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Archives: November 18, 2007

A world dying, but can we unite to save it?

Clinton presidential library shedding light on — UFOs?

SOA protest is personal for Kucinich

Bush Bypasses Senate Foreign Relations Committee To Install ‘Loyalist’ In Arms Control Position

The OPEC Summit (the American Version)

The U.S. Congress Legislates Genocide Of The Mind By Jeff Knaebel

Strike Not About Money: Are Hollywood Producers in the Pocket of the Far Right?

Washington's $50 Billion Tech Plan Derailed By Lawsuit

eBay Web attack hops from other sites

The Freezing of Love into Small Spaces


Oil leaders' private debate televised by mistake

On the Verge of Democracy Collapse Disorder

Will Durst: Nuclear Two Step

Eric Margolis: Musharraf Feels the Heat

Hezbollah Rebuilds South Beirut (AP)

The dangers of excessive thinking

Liberty City 7 trial runs like a B-movie (Miami "terra cell" trial.)

The Philosophical Riddle of the Maher Arar Case

Opinion: How are Iraqi refugees any different?

Colombia's Uribe Seen as Solidifying Power

For CNN, Campbell Brown Is Not Damaged Goods

Seizure of Iranians Failed to Validate Bush Line

Novak, Obama and Hillary: Don't Fall for It

The American People are Beginning To Get It

Frank Rich : What ‘That Regan Woman’ Knows

Abusive-boyfriend syndrome a worrying trend

Guardian UK: We must not tolerate this putsch against our freedoms

Venezuela's Chavez & Spain's Juan Carlos and ¿Por qué no te callas? (Why don't you shut up?)

Macy's goes green

Emissions Growth Must End in 7 Years, U.N. Warns (WaPo)

U.N. Report Describes Risks of Inaction on Climate Change (NYT)

UN scientists urge carbon tax to fight global warming

Energy bill's turbine amendment stirs storm (Mass.)

Sanyo to invest 200 bil. yen in batteries, photovoltaic power

Massachusetts Maritime Academy gets unexpected windfall (wind power RECs)

Oil leaders' private debate televised by mistake - Observer

China's E-Waste Nightmare Worsening

Solar rebates to make way for market credit system (in NJ)

Safety Review Ordered At Vermont Yankee

Massachusetts nuke workers question Vermont Yankee operation

(Australian) Farmers urged to become energy generators

N.J. seeks real-time checks at reactor (Oyster Creek drywell corrosion)

Time to see the light

" Clinton library gets 'green' roof"

Hirst to install £1.5m solar power system

(Toledo) Area a world leader in promising method of panel production

No meters here (off grid homes, NH)

Forests Damaged by Hurricane Katrina Become Major Carbon Source (yet another positive feedback)

Climate 'will undo Asian success' (BBC)

The ZENN of Driving (electric vehicle)

Buoys = Power?

The birds are back: good news along the Pacific Coast Flyway

63 dead after coal mine blast (AP/CNN)

Sun power: Company adds rooftop solar cells to hybrid cars (Solar Prius)

People were killed by Three Mile Island & other nuclear disasters

A Last Warning on Global Warming (Time mag)

Canada violating Geneva treaty, MPs say

McCain says he would lift ban on drug imports from Canada

EU 'should expand beyond Europe'

Pakistan: 91 Dead in Sectarian Unrest

Gas pipeline explosion kills 28 in Saudi Arabia

9/11 Firefighters and Family Members Plot Anti-Giuliani Ad Campaign

New concerns crack unity of religious right

US troops accused of wounding six in Iraq shooting

Conservative columnist [Novak] baits Democratic rivals

Taliban Torture, Execute 5 Afghan Police

Bush Failed to See Musharraf’s Faults, Critics Contend

Puppy Showcase

Musharraf Ties Pose Dilemma For Bush

British army head warns troops feel devalued, angry

Update: Japan begins hunt for humpbacks

Rudy Giuliani jets to campaign stops using casino kingpin's plane

Indo-US conference on healthcare to begin from Monday

Britons buy slice of Big Apple

Australia: Mine collapse traps 27 Victorian workers

Coalition 'cannot win' in Iraq or Afghanistan

Creative pay packages for top officials of subprime mortgage company (don't read soon after eating)

Australia: Iraqi footballers vanish, seek asylum

Labor report finds failures in mine inspections

Bombs strike children, US troops in Iraq [3 dead]

U.S. struggles to restore Iraq water

Recounts Possible For 9 Races In Cuyahoga County Election (Ohio)

U.S. strikes killed pro-U.S. Iraq fighters-officer (not insurgents, as US military claimed)

State Dept. Tries Blog Diplomacy

FBI appalled at CIA veterans's defense of agent Nada Nadim Prouty's lies

America ships electronic waste overseas

Zimbabwe 'ready for UK invasion'

Pakistan rejects U.S. call to end emergency

Iraq violence flares with Baghdad bombs

NOLA council wins white majority

Iran leader dismisses US currency

Family identifies man who died after taser strike

Report: Brawley Kin Want Case Reopened

FBI's Forensic Test Full of Holes [Hundreds Convicted Using Faulty FBI Tool]

Gas-station owner dies after fast against oil giants

OPEC agrees to study dollar concern: Iran

China not fighting off e-waste nightmare

Cost of Elderly Care Is Double Prior Estimates

At least 33 dead in Ukrainian mine blast

Rep. Moran wades into AIPAC debate, again

14 or more persons arrested at School of the Americas Watch Vigil

(3)U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq suicide attack

G20 in warning on world economy

Five days left and Howard looks a goner

U.S. Anti-Drug Plan Would Recast Legal System in Mexico

Berlusconi launches new political party

Hillary Clinton Heckled During Forum on Global Warming in Los Angeles

Iran won't use oil as weapon if attacked: Ahmadinejad

Up to 10,000 dead, millions homeless in Bangladesh: officials

Free ice has me blocking like Nabokov.

Damn it - Grovelbot ate Kirby again!

Look here, brother. Who you jivin' with that cosmik debris??

Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical, a liberal...

South Brunswick, NJ Monday morning

Put your back into it

Why do Democrats go to sleep early?

More about my friend who was in the car wreck....

How long do you have to wear a cast for a broke elbow?

If you want it, here it is.

MMMMMM...cross-posted BidenSpam in GD & GD-P. Dee-LISH.

Post 1500! Viva me!

Call me a mean-spirited old cuss...

Feline Entertainment Center

Sleep with one eye open- gripping your pillow tight (youtube)

My boyfriend eats cats for brunch

Gunman shoots three 'church ladies' in restaurant

O'Rights Or O'Reilly?

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (11/18/07)

For the record, I would not be offended if someone called their crush on me 'weird'

Martha Stewart's Mom - and Mentor - Dies...

Anybody in east side of dallas know of any medical transcriptionist jobs available?

What is the rule for moderators posting in threads?

Grovelbot has been sent to work on the sail barge

I was going to start a thread to say good morning

Bobby McFerrin - Ave Maria --- This is pretty cool...

Series question...

Really don't mind if you sit this one out...

You know what would make my day happy in the Lounge?

OK, I want a Hang Drum.

MissHoneychurch...? Are you awake yet?

A single chunk of frozen water shall henceforth be known as

M&Ms are fascist.

Top 50 TV icons

OK, I start to feel like a real person again


"You feel it when the dance gets hot"

Morrissey just squatted and peed in his cat bed

Eminem is fascist.

Documentary recommendations?

Kofi Anan keeps sending me email......

There'z...water...falling from the sky...

Ok- I'm going to go do homework, but I had the YUMMIEST lunch!

Hey, are construction companies supposed to work on Sundays?

Keep it down in the Lounge, please

Reminder to self: Take your own medication, NOT the dog's

More elf fun! Guess who!!!

Reminder to self: eat yourown food,not the dog's

I'm trying to do my homework and LaraMn keeps trying to show me her butt

I'm trying to do my homework. MrLaraMN keeps asking to see my butt.

Giant bird feet

Don't throw rocks, I got my star back. It's BW.

who is down with all the butt jokes?

Apartment dwellers - do you use amplified antannaes to get better tv reception?

You are making a fool out of yourself!!

I'm thinking of going to a UU church today

Gawd, I'm in a pissy mood.

I'm trying to do nothing at home but I keep thinking of BareNakedLady's butt

I have another poem in the Writer's forum...

Unofficial Carolina Panthers - Green Bay Packers thread

Has there been any word from OMC??

Good Morning Lounge!

"I'm not a girl, though..."

MLS Cup: Houston Dynamo vs. New England Revolution (Live on ABC)

So I was going to fire up my backpack leaf blower at 7:00 am this morning...

It was a thing of beauty last night. We sent my Japanese friend off.

What is up with all the butt jokes?

The Leonids

Dennis Miller in wikipedia

Say what you want, but Aaliyah was an absolutely shit actress

We just hit 1000 donations!

Official Green Bay Packers-Carolina Panthers thread!

Oh, sure....but can your dog do this?

I'm back!

What happened to our avatars?

Istanbul was Constantinople.

blind umpires in baltimore?

This is the last thing you want to be holding if you are recording police abuse IMO

OMG! I just turned on my AC!

Just saw "Beowulf" in Imax 3D

retrolounge and miss_american_pie, together again...

We need a new form of DUzy.

Someone had to do it

Is tonights Family Guy made by scabs or is it legit?

Somebody's having a party.

I'm trying to do my homework. MrLaraMN keeps asking to see my butt.

Happy Birthday flvegan!

Vegan Gravy

I'm peeling chestnuts

Just put up some outside Christmas decorations. One thing that pisses me off...

Free Stuff on the Internet

Gentlemen, I have found the baby Jesus nudes.

gregorious - "YMCA"

I don't care if you think this guy has too much money, this is still cool as all hell!

Toilet-themed restaurants open in Taiwan

Scotch tape smells weird. Also, I licked some and it turned sticky

Top 50 TV Morons

Experiment 1: Can I eat enough breath mints to make my esophagus go numb?

15 year old missing girl found: My final update:

So if they finally discovered the Unified Field Theory...

So, good news... career-wise

Damn bifucular lenses

Don the flamesuits!!!

Achy Breaky drumsticks: Britney to have Thanksgiving dinner with Billy Ray & "Hannah Montana" Cyrus

It's PUNKIN pie, dammit!


Delete. Damn triplicate post.

The Heat Waver is back!!!

Let's go Pat!

Kanye West overwhelmed with emotion while performing a song dedicated to his late mother

Top 5 influential rock guitarists ever. According to me

Pie is awesome, but melons are juicier and have a terrific fiber content

DU sure has changed in the last 4 years

Back pats for Mr.LaraMN.

I am so tempted to chop of my hand

"If this is food what have we been eating ."

Should I disown my mom?

I am so tempted to chop suey

How do you feel about the Gov't auctioning off analog frequencies?

Okay, where is Rabrrrrrr when I need him?

My son's birthday -- an initial skirmish against temptation before the holiday onslaught

$150 leather sport coat - cool, huh?

Are Any Ladies Here Shopping for a Man

I am so tempted to chop off my hair.

Ever see the movie "Code Name: The Cleaner"?

Hee hee - Droopy went to a Unitarian Church and made a trinity of posts to tell us about it.

Geddy Lee should be an American Idol judge, and he should be given a gun with unlimited ammo.

People who still listen to vinyl records: Check in!

I am considering spending Thanksgiving alone

What's for Sunday Lunch?

GERSWIN - Rhapsody - piano version -------------LOVE you all n/t

"Do us a favor, don't throw your garbage onstage, we don't want it."

Some guy called my husband a name I've never heard before, tonight at a restaurant.

I just got a 15-pound turkey for FREE!

Dream interpretation?

Just got back home from seeing NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN


I don't get the thing with female sideline reporters on NFL telecasts

I am *not* seeking medical advice....just wondering....

I found a cassette recording of my father reading my poetry.

Have you heard about the new French economy car?

Collectors, what one thing would "make" your collection?

What's your opinion of meeting people on internet dating sites?

Looking for a good groundnut soup recipe. Meatless.

Help! I need your funniest YouTube videos,

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

What's the best kind of Karaoke Machine - not professional, just for fun?

My thread on John Dean in GD-P...

I am not so tempted to chop off my sausages.

I'll be spending Thanksgiving in Florida this year

The funniest thing I've seen all day.

Let's keep this long thread bumped for a while.

7-year-old boy nearly 12 feet tall

I wish I could have a clove cigarette.

12-year-old boy nearly 7 feet tall

Is this wikipedia source completly accurate on the battle of Teutoburg Forest?

I have 27.4 fluid ounces of imported beer and and 1 hour left before I must go

Update on my father-in-law (diagnosed with MRSA):

Gentlemen, I have found the BarenakedLady nudes.

Pour Mannthrax - someone isn't bulk-buying enough of her books

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/18/07

CaliforniaPeggy in GDP

Sugar Smack says I'm the 'cat's proud ass'. she swears that it's a good thing.

Why is a "slim chance" better than a "fat chance"?

Its exam grading time again - calling the grad assist.'s support group

Because we can: Match Game: "I'm _______ chestnuts"

Maybe I'm amazed...

My niece is in labor.

SophieMN: "I told grandma that I wear size six and she wears size 'short fat'."

Would You Rather Live in a Small Town

It Should Be A Requirement Of The Lounge....

Is Thanksgiving anyone else's favorite holiday?

Is anyone else a Dwight Yoakam fan?

We got SNOW here in northeast PA (dial-up warning)

Ireland to protect red squirrels from grey peril

What's the best way to stop negative self-thinking?

These dreams about being at work are getting REALLY OLD.

Some lady told my husband 'menj el a jó kurva anyádba hülye paraszt'

Let's go Pats!

My baby kitty is awesome

This is a happy day in the Lounge, and I now have a wonderful earworm!

Remember when DU used to be FUN?

Pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

Rant--on the kind of family shit that

My Dad is in the hospital

Need to fill my DVD que. Recommendations?

Thanks DU! I just called a guy an "asshat" in front of his family!

Name a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame performer / band that you feel actually deserves that honor.

Does anything get rid of dark circles under the eyes?

My latest YouTube video: Walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain

Post here and I'll swear at you in Hungarian

I went to a Unitarian Universalist church today

Abduction anniversary takes toll on families

$800M needed for BRAC-related upgrades in Md.

Scholarship helps cover vets’ college costs

CNO praises IAs calls for expanded fleet

Peer trainers help midshipmen stop harassment

Ex-Lejeune residents show water toxin effects

King of the road? Soldiers dig the MRAP

Odierno: Parts of Baghdad may be turned over

Paying euros gives shoppers pause

Special ops run training missions on Guam

Russia Suspends Cold War Arms Treaty

A death shrouded by war, mystery

Sergeant Fled Army, but Not the War in His Head

Digital audio books now on shelves at military libraries

DOD speeds production to hit MRAP goal

The Army Values Support IVAW

Is Waterboarding Torture? Yes.

Captain charged with taking bribes in Iraq

OSI agents netted 495 insurgents last year

Fed Layoffs If No War Funds, Gates Says

Hannity *hearts* Hate Crimes - Hates Civil Rights

Give 'Em Hell Harry Taylor

Anti-Flag - One Trillion Dollars

Russian antiwar video-Mumij Troll

Maersk Picket! -- Port of Tacoma

Video of the creation of the Earth!

Are Ron Paul Supporters Terrorists?

Help me Caption This Video

Kuicnich explains the Department of Peace and Nonviolence!

Plight of Sharks - Sharkwater film

John Edwards - 1 Million Jobs Lost to NAFTA


John Edwards Rocks Grist Global Warming Forum

Ok, For the Last Time: The Surge did NOT Work!

John Edwards Rocks Grist Global Warming Forum (This one works)

The Faces of "Free-Range" Farming

Mike Huckabee Ad: "Chuck Norris Approved"

America's Wounds

Malnourished twins found near dead woman

Our Only chance to Elect an Effective Progressive

Speaking of Duke Lacrose....

top 10 cllimate skeptic hits

Firefighters mulling forming 527 group

Reuters: "Clinton seeks to convince voters she won debate"

Anyone watching "Broken Government: Waging War on the

Chevy Silverado Hybrid

What does Iraq and McCain's SUV limousine have in common?

Even the DoD isn't using Micro$haft

All the news that's fit to reprint..NYT searching the archives?? the OLD archives?

On Passports and Student Exchange Programs

Help Wanted Ad.. AP REPORTER (Tampa area)

Bumper Stickers

CSPAN - is our country in decline?

Business spends a Trillion dollars on marketing

Musharraf Will Fight Till Whatever End & Will Bring Americans Down With Him

CSPAN the effect of tom delay

Photoblog of the Week - Week of November 18th 2007 - Durham PA.

Comedy Rambo:A gladiator of mockery, Stephen Colbert is dismantling American society from the inside

Can somebody define "professional"?

Wash Journal quest talking of US new Africa military base

Did you hear about the George W. Bush stamps?

Bush Stuffs Spending Bills With Earmarks For Dad’s Foundation, Wife’s Librarian Program

Fearing political consequences Republicans urge Sen. Vitter to stay quiet on 'D.C. Madam'

Someone is doing an anti-Chickenhawk "push poll" on Mittens

Disgusting! Police to search for guns in homes

Col. Lang points out that life was better for Iraqis before the US invaded...

Just A Familty Dispute? - State Dept official asks to cancel Blackwater hearing

Candidacy pays off: Just a word from Stephen Colbert raises $59,000 for charity.

Why do you think Sen. Vitter-R didn't sue James Carville for suggesting Vitter had a diaper fetish?

What's Worse? Fox News' Bias or CNN's Irrelevance?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Dear Mr. Dershowitz...

Phelps church vandalized; small firecrackers found

Protesters begin to gather

If the Freepers think a news source is way too liberal and DUers think it's way too conservative...

Anyone catch Trace Atkins on Glenn Beck

Repeat of the IG hearing on CSpan1

NY Times: In U.S. Name Count, Garcias Are Catching Up With Joneses

writing letter to editor re: Al me kick this guys ass

Forensic test scrapped

The Nation: As the World Burns

Sen. Clinton: These Boots Were Made For Planting

Conservative hypocrisy

Jim Rogers Urges People to Sell U.S. Dollar Holdings

WHY NOW? NYT Releases Info About Pakistan's Nukes-Bushco Made Them Sit On This For 3 Yrs

Help Kip's M&Ms Order Censorship Story Go Viral

US and Pakistan: Strange Coincidence of Nuke Stories

Under the get a life category: NE football coach gets DEATH threats because his team lost

Kos' Newsweek Debut: The Road Less Taken

Edwards being interviewed on cnn (blitzer)

Firm handling SF oil spill cleanup is mostly unregulated, little known

McClatchy: Children without health insurance lose out on learning at school

EXODUS Open your eyes and look within:


Scores killed in sectarian violence in Pakistan

Question: Which networks covered Clinton impeachment Live?

Key Findings of UN Scientific Report (climate change, IPCC)

Edwards and Obama are dead...time to send the $$$ to Biden!!!

I am looking for Thursday's. "Debate Time Clock". If some one can please let me know

Can someone explain why DU hasn't hit 1,000 contributions yet?

M&M's political censorship

LA Times take on Chavez/King of Spain dust up

Bush's Newest Tack: Bypass Congress

Taj Mahal won't take dollars anymore

Shocking Campaign Contribution Stats

UNLV Student Says Forced By CNN To Ask Hillary Question

Bush raised $63,552,155 for the Republican Party and candidates through Nov. 2

New episode of The Daily Show - well, kind of

NAOMI KLEIN with Bob McChesney - LIVE - full hour - Sun 2pm EST - streaming - taking calls

Something You'll Never See on YouTube: A Lincoln-Douglas Style Debate Series

Military Says Iran Has Stemmed Weapons Flow Into Iraq

Study: Feminists are better mates

On This Date 11/18-Bush appoints doctor with bizarre views to head family planning dept

MLS Cup: Houston Dynamo vs. New England Revolution (Live on ABC)

Did Limbaugh stiff the charity?

"Clinton and Gore went to England during Viet Nam."

Caption time!

Tropical Cyclone killed 2200 people

Dia-bulimia .. Skipping Insulin to Lose Weight ( Here's a new one, folks)

Pakistan: 91 dead in sectarian unrest

Stockton Gang Member Convicted of Killing Man Over a Dirty Look

Michael Moore receives Key to the City

VA coverage info sought -

Which of the candidates allow public comments to appear on their webpage?

Russia abandons key Cold War arms treaty Pre-Lists Al Gore Autobiography

Quotes on Democracy

Simplistic question mispelling rant short excitment

Challenge to the DLC'ers - can you handle it?

When religion takes over

Conyers:Terrorist Surveillance Without Compromising Personal Liberties

Hey you two! Quit watching the stupid football and donate! n/m

What Does Iraq Cost? Even More Than You Think.

Tell you what.... its very very encouraging to see Dennis Kucininch winning the fun run...

CommonDreams: On the Verge of Democracy Collapse Disorder

We are in a really strange economy

When the candidates say we don't need to...

It's just not our idiot leader keeping secrets from the People - Howard won't disclose either

Fox "Business Channel" thinks Apple buys AMD.... HILARIOUS

Texas chaplain pleads gulty to abuse of female inmates

Why is Grovelbot uniformly assigned, regardless of whether a member has donated or not?

Frank Rich: What ‘That Regan Woman’ Knows

A poison legal pill

The Imus Enablers Are Ba-a-a-ack! (Gag Alert! but* Great Read* about Media Whores)

Shattering the Rainbow Roof: "Hillary - (Condescending Pregnant Pause) From Time to Time..."

What song is Bush air guitaring to?

An inconvenient task: Bush to Honor Gore at WH...November 19th!

many christmas carols on the radio station this afternoon as we went out for a ride around town.

Congratulations to Dennis Kucinich for winning the DU 4Q Fun Run!

Blackwater's New Weapon: Laser Dazzlers

On 11/26: Kucinich Impeachment Teach-In "Live on Internet" - Impeach Cheney and Bush Now

Today is the anniversary of the first Calvin & Hobbes strip

NYT editorial: Democrats Find Their Voice (Iraq)

With Apologies to Dunkin' Donuts: Why Should Munchkins Be Cut out of the Social Security Donut?

Hale "Bonddad" Stewart: Will OPEC Dump the Dollar?

Hillary Clinton's Experience

Don't Kill a Tree for Christ's Sake

Puppy Showcase

How Dennis quiets the UFO hubub!

Some Sunday brunch-time wisdom from Smedley Darlington Butler:

I predict US $ has been plucked and will be served to us for our dinner on Thursday

If US to invade Iran then oil will be 200$

Glenn Greenwald: The Tom Friedman of 2002 has not gone anywhere

Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq suicide attack

Third World Clinic, First World Country

U.S. struggles to restore drinking water to Iraqis

USA may introduce sanctions against Russia for its lucrative arms deals

U.S. quandary: What to do with Gitmo detainees who will never be charged?

Another "Surprise" Visit to Iraq for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

Gore to receive award at International Emmys

The Creation Museum

The Trial of Alberto Gonzales & Bush sits right in the middle of it.-By: Scott Horton

Another housing word problem/case scenario RE: foreclosures

On Flag Burning

Dr. Justin Frank (Bush on the Couch) on AAR now...

There's SNOW in the Radical Fringe hills...(dial-up warning)

Would everyone agree that Democrats support the Federal government?

Lessons On Teamwork From The Geese

The Lottery Industry’s Own Powerball

Rudy Guili-Jets: Shades of Bu$h's use of Enron (Kenny-boy Lay) aircraft.

The War on Christmas OFFICIALLY begins...

Faux News tries to praise * for opening up the military airspace for Thanksgiving

OPEC interested in non-dollar currency


Renters losing their homes without missing a payment

Auto Sales Could Hit 15-Year Low

"Turmoil in money markets to continue"

Kucinich: American media is biased against him and its campaign.

I saw Jeremy Scahill speak tonight. The guy is BRILLIANT.

Hundreds Convicted Using Faulty FBI Tool (60 Minutes tonight)

My Grandmother passed this week.

Dominatrix who claimed to have S&M sex with Bush said to be missing

PBS/"Ms. Pritchard Fans" (Brit PM Trying to Make difference)...Episode Five is 9:00 p.m. (est)

Puppy-killer Judi Giuliani re-emerging to "soften" Rudy's image

A world dying, but can we unite to save it?

Sunday night TOONS: Shrub's "Earmarks"

Operation Iraqi Facism

FOX News Channel studio in New York infested with BEDBUGS!

My Dad is in the hospital

Since Thanksgiving lands on the fouth thursday of Nov

Impeachment was never been on the table, never will be.

Valtrex... I feel better now.

"Is that Camera on?!"

Florida will sue Georgia over water

When will the Second-place Democratic Candidate concede?

Terrible cyclone in Bangladesh - Death toll 2,300, could reach 10,000

Christmas Past and Christmas Present

Has Bush done the official pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey yet? (Snarky responses welcome)

So..the surge is working... so they say.

Hillary getting heckled at the Global Warming forum (VIDEO)

Tomgram: John Brown, Invading Washington

"They defeated Al Qaeda because they are Al Qaeda," he said. "They are just wearing new masks."

Not trying to sound like Scrooge, but...

About Bush and Iraq: Feint praise defined

Pentagon propaganda goes to the movies

Guardian UK: Dollar denial

G20 in warning on world economy

Our political debate

Lozen says:

Solved: Why Tweety has a crush on Shrub in his jeans

Why Democrats won't take the short cut to ending war (not letting funding bill to floor)

Bed Bugs Found in Fox News Channel Newsroom

U.S. struggles to restore Iraq water (70% without access to decent water)

About that plan to "speed up" Thanksgiving air travel...preposterous

We're only EIGHT cheap lazy freeloading slackers away from 1000 donations!

The Monster Raving Loony Party... the only party that makes sense!

Mayor of Fresno, CA puts people in the Tool Shed

I declare kucinich the fun run winner,

Chavez: US Attack on Iran Will Spike Oil to $200

OPUS midlife crisis Part II.... Saints preserve us... Nooooooooo!

Obama now polling much better than Clinton in General Election poll in Iowa, More Electable

My personal congratulations and thanks to Skinner and the gang

10 Dumbest Things Bush Ever Said

Do you ever feel as though we're LIVING the Python "Election" sketch?

Ok, someone please help me re: radical Islam

"It's Christmas. Buy this crap."

Less Safe, Less Free

I heard an interesting statistic today..

My son is home from the VA hospital

Is it legal to turn off water fountains in a public building?

A really stupid idea from the lunatics who thought that invading Iraq was a good idea

Growing market: Ever more rich people want mega-yachts costing up to $50m (BBC)

'Kill the cable, kill the cable,' Oil leaders' private debate televised by mistake

Any armchair economists want to predict if Black Friday will be black?

Wheat Biopiracy The Real Issues the Government is Avoiding

Detroit named nation’s most dangerous city

This election IS ABOUT THE SUPREME COURT, make no mistake about it

Iraq credits Iran with helping calm violence

Kucinich Campaign Hoping to Roll Out Energy-Efficient Computers Cooled by Veggie Oil. Seriously.

Faith Hill "support our troops"

CNN does not even make a pretense of having a balanced political panel discussion any more...

Rare Robbery Case Brings Cries of Racism.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to

Which Democratic Candidate Connects Best with Military Families?

Should Airlines Hire Evangelical Christians as Pilots?

DUers: Thoughts on Illich's 1968 speech to student volunteers?

Post 1000 - words to remember

Boston Cardinal O'Malley Blasts Democratic Party

I don't understand the right-wing homosexuals in the US gov./religions

Al has his eye on the prize (70 k pic)


Why can't Walmart offer its employees cheap health insurance?

In what region of the country do you reside?

Real Estate Question: Foreclosures and Rentals

Richardson and Green Introduce Resolution on Nooses

Saudi gang rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months in prison

My turn to rant! An open letter to the MSM from one of its children:

Engineers Begin Critical “Cooling Down” of Arctic Doomsday Seed

Thomas Friedman's really stupid idea (not an FU, but ...

DU Group Suggestion

Pucker Tucker talk'n bout Dennis.

Kucinich will look Presidential if he's the President

Assuming you are not too PC to use the word "hate"

John Edwards featured guest on CBS Face the Nation AND CNN Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer

LaLa Slams Dershowitz

Dick Durbin Responds to "Impeach Bush" Cards sent to congress

44 Years ago next Thursday - Hope Died

Former drug-company rep alleges systemic fraud

Oh, God, WHY? How could anyone do that to a poor innocent orangutan?

Please sign this petition and don't shop at Penney's

Bars Ignore Smoking Ban Rather Than Lose Customers (Ohio)


Three to four hundred years ago we had a cold snap, a lasting one

Dennis Kucinich wins DU Fun Run!

I am deeply offended by the "Rational Responders" ad on the DU "Greatest" page

Don’t Let “The Appearance of Normalcy” Dissuade us from Taking Back our Country Before it’s Too Late

Desmond Tutu: "If God, as they say, is homophobic, I wouldn’t worship that God.”

For adults only: Sesame Street

Pasadena Burglar Shooting Update: The Widow Responds

american standard of living

Should Musharraf be appointed as the new head of CNN?

OMG My neighbor has his Christmas lights on! wha-huh?

Clinton camp fires back over Novak column

Robert Novak. Dick Morris. Maureen Dowd. RW Assholes?...HELL NO!!!

Should Howard Dean have been our nominee in 2004?

Sexual Hypocrisy: A Republican Retrospective, 2nd Edition

What kind of scandal could damage Obama's campaign? Sex is so boring now.

Robert Novak "Agent" for the Republican Party

REPUBLICAN Connecticut state senator Louis DeLuca to step down amid allegations mob-assisted threats

Vilsack: "Clinton didn't understand the whole notion of relationship building."

Here's what's going to happen on Alternative Minimum Tax:

Scanning brains of swing voters re candidates

What the heck?

Bomb scare last night in the Gainesville, Fl Mall

Giuliani must be envious. As Governor, Huckabee charged panty-hose to his personal expense account

John Edwards says a Republican President might be better than "any Democrat".

Candidates in a Box

Why are politicians demonized on DU?

Hillary Heckled At Environmental Forum As Dems Want A Greener America

Elizabeth Edwards asks voters to look past 'glass ceiling'

Here's why I like Obama, in no special order.

Debate moderators overlook key questions

Criticizing partisanship today is like spearheading a peace movement in 1944

Dennis Kucinich & Jimmy Carter invite you to join in with them to dance to the rhythm of Samba Afro!

Is Rudy rooting for the Celtics?

Hillary: I have the scoop on some dirty things Obama is involved in

Is New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher's Ripping Comment Indicative of NH Feelings?

NH Primary Poll Conducted by the UNH Survey Center

Have you signed the Feinstein censure resolution yet?

New concerns crack unity of religious right

If Hillary wins every state Gore won plus Arkansas and New Hampshire she wins

C-span poll. Who won Thursday's debate

Musharraf Ties Pose Dilemma For Bush

The SS cap is a political question, not an equity question

Semi-secret world of campaign bundlers

Animation: No place like home - Not sure if pro or anti Hillary - Funny though

The New Meme-"We're Winning The War"

John Edwards makes me feel yet again that he is for one thing and one thing only:

Obama is Charles Foster Kane, Hillary is Boss Jim Gettys. (Discuss)

TPM: Why Regan matters to Rudy

Brewer Works to Bring Back Dixie Beer

Screwing Social Security. Lying about tax cuts and deficits.

New Hebrew word named for Condeleezza Rice-> "Lecondel"

Kucinich protests Army training school

Clinton proves to be anything but the damsel in the debate

Cronyism found in TEA contract offers

One more: Just one reason any Democrat is better than McCain

Obama invites you to dance the OBAMA REGGAETON!

Obama takes aim at Clinton during his visit to Austin

Obama "scandalous information" a false flag operation?

In making your choice to support a candidate, on what basis are you evaluating Sen. Clinton?

For your anti-tax Republican In-laws this Thanksgiving

The country needs a leader that will inspire.

HRC: media hype and corporate promo girl

Robert Byrd 90th birthday coming up. It would be a great time for him to announce..

Toppling GOP leader a long shot for Dems

Anyone watching Chris Wallace? I swear I just saw him drool

International Day of Action Shines Light on Abuses by Big-Box Retailers

Conservative columnist [Novak] baits Democratic rivals

Explain this bit from Edwards in the latest Newsweek, please.

Hoyer Says Candidates' Bickering Will `Hurt' Democrats in 2008

Kucinich Charges That American Media Owned By Military Contracters Are Biased And Supports His Claim

Novak "Scandal": Not Much Ado, Even About the Ado (Huff Post)

Kucinich is 61???

US wants to know where $$ is going in Pakistan--But what about Iraq?

Frank Rich column today on Giuliani - it's a pip

Will Tom Reynolds (R-NY) Retire?

I'm surprised how badly Obama wants the presidency

If Clinton comes in 2nd in Iowa, she survives. 3rd and she's in a world of trouble

Stephen Colbert came within 1 vote of a seat on Colonial Soil & Water Conservation Distict Board

Experience, drive define Richardson (nice piece on him from Kansas)

CNN's Blitzer doesn't learn from Criticism. He Declares Hillary the Debate Winner

Clinton's Debate Success Explained:

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Hillary

Just one reason any Democrat is better than Giuliani

Maureen Dowd calls Hillary "control freak". Says Rudy would eat her for lunch in debate

Who is your second choice for Democratic Presidential candidate?

Rosemary Palmer: The Contradictions of the Kucinich Plan

Edwards on CBS: Face the Nation this morning

Kooch wins!

Gov. Bill Richardson at the Las Vegas debate said, "what we

"Irish Times:"....Bill Fundraising for Hillary in Ireland...Uses Irish/US Lawyer as $$$$ Bagman

Aunt Benazir's False Promises, by Fatima Bhutto

Pakistan: Princess Ferragamo at the Barricades(It's about Regime Change)

I'll say one thing for Obama, he is hopeful. Some small part of me

Economic Report: Renters feel impact of sub prime mortgage crisis

For DU'er Fans of PBS/ MS. Pritchard the Brit PM "Making a Difference" Coming up at 9:00 p.m. est

All six of CNN's "undecided voters" were Democratic operatives 

Just one reason any Democrat is better than Huckabee

about the Hillary - Novak connection

Win or lose

Code Pink protesters are idiots

valuation of stocks and bonds as it relates to privatizing SS scam

23 Organizations Issue Damning Critique of Wal-Mart’s Sustainability Initiatives

Obama addresses Novak column at press conf.

If Rovian attacks are to Dem opponents STRENGTHS, what will be the attacks in 08?

The Independent: Interview with Elizabeth Kucinch

Hillary thinks NAFTA is funny

New Wisconsin And Minnesota General Election Polls

Class of working people, "an immoral reality"

Support Your Candidate, first and foremost!

Would Hillary dare smear Obama? Probably not; but Mark Penn would

6 weeks to go till Iowa

McCain says progress in Iraq is measured by Democrats' silence on the troop increase

Rudy Giuliani supporters/backers behind the California scam to rig 2008

Rove says religious conservatives might swing toward staying home

Biden voted for Bankruptcy Bill which is now hurting Katrina victims

What one word/phrase best describes Obama and his current campaign?

What Democratic candidate does the GOP fear the most?

Would you be affected by proposed taxes on incomes of $97,000 or more per year?

Attention Clinton Haters!

I am not moved one way or the other by the recent "Reagan made racist statements" headlines.

Obama addresses Novak report at press conference (Transcript)

Edwards Criticizes Clinton Over Iraq (saying her position is tantamount to "continuing the war")

Isn't that nice....

Journalist Cheat Sheet: Ten Tips for Reporting the Youth Vote

Chris Dodd's perfect squelch

One little tactic the Dems could use, but don't - really pisses me off...

Obama aide wants to know when reporters will investigate Bill Clinton's postpresidential sex life.

LAT: Obama's campaign has a new wrinkle

One thing Conservatives need to remember is it was Bush I who started the Somalia

Obama criticizes Clinton on NAFTA.

Fact Check: Obama's scummy campaign tactics

Will you take anyone you now have on "ignore" OFF "ignore" once our nominee has been chosen?

Tell Me What State Hillary Clinton Can Carry That Either Kerry or Gore Couldn't

Edwards: "Mudslinging" Against Clinton Is "Milquetoast"

The Obama campaign was 'digging for damaging facts' at the Clinton library:

CNN (Clinton News Network) is just as biased as Fox News

We're finally devolving into the joy that was 2004.

It's time to shit or get off the pot. Kucinich, to me, looks like the only choice.

Sean Willentz: "Hillary actually reminds me more of what John Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy were up to"

It wasn't just Biden that was pro-bankruptcy bill - take a look at Johnny:

More Obama Desperation: talks about Hillary and Bill's secret pact of ambition

Hey, Are You Talkin' To Me?

Mrs. Clinton’s ties to wealthy Indian businesspeople had made her favor outsourcing.

Anyone have the info on major shareholders in AOL/TimeWarner/CNN?

Sen. Biden and his vote on the Bankruptcy Bill

Kucinich protests Army school that trains Latin American soldiers

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland - Hillary's VP?

Mo Rocca - funny as hell - blogs about Thursday's debate:

Edwards in N.H. puts heat on Bush and Clinton

Bogus Charges Of Illicit Affairs. Modus Operandi For Aides Such As Chris Lehane (Clinton Operative?)

This Board Is Hilarious

John Edwards could stand to learn a lesson or two about LOYALTY

Was a sitting president powerful enough to fight the Harry and Louise commercials in 1993?

John Edwards proves, one again, that he is for the American

Clinton Is New to Nafta Criticism, Obama Says

Steney Hoyer Attacks Obama for daring to Challenge Clinton in the debate

Vincent Bugliosi, OJ and Lee Harvey

If only Joe Biden were president-Senator would not betray rights in Constitution

Kucinich = no shot? Read this; "Is 2008 a 1932 moment?"

John Dean on Broken Government

I Trusted Her (Hillary Clinton) To Save My Son's Life And She Did

Edwards on Clinton and NAFTA. Why Clinton is the corporate candidate.

The bankruptcy bill showed the divide in the party...the people and the money.

John & Barack dead - GIVE BIDEN A CHANCE!

Romney in Nevada - Drivers License Hypocrisy

Novak: "Clinton would not reveal it because she is such a good person."

what would the GOP use against Biden if he were the nominee?