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Archives: December 24, 2007

Coping with lonliness at the holidays..., Emotional Castaways.

Gunmen kidnap 14 members of Iraqi family - police

Iraq cover-up claims: MPs call for inquiry

(Washington) State loses federal sex education funding

US report: Israel would weather nuclear war with Iran

Mexican marijuana is still plentiful and cheap

Drug case dismissed; defendant framed by informant

Warnings about contractors went unheeded

Oscar Peterson dies at 82

Italy seeks Condor plot suspects

Cheney accused of blocking Californian bid to cut car fumes

Huckabee Campaigning For 23% Sales Tax

Loonie closes above $1.01 US on commercial paper deal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 24

Iraq Kurds warn Turkey over raids

Fliers stranded as MAXjet Airways ceases flights

Firefighters Battle Blaze At Deptford Firehouse

FCC chief defends media ownership plan

Clinton urges Iowa voters to caucus on wrong day

Bringing laptops to the village: Experiment a hit in the hills of Peru (OLPC)

Bethlehem celebrates Christmas

Torn By 2 Calls of Duty.. (No Leave for Soldier with Infant Son in ICU)

War strain in Iraq may speed troop cuts

Ron Paul won't rule out third-party run

Lieberman Backs GOP's Collins In Maine

Bush makes holiday calls to troops

Battle turns to rare fin whales (more endangered than humpbacks)

WA State loses federal sex education funding

Bush Seeks to Restore Tattered U.S. Image With Heavy '08 Travel

Crisis may make 1929 look a 'walk in the park'

Huckabee campaigning for 23% sales tax

US loungers, look what we've missed out on...Jackie Stallone

"I knew he wouldn't show..."

what if there are many lounges on du

If Kitchenwitch lost Illinois, where did she have Chicago?

I found Illinois!

A really good Christmas song

You know how I've mentioned the republican many times?

Harry Potter and the Brokeback Goblet

Proof the Demons Exist:

I'm the world's worst rapper (No pics) I tend to spend a lot on rhymes then I ....


Here's what all the freepers are doing for Christmas

Payback time...

Viewers of PBS Sprout: Is that Elizabeth woman awful or what?

kitteh: 1

Fucking dammit! Why the hell did I have to run out of alcohol now!

The Night Santa Went Crazy

Apparently I am bigoted against WASPS

Blue Christmas.

It's my birthday. Ask me anything.

A serious question about The Queen's YouTube channel...

A Gift for the Lounge

Today is my First Born's 21st Birthday.

Favorite "Sesame Street" joke meant for adults? (Part 2)

I want dreadlocks.

Why do they let people on TV who can't sing?

So were God and Mary married? Wasn't that like pre-marital sex?

Woohoo! I just won $600 in my fantasy football league! Ask me anything...

"Piss on you all, It's been a hell of a night."

Santa is ON THE MOVE!!

For thse of you who haven't heard this (and apologies to those of you who have)

Pillsbury "Lange Holiday Supper" ad - is that Jessica Lange?

WBUR Boston is airing the Cambridge (UK) Christmas Carol service live

Cats and wrapping presents do not mix well in my house....

I'm thinking about....

I am making Apple Pie with wine, wish me luck...

If global warming thaws the North Pole, will Santa Drown?

Berry Chrisdbas.

Alistair Sim and the 1951 version of "Scrooge" is my all-time favorite

Crumpet the Elf! Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice everyone!

You used up all the glue...on PURPOSE!

Everything you think is fun is bad and anti-liberal.

OMG I think it is really going to happen

My brother called me yesterday.

Merry Holidays

Spam. I want to know how so many people

making mini-burgers for xmas eve

Patriots Fan Jumps From Overpass

I was putting Lelapin's gifts under the tree

Favorite Christmas carols?

so who's eating an italian christmas eve dinner today?

Do you secretly dream of being president?

Need some Christmas music?

How old were you when discovered that Santa Claus was killed in Vietnam?

Paul Lynde = Bert?

I watched the NFL yesterday

I finished my Mums stocking today

Two hours to kill-- quick somebody break the intar-tubes

Oscar Peterson has died at 82.

Christmas Karma!

Thanks, Santa. Phucking Pneumonia for Xmas.

T.J. Hooker. This Christmas, won't YOU choose your favorite episode?

I'm hoping for a different kind of hummer for christmas

Christmas LOLcats thread!

Netflix users: They have removed the ability to browse movies being released "this week"

Strictly Ballroom starting on IFC...

Downloading new Music - I feel so OLD...

Pick a Country

One of the cutest commercials I've seen in a while

So there I was, level at FL280 when all of a sudden...

Richard Simmons: "Oh, I don't know, I'm pretty too, so it's hard..."

"Regards To Captain Dunsel"

Publisher believes redemption, God is at work, Britney Spears' mom "will turn ashes into beauty"

Well heck, it is Christmas Eve

The Bar IS OPEN on This Christmas Eve.....Butt

Hovercat recreates a scene from "Independence Day"

Redneck Pagan (pic)

My Package ...

It's a Christmas miracle!

Happy Balls -- a way to get them.

Finally! The truth comes out about Janet Jackson and her "wardrobe malfunction"

RIP: Oscar Peterson...(jazz great)

Can You Believe Its Almost 2008 What Are Your New Years Resolutions?

Currently taking application for a "Ms. Claus"

In case we forget: Johnny Cash - Man In Black

Too much tin foil or too frightening a truth to admit?

Who's at work?

Favorite Holiday episode of your favorite TV shows.

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!"

High rollers are more fun than holy ones.

Anybody else doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the next couple days?

Happy HannuKwanzaEidMas to everyone!!

My wish for the holidays and beyond...

2 days in SF in late Jan., what to you suggest?

Favorite Ball

What religion are you, and do you like Christmas songs?

Merry Christmas, everybody!

"Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd is on Comedy Central right now...

All I want for Christmas is lolcat

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to EVERYONE in the Lounge...

Happy Holidays DUers !!!

Well, it happened again...

Real estate investing

It's snowing like crazy and in an hour I have to leave for a party on the other side of the valley.

Post your favorite "Where are they now" musical loser

Mmm...Thanksgiving leftovers

Any teens here know what is the newest band that begins with the letter K? Help??!

*#_)*ing dogs!

Woah, did last-minute xmas shopping - it was EASY!

A Toast To All DU'rs

Whats on tap at your home?

What Do You Do When Someone 'Attacks' Your Post?

I posted a non flame bait thread in GD

when do you think it's ok to start w/ the eggnog

Lighten up with Stan Freeberg's "Christmas Dragnet".

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! To All Of You!!!

Naughty Girls! Don't forget to check Santa's sack

Why won't SPK let me play with his package?

I'm still sick, but I'm braving all to find a black lab Webkinz

My favorite Christmas story....

Frank Zappa - Black Napkins (NYC Palladium, October 31, '77)

blanket #1 - done!

so my son was supposed to work until 5, then pick of his girl nd come home

Frank Zappa: I Am The Walrus

I'm Jewish, but wanted to wish everyone who celebrates Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Drunken Irishman family

So I walked up to this guy and asked for some Vicodin...

Anybody wanna come over and wrap these presents?

I haven't been on DU much, any news on Wannabegrumpee?

Roofing billionaire dies after fall through his own roof

I'm so drunk I just added some Foreigner to my music collection

Fave music vids that were created in 2007

We spent more than ever on Christmas this year

String Cheese Rocks

Peace on Earth

There's three kids cooking in my kitchen

If you have rug rats hanging around,

Happy Holidays everyone.

Fucking George Bailey is a wimp and doesn't deserve gods help...

Are they breeding some sort of new, super-onion?

I made it to Wisconsin!

YouTube: Richard Thompson, "Shoot Out The Lights"

itunes question


Question: If neither Kennedy had been killed...

Researchers: "Global Warming Puts North Pole In Peril"

Lounge Grammar Nazis, I need some help

anyone care to give some snarkey advice?

Why does HDTV look fuzzy?

For Philboy

It's Christmas Eve and I miss my wife.

I feel like this lolcat...

Quesiton about apple crisp

So we were trying to do something christmas-y and

Hahaha! The owner of the company I work for just went by in full Santa gear -

Your Ignorance Makes Me ill And Angry...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 12/24/2007)

Sometimes, when I'm doing dishes or some other mindless task..

Frank Zappa - Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk

Christmas Kitties

What Are You Listening To Tonight>

DA's Holiday Rx: 99% alcohol/popcorn, 1:1 by volume.

anyone care to give some turkey advice?

Lindsay Buckingham Rocks

Things you've learned about yourself this year.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir on now with the beautiful voice of

What in hell is it with guys and Jean-Claude Van Damme movies?

Band Of Brothers Bastogne 1944 Never Forget

Chicago newscast interrupted by car crashing into the studio!

Hey Bennyboy!!!!!!!

I no longer celebrate Christmas...

A revised Zen koan for Christmas

So my birthday is in 5 days...What will you give me?

Did one of those guys look like this?

This is absolutely the creepiest thing EVER.

Awesome Youtubes

Karen Carpenter What A Voice

January 10th is my Christmas.

Ooh. Bad Santa's Starting Right Now

Ho-lee crap! June Foray is still ALIVE?

Going out for some Holiday spirits around 11

Need quick answers! What is Santa's name in Spanish? What does Santa do on his day off?

I feel extremely selfish tonight.

HEY, I'd Rather Be You Then Me

Per Redstone family tradition, there's a ham sandwich and a beer next to the fireplace...

Award-winning choreographer Michael Kidd dies.

When is the Alastair Sim "Christmas Carol" going to be on? Its the best one,

Anyone here?

So, what would you think?

A song about a soldier

This is going to be a very lonely christmas ,y'all.

So, exactly who is Jesus endorsing for president?

David Bowie & Bing Crosby's Peace on Earth/The Little Drummer Boy

How many five year olds could you take in a fight?


What my sister gave my brother for Christmas....

What do you hate most about Christmas Eve/Christmas?

OMG Heidi! Fake like you are sleeping!

Need advice regarding a BAD pet owner.

how many ops to you write but don't actually post?

Will you be on DU tomorrow?

We had a minature Christmas Friday night (pics)

Christmas sure has changed for me...

We need some great CHRISTMAS VIDEOS in here!

What is your favorite name for a girl/woman?

One of my cats got into the Christmas cookies' tin (Now with cat pics, post your own!)

Someone could use some patented "Lounge Vibes"

Question about Quentin Crisp

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/24/07

Ju-dee-izum, Ju-DAY-izm, JUDE-izum - how do you pronounce it?

I'm GOING to go see A V P R TOMORROW


Pea's On Earth

Merry Christmas all

*Christmas Eve Pictures*

Favorite screenname generator?


Do You Hate Christmas Music As Much As I Do?

Question About Quisp

I got my grades back and am sad

Wil Smith: SHUT UP!

Can this be teh drawing thread plz?

WTF? Two random people asked me for VICODIN today!

Happy Foodie Xmas! w00t!

The single GREATEST Western movie of all time

National Treasure -- What's up with all the blue eyes?

To whom do we file a grievance?

"PROGRESS!" U.S. Casualties By Calendar Year

To our 4 US Soldiers; missing assumed captured

How to stop a dictator

Broken Polls

Second day Turkish jets bombed separatist Kurds - United States’ Undeclared War Against Kurds

Billy Shears -- His musical Xmas program is on HORN now

Are we getting a Republican Idiots I didn't read otherwise.

We went to a really nice restaurant tonight, and there was a table with FOUR small kids

Rosa Brooks - The O'Grinch Factor

I just don't have the time


America on Steroids: A Bill Moyers Essay

Happy Holiday's huckabee heads!!!

Payback time...

If Gore had taken office in 2000,, do you realize who would be our

1,100 a year to add our 16 year old daugher

Key Justice Department Positions Unfilled

Holiday Internet Sales in U.S. Rise at Slowest Pace on Record

U.S. Officials See Waste in Billions Sent to Pakistan, Used For Weapons Against India

A Gift for the GD board...

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

"My father and I marched with Martin Luther King Jr. through the streets of Detroit."

Wagons circled at CIA over tapes' demise

Are you hearing the guy on Cspan's Washington Journal About Vets gun rights?

Warned About Blackwater

Dollar's Fall Is Felt Around The Globe-Weakening U.S. Currency Harms Overseas Markets

U.S. Gov't Ignored Warnings On Security Firms In Iraq

Merry Christmas you sub-prime suckers.

Less Gift Giving: One of the unexpected byproducts of our new divisive society:

Will Congress make a decision on Immunity for Rodriguez?

AlterNet: If Tobacco Regulation Works, Why Not Regulate Marijuana?

Royal Channel on youtube

'War on Christmas' Nonsense is a War on Secularists

Little Love Among Matchmakers

Bush makes holiday calls to troops (10) to wish them happy holidays.

Democratic Underground, back for the first time.....

Worrisome survey raises doubts about Dr.'s willingness to meet medical and societal responsibilities

Latest Bushit: Feds cut off sex ed funding for Wa state

Scottsdale, AZ police state.

Christmas at Camp Prosperity in Baghdad - pics

The corporate mentality that's killing us:

5 million Iraqi orphans, anti-corruption board reveals

Hillary Clinton in 2008?

OMG I think it is really going to happen

Newspaper Endorses Romney - NOT!!!

Before I went in to rehab, I threw a last good drunk

Billy JOEL confounds wingnut Page Six with anti-Iraq/attack song!1

Israeli Military Prosecutors Uphold Use Of Cluster Bombs In Lebanon

Evelyn Gandy--pioneer Mississippi Democrat--has died.

Unfriggen believable: Stolen car kept getting tickets,

Get a Masters Degree in Creationism

Made in China

Authorities Raid Cockfight Saturday, Make Arrests Under New Law

My $$$ On ADDINGTON-Rodriguez to Seek Immunity in CIA Tape Destruction Probe-Who might he give up?

Is the Administration saying it can break US Law as long as it isn't done on american soil?

Didn't you suspect there was an organization like this? (No doubt funded by CNN)

Why does the current Director of the CIA wear a military uniform?

Newsflash: Only three candidates qualify

LOL! The RNC wants me to join them.

Anarchists in the Aisles

George W. Bush anagrams

This Date in Bush History 12/24: Bush Appointee Fights Satan at the FDA!

Diebold Now Also Under DoJ Investigation as Stock Price Hits FIVE-YEAR Low!

The Most Worthy Campaign for 2008:

Breaking! War on Christmas! Santa taken hostage!

I know this isn't really political, but I just found out Peter Jackson's going to make The Hobbit!

*'s Legacy

Connecting dots on the destroyed tapes

2007's Scandals & Scounderels

Thanks, Santa. Phucking Pneumonia for Xmas.

It's going be a left wing Christmas this year! Sorry, no war, just peace on earth!

Russia Helps Iran Keep Balance of Power

Recession Or Not, Economists Glum About 2008

Iraqi Officials Say That Iran Wants to Hold Ambassadorial-Level Talks With U.S. Over Iraq

A Special Christmas Message from Blackwater

Brian Williams on Morning Joe re: lamenting the YouTube-ization of media.

Faux News gives up all pretense: Christian sermon as news?

If your stockings have been hung by the chimney with care

Dangerous prank calls draw SWAT teams to unsuspecting homes

Don't take it too seriously because...

Do you ever wonder why "corporatism" is bad for civilization?

running for president anymore is not about uncovering a gallery of accomplishments.

During Recess, Democrats Push Back

Bush gives CNN the Helen Thomas treatment

My Dog The Lawn.

Does it seem that the corporate media is pushing Romney?

A Republican's Christmas Prayer

George Bush is a monster, but .....

Huckabee is touting the "Fair Tax"

Blackwater's 2004 Iraq Contract with State: A 'Pyramid' Scheme

Gunmen abduct Shiite bus passengers in Iraq

Big Brother, Are Credit Card Companies like AT&T?

A story of a forgotten part of America, and some people almost nobody cares about

Mark Crispin Miller 6 min clip explains much re: neocons, media, 08 election

Okay, I'll Start ...

Who Would Be Liable.....

OMG:Bill O'Reilly: a Sex Tape in Song!

* photo with hurt soldier

What Non-Traditional News Outlet Would You Trust to Accurately Report an Unflattering Story...

Weakening US Dollar causing Harming Salaries of Cheap Asian Laborers in Dubai/UAI!

CNN Headline: Robbery Suspect Shot in Atlanta... Merry Christmas.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god

Hypothetical attacks on whomever the Democrats nominate...

CIA obstructed 9/11 investigators: report

Receding Ga. Lake Exposes Past

Kean Says CIA Is Parsing Words On Interrogation Tapes - The Hill

The furnace turned on again and my mental cash register went ka-ching again. It's

Veteran’s Home in California. - Needs Your Help

Iran sticks its thumb into Bush/Cheney eyes & plans to build 19 new nuclear plants

my neighbors

I just heard about a very scary database that compiles info on people

Many Iraqis expressed outright skepticism of the benefits of democracy from the end of a gun

Subpoena Pelosi

Caption This...

Please Contact James Chalat

All lit up for the holidays - * pic

Senator Awaiting Records of Ministries' Finances

A Christmas Story that Will Warm Your Heart

N.Korea 'Refusing to Dispose of Nuclear Fuel'

Clinton, Obama, and Edwards each given a forum on CNN's Faith Politics - Who won?

Shrub and the Purple Heart Ceremony

The Next Big Battle Is Over Telecom Immunity - Don't Let The Primaries Drown It Out

Letters to the editor in a red, but turning blue state.

Kurds see the reality: US can't give up Turks

Caption Rudy

"Jasmina Tešanovi; "Christmas in Serbia"

Hey DUers, the best holiday present this year

R.I.P. Oscar Peterson

Happy Festivus! :P

What I learned from DU this year.....

LOL! News story about Shrub calling the troops for xmas has a pic of PUTIN


So...are those 10 soldiers dumb called supposed to feel like they won the lottery?

Maryland Moms Lobby for Peace and Accountability - a GREAT story!!

This is how the war on Christmas started.

Bush seeks to rehabilitate himself in his last year in office

Has Anyone Ever Read The Big White Lie by Michael Levine?

Hey, Senator Kerry, can you help me. I don't like CDs and won't get a CD player. None of the

When the last gift is unwrapped, and the food is all gone.

9/11 Commission Chairman: ‘No Question’ CIA Attempted ‘To Impede Our Investigation’

300 mpg for under $30,000

9/11 Commission chair: 'No question' CIA knew we wanted tapes-CIA tried to impede our investigation

Merry Christmas-Happy holdidays to all and Peace on earth.

The return of the confederate flag idiot. -- On Christmas Eve, no less.

Man Crashes Into Army Secretary's Home

W.W.E. broadcasting from Tikrit, Iraq... Tribute To The Troops

My egg nog just kicked in and while I can still see the screen,

(Un)Happy Birthday to the KKK

Widening of Health Care in States Hits Roadblocks

"My name is Francis Tolliver " (maybe the best one, ever)

Merry Christmas GD'ers.

Partisan Fissures Over Voter ID,Justices to Hear Challenge to Law

Santa Claus is Flying over Gitmo as I Type...

Brilliant LTTE re : O'Reilly's Christmas

I love it when Kerry does stuff to piss off the wingnuts

NORAD tracks Santa Operation Center: Google Maps update every five minutes

Kids say the darnedest things

Veterans stage protest outside Hall's event

Moral dilemma

Is Santa a Conservative?!

It's going to be in the 80's on x-mas here in Lost Angeles

Jews and Muslims see the US as a place to make peace

Paul Won't Rule Out Run as Independent

A revised Zen koan for Christmas

Just Saw National Treasure2..I Have an Idea about...

Going out for some Holiday spirits around 11

Merry Christmas to all Christians, Happy Holidays to all others- wishing peace to you and yours now

Kerry more outraged about stupid football game than his own stolen election in 2004

I know we are all caught up in the primaries and such..but Frank Capra Jr..

Sunset NOW in Antartica (Bernardo O'Higgins receiving station)

Volunteer Now for War on Xmas 2008!

TBS marathon...."The Christmas Story" on now!

Paul Wellstone documentary (if you have access to LINK tv) on now

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Does anyone actually use Vista on your computer?

Staying in and having Holiday Spirits! :^) -- Merry Holidays Everyone!!!

I just don't have the time

Iran in Latin America!?!?-It's true. Frank Gaffney says so.

We opened our presents tonight...

Lamestream media pushes Edwards out of the race...

Smoking ban in Ohio - Private clubs are among the state's worst offenders

POLL: Hillary opens up 14-point lead in Iowa; Edwards in 2nd

Why do you oppose Ron Paul?

Every family group is getting a copy of "The End of America"by Naomi Wolf

Here we go: Terrorists are shooting up a mall in georgia!

Coors tells us (with a really cool Aussie accent) that if kids have 3-5 cool adults

The baby was called Jesus from the curse words "Jesus, Mary & Joseph."

So Giuliani has cancer again?

The Great Oscar Peterson is dead

Mandatory Malloy OMG It's Christmas Eve Thread

Bush Seeks to Restore Tattered U.S. Image With Heavy '08 Travel

Bush is not the only problem- We need a NEW CONGRESS!!

Sgt denied extension of leave as newborn son struggles for life


Anyone ever taught a kid to swim?

39 years ago today.

A Special Message from Elizabeth Kucinich in New Hampshire

Democrats Need to Jettison Lieberman As a Troublesome Traitor

Mexican marijuana is still plentiful and cheap

This Inevitibility Crap is too much for me...

I don't need a hero

Can You Afford Hillary or Edwards Healthcare Mandates For The Uninsured? Up To $1000 PER MONTH??

This is my 6th Christmas Eve on DU. Wow!

Fear of subpoenas ‘crippling’ the White House?

Hedges: Huckabee, The Evangelican Revolution (leading to Christian Fascism)

Elizabeth Edwards is a poor judge of character.

Gang Rape Green Zone? - UK Guardian

Cheney tapes - CIA on NPR (Neil Cohen) Try to hear it later - important

the ruse of Santa Claus

Don't knock your heads together too much on Iowa polls--step with me into the wayback machine

For our friend OMC and other DUer's this Holiday season

Christmas Stories

A Christmas Greeting from Nancy Pelosi

A Modest Proposal For The Improvement Of The Nation

Senate Report on Climate Change A Partisan Attack On Al Gore

A horrifying thought has occurred to me re: Iowa caucus and NH primary

Just for fun, Favorite bush nicknames?

LTTE in today's Salt Lake Tribune:

Uh, guys ...

Story to watch: Man held in beating of 9-month old baby -- ex-military

I'll vote for that which I believe in! Kucinich 2008!

Laptop Project Enlivens Peruvian Hamlet

The Shock Doctrine: Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin.

The Shock Doctrine: Setting up South Africa/Screwing Mandela.. chapter 10

Drug contaminated with HIV-AIDS distributed in Iraq for second time

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

The racist history the Democratic Party

Leading article: A seasonal reminder of the benefits of Europe

Nation's largest Anti-Immigration group declared to be a hate group

Kerry more outraged by....

Merry Christmas from Bush: "Your Tax Refund May be Delayed"

White House confirms the following records destroyed in the 3rd floor fire

A gift for my fellow DUers: Twas the night before Xmas, and all through the land...

How happy are you with your life on this Christmas Eve?

All I Want for Christmas Is a Shot of Paralyzing Toxins to the Forehead

The Internet (IMPORTANT)

The US Dollar's Fall ignored by Main Stream Media

The Truth About 2008

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Largest Transparently-Operated Charitable Foundation in World

The Promethian Problem: A Hypothetical - What to Do with "Dangerous Data"?

The Bagpipes of France?

Please sign my petition

Dinner with the Maccaca Family - Only Inside the Beltway

back in 2003 by this time in the year I had been up to NH, written to IA

Peace and low stress to you all

Kerry threatens NFL if Patriots-Giants not on NBC

SICKO - breakfast with republics

Democratic compromise on energy bill used by WH to slap the faces of governors

Who would appoint the best Supreme Court Justices and why?

How can anyone be "undecided" after a year of campaiging in Iowa? I bet you they don't show up

Sioux City Journal Edorses Obama

Nashua Telegraph (175 year old paper) endorses Barack Obama

I can't search yet, it is my holiday gift, but ...

Has any Presidents in the past wished the American people

I'm Just Wondering...

The State of the Field-Ops War

Presidential Profiles: GOP's long shots hope to catch fire

Just a reminder: This is not a terribly dirty dem primary season

Des Moines Register: Democrats ratchet up message of electability

*******OFFICIAL WE WON IN 08 THREAD***********

My prediction for the two final nominees

If Dennis Kucinich ran as an Independent in 2008, would you vote for him?

Obama said Paul Wellstone was "magnificent"

Do you honestly think one candidate has a better shot than another at defeating the Republican?

To Undecideds: What Are You Looking For in a Candidate?

Paul B. Hertneky: Let's compare the public accomplishments of Clinton and Obama

State of the Unions : Paul Krugman-NYT

A Californian to the Candidates: Leave Christmas ALONE

If candidates were selected based on their campaign song, Obama would win in a landslide!

Hillary's still in this Race

December 20, 2006 IOWA POLL: Edwards 22% Obama 22% Vilsack 12% Hillary 10%

A coal in my stocking from Bush backers

In New Hampshire, independent voters turn to alternative media

How Clinton Lost Her Invincibility

Warnings Unheeded On Guards In Iraq

Endorsing Ron Paul, and Why Progressive Dems Should Like and Support Ron Paul

Based on (1) their primary campaign and (2) your sense of their toughness,

One lonely candidate on campaign trail (Dodd)

Merry Christmas Fellow Dems

Will Clinton and Edwards cut a deal in Iowa?

So yesterday, Hillary campaigned by telling veterans they

There is no pity vote

Another day, another poll; Obama leads in NH!

Bringing the Democrats and Republicans together.

Happy Holidays, DU!

If you're flirting with Ron Paul, you're cozying up to some very ugly stuff.

How many paid (by GOP) Clinton supporters are there that...

Barack Obama resists attacking voter who said it's 'important he's not Muslim'

ARG Iowa Poll 12/24: Clinton 34%, Edwards 20%, Obama 19%, Biden 8%

Obama the Hypocrite

Why a mandate that all be insured? Here's why

CIA Chief may seek immunity

Bush's Class Warfare - Peter Dreier

Rasmussen: McCain 49% Clinton 43%; Clinton Leads Huckabee by Four

Independent Groups Dole Out Lumps of Coal

Wash. Post : Warnings Unheeded On Guards In Iraq

Just an amusing note: The shifting alliances between various camps

Bossip Endorses Barack Obama

Dodd campaigns in Muscatine Sunday

Iowa & NH voters: Vast majority are white, rural, and Christian. (right?)

How Clinton Lost Her Invincibility

In 2008, Bush plans to "rebuild U.S. Int'l image and create a foreign policy legacy beyond Iraq"

MADD is Mad at Huck -- And Rightly So

Many Democrats Still Undecided, Iowa's Harkin Says

This "paid supporter" gig --where does one sign up?

A Good Point On This Board

One year of the Democratic 110th Congress: A record of duplicity, cowardice and political reaction

How would you vote on a bill designed to protect the identity of victims of sexual abuse?

Obama crys foul about Hillary. But now he's using her strategy?

The last time ARG showed Clinton opening up a big lead was in New Hampshire...

"Larisa Alexandrovna: Springtime for Hitler "

Happy Merry whatever you celebrate or don't Gdp.

Huckabee is exactly what the west DOES NOT need in a leader!

Happy Holidays from Barbara Boxer

How many more Natalines have to die so corporations can continue to rake in their obscene profits

I saw my Father beat up Superman.

Paper Gives 'Anti-Endorsement' to Romney

David Schuster on Morning Joe just said this:

Got Polls?

Obama: Starting the 26th is going to be Iowa all the time

Seeing as though Newsmax is now accepted here, let's spread the, wealth.

Dennis Kucinich supporters, we all need to get a hold of him. Address?

Rasmussen Daily Tracking 12-21-HRC 40 - O-24 -Edwards 15

Even Hillary's campaign don't believe the latest ARG with her that far out

Possible solution, a state requirement to be viable for delegates. ie 15% of voters need to vote

Iowa Shmiowa

Witnesses were lying about Romney's dad marching with MLK (Washington Post fact-checker)

Romney gets scathing anti-endorsement from The Concord Monitor

Problem with popular vote vs electoral college...

Little ideological difference among top candidates, Dems say in poll

Is there a DU Fast Response Group?

Great Read: Concord Monitor calls Romney a "phony"

Question about independent candidates

From "Black Veils Blog" will either love this or it will piss you off (maybe BOTH).

AP ACTION PHOTO of Little Lord Pissypants calling troops from the safety & warmth of Camp David

New Hampshire: Graveyard of Pollsters

Savior or Saboteur?

73 year old Iowan man "serenades Obama" with a song

I'm voting for "none of the above"

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