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Archives: October 20, 2007

Cape Cod Commission denies Cape Wind application - Reuters

2005 EIA figures: Per Capita Energy Consumption Hits Record, Renewable Share Remains Trivial.


Why U.S. won't remove Arar from no-fly list

Senate quashes grant for Woodstock museum

Nighty nite, y'all

"The Super Bayou Space City Funtime Show"

Is it possible to have a learning disability into adulthood?

I see Rev-Acts didn't show up tonight AGAIN!


What is this, a God damn October hurricane?

Anyone ever hear of Sweetest Day?

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (10/19/07)

So, apparently yesterday was my 1 year anniversary here at DU.

Rockin' Robbin!!

woot! i got the fabric i need to make my halloween costume today

What is the maximum age for commissioning in the military?

I'm watching the re-broadcast of "Countdown".......Rush Limbaugh is a diseased rhinoceros pizzle

The Brownshirts on Bill Maher

McLaughlin Group: wild. The rethugs are endorsing Clinton, why?

A simple question...

"Faith based politics" is code.

Stark should auction Nancy's Rebuke on EBay for charity.

Just say no ...

This video for Kucinich was just too awful to put it with the regular videos.

Rep Jackson Lee supports Hillary over Obama and tells why

Another Jackson Lee said about Iraq

"You can't say the medical profession didn't warn us. Their logo is a snake coiled around a cane."

Anyone else find themselves in Clinton's camp when they though they were supporting someone else?

They have a frame, lets put a picture in it for the American people

I am about to test a bit of ancient wisdom. Wish me luck:

I went to the grocery store today and heard this

Bush Administration adopts new mascot...

Propriety is still relevant: a defense of Nancy Pelosi.

So what is wrong with triangulation

Mass. SEIU Endorses Edwards

Edwards and Giuliani lead cash race in S.C.

US Planning to Build 14 Bases in Iraq: Finnish MP

Worst Person in the World: Sean Hannity of Fixed News

Former Georgia governor Roy Barnes, others endorse John Edwards

Stephanie Miller calls Chris Matthews a “Right Wing tool.”

If you are a Kucinich fan, prepare for intense demoralization from this thread.

Would a white guy who was elected President of the Harvard

Edwards: Halt new hog lots (pro-environment, pro-family farm message)

Edwards campaign slams Clinton push for rural vote (Clinton campaign's 'rural' Monsanto lunch)

Why are the right-wingnuts so obsessed with discrediting Al Gore? And who is this "judge"?

Edwards Warns Against Rewriting Rules That Prevent Excessive Media Consolidation

Edwards launches True Blue Majority initiative - vows to elect super-majorities in Congress

Edwards Campaign Statement on Senator Clinton's "Yee-Haw" Rural Lobbyist Lunch

Edwards on Bill Maher

Edwards says he'll compete and win in GOP-leaning states


Poor -- and middle-income working families -- stretching paychecks to breaking point

Polling by Pole Cats

Sarkozy and Brown push Blair for EU presidency

Sirota: The Democrats' Da Vinci Code (from 2004, posted on Truthout)

Naomi Klein: Outsourcing Government

Fundy Meltdown Time: JK Rowling says wizard Dumbledore is gay

A nation that preys together stays together

NYT editorial, With Democrats Like These: "Democrats took over, and the one-party system continues."

please delete, wrong forum

Kelly family appeals for calm after new murder claims by MP

Old Enough Now to Ask How Dad Died at War

Scotland ‘could be prosecuted over American torture flights’

State Department Struggles To Oversee Private Army

Will jobs move back to US from India?

John Edwards , Hillary Clinton , Fred Thompson and the state of the 2008 Presidential Election

Chris Floyd: Burma on the Potomac: Another Step Deeper Into Tyranny

The Protect Who Act?

Frank Rich: Suicide Is Not Painless

No Backup if Atlanta's Faucets Run Dry

The Real Al Gore

'Pot 2.0': Where Can I Get Some?

"Fag" Is Turning into a High School Insult for Any Guy Who Doesn't Play Football

Is it Time for Democrats to Start Panicking?

U.N. climate chief looks for Bali breakthrough

PGE breaches Marmot Dam on the Sandy River

German Team Wins Solar Home Competition (US Solar Decathlon)

Methods for Regulating Wind Power's Variability

Bush Angles for Conservation Stature

Brazilian police dismantle gang that smuggled endangered wood to United States

CLEO -- An organization that environmentalists should keep an eye on.

The Future Is Drying Up

Amazon Fires "Worst I've Ever Seen" Says Rancher - Potentially 50% Of Basin Cleared In 20 Yrs

Power Walking: A Backpack that Charges Your iPod?

Oceans are 'soaking up less CO2'

Concrete Canvas - new material for quick, safe and durable shelters

Rising seas threaten 21 mega-cities

Late Colors Prompt Climate Change Fears

Report recommends shifting power-line money to solar panels

No Backup if Atlanta's Faucets Run Dry

J.K. Rowling Outs Hogwarts Character: Albus Dumbledore is gay

Democrats press children's healh plan (radio address)

Paso Robles Post Office forced to strip wall of local soldiers' photos

Plainly, a Justice Department Pick of Like Mind [Mukasey & Bush}

Largest Union in California Says It Will Work for Edwards There and Elsewhere

Lucky Dube: Reggae Star Killed in South Africa Carjacking

Right Whales Remain At Risk

Iran's nuclear negotiator suddenly quits

Government money short to help poor pay heating bills

Report: Justice Dept. Asked 2 To Plead Guilty in (warrantless surveillance) Leak to 'NYT'

Muted discomfort of Libyan UN Security Council election

3 More UAW Locals Reject Chrysler Deal

IMF MEETING Brazil criticizes IMF handling of US credit crisis

Bhutto bombing kicks off war on US plan

Peru's Fujimori to Be Tried for Murder

Ex-Prosecutor Alleges Pentagon Plays Politics

Thousands flee fighting in eastern Congo

Critic sues Riley for testimony

Pension Plan Wants Countrywide CEO Out

U.S. offers Russia significant new concessions to gain support for missile shield

Giuliani Tries to Assure Conservatives

LAX leader proposes charging OC to fly

Air Force punishes 70 for nuclear mistake

Missoula County attorney to police: Halt misdemeanor arrests for pot

Iran's nuclear negotiator resigns

State Department Struggles To Oversee Private Army

Labor Leaders Gather In SF To Oppose Iraq War

Questions Remain About Housing Secretary

Toppled in Baghdad, clueless in Whitehall (British general reveals no postwar planning for Iraq)

Oil cheap when adjusted for inflation, low dlr - Iran

Director De Palma disturbed over Iraq film edit (distributor redacts "Redacted")

Georgia Gov. Asks For Disaster Declaration Over Drought

Mass grave prompts criminal probe in Guatemala

Writers Guild votes overwhelmingly to authorize a strike

Hillary Clinton rejects front-runner label

Poll shows Americans getting more concerned about global warming

American Held Over Bullets In Luggage In Bolivia

Iraq whistleblower Dr. Kelly WAS murdered to silence him, says British MP

Zogby Poll: Half Say They Would Never Vote for Hillary Clinton for President

Climate change blamed for fading foliage

The Future is Drying Up

Iran to fire '11,000 rockets in minute' if attacked

Local Muslims upset by UW campus event ('Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week')

Riven by Class and No Social Mobility - Britain in 2007

I'm new here and just want to say hi

oh man, "Transformers" is god fucking awful.

I would say "good game" to the Sox fans, but..

I'm being reminded of how much I love Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Awright, ya bastids, what plane is THIS?

Who else didn't go to prom and as a result is now incredibly mean spirited and bitter about it?

Great Game, Cleveland!! You are awesome!! "May the Best team Win!!"

How many DUzy nominations have you made?

Wow, two of my OP's got DUzy's this week...

SNL opening....crude Hillary/wimpy Bill....

A young white woman was rude to me in the checkout line

I'm just discovering "Nirvana".

Radio_Lady Discusses: A young black woman serving us at the bar lost her husband in Iraq...




Am I tiered?

am I wired?


The Monkeey's "Head" comming up on TCM.........n/t


Show your true geek with this binary watch...

Boys who deserve a damn good beating! (They hanged a kitten)

Ink-A Dink -Doo, A dink-a dee, A dink-a doo...

"Bedtime for Bonzo"

I can't find the anti-war song thread

Got stoned with the homies...

You did it again to me Kitchen Witch!!!!!!!!!!!!

Global Warming...

Wanted to share with you all

Man I don't even drink

The hardest phrase to say (for me): "I can't."


My coworker sarcastically called me "boss"

Best Wireless Co.?

taco ninja!

So to me, at least, it's a wonder everyone doesn't go screaming into the night...


Only in Maine......

Dancing inmates: Philipine Jailhouse Rock

Why we fight!

Poker in W.Va.

I think I did something I shouldn't have done

June Foray is 90 today

Why are YOU up so early?

Do NOT mess with this cat.

Anyone got a good chocolate biscotti recipe?

GO(p)SUX!!! (lame copycat)

Is the word 'Dickhead' sexist?

Roll Tide!

There was a metal detector at the high school football game tonight

Sometimes I shits and thinks. Sometimes I just shits.

Strange dream I had last night

Wow! I'm a millionaire.

Sonnet 154

Choosing colors to dye my tent is probably going to kill me.

Sometimes I sits and thinks. Sometimes I just sits.

FREE BEER FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm explaining in IM to Oedi the intricacies of Brazillian waxes and anal bleaching

I've killed 2 threads so far this morning

Mess with this cat!

This Commercial Cracks Me Up

I wanted sushi for dinner but settled for leftover spaghetti


Extortion in watch repairs?

Homedics Ultra Foot Rejuvenator-have you ever heard of this?

Has everyone else finished their midterms?

Jimi Hendrix may have been alien

NO' SEX!!!

FO' SEX!!!

I learned the word "playmate" from my fuc. . .

MO' SEX!!!

What plane is this - bathroom edition

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Wanna join RightwingFacebook?

Mickey Spillane Writing Workshop.... We are going to write a detective novel... See inside for clues

The Gad Dam

Post your favorite songs about $$$$$!

Homecoming is tonight.

*Thank you, Loung Lizards!*

BOW FLEX!!!!!!

Today is Toy Camera Day!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/20/07

SugarSmack! Pick up da phone!!

Badgers Badgers Badgers Badgers...

It would be nice if humans were still furry

Are UFO's the Bigfoot Air Force?

I think I'm addicted to Stumble

a message for you

Lol, I has a livejournal

I did something stupid and painful today

What will be the outcome of the 2008 World Series?

I found the first birthday card I gave my wife today, here is what I wrote in it:

Paging Scooter aka Kaghime!

I'm a home owner! (warning - pictures)

I'm happy to inform that The Herculoids are no longer showing anywhere!

Can an employer be convinced to make a claim your job is redundant,

I Just Used The Prostitute....

Wow. Yesterday I got sloshed on 48oz of wine. Today, after 8oz, I'm almost as sloshed.

Typo in casting-Elliot Gould is GOD ("Christian" Slater is Moses)

I learned the word "fucker" from my playmate

Cheap goerge foreman grill and hamilton beech food processor

A week ago, I was wondering, 'What's that weird thing in the Fenway Park infield?'

21.5 Miles

GRAND SLAM, BOTOX (EWWW)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so , I went to go look at a venue for my daughters wedding...

Hey Lounge! Wanna guess what I had for dinner??

ALCS thread

Watching THE best movie EVER

I'm paying 39 cents a minute for this connection. Ask me anything!

Hugh Hefner's very conditional love for the nakedness of Britney Spears

Favorite GOD?

GRAND SLAM, BOSOX (DREW)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Older but good games!

T4 and T TV coming soon.


Shakespeare Garden

Cowboy take me away.....

This is Cleveland's Triple-A club, right?

Michael Jackson's Thriller like you've never seen it before

For someone very very special...a nice plate of Gah Nochie!!!!

Patience of a spider

I'm so old I've got scars that I don't remember how I got them

Look out, Earl!

Laydeez 'n' others, DePauw University's quarterback

Hot Buttered Rum and The Rat Pack

Choosing colors to paint the inside of my house is probably going to kill me.

So, do I get back in the saddle right away or do I give myself time to regroup?

What plane is this - crude sketch edition. Add yours

Awww, isn't she cute?

Book question for you...about Huckleberry Finn

What plane is this? "Your great uncle served in the AVG" edition:

What do you think of men who have a pierced ear?

LOL-People magazine cover. Clooney's buds are going to give him some hell about this

Crazy is sitting on my shoulder....

I wonder if there is a limit on how many Tarantinos one can have in their house.

ZOMFG!!11!! i just hooked up my new 21.6 wide LCD monitor!!!!

What's the biggest deficit a baseball team has come back from in a SINGLE GAME?

soooo, good night lounge......

Is SNL actually *live* tonight?

Am I weird?


Oh the humanity

Red Sox vs. Indians

Overheard in the video store "I do not want to rent has Devil in the title"

Today's College Football Thread

What happens when we hit 32 million posts?

Cleveland Indians (7-3) At Boston Red Sox (5-3), 8:21 P.m. EST.

MacBook Help! Have installed Parallels on my Macbook: Do I need to run firewall/anti-virus software

I am posting from...

I Still Love My Cat..... Even though

Coming October 30th: Twin Peaks - "The Definitive Gold Box Edition" (all 29 episodes plus the pilot)

I've found a new trick to maintaining sanity in GD (probably old for some of you)

Comcast horrors

I'm making macaroni and cheese and want something crunchy in it.

2nd-grader suspended for drawing of gun

I've adopted a shy kitty.

D cup bra with two cantaloupes in it

computer nerds and know-it-alls HELP!

What is your sexual style? (I) scored as a Soft...

Funny thing at work last night...

Ever watch those 'how they make it' shows? Why don't they do one on sex toys?

It's STILL My Birthday Over There!

It's my drunk and I am birthday'd.

Is it safe?

Damn it! WCGreen has got me craving cinnamon glazed donuts

Are you a bird lover? This is wild~

Look what NYC's 10 year housing boom has given us (pics)

How Often Do You Use Text Messages?

What plane is this - take-off edition. Add yours

NO SEX !!!!!

Damn dog

I want these for Xmas . . .

Whoa... who remembers these?????

PSA: The great idea you have at 1:00 AM probably isn't so great

Video: How The Cat Wakes You Up In The Morning

I am NOT a sports arena kinda girl!

I just found my Ronald Reagan Autographed Baseball!

I Just Used The John....

How's Your Willie?.... Because


What plane is this - landing gear edition

Thanks to my friend Piali, I have become a facebook addict in the last few days

Loy Krathong festival at the local Thai Temple *Dialup Warning*

Everyone in my family acts like they're in the Witness Protection Program

Naked pic of me wearing socks and shoes only eating Gah Nochie while attempting to do pushups...

Cool facts about Tholians:

why do cats insist on vomiting on carpet?

***August Calendar Contest***

Before I go to bed I want to give FREE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What plane is this - end-of-runway edition

Guard names brigades tapped for deployments

Blackwater tried to take aircraft out of Iraq

Fort Irwin soldier sues for objector status

Mullen: Last-resort Iran fight could be done

Coast Guard puts Eagle Eye UAV on hold

Wing decertified, COs sacked for nuke mistake

Mattis orders Hadithah Marines to trial

Bill would make military murder federal crime

Army mortarmen fire on the mountains

Space chief: Chinese ASAT test spurred need for space-asset protection

Landstuhl takes it up a level

Stripes part of America Supports You audit

Marine uniform rules cause drive-thru backups

Courts-Martial for 2 in Haditha Deaths

Possible Changes Eyed for Guard, Reserve Montgomery GI Bill

The Defenders

DoD, services ramp up mental health support

Chertoff Promises U.S. Plan for IEDs

Gitmo Readied for Post-Castro Refugees

Pilot missing from Vietnam identified

Navy wants under 1,000 sailors on new carriers

IVAW & 10.27

Rampant Militarism (A Personal Analysis)

Long time no speak

Moving Forward Together


Phony Soldiers


Vets get a peaceful welcome

The real story

Susan Lenfestey: What if they had a peace rally and (almost) no one came?

Seventy Punished for Nuclear Flight

Lawmakers want review of minority promotions

Damn! Don't these guys look spiffy?

boot camp jaunt to Iraq?

Today in labor history October 20

Oregon AFSCME Makes a Statement

Union Review breaks stats records!

8,000 Continental Airlines Ground Workers File For Union Election

John Edwards To Speak At O.C. Dinner, Labor Event

'Wash Post' Facing NLRB Hearing Over Radio Work -- And 'Onion' Ad Sales

Laundry owner to fight NLRB ruling (reinstate and give back pay to three workers)

House GOP upholds Bush veto on SCHIP, union leaders vow retribution

U.A.W. R.I.P.?

HELP NEEDED! -- Metro Owners file Temporary Restraining Order Against Fired IWW Union Worker

Detroit Nurses Want End To Management Interference In Union Organizing

IAM Fights To Convince Congress To Save 44,000 U.S. Aerospace Jobs

Re: BadAss Marine

Confront the War President

LT Watada: We Stand By You

1988 Convention: George Bush On National Guard (he would have "done better" in Viet Nam)

Barack Obama in Madison, WI 10.15.07

"Soldiers of Conscience" - Trailer

The Tyrant...

Brownback Withdraws From The Presidential Race

The Hypocrisy of President Bush...

Stephanie Miller calls Chris Matthews right wing tool, but then caves

Rep. Diane Watson commits to support Impeachment

Bill Maher - New Rules (10/19/07)

Valerie Plame on 60 Minutes

Rush Limbaugh accuses reporter of masturbating

The Pallets of Cash

John Edwards on Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher escorts 9/11 assholes out of audience (live)

Brilliant!! Chess Master Garry Kasparov Explains Political Nature Of Oil

The Pinky show on immigration

Any DUers in * Cincinnati * ... I need a little local knowlegde

Frost family to continue health care push

We just don't have a proper appreciation of chickenhawks.

'Race row' Nobel winner suspended

And Meals to Go Before We Sleep

The DOW dropped 360 pts today -- The Housing Crisis is far from over LINK

Israeli mole took pictures of Syrian nuclear facility

The Monkeeys "Head" comming up on TCM.........n/t

Goddamn it , Five million Burmese are going hungry, warns UN, and no one gives a shit now,

Hypothetical-What would you do to help poor people in America?

Nature Conservancy Welcomes Lieberman-Warner Bill on Climate Change

What is Europe anymore?

senate subcommittee hearings on this and that

Sad story. Don't see how this isn't a hate crime against gays.....

what is important to you?

Those who agree with Stark are the Mainstream and the vast majority!

The Consequences of the Death of Empathy

Just for the record, I'm an Edwards guy

Remember this quote? “Everyone wants to go to Baghdad. Real men want to go to Tehran.”

Los Angeles Police Are Gentrifying The City's Skid Row - With Force

Vicious cycle? Blackwater hired by this admin, gets paid beaucoup bucks,

Media often report Giuliani supports abortion rights but ignore pledge to appoint judges like Scalia

I want the truth.

CNN gave one Limbaugh explanation for "phony soldiers" remark, ignored his subsequent contradiction

Bill Maher w/Chris Matthews repeats at 9:00 am

U.S. asks court to dismiss lawsuit on secret flights

IEDs seen as a rising threat within U.S.

The Dems' Wiretapping Woes - They Lose Again

Wiretapping Compromise Was Months in the Making

Living Paycheck to Paycheck Gets Harder

Got COMCAST? You're being screwed

Value Voter Summit pics


had tried to get the Iraqi to take an AK-47 rifle and then ordered the man to run

On "respecting the office"...

John Dean: Government Surveillance Threatens Your Freedom, Even If You've Nothing To Hide

Saudi Arabia still US Ally

Forbes: America's Greenest States.

Politico reported Democrats "came under fire" for using children in SCHIP fight

In the state prison, Iraq war is popular, Hillary Clinton is not - Most criminals think like Rethugs

With Democrats Like These ...

The Iraq War Does Not Exist According to My Local Rag

Hecklers can be so rude

Q: What does the average person not know about the Iraq War?

Man accused in video with 3-year-old girl arraigned

Who was Zia ul-Haq?

The GOP stands guilty of creating a MONSTER (BUSH).....

Al Gore Drew A Circle That Brought Us All In

"Why I know weapons expert Dr David Kelly was murdered...

Air Force Punishes 70 in Nuclear Weapons Error

5 or 6???!!!!

Pete Stark was wrong.

Should we feel terrified, terrorized, let down, what? I don't know how to feel


SCOTUS to rule on wrongful arrests

Catherine Roraback, lawyer who litigated Griswold v. Connecticut's early stages, has died.

Why can't we be this smart? Not your father's ISP

Who would like to help "out" a freeper?

Pressure for 'Sexy' Guantanamo Hearings (WAPO)

stephen colbert guest on "wait wait, don't tell me"

CLEO -- An organization to keep an eye on.

Chuck Birch, wherever you are: thank you

Mahers fascist moment

Jay Rockefeller received $25,000 from Verizon employees since 06. Call him & ask 'was that bribery'.

My worst fear: A Hilliary Corporate Replacement to Appease the Masses

Your disease today may have been "caused" by your grandmother's diet.

ACLU Disappointed in Intel Committee FISA Vote, Wyden/Feingold Amendments Slightly Improve Bad Bill

For those who refuse to vote for Hillary in the General...7 words that may change your mind!

I want that Flamebait taken off the Maher post. Tombstone me if you will not.

REMINDER: Tuesday night - PBS - Frontline: Showdown with Iran

Like to see Rush's 4-F paperwork on Ebay

What ever happened with Demopedia?

I simply don't understand "the curse of homosexuality"?

Falwell: God Banned from ‘The Ten Commandments’ Movie Ads

Bhutto praises guards who died protecting her

Let's unite our country with an Impeach Bush march on Washington

If people get their news only from cable news they would think it was Mission Accomplished in Iraq

Jena Six hearings on CSpan 1 now n/t

thank you Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Obama, takes money from republican who

Value F@#king Voters!

Shhhh, Mr. Al-Ghizzawi's Torture is "Secret"

Army expected to keep ‘stop-loss’ policy in effect despite concerns

cspan 1 NOW-sheila jackson lee-hearing on Blacks being jailed more than whites. she is on a roll

Obama calls on Bush to ax voting rights chief

Legalise all drugs end immoral laws

Mystery underwear stymies Guantanamo investigators

Which countries have publicly financed campaigns?

US Frets Over Iran-Iraq Cooperation

Between 1994 and 2006 Republicans held Majority in Congress but was it as large

Bill Maher did not threaten to beat that woman's ass...

rugby ball sized hail ruins food crops, injure people

If this does not tombstone me nothing will.

DFA Vote if you're interested.

It's boys town/franklin all over again,

America tells Louisiana rebuilding is over in January

Are we being played? NYT: "Wiretapping Compromise Was Months in the Making"

Just plain wrong

Juan Cole's Informed Consent: Gen. Abizaid: Iraq about Petroleum

Egyptian can sue over his 9/11 detention

U.S. asks court to dismiss lawsuit on secret flights

Do you have a group of right wingers you email? You should.

Richard Belzer: Who Needs Terrorists?

killer explosion in "hardscrabble town in New Jersey "

Panel: Blackwater tried to take Iraqi aircraft (steal)


US Air Force describes errors in nuclear missile flight

If you're familiar with the characters played by Fred Willard in "Mighty Wind" and "Best in Show" ..

Just finished the Race For the Cure in honor of Stacey (Mrs. OMC)

Fox: Syrian Official Says Israeli Airstrike Hit Nuke Facility? (Nope)

I know this has allready been posted. I'm going to post it again. The Real Rudy: Radios

Comcast horror show

Please Al - Watch This!

Two Marines Face Haditha Courts-Martial

Here is the video of the Bill Maher hecklers.

Need a little help here...

Don't you think it's about time America faced the Stark Reality?

Read Your Own DHS Travel Dossier

Blair gets early backing in race to be EU's first president

If you agree with Pete Stark's comments . . .

"The Personal Price of Free Speech"

Glenn Greenwald: Howie Kurtz, Shailagh Murray, and the vapid, petty Beltway media mind

ahmadinejad and bu$h - two fucking idiots. The world must stop them.

Check out this compilation of CSPAN prank callers!

Proposals to extend time for troop caregivers left hanging due to * veto

It just dawned on me. The biggest threat to Roe v Wade may well be Giulliani

Couric: Plame 'really mad about what happened to her'

Landscapes are my bread and butter but

Why I call the White House comment line

Private Security Contractors Head to Gulf

I was never politcal like this .

Wow! I'm a millionaire.

An "American" Day

San Francisco to Help Teachers, Cops Buy First Homes

Is it a noose or necktie?

Limbaugh's letter from Congressional Dems sells for $2.1 million.

Roadblock Hits Stephen Colbert Campaign for President -- Commie Plot?

Fearing Chaos, U.S. Officials Review Stance on Pakistan

What not to do at a protest.

About those "Alltel Wireless" commercials....

Women Send Panties To Myanmar Embassies In Protest

California To Sue Bush Administration Over Law To Limit Emissions

Admin conservation photo op: Bush is the prop

Why is David M. Kennedy so scurrilously condemning the Dem Party and Paul Krugman in the NY Times?

So Obama goes after shady fund raiser

So tell us: Do you consider yourself an economic progressive, liberal, moderate, or conservative.

Sarkozy, Brown and Mbeke at the finals of the

Would someone please start a Christofascism Awareness Week?

Report Casts Doubt on White House's New Strategy to Rely on Nonprofits in Disaster Relief

Chertoff: If I wanted him (Bin Laden) to have a list of targets I would send it to him directly...

Want to join Rudy's RightwingFacebook page?

Obama injects new element

Plame’s CIA job was to stop Iran from obtaining nukes

Ex-Prosecutor AF Colonel: Pentagon Playing Politics With Guantanamo Hearings

A must read,,,this puts a face on the invasion of Iraq...

Pentagon Pushes For ‘High-Profile’ Convictions Of Detainees Ahead Of ‘08 Elections


Pete Stark for speaker

The 160,000 American troops in occupied Iraq today are 160,000 too many

Report says buildup in Iraq gained little

Damn, the word "congress" means to get fucked.

Today is Toy Camera Day!

Phoney Demagogues and Phoney Presidents.....what have they done to us?

Are there ecological limits to economic growth?

10 Men Contract MRSA Staph Infections In NY

I think it tells you something about the Presidency if Gore doesn't run....

Man going to Iraq in search of four missing South African mercenaries

caption time

MUST SEE VIDEO !!! - 1988, George Bush On His And Dan Quayle's National Guard Service\Vietnam !!!


Say something nice about a Democratic candidate other than the one you're voting for!

Sunday Talk Shows, 60 Minutes Valerie Plame

Will MRAPs become white elephants?

Big Source of Clinton's Cash Is an Unlikely Address

let's see campaign posters of Giuliano in his white Marlyn dress... Giuliano for 1st Lady 08

Ken Starr is representing sex offender (child rapist), trying to get him off sex offender list

Mayor Nine Eleveniani's "man of prayer" performance today: I could just vomit.

Good & bad news!! 20,000 National Guard being called up and

Rising seas threaten 21 mega-cities

Watada's court-martial extended to Nov. 9

“Socialized Clinton-style Hillarycare for Illegals and their Parents”

This criminal administration has issued paper that could suspend voting in an "emergency".

Rich: Suicide Is Not Painless (Iraq Contractor Corruption)

Before asking "whether waterboarding is 'constitutional' or not, let’s ask whether it’s a CRIME. "

With Respect to the Stark "Controversy"

Poll watchers: Is Edwards slowly but surely moving into 2nd place?

Anybody For A "Keep Them Honest" Broadcast To Counter The MSM\CNN ???

My new Hoodie

Unfinished new housing developments are being abandoned ...

Imagine it's Election Day 2008.

What will the DNC look like when Dean leaves in few months?

Nation's Housing: No deduction for mortgage interest on big houses?

Gore: A Time for Truth or Holocaust

All is finally good....a perspective on things from a dad

Thank you all for the help.

Yes inspired by a post that is no longer here. Does anyone have the right to prevent a free human

"Media in a Time of War" is on LinkTV

"Pearls before swine" cites source for the REASONS we are in Iraq

President Bush is a bottle of bleach poured across the canvas of America.

Anyone else ever bother to visit "Democrat" Underground...

Video X-post: Chris Dodd: Drawing the Line on FISA = REC this up

Belarus: Lukashenko calls Jews "dirty", Israeli ambassador returns home

Veterans are denied mental health help


Is Bush Really the Worst President ever?

Contact Nancy Pelosi on her rebuking Congressman Stark

Oilman Pickens says $100 oil coming

I just want to let everybody know....

Caption this pic

Vote in ongoing DFA poll to show support for YOUR candidate

Bush will veto more funds for heating oil--time to busy buzy folks (PLEASE):

19 tons of explosives found in Iraq

Al Gore Supporters Move On

How we *could* get to impeachment: His name is Glenn Fine.

"the issue isn't Pete Stark, it's the cruelty of a Republican party "

I've been patient, but I've got to say, the gleichschaltung of Congress is a success

Congressman Denied Access to Martial Law Plan

FReeper founder posts: NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIFE (his caps)

8 point lead!

Finally a poll which identifies the real issues voters care about in 2008 election

Danner: Bush and Aznar's "pithy playlet" demonstrates Bush's clumsiness and the limits of his power

Setting Up for Martial Law...Chertoff threatens Americans

Is Fred Thompson's wife a "gold digger"?

President of the March of Dimes Foundation delivers Democratic radio address on SCHIP

**Military Resistance Forced Shift on Iran Strike**!

The stupidest thing I ever said

I like Obama, and I've voted for HRC in the past. However...

Why the Village Hates Pete Stark

NYT editorial: With Democrats Like These ..

WARNING! ReBugs mounted...sensitive types do NOT look(pic)

Faux News Calls for class action lawsuit against Al Gore's movie

Is The Use Of The Word Cackle Sexist?

Murdered for going to school - six years after the Taliban was toppled

Money gone, Iraqi refugees forced to go home


Al Gore Haters Grow Up

In how many jobs would the performance of Democratic leaders be acceptable?

TOP NEWS STORY: Pelosi has Stark Arrested on Charges of Vagrancy

Tired Of Being PLAYED And Taken Advantage Of!

Must See: The train in the Bangkok Market

He's Back At The Fairground With His Impeachment Message

First sick kids, now the poor elderly. This is a TEACHING MOMENT from Tyrants.

"you've met my wife..."

i heard Randi Rhodes got hurt.. what happened, i've been in the hospital over a she ok??

LA Times editorial: Avoiding WWIII: Threatening Iran is poor strategy.

Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People - from Democracy Now

Fans of Robert Parry and "Corsortium News" ...They Need some Help!

Falsely accused woman freed after 70 years

Snopes Debunks Email Attacking Canadian Health-Care

I don't think there are ANY Gore haters on DU

in 2008, if the corporate pigs steal another election for the repukes, what will you do?

MSNBC: "Georgia’s governor declares drought emergency" ... not ONE mention of climate change

Paying for heating the house or keeping the house?

Charmin toilet paper bears: Red = STRONG, Blue = SOFT

Nuke transportation story has explosive implications.

Rudy Giuliani Added You As A Friend At Right-Wing Facebook

Since we're talking about "cackling," I'M bringing up MY linguistic pet peeve again

Dream House or Nightmare? (regretting building a McMansion)

What does standing by the Pete Stark comment gain us?

One quick way to end a telemarketing call

Dean: "Unfortunately, 'I Told You So,' Is An Incredibly Unsuccessful Campaign Slogan."

Our party sends messages to the grassroots, netroots, liberals, activists who speak with emotion.

Oh fuck me.

NSA Likely Reading Windows Software In Your Computer

George W. Bush is Christ-like

Frank Rich: Suicide Is Not Painless

Mukasey nominee why would the democrats endorse him?

TOON: Give The GOP Another Chance?

Florida Recession?

To the Black Prince

Foreclosures Leaving Pets Homeless

Religious right straw poll today after hearing from GOP field. Interesting.

J.K. Rowling Outs Hogwarts Character: Albus Dumbledore is gay

***August Calendar Contest***

Conscience vs Pragmatism

Alternet: 'Fag' Is Turning Into A High School Insult For Any Guy Who Doesn't Play Football

CBS confirms 2006 Raw Story scoop: Plame's job was to keep nukes from Iran

Isn't it funny that no WMDs were ever found in Iraq? if I was Cheney/Bush I would have made sure

Strange weather this fall where you live?

Is The Word "Dickhead" Sexist?

Giuliani loses BIGTIME in the twirly-eyed fundy straw poll...

Juan Cole: Giuliani running for velociraptor-in-chief.....

update on DFA Al Gore poll

War songs through the years

Yeah, I’m a Democrat. You got a problem with that?

La Raza pulls its KC convention



Check this out!!

Jump on in

First newspaper endorses Joe Biden


New Biden thread

Heres one to kick around in your head.

Play of the Day: Dodd moves to Iowa

Elizabeth Edwards on Current

McCain proves he's senile.

Edwards on Current

Go Left TV: News for October 20, 2007

There is not and won't be "one perfect" candidate!

If you are a Hillary fan, prepare for...

Perfect timing: Bush approval at 24% as Chertofff "vows to step up planning for" domestic IED threat

Questions Remain About US Housing Secretary, friend of W

Edwards wins hearts of state Democrats (red state Oklahoma)

Chris Dodd 'Restore the Constitution' campaign now at $84,261 (9:26 ET)

Early voters grow in importance: "Iowa and New Hampshire are everything."

Rep. Pat. McHenry sent me a feedback form: Gimme some love, help me fill it out.

Louisiana election today

US intelligence does not show Syrian nuclear weapons program, officials say

Ghouliani to social conservatives: "Don't fear me"..."Christianity is all about inclusiveness"

Video: John Edwards on Bill Maher

Interesting NYTimes article

Are You More Liberal Or More Conservative Than The Average DU'er?

Democracy Now: Hillary got more money from weapons manufacturers

Missouri GE poll from today - Clinton tops 4 re-thugs!

Update on Greenwald's Dodd post

delete: posted in wrong forum.

A Canadian columnist looks at Giuliani

Bush Radio: "Every year, Americans grab tackle boxes and head out to their favorite fishing holes"

Since Republicans went out of their way to kill Ms. Clinton's Woodstock

Randall Terry on Rampage Against Giuliani

Wow...a 10 pack of "Jeb Bush For President 08" buttons for ONLY $19.99? I must be DREAMING!

Crooks & Liars: Congressional Republicans have new "three-pronged strategy" for a "comeback" in 2008

Does Hillary's support of a Woodstock museum strike anyone else as a deeply cynical

If you're one of those "demoralized Kucinich fans," check out the "Leave It to Kucinich " video:

The Clinton Surprise

John Edwards campaign manager lobbied on behalf of...Monsanto...

Poll: Barack Obama VS. the Top Republicans

Has any Democratic candidate said War with Iran is completely

Delete please!

Senator Clinton is a smart enough politician to know how a senator's voting record can be twisted


Federico Peña Launches Nevada Latinos for Obama with Events in Reno

Hillary's new TV ad running in NH and Iowa

Kasparov on Real Time

MO POLL: Hillary (and Gore) Looking Good versus Repugs

Ben Stein Crosses Party Lines To Help Franken

Your most remembered W Moment. (the real legacy)

George Clooney Chosen for Board of Clean Energy Company instead of Gore (interesting reason why).

Tinfoil on Turbos....

I finally did it.

Edwards, Richardson, and Dodd Support Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods

Anyone giving Dodd props for saying he will filibuster the FISA bill?? And

Thornburgh to testify for Wecht, say prosecution is politically motivated

Journalists are frigging MORANS

Pelosi Rebukes Stark On His Bush Comments

WP,pg1: Some Say Clinton Model Flawed: Strategy for Appeal in Upstate NY May Not Translate for '08

I noticed the attacks on Obama and Edwards are coming more and more lately.

Limpballs Caught On Tape Mocking Speech of 12 Year Old Graeme Frost

coverage of 'Values Voters' convention (Right Wing watch):

Mitt Romney wants to end "secularism."

HEADS UP: Colbert on Meet the Press with Timbo Tomorrow

Does objectivity matter? (a Rant)

Obama Problem. His message resonates more with

Edwards takes on trade deals and 'corporate Democrats'

Limbaugh auction winner's campaign donations

If you were Karl Rove

Poll about Al Gore

Christians with Guns - Blackwater and the CNP

i find posts suggesting segments of DU Leave and start their own board disturbing

Vote for me, I am Hillary I am

Cheney's Law on PBS

While I don't think that Clinton's win is "invevitable"

Is The Use Of The Word "Cackle" Sexist?

Zogby Poll: Half Say They Would Never Vote for Hillary Clinton for President

Presidential Profile: Edwards delivers stark message

Clinton Defends her Iran Vote

How has your view of Senator Clinton evolved over the past 6 months?

Edwards: I can win across the country; "If Hillary comes to Missouri, we can write it off."

Letter of Joseph R. Biden On Federalism in Iraq

"John Edwards is fighting to Restore Real American Leadership"

Biden hits Obama with experience card: "Look at (Bush) -– he had no experience."

I hate all our candidates!

Predict the nominees for President and Vice-President

Huckabee likens abortion to a holocaust

Storm Lake Times, first newspaper to endorse Biden

Even If You Have Nothing To Hide, Government Surveillance Threatens Your Freedom

Pelosi working on Bush Impeachment?

Obama's decision to do a "gospel tour" with anti-gay fundies makes you feel...

Looking to move from Texas to a Blue State. Convince me it should be your state.

George Washington takes on Ann Coulter's latest outrage ('perfecting' the Jews)

Obama to do gospel tour with radical right singer who crusades against "the curse of homosexuality"

Peace Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning

Gravel Will Not Be Included in Next Presidential Debate, Oct. 30 in Philadelphia

Al Gore leads DFA poll as a write in!

Al Gore is leading the DFA Pulse-Poll!! Go there NOW and vote him even higher.

What do you think of this for a healthcare plan? -

Do you want to get on my nerves?