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Archives: October 9, 2007

Captives of the Supply Side: Something laughable will happen at the first GOP debate on the economy.

International Blog Action Day - Environment - Oct. 15

Ads target Republicans in children's health insurance veto fight: "George Bush just vetoed Abby."

"I'm a rebel, big and bad

My dad (diehard Cleveland fan) said he wouldn't die until the Indians won the World Series

Roooohhhhhnnnoooo oomoooowoahhhhhhh!

Freely admitting that I am a Bills fan, that was, bar none, one of the most exciting NFL games

Did the Cowboys win it, or did the Bills totally blow it?

Can we get some love for this breast cancer awareness post in GD?

Alyssa Milano??? Doing the whole sideline reporting gig for TBS???

if I hide all the sports threads

Went to my sister's house, and played Halo 3 with her son.

The "doctor" who operated on my sister's elbow REALLY fucked up.

Have You Ever Put Someone On Ignore And Then Realized You Hated Them More....

**KitchenWitch Appreciation Thread**

So today I was taking the green waste barrel out

I injured myself today

After 2 years in a tin can on wheels .....

Green Day - Working Class Hero

09/19 Dennis Kucinich-Jobs Education Healthcare

Is something wrong with Amy?

Bush tried to bully Costa Ricans into expanding NAFTA...they voted NO

Immunity for AT&T/Verizon ILLEGAL Spying?: Two Congressional Houses Divided

Another time "History will prove me (scrubbie) correct." Another Decider moment

Anyone here know microbiology lingo?

My real estate taxes could go up 40%

Regarding Gore's Running or not Running -- Consider this

New Biden video

The Perils of Playing Front-Runner

Iowa voters Still Undecided

Please Write Your Elected Members Of Congress

One of the things that caused me heartbreak earlier in my life....

Backlog, Quotas Overwhelm Patent Examiners (Bush Crony) WaPo

Larry Johnson: It Is the Sovereignty Stupid

Torture Endorsed, Torture Denied

Americans have had enough of 'over there'

H.D.S. Greenway: A tortured stance on torture

Is the Economy "Out of the Woods?": The Real Jobs picture.

The War on Pot: America's $42 Billion Annual Boondoggle

Cenk Uygur: I Officially Give up On the Democrats

As War Dragged On, Coverage Tone Weighed Heavily on Anchors

Depleted Uranium: Enduring Risk

The man who stands between US and new war (Robert Gates)

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: abandoned to fanatics


Tom Gilroy: How Pelosi Ended ‘The War With Iraq’


Paul Krugman Has a Conscience, Which Makes Him Contemptible to Republicans

Naomi Wolf: Blackwater: Are you scared yet?

Oil, Israel, and America: The Root Cause of the Crisis by Scott Ritter

David Wurmser: "If we start shooting, we must be prepared to fire the last shot."

Amy Goodman: Brother and Sister Fight for Life

The Nation: We need a President willing to choose morality over hyper-Americanism.

New US military aid to Israel and the Lieberman-Kyl amendment bring the US closer to war with Iran,

Barbara Ehrenreich: The Right's Academic Universe

John Cusack: The Real Blackwater Scandal: Build a Frontier, You Get Cowboys

The Media Has Failed the American People!

It is time to speak truth to US power

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Dems Fail Litmus Test

The Iraq Occupation and the Coming War Against Iran: Political Wickedness and Moral Bankruptcy

The Nation: No Child Left Alive

GOP debate winner: Hillary Clinton

Dowd: Bomb, Bomb Iran (Hillary Clinton)


Global Engineering and Climate Change

The RIAA vs. The World

AlterNet: The Government Sanctioned Bombing of Appalachia

AEP says settles long-running U.S. acid rain suit - Reuters

Coastal Australian Town Of Lismore Pounded By Hail The Size Of Tennis Balls - AFP

Global Steel Industry Takes Action - Will Start Collecting Pollution Data - Voluntarily, Of Course

Big UK Firms "Failing to Tackle Climate Change" - Not Even 50% Of FTSE 350 Even Have Climate Plans

(Wyo. Gov.) Freudenthal calls for energy innovation

Econonmic Times - Pachauri Calls Carbon-Heavy Economic Growth "Suicide" For India

Australian Fashion Week Shows Eliminate Winter Coats, Highlight "Transseasonal" Wear - AFP

Bahraini Economist Projects $90+ Oil In 2008 - Gulf Daily News

Two Japanese Refiners Have Begun Paying Iranian Oil Suppliers In Yen - AP/Business Week

Associated General Contractors Of America - Construction Input Costs For NYC Will Rise 8% In 2008

Panic Buying Exacerbates Fuel Shortage In Zambia - Country's Only Refinery Still Shut Down

Saudi Aramco Unveils New Mediterranean Pricing For Refiners - Splitting N., S. European Consumers

Energy, Biofuels, China, Collapsing Dollar - All Combining To Hammer Grocery Shoppers - CBS News

Canadian Natural Says It May Cancel $7 Billion ($7.08 US) In Oil Sands Work If Royalties Rise

Energy Price Spikes Lead The Way In Greece As Inflation Hits Food - Eggs Up 30%, Flour 16%,

300,000 In Uganda Affected By Massive Floods - Malnutrition, Cholera Threaten Tens Of Thousands

Even Cato Economists Say Energy Deregulation Does Not Work

Steven Andrews Inteviews Richard Nehring On Global Oil Production Projections

China's Net Oil Imports Up 18.1% Through First Eight Months Of 2007 - AFP

Global Warming: 10,000 wildebeest drowned trying to cross a river

N. Dakota Truckers Still Waiting For Diesel - Cenex Sending 2 Ml Gallons (Only 50 Truckloads)

Greenhouse gas emissions hit danger mark: scientist - Reuters

Shooters In Cyprus Kill 46 Endangered Red-Footed Falcons - AFP

{UK} Aviation tax switches to planes (BBC)

Russians Cutting Back On Caviar As Price Explodes, But Only 4% Cite Extinction Risk As Reason

How About Another Steaming Mound Of Bullshit From Nordhaus & Shellenberger?

In Paraguay, Public Transport Authority Announces Operations Cut - No Fuel - Warns Government

Monbiot - "Governments Love Growth, Because It Excuses Them From Dealing With Inequality"

Global Warming Linked To Worst Mass Extinctions In Planetary History (Review Of Ward's Book)

The Long Emergency

World Energy and Population

Iran Students Heckle Ahmadinejad

200 killed as Pakistani troops battle border militants

Leak severs link to al-Qaeda’s secrets

Iraq: Ditch Blackwater

Car bombs kill 22 in northern Iraq

Britain sets asylum rights for Iraqis

Iran said it would soon refuse to accept dollars for its oil exports,

Slipping imports reflect slowing economy

SABMiller and Molson Coors to combine US operations

15 executions break Afghan moratorium

The man who stands between US and new war (Robert Gates)

Documents Show Extensive Flaws in Iraq Embassy Construction

Obama, Edwards & Richardson pull out of Mi. primary

American in Nigeria Held Without Bail

Bush administration denies leaking al Qaeda video

Violence in Iraq kills 56

Army sought radiation to kill Cold War leaders (and contaminate enemy land)

US Embassy opening in Baghdad delayed indefinitely

U.S. Military Returns Tape It Seized from AP in Iraq

Suu Kyi's party: No conditions on talks

Another U.S. Security Contractor Under Investigation

White House: Al Qaeda trying to boost efforts in US

It is time to speak truth to US power

Buyout Firms to Avoid a Tax Hike: Reid Passes Word Senate Won't Act

'Sub' teacher not hired by board taught 3 days; situation regrettable, Harrison superintendent says

Record Industry: If Anyone Can Hear Your Radio, You Are A Pirate And A Thief

Mexican politician cheats in marathon

Venezuelan Doctors to Receive 60% Pay Raise and More Investment in Hospitals

Gunmen kidnap Basra Int'l Airport's director

Insurgents kill 57 in Iraq

AP Poll: More see economy as top problem

Greenhouse gas emissions hit danger mark

Security guards 'kill two Iraqis'

Mafia probed for selling nuclear waste

Judge halts transfer of Guantanamo detainee (to Tunisia and Torture)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 9

Police brass blamed in MacArthur Park melee

Clinton in, 4 Dems out of Mich. primary

Court reinstates Spisak death sentence.

Clinton seeks to re-evaluate NAFTA: Distances herself from one of husband's signature achievements

Gallup Poll: Bush's Approval Rating Returns to Low 30s

Army Speeds Up Efforts to Add to Forces

Michelle Obama's campaign van in car accident (she's ok motorcyclist injured)

Novak: Wilson didn't strongly object to wife's name being revealed

Lawyer: Wilkes never bribed Cunningham

Turkey says ready to send troops into N.Iraq

Osprey finally arrives in a combat zone, after more repairs

Driver's Licenses for Illegal Immigrants Find Support

'Dear Abby' announces support of same-sex marriage

Gov't may buy thousands of Miss. homes

Salmonella Outbreak Tied to Pot Pies?

Leak Severed a Link to Al-Qaeda's Secrets (by White House)

Laura Bush speaks on Burma sanctions

Democratic state leader 'livid' over candidates' decisions to withdraw

Pelosi: Dems Not Caving to Bush

Racing Great John Henry Dead at 32

Army needs three to four years to recover from Iraq strains: chief

Bin Laden may be in city, not cave - ex-spy chief (of Pakistan)

Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal from German claiming torture by CIA

White House threatens to veto housing bill

Clinton to Propose Universal 401K Plan

I made a really thoughtful post in a thread and it got deleted!

Hospital story - laugh or scream?

What was on the preview for next week's "Heroes"?

"scrubs" appreciation thread :)

some PBS show is talking about "syphilis" being the scourge of Europe

I am watching Sex and the City...

Too bad the Yankees lost.

WHATTHE???!!!??? Cowboys win by 1 stinking point?

CNN Breaking: Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my street!

If you need vibes, check in.

I met an old pug with severe scoliosis

October 9, 1940

Advice on major Lawsuit needed

**Generalissimo Francisco Franco Appreciation Thread**

Study: Tasers 'safe' for 99.7% of targets

Interiors - Lincoln Theater, The Veterans Home of California - Yountville...

My bird feeders are very active

the world is filled with "company men," snitches, and CYAers

I don't care what you say but I love "I Love New York" on VH1

The Who....



Day Two of Spirit Week. So far, so good.

Happy Birthday, John Lennon.

Sox in 6, D-backs in 7

I'm taking a break from the tiles. Ask me anything.

Bring on the tribe!

A delicate yet graphic "lady question" for the women of the lounge

Whiners Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unwanted baby changes the world: Urges others to stop war and love each other

Today - for John Lennon's birthday - can we give peas a chance

Where were you at 10 o'clock last night?

God Bless America= Freeper?

Steve Fossett, has anyone heard or read anything lately about his disappearance

Pearls Before Swine. . . can't remember laughing this hard. . . ow

Martin Short - Clay Aiken - They are never seen together

Today looks promising. I got an email promising me a larger penis, and I say:

Pictures from the weekend ~~~PIC HEAVY~~~


On hold with IRS 10 minutes and counting.

Anyone got a free online file sharing site? I don't need much space.

Why My Cat Would Be the Ideal President

The Latest Pic of The President of the United States!

Is Trof still on hold?

Album for Today: The Stranglers: The Collection 1977-1982

GoodMorning Cocktail: Black Coffee, Coca Tea and Yerba Mate Tea

What should I have for lunch?

I bet Moral Orel caught hell in school

Anyone see "Wrong Turn 2" yet?

Happy 85th Birthday, Fyvush Finkel!

Winos thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can someone explaing phisting to me?

I did not know what "whale tail" is, until yesterday.

Etymology Question: Lesbian and Lesbos Island

Duluth celebrates "Indigenous People's Day" instead of Columbus Day.

I'm sick.

can someone explaing phishing to me?

I will freely volunteer the fact that DS1 works with computers.


Damn - you people in Georgia live in a cruel, facists state!!!

I was picked for a jury recently.

I'm never freely volunteering the fact that I work with computers again

I've run into my ex on a "support" website

The Bush Assministration JUST RUINED ME!

Entymology Question: ants and antonyms

Do you suppose I could sue the UK Lottery?

My cat tore up my HUGE christmas cactus

Opposed to monogamy? Who would you make an exception for?

I bet Oral Roberts caught hell in school

Songs that make you want to do drugs

I just watched Ratatouille ....

Interesting etymological thingie....

It's hell being so impatient

Is Britney Spears really a worse parent than K-Fed?.......seriously.......

Going to see Richard Russo tonight! Any fans on DU?

Make me stop posting

Does every TV show have to be only about sex nowadays?

Kill this thread!

Hey Guys just a question?

Do you hate it when a thread you start moves off the first page?

The Top 5 Republican Gay Sex Scandals

Songs that make you want to get it on with your special someone (Or whomever is closest)

can someone explaing phisting to me?

Movies that you can never get enough of:

Senator Larry Craig walks into a bar....

Hey Bush**! Looking for something?

I'm a purist with regards to Halloween - the only proper decoration

Jacob (92) and Rebecca (89) excited about their upcoming nuptuals

New Yorkers! Events or favorite things to do this weekend?

I have become a curmudgeon and my blog proves it.

It's so quiet and peaceful here right now...a couple of hours before ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!

I've just found the Holy Grail of "Who Am I's?"

Can you hear what's on the radio, lady?

Makers of Coors and Miller piss water to combine to compete against Anheuser-Busch piss water.

Hey, Mister, Coffee over here

Why I'd Never Make it In Hollywood

Can someone explain "Velvet Goldmine" to me?

Come to my Kitchen, Witch

Show me the red, Queen

I double dare Mr Scorpio to post his "Who Am I?" quiz

I just tried to put the make on the owner of a Rolls Fucking Royce

I challenge jpgray to prove that the lounge exists.

Ban breast-feeding pit bulls from the Olive Garden!

Tom Petty "One More Day, One More Night"

I'm suing the owner of a Rolls Fucking Royce for wrongful discharge.

I just got an unemployment app from some ex-driver of a Rolls Fucking Royce today

I bought a used car. Did I get fleeced?

Winter Soldier was Captain America's former partner, Bucky!

Got some beef Jerky? Go mess with Sasquatch

Do you only post in threads started by people you like?

Is your hat red, Stone?

Show me your scar, pio.

Don't miss, Millie



Going to an Oktoberfest

The Lounge was WAAAY off on this one...

I get to go speak to a bunch o' high schoolers on Thursday.


it's the....Larry Craig Joke Contest Thread! Post your own!

If Al Gore wins the Nobel, will you go anywhere near GD?

Meet the newest Harry Potter fan

Mom straps tot to highchair, goes on cigarette run

Is it only me, or have y'all grown up drinking decent beer and you can't even palate weak stuff like

I'm back!





Fargo: Yaw?

Check dis out! New Puscifer video (cool animation).........

Wanna see a hot link?

new hare!!!!

new hare!!!!


Today is my 8th wedding anniversary.

I'm sorry... I don't mean to be a squeaky wheel, but would someone please massage my gums?

I am so incredibly discouraged!

This is how I roll...

Does Tweety wear a *rug*?

I was run off the freeway today by some woman who over reacted to A Rolls Fucking Royce

Yeah, I want to post...

Coolest headline ever

I woke up feeling like a Rolls FUCKING Royce ran over me...

I traded in the Bentley for a Rolls FUCKING Royce

CRAP, my car wash was closed down today for a Rolls FUCKING Royce

Deep thoughts by Writer.

How do I see/change my Profile

I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin' - Because I'm free!

my dad, an underachieving chaffeur, got righteously fired today by his boss

To all those kind folks out there that suggested the hard liquor... thanks!

There is kudzu growing out of the grill of my Rolls Fucking Royce!

No one in Michelle Obama's Chevrolet Uplander was hurt, despite the fact that the van was totaled.

Tuesday, October 9th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Aww man! I went right past 10k posts without even noticing.

laszy krybirdang thechniguq makeas for goof spelling anfu ig uopu fon't loke it uopg can guvck ofgg

The Thread In Which I Ask A Question About Yo Momma

I swam this afternoon. I feel like I was run over by a truck.

What would you do? The father of a family that rents a pad in the trailer park I oversee was

The Studs Terkel "Working" Post

The Rolls FUCKING Royce is spreading like Kudzu. Link?

Car Wash - I Wanna Get Next To You - Rose Royce

I just Rolled a HUGE Royce. (Nice Picture)

I trucked this afternoon. I feel like I was run over by a swan.

For sale: One Rolls FUCKING Royce.

I lost my virginity in the back of a Rolls FUCKING Royce.

video: That guy in the Rolls Royce drops the


Not sure if this is a real picture of a talking Ghost but It's rather convincing

HOLY just started pouring rain like a Muthafucker!

Glenn Close or Barbara Streisand....

Roy's Rolls is the best fucking bakery in the fucking world god damn it

"Penis" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "penis".

Do you realize Lucy was in her 40s When She Was Run Off The Road By A Rolls Fucking Royce?

If you travel a lot, would you purchase this suitcase?

Opposed to capital punishment? Who would you make an exception for?

someone dared to drive on the same road as my Rolls Fucking Royce today


I'm driving my Rolls FUCKING Royce to Olive Garden...

The thread in which I offer drugs...

The Terror of Nothing

I was almost run off the road today by James FUCKING Joyce

My answer to "life is short, have an affair"

A THREAD on Copycat POX

A copycat on POX threads!

The thread in which I offer jugs...

I have the best husband in the world

A POX on copycat threads!

Jeez the thunder is really loud here!

Awright, just settle down now, people.

I miss having a kitty

We are all going to die

I've been feeling cruddy, and do you think Mrs R does anything to help me feel better?

Does anyone know the name of a canine disease

I've been...

Winners thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's your favorite cheese?

'Dear Abby' announces support of same-sex marriage

You guys see the video of the kangaroo on the race track?

Ok people, that's IT! Break it up

Do YOU try to live this way? See Stephen Grellet's famous quote below:

We're YouTubing you now, Skinner!

Skunk remedy - bookmark this thread in case you need it

I was almost run off the freeway today by a Rolls Fucking Royce

The Mods are ready to start kicking asses

All hail summers death rattle

"Pants Off, Dance Off" Is there anything worse...

I wanna learn Spanish, any ideas on best software?

Planter's Peanuts...yummy

CopWatch Recruits DNC Volunteers

I just watched "shot at love" on MTV...............

My gums and jaw are sore - what should I do?

What have I gotten myself into?

I am SUCH a freakin' klutz! Just fell down the stairs.

Cops: Tazed and Confused

I'm on my first crotch of the evening

Amazing new monitor cleaner cleans from the inside!!!

ask me anything

All right, as usual I am out of the loop!

I just received an email informing me that 80% of women...

How come we don't fart in our sleep?

Russian serial killer says murder is like love

How come we don't sneeze in our sleep?

For Southpawkicker

I got a flu shot tonight

Give me your expert opinion on the book Moby Dick.

pumpkin simulator-this is FUN!

Someone stole my Rolls Fucking Royce today.

Is there a lowest amount you can pay for the new Radiohead album tomorrow?

Do You Have an "Irrational" Fear?


I've wondered how a Samurai could lop someone's head off

If Clay Aiken is Gay (haaaaa....) Then he can't sing Christmas songs at MY Church

*My family is making me crazy!*

Any of you ever miss tropical weather?

OMG....FUCK GD....these people are insane

I'm gonna crawl through the tubes and slap the crap out of the next sumbitch who posts

Google logos offend conservatives

The Last Thing You Would Say

Gosh, an arrested Russian business man is going to pay me $6,000,000

Vincent Gallo's he serious?

Planters warts...owie

The thread in which I offer bugs...

Need advice on dog care/grooming.....

best advice to give an 18 yr old moving out ...

I want to see some rain. Just one drop ... Just a tinkle.

If you could buy a new car under 25k

Anybody sleepwalk while taking Ambien?

Rolls Rice

Pasta Tales writing contest kicks off

Hot off the latest picture:

I'm on my first scotch of the evening.

I love Boston Legal


For my 15,000th post, a nekkid pic...

Wisconsin cop snapped after being called a 'worthless pig'

Still Life

I just ate 8 tacos! Ask me anything!

It is my birthday.

A rant about science class

Do you realize Lucy was in her 40s...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/9/07

My husband was fired by the owner of a Rolls Fucking Royce today.

Tomorrow, the president of my church (denomination) is going to Washington,

Can someone talk to Bailey

Brain found in bag near Richmond, Va.

Oscar got run over by a Rolls FUCKING Royce!

TheThread In Which I Ask A Question About The Comma.

we just had to abort our landing at SFO

A Box Of Copycat threads!

Will there be a Rolls FUCKING Royce waiting for Billyskank at the airport?

How long did Mork and Mindy's marriage last?

Cockatoo gets down with his bad bird self (video)

Preferred burial method

May 29, 1934- October 10, 2005

Meet our new kitty, Sunflower! (warning - several pics)

The thread in which I offer hugs...

Today's Trip to DeSoto Caverns - Pics!

Nothing shocks me anymore

huge fucking SEX AND THE CITY spoiler- do not look, - you'll hate this.....

I just tried the Hillary Nutcracker and, boy howdy, my nuts feel GREAT!

From Radio_Lady and Audio_Al: "Bye-bye for a while, and keep a smile!"

Parents dedicate Marine's Medal of Honor to all service members

Osprey Arrives in a Combat Zone

Efforts to aid US roil anthropology

Stop farm workers, kids & pregnate women from being exposed to a toxic mutagenic pesticide

USW POWERcast! Episode 34 – October 9, 2007, North American campaign to stop toxic trade

No progress seen in Hollywood writer talks

Laid off Hershey employees eligible for up to $10,000 each for retraining, living expenses

Meijer strikes tentative deal with Michigan union that represents thousands

Union campaign targets Manor Care buyout, nearly 60,000 employees


Union truck drivers approve 10-year agreement with city (will Chicago get the Olympics now?)

Record-Setting Get-Out-the-Vote Union Volunteers in Kentucky

Looking for the union label: All over the party

Chicago Hospital Workers Struggle For Better Than $9 An Hour

Six Ohio GE plants to close, and eliminate 425 jobs

UTLA plans camp-out to protest payroll glitches for thousands of employees since February

Union-bashing in a union town, Buffalo NY

criticizing his Democratic opponent's running mate, who is a surgeon, for refusing to cross a nurses

Not Just a Number

Militainment, Inc. - Militarism & Pop Culture

Olbermann: Waterboarding & Truth Hoarding

Dennis Kucinich AFL-CIO Oregon visit pt1

Dennis Kucinich AFL-CIO Oregon visit pt2

Dennis Kucinich AFL-CIO Oregon visit pt3

Dennis Kucinich AFL-CIO Oregon visit pt4

Dennis Kucinich AFL-CIO Oregon visit pt5


Overriding Bush's Veto

Olbermann: Giuliani in Bed w/ Mother of All Neo-Cons

Randi Rhodes on Dan Abrams 10-08-07 P1

What about the Jews? (Comedian Pat Condell)

How Erik Prince founded BLACKWATER

Laibach - America

Chicago police murder innocent man. CAUGHT on Subway cam

Joe Biden at the AAJ Presidential Forum

Randi Rhodes on Dan Abrams 10-08-07 P2

Olbermann: Reconciliation Not Possible in Iraq

Mitt Romney on Iran authorization-Let the lawyers sort it out

Gore criticizes Bush for ignoring Iraq's ties to terrorism

Elizabeth Edwards on Iraq, Education, and New Hampshire

Extraordinary Rendition of the Truth

John Lennon - Imagine

So You're Living in a Police State

More demands from Islam

New Clinton Campaign video starring Rob Reiner

== SMOKE ==

rare footage of iraqi women's prison

Joe BIden The Education Candidate - Speaks at East High School

Sen. Craig - Village People Spoof

Hey got a question was it 6 nukes or 5 nukes from Barksdale?

As many of you well know (and fervently believe), I am an idiot.

Ontario conservatives commit political suicide by backing faith-based schools

Seattle police accost, beat, jail Canadian visitors for jaywalking

OK, Mods, I am asking for an explanation...

A long time ago, I guess - the US - we stopped a new

Remember Jean Charles de Menezes?

Nuke transportation story has explosive implications

House Dems who vote AGAINST SChip!


Dragonfly or Insect Spy? Scientists at Work on Robobugs

Firm Says Administration's Handling of Video Ruined Its Spying Efforts On Al Qaeda

1,000-plus war protesters in Berkeley spell out opposition to Bush

I.C.E and "street gangs". . . MSM LIES on parade!!

Reid assures buyout firms there will be no tax hike, won't go through Senate

* admin LEAKED OBL video, compromised spying efforts

USS Liberty ( June 8, 1967 )

TOON: The Neocon Game Show with your host, Richard Perle!

40% of people displaced by Katrina living below poverty line, 1/3 unemployed

Freed BBC scribe thanks Al Jazeera man held at Gitmo

Why don't the Iraqis put them on trial, being a sovereign nation and all?

Shame on the Right Wing for smearing Graeme Frost

Joseph Wilson Hits Back at 'Chronic Liar' Novak for Latest Statement on Plame Case

Gen. Casey: Army needs three to four years to recover from Iraq strains

A Human Right To Health

Democrats Seem Ready to Extend Wiretap Powers

Steve Fossett, has anyone heard or read anything lately about his disappearance

Americans who keep the truth from the American public, are not patriots.

Your Festivas shopping just got easier, Lynne Cheney has penned a new book!

Former Watergate investigator: Thompson's cooperation with the WH undermined the investigation

Journalists Respond: Greenspan Claims He Didn't Know About Fed's Role in Iraq's Missing Billions

So, suppose Al does decide to run, is there a cut off date by which he has to

Protest held at proposed site of Blackwater facility near San Diego

Wal-Mart's Latest Sale: Broadband

A tortured stance on torture

Fetid Compost Where Their Hearts Should Be

Webb: Blackwater contracts 'awarded for political reasons'

Breaking: Shots fired from a private security convoy killed two Iraqi women

State Secrets Privilege - an American FRAUD

U.S. tries rehab for religious extremists

Somebody help me out here. In Crandon, WI, the perp was only 20.

Leak Severed a Link to Al-Qaeda's Secrets. The bush administration cannot be trusted

Lit i GUS society.

Oh, good grief! Google draws fire from conservatives over its special logos

where's the compLaint thread for this ad?

Crude bumper sticker!

Where are they, goddamnit?

Here's the test the Kansas 'Fundies' want to give Clay Aiken...

NYTimes:Democrats Seem Ready to Extend Wiretap Powers

Covert action, economic pressure and destabilisation - The US meddles aggressively in Iran

DU this CSPAN Poll - Should legal immunity be granted to telecom companies

Air Polluter to Pay $4.6 Billion

Dragonfly or Insect Spy? Scientists at Work on Robobugs (to spy on protestors, for example).

the people of Dunes City, Ore. can't drink their water - algal poison

More Christian Values on display at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa

250 households lose food supply to severe, large hail

James Baker: Bush's legacy might be be a good one, "provided Iraq turns out OK. And it still can."

Call Pelosi: Tell Her To Reel Rahm In & Slap His Hands Off SS

WH: “We were not’’ the source of the Bin Laden video leak

MIchelle Malkin and the Meaning of Life

TedTalk Tuesday: a trip to Saturn

Follow-up on what my local library is blocking

Veteran DU'ers---help

Ed Schultz Replaying Popular Portion of Dennis Kucinich's Great Interview...Now!

Kucinich on Ed Schultz right now

2 Iraqi women killed by convoy guards

Finally saw the Manchurian Candidate last night.

The value of online polls.

Half assed hysteria over FISA: Mea Culpa.

Case that spawned "State Secrets Privilege" turned out to be a government lie

MMMMM mmmmm MMMMM Allen's Green Beans

"*" Scandals list (256 and counting):

"Shorter Skirts On The Women Of Fox News Than Prostitutes On Cop Shows"-Fundie

Special "Graffiti-mobiles" Help Catch Taggers - even citizens groups can monitor cameras

mafia clan accused of trafficking nuclear waste

Worldwide Unveiling Times for the Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland

Hey Mods/EarlG...Can we please add "Obama" to the Spell Check Dictionary?

"Rude Giuliani", Op-Ed by John Fund... LOL

U.S. Must Face Huge Death Toll of Iraqi Civilians

Good & Bad News-UNACCEPTABLE-The RESTORE ACT-But At Least Dems Refuse To Save Telecoms From Lawsuits

We have the right to choose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich

Public Health: The Hidden Menace of Mobile Phones

Truth or more fear? White House: Al Qaeda trying to boost efforts in U.S.

Photo: Police say contractors killed two women in this car.

It really doesn't make any sense

Please DU this poll, what is the most important economic issue in 2008?

Bush Admin Irony - Doesn't want Turkey to invade Iraq to combat terrorists

Join the telephone campaign to end the war and more. Recommend this thread after you make the calls.

it's the....Larry Craig Joke Contest Thread! Post your own!

My take on America

"But Minority Voters 'Don't Become Elderly, They Die First'"

Bumper sticker idiocy: "Liberalism = Mental Disorder"

USDA report: (GM)Rice tainting a mystery

Will we be saying bye bye to our dollar? According to Vincente Fox

Glenn Greenwald: What FISA capitulations are Democrats planning next?

A co-worker of mine recently made a racist statement

Jimmy Carter on Larry King tonight

Why can't Pubs discuss politics? They instantly just GET MAD!

It is interesting to consider what would happen were Kucinich the Nominee

State Department Hired Corrupt Contractor To Build U.S. Embassy In Iraq

Anyone watching Russert on MSNBC getting all glowy over Fred

Turkey Says Its Troops Can Cross Iraq Border

Chris Matthews: "If they accuse of me of being partisan, I'll go rip! "

What are the odds that Blackwater employees in false colors

Right Wing SWIFTBOATS 12 Year Old SCHIP Recipient

Church demands assurance from Clay Aiken that he's heterosexual before allowing November concert

Went in Home Depot over the weekend. It's Christmas.

Horowitz Will Speak at Columbia (as part of a “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week”)

Does any other country employ Blackwater?

X post Ellsberg -'A Coup Has Occurred'

Pentagon is pressed on killings of Iraqis-Lawmakers, ACLU want records on civilian deaths

Proximity to Bush Causes Man to Keel Over ---pix--->>>

My Mencken quote on the White House being adorned by a moron makes it to print

Updated List of countries that still belong to the "coalition of the willing"

Do you think most dems in the US are more middle of the road?

Why hasn't Gore just said "I am not running in 2008"? I find this curious

We wondered about the story behind the WH leak of the bin Laden video in time for Petraeus' report

How sad is this? Iraq government spokesman casually says some contractors aren't even registered

This cracked me up:

Remember the kidnapping victim O'Reilly dumped on?


Mullah Krekar linked to pro al-Qaida sites

Three articles show the effects of Bush's Iraq policy

Turkey threatens Iraq border raid

Foreign security guards kill two Iraqi women

Gorbachev vows revolution if levees don't improve

Too many outrages, too little time

Help elect Niki Tsongas in MA-05 special election - 10/16/07

The more powerful our military is, the safer America and the world will be, GUARANTEED!

Here's to a great DUer: TomInTib

The General Public

Fukuda says Japan must be part of war on terror

China leads move to soften UN text on Myanmar

did lynn cheney ever appear on the daily show?

N.O. Pump Contract to Be Probed Again (Jeb * marketed pumps)

Bill asks for names of eavesdropping programs! The Dems are on the all

How Bush undermined national security and the fight against terrorism for political gain

I'm a purist with regards to Halloween - the only proper decoration

Rohrabacher: Blackwater CEO Is ‘An American Hero Just Like Ollie North Was’

Major Drought Hits Amazon Rainforest

Charlie Savage: Cheney Plotted Bush’s Imperial Presidency ‘Thirty Years Ago’


GOP Debate on now on CNBC

Charlie Savage: Cheney Plotted Bush’s Imperial Presidency ‘Thirty Years Ago’

Let's call it what it is: a Crusade

Randi is talkng about the Warrantles Spying Program & the Dems aiding & abetting

Dear Jesus save us from your followers

The thing that struck me about the 20-yr old cop that killed those people

Kuwait kicks sand on the dollar (blast from the past!)

An innocent woman on Death Row in Texas

So how many think that surveillance of emails and communications without a warrant is O.K.?


Help elect Niki Tsongas in MA-05 special election - 10/16/07

This whole Democratic state primary vs. DNC fiasco is distressing

Bush Administration Trying To Block Documents On Probe Of Utah Mine Disaster

Outside perspective on the US presidential race

Subcommittee Chairman Nadler on RESTORE Act (changes to FISA)

Conservatives blast Google logos

US says it won't buy embassy 'turkey'

Former DoJ Officials Say Voting Chief's Comments on Photo ID 'False' 'Cherry Picked' 'Ludicrous'

Q for Fred "How Did You Get The Nickname 'Tenn Stud'? Did You Earn It?"

I've Been Drunk for Three Days & My Finger's on the Button ---pix--->>>

Obama, Edwards, Richardson withdraw from Michigan primary

Question to Thompson, what are the dangers of a weak dollar?

Feingold Statement On Efforts to Amend the Protect America Act

Is the Hillary Nutcracker sexist?

Nancy Pelosi: Traitor, bitch, fuck her

Charlie Rose Show: A discussion about Iraq and journalism with John Burns of NYTimes

Limbaugh Thanks Colorado Congressman For This Statement on Floor

Guliani endorses law enforcement technology to "attack" web sites

Oh Tyler, what happened? Sigh.

Rudy is the only candidate at the repug debate attacking Hillary

The unborn, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, family values...

Regarding Chris Matthews & Tonight's Debate

First: Poor kids

Who Do You think Should Be The Next Nutcracker?

GOP Alaska Gov: Corruption-Ridden State Must 'Grow Up'

Ron Paul, will you support the winner of the Republican party?

I was looking at the TV listings to see when the rethug comedy revue starts ...

Amazing. No mention of WH leak on Bin Laden internet tape on FUX Noise.

Hot enough for ya?

I just read "icwhatudo's" post.....(Frost child)

Warner Bros. Kibosh On Women Lead Actors In Films

Check out the editorial from our local paper!

UNOFFICIAL CNBC (later on MSNBC) GOP "Debate" (Ha!) Thread

colbert report guest tonight - steven colbert

Here's the latest today from the ACLU about the FISA bill...better than it was.

Mitt Romney was winner of Repug CNBC Business Debate..Huckabee came in Second.

mitt romney creeps the living shit out of me

Colbert's brilliant take on Rush Limbaugh vs. Media Matters

Why is McCain considered the GOP military "expert".

When they speak of family values, make no mistake

Good News! " Stun guns 'safe', study suggests" (BBC)

I need help picking apart the Heritage Foundation's

I still have the flag that was placed on my father's coffin

McClatchy: Democrats: New spy law adds privacy protections

Soooooooooo, Chimpy wants "No Child Left Behind" renewed?

a SALUTE to Rush Limbaugh!

Which of these presidential decisions are the worst

Lordy, Fred look like

"Rendition" movie trailer (haven't seen this posted yet)

If cheap, renewable energy was developed, the value of oil'ngas holdings would tank

The Democrats in Congress are doing something right, and I can't find a link!

Who do you think will win the rethug nomination?

Heads Up: Dennis Kucinich on Ray Taliafero's Program

Bush's dangerous administration: bin Laden, AQ Khan and back to square one

Nazi wants his congressional seat back

Is Hillary slapping Howard Dean and the DNC by staying on the ballot in MI?

Nancy Pelosi was just on with Ed Schultz...Was anyone listening?

Olbermann Adding On To The Nexus Of Politics & Terror: New Developments

Chairmen Conyers, Reyes Introduce FISA Revision Legislation

Let me get this straight: We fund the CIA with $billions, and OBL videos...

BREAKING: CNN reports that the SCOTUS Blocks El-Masri civil lawsuit against US for alleged Torture

Shamelessly asking for one more rec in the following thread. Thanks.

Beautiful memories and current moments from Kenneth Harbaugh (NPR)

I just wish all of this crap would end

Craig's "wide stance" excuse finds its way into the lexicon - Ranks right up there with macaca now

$600,000 taxpayers' money being spent to hide "swastika"

University of St. Thomas Law School Protests Exclusion of Desmond Tutu

So I was in this "country barf" store the other day...

Several GOP House members denounce Islam

Democrats need to get off the tax credit/cut bandwagon

Two capitulations by Dems today should have progressives marching on the Capitol with pitchforks.

Pictures That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Drop Acid With the Bush Twins:

YIKES! 15 minutes ago I saw,for the 1st time in my life a"Support our troop" Yellow ribbon on a car!

How in the hell can this be allowed?

Rethuglicon Debate: Fred Thomson's Goals

Chicago police to disband elite unit

Remember this asshole?

CUBA: Ecomaterials for Low-Cost, Hurricane-Proof Housing

Time to fact check Malkin's family that doesn't need "socialized" medicine

National Association of Black Journalists: Putting Don Imus back on the air is "inconceivable"

Barbara Boxer: "Look, I Have Always Said Impeachment Should Be On The Table..."

Iraq government - Blackwater must go

Today I discovered that I have a choice in the 2008 election

Ohio House Speaker to allow sectarian prayer before sessions

Here is what Brownback actually said

How Many Foot Tapping Closet Hypocrites are on the stage tonight?

Live on House Fl. cspan1 -the Transgender question

The GOP debate starts again. Will I be sane when its over if I watch it? Can someone sum it up?

Military sees 58% decline in African-American enlistees since 2000

Lo... Those That Doubtest So... Behold The Power Of The Internets !!!

The Facts

Rudy was boo'ed at Yankee Stadium last night in NYC

FOX News reporting Michelle Obama

Barney franks LIve on House floor now. The transgender question.

just in time for the FISA debate...

October 27 - Nationwide Protests

Pastor Lobbies To Double Minimum Car Insurance

Complexity, reason, emotions and the breaking point... aka F-it

Advertisements during the Puke debate

So why doesn't O'reilly allow Media matters or Olbermann on his show?

5 Myths About Sick Old Europe

Al Gore's United Nations speech online now!

Turkish PM clears way for Iraq assault

What Do Taxes Pay For, and Why Do They Exist?

Why has Ron Paul raised so much more money than Kucinich?

I came in late -- how much has Tweety embarrassed himself SO FAR?!1

I watched the pukes debate: Rudy is finished, count Fred Thompson in

Money Money Money Money

"Inform, Convert, Agitate"

Helping the effort to keep our heads screwed on straight . . . .

Dana Perino is the WORST LIAR in terms of technique

Charlie Savage: Cheney Plotted Bush's Imperial Presidency 'Thirty Years Ago'

What would your agenda be if you were elected President?

DoJ Vote Chief Argues Voter ID Laws Discriminate against Whites

I have decided that no candidate is good enough for me, so I'm going to write in... ME!

The world's most violent terrorists unanimously support Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Check out this mail my political myspace friend received....

If You Are A Non-Troll Democrat That Is Totally Confused On How To Vote In 'O8...

Breaking: Court Rules for Gitmo Detainee, Against Pentagon

Why can't Tweety get his lips off Giuliani's ass?

How much of the "Dems are doing nothing"meme is a right wing taking point?

Question... "How come the people bringing the MOST attention to the HNC aren't Hillary supporters?

Fred Thompson, after watching him today i'm convinced there is something medically wrong with him.

House or GOP Presidential Debate?

Combat-Ready? Sir, No, Sir.

FISA Thread = Here It Is: The Full FISA Legislation = on TPM

Cheney Plotted Bush’s Imperial Presidency ‘Thirty Years Ago’ ?

Today is John Lennon's Birthday (pic heavy)

Does the ad about the oil company investing in solar and geothermal power

'24' Star Kiefer Sutherland (AKA Jack Bauer) ordered to go to jail for 30 days for DUI

Man Free After Serving 14 Years in Prison for a crime he didn't commit

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sam Seder subs for Mike

Bush Cheney '08... wtf????????????????

Is The Constitution Now Just a Worthless Piece of Paper?

Watch out for Xenu

Liz Smith"Gets Seduced" by TWEETY! GROSS!!!!

A question I would like to see asked of ALL Democratic Presidential candidates

Jon Stewart's TDS tonight: Tiki Barber

***Democratic-Led Congress BREAKS RECORD For Highest Number Of Roll Call Votes In History***

"The War On Fucking"

After watching the debate today I can't believe how stupid Americans are

Remember when merh lost her home to Katrina? Her new home is almost done:

"If Jesus Christ were here, I think he would shake his head in shame."

Imagine Peace Tower-largest online Peace event EVER today

Damn Ron Paul is the only sane voice in this group

Hey, I got a music review published (bonus: Cindy Sheehan reference!)

I don't know how to make this clear - but I will try -

Help me out, OK? Why would someone post crosses aimed at my home?

So why is SITE beating the Department of Homeland Security and the CIA to the punch?

Freds daughter is eating Jeri's diaphragm while sitting on his lap

Another inflation observation

McAfee Site Advisor's info on D.U.

Old Man Thompson Sure Does Love His Bronzer ---pix--->>>

ROUND 3--Who do you NOT want to see get the Democratic nomination?

ROUND 4--Who do you NOT want to see get the Democratic nomination?

ROUND 5--Who do you NOT want to see get the Democratic nomination?

MEOW!! Debate watchers, what say you?

ROUND 7--Who do you NOT want to see get the Democratic nomination?

Man Not Guilty In Homeless Feeding Case

Isn't lying against the law when it comes to dealing with the government for any type contract

Is the Bush Administration paying to outsource intelligence to some lady in Jersey?

Scientist: Emissions Levels Accelerating/Already Above Dangerous Levels

On Thursday I attend an event where Al Gore will be the guest...I intend to take a few letters

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

The War on Halloween; or more specifically, trick-or-treat

Approval Maps: Just One Red State Left! (Guess Which One...)

St. Joe Co., FLA's largest private landowner to cut 80% workforce, scrap dividends, sell 100K acres

If Nancy Harry Hillary Barak John Etc. isn't good enough, who is?

"The restrooms at the GOP convention in St.Paul are going to sound like a rousing Riverdance routine

Sen Craig to remain on NRA board of directors...

"Too busy attacking our own to attack the enemy."

Am I dreaming about trolls or did they really come out in droves?

ROUND 2--Who do you NOT want to see get the Democratic nomination?

All the world's major oil fields are now in decline

4-year-old girl dies after falling off edge of Grand Canyon

So what does an Indian think about on Columbus Day?

Perceptions of church goers.

Jon Stewart just hit a new level of EXTREME Exasperation with *Bush on The Daily Show!

Is it possible that Fred Thompson is dumber than George Bush?

Olbermann on O'Reilly: Worst Person In The World - "Not Enough Of A Man To Apologize" (For Comments)

GOP congressman quit because of five-day work week


ROUND 6--Who do you NOT want to see get the Democratic nomination?

And the Nobel Peace Prize goes to ... Al Gore?

The EPA wins "single biggest environmental enforcement settlement in U.S. history"

Scroogled: or what Google knows may hurt you.

Hillary is a Horrible nut-cracking Harridan with a witch's cackle!

Who do you NOT want to get the nomination?

I'm working VERY hard at stifling a MASSIVE ........

Not a Hillary supporter, but...

shouldn't fathers teach their sons not to murder if their girlfriend leaves

But, but, but they are a lot better than the Republicans!

Watch the states go BLUE!!!

FINAL ROUND--Then after this round, an explanation.

Old Man Thompson Gets Ready to Rock the Right ---pix--->>>

How green are you?

RIAA Eyes Next Possible Targets: CD Burners, Radio Listeners

RIAA Juror: 'We Wanted to Send a Message' - took them 5 minutes to decide guilty

Would you vote for Edwards if it meant we defeat Hillary, the most conservative Democrat?

Caught my computer cheating on me this morning.

The RIAA vs. The World

Mario Cuomo to Clinton; read the constitution don't write new laws

Flawed Logic: "I don't like the candidates, so I won't vote"

OK, I will go out on a limb about H. Clinton

Japan had been trying to surrender for months, if not for years; rebuffed by US ---

I lost $50!

Turkey issues fresh warning of military incursion into Iraq

Six years, $600 billion and the "surge" equals two lost wars

What is the best health insurance for the treatment of mental illness?

Madam Speaker: If the reports are reasonably accurate, your betrayal is profound.

RW talking points? I don't think so.

Government Sanctioned Bombing of Appalachia

OK, NOW---The explanation behind the polls.

I'm an enemy troll! It's on DU it must be true! Anonymity breeds contempt.

Bush Administration Trying To Block Documents On Probe Of Utah Mine Disaster

Nancy Pelosi > Sheehan

Atlanta Could Run Out of Drinking Water

Why would someone do an interview with their kids on their laps?

Climate change. Hot or cold, wet or dry, has it affected you this year yet?

The story about global warming in LBN today had the most mild headline available....

If Hillary does get the nomination, what are your plans?

Voting in the Repuk-lian primary

OK, I don't get it. Why are the Congressional Democrats wrong on this FISA thing?

Prosecutor: Defense Contractor Brent Wilkes Relied on Cunningham to Bully Pentagon Employees

I'm sick of hearing Al Gore for president

Please DU this poll -

People Close To GORE: "Convinced That He Is Looking For An Opportunity To Jump In The Race"

I'm watching the Pub debate on CNBC now. FRED is a lousy speaker!

Dirty Bomb "Exercise" Topoff 4 Portland, Phoenix & Guam Oct 15 to 24, 2007.

Diet and Fat: A Severe Case of Mistaken Consensus

Just for the record: Al Gore will not win the Nobel

Are All Views "Equally Valid"?

Is this a bigoted comment or a fair point?

Essential reading for those who still think we do not live

"Friend of Falwell" Minister Dies During Bizarre Sex Play

Very interesting thread

Cool poll, but hurry it seems to be moving fast. nt

A really nice Obama supporter emailed me this article about Biden

Biden thread - and I think this is amazing, altho I am expecting major

Video - the sound sucks but the message is good. nt

Check it out, guys. I was going to post this but Hissyspit already did.

Some Biden coverage from the NYTimes...

It's the Sunni's that are stopping Biden's plan for Iraq - why? They have no oil.

Biden story in Politico

The compressed primary season will magnify the importance of Iowa and NH

Wire tapping?

Students Denounce "Dictator" President In Rare Iran Protests

GOP Tries to Steal Election; Democrats Do Something

A Little Taste of Mutiny

Fred Thompson's New Team - Liz Cheney & George Allen; WOW; eom.

Did Mark Penn call elections "market share"?

A Certain Sort Of Desperation Is Setting In For Me!!!

Clinton called frontrunner among black wing of party in Alabama

In South Carolina, Clinton wins Kershaw County Democrats Straw Poll

Virginia GOP goes on desperation tour, with Hager in the lead...

Dangerous Crossroads: US Sponsored War Games

A simple solution to the government's illegal destruction of the Bill Of Rights.

2008 Looks Like The Best Political Environment The Democrats Have To Work In Since 1976

Fred Thompson reveals "chilling news" about Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, & the absurdity of podcasts

Obama Proposes Capping Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Making Polluters Pay

Rudy Giuliani Is A Putz

GOP debate tonight! For "Law & Order"'s Thompson, it's showtime!

VIDEO: Continuity of the US government.

Sirota: They (Congress) work for billionaires

I need help on the economy...

Concerned that Iraq will not be as potent an issue in '08, Democrats turn to traditional issues

Hillary's snarly response to Iowa don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Howard Dean, bu

Oh, I'm sure some of you have heard this...but my God it's TOO funny...

House Democrats introduce surveillance bill rewrite

If YOUR candidate is not the official nominee

The FISA bill being introduced today in the House is GOOD legislation.

Joe Scarborough predicts three GOP candidates will take on Matthews at tonight's debate

how long does it take the FEC website to post donations

I Find This Post A Little Disturbing, to say the least....

Stephen Colbert on with

Obama speaks on private equity firms

As if freepers weren't big douchebags already, now they go after children

AP: Four Democrats Pull Out of Michigan Primary

Clinton: Alternative energy investment would create jobs

Do you honestly believe that congressional Democrats are WILLFULLY capitulating on the war?

Beat a Bush Democrat

Bartlett on the GOP Field: A Hick, a "Dud" and a "Flip-Flopper"

Thompson already benefiting from soft bigotry of low expectations

A big *IF*: IF Al Gore were to decide to run, and if he gets elected, do you think

Many warming unexpectedly to Clinton

Former Bush adviser Bartlett on the GOP Field: A Hick, a "Dud" and a "Flip-Flopper"

Dan Bartlett on the GOP Field: A Hick, a "Dud" and a "Flip-Flopper"


Can anyone recommend an easy to read online political primer?

Mass. GOP candidate rolls dice on 9/11 imagery

The neocon hawks are working for Giuliani's campaign; if he's elected, another war likely

Can someone record the lead in to the CNBC Republiklan party debate?

Clinton talks trade & mortgages in Iowa

Nixon Caught on Tape: Thompson 'He's Dumb as Hell'

FYI, GOP debate: Live on CNBC, 4pm ET; rebroadcast, MSNBC, 9pm ET

Challenge to Gravel Groupies! Post your guy's accomplishments!

In Honor of Elvis Costello's HRC 60th Birthday Bash:

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Londonderry, N. H.

rape epidemic raises trauma of congo war

After promising a rollback on eavesdropping , Dems ready to cave again

Grandpa Fred looking old and shaky in debate debut (VIDEO)

The Bill Clinton legacy

Poll: Who are you voting for President

Anyone else watching McCain impersonate a deaf man?

Public Service Announcement! (Related to Nutcracker Ad)...

Some of the most divisive posts are by trolls - or am I seeing things?

I'm impressed with Fred Thompson. He's the first Repub candidate

Need Help-Sam Brownback

Very Interesting: A bigots critique of a presidential field of bigots.

From Left to Right - The mood of the Country

I know that some will flame me but I find Grandpa Fred having such a young wife and babies CREEPY!

Jim Dean: Send a Message to Bush Democrats

Fred Thompson: Michigan is a "pocket of difficulty" in an otherwise "vibrant, dynamic economy"

Hillary baby bond

I repeat: Florida was working with the GOP as early as 2006 on the primary.

Nixon on Thompson: 'Dumb as hell' but 'Friendly'

David Sirota: Obama will vote for NAFTA expansion into Peru...

Hypothetical Presidential Poll; Hillary Vs. Pelosi

If Ron Paul is the GOP candidate, given his clear get out of Iraq now

Was anyone aware that crazy Alan Keyes is running for president???

Paul and Tancredo hint at not supporting GOP nominee

Off The Bus: A writer's take on an Obama rally in SC

One Thought About The Debate

In New Hampshire, Many warming unexpectedly to Clinton

HRC: "I pay absolutely no attention to what any poll says or what any pundit on TV says,"

***Republican Debate starting now - Fred Thompson's debut***

Thompson met lowered expectations, barely

Hillary ditches "Baby Bond" idea she very recently proposed to the Congressional Black Caucus

Obama and Power

American Public vs. Bush on Children’s Health

Which Republican loser would you most like to see as their nominee?

'A Coup Has Occurred' By Daniel Ellsberg

Activists Target Republican House Members on Child Health Veto Override

A clip from a movie almost 10 years old. Prophetic, isn't it?

5 True Things and 5 False Things

Falling Behind And Homicides – What’s The Connection?

Carve a candidate! Download candidate pumpkin templates

Up until this month, I was dead set against term limits

This sucks... Fred Thompson is doing a decent job in his first debate

Sandy Berger

"Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow!"

Did Mathews ask GOP candidates about their thoughts on Blackwater?

So when do you think the Dem Heavies (Kennedy, Kerry, et al) will announce

Candidate Matrix. Really good interactive tool to compare the candidates

I'm impressed with Fred Thompson. He's the first Repub candidate

Nearly Half of Costa Rica Voters Reject CAFTA

Nobel Rumors Boost 'Draft Gore' Activists

Charlie Cook: The Coming Challenge

Maybe this sounds crazy...but what if Gore runs because he doesn't care if he Wins?

The ignorance on DU astounds me - take for example Hillary's 401k proposal today

Behind The Scenes, Liberals Ponder Supporting FISA Legislation

Help me form a question for city council...

Why does Billy Bennett still have any credibility left...

Who will donate 20 extra cents a day to DU as long as the "Hillary Nutcracker" ad is up?

tell Feinstein to get it right/ no on rightwing federal judge. action today:

Romney apparently got the best line of the night in at Thompson's expense...

One way to avoid these primary date contoversies...

Will the decision of not appearing in Michigan's ballot affect Obama,

More Signs The Bush People Are Preparing For President Hillary Clinton

Chicks Dig Fred ---pix--->>>

Elizabeth Dole challenger ?

Some angry comments from Michiganders...Michigan blog..

Edwards Cultivates the grassroots

..continued from last week......The Edwards Difference, Part II

1st Woman in the White House

So the controversery with the early primaries: Michigan & Florida

John Kerry cuts in line and other BS stories brought to you by the MSM

The really good thing about all this infighting....

Clinton engages in heated exchange over Iran - actually includes HIllary's side

78% think Ron Paul won today's GOP debate (link to poll in body message)

So are Edwards and Obama going to remove their names off Florida's ballot too?

As usual, the no. 1 post is bashing the democratic front-runner

All of this infighting in GD-Politics of whose candidate is better is reminiscent of 2004

Elvis Costello to play Hillary's Birthday Bash

Clinton now says NAFTA should be reassessed

What The $%^# Can We Do About The "We Suck A Little Less" Democrats?

Kucinich links economic, immigration problems to trade issues

Clinton as Paris Hilton?

Clinton will not remove name from MI ballot.

Name Removal from MI ballot: Will this be an issue in the General Election?

"Supply Sider Kudlow" says "Hillary Pinned the Elephants Ears Back" in Repug Debate

Great speech on health care.

SO Hillary is not against WAR

Barack Obama, John Edwards and Bill Richardson Pull Out of Michigan Primary

Clinton's new 401(k) plan: campaign press release

The Rude Pundit: Why Michelle Malkin Ought to Be Caged Like a Rabid Shihtzu (Stalker Edition)

Forrest Whitaker campaigns for Obama

Obama wins the flag pin argument: 7 of the 9 Rep. candidates didn't wear one today

1st Woman in the White House

So much for the pledge, Barack Obama was at a fundraiser in FL just last week.

A Hillary Campaign stop.No voter is invisible ,except if you have a question!

Flag pin "issue" is now REALLY over; only 2 of 9 GOP debaters wore them

Obama attacks Hillary on Iran vote. Hillary's camp responds. Obama's camp kicks butt!

Can anyone provide evidence showing Hillary will drive up GOP turnout?

Clinton’s national 401(k) plan includes government match

Still don't know who to support in 2008?

I am not donating another penny to DU until the sexist "Hillary nutcracker" ads are gone

Question on MI ballot: What happens if the DNC and MI Dem party work out a compromise?

Is this an ad FOR or AGAINST Mitt Romney?

Anyone know where there is a good list of accomplishments of the Democratic Congress?

Poll: Who will win the Democratic Presidential Nomination?

Limbaugh and Winger Sites smear a 12-year-old!

What Does Hillary Clinton Plan to Do About Global Warming?

It's pointless to look at the "greatest" page anymore

"Free Trade" is not a complicated issue, Hilary

Not appreciating the "Hillary as Nutcracker" meme

New Democratic "Third Way" Wooing Evangelicals

Got my 15 minutes today. Front page Boston Globe

Funny Clinton Campaign video starring Rob Reiner

Biden steps outside the box.

More facts revealed on Hillary's 401K plan

Wow... Mike Huckabee explicitly endorses extra-constitutional dictatorship in America.

The tactics of ridicule, the tactic of ignoring the base, tactic of appeasing the right....