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Archives: December 9, 2007

The Planned Collapse of America By Peter Chamberlin

Progressive Change in Venezuela

Discredited Ohio Congressman Ney's Iran links almost mattered


Kucinich isn't neglecting constituents' problems - or the country's

Keep Out the Faithless!!

As Iraqis Vie for Kirkuk’s Oil, Kurds Become Pawns - NY Times

Top 10 Ways To Identify An Evangelical Republican

Fujimori trial a moment of truth

Obama's WSJ Op-Ed: Homeland Insecurity

Court Intrigue for Dickie Scruggs: Clash between trial lawyers and corporate America

Bush's Last Laugh: Whether Moron Or Liar, Who Cares?

CIA Tape Scandal: News Outlets Struggle With Word 'Torture'

This story will make your blood run cold.

Bob Herbert: Spies Like You and Me

Should Kucinich run as a third-party candidate?

Mitt’s No J.F.K.

When Is Bush Going to Come Clean?

Apathy in the face of whale slaughter

Why the Democrats Could Lose By Robert Parry, from

Have the elites and fascists catalyzed a Democratic Reformation

Sandia’s Sunshine to Petrol project seeks fuel from thin air

{Fish} Catch cuts 'bring bigger profits' (BBC)

Global rallies focus on climate (BBC)

Brazil deforestation slows again (BBC)

S Korea declares slick 'disaster' (BBC)

Ciclovia (cyclotopia?)

Paper mill branches into energy (biorefinery)

Eliot (ME) seeks to allow renewable resources (no NIMYs he-ah)

Utility customers can help develop renewable energy sources for only $1 (Ohio)

Nation's largest solar thermal development slated for Fletcher (NC)

Solar lights up state economy (California)

Un-nerving Update to Recent Climate Report, What the IPCC Report Didn't and Couldn't Say

Measure would require future surface warships to be nuclear

Daily Telegraph: Join our fight to save the whales

RX from China

Western Communities Seek Mining Reform

Oil-Rich Nations Use More Energy, Cutting Exports

what is the cost in money and energy making biodiesel compared to ethanol?

Utilities slow energy bill: Southern companies' lobbying persuades the U.S. Senate

How does that ugly picture of Harry Reid on the homepage of DU help to advance our energy bill?

Tropical Storm Possible in Atlantic - AP

Where tigers and people fight for space (BBC)

Norway gives 375 million euros a year to halt deforestation

Rechargeable battery system---- what can you recommend?

Inquiry Begins Into Destruction of Tapes

U.S. wants more pressure on Iran

AP photographer gets first hearing

Second NATO soldier killed in fight for Taliban town: ISAF

Iraq: Returning to destroyed, looted or occupied homes

Iraq-Jordan: Few Iraqis returning home

Planned Climate Debate a No-Go Now

Iraq provincial police chief killed in bombing

4 Shot Outside New Life Church (Colorado Springs)

Whooping cough outbreak at S.C. college (Bob Jones)

Robert Pickton found guilty of six counts of second-degree murder

Iraq Urges US to Engage With Iran

Dropping dollar cramps the style of Americans abroad

Senators at odds on special probe of CIA tapes

Army leaders push to shorten Iraq tours

Iraq's hardline Baathists prefer to stay in the shadows

Gunman opens fire in Colo. missionary center

GOP hopefuls temper anti-immigrant talk

China concerned over US 'protectionism'

Archbishop in Mugabe protest

Happy Xmas, your war is over

CIA has recruited Iranians to defect (named "the Brain Drain")

U.N. envoy urges Iraq to join anti-torture treaty

Student threatens LA campus shooting

Production workers urge end to strike

Republicans talk tough against illegal immigration

Giuliani Defends Ties to Qatar

Tancredo: GOP Candidates 'Pandering' At Spanish-Language Debate

Iran, China's Sinopec sign oil field deal

Campus outrage as Penn State students dress as Virginia Tech massacre victims

U.S. attorney firings open doors for the 9

Bolivians approve draft charter

Worries About March Election Keep Board From Acting (Cleveland)

Religious Vigilantes Killed 40 Women This Year In Southern Iraqi City Of Basra, Police Say

Key U.S. Ally Killed in Iraq

Canadian Farmer Found Guilty of Murder (Canada's worst serial killer)

Biden wants special counsel in tape case

Hill (including Pelosi) Briefed on Waterboarding in 2002: Intel Panels' Chiefs Did Not Protest

CIA photos 'show UK Guantanamo detainee was tortured'

Shooting at New Life Church (Haggard's church, second shooting today)

Huckabee stands by AIDS statement

Are you ready for the sex girls?

Earth tone suits you, so give it a smile

ever played this:

4 of you voted "You're obsessed with cats. You're not allowed to do an Oprah thread" -- ???

Oh....oh....oh..... one more thing before I go to bed.....

Pumpin' and Blowin'

American Dreamz has some surprisingly funny moments


Ever shave a Barty and nobody growed?

Am I the only one who's sick to death of George Clinton?

Now this song is what I'm talking about!


Lee Roy sleep now.


Holy shit!!! You'll never guess what I just got done doing in the bathroom!!!

G'night DU! Lullaby of Birdland

Man says condom was in burger, seeks damages for pain, suffering, emotional duress, medical expenses

If I were the man I was five years ago, I'd take a FLAMETHROWER to this place

After an evening in the GDP, I've decided Bill Hicks was right.

That's Good

You gotta love Bjork....

Wendy SOLD OUT! Dave Thomas must be rolling in his grave


picking candidates' noses

I'd like to apologize for my most recent outburst

You might be a republican if....

Chicken man -- hold my hand

When you were young and your heart was an open book

*I WINNED A DUZY!!!!!!!!!* Ask me anything!

Al pacino checking his bank account

People are people.

This not seeing my son

Procol Harum - Conquistador

My Cock is bigger than yours.

If Obama were a Mormon, Republican woman then would Oprah support Obama?

A tree, pelicans, gulls, skimmers and a Texas Speedbump Alive!

Too bad cassettes are no longer in use

Smilies Question

Today is my birthday, entertain me please

I've got an appointment with Oprah!

3 Dogs and a Wild Tabby

John Cougar surprises woman in hot tub

Aw, hell — let's just take Teh Longue out behind the woodshed

Is it just me, or does Levitz Furniture go out of business every three years or so?

Question about functioning of DU site/personal problem

It's simple. Really. Johnny don't wanna.

My books are bigger than your boobs.

Would we even notice Bootsy if he hadn't played bass for George Clinton?

My Bible is bigger than yours

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/9/07

My name is Reverend_Smitty and I'm a crossword puzzle addict

What if "sales associates" really were business associates?

There sure is a lot of weirdness going on in the NFL today (spoilers, obviously)

Family Feud: what is the most popular interpretation of the term "flame bait"?

Did you guys see this? Penn State students dressed up as

It -still- hasn't frozen in Dallas, but it is cool enough to think of warm dessert...

I've got an apartment with Oprah!

I want my diva BACK!! Whitney at her best!

In the NFL, most loved team? Most hated?

I want my diva BACK!! Britney at her best!

Happy Dance!! A really cool friend is preggers!


I am different from you

We need to hire a bouncer for the Lounge

Vous embrassez ton chien sur la bouche.

Grunge or late 80's early 90's rock...


Artie Lange comes out of the closet

They Live....

The last two weeks or so. DU has been running way slow for me...

This should be the new lounge icon

I had a terrible week at work

Would We Have Ever Noticed Bill Clinton If His Wife Weren't Hillary?

I hate things that go beep

Pay What You Want for This Article - Radiohead's "In Rainbows" challenging the statusquo

My pecks are bigger than yours.

Things you've learned about people,here in the Lounge.

Jem - If a picture is worth a thousand words, the words are pretty feeble

If you want to call out other members of DU,

What should I have for lunch?


So teh lad finally contacts me at 11:54

picketing candidates' events

My boobs are bigger than yours.

I wouldn't deny that you shouldn't oppose my decision to oppose your opposition to what I didn't say

Rant thread......

We're gonna get cultured and stuff today...

Am I the only one who's sick to death of George Dubya?

I was responding to a post in GD that was deleted before I clicked 'post'.

I was searching for "lap pillow"

Let the fun begin. First two ornaments on the Ptah Ptree

What's it all about, Alfie?

I'm avoiding a work project today, but instead am watching Schoolhouse Rock vids on YouTube.

Over shot it.. thaaaat much

Who would have thought that Adrian Peterson would only have rushed for -3 yards so far today...

How creepy is my sig line pic?

My name is kedrys, and I'm a Sudoku addict

I wish datasuspect would quit spamming my PM box with his nonsense.

Where's my PM datasuspect???

Isn't there just *something* about a women with stockings???

My Holidays are Saved!

check your MP

Are cats psychedelic? - Serious question

"High Society" on TCM now.

check your PM

How about those Dolphins... 0-13

Are psychics catty? Serious question.

I think afternoon tea should be commonplace in this country

Are copycats psychic? Serious question.

Calling Redqueen! Calling Redqueen!

i can't believe it happened

What IS this?

Patriots, 31. Steelers, 13. End of the third.

I'm wanna take you on a slow ride...

Ray charles, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee, Carl Perkins, Ron Wood, together...

Surge surge surge

Does The Miss Bikini International contest need more coverage?

so Loungers, let's say I'm having a discussion in GD-P and a day goes by

Post a song that makes you think of someone or something in your life right now

Are cats psychic? - Serious question

5 Reasons The Golden Compass sucks.

While Kitchenwitch apologies, I shall do interpretive dance about Myasthenia Gravis

i am really worried about something i found out . . .

Down in the dumps

Saw THE GOLDEN COMPASS yesterday (HDM geek's eval) *spoilers*

Those with ADD/dyslexia/other problems that affect reading/studying. How do you cope?

My books are bigger than yours

You gotta love Borg...

What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise?

Post a Picture of your desk!

GAAAAH My Youtube do not work again!


wanna Elf Yourself?

So when someone you love

Are cats psychotic?

Ouch... my head hurts

If one were going to watch the "Saw" films...

Self delete dupe

For those who have seen the movie The Mist, a question (SPOLIERS)

Internet Massage Boards


"Delivery status notification delay" to addresses?

Raspberry extract, vanilla extract, mint extract

Whoever created the Baltimore Ravens schedule is evil!

Godzilla Vs. The World

One of my cats just ate about 10 sunflower seeds (w/o shells)

Old Navy commercials STINK

At the Christmas party I went to last night, a friend of mine

I must apologize to the lounge

The Good News Thread

i sweated into a baseball cap all day and my hair looks GREAT

I'm already sick of the ice

say you just spent many years on your mountaintop with your eagle and serpent . . .

in their house in Minneapolis dead Republicans wait dreaming

any other "Flight of the Conchords " fans here?

... And his hair was PEERRFECT!


dona nobis pacem, or "bouncing baby boy, blaspheming"

Oooooooohh, Love to love you, BABY

So this got me thinking

I'm just going to finish the damn chocolate

Meet Hope the Donkey!

A spectre is haunting America-- the spectre of Oprah.

You might be a f*cktard if....

Oy, it's a takeout weekend here...What's for dinner?

So this got me stinking

Something that a friend sent....check this out, it's hilarious

The Porpoise Song

Weird terms of endearments.....

Hello, it's me,

Here's one bigass duck...

Only the Lonely

I'm going to polish off a 2" cube of fruitcake!1 Every bite is 38g of SUGAR!1

Are there any Cult watchgroups anymore?

Question about NOLA safety

What's in your Netflix queue? Or your

I'm going to polish off a 2" cube of Borg!1 Every bite is 38g of SILICON!1

I hope 2008 will be a better year for all.

Do you like the original Vampire: The Masquerade RPG?


Godzilla VS Cthulhu: Who wins?

Well, at least it wasn't pneumonia this time

1968 TV documentary by Tom Brokaw on the History Channel

Dimebag Darrell died three years ago yesterday.

Anime purists are going to scream...

I'm already sick of the lies

I'm pissed in a hottub with a cougar.

I am officially, out loud and proud, declaring my undying love for RetroLounge!


Fairytale of New York is really the only Xmas song you need

Godzilla vs. Gojira

I'm already sick of the lice

I just finished another paper for

Stairway to Heaven played backwards.

Anyone watching Colts versus Ravens .. .

Judy Garland - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.....

I'm PISSED at Pesto.

I'm already sick of the vice...

I'm already sick of the mice.

Your top five favorite modern Christmas Songs....

Am I teh Evil or teh Awesomeness?

I'm already sick of the rice.

Oh MAN!!!

Which is better: To serve in Heaven, or to reign in Hell?

lizziegrace's father's giving me an old lap dance

I thought my cat might be psychotic . . .

Internet Message Boards

Origami V mask

The DU Lounge bowl is this Friday: Appalachian State vs Deleware for I-AA National Championship

Doorbell rings at 3:10 AM. What are your first thoughts?

Cougar surprises woman in hot tub

We are going to VAIL Colorado in the new year!

So the newly-minted Mrs. Robb dinged a parked car.

COFFEE. Is it something you just drink, something you take seriously, or something you abstain from?

NFC West Champs: The Seattle Seahawks!

Three word thread

And Now For Something Completely Different --

My Daughters are now Hooked on Doctor Who- Does that make me a pusher?

It's starting to smell a lot like Hanukkah

Anyone else spot this similarity?

Deerhoof has a great page at Kill Rock Stars

I'm PISSED at Retro

7 pills before bed.

Well, we're into the second week of December and I had to turn on the AC again today

Am I a freak for loving "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies"?

My baby kitty is a traitor

How silly is this I am getting really excited because we are going to Cozumel next Sunday and we are

Would we even notice Hillary if her husband wasn't Bill Clinton?

RetroLounge surprises lizziegrace in Hot Tub

I'm PISSED at Petco

I was struck and killed by a car tonight.

Recently I had to drive my dog out of town to relieve himself because someone was lighting fireworks



FYI for DUers. There is no such thing as a "pun" and it is offensive to humorless people

Post a random lyric - no more than two lines - see if anyone can guess the song

One final thought from me today...

I'm feeling down, anyone got a joke, video, *anything* to cheer me up?

I struck and killed a car tonight.

World War III - 1st Round Tournament Brackets

Newyorker99. You are missed.

A boot for all seasons

Former soldier arrested in Carson slaying

Soldier loses leg, wife enlists to take his place

Kansans raise funds for Guard Christmas trip

Fort Riley adviser mission reaches milestone

Group has big plans for JFK carrier museum

Memorial run for slain soldier raises $23K

Study: Rising vehicle deaths for returning GIs

Neb. Air Guardsmen headed overseas

Returning unit has seen many sides of fight

Military Update: Lawmakers OK compensation for wounded

78 troops become citizens at Camp Foster ceremony

Camp Lemonier sees major improvements

Purchasing Wii off base could backfire

Yama Sakura exercise kicks off Monday

3 Brits Held Leaving Gitmo

Academy Sexual Assault Report Out

Getting fat in Iraq

Gates: Gulf States Must Confront Iran

Waiting for NMCI

Full-body scans lead to better aircrew gear

Guard recruiter charged with raping recruit

Jail for soldier who robbed same bank twice

Lance cpl. found guilty of forcible sodomy

Army's vision of combat in the future is technologically close at hand

Nevada surgeon fills his son’s boots in Iraq

Two Air Force F-16s get new arctic paint scheme

The danger next door

Oprah/Obama Rally in Des Moines: Here to ask you to think

Bush Inaugural Parody 2/1/05

Real People DENIED Real Healthcare: Janet Stephens

Booby Girl

"Dean Scream" - Unplugged (ABC) Diane Sawyer

Sen. Barack Obama on health care

Kucinich on Health Care and Prescription drugs 2004

Dennis Kucinich Listens to Matt Heart

Obama - Oprah Rally, today's NBC Nightly News segment

Huckabee lets slip he knows of soldiers who were ordered to torture.

Dennis Kucinich in Reno

Tancredo Boycotts Univision

Hillary's New Beginning for America

Your $100 Will Save YOU.

Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Which Lie To Believe? CIA "admits" destroying evidence it claimed didn't exist...

Wash. Post has the Pelosi being briefed on waterboarding

PBS, Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival, Willie Nelson on now.

What was the worst job you've ever had?

Why the F$%k was Larry Summers in the Democratic economic press conference this week?

Another thing to blame Pelosi for is high gas prices. Proof here:

The Sunday Talk Shows

Dean Koontz will be on Coast to Coast AM tonight.

Democrats, Democrats, Democrats!! Doin' the quarterly cave-in to bushboy

"Ring of Fire" interview with Larisa Alexandrovna

New terrorist attack predicted in Arab world

Russia breaks U.S anti-defence barriers

Question about pickets at political events

200 species become extinct every day. We're not one of them, so who cares?

Should our next president surveil the neoconservatives?

God, Guns, and Gays...

Is it racist to say that America is racist?

LOL! Check out the new TIME magazine cover!

Down with the ruling class!

Tennessee Waltz....

Will Obama/Oprah Rally In South Carolina be televised?

China is building 2-3 Coal Plants PER WEEK for the next 10 years

Question. WHy are their so few debates?

Feingold: "not the case" that lawmakers briefed on the CIA's program "have approved it or consented

"... the wheels will fall off our energy system."

Photoblog of the Week - Week of December 9th 2007.

Dr. Strangemonkey

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - Guest Appearance By Fred Thompson, Well, Sort Of...

Sean Penn: Believe in the Constitution? Vote Kucinich.

Murdered women's mothers blame Huckabee for his part in killer's release" KC Star

Best vid on global climate change to pass on to everyone!!!!!

TOON: Sunday's Opus - What Liberalism Hath Wrought

TOON: Tom The Dancing Bug - CEOs Terrorizing The Streets

Tax rates through the decades

Political Trivia from Germany for Beginners

Sex (Part 2)

PSA: In Today's Economy 7 cents = O. It has been determined

YAY! *A really good way to help the writer's on strike!*

"Why parole a monster like Green" - The Leader, AR - Another parole = a monster!.

Iran drops dollar from oil deals

Saw one of these MoFos in the grocery store parking lot

We should proudly torture our enemies on live t.v. for all the world to see.

The less care they give them the more money they make

More Mad at "Minister of Death" Huckabee - Families of Victims Speak Out!! : The Leader, Arkansas

A system strains, and inmates die

Findings On Plant-Derived Cancer Medicines

That's Good

Monkey Business

Why it's almost certain that either Clinton or Obama will get the nomination.

A shocking and scary statistic

Terrorism reigns in America

Why Mike Huckabee scares me....

Erased CIA Torture Tapes: Complicity of Top Saudis and Pakistanis in 9/11?

U.S. Rep. Major R. Owens: Crime Does Pay -- For Government-Chartered Banks

Who Cares If Pelosi was Briefed on CIA Torture?

Bill of Rights Under Attack: A Timeline

I just realized something...

What is it with Tweety and Saturday Night Live..

A big discrepancy here

Giuliani channeling Rick Santorum?

The difference between J.F.K.'s speech and Mitt Romney's speech

MTP - Let the giuliani freak show begin....

Russia reportedly test-fires ballistic missile

Video: Reid and Pelosi with Bush.

"Civil Rights Icon Calls Obama Too Young" ....Andrew Young

Ever wonder why we have an immigration problem

We're allowed to criticize our government

Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?

Political cartoons: Beheading Mitt, and Pootie-Poot Schools Hugo

NIE disclosure disaster? Voila !! Pelosi briefed on waterboarding.....

Notes from the Campaign Trail

This Lieing About Iran's Nuclear Capability Really Is A Bid Deal You Know

Bush has united Gulf States. Against him.

Question about functioning of DU site/personal problem

Boehner: "NO DEAL!".. Feinstein" I'm not sure, I respectfully disagree, blah blah blah"

The Prophet Asu speaks- Future Woes

1 Wounded During Shooting Inside Mall

I don't care what celebrity endorses who.......

Please check Education forum for discussion of this post

How to Keep an Ex-Terrorist Talking - NY Times

Grassley and the 6 televangelists

"...the C.I.A. destroyed hundreds of hours of videotapes " ?

The 7th Annual Year in Ideas - NY Times

The mythology of The All-Volume Three: Evolution unleashed

Bolton accuses the intelligence agencies of a "quasi-putsch" with the NIE. (Reuters)

On This Date in BUSH HISTORY 12/9: Delusional Cheney & Silenced Science

cnn is about to go Live to Oslo Norway where gore will get Peace prize

Wow. The racists want to make the racial group they despise racists. And it's working.

Steny Hoyer leads the Democratic retreat on funding for Iraq

Anyone catch Howie Long make fun of Al Gore?

Does anyone really believe that George Bush has an appointed task?

Oprah says Obama is "The One" -- Is Oprah the Oracle, Is Obama Neo?? (Pics!)

NBC Decides to Run Conservative-Group Ad

WaPo uncritically reported Huckabee's BS that in 1992 there was much confusion about how AIDS spread

I thought Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg was a privacy expert?

Lawrence O'Donnell is my new hero!

CNN has been trying to discredit the NIE all morning.

I guess I had one too many martinis last night. But did I have to be punished by being sent to FR?

In high school, when black kids sat together at lunch, it was always deemed "separatist".....

Is Oprah supporting Obama because he's black?

Would Oprah still be supporting Barack Obama if he were white?

Will Oprah/Obama be on TV today? CSPAN or MSNBC?

Tighter regulat needed if credit card companies don't mend ways -- lead Detroit Free Press editorial

Not all of Obama's ancestors were white. Why does Oprah nevertheless support him?

"I think a good question is how accurate a picture of Iraq Americans actually want."

Celebrity Endorsement Poll

How can Bush and Cheney be running the country and the war?

What is Jay Rockefeller's problem?

Bush Administration "Rogues Gallery" in N.Y. Publ;ic :Library

Huckabee stands by AIDS statement.

Bush, Federal Employees Get Pricey Gifts

Do You Support Hillary Or Not?

Don't forget to send your tax-free donations to DVWOC.

Bush family lacks key gene.

Where Politics and Buddhism Intersect

I sure hope this NIE stuff isn't some scheme to rehabilitate our "intelligence" services

Is North Korea receiving propaganda help from South Koreans? ("FUCKIN' USA" video)

Hey, Nancy Pelosi....

Let's talk about the effect of Feminism as a whole

Excuse me, Sir, do you have some good news to spare?

My Sister-In-Law says she'd vote for any woman for Pres., Dem or Rep

Will American Lawyers Take to the Streets in Support of the Rule of Law in the US?

Who Gave Orders For The CIA "Torture Tapes" To Be Destroyed? Any Guesses?

Rupert Murdoch set to take over Dow Jones... anyone else disturbed by this?

A hearty salute to today's GD moderators!

Simple question about the absentee ballot.

Go to and vote in the CANDIDATE-ISSUES Matrix for Presidential Candidates

The Planned Collapse of America By Peter Chamberlin

The way I see it, Pelosi has two options...

Zippy the Pinhead (& Griffy) on "Blackwater Sports"

Sam seder show just now talking of maybe setting up some kind

Dixie Chicks Have New Cause - WM3

In states that have moved up their presidential primaries... have the congressional

In the piece linked below, called "The Planned Collapse of America"...

Al Gore on CNN now

Giuliani STILL supports a pre-emptive strike against Iran

Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, as Amended by Pubic Law 104-13 ...

Caption Rudy

John Nirenberg, Addressing Nancy Pelosi, Embarks on 485 Mile Walk for Impeachment

Critics Blast Bush Administration Obstructionism at Climate Summit in Bali

The Sanctity of Life

Iran students break campus gate in protest: reports

Have you watched "Who killed the electric car?"

Is the Univision Pub Debate available on line anywhere?

A question for all DU'ers about claims of racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Iran, China Finalise Two Billion Dollar Oil Contract

Second shooting in Colorado today...from LBN

Matthews and guests lauded Romney's "Faith in America" speech, ignored attack on "secularism"

Prosor (Israeli Amb. To Britain): War With Iran May Be Unavoidable

Obama: Fired Up and Ready to Go

I hate to say it, but you KNOW it's true....


FCC Bends Over Backwards For Big Media

self delete -- poll didn't seem to work, will try again.

Craig Unger: A Failure of Intelligence

Craig Unger: A Failure of Intelligence

Mods pls delete this dupe

Dupe, delete

Another dupe, another delete

OBAMA ---PIX--->>>

Dupe (one of many) pls delete

Self delete AGAIN -- will try poll once more.

Craig Unger: A Failure of Intelligence

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

This YouTube video says alot about US arrogance.....

Damn Rudy is a scum bag

Examining Skybus, an airline aspiring to be "the Wal-Mart of the Air"

What NIE ? The CIA says they destroyed 2 videotapes?

Here's an interesting fact I just received on food costs.

Huckabee Stands by AIDS Statement (that AIDs patients should be isolated)

Rep. Jim McCrery Of Louisiana = The 18th House Republican Who Will Not Seek Reelection

Like a loo...

Stunned by member's death, pastor orders men to see doctor

Anyone seen August Rush yet?

Here's Hope:

Seven dead in two shootings in Colorado: police

Does anyone have the Obama schedule for appearances

Tom Brady: Greatest or The Greatest ?

Today's WaPo story about Pelosi, Harman, et al was "revenge motivated"?

America is Going Fascist

I don't care if it's a banana-McCain on poll.

The War On Greed

I don't see the problem. Just require all media to be registered...

"It's all Clinton's fault"

Y'all know that "President," Democrat," and "Republican" are supposed to be capitalized, don't you?

Is Jackson Browne supporting John Edwards because he's

The link below is to a youtube video trailer for a...

Surge in Auto-Loan Delinquencies Is Latest Trouble for the Economy

Merrill Lynch Predicts Recession

Kristol: Iran Halting Nuclear Weapons Program Is ‘Another Feather In The Cap For Iraq Invasion’

Question - did Russert ask Rudi about 'Sex on The City' on MTP

On Mike Huckabee --- am I being religiously intolerant?

Yet another "Finally saw 'Sicko'" post.

Chris Wallace "Edwards and Obama won't come on Fox News"

"Terrorist" harpist invited to play at big ferry meeting

CNN now making hay over shootings in places reserved for worship...

Re the Iowa caucus polling.

Someone please wake me when the Oprah-pallooza is over...

Tombstone me.

Warren Buffett to Headline Fund-Raiser for Clinton

CIA photos 'show UK Guantanamo detainee was tortured'

"A Big Fat Revolution" : the "obesity"/"size acceptance" debate

Bush Raises Cash for GOP in Omaha Nebraska on Wednesday December 5

Man claims he was fired for writing LTTE suggesting impeachment

Andy Young says Obama is too young for the White House

Baby boomers are booming babies

Pickton guilty, thank god


Afghanistan's Highway 1 bedeviled by danger

Did the economy tank before or after 9/11?

With the torture thing and everything including the tape situation now,

Some Criticize Al Gore for Earning, Even When the Earnings Are Donated to Solve Global Warming

So let's see about charitable giving.

Child "witches" persecuted - even killed in Nigeria!

Should Pelosi step down as speaker?

Since the rich are evil, every single person working for the following companies should be fired;

Dear Oprah; filling up stadiums means nothing if their votes don't count

Getting fat in Iraq

Al Gore and the Internet revisited

Brokaw's 1968 on History Channel

The President-Tyrant by Scott Horton - 2007.12.09

Can someone explain what a 'reverse mortgage' is.

Clinton volunteer asked to resign

Giuliani Defends Girlfriend's Expenses

Blacks are supporting Hillary in greater numbers than Obama

What are many people really talking about?

The writer's strike...

Nobel Ceremony To Be Webcast

FOX NEWS Captions


Are you recently more optimistic that Hillary won't be our nominee?

BREAKING NEWS !! Shooting in church in Colorado Springs

"He's still my President"

FYI for DUers. There is no such thing as a "sun" and it is offensive to underground people

LA TIMES: The facts behind the CIA tape inquiry = Torture Evidence Destroyed - Resource for Made in the USA Products

How objective is the WaPo "torture briefing" story, in your opinion?

Chris Floyd: Cave Dwellers: More Democratic Deceit on War and Torture

Clinton, blow job, impeached; Chimpster, tries to start nuclear war, America blinks

Rockefeller Gives Contradictory Response For When He Learned Of CIA’s Destruction Of Torture Tapes

Repression-- It's all about the children

Chomsky - Manufacturing Consent - on DVD

The mayor-to-White House path is a real long-shot path for Rudy.

Pelosi deserves whatever criticism she is getting.

Hostile questions baffle US army official

Today’s headlines

Think back. What was Oprah Winfrey's stand on getting into the Iraq war? Bill Moyers knows.

Edwards can't be black, Obama can't be white, and Hillary can't be male...

Is the "Pelosi Step Down" thing a right wing trick?

Mega church spends $1 million on Christmas Pagent

Thoughts on the 'Gang of Four' and the 'Gang of Eight'

Stupidest. Freeper. Comment. EVER!! I'm SERIES!!

I don't see the problem. Just require all guns to be registered...

Are we going to discuss Vice Presidents --- ??? Liebermann + Cheney!!!!!

Please - Help Me Out

Pink - "Dear Mr President" Live - I'm Not Dead Tour video...have you seen this yet?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, It is a Crime to Lie to Congress, and the Torture Cover Up Conundrum.

The Meritocracy Myth = The American Dream?

I call BS on the WaPo article and the distraction from the destroyed CIA tapes.

What Two Officials Informed WaPo About Pelosi? Bush Gets Heat & All Sudden DU'ers Trash Pelosi

Oh, Santa, Please Bring These War-on-Christmas Gifts ...

US credibility damaged by CIA tape affair: lawmakers

Larry Johnson: Schooling NeoCons on Intelligence Analysis

FYI for DUers. There is no such thing as "race" and it is offensive to "race" people.

Time to play - What's in *'s pocket? - pic

Where Was Jeb?

Damned Uppity Black Women

Smoke In Our Eyes II: The WaPo Takes Over Anti-NIE/CIA Propaganda

Al Gore in Oslo (Pics)

STEVE F'N EARLE! Close up and personal 10 minute interview.

Fascinating drama on Bush I & II with Kennedy assassinations


What ever happened to the 6 nukes on the B-52 bomber ?

I want a president that won't use the word "ain't".

People Power: It’s Time To Stop The War Ourselves

Church gunman killed by security guard

"People with depression do not think straight."

Photographic Proof That Barack Obama is "The One"!

Where is Jose Rodriguez? Apparently in business with the brother of top Democrat on Intel Panel

Please post the most stupid pictures of * here

Grabbing my tinfoil hat for a brief trip down memory to join me?

Drudge headline falsely asserted, "Edwards Slams Oprah"

"One in Three Drunken Girls is the Victim of a Sex Attack"

A cowboy from Texas goes off to college, but half way through the semester

The Coup Against Bush and Cheney

Myths and Facts About Rape

So now we know that pelosi was playing with us all along...

1968, a retrospective


Urgent: Updated officials contact thread-House and Senate

Where's all this "Oprah Supported Bush" coming from?

How the monied control you

Kids Steal the Show at Edwards Event

Edwards: Small Town Native = Best Presidential Candidate

Is Oprah going to

picket lines at candidate events

Question: Has any Du'er heard if Ralph Nader will be throwing his hat in the ring?

Bush, federal employees get pricey gifts (like an $11,000 Cartier Santos Dumont watch)

Oprahbama today, did you experience audio reception problems?

DAMN there's a lot of HATE on hear because of Oprah endorsing Obama

WJ taking the supportive republican calls for Obama and Oprah. Fun times.

We are Democrats. They are enablers.

Former Secretary of the Navy John Dalton backs Sen. Clinton

Sunday News Show Lineup

So, its a year out from the elections, and I don't care about any of the candidates.

Is Oprah against Republicans or not?

North Olmsted Mayor Thomas O'Grady makes it official: he's running for Kucinich's seat

Oprah-Obama show part two

So NBC will run ad. The right gets everyone to cave. Its amazing.

Did anyone hear the latest crazy thing that a african american supporting Hillary say

The double "O" show

I tried to watch

Jimmy Crack Corn and I don't care!

Des Moines Register: Presidential Issues Database for reference purposes.

'The reality is...'

Someone was murdered but I'm sworn to secrecy?

Huckabee surging but how will the Wayne DuMond episode play out?

"Well, she's also a corporation."

Obama's rhetoric compared to the record of a governor who ran on a similar theme of "Hope"©

Poll: Had Biden run in 2004, do you think he would have beaten Kerry for the Nomination?

Obama had access to 23% of 2004 Iowa caucus goers yesterday.

Do you think our votes matter in the party nomination process?

Does the Iraq funding debacle suggest Democrats should emphasize partisanship over bipartisanship?

New information (at least to me) about bu$h vs "the pretzel"

Which Dem candidate: If all things remained equal

After watching Michael Moore's SICKO

Joe Biden On "This Week"

The Web Users’ Campaign - Why candidates no longer control their campaigns

WP, THE FRONT-RUNNERS: Growing Up Rodham

The election practice I'd like most to see abolished is

Money for Something - the original sin of politics

This is not fascist Germany

Is Nevada getting closer? Mason Dixon Polling

Oprah may give Obama the edge in S.C.

GOP Georgian hits campaign trail in S.C. for Obama, a testament to his grassroots red-state appeal

It'll all be over in less than two months.

AP profile on Barack: Obama learned to adapt

N.H. AFL-CIO leader praises Obama's history of union support, comes to agreement with Obama campaign

Washington Post Ombud: Paper Botched Obama Muslim Piece

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/9/07 - Clinton and Obama up 2, Edwards down 2

Self Deleted

Three generations of Clinton women

National Council on Public Polls explains how much primary polls suck

Why are the early primaries - Iowa, N.H. Mich. Nev -

Can you imagine how electric Obama's nomination speech will be in Denver?

Rudy Ghouliani On MTP

SC crowd - they're phone banking

House of Representatives Pages Gone Wild...5 kicked out for sexual misconduct, shoplifting, fighting

Obama is streaming the South Carolina event today NOW! Link below.

Aren't we lucky?

Correction: Obama loses ground in SC according to Mason-Dixon poll

CIA tapes destroyed because......

Clinton Should No Longer Worry Just about Iowa

I can't wait to watch C-SPAN this morning all hate will come out on Oprah and Obama


Liberalism-A short answer

So, What's a Caucus?

East Coast: FIRED UP!

McCaskill turns a deaf ear to earmarks

Look over here ! No, look over there!

Sometimes the answer isn't either/or, it's both/and.

Latest MSNBC poll has Clinton back in the lead in Iowa, so has Obama's momentum stalled?

Ghoulini is skewered on "Meet the Press," says wacky "Conservative Voice"


Obama: No more Jena six's not in my Administration

South Carolina for Obama breaks Guinness World Record for Largest Phone Bank

Fisher-Price: Caught Red-handed, But Still Peddling Lead

Full Video:Sen. Obama Campaign Rally with Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama In Des Moines, Iowa

presidential primary odds on

"I wish Hillary had married OJ"

For all of those who were so outraged over Hillary's "put on" southern accent a while back

Civil rights icon John Lewis: "we need her now more than ever" (stumping with Bill Clinton)

Reminder: Don't let the NIE slip off the radar as a result of the hoopla about

Sen. Tim Johnson .... Heros ride scooters

Obama--?????? ticket in '08

Frankly, I'm kind of bummed that all of this Huckabee stuff is coming out now.

How much will Bill help Hillary?

Folks, Obama threw down today in SC

Can we please stop this crap?

Time: Whom Will the Subprime Plan Help?

Can I hear a Viva Obama?

Who would you like to see Hillary stab in the neck?

Would you vote for this candidate?

Edwards Proposes 'Brownie's Law'

Anyone else think that Obama's rockstar treatment is ultimately going to backfire?

Clinton lead shrinks in Nevada as Obama gains

Edwards gets endorsement in Iowa

Kathleen Parker, WAPO, says "Obama will receive some big Western state DNC endorsements next week"

Edwards distances himself from Belafonte's comments on bush

I know this is wonkish but I really like Obama's foreign policy advisors

Bill Bradley to interview John Edwards tomorrow on Sirius radio

White House hid its own intelligence findings until the spooks threatened to leak report

congressional GOP primaries... a barometer for the party correcting itself or imploding.

Animal activists picket dolphin show in Metrowalk Pasig

I fear the longest word I ever memorized

Day 2 of 'Oprahpalooza' Begins in SC

Not so fast, Clinton adviser cautions

Mason Dixon Iowa Poll (12/3-12/6) Hillary 27 Obama 25 Edwards 21

Crooks & Liars wants you to write to Fox Sports about loud-mouthed f**king has-been Howie Long

It may be that the Democratic nominee will need Oprah to win.

Can someone help me understand the ideological

Please explain...the American obsession with the fear of "Illegal immigrants"...

Listen to Andrew Young endorse Obama

Should Candidates be Taken to Task for Wearning/Not Wearing Flag Lapel Pins?

The real value of Oprah

McCain to Biden: What's the Rush?

Why aren't most anti-war voters supporting Obama?

OK. Obama. On DU, there are many people who

What change would Obama bring that the other candidates would not?

Obama has peaked too soon and now it is expected he will win Iowa

Biden: "I think this leads right into the White House."

I think McCain comes back from the dead and wins New Hampshire

On liveTV Bush gives wrong number for mortgage help

Define: "triangulation" nt

A talking point Kucinich used to justify support of Ron Paul goes all the way back to May.

HEADS UP: Obama - Oprah rally on webcast stream, doors open at 12:30

Barack Obama,Triangulator Extraordinaire: the Progressive Saint & the Clinton Double Standard

Did Omaha newspaper influence shooter????

Rudy: Big, bad NYC police forced mistress protection on Judith, who "didn't particularly want it"

I Love the Bedrock of the Great Democratic Party. Do You?

Warren Buffett to Headline Fund-Raiser for Clinton

National Journal ranked 99 Senators based on 82 key 2006 votes & rated Obama most liberal of all...


Are you a bad person if you support Hillary or Obama or Biden or Edwards or Kucinich?

If Hillary got Dr Phil to go on tour with her, who would you vote for?

I was all for Oprahs rally with Obama, but I have to admit

Is there any demographic info on DU-ers?

Striking memorial to Flight 93 debuts

Is the “Cuban Missile Crisis” and the “Bay of Pigs” the same thing?

Why is a black or female candidate automatically considered liberal?

For a mere $1,000, anyone can . . . Aspire to greatness

Any chance of another Kucinich/Edwards deal this year in Iowa?

I THINK, Pelosi should step down.

Let's say Mo Udall was alive, around Romney's age and running for Prez as a Dem.

What did Pelosi know and when did she know it?

The Repub machine isn't going to let Huckabee win (so don't lose any sleep over this theocrat)

If Donnie McClurkin became the victim of racially motivated police misconduct tomorrow...

At Stop Two, Oprah Sharpens Obama Endorsement In Front of 10,000

Hillary's new ad

Obama Avoids Key Votes and Oprah Propagandized for the War

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Closing in IA, NH and SC

Lawrence O'Donnell erupts on The McLaughlin Group

A comparision of the voting records of Clinton, Obama, Edwards, and Dodd

Here it comes: If you don't support Obama, your racism is the reason why.

Are there federal limits on how much an individual can give to a Presidential campaign?

Should Kucinich run as a third-party candidate?

Biden and Obama have complimentary personalities,

Thread to compare the head-to-head voting records of Clinton and Obama from 2005-present

Barack Obama's Progressive Cannibalism

Wow, just f'ing wow. . .look at all the Obama hate tonight. Oh my some people must be nervous!

How progressive is Obama? He got a "C" from The Drum Major Institute, a great progressive think tank

This is why impeachment is off the table

Biden calls for Special Counsel to investigate CIA

Senator Joe Biden O'Reilly's Special Diversionary Enemy of the Week

Who thinks GORE will accept a draft if none of the candidates have the votes for NOM

Obama the neoliberal? and other "hidden" inconvenient truths about his record

History repeating....Cold Case CBS covering the Japanese internment camps

MTP Transcript: Rudy Giuliani does the rope-a-dope...

About 30,000 See Obama-Oprah in SC

Kevin Bacon, Tim Robbins to campaign for Democrat John Edwards

Group against corporations and the wealthy gives H. Clinton 80% rating. Obama gets 100% for 2005-06

Who the F$@ck is Maria Bartromo on CNBC?

Andrew Young wants Obama to be President in 2016 theres only one problem with that

"Obama Avoided Key Votes and Oprah Supported The War"

CNN trumpets Newsweek's Iowa poll and Mason-Dixon's SC and NH polls, but not the Iowa poll.

Icelandic teen calls Bush to have a chat; "...a hero in Iceland. Bush is very unpopular here."

Wait a second, is it true Hillary said universal healthcare by the end of her SECOND term?

So Pissed OFF!! Pelosi, Harma, Rockefeller, Graham deserve all the heat they get...

Presidential Precedent

No Done Deal: Once 'Inevitable' Candidate Finds Herself in a Tight Race

Second Clinton volunteer asked to resign...again for sending hoax Obama/Muslim e-mails

How to Vote in Primaries and Not Be an Idiot

How does Joe Biden know what's going on in the world, or the country?

The "electability" stuff is starting again. I have no candidate this time...very objective.

I have a sneaky felling Edwards is going to win this primary

Sancho warns Florida is not ready for the Jan. 29th presidential primary.

Who/what has done more to harm gay rights?

A solution to the Iraq crisis won't come about by simply declaring a mandate for change.

Edwards is IT. Here's my reasoning:

After careful thought, I've decided on Edwards

Pictures from today's Obama/Oprah rally in SC

The Weekly Standard: Saint Barack of Iowa Biden has a shot

Great Hillary interview with Charlie Gibson

A Biden Surge??

When I first came to this board, Biden supporters were but a handfull...

Urgent: Updated officials contact resources for House and Senate