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Archives: December 21, 2007

Peru's Fujimori defends amnesty

Clinton Launches Obama Attack Web Sites

Two Houston lawyers accept foreign honor:Argentine award was for their work on death row case

Justice Department takes oversight of Goff case away from Montgomery prosecutors

Crist blasts EPA's ruling

Rice in Guantanamo closure appeal

EPA chief is said to have ignored staff

U.S. Asks High Court to Nix 'Speech-or-Debate' Ruling

Hundreds in Ramadi protest policeman killing by U.S. soldier

U.S. convoys struggle to adjust to policy change ("assume all civilian vehicles are friendly")

Iraq Shi'ite leader wants US-backed (Sunni militia) units curbed

Va. Tech classrooms to be used for peace center

Uninsured Cancer Patients Face Grim Future

Australia's Rudd makes unannounced visit to Baghdad

Partial Iraq pullout on track as security improves: Gates

Japan Backs Down from Hunting Humpbacks

The past is the dream of Sunnis in tiny Baghdad enclave

Putin and his 40$bn fortune

New Orleans' Public Housing Fight Rages

Russia, Iran tighten the energy noose

Suicide attack kills 48 in Pakistan mosque

Mass inmate release possible in Calif.

One of the Last World War I Veterans Dies at 109 (2 left)

Iraqi Children "Paying High Price..."

Anonymous jury ordered for terror retrial (Liberty City 7)

Stewart, Colbert to return to air in January

White House faces hearing on CIA tapes

Iraq, Afghanistan War Costs Top Vietnam

UNICEF: War has taken a toll on Iraq's children

Judge Seems Wary of Opening CIA Inquiry

Romney sticks to belief in King, dad

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 21

Shiite leaders oppose expansion of U.S.-backed citizens groups

Bill Gates buys stake in Mexican brewer Femsa

Blair called for BAE inquiry to be halted

Iran could revive atom bomb bid due curbs on IAEA: U.S.

Homeless who died remembered today

Karl Rove Inks $1M-Plus Memoir Deal

CIA wants ex-agent who discussed waterboarding investigated

Tent city in suburbs is cost of U.S. home crisis

Governors' office kept tabs on Cuban girl's case

Consumer Spending Surges in November

Bonuses on Wall Street surge 14 percent

(American) Congressmen urge hostage release in letter to Colombian rebel leader

Spending Bills Still Stuffed With Earmarks ($20 million for Alaska ferry to nowhere)

Democrat Edwards looks to pull a surprise in Iowa

Life 'better' under Saddam says vicar of Baghdad

Enron's Skilling asks for prison release

Diebold Now Also Under DoJ Investigation as Stock Price Hits FIVE-YEAR Low

Visitor Logs Can Be Kept Secret, for Now

Romney Takes On McCain

Clinton Says Wife a 'World-Class Genius'

China blasts Obama call for toy ban


Asteroid on collision course with Mars

Should Jessica Simpson change her name to Yoko Romo?

senior prank

What's the opposite of handicapped?

I have a new secret boyfriend!

I have had the most incredible day

just in time for the war on christmas--Old Soviet Christmas cards.......

I'm the leader of the famous worldwide womens' rights movement that will inspire change for decades

You'd think after a while they'd run out of steam.

free holiday Glitter Graphics and much more

Utes win! YAY!

Lovers of Londontown:

Why do posters think I'm female? Oh, wait....

A Question for YouTube Experts...

Anyone here have a significant other who is a Repug..

It's traffic deflation.

Dude! I've got a Dell!

Heidi - WTF is :White Tea?

I want no Marzipan !

Inchworm called me mean

Well, I have 8 couples to marry on Yule, this Saturday, I am becoming very popular.

Well, I have 8 couples to marry on Yule, this Saturday, I am becoming very popular.

Hey Heidi

IE6 patch for the patch released: IE6 crashes after you install security update 942615 on a computer

Happy Holidays!

Well, I have 8 Marys to couple on Yule, this Saturday, I am becoming very popular

Muddy Waters!

I expect to get spammed by the Brookes and Ashleeeees on MySpace

Dammit..... I don't have a lipstick in my bag

I gots a new hair cut

Seven great "medical myths" revealed

I received a hadwritten letter from the Jehovah Witnesses

Ugh. I just got out of GD-P

If you were going to a deserted island for 5 years...

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful start into 2008

A Rabbi walks into a bar with a frog on his head

To anyone interested in joining a free 2008 deadpool

I say fuck

My boss (one of them) just called... he won't be in today...

I just delivered my famous PB fudge to my co-workers

It's ok; I have a theme song now (EXTREME earworm warning)

A Christmas scare for you

today just keeps getting better and better....

Opera Goers: i have a question

separated at birth?

The TRUTH about the phrase "it tastes like chicken": That only refers to the DARK MEAT.

Jane Fonda turns 70 today

FlyingSquirrel's truck: The greatest, or the greatest EVER?

And you thought Vodka was just for drinking - other great uses for Vodka

I'm outta here

What are YOU lookin' at, butthead?

Flags of the ignorant world

No matter your spirtual course. Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

Fun with Michael Vick, Dick Cheney and the Olson Twins...

zOMg, I am SO bored....

R.I.P. Ike Turner: "A gold-studded lilac suit with a golden Fender Strat by the side of his coffin"

Am I "full of myself"?

Anybody out there have some spare creativity to share ?

Guess The Famous Person Picture Post

yummmm... AB&J sandwich............

Woo-HOO! Happy Solstice (shortest day of the year)

I'm trying to think of something fun to do with Aspergers. Ideas?

Am I asking for trouble with this thread?

I'm trying to think of something fun to do with Ambergris. Ideas?

I'm gonna do some baking today. What should I make?

Life isn't fair...A Tale of Two Lunches

if you dont like our president

There's just one more bite of sushi.... but I'm full

"in to" the Christmas spirit (s)

Gift Cards or The Clash?

I wish...

Its the Holidays Damn it!

Favorite Norah Jones album

redqueen attitude changer

Naughty list growing after Santa ‘cold-cocked’

Probably need to get out of here and go xmas shopping

Hey LynneSin, check this out...

My Cunning Plan actually WORKED!! (stuff for cats)

Did you ever get coal in your stocking on Christmas morning?

Someone start a really naughty thread so I can use this great gif I found

Gift Cards

I wanted to send a gift basket that supported a charity but I can't find any!

Dancing Santa Bear!!!!

ohhhh me, ooooh my....


Holiday greetings from Dick!

What is the meaning of a wedding ring?

make me laugh with pics (dialup warning)

Celebrating my companion's birthday (picture heavy)

You never know what you'll get! Happy Holidays!

To Dismay of Inspectors, Prowling Cats Keep Rodents on the Run at City Delis

I think this is cute: a friend sent it to me

Bad Joke Friday - Christmas Edition.

I just celebrated World Orgasm Day

When the sky is like this, I can't pass up taking a photo.

Christmas Flasher caught on tape!

Hi! I am back!

Best Buy Employees Forget To Taser LynneSin

My Family Hates LOVE,ACTUALLY because of the nudity!

Anyone been to Vegas lately? Got a crazy story?

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, DU! Fairytale of New York, The Pogues

So I was shopping at Best Buy at lunch time.....

Taser question

Terminator 4 being made - Christian Bale to play John Connor

Anyone here know how to choke a chicken?

I'm out of here. Have a nice holiday.

Did you finish your holiday shopping yet?

I say we buy a bunch of these Chick Track comic books and hand them out at a Romney Rally


I MUST have this t-shirt....

Please everyone, think about the kittens!


I'm on a mission from god.... (Brewing the Perfect IPA) but I need help


Today's Irony: Billionaire roofing co. exec falls through roof, dies

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/21/07 Bonus

worst Christmas present you ever GAVE

Norfolk Pine

I'm surprised it took so long

Training dogs for spaceflight

Would I be remiss if I wanted to do a video Xmas card set to "Prison Sex" by Tool?

People who refuse to celebrate World Orgasm Day because singles is no fun

Why don't they even make sexy underwear for straight dudes?

the Bar IS OPEN....Butt

From what room are you posting/surfing the web?

aPRIciation thread....

Have you ever written a book?

All the major retail giants are getting busted on in GD today - now Amazon

The ult-o-mate white trash christmas song

I wanna bake something, but have no ideas. Any suggestions?

Britney: "What You See Is What You Get!"

Gangsta DU.

Galadriel or the White Witch?

I have decided my philosophy of life for 2008

Saruman or Palpatine??

Hey, what is this thing?

Pet Rocks

Happy Yule, ya scurvy Pagans! Hang some holly and mistletoe and slaughter a hog!

Astronomers: Big asteroid could hit Mars.

The word of the day is "prison sex". Replace any word in a current thread title to play

*SINGING* ... "Its The Most WONDERFUL Tiiiiimmmmmeee Of The Yeeeaaaarrr

Number one Christmas song

So plcdude just corrected me..... WOD is TOMORROW!!!!

I'm back after two months gone.........

I had my very first surgery.

OMG! I'm listening to a bootleg of the Zeppelin Dec. 10 concert!

I was gonna make candy for the kids, but realized that once it's at the hard crack stage

Astronomers: Big Hemeroid could hit Uranus

Okay, that's it. I'm going away from DU for a week and a half.

Back from the Ritz - OMG was it wonderful!

Will Britney's sister be a better parent?

Please answer this question for me...

For women/girls

Kitteh is now fully recovered and back to normal...

Remember the Afghan girl with the haunting eyes on the cover of National Geographic?

Want to see a wonderful movie? SEE "Atonement." WOW!

Something I have never done before today.

My All-Time Favorite Christmas Song

Attention bosses of the world:

padiddle!!!! one headlight

Okay, I fixed my avatar again


flowers are expensive

For my last post here in 2007...

I didn't think I'd like that game show "Duel"...but I do.

My sister's having her 3rd elbow surgery tomorrow.

Oh fun. I won't get paid for it, but

Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me.

Sacha Baron Cohen to shed Borat persona for good

You are a piece of it all

Are you a Jiggler or a Dangler?

Really naughty thread

Work Bench Disaster!!!

Happy Birthday....... FRANK ZAPPA!

Limited Edition

Well, I am gone for this next week will be back the 31st. Have a Merry Christmas,

Ok some Christmas music to undo my last post.

Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/21/2007)

Can you iron Cordoroy?

'Werewolf boy' - who snarls and bites - on the run from police after escaping Moscow clinic

The Sci Fi Sounds Quiz

Tom Jones ...... WOOF!

I am about to reveal one of the greatest secrets of Womendom

I am sick as shit and still have Christmas shopping to do.

What's your favorite holiday show?

LOL Catfish

Thank Javier! The heat is back on!

Humour 'comes from testosterone' - BBC

Who is giving a homemade gift?

Software for IMac?

Need a little help, can someone identify this music for me please?

I never could drink eight glasses of water a day

Happy Solstice brother and I

my bro, sis and I

I am about to reveal one of the greatest secrets of Wimbledon

Ask HypnoToad about his butt jerky

Light up the Pine Coens - ya know... for kids!

Don't you know me, I'm the girl next door...

OMG! You've got to see what Tootie got at the records store!!!

Drambuie is gross. Scotch+honey? Yuck. Try Scotch +

Can you recommend a good wine to go with Butt jerky?

I'm in Quilt City, USA! Ask me anything.

Tell me about Lasik...

I saw Sweeney Todd this evening.

Celebrating my companion's birthday (picture heavy)

my meds

My god - I'm trying to find the Wii of hand tools

I will shoot you dead! Cough cough...

Admins taking a Holiday breather, mods a bit tipsy

Who is giving a ho made gift?

Hot Sex - Here!

Okay, that's it. My parallel universe alter ego is going to bed and I'm whipping out my big


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Break, 12/21/07

Happy Winter Solstice to everyone here that lives in the Northern Hemisphere.

Forget Betamax, you nerdy wankers, remember THIS!

NYC DUers with Time Warner cable: Is it working?

my bro, a DU member and my sis

Gentlemen is no way to start a business letter anymore.

Bright Eyes.....

Best Title Ever!

Your favorite punk/alternative Christmas song?

How Cold/Warm Is It Where You Live Tonight?

Is it ok to feed the cats tuna, just this once?

Hey, I need help with a book quote.

advice for chapped lips

ED. we all know it now stands for Erectile Dysfunction...

Blue is THE color for 2008

Bette .... That wind song

Holiday pic thread

Did you know that Paul Wellstone....

I am in love with a man who is controlled by his ex-wife.

I need something to bitch about

Karma's a bitch

People, the holiday cards aren't going out until after the holidays.

I'm throwing the most deviant lounge party ever. What can I count on you to bring?

Awe crap! I know what my son got me for Christmas and I feel bad.

Just finished taking the GRE exam...I feel like I gave birth...

Great funny joke...

In honor of good Christmas music - I give you Anonymous 4

I received a box of pork byproducts for Christmas!

Photoshop experts: a question please.

sex etiquette question

Kitty Loves McNuggets

LUFTHANSA: Let Us Fondle The Hostess And Not Say Anything.

Some pretty awesome Christmas light displays

It's that time of year again. List the Christmas song you find most annoying.

Congrats to BlueIris for Being Chosen Color of the Year for 2008

I am teaching my son an important life lesson


Your favourite store-bought coffee?

Worst Christmas Present You Ever Got?

Slow Down Please

Oh, goody. I get to encounter my ex on Christmas, aarrgh.

Best Christmas Present You Ever Got

Sweeny Todd - The Time Review

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

~One Can Wish Upon A Star~

The OFFICIAL post-your-final-grades-here Thread!

A little insight into the Lakota Issue

For the people of New Orleans, whose homes face demolition....

John Edwards Please Read My Letter, CIGNA killed someones child today! Death by Spreadsheet!

Should illegal immigrants qualify for nursing home care?

Interesting video about the root of many earthy beliefs

Ten Worst Telco Moments of 2007 (Karr / HuffPost)

Which of the candidates (of any party) would make the worst President?

Why do posters think I'm male?

Young workers defrauded by travel agents

Vets Org. on Iraq: This is 'supporting our troops'?

High court: Contract voided surrogate mother's right to triplets

The torture policy

Breaking: At least 35 dead in suicide bombing near Pakistan former official

Speaking to the Forgotten

Season's Greetings from Bush and Dick

Just in Time for NH: Return of the The Daily Show and Colbert Report, Jan 7th!!

Fox gets $15.5 million - U.S. jury found murdered girl's dad was victim of false arrest

To Impeach or Not to Impeach? Discussion with House Judiciary Chair John Conyers and CIA Veteran Ra

Christian Newswire: Jesusland Sees Romney as a Rogue

DHS Finalizing Spy Satellite Program To Watch Americans Without Congressional Oversight

9/11 Truth Manifesto

You know what I think is really fuckin' dumb?

Judge: Juvenile center not safe for girls

A gift, a burden, or an obsession...take your pick.

Words fail me.

Did I hear NPR say there were more CIA torture tapes?

Murdoch Keeps It Secular in Holiday Note

Abraham and John

Lynne Spears's Parenting Book 'Delayed Indefinitely'

Sister charged in "Mortal Kombat" death of 7-year-old

Cuyahoga BOE Deadlocked In Voting System Switch (OH)

Note to the '08 Candidates: The American Heartland is a Big City

EU: Mastercard must drop fees or risk daily fines in Europe

Congress subpoenas ex-CIA official

White House faces hearing on CIA tapes

The Vote for Endless War

Another Glorious Victory in the War on Tourism

Global O for Peace

Any mention of Casey Aldridge going to jail??? Sex offender list??

Power of the People Moves Corporate Media to Print Wexler's Impeachment Letter!

Stewart and Colbert - Back by Duress

Hillary Supporters - Merry, Happy, Loving, Family Holidays to you!

Dear Arnold Schwarzenegger - if you really want to show Bush you have a set of balls....

for what is worth ...

Freedom! Lakota Sioux Indians Declare Sovereign Nation Status

Merrill Lynch may get $5 billion Temasek injection in Singapore

Very Likely MORE TORTURE TAPES At GITMO-New Documents-Released By Court

Paul Krugman: Blindly Into the Bubble

I love Democrats!

Latest TRUE polls

Are we still at war?

FCC's Kevin Martin Plays Santa to the Chicago Tribune Company and Corporate Media

Secret Santa STILL shows the real spirit of Christmas in Kansas City, MO.

Workin' in the USA

Newsweek: GOP congressmen are calling for an independent commission to probe the Iran NIE report

Creepiest. Legislation. Ever.

The Army is undergoing the largest transformational change since 1942

Democrats Hold TSA Accountable to Contracting Laws

Time: Pentagon's IG investigating whether US mil & contractors sold 190k weapons on the black market

Rep. Gwen Moore (WI-4) becomes 24th Co-Sponsor of Cheney Impeachment

3fer: Huckabee, Woodward, and Broder: Unmasked!1

Putin:within the U.S. Administration,there are people who believe that it's better the truth be told

Anybody see Chimpy McCokejaw on Hairball yesterday?

Working at home, thoroughly enjoying my Sufjan Stevens Christmas CDs.

Man wants his $400K back from the FBI

TSA at the airports...Not Any Safer....

If the scumbag republicons try to move against Iran to bolster their pathetic Presidential chances,.

When Giuliani left office, he took more than 2,000 boxes worth of documents with him....

merry christmas world

Republican Unity Trumps Democratic Momentum - NYTimes -

I got the best Christmas present!

Mayor admits he's a twice-vanished pastor; was kidnapped, brainwashed by 'satanists.'

Get Off for Peace at 1:08 a.m. (EST) ...... It's Global Orgasm Day

Funeral home calling hours today for Kucinich brother

Cheney Repeatedly Met With Auto Execs Before White House Killed California’s Emissions Law

The Rude Pundit: Fucked New Orleans (Demolition Edition of a Never-Ending Series)

Rep. Weiner Joins Call for Cheney Impeachment Hearings

Evidence Mounts of White House Ties to New Hampshire Phone Jamming Scheme

Disney/ABC Twisting Truth About WGA

Instead of disposable Christmas wrap, tape and disposable ribbon, try an eco-solution.

Suggested fast track to begin to reverse Bush's power grab

The Monster is Still Alive and Eating Us

Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon: Announcing the P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2007

Giuliani Took 2000 Boxes Of Official Documents With Him When He Left The Mayorship

A curious fact.

Mechanics Warn Air Travelers: United Airlines Outsources Maintenance to China

BREAKING: Condi Rice declares war on Christmas!

Romney fibs...say it ain't so!

CNN Prez: MSNBC "Give[s] Up Trying To Cover The News In Any Meaningful Way"

Damn! My childhook Priest is accused in a lawsuit of sexually abusing a 13-year-old altar boy

New Poll --More Good News for Edwards in Iowa ...LINK

Dem. Now! today: U.S. Soldiers Stage Mutiny, Refuse Orders...

Yay! Congress passed bill to strengthen "Background Checks"

Love Your Status Quo

Steph this Morning 12/21/07 Question?

Irony alert: MSNBC showing actual pix of torture chambers of Al Qaeda

Japan postpones humpback whale hunt - Guardian UK

Majority of Iowa Republicans Want Withdrawal From Iraq (Strategic Vision Poll)

Remeber This? We Are There Again

Boys' kidnapper gets 170 more years

Happy Xmas

Why is there such flack over childrens health insurance?

Contributions from Selected Industries - see where your candidate stands!

CIA wants ex-agent who discussed waterboarding investigated

David Sirota: Fear, Loathing & the Crisis of Confidence

Outing Harry Reid for his Bush Enabling he Attacks his Fellow Democratic Senator!

TPM Exclusive: New Docs Show State Dept Knew of Blackwater Fraud in '05

Need DU advice

Tommy Franks paid $100K by charitable military support organization under investigation

Rice: Huckabee’s Foreign Policy Criticisms Are ‘Simply Ludicrous’

Dalai Lama "is not a call girl"

CIA called to testify over destruction of interrogation tapes

Iraqi Children Suffering

37 percent: Number of Americans who believe “victory remains possible” in Iraq

UNICEF fund drive for children in Mexico

Counting our chickens

If the entire CIGNA executive board discovered they each needed a liver transplant:

Bush Investigations Overload

Obama-"I talk to Al Gore about every three weeks"

Latest addition to Baby Shower presents: Tazers! (bonus:The Pink Stinger! for women!)

Russia's Technical, Military Cooperation With Iran To Continue - Russian Daily

Jesus Loves You supports the troops. Where are the warmongers on this one?

A message to the freepers who cost us this war on terror.

UFO debate invades politicians' space

Man called 911 for seizure, was hit by stun gun, files suit (actually a TASER)

I think my electric company is trying to jack us up

Shirley Smith: The Seeds of Rape Were Planted When Bush Was Put Into the White House

New Docs Show State Dept Knew of Blackwater Fraud in '05

Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine in Action New Orleans

Happy Holidays from The Center for American Progress! (cartoons & video)

Should an Insurance Co. ever be allowed to deny coverage for a treatment, procedure or Rx?

Mormons aren't Christians ... and other thoughts on religion and politics sure to get your blood ...

Military Evangelism Deeper, Wider Than First Though

The 2007 P.U.-litzer Prizes Michael Gordon, Chris Matthews and Lou Dobbs: Come on Down!

Is anyone else scared by the amount of support Huckabee is getting?

Rice denies that Bush Administration has unilateral, go-it-alone foreign policy

Japan Backs Down from Hunting Humpbacks

This teacher has two sons PROUD of the fact that she's an educator.

Anti-Islam activist appointed to International Church Board for bible outreach program

Liz Kucinich Talks Drug Reform With 22-Year-Old MD Patient

Judge Refuses to Order Hearing on C.I.A. Tapes

13 Judiciary Comm. Dems have NOT called for impeachment hearings

Let's kill all the bankers!

Every Single DU'er should email all the candidates about Natalie Sarkisian.

Congress Subpoenas Ex-CIA Official

* family on their way to Camp David for Christmas - pics

Judge Might Leave CIA Tape Scandal Alone After All

I have some advice for Hillary Clinton (and I want to be paid, when she uses it)

"Harry Reid: Hero of the Bush Revolution" (Jesus' General)

Boeing's Unfriendly Skies ( accused of flying detainees to 'black sites)

Administration: Destroying CIA tapes didn't violate order

What would have happened if...?

J'ACCUSE! Mike Huckabee is an avowed homo sapien and his wife is a practicing thespian!

OH NO!!!! The Obamas are using their Christmas card to RAISE MONEY . .

Helen Thomas: Bush waves the veto pen and gets what he wants from Congress

Hi! I am back!

So I was shopping at Best Buy at lunch time.....

Celebrating my companion's birthday (picture heavy)

Border Controls Vanish in Eastern Europe

Drudge - Natl Enquirer Story on Edwards raised on Washington Journal CSPAN...

US special envoy for Sudan resigns

Rush Limbaugh has it exactly right!


Finger length 'key to aggression' (BBC) {from 2005}

Weak dollar saves autoworker jobs in the US

Any DUers in Chicago who visited the Christkindlesmarkt?

Hey You, Pelosi! This Is For You! How Can You Treat Us This Way?

How many other bosses are "working from home" today?

somebody did not get the memo regarding the War on XMas

There's a lull in Iraq, the "surge" is working

Scott Horton: When Does an FBI Investigation Look Like Omertà?

How About an Impeachment Truth Movement?

We delivered phone cards at the VA Hospital this morning - pictures

Hugh Makes a List - My new favorite website

Huckabee surges, Giuliani plummets (Michigan)

Vista sets 2007 land-speed record for copying and deleting

This week's Non Sequitur M-F

Lymerick contest - 2 entries so far - enter now

HELEN THOMAS: President is happy to govern by veto

Merry Christmas- you're fired

There once was a man from Washington

The Hill: Bloomberg/Hagel Can Win if Hillary is the Nominee

Porn in the Closet? Mitt Romney's Secret Life as a Pornographer

CSPAN2: Jim Webb is doing his quickie Senate sessions again

Bush's great health care - The Cigna Sickos

US Special Envoy for Sudan Resigns

How Dare I Bill? Because They Have Stolen my Country

Huckabee: ‘If Anything,’ We Treat Inmates At Guantanamo Bay ‘Too Nice’

US Government Officials Flatly Deny Tapes Contain Torture Scenes

Let's see. Julie Annie is toast. Dread Thompson is burnt toast.

Have you ever written a book?

I must sing the praises of Simon Sonik, MD.

Tweety's face during this discussion re Romney's lies

So this is Christmas

"Judge Delays Decision on CIA Inquiry"

My favorite Christmas Story.

Snowman Pictures!!!!

Ted Stevens didn't get his bridge to nowhere but he did get a ferry

Olentangy Teacher's Immigration Project Causes Stir

Abominable Snowmen: The War on Lawn Decorations

Has anyone heard any thing about the Judges' decision

Just want to close out this year by saying, as an atheist, that I have my

Tom Tancredo now safely in rubber room, rescued by Guys in White Suits

A quote in history, ending his military career and before Congress...

Do you ever listen to Peter B. Collins?

Shame on CIGNA!!! Another insurance companys incompetence!!

Lawyer urges judge to open CIA tapes inquiry

Dear Mr. Cigna, I hope your mother dies on Christmas Day

Clinton Would Crack Down on Computer-Generated Cartoon Sex

Should the legal definition of a 'person' be changed to say an embryo is a person?

Bonuses on Wall Street surge 14 percent

LTTE from so-called "Christian" complaining about atheist display at courthouse

Mark Geragos: CIGNA guilty of negligent homicide in girl's death

Joe Klein: Al From Gets Religion

This Date in Bush History 12/21: Jack's Enablers & Geographic Confusion

“Shock Doctrine” For Autistic and Retarded Kids

"They're taking Christ out of Christmas!" she screamed.

People who lie about military service or military awards are scum

My wish for the holiday season (and all year long) to the denizens of GD (and all DUers) ...

Quotes from 2007 jacking up their prices...ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!!

Friday TOON Roundup, part 2: Only a few days left until Iowa.....

USA To IRAN: "Confess" Or Else

Will Iraqi children someday thank Bush for the freedom? Jury is still out:

Rice: US has 'no permanent enemies'

Muslim rite of sacrifice collides with law

All hail Pottersville!

Rice: "nothing is inconceivable" - pics

Help! Don't know what to do

Tammy Bruce on FAUX talks about 'Rodham Family Values'

Leahy, Specter: Turn Over Tapes

More bathroom sex

Out of Curiosity: Will support of Bloomberg be allowed here if he runs for POTUS

Some more dissembling with your roast Holiday crow?

Maybe the WH Press Corp. could ask Bush to comment on our "fabulous" health care system

The I-35 Religious Movement - Did God prophesy an International House of Pancakes for Denton, TX?

Two Federal judges facing impeachment.

"I don't recall"

Blackwater to Gov't: Pimp My Ride!


I would like to see Keith Olbermann do a special comment on the Congressional Dems

Former CIA Analyst says Impeachment Evidence Overwhelming

Schadenfreude-O-Rama: Trouble Follows Philly TV Anchorwoman

anyone listening to sam and his katherine harris spoof?

State Dept: We Used Blackwater Audit To Save Some Cash... Before Re-signing Blackwater

Dick Cheney's Company, And Dick Cheney's Administration, Gang Raped Jamie Leigh Jones

Thank you Senator Amy Klobuchar for Pool Safety Bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!

DU Political Limerick Contest -YOU be the judge

Mitt Romney's campaign 12/21/07 Pix

(Wide stance) Craig thwarted by Senate Democrats

I really thought tweety had cornered the market on every possible

The Year in KO Special Comments

Who Obstructed Justice?..."who in the Bush Administration knowlingly lied to a Federal Judge"

Here's what Russ Feingold says about the DLC in his book

Just One Click: Email both your Senators and your Rep about H.R. 1955 / S. 1959

Digby: How the conservative movement learned to stop worrying and win even when they lose.

Anyone catching the pathological rubes on CNN "What Would Jesus Do?"

FREDMENTUM! "The experts don't know nothin'," says Fred! ---pix--->>>

The Democratic Establishment Can't Stand John Edwards

Keith Olbermann Democrats, check in!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Merry Christmas &

Big Deal== Senate staying in session

Brad Pitt discussing the situation in NOLA

US 'penis photo' doctor suspended

Killed by Cops: Police Shootings Run Rampant

The "Cigna" story is #1 on Google News...

This is it. This is the way to change our party. - KOS

Most repugnant Bushie, current or former

Folks, this is a must, just, wow

Operation Stop Talking-When spies speak, they often draw trouble. (Mother Jones)

Children pay the high price of Iraq violence: UNICEF

DLC's Al From is Missing & Laying Low Since His Favorite Politician, Lieberman, Endorsed McCain?

Fake Photos Alter Real Memories

Is Harry Reid an abject failure as majority leader

Please..don't forget that Dan Fogelberg Died This Week!....two Songs! Rip Guts Out!

Is what the US has been doing in Iraq genocide?

Brothers and sisters, when they insist we're just not good enough

Poor Gonzo. He's become a pariah. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

How in hell can one candidate surround herself with such unpleasant front men?

XM or Sirius?

Matalin to Pay Rove $1.5M for "Memoir" in Cozy Deal --->>>

Reid is a pile of butt jerky.

Santa Wept (A rant of hope)

The factually-challenged Willard "Mitt" Romney.......

Friday TOON Roundup, part 1: Fire in the hole!

What Will You Be Doing At the "Precise Moment" of the 2007 Winter Solstice?

To Our Native Brethren:

Stewart & the Writer's Strike

Parody of Huckabee


Judge Refuses to Order Hearing on C.I.A. Tapes

German Social Democrats Seek Climate Sanctions Against U.S.

NOLA homeless park being closed due to demolition of nearby buildings - lots of pics

Will the Balkans be the start of yet another World War, this time WW-III?

White House Tour Omits Rare 1963 Christmas Card

Publisher run by Mary Matalin to publish Karl Rove's memoirs.

2007 Year In Review, Jib Jab style

Watch Bill Moyers tonight. It looks ass kicking.

Typical MSNBC Anchor-move...

Stores Desperately Seeking Shoppers On Super Saturday

Get ready to boink for peace......Global climax at 1:08 a.m. EST

Woman Ticketed After Goats Caught Mating

Here's how it works! Tweety and Tucker trashing our Democratic Candidates. Media Matters ....

Roofing billionaire dies in fall through roof

Katherine Harris on Sam Seder's show: Has she come unhinged? Listening to her was downright scary

Some people need a refresher course on religious expression in the workplace...

This is the kind of trash that's circulating here.....

What the 2008 Primary Season Will Look Like

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

Santa Arrested for Demanding Impeachment!

Panama declares U.S. invasion date day of mourning

Obama camp's dirty tricks in Iowa and New Hampshire

Scary article about the Christian-right taking over the Air Force

If you or your Dad had marched w/ Martin L. King would you remember it?

Heh! I'd like to slap your face you I-D-I-O-T-S!

Richardson has promised, he would engage, persuade and seek common ground with the rest of the world

MSNBC is having a KO Special Comments Special!

Reason Magazine's Government Overreach Predictions for 2008

Woman Tasered In Front Of Customers At Best Buy

What stupid Darwinesque stuff have you done that could have led to an expensivie search and rescue?

Chuck Norris sues, says his tears no cancer cure

Some thoughts concerning the suffering of american soldiers.

Accident Victim Mistakenly Declared Dead

Meet H Edward Hanway

Big Philly Coverage of CIGNA's "Problem"

*sobs* Circuit City chief is 'very dissatisfied' *uncontrollable crying*

VICTORY - CIGNA Agrees to Liver Transplant

What is up with these mean spirited Hillary Supporters? ( Joe Wilson)

Looks Like That "Flu" Really Kicked Rudy's Ass ---pix--->>>

Media Matters names "Misinformation of the Year"

"Shock Doctrine" Applied to Autistic and Retarded Kids

Having a thread locked is not bad.

Turning online popularity into real world votes: how Dennis Kucinich can win

I think I spotted a fatality occur at the NO protest. Video, please watch.

Must see Katherine Harris Video

"Will Tasers Ever Be Outlawed?" They Should Be

So, I was leaving Best Buy yesterday...

Obama Best Fighter, '04 Lack of Words Defines Edwards

Help the homeless with Xmas gift packages

What if your life depended on it ?

Hunting Shops and Gun Dealers are Having a Bad Year

Congress removes funds to support the * plan to allow Mexican truck drivers across our borders

Wolf Boy Found In Russian Woods, Escapes Moscow Clinic

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Lawyers Stepping Up

So, I'm baking Christmas cookies when Barack calls...

What Are You Eating?

All DU'ers Need to Read THIS...the WHOLE THING...Print It...or Bookmark It.....

The Holidays are Here & We're Still at War

Chimpy's war on children continues - Medicaid "New Rules"

123,000 - MORE MORE MORE

Trying my hand at caricatures

Annoying Christmas Bragging Letters

Guess who's birthday is December 22nd?

I'm giving chickens, rabbits and sheep to my sisters and brothers this year.

Please help stop the Democratic Party from nominating another loser candidate!!!

U.S. news media has become a threat to the Republic-By Robert Parry

A Hopi Elder Speaks

Just a little note about serperation of church and state(read)

What do you want for Christmas? I honestly don't have a great want.

Colbert and Stewart to go back on air despite writers' strike

I have an idea about how we can all help fix some of the damage that has been done...

So, I'm listening to Tweety tell us that Giuliani's Tryst-Gate was completely bogus

Are we turning into a bunch of Nazis?

Had Bush signed children's heathcare....CIGNA would of approved liver transplant

Carol of the Shills

Cheney Impeachment Gaining Momentum

So, where do you hail from?

I can't picture myself getting out the vote for Hillary

TIME: Q&A With Al Gore

Agents swipe family's life savings while investigating a robbery...

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

***DUzy Awards for week ending December 21, 2007***

Did I miss the DUzy thread today?

Allowing "Free Will" free reign results in anything but.

They have lied to us.

Book TV Schedule: December 22nd - 26th (with Thom Hartmann!)


Hey shoppers...You're not doing your jobs.

Glenn Greenwald: Reid and company target the True Enemy: "Dodd and his allies"

THE CIA OFFICIAL WHO OVERSAW TORTURE: Cofer Black (At The Pleasure Of The President)

Obama/waa-waa-waa/victim and Hillary/win-win-win/at any cost

Hitler or Clinton?

FYI - Obama on Today and Morning Joe tomorrow morning.

Americans' Anti-Global Turn May Stir Race for President

Candidates who connect to their real selves and deepest motivations win

Romney still red-faced for lying about his father and Martin Luther King,

LA Times(Fri preview): Former Bill Clinton aides question his new role as a 'political attack dog'

Sounds like the LAT is about to unload on the Big Attack Dog

FOX News Poll:: Clinton 49% Obama 20% Edwards 10%

In the Illinois legislature, voting "present" is equivalent to voting "no"

NH POLL: HIllary 32, Obama 32, Edwards 18

Portsmouth Herald Endorses Obama

Fred Kaplan: Remember Iraq? Why the Democrats Aren't Ending the War

Obama Alert!: Obama Coming up on Today Show Shortly in Central Time Zone

Kaine plans to campaign this weekend for Sen. Barack Obama, in SC and Iowa

Obama runs tight campaign ship - - 'an island of tranquility' no matter how chaotic the campaign

Edwards Camp On The AFSCME Flier

Video: David Swanson Opposing Construction of US Military Base in Italy

Bill Clinton comes under fire from some old allies for his harsh treatment of Obama

Is anyone else waiting for the Obama racial slur from the Clintons?

New GWU Battleground Poll: Clinton: 47%, Obama 23%

Romney: It Depends On What The Meaning Of "Saw" Is

Whose supporters are most likely to do for the Repug nominee what Nader supporters did for Bush?


See what happened when Bob Barker retired?

Don't you love how DUers tell us how mean the GOP will be to Obama, when they hate Hillary more

Impressions from being in Iowa in 2004 for the Caucus

Class distinction as viewed in Red Nation

Biden says CIA right on Iran's activities

Two Republican Governors are mad as hell at the administration

E.J. Dionne: How Huckabee scares the GOP

Looks like a lot of Oprah fans are not happy with her endorsing Obama

Is the way a campaign spends or wastes money an issue in an election?

Watch Carefully: We are about to witness the imploding of the Reagan Coalition

After a primary season of mudslinging, will Dem voters still be able to unite around a nominee?

You are a Senator. A poison pill piece of legislation was added to your Clean Air Bill

The Daily Iowan Endorses Senator Barack Obama

Read entire sermon by Huckabee here! Says lying in politics is OK.

Come on DEMOCRATS we have to stick together to elect a Dem.

Ron Paul GOP Spoiler?

Romney Caught In New Fibs

Keene Sentinel Endorses Hillary

Michelle Obama shares husband's vision of future

Due to a budget crisis in California ..

Obama hits Clinton on electability

Edwards Statement on Clinton Accepting His Challenge to Raise the Minimum Wage to $9.50 an Hour

Has the new poll from N.H. been posted yet from today?

McCain, Edwards Move Up Fast in New Hampshire

Daily Iowan endorses Senator John McCain!! Oh, and that Obama guy too.

Anyone listening to Stephanie Miller this morning? 12/21/07?

Kucinich's brother dies

Of Republicans, Divine Smiting, and Disoriented Queens of Mean

NH's Keene Sentinel Endorses Hillary

Obama's record in the Illinois Senate.

The big money in the repuke party doesn't come from fundy zip codes

Truth in Avatars

Edwards Statement on New Orleans City Council Vote to Approve Demolition of Public Housing

Schwarzenegger: California will sue federal government

Would Huckabee encourage parole for Susan Atkins?

Imitation the sincerest form of flattery: Obama follows Hillary's lead again on websites

John Edwards, Message to HUD, FROM NINE DAYS AGO

How long does the Iowa caucus last?

Obama Camp Registers Anti-Clinton Web Sites

At least in IL Obama voted present. He doesn't even bother to vote in the Senate.

Huckabee or Clinton?

Are there any members of Congress who refuse health insurance coverage provided by taxpayers?

Four Freedoms Endorses John Edwards

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/21/07 - Clinton up 1, Obama down 3, Edwards down 2

Let's make sure we enjoy the holidays despite all the political storms

Gov. Bill Richardson Misquotes Hillary, Launches False Attack

Clinton Campaign Announces Tennessee Steering Committee

Obama fans, why not Edwards?

White House bashes earmarks, but doesn't mention haul made by senior Republicans

On the issues that matter: It's Hillary Clinton

Obama: He's just not ready for prime-time

Richardson: Hillary Is Flip-Flopping On Iraq

McKinney Supporters Blaming Jews (August 8, 2006)

The Daily Iowan Endorses Obama!

Biden says CIA right on Iran's activities

New Insider Advantage Poll out of Georgia: Obama 33%, Clinton 31%, John Edwards 16%

Condi comments on Huckabee's comments by saying "Look, I don't comment on other people's comments"

This kind of crap is condescending: Clinton's Iowa scratch and win ploy:

Obama and Hillary tied in NH!

By the numbers, Clinton wins the labor battle

how many times have DUers suggested Congressmen vote "Present"

A Wrinkle In Hillary's Campaign

Given the recent 'Karl Rove' tactics by the Clintons & Penn, anyone else scared about Voter Fraud?

The Grinch who stole California's emission standards - from Barbara Boxer

Dr. Iyanla Vanzant Endorses Clinton for President

AP: Biden pushes for 3rd in Iowa caucuses

TPM: Poll: Obama More Electable Than Hillary AND Edwards

How would YOUR Candidate's Healthcare Plan have helped Nataline?

Eat Your Heart Out, Paris Hilton

I propose a 36 hour truce

A true story about the separation of church and state.

SUSA comes out with 7 general election polls: Dems strong in VA and KY, and McCain solid

Iowa Independent: "Edwards and Obama Top Democratic Power Rankings"

John Edwards Four Trials is partially available online

Why hasn't Obama held a meeting of the Foreign Relations subcommittee he chairs?

Former Lieutenant Governor Jo Ann Zimmerman Joins Iowa Women Elected Officials in Endorsing Hillary

Taking on Wall Street

I'm Undecided. I'll Probably Decide When I Go To The Booth In February

Given the 'Karl Rove' tactics by Obamanation, anyone else scared about Voter Fraud?

Dr. Iyanla Vanzant Endorses Clinton for President

Boston Herald Endorses Only McCain, no Democratic endorsement

Hillary introduces minimum wage legislation

EPROM Chips Fed-Exed from CA Secretary of State Turn Up Missing in San Diego

This is how Democrats can win a National Election

"Send Christmas cards to thank President Bush"

Where did you get most of your foreign policy experience?

Bloomberg's Run Would Enable Election Theft. It'd Give Cover Necessary For GOP To Steal 08.

Chris Matthews on Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani

Michael Bloomberg is not electable.

Hillary advisers say "internal tracking polls show that Mr. Edwards is best positioned to win the

I finally met a real-life Obama supporter today!

Clinton Makes Himself the Story

Biden working on 3rd place in Iowa

Who in the world thinks Bloomberg would take ANY votes from a Republican nominee?

Friends of the Earth Action: New Iowa ad campaign praises John Edwards' pledge to fight

CNN: Hillary's Campaign Using "Hit and Run" Tactics

Is RealClearPolitics a Right Wing Website?

Clinton Representative not helping the camp on Hardball

Clinton camp letter to supporters re: campaign tactics

Obama: "I talk to Al Gore about every three weeks"

LOL.. Matthews is just killing this Romney-bot

I am absolutely delighted the media is beginning to report on "present" votes

Tancredo drops out!

"Unionists Slam "Hypocritical" Leaders for Anti-Obama Mailer"

Clinton Drawing Harsher Scrutiny Than Obama

You can't have it both ways.

Can we clear up this myth once and for all?

LAT: Change in tone may have hurt Edwards in Iowa

Actor Morgan Freeman endorses Obama; says he can offer inspirational leadership like JFK, RFK

One last bit of wisdom before I sign off till the 26th

Sorry..posted in the wrong place...

Top candidates to be invited to 'Super Tuesday' presidential debates in California

Which is worse? Voting 'present' on controversial votes OR taking a stand?

Poll: Which is worse? Voting 'present' for 3% of your votes OR voting 'Yes' for the Iraq War

"A handful of magic beans" - KO's special comment

I just watched Chris Matthews take on Romney's spokesperson,

Which Hillary YouTube videos should I look at?

Which candidates will fight to count all our votes if we have another Ohio 2004 situation?

I think Kucinich may do better than people think in Iowa


'Long Shot' Kucinich Buries Democratic Rivals in Nationwide Poll Among Independent Voters

when will the Dems primary field start shrinking?

Voters Seek Electable Candidate, But Remember Kerry In 2004?

Hillary conjures fog to thwart Obama bus tour in Iowa

Edwards is the ONLY one to beat McCain in the polls...Obama, Clinton both lose

"The Betrayal of the Democrats" coming up on KO's Countdown

NYT, pg1: Personal Touch for Richardson in Envoy Role

Would Strom Thurmond have made a good president?

Clinton says wife is "a world-class genius in making positive changes in other people's lives"

Biden addresses need comprehensive policy to preserve family farms

I'm starting to think McCain may be the sleeper candidate on the Republican side.

As the year draws to a close, and the end of the primary nears, a note:

I think there's a big intangible this cycle: The repub party is a tarnished brand

Pro-Clinton Group Disguising Its Attack on Obama (falsely implicating Edwards)

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Washington, Iowa

AMERICANS AIM to shake up Washington in 2008.

NY Times says Hillary may throw her supporters to Edwards to prevent Obama from winning

I'm an Edwards fan, but this NYT article on Obama made me think.

Now attacking Obama, why did the Pro-Clinton AFSCME Pres. denounce healthcare mandates in April?

WP, Eugene Robinson: A Problem Like Bill

Taking a slight break from Christmas shopping...

Big endorsement for Romney

Iowa newspaper endorses Obama: "We've seen the Clinton parade and want a break"

Do politicians become more corrupt the longer they are in politics?

Edwards outlines vision to ensure a safer, more prosperous future for America’s children

Ron Paul Photos hobbnobbing with Stormfront Nazi owners

Eventually, that Fat Lady IS Definitely Gonna Sing!

Beware the HAM this holiday season.

The Anonymous Liberal: Obama For President

Is Edwards the favorite to win in Iowa?

John Edwards For President!

One-Man Gridlock: Meet Tom Coburn, Senate's 'Dr. No'

you know the drill

Unionists Slam "Hypocritical" Leaders for Anti-Obama Mailer

SO>>>when does the official noms come where we know who we will be voting for

The logic behind Hillary giving out free mugs in the scratch and win game is very shrewd

Clinton isn't the 'genius', Edwards isn't the 'energizer bunny', and Obama

Obama's under attack for dodging tough issues by voting "Present" instead of Yes on No.

Obama to Hillary: "Bill Clinton's advisers prefer me."

The horror! rethugs like Clinton, too?

Who the Republicans want to run against, in order. (Top Tier)

Hagel: Giuliani and Hillary "recklessly irresponsible"

Biden discusses need to rebuild America's economic strength

Obama claims more former Clinton foreign policy advisor support than Hillary - gets busted by the AP

"Biden is the best qualified candidate"

Greenspan goes after Edwards.

"At risk of alienating diehard Democrats, Obama praises Arnold Schwarzenegger"

America Mood: WSJ/NBC News Poll

Edwards has been challenging candidates to raise minimum wage, and Hillary's just NOW on board?

If splinterism did not work in 2000, why would it work in 2008?

Okay...It's the General Election...Time for the Debates

Politics of Hope is "a tactic...of subverting and breaking the unified conservative power structure"

"Present" = "No"

The Obama campaign has 456,904 donors.

The Nation magazine endorses.....

Hillary Aides Ordered to Lower Iowa Expectations

Brand new Hillary TV ad challenges Obama and Edwards on experience

FAIR Action Alert: USA Today Squeezes Edwards Out of Race

FDR-Obama Cagle Cartoon

John Edwards: A Lifetime of Fighting for People

Poll Average on RealClearPolitics shows Clinton back up in Iowa...

McCain is surging. He's going to likely be the Republican nominee. You think Hillary can beat him?

John Edwards' Reproductive Health Questionnaire

New Zogby Poll: Obama Leads Top GOP by good margins....Huck, Guilani, and McCain all beating Hillary

Huckabee: Smarter than a Second Grader? (NYT anecdote)

A little reality check on the new Anti-Clinton and Anti-Obama websites

Iowa: Where Things Stand (excellent review of Iowa polling & polling issues)

I finally crossed the Rubicon last night and contributed to Edwards

How to vote in the primaries and not be an idiot

Time's Mark Halperin: What John Edwards has going for him in Iowa

Obama's important trip to Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan with Lugar on nuclear proliferation

Washington Blade Endorses Hillary Clinton Uh oh.

Stay-at-home' Barack Obama comes under fire for a lack of foreign experience

Joe Conason, Salon - Why conservatives love Barack Obama

Getting To Know Hillary's Defensive Side

On the issue of Iraq, which is more important at the present time?

Do a Progressive Democrat really want an endorsement from the Washington Blade?

Bill Clinton under fire for treatment of Obama; Panetta: He needs to keep an eye on history

Earth to Obama - Unions MADE this Party

Wait out the clock or impeachment hearings?

Joe Wilson - The Real Hillary I Know — and the Unreal Obama

Here's a short list of reasons why most Democrats will think twice about supporting Obama

Joe Wilson on Obama's "intuitive sense".."no different from Bush's 'instincts' and 'gut feeling'..."


Don't Forget Bernie Ward!


My heart belongs to Dennis, my vote is going to John Edwards.

Why I'm not supporting Hillary Clinton

Two important votes last week went against the majority of the party.

Edwards Ascendent

Thoughts on Barack Obama: a parable about racism and homophobia

What do YOU Want for Christmas - 2010?

Presidential candidates take over Iowa airwaves

Is John Edwards the Energizer Bunny of 2008?