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Archives: December 10, 2007

USA Today: No Torture, No Need To Destroy Videotapes

Announcing the 2007 Falsie Awards for the Biggest Fraudsters in the Media

AWOL military justice

Stephen McCauley: Karl Rove, the literary genius

The Perfect Storm of Campaign 2008

The neo-cons strike back

TV Shouldn't drive Health Choices

Our Third And Final Mistake In Iraq

CIA's Destruction Of Interrogation Tapes Sounds Like Obstruction Of Justice

Happy Xmas, your war is over! (UK PM tells troops)

Krugman: Henry Paulson’s Priorities

Matt Taibbi: Iowa: Hillary Looks Shaky in a Pivotal Contest

Chris Hedges: Why We Resist

The American Prospect: Caught on Tape

Iran has Halted Oil Transactions in Dollars (AFP)

America: Are You F**king Brain Dead?!

Craig Unger: A Failure of Intelligence

More Bad News For ‘Huck Sin’: Tried To Pardon The Spanish Inquisitioners

Hitch and the CIA...what did you expect?

John Nichols: Pelosi and Torture

Gitmo Inmate's Lawyer Urges US on Photos

Treasury Direct Home Loans - Fire the Fed By Kent Welton

Scientific Study Takes Cue From Huckabee, Recommends Quarantine of GOP Candidates

Harpers/Scott Horton: The President-Tyrant

Bush and Harper Ignore Colombia’s Labor Rights Reality

Showdown in Arizona, Where Mariachis and Minutemen Collide - NY Times

In Midwest Duck Blinds, Visions of Global Warming

Say It Ain’t So Joe


Jane Hamsher: Hillary Clinton Joins Joe Lieberman To Resurrect the Culture Wars

"What Really Bothers Me About Obama" (Chris Bowers)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 317

'The biggest environmental crime in history'

U.N. talks drop 2020 greenhouse gas cut targets - Reuters

Gore: Next US Leader to Work on Climate - AP

Namibia uranium output to jump as exploration surges

CIA has recruited Iranians to defect

Pakistan Suicide Blast Wounds 5 Children

Gordon Brown asks Google to help the poor

Putin Supports Medvedev As Successor

Iraq: Returning to destroyed, looted or occupied homes

Mortar Shells Hit Iraq Prison, Killing 7 (Wounding 23)

Al Gore is accepting the Nobel Peace Prize on C-Span

Baghdad oil refinery ablaze after rocket attack

Vigilantes kill 40 women in Iraq's south

Gore: I'd only consider White House bid ("if I did get back")

Huckabee refuses to retract '92 remarks on AIDS patients

Black gets 6 1/2 years in jail

Future doctors flunk military medical ethics test

Giuliani Firm, Utilities Team Up to Fight Renewable-Energy Plan

Mexico: Cuban-Americans fund smugglers

UBS posts fresh $10bn write-down

(NH congresswoman) Shea-Porter to back Obama

U.S. and British policies like apartheid-era government: Tutu

Giuliani Says He "Didn’t See The Enormity" of Pre-9/11 Al Qaeda Threat

Hungry Mormons offer clues to heart disease

Al Gore, UN Climate Body to Receive 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

Tension in Hillaryland Grows as Plan Goes Awry

Argentina swears in new president

Hoyer Is Proof of Earmarks' Endurance: Md. Democrat's Campaign Donors Among Grantees

Paper: Pages Had Oral Sex In Front of Colleagues

Ex-CIA official goes from the shadows to the spotlight

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 10

Draft U.N. Resolution on Iran Calls for Sanctions

Spitzer approval falls to record low: poll

Appeals court says some Patriot Act provisions unconstitutional

Venezuela to donate more heating oil to U.S. poor

Storm Olga forms over Virgin Islands

Romney to run ad against Huckabee

Bush To Name Former Conservative Commentator Glassman To Sell U.S. Image Abroad

Officials: More Heating Help Needed For Struggling Families

Libby to drop appeal in CIA leak case

Disability Cases Last Longer as Backlog Rises

Deputy St. Paul Police chief: Protesters at RNC will not be caged

Ice Storm Causes Blackouts, 17 Deaths

Huckabee Pardons Under Scrutiny

Bill Clinton: U.S. Invaded Iraq Too Soon

Gore: Next President Will Shift Climate

Vick sentenced to 23 months for dogfighting

CIA Spy Calls Waterboarding Necessary But Torture

New poll shows big shake-up in GOP race

Christian biologist fired for beliefs, suit says

Scientists Make Fruit Flies Gay, Then Straight Again

Court: Judges can reduce crack sentences

White House goes mum on CIA video case

Mortgage Meltdown: Washington Mutual to close 190 offices

1984 documents suggest drug link to Uribe family (Bush ally)

Somali pirates holding Japanese tanker demand $1 million ransom

Rape case ruling shocks Australia

Victim: Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton/KBR

Conrad Black could face 6 1/2 to 8 years in jail: judge

I'm already sick of the Nice.

"Over that boy hand!"

I'm already sick of the Spice!

Xmas party pics! Or one anyway

I'm __ally sick of the __ice.

Does Bobby Flay *ever* get to win "Throwdown"?

Cthulhu vs Dick Cheney: Who is more evil?

Damn. Nasty accident in the parking lot. just now

Intricate wood carving

Ah FUCK - the winds are back

I'm orally sick of the dice.

Well hells bells I just passed 6000 posties

Something for the Girl With Everything....

Did we have DUzys this weekend? Could someone please direct me to them?

Anyone else sick of seeing all the candidate threads on the "Greatest Page"?

I may not get to walk at commencement because I'll be doing finals!NOT FAIR!!!

My sleep schedule's all screwed up

Urgent help for a DUer needed

Anybody know what time Led Zeppelin is scheduled to play this evening?

He's got a man cold! Poor little bunny

Oh, heck and I thought the 2004 DU Primary Wars were fun !?! Any thoughts, especially Old timers?

You may hate or love the Cowboys, but you've got to admit that Tony Romo is a Jedi.

My new toy

Holiday cards questions

$200-$300 to get a cat's teeth cleaned was an estimate somebody

Anyone else reassurred by the doctor in the HeadOn commercial?

Heh hehhh! It *must* be the end of the semester...

Draft Winehouse

Michael Vick gets two years (yay!)...but he could play again?

Sooo....what's your spin on abuse of animals?

Just got back from my honeymoon to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Ask me anything!

Draft Whitehouse


Who else is iced in this morning?

Ok, so I just watched the most depressing Futurama ever.

Series questions about cell phones

in bizarro world, hillary clinton would be married to dubya

That's A Moray, aka The Three Cheesy Tenors

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Midlo Bragadocious Moment.

Why can't anyone make a coffeemaker carafe that pours without dripping...

Aw crud. There's a GD stuck in my car GD player. Removal suggestions?

So, we get cranked yanked at two this morning

i just checked my PM

DU Blonde Joke Of The Day

Draft Winehouse

Anyone see the Chris Rock movie "I think I love my Wife"?

O Come All Ye Fearful, cower as I *CRUSH* you!


DU Brunette Joke of the day

DU Redhead Joke of the day

I am almost 100% positive I'll get flamed for this...

Now I'm mad at you guys

DU Baldy Joke of the day

How many bands have the word "LICK" in their names?

Dumbing down our kids gets even dumber

Growing up. An observation.

DS1. Where did you hide the bodies?

How Many Bands have the word "Head" in their names?

Sweet dreams, DU...Tonight's unifying lullaby

A candidate for hell: "Rape case ruling shocks Australia"

People are way too harsh with each other.

It's 60-something inside and I'm FREAKIN COLD!!!

BREAKING NEWS: I'm pregnant!!!

I’ve got the will, Lord if you’ve got the toe.

Good Doggie !

Am I the only one who finds it kinda wierd that they made toys based on the show MASH?

In tribute to winter, I give you . . . .

objects in mirror are coser than they appear

Thanks to all who help me celebrate my conception day

Bjork fans--What do you think of Volta?

Ok, suggestions needed.

Elvis Costello - A Good Year for the Roses

anyone else completely off their game today?

A New freeperism:

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu L'ounge wgah'nagl fhtagn

ok, I'm cooking with coca-cola

What's for lunch?

son wants bubble wrap for christmas

How to tie your shoe (great tips)

DS1. Where did you hide the booties?

TM - "Mom, just because your arm hurts, yelling at us isn't going to make it feel better".

Where can I find comfortable opaque hosiery in a nice shade of ivory

Matt Lauer, critical of Britney for driving with son on her lap, caught riding with HIS son on lap


Breaking news--God is retiring from politics!

If jesus came back and was clearing the money changers

You've gotta check this out: Lego Spinal Tap--Nigel's Guitar Room

Aw crud. There's a CD stuck in my car CD player. Removal suggestions?


Have you ever seen a coconut crab?

Great post over in GD!

Attn: Big Kids, which one would you rather have?

Mir was a Russian space station. Mirror is the word for a looking glass.

Should I be pissed at my Vet? Have to take the dogs in for MORE shots!

Copycat from GD: Where do you fall?

That letter to Amy Winehouse from her mom is pretty damned heartbreaking.

Just Heard Barry Manilow Concert Was Cancelled Tonight...

Nightwatcher went to the Jax Zoo this weekend. Post your pics too (very pic heavy)

Led Zep - live blogging or set list?

Any contractors or construction people here?



Any constrictors here?

It was 40 years ago today that Otis Redding died

OPRAH Show Pre Empted Today

JackMN + a church service = bad.

A Monday afternoon funny

WOW! Lindsay Lohan's new boyfriend really has that "Creepy Jesus with a bad perm" look down COLD!

Good Night billyskank

Ahh! I want one!

Cracker breast feeding Barrel

Barry Manilow back on for tonight! Concert going forward- he found his

Burkina Faso fans--What do you think of Upper Volta?

Hey, where is the room to post smack about your soon to be ex-wife...

This is not a copycat.

The cats killed a mouse last night, or this morning.

I'm PISSED At Xemasab for being PEEVED at Peake

I'm PEEVED at Peake

how much does one usually put down on a house or condo

Teen tries to smuggle 30 lbs of pot hidden in holiday candles.

I'm PERTURBED at Parch for being PISSED at Xemasab for being peeved at Peake

Best film from the Kevin Costner Baseball Trilogy?

Aarrgh! Driving nuts draws my hair!

Dammit!! I have a headlight out!!!

avatar suggestions?

I'm PEEVED at Peake for being PISSED at Retro

So I was looking at things on Builders Sqaure(kinky)

Is "nappy-headed" racist?

Monday Night Football: 5-7 Saints at 3-9 Falcons

Aarrgh! Drawing nuts drives me hairy!

This is a copycat.

List of songs done at the Led Zeppelin concert so far:

My congresswoman just endorsed...

A political joke.

Starbucks' Customers Spread Holiday Cheer, Pick Up Strangers' Tabs

This "The Golden Compass" business cracks me up.


Today Is Laundry Day

I think I need to see a Dr about my knuckle....

It's Raining Again!!!!

Pass a story along to a DUer and watch them run away with it: I bought MrCoffee some fair trade java

Mary Poppins is on. Interesting thing I noticed.

Here Comes The Rain Again!!!

Dammit! Someone pushed a shopping cart up to my front door!

Most irritating thing about the holidays?

People who steal shopping carts are lazy, pure and simple.

I need my massager

GUESS the CHEF: "1 stick butter, 1 cup sour cream , 1-1/2 cups shredded Cheddar..."

i only catch snippets of newsmedia: is there an outbreak of atheist violence lately?

I'd hit it. (copy cat)

Ever play air guns?

She's out cutting the grass.

Anyone Going To Barry Manilow Tonight We Expect A Full Report In The Morning

Saying goodbye to the puppy.

I think I need to see a DUer about my knuckle....

i think i am getting astigmatism

Emma Bunton, Free Me

I'm making hot chocolate

I'm eating an avocado with soy sauce, and some cold shrimp with cocktail sauce.

if the lounge were an after school special . . .

Why didn't any of you tell me about the 'Mark' button??????

Geez, I hate growing up.

dinner.... what did/will you have tonight?

Geez, I hate throwing up.

christmas time always gets me in a cooking mood. i just made some home-made fudge

Feeling Good --

Anybody know anything about Moody Bible Institute?

i think i am getting stigmata


My Caulk Is Bigger Then Yours

True love is recursion

There's tenacity in self-denial

Things BlueIris Can Do To Improve Her Chances of Winning a DUzy Award:

In salvation, there is always consideration

papa was a rolling stone

my car leaked about a half a tank of gas today

I think Evie is defective

i reupped on my ointment and salve

Deus exorsus loungus...

I'm mall-ready (sic) [cough], the eyes...

Why Can't Hillary Just Sell My House?


For Post #37621

Pastafarian`s new festive holiday poster ------

Why can't I protest in front of Kitchenwitch's house?

Apparently, dressing the a 'ho, dancing like a stripper and singing

i believe that oprah holds the mystical key to the 4th pathway

Why Can't Oprah Just Sell My House?

Anybody know anything about Moody Blues Bible Institute?

For my 23401st post.....I am taking a shower

I need new glasses

Why can't my house just sell itself?

Is this "Snarky" enough?

Would we even recognize anyone if not for Kevin Bacon?

"And the Redqueen's off with her head"

How easy is it for you to spend someone else's money?

I'm in a flamewar on a Yahoo message board, anyone want to jump in?

i need a tree

Why God(zilla?) invented the Internet:

Rhett's daddy was a mean mofo

Does anybody know of software for backing up to an external hard drive?

There are too many Crows to Count,dammit!!!!

We were perfect when we started I've been wondering where we've gone

Why can't my hooker just sell itself?

i hope they don't have S.C.M.O.D.S.

geek or greek?

Mitochondrial Eve

Only 1 locked thread since last night and that's a political one????//

My 9 y/o has informed me that the there is a mob presence in our town,

think different

For post #11384:

Happy 60th birthday to the transistor!

The art of dying

Why is it, when I finish a household chore, the dog thinks SHE deserves

Does the Pic In Hypnotoad's sig line creep you out?

question on Stephanie Miller - is that takeoff on 'Wonderful Life'

There is no cod


O.K., I luerve this woman, Wendie MALIK

Who else will be watching The Hills season finale tonight?

Tuesday Afternoon

There is no god, and I can prove it.

You can barely tell that it's Jennifer Grey

For all of you who are currently working in retail......

P.S. I Love You - who is planning to see this movie?

The Weather Is Here

Question, would the movie "Rear Window" be different if the guy would have had a digital camera.

some vibes will be helpful... if you please

If you think that I could be forgiven... I wish you would

Led Zeppelin reunion SETLIST (SPOILERS, obviously)

I cannot believe the amount of food my teenage son can eat

I am a tree.

So I'm guessing I don't have to work tomorrow

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly

British beach bans blow up human dolls...

Shouting to the choir just to hear the amen chorus

Half of all marriages end in divorce

Atlanta Falcons, Monday Night Football

Okay, boys and girls, it's time to play Name That Mountain!

Southpawkicker IS beautiful.

"man, i wish i was beautiful"

Says shes close to understanding jesus

Sooooo guess where I'm going tonight!!!!

Sooooo guess where I'm going tonight!!!!

Does your pet enjoy wearing clothes?

I got a question for the FSM Pastafarian people

So I just had a fight with my cat, and she beat the crap out of me...

An estrogen-surge angry rant about primaries and election day and why my vote doesn't count

So exactly who is this Christian Carter asshole?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/10/07 Bonus (warning: graphic language)

I'd hit it

the gesticular compromise undermines the sanacity of either proganation or funducution. discuss

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/10/07

A political joke.

40 years ago today Otis Redding passed away. In memoriam

O.K., somebody loves dogs more than I do - which is A LOT!1

Best banning message in a while

I'm a complete moran. I actually admitted being a pacifist in GD.

Holy shit! The drain is unclogged!!

Draft Winehouse

I was mugged tonight and now I am really

If you have posted more than 100 times today

What's a good place to get cardboard boxes?

Holy Burning Cock Sauce, Batman!!!

May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage this holiday season!

Hello, Dr. Jones....

House Husbands ...

Nevada's Clark County Coroner: Quiet Riot Singer Kevin Dubrow Died of Cocaine Overdose

NO SCHOOL TOMORROW for us... teachers love snow days too

Spice Girls reunion FEVER hits Las Vegas! (but only if a half-empty arena counts as "fever")

Post your best drunken pic of yourself.....

Hillary Swank - beautiful or no?

Last night the guy I've been seeing for 9 months

Aarrgh! Drawing hair drives me nuts!

OMG - it's looking like the Led Zeppelin tour might actually happen!!!


Earthlings of Santa Cruz, I come in peace.

i have a bunch of sweaters/coats and some canned food


Post the topic of your most recent PM!

If Cancer Runs in Your Family...

Need help? Ask MrScorpio

***December Photography Contest Prelims***

**Good news from my cardiologist**

I'm finally about halfway through "Tin Man" - it's pretty good so far

so, I'm turning 39 in about ten minutes.

Fuck. I'm off work for 2 - 3 weeks.

Genre of music loved by millions and yet somehow you can barely contain your loathing for it

Summarize the plot of a movie in one sentence - then let us guess.

Name the TV show from a line or two of its theme song lyrics

Guess the television show by the one sentence plot summary.

‘Not us. We’re not going.’

New crackdown planned in Diyala province

Ft. Riley bustling with construction activity

Forces begin closing in on Taliban-held town

2 more arrested in death of Carson soldier

Trial date sought in Iraq rape, murder case

Corps’ MRAP cuts won’t affect Navy

Convicted Marine DI: I did what I was taught

Wynne: F-22 buys must continue beyond 2009

Support the Troops event needs Military Recruiting tables.

Few creature comforts at Jurf base

GIs getting better intel on detainees

13th Fighter Squadron ‘Panthers’ recount their experiences from the battlefield

Troops get schooled in joint-fire operations

German hospitals help GIs with specialty care

Official outlines Guam expansion plans

Star Card has advantages, pitfalls

Conversation no longer in short supply at hospital

Homemade food in the field? You bet

Iraq vet in Las Vegas needing help. (cross posted to GD too)

American Idol singer out of patriotic concert

Impeach George Bush

Olbermann: Rudy, Sex on the City & Huckabee

It's A Wonderful Bush

Al Gore receives Nobel Prize

Yesterday's Gone

Kirsten Powers, Democratic strategist on Fox...says Iran NIE "unbelievable"

Max Keiser Focus on Locusts

Rudy Giuliani on Meet the Press (12/09/07) part 3 of 5

Rudy Giuliani on Meet the Press (12/09/07) part 2 of 5

Obama & Edwards sing for Hillary at the Democratic Debates

Video Show in window for Kucinich!

Rudy Giuliani on Meet the Press (12/09/07) part 4 of 5

Rudy Giuliani on Meet the Press (12/09/07) part 5 of 5

Race Tight in IA NH SC DEMS & GOP POLL NBC Tim Russert

Col. (Ret.) Ann Wright Today: Stop Torture

CNN: Gore on his Political Future

Ohio Labor 2007 Phone Banking for Robin Weirauch

Kucinich Weekly Update - Dec. 10, 2007

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) wants you to GOTV in OH-5!

Rudy Giggliani!

Countdown: Bushed! (Dec. 10, 2007)

(A Little Comic Relief) - Bush & Condi do a version of "Who's on First"...

Bill O'Reilly Says Pro-Constitution Ad Is 'Anti-American'

Olbermann: Sex, Lies & Videotape (w/ Richard Wolffe)

Gore and Pachauri Receive Nobel Peace Prize

CBS News: Al Gore Nobel Acceptance Coverage

Naomi Wolf on Clinton wrt Bush, impeachment and imprisonment

John Nichols speech on impeachment - fantastic, part 1

Joe Biden on WHO-NBC

John Edwards: The Main Street Express - America Rising

Al Gore Won't Rule Out Run for White House

Hillary '1984'

Turley w/ Olbermann on CIA Tapes: 'The Suggestion the President is not Involved is Ridiculous'

Fox News on the destroyed tapes

Al Gore's Acceptance Speech For Nobel Prize

New Edwards Ad: 'Heroes' (South Carolina)

59 Years Ago Today

9/11 Commission's Lee Hamilton Reacts to CIA Destruction of Torture Tapes

Journalism's accountability problem

Iran drops dollar from oil deals: report

If the World Were a Village of 100 People, Comfort is Not the Norm

Vigilantes Kill 40 Women In Iraq's South

"I am not telling you how to vote. I am just asking you to think." Oprah Winfrey.

Saw the following bumper sticker: Pro-life and Pro-war

The Case Against Standardized Testing

Fred Thompson vows to kill Castro if elected -


Univision RW debate was a fiasco

Mortgage Industry Insider Says the Mortgage Mess is Far Far Worse than You Think

Lawyers complain iguanas at Guantanamo get more legal protection than detainees

Watch a live webcast of Gore at the Nobel Prize Ceremony Monday 7 am EST/4 am PST

Chertoff "by coincidence" had security advisor at mall during shooting spree

Old TOON, with a little updating, becomes relevant again.

This here whitewashin' shore do suck...

Imagine Peace

Florida pensions funds invested with energy company that contracts with Iran

Another bridge collapse:

A Short History of Republican Treason

Florida pensions funds invested with energy company that contracts with Iran

So I was bored and lodged a complain with the BBB against FoxNews... you should do the same!

The planned collapse of USA

In Those Destroyed Tapes, CIA Was Torturing Someone They Knew Was Low-Level, Seriously Mentally Ill

Fed Seems Poised to Lower Interest Rates Again at Its Meeting Tuesday

DOD doing it's part to keep the deficit down. (Tres Amuse)

I was bothered yesterday by something which should not be any surprise

Oh, shit! DU meltdown coming, The Gore is speaking

Another WaPo Democrat Hit Piece

Republican candidates in race to see who can repulse the most latino voters

CNN will carry Gore's speech live

250 Civic groups slam U.S. for "abysmal" record on race

America: Are You F**king Brain Dead?!

ANYONE interested in "what happened to our democracy"

Why the former chief prosecutor for the Office of Military Commissions resigned his post. (LAT)

Since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the rise of a Shiite-dominated government...

U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler (FL) urges hearings on Cheney trial

The Real President Is Speaking on CNN

Intel Chair Reyes Big Fan of CIA Tape Destroyer

McCain: Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

The Untold Story of How a Band of True Believers Seized the Executive Branch, Started the Iraq War

Gore Urges Bold Moves in Nobel Speech

California is getting "perfect storms"..and I am LOVING it

Army Leaders Push to Shorten Iraq Tours

Return of the Nativist - Behind the Republicans’ anti-immigration frenzy

An Alleged "Two Party System"

Jesus wept, he was laughing so hard

Biden, Rockefeller disagree on need for special counsel in case of deleted CIA tapes

"I hope we ...take this nation back for Christ."

Good morning Mr. President!

Live interview with Al Gore on CNN at 11 Eastern............

Anyone have Tinnitus

Interest rate 'freeze' - the real story is fraud

Tom Toles: It's not torture...

Once we had an Education Bubble.

Evangelicalpastors are helping to create a terrible new campaignofviolence against young Nigerians.

You know, reading this kind of "logic" is especially dangerous

Brainless voters or NOT???

U.S. Mortgage Crisis Rivals S&L Meltdown

Al Gore’s Nobel Speech: Rumors Of My Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated

Something actually worth reading from a RW blog (Power Line)

Any news out there about the CIA tapes,

Which one of these is the biggest waste of time....

Please read the thread from ProSense on John Kerry´s speech in Bali

I hope all the criminal murdering corrupt world leaders

So Have You Heard About Paul Morrison - Kansas

Otis Redding died 40 years ago today

Watching Dr. Pachauri speak at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony on CSPAN now about

TOON: Rudy is Mr. 9/11man!

Gore speech on C-Span Now!

Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech, Al Gore, 12/10/07

Totally nailed a repuke at the barber shop re: "Being American"

Bush, slain journalist's parents to mark Hanukkah

White House goes mum on CIA video case

In July of this year I demanded Pelosi step down as speaker.

Crazy neo-con, John Radsan talks crazy shit on CSPAN about what to do against Iran

Impeachment would take up too much time and they wouldn't get anything

Sen. Graham, R - "The American public needs to understand we're talking about rape and murder here"

And then they came for the artists: Haven for artists burned in Dunedin, FL

Al Gore is accepting the Nobel Peace Prize on C-Span

Anti-Gay Boy Scout Leader Arrested for Molesting Boys

Huckabee got into politics to bring Jesus Christ into our lives

"SCOOTER" Libby To Drop Appeal In CIA Leak Case

Al Gore’s Nobel Speech: Rumors Of My Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated

CNN to take questions for Al Gore

Banks aim to lure clients from check cashers, payday lenders

ATTN MSNBC Rachel Maddow v Tucker Carlson

Jane Harman coming up on Ed Schultz show. She will be discussing her briefing on the Torture issue!

Don't worry YEW can have your "Dewmocracy" back just play the game

Punctuation lesson: It is not same-sex "marriage." It is same-sex marriage. Or just marriage.

Seeing a Catfight Where There Is None

DU's Fly by Night featured in article and film and link to movie

Feingold writes to Mukasey for answers on waterboarding

ap has a story that LIBBY is dropping appeal

Al Gore's Acceptance Speech in Oslo (recieved standing ovation)

California Is No Gimme, Hillary

Mysterious mammal caught on film

Put the FSM back in CHRIFSMAS

We are not "Dem bashing"!

ed shultz show--jane harmon on now air america

Am I doing the right thing turning the heat down at night?

Talk of the Nation now--

"IF" Al runs, can he win and if so, will you vote for him?

I heard several commentators acting all outraged because Vick wore prison stripes to his sentencing.

Looking For Help: Poverty On Rise In Michigan

Huckabee ads drop “Christian Leader” from titles on the screen to “Proven Leader”

New for December "Name That Inalienable Right"

Senate Panel to Question Hayden on CIA Videotapes - Tuesday Dec. 11

Perino:"It's going to unfortunately be one of those briefings --I'm not able to comment on anything"

Christian biologist fired for beliefs, suit says (Reuters)

So, HOW LONG Before Copies Of CIA TORTURE TAPES Surface?

Oh Good: Victim: Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton/KBR (slightly disturbing descriptions)

Another thread about a "poor Black athlete" going nuts with his money

Do I need a new religion?

OK, where do we think that the Scooters, Cookies, Buzzies, Blackies,

On This Date in Bush History 12/10: Competence Punished & "thank our blessings"

The History Channel....finally History

My perfect primary match O-obama style.

White House FINALLY Issues Preservation Order, Days After Destruction Of Torture Tapes Revealed

"The Dog Whistlers: The One Question the "Pro-life" Presidential Candidates Don't Want You to Ask"

Young family, huh.....(From today's Froomkin column)

Please sir, may I have some more? (of the money that is lawfully mine anyway)

There needn't be any more speculation over The Gore running

The O'Bama Campaign website is amazingly state of the art!

Guiliani: "The best way you deal with you stand up to them, you don't back down."

Supreme Court OKs Shorter Crack Cocaine Terms

Philharmonic Agrees to Play in North Korea (wonderful)

Is all advertisement fraudulent these days ?

How hard is it to find out who has donated to a political campaign?

Scott Horton, Jeremy Scahill on Dem. Now!: What is Blackwater’s Role in the 2008 Presidential Race?

A serious question: What's up at the Washington Post?

ATTN MSNBC Rachel Maddow v Tucker Carlson

Kevin Bacon, Tim Robbins to campaign for John Edwards

I'm pushing an initiative in my City. Thoughts and comments?

if you had to list the most credible,least propagandized news sources-

The Perils of Journalism and Child Porn The Curious Indictment of Bernie Ward

CIA Official Destroyed Torture Tapes to Protect Subordinates, Say Buddies

Michael Vick gets 23 months in prison (federal dogfighting charges)

Heard on the news that gas prices are dropping

Scrooge & Marley, LLC, Inc.

Children are targets of Nigerian witch hunt (religiously insane men)

Pandering MSM?

If Gore were to run for president again his time was now

Sen. Warner seen walking in the streets with NO PANTS!!- (PIC)

TOON: This Modern World - "The Iranian's Top-Secret Time Travel Program!"

jane harman coming up next hr on Ed shults Air america radio show. talking of cia

Is there anything outrageous enough that would cross the line?

Let's Get This Investigation Going

Today is Human Rights Day

condi rice on CSPAN 1 NOW

Cast your vote here! Who makes the best Jesus?!

WTF? Couple that can afford 600-700K wants a donation for an UWS NY apartment

US General: "need another 19 months" to train the new Sunni "Concerned Local Citizen" militia

And the frog continues to boil...

Check out my friend's comment published in our paper today:

Sure Would Appear That Jose Rodriguez Did NOT Destroy Anything-How Can You WATCH A "DESTROYED" TAPE?

Gov. Matt Blunt has declared a state of emergency for Missouri

What's in YOUR.....

Since Obama said he would bomb Iran

Speaking of missing tapes and such

How Do Classified Letters Get Classified?

DANA Rohrabacher: Bush and Posada have a buddy in the Congress hearings

John Nichols: Pelosi and Torture

damn, i hate that picture of Harry Reid on the homepage

Even among rightie voters in the West, reality is sinking in that conservatism is ripping them off.

Ever play air guns?

Lawrence O'Donnell Loses His Ever-Loving Mind on McLaughlin (video)

Congress Set to Pass Defense Contractor Whistleblower Protections

Are these people insane or what? F'ing-A, give it a REST

Aruba prosecutor signals possible end of Holloway case

MoveOn hopes to pressure Dem candidates on Iraq

randi rhodes doing a good chat of destoyed cia tapes and other missing docs in the WH

Poor/Middle Class People Shouldn't Complain

Matthew Rothschild: Human Rights Day a Sad Day for America

MSMBC Dan Abrams new series, BUSH LEAGUE JUSTICE

This is What Democracy Looks Like - Italian Style

jonathan turley on randi rhodes now.

Tough love? I think not. Girl dragged by truck at fundie boot camp.

Prosecutor in Trial of 9/11 Conspirator Moussaoui Informs Judges That He Viewed Two Videos 2mos ago

is the DU run by the DLC?

Gore just got a standing ovation at that Peace Prize ceremony for his lecture.

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Waxman: White House censored climate scientists

Freepers determine themselves to be a myth...

Muammar, my man: it's Human Rights Day (irony alert)

Your take on biggest problem facing the country?

Feingold wants answers on torture from Mukasey.

Oprah is evil. Pelosi sucks donkey dung. Hilary is a pompous _______

Rudy’s Law Firm Led Effort to Kill Senate Energy Bill

Limbaugh jealous of Oprah!

Kucinich: Iraq War Funding Deal Is Immoral

Of Liberals and Leftists

INTERVIEW-Climate missing from U.S. election-Gore

DU Women:

So, it seems fairly obvious. Bush ordered the Waterboarding Torture Videos destroyed.

Criticism of The FCC’s Chairman Is Widely Aired

Only a total IDIOT would believe a story based on anonymous sources (i.e. Pelosi story in the WP)

Chris Dodd: Mike McConnell Is Flat Wrong

Anyone Catch this at LA times Re Hillary Clinton already

Anyone hear Paul Begala on CNN a few minutes ago?

You all worship the devil!

Anyone interested in going to Harvard? Financial aid info

Wamu hammered by mortgage mess

Federal Rangers to Brief Congress RE: ORV Crime and Damage to Resources

House Intel Cmte Announces Investigation into the Destruction of CIA Interrogation Videotapes

Convoluted laws cause of prison crowding

Rice Claims Ignorance Of CIA Tapes’ Destruction, Refuses To Comment On 2002 Interrogations

P.M. Gordon Brown, "We are out of Basra by Christmas."

Some Christmas songs for us to sing (heh heh!! big evil grin, here)

ok-critique my next ltte re: the tapes

Judge kills nursing home suit

16 Mo Investiation: "Bush Admin Engaged In SYSTEMATIC EFFORT To Manipulate Climate Change Science"

It's Bush-Logic time! Play along

We, the people of the United States of America, are ready for a principled Speaker of the House

A long time ago I had a client who was an "Italian businessman"

Aaargh. . "Your" vs You're" on Today. .

great! now Fox News has a liberal bias.

Alabama Leads the Way... of the Fist! Punches thrown in the Senate

Very very cool film trailer on movie coming out, check it out. "Look Who Is Watching"

Al Gore Greets Children In Oslo To Receive Nobel Prize

Racist bullshit! Baltimore MTA trying to railroad black girls as hate criminals!


Ugh. This is what 8 years under Bush's Evangelical Empire has done to us...

Calif. town divided over Blackwater plan

DemocracyNow - Jesse Jackson is doing a protest march on Washington

Conrad Black gets 6 1/2 years in jail

DHS criticized for care of detainees with AIDS


A Rumi poem

Magistrate, Sir, I stand with you

Two egos talking past each other .... good teevee??????

Re Huckabee Surge in Polls

* buttons for sale during a John Edwards rally - pic

"There Will Be Blood" chosen by L.A. critics as best film of 2007; N.Y. critics pick "No Country..."

Generation Y: Too Demanding at Work?


Chief Guantanamo Prosecutor Resigned When Placed Under Command Of Torture Advocate

Where do you fall? (poll)

What Can Be Done With Democrats That Refuse To Lead?

Cop who tasered pregnant woman fired for MySpace pics

There is a reason Democrats are being "bashed" here

Nobel Peace Prize winners Al Gore and Rajendra Pachauri - pics

Spoons "seething with rage" - it must be bad out there

Blackwater Worldwide. Going Full Spectrum

OK, who would get arrested? How many 8 year olds would get arrested?

Jonathan Turley on Olbermann: "The idea that the President is not involved is ridiculous"

Free-Energy Battery Inventor Killed at Airport?

Iraq vet in Las Vegas needing help.

Watching Torture

Wolfie drives me nuts!!! Why must he repeat everything

Keith Olbermann Covering The Missing Tapes "Waterboarding-Gate"

What did Pelosi know, and when did she know it?

New Health Care Ad: If Dick Cheney Didn’t Have Government Care, ‘He’d Probably Be Dead Now’

White House Finally Issues Preservation Order, Days After Destruction Of Torture Tapes Revealed

Any thoughts on the new President of Argentina?

Huckabee Pardons Under Scrutiny

Drop Dead Fred

Odd but telling Romney quote

DUers while we are fighting among ourselves over the CIA tapes Bush's NIE lies

Ex-CIA agent admits waterboarding, but calls it torture

Colo. Church Gunman Had Been Kicked Out

Question about Nobel Prize ceremony

Hey Okies. Good luck with the ice storm

Is DU catching up to Free Republic in the "Democrat-bashing" department?

Michael Rubin: "An apology owed to John Bolton". Too funny.

Al Gore To Set His Feet In Bronze On Peacepath

Huckabee is Keith Olberman's Worst Persaon today because of this

My Marin Palisades trail bike bucked me today .. bad. I'm a hurtin'!

NY Times: "Showdown in Arizona, where Mariachis and minutemen collide."

Aw, how sweet...

TWO STORIES.... (of Abu Zubaydah)

Pelosi's Choice of Hoyer Over Murtha

Feingold to Introduce Resolution Censuring the President

Do dog breeds exist?

Rudy Giggliani! . . .picture this hyena with his finger on The Button.

160,000 U.S. soldiers occupying Iraq, which is "moving in the direction of a failed state."

So now that Huckabee is peaking too soon, who will surge next?

Does anyone else ever want to just give up hope when talking to Republicans?

TOON: Why Cheney wants to keep Gitmo open

Dean Baker: Bubble trouble

Who else watched the new Dan Abrams segment?

White House lawyers advise administration to stay quiet over destroyed CIA tapes

Subtropical Storm Olga forms near Puerto Rico--no, I'm not joking.

How Bush's Mortgage Freeze will burn us all.

"Christian Paintings" to auction 10 "masterpieces"...including George W. Bush

I posted this in Political Videos - Bush & Condi doing a "Who's on First" skit (2 minutes long)...

It's Stranger Than We Imagine

Did anyone else hear Larry Johnson say the CIA tapes weren't destroyed?

"Oprah Is to Iraq as Cronkite Was to Vietnam"

Paper: Pages Had Oral Sex In Front of Colleagues

Jonathan Turley on Keith Olbermann

Iran builds supercomputer. Hillary Clinton declares AMD to be a terrorist organization

Just heard Rachel Maddow say she didn't think she could EVER miss

MSNBC Debuts New Series Slamming Justice Dept Under Bush

Mind your head...

Colorado church shooter home schooled by "deeply religious" family

The Nation: Will Gore Influence '08?

Look beyond Bush for US leadership on climate change: Kerry

To everyone asking for Pelosi to step down, what happens next if she does?

Monsanto: Winning the Ground War

Let's say you're elected to the House. And then let's say you get a seat on the Intel Committee.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Al Gore @ Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony on C-SPAN @ 12:14 EST

Are we still waiting for Pelosi to explain herself?

FYI... CSPAN is rebroadcasting the Nobel Prize ceremony NOW

Paper: Pages Had Oral Sex In Front of Colleagues

Laura Bush and the Joker from Batman

Cofer Black

This is what America is intered in - sad

Prosor: War with Iran may be unavoidable

McConnell Spits on War Dead; Kentucky Vet Responds

Democrats Need To Admit They Have A Problem: They Are Addicted to Backing Down

Unbelievable--but predictable. Faux outrage at American Girl dolls being made in China

Speech by Al Gore on the Acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize (full text)

Is anything NOT made in China anymore?

Durty Liberals, Leftists and Purists

Mitt Romney's Personal Fortune is $202M; Rudy's is $52M; Edwards $54M

banned from free republic

Bush Junta Lied About War Crimes to The World, the Courts, ALL Except Pelosi - That's LOL Moranic

Some stood up once, and sat down...

ART: Frosty the Snowman murdered by wife; shoved into a Sno-Cone machine!

It must be hard being a "Warrior for Christmas" (LTTE)

OK: Icy Storm Blamed For 14 Deaths, Massive Power Outages

SHOULD BE BREAKING NEWS: Libby drops appeal in CIA leak case

Looks like we're in for some more ice today

'Verified By Visa' - Is This Another Scam?

"Flat feet" ... The Brokaw deferrment (and many other prominent men's choice of deferrment)

Al Gore's Nobel Lecture - "We must act."

White House press secretary admits she didn't know what Cuban Missile Crisis was

I think mandatory flu shots for pre-schoolers is a crock

Psychic prediction: The President in 2008 will be chosen by the House of Representatives

Fox hosts compare 'cussing nun' to George Carlin

"The Life Breath of Democracy"

Is * really the Anti-Clause?

WEXLER: "Impeachment Hearings Would Help Democrat's Domestic Agenda & Lift America's Status Abroad"

* at the Hanukkah Reception at the White House - pics

Updated: Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton / KBR

Major ice storm from Oklahoma to Illinois

We can get Presidents at LEADERSHIP R US. or...we can THINK...Bush/GOP makes us BLINK

The Gov't of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion...

Attacks Force Churches to Boost Security-Guards not new at New Life

Larisa Alexandrovna: "I Ask Again... When Were The CIA Tapes Destroyed?"

Huckabee thinks God is into politics

Mortgage Finance Implosion and what it Means for DU'ers who are involved in ReFI...!

Sibel Edmonds Case & Destruction of Evidence

One thing to think about when ranting about going after the "rich"

This country needs a good dose of the truth.

Kucinich: Iraq War Funding Deal Is Immoral

Please help me refute this spam email...

Vietnam vet lauds woman's courage in stopping Springs shooter

Do you trust Sen. Russ Feingold? = Congress DID NOT approve or consent to CIA Torture Methods.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

This is not good - Death Threat Made Against Joe Horn Who Killed Burglary Suspects

Penguin colonies in decline because of global warming

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?

The green philosophy of Dennis Kucinich

Snow errrrrrrrr Ice Day Tomorrow YEAAAAAA

For anyone who refuses to vote for Hillary, would Huckabee get you to do it?

a violent landslide - both "beautiful and terrifying"

7 candidates for mayor /Joe Horn

CA Elections - Better Accurate than Fast!

Kerry @ Bali climate conference: The Senate need a roadmap and dates

Pelosi Releases Statement : I Knew Very Very Little About Waterboarding Detainees

I thought they must be on some really good drugs.

I'm going to vote for Edwards in the NH Primary.

"Every man has his price."

More than 540 firearms seized in statewide crackdown,

The CIA and the Murder of Manadel Jamadiat at Abu Ghraib

God must be a good shot.

So I Guess God Was Out Having A Cigarette All Day Yesterday

Americans - you can be so proud of Al Gore!

12-10-2007 DU GD straw poll of DU's top six announced candidates

Let's get some demographic info on DU eh? where do you fit in?

One year later, do you feel betrayed?

Venezuela to donate more heating oil to U.S. poor

Perjury, obstruction of Congress, obstruction of justice...

Monday TOON Roundup

Cliff May.....Worse person in the world

I have been at work all day. Help me. An ARMED GUARDED CHURCH??!1

Holy fucking shit - glasnost hits Cuba

Grandmother arrested for carrying weapons into Disney World

One Of The Reasons I Think Education Today Sucks

GORE: "If I did get back into the political process, it would be as a CANDIDATE for PRESIDENT"

And we wonder how Bush can still have 25% of the country behind him?

BREAKING (CNN) Colorado church shootings were connected! Same guy, former church member!

I love Chris Mathews and Rockefeller is a dope.

Calling all politically minded people under the age of 30!

Why did John Glenn not get the Democratic nomination?

I will venture a guess at Rudi's PIN number - 9-1-1-9-1-1

Proof positive that the people at the American Family Assn. are foaming-at-the-mouth crazy....

How The Sex- Obsessed Culture Damages Girls (book)

Colo. Church Gunman `hated Christians'

in 2004, Seymour Hersh said torture tapes show RAPE and MURDER

Gore Urges Bold Moves In Nobel Speech

Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton/KBR

M&M Mars tortures animals to death

New Jersey Senate bans the death penalty

Paula Deen and Smithfield Foods

By what logic does ineffective opposition engender blame equal to direct perpetuation or initiation?

CNN: Protest "Nutty Professor" hit piece for the Real President!

Kucinich Supporters - IT'S TIME!!!


Not sure why the hostility here toward Christians and this lady who killed the shooter

Is it just me, or is Colorado always in the news for something bad?

The "Two Party System" Is Dead- R.I.P.

Who is more progressive, Edwards or Obama?

Randi is discussing the CIA tapes - This explains EVERYTHING!




The Psychopathic Meaning of “Patriotism” to Militant Nationalists

Torture: Did the American Psychological Association Collude With Torture of Human Beings?

Stop the Denial! Face it, Admit it. It's True...George W. Bush is an Inspiration.

Risky Business A Tale of Two Giulianis

Salinas Straw Vote in California

GDP Census, Part I: Race/Ethnicity.

Oprah-Obama double bill largest political NH rally in recent memory

John Zogby's take on Iowa on the democratic side

What would make the right-wing blogosphere more upset? Clinton or Obama winning the presidency?

You’re Wrong, Andrew Young -- Bill Clinton is Not ‘Every Bit as Black as Barack’

After Some Thought I have decided my vote won't count, so f$%k the primaries

As Obama supporters we need to accept that Donnie McClurkin is a deal-breaker for some of us Dems

Opponent’s Withdrawal Clears Way to Senate Nomination For Udall

Clinton No Longer Should Worry Just About Iowa

The Bush Presidency is fascinating....

GOP launches first attack invoking Hillary

At what point can a Congressperson break oath of secrecy?

The Case Against Standardized Testing

Summing Up Oprah - Obama

FYI: Chronological Listings 2008 Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions

From ABC's The Note: John Kerry tells ABC that he may stay on the sidelines, not make endorsement.

This definitely seals the deal in 08 for the democrats

Bloomberg's Al Hunt: Tension in Hillaryland Grows as Plan Goes Awry

Giuliani: Security for Nathan was NYPD's idea

Huckleberry: "I hope we answer the alarm clock and take this nation back for Christ" (1998).

Anyone heard if Kathleen Sibelius is being considered for Obama V.P

Gore just received the Nobel Prize in Norway and a standing ovation. Only MSNBC covered it live!

Katzenkavalier: "I hope we answer the alarm clock and take this nation back for THE PEOPLE!" (2007)

I have to say I agree with Hillary on this one

This Modern World: The Iranians' top-secret Time Travel Program!

Huckabee Officially Scarier than Giuliani

A Challenge To Hillary Bashers- Tell Me Exactly Why You Hate Hillary ?

If John Edwards or Hillary Clinton went on tour in SC with David Duke how would you react?

Ron Paul Supporters “Scaring” People… and Darn Proud of it.

Edwards Pulls Ahead in Straw Poll (Roanoke College)

Jesse Jackson on Democracy Now: "Restructure, Not Repossession!"

How Progressive is Obama: the two labor ratings that Obama supporter's do not want you to see

Another gem from Mike Huckabee...

Jimmy Carter: Subsidies' Harvest of Misery

God is Dying...

Clinton and Obama's interest group ratings compared head-to-head

The Art of Political Sacrifice and Science of Cannibalizing Leaders

DK's "Medicare for All" plan is a universal INSURANCE plan with mandates

Report: Hillary Aides Privately Furious With Bill Over Iraq Misstep (TPM)

How Progressive is Obama: He has the best rating of all candidates from the National Journal and ADA


The Rude Pundit: Five Lessons in Ethics and Morality from Rudy Giuliani

Why did Obama not vote on ensuring American workers jobs and children's health insurance?

What Will John Edwards Do?

2nd Clinton worker sent Obama-is-Muslim e-mail

Tacit endorsement for Obama from the right-wing New Hampshire Union Leader?

Edwards refusing to give up

Top Ten Political Gaffes in 2007

Obama Ties Clinton With 19 Legislative Endorsements

Maya Angelou Calls Clinton 'My Girl' in South Carolina Ad

Huckster refuses to retract '92 remarks on AIDS patients

I have come to the conclusion that none of our candidates are any good

Hillary is going to need a VP with lots of foreign policy experience. I found the right person!

Huckabee Surge Continues, Giuliani Imploding

So are we going to be able to come together behind the eventual nominee?

Libby Drops Appeal

Dupe, please delete. n/t

Kaine backs Obama, but says Webb would make good VP

I think we're going to see a bunch of congressional endorsements

Ever heard of the D.R.A.G. Principle?

Democratic Primary Voters- Hillary Running Most Positive Campaign

No Debate at UM/Univision Debate As Republicans Eject DNC Spokesman

Obama Privately Meets With New Hampshire Freedom to Marry group

Rep. Barbara Lee endorses Obama

FEC screws Edwards over ActBlue donations (no matching funds)

NJ Senate Approves Measure to Outlaw Death Penalty

Can anyone direct me to a one-stop place to get info on why Ron Paul is bad?

Obama camp plants hand painted signs in the hands of Oprahpalooza goers:

Biden, Edwards speak at fundraiser for Loebsack

Dear MoveOn member, Dems caving again Bush to get blank check

Tension in Hillaryland Grows as Plan Goes Awry

BREAKING: Edwards supports impeachment

Ras POLL: Hillary 38, Obama 28, Edwards 11

If Huckabee is nominated,

Richardson wins endorsement of Hispanic assemblyman Mo Denis

RasmusWeeklyPoll: Hillary 35%, Obama 26%, Edwards 14%

GORE: "Whichever Party wins the WH, we will see a change in Climate Change Policy" -- WTF

The Media's Love Affair With The Huckster Is Over

Did White House Censor Science? Democrats and Republicans Spar Over Allegations on Global Warming

(NH congresswoman) Shea-Porter to back Obama

John Edwards Coming Up On Hardball

Messianic rhetoric infuses Obama rallies

Hillary Joins Holy Joe and Brownback To Resurrect the Culture Wars - Takes on "Manhunt 2"

China starts work on vital power plant in south

Maybe he'll pardon him, or maybe he'll pardon him: Libby attorney "does not know what Bush will do"

Sen. Biden: This is a Nixon administration without the competence

POLL: Hillary 40 (-4), Obama 30 (+5), Edwards 14 (0)

Biden steps up pressure for special counsel

Clinton and Edwards Are Such FOLLOWERS!!

Campus Voices: New Hampshire Voters

Bout damn Time. A Gore halo.

Obama - Oprah Rallies, by the numbers

Most irritating thing about the holidays?

Who is the MSM going to elect?

Tweety Just Told A Whopper

When are the next debates?

Disappointment of the Year

What am I supposed to do....hum Everything is Beautiful?

CNN National Poll: 40% Hillary, 30% Obama, 14% Edwards

Explain to the rest of the world: How can you vote for a candidate who supported the Iraq War?

Joe Lieberman should run as an independent candidate

Top New Hampshire House Dems Backing Obama

Kucinich finishes top three in NJ straw Caucaus

lots of ron paul signs sprouting around my area..

I'm in Iowa and just got a little push poll.

Tension in Hillaryland Grows as Plan Goes Awry

Edwards: Iowans the 'guardians' of the White House

If Edwards loses in both Iowa and NH, should he drop out and

Yeah, single payer is a health INSURANCE system, so fucking what?

Polling Trends, In Graphs

Perino knew nothing about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Hard hitting journalism again: Candidates' first cars

Obama's constitutional philosophy (or lack thereof)

Political cartoon on the economy: oopsie

Bill says he once told Hillary: "You really should dump me and go back home...and run for office."

U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter has decided to endorse Barack Obama for President

Our Right-Wing friends seem feverish...

Edwards: Garnish Wages If Needed to Cover All

I'd Like To Thank The Founders For A Well-Designed Government

LAT: Clinton rolls a sizable pork barrel

Insider Advantage SC Poll: Obama 28, Clinton 22, Edwards 14

Giuliani goes from 26% to 13% in SC in one month

Polls should exclude Florida and Michigan from national primary surveys

Poll shows Wisconsin voters favor Fred Thompson, Clinton

Political Holidays card? Here's mine...

Begala: Bush Less Popular Than 'Venereal Disease' (ROFLMAO!)

NYT: C.I.A. Official in Inquiry Called a ‘Hero’

If you want to hear the new ad of Maya 's new ad for Hillary, click this link.

Is Oprah going to be Obama's running mate?

the polls are still showing Hillary ahead.

DNC fund drive calls

New CNN National Poll: Clinton 40%, Obama 30%, Edwards 14%.

Obama blog: Big Endorsement News. Two extremely impressive women for Obama!

Huckabee's 1992 AIDS "quarantine" comment

CBS-NYT Poll -Clinton 44% Obama 27% Edwards 11%

New NYT/CBS Poll: Hillary running the most positive campaign

Rasmussen daily graph for 12/10/07 - Clinton unchanged, Obama up 1, Edwards down 2

So is the Des Moines Register Debate on Thurs the last one before the caucus?

Polling In Iowa: Why A Lead Might Be A Tie

Mr. Positive takes a cheap shot at Edwards on Maytag closings

NYT Roger Cohen interview with Obama: "Obama’s American Idea"

Nurses Union Weighs in on Healthcare Plans of Candidates

Hillary staff member fired for email claiming Obama is Muslim and ..

More Evidence of "Obama Surge"

Democratic debate in Boston canceled

How Long Before the Corporate Media Begins Its Systematic Destruction of Barack Obama?

Clinton radio ad in South Carolina features poet Maya Angelou

Re: Universal Health Care Plans: TWO WORDS

Dana Perino on the Cuban Missile Crisis: "It had to do with Cuba and missiles, I'm pretty sure"

A DAY at the IOWA CAUCUS - What about Electability?

Why didn't Hillary reveal her earmarks to the public?

Newsweek, Fineman: Oprah outshone the candidate

DU Democratic Presidential Primary poll - without Clinton and Obama

"Obama Campaign Goes Negative on Edwards in Iowa" (DailyKos)

Special election in OH-05 and VA-01 on TUES DEC 11. Keep kicked and VOTE!

Al Gore just renewed my hope for a Gore presidency...

Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland endorses Obama

Concerned Hillary camp looking to dig up dirt on Obama, as revealed in deputy campaign manager email

Wait a second, How is Edwards going to get Universal Health Care passed his first year in office?..

As usual, a top post bashes our democratic leaders

Top Clinton campaign officials "privately furious" at Bill and Bill angry at "campaign's ineptitude"

Poll: Republicans "uninspired" by candidates; none viewed favorably by half of GOP voters

Edwards refusing to give up

Tim Robbins to stump for Edwards in Iowa City

The likely Iowa caucus participants think Hillary is running the most negative campaign:

U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud: NAFTA proves Edwards right

Kevin Bacon stumping for Edwards in Iowa. Awesome news ..

MSM Needs To Look At Second Tier Candidates...

'Dukes of Hazzard' star stumps for Edwards

New Favorability Ratings from Iowa: Edwards 69%, Obama 66%, Hillary 62%, Richardson 59%, Biden 50%

Kos blogger: Huckabee is a nightmare for the GOP

Oh My God, What a Ticket!

Where do you get off publicly endorsing a candidate like that?

Torture: Its the Depravity, Stupid

What Happened to the Well-Disciplined Machine of Inevitability?

Does Barack being light skinned help him?

"America: Are You F***king Brain Dead?!"

Back Field in Motion: John Edwards Makes a Move

Al Hunt: Tension in Hillaryland Grows as Plan Goes Awry

Honest question: If we lose in '08 is it time for bedlam in the streets???

Mark Penn is spinning like a top: 'We're still winning'

Keith said something interesting tonite - and I'd like Obama supporters to respond-

Oh Man, FUCK the Democrats! This is all they've done this year:

Victim: Gang-Rape Cover-Up by U.S., Halliburton/KBR

Pelosi and Waxman amongst many not supporting HR676

Oprah No Match For Bill: CBS Poll

Kucinich is doing pretty damn well in Texas. Makes you wonder.

Edwards Deserves Another Look

12-10-2007 DU GD-P straw poll of DU's top six announced candidates

Hillary and Lieberman team up to fight . . . video games.

Chris Bowers: Is Obama preparing oppo research on major progressive blogger(s) who criticize him?

NYT: Hillary Deputy Campaign Manager E-Mails For Dirt On Obama (e-mail attached)

Biden steps up pressure for special counsel

LTTE: Biden is ready to lead

My reply to Senator Kennedy's request for money....

Does it mean anything that freepers loath Huckabee?

How Hillary Won Over the Health Care Industry

is mark penn on his way out?

I admire Oprah for standing up. You personally may be pulling for your favorite

Biden best known as Senate expert on world affairs

From kos: Huckabee: women's role in marriage is to "graciously submit"

The Iraq Occupation.

Will Smith said he's ready to do the Oprah thing for Obama

What I learned in Salinas- Dedication to the Party

While Senator Clinton hands $1 billion to a Syracuse developer for a mall,


The Uh-Oh! Factor

Wexler Urges Hearings on Cheney Impeachment

I just saw Sicko for the first time

Clinton's and Biden's history of attacking war critics in the Democratic party; The Nation