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Archives: November 30, 2007

Reuters: U.S. to submit evidence against Iraqi photographer (on Dec. 9)

What's the 'good news' in Iraq?

Eric Schlosser: Penny Foolish - NY Times Op-Ed

Impeachment Must Happen By Carol Davidek-Waller

A PEOPLE UNDER FIRE - by Fidel Castro

Still No Way Out in Iraq - NYT

Huckabee finds a jockey

What’s Really Happening in Venezuela?

rudy goes undercover(s)

Gomer Pyle at the podium!

California court rejects FedEx Ground claim that drivers are not employees

Rudy has business ties to 9/11 facilitator

David Bromwich| The Torture Compromise of 2007

The Emergence of African American Blogs

From CREW: "Review the White House's Abramoff Visitor Documents--or at least

"Surge" is Working? Fine. Then Bush Should Be Impeached


Bombs Away?

The Proliferation Game: How the World Helped Pakistan Build its Bomb

New Politics in Old Bolivia: Public Opinion and Evo Morales

Naomi Klein: Forget the Green - the Hot Money is in Guns

Cristina Page: GOP Presidential Candidates' Bold New Plan for American Women: DIY Abortions

Hallelujah! New York Times Does An Epic Fact-Check Of Rudy's Multiple Falsehoods

Sirota: Conservative, or just plain corrupt? (re: Blue Dogs)

Chavez's 'Socialist City' Rises

U.S. Steel plans $1 billion upgrade of Clairton plant

The Second Amendment is an anachronism in need of repeal

Don't saddle taxpayers with (GOP) nuclear bailouts

"Global Warming Guy"

Whyalla (base load) solar project set to shine

Negotiators Close In on Energy Measure

Bill could black out plans for (Massachusetts) area power plant

Green focus pays, but work remains[

Cosco Busan "arrested".

'Nature's banks' pays dividends (BBC)

Stern At Royal Economic Society - Climate Mess "Greatest Market Failure The World Has Seen"

For Some Species, Die-Offs, Not Migration, Response To Warming Climate, Study Shows - Baltimore Sun

Kyoto Offset Bills Come Due For Spain, Italy, Japan - $33 Billion & Change - Bloomberg

The Implications of Biofuel Production for United States Water Supplies

U.S. lifestyle won't have to change in CO2 cut: report

City may help with solar setup financing

Ethanol E85 fuel loses cost-benefit test to diesel (cost to operate)

California Struggling To Adopt Emissions Reduction Plan

$125M (32-48 MW) geothermal plant planned in Elko County (Nevada)

Good riddance 2007 Hurricane Season

New fuel cell projects

New cost effective large solar projects

An idea whose time has come!

Stanford/Oregon State Study - Ocean "Fertilization" As Warming Solution Has Big Flaws - AFP

Model Year 2008: Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Advanced Technology Vehicles (PDF file)

The Myth Of Cheap Coal

100% eco-friendly (resort in Bangalore, India)

Popular Science - Innovation of the Year - Nanosolar Powersheet

In Texas, Climate Creeping onto Agenda

Plane With 56 Crashes in Turkey

You Messed Up. Now Here's Your Promotion (FEMA)

Colombia has proof rebel hostages alive

Food Banks, in a Squeeze, Tighten Belts

Refugee Rights Vindicated By Court Ruling

Iraqis' Quality of Life Marked By Slow Gains, Many Setbacks

43 held after bombs found at Sunni leader's office

Prosecutors ask judge to consider disqualifying Kerik's attorney

Three Palestinian refugees die in Iraq (ages 3, 14, and 50)

Citing statistics, Giuliani misses time and again

Business call for plan on climate

Iraqi PM seeks handover of ex-Saddam aides

Turkish army given authority for Iraq operation-PM

Hollywood Studios Send Writers New Offer

Former GM Chairman, CEO Roger Smith dies

The right views YouTube questioners, cries foul

Arrests made in botnet crackdown

Thousands Rally Against 'Teddy' Teacher

Musharraf: U.S. Shares Blame for Pakistan and Afghanistan

Obama Campaign Worker Discussed PAC Donations

U.S. military: Iraqis unprepared for refugees

Canada to Join Controversial Nuclear Partnership: Toronto Star

Six cholera cases reported in Baghdad

U.S. lifestyle won't have to change in CO2 cut: report

Obama, Bloomberg Hold Mystery Breakfast Meeting

FBI: No New Probe of Orangeburg Massacre

Hostages Held by Armed Man at Clinton Office

CIA Operation "Pliers" Uncovered in Venezuela/PsyOp aims to unseat Chavez

Russia signs Europe arms pact suspension into law

Iraqi journalist recants claim that 11 family members were killed

Republicans eat their own in increasingly nasty race

ConocoPhillips proposes natural gas pipeline from Alaska

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Needs to Play Fair in Oregon's Primary

Story of Rudy's 'Mistress' Fund Has Legs

Breaking News: Hostage Taking At Clinton NH Campaign Office

Teenager arrested over '£9.7m computer hacking ring'

US withdraws Mideast resolution at UN

Rudd to withdraw troops from Iraq

NYPD Chief Casts Doubt on Giuliani Expense Story

Experts divided over Iranian missile capabilities

Tentative Deal Set on Fuel Economy Rules

Strong Earthquake Hits Indonesia's Aceh

Colombia shows proof FARC hostages alive

DNC Chairman Dean has warning for Democrats

Morgan Stanley's top woman leaves

Murtha clarifies surge remarks

Alleged hostage taker filed molestation suit

After Promising No Layoffs, Gateway Pink Slips 100

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 30

Iraq's numbers don't add up, U.S. says (number of attacks, casualties aren't reliable)

Zell gets OK from FCC to buy Tribune Co.

Former GM CEO Roger Smith dead at 82.

CNN Was In Contact with New Hampshire Hostage-Taker: Didn't reveal information to viewers

Pentagon Sees Iranian 'Ashura' Missile As Worrying Development

Sears quarterly profits slump 99%

Turk army gets green light to hit rebels in N.Iraq

Mint or drug: Is Hershey's cracked?

Suspect was expected in court today (NH hostage case)

Duke scientists map 'silenced genes'

China barred 3rd Navy visit to Hong Kong

Hostage Situation Reported At Clinton Campaign Office

U.S. Plans New Multibillion-Dollar Spy-Satellite Program

Clinton says wife's First Lady schedules out soon

Sen. Hillary Clinton Holds Press Conference in Portsmouth, NH

Biden: Impeachment if Bush bombs Iran; Is meeting with Constitutional law experts

In Chávez Territory, Signs of Dissent

Florida Schools Struggle to Pay Teachers After Investments Frozen by State

A Life Raft for Subprime Borrowers? - Bush, Banks Working to Freeze Mortgage Interest Rates for Trou

At least 5 seriously hurt as trains collide (Amtrack)

Obama Gets His Morning Coffee With Bloomberg

Tories open historic lead over Labour in (UK) poll

Bush handed blueprint to seize Pakistan's nuclear arsenal

Calls in Sudan for execution of Briton

White House: too soon to discuss subprime loan plan

Motorcycle daredevil Knievel dies at 69

Emergency Responders Face Deep Aid Cuts

How come nobody raves about "Sweet Jane" any more?

So, I decided to post my own poetic kinda work

Don't ask me anything. I mean it.

On days when I want to lighten my mood...

What? There was an NFL game tonight?

did the cowboys win tonight?

swag's broken thing is beginning to annoy me, can someone please fix it?

Sitting Here in Limbo

Anyone else have a neighbor whose Holiday Display can be seen from outer space?

I've lost my indian drum

When eating medium-rare lamb chunks...

Argh!!! I woke up with rather remarkable hearing loss about three weeks ago.

Fuck #2.

Why are the ice cubes in one ice cube tray fractured and splintered

I'm a Bunny Head

Great, another damn ad that drives me nuts!

Boston Wailer


Norman Mailer

About today...

Restaurant critics strike again: Noodles "had a supreme chlorine flavoring" (but he ate them anyway)

Bunny Wailer

That 70's Show is on...ssshhhh! don't interrupt

Has anyone mentioned that the COWBOYS won tonight!

I'm a good american. I just want to buy something

Have to say goodbye to Uranus today.


Which DU'r Would You Really Like To Meat?

The repuke I'm dated just posted a new photo on his Page and I am fainting with lust.

Gee, I love Time Warner Cable...

So there is this HUGH111!!!! football game tonight

janesez has a cute dog. dont tell her, i told you though.

Do people hire caterers anymore?

I am off to an early bounce - Happy Friday

Next month I'll be appearing nude on the cover of Marie Claire

Lena Olin (ALIAS) is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen!

Stupid Politician Tricks

I saw this cartoon on bartcop and want to see it offends any southerners

I am intrigued by your ideas. Please add me to your mailing list.

"I Will Survive," in Russian.

Has anyone mentioned that LIBERALS should be GRACIOUS WINNERS?

Why are there two cats playing tonsil hockey at the top of the DU page?

Yay! My interwebs is workin! *bounce*

woot! 5 gallons of dreft for 12 bucks!!!!!!

My Copycat Thread In GD Was Locked


Another Celtic thread. Post your favorite Celtic (basketball edition)

You know the real reason Scooter Libby was commuted?

who has t-mobile and has had a chance to call their customer service?

In case you don't venture from the Lounge much - Hostage situation at Clinton campaign office.

I need advice about HDTV.

Oh man-- Group I like doing lipsynching in live show???

It's raining. Should I sing in it?

Is it even legal to adjust your "teleprompter" in public?

Diana Krall, Elvis Costello & Willie Nelson

Ladies: remember (PSA)

So, how much does a Louis Vitton handbag cost?

Jingle Cats!!

My Favorite Poem For My Dear CaliforniaPeggy

It's 43 degrees outside, but it's sunny. Should I go for a ride?

I'm nothing like that little tart Britney

If you squint, you can still see the Mozart in him

I needed a good laugh today and this helped.

So we give crap to Christina for her Marie Claire pose - I suppose she should be doing this....

Discrepancies between CBS's "Rudolph" and the Bible's

Next month I'll be appearing nude under the covers with Marie Claire

Belvadere Vodka is usuing Vincent Gallo in their TV commericials...

Help! Am trapped in a room of teenagers on computers!

Hallelujah!! It's raining....FINALLY

"Mom! I was sleeping on the couch and drool fell out of my mouth

I want to shoot those French Kissing Kittens in the banner DEAD! Who's with me?

Yes THE Cuban designer Otto Chaviano

Peyton Manning United Way commercial

Rain, Glorious Rain

it's cake day at my new place of work!

How to make a zombie cockroach

So Who Doesnt Know Its Called A Channel Changer?

Erin Burnett refers to GWB as "the Monkey in the Middle"

ABC messes with The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

If Santa Sees You While You Are Sleeping Is he A Pev?

Today's entertainment industry bombshell: Tila Tequila is not bisexual, is a "nightmare diva"

Keith... I love you, but

Why must freerepublic have such shitty quality forums

It's 11 degrees outside, but it's sunny. Should I go for a skinnydip?

Does anybody dream they can fly?

DOH! mistake. 5 gallons of Dreft for 3 dollars!!

Hulk Hogan contests alimony

Fanboy bonzanza: New Heath Ledger Joker photo, New Wonder Woman & Batman actors in JLA movie

Movie Chain Part Deux

Update on the NH hostage situation

The Bar Is OPEN..... Butt

I am happy and feelin' the LOVE right now....who's with me??

DU mamas, did you have nude pics taken when you were pregnant?

Gallo Wines is using Mr. Belvedere in their commercials!

My candidate is a marsupial and yours isn't. Nyah nyah.

Have to say goodbye to Saturn today.

Ask a Du'er a Slightly Inappropriate Question:

What Do You Think Of American People?

CNN -Evil is still Alive

Is Santa here?

OK, what the hell is the buddy list?

So, There's Been A Whole Lotta Pussy Licking Going On

The difference between men and women:

Today Is Heavy News Day

Hostage situation: MSNBC suggests his "bomb" is a bundle of road flares



I was adopted yesterday....


You're on the phone with someone and they say they'll call you later. What does that mean to you?

Serious question of the day -- Why do we constantly have to indicate our gender?

When you get your credit card statement do you look at what your credit limit is?

Post your best office holiday party story!

I just found my lawyer

Question about The Big Lebowski

Parking lots need more fountains and feng shui kinds of shit.

This just in: "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead!"

Do you still have your appendix?


My new macbook arrived in the mail!

I Dare You To Lock This Post

I may have a bout with situational depression - heating oil $3.25/gallon


One of my Profs is trying to break me, I swear...sigh...


LEGO Streetcargasm


My friend Jane has an 18-week-old, paper-trained puppy that won't do its business outside.

So, will people think I'm a slut if I get a pic taken of me

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Whats All This Talk About Congressman Ron Paul?

So, any predictions on how Rush Limbaugh will use the Clinton HQ bomber to piss us off?

How do you go about stealing a car?

How do you go about selling a car?

Best Coen Brothers Film?


Hey, Evel Kneivel died

Pat Robertson: Yoga is evil!

The Christmas Shopper's Prayer

Pat Robertson: Evel is not evil!

Pat Robertson: Yoo-Hoo is evil!

What is Evel Knievel doing right now?

Pat Robertson: Yoohoo is evil....dupe. Sorry.

More on the hostage-taker

So I offered to edit a paper

"Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped conjure up the stolen data tapes..."

Can someone please fill me in on the ass antlers?

Ever notice how paranoid drunkards conveniently initiate bomb scares whenever Rove want to hide....

How Much Danger Do You Think Will Robinson is In?

Which DU'r Would You Really Like To Delete?

Have to say goodbye to the Saturn today.

All right I just got home did I miss anything today?

Which DUer Would You Really Like to Greet? (wearing saran wrap and

Attention New Yorkers..

Yoda: Pat Robertson is evil!

SPK'S Advice On Quitting: ANYTHING

Trof: Pat Robertson and Yoda are Eeeevil

Huckabee said, "Congratulations Canada on preserving your national igloo"

Jay Leno staffers laid off in wake of strike, receive "big" $100 Christmas bonus checks

Ever notice how paranoid drunkards conveniently initiate bomb scares whenever Rove want to hide....

I just found out something I never wanted to know.

I'm feeling lonely and wish to post something, but I can't think of anything interesting.

Bomber surrendered

How do you go about smelling a car?

Watch out... This video will make you go AWWW, and then rot your teeth out. (PUPPIES!)

Whoops. Sorry, everyone. Sorry.

I need to be rescued

If you ever get a chance to hear Belle and Sebastian's Hollywood Bowl concert...

OK...list the greatest musical moments. Whether it be an album, a single performance...

Worst Birthday Cake Ever!

You know that one song in Home Alone...that one song, you know, right? Yeah, that song.

Speaking of the Ohio meetup...

I love you

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

Anyone like the Bad Brains? Here's a video from 1982.

Today's GeoCRAZY Question: Heads of State!

The ultimate "Thinking of MrsG and OMC" thread...

Are you a good itch or a bad itch?

Destination unknown? Try some mental hopskotch with words... (new wave ROCKS)

Lounge people, take a poll

Hey Leftymom, I think you parked in my space...

I Know You Rider

It's time once again for PadThai in the Christmas Tree

I'm so tired. I wish the beagle would let me go to bed early

Kick it!

I got another DUzy

Great spoof on the iPhone ad about the pilot.

Oasis' Liam Gallagher: Master Prankster?

this is too funny, please checkout the picture inside

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/30/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/30/07 Bonus

Here's my hate-filled rant against zero-tolerance, which i just posted on GD...

Have You Seen the Dylan Pic "I'm Not There"?

The Diversity of Carrots:

Dylan receiving the Grammy Life Achievement Award in 91.

APA and all other reference citation sucks ass!

Which DU'r Would You Really Like To be Discrete ?(with)

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Pat Robertson: Yogurt is evil!

What would you say about someone who gave you her 'hypno toad'

So, not Rufus, then. Molly, apparently. (Doggy update with pics!) ADDED VIDEO!

I'm moving to Ohio; tell me anything

I Got A DUzy For Falling On My Head

meet Roscoe

I have conquered the dreaded photo scan! Have a look:

Watching "The Big Lebowski" for the first time NOW!

What would you say about someone who gave you her 'special code'

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Tailgate Party?

Here is a picture of the puppy that adopted me

Am I understanding that Jennifer Love Hewitt is upset that someone took a pic of her round ass?

The slacker snowboard dude Lindsay Lohan met in rehab didn't work out, so she's single again.

What Is Up W/Amazon? Every Time I Go On The Website My

This is what a few nights of no sleep does to you

5 Foods You Can't Live Without?

CNN - Evel is dead.

Hey Microsoft Word, you fucker...

Which DU'r Would You Really Like To Eat?

And Now... Billy Carter's '77 Chevy Scottsdale pickup!

Songs, Movies & Books Merger-Mania.. Let's play

Cool Inventions... I want one of each. Christmas ideas for me.

We're going to see No Country For Old Men tomorrow

For all teh obsessive writers, editors, and typesetters: Typecasting!

Huge wooden moose planned in Sweden

I will now BLOW THE LID OFF of Democratic Underground's dirty little secret

are you a cat person? or a dog person?

Are you smarter than a fucking amoeba?

Who Else Dislikes The Cowboys?

Do or 'how do' you show that you are a liberal?

How do you deal with people who scream "Hitler!" during sex?

Hey Wayne...STFU. Johnny APOLOGIZED to you. Dead men can't apologize twice.

If true love is not possible, would you settle for companionship


Can you add a too-big fish to this pic using Photoshop?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

So I just got a MySpace profile

I haven't had a DUzy for weeks...

Anyone know good art deco or depression era fonts?

You had too much

my kid is going to a Lego Robotics Challenge for Milddle Schoolers tomorrow

A question about kittens, male vs. female

Feedback, please! I haven't written a sonnet in many, many years...

I am taking my LSAT's tomorrow morning

My Christmas projects: let me show you them:

I gots a wine...I needs a name!

Post your "Santa and Me" pictures......

I just saw Sicko.

How do you deal with people who scream "Hitler!" every time they see you?

More zero tolerance idiocy.

I got a "holiday" card from a DUer I haven't met

Noooo! My computer is totally infected with virus,trojans,adware and so on...

U.S. Army Europe announces deployments

Congress must pass war funding, Bush says

Deadline for retention bonuses approaching

Senators urge closer eye on military housing

Date set for evidence in photographer case

Japanese base workers call for new strike

Former Marine turned contractor dies in Iraq

Predator crashes in Iraq, 6th this year

Body identified as civilian Tinker official

Rosetta develops new Arabic course for Army

Euro exchange rate is no holiday for American shoppers in Germany

Air Force explosives disposal team defuses bombs at Afghan school

Diesel fuel price up 50 cents a gallon in Italy

Leader talks of lessons learned in Afghan shooting

Few details emerge in Black Hawk helicopter crash in Italy

Baumholder spouses criticize dental care

Thousands expected to protest at Camp Zama on Sunday

Pacific bases shine a light on Seasonal Affective Disorder

Military Update: Silence on VA Retro Pay frustrates retirees

Corps to slash number of MRAPs it will buy

Web survey helps DOD set off-post housing allowance in South Korea

Attack helicopter unit field-testing battle skills in South Korea

Six soldiers deny allegations of assault on two South Korean women

Vicenza looks forward to new school complex

AAFES gas prices flat in Germany, U.K.

Larger NATO Force Needed in Afghanistan

Marines to Cut MRAP Orders

Maliki Wants 'Chemical Ali' Turned Over

U.S. Miscounted Iraqi Volunteer Guards

AF Chief: Budget Request Gaining Ground

First MRAPs Reach 'Task Force Marne'

Trash piles up on Navy base in Naples

Central Florida Corporation Pleads Guilty to Bid Rigging on U.S. Navy Contracts

Coalition to Keep African Seas Safe

Mortgage crisis hits home for troops, vets

The Rods from God

U.S. deaths in Iraq remain at 20-month low

What I learned in November, 2007 from reading the Veterans forum, part 1

U.S. cruiser spots 2 Iranian subs in Gulf

Immigrant returns to Iraq with U.S. Army

Mom follows Army, Marine sons into service

family guy *osama-bin-laden*

Military Suicides part 2 - CBS

Dennis Kucinich on Social Security

Who is John Edwards (interview with Charles Gibson)

Controversial Unaired Immigration Ad: Mexifree

McCain Compares Ron Paul To Hitler Appeaser

CBS 2 part series on Military Suicides-pt 1

Say NO To Liquid Coal!


Olbermann & Uygur: Fox News Isn't Really News

Anti-Torture Watchdog Kicked Off YouTube

Iran Navy something to worry about

Dennis Kucinich Address at the DNC, 11/30/07 - Pt. 2

Dennis Kucinich Address at the DNC, 11/30/07 - Pt. 1

Barack Obama Ad - "Mother" <--- See the detestable ad Hillary demands be taken down

Global Warming Guy

John Edwards on Charlie Rose

OMINOUS *NEW* THREAT TO U.S. SHIPS FROM IRAN! upset with questioning at latest Republican debate

Cindy Sheehan: Come Together, Right Now! (Peace Summit)

Glen Beck i-viewing Netanyahu: Ahmadinejad & The Apocalypse

Interesting the timing of Rudy's bad news. The mistress issue, &

Arlen Specter - straight man for Doober/GOP iniquity who always has to lose ?

Ron Paul is not a good guy.

I finally saw to my TIVO of the debate last night, some quick hit thoughts

Some last wild speculation about the Paul/Kucinch flirtation

Damn! Is this a dire prediction or what?

The Politics of Frustration


Why defend Pelosi if she REFUSES to defend us?

Crosses sold in U.S. made in Chinese sweatshop

Iraq funding and Bin-laden tape - interesting timing

Ranking of blogs & websites,, (right wing sites especially)

RNC Welcoming Committee..

Jim Webb coming up on Morning Joe 6am EST

Goldman sues Web site over Simpson book

TSA plan to gather more data protested

Migrant workers screwed again.

Globalism (as it is in action) will destroy our way of life (if we let it)...

So would there have been any concern if Barclays, Deutsche Bank or some other European group had

I have long suspected that VitalChek was quite evil.

Black Box Voting Exclusive: The Collapse of the Trust Me Elections Model

Dennis Kucinich Has Five Minutes for You-Mr. Fish meets America’s peace candidate (LA Weekly)

3 Wis. ex-officers sentenced in beating

Fraud, intimidation and bribery as Putin prepares for victory

Republican Mercenaries, Blackwater, Looking to Expand in U.S. - Take Over Border Patrol?

Figure in Burge torture case dies


Card Discredits Rove: "Sometimes Rove’s “mouth gets ahead of his brain”

Saudis Release 1,500 Suspected Extremists

If Bush Attacks Iran, He Won't Get My Taxes By Chris Hedges

The Engineering of a Diminished Presidency.

Post on Healthcare deserves a re-post

John Death Squad Negroponte says 'definite' signs of improvement in Iraq

"Terrorist Navy" - CNN splash banner du jour..

U.S. Goal Is to Admit 12,000 Iraqi Refugees in 2008 - What about the other 2 million?

NYT Editorial: "American troops are just holding down the lid on a pressure cooker."

Trouble in Baghdad: Iraqi forces arrest Sunni leader's bodyguards and son

Three Milwaukee Cops get 15+ years in prison for beating...

Leahy Starts Formal Process that Could Lead to a Contempt Citation for Karl Rove and Others

Chavez; "President for Life"? -CNN

Planned Clinton fundraiser @ home of "Dickie" Scruggs (Lott's brother in law) canceled

If you want prescient "news", watch the weather channel

Why is #2 fuel oil ($3.29/gal) more expensive than gasoline ($2.95/gal)?

The debate over delaying the Iraq vote is nonsense!

Christmas port call for REUBEN JAMES canceled by China

Spinmeister, Spinmeister, Spin Me a Tale, Poll Me a Poll, Make up a Dataset

FBI list more than doubles for gun applicants deemed "Mentally Defective" - Most from California

Shocking (sarcasm): FEMA aides who posed as reporters, receive promotions

Giuliani's terrorist ties

Florida tomato pickers march on Burger King headquarters, Miami (Nov 30)

I have a question, especially for right wingers

Rove regarding Plame: "Somebody whose name I wished I'd never knew"

Edwards: "It would be like running against Bush when Bush owns the media you know, they do have Fox"

It's art. It's funny. It's what the kids should be seeing.

Question: wasn't Guiliani supposed to be impotent when he was dating Judy?

The 2007 Presidential Christmas card

Anybody else's jaw drop with confrontation between McCain & Romney?

Air America Cruise -- anyone going on this?

Why Costco beats Mall-Wart..

Murdoch Inc digging deep for Hillary Clinton, Is this a sly FOX move?

NY Daily News: New Twist in Tryst Flap; Campaign's defense unravels --->>>

Republican operative's wife attacks Oh, she's also CNN's new anchor Campbell Brown

Why are there two cats playing tonsil hockey at the top of the DU page?

Utah is the depression..but Alaska leads in suicides. State rankings.

True Majority has great gift ideas for progressives:

** Breaking ** Giuliani Campaign announces new Theme Song!

On This Date in Bush History-11/30: Gitmo Torture & Gen. Petraeus

Sunni tribal chiefs ask Iraqi gov't to "cancel" newly created US backed Sunni militias

I'm in DC right now, and 3 HUGE army helicopters just flew overhead

Groups that demanded an "up or down vote" for Bush's Judicial Picks prepare to leave

When/Why did Border Security become about "Illegal Aliens" instead of a "National Security" Issue?

Research Question

Repukes Targeting California to steal the '08 Presidential Election

Teacher of the Year Down the Memory Hole

Global Warming: The Rich Opt Out

Government knew of Habib's torture (Howard govt. /extraordinary rendition/GTMO)

Now that refugees are supposedly 'returning' to Iraq, Iraqis who do want to leave can be ignored

Chris Rock: Bush put out CA fires ‘with Katrina water.’

Card; 'Sometimes Karl's Mouth Gets Ahead Of His Brain'

The Rods from God

Ethanol might help save oil, but it could brutal for the water supply

So how is Bush's politicization of foreign policy working out?

Why aren't the righties shocked at Rudy's cheating and cross dressing?

W00t! Story of 9iu11ani having 'sex on the city' mentioned on GMA!

WP: White House believe they have regained their political footing

The mythology of The All: Volume 2-The first life form

Bill O'Reilly to debate 80's sitcom puppet ALF tonight.

"if you're going to be outside, use a tight-fitting mask"


TVNewser: Insiders say no immediate decisions on the fate of Tuckers Carlson's show

Caption George ---pix--->>>

Edwards on Charlie Rose.

From the Stupid Idea Goes Bad file...

The Worst Pretend Country of the World: Bush's America.

Window's Notepad Easter Egg?

I need advice about HDTV.

So, how much does a Louis Vitton handbag cost?

So Paulson is calling to freeze adjustable rates, and market screaming for a cut

The Sorrows of Suburbia (Jeb Bush)

Who's Watching the DNC Meeting? >>>

I knew it! Obama is a Vegan for Allah who'll stop at nothing to close McDonalds.

DU this Poll!!

Pelosi: Bush and His Republican Allies Are Preventing Extra Funds from Reaching Our Troops

Dennis Kucinich at Democratic Fall Meeting NOW CSPAN

Gallup: Republicans self report best mental health

Freepers Moaning the loss of "Compassionate Conservatism"

something to consider: Subject: Seinfeld vs M*A*S*H


Asshole Freepers are making slimy jokes about Hillary HQ hostage situation

Banking: This Disaster Was Guaranteed; costing some banks billions

I can't believe I'm posting this,

How many are taking out a loan in order to finance Christmas gifts . ..

CNBC must be working for "Operation Pliers".. Chavez will be "President for life"

"Christmas: Kohl's Takes In-Your-Face Attitude" AFA

Breaking on CNN: Hostage situation at Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters in New Hampshire!

Bomb-wielding man believed to be holding hostages at Clinton campaign office

Treasury Dept. Report: Foreign Companies Stripping U.S. Assets

If George Bush says someone is an enemy combatant, what should happen

It's easy to see what's behind the Kucinich-Paul faux outrage fad

The British and Sudanese govts should work together to get

NYT editorial on Iraq: STILL NO WAY OUT

You don't need to take hostages to talk to candidates in NH.

China barred 3rd Navy visit to Hong Kong (Navy doesn't get it)

Does anybody see this hostage situation as a harbinger of coming violence?

The Shock Doctrine - a state of disorientation (video)

The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

URGENT! Support needed for NJ election audits legislation S.507

Costa Rica needs your help re: School of the Americas

Ask A Mexican.

The definitions of "treason, torture and lying" are far easier to define than defining the

Rush and Sean must be proud.

== Jesus loves 'His Dark Materials' = By Mark Morford

Former Black Panther Details Brutal Police Torture to Extract Confession in 1971 Murder Case

A Solid, Logical Reason It's Time to See More Female CEOs

Ask Mr. Cynic: "What else is going on this FRIDAY AFTERNOON?"

Sen. Clinton cancels her DNC speech.

"Maybe Hillary can be on the first rocket to Mars." -- Baptist Preacher & GOP President Huckabee

Still believe there is no such thing as Hillary "haters" on DU?

OMG! What next? How will we cope???!!! Evel Knievel is dead.

Serious Amtrak crash in Chicago: dozens injured

With China soo invested in US debt....

New York, New York

Clinton NH Campaign Hostage Situation thread #2

Why would a local Superior court not want members of the ACLU on a Jury?

we need to wait and see what the facts are about this NH hostage ordeal

The cat-licking ad at the top of the page is driving me crazy

Guilty Pleasure: Mormon/Xtian Fights at FR!

Would Rudy Giuliani be running for president if he was married to anyone else but Judi?

Mitt spent 12 hours a day in France defending the Vietnam War which he evaded

Senate aide tells Mother Jones the committee could begin contempt proceedings as early as next Thurs

Brown County Republican Party disbanded after its chairman was arrested for child enticement

Does anybody know where I can find the declaration by the Admin.

CNN's Cooper praised Huckabee's non-answer to his what would Jesus do question

Which one of the Democratic candidates running for...

Gang arrested trying to sell enriched uranium

***** Press Conference on Clinton Hostage Siituation *****

A Change Ain't Gonna Come: Democrats Openly Embrace Aggression and Torture--Clinton/Powell

how many times has the rightwing threatened violence to liberals

I'm Joining the Campaign to Change America

Listen DUers: The Surge is working

Evel Knievel has died

Who is your second choice for the nomination?

Pat Robertson's Regent University gets sued by law student

Last hostage freed!!

Clinton Campaign Rochester, NH HQ standoff thread #3:

And now for something completely different...

Update On Michigan Call for Legal Aid by Demeter

EFF Obtains Documents Detailing High-Level Battles Over Surveillance Law

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Ann Coulter.

One poll says Clinton does best among gay voters, but is this true?

Reichwing trying to set up Clinton: 'We don't negotiate w. terrorists, will Hillary Clinton?'

There's too much news today

Why Dennis Kucinich will most likely get my vote in the primaries

kudos to the NH Law enforcement people involved with the hostage situation.

Whaaaa???? "Fox is biased to the hard right, but CNN is even worse, biased to the hard left."

Why I like Edwards the best out of the top 3 Dems.

Are you a Liberal?

I wonder how Rethugs manage to pacify the lunatics

Political Views you Strongly oppose...? (Be Specific)

Did FARCE News name the wrong man as holed up in Clinton NH office?

That was just too bizarre - NH photos --->>>

Was the Annapolis Conference just a show?

At least Bush got some photos at the Annapolis Middle East gathering

Breaking: Hostage taker at Clinton office surrenders.

"Oak Tree Words" (A Free Speech issue)

looks like the hillary thingy is over....

So, I wrapped up my correspondence for the year, with Holiday Cards

"The Bush administration intends to slash counterterrorism funding for police, firefighters...."

beautiful heavy rain gives Southern California much needed soaking...

Sudan Protesters Seek U.K. Teacher's Execution (Teddy Bear Teacher)

Has you seen Endgame?

This is very sad.... what this country has come to being....

Blue Dog Dems: Conservative, or just plain corrupt?

Questions on the Ron Paul & Stormfront assocation

Could it be possible that the FBI is investigating the bush/cheney whitehouse

Ever notice how paranoid drunkards conveniently initiate bomb scares whenever Rove want to hide....

Barack Obama!!

Roger of Roger & Me dies at 82

Hillary Clinton!

What I learned in November, 2007 from reading the Veterans forum, part 1 (xpost from Veterans forum)

Repost: Erin Burnett refers to Bush as a "monkey."

Russia finally pulls out from Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty

Rush weighs in on hostage situation: "Nothing that happens with the Clintons is coincidence."

My letter to Deborah Howell, allegedly WaPo's ombudsman

This Rudy scandal has legs

President Huckabee?

First, there were the bulgarian nurses in Lybia, in jail for 7 years


Polls show Alabama MIGHT be in play if Hillary is nominated

Are we Mythologizing Dennis Kucinich?

Wasted? Or Medicated? ---pix--->>>

The same Leeland Eisenberg, Part Deux.

Teacher hidden as Sudanese mob urges death for allowing students to

Bush is "working on a plan" to save homeowners...

Gays in military: aol poll

Whistle Blower (TruthTeller) on Torture--Meet Tom Fiscus

"The President is Popular With the Military," NPR Reporter States as a Fact

I got this email yesterday, no I don't believe it, so don't flame me. Just wanted to share.

Florida Board Of Education public review

Wikipedia War happening: Lurita Doan, the White House and Wikipedia

How much danger do you think Democracy is in?

More from the War Piggy Files: Stun Gun Used On Pregnant Woman

A Day in the Life of pResident Bush ( (photo dial up warning)

In case of revolution...

Does Everyone Else Read This As A Bad Sign?

John Dean: GOP gaming California electoral system; Dems should push for National Popular Vote Plan

Over at Raw Story Republicans say they have better mental health

"Listen up. This is important."

So Anderson COOPER & all others are hyperventilating, is there NO REASON anywhere?!

Which internet connection do you have right now?

Poll finds more Americans believe in devil than Darwin

Overload is what's killing us..

The hostage taker is crazy, drunk, going through a divorce, and those are ROADSIDE flares in his

Fred and JHERI Thompson on Larry King now...8PM CST, Friday, Nov 30.

Evel Knievel has died. Updated.

CZECH REPUBLIC: US Radar Provokes PR War

I named my teddy bear "Jesus H. Christ."

Emergency Responders Face Deep Aid Cuts

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the republican base.

i wonder what would have come out of the mouths of either

A wonderful site for keeping track of our Constitution!

So apparently, a guy who was known as the town crank walked

Photos: Leeland Eisenberg ---pix--->>>

With Dem Candidate Has The Best Health Care Plan?

Roger Smith has died

re: Don't Ask, Don't Tell ........ did I hear right today?

Need help with chinese water research...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

MSNBC: Reports of Rudy's security detail getting physical - manhandling reporters

Papal encyclical attacks atheism, lauds hope

Washington Post refuses to carry Rudy/Mistress/Tax Dollar Scandal Story

Bush's Praetorian Guards are amped up on 'roids and other shit

Can we get even a semi-complete list of the Repub presidential candidates' lies and sleazy deals?

Hillary's speaking right now.

Florida station reporting confession in Sean Taylor murder.

Do you think Americans would tolerate impeaching Cheney at this time?

Please refrain from calling Bush a "dick" or a "tool."

US Special Counsel: Does NOT Recall ERASING Files & Refuses To Turn Them Over

White House seeks to slash anti-terror funds

What keeps you awake worrying at night

Police: Aunt blinded boy, 12, with dagger

Calls in Sudan for Execution of Teddy Bear Teacher

Guess what ..... I really don't give a shit about Hugo Chavez.

Biden won't Serve as Secretary of State, for Any Administration.

“Thousands” Illegally Rendered By Bush Administration for Interrogation, Torture

Evel Knievel Dies at 69

Impeachment Must Happen

Obama is officially the Front Runner in Iowa

Biden will move to IMPEACH Bush if * goes after Iran

"The Last Days of the American Republic"....

BRAD BLOG: Despite Reports, California Electoral College Split Initiative Has NOT Been Withdrawn

Don't you understand what DEMOCRACY looks like?? (Warning: Chavez related)

Rice ‘Planted’ Question With ‘Friendly Journalist’ To ‘Help Erase’ Pre-Iraq War Legacy

What Are The Freepers Saying About Clinton Hostage?!

Thanks Clinton and All Those Dems who Voted for the Lieberman Bill Against the IRGC

ACTION ALERT! Tell Majority Leader Reid: No Amnesty for AT&T and Verizon

We need an opposite DUzy awards--- you know--- for those with no sense of humor.

Real News Network: Venezuela's referendum: What's at stake?

Why I'm for Edwards

BUSH Admin To SLASH Counterterrorism Funding For Police, Firefighters, Rescue Depts-By Half Next Yr.

Video link: John Edwards with Charlie Rose for almost 1 hour

"NO MATTER WHAT happens, get Kasparov"


Please give up Smoking. It's for your own good!

Do you think it's possible that Dem leadership PROMISED GOP not to impeach Bush?

Poll finds more Americans believe in devil than Darwin

I'm Moving to Ohio

Kucinich Calls For Investigation Into Delay Of Veterans’ Benefits

Mourning Joe on Impeachmen Poll

If a Venezuelan citizen says that Chavez is a dictator, what should happen to them?

Turk army gets green light to hit rebels in N.Iraq

To all the Hillary haters:

More on the "Baby Grace" story - Beaten to death for not saying "Please"

Matt Barber, cultural policy director of Concerned WOMEN, upset about gays in miltary "stunt"

do you think DU is a good representation of America?

Kucinich on him winning the nomination: "It's not going to happen. Next!"

Due to Leeland Eisenberg's hostage crisis, mental health will get the spotlight

What's with the fake deer? This has always bothered me..

This 2008 Election if UP FOR GRABS! you heard it Here.......

Vermont Man Hitting Road To Lobby Pelosi On Impeachment

Richard Belzer on Federal Reserve: "It's The Banks, Stupid!"

CIA Operation "Pliers" Uncovered in Venezuela/PsyOp aims to unseat Chavez

The American Family Association wanted me to write to Kohls about the War on Christmas. So I did.

$46,167,890.00 Secret Admirer Contribution to Clinton Presidential Library

Is this the same Leeland Eisenberg?

Why America cannot be Norway

Australian meltdown of spectacular proportions. The world turned upside down, down under

Meet Ben Johnson, The Perfect Chickenhawk

Ron Paul fans: Honestly, please explain to me...

Don't shop at Kohl's - Director is Bush Ranger

This, I suspect, is the REAL reason why the Kucinich/Paul thing has been getting so much attention

Mental Health Parity Act of 2007

Baptist pastor charged with second-degree rape and sodomy

If Joe Biden started to move to impeach bush/cheney would you support him?

The ultimate "Ron Paul is so awesome!!!!" thread.

Tell me how can a poor man stand such times and live?

The ignorance of the masses will be the downfall of our country. By design.

Here's A Can Of Worms For Ya...

Valid mailing addresses for a couple of soldiers

11-30-2007 DU straw poll of DU's top six announced candidates

The police in Podunk, NH tell Boston news outlets not to cover hostage taking

Would you vote for Ron Paul under any circumstance?

time once again for the Party Affiliation Poll


Keith Olbermann goes on record about something very important.

Do you think that bicyles are vehicles? (Another self-indulgent rant alert)

Giuliani Used His Son Andrew As The Beard So He Could Secretly Boink Nathan in the Hamptons

Venezuelan Government Uncovers Video of Opposition Destabilization Plan

PICTURE!!!! Hillary Hostage Guy Arrested

The real reason the violence is down, and it's not the "surge."

Maybe Bush WAS at least partially right- for the first time in his life- about Chavez.

Judi Giuliani is WHACKO: Rudy must buy an extra plane seat just for her Louis Vitton HANDBAG!!

Scott Bloch, WH Special Counsel Says He Won't Provide Files to WH OPM. Showdown time!

BookTV Schedule: December 1st – 3rd *Special DU'ers Favorite Classic Children's Books Edition*

Oh Bite me, Pope

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Hillyrun Kenobi: "These Aren't the Donor Lists You're Looking for..."

The ultimate "Let's make shit up about Hugo Chavez" Thread

Revenge of the REGO Nerd: How Al Gore's Foresight May Repay Mark Penn...

Should gay men and lesbians be allowed to serve openly in the U.S. military? (DU THIS POLL)

I've always been kind of interested in seeing a picture of bush from his dissolute days

Why do those people do that?

I've had it with Zero Tolerance policies in schools. They are the most idiotic garbage ever.

***DUzy Awards for week ending November 30, 2007***

Edwards $50 billion cut in the China trade deficit means

Tweety on "rewriting history"...mentions Rove in passing, spends 5 full minutes slamming the Clenis

Obama deplores 'Jena Six'

Bush: Dems should OK $196 billion war bill 'without strings' (and before Christmas)

Huckabee's recruiting "Rangers" on his site, a la Bush...and he's got a "Truth Squad"

Host Indicted, Clinton Fund-Raiser Canceled

Attention fellow Gore supporters!

The Problem with Single Payer Health Insurance

Morning Joe reports Obama is having an early breakfast today with Mayor Bloomberg.

HEADS UP: DNC Fall Meeting Today (*Candidates to speak, on CSPAN)

Open Secrets dot org

The Swiftboating of Obama Is Already in Full Effect

Massachusetts Poll- Clinton 54% -The Ghoul 44% /The Ghoul 46% Obama 44% /McCain 47% -Obama 44%

Reporters are like geese, wake up to a new world each day as if the day before had never happened

Huckabee has BIG ethics problems.

Criminal Kerik vouches for Ghouliani on the Shag Fund

The Hidden Henry Hyde: Arch-Conservative Tried To Derail Clinton Impeachment

No Safe Haven for Clinton in New Hampshire.

Rassmussen/South Carolina:Among black voters, Obama is supported by 46%, Clinton by 45%!

Interesting - when it was reported Mayor Bloomberg had dinner with Al From, people on DU said....

Wash. Post's Bacon reported only Obama's denials of madrassa smear, not media debunkings

Rudy Giuliani, Teflon Candidate

New ARG Numbers -Obama's Leading In IA, Clinton's Leading In NH And SC

Study: More Than 60% Don't Trust Campaign Coverage

The Washington Post -- Obama's campaign recommended where money from his PAC should go

The Republicans/CNN Empty Nothing You Tube Debate

Clinton v. Obama in GE State Polls

Business and Politics are like Oil and Water...

NH POLL: Hillary 34 (-6), Obama 23 (+1), Edwards 17 (+7)

ObamaTime at the Apollo...a first-hand account

DNC Fall Meet on CSpan 1

When Rudy Did Judy: Taxpayers' Treat!

Campaign splits Jacksons - Jacqueline Jackson endorses Hillary

DNC Fall Meeting on C-Span at 10:30AM ET. Candidates scheduled to appear around 2:30PM.

South Carolina -Clinton -45% Obama 21% Edwards 12%

Without naming any names, how many Democrats will drop out before the 1/26 South Carolina primary?

"...we are the party of the New Deal, the New Frontier, the Great Society and the boom of the 1990s

Huckabee is NOT a Freeper

Fred Thompson and his "Glamourous" wife on Larry King tonight

Why people hate politics

Edwards coming up next at the DNC meeting.

Obama up now at DNC meeting.

White House: Too Soon to Discuss Subprime Loan Plan (back-pedaling on August initiatives)

why are Kucinich supporters attacking Edwards so much???

There are only two endorsements that are meaningful to me

The Rude Pundit: Fun With Rudy

Rasmussen-Clinton -37% Obama 27% Edwards 13%

Democrats would change abstinence rules in Bush AIDS plan

Krugman blasts Obama on Healthcare

Videos of Today's Speeches at the DNC Meeting are Here

With Iowa tight, New Hampshire becoming Clinton's firewall

delete - dupe

Binary Barack Obama-John Edwards Poll

How much danger do you think Democracy is in?

Obama spoke in Harlem last night and then had "coffee" and a meeting with Bloomberg today...

Edwards actually gave a good speech

Biden -- $3 billion to boost teachers pay & increase pell grants

I will be happy if any of the Democratic candidates is elected president.

Debate Schedule

Getting excited over a 2% lead in an Iowa poll is laughable

Would like to discuss Edwards recent poll numbers.

About That Hostage Situation - my heartfelt concern

Joe's Up Now...CSPAN

Secretary of Defense eligibility

A must read.


Republican caller to CSPAN: We have nothing to offer America, voting Biden or Obama

Office Pool: How long before Pelosi folds?

11-30-2007 DU GD-P straw poll of DU's top six announced candidates

GALLUP: Repugs Report Much Better Mental Health Than Others

Star Parker recently wrote a column criticizing Democrat efforts to save the poor

Fox "News" err.....I mean, CNN censors GOP debate!

IA POLL: Obama 27% (+6), Hillary 25% (-2), Edwards 23% (+3)

Murdoch TV Station Moves from N.Y.C. to N.J. — in Just 2 Hours!

CNN’s Campbell Brown Calls "American Insurgents"

Hostages Held at Clintons NH Office

Most of our Troops are Christain Conservative Bigots says Duncan Hunter

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Needs to Play Fair in Oregon's Primary

Thom Hartmann just did a straw poll ...

Red State Update: Huckabee? F**k Me!

MSNBC: Man with bomb at Hillary Clinton office in Rocherster, New Hampshire. Hostages.

Hostages released!

Mandates and Mudslinging: Krugman takes on Obama on health care, "cheap shots" at Edwards, Clinton

John Edwards Mocks Republicans For Being Afraid To Take Questions From Democrats

this is good-->"Fox News Loves The Hillary Hostage Situation,

What did that guy say at the end of the DNC meeting?

Another hostage was just released (5:36 EST) so I guess it wasn't over after all.

Obama/Edwards or Edwards/Obama....a ticket I can get behind.

Rice ‘Planted’ Question With ‘Friendly Journalist’ To ‘Help Erase’ Pre-Iraq War Legacy

Kalpoe Bros To Be Released In Holloway Case In Aruba & * Connection.......

Jesse Jackson's house divided: Jacqueline supports Clinton

Those Bankrupt corporations have paid 390 mill to the candidates

ABC News: Hostage taker a well-known local resident with history of mental illness

so now the mentally ill will be a issue now

Clinton Campaign Announces Illinois Steering Committee

Wasn't there supposed to be an important vote in the Senate this week? Thanks. nt

Richardson Brings Down the House at DNC Fall Meeting

A Libertarian? That's an insanity defense that can't be refuted.

Al Gore Defends Rupert Murdoch

cnn once again caves to the repuke thugs

New NH Poll: Clinton 30%, Obama 23%, Edwards 17%

Edwards 2.0 came across really well on Charlie Rose last night

For the first time, Obama is leading in Iowa according to polling average.

Running away from the march to war....

I want everyone to stand together tonight in salute to those 5 hostages

Who wants to see a four way Presidential race?

This will, of course, be good news for Republicans

NewHampster's report from the Las Vegas Strip

The Surge At Home--Mark Fiore Animation

A future DU member?

I am new... but have the feeling this board is largely for biden... could that be a sign?

Krugman on Obama - Then and Now

Senator Clinton has impressed me for the first time in weeks

How do you spell guts?

Does anyone know WHEN Senate Bill 1959 will be up for a vote?

Fanatical Freepers saying that hostage taker was "planted" by Hillary's campaign.

Just for the record, Edwards is not scaring the shit out of me

Murdoch backs old adversary Clinton

WaPo's own cartoonist slams paper for Obama "rumors"

What the heck is Bloomberg up to, anyway?

TNR: Will Hillary Doom The Democrats? (the answer is quite surprising)

Hillary Sinking in South Carolina: Dems Question Clinton's Electability

Truth be told, it's Clinton who is lying when she says she has a plan for Universal Health Care.

Ugliness and hypocrisy

A life spent pushing for change - Hillary profile

You should support Kucinich for the fact that even Democrats want you to think he's "unelectable".

Obama Campaign Worker Discussed PAC Donations

Richardson Staying Above The Fray: Focuses On Vision

Who drops out after Iowa?

I'm not a big fan of John Edwards

Tinfoil time, This week they catch a group selling uranium, now a plane goes down with

ARG Pollout this Morning Obama Takes lead....Hillary Losing support

Mr. Fish interviews Dennis Kucinich

I Live in Rochester NH and have met Lee Eisenburg....

Reasons why Obama will gain significantly after he wins Iowa

Down in Des Moines Obama revives the ghost of JFK

Leeland the drunk

New poll shows John Edwards moving up even more in New Hampshire

Carl Bernstein: Bloomberg/Hagel ticket.. WTF?

Don't mind me, I'm just angry that it wasn't a real bomb.

Kucinich denounces Ron Paul as a running mate

The Clintons—and Gore—are the world’s biggest liars

Ok Sen Clinton, this is your freebie press conference..

The most telling thing about Rudy

A particularly Orwellian bit of RW spin...

let's stop the "iraqis need to take responsibility for themselves" meme

OMFG! OMFG! Fred and his trophy wife are on Larry King Live in SIX minutes! OMFG!

Looks like the bomber wanted Hillary to help him get mental health care

Rasmussen: Hillary below the 40% level of support for second straight day. Obama up 10% in 3 days!

president for life?

NH POLL: Hillary 30%, Obama 23%, Edwards 17%

Bill Clinton in an Obama Administration? Would offer job "in a second"

This whole bomb threat hostage thing should poll really well for Hil

I worry about the safety of all the dem candidates. I worry about the

Clinton gets standing ovations from evangelicals

How off from mainsteam Democratic Politics DO you think DU is

DU this gay poll!

This is too funny! Clinton whining about Obama's Health Care Ad!

Hillary Clinton: can her faltering campaign recover?

all of you bashing Clinton, do you any of care about the people that were held hostage?

She's climbing the ramp, heading towards the shark

How Deep Is Hillary Hatred?

What are we calling Ron Paul supporters?

Comic Book Democracy

Hillary Campaign Demands Obama Take Down Ad, Accuses Him Of False Advertising

Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Kucinich and Obama supporters WATCH C-SPAN @ 1:30 PM (Central) tomorrow

Sanity breaks out in the Southland: the Nashville Tennessean editorializes for medical marijuana

Just how are healthcare plans that are mandated going to be enforced?

Richardson is gonna surprise.

If we were really all on the same team, we'd all be supporting Hillary tonight & sticking up for her

Joseph Biden- great piece from The Nation. Oh, anyone remember the Biden-Lugar Amendment?

Natl Lawyers Guild Backs Impeachment

I'd say Hillary was looking pretty presidential more ways than one.

I Wonder If There is a Dog...

Clinton Campaign's Stumbling Gives Democratic Rivals Hope

How does a Senator start impeachment? (re: Biden's comments)

People who accuse Hillary Clinton of milking today's incident for political gain

Naomi Wolf: America's Fascist Coup Owes to Bush's Nazi Grandfather

Tell us how bad you're going to miss Henry Hyde

John Edwards tells the DNC: "There's a wall around Washington and we need to take it down"

Polls: Youth Vote Shifting To Obama in Iowa