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Archives: October 7, 2007

Conscientious objections to pathological liars (Lokeman OpEd: Kansas City Star)

Germany's Environmental Minister Speaks of the "Coal Renaissance."

Bush considers compromise on child health program

Best comercial I have seen in a very long time....

I updated my kitchen flatware/curtains/canisters and

Rockies win!!!

OK, my Cubbies suck.....since 1903

Eeeek There's a Witch in My Kitchen

At homecoming tonight, I saw some rolls being passed around.

Seeing residual images on my LCD monitor?

Do you ever feel like you are the only Liberal/Progressive in your state?

RULE #1: Your baseball team should not represent an entire fucking state

I went and viewed "In the Valley of Elah" today.

Sign on a door to a pub in Seattle I saw today:

The Artificial Post Count Inflator

Ignorant Americans

"Pete the Parrot Departs": Good Riddance to Gen. Peter Pace

Tony, bought and paid for? The £3m stately home the Blairs want to add to their property empire

LEFT COAST ALERT - New Saturday Night Live on tonight - spoilers inside

I give up

Does anyone know where I can get a "I STILL believe Anita" button?

Okay, cultural relativists: want to try to justify this?

Frank Rich on Clarence Thomas: Nobody Knows the Lynchings He’s Seen

Maureen Dowd on Clarence Thomas: I Did Do It

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canucks!

Remember Marjoe : "Scandal at Oral Roberts U."

Obama: Private security raises risk for troops in Iraq

Raw Story.....Blackwater

Crafty way to deal with Ron Paul

Negative Perceptions Dogging Clinton in Iowa

Republican Insanity...Some Perspective

Why are we in a Trance?

What I Saw In Darfur-By Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General

More Torture Memos-The Bush administration's secret legal decisions defy Congress and the courts

Deadpans Goldsmith: "On the other hand, of course, there's the law." (to Jon Stewart)

America the next Great Banana Republic

How the Law Lost Out to Laws of Politics at the Justice Department


October 5: A Good Day for Justice and the Constitution By Dave Lindorff

Orwell in 2007

Doonesbury-History shows up early on W (LOL)


NYT: On Torture and American Values

5 Myths About Sick Old Europe

Will species extinction be the scientific effect of elitist greed?

Noam Chomsky: US/Indo Nuclear Agreement: Derailing a Deal

Chinese Suffering from Poverty, Uneven Development, Experts Say

Digby: RANDy Conservatives

Why Does President Bush Continue To Fail Our Veterans? The Answer is in the Cards

Burma's Saffron Revolution: Goodbye, Generals

Mario Cuomo: How Congress Forgot Its Own Strength

The Barbarian at the Gate

U.S. Soldiers Are Sick of It

Even sprinkler systems fail at U.S. embassy in Baghdad

Anti-war protesters to defy ban for Parliament march

Bush’s torturers follow where the Nazis led (Sullivan: Sunday Times)

Why are there empty shelves in Venezuelan supermarkets?

Melting Ice Pack Displaces Alaska Walrus

A Cry from the Top of the World-Alaska's Native People Plead Their Case

FPL wind farm boosts local economy, alternative energy (TX)

Union Alarmed: Solutions Needed to Prevent Teflon Chemical Contamination discharges into Mill Creek

Climate Change and Entire Landscapes on the Move

State bans in-home ozone air purifiers, citing health risks

Postcard: Taiji

Non-Electric, Portable Washing Machine

"The Last Green Taboo: Engineering the Planet"

Iran's president calls wants Israel's Jews moved to Canada, Alaska or Europe

Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis Passes Away After Battle With Breast Cancer

For Warriors Past and Future

Japan may cut support of Afghan mission

Brown aide plays down US talk of Iran threat

Could Kent lose his bench?

Even sprinkler systems fail at U.S. embassy in Baghdad

Bush, Texas at odds over death case

'NYT' Reporter Reveals How He Got 'Blackwater' Scoop

Senator’s Illness Requires Monitoring


U.S. lets in more immigrants for farms: Visa regulations relaxed; farmworker shortage critical

U.S. pushing Colombian trade deal

Large explosion in Tacoma

Gulf funds drift away from dollar

Military Sees Big Decline in Black Enlistees

Fatal Shooting In Forest County, Wisconsin; Suspect is Law Enforcement Officer

Canadian firms offer Cuban healthcare to U.S. Canadian patients

Iraqi Inquiry Says Blackwater Shooting Was Unprovoked

'Brown will support strike on Iran'

US accuses Iran's envoy to Iraq

An Exit Toward Soul-Searching (As Bush Staffers Leave, Questions About Legacy Abound)

Britain and US in 'safe return' deal for Bhutto

NATO Staggers in Afghanistan as Some Can't Fight On, Some Won't

Costa Ricans wait in line to vote on US trade deal

Petraeus: Iran still fueling war

6 years later, US expands Afghan base

Syria Is Said to Be Strengthening Ties to Opponents of Iraq’s Government

Sen. Craig to join Idaho Hall of Fame

Springsteen Ready for Criticism over "Magic" Words

Blackwater 'killed 17', says Iraq

State Dept. ignored Blackwater warnings: Diplomats had raised concerns about endangering civilians

Government ‘gave public false hopes’ on achieving Iraq goals(Britain)

Cargill Recalls 844,812 Pounds of Beef, Citing E. Coli Bacteria

Labor Dept. Balks at Cost of Crandall Canyon Mine Probe

Bus in deadly collision with train in Cuba, state TV reports

Iowa Poll Puts Clinton Atop in Key State

US to launch $1bn ‘Plan Mexico’

Blackwater unprovoked - Iraqi probe

With Marion Jones Busted, Feds Now Target Barry Bonds

American Seeks to Halt Worker Pay Raises

100,000 U.S. Troops Could Leave Soon: Iraq President Talabani

Brown aide plays down US talk of Iran threat

Clinton claims credit for child program

INTERPOL seeks public’s help to identify man photographed sexually abusing children

Democrats to Offer New Surveillance Rules: Bill Aims to Meet Privacy and Security Concerns

Runner dies, 300 treated as heat ravages Chicago Marathon

Gunman kills five in US Midwest

Burma's monks plan next stage of protests

Costa Rica 'backs US trade deal'

A great tune from the Fenians

At homecoming tonight, I saw some people being rolled around.

I Just Started A New Thread - and I deserve a medal.

Woman With Service Dog Is Evicted From Home

Most depressing *** ever?

When Yoga Hurts

Hot damn. Old school professional wrestling at its finest.

Good night, DU...all-in-all it's been a good day...

While they were Waltzen....

Some asshole set off an explosive outside of my apartment

So, I decided to set off some cherry bombs outside someone's apartment tonight.

Hi! D-o-r-k

Do you find yourself pinin' for the fjords as the night grows on?


But don't forget, folks

Do you find yourself migrating towards the lounge as the night grows on?

Which one o' you mugs called me Saturday night?

Ahhh...good night, DU

Whoohoo! My '95 Del Sol STILL gets 40mpg hwy!!

I Tried To Quit The DU

Jeeze it is DEAD in here!!

Its that time of year again ------->

What's the longest a Lounge thread can last in GD?

Why are audio books on iTunes so expensive?

My throat has been f'd up for 4 days now...

My neighbor in the adjacent apartment found a new alarm clock.

David Bowie + Ricky Gervais = the funny

I Remember The Night.....And The Tennessee Waltz.


Scary story: I was all alone in the living room, reading, when I felt as if I were being watched...

Best entrance/introduction in films

How 'bout them Trojans!

Columbus Day=Fire Trucks?

People! It was a COPYCAT!

"The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."

I just bought gas for less than $3 a gallon for the first time in months...

Dumped again and I am numb. These Saturday nights... good or bad?

Prove to me that Air isn't the ultimate of atmospheric gases

Whoa! Go Pats!!

It's funny how appealing housework becomes...

Woman Finds Mouse Head In Green Beans

I have been doing a bit of research into generational "wars" between Gen X and Gen Y.

It's Sunday - should I start drinking heavily? Or clean the house?

My daughter woke up all excited about her birthday today

Okay ... who put all this stuff on my lawn last night?

Ohio State's defense is outstanding this year

Colorado is digging up a new coin design they buried in 2006:

come rain or come shine

Hello, Cleveland Browns.

And the band played Waltzing Matilda

when people use the expression "touch base," do you have the urge to crack them in the chops?

At homecoming tonight, I saw some people rolling around

whoohoo! I just douched my dog!

Does anyone else find wedding "Money Dances" repulsively materialistic and tacky?

Bye-Bye Angels

Dear Colorado Pebbles

Ministry has just put out yet another great Anti-* album.

Dear Arizona Diamondhacks

This makes me angry: Intruders at Paris' Orgy damage a Mattress

Filling up the Hot Tub....

Do organic creatures have "half-lives?"

To "Da Bears"

If I have to see Monty Python ONE MORE TIME...

Hilarious PETA spoof on You Tube

"The Wreck of the Ella Fitzgerald."

The Cincinnati Bungles suck!

Let's go Red Sox!

If you could only get one pizza topping...

CNET: Clicking the "X" on spyware / malware popup windows activates threat rather than closing it

What is your interpretation of "open house"?

I just got back from Paris, ask me anything!

Is it just me? Or is billyskank so incredibly cute that you just want to smooch him?

Are the Packers playing today?

Private Thread... Do NOT Look

I've asked Skinner to fumigate GD.

If I have to see Peyton Manning ONE MORE TIME...

What are your plans for Halloween?

Radio Lady's Check Out of Here for Awhile: Wonderful Websites

TOESOX...Let's Go Toe Sox

Take a trip to a magical place....

Why are the election and the presidential inaugaration so far apart?

Sen. Larry Craig chosen for Idaho Hall of Fame

The Denver Broncos SUCK!

I Smell Like Dallas

So Red Sox fans...

DETOX.........Let's go DeTox.

Okay... Who's Been Taking The Furniture From The Lounge????

Awfully pathetic for the National League to have two perennial LOSERS

Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime

BarenakedLady thinks she can annoy me.

This makes me angry: Intruders at Paris' Orsay damage a Monet

Does anyone here use TeleNav

Is it just you? Or am I so incredibly cute that you just want to smooch me?

This is my 34,999th post.

Is it just me? Or is trof so incredibly cute that you just want to smooch him?

Meet the new kitty we hope to get!

Prove to me that the Sex Pistols weren't the ultimate punk band

Wow, Johnny Damon can't even hit the stands....

sundog's HOT TOPICS: Orange Julius

Anyone watching the 100 greatest weather events

Why I love football

Let's do this men!

I'm starting to get very angry, indeed

The evening's music entertainment is k.d. lang and the reclines

Heat and humidity shut down Chicago Marathon, one runner dead.

Is it just me? Or is Sugar Smack so incredibly cute that you just want to smooch her?

Help please - creating lists

Why are so many people in the Lounge corny tonight?

Let's do these men!

Would someone PLEASE tell me if this is a real movie?!

says it all...

I forgot.... how sad

Did ya see that 3 Run Homer? Sweeeeet!

I am so glad you're here,...................... (you finish thread)


Favorite Impressionist?

WARNING!!!! Do not steal a doughnut.....

I hope I don't have to retire my avatar tonight :(

Is it just me? Or is johnnie so incredibly cute that you just want to smooch him?

Mr. T in the Lion King!

Movie commercials

Yankees-Indians game thread!

So as to establish a bench mark, is this kid cute enough to smooch?

Kristin rules!

Don't Tase Me Bro...

D.E.B.S. is on the LOGO network RIGHT NOW!!

Why does the wind hate me?

Scorching Chicago Marathon leaves 1 dead

posted some crap in GD

Some drunk jackasses jumped on top of my mom's car

Is it just me? Or are you feeling less incredibly cute by the minute?

This video is HILARIOUS

Rudy's Dinner (cross-post from GD)


Is it me or is ------------------- so incredibly cute you want to smooch them???

This is the happiest day of my life

A great music video, as well as a great song! My family is all about Fleetwood Mac

Are lounge lizards spiffy dressers or what? (warn: big pic)

Hey Justice League Unlimited fans! THE QUESTION WILL BE ON TONIGHTS EPISODE @ 11:00PM

I have a nickel from 1940

In case you were wondering ...

Weird morning yesterday.

so i moved all of the furniture in my room around today

Come on, admit it; You watched "Rock of Love with Brett Michaels" and you're watching the reunion

Poetry thread!

Favorite candle(s) and/or candle companies?

My computer is running unusually fast tonight

My brother just stopped by

hmmmm -- Mimosas!! Not just for breakfast, anymore!

Pam Anderson married to Shannen Doherty's ex husband-slash-"co-star" of Paris Hilton's sex vid

May I say Felt was an amazing band that defied genres?

I'm pretty sure the kitteh is trying to kill me...

I dedicate this to anyone who needs a smile....

Is it just me, Or am I so incredibly cute that you just want to smooch me?

Sauder Woodworking ...

'The Simpsons' officially sucks with no chance of redemption.

'Naked Lunch' May Be Banned In Maine.

why are so many in the lounge so horny tonight?

Please, no smooches...I am catching a cold

I've managed to stay in my jammies all day today!

Are the bears about to win this one?

Anybody know of a good DIY Vasectomy kit? I found one, but I don't think it's very good...

Man Charged After Cutting His Tongue Out

I've been laundering my clothing piles,

what is your happy days backstory?

Hello... will everybody please check in this morning...

My roomie is cooking chicken parmesan

Please help me form a right wing blog

Indie band album photos

Baby Got Back.. gilbert and sullivan style...

Anybody else see 3:10 to Yuma ?

I Smell Like Salad

Heroes: Who do you prefer ? Jessica or Niki ?

i just found out why i am not successful in my life

Well...I'm drunk again ( I know, surprise! )

Meet our newest doggie

How to properly hug a baby (dial-up warning)

I played Halo 3 for the first time last night. Ask me anything!

A note for DU Cubs and Phillies fans

Where can you buy plain white t-shirts?

King of New York

Which state has the most interesting history?

Whats the best way of disposing of about 500 assorted vinyl albums from the 60's and 70's?

Do people in your neck of the woods pronounce it "Washington" or "Worshington"

Heroes... Ladies who do we prefer????

Check in if you don't give a rat's butt about baseball

Things have a weird way of working out sometimes

Favorite literary advice?

I'm gonna be a great-uncle next month!

The NOT SO HOT COOK needs: Help! I have to cook 2.31 pounts of fresh salmon for dinner!

BOTOX.........Let's go BoTox.

BOSOX.........Let's go BoSox.

My neighbor is an idiot.

An evil James Bond-style villain kidnaps you and strands you on an island - what do you take?

Musical Mystery -- Name that tune?

Most people run from their exes

Anyone else planting bulbs?

What?? I came back here and found nobody was talking about me!

The Big Snit

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/7/07 Bonus

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/7/07

I want to make spicy fried chicken, any advice or recipes

I smell like cinnamon.

Check in if you're enjoying the upside-down college football landscape

282 days until "The Dark Knight"

Okay--Harry Potter fans; a couple of inconsistencies (May be SPOILERS)

Photos from this weekend

Audio_Al speaking... this is my first thread post! Ask me anything...

So i just had a stare down with my cat which resulted in a silly/no point video

I got it!

Question for teens/parents: are my parents overdoing it?

"Most repulsive TV ad" contest. I nominate the Ford truck braking for a cargo plane.

My Son wants me to forget my combat tour in Nam, said it was only one year of my life.

112th female death in Iraq War

Today in labor history October 07

Today's working family cartoon: Personnel Dept.

UPS gets a wake up call from angry protesters in Rockford (& video)

Steelworker Retirees Set to Receive New Health Care Benefit

Minimum Wage Indexing Helps All Arizona Workers

Grocery workers join forces, seek more clout in talks

Everybody's Business, Jeffrey Scharf: Unions may have turned a corner

Verizon employees don't want sale to go through

Behr, union reach accord (FIRST IN 12 YEARS)

Union files grievance against county

Napa County, sheriffs’ association reach contract deal

SEIU Launches Multi-State Grassroots Campaign Calling on the Carlyle Group to Put Care Above Profits

Air Traffic Controllers Face a “Carbon Copy” Of 1980 Conditions (remember PATCO?)

UPS Indianapolis freight workers ratify contract

Thank you Omaha Steve.

Sadness of the Earth

Moment of Change: Breaking Down Barriers

Chris Dodd: The Differences are Real

Anita Hill Talks to CNN

Carl Bernstein pwns Fox & Friends

The 11th Hour--Leonardo DiCaprio

Fred Thompson: Libya Lobbyist

What if the Military had disclaimers like Pharma Ads?

The Responsible Way Forward for Iraq and our Military: Gov Richardson

101st Airborne Heads Back Into Iraq on Their 3rd Deployment

John Edwards on MTP: Iraq

Egg Exxon

Interview with former CIA & State Dept. Analyst Mel Goodman

"Get Your Shit Together" - September 15th 2007

Joe Biden on having the juice to get things done

Bush Thinks About New Ways of Harming Our People

Hagee:Strike Iran 'for Israel' on Moyers - part 1 of 5

The Secret History of the American Empire

Bush: The Death of Democracy

Pelosi on Fox News Sunday: I Was Never Briefed about the '05 Secret Torture Memo

Corzine Blasts Bush’s ‘Misinformation’ On SCHIP

John Edwards on MTP: Why he is running for President

The Shock Doctrine - Q&A From the Seattle Talk

OCT 27 New Orleans

Joe Biden on Iraq (this is a new, more informal interview with him. )

Republicans in Trouble 2

Speaker Pelosi Commends NewsCorp and FauxNews for their Environmental Efforts

Tom Delay: The Second Coming Is What I Live For

Forewarned Is Forearmed: Bush On Iran

Ok. I admit it. I love Lisa Lampanelli

This Part of the United States: A Reminder

Explosion Injures 20 at NYC Building

Democrats to Offer New Surveillance Rules-Fierce Debate Is Expected

Drugs and astrology: how Burma's 'Bulldog' wields power

Technology Would Help Detect Terrorists Before They Strike

Hillary touts bill to unite illegals' kin

Meanwhile Vietnam Taiwan and China are battered

BARF ALERT! Clarence Thomas 'book party' c-span 2

Iraq Embassy Cost Rises $144 Million Amid Project Delays

Pat Buchanan’s Conservative Rag to MoveOn: Eat Your Heart Out?

Military recommends soldiers act NOW to cast a ballot in presidential primaries

Larry Craig is in the Hall of Fame?

Everything reminds me of *co and his criminality -

Anyone See The 11th Hour?

Hillary's lead collapsing - Is her campaign in disarray?

Okay, say * is the Keymaster and Condi is the Gatekeeper and Evil Dick

Stars and Stripes LTTE: Take Limbaugh off AFN

Freedom's Watch not so much watched - Gets abysmally low ratings on Youtube

CSPAN: WJ - "Is America a Christian Nation?"

MTP- Broder Says He's A Huckabee Fan

Cheney's "Freedom Watch" group builds multimedia propaganda case for attack on Iran

My Contention Is That There Are 2 Types Of Democrats

Question? Would an Edwards/Obama ticket overcome Hillary for the Dem Nomination?

To Al Gore regarding Nobel Peace Prize /other environmental concerns

Religious conservatives take a back seat in 08 elections

Tweets on Telescreen saying that Clinton got girls because he listened to them.

S. Africa's silent war in Iraq (mercenary)

Social Security Administration in trouble due to budget cuts

If you support the "The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act"...

Healthcare and Self Respect

Statement of Senator Clinton on Opening of New African Burial Ground Memorial

Self delete (dupe)

Where are the Lawyers of America? (what I was saying in 2000)

Hero cop saves woman in NYC

The Nation: Text the Vote

Student loan debtor help

Tweety praises HRC & BO listening to supporters one on one, shows 9 sec clip of Edwards in a crowd..

Focus On The Ego (James Dobson)

LOL Great response to fundraising appeals! I got this in an email

Why I fight and why we all must. -- MUST READ

Aussie war dead remains reportedly sold in PNG

Thank you Democrats!!

The Evangelical Right's Silly Game Of Chicken

State Dept. ignored Blackwater warnings raised by diplomats

Clay Stanley---AIDS victim---Student loan collector victim

On-line Candidate Calculator

Is the amount of news coming out of the Whitehouse below normal?

Meet Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater: As dangerous as you fear


BRIBING TROOPS TO QUIT = Blackwater versus National Defense

"Howard Dean Now Clear Democratic Leader in National Poll"

Conservatives Are Such Jokers

Not one article in my Sunday paper about Blackwater/Hillary/Penn. What about yours?

"this government does not torture people" is Bush's "I am not a crook" nt

Bush is against capital punishment after all. Imagine that.

Springsteen Ready For Criticism: "It's unpatriotic to sit back and let things pass."

Democrats' new hardball against the GOP: 'If they come after you with a knife ... pull out a gun'

Intel Community To Release ‘Three Iran Reports’ To ‘Slow Down’ Bush’s & Cheney's Warmongering

GOP has first all drag debate at Guiliani's insistance PHOTOS

The use of the word 'prayer'...

Claire Shipman is a Washington hack

i will only vote for ..

"In the spirit of Henry Adams, Mark Twain and Edith Wharton, we have Jenna Bush as today's author."

Richardson challenges Pelosi on Iraq

Who is still awake-and what is your topic?

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "The Terrorists Have Followed Us Home As Dear Leader Shrewdly Warned"

As Bush Staffers Leave, Questions About Legacy Abound

Heads up: Norman Solomon and Naomi Klein on CSPAN2 this afternoon

Electoral plan's backlash (CA)

why is Richard Land so obsessed with women's wombs?

Nobel Peace Prize guessing game begins

The last two presidential elections hardly mentioned the Supreme Court

People who think it doesn't matter

You know what I don't like about DU? For some

"When the President Does It That Means It's Not Illegal"

A Death in the Family: A worthwhile Vanity Fair piece on an admirable young soldier, killed in Iraq

'NYT' Reporter Reveals How He Got 'Blackwater' Scoop

83 protesters arrested at Columbus Day Parade

Did Clinton really call this Iowan a 'plant' for asking about her Iran vote?

Question about "phony soldiers."

I Dun Opened My Mouth Again..

Chrysler, UAW Resume Negotiations on Contract Modeled After GM (less $$$ to new employees)

Kid Rock off deep end

So...THIS is Heather Wilson???

Can we get Bush to steal a f**king doughnut instead of starting wars on lies? Then we could bust him

Larry Craig chosen for Idaho Hall of Fame

Hawaiian Islands are Contaminated with Ballistic Uranium

Tom Delay: "The Second Coming is What I Live For" (Mind-blowing video)

Gulf funds drift away from dollar

Student loan debtor suicide

Enron Investors Banking on Supreme Court

U.S. lets in more immigrants for farms: Visa regulations relaxed; farmworker shortage critical

John Fogerty rocks against Bush's dirty little war on David Letterman

Lapdog Patraeus points finger at Iran but sits on hands regarding Saudi Arabia.

UK 2017: under surveillance (Report on what life will be like in the UK in 10 years)

duplicate thread. ignore

Military Sees Big Decline in Black Enlistees

Independents Meet with Kucinich.

Connect the dots: Amway and *

Here's A Civics Quiz If You're Interested !!!

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: Nixonians 17: TIME

The press- the only industry protected by the bill of rights.

I'm going to tell you something right now--- Rush Limbaugh is not Gay--so knock it the fuck off!

Thousands of Medicare Recipients "Victimized" By Insurers

Wisconsin law enforcement employee killed five or six people on a shooting rampage

A blast from the past

Should Nancy Pelosi resign as Speaker of da House?

60 Minutes:Springsteen: Silence Is Unpatriotic

Rep. Harman Claims She Was Not ‘Fully Briefed’ On Secret Torture Memos

I just had a profound "musical" moment I'd like to share

UN backs organic farming

SKINNER! We need the Orkin Man.

Prosecutor in Sex Sting Kills Self

Anarchists coming to St Paul, MN for the RNC.. Video

WP/NYT: Polish ambass'r 'lightly wounded': Polish paper/Newsday: 'Fights for life, artificial coma'

Here's a new scare tactic the GOP is using to win in '08...

Tasar Related Death Justification?

What the HELL did Tim Russert just say????

Check out this wave.

Name-calling war overshadowing debate on Iraq

Petraeus: Iran still fueling war

I heard the Fundies are rapidly losing the youth support, and I'm very happy!

the bushes are all such a deplorable bunch of sickos that just their antics

U.S. pushing Colombian trade deal

NYT Blasts BUSH On Torture

Bill O'Reilly to Tony Snow: Time to Wipe Out White House Press Corps -- Like Cancer

Senator’s Illness Requires Monitoring

If you believe even the most guilty serial killer deserves a lawyer , why are PR guys 'evil'?

Why is Mrs. Richard Roberts (wife of Oral Roberts Univ Pres) texting underage males at 1am?

A way to get women

Glen Greenwald: The remaining GOP base -- the 30%'ers and the Broder/Ignatius pundit

Wow ! Our economy is "perky".. The smiling, giggling man at CNN just said things are great !

Apartment in the mall

Will Any National Democratic (Presidential Candidate) Ever Turn Texas Blue?

Princess Diana's bodyguard escapes to Iraq (Blackwater agent?)

Carol Gotbaum death: Police appear to be withholding initial transcript(s)

FBI Puts Antiwar Protesters on Criminal Database

Five Character Traits of the Bush Family Members.

Do conservatives love anything?

Interesting trend on the whole 'carbon footprint' idea.

US To Give Mexico $1 Billion For The 'Increasingly Violent' War On Drugs

EU Finance Ministers Discuss Concerns That US Economy Will Drag Down Europe

Greg Mitchell @ Editor & Publisher: The Media and the Latest 'Torture' Revelations

"Most repulsive TV ad" contest. I nominate the Ford truck braking for a cargo plane.

Pelosi Says She Was Never Briefed ‘About The Secret Memos’ Authorizing CIA Torture

What ever happened to the Fat Acceptance DU Group?

I watched "The Dragon King" this afternoon,

Real estate bust and foreclosure boom comes home to a neighborhood built on easy credit

Decades later, an apology for Emmett Till slaying

Don't forget: Bruce Springsteen on 60 Minutes Tonight; Also: A History Of His Bush Admin Activism

As foreclosures widen, a neighborhood erodes

Anyone watching the 100 greatest weather events

Students get an eyeful

NYT editorial, On Torture and American Values: "Is this really who we are?"

Dubai police chief warns against Western attack on Iran

Bull Moose Rudy

My Mom is brainwashed by bastard Glenn Beck

The "Clearance" section of Bill O'Reilly's Web Site: Why, this merchandise isn't CRAP at all!

If you Do that Ancestry DNA Testing does it open you up to Health Insurance Restrictions?

Pelosi on FOX saying she prays for the president

Any news on the Genarlow Wilson case?

What if the Democratic party created a database of companies that pledged to pay a minimum of $10/hr

War on terror is fuelling al Qaeda - report

Why I think we're really screwed if Clinton Part II is released:

BushCo never stops and now it is Medicare Scam Part D

The American Empire and the Commonwealth of God

Bush’s torturers follow where the Nazis led

Chris Floyd: Annals of Liberation: Iraqis Cite Another Massacre of Civilians by American Airpower

Gay bomb wins!

I am watching Phil Donohue on Link TV.He is awesome!

Richard Belzer: "A Letter And A Prayer"

Iraq Vet Ginmar Posts On Her Experiences: "The Startle Reflex"

Another Republican and adventures in restrooms....

Thought for today...

Police officer kills five in Crandon, Wisconsin

60 Minutes - Mack Marion is my kind of country folk

"Heads Up Alert!" Springsteen on CBS "60 Minutes" ...set your Recorders....

Rudy Guiliani's dinner.

Democrats positioned to widen majority in Senate

Mistah KURTZ's verdict on Tweety vs Jon (Jon!!1). Plus, Tweety recants "criminality" statement

Tell me this, how can China evacuate

Pelosi cautiously admits what everyone knows: U.S. tortures

If you were leasing out or subletting your place to an Out-of-Townie, would you require a deposit

John Cole's great piece on Obama and the flag pin

Melting Ice Pack Displaces Alaska Walrus

Hillary=Corporate lawyer. Edwards=Trial Lawyer . We need a Trial lawyer. (rant)

Have you given your daughter a Sweet 16 party yet?

U.S. soldier refuses to kill

Service People, new democratic base?

What did you think about the 60 Min interview with Noble (of Interpol)?

I realize what the polls say, I also realize what my republican and indepdent associates say

Ask Dana Perino (satire)

Clinton in Anamosa

Stop the NAFTA Expansion to Peru

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today (from Craigslist)

SNL Weekend Update from last night

"Licensed to Kill" = Bush DoJ "fundamental criminality of its conduct" = "criminal syndicate"

Bill would make owning a leghold trap a Federal crime

Britain gave 'inflated expectations' of potential in Iraq: top adviser


DU this poll please;

Obama: "I am confident we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth."

Video = start of global warming revolution?

anti-abortion protest here today....huge turnout of 6 people...

The Busholini Regime will surprise everyone.

Springsteen 60 Minutes Story On Now

Rush Limbaugh's Bio while searching for some data I came across this Bio for LimpBalls

An Interesting Document

Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Innana wept.

It's Critter Blessing Day(true)...but

Over 100 Groups Endorse October 27 'End the War Now' Protest

Do you own a HDTV?

Bernstein: "Congress No Longer Performs Its Oversight Role"

It looks like Sixty Minutes has become People Magazine after

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sunday (dinner?) 10/7

What if the Democratic party set up a nonprofit health insurance company?

Stabbing in Midtown Manhattan; the woman stabbed lives in my building.

My "liberal' Friend has never heard of D. Kucinich!

Petraeus Says Iran’s Ambassador to Iraq Is in Elite Force

Mark Penn's PR firm hired by alleged predatory lender Countrywide; employees must sign pledge

Sen. Craig to Join Idaho Hall of Fame

Lockerbie: and here omes the next! FBI offered me $4m: Lockerbie bomb witness

The surge has worked!!! (But only one month in six.) Here's the data:

Columbus' discovery was bad for the Native Americans

O'Reilly "first time ever a political party may have a network news organization in its pocket"

Dictators Supported by the US Government

Interpol MOST WANTED Paedophile

Thank you, Mr. Springsteen, for speaking up...

I will fight for an end to this war with my last breath. We all must.(From An Iraq Veteran)

Top Iraqis Pull Back From Key U.S. Goal

Ann Coulter's latest piece of crap

Carl Bernstein on Book TV

A Case of Selective Justice?

HARMAN: "Not Fully Briefed About Torture Memos" & Republican Suggests IMPEACHMENT If Iran Attacked


House Passes Military Contractor Legislation = REMARKS Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI)

SNL's Weekend Update: 'Creeped Out' By Craig (Video)

Hillary DID KNOW THEN what she KNOWS NOW!

Was LBJ the best civil rights president we ever had?

Navy offering up to $90,000 to re-enlist

Ok, I'm About To Get My Ass Flamed Here, But... If Hillary And Nancy

Blackwater Shootings ‘Deliberate Murder,’ Iraq Says

Obama promises blanket pardon to Bush & Co.....

Question: Is it possible to form a co-op between doctors and patients?

Two soldiers shot in the head at Bagram in Afghanistan, doing payroll?

anybody else seen the new hhs psa re: premarital sex?

NY TIMES: Iraqi Inquiry Says Shooting Was Unprovoked = Blackwater USA

Sen.David Vitter (R-LA) to earmark $100,000 for creationist group

Fayed demands Diana phone tapes

* gets stupider every day!

The problem with the Democratic Party frontrunners.

Are Republicans smarter than Democrats?

DU'er need to realize they're more informed than 90+% of residents

Proud to be a member of the 210 million strong "Traitors to Amerika"

Stalking the Shadows-The method of my madness

An epidemic of rape

Anyone who has seen "Arms of the Angels" ad by ASPCA knows Move On needs to hire that Ad Agency!

Mark Penn's firm behind PR blitz urging pregnant women to eat more fish, mercury be damned!

Pelosi doesn't know if waterboarding is torture or not

Greetings from the Berkeley CA "Beach Impeach!"

Wow... 'Christmas In The Trenches ' - A Folk Song By John McCutcheon On War (WWI)

Sexual orientation knows no political ideology

Hillary's Prayer: Hillary Clinton's Religion and Politics

This Modern World: "It's Time For The Neo-Con Game Show!"

Best Craig cartoon yet!

Holy Crap !!! - This Guy Is OFF The Kool-Aid !!!


Biship Tutu Disinvited by University that Hosted Ann Coulter

Does anyone know how much a high rise apartment building...

A New Home for bushco, freepers, et al.

Tim Ball - world famous Canadian global warming denier. TOTALLY TRASHED!!!

Pelosi Says ONLY BUSH Can End The War

If Gore declares he's running in the primaries, would you change your vote?


No, Rahm, leave Social Security alone.

List your precursors of BFEE "domestic surveillance"-someone has always "monitored" US

Guys, don't overlook this post

AND yet another one to make you smile!

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And another video -- man I like this guy!

DELETE - Tsegat already posted this link. nt

Link - essentially the text of the "Juice" video with the added editorial comments.

Here you go, guys - a new (I hope) vid from SC --

Great Biden post by Rucky!

Look! Biden up +2! (the first time I've ever paid attention to a poll!)

Doubting isn't hating/ so switch to decaf

Clinton's people chase the big bucks

Did you know that only 6% of registered voters participated in the 2004 Iowa Caucus?

When the batter's box meets the ballot box

I have a problem. I like both Clinton and Obama.

In 2008.

Democrats positioned to widen majority in Senate

Liberals, conservatives find common ground against Bush

Is anyone keeping track of the status of the "investigations" being conducted by

Why I will vote for whomever the nominee is out of our current candidates

Which Dem candidates do Republicans like the most?

at the Va. State Fair-no Dems, Rep. party for Rudy, and Ron Paul everywhere


John Edwards on MTP stood his ground, and clearly displayed leadership qualities.

She Who Laughs...

Lynne Cheney's new book: her "Homecoming Queen world" was not open to African Americans, gays

Frank Rich on Clarence Thomas: "A barometer of what has and hasn't changed"

MoveOn and George Soros

Why do liberals hate Hillary? = Whay do they hate us for our freedoms? n/t

Combat medic died in Iraq

Oh, here we go again! ...Petraeus says Iran stoking Iraq violence


Stan was there when Obama made the 'Bushies' happy...

Iowa repugs: Romney leads GOP, Thompson moves into second

Laura Ingraham frightens Ga. Christians with talk of Clinton White House

US News & World Report: "The GOP's House Of Cards"

Retired general says Clinton has never opposed Iraq war

What's the name of the website I need to go to for Keith's recent

I'm Glad Joe Lieberman Isn't In The Debates

From "you know where" - Repukes Worse-Case

My opposition to Hillary is grounded in reality.

Bush admin: 'Everybody wants children to have health insurance' - AP

Negative perceptions settling in around Hillary

EPA approves 1-year use of pesticide

"Me?!! Get involved in an election campaign? WHY THE HECK WOULD I DO THAT?!"

Is there any polling on Bush's veto of SCHIP?

Democrats: Give a little, gain a lot

DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN: If Democrats bend a little, they'll gain a lot


NYT: Democrats Talk, but Not of Compromise

Why Vote When You Can Bet? - Slate's guide to all the political markets

George McGovern quote

why are you interested in politics?

Obama Delievers a Strong Message, Preacher Style

National Animal Identification System (NAIS)-what you need to know

Superb Analysis on MYDD with links.Even Clinton people say Edwards most electable!

Will the 15% rule be a factor in Iowa, propelling Obama?

We have Subpoena Power! Ok, it's trumped by Ignore Subpoena Power! (oh well, never mind . . .)

I DON'T want to vote for Hillary, but if need be I'm willing to suck it up and do what's needed

What do you think Chris Matthews meant about Bush crowd finally caught "in their criminality"?

Biden Iowa Schedule Monday October 8

Doug Schoen: Edwards is the Strongest Candidate in the General Election

Is there video of the Hillary exchange?

I am f*cking had it with Jenna Bush

Who Made Hillary Queen?

I will not vote for HRC, and my mom says I'm handsome

Why the Iraq war and a war with Iran MUST last 10 years

Everyone here who will not vote for the Democratic nominee sign on below.

Giuliani predicts 'formidable' Clinton-Obama Democratic ticket

I will not vote for a Democrat in 2008.

A Hillary supporters take on the Democratic candidates

I Guarantee You

The "I won't vote for Hillary" Issue

Is this FOOL trying to make fun of Obama's faith

Are RepubliKlan senators afraid to use the bathroom because

Albright: War with Iran CANNOT be ruled out

Obama: GOP doesn't own faith and values

Hillary can't carry the farm states!

Bush May Lack Gene For Human Speech

Talking Points Memo: Barnes - Being Right = Being Weak

Retired general backs Clinton on Iraq

Rudy Giuliani predicts: Clinton/Obama will be our ticket. Calls it "formidable".

Retired General Supports Obama In New Ad

Lounge, eat this : Even DU:GDP is friendly

Edwards draws sharp contrast with Clinton on Iraq

Let's get a catalog of NECESSARY social changes together, shall we?

Here is the official help the Republicans fix there Convention Logo thread!

Why do you assume we haven't thought through our candidate support?

What is Obama waiting for?

An Exit Toward Soul-Searching (As Bush Staffers Leave, Questions About Legacy Abound)

The Story Accusing Hillary of Calling a Questioner "a Plant" is a Lie

Edwards is the only candidate that will enable us to fight in states like Oklahoma and Kentucky:

Joe Biden on having the juice to get thing done

Attention Hillary - Attention Hillary

Which 2nd tier candidate has the best chance to pull off the upset?

Obama in S.C.; toughens security stance, would not use DOJ to investigate Bush administration

Why the odds still favour Rudy upsetting Hillary's bandwagon

Who Made Hillary Queen?

Are your top three choices set in stone?

Confirmed: Jindal (R frontrunner for La. Gov.) called Jena 6 protesters "outside agitators"!

Clinton educates a misinformed voter; crowd applauds

My favorite "Hillarites": This post is for you.

Obama says he hopes to be "an instrument of God."

WaPo: Clinton's Iran Vote Prompts A Harsh Back-and-Forth

Why Obama has to run a "clean" campaign against Hillary

The actual dialogue between Rolph and Clinton

Chris Wallace asks Nancy Pelosi if she “prays for the troops to win in Iraq”

Russert grilling Edwards on MTP..

McClatchy: As campaigns near, GOP lawmakers restless on Iraq

A hilarious article by Peter Hitchens, brother of the egregious Christopher,

The voter who questioned Hillary was wrong

I will not vote for HRC and I am a Patriot and I won't get fooled again!

Three "duets" with Barack Obama

Faith `Plays Every Role' in Obama's Life: Obama at the Redemption World Outreach Center in S.C.

MyDD:: Edwards on MTP: No Combat Troops in Iraq (Video and Transcript)

Springsteen is supposed to be coming up on CBS "60 Minutes!"

Why is Obama failing in 49 of 50 states?

Richardson attacks Edwards for leaving only non-combat troops at the Iraq embassy... funny thing is

Daily Kos: How Obama wins the nomination (Excellent Read)

Democratic Underground vs. The Real Democratic Party, lol

I like Hillary,

Hillary asked about Iran, falsely accuses questioner of being 'a plant'

Flashback, Oct. 20, 2003- Iowa: Gephardt 27%, Dean 22%, Kerry 15%

If Al Gore Had Rehired Mark Penn In 2000

Is General Wes Clark "General Betray Us II?" Is Ambassador Joe Wilson "Ambassador Betray Us?"

Florida Democrats supported the early primary as early as March 2006

Obama addresses evangelical megachurch

The dental profession really ticks me off

Hillary confronted in Nashua,Iowa--suggested someone put questioner up to asking about Iran vote

War on Black Folks Round II: DOJ Resurrects the Southern Strategy for 2008 Elections

Will the media cover the story on Hillary getting into the exchange with a voter in Iowa

Why don't the Hillary supporters help those who do not support her and those who are considering not

Obama table in Madison: October 6 Edition

"There's no difference between Democratic Candidate X and the Republicans"


A salute to RUSH !

Bush Impeachment Polls Mirror Nixon More Than Clinton

10-7-2007 DU 2008 straw poll

This is hard for me to say, but Biden deserves the nomination.