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Archives: November 27, 2007

Let's say, hypothetically....

Eugene Robinson: Oprah Endorsement Can Keep Obama Rolling

what is Karl Rove up to now?

Tele Gate Crisis: Stop Bush's Electronic Surveillance Before Next Presidential Election is Stolen

No sound science in climate-change alarm - op-ed by C. Monckton - in Herald Leader

E. J. Dionne: Liberals’ Lesson Down Under

Rocky Mountain News: America's Worst Congressman (Tancredo)

Why is Dick Cheney smiling?

Rove: "Congress Pushed Bush to War in Iraq Prematurely"

Liberal Gun-control advocates line up to find out what *YOU* believe

Bush, the Born-Again Peacemaker (Time Mag.)

The President We Were Warned About

Rice's Legacy So Far-- a real WOWser from Froomkin

Cirque de Bush at Annapolis!

Q&A: Talking with Stephen King (Time)

HuffPost: Most Democratic candidates are ignoring African Americans

President Chavez Warns Against Destabilization Plans in Venezuela

Kathleen Willey is back to haunt the un dead!

Limits of Academic Dissent: Ward Churchill, David Graeber and Norman Finkelstein

Citigroup to sell $7.5 billion stake to Abu Dhabi

The permanent Republican majority

Hands Off Iran by CHRIS HEDGES

Victoria's Secret, Slave Labor And "Free Trade"

Scott McClellan's Editor Hits Media Storm -- Promises 'Forthright' Book

Abu Dhabi breaks from its past with Citigroup investment

Reid and Pelosi: Shouldn't We Impeach for Illegal War, Trashing the Constitution and Treason...

The Nation: The Soldier and the Student

CONASON: GOP tall tales about Reagan

Amy Goodman: Disgraced General Who Pushed for Torture in Iraq Is Now a Spokesman for Democrats?

Behind the Curtain - Bob Herbert - NY Times Op-Ed on Dem Pres candidates

Windows Vista = NSA Spy Tool?

CheneyBush Burned Again: Too Near the Plame

Twenty-Twenty Hindsight, Blinded Foresight

San Francisco Chronicle, pg1: Bush has Democrats crying uncle in budget showdown

How Much Longer Can America Lead Without Followers?

Larry King, Sucker

Mike Huckabee Is Not a Sane Man-Matt Taibbi

Guardian UK: Rove's party is over

Salon: John Edwards hits his stride

Gen. Sanchez, Pelosi an Odd Pair

Beginning in 2008, your old Crocs can be recycled in the US.

World must fix climate in less than 10 years: UNDP - Reuters

Now, this is some good sh#t!!!

(UK) Homes 'can cut CO2 by up to 80%' - BBC

Google says to invest in renewable energy push

Electric cars rolling on streets of Los Gatos (California)

Shootings threaten black rhino project (BBC)

Better ocean monitoring 'vital' (BBC)

Dim prospects that 'energy efficient' will pay off: CIBC

White Continent in its full glory (BBC)

Can baking soda curb global warming?

SunPower, HP partner to spread solar power

AFP: Taiwan sees massive growth in solar energy

Spain chooses wind power for energy efficiency

Taming the Tornado to Generate Electric Power

Spanish PM Pledges To Join "Front Line" Of Climate Fight (Spain's GHG Output Up 3.6% In 2005 Alone)

Indonesian Study Estimates 300K Ton Crops Lost Annually 1992 - 2000 To Climate Change - Reuters

Indian Government Slams UN Recommendation Of 20% GHG Cut By 2020 - AFP

Sea Levels Along Australia's Northern Territories Rising At 4X Rate Of Global Average

Michio Kaku is discussing "No Nukes" on his radio show

China On Three Gorges Dam - "Remain Calm! All Is Well!" After 31 Die In Dam-Induced Landslide

UMich Researcher - Antibacterial Soaps Provide No Benefit Over Regular, Breed Resistant Strains

NPR: Winds of Change Blow into Roscoe, Texas

DU this poll -- aesthetics of wind turbines

Any backyard tinkerers out there?

Fireplace Ashes?

CIBC Economic Study - Energy Efficiency Gains Swallowed Up By Increased Energy Consumption - ENN

Bernie Sanders: Global Warming Is Reversible

Wounded vets asked to pay up

New poll shows Clinton trails top 2008 Republicans (Reuters)

Cheney's Heart Restored to Normal Rhythm

Rep. Gary Miller's ( R- CA ) daughters dies @ 33

Exclusive: Saudi Rape Victim Tells Her Story

Army fixing uniforms prone to rips (Crotch Durability Problems)

Kennedy Memoirs Said to Fetch $8 Million

Washington Redskin Sean Taylor has died

Citigroup to Sell $7.5 Billion Stake to Abu Dhabi

Ohio Legislature hasn't been a house afire this year

Cheney back to work after doctors fix heartbeat

Woman seeks more punishment for judge accused of sex misconduct

Gen. Sanchez, Pelosi an Odd Pair

US roadblock shootings in Iraq kill at least 5 in minibus filled with Baghdad bank workers

Obama Open Foreign Policy Discussion LIVE

Suits a red flag on voting machines

Court to Release Guantanamo Case Audio

Army fails to discharge convicted GI

Iraq politicians oppose US pact

Court: Contractor owes $5 million to U.S. soldier's family

Iran says it's produced new missile

Scott McClellan's Editor Hits Media Storm -- Promises 'Forthright' Book

Home Prices in U.S. Fell Record 4.5% in Third Quarter

United Nations: World must fix climate in less than 10 years

Texas senators seek to move up as Lott departs

Texas oilman Wyatt sentenced to year in prison

Americans are growing increasingly optimistic about developments in Iraq, accord

Judge grants recount in Terre Haute mayoral race (D lost by 107)

Two American soldiers killed in an explosion north of Baghdad

U.S. withdraws subpoena seeking Amazon customer identities

Business owners take wait and see stance over sanctions law

A Muslim in Romney's Cabinet? Probably not

Poll: Americans happier about Iraq (but still want troops home)

Hastert Submits Resignation Letter

Google Expands Into Alternative Energy

Six of Bolivia’s richest provinces on 48 hours protest strike

Customs office bid roils Burlington

Clinton's Letter to Bush: No Permanent Bases in Iraq

Judge Charles Pickering Pushed as Lott Replacement

'Not very good' Saddam spy gets 4 years

Bill Richardson calls on Democratic rivals to quit flinging mud

Up to 40,000 Iraqis seek asylum in EU

Canadian fighter jets temporarily fill in for U.S. air defences

Feds retreat on Amazon buyers’ identities

Blackwater guards pumped on steroids, lawsuit alleges

Chinese warship on goodwill visit to Japan

Trent Lott in Gay Scandal, too.

Hate crime filed in taxi driver attack ('Iraqi terrorist')

FBI: Widely reported terrorist threat to Fort Huachuca unfounded

2 Dead in Shooting at Houston Mall

At Least 35 Dead in Iraq Violence

Israel, Palestinians Shoot For Peace by End of '08

Rudd talks climate change with Gore

One person killed in demonstration in Venezuela

World must fix climate in less than 10 years -UNDP

Iran's Secret Weapon: The Pope

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 27

GOP Comeback Climb Is Increasingly Steep

Sen. McCain tells Seneca crowd U.S. winning war

Consumer Confidence Lowest Since Katrina

Woman bomber attacks US patrol in Iraq

Rudd urged to send warships after whalers

Reversal of Endangered Species Rulings

Japan firm launches whale curry

Microsoft Plans to Hire 33% More Engineers in China

At 50, Caroline Kennedy is retiree group's 'cover girl'

Clinton Calls on Powell

Many anti-Chávez expatriates won't vote

Red Cross Chief Ousted Over "Relationship"

Carson Daly About to Defy Writers Strike

Ruling upholds searches of homes of welfare recipients

US withdraws subpoena seeking identity of 24,000 Amazon customers

Ex-Gov. Ann Richards' grave awaits permanent marker

Media Lavishes Attention On Bogus Internet Poll Showing Hillary Losing To Repubs -- And Ignores Repu

Teddy Bear Lands Teacher in Trouble

Cuban custody judge halts hearing (Miami's female "Elián Gonzalez")

Iceland best place to live, Africa worst - 2007 UN report

Top State Dept lawyer seeks US clarity on torture

Sean Taylor Dies in Miami

Laptop battery weirdness....


I am slow response appreciation thread.

Dammit! Just as I jump into the fray with a gun nut

Back in my day...

Look at your drivers license: What grade did you get in sex?

Happy 50th Birthday, Caroline Kennedy

Sweeney Todd...for Christmas!!

Check out this map

(Touching story) Grandmother's life saved by daughter

Happy Birthday, Jaleel White!

Is MySpace down for anybody else?

Locking -- In the interest of order

CaliforniaPeggy is 21 today!

Santa *went UNDER* the shark

Who knew backhoes could speed?


Chimp-o-Matic George Bush Quote Generator.

i have a thread on the greatest page.

Magazine Cover Generator

True Dialogue With a Cat

Why do some people think spanking is hysterically funny?

OK, this one cracks me up

"and quietly gets swallowed by a wave"


I think the new people across the street are illegal aliens. And, I don't believe

Do you have a pet named Bailey or Chloe?

We Just Moved Into This New Ohio Neighborhood

Babies are nothing more than effin germ facftories.

The basic subatomic particle will be found to be the snark

What conservatives are thinking of

Beware today....

Tool Appreciation Thread

Did I do a bad thing?

Dream Question

In all seriousness, why is it ok to tell "Irish jokes"?

Buddy was an effin' Hackett! n/t

Davy was an effin' Crockett

Most. Witless. Bumpersticker. EVER.

Can you give a dog a remaindered book for Xmas?

Prince Graphite is an effin tennis racket!

i am blessed and highly flavored. (Take that tyler d!)

Diversity Video Discriminates: ," features a white, blue-collar worker named Billy who's portrayed

Ever feel real spacey?

Not done with shopping yet?!

Gah! Don't ever "switch to large fonts" by mistake

The quote game: Post a quote from a, movie, celebrity, book, poem, speech, play, whatever.

Ever feel Kevin's Bacon?

Wow. A new reason to hate Wal-Mart, as if I needed one.

What's the best GPS system for under $200?


How do you make an avatar?

in all seriousness, why is it ok to crack the skulls of the filthy Irish?

Happy Birthday Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix

Stephen King thinks Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan should be

Only 7 days until Chanukah

Heheheh....just picked up my last paycheck from the old job.

My mother is cooking for me tonight

UPDATE!!!Dragnet: Memphis Tranny McBrawlers Busted "Trans-Perps"

Share a tale of the worst gift miser in your family or circle of friends.

Shea Stadium - Has anyone ever used it much before??

It just wouldn't be festive without a turkey-fryer fire

oh for fuck's sake, I'm voting for Winnie-the-Pooh for Prez

How much would it cost...

Whats For Lunch

Ahem! As of today, I passed the 27,000 posts mark!

MItt has ruled out Muslims in his cabinet, how about garden gnomes?

Something for all you writers. Funny, but sound advice...

I keep reminding myself, 18 more days till...

When a job lists "Summer Hours" as a benefit, what kind of hours

Request for sample letter of recommendation for a bank account?

Does anyone here know how to write a Interpersonal Communication Dyad?

Is it tacky to give remaindered books for Xmas gifts?

I'm gonna move down to Florida.

Can you give a dog a raw chicken neck?

Man, I totally have the farties today.

Do any of you use Skype to make free phone calls?

Now that deer are extremely active, PLEASE drive carefully.

i'm gonna be

Is it tacky to give Coulter's books as gifts?

Charmin ultra-strong

Inventor of Gatorade dies at 80

Movie: "The Good Shepherd"

Wing Suit!

Miss Puerto Rico Pepper Spray Incident now questioned.

"Ten Little Indians" canceled due to racist slur in title.

i am voting for monkeyfunk as president and chovexani for VP

I hate my bank

Sometimes I get the feeling my GF is a freakin' psycho.

Transvestites attack Memphis McDonald's

I ate my bank

Ever feel Kevin Spacey?

Has anyone seen "The Age of Consent"?

Is it tacky to give Anne Coulter a gif?

Which Japanese Girl band is better?

Is it tacky to give Coulter a book as a gift?

Share your recipe DU!!! Here's mine: Brown Rice Jambalaya

Ann the Man has brown roots.

my bestest buddy ran away.

Do you mind getting gift cards as Christmas gifts?

Speaking of Christmas cards

Don't know why, but I've got this song stuck in my head:Bruce Springsteen - "Nebraska"

Quanto são um brasileiro?

Only 7 days until Chaka Kahn

How NOT to run for office

Someone has to care for the Lounge orphans. Why not me?

A Republican Shops At Wal-Mart

What are your favorite double reach around secret assfuck tricks?

decided I didn't want to share after all

-27C last night.

Unofficial NorCal DU Meetup and Alefest January 22nd

An early bit of holiday spirit:

I wish it would snow.

Hulk Hogan's wife wants half of joint assets (approx. $9.5 million) + "unspecified" alimony

in the regular flamewars, which part do you play?

Can someone explain this photo to me?

Conservationists want "bird killer" wall removed.

bifurcation of cognition

*yawn* Okay, I'm going to bed.

Did they ever say what Jim Rockford went to prison for?

Britney hires a chauffeur/driver, who immediately decides she's a "liability" and quits

a secret mystic guru

For Christmas, I'm giving people little cards saying I did an hour of volunteer work in their names.

"I'm Liam Gallagher and I'm in Oasis. The whole world is jealous of me. It should be." (Wikiquote)

On a scale of 1-10, where would you rate your snark aptitude?

From the Gang of Four Newsletter


Seattle and Portland DUers, please give me some information on what it's like living out there.

Hypothetically speaking, if I got a gun and shot up my neighbor's outdoor Christmas display,

Ric Flair was my grandma's favorite wrestler...

Think you're tough you little bastard? Martial arts instructor arrested for kicking 11 year old

Something fun to do for Christmas?


CHOOSE your Sensei: Gordon Gecko from "Wall Street" or Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip

Post your favorite recipe, but substitute "Joran van der Sloot" for the main ingredient

When I look at my young daughter.......

festive holiday sausage

*flips notebook open and wets pencil with tongue* So, where were you when this all started?

Your "Only in America" moment of the day: Kansas woman creates joke tumbleweed...

I need a gift suggestion for my aunt with macular degeneration.

I'm finally finished with this place. (n/t)

The Food Network Will Make You Think You're The Queen Of Your Universe...

Many queer deer will frolic tonight....

Another call for Phyllis!! Dammit!!

All time best movie flights?

Favorite Barbra Streisand film?

What are you having for dinner?

Don't know why, but I've got this sarong stuck in my head:

At this time of the Year Remember Christ Died on the Cross to Save You

Meta thoughts about GD

Omigod! How can this be? Today, my C-64 is old!


Wow - beautiful placement of a "Touch of Evil" movie poster on tonight's House episode!

Oh man, we've got a live one over in GD, folks.

ever ask strangers weird questions?

Damn! Burt's Bees is Purchased by Clorox.....

What were you thinking?

Omigod! How can this be? Today, I am 46 years old!

I wonder who's been sneaking into my house and photographing my dog?

Self delete. Link is not working.


Keith Moon presents Bachman Turner Overdrive

The Furminator

"Leather on the outside...all woman on the inside."

Take the lionesspriyanka blind taste test!

I'm feeling snacky. What should I eat?

Brendan just go take it all off

Need good thoughts.... and vibes

Elton v. Bernie

Who else DU we hate (ie Circuit City, Wally World, Olive Garden) and why?

Holy batcrap - I wake up with a massive fever and find out I'm to be pitied as a sad DU poster

Bert v. Ernie

Sean Taylor dead, a sadness...

I bought a wonderful box DVD set

Who DU We Love?

Is it really so much to ask for a Dyson Sphere for Christmas? Geez.

I just received my first Christmas Card

Beefheart v. Zappa

Who needs a hug?

Snowing outside, took this cool picture.

Time again for the semi-regular - what are your pets names and how did they get those names?

What is one line you don't want your grandfather to say?

Penn student arrested in underwear thefts

Is it time for Santa Claus to move?

Who's worse?

A poll for men

I'm looking for a new motto

Dumb alcohol question??

I'm dreaming of items to stuff into my Christmas stocking...

So i have a christmas choice: pay my healthcare bill or buy gifts

"I gave my love a cherry that had no stone...I gave my love a chicken that had no bone..."

What sort of gifts do you NOT give a billyskank?

If you know someone who creeps you out, what is it about them that creeps you out?

The Incredible Creeping Cocktail Hour(s)

Anybody ever had to take a "Leadership Assessment Test" for a job?

All time best movie fights?

Today a 14 yr.old boy told me he signed up for the Army

Today's GeoCRAZY Question: Antipodes!

Señor Wences. Sharp-tongued visionary or just a some bastard's lipsticked fist?

Is it tacky to give used condoms as Xmas gifts?

Googlefight is great!

Name one life lesson you learned today

I am feeling snarky, who should I snark?

How do you have sex with a Danish?

Great Britain looking for a national motto

Do you hate obnoxious car ads???

Is it possible to love an electronic device?

I saw MrCoffee AND Starbucks Anarchist...

Who's worst?

do you know what flavor country is?

Cornwell v. Burnel

The new computer came in. It has Windows Vista.

Does anyone make a tree stand that isn't a goddamned piece of shit?

Catch the rabbit.

I have the most amazing sore throat.

Two DU'ers get hitched

Picture Thread

Home schooling for fourteen year old included sex education. Hands on sex education.

Omigod! How can this be? Today, I am 64 years old!


Is it tacky to give used books for Xmas gifts? (Retro?)

Sunset tonight...Cause one thread just isn't enough...

I Just Rescued A Cat From 2 Coyotes

Oh, this is classic

AAA is a CULT!

I just ordered shoes from ask me anything!

All Hail Saint Taterguy

Devoto v. Shelley

"Blessed and Highly Favored!" Give me a break?

Did anything interesting happen around here lately?

Match Game Story Style: "Douchebag Dakota was such a douche, he even _____ Caytlyn, his sister."

How about a fun game of Don't Shoot Your Eye Out?

What were you drinking?

Is a nylon jacket waterproof?

V v. Q

The Three Most Embarassing CDs in your music collection:

Sad Fact about DU

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 11/27/07 (warning: graphic language)

perhaps even sadly, *this* is classic!!

Celtic Thread - post your favorite Celtic music

To Adhamiya and back

Fort Drum soldier collapses, dies after PT

Soldier home on leave dies in car crash

Sudanese ‘Lost Girl’ joins Guard

Colonel: Iran still aids Sadr City militants

SecNav: PRT projects help fight Taliban

Winter visits as Big E wraps Gulf mission

Iran says it plans major gulf naval exercise

U.S., Iraq eye deal for long-term presence

Academy closed during peace conference

Missing soldier turns herself in at Fort Lewis

Indian air force to fly over Nellis AFB

A crash course in combat

F-16 repainted to show squadron’s history

Board: Jammed throttle cable led to F-16 crash

Alert about Nellis explosives was false alarm

GIs still wary after destroying al-Qaida 'castle'

U.S. military says raid led to capture of top militant

Commander concerned about Iranian-backed 'special groups'

Teams in training stay connected to home front

Sasebo-based Essex headed to Cambodia instead of Bangladesh

Killings Spur Afghan Government Walkout

Japan Lawmakers Pass Bill to Quit Iraq

War Vets Fighting Addiction

Longbow Radar Key to British Apache Ops in Afghanistan

Army reinforces uniform pants prone to rips

Army Fields HIMARS to Fourth Battalion

Wounded Entitled to Keep Bonus Payments

Why More Ground Troops?

Military training program for teens expands in US

Now GOP Senators May Kill Iraq Aid

A Soldier's Tragedy: Ironically Bringing Much-Needed Awareness to all Americans Suffering from TBI

What Do You Know of War?

US Roadblock Shootings in Iraq Kill 5

Gates: War on terror needs more civilian help

UAV First Aboard a Destroyer

Stepped-up Army recruiting enlists many with problems

Military Recruiting Vans Draw Fire

Up The Road

A Message From A Future Democrat (8 Year Old Thanks Bush For $20K War Bill)

Trent Lott Resigns

Bush's Big Side Step (CARTOON!!!)

A Day on the Campaign Trail - Barack Obama on Nightline

Dolphin and Whale massacre (in Europe)

Richardson Talks Education in New Iowa TV Ad

Larry Craig Bathroom Spoof

Olbermann: Nobel Laureate Meets Shrub (Gore & Bush)

Question to Republican Candidates from a gay active duty member

Uncle Jay Explains the News 11-25-07

Two Minute Take: Dennis Kucinich in N.H.

Dennis Kucinich speaks at Dartmouth College, Nov. 26 '07

John Edwards - 37 Days Until the New Hampshire Primary

Josh Marshall walks down memory lane with Trent Lott

Dennis Kucinich Q&A at Dartmouth College, Nov. 26 '07

Now that CSPAN has gone off the deep end, Mark Penn, Hillarian aide

Revelations of Bush-Saudi family ties disturbing

if Obama becomes The Candidate- who would make the best running mate?

An excellent response to a right wing email

What’s wrong with the US healthcare system?

Man who spit on dying immigrant convicted of his murder

Save Trees! Stop those snail-mail catalogs

If Johnny had 4 apples when he came out of Krogers @ $2.00 ea.

Waxman on impeachment

I sure wish people would quit griping about negative campaigning

Again the dreaded AMT

Briton arrested for alleged Islam insult

Are there any South African DUers?

Morning Joe Show totally sucks:

CURVEBALL: Info Untrue, Never Confirmed, Never Verified-CIA Never Even Met Him (BuzzFlash)

U.S. and Iraq will negotiate agreement on long-term relations

Two University of Virginia Students Charged in Kidnapping

Abu Dhabi Fund to Rescue Citi Bank....$7.5 Bil for 4.9 % Stake

Will CNN Censor Questions About Homophobia for the GOP YouTube Debate?

Will you have holiday lights on your house this year?

here is some interesting gas stat's 2000-2006

Breaking news: pregnant, white woman missing

You know, I hope the gay community will get a break....

Ahmadinejad offers to be an observer at US presidential election

What Do Conservatives Spend Their Time Thinking About?

Kucinich, Paul and Feingold: Progressive Populist vs. Regressive Populist

McClellan admission evokes memories of Nixon era

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: Up the Road

Challenges brew over 'state secrets'

If Iraq's so safe, then why doesn't "Curveball" go back over there?

Campaigners (in UK) hit by decryption law

Court Won't Review San Diego Home Hunts

"Trail Of Lies & Deception Has Put Cheney On Same Path That Led To Nixon's Impeachment" (USA Today)

'How low can (housing market) we go?' they ask uneasily. A lot lower, experts say.

The Corpublicans have disaster plans: Where are ours?


American Family Association urges boycott and then buycott of Wal-Mart

All in Favor of Lamar to Replace Trent, Tap Your Right Foot; All in Favor of Kyl, Tap Your Left

Abu Dhabi to the Rescue! (of Citigroup)


How Much Did the UAE Kick in for the Coalition of the Willing?

Wow this Annapolis "summit" is fizzling before it even gets started

Iraqis Make Statement Against Oil Theft

We are not choosing between a Democrat and a Republican

Sun-Sentinel OpEd: 'South Florida Dems should drop the zany crusade to impeach Cheney'

(With Apologies to Seth MacFarlane) "Impeachment - The Gathering TM"

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Did you catch Dana "Omigod" Perino's flub during the press con re: Bush hosting Gore?

Couple kills baby, burns body on grill, hides it for year until mother confesses. Charming.

Kucinich At Dartmouth: "Why Should We Wait?"

BREAKING! on MSNBC_____ 14

Missing Woman Coverage a Black and White Issue?

I don't want cheney to slip gently in to the night

Senator Ted Kennedy to write memoirs.

yesterday, a florida judge ordered a defendant to marry

Sikh... Iraqi... hell, all those brown people...

p. 71-72

Dana Perino Finally Utters the Truth: She Refers to "President Gore"

"Columnist compares peace summit to ‘gang rape.’" Gaffney;100% crazy.

Four Days in Iraq: And this Means the Surge is Working?

I tuned into CNN at 1030 and watched for 15 minutes....

It has been 1 year since I changed my signature line....

On This Date in Bush History-11/27: Lies at Justice

Why Do They Think Older People Can Just Keep Working until they are 70+?

just in case lil boots live on cspan

Dismantling of Constitution To Be Released In Audio Format

I hear him yapping.. I see the splash banner on the cable stations

Avigdor Lieberman Calls Annapolis A "Photo-op"

Where is Michael Ware!

I think we are headed for another recession that will put the big one to shame.

Is Bush stepping outside of his powers by making this deal with Maliki?

Bush and the Rice woman - two fucking idiots poking sticks into hornet nests.

Bill Clinton walks into a book store....

Bush, Rice, Pelosi, Syria, diplomacy , "mixed signals" and hypocrisy!

Former USA Debra Wong Yang in huge money deal to monitor artificial hip/knee replacement makers.

After Lott: Dems Think Election Law Gives Them Shot At Winning Seat

Town May Rename Hooker St.

this morning the weather woman on CNN said everybody should go to the

Should we combine greater welfare with breeding restrictions?

Is there a chance that Trent Lott, bigot and seemingly all around bad guy, may not be gay?

Shareholder losses and family foreclosures somehow add up to big broker bonuses.

Larry Brilliant on climate change, disease: We'll rise to the challenge

Gene study suggests Native Americans came from Siberia

(Julia ) Carson's future in U.S. House is unclear

"The Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v. Gore undercut our democracy."

lest we forget:: 120 War Vets Commit Suicide Each Week

Overheard when Gore met Bush at the W.H.

Joe Klein is a big, balding, bearded idiot!

That fucking racist Imus is going back on the air

The Greatest Heist of the Century

What about a Clinton/Obama ticket, would that be bad?


TEDTalk Tuesday: Why can't we grow new energy?

A Dollar the Size of a Postage Stamp

Code Pink is in a shouting match with "Defend Jerusalem"

FCC Hearing begins shortly... Expanding power over cable and Do-Not-Call Registry

Is is just too hard to date your own age group as we age?

Iran Announces New Missile - (range of 1,200 miles)

How many Americans are ready to Relocate

NH Cop Surprises McCain, Speaks Out Against Drug War

Planet of the chimps

Powerful Iraqi Shiite leader heads to US

Question for import experts regarding Chinese imports

Why Do Republicans Want Sen. Clinton to be our choice?

Annapolis and the Unholy Alliance

Dodd responds: No permanent bases in Iraq.

My Namaste Sermon again

Lieberman: "Today, Al Qaeda is on the run. We are winning."

How many more times can Cheney's heart conceivably be shocked..


19 year olds seem to think they will live forever and are bullet proof!

She gave us "The Secret", what other dumb things has Oprah done?

Virginia GOP demands oath of loyalty from their primary voters..

Romney: Muslims not needed in Cabinet

Weren't Trent Lott and Larry Craig both members of The Singing Senators?

Separated at birth? Fox News's Sean Hannity and.......

Bluffton bus wreck victims file suit against insurers

Man Sentenced In Shopping Mall Bomb Plot

What's with all the hunting threads? What gives?

Want to Play 'Santa?' ID Required (Before you can write to kids as Santa)

Alameda considers ban on Styrofoam

Ya' can't make this stuff up . . .

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job?

Joe runs even with the Pub frontrunners!

Rove ----- Congress rushed Bush to war in Iraq

Rudd Talks Climate Change With Gore

A little bird told me - possible Dem pickup on Lott's seat!


Roundup of the "Outing Trent Lott" saga so far...

Ann Coulter Addresses Space Invaders

The latest repuke justification/feel good lineon the war?

The effects of Bush's illegal war: liberating Iraqis from life by the dozens each day (still)

Seems to me the Annapolis talks just. . . punted.

The silence from Gore, Kennedy, and Kerry does say something...but what?

Which is more important? Bill Clinton's impeachment or Passage of NAFTA and Welfare Reform?

Fox Biz News Man On The Street Isn't Just Any Man On The Street

I checked out Fox News's page on "The Americas"

Deer Hunter Shoots Self In Leg, Dies

On Tucker, Bob Franken resurrected false stories about childhoods of Bush, Gore

Beverly Tan: Why I F**cking Hate Starbucks

ABC's Nightline walks away from Iraq

Red Cross chief Mark Everson resigns due to 'relationship'

Thom Hartmann: Harvard Survey on preferences

France's Secret Weapon to Beat Global Warming

Do You Think Spanking Should Be Illegal?

Somebody please lock this mess. I'm going to reword it.

Talks resume in Hollywood; economy wobbles, local hopes briefly spike

Brent Budowsky - Tucker Carlson Says Al Gore Is Like George Bush

Just 1% of Seattle Marathon money goes to charity

Cheney: "Efforts to shut down the flow of oil could conceivably have a significant impact."

Jon Kyl to become minority whip?

Abu Dhabi to Bolster Citigroup With $7.5 Billion Capital Infusion

Burson-Marsteller Announces a Worldwide Agreement to Represent Death

In your opinion, is Dennis Kucinich the best presidential candidate ever?

Dammit. I'm not a TRUE AMERICAN. Are you?

Amidst the Lott-gay rumors we should not forget his role in establishing “True Parents Day” as a

Bush's fmr head of IRS resigns as head of American Red Cross- "personal relationship" w/ subordinate

Are garden gnomes the definitive, underrepresented minority?

McCain and Lieberman say we are winning in Iraq

What are your positions on people having guns inside the home for protection?

What would prompt Tom Brokaw to say this upcoming election is probably

Texas Oilman Sentenced to Year in Prison

My dad, hunting, and life

Got called by a pollster the other day

Iraqi media source: Watch out for Mosul - iraqi insurgents say no to joining "concerned citizens"

Every day that these war criminals crouch in our White House is one day less for America's survival.

When forming an opinion on economic and/or foreign policy

Dick Cheney's Heart Problem A Conspiracy To Keep Al Gore Down

The fear that conservative America faces...

The Economy, Not Terrorism, Will Be The Issue In The 2008 Campaign

Senator Clinton Calls on President Bush to Renounce Permanent Bases in Iraq

Astrological Signifigance of Deceber 11....Anybody know?

Bush Family Friend Oscar Wyatt Jailed

Ron Paul's popularity: The "right" is just as disenchanted as is the "left"

Republicans Threaten to Cut Aid to Iraq


I had an interesting talk with a beggar yesterday....

So....Where would Cheney be without his health insurance (which WE PAY for)?

The New Army

Bush to Middle East leaders: 'Thanks for coming''...and then he left

Interesting question on 'The Cafferty File' (CNN) :

How many Democrats have quit prior to the Jan 1 Rule change?

Right-Wing Magazine: Veco Oil Scandal Contributed To Lott’s Resignation

Sudanese Scholarships for Young Women

OK gun enthusiasts. Riddle me this

23 Republican Retirements So Far and More to Come

Transgender Pol Fights Fraud Claims (Yes, folks. In Georgia)

Walmart being evacuated due to bomb threat (s)

Jockin' Mike D....

This is SUCH a great idea!

So when Republicans threaten to cut aid to Iraq, they aren't supporting the troops are they?

Update on Cheney's heart

Look at this picture of the chimp and Al Gore. The chimp is doing the "hook'em horns" again..

My letter on the SCHIP veto finally makes it to print

105 Friends!

Americans happier about Iraq: poll (Mission Accomplished!)

I don't post here anymore

How true is this? I have heard of the connections before and want to know what you think

how do i post this in the video section..? >Link>> it is sooo good

Media Overhyping Iraqis' Return Home?

Larry Johnson: Four Days in Iraq: And this Means the Surge is Working?

Island disappearing in Brazil: Is it global warning yet?

Grandy & Andy instead of Washington Journal??

Breaking: Redskins' safety Sean Taylor has died.

Bush: "I didn't sacrifice my soul for politics."

BBC said Sean Taylor has died

Rising food prices could see 500,000 poor cut from nutrition program

What's in a name? Carlyle Group. Why did *they* pick the name 'Carlyle'

Leno rerun discussing BCCI!

How I see the Second Amendment

I, for one, think Obama should drop Donnie McClurkin as his running mate.

Where do Croc's go when they die? When the fad is over....

Discredited sources, box cutters, shoe bombs, hair gel, suitcase nukes... What about the anthrax?

It will be the responsibility of the next President to get rid of the Behemoth Embassy in Iraq

Yes or No, was Hamas asked to attend the mideast peace talks in Washington? /nt

Iraqi Constitution Requires Parliament to Approve Long-Term U.S. Presence

Is Al Gore still supported on this site?

Does a tanking economy, wounded Repub Party and $1bil to spend = Bloomberg Pres Run?

My letter on Rudy "9/11" Giuliani also makes it to print

Raw Story: "The Permanent Republican Majority"

Republicans Threaten to Cut Iraq Aid

Caroline Kennedy, 50, Is AARP 'Cover Girl' - (Say it ain't so, Caroline! )

ABC News: Cheney's Irregular Heartbeat a Worrying Sign

The E-mails Benjamin Nicholas Says He Didn’t Send (Lott related)

So if Bush* all of a sudden decided to accept the Kyoto treaty do you think the Senate

Impeachment Resolution passes (UNANIMOUSLY) at National Lawyers Guild Convention

Lawsuit Claims Blackwater Guards Abandoned Post on Day of Shootings, Used Steroids

Charlie Wilson's War: The Book

Iraqi police: US gunfire at minibus kills 4 bank employees on way to work

Help Me Find This Photo of Trent Lott in Leathers & Ponytail ---->>>

Lott Exit Spurs Republican Scrum

Obama is unelectable. Blacks won't vote for him.

How can bush talk about peace and bloodshed


Why is so much of America Politically Constipated?

I'm an idiot and even I know an online poll is useless astrology

WGA Strike Rally Today in NYC --->>>

Larisa: Pt 2 Repub Majority: Daughter of jailed governor sees White House hand in her father's fall

So the writer strike IS a bad thing afterall?

25 most powerful people in business

a message to whomever wins the presidency

Economic Musings of a Bleeding Turnip

More Rain for Drought-Stricken Georgia

Sarah Josephine McNair, former first lady of SC, dies 13 days after her...

Seen the studios video response to the writers strike? They make some good points.

Is Barack Obama a fundamentalist Christian?

Feds Cancel Amazon Customer ID Request

Tennis star Roger Federer joins UN anti-AIDS campaign

Number of Muslims in U.S. and Number of Mormons are equal -- he he!

Lawsuit Claims Blackwater Guards Abandoned Post on Day of Shootings, Used Steroids

Re: All This Hunting


Bernie Sanders: We Can Save the Planet

Glenn Greenwald: Everything that is rancid and corrupt with modern journalism: The Nutshell

Feds to Hospice Patients: Die Faster, Please

Lerk's treatise on good and evil

Dover man claims disfigurement from botched colostomy.

Raw video of Bush - Gore photo op

If we want the Middle East countries to settle their border disputes

Self delete

Rarely seen headlines : "police say a man...arrested for running naked on I-95...drowns...

Lerk's suggestion of incidental land use

Noam Chomsky: Not Through Annapolis...Peace Lies in Organizing Against U.S.-Israeli “Rejectionism"

Do males ever feel insulted by TV ads --- ???

Arizona's 'Cokeheads' the National Guard

The first of the "10,000 Men" step out for some "field training." (program against violent crime)

We've had several incidents of gas tanks being siphoned in our little village of

Sometimes, it's good to just talk to people (on Senator Kerry's trip to Africa)

23 Repubs leaving congress

Media Matters talking about the California initiative

American Indian Holocaust Tribute in Los Angeles - Elizabeth Kucinich participates

At this time of the Year Remember Christ Died on the Cross to Save You

One more, if you care

The Ann Coulter Challenge

Who's your #2 choice for the Dem nom?

Hershey, say it aint so!!!

BRAZIL: Auction of Oil Blocks in the Crossfire

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE comes to the BIG screen

Anyone else watching Tweety-the-tuba tonight

China refused request from U.S. ships to enter Hong Kong harbor to avoid a storm

Many queer deer will frolic tonight....

Hustler responds on Lott: interesting response, he's got the hair for it.

48% of Americans think Military Intervention is 'Going Well'.....

Democrats switch tack, seize on economic woes

what will happen when "do the right thing" consciousness overturns and overshadows the "greed/kiss

Zapruder film shows Mary Moorman wearing white shoes . . .

If the popular Dem candidates are backed by corporate money

Stem Cell Breakthrough Could Stifle Research

Reid Aide: Bush Ignoring Will of Congress, Public on Permanent Iraq Presence

Tweety: "If we can't come home from Iraq, we are not winning. We are losing."

Remember when Zogby had Lazio beating Hillary right before the 2000 election?

The Most Important Issue in the 2008 Elections – Adherence to the Foundations of our Democracy

And a Firefighter responds

"An Inconvenient Truth" too controversial to be shown

Carson Daly is dead to me now

Um, "Jackpot"?

Trent Lott’s Resignation-?s About Criminal Prosecution In Case Of Lott's Brother-In Law (Harper's)

What is more critical? My right to display the Confederate flag?

Sad Fact about DU

Aren't "Christmas Trees" a form of genocide...

Okay, Which is more critical: Your right to smoke or my right to breathe?


Bush: "I work the phones, I listen, I encourage, I have meetings. I do a lot of things."

Tasers? The great Canadian Taser controversy on CBC's "National" - 25min piece - video link

Anyone need a job?

Self-declared skinhead gets 7-year term on weapons charge

Just Watched Sicko. Blood Pressure now at 375/298

Moving to the "center" does not win us elections, getting people out to vote wins us elections

If you flip over the rock of American foreign policy of the past century...

Diesel goes up. Regular unleaded goes down.

Flynt Chose Not to Expose Sam Donaldson


LOL, Chris Dodd enters a question for the repuke CNN/YouTube debate

Minorities and females shut out of media ownership.

Is there a list of Republicans

What do Hillary and Hedge Funds have in common? LINK (Hint $$$$)

Judge put the whole courtroom in jail because of a ringing phone

Florida may lease toll roads, bridges to private investors.

Lastest Gallup Poll: Kucinich vs the others

A suggestion for a future tweak for DU board performance...?

HA HA "Certified Christian!"

Indisputable proof of global warming

I hate hunting, but not the hunters.

NCIS tonite

Question for those who have spent time in countries where they drive on the left

Lerk's warning about the paralysis of talking points

The Curse of The Singing Senators ---pix--->>>

Nov 30th, City of Fresno "cleans up" the Homeless.. where will the go?

Whatever happened to our stickies/ pics we posted during the fund drive before the fun run?

Why I F**cking Hate Starbucks

Katie Couric (on a Colbert repeat now) looks horrible.

John Edwards' Plan To End The War In Iraq

The First Crusade, from This Day in History

Lerk's warning of things to come

Lerk's observation: scorched earth diplomacy

Anyone up for the military?

The entire election hinges on the moderates.

"You're a dreamer, Beckman, they'll get you first."...

Woman Slammed With $43,000 Hospital Bill (and she's 'insured')

Anyone watching the Biden interview on the News Hour? I like this guy...

Colin Powell's Chief of Staff on Bloomberg Tonight: Bush and Cheney Lack Mideast Chops

Conventions Throw Doors Open to Bloggers - Applications being accepted Dec. 10th - April 15th

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Democratic Nominee Faces Scandal Charge: Would the Alexander Hamilton Gambit Work Today?

Jesse Jackson: Edwards Is Only Dem Candidate Not Ignoring African Americans...LINK

Lerk's rule of yardsticks

A Dollar's Worth

My care package to "Dickie Cheney"

Lerk's observation: man as a warmongering genetic experiment

Not ever giving the fuck up! And busy as a beaver!

Tuesday TOONS: Impeach? Peace? whatever...

If you are against the death penalty--you are ALWAYS against it

Anyone see Karl Rove on KO just now? He actually claimed that Bush

So...does posting on DU put me on "the list"?

WTF?!?-Bush Doesn’t Resent Gore for Election 2000-"President is willing to let bygones be bygones"

Earth's Eighth Continent: A Massive Floating Garbage Patch

Okay, I smoke, drink, cuss and don't like guns.

Acquiescence.... I heard that word on Countdown tonight.

Joe Horn has yet to be charged in the killings of 2 accused of burglarizing his neighbor's home

Just talking ok, could it be that Albert Arnold Gore is only waiting as long as he can to announce

The candidate I will vote for will look the American public in the eye...

From an Angry Soldier

Edwards responds - No permanent bases in Iraq

Trent Lott in Gay Scandal, too.

Eating GM foods is a health risk

Robbing Kids, the Dying and the Elderly to Pay Medicare HMOs

Psst! What About the Damn Economy?

Kucinich...2 Days Left for matching funds

I am against the death penalty ... but, in this case

How to decode Republican messages:

hunting is like abortion - if ya believe it's wrong dont do it, but dont tell me what to do. n/t

Lerk's Law of Relative Extremism

Daughter of jailed governor sees White House hand in her father's fall-By: Larisa Alexandrovna

Kansas über-winger Phil Kline busted

were viet nam vets spat upon?

Do you believe George W. Bush was elected in 2000 and re-elected in 2004?


Older white women join Kenya's sex tourists

Students walk-out against Recuriters. Teachers get fired

Lerk's observation on message boards

An Edwards victory would be great for progressives; what more, really, do you need to know?

Senator Clinton Leads in Wall Street $$$

What Are The Dems Doing Right Now To Take Advantage Of All The Repug Vacancies.....

Australia's Lesson for Democrats

For my 1000th post, a simple hope.

A Doctor's Support for John Edwards: A Physician's View of John Edwards

Should Any Gay Person (Gay Friendly) Support Obama in the Primaries

Iowa State Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell becomes 19th State Legislator to endorse Clinton

You've convinced me. None of the democratic candidates can win.

Oprah's Official Schedule

Australia's first woman deputy Prime Minister

Trent Lott Fallout: The Gay Escort Who Knew Too Much

Escort Throws Cold Water On Lott Rumor

Back from Iraq, McCain hammers Democrats

"Why Oprah Won't Help Obama" Time Magazine

Prosecutor alleges candidate faked disappearance to help campaign

McHenry vs. Congress

Did the "ex-gay" McClurkin controversy make anyone think MORE of Barack Obama?

Historians for Obama

Obama "may understand issue" of net neutrality "better than any other candidate."

Obama on Nightline

Do people posting statements in the form of a question annoy you too?

McClatchy: Clinton's 'fiscal responsibility' a sham, critics say

Strong Recruit a Must for Democrats to Compete for Lott’s Senate Seat

LIVE NOW: Senator Barack Obama - Open Foreign Policy Discussion

Two Dozen leading Mass. Legislators and Community Leaders endorse Clinton

9:45 EST - now on CSPAN2 - Interesting poll of African American voters now claims Hustler publisher Larry Flynt confirms Trent Lott story.

According to the McClatchy report

Startling results of latest poll!! Fabulous news!!

The Rude Pundit: Unspoken Thoughts Floating Around the District of Columbia Yesterday

Here's an interesting article about Obama & Deval Patrick...

* At Peace Conference - The Time Is Now To Talk Peace Because I'm Just Crazy ........

Edwards adds Obama to his list of "corporate" Dems same as Reps

New Iowa Poll Via MyDD -Obama -29% Clinton 29% Edwards 23%

What Red States Does Senator Obama Put In Play And Why?

WP, pg1: "Legendary communicators" Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton Bring Star Power to Iowa

Question regarding Sen Kennedy's whereabouts of late....

Question about Troopergate

So Will Declaring A Victory In Iraq And Peace In The M.E. Get The Repugs The W.H. in '08?.......

This Modern World: You won't read that in the mainstream media!

So will a reporter ask Mitt if he will have any Mormons in his Cabinet?

Asking for input on Polling Point -- is worth it for me to participate in a Poll,

Did you submit a YouTube question to CNN

If the economy tanks in the next 60 days here's a 3rd party ticket will emerge and,,,

No rings, 53 million strong: Unmarried women could change election

Vilsack Takes On Oprah — Good Luck! He implies stay-at-home moms are not working.

Great Link To All Polls, National, State, Candidates, etc For DUers

A pledge to Obama, Biden, Dodd, Richardson, and Kucinich supporters.

Biden vistis as Waldorf students get set to host mock caucus

OK, here's a platform I can support:

Should Joe Biden be allowed to own a gun

Rasmuseen Is Back From Vacation- HRC 41% Obama 17% Edwards 13%

Biden calls on Bush to go to Israel

It's in the best interests of the GOP that the writers' strike continue as long as possible,

Newt Gingrich endorses Barack Obama...

More fodder for Hillary Haters: She lands coveted Streisand endorsement

Jesse Jackson: Democratic candidates, except John Edwards, ignoring blacks

Richardson: Hillary crossed the line when she tried to bash Obama on his childhood.

Poll question: Since Oprah Winfrey endorsed Obama, who's next?

Majority of Americans Support US Military Strike Against Iran! Let's get ready to RUUUMMBLE!

Virginia voters must sign "Loyalty Oath" to vote in republic primary

Edwards Offers Heating Plan

Matthew Shepard Act: Missoula Turns Out for Rally Against Hate Crimes

Hillary endorsed by South Carolina Ministers...

Richardson: Hillary's "inevitability argument" is hurting her


Here's a poll question looking for a some respondents --

Since Streisand endorsed Clinton, who's next?

The Nation to endorse Obama or Edwards

Kelly Conway Spinning Her Head Off On Tucker

Richardson Believes He Has Momentum

MSNBC - slimy liar

Jesse Jackson: Only Edwards Speaks to African-Americans

Cafferty Unimpressed With Streisand Endorsement..

Biden on PBS News Hour now.

Some things I have not done since Idiot George stole office...

Rating Democrats on Electability

Firefighters hitting Iowa for Dodd

(sigh) More liberal bias in effect..(OK for Chimpy..not for Hillary)

Zogby Interactive and the ‘I Knew It’ poll

Obama brings on Carlyle Group lobbyist as a senior advisor.

Larry Flynt says Trent Lott resigned because of his connections to male escort

Quakers Against Kucinich?

Would you vote for Ron Paul over a Dem. hawk?

Will you vote for a candidate because of someones endorsement...

Media Lavishes Attention On Bogus Zogby Internet Poll While Ignoring Gallup Poll

Bill Clinton's advisors are working for Biden - not Obama or Hillary!

Edwards first Democrat to come out in support of broadway stagehands!


Obama: Rural Iowans want to tell the world they aren't as Ingrown as they may be perceived to be

Thanks for going after Obama.

So, How do you think Iowa and New Hampshire will ultimately play out?

Hastert Submits Resignation Letter

Crystal Ball prediction time: what will happen in Iowa?

Do You Believe that Iowa is Do or Die?

This does not compute.

Obama said "foreign relations" NOT "foreign policy"

First Read: "Weeklies Vie For Candidates' Attention"

Biden thinks all the Dem candidates want him for Secratary of state?

Clinton's Letter to Bush: No Permanent Bases in Iraq

Bill Clinton flip-flops on Iraq in Iowa?

The GOP's "Big Tent" Will Be Filled With More Than Just Their Usual Elephant Shit Next Summer

Obama 'The Man for the Moment'

No other campaign has asked Zogby for more polling data than HRC's ...

A question. About helping.

Found a great editorial cartoon look here. Bad Reporter

Bill Richardson's Blueprint For Victory In Iowa

Seen on a pick up truck in rural Ohio......Obama sign and two others...

A Zogby **online** poll? Everyone's hanging their laundry on a Zogby online poll?????????

CORPORATE MEDIA Mantra - Oprah vs. Bill Clinton cancel each other out.

Biden calls on Bush to go to Israel

Tucker FUCKER Carlson: Hillary's experience was going after Bills girlfriends

IF Hillary Blows It, Would it be the Greatest Political Upset In History?

Latest Poll has Clinton and Obama tied in Iowa.

JOE BIDEN on CSPAN tonight 7:30PM EST.

In Elderly Women, Clinton Sees an Electoral Edge

Democratic Debate dates coming up

Which one of these endorsements will benefit the candidate most:

"Clinton trails top 2008 Republicans"/"Hillary beats all Republicans"

This is the real Ron Paul (For those of you who like him)

Obama "buys" endorsements, while lobbyists buy Hillary.

I love Vote Smart.... all the candidates rated on their voting records!

Remember when it was BAD that Pelosi talked to the Syrians? Well it's GREAT when W does

Michigan Senate Refuses to Restore 4 Democrats to Ballot, Leaving Hillary Clinton


"BushII doesn't Need Congressional Approval for War with Iraq.."

Save Yourself a Subpoena

Why is the Carlyle Group lobbyist endorsing Hillary instead of one of the (R)

Please stop posting the same post about polls.

John Edwards: Let's Create a National HIV/AIDS Strategy

Oprah suporting Obama - Positive or Negative?

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton's secret pact with Satan Exposed

This week Adolf Hitler finally got on the cover of Time magazine

Edwards Outlines Key Economic Policies to Help Middle-Class & Working Families

Black voters tilt toward Clinton: study

Clinton endorsed by S.C. ministers amid faith fight with Obama

Kucinich urges Bush impeachment

Dodd and Biden - old friends on the campaign trail

Who Would Hold More Influence In A Hillary Clinton Administration?

Does the behavior of supporters affect how you view a candidate

Amidst all the hoorah over HRC's Poll vs Republicans Joe Biden continues his steady progress:

Zogby Defends Poll; says Hillary's Pollster Buckling Under the Pressure of an Unfavorable Poll

Obama: When Good Put-Downs Go Bad

Heritage Foundation Forum on Conservatives in Hollywood

Obama- Trapped between 2 worlds...

Does Senator Obama support designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a Terrorist organization?

Bring it on! Babs backs Hillary!

Hillary Clinton plans to use Colin Powell to restore Americas Image?

DU'ers abroad or have been abroad recently...question for you.

Obama backs away from his "strongest experience I have in foreign relations" claim

Clinton flip-flops on needle exchange in less than five months

Is Al Gore still supported on this site?

Assume for a second that the next Democratic President gets 52% of the vote

Katrina vanden Heuvel just said on Hardball that the names Edwards and

Hillary -- shakes head "no" while saying yes to supporting the Democratic candidate in 2008

Big Dog: "I opposed Iraq from the beginning." (not true, of course)

From Fact Rudy lied AGAIN!

Am I the only one here who finds Biden too prone to racial gaffes to consider nominating?

Some ask why the sudden Obama's a clue (pic)

I hear: "No way will the Fundies vote for Rudy!" THINK AGAIN!

Who said "I have repeatedly defended President Bush against the left on Iraq..."

Why Edwards is the logical choice

Obama IS electable

Madeleine Albright responds to Obama's attack on Clinton

Dear Hillary; Love ya lots, but could you please stop being such a bonehead about some things?