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A Nation of Christians Is Not a Christian Nation

Paul Krugman:Same Old Party

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 309

6 Killed In Wisconsin Shooting: Off-Duty Police Deputy Kills 6, Injures 1

Report Says War on Terror Is Fuelling Al Qaeda

Bush, Texas at Odds Over Death Case

Britain 'on board' for US strikes on Iran

M-O-K Dammit!!

Its the 1970's tacky commerical appreciation thread!!!

Joni Mitchell or Nigel Tufnel

Gossip and secrets

Top10 is up! Woohoo!

FREE HUGS!! Limited time offer..see post for details

My 1,000th post...Ask me anything!

OK. I can't stay up much longer... but there is someone I am worried about...

which direction would windows face to get the least amount of sun?

Field of Dreams

If you were a manager, would you hire me?

i saw a tapir in the wild today!

So, what kind of post-apocolyptic world do YOU want to live in?

Permanent Bases Planned for Afghanistan

By request from the Humor Mill: The Republican Oath

Blackwater 'killed 17', says Iraq. Iraq also say Blackwater men did NOT come under fire.

Video: Bruce Springsteen On 60 Minutes

Krugman: Bush has strayed from true conservatism? He's the very model of it.

Awesome Song And Video By John Cougar Mellencamp, 'Jena'

WWII veteran Nazi interrogators denounced Bush’s Torture techniques

To ALL the Hillary bashers


I'm not sure how to interpret this in relation to Biden's plan. Any input?

Chris Dodd about getting the troops out of Iraq (video link)

Conversation with Barack I & II

Obama Before the UAW Saturday

in praise of partisanship

Begin 'Pursuit of Justice' in Your 20s, Ralph Nader Tells DePauw Students

I have but a humble request of Obama supporters

Is a Nader vote intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to civilians...

Serious Question to Kucinich Supporters.

WP op-ed: Guns for hire are not worth it: Breaking the Blackwater Addiction

American Mob: Bush's Guns, Goons and GHOULiani In The Wings

Robert Fisk: Here We Go Again

Matt Taibbi: It's the End of the Road for John McCain

American Hipsters and Hollywood Stars Invade Berlin

Bush to Kids: “The Doctor Is Not In”

Hale "Bonddad" Stewart|Powerline: Economic Hacks

The Government, Not Blackwater, Should Have the Monopoly of Force

Blackwater Shootings ‘Murder,’ Iraq Says

NeoCons converge around Ghouliani - NewsWeek

'Drudge Rules Our World'

The Presidential Primary Scam - Why the game is rigged,

Iraq's Top Corruption Judge Testifies; GOPers Attack (the messenger):

The liberal news media

Does the Democratic Party Leadership Want to Withdraw from Iraq or Win the War?

The New Yorker: The Age of Apoplexy

MEDICAL PRICES – Force Their Posting By Kent Welton

Republican Senator Larry Craig: Focus on The Family's Perfect Presidential Candidate

Iraq - Regrets Only? NY Times

Columbus Day by Thom Hartmann

Bush’s torturers follow where the Nazis led

'Socialized Medicine' Quackery: There should be no place in health care debate for "overt deception"

'NYT' Op-Ed Recalls Errors of 'Liberal Hawks' on Iraq -- Newspaper's Editor Was One of Them


Eye in the sky: Big Brother likes to travel, too


We need the truth about 9/11 attacks

Imperial Playground: The Story of Iran in Recent History by Andrew G. Marshall

Where's the Plan to Get Young Black Men Out of Jail?

'L.A. Times' Reporter Chronicles Human Side of War

Haiti: Digging Through A History of Economic Violence (Shock Doctrine)

Dollar takes blows from Vietnam and Qatar

Homeless Families on the Rise, with No End in Sight

The Not-So-Small Price of Iraq

President/CEO of Children's Hospital of Richmond's LTTE on SCHIP

Vanity Fair: The People vs. the Profiteers

Home-front connection: A blessing or a burden?

How Congress forgot its own Strength - Mario Cuomo - NY Times


American Lockdown: Law Enforcement Out Of Control And Beyond The Pale

The Draconian Becomes the Norm

Secessionists Meeting in Tennessee

Feds Don't Know How (genetically engineered) Rice Escaped

Scott Ritter: The Big Lie: ‘Iran Is a Threat’

Why Has Been and Will Always Be Wrong

"It's over, George" -- and that's your friends talking / p m carpenter's commentary

Americans No Longer Question Authority

Public Citizen: Close CAFTA Vote (Costa Rica) Shows Failure of NAFTA model

So where is Sean Hannity's flag lapel pin?

Bob Fertik: I Bet Pelosi $2300 She Can End the Iraq War

America Went Shopping While Our Constitution Slowly Burned

Nuke transportation story has explosive implications

Macy's to reduce Utility-Provided Energy by 40% through solar and efficiency

Another Citizenre?

Vanished Glaciers, Falling Rocks Force Changes For Alpine Hikers In France, Switzerland - Reuters

China's 2007 Coal Output Likely Up 5% To 2.5 Billion Tons, Government Projects - Xinhua

HK Skyscrapers Invisible In Smog - W. Danger Level @ 100, Pollution Index Hits 144 - AFP

Despite 2 Deaths, 80 Illnesses, Toxic Grout Sealer Stayed On Market Over 1 Year - NYT

Inner Mongolia's Grasslands Rapidly TurnTo Sand - 10% More Of PRC Desert Since 1994

At Least 67 Die In What Vietnamese Gvn. Calls "Worst Flooding In Decades" - Reuters

MMS Auction Of Gulf Drilling Blocks Sets New Price Records - MF/MSNBC

Geothermal industry goes full steam ahead

Conergy plans $2 billion wind farm

United Natural Foods Installs 1 MW Solar Electric System

Destiny announces plans for solar parking

Newton's Third Law & The World Of Commodities Markets

Barak Obama's Energy Policy

Taiwan Power solar power station bid draws attention

University Of Illinois - Cryosphere Today - 10/8 - Minimal Shore & Edge Ice Forming . . .

Power Polymers Fuel Solar Cell Advances

CSIRO - Ocean Current Interaction To Prolong Australian Drying Trend For Decades - Reuters

Global warming may aggravate Argentine energy woes

Could West Texas algae curb oil dependence?

Clipper Windpower to build world's largest turbine

Solar's Day In The Sun

Wind Power Cost Is Expected to Reduce by 30% by 2010 According to Chinese Wind Power Report 2007

Oakland shines in solar use

Kan. Coal Plants Project Uncertain

Production of electric (Tesla) roadster delayed

Indonesia to plant 79 million trees in single day

Odd question regarding solar panels.

Whoever said "People Are Smart" needs to read the responses to this CNN poll.

Forest loss 'leads to longer, more severe floods'

NASA - 23% Decline In Perennial Sea Ice Extent During Past Two Winters

Inside France's secret war: The motives for this war are drenched in dollars and euros and uranium

World's Biggest Coal Export Terminal (Oz) Cuts Number Of Ships In Line

US Bicycle Routes Corridor Draft Plan Under Development

UPS Indianapolis freight workers ratify contract

MSNBC snaps up startup Newsvine

National Guard Troops Denied Benefits After Longest Deployment Of Iraq War

'New York For Gore' Announces Effort In New York

Chrysler's Workers Set Strike Deadline, People Say

City to require video surveillance

Top Iraqis pull back from key U.S. goal

Top Iraqis Pull Back From Key U.S. Goal

DC Draft Gore Prepared to put Al Gore on Primary Ballot

Dangerous Sealer Stayed on Shelves After Recall

3 Win Nobel in Medicine for Gene Manipulation

Boy in court on terror charges (for owning book)

Clinton outlines economic plan in Iowa

A dozen planes violate no-fly zone around Bush event

Israel may OK Divison of Jerusalem

Trent Reznor Goes Indie

JPMorgan, Bank of America write down loans

Resistance to Myanmar Soldiers Continues

Nuke transportation story has explosive implications

British PM to reduce UK troops in Iraq to 2500 in early '08

Chopper Escorting Musharraf Crashes

Iraqi official implicates former prime minister, top Sunni sheik in violence in Shiite holy city

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 8

Romney turns back on patient who asks about medical marijuana

Desperately seeking medicare

Students in Tehran lash out at Ahmadinejad

Ron (R presidential candidate Rep) Paul squares off with the Union Leader over foreign policy

Navy veteran questions why six nuclear missiles were flown on combat aircraft to staging area for Mi

EXCLUSIVE: DoJ Voting Chief Says PhotoID Laws Are a 'Shame' for Elderly, But Minorities 'Die First'

New Data: Top 1% Pay Greater Dollar Amount in Income Taxes to Federal Government than Bottom 90%

Democratic Underground Needs YOU!

Upsurge in Kurdish attacks raises pressure on Turkish prime minister to order Iraq invasion

British PM refuses to "rule out anything" over Iran nuclear proliferation

Melting Ice Pack Displaces Alaska Walrus

Iraqi report calls for big compensation from Blackwater, ouster from country

US considered poisons for assassinations

Christian Activist Killed in Gaza

GALLUP: Survey Finds Huge Gap Between How Republicans and Democrats View Media

American Electric Power to pay $4.6 billion

Sen. Clinton: Sandy Berger has 'no official role in my campaign'

Democrats Seem Ready to Extend Wiretap Powers

Plane missing with 10 aboard in Washington state

1,000-Plus War Protesters in Berkeley Spell out Opposition to Bush ("Impeach!" - PHOTO)

SEIU won't endorse Democratic candidates

U.S. considered Cold War radiological weapon (to assassinate "important individuals")

Secret Service Agent Shoots Car

Iranian students call president "dictator" during scuffle

Dems' Poster Child Faces a Firestorm

Independent study indicates Tasers generally safe in police hands

Plan to Sell Iraqis M-16s Triggers New Controversy

Runner who died had heart condition, officials say

Switzerland reeling as radicals create havoc at rightwing political rally

Nuclear Power Primed for Comeback: Demand, Subsidies Spur U.S. Utilities

(US) Labor Board Clarifies Reinstatement Rights of Striking Employees

Hey Girls ! look at this !

Hey...stop it!

Battle of the quavery, massive vocal ranges

Hugh celebration at Stanford after win over USC

Beautiful Cat and Dog video

You guys!

Goodnight Kids !

Kilimanjaro one of teen's many heights

Tovah busted a tooth... yowwie...

Poll: "Across the Universe"

People, can't we all just bang a gong???

The enigmatic Blank Post For Canadian Thanksgiving (10/08/07)

OMG... what is it with TV these days?

If you weren't you

Anyone ever bought a "Screecher" alarm for personal defense, and used it?

"Meet the Neocons"

I need a good probing.

Does everyone MySpace now???

Most people run from their axes

Most people run from their arses.

forget it

some people run their arses off running from their ex's with axes...

Does anyone get today off (besides Government and bank employees)?

Need help finding a tshirt

I don't know how to break this to you, Lounge, but here goes.

Thread in GD - Yes, I was there....

Know of a site where you can post about poor service at a business? nt

People, can't we all just get a bong?

Self delete

Wow!! Drunk arrested outside my window!!!!

Shit, my neighbor cross the street is man handling his kid

J-Lo's having twins! She's "enjoying being pregnant!" I can't believe I'm posting this!

New to DU...

any case managers in da house and if so..

All My Exes Live in Texas

Finally Decided on My Halloween Costume, What Are You Going to be?

For all our Canadian DUers, Happy Thanksgiving Day. n/t

CD music/DVD question...

Hacking up a whole chicken....that's how you start your day!

Gahan Wilson - still relevant today

All those capital Ls. In fact, *only* capital Ls. My god, I just figured out who sniffa really is!

Most of my Clan's castles are in ruins... what should I do about this?

If I ask DS1 to help with a computer question, does that fall under the photoshop category?

Who has that animated version of the RNC's blue elephant logo?

I just found a puppy in the parking lot.

Someone tell haruka that her myspace account is hacked and to stop posting ads from Macy's

ARGGHH!!!How can i get rid of The Lord of the Flies???

Sometimes I just have to do this...

ARRGHH!! How can I get rid of the lord of the dance?? nt

Most people run from exes from Texas with axes

Post your favorite smilies...inspired by primate's bug thingy..

GD exploding about Duplicate threads and copy cat duplicate threads!!1!!

Potato salad with sour cream and blue cheese?

My dog is nekkid and seems awfully happy

Damn laptop! Does antbodu elad have thie problem?

the difference between house and home

Do You Think Water-boarding is Torture?

My Grandson turns 2 next month

Booze+Guns+Right Wing Freaks

Thou shalt not kill, except in a popular video game in church.

ever see a miLitant straw man?

Best adaptation of a Stephen King story?

Looking for a good wireless headset

My cousin made the papers today.

They're getting loungy in GD.

In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat was invisible

Yesterday: 82 and really humid

Anyone else fascinated by this?

If business meetings were like Internet comments

Wow... Chevy Chase is 64 years old today!

I hate major chunks of my wife

haha- neocon gold

Rolling Stones' "Mr. Jimmy" has died at 75...

it's Columbus Day! Its Raining! I played Golf this morning!

This is my 35,000th post

ARGGHH!!! How can i get rid of FRUIT FLIES???

Monday, October 8th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I turned 52 today and just realized I've smoked aprox 438,000 cigarettes in my life

does anyone remember the name of the site where they do a bra fitting for you

Mr Scorpio says, "Virginia is the only state with a sexual reference" in its motto.

Finally! A fine Italian coffee you can drink over the Internet.

What does Disco taste like?

That's it - if you losers are gonna bitch about GD.......

Are you depressed? Feeling down?

Talk about the strangest roommate combination: Rock of Love Brandi C, Krista, Heather and...

Anyone watching Low Winter Sun?

blank spot on the front page?

What kind of post-apocalyptic MOVIE world do you want to live in?

Do You Think Booger eating is Torture? Click here to hide this thread

EEEK - I just went over there - just out of curiosity...

Pink and painless

Is NewWaveChick an alien?

How come nobody cares about being in the 700 club anymore?

Do You Think Boogie boarding is Torture?

"The latchstring's on the outside."

God hates me.

So lounge what are we drinking??

Sting tops list of worst lyricists (guess who's No. 4??)

October is "Well, Fuck You, I Hate Your Pancakes" Month

The new Volkswagon Rabbit: your thoughts?

Men are like dogs?

Hard to believe I used to do stuff like this:

My friend died from cancer. Both my sister and dad have cancer. My brother is activated, again.

I think this Cowboys game is going to make me...

Please wish me luck.

Why is MSNBC making this poor gay boy

Congratulations to the great people of Virginia, especially the Falls Church area

A different kind of Pretty Bug(s)

Is the following considered torture?

OK so I am drinking a little.....

Oh yeah--Somebody just opened the Hiroshima can of worms again in GD.

Most depressing song ever? (Volume II)

Yankees thread!!!!

Do You Think Snow-boarding is Torture?

I have a new Worst Movie in History: 'The Fan'

What do I do with a cat in heat?

I missed Heroes because of the Yankees

Tonight: Commercials, presented with limited Heroes interruption

And now, an impromptu caption contest!

I just got peed on by a dachshund.

The History Of the Middle Finger

These nudes on Miami Beach aren't sunbathers: they're art

Bubbles from the trailerpark boys sings his anthem- Liquor and whores

Roast A Pig! Meteor Shower Tonight!!!!

Captain Clutch,,,,

World's Greatest Red Sox fan

I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen's "Magic"

"latchstring" is an intersting word...6 consonants in a row...any others?

It's like, so weird, when you get an email from someone...(Edit: it creeps you out)

Divorce last dance song?

Ben And Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie...

I'm betting on a Rockies-Red Sox Series------anyone with me?

Apparently, my mission tonight was to eat enough grapes that I feel a bit queasy.

The evil empire defeated. Yankees lose!

What's for dinnah, DU?

Bounce 'em - Tribe Wins edition

Last post: My daughter just showed me this video and I LOVE the song.

ROMO ! ! !

Yankees lose; Rudy Giuliani blames Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.

How tired are you?

Just checking in, so how is everybody.

Indians thread!!!

Mr, April

Over 40 eyes are the damn pits!



Is it possible I have some sort of anger management disorder?

Wow...Go Bills!

ROLF! "Neo-Con Gold Record Offer!

Holy Jumpin' Jesus... I Glued My Fingers Together With Nail Glue

HERO'S THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not making this up! Larry Craig's Specialty Recipe? "Super Tuber"

I just got tattooed by a dachshund.

I passed 16K posts and nobody even said boo.

Must See --- Jesus Costume - Halloween Fun For The Lounge

Local Craiglist: Women Seeking Men.

Christmas Carols. Yesterday. In PetSmart.

When you post on DU...Do you sometimes feel that you are....

I found 2 newspapers from the Civil War. Ask me anything!

Driving a Hybrid -- anything different about it? Anything I should know?

What's playing on your music device right now?

Fuck! They just showed Rudy at the Yankees game in his front row seat,

Freedom rock

Am I a bad American because I muted God Bless America?

Crap, I'll give anyone $50, a place to sleep, pay for turnpike tolls & all the beer you can drink...

Audio_Al's Audio Book Review of "Dance of Death" by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

I want to thank the kind soul who gave me a donor star!

Why are the quietest, most picturesque towns always invaded by loud motorcycles?

I had lisa's cousins over for dinner on saturday....

Losers thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Thanks to all of you

Tom the Dancing bug - Don't Tase my, bro

Amusement park ride from hell

Oh almost forgot! A holy roller came to campus a week ago...

ya know, sometimes augmented breasts just aren't enough to keep me interested

Joe Torre - it's been a good run. Thanks for the rings!

A question for DU women.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/08/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/08/07 Bonus

I hate major chunks of my life...

Which is worse? Crab grass or Bermuda grass?

"Life is Short, have an affair."

I'm curious about Burning Man. Does it serve a purpose other than....

Do you have a smooth top electric range?

Wedding first dance song?

Today is my 6th anniversary as a DU member.

SPANK REV-ACTS THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I challenge the Lounge to prove that I exist.

As many of you well know (and fervently believe), I am an idiot.

This is the best Kinks album

I just got tattled on by a dachshund.


Have you ever put someone on ignore but then ended up really liking them

Do you wear perfume/cologne to work?

Pic thread time: post pics with your pets!

***April Calendar Contest***

Why are they still singing God Bless America during

Predict the GD outrage of the week!

Lounge Vibes Needed!!!

DAMMIT! Why didn't anyone tell me I hit 35K?

Hahahahaha - lots of Pissy Yankee Fans around here tonight

Democratic Underground Needs YOU!

Radio Lady Previews: Rossini's Opera "Cinderella" on stage in Portland (Ore.) November 2 - 10, 2007

Combat aviation brigade created in Iraq

Repaired Baghdad school ready to open

Emotions high as 68 sailors, Marines become Americans

Knowing the Enemy Difficult in Iraq

Bonuses boosted for all MOSs

Watada proceedings delayed for review

Lack of care killed Iraq soldier, mother says

Hearings set for soldiers accused of murder

2nd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division coming home (again)

DoD gets non-prize for ‘gay bomb’

More women than ever enter West Point

Sailors can get up to $90,000 to ship over

Iraqis raise Blackwater death toll to 17

Medal of Honor helo to be dedicated Oct. 20

A few pics of the Cambridge Honk Parade yesterday (xpost from MA)

New runway lights visible only with NVGs

State Department repeatedly ignored warnings by diplomats on Blackwater

Iraqi president eyes huge US troop withdrawal

Report says war on terror is fuelling al Qaeda

6 years later, US expands Afghan base

National Guard Troops Denied Benefits After Longest Deployment Of Iraq War

Meet Floyd Holt of the IVAW

Bring the Troops Home Now Rally and March in Syracuse, NY

Things you dont see everyday

Allen: Bigotry has no place in CG

Officials: Corps beat 2007 recruiting goal

Military sees big decline in black enlistees

Today in labor history October 08

Washington Post: High Court's Fraud Case Widely Seen as Stand-In for Enron

Former AFSCME Leader Elected AFL-CIO Executive VP

US Labor Board Modifies Hiring-Bias Standard

NYC: 5 IWW Top City Workers Locked Out

This week’s Labor History Spotlight: 1919, U.S. Steel Strike

Two US Port Workers Treated like Terrorists

The Plight of Iraq’s Progressive Labor Movement

Union Endorsements in 2008 Pres Race (scorecard)

BBC: Call to probe India union death

GM, union (IUE-CWA represents 2,300) kick off negotiations at Moraine plant

Sidon (Lebanon) hosts workshop to combat child labor (218 million children around the world)

Brazil to resume slave labor raids after stoppage

Monroe woman finds fulfillment by volunteering (United Way campaign etc.)

Just watched Bobby: NAM protests, AFSCME local 169 was there

Starbucks Workers Union Press Conference in Grand Rapids, MI

Blackwater in California

O'Reilly interviews Snow: WH press is "cancer," CNN "pagan"

Kucinich Campaign Update

TPM: GOP '08: Feel the Excitement!

Ric Mercer Talking with Americans

Meeting Resistance Trailer

In Our Name

SNL - Weekend Update ... with Seth & Amy: Senator Craig

hasta siempre - comandante che guevara

How Divided is America, Really?

Sen. Larry Craig - "Tap Three Times"

Revisionist History: If Bush Ruled The South ...

Living Lightly on the Grid

Hardball 10th Anniversary

Dana Perino, punching bag, WH press briefing take 2,

Wind of Change: From Burma to Vietnam

Joe Scarborough Takes on "Iraqi Losers" About Blackwater (oh, & Sen. Webb!)

Really, Senator Craig. REALLY?!? (too funny)

Dennis Kucinich at Loras College Oct, 6th

Is Nuclear Power Worth the Environmental Cost?

Hillary Clinton on her Iran vote


Rush Limbaugh: Asinine

FEMA Camp Footage (Concentrations Camps in USA)

Bush Admin Launches National Abstinence Campaign

Kucinich Talks NAFTA

Mitt Romney IGNORES question from medical marijuana patient in wheelchair

Bruce Springsteen - Last To Die

John Fogerty on David Letterman 2/10/07

Buzzwords for the Future?

Does it sometimes appear as if the democratic leadership in Congress

India holds key in NATO's world view (pressures on to sign up)

Video of Geraldo and Laura Ingraham in makeup

PKK rebels cross border to kill Turkish soldiers

A word from God.

Bad weekend for Obama -Now wants to be instrument of Ga-yawd...

The presidential primary scam: Ad hoc decision

Barbara Starr and the unruly elderly passenger flying

Top Iraqis Pull Back From Key U.S. Goal-Reconciliation Seen Unattainable

In 1992 the democrats gave America a Rhodes scholar for president.

John F. Kennedy described himself as a "conservative" during the 1960 presidential campaign

For 1st time, Iowa poll shows Clinton in lead

DU is entering"The dead hour..."

Bush/Cheney in the Obituaries

This happened this weekend. Good. Neo-Nazis smacked down by Elks.

The cable news wars are getting more personal

Sudan's Foreign Minister Denies There Is 'Genocide' In Darfur

So which is it?

Are Clinton, Obama, Edwards All The Same?

Watch Where You Step! ..... The pro-war w/Iran manure pile is getting deeper

Stem cell team wins 2007 Nobel for medicine

Peace must not be forgotten

Britain 'on board' for US strikes on Iran


Computer research fashion - don't wear them at Logan Airport

Slowpoke TOON: Bomb this Book!

why the (*&% are we still observing "Columbus Day"??

What About Iran and Hillary Clinton?

Is the stock market open today?

You do realize, don't you, that if it weren't for the Iraq occupation

Scarborough is nuts....

Supreme Court case pits Bush against Texas

Blackwater Fallout May Ripple Through Industry

People at a marathon in Chicago drop, or die, from

Turkish cabinet in urgent talks after Kurdish attacks

Bush’s Brain seeks transplant

Texas Supreme Court Justice- Medina house fire was intentionally set

In memory: Marion "Mike" Broadus

technically it wouldn't be torture

I'm thinking we should serve enslaved Indian tribes for dinner tonight...

Is Columbus Day not observed where you're at?

Inside France's Secret War

Feel like giving the campaign bloodletting a rest? Fred Thompson's first debate is tomorrow...

Threats to bumblebees fly under radar

I wish Bill would divorce Hillary and marry Monica.

Chopper Escorting Musharraf Crashes

Waxman sinks teeth into watchdog role

Veteran: "A true warrior isn't in it for the money"

Newsweek: Cheney blocked issues raised by Condi regarding WH interrogation & rendition policies

"America does not torture" so are we hiring other countries to do the actual torture

bush`s big night out......

Outsourcing the War

Musharraf bodyguards dead:some guys have all the luck

Oh shit. Costa Rica votes yes to US free trade deal:

Waxman Sinks Teeth Into Watchdog Role (Oversight "in some ways more important than legislating")

I can't believe Jim Bakker is back on TV.

Breaking AP: First executions in 3 years. 15 put to death

Are we trying to gin up a war in South America now?

How much do you know about Columbus?

Trending Toward Inanity (Ezra Klein reviews Mark Penn's book "Microtrends")

PBS Frontline on Oct. 16th - Cheney's Law

Lawyer: Pizzeria manager 'at peace' with plea in boys' kidnapping case

Do you ever feel just burned out? Yesterday I found the DVD "Roger and Me"

Britain to cut Iraq force to 2,500

I think you need to know about William Polk.

U.K report - Avoid war with Iran at all costs

scientiest say NO, EPA says yes to more poison use

Breaking 11:00 AM Wednesday deadline set by UAW with Chrysler

What did Begala just say about Ari Fleischer on Stephanie Miller's show?

China had landslide causing domino effect , blocked river!

LIMBOsevic is just a mellow fellow as he enters his final month of probation

Post Vietnam guilt trips

Jeb Bush bemoans "mean-spirited" politics

Mother Teresa's revenge on HITCHENS - who knew, not his first time!!1

Senate Republicans Knew About Sen. Craig's History of Toe-Tapping (per R. Novak)

Kurds tackle 'honor killings' of women

No matter what the question is, Rudi says 9/11

Car bomb kills two near Polish embassy in Iraq

Britain 'on board' for US strikes on Iran - Telegraph UK


RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon 10/8 War of the Flag Pins begins?

Afghanistan: meet the new boss... (1st mass execution since 2004)

3 share Nobel in Medicine for mouse-gene manipulation

Has anyone seen...

On the war - what is the difference between Dem leadership and Rethug Obstructionists?

George Allen, Liz Cheney To Spin For Thompson

Even worse news, my mom's roommates son was murdered

If Obama is elected President... Should Affirmative Action end?

update on Warwick High race incident: gun threat, Stormfront involvement...

Dubai Police Chief Warns Against Western Attack on Iran

Retired general endorses Clinton, says she doesn't oppose the Iraq war as it's being run. Heh.

Are all of the GOP candidates debating tomorrow?

Wingnuts disappointed in the "liberal media"

I don't know if you read about my neighbor who was brutally stabbed

Liz Cheney to spin for Fred Thompson after debate

Blackwater, Duncan Hunter, San Diego and the money trail

U.S. Secret Service Agent in Ahmadinejad Detail Accidentally shot his car

KRUGMAN-Conservatives Asking: "How Did We Get Here" & My God What Have We Done?"

In America it has always been that one is presumed innocent until proved guilty

Monet Punched: Does this makes sense to anyone?

So, I'm at the grocery store...

Iraqi panel: Blackwater guards should face murder charges

cheney's guru Wurmser:" US 'must break Iran and Syria regimes'"

If Hillary becomes president, will we ever really know the truth about the last 7 years?

Top Iraqis doubt Reconciliation

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) is drafting legislation to ban all mercenaries

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

If the worm has turned, why does it feel like we're staring down a cobra?

ROVE: “I’m really sad about Scooter,”

U.S. lets in more immigrants for farms

Iraqis' lives are "cheap as sheep"

Who and how did you vote in 2000?

Is Michael Coren (I consider him a scary right winger) influencing people?

And now, today's Republican Family Values Moment

Joe Bageant Will Be At Southern Book Festival, Nashville, Sat Oct 13th

Want to see why a fundy I spar with have not even dated yet?

Briton in coma after mosquito bite in US

SCHIP costs same as 40 days in Iraq

Reality Shows - Legal Responsibility vs. Ethical Behavior

The age of America and our reluctance to evolve

Protesters Grow Frustrated as War Wears On-Some activists use civil disobedience to force change

Join the telephone campaign to end the war and more. Recommend this thread after you make the calls.

Vicente Fox will be on The Daily show tonight.

There are times it's all I can do to keep a lid on it

U.S. considered radiological weapon

Daily Kos Diary: Al Gore Is Not Saving The Planet!!!!! (It's good, not a hit piece)

F.Y.I. Newsweek listed Sandy Berger as a Clinton advisor on Sep 6th

US (anti-terror) strategy branded a disaster - Oxford Research Group report

Hoyer Behind Pushing Bush legislation to floor votes

Clarence Thomas Whines His Way to the Bank

caption *

You have 'liberal media', we have 'socialist media'

‘US Army pays Iraq warlords for peace’ -- Couldn't we have done this thousand's of lives ago?

Monday TOONS: Give Rushbloat a taste of his own medicine!

One Of Petraeus' Own Advisers Says General's Testimony On Iraq Was Misleading

Freepers attacking 12 year old Graeme Frost

The new "I invented the internet" - Some say... Hillary claims that she help start

Democratic Underground Needs YOU!

The misguided liberal (?) hawks

Really stupid Fred Thompson bumperstickers

Question: Who Are Our Troops F***ing?

I salute you.

Why are Americans more conservative?

Separated at Birth

11:30 PM EST> CSPAN - is this the best the republican debate can do?

Birthday Rant & Roll: When you require and recruit from the ruthless, you get their other

Could vertical farming be the future?

What would happen if Al Gore WON many Primaries and was still undeclared?

Dreaming of a tight Christmas.........

Blackwater license ran out in 2006, says Iraq

Petraeus claims Iran's envoy is in Revolutionary Guard

The U.S. Govt's Secret Colorado Oil Discovery scam

Is the Sunni Insurgency on vacation?

The Great Inflation Fraud - Why does the government pretend prices aren't rising?

Fred Thompson holding several practice debate sessions, including a Rudy stand-in

Romney turns back on patient who asks about medical marijuana

Thompson on Leno" "I'm brunning for bresident of the Dunited States"

People vs. Profiteers ~ Employees Suing Halliburton ~ Vanity Fair article

Guaranteed to break your heart: Rebels seize mountain gorilla refuge

Only Four Days Until the Nobel Peace Prize Winner is Announced

I would like to dedicate my 10,000th post to NewYawker99

Just some of that "Authentic Frontier Gibberish"...

Another "brilliant" LTTE in the local rag: Pro-war demonstrators were the peaceful ones. Suuuuure...

Mark Maron is sitting in for Rachel. On now!

Hey---I got an idea DUers... Let's not vote in 2008!

The British are leaving! The British are leaving! (removing half of troop in Iraq by spring 2008)

Sen. Kennedy requests your signature on a petition to override SCHIP veto:

Guardian:Kurdish attacks raises pressure on Turkish prime minister to order Iraq invasion

Wanna start a thread which gets a high post/view count here at DU?

Hey, FUX and all RW flag lapel pin-wearing "patriots"... are your pins made in CHINA?

Bernanke: The anti-Robin Hood


Brothers and Sisters last night had a spoof of Limpballs

Putin To Attend Caspian Summit In Tehran

It makes me ill to have to look at that pic of Limbaugh on the "Latest" page.

Are you ready to 'convert' a Repub rather than inflict their just punishment on them?

Iraqi panel: Blackwater guards should face murder charges

Interesting info about "Patriot Bible College" (related to Vitter thread posted earlier today)

Will Senator Clinton's Top Adviser, Mark Penn, Have Any Effect On Her Polling By Next Month?

Endgame on Torture: Time to Call the Bluff

Whatever happened to the search for ...

Endgame on Torture: Time to Call the Bluff

Erik Prince, Blackwater founder/wingnut

Sleazy credit card tactics under fire

Dennis' Newscast.

Iraqi Authorities Seek Blackwater Ouster

Bush Dogs still voting against Children's Health Bill

American College Of Physicians send letter to Congress urging override of Bush's SCHIP veto

Homeless Families on the Rise, with No End in Sight

Casey: "army is 'out of balance' after six years of warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq..."

My wife called me from her dentist last year

Do you believe the Presidential Preference Polls..

Desperately seeking medicare

The murderous threat posed by a small, but fanatical, minority of the deer community.

Lying About History (the Japanese in Okinawa; the U.S. and Torture)

Reagan for kids?

I caught the tail end of Tweety tonight

John Brown And Nat Turner- Domestic Terrorists Or Freedom Fighters

Dedicating My 1000 Posts to Our Brave Men and Women in Iraq

Bloggers on the right rank righties they hate

We are thirteen months from Election day?

INSANE RW Email making the rounds.

200,000 Italians March for Peace

Interpol Director weeps at lack of terror war funding(Video)

Now Without Enough Immigrant Workers, Farmers Fear Crops Will Rot In Fields

Report says war on terror is fueling al Qaeda

Iraqi Government Report: Iraqi Authorities Seek Blackwater Ouster

How The Falling Dollar Affects Americans

Navy veteran questions why six nuclear missiles were flown on combat aircraft to staging area for Mi

Every once in a blue moon, my morbid curiosity takes the best of me and I take a peek at the Site...

Chris Floyd: Murderous Mummery: Marching Into Nightmare With General Petraeus

"Strange Culture" NYC Showing Success; Q&A w/ Persecuted Artist Steve Kurtz

Vibrating suitcase shuts down Oakland airport baggage claim

Dennis Kucinich on Cspan 2 now....

Why CAN'T They Just Tell Truth?-Another Media Figure (Couric) pressured by NBC to support war

Jane Smiley's brilliant summary of why we REALLY went into Iraq.

NY Times: "Immigration, Black Sheep, & Swiss Rage." Zenophobia in Switzerland.

Is it my imagination, or is the anti-war movement losing steam?

Randi Rhodes is on MSNBC live right now..

"I think Senator Larry Craig should stay and I'll tell you why....."

Is it against the law to give away your "identity?"

Edwards vs. Romney, 52% to 35%, "intimidating margin."

Does documented proof exist that the Busholini Regime

Hope fades that Fossett cheated death

Bill Richardson Bill Richardson Bill Richardson Bill Richardson Bill Richardson

2003 survey of women using VA health system reports that 28% experienced at least 1 sexual assault

EPA approves 1-year use of pesticide despite warnings from over 50 scientists/chemists

$6 Million for the Co-op, Then Start to Renovate

Gore Endorses Hillary - How Would You React?

Romney's blueprint for fixing America. Hysterical.

Am I a bad American because I muted God Bless America?

Why are they still singing God Bless America during

More manufacturning jobs to leave Ohio

"The Middle East: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead"

Sen. Craig to be inducted into Hall of Fame.

David Schuster filling in for Keith tonight

Four Planes Escorted Out of No-Fly Area

I am not making this up! Larry Craig's Specialty Recipe? "Super Tuber"

Chris Dodd just said the first thing he would do on the first day

Project for the OLD American Century needs our help

Is there anyone else here who doesn't vote?

Fastest car on the planet is all electric/170 mpg

I remember that October '03 was tough for Kerry, but December was downright bleak

"New Online Private Christian Community Offers Support for Parents and Families of Homosexuals"

Iraq in Fragments

Bob Novak: GOP always knew about Larry Craig cruising the Toilet Scene (vid and transcript)

U.S. Army explored the potential for using radioactive poisons to assassinate "important individual

Anyone else tired of seeing Pigbaugh on the DU Homepage Sidebar?

"Ask not..." JFK, 1/20/1961

Iraq Sovereignty Goes On Trial Once Again (Blackwater)

Off To Bed Now... To Dream The Dream Of The Nutcracker...

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Sam Seder subs for Mike

Happy Birthday DENNIS! We love you!

Charles Foti attacked during debate for prosecuting a murderer (Louisiana AG)

Next time a conservative complains Bush betrayed them

What the hell is this?

American Mob: Bush's Guns, Goons and GHOULiani In The Wings

Masters of Disaster – Naomi Klein and “The Shock Doctrine” – Event report (Oct 5, 2007)

How Bush Deceived America, Congress - and Even the Supreme Court - on His Pro-Torture Policies

Nancy,get your feet off the GD table!

Harry Reid punks out again: WaPo:Private-Equity Tax Hike Falters; Senate Won't Act, Reid Tells Firms

Maybe once every two weeks an army car went up my

This poll needs some DU love!

Zero percent income tax on incomes up to $100,000 - 50% flat rate on income exceeding that

If anyone hasn't read Sy Hersch's New Yorker "Shifting Targets" article, about attacking Iran, DO IT

Scooby Doo Moment. UH-HOO?

So I saw Al Gore give his "Inconvenient Truth" presentation last week

Jim Kramer is on Hardnuts essentially puffing up Hillary.

Hillary Nut Cracker for sale advertisement on DU?

Osprey finally arrives in a combat zone, after more repairs

If the Cleveland Indians can beat the Yankees, then can Edwards beat Hillary and Obama?

EPA Refused to Warn of Asbestos Dangers; Millions of Homeowners at Risk

Columbus Day

Bush Impeachment Polls More Like Nixon Than Clinton

Wow, Stephen Colbert just did a GREAT "The Word" on the "Phony Soldiers"

what is Newsmax and why do they flood my email

U.S. military gives back tape they stole from AP reporter they kidnapped in Iraq cousin's son was wounded in that Crandon shooting.

My friend's excellent column on "The War" in our paper

Science teacher's brush with police ends in heart attack

No matter what the question is, Rudy says 9/11

Senator Webb Sets Joe Scarborough Straight On Blackwater

How do you address the Republicans' best argument?

Ken Burns' WWII Doc said many conscientious objectors were trained as medics on the front lines...

Christians United for Israel

Interesting "Non Profit/co-operative" mortgage lender I came across this weekend.

Cold War Secret Revealed: US Army Explored Radioactive Poison As Assassination Tool

Trickle-Up Economics: New Report Reveals Staggering Global Wealth Concentration

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Hey I got an idea--DU'ers lets vote in 2008

Can someone deconstruct this article for me regarding wiretapping prot

"IF" you recognize Columbus Day as a national holiday

Can someone record the lead in to the REPUBLIKLAN debate tomorrow on cnbc/msnbc?

198 Methods of Non-Violent Action from Albert Einstein Institution

Is anyone else taking a fresh look at Richardson?

Woodward on pre-war reporting: "I should have been more aggressive. Everyone should have"

SCOTUS to hear case of plaintiffs denied chance to sue medical device mfg. because FDA approved it

I am surprised to see a Hillary Nutcracker advertised here. It seems improper

Is the 'Perfect Storm' of Presidential Politics Developing Right Before Our Eyes?

U.S. Soldiers Are Sick of It (depleted uranium poisoning)

Blackwater Question EVERY candidate, Dem and Pug, must be asked: Given the recent controversy

Honest Question: what would single payer / gov't healthcare do to "malpractice insurance"?

Novak: Wilson did not forcefully object to naming of CIA wife in column

E. Coli Spreading Slaughterhouses Allowed to Stay Open

Homeless man with law degree, MBA looks for work

'People Will Never Forgive the Murders' Defiant Burmese Demonstrators

New Data: Top 1% Pay Greater Dollar Amount in Income Taxes to Federal Government than Bottom 90%

The man who stands between US and new war

TIME: Why Banked Blood Goes Bad (US needs donors!)

Kerry delivers speech on universal health care

Fred Thompson drinking game for the debate

caption * II

20 years with only two families occupying the WH is too much

Joe Wilson: "Chronic Liar" Robert Novak Is "Going Straight To Hell"

another toe-tapping Republican caught in bathroom sting

FUNNY! What Do Rush Limbaugh & Kermit Have In Common?

Democratic bill demands details of all electronic surveillance done without court orders since 9-11

Exercise Vigilant Shield ’08 slated for October

David Broder on Sunday's "Meet the Press" - was Jimmy Carter

Al Gore To Speak At Climate Change-Wine Conference/Barcelona/ Feb. 2008

Ottawa not liable for Arar torture but $11.5 - million "compensation" paid

Far out, man...

Mother Jones: Backing Away From Bush

I've taken on the Pink Ribbon

Happy Birthday Dennis Kucinich

EXCLUSIVE: DoJ Voting Chief Says PhotoID Laws Are a 'Shame' for Elderly, But Minorities 'Die First'

The Daily Show does it again! Tonight's guest, Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico!

The Central Truth about George Bush’s “War on Terrorism”

Political Cartoon that some of y'all might like...

Halliburton Employees Sue-"A Scandal Of EPIC PROPORTIONS" (Vanity Fair)

Post editor says Bush, Gonzales should be tortured

This pretty 24 year old was studying to be a nurse

Nuke transportation story has explosive implications

Michelle "Wingnut Pyscho Hypocrite" Malkin stalks 12-yr-old Graeme Frost's family

Impeachment a duty, not a ploy

Fred Thompson is the 'dullest knife in the drawer' among Repub Candidates...

Am I the only one who questions the integrity of the polls?

BUSH SCANDALS LIST (a must see) =====>

Another sad page from the Clinton archives is opened: Re: Sandy Berger.

Help! Donations needed for MY SON!

20-year-old cop killed 6 people because he was rebuffed by girlfriend and called "worthless pig"

Ads like this on DU make me think about moving on

Man's Trial Over Feeding Homeless Begins

I was never a big fan of the Roman/Greek wars -

Maybe the United States has 18 maybe 24 months to

Why We have such Lousy Leaders & How to Get Rid of Them - autorank(Collins) - "Scoop"

Pelosi knows she'll win her next election


Black women less likely to receive chemotherapy and other treatments for breast cancer

Don't think I'm returning to my fav hamburger joint.

I get it! The madness behind the Hedge Funds.

Boring Blather about Biden, Bankruptcy Bills, and Big Banking Bucks

SALON: The Presidential Primary Scam-WHY THE GAME IS RIGGED

***April Calendar Contest***

WWII Interrogators Denounce Bush Administration

Al Gore Al Gore Al Gore Al Gore Al Gore Al Gore Al Gore

Draft Gore Movement Hitting MSM

Newsweek Article on Gore: Nobel Prize: Could it push Gore into Race?

How about an avatar tribute to Al Gore this week?

3/4 of GD posters are waiting for Al Gore to step into the race.

Al Gore: Britney and Paris Are Inconvenient Truths (Gore Accepts Oceana Award)

Roommate killed over 'stinky feet'

This is your month Mr Gore. It is your time.


"Florida Democrats are all for it"...March 2006. All for the early primary that far ahead.

Teacher Wants to Bring Gun To School

NanceGreggs: "Why I Cannot Vote in 2008"

I was never sure about dropping the atom bombs on Japan

Are Christian Zionists a threat to National Security?

"A Nobel Candidate" - Could a Nobel Peace Prize give Gore a push?

Philosophical question - if Columbus had not discovered America - would you exist?

Democratic Underground Needs YOU!

Guess I watched the wrong Sunday news shows yesterday - Talibani defends Biden's plan for Iraq

Thread alert:

Watch Countdown tonite!!

For my Iowa friends: (Iowans?)

Excellent ginchinchili thread! Thanks, g!

Biden Post

I'm going to a "Meet and Greet" with Sen. Biden this afternoon.

Mario Cuomo: How Congress Forgot Its Own Strength

WP,pg1: Obama's $75 Million Woman: Finance director made fledgling campaign a fundraising machine

Harold Ford and Lincoln Davis both running for TN governor?

Conversation with Senator Obama: very good stuff

The idea of a partitioned Iraq

How Hillary Built Her Lead

Go Left TV: Coulter and Hate Hags Go Wild

nance said i must post this...

The Rude Pundit: Rude Pow-Wow on Columbus Day

Hillary Clinton Leads In Worthless Poll

Clinton: Weaknesses in poll aren't who she is

Forget "the looney left", now it's "the lying left".

ActBlue Q3 Stats Week: Thursday Oct 04, 2007

Our Slave Labor in California, Iraq (quietly rewriting federal regulations to eliminate barriers)

George Allen endorses Fred Thompson. Howard Baker to serve as national campaign chair.

Hey Leahy, when are Meirs and Bolton going to be prosecuted for contempt of congress?

Romney outreach to Indo-American voters seems lifeless

Biden and Brownback to hold joint campaign event

The Inconsistent Waffle Factor: Voters more likely to punish Democrats who waffle

Nader promoting new book in Waterbury

Rep. Kingston (R) Geogia introduces resolution "commending" rush limbaugh

1,000-plus war protesters in Berkeley spell out opposition to Bush

"Dislike Hillary" factor could fade

Romney confronted on medical marijuana: "Will you arrest me or my doctors?"

TOO funny...

Minnesotans don't like the war...but are conflicted on best solution...

Hillary extends lead in latest AP-Ipsos poll...

Rasmussen - Thompson's Numbers Decline: Is Fred Fizzling?

Should somebody with such a grudge be allowed to sit on the Supreme Court...

Obama's new energy plan: "cap-and-trade"

Re: Obama and his faith, the Progessive Agenda and Militant Atheism.

The Lincoln Brigade - Democratic SWAT Team that killed CA Electoral Repuke Ploy

We're about to learn a lot about Hillary Clinton this week

Rep. Ron Paul: I advocate the same foreign policy the Founding Fathers would

Stem cell research earns scientists Nobel Medicine prize

Why is Howard Dean not running?

Conservatives Must Reject Capitalism!!

Living Under Fascism

Must read! For once, we played "hardball" to kill California ballot plan to elect a GOP President!

Former Washington State Governor Gary Locke endorses Hillary...

Re: The Bashing


FWIW: Michael Hirsh at Newsweek reported about Sandy Berger on Sept. 6, 2007

digby: Price Of Admission To The Big Tent *** Take Action if you can!

Markos: How the Edwards gambit *could* work

Is there video of Obama at church?

The real question about Hillary using Sandy Berger as her advisor - is WHY would she open herself up

Pelosi Can't Decide What the Definition of "Torture" is... She Is Making My Head Hurt... (again.)

SF Examiner: He’s back: Sandy Berger now advising Hillary Clinton

Hillary''s Economic Advisor Robert Altman...coming Up Now on CNBC with Kudlow!

AP: SEIU Won't Endorse Democratic Candidates

Michael Moore getting behind the "Draft Al Gore" movement? -- check out his homepage

My SS check comes into my bank later and later each month. Thank

Looks like someone passed Phoney Phred Thompson the smelling salts.

Ignoring my little voice... WHY should I support Hillary?

SEIU to split endorsement amongst locals.

So when a Hillary supporter links Obama to the DLC what is the motivation?

Neo-connecting the Dots to Iran (Part V)

How Clinton has built her lead

The Man Who "Broke" The Sandy Berger Story

Next Battle for Democrats: Iran (ABC World News video)

"I think...she'll be a greater president even than her brilliant husband"

Democrats positioned to widen majority in Senate

What if... Thompson is the NeoCon 'sleeper'?

Widespread violations of patients’ rights by private insurers in Medicare drug benefit program

Iranian students clash with police during protest against Ahmadinejad

Obama Proposes Deep Greenhouse Gas Cuts


Sen. Clinton: Sandy Berger has no official role in my campaign

(NAZI) PARTY'S OVER, Halloween is banned at a Brooklyn high school - and Hitler's to blame

A very interesting & useful site

The "absolute assurance" of General Petraeus: "Let’s be very clear. There is no debate."

George "Macaca" Allen Joins Thompson Campaign

Hillary on her "inevitability"...agrees with DU...

Some Questions About The History of Mark Penn

Was There A More Polarizing President Than Richard Nixon?

Hillary Clinton: The Queen of Pork

Elizabeth Edwards on All Thing Considered this afternoon. nt.

Right Wing Attack Machine Smears Obama Church Visit

Grist on Obama's new energy plan: "Obama has put himself out ahead of all the other frontrunners"

BBC News: (Bush and State Dept.) Manipulating the climate message

Just got a Text Msg From John Edwards Campaign; has anyone else

READ THIS: Sandy Berger now advising Hillary Clinton

This Ain't Your Grandmas Southern Church...Obama Breaks Barriers

AP: SEIU won't endorse any Dem candidate.

Would you rather have a smart or honest dem for president (MUST choose).

HRC "Queen of Pork"? Only if you believe a former economic adviser to * in 2004 campaign!

Reviews by Environmentalists on Obama's engery Plan

Mitt Romney's Rap Sheet

Laura Flanders and Norman Solomon Challenge the Warfare State

Masters of Disaster – Naomi Klein and “The Shock Doctrine” – Event report (Oct 5, 2007)

Democratic Concessions Are Expected on Wiretapping

A blue dog in hand is worth more than a liberal

Do you agree or disagree with the following assertion?

VP Selection

Candidates who use their faith in their campaigns remind me of injustice.

James Dobson: I will not support or vote for either Rudy Thompson or McCain

NBC News: Iowa Caucus to be held right after New Year's on January 3rd

DC Draft Gore Prepared to put Al Gore on Primary Ballot

Robert Reich V Pat Buchanan On Trade-MSNBC

Clinton wants Vilsack family in her administration

Edwards on the verge of breaking through...

MUST SEE VIDEO: Romney walks away from a wheelchair patient

Dennis Kucinich's trophy wife.

McGovern endorsement will help Clinton in Iowa (The Nation)

NYT: Obama Proposes Capping Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Making Polluters Pay

Please Make Your Case Why Your Candidate Has The Best Chance To Beat His Or Her Republican Opponent

A look at Joe Biden's environmental platform and record

New Yorker: Biden: Ahead of His Time?

More religious fallout for Obama

'New York For Gore' Announces Effort In New York

Hillary Clinton Leads In Worthless Poll

Stan the Stupid Virus and Barack go to church...

Iraqi President Talibani goes on CNN yesterday to defend Biden's plan for Iraq.

How About A Democratic National Party Health Insurance Plan?

Hillary's Plan To Rebuild The Middle Class (Exanded)

Are Presidential Campaigns About Ideas Or Personalities?

Reid Struggles for Reason to Oppose Impeachment

Poll Update: Obama gains ground, but at whose expense?

Senator Clinton, I know a President when I see one...Senator

For all those who think Obama's faith speeches make him like Bush...

Hillary, War with Iran is No Laughing Matter

Friendly advice to all my fellow DUers

Edwards: "I lived through the inevitably of Howard Dean"

Why Clinton Trumps Obama with Black Voters

How anti-war is Hillary?

Boring Blather about Biden, Bankruptcy Bills, and Big Banking Bucks

honest question: why do some here use the term "left wing" as an insult?

Obama and Edwards Target Clinton on Iran Vote (ABC News)

Who do you think will win the primary?

Romney turns back on patient who asks about medical marijuana

Why Is Hillary Greasing the Skids for Another War?

Bradblog needs our help

Ron (R presidential candidate Rep) Paul squares off with the Union Leader over foreign policy

NM Sen- Chavez Running

A note about us Black folks and our "Blackcents" as it relates to Barack's church appearance

Clinton Far From Inevitable. Just Ask Gary Hart

From The Obama Illusion

"Clinton’s critics have been so unhinged in their attacks, and so scathing in their criticisms..."

Am I a REPUB, DEM, INDI or none of the above?

Are Right Wing Sources Acceptable To You For Attacking Democrats?

Why should Iowa and New Hampshire have such an impact?

I have a challenge for the Clinton and Obama supporters.

A few reasons I don't want another Clinton to get the nomination

Imagine Peace By Cindy Sheehan

The Democratic Party is poised to dominate US politics

Clinton & Obama & Edwards are big fat Liars!

Hillary is part of the campaign of lies about Iran, just as she was about Iraq.

Clinton lays out her 'economic blueprint for the 21st century'

Des Moines, Iowa: Clinton proposes $50 billion energy fund

Democratic Underground Needs YOU!