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Archives: November 24, 2007

Marjorie Cohn: Preventing the impending war on Iran

Barely Getting by and Facing a Cold Maine Winter

Q&A: ‘U.S. Politics Turning Communities Against Each Other’

Thanksgiving Memories of a Son Killed in Iraq, By a Gold Star Mother...The Day After

Here's where We, the People DO have Power! By Kathryn Smith

What Holiday from History? "Contemporary conservative myth-making"

A World Made More Opaque: Why Scott McClellan Had His Job

The Idiocy of The Anti-Sex/Pro-Pregnancy Right Wing

SHADOWS ON HIGH: Is Old Glory Made In America's Prisons?

Bush Admin: What You Don't Know Can't Hurt Us, 2007 Version

The Financial Tsunami: By F. William Engdahl

The Primary Point of the Occupation of Iraq is the Occupation Itself

Ricks of 'Wash Post': Don't Celebrate Turnaround in Iraq Just Yet


Biloxi's Recovery Is Half of The Story


Money for foster kids' health care in jeopardy

Five Incompetent Makah Make a Mockery of Traditional Whaling

Don't believe the hype about Iowa caucuses

AlterNet: The Holiday's Shopping Season Can't Stop the Coming 'Severe Recession'

Class Conflict: Flying coach as "entering the ninth circle of hell"

Impeachment: if not now, when?

BOB HERBERT: Lost in a Flood of Debt

Media Complicit In "Shopapocalyse" As Consumers Go Wild

A 100% guaranteed grassroots way to bring down this treasonous dem/pug congress and presidency.

War Is Peace, Sanctions Are Diplomacy

Robert Fisk: Darkness Falls on the Middle East

Richard Perle: ‘I Don’t Believe I Was Wrong’ About Iraq

Fear Not the R Word

Vince Foster will walk the earth again!

Mortgage Market Shakedown: Popsicle Index Down, Goldman Sachs Up

Black Friday: Why This One is Especially Dark

Commonwealth agrees only vague statement on climate - Reuters

Zimbabwe crisis hits black rhino - BBC

Topsham couple turns to wind power (Maine)

Bush Ally Defeated in Australia (HOWARD IS OUT!)

(Canada) Enbridge sees big wind farm running in a year - Reuters

After success of the Prius, Toyota looks to the future

Peak Oil: Alternatives, Renewables, And Impacts

Leaps of faith drive ever-expanding 'burbs

Australians decide PM's fate in potential cliffhanger vote

Additional warnings urged for 2 flu drugs (Tamiflu & Relenza)

Pakistan suicide blasts kill 15 before Sharif return

Exit poll says Labor to win, PM to lose seat

OSHA investigating explosion aboard Navy ship

Tasers a form of torture, says UNArticle from: Agence France-Presse

Report: Most detainees in Baghdad's shooting enter Iraq illegally

Iraq Qaeda group kills 9 abducted officers-Web

India: Navy rescues 13 boys 'sold' to Dublarchar fish traders

Children die in Kabul bomb attack

Political Crisis Deepens in Lebanon

Suicide attacks kill at least 35 in Pakistan

Iraqi Government Reopens Landmark Street

Curfew imposed as Iraqi forces launch major offensive in Kirkuk ("Operation Revolutionary Eagle")

Retired U.S. commander speaks out for Democrats(radio address)

Blaze near Malibu destroys dozens of homes

Soldiers jailed for selling smuggled Iraq weapons

5000 US troops to withdraw from Iraq

U.S. Scales Back Political Goals for Iraqi Unity

Kerik Loan Activity Is Brought to Light After Indictment

Iraq nullifies Kurdish oil deals

US is‘worst’ imperialist: archbishop

Eunice Kennedy Shriver hospitalized in Boston

Senate holds another quickie session to frustrate Bush

Canada gets its way: Commonwealth climate deal drops binding targets

Howard concedes defeat in Australian elections

Ruddslide - Labor wins ( Howard loses election and seat in Australia)

U.S. blames Iran-backed group for Baghdad bombing

American-backed killer militias strut across Iraq

Poll says Chavez loses Venezuela referendum lead

(Indiana) Dem official under fire for backing GOP

Vermonters help ease life on the outside: Towns trying to keep ex-cons on right path

Barely Getting by and Facing a Cold Maine Winter

Kasparov seized by Russian police

LCD Soundsystem- All My Friends

I want to read poems, or you may get a stick in your eye

So, I guess I am not the only one having a quiet night in, after yesterday's crowd I am ready.

have you talked to your teens about recession?


Let's play the Rob Zombie Counting Game!

Make it stop!!!!

Honey!....I gotta lotta money!....

" Happy Birthday Uncle Pit ....! Happy birthday to you !"

My wife's grandmother used to INSIST that we eat off of the "good china" for


Archies meet the Sex Pistols!

Double Woot. Hawaii 39 Boise St 27.....WAC Champs at 11-0

Romantics sue publisher of "Guitar Hero" game

Can you tell me if/how I can get the little DUzy pic into my Sig Line? I was

Prefab Sprout

So, what "green" things are you doing? I've found "green" puppy pads!

I am going to be exhibiting bad manners today.

this is what i get for complaining about the unseasonably cold weather we had recently

what does it mean again if an extension cord plug gets warm?

Wow, I Just Remembered Something...

Boycott JEEP for resuscitatitng Andy Kim !!!

One of my friends brought her two dogs here for Thanksgiving

A big thanks to the mods this morning!

i better not be getting fucking sick again

How do you deal with a cat that WON'T LET YOU SLEEP?!?

Some DU'ers I just can't stand...

My 2 year experiment with Missy is over, bought into Priscilla

I washed my sheets tonight and found tortellini on the mattress under the sheets.

My 2 year experiment with Crack is over, bought PCP

My 2 year experiment with Sack is over, bought H2O


Commercials that make you say - if only for a moment - I have GOT to have it

App State, Michigan rematch in BCS

Don't care what anyone says....Deep fried turkeys are overrated..

My 2 year experiment with a Pack is over, going Solo

The 12 isms of Christmas...

Well, I can't say this happens every day....

Some DU'ers I am thankful for


i received a patent for the genetic structure of kohlrabi

Jackie and Dunlap Talk To Elizabeth Kucinich

my dollar store cheez doodles from china

if tab hunter posted on DU, i would say he is the dreamiest DUer

hide this thread too

Emo Phillips or a sharp stick in the eye?


R.H.C.P. bassist Flea is one of the people who lost a home in today's Malibu wildfires

who is the most intemperate DUer?

Stay safe AGAIN SoCal Du'ers! (Red flag warnings now given to other areas)

Flash me if you want

who is the most articulate DUer?

you guys can have your lounge back now

flame ME if you want

Hulk Hogan first learned of his divorce from a reporter: "You just knocked the bottom out of me"

Lady, those are some ugly puppies you've got there ...

Who is the recommend fairy today?

Donde Esta Santa Claus?

i need to find a lox and onion omelette

Hillary is NOT going to get the nomination and is NOT going to be President.

so red wine seems like a good idea....

just cleaned out the whole basement

White or Colored Christmas lights on house? Or... none at all..

My pleasurable thoughts for today (dial up warning)

the mafia has announced open tryouts

Official Thread for the Biggest College Football Game in the History of the Universe

Flame me if you want

First year I have brined turkey

In 4 1/2 years, my crackheads have failed to pick at the carpet incessantly four hundred times

This song should be our National Anthem

yesterday was my 54th anniversary on DU!

2200 acres burning near Malibu

I don't know where else to post this, so I will ask the lounge

Prove Randy Newman wrong

Blasted Bachelor Babe Bops Bachelor Boyfriend!

My 2 year experiment with mac&cheese is over.

Do you hate TV commercials?

Lady, those are some ugly yuppies you've got there ...

A Message For You...

Lego Yourself!

The Trans Siberian Orchestra is a fucking epidemic!

Just finished turning the nursery into an abattoir

My two year experiment with alcohol, Randy Newman, and communism is over.

Party in GD!!

what externality have you intertwined with your identity?

"O Holy Night"- Homer Slockheimer

So the rush of the holiday is over.

Walking into the male tonight...I've noticed some things that make me violet

my mom told me about a show she watched about the suburbs

The Lounge also needs its own Angel of Death - post your votes here.

Horror Friends (You guys have to see this!)

Lounge Emperor will be appointed by Lounge Board of Directors

Anyone seen Battlestar Galactica:Razor?

Whomever is elected

was anyone else inspired by corky from the tv series, "life goes on?"

What the heck is this?

This is just plain silly!

we are kindred souls(cute toddler pic)

1 month until...

Well, today I cooked a big pot of pinto beans on the wood burning shove.

Does alcohol keep people warm?

name one thing you have done while listening to black sabbath

To those who read Tony Hillermann: Has he lost it?

The legendary Darlene Love on YouTube: "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," Letterman 2005

Tonight's viewing: The Fog of War

was anyone else inspired by Al Bundy from the tv series, "Married. . . With Children"?

"Where do you think you're going? "

Man found strength to pull wife from sinking truck.

From "The Top 10 Aphrodisiacs"

What color should we paint the kitchen?

i dont really like puppies.

Hey... being emperor sounds like a wicked good idea.

how can i make all these lobsters go back into the sea?

So I was searching for Xmas gifts!

Just Filled Up My Basement

I love the lounge

Gandalf the Grey is sitting in my lap and says hello!

I just glad the lounge already has a Soda Jerk...

What the hell is Auction Monster/, and why have they been charging my credit card?

Issues that truly upset me...

I visited Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

I've got a question for all of you folks...

My 2 year experiment with the Mac is over, bought a PC

I love lamp.

It's chili and cornbread

Recommended free movie: "Salt of the Earth"

So- are you coming out of your MSG coma yet?

The Bus Boys - Cleanin' Up The Town


Your view on Ohio State U. vs. Michigan football rivaly.

Kitchen Witch Leading The Race To Be The New Emperor!!!

What are you drinking?

Damn, where did Iput those keys?!!!

I hate the Lounge

How did this thread get bumped and not been replied in since 1pm?

funny photobucket picture thread

Aw man! Look at what the beaver did to my big log!

US Calling Card

Any fans here of the Miami Dolphins?


Mizzou/KU Game of the Week-Who's Watching?

Kids, don't you hate leftover emu?

"You can't score any points if you don't move the ball down the field"

Posting this from my new iphone

Adults, don't you hate leftover emo?


Aunt Pat is hurting

Here's something I don't understand: Why all the hate for the OEM kits?

i want to stir up some trouble in the lounge.

I'm going to start campaigning for Emperor

I'm drunk. Who wants me to hit on them!!!

I have not had a cigarrette for a week

ghandi tacos

Question for those who have seen the film No Country for Old Men (possible SPOILERS)


it is cold and wet today and I am making Christmas Wreaths to sell at a charity auction

University football trash talking.

Another great T-Shirt in the Quarter

I'm sitting in a vibrating chair.


You're gonna to make it after all!

Do you ever take a crap with a hat on?


I got a haircut.


Baby bats!

From Buddhism: It's Not What You Think by Steve Hagen

I found what I want for Christmas...


For you Deadheads on a Saturday Night

What the fu fu fu fu fuck!!!

A gift for my fellow DUers – the Dubya Bush Speechwriting Kit!

he's here for the party

Anyone have a Roomba?

After the tons of food I consumed over the past 2 days, I only gained 1 lb.!

So How's Everyone Doing Tonight?

I got a new bird feeder today...

You know how my dad had a heart trouble and had those stents put in? His insurance

just cleaned out the abattoir

Does alcohol keep Randy Newman, Lounge Emperor, warm?

Look at these lyrics...

was anyone else inspired by Urkel from the tv series, "Family Matters"?

Holy Tap-Dancing Hell! This is pretty damn cool..

Rev_acts lost her bid for Lounge Emperor because she's a loser.

Walking in the mall tonight...I've noticed some things that make me violent

how many times do you get up during the night?

The Beach at Sunset, Tonight...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/24/07 (warning: graphic language)

Bald or balding and don't give a fuck?

What do you think of health insurance companies generally?

Are you on anyone's "shit list"?

Callahan OUT...Pelini IN???


Today's College Football Thread

Dammit, for the last time: It's not "carmel," it's "caramel." THREE syllables.


A belated Happy Birthday to Harpo Marx! And HEAR Harpo actually speak!

Cutest kitten contest!

"No Country for Old Men" What an incredible film

Stone me, is this TOO MUCH TECHNOLOGY, or what?

I've lost 40.6 pounds

A Question for DU Couples That Live Together Re Using The Toilet

Post the best song ever recommended to you by another DUer

What materials/brands of clothing really keep you warm?

I have been noticing a distinct lack of this in the Lounge.

Louis Prima / Keely Smith Appreciation Thread

I find chest waders provide better coverage. Yes, it's time for "post from your cache."

What are you eating for dinner tonight?

passion parties-

True confession time. I've been faking something with my husband for 14 years!

Is it too early for a picture thread like this?

Good Saturday Morning! Post Your Doggy and Kitty Pictures!

Betty Bowers or Betty Crocker?

Polls Closed: Kitchen Witch Is The Emperor/or Emperess depending on her preference

Cast Your Vote For Lounge Emperor...

what would a 10 year old boy want for xmas?

speaking of malls and violence. Bell ringers make me miss my M16

is there anything less funny than Sarah Silverman?

I picked my teeth with a matchstick and a splinter jammed between them and OWWWWW

Oh noes! Only one more "Torchwood" left!

Dirty Old Man syndrome or Male Onset Dementia

IAF knocked out Syria radar during Sept. 6 strike

NOW: Oil, Politics and Bribes

Unmanned Drones - Houston Police Test

Dennis Kucinich on Paul/Kucinich ticket idea

Gen. Sanchez Delivers Dem Radio Address

Hater Players

Lieberman Says We're Winning!!! Again!!!

FDL's Jane Hamsher on Washington Journal 11-23-07- part 1/7

It's Friday night and you're posting on DU. You must be married.

Song that reminds me completely of GWB

My friend who sells IMPEACH shirts has a new design available:

Maddow interviewing Brokaw -- coming up now on AAR

Here's a thought. If all the rabid shoppers were as enthusiastic about voting,

consumerism at it's worst

Double Woot. Hawaii 39 Boise St 27.....WAC Champs at 11-0

Mortgage stress may be behind Bible belt crime

United Nations General Assembly Adopts Historic Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

When was the last time Australia booted out an incumbent Prime Minister?

Congressman Kucinich LIVE this morning at

Don't care what anyone says....Deep fried turkeys are overrated..

IAF knocked out Syria radar during Sept. 6 strike

John Howard is going down in flames

Nice program on Australian political country music

The irony of it all - summed up in two sentences

Need editors for the Right Wing Infopedia

"As long as the U.S. troops stay in Iraq there will be violence"

Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove" is airing now on the Indie Channel

20,000 vets' brain injuries not listed in Pentagon tally

Is Ron Paul a true constitutionalist?

How about impeaching for torture?-By Jim Hightower

Only In America Dep't. - Shoppers fight

Good Riddance to John Howard --->>>

Some DU'ers I am thankful for

New wildfire in Malibu: 400+ Acres, homes burning

Howard Is Out In Australia!

Immigrant gives up crossing into America to save a life

Police Disperse (several thousand) Protesters in Moscow

I am SO of my neighbors is coming around

True or False: Our culture works well for products, but poorly for people.

Part of Bridge Collapses in Bangladesh - (stampede for food & water)

Corruption, bribes and trafficking: a cancer:

Made in China on the Sly (NYT)

Powerful Video - "Dear Mr. President" .... LINK

The holiday season is officially here...

With the MSM 24/7 on Natalee Holloway again will the

Rich nations fail to honour climate pledge

Police: Parents Leave Child In Car While They Shop Overnight(36 degrees)

Can someone give me the idiot's guide to Australian elections & political parties?

Firefighters Being Asked To SPY On Americans

Great article by David Sirota on undocumented workers

"Nice Guy" Huckabee's real appeal.

General who led U.S. forces in Iraq during detainee scandal hails Democrats withdrawal plan

U.S. Navy steps up fuel deliveries to Gulf forces

What's the most idiotic bumper sticker you've ever seen?

Foes of electronic spying may have a new way to challenge it

promised to immediately sign the Kyoto Protocol on global warming and withdraw Australia's combat tr

Why aren't all you people out there buy a bunch of chinese crap on credit?

Rudy: Yes, I Voted For McGovern, But I Actually Preferred Nixon

Economic and planetary collapse: Is it a therapeutic issue?

Learning how the right-wing extremists think:

G.E.RUSSERT attempting to be funny with COLBERT.

Caption this pic:

California Wildfires

Incredulous Hulk Learns of Divorce from Reporter

Iraq nullifies Kurdish oil deals

I just filled my car up for $3.05 a gallon

Florida: Early voting not as effective as hoped

RAND penned the Terrorism Prevention Act?

Bush Cites Thanksgiving as U.S. Tradition Rooted in Religion

Not-so-black Friday: Shoppers flock to discount chains

Rape inquiry over girl jailed with 20 men

I miss watching "New Rules" on Saturday morning from DU political videos.

Blasted Bachelor Babe Bops Bachelor Boyfriend!

You won't see this on O'Reilly or Dobbs

Black Friday gotta be a great day for China

WP op-ed: Railroading A Journalist In Iraq, by Tom Curley, AP's president

Bush makes cover of Subsidized Farmers Journal...

How it is Today

Dad's home! Thank you DU!

Which foreign leaders who supported Bush in 2003 are still in office...

Poll George Bush's intentions in regards to invading Iraq

Who does the cooking at the Bush ranch? When he bugs out for the

More fires in California: Stay safe DUers

Enjoy! News stories from Fergus Falls, Minn. circa 1958...

Get "Sicko!"

Criminy!! It took me over 50 years to find out that only blacks have children out of wedlock!!

I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope there's a hell.

Peter Garrett, former lead singer for Midnight Oil, will be Australia's next Climate Change Minister

Joe Bageant: "We were freer men then, however poor"

"If there are still people living here in 200 years, they'll know

To Oppose Chávez, Youth In Caracas Rally Behind Stalin

If Conservatism Is The Ideology of Freedom, I'm The Queen of England

Afghan boy dancers sexually abused by former warlords

Oh good, more expensive homes in California burning!

Unlocking America:Why and how to reduce America's prison population

Despite Lacking ‘Specific Information,’ Townsend Claims Al Qaeda May Target 2008 Elections

Sorry for the Chaos, my post was NOT DELETED

Fuck all this Health Insurance Nonsense

This by invitation only ME "peace discussion" to be held by this criminal administration

"Arian Enterprises"

Total right-wing nutjob's blog...

Did McClellan Accuse Bush of Lying to Federal Prosecutors?-BY Scott Horton

2nd post - This story deserves a view

Anyone have an extra tissue? FReepers react to Howard's defeat in Australia

If THIS don't put knots in your knickers, then I give up!

Congressman Says Police Stopped Him Due To Racial Profiling

Ex-customer leaves $15,000 in his will to grocery store worker

Where is Bush going?

Congressman says Chicago police pulled him over for 'driving while black'

The menstruation thread got me thinking: Let's have a Party!

Howard's sacking. . .

Pads...ugh! blech!

This budget analysis is SWEEEET!

Monkey meat at center of NYC court case

Where did the term "third way" originate from?

Bush's disappearing alliance

The dollar dives and drowns

Look Out, Girls! Weird George Is Back in Town ---pix--->>>

Democrats' Bill on Iraq Wouldn't End War

There seem to be a lot of "Hating on Thanksgiving" threads this year.

How do we bring real news back to America?

I think Robertson hurt himself by endorsing Rudy

Romney Calls on Judge to Resign

And now - a message from your Vice President

A story of courage that I hope eventually becomes a period piece

Would this country elect another batshit crazy madman as president?

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.

ACTION ALERT: Bush Admin: What You Don't Know Can't Hurt Us, 2007 Version

There is NOT "free universal health care" in Germany

Rudd becomes Prime Minister of Australia

Kasparov Jailed for 5 Days for leading protest

Heads Up..Saturday night movie on PBS..Don't Miss it..

Wal-Mart Extends Its Influence to Washington

Might Lance Armstrong join political race?

Congress discloses intel earmarks for first time

The terrorists have truly WON: "Tucker Carlson's Days At MSNBC Could Be Numbered." BWAHAHAHAHA!

Is Treason an Impeachable Offense, Senator Reid?

Sign of the times....2

5,000 US troops to withdraw from Iraq

Tasers a form of torture, says UN

So Why was I not supposed to buy anything today?

Man found strength to pull wife from sinking truck.

McClellan and his Publisher Backing Away from Allegations--We Need Senate Investigation Pronto!

OMG, The Strength of Turkey Farts!

More bad news for the Thompson campaign:

Lt. Gen. Sanchez's Democratic Response to President Bush's Radio Address

Media Complicit In ‘Shopapocalypse’ As Consumers Go Wild

Raw Story: Fox guest suggests that for every inch of skin women reveal at work...

Criminalizing speech to protect secrets

What is the best bumper sticker you have seen, and the best you can imagine too?

Every time we have any of these... don't buy days we have to explain this

Video: Rudy Giuliani In Drag

Show Glenn Beck some luv on his Amazon blog

Absolut Capitalism

OMG! "Team America: World Police" is on Comedy Central right now!

Kucinich In Sandwich, NH: Peace Should Be More Than A Holiday Theme

Can't bamboozle the current British PM? Go behind his back, in public!

Then there was one: US now alone as Kyoto holdout

Legal tussle: Should killer get alimony?

'Vermonters help ease life on the outside' - Would you do this?

What do you DU'ers who've been listening to Air Air America Tonight Thinking?

U.S. lowers bar for political success in Iraq (more on Bush's failed foreign policy)

FREEPER LOGIC: An Email from my Deranged Fundie Uncle

Lot's Of Us DU"ers are Making Ourselves SICK over the State of Things in America!

Giuliani and the Rethugs trying to steal the election, again?

Flying Monkeys for Mike Malloy...

ComeBackAlive - dangerous places

You know, politics - especially with the presidency at stake - really brings

Hey Dodd-sters, who was it in Media that ridiculed Dodd for speaking Spanish

Is there a downside to the quickie Senate sessions?

Should men who work as nurses post threads in DU General Discussion?

So who would upset the GOP in Kentucky? It's Hillary, SUSA poll finds

George Bush, Al Capone, and Wiseguy Government

Clarke Speaks Up for Impeachment, Weiner and Nadler Advocate Letting Cheney and Bush off the Hook

We are a Banana Republic

Inspiring Video

"Deception Point"... I'm late to the party.

Frontier justice in an online world? (Megan Meier case)

Gitmo - Saudi Style

I might be taking a trip to GTMO

Did anyone else find "Jesus Camp" hard to watch?

Why NOT an "reverse recommendation" button on DU?

The Bush pResidential Library - (My parents sent this to me)

Slanthead Sean Helps T. Boone Pissant Welch on Million Dollar Bet

Naomi Wolf: With system threatened, millions of young Americans no longer know how democracy works

With the media talking of saving for retirement and worry of your house value,

(Can we leave NOW?) U.S. Scales Back Political Goals for Iraqi Unity

Even Hallmark seems to have soured on Bush

Representative Betty Hall's Resolution to the NH House for Impeachment of Richard Cheney

Do you suppose we’ll ever see another Franklin Roosevelt in the White House?

Where would we be if there was no one to oppose the war?

Clarke Speaks Up For Impeachment, Weiner And Nadler Advocate Letting Cheney & Bush Off Hook

I would appreciate it if people would quit being dishonest about

Aussie PM compared Obama to al-Qaeda !

Great Comic strip...

Redact O'Reilly

Profound line from "Crimson Tide," uttered by Denzel Washington-

Faces Spotted in the Strangest Places: A Structural Visualization Exercise

Scott McClellan Didn't Out Bush for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Cheney Did.

Has the time has come for the reindustrialization of our economy?

Glenn Beck: Poor people are ‘lazy.’

Beauty Pageant Highlights Plight of Landmine Survivors

Gender Journey Finds Unhappy Ending

If Australia can do it, WE CAN DO IT!

Labor Party Wins Big in Australia

Who understands quantum theory? Can you explain this article to me?

I just saw Redacted and can't stop thinking about the poor girl and the

Blackwater VS The average U.S. citizen

Larisa Alexandrovna: Black November...

any legal beagles out there? have some questions

"Thanksgiving is much more than a lie "

Beekeepers leaving the industry

DU political spectrum: far left to centrist by candidate

Tasers a form of torture, says UN

Cholera spreading through Baghdad

Sign of the times........

Would it be legal to clone a caveman?

Internet Could Max Out in 2 Years, Study Says

Wal-Mart sues employee injured at their store.

What would happen if 46 million people

Around the world: what we eat and how much it costs for week

Do you think there is any risk of an assassination attempt if...

Illegal Immigrant Rescues Boy in Desert

Where To Locate The President Cheney Library?

Government agencies need to do more to become "GREEN"

"Most of these bastards molest girls under age 12": Anti-Immigrations Dark Underbelly of Racism

Should men who work as nurses speak out in favor of pay equity?

$600 Million American Embassy in Baghdad the Most Lavish in the World

Dog’s Best friend: Willie Nelson

Alert ! *BUZZFLASH* loses it's Funding from it's Progressive Editor & Publisher on Jan.1!

Have you lived in (or were raised in) a commune?

It's official: Less than one year until history slaps Dubya to the curb.

Disabled veterans jeered at swimming pool

Saw a bumper sticker today

John Howard loses his seat:Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

I saw this flyer on wealth distribution while doing a search for IWW pictures.

“Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower,”

Polls are all Smoke and Mirrors

Peaceful Revolution and America's Restoration

Manhattan Inshrubordination

2003 Howard Dean on NCLB... "every school in America by 2013 will be a failing school."

This is just too funny! New ANTI-Social websites with plug-ins for Facebook! Snubster and Enemybook!

Thanksgiving in Southern Indiana.

I haven't been on DU much, so this might be off base...but...Ron Paul? Say freakin' what?!

The Big Tent Is Collapsing

Chretien Proud of Bucking Bush

Someone asks you "What do you do?" and you have no socially adequate answer

Why does Kucinich remain a Democrat?

Time to Check Your Least

Heroism and Cowardice

'$100 oil: the terrible truth' by David Strahan

All-Purpose Hillary Clinton Post Template™

Elizabeth Kucinich: My Husband Would "Absolutely" Consider Running With Ron Paul


The country is looking for the exact opposite of Bush this time around

Congratulations PM elect Kevin Rudd!

Breaking: Clinton Reveals Dirt on Obama

Mearsheimer & Walt : The Israel Lobby

FReeper thoughts on the Rudd election. Happy Saturday morn!!

Quiet Time with Dennis Kucinich

Great interview w/Jackie Dodd

The Next Clintonomics

Is Lou Dobbs running for President as the next Ross Perot?

Comparing the Candidates on Iraq:

New Washington Poll -Clinton 50% Ghoulini 43% /Obama - 48% -Ghouliani 46%

Blue-collar women see hope in Clinton

Michael Kinsley: Who Needs Experience?

New Kentucky Poll -Clinton 48%-Ghoulini 44% /Ghouliani 52% -Obama 38%

Interesting results in WA & OR surveyusa polls

SurveyUSA: Hillary beats Repubs in Kentucky...Obama lags...

Here is a major problem with political power.....

Serious question: Should campaigns Reflect or Educate about the conventional wisdom?

NY Governor Spitzer's star power dimmed by driver's license reversal, other blunders

Can I Get An Amen????

Bush Radio, 11/24/07: "The SEALs launched a valiant counterattack, cascading from cliff to cliff"

yay! labor wins in australia. bye-bye howard, you

I keep reading here that Ron Paul is a bigot, a racist, and a nutcase

What political position would win your vote for the Democratic Presidential Race?

Same Shit Different Day.......when it comes to Biden, Obama, DK, Edwards, Dodd, & Richardson haters

Obama and Edwards bashing on Meet The Press tomorrow?

"Reading Tea Leaves and Campaign Logos"

L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa, reporter end their affair, sources say

"You have free speech so I can be heard."

Who Needs Experience?

Did Gore ever consider Barbara Boxer as a runningmate in 2000 ?

Any theories on this?

Forgotten Z-list actor Ron "Timecop" Silver finds a new arena in which to suck (his own NeoCon Blog)

Ron Paul says he won’t support GOP nominee

Rudy Giuliani speech, revisited

Bush and Cheney should NOT BE CHARGED WITH ANY CRIMES!!!

As Democrats See Iraq Gains, a Shift in Tone

So Aruba Missing Blond Has Taken Scotty McCelland's Story Off.....

Embattled Congressman Gets Tepid Support

This is too funny. I just clicked on one of the DU advert links

Biden: Rivals' war plans lack long-term solutions...Great article

Some dangerous myths we need to quash

New OH Poll-Clinton -49% Ghouliani 44% /Ghouliani- 49% -Obama 41%

New Poll: Biden Manages Toss-ups with Giuliani, Romney

Transitioning to universal health insurance

This guy need to hear from us for his column "Democrats in denial"

Same Shit Different Day.......when it comes to HRC haters.

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Is Hillary a "Goldwater Girl" ?

John Edwards: Meet imperative to leave children a better life

If we're not careful, Mitt Romney will be elected as the "candidate of change"

No to Health care mandates, Obama says.

You Want Stupid? I'm Your Man

Early caucuses put student pro-Obama vote in play

Bill Richardson on Sunday's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos"

As an Obama supporter, I would like to acknowledge good things about the rest of the field.

Presidential Profile: Richardson has big résumé, common touch

Clinton Team Is Quick to Bat Down Rumors

I guess we can leave now.

Motörhead's "Marching Off To War"

Obama Smoked the Ganja

Obama Closing in on Clinton

Mittens calls on judge he appointed to resign - Ghouliani pounces

Same BREW-HA-HA! any-day.... When it comes to the haters of "HRC haters"

Barack Obama coming to the Apollo Theatre in Harlem on Thursday, November 29th

Elizabeth Kucinich's remarks: your reaction?

Clarence Page: Obama closing in on Clinton

Elizabeth Kucinich did NOT say, "My Husband Would Absolutely Consider Running With Ron Paul"

Sunday's TV News Shows

ZOMG! THIS IS HUGH!!1!!!!!1!!!! High schoolers in Hawaii in '76-'81 did drugs!1!!11111! SERIES!11!!!

I guess we can leave now.

Everyone knows that Americans want someone who is socially liberal and fiscally conservative

I may not be supporting him, but I truly believe Obama has the best chance in the GE.

The Third Way re: Hillary

So Pelosi wants 10,000 written letters before she'll consider putting impeachment back on the table

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Is Hillary running scared in Iowa?

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Obama: Hillary "didn't have enough confidence in the American people," stresses judgment, character

When you only focus on one issue you get Kucinich/Paul. . .

Most Experience or Enough Experience?

11/25/07 Head to Head Matchup- Hillary vs. Obama


Biden's heartache, past burdens can't defuse heart, ideas

Dear Mr Bush, what about the economy?

Seriously people, Biden is in single digits and tied with Rudy & Mitt...doesn't that say anything

The one constant is that Edwards does well in many Red states.

Biden on Book TV tomorrow Sunday at noon.

Are you ready for 4 more years of a Republican President?

Blue-collar women see hope in Clinton

State Exit Poll Deviations by Voting Method ( x )

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Where did John Edwards grow up, and what did his dad do for a living?

Attention Democrats: Where is Our Shame?

Clinton hits China again on toy safety

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