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Archives: December 20, 2007

Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy has folks talking

A surge of their own: Iraqis take back the streets

Key Setbacks Dim Luster of Democrats' Year

Congress Averts Higher Tax Bill for Middle Class

Thousands of families still waiting for Hurricane Rita relief

Ousted Georgia lawmaker to run for president (Cynthia McKinney)

Obama cites need for change

Poll: Iowa A Three-Way Dead Heat For Dems

Bomber kills 13 Iraq volunteers, 1 US soldier

Romney fields questions on King (Campaign say claim "Not Literal")

Is Giuliani Facing Free Fall?

Police, protesters clash in New Orleans

Media Fireworks: McCain Pleads With NY Times To Spike Story

GIs make grisly Iraq discovery (alQaeda post-invasion torture center)

McCain says never favored a lobbyist (not one favor)

AP IMPACT: Giuliani secretive as mayor

New Zealand rocked by huge quake

17-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Denied Transplant

Bear Stearns posts huge loss, cuts exec bonuses

Bond Insurer Defaults Threaten Big Banks

Bush reserves comment on destroyed tapes

Congress' top earmarkers

Palestinian refugees from Iraq stranded in desert camp

Venezuela Readies to Receive Hostages

LIVE NOW: Democratic Henry Hewes Speaks

IRS Spends $188,000 on Clerical Contract (1 clerk)

Closer's dog reportedly chews historic ball (RED SOX)

Bin Laden's driver is not POW, U.S. judge says

Iraq, Afghanistan War Costs Top Vietnam

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 20

Stewart and Colbert to Return Without Writers

Congress Subpoenas Ex-CIA Official Jose Rodriguez

Offices of inspector in Ecuador-Chevron pollution suit burglarized, computers stolen

Insurgent 'torture chamber' found in Iraq: US

Japan harpoons US on humpback deal ("no written agreement")

Saudi at Guantanamo charged in ship attack plot

Archbishop of Canterbury Dismisses Nativity Scene as Nothing but 'Legend'

U.S. grand jury indicts 5 in Argentine "suitcase scandal"

Suspect in plane bombing plot 'fled with police help'

Bush, Rice concerned about Afghanistan

Panama legislature declares U.S. invasion date a national day of mourning

A killer cold? Even the healthy may be vulnerable

O'Reilly reopens 'war' in county

Girl Injured in Swimming Pool Mishap Undergoes Triple-Organ Transplant

Whaling super ship planned (will carry 6000 tons of whale meat)

Bitterness apparent as U.S. releases Iraqi prisoners

Dem campaign committees continue to outraise GOP

C-SPAN Favors Conservative Think Tanks 3-to-1 Over Left-of-Center, Study Finds

Giuliani OK after checkup at hospital

U.S. Economy: Leading Indicators Decline More Than Anticipated

Colombia credits Chavez for rebel move to free captives

Europe celebrates tearing down of borders

Giuliani Admitted to St. Louis Hospital

No evidence airport security make planes safer-study

Staff fired over prank-call shock treatments

Clinton Launches Obama Attack Web Sites

U.S. to Appeal White House Logs Ruling

Bush 'loses patience' with Syria

Police, protesters clash at NO city hall

Bush predicts GOP will keep White House

Tancredo to abandon White House bid

Women report sex abuse by coworkers in Iraq

`The Daily Show and The Colbert Report returning to the air without striking writers

Sex education found to help teenagers delay sex

Lakota Tribe Disavows Treaties, Declares Independence

Toyota to Develop Cars for Seniors..

Girl dies while awaiting liver transplant

Tougher Emissions Regulations Could Bring End to Muscle Cars, Says GM

We oppose whaling, says Toyota





Tool - "Wings for Marie Part 2"

Two batches of dough chillin' in da frig!

Live Solstice Webcast from Newgrange, Ireland.

The Power of Intention?

Abstinence education success stories

Absinthe education failure stories

Windows XP won't detect Network Adapter (ethernet port)

black dogz iz kewl 2

Grrrrl power! Legend of a Cowgirl

Do NOT Click THIS linky!

Has anyone ever had a bone spur in their food?


Its 2:45 am and I cant sleep...any recommendations

Rock the Casbah


Any "Radiohead" afficianados here?...

Hi! My name is bridgit, Queen of the Borg...

yawn, i'm going to bed...

a crooked christmas greeting

Jamie Lynn Spears' Baby Daddy's Baptist Preacher Uncle Odus: "We're Shocked ... and We Aren't"

If I get baked for you will you help clean me up?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/20/2007)

What A Night 9 Beverages Already

I've been cooking for a houseful of picky ingrates for 3 weeks now

is Don Siegelman Jewish?

You're turning violet, Violet

If I brake for animals, will you clean up after them?

Interrupting all programmes, this is RADIO CLASH


I'm feeling a smidge better about my job and myself today!

Reason 2084794 I am so glad my company christmas party is tonight and therefore almost over

What registry cleaning program for WinXP do you recommend?

I must leave the house because I have no self control

a couple more lolcats...

Artist who hands out free booze and cigars to homeless may face charges.

Any Duers live in Las Vegas?

Bipolar man wins human rights case against employer who dismissed him.

What a difference a day makes

I love my AMD Athlon 64 X2 that self-destructed about 2 or so months ago.

Feeding the ducks in the storm. Day 2

Britney Spears's sister has her named legally changed to Britney Spears's Sister

Celebrity Left Wingers (You wouldn't expect)

Did you ever see the faces of children

Britney Spears has her name legally changed to Britney Spears's Sister's Sister

You don't like A-Rod - here's another reason to not like A-Rod

It's a shame this photo is too big for my sig file

Every Christmas is a bonus.

Jessica Simpson's sister Ashley changing name to "Glad I am not Britney's sister"

Any updates from MrsGrumpy?

Britney Spears Sister IS Now A Sister And It Is Habit Forming

My Boss Gave Me A $100 Gift Certificate For Christmas

Top Ten Reasons why I support Ru Paul

Movie: I Am Legend

If I could time-travel to the '08 election I would vote for...

A-Rod Fans Check In Here

Lakota Indians forfeit all contracts with government

Should I start a poll?

Support Single/Working Moms

I kicked some serious ass on my last final this morning...

Myth Wars

Take me to the Liver, Post your liver pics here

Top Ten Reasons why I support Ron Paul

Should Sniffa Start A Poll

Top Ten Reasons why I support Paul

Dear Boss,

Any fans of "The Crow" here? We're selling something you might like.

I Am selling Bubblegum Cheap

It's a winter wonderland. Bah humbug.

God or Jessica Simpson?

Christmas gift giving dilemma- How to get people to stop?

Question about whole coffee beans.

Arrested Development Fans!!!--*BIG NEWS*

The World , my love (One of my amateurish poems)

I Cant Take This Anymore

What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

The best Jean-Claude Van Damme quote ever

Three interviews so far this week, two more to go

Mom's house is cool!

pretty please would you click on my MiniCity

Video: Parents Brawl At School Holiday Pageant.

Look this cat wears his tinfoil hat and gets reception

Joggers are crazy.

OK So Who Is Fighting Who In The Lounge?

one of my favorite DUers told me to be on the lookout for a package today..

Both Sleeping at the Same Time -- Hallelujah!

I must confess

I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum.

Here's a tip...7th grade girls don't understand Strongbad Emails. nt

Light and fluffy -- what do you eat on your pizza?

Britney's extra-classy gift to her little sis: a tank top emblazoned with the words "Hot Mama 2 B"

What's on your Xmas Eve and/or Xmas Day menu?

This is getting old real fast.

Broken heater during the holidays.

So apparently we're having a New Year's party...

Name a band that was much better BEFORE rehab

billyskank says we think about SEX every 7seconds

My favorite holiday "chair dancing" song.....

Who does this look like to you?

Holocaust survivor busted for stealing neighbor's tangerines.

Ohiosmith Likes To Play With His 2 'Little Round Thingies'


"Little round thingies" is today's phrase. Modify a thread title to include "little round thingies".

Best way to stay warm on cold winter nights?

OK So Who Is Zoomin' Who In The Lounge?

HELP-what do you call those little round thingies

What are your favorite podcasts?

And one makes 700

Sleeping style: clothed or nekkid?

Update on the drunk driver who hit me Sunday

no one told me this rule to the game Centurion

GD:P is officially around the bend

Contraceptive Sponge-Bob? Nickelodeon considers a pregnancy special in wake of Jamie Lynn-gate

redqueen hug time

TWILIGHT in paperback this month....

"Alan Keyes"

SallyMander says I should take a break from thinking about getting laid.

Egad! War on Christmas heats up!!!!1111

Sometime earlier today I wrote my 20,000th post.

Bon Voyage To Ohiosmith

Suggestions for a good beer--it's for a gift.

Jackass 2.5, free on the net


Have I mentioned that Curt Schilling is an asshole??

What do you call this?

So, do you think we'll win the war on tourorism?

Statler Brothers reneg on deal, attempt to cover up tracks.

this is what it used to mean when people said you "dressed cool"

Video: Fox "News" photogs get into confrontation with Duff Sisters

What Was Your First Domestic Trip

New Sports Coupes - You Decide

I got yelled at today.

Top Ten Explanations for the fire in Cheney's office

Her results came back Benign!

What book have you been disappointed in recently? What book has surprised you?

Study Reveals Why Monkeys Shout During Sex (Fox News)

To eat or not to eat? Opinions please.

I'm moving to Delaware

Old Spice Classic Body Wash

Ok So who is Foolin who in the Lounge?

So the Care Bears and other vomit-inducing 80s garbage is here for a new generation to enjoy...

The coolest House Christmas Lights (video)

Any good, free online games? I've got a long weekend coming up.

Any Jazz/Big Band fans here tonight?

OK who has the key to ohiosmiths house??

I can haz a wite krissmas plz?

Why are you NOT fighting with me?

I usually don't mind GD: P all that much...

In about seven hours, I'm out of here for four months.


LOLcats my kitty cat

I keep farting.

I Keep Parting

I miss ohiosmith!!1 I HOPE he isn't dead!

Question: If Madonna paved the way for acts like Britney,

500 Mostly Useless Facts .:.

Just when we thought our son was potty trained...

Holy mackerel! Just discovered Jeff Dunham

Pasta e Fagioli (Italian Pasta and Bean Soup) recipe from the legendary Rao's Restaurant in NY

Need a cozy fire?

Holy Shit! I just brought out the Ron Paul Trolls in GD!

Post a pic of cloned cats with a fluorescence protein gene

ghost kickers check in

Bacon and Black Bean Soup

A shoo-in for the Blue Man Group

Primate1: Brilliant Hoser

Mom cat adopts puppy at Alabama shelter

Don't cross your eyes. If someone slaps you on the back, they'll get stuck that way.

Riders on the Storm Featuring Snoop Dog

Concrete Blonde appreciation thread.

This thread inspired by "Nine Inch Noels."

recommend me a digital camcorder

Can Crete appreciate thread?

If I bake for you, will you clean up after me?

Feed me Seymour

Ashlee Simpson "so disappointed" that Spears pregnancy stole the spotlight from her new video

Anyone know where/how KC2 is?

I like this idea!

"Blazing Saddles" is on AMC tonight at 8PM

My brain is nothing but a series of tubes....

Tonight at Tavernertavern: A Tour-de-Ale Blanc Inde

Why? Just why?

"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time"

We're number one! We're number One! American fake vomit best in world.

Anyone here have a S51S Canon Powershot camera, thinking of buying one tomorrow before I leave town.

Here's a Band I'm Shamelessly Plugging

'Tis the season to post your favorite Xmas movie clips here....

Damn, somebody needs to build a fire.

mth44sc! I'm calling you out, dude.

DU'ers...What is your FAVORITE kind of Music?!

Which Lounger is going to travel the farthest for Christmas?

U.S. astronaut mourns mother from orbit

Some guy tried to kill this couple friend of mine

Broken hearted during the holidays.

two things: i am sick of using the shift key to type capital letters and


While driving across town, do you ever get homicidal?

It's a funny world when you have the same Christian fundies insisting that creationism is a fact

All right, which one of you was begging for a sequel to "National Treasure"?

Riders on the Storm - The Doors

Concrete shoes appreciation thread.

Happy 27th Birthday to my secret boyfriend, Jakey-poo

My new cell phone is charging, and I'm so ASITED!

Considering a new career as prophet?


ACLU Demands Virginia High School Stop Censoring Gay Student- VIRGINIA

I'm just a dreamer....................

my ear hurts

Is it just me, or are they making men's clothes sizes smaller anymore?

The bottle was dusty but the liquor was clean

Ignore this thread

Asteroid may hit Mars in next month

4 real

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/20/07 Bonus

Nine Inch Noels

Well I have had the day from hell

I'm not familiar with my sexual slang, something Stephanie Miller said today I need translating

Those "Countdown to Bush Leaving Office" Calendars

Tell me about your day and join me for a beverage!

Don't ignore this thread

Victoria's Secret. It's teh evil.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/20/07

You know what sucks? Knowing you're in a stupid argument and not being able to stop yourself

I'm trying to get in to a German exchange program for next year. Anyone have any advice?

For Techies

Why do posters think I'm male?

Santa Cats! (dial-up warning)

Rising from The Ashes I owe you BIG time!

Anagram yourself

Anyone know some good audiobooks?

Feist, 1234, I like that song

Anagram some OTHER DUer and let people guess who it is

I'm trying to think of something fun to do with asparagus. Ideas?

Family Guy, Simpsons, King of the Hill, American Dad, Futurama - You Decide

Arcade Fire - Brilliant or Hosers

I did it!

Man Claims Skin Treatment Turned Face Permanent Blue

Tea. Loose or Tea Bags?

Your ship has come in, DUers! Great news!

GDP...Obama thread...need drink...

If only I had time...

OK So Who Is Flirting (with) Who(m) In The Lounge?

A sword-and-sorcery movie? With BURT REYNOLDS??!!??

If you were over 85, would you appreciate a gift certificate for a cane?

Are these good prices for meat packages?

The Clash

Holy Shit! 40 million people all driving on the wrong side of the road.

Why isn't the MSM mentioning Spears and statutory rape?

Questions on iPods

Post Something About Another DU'r And We Will Try To Guess Who It is

Queen Elizabeth II to become Britain's oldest monarch.

Do you give your immediate boss/supervisor a Christmas gift or

Riddle (Easy)

Where was your first international trip to?

Best eye care clinics in the US?

Fire. Burn. Abomination. Confused. Animals. SATAN! SATAN! SATAN!

Have you ever written a book?

So Cal Meetup Tentative location 12/22 - XPost from CA forum

I just found a little itty bitty kitty **with pics**

Man accused of hiding meat in his pants

KitchenWitch, Magglio is on the wall, directly across from her bed.

Those who celebrate Winter Solstice/Yule...

Whats Your Favorite Phil Collins Song

What is the first "R" rated film you ever saw?

Tool Rocks! The Pot...

Take me to the River. Post your river pics here

Name something that tastes like chicken

recommend me a digital camera

Celebrity right wingers..

Post Pictures And Try To Guess The DU'rs Name

Re-stationing plan gets green light

Military: Friendly fire killed 2 soldiers in Iraq

MP blames flashback in Wal-Mart assault

Live round mixed with blanks in training death

Germany drawdown to be delayed

Despite signs, suicidal GI was kept in Iraq

Sergeant gets 6 months in soldier shooting

Bail hearing today for Dix suspects

April 2009 trial date set in Iraq gang rape

Current IED strategy was overlooked for years

Editorial: Help from within

Editorial: Inappropriate housing

Backtalk: Back-page reality

New VA secretary sworn in to start work

Ceremony to say farewell to Ind. Guard units

Veterans for Common Sense Fundraising Challenge (a donor will match if $10K is raised by Dec 31)

Ariz. Guard artillery units fold

AAFES recalls 4 toys for high lead levels

Operation Jingle reunites sailors, families

General: Attacks drop by half in northern Iraq

Convicted DI reprimanded, reduced in rank

Backtalk: Saving the military

22nd MEU ends bilateral exercise in Djibouti

Sources: 3-star shakeup in the works

New all-weather parka hard to come by

Ex-captain gets 2 years for child porn possession

Separation paperwork soon available online

N.M. bases get $141M to grow

Editorial: Justify two-war budget

Backtalk: Put ‘sortie generation’ troops with pilots? It makes sense

Backtalk: U.S. must unite to aid vets

Schweinfurt, Baumholder brigades to stay

All in a day’s work: Vets deal with bites, spitting in Djibouti

Report raises concern over Iraq’s citizen recruitment

Senate approves bill to reform Deepwater

Soldiers in Zabul are far from supply chain

Hearing on gang initiation beating ends

Yokosuka opens 500 more beds for sailors

Former airman apologizes to family of his dead ex-wife

Soldier’s death prompts warning

Okinawa well short of goal for toy drive

Group claims evidence of religion bias by Army

Future bachelor quarters planned on Juliet Basin

In Marseille, Rap Helps Keep the Peace

One in Five Americans Borrow to Heat Homes This Winter

Text of Scheuerman’s suicide note

D.C. Law Prof Turley 'at least 6 crimes' in connection with CIA torture tape destruction...LINK

"FBI Recorded 27 Million FISA 'Sessions' in 2006... with only 2176 FISA Court Orders" ...LINK

Slave Labour That Shames America

Do we have a West Coast caucus here this evening?

Whadda ya' think?

If crosses stalk you, you might be Mike Huckabee.

Bush demonstration found to be cause of fire in the Old (Eisenhower) Executive Office Building.

Doubt if Ma Qwest or Jesus would approve!

Pretty cool. Local NPR station contacts my wife's pagan org.

Edwards Memo (By The Numbers!) to Press 'We're Running A National Campaign' ...LINK


What's a good charity for Iraq war veterans?

A cute Mark Fiore for the Causcasing!

Not that she'll ever see it

Veterans for Common Sense Fundraising Challenge (a donor will match if $10K is raised by Dec 31)

Out shopping last night

In Keeping With The Season

A question for warring candidate supporters

Corn flacks..., flackes,,,,. flakes. Corn flakes.

Justice Department obstructed justice. Now, there's integrity for you!

McClatchy: Payments vary greatly for new veterans with mental illness

Like a snow in December ... the signatures keep adding up. Impeach Dick.

amy goodman just asked conyers about impeachment

Russia cancels London art display, concerned that paintings may be seized

C&L - Democracy Now! A Rendition Victim Tells His Story

Powerful Edwards 30 Sec Ad: Don't forget homeless vets, people in poverty, others left behind...LINK

Joe Galloway: Shameful Treatment of Veterans (xpost from Veterans)

Lyn Spears makes 'Quote of the Day'

Bear Stearns $854M loss for Q4

Morgan Stanley CEO skipping year-end bonus (he received a $40 million bonus in 2006)

EPA crushes 17 states' efforts to curb auto emissions

Hayden testifies Addington, Gonzales, Bellinger [NSC] knew of CIA tapes

This year Democrats did well on tackling some issues

john kerry coming up on cspan2 --tALK OF BALI CONF. WHICH HE ATTENDED

College faces fines in slaying cover-up

There Will Be A Hearing In Washington Today On The Torture Tape Destruction

Torture house, mass graves discovered in Iraq

Senate to stay in session to thwart Bush

Is Hillary or Barack More Vulnerable?

West Point study: 41% of al Qaeda fighters from Saudi Arabia

How did Obama get my e-mail? I've never signed up for anything

US says it frees 100 detainees in Iraq

Saving the Whales from Death by Japan - poem by Paul Watson

(PA screeches) 10 minutes to "5 o'clock Charlie" *repeat* 10 minutes....

Chertoff finalizing plans for domestic spy satellite program

Killer Monkey to screech at 10AM EST today- his year end press conference

He is such a D*ck !

Bigotry In America

So several Late Night shows are going to cross the Picket lines and go back to work

DU mentioned in the LA Times re: Cheney office fire

Lakota Indians Withdraw Treaties Signed With U.S. 150 Years Ago

An Inside Job Is the NIE Bush's Watergate?

Iraq is No Closer to National Reconciliation Than Before the Surge Began By Sen. RUSSELL FEINGOLD

3rd top official departs State Dept. under criticism

DOJ refuses to testify in hearing on destruction of CIA tapes.

Here's the type of column Fox Sty Pen puts out

Good election news for Republicans: accused Army pedophile/murderer trial delayed to 2009

David Horowitz has yet to correct false story of Princeton assault

"DON'T TASE ME, BRO!": The UN-SANITIZED top-ten list for 2007

Why our country is in the shitter--What Bush said...

House Judiciary Committee Hearing

Good Lord is he stupid


House Judiciary hearing on CIA Tapes right now - CSPAN 1

Who does this look like to you?

Remember this Election Season there are only "Bush Republicans"....

Illegal Immigrant solution discussion...

Carlyle Group Chief Buys the Magna Carta

MSNBC BREAKING Bush Press Conference 10 AM (I knew it)


Caption *

Romney steered clients toward tax shelters in the Cayman Islands

Evicted and No Place To Go - Katrina Aftermath

Killer Monkey is extra-twitchy and incoherent today....

Oh No!!! Tancredo Throws In The Towel

Bush History 12/20: "broken" "amateurish & unreliable" "worst villain"


If these 17 states were making laws against abortion and not for higher gas standards....

A note of caution on writing LTE's....

"It'll be a one-man show..." Heh...heh...heh..heh..

Request to Mods:

"House Democratic Caucus released this chart touting its legislative accomplishments" (despite Bush)

Has anyone ever been to a caucus?

Private First Class Jason Scheuerman nailed a suicide note to his barracks closet in Iraq...

Reid to again block controversial Bush holiday recess appointments

Exposing the human cost of producing cheap food

have a thursday chuckle...

Hey, CBS - if you're going to air a protest song

Surging the surge?

Taj Mahal Won't Accept Bush Dollars as India Laments Lost Value

Analyze This Photo!

I just donated $25 to a local homeless shelter.

Congress Passes Pool Safety Bill - why did it take so long?

If you havent watched the movie Bullworth lately I recommend you should...

Subject: A message from Don Siegelman

Tom Toles: The Bodies Don't Move.

* news conference pics

Bush Administration Trains Members of Indonesian Terrorist Groups

Police: Teacher Requested Oral Sex From Student In Exchange For 'A'

New Bumper Sticker ideas...

Freinds... Americans... Countrymen...Lend Me Your Ears!

CIA to Turn Over Videotape Documents (AP)

CIA tapes - who were the "other senior officers" who happened to be visiting?

Jeb Bush and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

wake up Texans - new evacuation news


Senate Confirms Loathsome "Halloween Costume" Julie Myers Director of ICE

Just how desperate are the banks? Today I got a cold call from

U.S. Congress funds continuing death and torture in Iraq -- Part 2

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush does a little business with a New York bank.

*****OFFICIAL House Judiciary Committee CIA Tapes (CSPAN)Thread*****

"Several hundred (make that thousand) bluefish are dead" (food source ) nuke plant

There are large substantive differences between Democrats and Republicans

House and Senate Democrats who voted to fund Bush's war without demanding withdrawal:

For your listening pleasure Garnet Rogers, he nails *

Kucinich supporters?

Millions awarded in Ameriquest predatory lending settlement

- Sarkozy talks sex with Pope - pic

Ok folks, this morning a conservative just switched me from being progressive!...

Ron Pauls approach to the environment - what think ye?

Clinton funds tied to Cayman

EarlG Re-Cap

"iTunes of Solar Power" cheaper per watt than coal?

A Boondocks Chapter Christmas at Fort Bragg (xpost from Veterans)

E-mail I sent to MSRNC re: SCARBOROUGH sL-IMUS-wannabe circus

Texas/Ill infection - Heparin

hillary's originality in her christmas ad gets five stars from me.

Christmas Miracle: The Yuletide Surge of Mike Huckabee..

My Encounter with [insert scary music] ... Socialized Medicine!

The Glenn Beck Ron Paul Smooch

Thom Hartmann's straw poll today... winner is....

AlterNet: It's Time to Legalize Drugs

Feeding the ducks in the storm. Day 2

Stupid Headline of Day: Uninsured Twice as Likely to Die from Cancer than Insured

Conyers already answered Wexler on impeachment: No

It's that time again - realistic resolutions for the upcoming year?

Iraq Bomber Aimed at Alcohol Sellers (so much for "normalcy")

This is just pure speculation., but something that I feel needs to be discussed.

PHOTOS: Nazis & church leaders (in honor of Huckabee)

Congrats to Patsy Stone on getting her snark mentioned on Stephanie Miller

Where do you draw the line with negative campaigning?

Who here thinks that the death of Kucinich's brother was not of natural causes

DU'ers...What is your FAVORITE kind of Music?!

Dick Cheney’s Lawyer Spiked the Phone-Jamming Case (Emptywheel)

FEMA official: Higher-ups delayed Katrina aid

Anyone else watching this riot in NOLA . Dissent over city council's plan to tear down housing

"House Judiciary witness: Destroyed CIA tapes are 'ultimate cover-up"

Bush: I'm Looking Forward to TIME Man Of Year Alumni Meeting

Shall we send flowers to Kucinich with offers

The Winter Solstice. Live Webcast from NewGrange, Ireland.

Police macing the poor of New Orleans

Thrown Object Knocks Out Santa

An Email From My Freindly Neighborhood Dittohead "trashing" Obama and claiming Snopes cleared info

Removing Bush and Cheney from office by the numbers:

"Opponent of illegal immigration drops White House bid" says

"I would begin....with the demonstrably impeachable offenses..."

Tancredo is outta here!!!!

There are no bad questions.

Bush: "I go around spreading good will and talking about the importance of spreading freedom"

* pic - Helping Americans Keep Their Homes

Waxman warns EPA: Don't destroy those documents

This is why the CIA torture tapes were destroyed

Caption Bush

US military thanks the honorable Moqtada al Sadr for keeping the peace in Iraq

SF Bay Area home sales plunge

Did Gore fight in 2000

Media Fireworks: McCain Pleads With NY Times To Spike Story

Pat Robertson talks about Cheney's heart and transplant

FAIR: War Is Over--Say the Pundits

Stephen Colbert named AP Celebrity of the year

So, a guy so paranoid that he travels with an ambulance,

subprime hits my office mate...

Wanted for Mass Murder - pic

Vista sucks. In comparison to Sprint, it is a work of art.

Breaking News? Ghouliani leaving hospital : MSNBC

So this is Christmas...

My neighbor with the huge Ron Paul signs all over his house,

Wiley does it again... NON SEQUITUR

Do some "reality TV" shows use light forms of torture?

I am sure that Hispanic family who


Deer Hunter Has Hat Shot Off

Romney "Had a Dream" that his father walked with Martin Luther King

did i just hear The Decider giving advice (from earlier) to candidates?

Your FICO Score is Getting Ready to Change

The Presidential Primary Holiday Spectacular!

Dear Nancy and Harry

Patrick Fitzgerald: 'I did not want to see him kill himself'

Police sergeant fired after review of Taser incident


looking to ID plant from Georgia (SE US)

The OTHER Johnny

Another * pic to caption

Tancredo LOL

An interesting perspective in today's Colorado Springs Independent

If the Democrats know the Repubs are going to block their proposals?

The War is in Iraq is over? The US Occupation continues.

seen today "I believe in saying Merry Christmas" car magnet.

Bombings Mar Peaceful Holiday in Iraq- 19 people killed, including a U.S. soldier

How many believe that if the House held successful impeachment hearings

AP IMPACT: Giuliani secretive as mayor

Why Do the Japenese hunt whales? Is whale meat popular there?

I'm doing my part!

"...Edwards is surging across the Internet,..." LINK

Don't Stop (with apologies to Fleetwood Mac)

“Sicko” — Did Michael Moore Get It Right? A Comparison of Emergency Rooms on Two Continents

How jacked up is this?

TPM: AP reports that Gonzo opposed destruction of the CIA tapes

Chairman Conyers: AG Mukasey Must Answer Congress about New Hampshire Phone Jamming

OK I'm gonna say it: Bush White House told Jamie Lynn Spears boyfriend

Crazy Tom bags it. Endorses Mittens.

Fox Chief Ruport Murdoch does NOT use the 'C' word!

112,000 - LET'S MAKE IT 120,000+

Pick your FAVORITE Democratic Prez of the Modern Era

What is the first "R" rated film you ever saw?

Why do women love Rudi Giuliani?

Why Obama? Neither Hillary Nor Edwards Read The NIE Before Sending Our Troops to Die!

It has been happening every year for 5,000 years. This year, it is streaming online

Godwin's Law and Jonah's Book

Biden: "He and Cheney literally went out there and divided the world. They literally divided it"

14 Days.

Some of you may not like her, but she's right more than she is wrong

Tucker Carlson: "I favor Obama over Hillary, STRONGLY"

"you can travel 4,000km (2,485 miles) ... without any border controls"

Tony Perkins does not know of anyone who is afraid of a Pres. Huckleberry

Stephen Colbert Most Influential in 2007!!!!

I heart Dan Abrams (MSNBC).

DHS citizen spying gears up, Congress taken out of the loop

Tooth and Nail

FBI investigates former CIA officer (Kiriakou) over waterboarding interviews

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Bush had no comment on the CIA tape destruction..

A fun, educational way to feed the world's

CIA tapes row to get US court airing

FBI investigates former CIA officer over waterboarding interviews

US Colonel in Falluja: "We will be here until the mission is accomplished"

Giuliani In Hospital: Does This Mean He's On His Way To Dropping Out Of The Race?


I saw Mittens father marching with Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan

My Dad and his polotics

Why I don't have a blog

Do people in Mexico, Central America, and South America have a right to live and work in the USA?

Time Magazine downsizes Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer. But it gets better

U.S. to appeal ruling making White House visitor logs public

Big America

Like the snow in the mountains ... Impeach Cheney signatures keep pilling up

Dem. Now! today: John Conyers and Ray McGovern on to talk about impeachment~

We Seriously Need to Stop With This Presidential Shit

Newsweek cover article on John Edwards called "The Sleeper"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Congressman Wexler Live on Blog Radio: Thursday, December 20, 9:00 pm (EST)/6:00 pm (PST)

The Fly On The Wall

A young blonde Icelandic woman's recent experience visiting the US (welcome to Cheney's America)

NSA Gets Real Time Access to Your Email

Stewart, Colbert returning to the air

The Weakest of Denials: Bush refuses to flatly deny involvement in torture tape destruction

Democrat bashing on Air America

Lakota Indians secede from US

If 'enhanced interrogation' were used on US soldiers by the enemy would the neocons call it torture?

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR DEC 22: Global Orgasm Day promotes peace one "petit mort" at a time...

How's deregulation working out for you?


OMFG. Gonzo didn't write Torture Memo -- ADDINGTON did!

Just Another Day for the Department of Justice

Nader endorses Edwards

tweety has as of today earned himself the title slime bucket.

Larry Flynt dished to Vanity Fair- "web exclusive"

"Vatican criticises anti-Christmas film "Golden Compass."

Oliphant toon: Dick sneers as OEOB burns (torture tapes)

Fwd: Take a look at Joe...

Larry Johnson:Who Obstructed Justice?

I fucking hate george fucking w fucking bush

Arnold to sue federal government over emissions ruling

U.S. astronaut mourns mother from orbit

What's with this "60-vote" bullshit !!

Cheney's Political Director's Office Burned Yesterday

Christmas story is bunk?

* hands out Purple Hearts at Walter Reed - pics

Its just a typical office fire, must everything be a conspiracy theory?

ACLU Demands Virginia High School Stop Censoring Gay Student

Time to drop the "States Rights" lie.

Santa Claus Delivers 37,000+ Copies of Constitution to President Bush

Why Hillary Clinton CANNOT/SHOULD NOT be the nominee...

A letter to my congressman in re impeachment

Boomers meet Age Discrimination! And you thought you could work

My heart to the people of New Orleans

Tweety coddling OBAMA: "The dark struggle for power by the CLINTONs"

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Pelosi Says She Miscalculated GOP Determination on Iraq

Lakota Indians Withdraw Treaties Signed With U.S. 150 Years Ago

Statrement from Kucinich website on his brother's death

Arctic Meltdown: Newsweek Interview With Robert Corell

What will Mitt Romney "speak figuratively" about next?

The only time I order liver

A public thank you to DUer lapislzi for words of wisdom


This poem was written decades ago...But doesn't it sound like someone we know?

WOW she had to testify about her rape? Oh my god

Uninsured More Likely to Die From Cancer Following Diagnosis

I saw something beautiful this morning and I need to share.

Bloomberg and Hagel Holding Regular Calls.... What's UP? LINK

Will the Spears pregnancy affect opinion on abortion?

Wexler On Impeachment: ‘This Is Not The Lunatic Fringe — This Is Mainstream America’

Is there trouble in neocon paradise?

Ron Paul wants to sell your children to the corporations

Chickenz. I haz them. Happy Holidayz, DU!

Giuliani's Paranoid Secrecy as NYC Mayor ---pix--->>>

As a disabled man who depends on SS to be able to even eat, I've been no fan of Ron Paul

'The Unknown Soldier' - The Doors Live & "Christmas In Fallujah"

Evidence Mounts Of White House Ties To New Hampshire Phone Jamming Scheme

U.S. Senate Report: Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007

Women in internet games

I'm Not Dead

Kucinich wins IndependentPrimary.Com

Warning: Drug Ads Can Make You Sick

A "republican constitution" a RW caller called I think Boortz and said she supported

A Military Commission Judge says Gitmo Detainee is Entitled to Geneva Convention Protections!

OH MY!!! The fundies now think I 35 is the highway to heaven!

Dennis Kucinich-Congressman of the Year!

Natalee's Law

Am I wrong to trust Conyers, Sanders and Gore over DU's "impeach now" brigade?

How many Bibles are in your house?

The Departed: DU Pet Memorial 2007 is up in the Political Video

I have to say this really pisses me off... and a warning for this time of year...

A neighbor of mine needed her heat pump fixed

Police Use Stun Guns on Citizens Opposed to Demolition of Houses in New Orleans

My daughter has a teacher proud of the fact she hasn't given an A in over 10 years

Battered N.O. OKs razing public housing

I just don't get it... How can anyone support this candidate?

How can Russel Means, an activist, not official, of the Lakota, withdraw from treaties?

If Bush's mercenaries are gang raping American women in Iraq what they are doing to Iraqi women?

Scary Nuclear Stuff From Canada!

Murder By Spreadsheet: CIGNA Denies Claim and 17-Year-Old Will Die (action needed)

Do you ever feel like just giving up?

*Chemical Spray and Stun Guns* Used Against New Orleans Citizens Protesting Razing Public Housing!

Businesses{?} have designs for the poor (CNN)

Protesting the demolition of 4500 housing units in NO (tasers & pepper spray used) - lots of pics

The NanceGreggs appreciation thread

Mukasey cuts off White House access to information on probes

Now, ain't they good lookin'...

"It is impossible to predict an winner in Iowa based on available polling data"

Hey, Wanna Read Something GREAT!?!

Obama will be on "Good Morning America" today

Congress and CIA in talks on video probe: aide (Reuters)

Huckabee and Giuliani tied in 2008 Republican race (Reuters)

DU this, please, to help a strong progressive Democrat win!

Iowa City Press-Citizen: Obama has what it takes to restore nation's integrity

Slate takes a look at some Political Toons of 2007

Nancy Pelosi: "Nobody is more disappointed with the fact that we couldn't change (Iraq) than I am"

I know I can sleep tonight knowing that Ghouliani, not matter what is

Why is the pres waiting to sign HR 365-meth remediation bill (presented Dec 13)

Here Are the Congress Members to Thank and Spank for Voting No and Yes on Iraq Occupation $

Six More Iowa Democratic County Chairs Endorse Barack Obama for President

Clinton Advisers Say Edwards Is a Threat

Poll question: With all of the money rolling in, will Ron Paul running as an Indy hurt Dems or Reps?

Iowa: Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne Rock Out For Edwards

Is DU more Democratic or more Undeground than you would like?

Tucker Attacks John Edwards For Remembering Homeless Vets In Holiday Ad

Three Democrats in a dead heat in Iowa

Giuliani plummets in latest NBC/WSJ poll

Clinton donors overlap

The stress must be getting to him...Giuliani admitted to hospital for flu-like symptoms

Romney finds Putin's "Man of the Year" honor "disgusting," pissed that it wasn't Petraeus

Bush* News Conference Thread

* To Hold A Presser Today - How Will He Spin His & Cheney's Involvement In.....

The Portsmouth Herald is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama

Kristol and Krauthammer no longer work for Time Mag

Clinton surges ahead of Obama in N.H.

A Good Time to Be John McCain: Very interesting turnaround for McCain's campaign

Krugman's Double Standard

Honestly, why bother parsing polls?

Top Ten Alternative Explanations for the fire in Cheney's Office

Giuliani wants to overtax the US?


Despite push from media, Giuliani continues to sink like a stone

Kerrey Apologizes to Obama Over Remark

Obama Picks Up Key Iowa Endorsements

Ghouliani slips to fourth place (13%) in latest Ras poll...

The Rude Pundit: Please Don't Waterboard Santa, Rudy

Valley News (Lebanon, NH) endorses Obama

Huckabee gets it - but will he take it too far?

If Hillary wins Iowa, Obama isn't "done" in that he's going run out of money and have to drop out.

ARG polls for Iowa and NH released (thursday Dec. 20)

Brand New CNN Iowa Poll-Clinton 30% Obama 28% Edwards 26%

In defense of ugly primary campaigning

Over 60 Foreign Policy Experts Endorse of Barack Obama for President

With all of the money rolling in, will Ron Paul (like Bloomberg) also run as an Independent?

Why Did Clinton Overlook Obama?

Why can't the Democrats start speaking up?

Are there positive attacks?

Mauro endorses Clinton for president

Hillary's campaign has registered domain names, nothing has been launched yet.

Tarrance/Lake Battleground Poll (nat): Hillary - 47, Obama - 23, Edwards - 13

I know, I know, it's Drudge, but this looks like an important story

Anybody up for a "Bash Only Repukes" Day here at GDP?

Six More Iowa Democratic County Chairs Endorse Barack Obama for President

LA Times: Clinton toeing the line of campaign negativity

Brother's death means Kucinich may defer Salinas campaign appearance

Is Giuliani Facing Free Fall?

Clinton Launches Obama Attack Web Sites

Clinton launches Satanic negative desperate unconscionable attack web sites!!!!!!!

NY Daily News published my LTTE on Mittens...

Romney’s MLK trump card starts to look shaky (George Romney "was not there" on day of King march)

Is Conan the Republican more of a Democrat than Jim Webb?

Texas blogger (me) exposes Ethics Commission's incompetence.

Poll: Seventy Percent Don't Know What Religion Obama Is

Hillary's AFSCME backers attack Obama with fliers using unsuspected Edwards quotes

Photos: How to spot a WINNER? Simple. Body Language. Here's Bush @ this morning's press conference

Dennis' brother dead, Hillary's is just a dead beat

Will Duncan Hunter sweep up Tancredo's voting block and take the nomniation?

IowaTrend lines 12/20-will going negative reverse a trend?

Follow Up: Hillary's Homophobe?

Has anyone read the Rolling Stone article on Obama???

SurveyUSA SC poll: Clinton 41, Obama 39, Edwards 17 (Edwards up 6)

Naomi Klein on with Hartmann!!

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi: Obama's Moment

Obama and Kumar go to the White House

Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and John Edwards in New Hampshire on NPR

All I can say is.....


Hillary supporter slams campaign

Hillary Supporters: Thread # 18 of Endorsements has been posted in The HRC Forum.

Thom Hartmann

Edwards accuses Clinton of dirty pool

Why is Alan Greenspan getting a media pass on the subprime mortgage crisis?

Poll: Did the Clinton administration have Republican cabinet members?

Rep. Scott Endorses Barack Obama

Strategic Vision Poll Shows a Dead Heat with Edwards and Clinton Rising in Iowa - O(-3) E(+3) C(+2)

Hillary: "He is about this tall"

Hillary's Roger?

Top Progressive Talk Host Rips Into Hillary

Just want to point something out to you all...

"Opponent of illegal immigration drops White House bid" says

Any of the top three candidates will have, or use, repubs in their administration.

Washington Post-ABC News Iowa poll: Obama 33%, Clinton 29%, Edwards 20%

Is this a pattern? Rudy drops in polls and suddenly becomes ill

(poll) Oprah effect didn't really sway voters /Chicago Sun Times

Which of these people would you exclude from your administration?

Tancredo endorses Romney? Can I puke now?

Obama, Paul to lead Va. primary ballots

BIDEN coming up on CNN

Things I've learned in the past 2 days.

WOW the Obama pile on is in full force today

Larry Flynt on Bill Clinton, Giuliani, and the next GOP "outing"

No. I really don't want to see repukes in the cabinet of a dem president.

What the FUCK did I just see on CNN??? Barak Obama Xmas

"Obama" rules the GD-P!

Republican Obstructionism Breaks Congressional Record

FDR, JFK named Republicans to their administrations

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer are no longer paid columnists at Time Magazine

The Delusional Style in American Punditry

If Obama's the Nominee

LIVE NOW: Democratic Henry Hewes Speaks

Just heard an The Alliance for a New America Edwards commercial WONDERFUL!

Rasmussen: Edwards up 2 points (17%) , Obama up 3 (27%), Clinton Down 3 (39%)

Does anybody know where Bloomberg currently stands on Iraq?

My prediction for the Iowa Primary and it's full proof!

Glenn Greenwald: "The Authoritarian Temptation" - - - - Greenwald DESTROYS Giulianni .....

Kerrey's letter of apology to Obama

GOP voters most frightened by Hillary Presidency, Dem voters most excited by Hillary Presidency

Does Senator Obama lead among registered Democrats anywhere?

Obama looks to turn attacks into campaign cash again

Yankee Magazine Cookie Primary (candidate submissions)

Who Needs A Key Newspaper Endorsement? Craig of Craig's List Backs Obama

Dems eye '2nd choice' supporters in Iowa

What Will Be The Top Issue Of Campaign 08?

Why wasn't Chris Matthews upset when Ed Rollins noted neither Romney nor Huckabee had used cocaine?

It seems that Clinton has just come around to the $9.50 minimum wage position

Hillary Clinton Leading Presidential Candidate Among Boomers

Tom Tancredo drops out of 2008 presidential race.

Tweety's FAUX outrage over Obama smearing

F**king CRYBABY Clarence Thomas: "There’s not much that entices about the job"

Interview with Editor-in-Chief of National Enquirer

Iraq war dog loses his handler but gains a family

Latest HillShill talking point: Obama should have been more like Giuliani

"Roadblock Republicans" - Sen. John Kerry email:

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/20/07 - Clinton down 3, Obama up 3, Edwards up 2

Obama's #1 Priority: Comprehensive Energy Reform.

My daughter has a teacher proud of the fact she hasn't given an A in over 10 years

Can We Vote Already?

Op Ed News won't let me contact them without joining. So will someone correct Rob Kall?

Who else here becomes addicted to DU a few weeks before each major Election?

Clinton: Exaggerating Help for the Troops (Fact Check)

More Photos: Barack Obama today at a campaign stop in Portsmouth, N.H.

Is John Edwards the Energizer Bunny of 2008?

Obama fires up crowd in stop in NH

Sleeping With the Enemy

Gallup finally polls on Hillary and her effect on GOP turnout!

Will Enough Men Stand By This Woman? Clinton Fight for the White House Reflects Battle of the Sexes

A lot of voters are watching Clinton, Obama and Edwards

Why Kucinich Cannot Win

The Race Is On

Best presidential preferential poll yet. Which candidate do you agree with.

'Earmarks' DOWN 33% under the Democrats in Congress

Mark Warner launched his Senate campaign today.

Get ready for the attacks: Obama’s No Fan of British Food

TIME - Biden out with new TV ad

Prius’ role in energy bill angers lawmakers

"Ron Paul Lies About Lack Of Involvement With White Nationalists."

Biden, others grind out their campaigns from the Second Tier

A note about Iowa polling

Rep. Scott endorses Barack Obama for president

The chain emails and bad journalism are working: 80% don't know Obama is a Christian, survey finds

James ("Bush's Brain") Moore: Why Huckabee Will Win the GOP Presidential Nominaton

One of the Green Party candidates thinks that she can dictate to the media what they can cover.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, ahead of qualified Democrats, would be a fine addition to an Obama cabinet

Another candidate fires up the crowd!

"Lobbyists on Obama’s ’08 payroll"

The case for Kucinich

Clinton more electable than Obama in new state polls released today by Survey USA

Ed Schultz ripping Hillary for her negative attacks, says Clintons selling soul for the nomination

Mike Huckabee, Conservative Golem

McCain's Christmas ad puts cross front and center

Obama's lead cut in Half in Iowa: Obama 30% (-3), Clinton 27% (+2), Edwards 27% (+3)

Kerrey apologizes, says Obama:''exceptionally qualified by experience and judgment to be president "

CNN: Clinton announces new minimum wage bill one day after Edwards challenge

Obama Flexes Organizational Muscles In Va.

Richardson calls NYT to accuse Clinton of ‘flip-flop’ on Iraq

Gore Getting in Shape

The Nation On Clinton, Edwards & Obama-

Fox' Dick Morris and Neil Cavuto make their Democratic primaries predictions

Biden says race isn't over yet

New ARG Poll: Biden at 8% in Iowa in Iowa

Have you decided who you'll be voting for in the primary?

Delaware Communications Workers Union Endorses Joe Biden

Iowa voters. Who's campaign signs and bumper stickers are most common?

Regardless of what candidate we support, we all want what is best for the country, right?

Jack Nicholson supports Hillary, won't criticize Bush ("I support every president. Period.")

Kissinger endorses McCain.

Is voting 130 times as "Present" out of 4000+ votes (3.25%) a big campaign issue?

A black, a jew, and a mormon walk into a presidential election.

Two way - Hillary or Obama?

Watch these two videos and then and tell me that Edwards is not...

Edwards touts rural ties on stump and in new video

Did Obama really say this?!

Huckabee applauds Jamie Lynn Spears for choosing life

Fact Check: Obama's Present Votes in State Senate

Green Party Enters Presidential Race

Larry Craig Wins $1.6 Million Earmark For Dude Ranch

Trivia: Which Democratic candidate believes a gunman shot Kennedy from the grassy knoll

What Makes Joe Biden Go?

I'm looking for a new bumper sticker for my car for NOW. Give me your best shot!

Oh well. . .are you surprised? Clinton Launches Obama Attack Web Sites

Thom Hartmann call in straw poll ...

BIDEN Bill to Promote Democracy in Burma Passes Senate

Progressives come out to defend Obama on 'present' votes

AP interview: Obama talks about the negative attacks and their effect on his family

Are you satisfied with your Representatives....?

Bloomberg or Clinton?

The Difference On Iraq - Where does YOUR candidate stand?

Hillary's Unprecedented Experience on the World Stage

Clinton launches negative attack websites!!!

One-hit wonder?

Rep. Weiner Joins Call for Cheney Impeachment Hearings

Why I Support Joe Biden

Rush's comments on Hillary?

DU in the L.A. Times

Biden: Special Counsel Needed to Probe CIA Videotape Destruction

Clinton Foundation and its ties to Hillary

The Case For Obama-Transcending Divisive Politics

Political Courage Test-

Hillary says her inaugural address will cause oil to drop to $60 or $70 a barrel

Standing room only for Edwards event (pics)

USA Today/Gallup NH poll: Obama 32, Clinton 32, Edwards 18

Romney caught in lie about MLK

Photos: Barack Obama having a bit of fun today in the snow in Exeter, New Hampshire

Why I support Joesph Biden :

The media is turning on Obama: NBC News Report on him voting present

Forget Arnold. Obama "seeking help" from Senator Coburn is more troublesome

Bill Richardson wins the most important and influential NH poll.

Obama will be destroyed on his "present" vote on sex shops near schools by the repubs

New ARG poll: McCain back from the dead (leading NH, #2 in IA)

Brand New ARG Poll-Iowa -Clinton 29% Obama 25% Edwards 18%5 /N.H.-Clinton 38% Obama 24% Edwards 15%


Edwards versus Mushiness

Would you vote for Bloomberg/Paul/McKinney/Nader over Clinton if you knew it would elect Huckabee?

Can anyone share first hand accounts about Iowa caucus nights?

There is no difference between the DLC and the GOP - they are both beholden to corporate interests.

Hillary: Logic Behind Vote For Obama Or Edwards Is Same As Logic Behind Vote For Bush


Barack Obama: Man of Principle!

How important is ending the Iraq war to you?

Some of today's Chris Matthews journalism on MSNBC:

Obama Says He'd Consider Arnold For His Cabinet

TPM Cafe Book Club....books about the legacy of the Dean campaign.

Primer Lesson: Obama sponsored and fought for 823 bills over 8 years as an Illinois lawmaker

Former Ala. Governor Is Political Prisoner in US - Rove's Work?