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Archives: November 5, 2007

Rolling Stone: Bush's Lap Dogs: What Happened to DC's Watchdogs?

It's George Bush with brains (Rudy Giuliani)

Bush's government-by-minority pushes Hill foes, allies; Willing to defy public, much of Congress


Big Brother is Watching You! And He’s Taking Notes

NYT editorial, In Defense of Voting Rights: DOJ idealogues' aim is denying ballot to Democrats

Michael Copps, liberal voice on the FCC: "He's the first FCC commissioner-rock star"

The Politics of the Personal: The Turning

The Iraq escalator (monetary cost)

So You Think You Can Raise a Brand-Free Kid?

Novak lauds Carter,vis a vis Bush

An Unlikely Partnership Left Behind (p. A01, WPost, NCLB-Bush battling foes)

Krugman: (Democrats) Wobbled by Wealth?

Media deregulation(consolidation) will limit essential freedoms

Colombia’s Elections Highlight Democratic Shortcomings

Robert Novak: "Carter's Clarity, Bush's Befuddlement"

Musharraf Leaves White House in Lurch

Bush Urges Musharraf to Hold Elections - ASAP

Who's to Blame for the Brave New Economy?

The pitch: Retire early. The catch: Brokers want (to ripoff) your cash

Supermodel joins hedge fund managers in dumping dollars

PetroChina's Value Tops $1 Trillion, Surpassing Exxon

Suicide Bombing Makes Sick Sense in Halo 3

Could Musharraf’s Actions Be a Dry Run for Bushco?

Shocking: 18 Years on and Exxon Still Won't Pay $2.5 Billion for Valdez Oil Spill

Chris Floyd: Loss Leader: Terror War Dividends From Pakistani Breakdown

Bush and Musharraf's Self-Serving Definition of Democracy

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 313

Adjustment Assistance and Globalization: Not Much of a Deal

Everybody hates the dollar!

Independent UK: Bad debts and bad decisions

Dave Lindorff: More Questions About the Minot Nukes

The Iraq War Has Become a Disaster That We Have Chosen to Forget

Bush Goading Congress Into Historic First Veto Override; Look Out Now!

AIPAC Subpoenas To Put Bush Team Under Scrutiny

William Greider: Citigroup: Too Big to Fail?

...our beloved Britain being taken over? (UK)

Naomi Wolf: A "Paper Coup," and Blackwater Eyes Midtown Manhattan

Making a Mockery of Democracy: General Musharraf's "State of Emergency"


My paper prints my ltte endorsing Kucinich 11/6-in time to impeach Cheney!

The Origins of America's World Wide Image Problem in Bush's Embrace of the 'Science of Lying'

NSPD-51 and the Potential for a Coup d'Etat by National Emergency

Michael T. Klare: Beyond the Age of Petroleum

Hong Kong's bacteria are too much for Batman - Guardian

Most ready for 'green sacrifices' (BBC)

Oil Traders, Not Political or Supply Concerns, May Be Pushing Fuel Toward $100

Let's play "Peak Oil Shock Me"

Marin water board considers turning to bay for future needs (desalination)

Yanzhou, China's 3rd-Largest Coal Company, Plans To Double Output To 70 Million Tons By 2012

Japan - Year Ending 3/07 Saw Increase In GHG Levels 6.4% Over 1990 Kyoto Target - Bloomberg

In Parts Of Southern, Eastern Australia, Drought Passes 11-Year Mark - Australian

Matt Simmons "Scathing" On Great White Hope Projects - Oil Majors "Basically In Liquidation"

High Energy Costs, Dollar Store Demand Means Less In Non-Perishables For Food Banks

PG&E and Ausra Announce 177 Megawatt Solar Thermal Power Agreement

Kuwait's Oil Minister Quits After Eight Days On The Job

As Russian Production Growth Falters, When Will Its Decline Begin? Oil Drum

Singapore Site of New 1.5 GW Solar Manufacturing Complex

New tack: Utility looks to boost wind generation ($2 billion, Oklahoma)

Tibetans wake up to nosebleeds in super-dry autumn (WaPo)

New 'disaster' movie warns world of oil apocalypse

NYT - As Lake Mead Hits 49% Of Capacity, A Falling Lake Lowers All Boats

Cloncurry (Australia) goes solar

Multiple Wind Farms Considered For Indiana

Horizon Wind Energy Places (201 MW) Order With Vestas

Bella Energy installs a megawatt of solar power

Japan greenhouse emissions dip, still lag target

Wind turbines to be installed across Sussex (England)

Panda and Twingo electric cars

Rich nations' climate emissions up, near record

Consumers feeling the helium squeeze

Deforestation needs to be in next climate pact

Think-Tank Study - Climate Breakdown Will Be Among Greatest Security Threats In US History - AP

San Franciscans Give City Hall the (Green) Finger

Plymouth Marine Lab Scientist Warns Shellfish Industry Of Likely Extinction Of Mussels, Scallops

You think we waste gasoline here in the US?

Solar Powered Homes Sell Quickly Despite Market Crunch

Absorbing CO2 by Dumping Urea Into Ocean Pisses Off Activists

Pat Buchanan: 6,000 Future Voters versus a Dinosaur of the Past

"The enemy of an adequate water supply is St. Augustine grass"

Something ain't right

As U.S. water worries emerge, all eyes are on the Great Lakes

Pakistani police 'beat lawyers'

Oil's Recent Rise Not as Familiar as It Looks

Play is emblem of New Orleans' problems

Edwards Raises Criticism of Clinton Over Iraq Plan

Turkey says Kurdish MPs caught "red-handed" in Iraq

Police Battle Lawyers in Pakistan

Washoe dies of natural causes

State to yank plates from man who claimed sex with Larry Craig

Bush Administration Blocked Waterboard Critic

'Blank check' seen headed Bush's way, despite Democratic promises to change course in Iraq

Poland's Iraq mission to end in 'current form': incoming PM

Iraq Red Crescent Report: Nearly 2.3 Million Displaced (Mostly Women & Children)

Social Democrat Alvaro Colom elected Guatemala's president

An Unlikely Partnership Left Behind (p. A01, WPost, NCLB-Bush battling foes)

U.S. Is Likely to Continue Aid to Pakistan

Biden: White House has put the country in a tough spot on Pakistan

Pakistan PM promises elections will go forward

Citigroup chief executive resigns

Conyers to file contempt report

MI5 says kids groomed for terror attacks

Car crash claims third child of wounded Iraq veteran

Indonesian Volcanos Spit Lava, Dark Ash

IRAQ: Families flee homes near Turkish border

Bush tries to avert Turkish incursion into Iraq

Brent Wilkes Convicted of 13 Federal Charges

Thousands battle Pakistani police

High court rules against Alabama killer

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 5

Climate change threatens national security -report

Top court to decide Idaho death penalty case

Group Sues to Get Clinton Records

Thompson $$ Man Resigns

Taliban capture third western Afghan district

U.S. dilemma: Targeting Iran's oil industry could hurt America more

Bush seeks Colombia trade vote as soon as possible

Bill to Oulaw 'Voter Caging' Introduced in U.S. Senate

PetroChina is world's top company

Alleged ‘Toronto 17' terrorist granted bail

Pakistan president pledges to quit army

India`s workers get biggest pay rise

U.S. Plan Envisioned Nuking Iran, Syria, Libya


Pakistan Clampdown: Setback For Democracy, Fine For Business

Most Ready for "Green" sacrifices

Romney Lands Big Endorsement

Chavez says Colombia rebels in Venezuela for talks

Lawmaker's sex trial off to slow start

Election Workers Plead No Contest In Recount-Rigging Case (Cleveland)

Saudi Aradia Amputates Hand of Thief

Denver Post Owner Skewers Colorado's Governor (D) in Rare Front-Page Editorial

Biden: Not interested in Vice-Presidency

Cable Channel Nods to Ratings and Leans Left

Morton West High School Expulsion (for student anti-war protest)

Clinton Defends Wife on Driver's Licenses

Stephen Colbert Drops Presidential Bid

Rosie O’Donnell in Talks to Join MSNBC

Military's porn ban questioned

Writers Begin Strike as Talks Go On

If anyone enjoys some good uplifitng trance tech:

People, if a place advertises a "delicious" topping for a steak...

Real Men of Genius - Notre Dame version

American Gangster...anybody see it yet?




The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (11/04/07)

Leave Britney alone!

This post brought to you by sunday evening boredom.

I saw this commercial for Olive Garden, it made me so hungry

Have you seen Comet Holmes?

Have you ever known someone who...

There would be no tasering incidents if more people watched this video

There are few things better in life than getting the email you've been waiting for

Next time I'm thinking of posting in GD

Couple From Hell Win Halloween Lottery

Last night I woke up around 5am

The annual time clock adjustment. Wake up. It's daylight. "Oh SHIT!!! I overslept!"

My son questions the sanity of the photo taker:

When the writers strike...wil they be able to show...

Regarding the "War On Christmas"

I like owning things....

Anybody know of a book about sneaking into concerts and sporting events?

Paul McCartney applies for full custody of daughter, fears "Heather’s lost the plot and needs help"

Céline Dion ROCKS Las Vegas: "Don't touch her! I'm her gynecologist!"

How many SL people are here?.

What's the longest you've ever gone before realizing you missed the time change? nt

going to a 3 day rehabilitative psychiatric conference!!

Breaking! Nancy Grace gives birth to twins!

Supermodel Bundchen Joins Hedge Funds Dumping Dollars

Yesterday I learned the most damning thing about K-Fed.

Chicken soup - day 2

ONLY 50 more shopping days until Christmas, people!!!

ever Log out to see who/what you're missing

Why does EVERYONE think they know more about marketing than the Marketing Director?


the inevitable downside to mild OCD

Anyone heard from Operation MINDCRIME lately?

I like pwning things....

I like stoning things.

Has anyone here done the Ludovico Technique?

Looks like we're going to the Olive Garden for Thanksgiving

it is just about the holiday season!!

Begging the library to buy books so you don't have to

I like boning things.

A damn funny joke that might not work in text.

I had my laparoscopy done! I am so glad it is over.

Va. judge fired after deciding case with coin flip

Need an Injection of the Postive

I'm hoping the salad bar has a bunch of yummy stuff on it today

Rudy has a problem with cows...

John Prine & Iris DeMent

Sweet Jebus, Tatum O'Neal is 44 today!

I hate loaning things

I hope everyone's had their shots.

Britney uses custody time to leave her kids in the car while going chandelier shopping

Indy Colts acused of cheating now too....

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Saw a NatGeo Channel special on the Apollo moon missions tonight

Hey El Dumbo!

I Like Moaning Things

I like cloning things

Rush Limbaugh Flatulates On Flight To Boston Several People Sick

quick! everyone to GD stat!

YOU GUYS!!! There's a freeper loose in GD. Just follow the decaying corpse smell.

IF there is a Rapture (not that I think there will be) who would definately get Left Behind?

I love moaning things.

I think my senior guy has Alzheimer's. Going to the vet today.

Ladies and gentlemen...I bring you: LOLkid.

This is so cool! What happens when you mix sodium and water?

The writers are picketing down the street

Now this woman is going to really have a hangover...

Do you like going to the dentist?


What you don't want to hear on week 2 of your new job

Globalization is just like Star Trek!

Hollywood Writers Strike

zOMG! I got a 100 on my midterm!

Does repeatedly hitting F5 make a database go any faster?

Snowing right now

Foggy Neuschwanstein

Has anyone here ever done the Waterboarding Technique?

How smart is your right foot?

DogCow goes Moof!

I Love Crabby Parrots

Finally - my house is all setup and ready for visitors

Hi Lounge


Two wrens and a ruby-crowned kinglet gave me hell today.

This is how I want to spend the rest of my life...

Repeat after me: baby carrots are NOT suppositories

Austin 3:16.

I Love Baby Carrots

Amazing Hand Art

Who saw the coming attraction for the new movie, "The Mist" last night??

I don't believe you.

I hate the Boy Scouts.

What Would You Do To Be

I am writing on my computer monitor with a red Sharpie!!!

The Patriots and "running up the score" - now do you get it?

I Just Called The Police On This Car Who's Inspection Sticker Expired

Chinese super-woman with no arms, does her daily chores!

Took my kid to see Sea Monsters 3-D the other day at the Smithsonian IMAX

Don't ya hate friends who don't understand boundries

don't tell the police....

This would make the 2nd time I dropped the phone in the toilet!!

Tonight's concert: Robert Fripp and his league of Crafty Guitarists

I Never Thought I'd Hate Someone More Than the Purple-Bandaid Lady From the GOP Convention

I am eating pistachios that I bought from the Girl Scouts

If you don't know how to sail, don't rent the boat.

FLASH: How to lose weight!!!

Are the google ads getting wierder

Where on DU can one ask questions concerning money matters?

Who Put the Goat in there Benny Lava?

Why does an office restroom need SELF-CLOSING doors?

College football fans: A question


i Touch Pod

The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery..Be careful where you sit

I love baby ferrets

Does anyone here have Windows Vista Ultimate?

I REALLY need some good vibes asap

If I did the right thing, and it wasn't my fault, then why do I feel lousy?


YEEEEAAAHHH!!! Any Aggies fans? Stay away Texasgal.

You do know the rest of the world is laughing at us..."Supermodel 'rejects dollar pay' "

an old favorite that still sounds good. mmmmmmmm.

Ween's La Cucaracha - what do you think?

OMG! I've been an unwitting mule trafficking in Jenkem precursers !!1!

What Do YOU Think Of IDEA

that there's a GD porn thread, people

Good Vibes Alert!

Serious question people.... When is Fleet week?

To late

iPod Touch

If Midlo hates the Boy Scouts, I wonder what she thinks of Brownies?

My roommate's been having way too much fun

Say I'm looking for a really obscure movie, the kind they don't sell on Amazon, where would I look?

Proposed Georgia Water Conservation Slogans

I just dressed like a girl scout and sold some pistachios to some lady

Vegetative State (a Joke)

Picture (Read Disclaimer first)

I just dressed like a lady and sold some girl scouts to some pistachios

I know the subject material is a bit controversial, but how does the layout look?

Is it a bad idea to ask casual friends for advice by e-mail...

Our little girl Moola died today.

So, should we have an official HEROS thread???

Is today 07 November?

If I have to hear another 5 minutes of "How I met your Mother"....

If I may ask one more question, where's the weak link in this photo?

Further evidence that crack is whack. (Graphic)

Check out this new drug the kids are using...

I Have A Simple, Stupid Question... I Mean It! I've Had Some PC Problems

Florida sheriff's bulletin warns of purported new human waste high

Does anyone have an Acid Flux Capacitor?

Flu shot ouchie - can I have some tea and sympathy?

Newspaper readers: What comics do you read first or at all?

furniture delivery..... bad as cable company?

San Antonio, Texas is a really great town! Extra nice people, too!

So how come Hiro didn't slip the high hard one to the Princess...

Crisis narrowly averted!

Ok, a question for the AV nerds in the Lounge

I Love Miracle Whip...

How much do Female porn actresses make?

If Ohio Had An NFL Football Team What Would You Name It?

I Hereby Banish Mr. Sasquatch to GD-P

I met this smoken hawt lady duer the other day

I Love L.A., But I Hate Driving

Effect or Affect? Learn the language.

Dance in your underwear, win cash!

Oh noes! I posted in GD!

People, people, please! Why must we be declaring ourselves Emperors and usurpers?

If Sheboygan had a NFL team, what would you name it?

The most BELOVED character on TV, present or past.

Does anyone remember this case ("Genie", the feral child in the 1970's)

XP or Vista, 32 or 64 bit?

Never EVER fly with a Linus infection. Ever.

For the fundies among us!

I have two very expensive election machines which I will take to the election tomorrow,

'If you want to sing out' (Cat Stevens)

Never EVER fly with a Linux infection. Ever.

Family tragedy tonight

I still mark out for Stone Cold.

I now usurp Southpawkicker to name myself Emporer of the Lounge

The Moon: What other countries have sent people to the moon?

My Point Of View On TV Writers and the Strike...

If Martin Sheen ran for the Presidency, would you vote for him?

Proof that a steady diet of Taco Bell, Starbucks, Red Bull & cigarettes is good for you (BIG pic)

19 years of wedded gliss

I hate owning things

My newest poem..."Eating at Costco." Tomorrow's homework...

Just so you are all aware: I am Switzerland

Today is my birthday. They're shooting off fireworks in England! ;)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/5/07 Bonus

I made it, early voting is over and election day is tomorrow, I am so tired.

Anyone Who Loves Miracle Whip Should Be Shot!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/5/07

This reminds me if Galaxy Quest

Anyone going to see: Elizabeth, The Golden Age?

Nerd Alert: Borg photoshop extravaganza (Pic heavy!!)

I just listened to a Right Wing screed about who had ruined the Michigan Economy.

Hot Dawg! Ken Maynard AND Hoot Gibson!

A witness to great disasters in recent history (photoshop madness)

After this, I'll only have one post before I hit 5000

Do you have an amusing Amway/Quixtar story?

I just talked to my nephew, who is a boy scout and he was telling me how he hates Midlodemocrat

Halloween pics ! Me & Josie!!!

Baby Pics!

IF Delaware Had An NFL Football Team What Would You Name It

I don't understand who fans of PRO teams are rooting for?

Does Anyone Else Have Acid Reflux

My brother threatened to kill himself on Friday night...

CMA Awards this Wednesday

From the 'Dear God, Midlo has a hard life' files. Matcom will LOVE this.

Your dream pets?

How much do male porn actors make

You know... I was going to whine about something that happened to me today...

Never EVER fly with a sinus infection. Ever.

The Most Annoying Person On TV

Alicia Keys' new song is off da chain

What do YOU think of IKEA?

Aww F#@$, I got Grave's Disease

What is your capacity for forgiveness?

So I hear this really great kick-ass song on the radio this morning and I go check out online...

It's the same old story, it's the same old game

"WAR" the series by Gwynne Dyer: anyone have a copy?

So I just watched 'Bee movie' off the internet.

KITTEN video! (Our two rescued kittens watching a laser pointer.)

Today I feel like a newborn.

What do people here think about the theory that the erosion of the Sphinx

Can one of you music geeks find the lyrics to a song for me?

Weird Thought Thread..

Effect or Affect? Learn the language.

What word or phrase sets you off like nails on a chalk board?

New York Times, lay off Portland, Oregon

Who is the most annoying TV character in history?

Tell me a good joke!!!

Will 2 brother Tom cats raised together since birth grow up to fight each other?

What kind of deodorant or antiperspirant do you use?

Picture Thread: Please post your own!

Oil, electricity top Iraq reconstruction plan

3rd child of Iraq vet succumbs to car crash injuries

Soldiers detail attacks, debilitating effects

2007 on pace to be deadliest year in Iraq

Building a better BMD

VA says 6 percent of combat vets have TBIs

Fewer airmen available for retiree funerals

Air Force renews NASCAR sponsorship

Crash prompts F-15, F-15E groundings

Slain AF special agents honored

DoD to Pay Brit Soldiers Hurt in Crash

PTSD and TBI awareness programs launched

Voice of Experience: It's Torture

Religious groups question military porn policy

Soldiers’ silent war

Bush tells basic grads Iraq returning to normal

VCS Update: VA Crisis Worsens, Call Senators Today

"Brothers and Sisters"

Crank Dat Obama

Atlanta Protest - The World Can't Wait



Nice Try.....

Rudy Lies About his Biden Attack on Tape Hours Before

Kucinich Campaign update 11-05-07

Goldwater/Miller 08

Stop Torture (Amnesty International)

Civilization! - *Some Restrictions Apply

He's my brother let us live in peace

Interview with Joe Biden

Al Gore on The Today Show

Chloe Vs Hillary: Rejected Campaign Song

Oops, our bad.

Olbermann: SET-UP for his Special Comment NOV. 5, 2007

More lead, please.

My Dog Talks About Mukasey and Torture

V for Vendetta

The Perry Logan Mime Troupe

CODEPINK Demonstrates Waterboarding to Feinstein at CNN

Elizabeth and Dennis on CBS

Olbermann: SPECIAL COMMENT on Waterboarding - NOV. 5, 2007

Fox News = 666 - couldn't pass this up

NYT: Withdraw All Private Armies From Iraq

Musharaff: I'm just like Lincoln.

The Nation: Seven Bad Assumptions We Make About Iran

Grandma's words: Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are

Corporations screwed the government during Katrina evacuations

* and the Republicans have just lost the Dems are "appeasers" propaganda when

...found him guilty of the special circumstances of murder during the use of torture...

Supporters of president, march in the streets in support of giving him more power.

OK. What have you done to prepare for imminent full fledged

Whistleblowers claim contractor fraud ignored

Musharaff suspends constitution in order to fight terrorism more effectively.

Who thinks the little monkey in a uniform Musharaff didn't check with his handlers in DC before...

Destroy all other countries: The Bush/Cheney foreign policy carried out to its logical conclusion


What Time Is Kucinich Scheduled to Speak On The House Floor Tomorrow

UCLA Law School, Rand Corp. to pry into judicial secrecy

Anyone else think a 1917 Kerensky scenario is playing out in Pakistan...

MSNBC's the "Best"!

Bush Sr: "9/11 guaranteed that national security is going to be in the forefront of every election"

Right-Wing Christian Cleric Caught Soliciting Underage Boys for Sex

My 1,000th post: A Thank You to DU.

Dahr Jamail (beyond the Green Zone) coming up on Peter Werbe's "Nightcall" -- streaming link


Musharraf learned well from Bush.

links to videos from Tabasco, and if you survive katrina

Bush, Turkish PM discuss Kurdish rebels

Why fur still matters.

There are more than 3000 US kids (so far), who will carry their ghost parent with them through life

FDL: Mukasey, Feinstein and the Constitutional Wing of the Democratic Party

Democrats in Judiciary Committee have enough votes to stop Mukasey

Bill Moyers on What’s Wrong With Our Media

Pakistan denies rumours Musharraf under house arrest

AIDE TO RICE: Refuses To Rule Out "TORTURE"-"A Decision Was Made NOT To Talk About It"

Glenn Beck Re-signs Radio Contract For $50 Mil

What do people here think about the theory that the erosion of the Sphinx

Mark Benjamin: Bush's careless choice for Iraq vets

Giuliani Brags About Using "Intensive" Interrogation Techniques As a Prosecutor

My Rep, above all others, SHOULD support the Kucinich impeachment resolution

A thought on National Security

Would you leave your small children with a known torturer for even short periods of time?

FEINSTEIN Not Only Voted For Torture-She Tried To Cover-It-Up

Well here is the American response to the floods in Mexico

Pakistan: Imran Khan escapes from house arrest (former cricket captain)

Interesting Bloomberg interview. "Bernanke is a nut."

If only John Kerry had called it "waterboarding"

Obama's mistake raises questions on gay commitment

Specter says he will back AG nominee

Our friends the Saudis: Saudi executes Egyptian for practising "witchcraft"

DUPE - c-span wj - dick thornburgh/fisa/telecoms

Another reason Republicans are screwed: "The Worst Economy Of Our Lifetime," Hale "Bonddad" Stewart

President Ford: On Warrantless Spying-"I Would NEVER Do It"-"Where Does He Get His Advice"

think you've heard it all? henry hyde to receive Medal of Freedom today

Feingold Won't Vote for Mukasey

FEINGOLD's Statement On Mukasey: "The Rule Of Law Is Too Important To Compromise"

Remind Me Again: HOW did Pakistan acquire Nuclear Weapons ?

Please Repigs - make Ghouliani your nominee

"Torture? Sounds like a swimmingly good idea" (Disgusting Canadian Editorial)

Well, isn't this special? Antisocial Personality Disorder and the Iraq War.

In US war on terrorism, 'waterboarding' not deemed torture

U.N. questions Syria nuke claims

Rice's Top US legal adviser refuses to rule out 'torture' technique

Remember, the Bush Administration and Our Government ARE NOT THE SAME THING....

Should enlistment in the U. S. military be stigmatized?

Henry Freaking Hyde!?

Breaking! Nancy Grace gives birth to twins!

Is it legal for Unions to strike in solidarity?

Crisis in Pakistan

Citigroup problem radiates through the financial system...

President grabs total power, says he had to "crack down to thwart terrorism"

I just heard the best joke

Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and George Bush all have something in common

Detainee Abuse Undercuts Moral Authority

Chris Wallace and former President, George H.W. Bush on Sunday

How long before Bush gives an official statement on Pakistan?

This one belongs in GD!

FoxNews bunny refers to Colombian capital city as Buh-GO-ta.

Is it torture? If you have to ask, the answer is "yes".

Washoe dies of natural causes

DOJ and Contractor Fraud = qui tam contract fraud suits

I wish I knew WHY

For You Dennis K. - 3 IMPEACHMENT VIDS

As long as those totrured have Middle Eastern-sounding names, lots of people will think that's OK

Where does HR 333, the bill to Impeach VP Cheney by Rep Dennis Kucinich

French Journalist Henri Alleg Denounces Waterboarding “Torture” He Endured During Algerian War

Naomi Klein: Rapture rescue will airlift you to safety. If you can afford it

RICE Advisor: "Thank Heavens For Small Favors-With Pakistan In Crisis-Iraq Looks Pretty Good"

A nuke power has a coup going on and we're doing nothing. Is that about it?

medal of freedom winners - White House - live on CSPAN

Caption the boy king

he`s fondling women again--------->

Squadron 13 bus out of Eugene for march in Seattle

George W. Bush Presidential Library

What would happen if the leader of some big powerful country was

see a pattern here?-our congresscritters don't represent US anymore & won't back Dennis

Truthout Interview with Bernie Sanders

Public subsidization of private philanthropy needs to stop

I just managed to watch Shrub for 15 whole minutes!

sure hope someones have Meredith Whitney's back

If you haven’t met TED, let me introduce you…

Any guesses as to which rep will bring up motion to table Kucinich's impeachment resolution?

Walk Like An Egyptian ...

Ahhhnold the Scam Artist......(Huge Hypocrite content)

Deadline Finds Tent City Still Occupied

Is the torturer acting a bondage and bloody fantasy of sexuality?

Fox's "The Simpsons" Rip the Wall Street Journal Again

CSPAN's WJ: Dick Thornburgh on FISA immunity for telecoms. 8amCT.

Santa told to slim down for Christmas to 'set a good example'

Remember Remember, the 5th of November

Dick Thornburgh played the Dummy this morning

Repeat tours to war take their toll-GIs of 10th Mountain show signs of strain

Supermodel 'rejects dollar pay' (BBC) {Euros OK}

U.S. Is Likely to Continue Aid to Pakistan

After 106 years, House & Garden magazine closes

Fox Red Eye Greg Gutfeld

TPM Cafe: Pakistan Nightmare Could Metastasize Through Region

Imperial opportunities for US builders

Breaking: Pakistan to hold election by mid-January

Beck to receive $50 million in new radio contract

It appears the Catholic Church may be preparing to beatify a torturer

Bush gives Musharraf Tips on Eliminating Democracy

How they got Rudy Giuliani to let go of the cows' teat...

This is what we have become...

Edwards is for ending Bush taxcuts for wealthy IMMEDIATELY, Not letting them expire in 2010...

TPM: Terror, Terror, Terror!

How many years before the rest of the Abu Ghraib pictures/videos come out?

Beat "Bush Democrats" by supporting the real good guys in Dem primaries!

Bush White House Guided Military to Develop Nuclear Strike Plans Against Rogue States

Chairman Conyers Prepares to File Contempt Report (writes another letter-sigh)

The $915 Billion Bomb in Consumers' Wallets

Have any democrats come out today condemning the schumer and feinstein votes?

Are you more or less liberal than you were when you were younger?

Lastest DFA Pulse Poll Results - Kucinich Leading

oww, oww, oww, oh, stop it, stop, it, i'm going to cry, cry

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran

Wake up Mods, there's one of those in the house.

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran

Republicans will be in power for a long time.

oww, oww, oww, oh, stop it, stop, it, i'm going to cry, cry

Mods please consider deleting the Freepers threads instead of locking them

Cheerleading Coach Fired After Topless Pictures Found

Thousands battle Pakistani police (AP)

Can anyone else here the sound of a grave digger

Key Lawmakers to Review Pakistan Aid After Crackdown

Gore Rips Media: ‘Don’t Give Equal Time To Someone Who Believes The Earth Is Flat’

Don't feed the Trolls. Waterboard them. Don't read this post either. That feeds them! N/T eom

Why the pro-torture talking point "You only have minutes before a nuke goes off" is stupid

It smells in here. Must be a freeper loose from his mom's basement.

Rep. Obey talking on CSPAN live to Nat'l Press Club, about appropriations. 12:35pmCT. nt

Two minutes hate against William Kristol.

A huge THANK-YOU to Jeremy Scahill for putting BLACKWATER costs/crimes into mainstream media

Another Border/Upper Appalachian State - Kentucky - Trending Bluer

Once again, the Go To Guy in the Pakistani Crisis is Juan Cole:

'Blank check' seen headed Bush's way, despite Democratic promises to change course in Iraq

woah! did wiLLiam kristoL just post here?

Do we really WANT Pakistan to be a democracy?

FCC CONSOLIDATION RULES up for change again!!

Blackwater Donates Tent City to Wildfire Victims (video link)

The United States sells death and destruction as a fundamental instrument of its foreign policy.

I'm asking Why, but does anyone know WHAT Gore is up too?

Did Rudy just open up a whole new can of worms for himself?

This is not a thread about smoking, circumcision or breast-feeding,

Gingrich: The Skeptical EnvironmentalNewt.

Political Prisoner Don Seigelman: Prosecutorial Obstruction of Justice in the Siegelman Case

Man From Plains: The Film That Might Make Jimmy Carter a Movie Star

It's Hard to be a Democrat (Nora Ephron)

Cheney Pursuing Nuclear Ambitions of His Own

Politics of the Personal: The Turning (2000 election & 9/11's impact on personal relationships)

I gotta' get me a job like this!

How is Pakistan different than Iraq?

"Video Shows Shocking Killing Of Animals" - By a vet at city animal shelter

Bush Administration Blocked Waterboard Critic (from ABC)

Those Minot Nukes

I'm serious - we need a good Policy Wonk in the WH

Would like a recitation of 50 words or so for people learning English

The Nation: Rudy & Bernie, BFF

Teens charged with felony animal cruelty for killing pet fish?

I Really Miss That American Glow

From Al Gore: What inspires you to take action on global warming?

William Kristol Lovers Unite

We had our window in Pakistan

Market Down 99.33 Points In The First Minute Of Trading

George Bush, "the people of Iraq realize the blessings of liberty".

Rice decries Pakistan crackdown she already approved?

Why did Pakistan supply N. Korea with nukes?

NEW Docs Reveal-For The First Time-U.S. Plan Envisioned Nuking Iran, Syria, Libya

Echoes of Iraq Invasion Arguments: White House Turns Up Heat On Iran

Friends of The Earth Questions Sen. Clinton's Stance On Global Warming

Pres Bush to Gen Musharraf....

Reid: Senate Republicans Must Work With Us To Pass Funding For Our Veterans

DUers, you have been insulted!

Mark Green interviews Sen. Kerry on Kyl-Lieberman, Bush, Mukasey

House Judiciary to file paperwork on Miers/Bolten contempt resolutions within next few hours

A pair of illustrative false premise questions.

WaPo: Lost a Watch in Men's Room? Call Larry Craig's Office

Michael Bloomberg AND $1 Billion Dollars to Spend in 2008 --Will He Run Independent? LINK

Why should we worry about lead paint?

Quote of the day-Alexander Hamilton warns us against George W. Bush

Selective Outrage from the Right has reached a new level in stupidity

If right wingers are so hellbent on wiping out abortion...

McClatchy: Experts: No firm evidence of Iranian nuclear weapons

I Have A Simple, Stupid Question... I Mean It! I've Had Some PC Problems

New Documentary Warns World of Oil Apocalypse

Forget Al Gore for President, but...

Avatar etiquette - keeping it Kucinich and working for Edwards

Brave Pakistani Editor Stands Up to Government

AFA lauds its boycott of Ford for its pro-gay policies as reasons for auto sales drop

Geez... this has got to be the worst sketch ever...

YES!! My LTTE endorsing Kucinich will be published tomorrow-just in time to impeach Cheney

Crazy Right Wing Prime Minister of Poland steps down

Perspectives, part 1

Perspectives, part 2

Protest at Schumer's Home

Hey! I'm too late for your cuteness but here ya go!

Why are Republicans so against the facts surrounding Global Warming?

Florida's gay Republican triple murder-suicide - gone but not forgotten

On global warming and the coming new world order

Students from New College protested Lou Dobbs in Sarasota on Saturday

Reagan quote re: Bush (Satire folks, Ronnie didn't actually write this.)

Writers Provide The Feast For The Banquet

Senator Whitehouse introduces legislation outlawing voter ‘caging.’

Turkish PM Talks TX History to Bush? Pancho Villa

Is there a free press?

We can all agree that freepers are cowards, right?


Texas Political Blogger Search..Any Texas Duers up for the (paid) Challenge??

Woman pleads in death of Ohio pregnant woman

Glenn Beck Re-Signs Radio Contract For $50 Mil

My kind of thinking . . ..

So, is this a dry run for us to be 'Musharraf'd'?

Gore on Today

Reid: Commitment To Iraq Hinders Our Ability To Respond To Crisis In Pakistan, Others Around The Wor

Gitmo: Terror suspects' beards are safe now

pot calls kettle black..... bu$h: Musharraf's moves 'undermine democracy'

Tina Fey, big-time "Office" "showrunner" Daniels picket; Carrell in; Jon Stewart salary story untrue

Rapture ready board: "Is Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a player in Bible Prophecy?"

I'm starting to get frustrated with Gore

Would you agree torture was OK If ...

Quick! Tune into Hartmann! Naomi Wolff's on

HBO stirs memories of the 2000 recount during Tallahassee filming

Hillary's new slogan? -- "She's not whining, she's winning!"...

How did these "Islamic extremists" in Pakistan manage to elect a woman for President?

Toddler with eight limbs branded 'reincarnation of Hindu god' to undergo life-saving operation

OUCH! Tweety playing the Edwards Double-talk Hillary Video on Hardball

On Defining Torture:

Sorry, but demonstrating torture just ain't the real thing.

Mr Bush -

White House Tells Musharraf: Never ‘Restrict Constitutional Freedoms’ To Fight Terror

Bush Taps Mukasey: Tacit Support of Guiliani?

Senior Active-Duty General Says Positive Things About Waterboarding; Will Media Demand Clarification

Lynne Cheney Visits Exclusive Dallas Country Club That Has Long Record Of Racial Discrimination

the "Panties for Peace" campaign continues

Randi Rhodes: "You know Cheney is salivating over the prospect of pulling a Musharraf here."

W "Who, Me Stuff?" Bush Says Musharraf Should Take off Uniform

Toddler with eight limbs branded 'reincarnation of Hindu god' to undergo life-saving operation

George W bush's Islamic Success Check List

How much do male porn actors make

Surprising….George Bush has been extremely effective in the war…

If Hillary doesn't win the nomination, what will she do?...

This date in History: Nixon elected in '68

Ahhhhh memories. Remember when disruptors were "covert"

WANTED: for criminal complicity, ignoring the U.S. Constitution, and violating oath of office

The height of comedy

The United States was not born as a rep democracy - we were

Tuesday, 11/6, on Frontline: Extraordinary Rendition

anybody have links to the 'diminished mental capacity of Conservatives', seems to have been scrubbed

Presidential Pardons Amendment Proposed

Sorting my photos I find

Too PC? The Onion's "Our Dumb World" is not for the easily offended!

* meets with the Turkish Prime Minister - pics

Guatemala Elects Alvaro Colom Over Army General.

Kucinich Schedules Nationwide Call-in Monday to Address Cheney Impeachment Measure

Pakistan silences media in 'emergency'; TV blacked out; broadcasters threatened with jail

China satellite enters moon orbit

I know - I make posts that seem related - they aren't.

KOs on : the JAGS condemnation and the criminal conspiracy to

Protest at Chucky's (Schumer) Place

Independent frontpage: Lawyers vs The General (Pakistan)

Anyone get through on Dennis Kucinich Conference Call?

Want to have some fun with the 'FREEPERS? Print THIS (pic)...

"Thousands face down Pakistani police. Situtation escalating."

LIVE NOW | Remember Elliot Richardson/Bush 41 on Torture (NovaM Radio)

Agree or disagree --- ????

State Dept misfires in Iraq pitch to diplomats.

The Obama "no hand over heart during national anthem"

An Evil Thought On the Writers' Strike

Dictator double standard

(TOON) Steve Bell on martial law in Pakistan

Western nations reconsider Pakistan aid (but not us, nope!)

Our kids will not have to pay George W. Bush's war debts.

America through my eyes

Mayor Nine Eleveniani reveals his VP pick: "My mother had a picture of me & Reagan"

U.S. dilemma: Targeting Iran's oil industry could hurt America more

what is "spec" house?

GOP is sending out fake Democratic ads saying the Dem candidate for

Another Bush Backfire (Pakistan)

Writers' strike may be good news for Hollwood North(aka Vancouver)

Is Rosie Right About 9/11 Comments

Frank Luntz says no one is going to make fun of Giuliani's lisp after 9-11

KO's special comment coming up on MSNBC

David Sirota: Bush Stumping With CEOs For NAFTA Expansion

You're a LIAR George Bush



I bask in the awesomeness that is you, Keith Olbermann


That crime would mean George W. Bush is going to prison

Another Hillary l*sb**n story is making the rounds (768 Diggs)

Schumer, Feinstein ‘surprise’ thwarts efforts on Mukasey

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Remember the 5th of November

Dan Abrams just called Buchanan insane

Dan Abrams calls Pat Buchanon "Insane"! Right on!!!!


"There's Al Qaeda over there, every one of them"

Stephen Corbert's Ben and Jerrys....YUM

Day 2 of Pakistan Martial Law. Neville Chamberlain BUSH appeases dictator: does nothing.

Bush on Musharraf: "the president should remove his military uniform"

Supermodel Refuses to be Paid in Dollars

Pat Boone Poll - apropos of nothing

Krugman: DC Dems Ignore Middle Class for Corporate Money

Harper Lee being given the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Giuliani wants to grow up to be Kerik

Brent Wilkes (Cunningham briber) convicted on all 13 counts.

Think the striking writers are a bunch of whiners?

The President of Pakistan is in serious trouble

Suicide Bombing Makes Sick Sense in Halo 3

Will the House fund "bunker busters" for use in Iran?

Kids in Florida using human waste to get high

Pissing for Profit in the Pacific

Breaking: Jury Finds Wilkes Guilty on All Counts

24 former intel officials demand hold on Mukasey

I know why our people cave. One word. PODS.

U.S. Plan Envisioned Nuking Iran, Syria, Libya

Opportunity presents itself: compare US "partner" Musharaf & US "enemy" Chavez.

Live blogging the waterboarding demonstration-DC

Asma Jahangir: Musharraf has lost his marbles and is targeting progressives

Former leader of Kurd rebels reveals retreat into Iran

STATE Department: American Citizens Could Be Waterboarded

Gracie Jayne errrrrrrrrr Nancy Grace gives birth to twins

Judy Giuliani's Debut, Part XVIII (She will sit in on cabinet meetings if SHE is interested!)

If Romney is nominated--should our candidates refer to him as "Mitt" or "Willard" ??

When our government acts in FASCISTIC ways, is that fascism . . . ???

KO hits another one........

Post Your DU Dire Predictions

All Still Quiet on the Syria Bombing

Robert Parry: Hillary Clinton's Unspoken Vulnerability

More Questions About the Minot Nukes

Lawyers Want Senate To Hear About Ex-Ghost Detainee Before Mukasey Vote


It never ceases to amaze me how uninformed Ameircans are

Oh my...listen to this poll question I was just asked...


What is the difference between "Emergency Rule" and...

Vote in the Weblog Awards

Black Holes Launch Powerful Cosmic Winds

Lawyers Want Senate To Hear About Ex-Ghost Detainee Before Mukasey Vote

Pictures from the first day of the Writer's Guild picket line.(dialup warning)

Yet another Florida Republican sex bust

Is Feinstein the Democrats' Next Lieberman?

Michael Moore will be on Olbermann's Countdown Tuesday 11/6

I have a nominee for 'Most Consevative Idiots': Raymon 'Lying Scumbag' Oberly.

US payout awarded over pesticide

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

1 hour to go

Harry Reid Pulls The Wings Off Of Poor Defenseless Flys !!!

WTF? Recruiting through Craigslist?

"For those who have spoken up..." An od'e to KO.

Gene 'links breastfeeding to IQ'

Is Feinstein the Democrats' Next Lieberman?

London Times Expose of Saudis as "Hub of World Terror", but never once

Could someone post some career history information on Jack Croddy?

Pakistan shakes off US shackles

The great late night 'comedian's', Leno and Letterman go into re-runs because they

NYT: MSNBC Nods to Ratings and Leans LEFT

Conason on Hardball regarding loss of liberties.

Did Kucinich hold his conference call tonight? What did he say?

Guess Why Bush is so Uncritical of Musharraf....

Bailout for CITI crap, Veto of SCHIP. The days of our lives. Days of shame.nt

Did the Accountability Office ask Jenna Bush or Lynne Cheney

Remember, remember, the 5th of November....

Plain English Gets Harder In Global Era

Hubby and I make more money than we ever have...why does it seem like we make less?

CrooksandLiars has the transcript of Keiths commentary

Borowitz report: Bush gives Musharaff tips on eliminating democracy

Democracy is on the march.....backwards

Vote for Kucinich on this DU poll!

POLL: Do you think Bush will start a war with Iran before he leaves office?

Keith Olbemann Threat Level raised to Red: SPECIAL COMMENT TONIGHT

Refuse to Lower Myself to HIS supporters level

Israel attacks ElBaradei over Iran

Malloy wants us to call our reps tomorrow re: HR 333 (Numbers here)

FYI - Tuesday 10am et c-span Mukasey vote

It's Starting....from my Repug GA Relative...sent on long EMail Chain:

Tibetans Wake Up to Nosebleeds in Super-Dry Autumn

Ok, I'm nearly over the edge. I hate robo calls!

Spin-off from Top Ten Conservative Idiots -- What Republicans are saying about Richard Curtis:

No-Exceptions Abortion Ban killing women in Nicaragua

Do you have a Positive or Negative view towards those currently serving in the Military

A 9 ft crocodile, minimal food/water, 80,000 still isolated, picts/reports

Jay Leno brings donuts to striking writers, supports them on the picket lines

If Gore doesn't run, I think I might know why

Is our Democrats learning?

Rosie O’Donnell in Talks to Join MSNBC

Funny how some insist on using the term "illegal"

Looting of American citizens - Ohio cities buying foreclosed homes for 1 dollar each.

Don't you just like the kind of troll that just posted?

Tuesday, Nov 6, House vote on Resolution to Impeach Dick Cheney

Al Gore's commercial appearance on NBC's Green Week

State to yank plates from man who claimed sex with Larry Craig

"a problem that causes memory card failures during elections."

Here's the Exact Gore Quote on "Today Show," this a.m., and why it gives me hope...

It’s cool: Mukasey will Hold His Nose while he allows Bush to Torture…

"I like Judge Mukasey"

VIDEO: OLBERMANN's Special Comment: A Criminal Conspiracy To Cover The Ass Of George W. Bush

Remember the guy in NY that was caught with an aviation radio after 9/11?

"Edwards: Take Back Government From Corp Interests" LINK

Monday TOONS: Rollin out the barrels of Oil...

No excuse for Mukasey or torture. Period!

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Inherent Contempt vs. Criminal Contempt

Jon Stewart To Pay His Writers Out Of Own Pocket During WGA Strike

Which Republic candidate do you most want to win the nomination?

Lou Dobbs, Mr. ANTI-corporatocracy, is passionately attacking Eliot Spitzer.

Project Censored: Top 25 censored news stories of 2008 (over 2007)

This poll needs your help-and it's a DU poll!

Cheney Makes Geography Gaffe

Breaking: Santa outsources toy making to china, package delivery to parents

Need some help re the strange DFA poll...Kucinich

Al Gore can't even deal with the fact that he's not running

FEINGOLD: "Democrats can no longer be a part of the savaging of the U.S. Constitution"

(IL-19) Afghanistan Vet challenges Bush rubber-stamp

Venezuela: Former General and Political Ally breaks with Chavez

They Are GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES-Authorization of ANYTHING Prohibited By Law-Does NOT Change The Law.

Dennis Kucinich

House Rule IX - Questions of Privilege

No One Claims Responsibility for Mysterious Campaign Phone Calls


USNews: Bush Preparing Series Of Executive Orders

Colin Powell went to the UN to justify the invasion of Iraq on the word of a known drunk and liar

On Naomi's Wolf interview with Hartman

Florida's plan to require evolution be taught in science class is being called "godless".

24 former intel officials demand hold on Mukasey.

The Writer's Strike: What residuals really are:

There's an old joke in Hollywood

Yet ANOTHER Republican caught in a sex scandal.

Police Search For Missing 9-Year-Old

"Funniest Blog" DUmmie FUnnies? Ack. Go vote Sadly, No

Sum of all Hillary Fears

Question: Would American lawyers take to the street like

Hill's FLIP-FLOPS stubbing her toes

Meet Preston WIGINTON, latest wingnut Nazi xenophobe, 43 yrs old, will be with us a LONG time

So do any of these "pro-family" groups ever actually help any families?

Bush Gives Musharraf Tips on Eliminating Democracy

Michael Mukasey is Probably the Best We Could Hope for From Bush.

Dear Hollywood, fuck the WGA. Need a scab?

Al Gore and Current Vote :60 Seconds to Save the Earth.. contest from Live Earth

"That crime would mean George W. Bush is going to prison." - Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT transcript

"Torture".....I really need HELP to go on living in this country

ADL survey: 15% of Americans 'unquestionably anti-Semitic'

Waxman's Trick or Treat Letter to WH Counsel: Abramoff Scandal to Lead to More Indictments in 08?

Ron Paul Is Money

CODEPINK Shows Senator Feinstein Waterboarding at CNN

The Only Way to Stop the Bush/Cheney Torture Program Is to Cut it out at its Rotten Core


What I Loved About Al Gore's Appearance On The Today Show This Morning

Predictions only - who do you think the Democratic Ticket will be

Has America died under the Bush administration?

I Think I Finally Figured Out Our Economy

Remember, Remember the fifth of November....

Enough is Enough!!!

Saw a Star Trek: TNG episode about torture today ...

Why the HELL am I seeing THIS from Ron Paul and not from

Mexican flood victims scramble for food; 20,000 still stuck on rooftops

TOON: Monday's Doonesbury - "The Upcoming War With Iran"

Check out this rare Family photo of Deep Throat and I.

Al Gore Owes Us Nothing

On this Date Nov. 5, 1872 Susan B. Anthony

Ron Paul is Funny

To the Administration of DU, I and the following members respectfully request

The most dire predictions on DU have not come to pass

"USA Torture Day" A MASS waterboarding protest organized nationally for the Mukasey vote? ??

2008: DEMOCRATS v REPUBLICANS ... It's A Clear Choice

Why the mad support for crazy Doctor Paul?

If you're opposed to abortion, don't have one.

Kucinich to Move Impeachment of Bush After Cheney

Note to Obama: When asked to clarify your position, clarify it. Don't ask Hillary to do it for you.

Hillary Clinton Gender-Based Poll.

Torture does not pay. Kindness does.

Arlen Specter: "The president would have absolutely no legal authority to ignore such a law"

Behind the Facade of Incompetence

The Neocons' Crazy Dream of World War III

Opponents of SCHIP insurance bill play immigration card

Wanna know why Harry Reid has not brought hedge fund tax loophole up for a vote...

Headline News new look this morning.

Congress Set to Override Water Bill Veto

Obama "Living In A Glass House."

Rice's Words to Musharraff Hypocritical?

Yes - Hillary Clinton has a campaign advantage as a woman....

Poppy Bush: friendship with golf buddy Big Dog "won't make him go any easier on Hillary"

$5-$10 Billion to Pakistan

Edwards Talks Education in Iowa

"My Book To Help America".

The Rude Pundit ...

It's a number: 2007 is 4 U.S. Military deaths away from being the bloodiest year or the Iraq War

Clinton's Wellesley speech on C-SPAN

I'm watching this show on Masterpiece Theater, the Amazing Mrs. Pritchard...

So what will the citizens of the US do once Bush/Cheney pull a Musharraff...

Pakistan is a preview of what will happen under Bush if a new "terrorist attack" happens ...

Hillary's VP will be as comfortable in jeans and on a combine as well as the State house. Her VP

Tomorrow morning at 5:30am EST -

Rep. Obey endorses John Edwards, per CSPAN just now.

DFA* Poll ends at midnight - vote for your candidate! (I love these polls!)

Edwards pleas: Take back government from corporate interests

Do You Think * Will Be Learning Any Lessons From Mussharif As To......

"Clinton wasn't hurt at all by last week's debate."

So the Obama campaign was allowed to "tweak" the SNL Skit

Biden's official statemment on Pakistan

When you think the attacks on the frontrunner are too this transcript

Edwards Statement on Recent Developments in Pakistan

Clinton details plan to cut oil use

Whether you support Hillary or not - check in here!

Supporting rogue regimes - Foreign policy failure

So, who wants to know which candidates are going to appear on the ballot in NH on January 15?

Play of the Day: Richardson awards medal

Kerry on Bush, Kyl-Lieberman, Hillary, torture, etc.

Clinton surrogate Joe Wilson lies about Kyl-Lieberman.

Bush: "Heck of a job, Mushy" ("All we can do is continue to work with the president")

Iowa Caucuses Roundup

ABC's Jake Tapper explores the two faces of John Edwards

Edwards' speech at the University of Iowa: "Learning the Lesson of Iraq: A New Strategy for Iran"

Rasmussen: Clinton’s Performance in Iowa Could Decide GOP Nominee!

Clinton Campaign Recruits from Out of State for Iowa Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Obama on the writers' strike:

Senator Biden threatens punitive move in Congress

Rudy running on his electability vs Hillary.

PDF of new CNN/Opinion Research poll for all you poll junkies out there!

Can you believe this face is our President.

Ya gotta love DU....

Generic post about candidate X

Soapbox Alliance launched to have open political discourse in colleges

Quick! Without looking anything up, answer this poll on Al Gore

As of 2008...the best representatives in the U.S. Senate from any state in the union...

I realize that many if not most don't give a rats ass..... But...

Fellow Virginians...any predictions for tomorrow?

MSNBC Bullshit powerball poll on who has the best chance to win EVERYTHING

Andrew Sullivan: "We may have found the bridge to the 21st century....It's name is Obama."

who is worse

Where Do You Stand on America's Wealth Spectrum?

Clinton Invokes Gore on the Trail

Who do you think the GOP wants Mitt Romney to run against?

Obama's house is made of stone, not glass.

Call me uninformed, but I just found out that Dennis has been married 3 times.

Contempt of Congress for ex-White House Aides creeps Forward

Paul Weyrich endorsed Romney today

Clinton, Edwards, Biden, Kucinich, Richardson, Obama, and Dodd will IMPLODE!

How Polls and press are Shaping Public Opinion of Election 08

I will stop criticizing Kucinich when everyone else stops criticizing Obama, Clinton, and Edwards.

I Commented On This In A Post Earlier Today... But I Just Heard Info

contact info for Iowa Democrats dot org-call 515.244.7292 & demand that DK be invited

Mukasey for imperial presidency as much as for torture. Fascism comes of age in America.

The law of conservation of scape-goating

Ben Smith's Politico: Edwards' campaign has changed a key passage in its website's Iran discussion

I start my training tomorrow for Nebraska's first ever caucus next Feb.

Neil Young: "Looking for a Leader" Prescient?

Gore Should Announce Intentions

Al Gore Owes Us Nothing

Pat Buchanan: 6,000 Future Voters versus a Dinosaur of the Past

Paul's best fundraising haul in a single day -- $2.5 million by 6 p.m. EST Nov. 5

Hearing a story from a friend, there is NO EXCUSE for not having stem cell technology available

woah! what's this rumor i hear that hiLLary had an affair w/ vince foster?

Democrats Smell Victory in Kentucky Gov. Race (Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell next?)

I really want the U.S. to have a female president...

Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, and Maureen Dowd. Why do Irish Catholics hate Hillary Clinton?

I'm going to see Obama in San Francisco on November 14th!

A year from Election Day, Clinton remains person to beat

My small but gratifying protest

In hindsight (always 20/20) Biden was the most presidential

Email from RW relative: 23 ways to be a good liberal

U.S. feminists weigh vote for Clinton

Bush Kinda Talks Tough with Pakistan

Final DU Run-Off Poll: Senator Joe Biden vs. Rep. Dennis Kucinich

11/05-11/06 Obama Roll Call (and we are on a roll!)

Get Fired Up for Iowa J-J Dinner. Rally with Barack, Michele Obama with Grammy winner John Legend

Biden to Pakistan: Restore Democratic Freedoms Or Lose US Funding

Inside the Kerry Campaign - Deeply Troubling Videos

This is my last drink before bed, I have to work the elections at 5:30.

Video: Keith Olbermann - Special Comment (11-05-07)

Clinton Tops in Hispanic Outreach Efforts

The Hillary Clinton Montage

Over 268 iowa Republicans will caucus for Obama

WHY are Democratic candidates letting themselves be shafted by the driver's license issue?

Republicans in early states change parties to support Obama

Edwards still has hometown support

Edwards Breaks His “Yes-or-No” Rule, . . . by 88 Words

JOE BIDEN: " My party has a chance to nominate

Kerry says he’ll be ready next time

Obama's glass house.

ENDA vote postponed again

In "major" Iran speech Edwards confuses the Iranian Revolutionary Guard with a "militia".

Pelosi: Hillary Camp Playing The Gender Card

College Students Don't Care

Strongly unfavorable: Hillary 33%, Giuliani 23%, Obama 20%, McCain 19%, Edwards 18%

Edwards: A 'preventative war doctrine' is 'ridiculous...dangerous'

Edwards Talks Education in Iowa

Hillary Falls far short of Rivals with Independents.

Kucinich NOT invited to Dem party's Jefferson-Jackson dinner; winnowing the field? WTF??

There are NO Democratic senators who vote with the Republicans most of the time. NONE.

Stop lying to yourself. You love Dennis Kucinich

Biden not interested in Clinton's VP, citing 'dominant' Bill

No Greater Shame

NEW! I think you will want to print this one...(pic)

Edwards: Take back government from corporate interests

I wish the Democratic Congress had half the balls Keith Olbermann has.

Clinton's support amongst liberals is rising (new WaPo ABC News poll)

Inspired by Keith Olbermann's Special Comment tonight

Caveat on recent polling, neither WaPo/ABC nor Newsweek was of likely voters.

Edwards promises "college for everyone"

To paraphrase Sir Walter Scott: Mark their names and mark them well.

Kucinich: It's Time to Impeach Cheney

Ron Paul Is Money

John Edwards has now hit the absolute height of hypocrisy

Rachel Maddow just said much of the criticism of Hillary is sexist

Twelve senators introduce bill to outlaw voter 'caging'

How many excuses to not vote for Kucinich are there?

Clinton slips, Obama gains in new poll

Is Hillary Going to Be Kerry 2.0

John Edwards has NEVER been to IRAQ?

Why Kucinich Should Concede Nothing

Prediction: Neither Hillary, Obama, or Biden will end up as Dem President!

Randi Rhodes really likes Biden.

Could Martial Law stop impeachment proceedings?

The Abortion Issue is A BIG LOSER for the GOP.

Barack courts the religious right and homphobes. Hillary doesn't. Why is Barack seen as more left?

Personally I think the national polls are bogus...

I'm really re-thinking Kucinich

Strengthening of Consumer Agency Opposed by Its Boss

It's interesting to see the "Biden Support" here on DU...when no one checks his record

Detroit News: Obama/McClurkin incident will drive black gays "deeper into the closet"

If your state's caucus/primary were held today, who would have your vote?

Hillary Clinton vs. Ron Paul