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Archives: November 25, 2007

Iraq and Afghanistan War Surge Hokey Pokey WH attempts to Obscure the War Failures

Latest "reasoning" re: Iraq

Iraq vets' troubles appear long after return

Run-up to Mideast talks hints at split from Bush

Let's hear it for good news from Iraq - Boston Globe

“Market Fundamentalism” and the Tyranny of Money by Richard C. Cook

John Nichols: Australia Exits the Coalition of the Willing

Dems in Denial: Jack Kelly (Post Gazette)

Lost Jobs and Migration: The Real Cost of NAFTA, CAFTA and the Peru Free Trade Agreement

"A Generalized Meltdown of Financial Institutions" By Mike Whitney

Banks Gone Wild By Paul Krugman New York Times

Baker Botts Cuts an Iraqi Oil Deal -- and Draws a Backlash

Why a Democrat President Hasn't a Chance to Save the Nation By Jim Freeman

If Conservatism Is The Ideology of Freedom, I’m The Queen of England

Bringing the War on Terrorism Home:

Shut Up (About) Chavez By Paul Buchheit

Enough, Already! by The Other Katherine Harris

The Bush Administration's Self-imposed Break From the Destruction

Iraq vets' troubles appear long after return (Undiagnosed by Military)

Giuliani: Ease Burdens on Business

Independent UK: Another skittle of the old order falls (Australia's Howard)

Shock Doctrine: Background

Shut Up (About) Chavez By Paul Buchheit

Larry Summers is extremely bummed about the economy

Kilbuck police disbanded

Forecast: U.S. dollar could plunge 90 pct By UPI

Dear Nancy Pelosi....

Paul Krugman:Winter of Our Discontent

George Bush, Al Capone, and Wiseguy Government

Look Back in Awe

Will the Supreme Court Steal the Election for the GOP in 2008? Will CA Become the Next Florida?

What Do You Know of War?

Paul Loeb: Hillary and the Politics of Disappointment

Australia gets the easy Kyoto treaty treatment

Oil Platform Catches Fire North of UK - AP

In Island Village Of Kivalina, AK Natives Prepare To Leave As Beaches Disappear Under Rising Seas

Pumped to be hot, hot, hot (cold climate heat pump, Maine)

Plastic to reusable cloth: Mainers urged to switch

Nature - Hudson Bay Census Shows Youngest, Oldest Polar Bears Died First In Early Melt Years

My Grandma the environmental "alarmist" :D

Starbucks to distribute used coffee grounds for gardens

Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Hit New Record In 2006 - AFP

Hoping to buy wood? Get in line (Maine)

all I can think about is Peak Oil and how screwed we are

Ricks of 'Wash Post': Don't Celebrate Turnaround in Iraq Just Yet

London Times: Al-Qaeda Kingpin: I Trained 9/11 Hijackers

Malaysian police break up rally

(UK) Debate urged over missile base

Iraq parliament hears draft law on former Baathists

Former Pakistani PM Sharif arrives home from exile

Honduras seeks to resume oil imports from Venezuela

U.S. Notes Limited Progress in Afghan War: Debate between military, intel on Afghan, Iraq wars

Jeering Shiites reject Iraq Baathist bill

One dead as Bolivian students, soldiers clash

U.S. Oil Production Down 5%, Reserves Declined 4% in 2006

Iran says IAEA closes more files over atomic work

World Anglican leader launches attack on U.S.

British-U.S. link seen hurting ties with Russia

Syria to attend Middle East peace meeting in US

Baghdad car bomb kills nine, wounds 30 -official

Iran sanctions are getting results, Clinton tells Iowans

Foxwoods Casino Dealers to Join Union (voted 1,289 to 852)

First state regulator, then BP's advocate

Holiday Sales Climb, but Shoppers Are Spending Less

At least 10 killed in Qaeda clash in Baghdad: police

Iraq official: U.S. guards detained in Baghdad

US company plans to expand India profile

Returned refugees still in danger in Iraq (asylum-seekers ousted from UK)

Tabasco can't get U.S. help

Recalled Aqua Dots Appear In Sunday Ads

US obtains Swiss records and flies in British witness in BAE investigation

On nanotechnology, experts see more risks than public

Natural disasters have quadrupled in two decades: study

Holiday Sales Climb, but Shoppers Are Spending Less

Short of Money, G.O.P. Is Enlisting Rich Candidates

Australia's new PM Rudd acts swiftly on climate

Rudd, New Australian Leader, Targets Kyoto Accord, Labor Rights

Iraq Shiite pol defends Iran against US

Tougher stance on whaling expected (Labor in Australia to seek Hague injunction)

Can You Sue Your 401(k)?

An Alaskan island is losing ground

Bolivian protesters clash with police, storm jail

E. coli Fears Lead To Beef Recall

Ex-black militant becomes Eagle Scout (Cleveland Sellers-Orangeburg Massacre)

Rice in diplomatic rush ahead of Mideast talks

Armed Forces Face 'Failure' In Afghanistan

Howard's official website suspended

Pressure for Results: The Politics of Tallying the Number of Iraqis Who Return Home

Two arrested in ‘Baby Grace’ case

Huckabee: America enslaved to Saudi oil

Congresswoman has terminal cancer

New York Manhole Covers, Forged Barefoot in India

Levin Says Democrats Won't Block Iraq Troop Funding

Thompson charges Fox News is biased against his campaign

Bush to revive push for peace, not stage 'photo-op'

Then there was one: US now alone as Kyoto holdout

Military training program for teens expands in US

Disasters quadruple over last 20 years

Chavez to Freeze Relations With Colombia

Anybody else watch BSG Razor? Brought too you by Quiznos.


Okay. So this one is weird

No one is to go to sleep...

I'm back ....maybe ....

We need some new shit!

The March Violets, "Strangehead"

My daily catharsis (if I spelled that right)


Well that was a depressing 30 Days (FX series)

Mr. Writer is so HOT when he plays the wii...

Which Christmas song makes you want to give Santa a hickey?

So in order to get digital channels I had to buy a $30 amplified antennae.

I said, 'Shrink, I wanna kill!

Which Christmas song makes you want to give Santa a reacharound?

I said, 'Shrink, I wanna thrill!

breaker 1-9 this is love sausage, you got your ears on duck?

Who wants to eat my cannoli? It's delicious!!

If you were to name your child after a font, which one would you pick?

What should I do with some old, damaged quilts?

Grr.... my boyrfriend lost all my lives

Look, gang — you've got this 'emperor' bit all wrong

"Katherine Harris" calls in to Sam Seder!

I wish I could just say "Tea...Earl Grey...Hot" like Picard instead of actually having to make it

Neil Young's site-Living With War Today- son's band song up!

I just got rid of two hexagonal endtables dated 20 May 1974, ask me anything!

Sunbeam electric blankets SUCK.

Dammit, for the last time: It's not "carmelo," it's "caramello." FOUR syllables.

Dammit, for the last time: It's not "carmel," it's "Roger C Carmel" FIVE syllables.

Why would somebody invent "synthahol"?

QDRO settlement from divorce?

I want a look that says, "I've given up on ever getting laid again in my lifetime."

Sunday morning music thread (youtube)


G' Morning

is it just me, or did DU font/look just change?

Well only two guests are left, all the others have left.

Cows vs. insects--who wins?

Elephant on AfriCam!

Any male Lounger angling to become General Discussion Emperor should probably dress like this:

I love my cat ... but honestly -

So I heard Lynnesin's Delaware Blue Hens beat DSU in football

VIDEO: "You know what the funny thing is? I'm not drunk"..."Then why are you being such a b**ch?"

OMFG! OMFG! Britney Spears to adopt Chinese twins! OMFG! O...M...FG!

A Short Story in Three Pictures

Eli who?

what christmas song makes you want to go rent a room off the route 30 bypass with a .45 and some

The local Atlanta Bread Company closed! Anybody know if this is a trend?

The owner of a local "Smoke Shop" did an ad for Ron Paul that was played yesterday

Game to test your memory and concentration

i just ate me a big ol' new york strip steak

The regulators for my new torch came yesterday and I set up my vacuum table to celebrate.

heads up, Lounge



Has anyone seen Mr. Scorpio???

Anyone seen Neil Young's Heart of Gold?


Loung hunter - gatherers

post wang chung update

Today is my birthday... and JFK Jr.'s too


quick help

anyone planning on stealing some Jesii from nativity scenes?

Name a TV show whose series finale contradicts its pilot episode.


You can call it what you want

some kick ass album art







There's nothin' like the '60s music shows on PBS

Any male Lounger angling to become Lounge Emperor should probably dress like this:

I was on the outskirts of a little southern town

Harry Potter: an observation on horcruxes ==Spoilers==


what makes you feel better when you're sick?

YES! The WWE "Elimination Chamber" toy --Forty Dollar!

Did you know you could still buy these????

OM - apparently my husband has the holiday spirit

When did HAPPY DAYS jump the shark?

so Jerry Seinfeld...doing McDonald's ads?

what is your favorite red sovine song?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/25/07

Thank you,

stuffed jalapenos - your suggestions?

Stroke FIL had a stoke 2 days ago. Lost his right side and his speech.

If there's a better way to spend a Sunday than dancing in your underwear to Altered images

Vato you won't believe what i saw,

For work I need to get a Blackberry, been putting it off but now I have to get one.

Should I be feeling guilty?

what sounds good to eat...

NY Giants stinking up the Meadowlands.

We just saw "Enchanted" today

Confessions Of A Dangerous Internet Movie Database

BEST GIFT EVER- this one will make you famous (seriously)

can anyone connect me with hand amputees with a prosthetic hook.. i need to talk to them, i

Does FDR have a tear tattooed to his face because he killed a guy in prison?

What John F. Kennedy Might Have Said To George W *

my friend was cutting a holiday sausage tube

Elmo's had enough of your bullshit.

Snickerdoodle Time!!

I am ascared!!!! What if we can't defeat christmas??

Marge Simpson is the worst person in the world!!!

Guys! Just in time for the office Christmas party

Go Pats!

Have you ever mistaken a dream for an actual event?

Help! I am getting a Trojan warning

Simpsons SPOILER

I'm tired and cranky. Whose lap do I curl up in?

Help! I am getting a Spartan warning

Who else thought of Graywarior?

What ONE skill have you never acquired?

Help! I am getting a Mesopotamian warning.

Home Makeover Has Helped 100 Families

I don't fucking care what you say

tales of the toddler.

Aunts and uncles

Help! I am getting a Mycenaean warning!

Dear online retailer, this may shock you, but I do not wish to pay $27 to ship a $30 item.

Paula Deen is on Iron Chef!

OMG I just found

Smoothie recipes?

Used toys and clothes-donations suggestions


When did Shark Week jump the shark?

Damn nicotine withdrawl...

Did anyone watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition tonight?

my daugher's dog is beggin gingersnaps.

I'm not mentioning any names, but a certain writer who lives near me put a curse on my bike

$3.8 Million for unpopulated 1-house Texas town


Just logging on briefly to ask if anyone's heard from Kitchenwitch.

What sort of gift is good for -1-year olds?

IE7 or Firefox?

"A Christmas Story" was just on TNT, but it's re-running again

i really want to expose myself

I found this LOL cat

Anybody got a kickstand?

For Christmas.... I mean the holidays...

My kitty is awesome but..... my hands are scratched up

What is with all the post whoring going on?

Do you ever slur your posts?

are you happy...

I'm callin out lost-in-nj

Royal Fusiliers Company C

OK Who keeps recommending the posts!?!?!?!?!

When did '21 Jump Street' jump the shark?

This song is so fucking sad

WOW did this weekend SUCK... SO glad it's OVER

What are yout favorite charities? (since this is the time of giving)

Screw The Patriots. Da Bears Win in OT!

Mexico to spend millions to protect Monarch butterflies

A question regarding pornographic films and penis size [NOT A SEX THREAD]

Holy fuck, it's cold outside.

I know when Laverne and Shirley jumped the shark

What has TV taught you?

I buy my christmas things all year long...that way I don't ruin my bank account and do NOT have to

How's this for a 'Sniglet'? "Interette's Syndrome"

What the hell is with that banner ad along the top '100% Certified Christian Singles'?

I have this job tomorrow... and I don't know whether to look forward to it or not.

I killed a tree today

I killed a mouse today - why do I feel so sad and guilty?

I have a DU forum question...

"Cold Mountain"

When did Shark jump the shark?

In what type of dwelling do you live?

When did the Brady Bunch jump the shark?

Does this sound mean? A question regarding penis pumps [NOT A SEX THREAD]

When did Jaws jump the shark?

If I were married to Jessica Alba, the LAST f**king thing I'd want is for her to turn INVISIBLE...

I NEVER would have bought that lizard if I'd read the fine print about having to drain it regularly

If it was announced that aliens live among us, which celebrity would you suspect?

Post some amazing instrumental guitar playing

Here's a screencap of a droll pair of topic headings from a few minutes ago

Is there anyone who DOESN'T want to sleep with Marcia Brady?

i have a really good idea for a ben stiller vehicle

Who is Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Xmas Trees: What's your favorite?

Red 2 this is actuall. What's taking so long?

Anyone watch Dexter on Showtime?

i have a really good idea for a ben stein vehicle

OMG I am watching Extreme Makeover Home edition!

AfriCam is back!

What do you consider to be the best way to deliver...

Me, friday- face to face with a beast (true story)

The shocking photo that you never thought you'd see

1 1/2 years later, Pink's "Dear Mr President" on VH1's Top 20 Countdown

Patriots 11-0

My roommate has dropped out of grad school and moved home.

When did the NFL jump the shark?

"congratulation for your Wedding"

Somewhat dorky confession:

"Schlong"-- the origins of the word...

What sort of gift is good for 0-year olds?

Question about those plants that eat bugs...

Post Your Screams Here!!!!!!!

How come every time you come around.. my London, London bridge want to go down

I found out the other night that I have been saying a word wrong

State your case: why should I take you off my ignore list?

Where is your "Happy Place?"

I'm shaking my ass in the front window of the store

Is there anyone who DOESN'T want to sleep with Tom Brady?

I went to see I'm Not There yesterday - anyone else seen it?


Which Christmas song makes you want to punch Santa in the throat?

Have you ever mistaken an actual event for a dream?

2 pandas 1 cup!

432nd Civil Affairs Battalion to deploy

Troops in Diyala to rise even as brigade goes

Probe into Iraq contract fraud centers on Camp Arifjan

Ark. recruiter charged with child pornography

High-tech helmet teaches about head injuries

Fort Riley bustling even as soldiers away

Green Zone attacked as troops celebrate holiday

Wounded soldier billed to repay sign-up bonus

Contractors help celebrate holiday in Iraq

Riverine patrols target Hadithah Dam hotspot

‘Mission Complete’ for Task Force Uniform

Data: Thousands of TBI cases off the record

Navy to deliver drinking water to Bangladesh

China snubs Kitty Hawk

Marine training lawsuit proceeds in San Diego

Arguing for real time off after a deployment

Auto dealer helps S.D. soldiers come home

Flyover to provide different sort of pod-cast

B-2s use Hawaii, Alaska for target practice

Officials say mission is worth cost

U.S., Iraqi forces continue hunt for al-Qaida in Iraq insurgents

An expensive lesson in foreign divorce

N.D. airman who died was facing porn charge

Baumholder captain who went AWOL hires defense counsel

German police set up shop at Vilseck's Rose Barracks

Landstuhl doctors say MRSA is no ‘superbug’

Drop in enrollment will force DODDS to cut teaching jobs at base in Italy

EUCOM commander hopes Gates will halt drawdown

Drop in violence allows soldiers in Baghdad to fix essential services

Congress Flies First Class

Aviano airman battles Italians to get kids back

WIll the War Matter to Voters?

‘Too ornery to die yet’

Board: Late warning at fault in Predator crash

VetVoice Blogger Heads to Iraq For Fifth Combat Deployment

Resourceful, desperate militants turning to household materials to make explosives

Lawmaker wants stronger say in declaring war

Is maturity taking back seat in NCO ranks?

The Myth Of Free Markets - The Corporate Lie Behind It

The American President - Nice Speech - Sometimes I Just Love My Naivite !!!

The Harkin Steak Fry

NBC Report on Violence against Iraqi Women

"Michele's Farm" starring Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann

Support Kucinich: System of a Down - Aerials

Vetoing Pork... But Not My Pork!

If Bush were King...

Fred Thompson Attacks Fox News

I never realized just how powerful this song was until it nearly brought me to tears today

Blair on Religion: 'People Think You're a Nutter.'

The Siege: Denzel's Anti Torture speech (1998)

Republicans Don't Know They're Screw-Ups, Do They?

"Question Authority."

Bush more isolated as Australia's Howard thrown out of office

If I give money to "Change to Win" will they take that stupid tear off FDR's face?

Nation of Assholes

The U.S. Aggression Process and Its Collaborators: From Guatemala (1950-1954) to Iran (2002-)

Iraqi children bear the burden

Galloping gobs of God-almighty-damn! Joe Klein (Time mag) gets utterly annihilated...TWICE!

AP--"Edwards Offers Immediate, Future Fixes for High Heating Oil Costs" LINK

My Dark Materials

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Lovable, pudgy little member of the cartoon world outed!"

Bush and the Rethugs really are like the mafioso

Oh History Channel Now- Kennedy Assasination/Conspiracy Theories....

George is showing his age....(pic)

Take the 1-1-1 Challenge and Make Someone's Holiday Season This Year!

This Monday: Bush to Meet with Gore

Wow, according to the History channel Lee Harvey Oswald

I'm tired of feeling like the bad guy

Need some help with adding up the numbers

Photoblog of the Week - Week of November 25th 2007.

"Study": Democrats are the Party of the Rich

The long shadow of Vietnam

Do you ever feel that politics is just a diversion?

Impeachment: If not now, when?-Lawmakers need to stand up for the Constitution. (Editorial)

Weekend TOON roundup

washington Jourinal. CSPAN. early mourning entertainment.

Surge a success? U.S. pours more troops into Diyala

Tony Blair and religion: one more crusader nutter?

White House Report: Goals For Afghan War Unmet

* Admin Revises Rule for Employers That Hire Immigrants

"Credit squeeze spreads to Norwegian towns" - the global and the little individual...

Top Terrorist Could Win Damages Against CIA for Kidnapping, Italians Say


Compassionate conservatism

People must be losing their religion

Can Rice save her legacy with 'Hail Mary' pass on Mideast?

The Bush Years and the dollar

As Democrats See Security Gains in Iraq, Tone Shifts

Anguish for mother of suicide girl as 'cyber-tormentor' escapes the law

Transgender Politician Sued for "Fraud" by Losing Opponent

Wall Street Journal Editorial On 2nd Amendment Rights

Noam Chomsky on U.S. Policy Towards Iran

Alimony Issue

Rice: "We frankly have better things to do than invite people to Annapolis for a photo op."

Queens Pickpocket Gets 15-to-Life for $22 Theft

Reworking America's Image

You know that I am not an Obama for president supporter BUT

The "Not-So-Big" House: 3bed/3ba (plus more in basement), 2,750 sq. ft. above ground...

My Fellow DU'ers, I Ask Only For 3 minutes and 31 Seconds Of Your Day

FDA: Flu drugs affecting kids behavior

Carville-Matalin dog and pony show on Meet the Press

It’s the Oil, Stupid = by Scott Horton = "maps of Iraqi oilfields, marked with concessions"

Gore Vidal on Dennis Kucinich

What is your take on this?

The Bush ally "Body Count" .......

Perry Logan "If Republicans were normal people, they'd hang themselves."

Qualities We Don’t Want in the Next President

Liberal press my ass

"The truth lies somewhere in the middle." No. It doesn't. In fact...

Excuse me while I state the obvious

Green Party

Robert Parry: The Bush Rules of Evidence

Hulk Hogan's Wife Seeks Divorce

Fuck all this taser nonsense!

James "Ohio for Bush" Carville

If you feel better because the Attack on Iraq was "just for oil",

Matt Taibbi on Mike Huckabee, Our Favorite Right-Wing Nut Job

Breaking News

American-backed killer militias strut across Iraq

So, Mr. Bush, how is your oil grab in Iraq going?

Where do all the presidential candidates (Dems included) get this

Where we are headed

Time to play.... FACT OR CRAP It's your call!

A close look at a very rich family

a must-read column

Huckabee says "We should tell the Saudis to keep their oil just like their sand..."

Success In Iraq? For Whom?

Norah O'Donnell was Laughing on Tweety

Can Anyone Direct Me To A Web-site or Link That Explains The Alternative

The next time there's a political debate, turn your brain off & sit your toddler in front of the TV

Lunch with Kucinich

Wounded Iraq veterans driven out of public pool when told they might scare children

Ontario School Board Bans Fantasy Book

Hey. You. Yeah, you. Come here for a second...

Reps Moran/Ackerman/Engel are supposed to be democrats

Texas - United & American airline cancel flights cause de-icers broken

want to see the needless 1000s dead fish in the Delta

Wanna see something scary? Climate distribution worldwide..

For Decorated GI, Grief, Recovery and Redeployment

Local Paper Uncovers Another Apparent Soldier Suicide in Iraq

NONE of major presidential candidates promising to do what it would take to restore DEMOCRACY

What is the word on Georgia and South Carolina with their drought

I'm so damn sick of the Israeli - Palestine issue.

We need to listen to the wishes of ordinary Australians now

The Big Sleazy - The nation's capital is chock full of scandalous sites to visit

Noam Chomsky On U.S. Policy Towards Iran

Is It Appropriate to Use the Naval Academy/Midshipmen As a Backdrop to Middle East Talks?

Wednesday Rep Youtube debate. Have any of you submitted a question

Ron Paul Let Love Rule youtube video

Lawsuits alleging abuse are nearer to trial

Will White House erase all hard drives before leaving office?

Why can't all politicians act like Kucinich

Because you can never mock him enough...

On BET, tonight: “Life and Death In Darfur"

Firefighters Take on New Role As Anti-Terrorism Eyes of the Government

Media is simply taking Iraq off the table.

Obama, Drugs and Everyone Else

Caucusing Is Easy: Well...

Twenty is enough (Couple, their many adopted children thankful on 'our most special holiday')

Let's play: Punish the scientist who speaks out.

Novak on Bloomberg's Political Capital

Give One, Get One

Do you have a pre-existing health problem your insurance company won't cover?

55% say Bush IMPEACHABLE

Would You Support Abolishing Recess Appointments?

Carbon Dioxide At Record High, Stoking Warming

Talk of Efforts to Fix Matches Rattles Pro Tennis

Glenn Greenwald: Time Magazine's FISA Fiasco shows how Beltway reporters mislead the country

Lots of DUers expect looming economic disaster. Let's pool our survival thinking.

3 Katrina Photos -- Truly awe inspiring

Bridge for Sale?

Weather disasters have quadrupled in the past 20 years:Oxfam

What Do You Do If You Are An Oil Company?

Exiled Musharraf Rival Returns To Pakistan To A 'Hero's Welcome'

How in the WORLD did America end up with a wussy Cheerleader Preznent??

Most overweight people don't aim for slim: study

XM Listeners: Fascinating new Channel on Health and Medicine

Internet Political Forums have made me....

Fred Thompson Attacks Fox News For Bias!

A reminder to Chicago AAR listeners

Dems warn of “national crisis” in military readiness

Were Jack and Bobby the Last, Best hope for humanity/America?

Is there any evidence linking Blackwater to 9/11?

Putin Meets Top Saudi Official As Russia Eyes Arms Sale

Did the gov't of Kuwait commit war crimes or genocide against Palestinians in Kuwait?

Parents Dead, Toddler Wounded in Alleged Murder-Suicide

White House ‘pessimistic’ about Afghanistan war.

I can't believe all this fascination over Ron Paul.

Boy you can't get anything past that Aruban police.

Expectations and Delusions in Iraq and Afghanistan

What's the weirdest thing you were thankful for?

Fresh Pain for the Uninsured On Medical Issues

Missed Point Award: "Will Congress meet the Smithsonian's desperate funding needs?"

Sad day son leaving for the Air force tomorrow

Cost Is Key Concern For Schwarzenegger Plan Requiring Californians To Have Health Insurance

Okay, Christmas shopping is done!

Neocon POS Riichard Perle Discusses His Dinner Parties --->>>

I buy my christmas things all year long...that way I don't ruin my bank account and do NOT have to

Wow, I found out this weekend that the majority of my family is really racist

Who is Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Interesting test - fascinating article.

Gore for Kucinich

Call it whatever the hell you want to.

the simpsons are taking HUGE shots at fox noise

Race and IQ

Bushbot 'Fanny-pack' finally explained ..... (pic)

Middle-income blacks are downwardly mobile. Why?

Obama's Campaign Just Offered Me a Job!

Need A Little Bit of Research Help...

Kucinich and Naomi Wolf will be on KPFK Monday morning

Ed Mayne, Utah State Senator and President of the AFL-CIO Utah, has died.

State of Human Rights in US 'Appalling'

Iraqi Shiite leader defends Iran from US charges

Could You Have Passed the 8th Grade in 1895? ...Take a Look:

Two arrested in ‘Baby Grace’ case

Here's a wingnut (Jack Kelly) who says were winning in Iraq

If Social Security goes bust, shouldn't student loans be forgiven?

Minorities hit hardest by U.S. housing crisis

Let's celebrate, MAY we? Our Aussie bloods threw HOWARD out!1 n/t

If you MUST shop, drop a buck or two at Sears.

Archbishop of Canterbury blasts US over Iraq.

***Urgent question: Christmas break and recess appointments ***

Old Man Thompson He LOVES Him Them GUNS ---pix--->>>

Stench of conspiracy at BAE Systems -- US obtains Swiss records and flies in British witness

Now that quite a bit of time has passed , what was the point of hanging

The real war on Christmas

"The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush"

This article from the Guardian says it all: A "Lost Decade". For Australia. For us, too.

Salon: The Republicans Who Would've Impeached Bush?

Saudi Says Rape Victim Was Adulteress

Kevin Rudd is Nancy Pelosi (hes flipedflopped on Iraq)

New Aussie PM vows to tackle Iraq policy (withdraw troops)

Condaleeze Rice hopes to rewrite legacy with mideast conference

NCLB and dentistry

Hey, don't forget, Keith O on the Simpsons tonight! nt

Krugman smacks down Halperin's pathetic NYT op-ed excuse for why the MSM hyped Bush in 2000

A plan to fix 'dropout factories'

California GOP Front Group: We'll Definitely Get Electoral Vote Measure On Ballot

Is the conspiracy that is the bush/cheney administration bigger than the US Courts

Justice Department Awards Ashcroft $52M Contract

BIG STORY tonight on ABC NEWS:

Kucinich - Guts & Integrity - An Earned Reputation

"A Generalized Meltdown of Financial Institutions"

"We need purity in the party"

Iraq Shiite pol defends Iran against US

Anticipating the "weakest holiday season since 2002," online retailers push special offers & promos

from VoteRescue Radio! = Nov 25 , 2-4pm CST = Steve Singular on ES&S ballots mal-ufacture

CA SOS Finds LA County's ES&S E-Voting System Vulnerable to Hacking, Fraud and Manipulation

$45,588 Per E-Vote for Disabled Voters in Marin County, California

What are your favorite charities? (since this is the time of giving)

Senator Clinton, former President Clinton, NAFTA, Perot, etc...

A Crisis Candidates Don't Want to Talk About

170 people killed in Pakistan by 1 year old infant strapped with bombs

Thoughts about hedge fund tax cheats

Creating lifelong readers

It's rather frightening and disturbing...

I bade a sorrowful farewell to a good and staunch Republican yesterday...

universal health care coverage -- what should our goal be?

Advocates for the homeless plan a ''sleep-in'' at the site of the televised GOP debate.

Are a majority of die-hard pro-War folks Racists?

The Myth of Free Markets and the Corporate Lie Behind it! (video)

Thrown in a garbage can at birth - now a law student

They say I am one of the ideological purists

What Americans REALLY need

Memo To New York Post: The Bush Administration Was Warned About 9/11

My Thanksgiving with Bush-loving relatives.

Of birds and ..... well, of bees...

Reading matters...

Gore isn't running. I'm voting for Edwards.

Why can't Dems say, ''We support troops by bringing them home and protecting them from future...

Are we headed for economic disaster in the coming months/years?

Rathergate: much more than meets the EYE

Yes, I want a diverse national democratic party- or a big tent if you will

Today's Detroit Free Press contains 123 pages of real estate foreclosures for Wayne Co, MI

The Secret History of the Impending War with Iran That the White House Doesn't Want You to Know

Comic book from the 1950s predicts Bush energy policy.

If everyone stopped shopping...

Clintons blew it on NAFTA, and we are going to suffer even more in the future for it!

New Yorkers: Don't Buy New Machines and Dump the Old! (X)

Where are the Headlines! McClellan Points to Bush-Cover Up Collins/Scoop

As a child, I was taught to fight.

Eating out is getting lonelier

Do you think we're right about everything?

Who ARE You People?

State-by-state Voting-Methods Mix & Deviations of '04 Recorded VoteCounts from Exit Polls "Vote" (x)

Yes, there are vocal oponents, but Gun Control is not a killer issue for Dems...

Meet Elizabeth Kucinich


Ron Paul Won't Support GOP Nominee

Let's face it. The Looney Left are the democrats that are paying attention!

I Heart Huckabee: Eventual GOP Nominee

Another Reason to Support Edwards

Hillary and the Politics of Disappointment, by Paul Loeb

Great Charts to view how candidates are doing...

Social Security, Where they stand.

Health care: Obama avoids the tough choice & uses Republican talking points against Hillary

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (11-23-07)

Biden: No Drama, No Bullshit

While DU debates meaningless polls, 100,000 women in Iowa are being contacted to caucus for Hillary

The day of the Iowa caucus, Yepsen said Dean would win.

Goldman Sachs - 8 states housing to fall 30%, $108 Billion unreported losses

Sam Tannenhaus of AEI on C-Span II laid out the case for Clinton Conservatism.

Biden - Profiles appreciated

10 rockets or mortars fired from Shiite areas slammed into the Green Zone last Thursday

Grandpa Fred charges FauxNews is biased against his campaign.

In Iowa and N.H., 2008 election more volatile than most

It would be hard pressed to find 4 more irrelevant people than Russert has...

Political Upheaval in NM Follows Decision to Retire: Possible Senate, all 5 House seats Democratic

EXCLUSIVE -- Gilmore Tells HUMAN EVENTS: Why I Will Win Senate Seat

Des Moines Register: Stumping for wife, Clinton can help, or hurt, anybody

Obama, Drugs and Everyone Else

Obama tells Iowans and YOU why his health care plan works best.

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning yesterday at the Dunlap Livestock Auction Bldg. in Dunlap, Iowa

What the hell would happen if Hillary said, "My husband sees a need for rural gun ownership." - ?!

One on one with Clinton

Bradley was never ahead of Gore in Iowa in 1999-2000

Donna Brazile's comments on Bill Clinton, beyond Drudge's highlighted quote

If Gore/LIEberman were in The White House from 2000-2008, would you support LIEberman for President?

Biden needs to raise 12,200 by tomorrow - will you help?

Attn: History buffs.......Are there any comparative parallels in Roman history.....

This Date in BUSH HISTORY - Taxpayers ROBBED by BIG PHARMA

Cannabis lowers Greenhouse emissions, but DEA didn't get the memo.

America hates not only Hillary but politicians in general

How much did he pay for this photo op?

Did Obama Inhale?

Is The Writers' Strike Helping Or Hurting '08 Candidates?

Clinton Fundraiser Bundles Serious Cash From Tiny Texas Town

That 5 day old Wash Post is the new Pew poll..

Fred Thompson's "heated exchange" with Chris Wallace: Accuses Fox of "constant mantra of attacks"

55% of Democrats want change - only 22% of Republicans

Have Hillary or Edwards admitted any past drug use?

A Commentary Directed To Dennis Kucinich And His Campaign Managers

Rate this latest HillHate flame bait GD-P thread:

I wish

Obama talks about race and urban issues in Iowa

Paul's Supporters Clash With Media

Being honest and truthful, Obama says yes I inhaled--that's the point!

Soliciting clarification from Edwards supporters.

Kucinich bandwagon: goddammit, I'm on board too.

any outlooks that *don't* belong in the big tent?

Chutzpah thy name is Halperin

2004 Debate question. I seem to remember a pot use question being asked of ALL candidates


Tell us your first 3 choices, in order of preference

Which is the bigger act of triangulation?

it's official, there IS a Bushbot.......(pic)

If Hillary wants to be elected in her own right, why doesn't she return to the name Rodham?

Some Very Postive Articles on Kucinich lately!

All in the Family-Jill Biden

Telegraph UK: America Hates Hillary Clinton and Co

In February 5 States, Clinton Still On Top

Are you an advocate of party loyalty, or an advocate of asinineness?

Does this constitute extortion:

Biden emerges as Dems' foreign policy expert

Without An Enforcement Mechanism, Clinton's "Mandate" is Optional

11/25/07 Head to Head Matchup- Edwards vs. Biden

Biden: U.S. has no credibility until Iraq situation is resolved

Another Iowan Endorses Biden - Fayette County Chair

Will Kerry endorse and, if so, who?

“There is one job we can’t afford on-the-job training for — that’s the job of our next president.”

Romney open to jailing abortionists

John McCain

Well, today I saw them collecting signatures to split the Calif. electoral votes

By Hillary Clinton's logic, another Clinton Presidency would be in violation of the 22nd amendment.

Which candidate do you consider to be the most electable? (General Election)

Just heard republican Ron Paul's campaign ad on Air America - XM radio.

Was Perot right?

Is there a current Democratic presidential candidate who is NOT Christian?

I love kucinich but I'm not sure about this (re: ron paul)

Photos: Barack Obama at a town hall meeting today at North High School in Des Moines, Iowa

LOL. Earlier today someone asked in jest if Hillary is in with the Illuminati

The Lord at Obama's hypothetical dinner table

Edwards Announces Paid Family Leave

Clinton Glory

Hillary stopped off at Iowa church today

Our Repug paper did a front page

We may not agree with Ron Paul...

Dennis Kucinich needs your help

David Brooks on John McCain: "Democrats actually do like him, which is helpful..."

Why would Huckabee erase all hard drives before he left office in Arkansas?

If Dems voted their consciences, it would be Kucinich by a landslide

Founder of "Largest Southern California" online site for Obama abandons Barack for GOP

Clinton: I Have Best Chance Vs. GOP ("more Dem support from the so-called red states than anybody ")

Oh God, please make it stop!

"I think it's going to come down to: Do you really want Bill Clinton back in the White House?"

Edwards Announces Plan to Take on Big Oil Companies to Fight Rising Home Heating Costs

Obama addresses urban issues in Iowa (message to inner city youth: "Pull up your pants!" )

Thankgiving visit leads to politics and reflections on these complicated times

In Iowa, Clinton Is Pressed on Murdoch Relationship

Edwards: "Judge me on honesty."

It's Kucinich Time!

Let's not.........

Front-runners losing luster?

I encourage my fellow Obamites to give some dough to Joe Biden.

MUST SEE! Lapdogs of the Corporate Press

"I'm thinking about Ron Paul" as a running mate - Kucinich

NYT: Vindicated by DNA, but a Lost Man on the Outside

Paul/Kucinich and deciphering bullshit stories and sloppy reporting

2 million homeowners w/ $600 billion in subprime loans due to reset at higher rates in next 8 months

In Iowa, Clinton Is Pressed on Murdoch

Hillary 2nd largest recipient of health care industry contributions...

Memo To Hillary: Stop Waffling

Does Hillary Clinton plan to make America a Dominionist Theocracy?

Does Hillary Clinton plan to make America a tray of cookies?

Edwards' presidential bid a reflection working-class roots, wealth

Front Page Story on Drudge about Hillary having a lesbian affair with her assistant

Mr. Gore, Ecology & Politics: Charlatan or Rube?

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama: My wife sees need for rural gun ownership

Obama: pro choice only because women are prayerful

"You need to embrace Christ precisely because you have sins to wash away"

Obama on Separation of Church and State vs. Hillary's Christian Dominionist Prayer Group

Sen. Obama's Shifting Positions On Health Care For All