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Archives: December 25, 2007

14 sailors missing in South Korea's southern waters

Choreographer Michael Kidd Dies

Israeli Cluster Bombing Ruled Within the Law

22 Dead in Iraq Suicide Bombing

Iraq cover-up claims: MPs call for inquiry

Maori leader: 'Don't let the whalers take our fish'

US institute: Israel could survive nuclear war

As Primaries Begin, the FEC Will Shut Down

Heirs of China's New Elites Schooled in Ancient Values

Passenger dies on flight from South Korea to LAX

Pentagon Shares Footage of Al Qaeda Insurgents Killed by Apache Missile Attack

Hundreds missing after Nepal bridge collapse

Rep. Wexler calls for Cheney's impeachment

Panama Searches for Missing Plane, 3 American Passengers (Hedge fund manager, children)

Turkish army claims massive toll from Iraq raid

Bolivia's president slams U.S. for smearing Argentine gov't

Federal court ruling stems foreclosure cases

Pope Makes Appeal to Protect the Environment

Turk Iraq raids 'killed hundreds'

Security Experts Worry About Safety at College Stadiums

Chávez to talk to press about FARC hostages

U.S. homes attractive to overseas buyers

Canada's Defense Minister claims Iran is supplying Afghan "insurgents"

Churches unite to condemn greed

3 Injured 1 Dead in SF Tiger Attack - 1 Tiger Killed

Court Ruling on Protests Curbs Malls in California

Russia launches final satellites for its own GPS

Venezuela works on confidence as currency loses some zeroes

India's outsourcing industry takes toll on workforce

Kid suit sets off storm Angry calls, e-mail bury Pa. couple in ski collision case

Raul Castro says Fidel ready for new bid

What Would Jesus Sing?

Sweet, I got Scarface PJ's to wear tonight!

Merry Christmas to All

Unique Christmas gifts/traditions

Sheesh... I guess I was dreaming, but i wasn't asleep

To you my love....

bicentennial_baby! Mystery Diagnosis!

Free ITunes 'Silent Night' MP3 Download

I'm down to 18% battery on my MacBook Pro, and the kid is FINALLY asleep, so I bid you all

Have a holly jolly christmas in Oz...

Ten years ago tonight my mother Margaret Mary McGuire passed away.

Freeper proposal will reduce taxes for everyone...yes, really

God bless us, every one!

The enigmatic "Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Peace on Earth" Blank Post Of the Day (12/25/07)

I can sleep!!!

Merry Christmas, everybody.

I guess I better get busy filling up the stockings, only about 20 to do.

Only 3 days until Childermas...

I just heard the distant sound of sleighbells, so I'm gonna crash.

I can't sleep!!!

XemaSab and I are lovers...

Looks like Santa came! Oh my!

Tinsel and Marzipan!!!!!

I have to finish filling the stockings and get to bed, I wish everyone here a happy holiday.

Anyone else here have to work on December 26th...

I'm runnin into that whole "what should I say" thing

Met some long lost friends this holiday

"Twas the night before impeachment..."

I love you all

Which one of these videos would be the most disturbing?

I should rest I think

Off to bed, DU...

Anybody else buzz'n a good one this Christmas Eve??

Alcohol and getting up early sounds like a good idea

What Are You Doing Up This Late/Early On Christmas? I'm Making A Figgy Pudding.

I'm laughing my fanny off here...(DVD set)

I'm making my first post on my brand new HP Pavilion Notebook!

Hypochondriacs and psychosomatic illness people check in here

It's 3am on Christmas. I'm fricken tired and stuck at work.

Play a wake up song

Holy Shit !! ~ It's Christmas !

Passed out in the tattoo chair ....again

WARNING: Depressive post

Who are your top ten female vocalists of all time?

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas, DU Lounge!

Christmas just arrived, and I'm already having anxiety about the NEXT major holiday...

It really is Christmas now I just heard for the first time

Merry Christmas to all

The Great Debaters, anyone seen it yet?

'Calling All Angels' ~ Train...

Kryptic Krismas Kat Kommentary Kit (Koupled with kanine kaboodle)

Did you get that big Santa gift you wanted this year?

Merry Christmas, everyone!

A special wish on Christmas.

merry xmas from el rancho del datasuspect

Good Morning And Happy Christmakwanzahanukah!!

I'm 51, due to graduate in 3 months with a B.S.;

Very well!! So you open a fortune cookie, over some Chinese take-out

Okay... I think I'm lit now. Should I open another bottle?

anyone else having a white christmas?

Merry Christmas! It's cold and very windy in Phoenix, so you all in SoCal be carefull.

"Mom got drunk and Dad got drunk/ at our Christmas party..."

Merry Chris-mas!

punk rock christmas pics

I'm 51, due to graduate in 3 months with a B.S.;

Ode to Marriage- ~ 'It Ain't Me, Babe'

i wish black sabbath had made a christmas album

Merry Christmas (and any other holiday) from the West Coast

I could really go for a pizza right now

What I did for Christmas.

Moral dilemma about how bitchy I should be on Christmas

A Jokester in life and in death ...

I just remembered why I cancelled HBO

All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Jack Kerouac

why did dog poop stop turning white?

the neighbor's son got a new drum set for Christmas

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/25/2007)

Well its gonna be a lousy holiday for me...

Just Saw "Charlie Wilson's War". Do I Really Have To Say, "SPOILER ALERT"?

Da-who Dorays, Fa-who Forays, Welcome Christmas, come this way


Suddenly I can't stand to wear my wristwatch.

Another blanket apology from 8643

What would you do if...

I took a 3-hour nap today. Ask me anything!

Well I know you don't love me, baby, and yonder comes your man

System Restore (warning: possibly downer, philosophical post)

Your FAVORITE Phil Collins Song

So I Had To Get Away...

Ok, so I got the Hairspray box set for Christmas...

Did you get what you asked for for Christmas?

Merry Foodie Xmas, Part Deux...


my sister did really did a number on herself over the weekend


I am destroyed....

OMFG! Santa came by last night and....

my ex gf gave me a lapse of her good judgment for xmas

AHHH. The decrypted version of "Perseid didn't make it" is "Perseid is dead"

Question - supposed to be driving to Chicago tomorrow

Perseid didn't make it

anyone "do"

What's wrong with being sexy?

Merry Christmas to all of my DU loved ones!

Damn. I'm in for it now.

Homegrown performance art

datasuspect sleeps with the fishes

OK all you cretins who are up right now check in here

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/25/07

Spending a quiet Xmas evening at home with a horseshit-covered dog

Have I told you lately...

Mary_Alice_CPU says Merry Christmas everyone!

A thread for OMC & Mrs.Grumpy

gonna say goodnight lounge!


Merry Christmas you bastards!

Are you cooking a goose? ~ What's to eat today?

I'm stuck in Denver. In the airport. On Christmas.

Christmas on Monterey Bay, what did you give your spouse, SO, whatever, for Christmas?

Stupid stuff your spouse gets mad about thread

Mac users... I NEED HELP!!

Merry Fucking Christmas!

Well Today sucked

A few gifts to the lounge lizards-

What I did on Xmas morning.

it's my son's present, but he's in bed, so I'm playing with it.

Four possible paranormal happenings

How many people are truely happy with their job?

Warren Christmas

What did you get from your spouse, SO, whatever for Christmas?

Let me be the first to wish Agent Mike a Merry Christmas

Yeah I know, Christmas is about Love and all that Jazz but Post your Haul here!

Anyone going to the movies today?

So, what holiday movies did you watch?

What we got:


The airing of grievances thread

You know what? I didn't know having a younger brother could be so much fun!

for xmas, we got a 9-11 truth book


My parent's dog bit my step-brother during our Christmas brunch

Of these three works of literature, which is the greatest?

The Smell of Paradise - now over on Link TV

Midnight here EST

When Senator Kerry is going after the NFL and cable companies something nice would be

'Greetings' - Now I know what THEY think of us!

FCC chief defends media ownership plan

at 11:30PM Santa passed across Southeast Texas...

Kryptic Krismas Kat Kommentary Kit (with Kanine Kaboodle, kross konnected from the lounge)

I NEED to give a shout-out to ProSense! What a person, an educator!

Top Ten Things I am Thankful for

And Bush said to the earth: "Peace, Love and Joy?"--Not!

I did not know this about Molly Ivins.....what a funny comment...heartwarming.

"Twas the night before impeachment..." by Al Jourgenson

Religious Right Economics

A co-worker told me that his 92-year-old mom said, "I'm not dying until after Bush leaves office!"

Man marching from Boston to Nancy Pelosi's office to demand IMPEACHMENT.

"Just Another Poor Boy Off to Fight a Rich Man's War...."

The Ballad of the Harp Weaver

In April, 2004, Matthew Rothschild, Editor of the Progressive...

War is Over (if you want it)

Dead tiger cubs found in fridge at Chinese zoo.

Juan Cole: Christmas In Iraq

Hahahahaha anyone listening to Gupta

Troxler's Annual Xmas Carols in the St. Pete Times...

I'm 51, due to graduate in 3 months with a B.S.;

Rudy is lying about his cancer

It appears Bush's "few dead enders" in Iraq actually number around 80,000

Iraq Invades America

Why Should Anyone Care About The Trans-Texas Corridor...

A serious question regarding the New Hampshire Senate Race

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Alll

What if it turns out as bad as you think it might?

local news censoring-man shot while riding bike (3 blocks from where my son lives!)

Yes, Virginia, There is a War on Terror

GO outside and look at the moon!

"I've Got Nothing To Hide, Let Them Tap My Phone, I Don't Care"

self delete

Cigna stands by decision on transplant

Ministry of Homeland Security Program Indoctrinates the "9/11 Generation"

Merry Christmas all you delightful DUers!

A Malkin Christmas.

Santa in a G-string gets a DUI

Merry Christmas to all and may Peace soon be by our sides.

Who here thinks the 'surge' is working and things are getting better in Iraq?

The Clintons Want to Go Back to the Future

Bush History's "Merry Christmas" Wish

Retailers get their Christmas wish: "last-minute surge of sales" helps meet their "modest goals"

If Shrub can squat in the WH, why not ANYbody?!1 (ALITO, Will SMITH)

Front Page Philly Inquirer, Christmas Day, RE: CIGNA:

The Nation: State of the World 2008

Frank Luntz was the best Washington Journal could come up with this morning?

Weekend Surge May Not Rescue U.S. Retailers From Holiday Slump

The One Mexican Border-Crossing Immigrant Family That Tancredo Likes? The Romneys


Venezuela Enters Fifth Consecutive Year of Economic Growth

POSTED: This Nativity Scene under Taxpayer-Funded Surveillance

I believe in Santa Claus.

Will first-time caucus goers show up?

Mother keeping son from father

A Christmas postcard

"Progressives are as useless as tits on a bull"

Mike Huckabee and the Evangelical Rebellion

First thing this morning

Wisconsin police requiring thumbprints for traffic violations

I am pretty tough on the media but Chris Wallace from FOX really put the hammer to Gomer Huckabee


Now, Where Did I Put Bill's Credit Card? I'm Overdrawn on His Political Capital Again...

Happy Holidays to everyone and their families

Don't let the terrorists spoil Christmas

Why didn't RON PAUL raise his hand?

Ron Paul's Roots: The Old Right (Confederacy Old)

The best of times , the worst of times

Official Thread to~ "Hey Scrooge? Go 'F' Yourself!"

Resolution to exclude American psychologists role in foreign prisons

Please don't let the Russians A-Bomb Santa: Caroline Kennedy remembers JFK letter

Ralphie learns about commercialism - "Son-of-a-bitch"

Huckabee and 'prayer closets' for kids

I Believe in Father Christmas- Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Which Highly-Disciplined and Experienced Iowa Campaign Urged College Students...


Got gift cards? You'd better use them soon

Complaint About Hate Mail ... DU Not Doing Enough

A Strategy to Contain Nuclear Proliferation: Peace

On PBS tonight. Frontline/World has a program on Kiva.ogr

Gallup: More than 8 out of 10 Americans identify with a Christian faith

Will the wingnuts wigout on the Pope?

Hillary is up, Edwards is down, Obama is up

***OFFICIAL*** "celebrate our depression over Xmas" thread title credited to graywarrior

Happy Birthday JC...

Iraqi Family Settles Into New Life in Atlanta

Turkey Says 150 Killed in Strikes on Rebel Kurds in Iraq.

Porter Goss MUST be scrutinized aggressively. It's no longer just 'one of those mysteries.'

Brad Stine's 'GodMen': Promise Keepers on steroids

Just look at this Christmas Mass photo of the Pope.

Giving Till It Hurts

HUMAN MATTERS: Nostalgia at heart of Christmas' emotional highs, lows

TEDTalk Tuesday Holiday Edition: Why aren't we all Good Samaritans?

Plan Would Let Seniors Work to Pay Taxes

White Christmas: C.H.P. officer decides that things go better with $1 million in stolen coke

I'm going to sit down and read, "Promises to Keep" by Joe Biden.

What enthusiastic support do you see in your area for Presidential candidates?

Russian submarine test fires hybrid ballistic missile

Homophobia! Xenophobia! Racism! .... Just another day at the Free Republic.

What to do with all those unwanted Christmas gifts....

This video needs to be on the Home Page - TODAY!!

Did anyone see Frank Luntz on Cspan this morning trying to...

Daly: NBC Gave Ultimatum to Return to TV

Amy Goodman: The FCC’s Christmas Gift to Big Media

When Santa Drops the Misfit Toys, They Go "Splat": Producers' Revenge

CNN: India's outsourcing industry takes toll on workforce

New Orleans pop. nears 300,000--65% Pre-Katrina Numbers

Looks Like UAL Has Lots of Sick......

I don't like that Iowa gets to pick the candidate

Video about Repubs and war

Christmas "surge" in Iraq:

Having worked with (for) insurance companies for decades:

Scientist who claimed GM crops could solve Third World hunger admits he got it wrong

Happy holidays from the army

Here's A Christmas Story For Ya, LOL !!!

THE JERUSALEM POST: Jeb Bush to arrive in Israel for private visit

"Wish Me a Merry" - - I Kid You Not

Another Sexist bash about a US Congresswoman

watching the, "what are they wating for? xyz is/are ignoring the global warming signs" ads brings me

Changes for better on horizon for fliers in 2008

Next time romney is channeling John Adams maybe he should try channeling these

Is Hillary capable of confronting our enemies?

Chicago Tribune: Gay immigrants fight to join movement

.......indiana soldier stays with his newborn son

Will the tax cut message that bush and the CONS.

Family Dog Victim During Ohio's Foreclosure Crisis

The latest Romney campaign item. "Romney Mitts" for his swell ideas!

Cards from heaven have dead man talking

Suicide bombers kill 29 in Iraq (Bush's "surge" is working)

Festive greetings 'from Heaven'

A dumb question: What is the difference between a caucus and a primary?

They took the truth and hid it away.

Russia successfully tests new ICBM

To One and All !

Has anyone ever told you it's okay to be pissed off?

Afghanistan orders UN, EU officials out

I just saw "The Great Debators," and it's great.

Did anyone have any family disagreements...

Panel propose commission on homegrown terror

Stumble Upon is addicting!

Anyone Have Link To "Oh Holy Nightmare"?

In re: Ron Paul, libertarianism and all that stuff. This is a good read:

Happy Birthday to my fellow afflicted Christmastime babies

This year, we did something we have never done on Christmas Eve ...

My Christmas Wish, from a Political Prisoner's Daughter

This is my 7th Christmas at DU

Official Bah! Humbug! thread

Report: Hoover planned for mass arrests -- mostly of Americans

The Shock Doctrine: Disaster Apartheid/ if they can't pay, let them die!

Is it time for a Constitutional Convention?

Forbes fictional 15. Richest Fictional Characters..enjoy and argue if you wish..its for fun..

Is it possible to understand what is really happening in Iraq without

Ah, Karrada: "Iraqi Christians pack churches for Christmas Mass despite violence"

Congressmen Seek End To NFL Network Carriage Dispute

Old Florida fights back (When the Town Council is in cahoots with Big Developers)

Plan Would Let Seniors Work To Pay Taxes

I need some help understanding the CIGNA decision to deny coverage

George W. Bush Up For Sale on Ebay

Man thinks God gave him a "comforting message and a vision"...create a line of Jesus action figures

Egypt To Copyright Pyramids

Merry Christmas, Judy and Dennis Shepherd: Matthew Is Still Remembered

Cold Turkey by Kurt Vonnegut....

This is why I can't celebrate Christmas.

Post something really cool that a Democratic President is/was responsible for

Toby Keith, family win wrongful death suit

If you want to see some Christmas magic... Go see August Rush.

Warren Christmas

Wake Up! 99% of gifts will not be in use in 6 months. We must find a better way to love.

Wishful thinking - People I REALLY wish were running for president.

So, how'd the War on Christmas go this year?

fox broadcasting caught "dognapping" during football game

Bob Hope's Christmas 1944 Broadcast to the U.S. Merchant Marine Everywhere

Dying Iowa Voter Confronts Candidates - Associated Press

Can we take a break from the politics and send the Bush family our best wishes?

Breaking on CNN - Tiger kills zoo patron in San Francisco

Will Smith: "I am incensed and infuriated to have to respond" to outrage over Hitler remarks

For those of you who think vaccinations

Marching to Her Own Kazoo: Why Cranial Clinton May Leave Some Feeling Iced Over

What Would Benjamin Franklin - Citizen/Printer - Do with "Dangerous Data"?

X-mas seems gone in my neighborhood

Why isn't Charlie Wilson in Congress anymore?

PHOTO: A reminder of who and what our next President needs to care about -

Comparing the Senators who voted for setting a deadline in June 2006 vs. December 2007

Ed Henry's head may need to be surgically remove from...

Links to a year of the DUzy Awards

Two felons are removed from Clinton committee

The Times of Harvey Milk~ A rant about DiFi


Tom Tomorrow's Year in Review! (part 1)

Question for DU'ers who have had a need to buy wheelchairs et al for relatives


Alone for Christmas... And it's okay.

Idaho Police Academy Class Slogan: ''Go Out And Cause PTSD''

Could You Do a "Reality Year"? No TV, All TV Viewing Time Spent Learning...

Hillary supporters: Does she plan to roll back Bush's tax breaks for the wealthy?

PHOTO: Nothing says class quite like toting a Marlboro into your family's Christmas photo

Why Didn't Boxing Day Catch on Here?

Does anybody have some funny/vicious photoshopped pics of all the major GOP 08 candidates ?

A serious question for GD...

Insured U.S. Residents Face Medical Debt

The BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2007

Before going to see Charkie Wilson please read

Rep. Wexler calls for Cheney's impeachment

If Hillary becomes president will she prosecute Bush for his crimes?

Lewd, Lascivious, and Low-Brow: The "Production Code" Separated "Worthy" from "Wasteful" Thinking

GOP Demonization of Trial Lawyers and How Edwards Will Fight Back If He’s the Democratic Nominee

Zoe Baird, Kimba Wood, Janet Reno, and Hillary Clinton: Transition 2008

Is there any good reason to nominate a presidential candidate who ISN'T "anticorporate"?

Siegelman Accuser Released "Bush-league justice at its most outrageous."

Italy: Judge issues 140 arrest warrants in "Plan Condor" case. Bush NOT YET indicted.

uh oh hil fans, recent polls have her losing to or barely beating republicans and obama...

Wow, A pro-Hillary thread number one on the Greatest page.

Iowa button poll not very scientific, but it sells

Happy Holidays from Hillary.

Obama Supports HR1955 - Pro Fascism Bill

Assuming they do not win, which candidates do you think will make a future run for the presidency?

Obama: "Political analysts and historians see a parallel with John F. Kennedy."

How many Democrats will participate in the Iowa caucus?

"The Myth of the Rational Iowa Voter"

Newsweek: Hillary Clinton was no spectator at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Hillary Clinton opens up a 13-point lead over Barack Winfrey in latest Iowa polling

So I've Been Away Two Weeks, Everyone Has Turned On Barack

Clinton: Agenda will be clear from day one

My Dad and I had our Christmas agrument...

Clinton's secret weapon in Iowa

'Twas the week before caucuses

HOW LONG TODAY? How long before a hillarian writes

What is the status of the Italian Mafia these days? Haven't read much about them lately.

Christmas Wishes For The Candidates

Barack Obama's latest endorsement: The Grinch

Independents in New Hampshire 44.9% of electorate

About those Repub Presidential candidates

Song: "DHS Is Watching Your Home"

Wishing ALL of you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

Denison Mayor Nathan Mahrt From Iowa Endorses Barack Obama

Iowa Poll Shock

The great undiscussed question: who gets the VP nod?

CSPAN is talking about language and framing and political candidates

My wife and I are at Washington's Crossing PA, watching a reenactment of the event.

Brave New Films: And the winner is

Season's greetings to Jim Webb & Harry Reid

What will progressives be doing during Hillary Clinton's Presidency?

Merry Christmas From Iraq: Two Bombs Hit Iraqi Cities Killing at Least 34

Washington Post = Pentagon Partisans

Anyone else get a ' 2008 George W. Bushisms' calender gift?

Christmas Dinner Politics: Anyone have a family discussion?

Thinkprogress shocker: Mitt Romney's great grandfather was an illegal immigrant

Christmas Day Pardons

CNN's Bush Christmas fluff piece reaches a new low: "Imagine a tough guy from Texas shopping..."

Who will spend the most per supporter in the Iowa caucus and how much per supporter?

Is anyone running against any of the Cons..

when it comes to push polls, how do you vote in them?

Felons removed from Clinton's TN steering committee

So when should we have a solid idea of who our nominee will be?

AP video: Dodd Sole Presidential Campaigner in Iowa

Listen up Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Gravel, and Obama...LISTEN WELL!

Does any candidate truly understand the direction our nation is headed?

deleted for christmas

So does any other poll show Hillary leading, lately? Trend or just one poll?

Is sexism more prevalent than racism in this country?

Happy Holidays to Progressives!

Apparently My Candidate is a Pro-fascism, sexist, homophobic, anti-change, drug dealing crackhead..

Is RawStory off the net???

Barack Obama is like JFK in what way?

Choir director of Obama's church murdered

Biggest contractors support Clinton, other Democrats, in 2008 race

Krugman’s latest attack on Obama conveniently leaves out several key facts

Phil. Inquirer: “Biden Gives Voters Context Instead Of Sound Bites,

Happy Holiday fellow politically obsessed DUers!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Paul EXPOSED: $31BILLION in local pork brought home by Ron Paul

Some of these Ron Paul supporters are delusional

"I don't like the idea that Social Security benefits are going to immigrants who just swam across"

The similarities of Barack Obama and JFK can be pretty convincing

More about Hillary

Two conservative groups in Iowa getting ready for attack ads against Hillary Clinton

Has anyone considered than many here who want to compare Obama with JFK...

Which of these tickets would win 08' by biggest margin?

Would Edwards remain under-funded if he wins Iowa?

It's Christmas! Say something nice about a candidate you're not supporting!

Outsourcing takes toll on India's workers: sleep disorders, heart disease, depression and discord

President Clinton the Second would not be stomping the sh- out of Latin American governments

Kucinich the scrapper

Are unions that don't support Obama really just "special interest" groups?

Why are you not voting for Dennis Kucinich?

My new Weekly Check: Is it Hillary Clinton or Hillary Rodham Clinton?

When will Hillary's hypothetical polarization officially begin? She beats all GOP'ers in polls

Nothing you post will change my vote.

Hillary's 'Southern Strategy': Muslim-Baiting

NYT: Questions arise about Hillary's 'experience' as First Lady

Hillary Clinton is so polarizing

"Hillary’s Hidden Hand" - Newsweek ... Do we really want this kind of 'Experience'?

It isn't too early to start thinking about how we will defend the 50 state strategy in 2009

Should Social Security be optional?

NYT article puts Hillary Clinton's First Lady "experience" under scrutiny