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Archives: October 3, 2007

Survey: Massachusetts Takes Romney To The Cleaners

5 trapped workers dead (Power Plant Colorado)

Oakland airport scrambles to explain why it kept Marines on tarmac

Cheney didn't recall Halliburton details

Pilot said 'this is fun' before fatal Blackwater crash

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The day (10/3/07)

I love this Marsalis clip from "The War"...

Does Anyone Use Stevie Nicks? Good/bad/ok for you?

Watching PBS' "The War" has really confirmed some suspicions I've had about that era

Soldier's Heart

BubbleHead to the World - Dana Perino Takes Questions on Blackwater...

The wealthiest Chicken-Hawk Arm-Chair-Warrior in the world.

Gotta love it - Consistently Nonsensical News web site query of the day -

Fucking Blackwater.

IT SEEMS..The GOP is on "ILLEGAL Steroids" know....Gatta win..even if ya have to cheat...

Report: “Caging” Operations Suppress Minority Vote - (You should be outraged!)

Is the UN really useless?

Oakland Airport SNAFU provides fodder for RW noise machine

You gotta be kidding. The Mercs have a lobbyist and it is called "Internat'l Peace Operations Assn"

Thet dems now own the war

Please Stop Telling Me How Courageous Politicians Are

The 5 Dirtiest Campaigns

Obama Aims, Fires

Al From: America's challenge..."a war against Islamist radicals who would destroy our way of life;"

Biden, Dodd and Kucinich on Healthcare

Senator Clinton Co-sponsors Legislation Prohibiting Funds for Military Operations In Iran

Obama Revisits Key Antiwar Speech (Washington Post)

Obama Taps Past to Make Case for the Future (New York Times)

Obama marks '02 anti-war speech (Chicago Tribune)

Obama touts anti-war cred (Chicago Sun-Times)

Robert Scheer: The State Dept.’s Murderous Guardians

AlterNet: Bush's Agenda in Iran

Corporate Crime: Stolen Without a Gun

The 9/11 backlash against women

Dave Lindorff: Making Iraq into Vietnam

Keeping God Out of It

The Myth of the Rational Iowa Voter

Iraqis say Basra quieter after British troop pullout - Reuters

Albany TimesUnion: Mr. Edwards thinks again

Is the GOP Losing Business? Two liberal views --

Whatever happened to sharing the pie of prosperity?

Report: Millions Wasted on Gov't Travel

Sirota: These are times that try progressives' souls


DATLEXIA By Brian Narelle (Political Humor)

Too Monstrous By Larken Rose

Today's AP coverage exposes collusion with Blackwater By Kathlyn Stone

Get Congress Out of the Classroom: "No Child Left Behind" is "fundamentally flawed"

Fox News Live guest claimed Limbaugh named MacBeth "about 30 seconds" after "phony soldiers" comment


Abu Ghraib Prisoners Accuse US Companies of Torture

Prove the Intensity of Anti-War Sentiment on October 27

U.S. sailor: Don't deport my wife

The State Dept.’s Murderous Guardians

NY Times: Hillary's Fundraising Numbers More Important Than Fate Of The Planet

Did W mean Blackwater when he said this? (SOTU 2007)

Sinking in a Swamp Full of Blackwater By MAUREEN DOWD

Violence in Afghanistan has soared by 30%, UN report says

Chris Floyd: Back From the Hack, and Once More Into the Breach

Vanity Fair: White House Civil War (Gore vs. H. Clinton)

Shared Nightmare Brings GOP Together.. NPR

Bill Scher: This Veto Will Not Be Quiet


Don’t Puke in the Banana Suit

John Nichols: GOP Plots to Gay-Bash Craig Out of Senate

Wal-Mart Era Wanes

Cheney's America-Power lines on the Appalachian trail?

John Nichols: Clinton Won't Commit to Renew Constitution

Saved By The Surge: John Podhoretz is a complete wanker

The Onion / New Heart Device Allows Cheney To Experience Love

Alyssa Milano| The Threat of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Witness for the Persecution By Eugene Robinson / WaPo

From cleavage to "cackle"? Media find new focus in coverage of Hillary Clinton

UK Police Can Now Demand Encryption Keys

Loaded Language and Loaded Guns

Power Plant Fire Kills 5.

PetroChina reveals investment plan

Microwave-excited lamp could be 50% efficient and "never" wear out

Hawaiian Electric Wants More Renewable Energy

Navy Continues to Fund PowerBuoy Systems (Hawaii)

New math for utilities: sell less, make more

Is this what the world's coming to? (Nature Magazine - Climate Change)

2 MW Installations Abound: Colorado Airport & NJ Warehouse Go Solar

Nauset High generates turbine plan (Mass.)

Solar Power 2007 (conference highlights)

Sunny Outlook: Can Sunshine Provide All U.S. Electricity?

40 percent of US voters will choose President on global warming plank

Winds of the future will blow through Quebec, minister says

Al Gore's Acceptance Of The John Muir Award From The Sierra Club

Norway's Energy Minister - Gas & Oil Wealth Confer Responsibility To Do Much More On Climate

ESA Finds Improvement In Antarctic Ozone Hole; Largely Attributable To Weather, Temperature - AFP

Even tougher warming curbs may be needed

Florida Gov. might allow new coal power plants

Ships to shun Northwest Passage

CSIRO - Effects Of Sea Level Rise Only Just Beginning - Sydney Morning Herald

Into the Wormhole - life on the prairie

Invasive Thorny Shrub Strangling Zambian National Park - ENN

Geopolitical Feedback-Loops in Peak Oil

Bishop Of Canberra - Moral Vote Cannot Be Cast For Gvn. Without Viable Climate Policy - SMH

Saudi Aramco Boosts LPG Prices To Record - From $560 To $640/Ton For Propane, $580 - $665 For Butane

Tippiecanoe County, IN - 250K More Parking Spaces Than Registered Cars & Trucks - Salon

Climate change seen posing big risk for insurers

Solar Homes Arrive on the National Mall for Decathlon

Unlimited solar growth (REC - Norway)

Wind farm gets permit in Sweetwater

Conoco CEO Tells Detroit Of Need For Fuel Effiency

Expert says China would follow U.S. lead on climate

39 ways to take the heat off Mother Nature

The next big thing coming soon to an airliner near you: Propellers!

Dear President Gore,

Pest control businesses becoming chem-free (Maine)

Canadian Ice Service Director - 40-Year Veterans Of Service "Have Never Seen Anything Like This" -

In North Dakota, Farmers Face Diesel Shortages, Prices Up to $3.42/Gallon - AP

Go on a "Solar Tour" this weekend...

Lawmakers Will Proceed on Climate Plan

Adding use of celluslosic fiber increases efficiency of ethanol production

Florida Renewables Expo & Tennessee Solar Expo scheduled in October

Utility fined over Coal Plant fly ash pollution: Constellation Energy

Moving Wind to the Mainstream: Leveraging Compressed Air Energy Storage

Residential Framed Thin Film Solar Electric Application Debuts in Long Island

New wave power options projected to be cost effective

World Bank accused of razing Congo forests - Guardian

Is It Just Me, Or Shouldn't There Be A Little More, Uh, Ice In The Arctic Ocean In Early October?

The Power Of Osmosis

Polar bear endangered status "likely" - Reuters

Grass-munching bugs could charge rural phones - "microbial fuel cell"

Lumber company wants to sell 29,000 acres redwoods in Northern California

Growing Biofuels: The Sustainability Opportunity

U.S. Energy Department awards 4 contracts studying nuclear recycling

Tamiflu Does Not Biodegrade - Presence In Water, Environment May Boost Viral Resistance - G&M

New GM Hybrids Will Hit Market In Late 2007 - A Hybrid Tahoe And A Hybrid Yukon - MSNBC

Climate Change: German Scientists use algae to absorb carbon dioxide

The Furor Over an Anorexia Ad

Files Raise Questions on Gitmo Transfers

Colombia's president denies links to drug kingpin Escobar

US House calls for plan to pull forces from Iraq (With a veto-proof margin)

Questions raised over terror exercise

Polish ambassador hurt in Iraq bombing

Blackwater gets a united defense

Battle lines are drawn over conservative radio

U.S. in Iraq says finds list of foreign fighters

Culture, change collide in Treme (NOLA)

Goldwater/Miller '08

North Korea agrees to disable nuke plant

Charred chilli dip causes terror alert

Monks 'seeking to flee Rangoon'

RIAA anti-P2P campaign a real money pit, according to testimony

Woman Sues Apple Over IPhone Price Cut

Hundreds gather in Lancaster to protest Bush policies

Democrats call for adviser on mortgage debacle

McCain assails Clinton on foreign policy

Two Iraqis die, seven wounded in Fallujah, Kirkuk attacks

Liberty City 7 `wanted to wage jihad,' jury told

Women drive to court in stolen truck, are arrested

Merger would give U.S. info to China

Triple-digit oil prices to become norm: analyst

Hunt Denies His Political Ties Aided Kurdish Pact

Soldiers Hunt Dissidents in Myanmar


STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday October 3

ACLU asks court to review domestic spying case

3,000 workers trapped in S. Africa mine

Congress reining in private contractors

Judge increases award to Wal-Mart workers

FBI Says Agents to be Guarded by U.S. Gov't Forces while Investigation Blackwater

Iraq PM Maliki questions future of Blackwater

Leahy: Keep Politics Out of Justice

Clinton Gains Teachers Union (1.4 million-member) Endorsement

Report: Most states pay foster parents far less than needed

Mottaki says U.S. can't start war against Iran

Texas Ruling Signals Indefinite Halt of Executions

‘Chemical Ali’ execution postponed for Ramadan

Murtha: Africans won't allow U.S. military HQ

Exclusive: Paul Tops $5 Mil For Quarter

FCC accused of unfairly aiding some firms: Some got inside info on crucial votes, investigations

Child health veto will be election issue

Starbucks settles unionizing dispute in Michigan

GOP voters want someone who’s not like Bush

In Colombia, Uribe’s accusations raise alarm

Workers at 2 UAW locals approve tentative agreement with GM

Mooning Activist Linked to Older Crime

Clear Channel defends Limbaugh after 'phony soldiers' remark

Sen. Pete Domenici announces retirement

McCain: Bush right to veto kids health insurance expansion

WHO: Cholera Outbreak in Iraq Spreads

Breaking News: 3,200 trapped in SA mine

Secret U.S. Endorsement of Severe Interrogations

Bishop Would Deny Communion to Giuliani

Bush Vetoes Child Health Insurance Plan

Jimmy Carter Faces Down Darfur Officials

Artist Protests ‘Iraq War Apathy’ with Prince Harry Statue

San Francisco Supervisors Vote To Condemn Radio Host Michael Savage

Clinton Widens Lead In Poll (33 points over nearest rival)

Secessionists meeting in Tennessee

Chavez Accuses US of Military Rebellion

I despise torture by fois gras and candy corn

When do you know when its time to leave a job?

Has Anyone Seen AZDemDist6?

Are you on the up and up?

It's raining so hard i can't sleep

Let's play a new game - The Hottest Link!


A verse that expresses how one feels when in deep grief. RIP Stacey.

It's real simple.

Has anyone seen Ptah?

Feuding nuns force convent demise

what the hell am I doing up at 5:30 am? I am normally only up

I watched The War with my father who served in WWII in the Navy.

Bedbugs, ever have them? I DON'T thank goodness, but geez they are gross

Damn, I had to send another person to the hospital tonight!

Just in time for Christmas shopping!

A Buddhist monk tells a city hot dog vendor...

I got the senior discount yesterday

Good Gawd

Another Buddhist monk tells a city hot dog vendor...

It's 5:09 AM. Time to go swim!

Top Chef Finale tonight! w00t!

The Doors recall '60s Mexican rock ban

Cubs on at 9:00? Baseball really looking to build that fan base.

"why men started wearing earrings" i received this in an e-mail this a.m. O:-)

Been here since early 2002 and approaching 3000 posts. Should I leave soon?

sometimes 4 shots ain't enough...

Getting old sucks.

Toothpaste for Dinner

Woohoo - The Beatles are coming to Delaware!!!

There are easier ways to get money...

OMC - for you and your family (both online and off), May You Be Blessed

ooh, my company has red sox pLayoff tix

Group renames hemorrhoid for George Bush

OMC: as one who has sat at the bed of a dying loved one, I grieve with you.

D-Backs trying to accomplish what only the Twins have in MLB history...

Does anybody have the new John Fogarty album?

Mayor Quimby from The Simpsons: is that a Cambridge, Mass accent?

Been up since 2 PM yesterday....

Prediction todays playoff games: Red Sox-Angels, Cubs-D Backs, Rocks-Phils


Is this not the most awesome poll ever?

ohiosmith has the BEST Nipples

"Nipples" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "nipples".

I'm thinking some of us should join the Race for the Cure in memory of Stacey

Ok, I lied. This Thread ties in with LynneSin's Lisa Moore thread

Most powerful mutant in the Marvel universe?

Paul Gleason appreciation thread

For my 19,999th post I would like to say....

Trick Or Treat

Anybody here watch "Carpoolers" last night? How was it?

House last night....Anyone?

Why is getting a prescription filled an all-day task?

I think a lot of loungers have me on ignore

What was that toxic goo in a tube you would stick on the end of a little straw...

Millie is having her teeth cleaned today

My Favorite Nursery Rhymes

Where In The World Is Kitchenwitch


It's official - you can find EVERYTHING on the internets including promo shots of 70s Swedish groups

Naked man in Happy Valley not too happy

Have You Ever Been lost in nj

Name One DU'r You Have On Ignore

Take your right index finger. Point it to the sky

Anyone watch the caveman show last night? Carpooling?

I kilted the Lounge!

I could never play on the BBC's Weakest Link

Group renames asteroid for George Takei

There's a Cow Parade in Rio

By the way.. I DO have the answer to the foie gras dilemma

Did the DU group on Myspace Dissappear?

if anyone knows a FREE way to get an audio stream of the MLB games

Cat problem


Stupid criminals of the day...

Pepper tofurky+cream cheese+lettuce+toasted plain bagel=

I Have An Itch

I hate sitcoms...

Fun with pain management

THE SPLENDID TABLE: sushi etiquette


A few completely innocent drawings (NSFW!!!)

This little quote has helped me w/Stacey's passing...

Britney Spears’ aunt: "We are worried about suicidal tendencies in her"

I killed the Lounge!

I have a silly question I am scared to post in GD

Getting the most from your gourds (This one is for Bill O'Reilly)

Hubby is in 7th heaven with his new home theater system

In Honor of October, I present to you.... BAD KITTIES!

*Mission Accomplished*

See if you can spot the giant (ivory billed) woodpecker...

"You will find, young man, that the future looks rosiest at the bottom of a glass."

I've met a really cool girl

where is Lost in NJ??

Seen on a handmade sign across from the OSH in Redding:

Romanes eunt domus!

Spicy Chili Smell Leads to Evacuation

God, does anyone actually accept this crap?

Progressive insurance, your stories.

post what is in your clipboard right

Bob Marley

Cross post from LBN

Has anyone seen Southpawkicker?

It's quite a Food TV night tonight!

Everyone was a Billyskank on the road today

Top Chef finale tonight - who wants to know the winner?

Holy #@#! 3,200 trapped miners in South Africa!

I am not hip. Are you?

Three Word Thread

Everyone was a dick on the road today!

The Padre is in the house. The confessional is now open for business. How have you sinned?

People In GD DONT Have A Sense Of Humour

Lounge.... I know this is trivial to what OMC is going through

The Films of David Lynch: Are they Feminist, Misogynist, or Neither?

How often do you use a dollar coin?

Nature film that blew your mind?

Ever look at a bestseller list and ask -- "who the hell is reading that?"

Only 7 months til I GRADUATE!!!!

73 year old opens a can of whoop-ass on would be burglars.

We have a live one in GD-P

We saw a James Randi documentary in chem today.

Politician investigated about nude image during school lecture

Britney Spears the next Anna Nicole Smith?

Red Sox 4, Angels 0

Who the fuck cares how the Eagles are doing - GO PHILLIES

Tonight's earworm!

"Chuck" says that Oceana flight 815 was shot down by surface to air....

Things I had going for me today upon awakening this A.M.

Popular toys you could never get into as a child

Y'know why athletes so often sound like morans?

How often do you use a penny?

How often do you spend a penny?

How often do you use a pen

An update on the homework situation for my daughter

RIP Lisa Moore (from Funky Winkerbean)

Today in history 10-3

Hmmm and Mmmm... I baked some marrow bones tonight, for the first time.

Four Word Thread

Red Sox - Angels | Old Coast - Left Coast

what ever happened to....

Dangerously Amused's Pants Are Freaking Me Out

And with that, the Rockies win the first game of the post-season

interesting test by the united states postal service

Astronomers See Second Earth In The Making

Service guarantees citizenship.

Video proof of what happens when you jump on Danny Bonaduce and dry-hump him on national TV

I finished reading two books today...

Did you know? DU has a Bereavement Group

GAWD This TBS Baseball sucks ASS!

Useful tip: Searching for "Dinkle" on Wikipedia does NOT lead you to the Funky Winkerbean article.


Group renames hemorrhoid for George W. Bush

Not a punchline thread. Instead, post a random line from the middle of a joke.


Earworm, terrible terrible earworm!

anyone seen Elshiva lately?

Daisy the hooker finds the customer of her dreams...

USMC Eugene Sledge - Ken Burns' The War

So just how in the heck

Omigod....I just passed 45,000 posts...

Has anyone seen KitchenWitch?

Tele-evangelists See Second Coming In The Making

Wednesday, October 3rd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I just found out i'm gonna be a great grandfather

Best nut

Wiley's wisdom: Why there are no truly "moderate" voters.

Daisy the dog finds the meal of her dreams...a mammoth bone

Has anyone else seen the riverdancing chimps?

Has anyone had their jaw (s) wired shut?. . .


I'm handing out Halloween tracts instead of candy this year

A Tail Of Puppy Telepathy (A True Story)

Who uses the Greyhound bus line (besides the very poor)?

In honor of Stacey

How often do you use a pencil?


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/3/07

Pudding War.

So I was listening to Satan.. Uh I mean Savage...

Why not memorialize your beloved pets the best way you can - with their pic photo-shopped with Jesus

You know what I hate?

pain shared is pain halved...

Hey Canucks!! Come On Down and Spend Your Bucks!!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Am I wrong to love Engrish website - (don't click here unless you're ready to laugh your ass off)

Jesus Christ - I'm watching that news show "The War". Why isn't someone trying to stop Hitler?

Woman finds boyfriend's porn stash, decides to change things up and blasts him in the face

Question for folks with recent experience--how long after the baby dropped

I just told my 6-year old "You can put a DVD in the player as long as it's not....

Question for parents of elementary school kids...


Let's go CUBBIES!

Some great scenes from Curb Your Enthusiasm (extreme profanity warning):

Forget the popery, ye olde Puritayn denunciation hall is open! Who has done wrong?

What is your LEAST Favorite Time of Year

Major "Sex and the City" spoiler (not that I care - I'll still see the movie)

Greatest Musical Act in the History of Saturday Night Live?

Favorite Blondie song?

Can someone give me good ideas for a halloween outfit?

Don't go to this website... and don't click play, I am warning you, you won't be able to handle it..

My pants are freaking me out.

A quick update on my fitness journey

Top Chef Finale Thread... *Spoilers*

I have a silly question I am scared to post in GD

Match Game

Name a movie that you saw but forgot,

I recently discovered (tv show) "Two and a Half Men"

Uggghhhhhh, the '80s.

Woot! I got a car!

Regarding Stacey's passing....

Is this your favorite time of year?

Let's talk about racial issues now, shall we?

Best punk band ever not named "The Clash"

Your 'Citizen Kane of Bad Movies'?

BREAKING: Another Toy Recall

One Of The Most Precious Souls That Existed On This Earth Left Us Tonight.

Best sword fight in a film

I Only Have A Minute, And Will Post Something More Later. But There's Something I Need To Share.

Panel to call for 25% hike in disability pay

Soldier-photographer who covered 3 wars dies

Spy technology caught in military turf battle

What's next for U.S. Army Europe

Destroyer ends landmark Africa mission

A casualty of mental care

Recruit abuse trial set for January

Afghan violence reaches record high

Phony veterans try to cash in on VA benefits

Colonel says Taliban are still recruiting easily

Fisher House chief: Smash the bureaucracy

The Surge: South of Baghdad

The Mil-Mall: Ornament - Support the Troops

World War III and the Blogosphere

Buffalo MPRC vehicle

Sep. 26, 1931: (USS) Ranger is first aircraft carrier

Jon Stoltz: Say It To His Face, Rush

Army reaches recruiting goals for 2007

Combat stress crackdown

Troop gear costs 100 times more than in WWII

Limbaugh: VoteVets lied to soldier in ad, "strapp[ed] those lies to his belt," then sent him out "to

Rev Lennox Yearwood, Jr.: We shall overcome... harassment and intimidation

My son has re-enlisted in the Marines.

This one triggered a tiny flashback for me. Vuja De. (sigh)


ASVAB: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

Today in labor histoy October 03

Something I had posted on my union's BBS a while back:

The three-year agreement ends a 15-week walkout over an increase in health coverage costs.

Gerdau Ameristeel and United Steelworkers Union reach agreement with Sand Springs, Oklahoma and Calv

Washington Post : Faced With Fine, WGL Hands Over Copy of Contract

ARH Strike - Day Three for Nurse's

Feds let miners' union, liaison to state in on probe

Japan's Toyota union to accept contract assembly-line workers - report

Managers' pay raises violate trust

Private Equity Diverts Tax Dollars, Undermines Care In Nursing Homes

Crandall Canyon Mother: ‘Hard to Have Hope When You Have Your Heart Broken’

Canadian Coverage of Blackwater Hearings

A Reasoned AWOL

Issa: Attack on Blackwater is Attack on... Petraeus

Rep. DeFazio on Kids' Health Care and Iraq

Funny Giuliani Ad - The Republican Oprah?

Bush vs. Kids - Veto Override Ad

Rep. Jan Schakowsky on Barack Obama's Courage

Senator Kennedy Speaks at Children's Health Insurance Rally

EMINEM MOSH - Original Version

Wife Of Soldier On His 3rd Tour At Risk Of Being Deported

Rep. Jan Schakowsky Responds to Bush SCHIP Veto

Iraq war vet Brian McGough talks about Limbaugh

"Christianity is Stupid" (Negativland)

Olbermann: Rachel Maddow on Limbaugh vs. The Troops


Rudy Tackles Guantanamo

Blackwater Hearing- Dennis Kucinich

Chris Matthews On The Daily Show


John Edwards on Countdown with Keith Oldberman - Don't be fooled by Clinton's national lead

The Israel Lobby (Marije Meerman, VPRO Backlight 2007)

America will blow up the moon

1 1 1

Is anyone fighting these people?

Developer Builds Around Woman's Home

Chris Matthews new book "Lie and Manipulate Your Way Through Life" (Daily Show)

Apparent inconsistencies in Gitmo decisions

"Corporate funding for the war has been provided by..."

Inconsistencies in Gitmo decisions

Reese Erlich: Bush's Agenda In Iran

Polish ambassador hurt in Iraq bombing

Pentagon Documents Show Inconsistent Decisions on Prisoner Transfers at Guantanamo Bay

Guards in Iraq Cite Frequent Shootings-Companies Seldom Report Incidents, U.S. Officials Say

Texas Ruling Signals Indefinite Halt of Executions

Burmese Regime’s Lifeline-Rice Knows It Well: CHEVRON-By: Amy Goodman

Congress Opens a New Front in Oversight

New Rethug meme:

Lumber company wants to sell 29,000 acres redwoods in Northern California

Naomi Wolfe was excellent on Morning Joe

Dem. Tienney, on Wash Joun-talking about Blackwater-he is on the Waxman

When Republicans say they support the troops.

CEO Blackwater graduate of Alberto Gonzalez School of Law?

Eric Boehlert: Juan Williams, Fox News and the NPR conundrum

Poland’s envoy to Iraq wounded in blast

Could someone please explain re the $150 billion the Senate

In what way did WWII affect you the most?

Koreas summit notebook: Roh's nose-picking, gifts to North Korean leader

McClatchy: Bush veto strategy threatens Republicans

BrownBack on CSPIn -1

Chimpy vetoes the children's health plan today

U.N. says Afghan violence rises 30 percent; AP count of insurgency-related deaths passes 5,000

Forces probe `regrettable' death

U.S. labs mishandling deadly germs

How Limbaugh's Comments Became a Referendum on the Democrats

Chris Matthews's new book

Does Blackwater have current FEMA or DHS contracts? If so, for what and for how much?

AQ Loves to Leave paper traiLs

Just a note of admiration and warmth to all DUers.

Pakistan Seen Losing Fight Against Taliban And Al-Qaeda

I see Erik Prince of Blackwater was a Whitehouse intern.

Coulter-geist poll

The media is not going to get me to fall for their non-stop BS

If you have had enough of this war that the Republicans will not end.

Mods, pls delete, posting bug error

Kucinich appears the only liberal according to the political compass

I'm stunned !

"they cut up the bodies and sell the body parts'-there is evidence for this"-says

Blackwater will be guarding the FBI's investigation of Blackwater.

Iraqi Shiite & Sunni leaders denounce Senate vote on partitioning of Iraq--whose country is it?

Would our media blame any further deaths of US soldiers on Bush or the Dems if war funding was cut?

Why did Canada give the Inuit their own province?

Trouble in the Green Zone

Single-Payer Auto Insurance

When I try to engage Hillary, Edwards, and Obama supporters.

Attorney in bribery case (Cunningham) withdraws subpoenas of 12 congressmen

Soldier Mysteriously Killed in Afghanistan, Family Kept in the Dark, Sound Familiar?

Was there a law against War Profiteering during WW II and if so why is there not one now?

Conservatives indulge in wink-and-nudge dalliances with far-right nativists and outright racists....

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

President Bush has vetoed legislation expanding a children's health insurance program by $35 billion

"Racism laundering" and conservatives

Springsteen Performs "Magic" In Tour Open: "Who'll be the last to die..."

Last week there was a thread here about putting fluoride in the water

Lt. Watada facing DOUBLE JEOPARDY!

Fredo's legacy

Senate Passes Defense Appropriations Bill With Funds for Military Health Care

Reid: President Bush Turns His Back On America's Children In Vetoing Health Care Reform

California group launches campaign to put Gore's name on primary ballots

Jimmy Carter shouts down security in Sudan

Issuing Contempt Citations won't do jackshit.

Spiders, scorpions found in Manila mail

So God hardened Bush's heart.....

Harry Dent: Creator of Nixon's Southern Strategy, key aide to Strom Thurmond, dead of Alzheimer's

Abu Ghraib Prisoners Accuse US Companies of Torture

There's a runaway mouth on MSNBC. .

"When traitors are called heroes..."

Sestak: ‘I condemn the words’ Limbaugh used

Skidmore to Republick candidates and their neocon freeper supporters...

Dana seriously confused Rohrabacher opened his mouth

Leahy writes to AG nominee Mukasey with ‘concerns.’

Rush Limbaugh Called Our Troops Nappy-headed Ho's!

House backs sale of F-16s to Taiwan

Very good to see a person who explicitly advocates violence against women have his web log removed.

Would it be wise to forgo criticizing Iran at the present time

Mental Stress on Employees May Be Factor in Blackwater Killings

State Dept. offers up new blog, alternative to MSM. Trust them!

What will become of the Blackwater Army when Dems take control of the White House?

per Hoyer, any vote on SChip would wait til OCT 17, on cspan just now.

Limpballs is feeding off all the controversy swirling around him

bush talking on press conference in lancaster telling why he vetoed schip

Colbert: 'Fox can't do it alone' to make war with Iran inevitable

Fascinating Nuclear War Documentary (BBC, 1982)

Now that Bush has vetoed SCHIP, his "Compassionate Conservative" pals will pick up the tab, right?

Bulls, not riders, under steroids cloud in bull riding

Get Congress Out of the Classroom

OMG! My freeper coworker is in rare form today.

i'd Like to apoLogize to DU

If our community would stand together and demand that true affordable housing becomes a reality, ...

Henry Waxman on House Floor now-----bill to strenghten Insp Gens. (Bush will veto)

The Missile Defense Agency's Thermonuclear coloring book

We Remain Committed to Making SCHIP Into Law—With or Without the President’s Support

I was wondering where all those subpoenas were.

Most Americans in new Poll Want War Funding Cut!

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

GOP Wants Legislation To Protect Conservative Radio

China May Win New Space Race, NASA Says

* Vetoes Children's Health Insurance and Protesters Get More Vocal

Israel admits air strike on Syria

Salon: What would Jesus veto?

American air forces train Arab pilots for war with Iran

Kingston (R-Ga.) introduces resolution to support Limbaugh

Oklahoma Senator (Coburn-R) Blocks Widely Accepted Gun Bill

Rep. (I was afraid of black men) Allen locked out of office

Alberto Gonzales rears his criminal head

The other merc company, Dyncorp, has a CEO who is a real piece of work

On the lighter side....

Man! It's Kook Day on WJ!

Regional nuclear war = mass starvation

The Most Important Thing I Have Ever Learned on the DU....

Duncan Hunter told universities: “Be patriotic, or else!”

what the neo cons have been doing with our Navy

Bush's AG nominee lawyered for 'dial-a-porn'

anyone listening to Hartmann? Hes talking to someone from WorldNutDaily in support of Unions

Ted Koppel will be on The Daily show tonight

Whoopi, "Elizabeth, have you ever been in a position to make this decision?"

Feingold amendment on withdrawing troops being debated now

New Heart Device Allows Cheney to Experience Love

Lets Spend $billions On Iraq And Ignore Our Own Children's Health

Breaking: Bush vetoes children’s health insurance.

October, 2007: Walk in someone else's footsteps.

Assuming that conservatives are Authoritarians that believe in entitled elite groups...

How well do you know the sCHIP bill that was vetoed? Here are some of the

Feingold on Senate Floor. Lindsey Grahm is opposing his amendment which

$35billion for Childen = NO - $190billion for War = YES

Coulter: If we took away women's right to vote, we'd never have to worry about Dems

Limbaugh's weak defense gets even weaker

Battle lines are drawn over conservative radio

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On PBS, Sen. Gravel Says AIPAC Is Pushing Confrontation With Iran

Feingold-Reid Amendment to Withdraw troops NOW taking place on senate Floor

Graphic video: Monk floats dead in Myanmar

My Challenge to the President -by Senator Edward M Kennedy

LMAO! Look at the pic McClatchy used of Prince Blackwater

Driverless truck lurches out of lab

Man, 73, Thwarts Home Robbery With 'Karate Skills'

The Iraqi Government, Military & Police have had FOUR YEARS!!

Judiciary Committee Members Write to Acting AG on “Phone Jamming,” Voter Suppression Cases

Ron Paul Raises $5 Million in 3rd Quarter

At the heart of who we are as a people

Amazing how easy it is to "disturb" the peace now.

Burmese army major defects to Thailand; More signs of mutiny in the armed forces

We have Secretaries of HUD, Commerce and Treasury why do we need a "mortgage czar"?

Who here can discuss I Ching?

Why aren't we piling on the "loser dems' over SCHIP?

Oh Great! Blackwater Appears to be Building a Navy

Blackwater to Guard G-Men Investigating Blackwater

Well At Least That 'Mission Accomplished' Banner Didn't Go to Waste ---pix--->>>

ACLU Urges Supreme Court to Review NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Case

U.S. prepares for largest terrorism drill ever - 3 fictional dirty bombs to explode mid-Oct.

How about a DU campaign volunteer corps (for smaller, local races)?

Return of the Goldwater GOP

Iranian University Invites Bush to Speak

** Senate committee hearing today on Myanmar/Burma 2:30 today **

what the hell, who is lighting the congress's bathrooms on fire? updated with link

Dear Children of America:

The United States' Failing Food System

Sing along with me "George Bush Hates The Little Children."

Blackwater: "I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am."

Telemundo ....... compromised by the right wing, too?

Kerry: Bush SCHIP Veto Jeopardizes Health Care for Millions of Children

Rep. Jim McDermott Warns on Iran


Sickening. Vermont liberals meeting with white supremacists

Marines denied entry to Oakland Airport: is there any real verification of this BS?

Will the Duke students' lawsuit clean out Durham's "cesspool"?

TOON: Derf on collapse of "family values" conservatives


Clinton Tops Giuliani By 11 Points In New York State - Freepers are panicking

GateKeeper Nancy Must Go! Can (will) Dems Replace Her As Speaker?

What is the significance of the name "Blackwater"?

Ahmadinejad and the Homosexuality He Seeks to Deny

== Is it OK to love Whole Foods? = By Mark Morford

This is for all you soccer van moms, with love from anne coulter

House pushes for ‘phone jamming’ probe of WH-FBI Agent Allegedly Instructed NOT To Follow Leads

Limbaugh Complains Press Didn’t Call Him For Comment, Then Ignores MSNBC’s Call For Comment

Senate overrides veto of school-silence bill

Sen. Russ Feingold-The American people have been clear in what they want -- an end to this war.

Limbaugh refers to Gen. Wesley Clark as "Mad Bomber of Bosnia"

This picture reminded me of another picture...

help for struggling law student

White House Retaliates Against UK For Withdrawal: ‘British Forces Have Performed Poorly’

Are you a werewolf?

2007 Darwin Awards

Clear Channel CEO to Sen. Harry Reid: Go fuck yourself

Can anyone find a recent poll that show what percentage of Americans want troops pulled immediately?

Who's a peasant?

LIMBAUGH: VoteVets ad soldier is like a suicide bomber & "I haven't watched the ad!"

Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Statement Regarding *'s Veto of Children's Health Insurance Program

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

First Imus, then O'Reilly and now Rush

Tom ‘Bomb Mecca’ Tancredo Refuses To Vote For House Resolution Celebrating Ramadan

PHOTO: Bush, today . . .he must be praying for the kids who will die because of his veto.

Old italian saying defining politics

U.S. Attorneys Investigation Waits on House Leadership

Myanmar Troops Stage Nighttime Arrests

Prof Larry Sabato: "War Powers in the New Constitution"

Fred Thompson: Congressional Democrats pandering to "the loony left"

Cheney foggy on Halliburton details

FACT CHECK: "Phony Soldiers" and Limbaugh's Revisionist History

I love how Limbaugh says terrible things and the right wingers try and cover his huge ass.

White House Retaliates Against UK For Withdrawal: ‘British Forces Have Performed Poorly’ In Iraq

Weak dollar prompts record foreign buyouts of U.S. companies

bill douche bag reilly

An oldie but a goodie: Cheney and Rumsfeld tried to sell nukes to Iran!

George W. Bush to America's children -- "Go fuck yourselves."

Scarborough repeated Limbaugh's defense of "phony soldiers" comment without noting its holes

My very short mail to my Congresswoman and Senator on overriding the SCHIP veto

Can George Bush survive on a 83,000 annual salary?

"Rice assails Senate's Iraq plan," but what do the Iraqis want?

Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' to be shown in English secondary schools

Are women being scared away from math, science, and engineering fields?

Bush to honor local girl (Lancaster, Pa) She Raised Money for Sick Children

Researcher: Texas dinosaur misidentified

House passes bill strengthening govt watchdogs (& guess what * will do with it?)

The U.S. death toll in Iraq for September 2007 is 66

How ironic and wrong this is. By this guy's logic there should

I think I should write a book

Supreme Court Has Opportunity To Uphold Our Right To Vote

These "Foxes" mean business. Thank you

Has Pat Buchanon's voice changed?

"The New Rollout" for War with Iran is Underway

Fifth 'Anniversary' of Kucinich Warnings, Speech on War With Iraq

Tweety Bird trying to help republicans on the health care bill evidently.

Question: can the next president end the occupation?

Ron Paul palatable to you? A challenge, then:

In honor of Stacey and everyone affected by breast cancer

Anyone notice this Rush Limbaugh stuff is beginning to snowball a bit?


Hang the Leaders of the Conservative Movement (on your wall)

Re: Limbaugh remark. I don't know a thing about it but a freeper told me

Why does Bill O'Reilly get away with his comments when others don't?

Get Your Bids in for Presidential Transition Planning

Bishop Would Deny Communion to Giuliani (pre-emptive war.....more complicated)

Tivo alert: John Edwards on Countdown w/Keith Olbermann TONIGHT !

NBC News starts with 'Giuliani Leading Republicans' no mention of SCHIP

Clinic opens amid cheers and protests; but battle not over

No civil war when the troops leave

Little Fucker Tucker has always been a jerk but to Wes he is a MAJOR

MoveOn, TrueMajority and USAAction are sponsoring rallies tomorrow

Harry Reid: Demand Rush Limbaugh Apologize

Who has taken the Briggs Myers Personality Test....

John Warner in hospital with heart problem

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Wed 10/3 -- Phoney-oxy

Weak dollar prompts record foreign buyouts of U.S. companies

He's fighting the Patriot Act - and winning

Wes Clark Is On Tucker

Does Tucker F@*cker ever shut up...?

How the Grinch Stole Children's Health Care: Gov Richardson on SCHIP veto

Pelosi :"Dry Powder" on the override vote .

I'madinnydude meets Senator Craig.

Who's got a hold on Limpballs, anyway? On his shirt, on his chair, on his mike--

SCHIP and Big Tobacco

'George Bush your war killed my friend's son' - pics

Draft Gore, California, plans to get Gore's name on CA primary.

Kerry Amendments on DOD Legislation support Veterans and Reservists

Let's remember something about CHIPS

Aside from an angry Vet cutting down a flag, here's what else happened in Reno today

Senate leaders agree to separate vote on von Spakovsky (FEC)

Let's be clear, the $83,000 number is a LIE.

Kin say soldier hinted at concerns

Tony Ryan founder of RyanAir dies at 71

I HEART Rachel Maddow

Bush: My job is a decision-making job. And as a result, I make a lot of decisions.

My son the Marine

House Repuke anti-Muslim bigotry

SNAKE EATING ITS TAIL! LOL! Calling DU Graphics Artists!

Sen. Patrick Leahy & Gov. Howard Dean Ask for your help for SCHIP!!

Thirty two ***HUNDRED**** miners trapped in South Africa?????

I LOVE the Onion! "New Heart Device Allows Cheney To Experience Love"

$456,788,648,508. What's in YOUR Wallet?

WSJ Wash. Wire - GM, UAW Plan Joint Lobbying for National Health Care

A "political compass" is NOT a definition of human existence or worth or behavior..

Anti-Immigration Hate Group Intent On Denying Green Card For Soldiers’ Spouses

Bush: 'I Make a Lot of Decisions' (Talk about shooting fish in a barrel)

Aren't surveys of soldiers in Iraq showing a huge majority AGAINST the invasion?

Heh, heh, "In 2003, Gore asked us to stand down."

Defining Dictatorship

Pro-Slavery Assignment Angers Parents

American Sports Fans: The Wave.... Korean Sports Fans....

Anti-Immigration Hate Group Intent On Denying Green Card For Soldiers’ Spouses

Please Post War Funding Vote Excuses from your Senator here:

Iraq Vets Against the War to be on The O'Reilly Factor - 8 PM - about Rush & 'phony' comment

I'll tell you why I favor enacting the SCHIP bill into law

Kenneth Foster Thanks everyone for their help

"A chaotic life.." From a 15 year old Iraqi Girl's blog.

Matthew Rothschild: Bush Shows His Callousness With Veto of Children’s Health Insurance

Anyone watching Countdown now

Breaking: Senator Pete Dominici or New Mexico to announce retirement tomorrow

Are there any "vulnerable" repugs that voted against SChip?

NYTimes: Justice Dept. Said to Endorse Harsh C.I.A. Interrogations

Has the internet saved the USA?

Help Us Support Democrats Who Stand With Russ

Going to Washington DC in April...anything good happening then?

Poll: Limbaugh or O'Reilly: Who is most worthy of contempt?

Labradoodles maul owner to death

HA!...." Wal-Mart Workers Win $62 Million"

DU, watch video/kick/sign petition on Families USA CHIP Ad, now!

News media sue to open probe into Utah mine disaster

Pitch in, DUers! You can now help to pay off the "public debt."

Coulter: If we took away women's right to vote, we'd never have to worry about Dems

Sound and fury, signifying what?

Does a DU progressive only forum exist?

Huge sinkhole swallowing up homes and a street in La Jolla.

Matthews/Steward "You Tube" No Longer Available! Viacom Shut i t Down!

Senate OKs $459 billion Pentagon budget

Iraq vets say Pentagon is denying benefits (Now THIS is unbelievable)

Jane Hamsher: Sen. Feingold: Vote On Iraq Again and Again

The War on Christmas has begun

Fifth 'anniversary' of Kucinich warnings, speech on war with Iraq

Al Gore's Acceptance Speech After Receiving John Muir Award From Sierra Club

Listening to Fred Thompson address "supporters" on NPR at this moment...

If Ron Paul decided to run as a third party candidate...

Anybody catch John Fogerty slamming Shrub on David Letterman last night?

If Rush and Bill O'Rielly were on a plane and it was going to crash .....

One Angry Man: Clarence Thomas Is No Victim; "Here is some of the evidence Thomas omits..."

Here's how the republicans will win Congress and the Presidency....

Larisa Alexandrovna: Bush Begins The New Iran Talking Points

Pakistani Weekly Pulse claims U.S. will attack both Iran and Pakistan

Bob "Blow Job" Allen Cruises for White Jurors Instead of Gay Sex

Student who tore up Mexican flag that was flying without American flag turns out to be racist

"6 Year Enlistment - $16,000..."

Bush to Congress: Drop Dead

*Breaking*- Ron Paul raised $5.08 Million last quarter!!!

Iraqi insurgent announced a new coalition to fight foreign occupation; talk withdrawal

Hey, Tweety, does Shrub *listen*?!1 Do YOU?!1 Uh, NO!!1 & you SUCK!!1 (but not well)

Senate Dems Bow Before Bush and Cheney

How does a virus spread?

Stewart on now - Getting mileage out of last night

U.S. protests shrink while antiwar sentiment grows

TDS w/Jon Stewart: Ted Koppel on tonight FYI. nt

Understanding Dan Rather

The only thing we have to fear is ... our own government.

What's holding us back from calling Blackwater terrorists?

is this the beginning of the end of an empire...?

Jon Stewart Talking About Tweety "Kerfuffle!"

Marines can get both extra pay, bonus to re-enlist

Anyone here ever read 'A Child of Hitler'?

Minnesota soldiers' benefits fall short

An American President who doesn't understand science is not just a fool but a danger.

Stacey has lost her fight. (OMC's post from the Lounge)

Blackwater flies injured Polish diplomat to hospital

To meet goal, DOD must send nearly 370 MRAPs per month to Iraq

Bill Scher: This Veto Will Not Be Quiet

How do you feel about economic exploitation & imperialistic BS?

Wes Clark on Tucker -

FRANK RICH (NYT) on with Tavis tonight. No other guests listed.

Edwards Mania on Air America Tonight and John Edwards will be on Countdown tonight

One basic truth about hatemonger OxyRush remains after all is said and done ...

BIG SURPRISE: Clear Channel defends Rush's sleazy 'phony soldiers' remark.

Will the love for Hillary remain or diminish the way it has for Pelosi?

DU member, OPERATIONMINDCRIME's wife, Stacey, has passed:

My run-in with an anti-healthcare nut. Sorry for the long rant, but thought I'd post it.

La Jolla sink hole.

Hillary: someone please explain

Blackwater Subsidiary's Transport Contracts for the Central Asian Front

How come all American government scandals are about water...hmmmm?

With Biden, I think it's about 1972.

Some RW guy on MSNBC "Lars Larsen"? most gigantic head ever holding the worlds smallest brain.


Rachel Maddow on "Hardball" right now.

What do you think of Bush and Cheney's policies?

U.S. protests shrink while antiwar sentiment grows

my 108th ltte printed today response to my reps

Daily Show repeat on right now, Tweety's book

Iraq cost per minute

The forecast highs in Detroit for the next five days are all above 80....

Billboard should read: WHY DOES BUSH HATE CHILDREN?

Giuliani to STAR in 'Meet a REpublican Night'...and Stan helped

What were your first thoughts when it was declared Bush had successfully stolen the 2000 election?

Modern Polling, Hillary's alleged lead

mark today, wednesda, october 3, 2007 as the day that the repressive police state has begun to show

Blackwater shootout left 17 dead; Iraq PM says 'unfit' Blackwater must go

How Bush ("a white Republican guy who doesn't get it") Lost Sight of the Children

Scientist seeks contempt for journalists, RE: anthrax details -- a sponsor of the Glenn Beck Show

Sen. Domenici expected to retire-anounce tomorrow

Tweety: A little bit nutty, a little bit slutty...

"Women, cover up or burn in hell!"

Nevada ACLU Releases Statement on Mexican Flag Flying Over American Flag

I paid $50.oo for medication. Could I have really gotten the same med at WalMart for $5 bucks?

Back to Murray and the Crandall Canyon mine

Chevron's Pipeline Is the Burmese Regime's Lifeline

We shouldn't fire Blackwater. We should draft them.

Weak Has a Face, and It's Pelosi's-No wonder impeachment is off the goddamn table! (Huffpo)

Help me, please, before I smash my XM!

Dan Abrams exposes the Republican handbook

Please Email or call the Reno Police and report this man.

Health Care propaganda circulating the Internets

Buying Blue -Small Dog Electronics -Anti war -dog lovers.

War is Golden for the Bush Administration

SF Chronicle: SF sweeps of homeless shift south of Market

SERIOUS Discussion About DEATH THREATS & BLACKMAIL Of Congress. Dems (By Cheney)

Is anyone watching the Carlson boy debating Wesley Clark?

Blind people: Hybrid cars pose hazard

George Bush hates sick children, and so does anyone who

Will Democrats EVER learn to stop being such stupid fokking SAPS?

President Bush says he vetoed the SCHIP bill because

Slain Guard member hinted at concerns (asked relatives to press for answers if anything happened)

Please Help Freshman House Democrats Who Stood With Russ Feingold To End The War

Now the press can't photograph or videotape violence in Iraq?

Yo, Rachel Maddow just set Pat Buchanan on fire...

Wednesday TOONS : Not much is funny anymore, really.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Oliver North vs Erik Prince: Different decade, same attitude.

Emailable Version of emlev's Burma Resources Thread.

Choose your words carefully, they matter now more than ever.

Imus Near Deal to Return to Air Waves (WABC-New York)

OK, AnswerFolks....

Sirota: These Are Times That Try Progressives' Souls

Bush declares Oct. 1 as Child Health Day, vetoes children's health care on Oct. 3

Triple-digit oil prices to become norm: analyst

Breaking: FBI Says Agents to be Guarded by U.S. Gov't Forces while Investigation Blackwater

Who Is The Most Disgusting And Ignorant Republican On House Oversight Committee

Iraq PM al-Maliki: "A military strike against Iran is in the cards..."


lol...the "Louisiana Purchase Return Committee"

Send the hypocrites at Clear Channel a message:

Out of the mouth of babes. "That BUSH."


TDS - "Blackwater, killing people for money since 1906!!"

Should this be illegal, or a matter of free expression?

Texas legislators vote more than once - sometimes 4 times! Talk about vote fraud!

Ala. Supreme Court agrees "hell no, you won't O!"

How much longer until the American public quits taking this and revolts?

If Senator Clinton does win the primary,

If China cut off exports tomorrow, could the US rebuild it's industries....

You and what army?

Can we settle this once and for all? Ron Paul IS a right wing loony.

Utah miners' families testified at House hearing today: MURRAY, LABOR DEPT. ARE UNCOOPERATIVE

Should being a "Law and Order" fan qualify someone as a real juror?

IT's not "Hillary hating" it's "Attempted Hillary SAVING!"...and It's All Good!

When 5 Million E-Mails Went Missing-WH Pointed To Contractor-ONLY PROBLEM-Contractor NEVER EXISTED

It's not imaginary. The progressive majority of Americans HAVE been abandoned.

I'm having a late night surreal moment - has the Dem Party lost its FUCKING MIND?

Gonzales Secretly Authorized CIA Torture

Three percent of Americans say Congress should cut all funding for the continued Iraq occupation

Canada Refuses Entry to CODEPINK Cofounder Medea Benjamin and Retired Colonel Ann Wright

Man's Porn CDs Prompted Slaying, Authorities Say

(The Swims I Take For You , LOL !!!) - Survey: Conservatives Anger with GOP May Be Devastating

SCHIP Veto: Because the Medical Industrial Complex Isn’t Going Down Without a Fight

Culture, change collide in Treme (NOLA)

If a state tried to secede now, what do you think would happen?

Teamsters Come Out for Net Neutrality - this affects us all!

Limbaugh: "You have to be an atheist to believe in global warming"

I'm shocked - SHOCKED! - that right-wingers say such insane and hateful things...

Robert Parry: The Clintons and the Bushes

{Murdered} GI to her family: Ask many questions if I die

Meet the New Shills on Iran, Same as the old Shills on Iraq

US Dollar on the verge of CRASHING!

Middleburg Woman Killed By Her Pit Bulls

Lawmaker shows nude photo to students

The best trick the GOP ever pulled: getting leftists to blame the Democrats for bad GOP policies

Reuters: Iraqis say Basra quieter after British troop pullout

Why isn't J. Cofer Black a household name? He should have recognition with we that know our BFEE.

Must you insult every single caller, Randi?

This is an American Thread

Hey Nancy -- What about those kids?

People....We have to Slow down when driving

*sigh* Crowd swipes dying man's groceries

Violent Crime is up in America. Again.

Some on campus want to ban perfume, cologne and other strong fragrances from classrooms

Blackwater goes deeper than you think. I am posting this from another response; it's worth a look

Blackwater USA Connections - Campaign Contributions for the Culture of Corruption.

The Big Microphony

Steve Post Alert: (and it's a great one!)

This is the second day where the candidates didn't vote -- any idea why?

New thread - article by Biden for Washinton Post

Anybody know what amendment Biden offered this morning?

Challenge to Biden supporters post

Biden writes a letter to President Musharraf (pakistan)

Input Please.

Same Sex Couples, a child's perspective after adult pondering...

Concerning the disgusting Pig-Boy Limbaugh, I know this has been asked and answered before, but....

Debunking the Clinton/Dodd attacks

Seeing Blue

2008 Election

Blackwater gets love from Rep. Westmoreland (R-GA), then he slams Dems


Let's give the Republicans their own country!

Make sure your rep supports HR 676 (Medicare for All). Here is a list....

Campaigning in Iowa, JFK speechwriter likens Obama to Kennedy

(cross post from E&E) 40 percent of US voters will choose President on global warming plank

Hillary beats Giuliani in New York.

What Is A Typical Profile Of A Person That Works For Blackwater.......

Kerry: Bush SCHIP Veto Jeopardizes Health Care for Millions of Children

Statement of Senator Russ Feingold on President Bush's veto of SCHIP

How can the "American Conservative" call for exiting Iraq faster than our "top 3" candidates?

Suggestion to mods: Why not have a pinned poll thread?

John Edwards Crushes Republicans...In Oklahoma! - Even beats Giuliani by 9 Points!

Nobody's Mentioned That G(h)ouliani Is Crushing Frederick Of Hollywood

Tinfoil time. IMO, Iran is just a bluff and Syria is the real target. We need a supply line to

Aaaaugh-bama! Obama strategy(?)- take Edwards supporters

Return of the Goldwater GOP: "...they've overshot Reagan"

The Rude Pundit - The Bush Legacy: We Wish Your Children Sickness and Death

Look at this graphic and tell me the one with the least points is "winning"...

Need some help picking apart this crazy e-mail re: Obama

Clinton -53% Obama 20% Edwards 13%

Iraq War Resolution Supporters Wrath Update

With 3Q fund raising nubmers in - Who will be the first to drop out of the race?

Democrats grapple with the fear factor: Wonder how we’ll screw it up this time?

Did We Experience The Whitewash Of Blackwater Yesterday?......

MyDD: John Edwards takes on Blackwater and Hillary on the War

Rasmussen- Clinton 44% Obama 23% Edwards 15%

Boehner's office didn't want to hear my suggestion and pushed me off to voice mail

Today Bush speaks about controlling costs and the tax and spend Dems

Limbaugh: VoteVets lied to soldier in ad ...

This fucking morning Joe show is a joke....

Angelou says Clinton claimed her early on

Des Moines Register's David Yepsen: John Fitzgerald Obama

Well that was interesting and kind of creepy at the same time ( * defending his veto today)

Barack Obama: Obama, Durbin, Hare Introduce Bill to Improve Student Behavior in Schools

Clinton on bbc

Photos: Barack Obama speaking today at a foreign policy town hall meeting at the University of Iowa

Federalism, Not Partition

On Gore

Hey! DU is too FAR LEFT for Dennis Kucinich!

Four Fires Extinguished in Dirksen (Senate office buildings) - AP

1.4M+ American Federation Of Teachers Backs Hillary!

All this talk about fund raising is based on a false premise.

Iowa reaction to S-CHIP veto: "Swift and Scathing"

need help writing to my congressman, support of Schip

Should candidates running for President be able to vote via secure net phone?

CQ sees "serious" challenge for Kucinich

*****Michigan finally has a functioning PayPal Account for Gore Ballot Petition Drive****

The 5 Dumbest Things Rush Limbaugh Has Ever Said

Chance for a little experiment for those who say Hillary will drive the GOP base to the polls.

Some NY Democrats' reactions to Bush's SCHIP veto

You 4 President

PeteDomenici to retire

Blackwater Just Didn't Come On To The Scene Yesterday - Why Then.....

Surveillance Battle: House Panel Aims at Telcos

Clinton masters juggling as senator and candidate

Douglas Schoen for the Clinton Campaign - One of the forces BEHIND the Poll Numbers.

Prominent Archbishop: I Would Deny Communion To Pro-Choice Rudy

Some FReeper Critiques of General Clark....You WILL love it....

Victory Laps: "Bush waves from Marine One after vetoing popular health care program for children"

Obama misses ANOTHER vote - This time Feingold/Reid to end the war.

Edwards trails Clinton in NC

3200 People Trapped in South African gold mine - Breaking on ABC

Bush Veto Strategy Threatens Republicans

Note to the chimp..

Just giving notice one more time Petition asking Nancy to do her job

Another GOPiggie Bails :: Sen. Pete Domenici Expected to Retire

Tucker Carlson: Clinton is running a second term campaign against Jed Bush

Is polling scientific?

Draft Rachel Madow..... did you guys just see her on hardball? Wow, she is my hero!

A post I just read prompts this question: What are the Candidates' views on

Greenwald: Douglas Schoen and Hillary's campaign

Don't forget to contact your local station who airs Rush

Vanity Fair: White House Civil War

New Heart Device Allows Cheney To Experience Love

Obama acts like he understands Iowa

Greenwald: Democrats and the Village's Amusement at War

Psssst .... c'mere ...... I got an investment tip for ya.

Armed Forces Radio: which liberal hosts are currently on it? NT

Setting the Record Straight on Federalism in Iraq: Joe Biden

Dan Rather's CBS lawsuit hurts only him

McCain: "I Don't Know" If Mormons Are Christians (LOL! And we thought we Dems were at each other)

You won't believe Limbaugh's latest... Media Matters

Parsing the Polls: Inside the Clinton Surge

New Mexico Senator’s Pending Retirement Another Blow to GOP Hopes

Getting to the Heart of the Voter

from the ACLU: FIX FISA!

Feingold-Reid Amendment just now only got 28 votes (to withdraw by next june)

Ron Paul raised $5 million dollars this past quarter!

Dean Was Polling At 9% On 10/1/03

Most of Hillary's supporters do not obsess about politics online, many are nowhere to be seen online

Dems must woo white men to Win

The Huffington Post: America Mobilizing to Battle Bush

Bush's Hopeless Heirs

Obama receives more money from financial institutions than any other candidate

Health of Drug Company Profits Thrives at the Expense of Seniors

Ron Paul raises 5 Million in the Quarter

Congress calls for "mortgage czar"

The Hillary Surge - Inevitabile? No.


For everyone writing Congress re: S-CHIP - excellent Bush de-bunking material here:

There's a benefit to having our eventual nominee gain such strong support this early.

Until money is taken out of politics...

what is the comparison between the DNC and Clinton platforms?

Clear Channel CEO: "It would be unfair for me to assume Limbaugh's statements were intended to..."

What do we have the RIGHT to expect from our nominee?

Obama's Most Painful Experience

60% of voters reject Clinton's 5,000 for every child proposal

Are all those polls being taken by the same people who told us

"it’s shocking"-Sy Hersh on DEMOCRACY NOW 10/2/07

John Edwards Campaign Heads on Air America right now! (Elizabeth at 9EST)

You anti-Democratic candidates posters are getting on my last nerve

Who would of thought that you could use a PSP politically

Well, it appears as if right wing "stars" are having a hard time making

My Friend Retired From L-3

Bill Nelson, Alcee Hastings to file suit against the DNC tomorrow.

OK, She's unstoppable (according to the press). So who should Clinton choose for VP?

Iran's Jews reject cash offer to move to Israel (7/12/07)

Dennis Kuciniich: The diminutive lion of the left

Dear John Edwards

Why are we gonna have primaries if this is already over?

Obama: "Let's be clear: without that vote there would have been no war."

Does anyone else feel like they are living in bizarro world?

3 Cheers For DE-MOCK-RASSY -- Clinton Lead 33%.. Bite Me

Barack Obama's 5 year Anniversary Speech from Cspan

To benefit his wife, Bill Clinton shamelessly promoted John McCain to the Independents in NH on MTP

Does Edwards think his 13% support is superficial as well?

Thompson fails to excite.

Dems cave again: Senate approves intelligence bill

Question for those that dislike/hate Hillary - When did your dislike/hatred start?

Democracy Now interview: Semour Hersh - White House Intensifying Plans to Attack Iran

How Did Hitler's SS Get Its Start.......

Roger Simon: Barack Obama acts like he understands Iowa (For the inevitability crowd)

Hillary is lighthearted in response to 962-word New York Times piece on her "cackle"

Due to overwhelming ticket sales, Obama rally in Madison is moving to larger venue

You anti-Barack Obama posters are getting on my last nerve

Who do you support? Kerry, Dean, or General Wesley Clark?

This has been asked, but are there any Dodd fans here? I like him,

Is the Edwards campaign misleading its myspace friends with a bogus poll?

Clinton Opens 33 Point Lead Over Obama, Garners 53% of Democratic Vote!

Quinnipiac: Without Hillary as the nominee...Guiliani puts NY in play...

COINTELPRO is alive, well and working against the Anti-War movement.

Why has this petition to Nancy Pelosi only gotten 62 signatures??

Take this short political survey

Should Congressman Kucinich vote to override the veto of the SCHIP bill?

There is a year and a month before election day

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