrat Kathleen Sibelius, Governor of Kansas

Iraqi authorities: 250 extremists killed

A deal in the desert for Senator Reid?

Since nobody wants it, put Bush's library at Virtual U (Kelso / Austin American-Statesman)

Iowans get acquainted with Clinton (from Omaha World Herald)

Is it more difficult for Hillary Clinton to admit her IWR vote was wrong because she's a woman?

Bill Would Ban Sale of Products Made in Sweatshops


Do we need to keep discussing the Edwards house issue?

Hillary - "What in my background equips me to deal with evil and bad men?"

Eminem Video: It's still important! Get your black hoodies and let's go!

It looks as it Molly Ivins is terminal.....

Cheney: U.S. carrier to Gulf sends "strong signal" (Reuters)

voting strategies of progressive voters

the u s speaks out of both sides of its mouth

So how is Richardson supposed to raise the money to compete with...

Hey, Ben Stein: Clinton presided over economic expansion

Three key Democratic primary endorsements: Kennedy, Clyburn and Shaheen

Third helicopter downed in a week; two soldiers killed

Most ridiculous non-issue used to smear Democratic candidates

"Russia and China together are undoubtedly vastly more powerful than the US."

Why does Joe Biden have no chance?

Fox News Sunday-William Kristol LIES about not trashing Clinton in 1990's

I would like to see inside the house before I make a judgement.

My Plan for getting out of Iraq

CNN link: senator clinton IMPRESSES crowd in Iowa

Do the REpubs actually expect the voters to forget the damage they have done...?

Cutting the war purse strings. Help me understand.

Do fellow politician endorsements have any weight with you when selecting a candidate?

Bush Voter: "He Should Be Impeached"

Some Dare call it - Treason!

Remember that study that said Liberals were less happy than conservatives....

What do you think of this ticket--McCain Lieberman???

Anyone just see Andy Rooney talk about bush?

Do we disallow talented candidates who have money?

Need link to article that describes Edwards' house. I've seen a million posts about it, but no link

WP editorial: Obama's "slimers" make themselves look bad and degrade public discourse

Hear Hillary sing !!!!!!

Help me with my list of non-political issues....

Would you vote for Kucinich in the general election

2008 : What matters to you the most? Rhetoric, record or experience?

Obama Super Bowl?

Tester Gives Glimpse Into Days on Hill...

Did Hillary Clinton have to (as she claims) "work harder because she's a woman"


WP: Mixed Reviews For Clinton In Iowa ("Democratic race in Iowa is wide open")

LA Protest March Pictures

Frank Rich: Hillary Clinton’s Mission Unaccomplished

Newsweek Poll: Hillary beats McCain by 6, Guiliani by 3...

Another Edwards house thread

My concern about Hillary's early lead is she'll dissuade Gore

Maybe democrats should take a play from Bush's playbook

How much can Dems really ask for sacrifice regarding global warming?

If our Dems let Bush get away with murder & don't impeach him, what will you do?

I think these marches

Joe LIEberman may not support Dem nomination fo President in 2008

TeamClinton counters TeamBush best? Where were they in 2002 and 2004?

(AP) Clinton: U.S. out of Iraq by January '09

Yes, as a Democrat I am extremely disappointed in Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid ...

Here's something for the (oxymoron alert) Bush Library. Bush's letter to senate/congress 3/21/03.

Huckabee: A Vintage Whine

Repeat after me...Dennis Kucinich is unelectable!

Photo of WES CLARK's House--Just for the record.....since it may be feeling left out!

Cut and Paste trolls are out in force.

From the Down With Tyranny blog...."Who won the house for the Dems redux".

He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown

Can Hillary win more states then Gore or Kerry?

Why did Hillary Clinton vote against Kerry-Feingold?

"Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives" New Book by John Edwards

Third Way sets policy for Dems. Says not to defund the surge.