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Archives: January 23, 2007

Ecuador’s unknown president

Ten Things Learned Since Dems' Election Victory

Robert Parry: Rev. Moon's Anti-Obama Agit-Prop

Bush's risky State of the Union ploy (What a scam!!!)

Text of Sen. Jim Webb's Democratic response to the SOTU.

Bush to outline misguided health care proposal in SOTU

The Nation: Libby Trial Opens With Simple Tales and Complex Twists

Retreating from Extremism is an Option

John Nichols: A Tepid Response to Bush's Iraq Plea (The Nation)

The Nation: Webb to Bush: "We Will Be Showing Him the Way."

We're Takin' It to the Street on January 27!

India to overtake United States by 2050: Report

Common Dreams: Bush's Iraq 'Surge': The Fraud Exposed

Speed Matters

A Somber Mood at Warmer Davos

DEMOCRATS' DILEMMA: Back on the Table?

Dean Baker: The Social Security WMD Story

The Nation: State of the What?

Bush Health Ideas Would Help Too Few and Harm Middle Class

Bush twins in no hurry to defend United States ...

John Nichols (The Nation): State of the Union: Disapproval of Bush

India's outsourcing industry to grow by 32.6 percent

John Dear: The Trials, and Blessings, of Peacework

Jesse Jackson: Bush Ignores True Cost of Iraq War

China phone thief repents after 21 text messages

Why Won't the Corporate Press Discuss Bush's Character Problem?

"The Big Push"- Mired in the Trenches of the Iraq Fiasco

Nicholas D. Kristof: Et Tu, George?

The Limits of Democracy : Newsweek/Fareed Zakaria

(FIRST DRAFT) State of the Union Address

When not in the legislative majority and old meme becomes LTTE's


Liz Cheney: War is not a "situation to be solved"

Few nations follow U.S. in condemning Cuba

Love the Warrior, Hate the War

The Nation: Iraqi Millstone Round Bush's Neck

The Quiet War

Chávez, Morales Seek Transformation of MERCOSUR Trade Bloc

Still warm, and still cool (Maine superinsulated solar home)

Deutsche Bank Warns Merkel Of Missing CO2 Targets W/O Nuclear Plants - FT

Wind Power Capacity in U.S. Increased 27% in 2006

Antarctic Research Team Reaches Remote Station - Greeted By Larger-Than-Life Bust Of Lenin - AFP

Bird Species Face Extinction Spike 50 Times Faster Than Current Rate

Crude futures close at a two-week high above $55 (up $2.47/bbl today)

One-Half Of Planet's Waterfowl Species In Decline - AP

China Warns Korea About This Year's Approaching Dust Season

Sad but true Toles Sketch

TXU Claims Plans For 11 More Coal-Fired Plants "Consistent" With Corporate Calls For GHG Caps - DMN

Wal-Mart, Tesco Talk A Bright Green Game - But In The Details, The Devil Awaits - Guardian

Green Biologics Awarded £560,000 for Cellulosic Biobutanol Development

USSEC energy discovery presented. Not getting much corpmedia notice.

Bush to call for 20% reduction in gasoline consumption

Living in China's coal heartland (BBC)

Designer of first practical electron microscope passes away

French nuclear group Areva ups investment in German wind sector

ClimateProgress.Org blogging during SOTU

MIT-led Panel Backs Geothermal as Key U.S. Energy Source

Underwater Power Generator Could be Wave of City's Future (New York City)

Retrofitting For Passive Solar

NRC's McGaffigan says US should start over on waste disposal

Princess Ships Will Connect to Shore Power at the Port of Los Angeles

Haaretz piece on Carter's book and related criticism.

The State of Judea

Palestinian gunmen say seize 3 Westerners (Reuters)

Israeli Court Releases Former U.S. Imam (AP)

Father of Dead West Bank Girl Seeks Peace With Israelis

Fence cuts Palestinian cave dwellers off from wood

Pro-Israel Peace Activist Speaks in Piedmont

Carter to discuss book at Brandeis U. [Dershowitz not allowed inside event]

A Comprehensive Collection of Jimmy Carter's Errors

AG recommends President Katsav should face rape charges

SOTU Address: bush pimps the OCT; 19 hijackers in a vacuum done it all.

How did the hijackers manage to board the planes?

Nearly everything this Admin says is a lie... All EXCEPT 9/11!? Come on!

Andrews AFB seen by Google Earth

Public meeting in Tallahassee tomorrow for citizens to voice concerns

FAQ: What's Wrong with Computer Voting Machines? by the National Ballot Integrity Project

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 1/23/07

Very true statements, by a former President, regarding Elections & Fraud

Roll Call: Unlike Ballots, EAC Shouldn’t Be Secretive

Venezuela and Brazil Agree To 1st Phase of Transcontiental Gas Pipeline

Few nations follow U.S. in condemning Cuba

WP: Bush to Propose Shifting Health Funds to States

CBS: Poll: Bush Approval Rating At New Low (28% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Suicide bomber kills 10 in Afghanistan

Group Says Al-Qaida No. 2 Mocks Bush

Petraeus, U.S. Commander in Iraq, Will Test Doctrine He Wrote (confirmation hearing start today)

Baghdad Iranian embassy denies U.S. troops raid it

IAEA in talks with Iran after inspectors blocked

Suicide attack near U-S base in Afghanistan

Republican Opposition To Iraq Plan Grows

Libby Jury Picked -- Includes Retired 'Wash Post' Reporter

AP: EU Panel OKs Report on Secret CIA Flights

Bush, at Low Point in Polls, Will Push Domestic Agenda

Bombs strike Shiite targets in Baghdad

U.N. warns Iraq sliding to abyss

Civilian helicopter said crashed in Baghdad

WP,pg1: Bush To Face Skeptical Congress: Iraq Overshadows Domestic Outreach

AP: Former FDA chief fined in stock case

AG recommends (Israel) President Katsav face rape charges

Protesters barricade roads across Lebanon

Red Cross workers join Teamsters, reach first deal in nation

India's outsourcing industry to grow by 32.6 percent

Opening Arguments Begin in Libby Case

ABC: Chris Cuomo's Account of an IED Attack(GMA Anchor Convoy Hit)

Wal-Mart Accused of Mislabeling Organics

Anna Mae He opinion reversed at Supreme Court

Iraq, US forces capture more than 600 Sadr fighters

No memory aide from judge in Libby trial

LAT: Scant evidence found of Iran-Iraq arms link

Bombings kill 3 in Baghdad (2 more sevice members killed)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 23

Clashes in central Baghdad - residents(reports of helicopter making emergency landing)

US Army General Petraeus says 'tough days' ahead in Iraq ...

8 arrests in 1971 police killing in S.F.

McCain Bashes Cheney Over Iraq Policy

U.N. climate panel to project wrenching change

Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' gets two Oscar nods

Morales Calls to Act against Poverty

Russia to pursue India's case with NSG (Putin Trumps Bush)

BREAKING NEWS: Watergate burglar dead

McCain, Clinton clash over troop morale

Residents: Baqouba is deadly ghost city

Senators seek ban on "sweatshop" imports

Reuters: U.S. drafts resolution condemning Holocaust deniers

College students charged with ethnic intimidation in attack

Venezuela, Russia sign natural gas agreement

Some cops in Tijuana resorting to slingshots

Webb to Deliver an Aggressive Rebuttal to Bush Iraq Policy

Fence cuts Palestinian cave dwellers off from wood

79th annual Academy Award nominations (An Inconvenient Truth Nominated!)

2 Piracy Cases Test Readiness for WTO

Reuters: US intelligence report casts doubt on Iraq strategy

Battery Research? What?

U.S. warns Iran to back down

Deja vu...heard lots of the SOTU past 5 years!

Mexico, Food Fight Goes National

Bush is about to talk about Iraq and Iran, heads up!!!

Has * ever kept ANY of his promises from any SOTU?

I'm SO scared! FEAR, fear, fear!!! AKA: BS in my book!

Immigration Sweep Yields 761 Arrests

OMG, he is mentioning this surge! VOMIT ALERT!!!

Since when does he give a shit about diseases and the poor?

Thank you, thank you , thank you...he's done with the BS!!!

WP: (D.C. Mayor Adrian) Fenty Won't Sit With Laura Bush At Speech

Did Tweety just say

Bolivia's new U.S. ambassador faces tough assignment

(Technology Review) Battery Breakthrough

Correa backers break into Ecuador's election court

Virginia Sen. James Webb to Deliver an Aggressive Rebuttal to Bush Iraq Policy

Libby a Scapegoat, His Lawyer Tells Jurors

Venezuelan Legislature Rejects US Official’s Comments on Enabling Law

(Montgomery County, MD) Schools required to distribute 'ex-gay' literature;

Democrats wary of Bush on Social Security reform

Reuters/Yahoo News: Travel to U.S. off 17 Percent Since 9/11

AWOL soldier found in Mojave Desert

Sources say case workers for wounded laid off by Defense Dept

9/11 officer dies as son attends 'Union'

Prosecutor says Libby destroyed Cheney memo

NYT/Reuters: Biden Sees Large Vote Against Bush Iraq Plan: "Overwhelming majority opposed"

WaPo: General May See Early Success in Iraq (But...)

Suspect is arrested in mercury-spilling incident

NYT/AP: New Coalition Aims to Keep Democrats in Check

DNA tests clear men in Georgia, New York

Canada still demanding U.S. take Canadian off its terror watchlist

WSF: Peace Needed for World Progress

Space Operations Doctrine Signed

Bush faces angry, dissatisfied electorate in speech (CNN Poll 67% Angry at Bush)

Murdoch joins Chandler bid for Tribune (and L.A. Times): report

Venezuela to Impose Tax on Idle Lands

Ex-dictator Noriega to be released Sept. 9

Bush to call for 20 percent reduction in gasoline usage

Cheney daughter: Clinton lacks Iraq 'spine'

(Denver) Radio host arrested in Internet sex sting

Chavez’s Weekly Show Returns, Gas Price Rise Announced

New Orleans Not Part of Bush's Speech

AP: General says bigger U.S. US. Army will cost $70 billion (€53.6 billion)

AP: Bush Reintroduces School Voucher Plan

Ortega Fulfils Promises to Nicaragua

Subpoenas raise new questions (Brent Wilkes, Duncan Hunter, Duke Cunningham)

State Farm agrees to multimillion settlement of Katrina lawsuits

Hillary will come to NH on March 10 (for state party's biggest fundraiser)

State to argue for reinstating DeLay charge

U.S. official: 5 Americans die in helicopter crash (Blackwater Mercenaries)

E. Howard Hunt dead

Dollar hits 14-year sterling low; euro/yen at new record

US presidential candidate (Edwards): Iran serious about its threats

Ex-Chilean leader 'was murdered' (mustard gas)

N Korea helping Iran with nuclear testing

Sorry to bother you. Has anyone seen my copy of "The Gay" - I have looked everywhere

My Mom just called, my nephew's here

Meet thuh Greenfields

This is strange: why the Google ad for enema bags?

Rupert's Soup of the Day...

she is the one

Will you comfort me?

I just added myself to my nuclear ignore list

Propose a animated personality for our 2008 ticket

I have blocked 15,374 DU'ers from responding to this thread.

LOL! Rupert G. on Letterman said the soup of the day is Dubya's plan for Iraq...

You are ALL wankers

I need some help....

Being able to put oneself on super nuclear ignore - Feature or Bug?

Mac OSX 10.4 users...The Coolest Dashboard Widget has arrived...

Would somebody please explain the difference between 'nuclear' and 'garden variety' ignores?

''An 80 year old recluse wants to have a kid!''

Will the quickly growing old Al Davis have the patience to

good forums (an arbitrary post)

FYI: I will be making some changes to the site

Okay — How many Monty Python fanatics does it take to change a light bulb?

alright, what did you lounge lizards do to GD?

Well, it's 3 am...

got a new Sansa Rapsody. charged it and now it just reloads over and over.. whats wrong?

We have done some maintenance to the General Discussion forum

I got pwned!

I'm temporarily here again, Lounge - I could use your company.

*Apartment for sale* only $335K

LeftyMom's Dad appreciation thread.

We had "the Gay" in our house

i'm a zombie

I passed the 1st post-surgical examination

Sadly, it has come to this.

i thought i was catching with 'the Gay', but i took some Airborne

"Mean Girls" - I watched it yesterday

Our gas is down again - 1.859 this morning. Kansas City, Mo

Going around the house, grumbling, turning off all the lights my kids leave on

I have a human-animal hybrid shirt to wear for the SOTU

I'm hopeless, DU. I can't figure out how to block OR how to find out who

I'm thinking of one day buying a house and renting out rooms to

Is the "unveil shitlist" functionality on yet?

I hit 5000 posts on DU!

Why does misandry pop its ugly head around here frequently?

How Did You Get The Gay? I blame Madhuri Dixit for my gay...

i categoricaLLy deny, that i gave the gay to that woman, ms. midLo

My current earworm

I'm sorry, but I may have contaminated the entire lounge with 'the gay'.

The "Dead Horse Approaching Total Exflunctication" awards!


I tried to get "The Gay" but my check was refused.

I think I'm immune to "The Gay"

OK, who's the douche that put up that "BEARS-FINISHING WHAT KATRINA STARTED" sign?

Do people prefer "The Gay" or "Teh Gay"?

Name 4 DUers you'd like to exclude from a list.

Why does lycanthropy pop its ugly head around here lately?

All RIGHT. I must shower up and head to work. Do NOT have any fun while I'm away!

Ninja kitten band win Coke battle (BBC) {so now they're out of rehab?}

Why doesn't mithnanthy pop her pretty head around here frequently?

Has anyone bought music from Is this legal and for real?

If I block half of the people who block twice as much as less than half of blockers

baby chinchilla update - 3 weeks old soon

Pussy Willows, should they be out now?

Funniest Wrestler Names

Who's Zoomin' Who?

Where can I find clip art?

I'm just happy, today!

Gen X'ers: Was Morgan Freeman's "Easy Reader" Racist?

I See A Giant Glowing Orb In The Sky!

I am playing Theme for Ernie by Coltrane

Ladies! Being catty.....

Clowny Clown Clown

Are you sure you want to recommend this thread?

They all hate us anyhow, so let's drop the big one now

Guess the band by its name origin quiz

Did you catch today's "Mary Worth"?!

Why does misanthropy pop its ugly head around here frequently?

"Bwing me Genewal Petwaeus!"

"I feel so sexy!"

With my be-bop baby at the Union Hall....

So, last evening, I go to the local high school, which served as a courtroom

I want to be blocked. Seriously, I want to try it out. But you need to tell me ahead of time that

for Patricia who wanted to be blocked

Update on "Which house would you choose?"

121 users on his blocked list! Ho ho! Talk about ear plugs.

I need some Lounge Love.

12:35 EST - I have applied the ActivOn to where it hurts

Block lists! Block lists! Rush to all your favorite thread starters, it's begun

Am I the only one who's already added someone..because..

I propose a constitutional amendment banning clowns

self delete

I just got an email from Mira Sorvino

I wish someone would register with the username "no block list",

Hi, Everybody


Micromanagement drives me nuts!

Is bmi a big crock?

I was once verbally assaulted by a clown.

I caught "The Gay" from a toilet seat at work

Big Al's Oscar Adventure!

Bush Speech To Focus On Domestic Issues

Today in history 1-23

Yikes! Kilauea volcano is now spewing "The Gay" all over the islands!

Online retailers- How long should it take to ship an order?

Vincent Chase and "Queens Blvd." Snubbed by The Oscars

Used Honda Odyssey versus new Kia Sedona

Do people ever remind you of types of food?

Are Public Block Lists Slowing DU down?

I have a mock interview tonight.

I can't believe I got the block function thread locked!

What did the Brassiere say to the Top Hat?

I'm ready for tonight's SOTU, got my gear

Washing your cat: Before and After pictures

What's the most embarrassing music in your collection?


I can't believe JulieRB is posting today

Since it would kill me otherwise, my SOTU drinking game is to drink only at true things

My Own, Personal Event Horizon (Journal Entry #1).


Can I copyright or protect an idea as turns into a web page/new business?

Fill in the blank: An eternity in hell is too good for___________.

I got "the exflunctication" from jpgay.

Sad song lyrics

Who the fuck is Jim "Mad Money" Cramer?

500th post -- look at me wagglin' my butt

I am bullish on The Gay. It's going places!

DU Vegans, Vegetarians, Kosher and Halal Keepers...

What does a mule cost?

Woah! Where did the block lists go?

Sorry if this is a duplicate post...

Jeopardy on-line test tonight at 8 PM-Let's warm up with some trivia

What are "wafflettes"?

Ohhhh Donna, Ohhhh Donna....

so who has an "ignore" List, and a seperate "bLock" List

Space heater elements + yogurt = stink.

We need an emergency rendezvous point!

E. Howard Hunt dead!!! was he...... 'wellstoned'?

KidzBop: the scourgiest sounds EVER.

Manly man dilemna: Can I watch a cooking video?

am I hungry?

Who here dislikes those damned microwave dinners?

Pizza left out over night... the question is...

Computer SAP

I'm listening to our earnings report in one ear, and Radiohead's "Morning Bell"

Seriously folks, I have to suggest that everyone forgo the SOTU drinking game....

Pre-SOTU poll: Front close or rear hook?

Dear Dayton-area Ohioans....

Fun with Noun Phrases using Verbals

World leader names that are fun to say

I feel like I should be mad about this:

Wow, look how many blocks this person has

Funniest Sounding Molecule Name.

Whose fricken car alarm is going off in the parking lot?? It's

It had to happen...

which tv personality's name is fun to say?

So I was almost killed AGAIN, today..... fucking douchebags.

The SOTU Drinking Game

Do I have a block list?

The definition of Mongo

Is anyone else getting credit limit increases?

Serious Question: If you offended a DU'er 6 months ago because you thought they were someone else

I kill threads. I just posted to the Kudzu thread, and I bet even it will die now.

name 2 duers you would not want to spend more than 5 minutes with

What's the "ick" factor for brushing your teeth in a public restroom?

Name 4 DUers with whom you'd like to have as dinner

OMG! Check out THIS "Bushism":

Another problem with the block lists

I would do anything for love, anything you've been thinking of, but I won't do...

I have my patties all

Few care, but I just undid my Leave of Abstinence ....

Happy birthday PushedToThe Left & Nickster!!

The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill

The semicolon is a useless punctuation mark.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a thread that has blocked

The semicolon is a fictional body part.

That Groucho Marx quote comes to mind.

name the last thing that made you smile

Anyone see the movie "Volver" by Pedro Almodovar

Tattoo Artist Sued Over Penis Tattoo Prank

*I just put my 1000th post here!*:

Considering a Flight Attendant career... tell me all about it!

I posted in GD, now maybe I will be on someones block list.

Remember that annoying ad for the documentary "Jesus Camp" that was on DU all the time....

5th most popular "picture you would find on the wall of a black barber shop" = Clinton

Successful Fun Badgers!

does thread abandonment bother you?

99 posts left until the big 1000

Happy 90th birthday, Ernest Borgnine

Quick ? re: SOTU speech!

*Quiz* Who said it? Winner gets to not watch the SOTU!

I know! I know! How bout 2 nukklurr ignore lists? ---

Show some love to my housemate Jen -

Short summary of upcoming SOTU speech

Sixteen years ago today my son was born

Well, here it is, my 4000th post this neighborhood having a block party?

Whose day is it to spread "the Gay" around the Lounge?

Neato. My wife got a raise!


Woohoo, I am blocked, so now I am one of the Cool People!

Just saw a person with a lot of blocks. It made me not think well of that person-

The 50 worst songs of all time according to Blender.

The 10 most frequently used words according to Bender.

What's it mean when you dream about beating the crap out of yourself?

The Best Part of having the Stomach Flu

American Idol - I have no qualms in a person being told they're bad...

Who else watched Heroes last night

I can't help but to wonder... am I blocked?

Please read my "Block Resume"

Did I get a good deal?

I feel so . . . INSIGNIFICANT!

Who else here has no one on their block list!

what to do during the dufus speech?

Psycho squirrel video

Do you realize the username "douchebag" is still available on DU?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/23/2007)

Compliment ONE DU'ers block list

Who else misses Nadia?

Why do my threads sink so fast?

Well here's a commercial I hate

Just bought some yummy steer pizzles for my doggie to gnaw on.......

I'm skipping the speech and reading my daughters bedtime stories.

Watch last night's episode of "Heroes" or Bush lying?

Risque joke. Don't click if you are easily offended. :)

Woman Takes Potty Break, Falls in Lake

HEY!!!! I'm actually on someone's block list!!!!!!

*** Official "Hoping Bush has nervous breakdown on LIVE TV tonight" thread ***

XNASA trousers

is there a cold going around? Feels like my head is filled with fog

Metacritic's best films

Watching Miami Ink and I am in love....

I can't listen to Bush even with Mike Malloy giving him hell.

What do the little blue X's in the little gold blocks mean?

Pandas are jumpy

Few care, but I just undid my Leave of Abstinence from school.

Few care, but I just undid my Leave of Absinthe from school.

I just cannot take the FUCKING standing Os

alan arkin was so wonderful in little miss sunshine i just had to start a thread

Mmm. Estonian sauerkraut & barley soup!

where does it say we're at "level 3"?

Let's have a popularity contest


The John Basedow of Pinnipeds

Listening to Matthew Sweet instead of watching tv.

how'd you people let me go so long without getting into Lucinda Williams?

Instead of the SOTU I am watching a really disturbing movie called the Protocols of Zion

The first lady had 23 people in her box tonight.

Ever thought about kicking the e-mail habit?

Norton Wine - have you ever tasted it?


Hey - My TV was broke - wouldnt change channels

Who loves Chewbacca?

Soooooooo, it looks like I might actually have a date.

Okay then, WannaBe requested that I cross post this...Oops! Dialup warning

Ever play "Hinky-Dink"?

That was weird

I need a cool nickname

Are these "God Hates Fags" videos real or a joke?

I'm off to my mock interview. Wish me mock luck.

To keep her from the howling wind ..

I'm playing Kraftwerk on my iTunes - ask me anything.

So evidently Castro is alive and well and is competing on American Idol.

OMG! The cutest video EVER!!

What's the worst thing you've ever sold?

Few care, but I just undid my Leave of Absence from school.

Am I the only one who isn't going to watch the SOTU tonight?

I just took the Jeopardy Online Contestant test, and I blew it big time!

My doctor's are driving me insane tonight

Can Anyone Else Not See The Block Lists In The Lounge?- Okay I see them now ROFL

Hedges has the BEST BLOCK LIST EVAH!

Bush said something about attacks from Korean tarantulas?

Would someone PLEASE tell this insane cat that she CANNOT

I can't remember the "Best Song" nominee from Al Gore's documentary!

I had a poopy day at work. POOPY I say!

I bought my first itunes downloads last night: "Train in Vain" and "Rock the Casbah"

If I wrote a program that allowed you to trawl the nuclear block lists for your username....

"Oatmeal? Spittle? Semen? This must be where Wilford Brimley was strangled by Bob Crane"

People (Especially people that are false friends) suck.

GD and GDP has too much information about the SOTU

Do you have a TV in your vehicle?

Anyone else feel like they need a shower after a few posts in GD?

Chimpy's speechification: What'd I miss?

If it's true a rich man leads a sad life

I hate internet relationships

My daughter's 5th grade concert is tonight. How drunk should I be?

Best Progressive Movies Ever

*******Official Bush STFU Thread 4******

How do you like my new sigline?

Calf With 2 Faces Wins Over Dairyman

Who here doesn't like "Lost"?

Kelly Leak got an Academy Award nomination?

A bleeding heart liberal (me) here in Upstate SC, which is

Abandon your free time: Mister Quickly on


also name 5 du'ers that you would like to take a 15 minute car ride with

Ever play "Bathhouse John"?

Well, what IS the word?

New screennames for Free Republic users!

HELP! If you know MS Word, I need your help

Sorry sundog

Report: Rage Against The Machine To Reunite

WHo loves ciabatta?

The 200 worst films according to meta critic

The Best of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day - 01/23/2007:

What DIDN'T get nominated for an Oscar?

Elad! Hahahahaha!

"Pure and Easy"--The Who...some questions

My cousin came out today.

Post your links-songs that "take you back"

Let's settle this once and for all: CLOWNS

A Word Problem

Congratulations proud patriot!! 70,000 posts

Vending Machine Horror Stories

New Rules

DAMN! Aussie diver partially swallowed head-first by Great White...FIGHTS IT OFF!

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?

Instead of watching Bush's bullshit, I am just watching "Bullshit"

Why are you proud of yourself today?

Congratulations OPERATIONMINDCRIME!! 10,000 posts

When you were a kid, did you have a local after school TV clown?

Picture time

It's the return of the son of the EXPLAIN YOUR USERNAME thread!

So I discovered this bizarre video on my hard drive...

Compliment ONE DU'er

porcupine photos!

some pics from my trip to the rainforest in sarapiqui

Post something shocking about yourself

the lounge is like middle school

what city name makes you laugh when you say it?

I managed to sprain my ankle today.

How many of the IMDB's bottom 100 have you seen?

Complement ONE DUer

What to do with my 15 year old daughter who has screwed up again?

I got a raise from my neato wife!

Psychic powers are real!

Is the Catholic Church a force for good in the modern world?

What a beautiful response to a teacher who asked her class to write a Christmas essay.

How 'bout that Bible?

Also, assuming you believe in Heaven, what if your parent(s) died

Cruise 'is Christ' of Scientology

Church trial of Atlanta gay pastor continues

NH Repuke Daniel Itse tries new stealth tactic in war against Marriage Equality

Penguins consider moving south

Need a little "mid major" respect here

USC's Lane Kiffin the next Oakland Raiders sacrifice

Okay, how do you manifest?

an "ooga booga smooga wooga" thread for the SOTU

Tibetian personality test

You are the Light of the World

OT-Hillary on on CSPAN3

Hillary's staff "treat us like dirt," says Ed Schultz

The Worcester Telegram on McAuliffe's book

Supporters of Hezbollah-backed strike bid to topple Saniora government

As Kerry ponders, Democrats crowd in

SFRC hearing this afternoon with Murtha and Gingritch

It's time for Democrats to show that they are strong on defense

DailyKos diary to rec and comment (if you feel inclined)

Two articles about a Kerry run in 08 in the Boston media

Kerry Says Bush Address Ignores America’s Priorities

Kerry's high speed internet access bill - did he submit it?

Bummer; McAuliffe on Jon Stewart tonight. Sigh. nt

Senator Kerry at the SOTU, looking dapper as usual! nt

There is some truth in this post, I am sorry to say

McAuliffe's Kerry bashing book being promoted in an e-mail by the DNC.

Now they're smearing Wes Clark

Great Bill Moyers video on GD about secrecy in govt from the 80s

Update on the new block function

The EPA Closes Its Libraries, Destroys Documents

Calling out a DUer...

who is the most authoritative source to call bullshit on al Qaeda?

My Son had a friend

Golden Source: Clark Will Run! (MSNBC):

FYI: I'm going to be making some changes to the site

Liz Cheney scolds HRC, Pelosi, Obama, Hagel in snarky WP op-ed

44 Democrats who need a pie in the face:

An Imperfect Chronology (Plame Thread #3)

Copy Of Bush's 2007 SOTU Address Leaked!!

There must be Fifty Ways to Impeach A President

To those who do not like Senator Clinton, I need to ask

Surging Anger

What Is Most Worriesome?

Must get off my chest -- I'm very PO'd that Hiliary Inc. is running

Bush Overall Approval Rating 28% (CBS Poll)

Letter from Howard Dean about Webb's speech tomorrow. READ THIS PLEASE

Bush's Vagina-Czar says too much sex will ruin your marriage

LAT: "Scant evidence" backs case for Iran's providing arms to Iraqis

What should bush do to raise his poll numbers?

A "Silent Pandemic" of chemicals impairing brain development announced by Harvard Schl of Pub Health


I don't care if Rush and Hannity are attacking Hillary-she's still not on our side

How much faith do you have in the concept of debt?

Christians, Muslims flee Baghdad for Kurdistan

Democratic Media Reform Bill may Prevent Possible 'FASCIST' Takeover of US Media

Obama 'madrassa" story: GOP dirty tricks revealed

Seriiously-how do we draft Gore? or, failing that, Feingold or Dean?

Two African-American coaches in the Super Bowl

If Bush still tries to do the Iran War, how will he start it?

Al Gore is a force in exciting moment in climate debate; Bush, irrelevant, is passed by

HEADLINE: Bush insurance plan gets cold reception

Andy Griffith vs Patriot Act

To those of you who will not vote for Hillary under any circumstances even in the general election..

Is Peace a strength or a weakness?

Yet another Hillary thread.

McCain tears into Cheney on Vietraq war, backpedals on escalation.

Let's get practical, shall we?

ACLU Files For Records Of Bush Warrantless Surveillance Of Mail & Signing Statement Authority

I Noticed Something Not So Nice Has Happened To Americans

So, what's it going to be tomorrow night, Steroids in pro baseball,...

Toughts on the Roots and Future of Corporatism in the United States

Is there any chance that our "surge" will be the victim of a Sunni

Looking for stats on O'Bigmouth vs Keith

Hillary Harpies and other harsh critics

SOTU - Help Formulate the Response! (from Howard Dean)


An MSNBC Poll to DU: Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?

Ted Haggard Says Evangelicals Have the 'Best Sex Life'

Oh god, Pelosi has to sit next to Deadeye Dick

Obama opposed the war from the onset - this is important.

Coming up: Blitzer says CNN "has investigated" the smears against Obama.

I hate fucking right wingers. Get ready folks -- LEAFGATE is here

HERE IN SPIRIT sign MONDAY signing thread!

Hillary is a fake

If Al Gore jumped into the '08 race would you leave the candidate you currently support

Any transcripts from Hillary Clinton's on-line "conversation" tonight? (I have an excerpt...)

Amazing video of Cleland and Clark predicting exactly what HAS happened in Iraq

Peace? or not?

If you think Clinton = McCain

At least the "Corporatists" believe in science

The assassination of President Kennedy is NOT Ancient History.

Just got back from seeing Gore in Boise!

Short list of nations with a national security council:

Jesus in the Jungle - how the F hard can it all freakin be folks????

Mother of murder victim outraged by shirt she says promotes violence

Jan 28th, We the People are going to Meet the Press

The Harder They Come

DU's Blocking Bonanza

I'm Leaning Towards a Richardson/H Clinton (VP) Ticket For '08

Now that Bush hit 28% We Need To Watch The Iran Situation Very Carefully.....

Another march ... another HERE IN SPIRIT sign!

BBC documentary "Uncover Mosque" is beyond jaw-dropping.

I just watched "The Trial of Tony Blair"

Al-Qaida No. 2: Bring it on, Dubya

Breaking - John Warner (R-VA) to introduce anti-surge resolution

I can't stop loving my first born

ABC: Bush's 33% Approval Rating Lowest Since Nixon for President Entering State of the Union Speech

Pelosi end-runs Energy Chairman Dingell on global warming with Select Committee of her own

D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty Won't Sit With Laura Bush At Speech - Will Be a Guest of Speaker Pelosi

Starting Civil Disobedience

I found a way to diffuse my anger

Air America Nears Sale to Group Led by the French Family

Hey You Guys, Are You Aware DU Has A Blocking Feature ???

The Nigerian email scam takes a really ugly turn...

Bush Admin Blocking National Intelligence Report on Iraq??? ... Someone seems to be......

Meet Dennis Kucinich Friday the 26th in DC

DU Ham Radio ... the ultimate backup. HAMS check-in.

Worst Democratic Hat-Thrower Ever

NEXT SATURDAY: January 27th. Where should DUers meet if they want to?

What will Hillary's coronation be like?


Owner of ritzy shop sues homeless for $1 million

Murtha reintroduces his Iraq withdrawal bill, now with 92 co-sponsors

What do you come to DU to post about/discuss?

Jeff Cohen: Can Indy Media Stop the Corporate Media's Hillary Bandwagon?

"You Tube" Proves Alan Colmes is a Punk and why we NEED Fairness Doctrine Reinstated.

Get the motherfucker out of office NOW before he gets us all killed

To Blue Dog Democrats, Republicans, and All of America, THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO SUPPORT THE TROOPS:

Hillary Clinton being used by the Right Wing nuts

Editorial in High School Newspaper by my Granddaughter

Again, THE MEDIA IS PLAYING THE WAR GAME!!! (mad as hell!)

Rep Hinchey reintroduces bill to break media monopolies, reinstate Fairness Doctrine

Key military network operating system made by company with Ptech ties

How many standing ovations will Shrub get tomorrow night?

Please DU this CNN poll about the Obama smear.

Life is a Fake

Duck survives two days in a Fla. refrigerator after being shot; startles hunter's wife

AMvets is trying to raise money again -

What did these 23 Senators know on 10/11/02 that so many others did not?

Doesn't anyone check voting records anymore????

Are Dems & Repugs in cahoots to allow Bush to escape without impeachment?

A reason to dislike "Da Bears"

DKos Diary: New Mexico Impeachment Resolution Introduction Tomorrow

Rapture Ready message board: "Will God allow us to bomb Iran?"

Sen. Rockefeller: Phase II of prewar Iraq intelligence could be complete by summer

A Comet In The Sky?

Hillary Chat #1 - I must say she impressed me, and I am part of the "Hillary can't win" camp

Al Gore: "A different kind of campaign...persuade people about why and how, we must rise.."

*** Monday TOONs: Just a few to tide you over ***

Jesus is back, and guess what? He's running!

I'm miles from my home

Contrast Bush/Hillary healthcare plan

Say Something Nice About A Democratic Candidate/Potential Candidate Other Than The One You Support

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


Libby Trial Update -- we're finally at 36!

Larisa Alexandrovna-UN nuclear watchdog disputes claim that Iran barred weapons inspectors

What are your three biggest issues?

Washington Post: 6 GOP Senators Who May Not Seek Re-Election in 08

About all those dead birds in Austin the other week...

DUers who helped me over the weekend with my hunger thread:

Hannity's new show is actualy not that bad

Global warming, meet your new adversary - Al Gore's film turns a Tampa woman into an activist

I not going to post much For Bush's State of the Union

Gore in boise tonight. Unfreep this Boise poll re: Global Warming

Excellent article from the L.A. Times on Dynasties

It Happens

Man Survives Fall From 17th Floor

Fight for Freedom of Information in the UK---an example of how

Stop discussion of the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE

Judge orders NYC to release documents (arrests of hundreds of protesters at 2004 Rep. Convention)

Holy crap. Idiot Son is now in the 20's.

I am leaning towards supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton for president because:

Cheerleading for a military confrontation with Iran....

Bush, at Low Point in the Polls, Will Push His Domestic Agenda

Boston Globe: Gore Camp has "Quietly Put Out Feelers" For a Presidential Run in recent weeks

Bush's support falls to all time low (28%) on the eve of the State of the Union address

Steve Jobs for PRESIDENT?!?!?

Was The larry king panel "Fair And Balanced"?

Is Michael Vick getting special treatment?

US Military Unwittingly Evolved SUPERPATHOGEN In Iraqi Hospitals

2007 State of DUH Union - Time for Democrats to "Unpimp ze Auto?"

I fear it is the calm before the storm...

Tell Webb what you wanna hear from the SOTU Response

Bush isn't listening to us on Iraq, but he wants us to hear him tomorrow night . . .

oh the he dons his asbestos suit

Should the SOTU be retitled STFU?

Stewie imitates a neocon

What Happened To Keith In The Daytime?

Another bit of info the administration keeps quiet

I'm picking the Hillary to win it all!!!

The Money Is Already There To Get The Troops Out

Jeb's next move: Once again, a Republican governor upsets the plan for the smarter Bush

I said it before and will say it again...Bush would have been a one and done if not for 9/11

Thousands in Germany, Italy told they will be deploying

Gore: "not hungering to ever be a candidate again and really DO NOT anticipate ANY circumstances..."

AL GORE, PLEASE do NOT run for President

A WOMAN is a serious contender to be the President of the U.S.

Al Qaeda leader "taunts, mocks" Bush: "Why not send your WHOLE army?" Oh-oh...

I need Graphic Iraq Pictures

Rich Little on the WH Correspondent's Dinner: "They Know I'm a Safe Bet..."

Bill Moyers on PBS NOW - HE'S BACK!!

Ex-Shrubbites to trash Shrub at Sundance - documentary "No End in Sight"

Blue Dog Democrats. Here's a List.

John McCain says that phased withrawl is not a strategy

ALL of the current likely Dem contenders are MUCH BETTER than ALL of the Repukes.

I added an avatar!

It looks as though Bush and Republicans might be dropping Socially Conservative Agenda

I once voted for a woman from Nantucket

The jig is up. The Iraqis have figured out the Death Squads are a Bush creation

PHOTOS: What does Bush's nephew think of Iraq war escalation?

Sometimes I read DU just to get pissed off. Entertainment value ya know.

Should station involved in deadly water contest BE FORCED out of business?

I fear for Barack Obama.

Anyone else being denied access to the "Canada Forum"?

All democratic presidential candidates should totally boycott F*x News - O'Reilly in particular!

Tell me why electoral reform should be issue #1, ahead of Iraq...

"They Work for Us"....coalition of labor, trial lawyers, liberal groups to be watchdog for Democrats

Dumped airline passenger fights for right to call Bush a terrorist

With Brownback in the race, now is a good time to remind ourselves of Opus Dei's influence

The Obama voting record - another view

I Just Got Through & Talked To Someone On larry king, and Got Disconnected TWICE!

I hope the Biography Channel does a show about Barack Obama.

Congress Can Stop the Iran Attack, or Be Complicit in War Crimes

Bush's insurance plan might be DOA

our worst candidate is still better the the republics best

The road to the White House--Back in 2004,

I saw some things on Freerepublic about St Augistine -

Note to W

Most people here think the MSM is a bunch of liars...right? Then why

Why An Inconvenient Truth Should Be Nominated And Win The Oscar

Ladies...Would you pledge your virginity to your father?

Gas Station To Offer 'Terror-Free' Oil

The smackdown is here!

So when does FRANCE get an apology?

Guerilla campaigning in the era of Fox News and Karl Rove - Part I

Surge of troops, but no surge of armored vehicles

Report has 'smoking gun' on climate

Poll Question: Is the death penalty ever justified in a criminal case?

Would it be OK to block someone if they sent you a PM like this?

I Was Ambushed by Paula Zahn (read how they did it re: Duke case)

If you think Iran can be beaten militarily: Rent the Movie "Grass" (documentary set in Iran)

HEADLINE" "137 killed or found dead across Iraq Monday"

oh turn to c=span...boehner is blowing a gasket

At least 24 Americans died in Iraq Sat. 3rd deadliest day for troops since war began

The SENATE IS IN SESSION NOW! C-SPAN 2. Line Item Veto..minimum wage debate!

"1984" -- the online graphic novel

"Sorry, DimWit has blocked you from replying to their posts"

Have you encounter any freepers who are ...

Great Pic of Dick Morris

Who would be a good running mate for Hillary

"This administration doesn't base its actions on intelligence"

The full 90 minute version of The Secret Government now available online

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

KO 2-night: Sartorially, not Jermyn Street, High Street, or Saville Row!

Well... at least we found the cure for cancer before the world gets destroyed by G.W.

Army Wife's Anti-War Signs Draw Fire

Driving in Baghdad.

Should the "Greatest Page" be split?

View of US's global role 'worse' - BBC world poll

If you could sit down and talk with that Cambodian jungle woman, what advice would you give her?

What did I just miss on Lou Dobbs -- re agents not allowed to testify?

Viva Chavez! Viva Castro!

Remember when Rush Limpballs said that Philly QB Donovan McNabb

Employment "Rate" and the Minimum Wage

What I got when I Googled Democratic Underground.

Found Nixon Joking Before Resignation Vid

Hillary launches Attack against Obama and Edwards

MSNBC: NBC/WSJ poll: Bush ‘really in the cellar of public opinion’ - 2/3 have given up on * -pic

Hannity can spend ALL day dissing Hillary...and yes he brought out the Clenis

Pieces in Place for Escalation

Jackpine Snark Alert: Hillary's gonna take over the party & then the

Embattled, Bush Held To Plan to Salvage Iraq - In Face of Advice, He Pushed Buildup

Will the "Clintonistas" support a nominee other than Hillary?

Richard Wolfe on KO "the Republicans have always been straight talkers on terrorism"

Rush on Hillary

Oh boy, the anti-choice crowd is out in force in the House

Have you picked the candidate you want for president?

Is Bush trying to bring about the "end times"?

Bush fails to pardon border guards who shot a drug smuggler

U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 3,061

What is wrong with the google "Blogger" site?

How many days at Camp David & Crawford for Bush so far?

Poof! McCain's a "maverick" again!

Who would do this?

On Keith Olbermann: John Boehner and John Warner want congressional

Turning the tables on Washington, Cuba says US harbours terrorists

Just anounced!!!!! EVERY Democrat alive is running in 2008

I can't wait for KO to deal with

Hillary's Online Conversation is taking place now; I'm watching

Gore and the Green ticket

My top 10 list of conservative pundits that I would rather stick a pin

Republican Opposition to Iraq Plan Grows

CNN went to Jakarta to check into the "rumors" about Obama's past.

"They're not being drafted and forced to go, why should it matter then?"

Stop insane talk about voting for 3rd party candidates

How far will Bush go? How low will he sink before his term ends?

Cafferty: Cut off $$ for Iraq reconstruction for $$ for New Orleans reconstruction?

Tears for Pfizer - struggling drug maker?

Why is the RW up in arms over human-animal hybrids?

the left is always told to "blue-sky it" in the primaries,

Iran’s Leader Stands by Nuclear Plans

The Significance of a Corrupted Recount of the Cleveland 2004 Presidential Vote

Gee, isn't it a coinkydink that Faux has the Al Zawahiri tape before CNN...

3057 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Why can the SITE Institute intercept al-Zawahri videos but our government can't?

'Welcome to 'Democratland' Faux John Gibson's lastest report

Anyone want to bet that Bush will mention LIEberman in the SOTU speech?

Did anyone see Jimmy Carter on NBC?

In Light Of The Evidence-How Can Anyone Doubt The Impeachability of this President

POLL: Vote for the Chevy Volt

Bush's aunt thinks people who possess child-porn are "wonderful"

Document shows US has funded, staffed, operated CONCENTRATION CAMPS on Army installations.

Do you like Ed Shultz? Yes or no?

Chavez to U.S. Officials: 'Go to Hell' Gringos

NBC shoots down ABC's Big Terror Story - No Big Deal

Lee Terry (R) Nebraska is whining like a big crybaby ...

All hail General Petraeus!

Leading Pro-Abortion Group Will Likely Back Hillary Clinton

Hillary and Obama blah blah blah....blah and Hillary and Obama

Rage Against The Machine to reunite for one night only

Well Hush My Mouth, A New Terrorist Videotape Surfaces the Day Before SOTU!!!

With all I hear about jobs being outsourced , what will be left ?

Blood pressure drug fights MD in mice

Do you watch any of the traditional network news casts? and if so which one?

RW email needs a response

Bush's Canadian 'Clone' in Jeopardy

The Manipulation of the American Mind Only Impeachment Can Prevent More War

Oh DU, gotta love big corporations: about that nuclear power commercial on MSNBC...

The American Tapeworm by Catherine Austin Fitts...

We need someone who will fight for the vote.

Ikpeng leader documents his tribe's struggle

U.S. plans missile bases in Europe

George Bush: Diagnosis of Personality Disorder: PSYCHOPATH

Norway: Arctic reserves are key energy supply

The Coming War Against Iran - Part 14

NEW Peace Takes Courage Video: How This Must End


Russians seize Japanese boat

Hillary Is Going to Be the Queen of the SwiftBoAT.....

Are you sick of that person who constantly harasses you on DU? Now you can do somethin... (THREAD 2)

What important issue is the most ignored?

Family of dead soldier thought he was part of a peace keeping force in Iraq

Is DU being "glitchy" this afternoon ?

There's no Democratic nominee that I won't vote for.

I wonder if sessions know how stupid he sounds

Presidential primaries: a small gripe... MY VOTE DOESN'T COUNT...

For those who enjoy watching Freeper meltdowns, check out this thread

Top Republican (Warner) to offer Senate bill criticizing Bush's Iraq plan

"Would you pledge your virginity to your father?"

Defense Secretary Gates, shootin' from the hip and speakin' truth to power!

"Silence, indifference and inaction were Hitler’s principal allies."

Anyone catch D’Souza saying "FDR was responsible for 9-11"?

Should we allow ourselves to be searched by employers?

Bush's "health care reform" would raise my taxable income 50%

LAT: US Needs Leader In 08 Who Does NOT Inherit Office Because Of Their Last Name

Why aren't the Clintons screaming about election

Hey, it's been almost a year!!! Has Katie gotten back to us yet?!?!?

Minimum Wage Raise - SENATE VOTING MONDAY, JAN 22 - call 1-800-459-1887 & send this message

media's awfully quiet on the GOP side of the race-where's rudy?

In Video, Al Qaeda No. 2 Al-Zawahiri Taunts President Bush's New Iraq Plan

"We've got a jury" Emptywheel reports for Firedoglake

Do you think we will need to UNIFY behind a single DEM candidate to defeat Hillary?

Justice report faults FBI in Foley case

Wow, Y'all used to like to talk

Some thoughts on voting, hillary, obama, jesus, whoever

Keep dubya's library out of SMU! - DU this petition!!

Maybe Osama is dead & they just forgot to tell us.

Sean Hannity beating the h**l out of Hillary Clinton

War in Iraq, Escalation forces BushCo to Recruit Convicts

Iran bars 38 U.N. IAEA inspectors

Quite frightening: Richard Clarke said Gore was in on extraordinary rendition.

How long until everyone's blocked each other and there's no one to talk to?

This is a good read - New Developments in Sustainable Technology

Encounter with a freeper (re: "Democrat" party)

The repugs have started...

It just hit me why Richardson impeded the vote count in 2004

If we could focus on the issues, then a truly progressive candidate like Kucinich could win

HAve you ever met a DUer at a big anti-war protest , or any protest, that you don't agree

Rush Limbaugh alert: NFL a battle of gang-bangers; golf still Ok


Ex-mayor, two others join Berkeley tree-sitters - These ladies rock!

Chavez to U.S.: 'Go to Hell, Gringos!'

What to do with all that leftover election 'war chest' money?


Can someone post some links to all these bad rumors about Richardson

Cockold a Monday afternoon with a . . . CAPTION!!!

Anybody interested in becoming a "Hillraiser"

How about a Fox reality show called "President Swap"?

A strange incident in Basra - Why did British Marines shoot up Iraqi Civilians while in disguise?

LOL, I was tired of the "if you need this, press 1," etc.

Bush Forgein Policy For Dummies.

Republican Whiner of the Week Rep Roy Blunt R-MO

O'Reilly, Colbert Both See Ratings Spike On "Showdown Day"

Hilary will NOT be nominated next year for two reasons!

Joel Connelly smacks down right on Pelosi comments

Perle: ‘I Have Very Little Doubt’ That Bush Would Order ‘Necessary Military Action’ Against Iran

Chavez to U.S. Officials: 'Go to Hell'

Call To Action : Impeachment Can Only Come From The People

Why is everyone announcing so early?

* is back - pics

These people want me to thank George Bush

ACTION ALERT: Got this in an E-mail from Stephen Pizzo

Meet the newest member of the Skinner family... It's a baby boy! (THREAD #2)

Bloomberg: B*sh Presidency heading towards "History's Dustbin"

Details Emerge About Possible Terror Threat

Live blogging from the Libby trial continues @ Fire Dog Lake:

Attention Malloy listeners: no more free archives, starting today.

You know fellas, if you're going to scare us you'll have to start working harder...

We don't have anywhere near the numbers we need in Congress to get what we want on Iraq

GOP leadership bristles at five-day Capitol Hill work week

ABC Pimps for the WH AGAIN.. leaks 6-month old Terra Plot on eve of SOTU

Obama was educated in a Madrassa - DEBUNKED

"Americans' love affair with the automobile."

"Studio 60" is back tonight on NBC

The Chimp who cried Wolf (on eve of SOTU): Dr*dge ALERT

Imagine the SOTU with subtitles

Democratic win puts new focus on military benefits proposals

The war will be over any day now. The Senate just "Strongly urged" Bush to reconsider the surge

250,000 Palestinians forcibly fenced in, says report

Bush & Sacrifice - MSNBC Olberman

Report from Firedoglake and the Next Hurrah at the Libby trial

Katrina-' The Promise'


state of the union edit...

St. Pete, FL Police slash homeless tents

CNN debunks false report about Obama

Jim Webb gives Democratic response to 2007 SOTU (Part 1)

Over-the-top ‘ex-gay’ music video


My God, Jim Webb is speaking so much more eloquently tonight...

Did y'all catch Pelosi's subtle "Wayne's World" reference? (screencap)

Anybody get a shot of McCain sleeping?

Ironic Statement of the Night award.... the envelope please....

Life is a Fake

Starting Civil Disobedience

Pelosi end-runs Energy Chairman Dingell on global warming with Select Committee of her own

I can't stop loving my first born

Al-Qaida No. 2: Bring it on, Dubya

Now that Bush hit 28% We Need To Watch The Iran Situation Very Carefully.....

DU's Blocking Bonanza

The Harder They Come

The assassination of President Kennedy is NOT Ancient History.

What Is Most Worriesome?

My Son had a friend

who is the most authoritative source to call bullshit on al Qaeda?

FYI: I'm going to be making some changes to the site

So, what's it going to be tomorrow night, Steroids in pro baseball,...

Seriiously-how do we draft Gore? or, failing that, Feingold or Dean?

Justice report faults FBI on Foley

Peace? or not?

Amazing video of Cleland and Clark predicting exactly what HAS happened in Iraq

View of US's global role 'worse':BBC poll

I'm Leaning Towards a Richardson/H Clinton (VP) Ticket For '08

It's not how you play the game, it's whether you win or lose.

Employee fired for telling soldier they should pull out of Iraq

The FDA is out there protecting you.... that is why you will find

HRC Equates Support for War with Freedom of Choice

Air America Nears Sale to Group Led by the French Family

New Stan Goff Piece at Huffpo

Italy to stay in Afganistan but no more troops, PM says

Is Peace a strength or a weakness?

Tony Snow on Today Show - Baghdad Bob, eat your heart out.

She's gone amonk!

Liz Cheney scolds HRC, Pelosi, Obama, Hagel in snarky WP op-ed

Should we make a separate category for Hillary and clean out GD

Civilian helicopter said crashed in Baghdad


Webb's rebuttal: "We are held hostage" to Bush's War.

SOTU Nancy Pelosi (and blivet**) Pix thread!

If clapping is a sign that dems agree with Bush then why was Webb selected...

do we have a Jim Webb avatar???

Did Webb just say "class"?

"Class divide!" He said it, he said it! YES!!!

So THAT'S what a statesman (Jim Webb) sounds like.

Senator Webb... just superb.

"We'll Be Showing Him the Way!"

Controversial movie on child rape debuts at Sundance.

Feingold and Bush post-speech

Speaking of class concerns is now "the middle" according to Tweety

What was going on when Cheney smirked and smiled at the point

CSPAN callers respond.

CSPAN taking calls now! "What is your response to the SOTU?"

C-SPAN call ins now. This conservative is complaining about the

I think Webb should consider starting a presidential exploratory committee

anyone else watching chris wallace and shepard smith?

Did he even give a shit about earmarks

Jim Webb is da man

Edwards on MSNBC

Obama's on CNN now

Anyone notice how beautiful our candidates are ?

Anyone else watching C-SPAN?

To those who do not like Senator Clinton, I need to ask

Texas: University of Dallas Cancels Bid for Bush Library

"If we left Iraq, it would become a haven...

At least the "Corporatists" believe in science

View of the US's role in the world has deteriorated both internationally and domestically BBC Poll

C-SPAN WJ: Mike Allen...Rovian Troll

"Political capital" versus "Insufficient funds"

Would you take coookies from a Bush-supporting Repuke on the train?

Cheney, media to take stand in Libby perjury case

But Bush said they were weakened - Hezbollah shuts down entire nation of Lebanon

Saturday's Forecast for D.C.: 49 degrees, sunny....and REALLY PISSED!

FR weighs in on * all time lowest approval ratings:

O'Reilly, heal thyself (More crap about the Duke Rape Case)

Local Wingnut (Liberals should be confined to reservations) gets a ton of response

Boy Howdy! . .CSpan had BETTER cover the 1/27 March!!

Jim Webb to give Dem response tonight to *'s SOU address

My LTTE in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today...

WP: Elizabeth Cheney's hysterical screed....

My Husband on *'s speech tonight:

Oh god, Pelosi has to sit next to Deadeye Dick

Cheney's Daughter: More Iraq War Is The Only Answer.

I can't believe that Cspan has a pimp on TV!

Dems Obligated to Stand and Applaud Tonight?

The Invisible Enemy in Iraq

A big thank you to the DU'er who gave me a star!

Did Hitler still have 30% support when he was in his bunker?

Can you even imagine watching the evening news in Baghdad?

New passport rules to go into effect

RADICAL FRINGE TOON 1/23... yawn..., another rerun?

So, where's the rest of the "liberal blogosphere," anyway?

I'm thinking of one day buying a house and renting out rooms to

Where does it state that abortions are illegal in the constitution?

Overcoming the "war on terror" lie

Awesome timing--- Plame opening statements on same day as SOTU.

Rove: Bush will challenge Congress to put up its own plan if it does not like his

GOP opposition to troop increase grows

BBC: Whole World Has No Confidence in US's Global Role

Is Ahmadinejad toast? BBC reports criticism of his leadership mounts in Iran media

Wouldn't it be great if congress turned into the British Parliament tonight

Anyone ever have sex with an animal?

Chimpy job approval dropped 54 POINTS since Jan 2002!

A Test!

"Stay the Surge"

so..I felt like getting even MORE pissed off today...government contracts

Al Gore is a force in exciting moment in climate debate; Bush, irrelevant, is passed by

Israeli president to be charged with rape

LAT: "Scant evidence" backs case for Iran's providing arms to Iraqis

Al Qaeda student visas plot was a group of men "discussing ideas, not an actual operation"

AP: Iran: Shit About to Hit Fan?

Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, was nominated for an Academy Award today.

Well tonights the night that the blivet will once again try his damnedest to shift the focus

What do you call him?

Has anyone heard any news on Ariel Sharon's health lately?

Madame Speaker, The War Criminal of the United States

Sneak peek!!! Complete text of Bush's SOTU speech leaked!!

Growth and our way of life

Repuke Tom Price of Georgia just gave a House floor speech on CSPAN....

Where is it written...?

Fearless Leader's State of the Union Address -- Advance audio!!

Anderson Cooper To Fox News: "That's The Difference Between Talking About News & Reporting It"

U.K. scavengers plunder goods from ship

U.S. image around world sharply worsens: BBC poll

Just heard the new meme...

So far-no photo essay on W working on the SOTU speech

Seperated At Birth: Mrs. Clinton & Edgar Winter?

Pushing Iran toward the brink of war...

Here's what Victory in Iraq will look like.

CNN: Bush to call for 20 percent cut in gasoline use

Live Blogging the Libby Trial @ Firedoglake

How are wingers dealing with this?: Bush Urges Tax Increase

Terror Free Gas! Getcher Terror Free Gas right here!

Lynne Cheney has to sit with Pickles

When John (never saw a war he didn't like) Warner abandons your war plans, It's over.

Dick Chainy?

which states allow recall elections of senators?

Are American politicians dumber and more obnoxious than politicians in other western democracies?

lest we forget which Traitors are doing business with Iran

Will georgie say the word Iran tonight?

Come On Warner & CONS, Escort GW from Our WH!

Dems Opposed to Modest Veto Plan

With all that is being revealed in the Libby Trial,

"You can't learn something on Thursday that you're giving out on Monday," Fitzgerald said.

Why is CNN International slightly better than CNN's domestic service?

So when the angry countries of the world start nuking the US,

Pfizer to cut 10,000 jobs, close plants

CSPAN 3 - US Iraq Commander Hearings

So how many of you think that Bush will try with the SOTU to steal our issues?

Kucinich to Head Domestic Policy Subcommittee


Patrick McHenry...what a squeeky little shithead !

"I Need To Wake Up" Oscar-nominated theme of Inconvenient Truth - MUST WATCH!

Remember, if anyone listens to the SOTU

Adam Housley: "you're f‘d" will take time, time time. Hey, General, four years is enough.

I'm starting to feel sorry for Laura Bush.

I PROMISE that I will STFU about this...

Maliki Bans Officials from Speaking w/Journalists re Security

MSNBC: Libby defense blaming WH because they're protecting Rover

The war at home. It's about to get real ugly.

{Animal products} Not on the label (BBC)

Please kick & r up tuesday's signing thread

cheney picked himself for VP, can he pick his own successor?

LOL CNN front page picture of Bush is the BEST LOL yet....

Terror Free Oil? Paging Mr. Orwell... Paging Mr. Oilwell...

Libby Trial - Opening Statements underway

Is anyone watching the hearing on c-span with General Patreaus,lieberman said

This 20% decrease in gas use call on Bush's part is a red herring.


Al Gore 'thrilled' by Oscar nominations

Paul Krugman explains why tax haters love Bush's plan to tax 'gold-plated' health plans

Tonight on Countdown

The Mystery of the Libby Trial....

Anyone know anything about Lieberman fireworks at hearing today?

How low will * be next week in the polls?

CNN INTL: Is Bush already a Lame Duck?

Something to think about for those that dislike Hillary

Bush will call for 20 percent decrease in gas use...

Rename the Libby Trial: "Libby Throws Cheney Under the Bus"?

Limbaugh today, "things seem to be disintegrating all over the place."

Shades of SPIRO AGNEW !!!! Agnew goes, Nixon goes Ford in......

US: Reject Shoah Denial

Boy Hurt by Cannon Blast Feels Twice Wounded.

Just to lighten the mood a bit regarding the SOTU

SOTU in reality - rats are deserting the ship

Wes Clark: I will not tolerate anti-Semitic conspiracy webs to permeate the honest debate

Real time Blogging during SOTU

Military supporters bombard Wisconsin company with threats over e-mail to soldier

UN nuclear watchdog discusses with Iran its request for withdrawal of some inspectors

Interesting cartoon depicting one of Rove's heroes, Mark Hanna

Public Financing should be priority number 1A for our party.

At Princeton, a Parody Raises Questions of Bias

CNN: Update on Libby trial. Fitz just played an audio tape,

Snapshot of the block lists

Peace grannies take anti-war message to Capitol

This new General Petraeus doesn't know that when you find yourself in a hole you stop digging

One simple request for Nancy Pelosi tonight

Caught this on U Tube......Americans look pretty stupid....ugh....

Merkel showing her religious freakiness

Faux News NOT covering Libby case.

I never thought I'd admit it, but I miss

The Block List and the slippery slope.

The odds are that Cheney will not survive the next two years

Libby will say ANYTHING to avoid conviction.

HAHAHAHAHHA! - Libby's Lawyers blame Karl Rove!!!!!

Wild speculation about Cheney and the 2008 election

Wal-Mart Accused of Mislabeling Organics

ROFLMAO! Look at them squirm over *'s new taxes on health insurance

There must be Fifty Ways to Impeach A President

Thanks to SpiralHawk for giving us Fitzmas - Thu Oct-06-05

Iraqi official says private U.S. security helicopter shot down over Baghdad

Isn't 20% a little modest. How about 80%.

Edwards stressed "in order to ensure Iran never gets nuclear weapons, all options must remain on

I'll be watching Cheney's body language tonight at the SOTU

Jonathan Alter on Franken NOW: Re Libby. 1/23/07: 1:35 CST. n/t

HAR HAR.. tonight Cheney will be in full view as Chimpy gives SOTU

I remember how several of you turned on Fitzgerald.

Rush being slammed by the left today, bam, bam, bam....

I call dibs on having created the first Bush Speech Drinking Game

Where are the SOTU Drinking Game Rules?

Armchair policy makers: Post your plans to fix our health care system.

A few highlights to look for in tonight's STATE OF THE UNION

Freepers helping * with the SOTU (ROFL)


Bush to call for curb in gasoline consumption

My State of the Union bingo card!!

Deputy WH press Secretary-"People look forward to the SOTU, it's not just a beltway thing"

Burn the britches off a Tuesday and see it shine . . . please come CAPTION!!!

Republican talk heads were being too nice to Hillary last night on t.v.

Preview of Chimpy's SOTU

Which station will you choose for Chimpy's SOTU (and Dem response)?

You know--- it is kinda cool that we'll see a Lady sitting behind POTUS tonight.

Embattled VA Legislator proproses Juneteenth Commemoration..

Do the Independent Senators have to sit in the aisle?

What did * say would happen to the "Leaker?"

Why did Libby's lawyers want jurors who would trust Cheney?

Tim Ryan up on the House floor - 30-Something Work Group session?

An Irrelevant State of The Union by David Corn

Groundhog Day and the SOTU ;)

MSNBC: Nora O'Donnell asks,"Can Cheney survive?"

“Sure, I voted for Bush, and don’t like him now, but (insert personal problem here)”

Great quote from firedoglake.

When * infuriates you tonight, remember these moments

Does our participation in DU put us in danger of visits from Secret Service?

Bush sets agenda for skeptical Congress

Prosecutor says Libby destroyed Cheney memo

Please explain our Democracy, majority rule...etc?

Okay it's set....daughter and I coming to DC

Shit Hitting Fan:

Cheney Resignation Watch: Synchronize Your Watches, DU

Charlie Rangel on with Tucker now...

Travel to the US is down by 17% since 9/11

DU this poll..Are you disappointed in GWB?

Scant evidence found of Iran-Iraq arms link

Probably a stupid question...

Do you sometimes talk just to hear yourself talk...?

Andy Griffith vs Patriot Act

Will B* annouce Cheney retirement during SOTU tonite ?

*Twelve* days of Fitzmas? What can the other "11 days" bring

3059 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

today's Cafferty File

2006 Best Documentary Noms:

This CNN Obama "madrassa" debunk is a pretty big thing me-thinks.

Muslim Family Who Hid 26 Jews in Albania from the Nazis Honored by ADL

Tonight on TV-"Screwed"...With GW Bush as Ebenezer....

Attn: students attending the DC march this Saturday. A message from Campus Progess.

Question on 1994 State of the Union

The huge cost of running for President - is the game (almost) over before its begun?

Bush* will propose a TAX INCREASE for anyone who has health care.

Why do House Democrats want to let delegates vote in the Committee of the Whole?

Shut up liberals you are hurting the troops...

Libby a Scapegoat, His Lawyer Tells Jurors

Pension payouts for convicted lawmakers (AP)

Scooter Libby: What's his motivation?

E. Howard Hunt dead

Harold Ford's New Gay Marriage Problem

Thomas Jefferson's thoughts on the State of the Union Address

How many terras and 9/11 in Bush's oratory display tonight?

General Petraeus Was Told He Would Get More Troops If He Needed Them

Compare and Contrast: NY Times and WaPo headlines on same story

Granny Bee – Endless Cycle

Make sure you watch "our" president

Terror Toll: Travel to U.S. off 17 percent since 9/11 attacks-lost $15 billion in taxes 200,000 jobs

MSNBC had updated their 'memo' story - Prosecutor: Libby 'wiped out' Cheney memo

Bush supporters are destroying the Republican Party.....

So do we have a drinking (and/or smoking) game on deck for tonight?

Which RW'er would you rather host a Cable News show with?

I posted about Steven Stayner last week. Look at what happened to Parnell:

Funny, smart, well-read, man of truth, and what a bunch of hogwash =

Is there a story behind all the Oooga Booga Wooga Schmooga posts?

Blanco calls for federal Katrina probe---Ex-director says White House tried to foil governor

I bet something BIG happens today and there will be no State of the Union speech

Jonathan Alter said Cheney should have been charged as "an unindicted co-conspirator, at the least."

Bumper stickers for 2007

Asia stuck with dollar dilemma

The members of Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Was Fitz in the WH crosshairs when they changed the law

Impeachment is too good for his ass, let's focus beyond it.

SOTU excerpts (courtesy of Sludge)

After the Libby trial is done... Mud will Have

MSNBC after break - Tucker to cover Cheney/Libby trial n/t

Archive of Sen. Clinton's webchat from yesterday is available

It's only been a month and...

Anyone watching Mike Allen Raving about "The Politico" on WJ this a.m.?

HuffPo: Transcript of Murtha's testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Cmte

My local server claims that there is a nationwide problem right now

Do you think the Repubs would ever launch a military coup?

You aren't a REAL Democratic Undeground...unless you CLIK this LINK!

Ever thought about kicking the e-mail habit?

Polish reporter Kapuscinski dies (BBC) (1932-2007)

Gee, Libby doesn't look like

So, Did Cheney Order the Code Red?

ED SCHULTZ: "Hillary's Staff - Treat Us Like Dirt"

Hey MSM talking heads!! Fuck the SOTU....

Army Times: Most of case workers for severely wounded soldiers laid off!

Tucker's Carlson's dad contributed big bucks to Libby's defense fund

I heard Bush will quote the Shakespeares tonight

Getting Cheney on the Stand will be a fishing expedition for Perjury

Several DUers wanted to see Hillary's video from last night.

So what ELSE is on TV at 9PM Eastrn Tonight?

Paying the Farm Bill :: Why federal farm support deserves a fresh look

Just watched the Faux Newz report on the Libby trial

WHAT in sam hell did the Clinton's (supposedly) do to Dick Morris??

I can't believe Bush is actually going to propose a new tax on the middle class.

Why are RW groups that 'fight' 'liberal media bias' fighting against media REFORM?

French Priest And Homeless Advocate Dies At 94

Food Sovereignty at the World Social Forum

TPM - Video your response to the SOTU

Will any Human-Animal hybrids attend tonights SOTU?

Impeach president, try him for war crimes

White House correspondents dinner speaker: Rich Little! Sure to outdo Colbert


For those that missed Hillary's web chat last night, it is now archived on her website

We've done some maintenance to the General Discussion forum

Iraq has heroes, so where are their medals?

We are never going to not have wars are we .

5 deferment Dick now hides behind his daughters' skirts

Does everyone realize how much everyone in Louisiana laughed at Webb's

Bush Will Not Mention Katrina In State Of The Union

Color me shocked: Bush Will Not Mention Katrina In State Of The Union

hee hee -- I've found my new nickname for * !!

Tell us about your service on a jury.

C&L: Olbermann slam the "Fox Nothing Channel"

The Swiftboating Begins - The Right Smears Obama

"Insight" responds re: Obama "madrassa," but doesn't address veracity of story

bush leads the country over a cliff, and tells us the fall will feel good..

MSNBC poll-your opinion of the state of the union

Get Ready DU

Liz Cheney Slams Pelosi For Phrase Bush Officials Have Used Repeatedly

If I was President . . .

Poll: Who does Norah O'Donnell most resemble, and don't you wish you had her makeup stock?

Buchanan (Pat) just said Webb's response is powerful.

Happy 90th birthday, Ernest Borgnine

Jim Webb is an excellent choice for the follow up....

Will bush make any mention of the guy who supposedly attacked us?

After Rich Little, who will Bush let host The White House Correspondents Dinner next?

WEBB response ::: full text here ::: 'The President took us into this war recklessly'...

Pie chart for Bush approval

What is wrong with Dennis Miller.

I just saw a commercial on MSNBC. Some group claims...

Madame Speaker

Fitzgerald is not playing a game



Drudge, Wingnuts shut down Senate site

Does Lieberman give Bush tongue tonight?...........

Ten SOTU predictions!! Add yours!!

Has anyone been to the MSN homepage?


F*cker Carlson calls Fitzgerald "A prosecutor out of control"

Watching the coverage tonight reminds me of the weekend before the November 7 elections - BAD NEWS

Speed Matters

Drudge has leaked Jim Webb's response to Bush

Instead of thunderous applause for Bush tonight, wouldn't it be

Evangelicals, Benny Hinn, TBN, and The Prosperity Gospel

Washington D.C. will be beautiful this spring. (Im) Peach Blossoms all over.

Oh my! Let's hope they don't all get bombed at the SOTU...

Doomsday scenario: AG Gonzo will take over and be pres...

Official "Rachel Maddow Show" State of the Union 2007 Drinking Game

Letter to the Editor Results in Secret Service Visit

Gore Sells Out Idaho's 10,000 Seat Taco Bell Arena "Faster Than Elton John"

3060 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Why does Dick Cheney hate America?

In spite of the hoopla over Obama and Hillary...(Webb's response)

If this be treason, then....(US Code: TITLE 18 PART I CHAPTER 115 § 2381)

I will send a personal check for $2000 to any Dem. Rep that yells "Impeach!" during the SOTU.

E. Howard Hunt DEAD at 88

Do they have to clap for Chimp tonight?

Today's prayer for Bush in Freep-land....

KO is fact-checking *'s previous SOTUs for truthiness.

DU Drinking Game Checklist

Oh Boy....

Shit. The regular TV schedule is all screwed up.

why watch the Bush

How many times will the President:

Heard this morning on Glenn Beck...(Re: Bush)

So many threads in Greatest with archived documents as destinations

Did I hear Deadeye Dick getting BOO's?

Is Scooter Libby shooting for a pardon?

Do our representatives HAVE to clap when the chimp walks in? Why would they?

"It was impossible to get a conversation going; everybody was talking too much."

Bush has a "It's a wonderful life" moment while waiting to make SOTU Address:'s everyone feeling today?

*** Official Pre-SOTU Speech thread ***

"Scootergate": Armitage Associates and Halliburton/KBR, Or "The Missing Motive"

OK, who kidnapped Hillary Clinton, and who is her replacement?

Madame Speaker!

How many SOTUs has this guy given?

"Fox NOISE Channel!"

The Cheney/Bush/Nixon's Ghost/Rove/Matalin/bfee SOTU Address 2007...

Why does FOX news say the nation is at war?

One wonders what Cheney and Pelosi are talking about

Cheney does not look happy standing next to Nancy...

Ladies & Gentlemen, let the speechification begin!

Madame Speaker, the President of the United States!


Why the Hell did the Sargent of Arms not say Madame Speaker?

does the boy king look heavily medicated to you or what

Atrios: Lazy bastard pre-taped it so he could get to bed early.

****which OFFICIAL STATE OF THE UNION THREAD do I click on?****

"Madame Speaker, The President of the United States..."

Media Matters: CNN Echoed WSJ Assertion that Only Dems Face Electability Questions

SOTU observation

How many applause lines do you suppose are written into *'s SOTU speech?

Where can I watch Webb's response to the State of the Union Address?

Bush is going to link Al Qaeda, Iraq and IRAN in SOTU!


Official Freep Repugnik SOTU / Bushler adoration thread here

Bush is giving dap to Nancy Pelosi.

Whole SOTU up at Think Progress

why this feeling of dread? WHY do I worry about tonite's speech?

Oh Fish AL SOTU Snark Thread ...... we do rumors too

If Dimbulb says the "Democrat" party the Dems should boo like hell

Webb Calls for Diplomacy in Iraq


Ted Kenneyd either has a headache or he is tired of the

Democrat-IC majority, you idiot!

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 2 ***

Did you hear that Harry Reid said he will not accommodate the traveling schedules of the candidates

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread ***

earmarks-- what about your signing statements dimwit?

Charlie Norwood!?!?!? He's my Congressman! What happened?

Sounds like Hillary wants to make Bill the Ambassador to the UN in her administration

I swear to God I'm going to hurl! ENOUGH!

Remember how obnoxious the GOP was to Clinton during the 95 SOTU?

The War Crime President just got into a gas guzzling limo with Laura for

"But Wait! There's More!" - Bush's Health Insurance Infomercial

Six years into this fucking administration and now he thinks we need to balance the budget?

Bush's 2001 "Energy Plan" - a walk down memory lane

"Ya gonna introduce me?"

VT Sen. Leahy just had an evil grin in reponse to malpractice reform.

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 3 ***

I can't bear to watch......How high is the bullshit pile right now?


"...From woodchips to grasses to agricultural waste." Does that appear in

My GAWD the look on all the reps faces is amazing

I just took the Jeopardy Online Contestant test, and I blew it big time!

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 4 ***

Rage Against The Machine to reunite for one night only

This is a freakin' Bill Clinton speech.

I take it he's not going to discuss Iraq.

I hope that's straight vodka in his glass....

tweety's drivel is making me hurl


have they shown the whole floor.. not just the same 20 people that chear

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 5 ***

wtf? a pox on the whole house.

I"d pay money to see Nancy take her gavel and bang * on top of his head.

I'm SO scared! FEAR, fear, fear!!! AKA: BS in my book!

Has he said Iraq yet?

lol - he's going for the gusto!! He mentioned OSAMA!!!


Copy Of Bush's 2007 SOTU Address Leaked!!

George Bush Speaks Truth

Ok at 9:45 he's said the word Iraqi twice

Is Bush talking about terrorists or himself

Is Grassley on drugs?

LOL - Look at Cheney

Is it me or is Bush trying to be like a *gasp* Democrat

Every time Bush talks about fighting our enemies, Pelosi is up first

Uh George. If you wanna balance the budget, why don't you visit Bill Clinton?

Terrorist don't scare scare me idiot!

Re Re Re- ceived....

So nice to see nothing has changed with the BFEE.

B*** CANNOT talk worth a shit tonight. n/t


We already lost the war in Iraq! n/t

No Child Left Behind has worked? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

30min without mentioning Iraq/9-11, he must have set a personal record...

Every stutter is a lie -- how many has it been so far?

Don't you dare, just don't you DARE tell us Iran

...and then there was a shot, and another

What a tepid speech.

Ranks as in numbers, or quality of?

Why the hell does McCain keep winking?

Why are cops the only job where police dies and a) You get to hear Amazing Grace

bush just went Nuck lur

Pelosi and crashcart have the same looks on their faces!

Procedural Inquiry: Blocking option and Official threads.

DU Ham Radio ... the ultimate backup. HAMS check-in.

OMG, McCain was fucking taking a nap!!!!!!!!!

I know exactly what Pelosi is thinking...

Have they shown Joe Lieberman yet?

Near Staunton, Va - saw a fiery object streak across sky, low on the horizon and break apart...

The absence of passion. * is a puppet reading a teleprompter.

What the fuck is Cheney sucking on?

Hey *...Send in the twins...

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 7 ***

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 6 ***

Members of the Democratic Black Caucus Rule

This speech reminds me of..


How about Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys his grandparents..

Don't forget the official dem response from Webb is coming up...

That dude was freaking TALL.

Who is this African dude?

My TiVo Gave Up the Ghost and Changed from the SOTU!

A Freeper says what?......

The SOTU wouldn't be complete with a lining of Disabled Veterans.

Oh boo fucking we can cry cause of all these SUCCESSFUL




Seriously... Do the Repugs hire people to cheer at the SOTU?

He finally got around to the Veterans. n/t

Listen, you asshole, we wouldn't have gone through so much and

Chaos is the ...their greatest allie??????????/WTF

What is "price transparency"?


Now we know: Condi's M.E. trip was a SOTU SHOW-PONY...

Even for the shrub, this is an extremely poorly delivered speech.

Umm, Mr. President, the word we were waiting for is IRAQ...

Debunking HANNITY's smear of CARTER ("so-called holocaust")

Who is giving the Democratic Response?

To see Madam Speaker behind Dimson, I will watch the SOTU tonight

Holy Land?

Volunteer Civilian Corp...HELL NO!

McCain CAN'T stop saying "mmmm" and "yep" to ABC's Anchor

Meet Dennis Kucinich Friday the 26th in DC

So what's the going rate for the autograph of a war criminal?

Let me see if I understand, our President just declared war

sgt.tommy reiman

"filming childrens videos in her basement" oh really?

Sorry but baby einstein is a rip off don't buy!

Riddle: How do you get 30 when subtracting 1 from 29?

Live TV blogging of CBC coverage of the event! --- What the American MSM won't report!

That was the strangest SOTU I've ever seen.

As a parent, I would totally be booing the Baby Einstein Lady...

That's it, Moms! Boycott Baby Einstein now!

Would *you* be clapping?

Baby Einstein!!

I hope the message the American people get tonight is 'We need to Wake Up'

These democrats are cowards, I am sick of this shit

The Piece by Piece takedown...

the youtube sotu is awesome!!!

Clapping: So some of you would like the Media to be distracted 24x7 if the dems didn't clap

How Long Do We Have To Wait for Webb's Rebuttal?


No worries EJ Dionne will now tell us what to think

A Civilian Fucking Corps. >>>>

Who's the woman in the white suit that was nearly drooling on the Shrub and

Obama is sitting next to Kennedy

"Debt relief to lift people out of poverty"

Is Lieberman going to be the new...

Hey...There's an improvement!

well, that was odd...

Not good enough, Hillary. Not nearly good enough

Creating the scenario of nightmares now -artfulness at its best!

Just To Recap - We're Sending In 20,000 Troops, Dikembe Mutombo and Baby Eienstein to Iraq....

I Want the Poster of the Still Frame of Condi Just Now on MSNBC

Bush came out for women's choice, and didn't even know it.

Chairman Waxman's Reponse to SOTU


Hillary Clinton's "Conversation" for January 23 [PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT]

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 8 ***

** Smirk Launches Another Torpedo To Sink Social Security! **

Lindsey Graham thinks it's one of shrubs better speeches

Madam Speaker! I love it. Nancy Pelosi is a pure class act.

Wow, that was just godawful by any standard imaginable...

dear god,how do these people justify this with a straight face?

Brian Williams (NBC) the democratic response... "republican senator..."

Reid & Pelosi: "Unfortunately, tonight the President demonstrated he has not listened to Americans'

Lindsay Graham is doing his Mr Rogers imitation with tweety.

There's no doubt now. Rove's got to have pix of Lindsay Graham.

Gag me. Lindsay Graham on MSNBC.

"Mr. President, you have been pwned!!!!1111"


Patrick Fitzgerald brings "the sixteen words" into court


WHY is he bringing up Dikembe Mutombo?

"Two More Years! Two More Years!"

My God, he is insane.

Chris Matthews is an asshole!!

Did I hear Brian Williams right just now?

Anybody else see it as an obvious tax cut?

Perceptions thanks to a couple of notes:

New Orleans - though you may have heard the SOTU - - - GW apparently does not hear you...

In Re Jim Webb

Question: Is Obama going to give an interview...

Bush said Iraq/Iraqi 34 times, Terror/ism/ist 22 times, North Korea 0

Never mind Poland, He forgot North Korea!

Do NOT miss Jim Webb's response to the SOTUS.

Someone PLEASE give Laura Bush a fashion makeover

I watched The Sopranos instead.

Sen. Clinton talking to Tweety- Now OBAMA is on

OMG! I just figured out the 100 hrs. It was to beat Bush before the

Doubling the Oil Reserve = War with Iran

*** Official Democratic Rebuttal to the SOTU Speech Thread *** Go WEBB!

Red Dress Woman Shaking Hands: "We Can't Wait For President Jeb Bush"


The Most Ignorant 28-30% - C-Span, SOTUS Day Callers...

Flashback: Bush Didn't Know There Were Sunni And Shiite Muslims Two Months Before Invading Iraq

Any polls out yet regarding the speech? CNN? MSNBC? nt

Hillary's SOTU response on MSNBC .

Hillary could make Bill Secretary of State or how about him as VP

Hillary looked great on MSNBC and she seemed so

Cluster@#K To The Whitehouse!

Does anyone know Webb's e-mail address? Here are his fax/phone/

MSNBC talking about * saying "Democrat" instead of "Democratic"

If this guy on the phone (CSPAN) is an Iraqi vet

What is Joe Scarborough smoking?

how does the attorney general ensure continuity of government?

****official Cheney watching thread****

A Quote To Ponder

Dana Rohrabacher (R-Cuckoo) just laid into Bush over immigration...

Take the Climate Challenge - Become President of Europe and fix Global Warming...

My dream ticket: Webb/McCaskill!

State Farm Caves on Katrina Claims - Congress to Investigate

Tucker Carlson slams John McCain for sleeping tonight

Has Norah O'Bitchell

bush sucked up to the dems tonight n/t

The U.S.A.S.S.R. Files: Man's Letter to the Editor results in Secret Service visit

Did he just propose starting a mercenary army?

Bush pledged 92,000 troops tonight to Iraq

C&L video:Sen. Webb’s Democratic Response to the SoTU

Wow! One entire sentence, at least eight or nine seconds for climate!

Joshua Micha Marshall on CSPAN-1

I clapped for bush as well, really.

Bush almost touched Pelosi's breast

Terry McAuliffe on TDS; He is Hillary's campaign chairman

Ya wanna read Jim Webbs response? Well here ya go.

Colbert is making a good point right now.

BRAD BLOG: Pelosi on Webb's SOTU Response; Blackwell Bonuses Busted; Luntz is a Liar; MORE...

Vote in Fox 'News' Text Message Poll

Parallel realities (including delusion)...Pat Buchanon...what did you see??

I love seeing Olbermann out front on the MSNBC commentary!


As I always say, Bush is good for laughs!

Reviewing that speech, who believes any changes will be made?

W was painful. HOWEVER...

CNN poll just went up - link below

Murdoch enters bid battle for Tribune

Well, let's see if I understand this right...

McCain has fallen asleep!

I had the WORST TERRIFYING nightmare of my life last nite. Woke up in a cold sweat.

Edwards looking presidential on MSNBC. Very professional backdrop,

No guarantees for Iraq plan, says general in charge

Crooks and Liars has Webb's Response Available

5 More Americans Killed in Iraq Copter Crash

David Shuster on Hardball: "Cheney could be considered

Just relistened to the Webb speech.....

we are spending an average of $8 billion per month in Iraq

After listening to Webb's speech tonight do you now understand

I think Wesley Autry (subway hero) has gotton the biggest ovation

Word search on *'s SOTU speeches

Well worth watching - Josh Marshall's YouTube response to SOTU

Scarborough "just call them what they want to be called"

Edwards is up next on InsHannity and Colmie, on Fox!

What has been the silliest counterattack a RW'er has used to win an argument?

(I kid you not) MSNBC wants to know: Were Democrats sufficiently respectful?

MSNBC picking up on Bush's conflation of Iran and Al Qaeda.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! for Live Mike Comments

*** Official SOTU Speech Thread 9 ***

Did Tweety just say

What was not said in the SOTU::

POLL: In response to the GLOBAL WARMING climate crisis you have.....

Grade Webb's Democratic Response

State of Bush's Iraq Deception

Please speak Webb's & Wes Clark's words to all you meet

Russia completes Iran missile deliveries-Tass


Yikes, Blinky!

Viva_La_Revolution, I salute you...

So, how much of a bump will Idiot Son get out of this?

To those of you who will not vote for Hillary under any circumstances even in the general election..

Another poll to take about the SOTU address

Don't miss Emptywheel's LIVEBLOGGING OF THE LIBBY TRIAL at firedoglake!

Communist Party USA on CNBC

Vote in this CSpan Poll

For the first time in the history of the world tonight...

And over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

You want to balance the budget?

More outrageous remarks about Shawn Hornbeck on O'Reilly Factor

A preemptive DU response to *'s SOTU. . ."Ooga, Booga, Smooga, Wooga"

I hated bush before hating bush was cool.

New York Times says Bush, Cheney & Gonzales "RETREAT AND CHEAT"

ABC: Did Bush Tell a Tall Tale re: Dikembe Mutombo ?

"Voluntary Civilian Reserve?" is he talking mercenaries?

The chimpster thinks he is a rock star

Crazy Neighbors With Guns

KO...Joe Scarborough, The former "Republic" Congressman

Give your State of The Union:

An Old Cholesterol Remedy Is New Again (Niacin) - NYT

Time to vote! ABC news poll - link below

Is humanity an evolutionary mistake?

My Definition of "War as a last resort is..."

Gap ousts CEO

I would give a million dollars if Nancy Pelosi would start mouthing...

Pete Seeger's book "The Deaf Musicians" wins kids book award . . .

If he just walked out and took a dump on stage.. the media would say how much it smell like roses..

McCain looked HORRIBLE on TV, old wrinkly like a prune

What Iran’s president DID NOT say

It is Global Warming not Climate Change

I had a chance to discuss with Chris Matthews and...

Thank you BBC -- I love this picture of Nancy looking at *


Hey "Doctor" Laura, How's your boy?

Tweety: KindaSleezy looked like a mummy tonight

POLL TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MSNBC

Bush faces his own Ruby Ridge or Waco in New Hampshire as domestic terrorist militia nuts take stand

tony snowe said the speech was full of diamonds

*** Tuesday TOONs: SOTU ***

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

LOL This is NO joke!! An Ad in our local paper. Vilas County News Review

Just e-mailed a thumbs up to Webb. Here's the link.

9/11 officer dies a couple of hours before his son attends SOTU as guest of Sen. Clinton

Local radio wingnut talkshow host spells out blueprint for trashing HRC

Double the current capacity of strategic oil reserves? Why does that

This is the scandal behind the scandal - The Niger documents were fake

Rep. Adam Putz (R-FL) makes me want to

If ever there was a time for these bastards to have a "terrorist" attack, it is now.

Tucker Carlson criticizes Fitzgerald without full disclosure about his father's involvement

the bush..."presidency" has REALLY dampened my political spirit

Come on Hillary, denounce bush's war already, you'll be glad you did.

Garrison Keillor: Now the do-nothing GOP Congress has melted away -- let the oversight begin.

TUESDAY "Here in Spirit" signing thread!

The "Demonization" of Muslims and the Battle for Oil

Why is Pelosi clapping?

On NPR this afternoon. Simpson & Mitchell-former senators

Kerry's answer to Bush

Webb response transcript.

Katrina is SO yesterday

Laura claps like a dumbazz and looked hideous

January 23, 1973 - Nixon announces that an agreement has been reached which ends the Vietnam War

An Inconvenient Truth Scores Two Oscar Nominations!

While * is at 28% ... Gore Documentary nom'd for Academy Award

Censorship Gone Mad

The Dilemma of Ari's Alienation (Plame Thread #4)

Nominating HRC, will bring every rightwingnut out in droves...

Casualty list of 27 US dead starting to come in.

Better dust off "American Judas"

Second aircraft carrier group headed to Iran! What incredible timing!

"Are you optimistic about the future?" . . .


Ed Shultz on Tucker now, 5:34pmCT, talking about Libby trial. nt

My e-mail to MSNBC

Block lists are now public

hahaha-Guess who's on the Situation Room tomorrow?

Did You Know Webb Tore Up the Speech He Was Given By the Dem. Party?

Washington Post readers respond to Liz Cheney

LIzCheney-leaking Plame's name HELPED THE TERRISTS

Sorry, but I've run out of sympathy for DUers who constantly

Ha Ha --Mary Matalin is on the Scooter Libby Legal Defense Trust

The Third Annual Summarize the SOTU Competition Is ON!

Cindy Sheehan: Make Congress Do Something!

Free Kucinich Bumper Stickers!

Did Cheney just take an angina pill for his heart? n/t

America is not a Democracy

Vanishing criminals - Bremer, Card, Rummy.....

Possible Libby Trial Witnesses

Did somebody say "Enron?"

Rep. Adam Putnam (R- FL) on CSPAN "I think it was a Great Speech..."

So, did he propose anything "new" or worth 48 hours of Cable News "air" time?

* MUST SEE: Middle Eastern & US Students Discuss Issues of War, Religion, Values, Sex *

Just remember these same DC news insiders KNEW the WH outed Plame but chose

Does anyone know of a good book/article that makes the case for Labor Unions?

Libby to Cheney: "I will not be sacrificed so Karl Rove can be protected."

Jan 28th, We the People are going to Meet the Press

a new group.......

Chris Matthews is AWFUL. To make it worse- he gets PAID for this drivel!!

Freepers, if we need to keep illegals out to save American jobs,

Once upon a time there were journalists

Boy Put In 'Body Sock' At School Outrages Parent (WTF??)

Did Kissinger say, Its more secure to be an enemy, rather friend of the USA?

Defense Attorney Files Motion Challenging Gonzales' FIRING Of US Attorneys

The audience is filled with professional observers/applauders

Dick Cheney is a traitor. n/t

Will you take the pledge? I will not engage in mud-slinging against our Democratic candidates

A huge list of my favorite freeptard quotes

Jesus in the Jungle - how the F hard can it all freakin be folks????

A question for those that "supported the war"

MSNBC 'Breaking News': CHENEY "deeply involved" in CIA leak case!!

Palestinian Students attacked at Guilford College

And how will we know when women have really become an equal part

In the end, I think the Democrats were WAY TOO FREAKIN' NICE to Bush at the SOTU

Feds: 1 Penny May Be Worth 5 Cents?

They clapped!!!111 They clapped!!!111 Off with their heads!!!111

New Logo for TODAY's republican party!

I'm going to side with the ladies on Nancy


Did you notice? Shrub referred to the" DEMOCRAT" majority?

Washington Post Reveals Gov't Mind Control Horrors: talks tin foil hats

Blackwater chopper shot down in Baghdad, 5 dead

Police Slash Tents of Homeless People

(((((((( ((((((((WEBB))))))) ))))))))))

I am so proud of Nancy Pelosi.

Dean Responds to President Bush's State of the Union Address

This Saturday, march with the Iraq Freedom Contingent!

In the Year 2007, When Traffic Sucks, Global Warming: Managers Still Say "No" To Telecommuting.

The ugliest car in the world... maybe but it produces it's own energy...

3-yr old kicked off plane after throwing tantrum

Uh...Mr. Gore----it's yours for the taking... It really is.

***** PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS (1-800-459-1887) - MIN. WAGE! Send a message, too. *****

Fact Check Party - TONIGHT - 9pm EST - Here at DU !!!!

An observation about "ties"....

101 Dumbest Moments in Business (2006)

Ex-dictator Noriega to be released Sept. 9

Molly Ivins on Hillary Clinton and why she will NOT vote for her...

Say hello to the Draft


Dennis Kucinich is not a viable candidate because the Corporate News Media says he isn't viable.

Congressional Black Caucus Won't Admit White Member

Freepers getting their "patties all waded up!"

Plame investigation demands another look at "suicide".

Hillary Clinton is a paid advertiser of DU - her ad is plastered on DU's main page

Meeting about voter concerns in Tallahassee tomorrow.

Political Training Academy Schedule

Which of the following '08 Wannabe's mentions..

FYI: I'm going to be making some changes to the site

"As a friend of mine said the other day, I'm the most famous woman that nobody knows."

Edwards rails against troop increase for Iraq

The media is recrafting is reporting on Iraq [again...]

Have you already signed the DSCC petition against the escalation in Iraq?

From Gay Sex to Romney (Maoist anti-gay fag-hag Brian Camenker vs The Mittenfuhrer)

McCain Bashes Cheney Over Iraq Policy

Randi Rhodes: Will she

"Female politicians have risen to new power and prominence...surrounded by reminders of motherhood."

In defense of maturity

Hearts and Minds in the Democratic Party

Details Emerge About Possible [Iraqi] Terror Threat

C-Span caller: "Bush**s State of Denial address"

What a catch! Der Mittenfuhrer gets big endorsement from MasturGate figure Dennis Hastert

Democrats frame State of Union response

Is The Surge Is Already Producing Results?

Hey Rupert what's the Soup of the Day?

What can we do about this???

So CBS has Bush down to 28% - I simply cannot believe I lived to see

(fixed) Funny or scarey-true? "The state of the union would be a whole lot better if..."

New (progressive) Coalition Aims to Keep Democrats in Check

I Saw Hillary on ABC News last nite - she was really impressive.

Are you really ready for all this?

Bush's successes in Iraq

Hillary Clinton's Webcast

Brownie: Party politics played role in Katrina response

Holy Craptacular, Batman! I don't see ANY good numbers here for the Bush Presidency!

Can you be progressive and pragmatic? I think so.

Fox turns SOTU into a vote-off freakshow

What a difference a year makes ......

Bush: "State of the Ruination"

Bush's approval down? Pull out the fear card.

States with or considering presidential contests in early Feb

Visuals from tonights SOTU. I predict there will be some interesting

Ante to wage a "serious" Presidential campaign: $50 million raised by December 31

Poll: what Dem candidate do you support?

Biden sees large vote against Bush Iraq plan (Reuters)

Another Bush failure-Big trouble in Lebanon!

Let's have fun with the SOTU tonight (GAME) ...

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: The Pathetic Bleatings of a Dead Ideology

Jon Kyl Shills Just Like Judd Gregg

No matter what the right-wing claims we have had a plan for Iraq for a long time

Clinton Woos Black Vote, Targets Obama

You can't have it both ways, Ed Schultz

Bernie Ward - On Hillary

which progressive organizations do you trust?

Minimum Wage Front And Center In Senate

Our Greatest Looming Threat

Is Bush already a lame duck?

Anyone else having trouble with Firedoglake?

Anybody seen this BS floating around?

Let's define Victory, OUR VICTORY OVER THE BUSHCO crime family - Us Pajama'deens

'08 race starts tonight-expect many reaction shots of the already announced

Who are the peace candidates for 08?

Hillary Names Bigfoot as Her Running Mate!

McAuliffe on MSNBC: Polls Mean Nothing!

Funny to say I know, but I think the Dick himself is phucked! Fizzy is going to deliver

"Whatever it takes"

AllHatNoCattle's picture of Bush and Friends at the SOTU

A sound, sure fire plan for Bush to save his presidency ....

Brown: Bush played politics during Katrina

Pre - Post SOTU Spin-Meister Lineup

Little Shit Bobby Jindal running for Governor of Louisiana

What's the big deal about the SOTU

Boy, Right Wing is really going after Obama.

Daily Kos January Straw Poll ... 22,564 responses

Hillary Clinton buys ads on wingnut blogs

Jim VandeHei and John Harris announce first online issue of "Politico"

I just remembered that Wolfe is having Cheney for an interview on Wednesday night.

HAH...Scooters DEFENSE is blaming Rove!

Does anyone else find Noron's cackle irritating..

Is there a Joementum pool for the # of times he stands and applauds

NY Post front page: First Man: How Bill Will Support Hill's Run

Will Bush run to the center to try to save presidency?

I will NOT be watching the SOTU...

One Graphic To Give Republicans Heartburn

Governor Dean on TV this afternoon, and some radio links.

It would be sad if, after neither Clinton nor Obama gets the nomination

Are members here actually going to watch the SOTU address?

Two helicopters shot down in Iraq since Saturday

McCain is losing ground big time: he just bashed Cheney put a fork in him he's DONE!!!!

The ONLY reason I am gonna watch the SOTU...

Here's what I'm looking for tonight....

What will get higher TV ratings...

SOTU - advance excerpts as of 8pm EST

Please do not get too excited over the Libby trial yet...

I can't bear to watch the start of the SOTU

Cheney approval sinks to all-time low

An Email from John Conyers....1st 100 hours

Senator Webb Doesn't Sit Well With Right Wing

"...where new pictures and information are arriving...all the time..."

The "Count Every Vote Act"...don't know much about it...

President Bush Sucks!

The only thing I want tohear tonight is...

Great first line....

The Democrat majority!

Gonzales not attending SOTU.

Are you going to watch Asshole live tonight when he gives his SOTU address?

When was the last time Bush shot a gun?

Webb to deliver an Agressive Rebuttal to Bush Iraq Policy

Full SOTU Transcript (Bush)

There is one improvement over last year's SOTU:

Alternative viewing to Bush's stay the course of the union.

Anybody listening to the SOTU on Malloy's show?

Where does it say how many DU'ers are loggedon right now?

Battery Research? What?

He does not have to look far to find the real terrorists he is sitting behind him!

He meant to say Unlawful and Un-Democratic means!

Bush is about to talk about Iraq and Iran, heads up!!!

I hope no one pops a paper bag near Cheeeeeney's ear.

Has * ever kept ANY of his promises from any SOTU?

So Where Has Edwards been the last few days.

okay, I know this is a bit late--but I was occupied after I heard this--WHEN did the media start

anybody else going to watch the Hillary web cast in 10 minutes?

New Iowa Poll (Strategic Vision): Edwards 25%; Obama 17%; Vilsack 16%; Clinton 15%

Ok , now I can say to my Congressman, "Climate Change" is officially

HRC says "you know" waaay too much. (on with KO now)


OMG! Laughing My ASS Off At Mike's SOTU Commentary!

BobcatJH's SOTU liveblog

Am I the only one sick and tired of Bush trying to scare us to death

An updated Webb Rebuttal

What must the world think to see our Congress applauding that fool?

Not exactly mobbing the little emperor are they,

Deja vu...heard lots of the SOTU past 5 years!

Webb NAILING it; best response I've heard in years.

Congrats Virginians - Webb is doing a fantasitc job.

I am waiting for a reference to Katrina and New Orleans.

Hillary Announces NO Public Financing for Her Campaign. Cafferty says Big IOU Coming

How cool is it that Bush had to start his speech by kissing Nancy Pelosi's you-know-what?

Webb just gave the Dem response on 8 TV networks. Lots of viewers tonight! nt

Webbs Rebuttal

For those who have Webbs rebutal....

Anybody listening to these asswipes on CBS. Bob Schiffer (or whatever)

Bu**sh** going for school vouchers again (CNN)

Not one word about New Orleans

What Happened to the Pledge so many of us took?

Two black people in the President's box - and one of them ends up next to Laura

Who's the Repuke pundit on CNN with the bad hair?

How Many more times will we hear "The Democrats have no plan"???

Can anyone give a link to Webb's speech?

When Bush Said He Will Ask Congress...

Tonight, why in the hell did so many Democrats want ...

If you don't believe in election fraud, remember Jim Webb barely beat George Allen.

is tom brokaw a complete idiot, or does he just think WE are? on KO's program tonight, I heard that

SOTU speech gets 85% "Excellent" rating

Kerry Says Bush Address Ignores America’s Priorities

A friend of ours called & said she was disappointed in Nancy Pelosi's body language

Nothing about our veterans again!

Children have a right to live in peace.....

Since Nancy Pelosi broke the glass ceiling of Congress it stands to reason

Fox News is asking everyone to Rate Bush SOTU Address

Webb for Allen was the best deal since the Louisiana Purchase!

The latest "gem" from Liz Cheney - WP editorial

McCain is angling for Pres in 08 AND Cheney's replacement this year.

G.W.B. may have lost his speechwriter tonight, but the Democratic Party found theirs.

And don't forget Valerie Plame was not an undercover agent

Democratic Response SOTU Transcript (Webb)

What was with the promo of the Baby Einstein woman? Do the Bush's have stock?

MSNBC, others: Cheney up to his ass in Plame outing ......

Powerful! Jim Webb spoke for me!

Webb's last line...Brilliant.

Here is that MSNBC Still Frame of Condi. Enjoy

Tears. Jim Webb just brought me to tears

Guests at state of the union?

Say Goodbye To Dicky ScumBag.....

Any brave souls venture over to Freepland yet?

The million phone march to end the war.

BREAKING: Libby Destroyed Evidence Prior To Testifying, Cheney ‘Deeply Involved’

Who Watches Olbermann? (Question From Freeper)

Gore/Webb 2008 ? Could America do better?

"You don't have to be Steven Hawking to know that one of Mrs. Pelosi's outfits costs more than

And what the heck was Bush meaning talking about a "civilian volunteer corps"??

Not just for the nation or the world, but also for DU: Run Al, Run!

The days of an empty suit president are over

BushCo Rides to Rescue of Falling Oil Prices ...

ABC Breaking - Libby To Prove He Was A Scapegoat for Rove

Sixteen Words and the Trial of Scooter Libby By Jason Leopold

Clark questions legitimacy of Iraq war in campus lecture

New poll...this time one with Gore included.

Dean on Hardball says he is offended by Bush's health care plan. Video.

Hillary Supports Civil Unions.

If Obama loses the nomination, I'd like him as Secretary of State

BTW the 21, 000 or more Iraq surge soldiers

I wish our candidates would stop running until after impeachment