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Archives: October 15, 2007

Roger Cohen: Coalition of the Reluctant

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 310

Afghanistan struggles with heroin addiction scourge

Maker Halts Sale of Heart Implant Component

Republicans fire back at Sanchez for Iraq war criticism

Craig says he will fight to clear name

AFGHANISTAN: Battling the Taliban With Soviet-era Weapons

Thanks to everyone who made posting in GD tonight

Paris is where you can get answers to life's pressing questions

Woo-hoo! Top10 is up!

Best Hiccup Cure Ever: Thorazine by Rectal Suppository

Ninja Warrior!

Does Obama still smoke?

What's next for GD after smoking?

I'm not Dawn French

Does Hillary Smoke and Eat At Olive Garden?

anybody know what kind of spider this is?

Sheesh....I cannot turn my back on you all for a MINUTE!

Anybody know where this is?

I love a smoker. What should I do?

Anyone seen any "scatological humor" here lately?

Dear Lounge, I am a stranger here, although I've been on DU for over 6 years.

Matcom Beauty Salon Presents: Anal Bleaching

Important question about Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.

15 October ... Millions march in US ... (BBC, "On This Day")

New Republican "NASCAR" Smear On Democrats

Poll question: Should DUers link to websites that support Rudy Giuliani for Prez?

Al Gore and the peace prize

Pinto don't know 'beans'. Question - since I don't speak Spanish

Sen. Craig to File Appeal on Monday

Could contractors be deemed unlawful combatants?

Coultergeist's new book is a flop

Krugman: Gore Derangement Syndrome

Republicans fire back at Sanchez for Iraq war criticism (CNN)

NY Sun’s Seth Gitell tells Fox that Nobel Peace Prize should have gone to Petraeus

Where is Fred Thompson???

Paul Krugman: "What is it about Al Gore that drives right-wingers insane?"

RFK Jr. Talks about Gore; Endorses Hillary, on ABC

Obama: Religion should play role in climate change

Secret Pentagon letters demanding financial records faulted (AP)

Hitchens reflects on death of soldier who enlisted because of pro-war propaganda

Even Right-Wing Wall Street Journal Edit Page Says Wingnut Assault On SCHIP Family Is Bogus

Namibia shuts down mercenary firm, deports 2 US citizens - for Iraq/Afghanistan

"Taxi to the Dark Side,"

In China, new crackdown on dissidents

Independent voters make voices heard

Dems Are the New Republicans - Newsweek

America: exceptional no more?

Krugman; Gore Derangement Syndrome

Some states consider leasing their lotteries (more privatization)

The Janis Joplin effect

Pittsburgh money manager on trial in Ohio case

Something is Rotten in Iraq and the Pentagon

The Man Who Knew Too Much ( Pakistan whistleblower Rich Barlow has his day in court)

The Few, The Proud, Armies of One


Americans have become 'Good Germans' (NYT)

Naomi Klein: Mr. Shock Therapy (Alan Greenspan's crusade for state intervention to save the rich)

Secretary Gates Declares War on the Army Brass

Stop the Corporate Welfare for Agribusiness

The Land of Optimism Is in the Dumps, But Refuses to Accept How It Got There

Robert Fisk: Do You Know the Truth About Lockerbie?

CAMPAIGN 2008 Why Clinton voted with hawks

Big Media: Getting it wrong, letting it slide

Marty Kaplan| The Pet Constitution

Bush, Pelosi, And Congress: Dumb and Dumber / William Cormier

Speaking for the Dead

Time to ban weaponized uranium

Ray McGovern: NSA Spying: What Did Pelosi Know?

The Senate's 'Rebuke' to Bush's Iraq Policy Is a Blueprint for Ethnic Cleansing

House Speaker Pelosi lashes out at antiwar protesters

Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix: Obama’s Clinton Assault Misfires

From Crooks & Liars: NASCAR as Seen from the Left

The New Yorker: Ask the Iraqis

National Review: Draft General Pace (VA Senate)

The Republicans' Petty, Hate-filled, Envy-Driven Attack on Al Gore

In The Kingdom of Fear

Paying for health care is not rocket science! By Jack Lohman

American Tears / Naomi Wolf

Johnn Hari (Independent): Gore tells the truth. His enemies smear him

AlterNet: New York City Is One of the Biggest Destroyers of the Amazon Rainforest

The Reclaim Game

Arctic voice drowning in climatic shift (BBC)

Canary on the Ice Cap

The Plight of the Bumblebee

Independent: Climate deniers to send film to British schools

Sun power to light 100 more Mindanao villages

Cape Wind's latest hurdle just a breeze

European cities tackle climate change on their own (AP/CNN)

Ohio voters support renewable energy, poll finds

Costa Rica President Arias Acts to Protect Leatherback National Park

John Howard Promises To Unveil New Climate Plan -

Australia plagued by feral pigs (BBC)

Candidates On Climate - Among GOPers, Only McCain "Outspoken" On Climate Change - CS Monitor

Brominated Fire Retardants Possibly Linked To Seal Dieoffs -Cape Cod Times

Where the '08 contenders stand on global warming

French Explorer Unveils Plan To Cross Arctic Basin In Airship - Reuters

Scientists Call For Drastic Cutbacks In EU Cod Fishing - Reuters


Think Round: Korean Company Develops Spherical Solar Cell

10/15/07 - University of Illinois - Cryosphere Today - Arctic Anomaly Track Hits Bottom Of Chart

Explaining Global Warming - A Junior High level science lesson

Hu Jintao Addresses Party Congress - Rapid Economic Growth Must Be Top Priority - FT

Solar Cells Technology JV Development

Butterfly not seen in U.S. for 70 years draws tourists to state park

Oil prices settle over $86/barrel, a new record

are they are colleges out there offering "green" degree programs?

Suicide bomber kills six in Iraq checkpoint attack

White House Is Leaning on Interim Appointments

Several U.S. cities snapping over baggy pants

Could contractors be deemed unlawful combatants?

Attack at Iraqi military base kills 5

Younger voters giving GOP the cold shoulder

Attacks Cross Iraq-Turkey Border

Madrid 'bomb plot' trial starts

Turkish general says too early to speak on Iraq move

Putin to go ahead with Iran trip after "plot" report

Oil Hits Record High

Illinois firm recalls beef patties on E.coli scare

IAEA unaware of 'undeclared nuclear facility' in Syria

Huge new dinosaur species found in Argentina

Marine suing producer of training exercise

Al-Qaida associates in N.J.

Report criticizes Medicare drug plan costs

CAMPAIGN 2008 Why Clinton voted with hawks

Animal Control workers hurl pets off bridge in Puerto Rico

Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix: Obama’s Clinton Assault Misfires

Rice Defends Rumsfeld

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 15

AOL to Lay Off 20 Percent of Staff

Ohio: Investment scandal trial begins

AOL to cut one-fifth of global work force

Pentagon Faulted for Security Letters

Gov. (Schwarzenegger) signs bills to track bullets, ban toxic toys

Silly String Finally On Its Way to Iraq (seriously...)

Obama pledges an army of teachers

Craig: Romney 'threw me under the campaign bus'

Clinton would use violence against Tehran

Blackwater Vies for Jobs Beyond Guard Duty

3 Americans win Nobel economics prize

Oil tops $85 for the first time

New Zealand activists held in 'anti-terrorism' raids

Saddam's US jailer goes on trial

Rice: Now is time for Palestinian state

U.S. Stocks Drop After Citigroup Says Consumer Credit Worsening

Greenpeace Targets Apple’s iPhone

Civilians 'killed in Nato raid'

Spending Outpaces Donations for Romney and Giuliani

S.E.I.U. Labor Groups in 10 States Endorse

Internet paedophile suspect tracked to Thailand after Interpol appeal

Group Plans to Provide Investigative Journalism: Funded by Democrats critical of Bush

House GOP likely to uphold health veto

Verizon Says It Turned Over Data Without Court Orders: Letter Details Government Requests

Laura Bush plans six-day tour of the Middle East

Chertoff may void judge's order to halt border fence

U.S. soldier killed by sniper fire in Tikrit

Turkish government draws up motion for Iraq incursion

Senior Air Force purchasing official found dead

Farm Disease Prompts National Security Concern

Wife of (Oral Roberts) university president denies nights alone with 'underage male'

Clinton: No Nukes for Iran

New suspicion over Kelly death - MP

Smithfield, union fail to reach deal at pork plant

First U.S. baby boomer applies for Social Security

Insommiacs Check In Here!

Worst NFL teams of all time (by season)


me & Southpawkicker just got referred to as 'lounge people'...

I Made a Mistake

I just saw motor coach one on the way to work..

Does anyone know what happened to southlandshari?

New REM cd/dvd drops tomorrow

Does the Moran go to this church?

Chai lovers: Costco now selling "Chumba Chai" (identical to Big Train Spiced Chai)

Knock me over with a feather! The Chargers won a game... FINALLY

I am BEYOND stressed

What is the monetary limit for small claims court?

To the BonJovi haters.

PayPal wants me to UPDATE my account information (again)

Dear Lounge, I am a straggler here, although I've been on DU for almost a year.

Office hours...

Unfortunately, DS1 and matcom are too good at Photoshop for me to post TM's homecoming pic.

Brown Recluse warning. *WARNING! GRAPHIC!*

Do you know Jack Schitt?

Why didn't you get a Nobel Prize this year?

Check your mental ability

Anyone else glad John Cena is out for at least 6 months?

Did anyone see Bill Cosby on MTP yesterday?

DU: A visual tour

WTF is going on?

flu shot.


God forgive me, but I just don't understand the appeal of recent Allan Holdsworth material.

Faith Hill photoshop -- have you guys seen this?

I just wandered into the "September 11" forum...

Two-year old boy videotaped smoking a blunt by mother, friends

LIberals Do It Longer...

I am weary of putting on the happy face...

If Gagne is anywhere near the bull pen

Laundry Room Woes :'(

Man, I've become this beacon for depressed women everywhere

are you right brained or left brained? Cool quick test:

Does anyone know where newyawker99 is?

Who is this beautiful woman standing next to...

Need ideas for a refugee lab (retreiver) from Afghanistan

The PERFECT Christmas gift for that annoying fundy in your life...

VItally important poll

The Most Memorable Week In My Life

I think I'm the dumbest smart person I know.

"Smokers" is the word of the day. Replace a word in a thread with "Smokers"

A rainy afternoon off, good munchies, and some Vincent Price movies.

My wisdom tooth extraction is scheduled for October 30th...

"fun size" candy

I never thought smoking or not smoking could be so much fun!


"Ha ha! Stan doesn't have a friend! He's like 'America, The Guy'"

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette!

Cigarettes don't kill people. People kill people.

Sometimes I like to wear Redqueen's sexy outfits... what does that say about me?

Paula Dean you moron, 'brats' is pronounced "Brahts", not "BrAAAAts"

Thrilling question:

Is anybody else planning to be the turtle-liking zombie kid for Halloween?

Wow, the Detroit Lions didn't lose yesterday!

nonsmokers need to "get tough"

Perfect gift for a friend or relative who works in retail!

i just got back from flavor country

big hugs to all you michigan DUers

Oh. I'm sorry is my cigarette bothering you?

Anybody got a cigarette?


I'm sure no one will miss me

Ok - is this natural? If so, it looks deformed

Any Geologists here?

Airbus A-380 Finally Delivered

redqueen wears sexy outfits to Olive Garden

Surgery where? Women aim to boost sex lives

Happy anniversary, dolo amber!

I've been gone since Wednesday. What did I miss?

Macadamia Nuts Are Cheap In Hawaii

Oh, NO - the unthinkable has happened!! I've passed into the "Over 1000 posts" category - without

Question: When you are selecting sex threads to view, do you....

I had to arm myself last night to confront a trespasser.

Just tried to buy bread using my "introductory" checks!

Physics people: At what point does Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity become a "law"?

Did you know that every morning you are making financial decisions?

Adding buddy error


Book burning party at JPgray's this weekend!

Bra burning party at JPgray's this weekend!

Wow just Wow

I just got a check for $980 from my college!

I have the solution to both school safety AND Chinese lead problems!

What have you done today to immanentize the Eschaton?

SO... when did the lounge become GD jr.????

Quick! I need a woman 18-55!

Happy 64th Birthday, Penny Marshall!

Quick! I need a woman 30-45!

I just noticed, I've posted over 15000 messages!

Sometimes I like to wear sexy outfits... what does that say about me?

Just tried to buy a hooker using my "introductory" checks!

Dennis Kucinich on Colbert Tonight!

Damn it, why do I always get the table with the wobbly legs?

It's the "Reply with a picture" thread! (Dial-up warning probably)

So I Hear The Lounge Is Going Non-Smoking...

The preacher and the saloonkeeper

***** Happy Birthday SeattleGirl Sweet Sixteen plus *****

How do I get rid of Yahoo toolbar?

Junk Food Hangover...

David Ortiz has been playing baseball for HOW long?

Where the hell is George Stephenson's Rocket?

I used Power Tools last night - ask me anything

Dear Lounge, I am a strangler here, although I've been on DU for over 3 years.

Go back in time..100 years.. Take only 1 suitcase & a hand cart with you

Counting the cars on the NJ Turnpike



Get Ready To Say "That is some ugly dog" Warning...Evil Dog Picture

I Propose We Invade The Lounge And Depose the Leader

Update on taking in the abandoned boy: Swimming with lawyers today...

"Aliens in America" -- Hilarious!!! While those people in GD...

Have you ever cheated

"Across the Universe" wasn't at all what it was advertised to be

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

If the PhD program doesn't work next year, that's it. I'm done.

coolest smoker in movies or on tv.

So yeah but.....................

I'm in a Seal kind of mood tonight

Today is my liquid diet prep for the colonoscopy I have tomorrow...(Talk to me?)

"I'm gonna learn to love that bitch."

I love you.

Blankety blank blank blank!

are you a democrat?

I could go on and on about Republican hypocrisy, lies, and the politics of personal destruction.

Indiana Jones Fever Rocks Two Central California Towns

I'm, once again, buzzed on booze! Ask me anything!

A squirrel has been hiding peanuts in my yard all morning.

"Dancing" with the "Stars"

I'm in a "Good Will Hunting" kind of mood.

Any Folk Implosion fans?

Question: When you are selecting threads to view, do you....

I have lost my sense of humor...

Cthulu is my co-pilot

Joey, have you ever been to a turkish prison?

Isn't it about time they finally banned spitting in baseball?

Mandatory Sex Thread #1 10/15/07

God Cleveland is such a shit city

Screw off

how much should I grovel to EarlG to get him to let me moderate again?

Where the hell is Johnny Rocket's?

Evidently Chickentown

TMI, y'all.


Has anyone seen the "Smile" concert DVD?


In one word, describe your mood at the moment

Hey guys! Free peanuts!

Anyone else watched (or watching) the Power of Nightmares?


Goodbye Lounge - I am going to GD!

Songs you avoid cause they put you into a bad place?


Yeah, but uh...

Note to self: Don't use the cheapass corner liquor store EVER again

Ok, i beyond hate this song

Fuck Swanson's frozen dinners

The Great Gatsby - What a joke

Hey, I have not talked to billyskank OR Oeditpus Rex

I'm Fuming Right Now, And Am Gonna Vent. Fuck Chase Bank.

Do you know what your Dad's Name is?

I am now on my third evening in a row having a headache!

Nicholson to paparazzi: "When you eat that f***ing light, that's when I'll tell you how dinner was"

Smokers should pay even higher taxes. And be subject to long jail terms.

Monday, October 15th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Post something about yourself that most people on DU don't know

Ladies of DU: do you get tired of being treated like a rabbit's ass...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread 10/15/07

Driving up and down a rock near Moab, Utah - photo and videos

Paris Hilton: 'I want to leave a mark on the world'

Annotated photo of entire southwestern U.S. (dialup warning: 1 Mb)

Saw Elizabeth, The Golden Age. No spoiler except it sucked.

I spent the morning picking pecans with two little kids age 2 and 4, they had the best time.

Do you know what your Dead Name is?

What's everybody's current obsession?

Another Fabulous Day At School....

Radiohead's Mercy Upon Us Mere Mortals Knows NO Ends

mmm, homemade bread and 16 bean soup...what's for dinner at your place?

I leave friday for 2 weeks in Australia- I'm excited beyond words!

Name some movies you think everyone should watch

If the Indians win the ALCS, Matcom's life will be in danger

SO... when did jesus become God jr.?

A friend needs some of those patented LOUNGE VIBES

My elderly kitty likes to wander outside sometimes

My Alzheimer's stepdad now has very advanced prostate cancer; this is it

Dentist claims breast rubs appropriate

my mother-in law has passed away

Grandson needs ideas for cool science project. Due in 2 weeks. 6th grade.

Goonies vs PeeWee's Big Adventure

Game 4: Diamondbacks vs. Rockies: The OFFICIAL game thread!

Behold! The almighty Breakfast Machine!

I am in terrible trouble! (GRE math)

HOLY CRAP! Who would eat this damn thing??

I'm off to dog class.

What would it take to get you to leave DU?

I'm bored

RIP Larry, Mr. Bullwinkle925, 1929-2007: His long struggle ended today

Newspaper article on my new book!

I just talked to billyskank!

30 Days of Night.

I'd like to direct you all to Yahoo's recipe of the week: Cornflake-crusted chicken!

are you right brained or left brained? Cool quick test:


Canadians! Anbody ever heard the song "Yolanda Wong" by a group (?) called Andre?

Post a song that changes your mood for the better...

Post pics that you've never had an excuse to post before

Want to hear what happens when you combine a zero tolerance policy and a idiot elementary admin. ?

What are the best protest songs ever?

1/4 white onion, two garlic cloves, some oyster mushrooms...and whip cream

Whose Your Favorite TV Chef?

Deciding who goes, where and when

Secret DoD letters demanding records faulted

Casey says he is working to cut time deployed

Embassy in Iraq may cut Blackwater ties

Major comes out of retirement to teach ROTC

2,400 Oklahoma Guardsmen to deploy to Iraq

Leaders, experts slam Time article on Osprey

Wasp, Enterprise, Kearsarge now on duty in Persian Gulf

Report: Hill Must Fight Terror Funding

U.S. Military Denies Quran Desecration

Health Center Named After Astronaut

NOMWC Takes Over UUV Program

Reaper UAV now in Afghanistan

New AF Hospital Complex Opens at Anaconda

Grieving Parents Find Comfort in Each Other

F-16 crash blamed on pilot disorientation

A-10s Packin' Serious 'Heat'

Female weapons manager earns chief master sgt.

Mustache of Freedom update

Turkish General Warns U.S. Ties on Ice

Recruiting Top Airmen Priority No.1

Report: DDG 51s heavily damaged by ‘bow slams’

2,700 Marines set to start Philippine exercise

Ohio guardsman recruits brother, earns $2K

*** Edwards Gets A Boost:

Smithfield Walks Away from Table: YOUR HELP NEEDED!


Annville-Cleona faculty rejects arbitrator’s report

Imperial Sugar Company Announces Three–Year Agreement with Louisiana Union

NFL: Lingering injuries lead former stars to support players

Cemetery workers reject pact ( included a four-day work week)

Nursing home sale concerns officials (Carlyle Group)

Seneca students walk out to protest strike

Burger King: You Can’t Have It Your Way

NYT: No Need for a Warrant, You’re an Immigrant

By Julius Getman Professor of Law, University of Texas: Right to Organize, Right to Strike

A slow fade for free trade

Save My Home Hotline Set Up for Union Members

OSHA should've acted sooner on popcorn

Striking Nurses Locked Out at Five Bay Area Hospitals

AFL-CIO survey shows most mortgage owners lack understanding

Terry McGurrin impersonates George Bush - Part 1

Bill O'Reilly in the Year 2022

Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against Extreme Interrogation (clip from "The View")

Kucinich Campaign update 10-15-07

John Edwards congratulates Al Gore

Nancy Pelosi, Think about it!


Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Iowa Momentum

Ann Coulter's Idea Of Heaven

Moment of Change: Right to Organize

What Happens to Republican Children When They're Bad!

Brave New Films - The Real Giuliani: Radios

New suspicion in Kelly's death

The Education President

The Byrds - He Was a Friend of Mine

What would you do with 14 million, John Edwards asks?

Bill Moyers: The Secret Government.... great doc. 2 parts

Meet Bethany (another child saved by SCHIP)

Dark car may have bumped Diana's car

John Kerry Phonebanks for Niki Tsongas

Knollenberg's (R- MI) Crazed Staffer Confronts Protester: "You're not a citizen...I speak for Joe"


Anyone else worried about Portland and Seatle this week?

Hmmm.... What Do You Think Is Going On Here ??? - Al-Qaeda In Iraq Reported Crippled

Arraignment for Donkers reset Mom got national attention for breastfeeding on highway

Very good. 63 members of Progressive Democrats of America. I created a forum for you.

Feedback, please...

Anyone know when Jill Simpson is going to testify before the Judiciary committe?

To those that espouse the nobility of the American Spirit

So Al Qaeda is defeated in Iraq: discussion on WJ

Alrighty then: Dwarf Manatees.

‘Shelters’ planned for 300,000 Alabama residents

Erik Prince on Today now

Rush Puts Positive Spin On Phony Soldiers Comment

Sen. Craig to file appeal

UN envoy tells Myanmar to halt arrests at once

Gore Derangement Syndrome: Bravo Krugman


The Class of 2000: Where are they now?

Slowpoke TOON : The Reclaim Game

Print media ignored Bush's reported 2000 statement on "genocidal campaign" against Armenians

Wisconsin GOP chair faces charges in enticement of teenage boy

He is a prisoner being punished in order to protect his jailers.

Guru of greed: The cult of selfishness

Oil tops $85 per barrel

Fox Business Channel is OPEN for business...

Chicago Transit budget crisis could eliminate half of all bus routes, strand commuters

Want a strategy to defeat every Blackwater loving member of the GOP?

Where can you get draft al gore shirts and bumper stickers?

"Open Letter to Rep. John Conyers"

Anyone listening to Scott Horton on WJ re Blackwater

Lt. Gen Ricardo Sanchez taped speech from 10/12 on CSPAN now

Why doesn't Bush just give a presidential pardon to Sen. Larry Craig like he did for Scooter Libby?

Gore's Nobel Win Greeted with Cheers by Europeans

This Modern World Right-wing blogger discovers shocking YouTube video of toddler's birthday party!

Please vote: Al Gore. Lower right side.

Iraqis that helped Bush with his brutal occupation are now running for their lives

Bush gave license to 2 Telcom companies 2 break the law!

View' co-host going on maternity leave......

Any single guys wanting to meet a lot of good looking Democratic women? Go to a Clinton rally

This needs to be repeated over and over again...

Corruption in Iraq may be so bad that it has actually nullified the "surge"

If you have not read this already, please do.

Blackwater to take on Big Defense Contractors for More Lucrative Contracts (Media Blitz)

If you haven't already become a supporter: Co-op America

"The Prophecies of Asu-Three streams of the river"

Dahr Jamail on Dem. Now! today: Dispatches From an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq

Revealed: the man behind court attack on Gore film

Carville: "running for president is like sex: you don’t do it once and forget about it"

Caption Time! President Puddles Edition ((PICS))

Religious Cult Helped Get Bush Elected ?

Help! Northern Calif. Dog Lovers

Horrible Theocracy Email I got from my relatives and my response...

Spinning Gore

Iraq: Let's call it a day? Declaration of Victory over Al Qaeda? Can we leave now?

WaPo reporter killed in Iraq by Army solider (al-Sadhr militia)? A Sunni from US-aligned group?

The really rich aren't like the rest of us...

Wisconsin GOP chair faces charges in enticement of teenage boy

Please help debunk this SCHIP LTTE.

Craig to Appeal Judge’s Refusal to Let Him Withdraw Guilty Plea

Pentagon, With Little Oversight, Conspired With FBI To Spy On Americans

I never thought smoking or not smoking could be so much fun!

I hid arrest from wife, admits Sen. Larry Craig

Passionate protesters on both sides of immigration debate turn out in Irving.

White-collar and other prosecutions fall during Bush administration

Peter Bergen: "US didn’t strike in Pakistan for fear of toppling Musharraf"

Imagine a Universe with no polls...

GOP, batten down the hatches: A huge storm is coming

U.S. maternal death rate higher than Europe's: report

Conservatives and Al Gore's Nobel

Is there a middle-class squeeze? Experts debate

"hailstone the size of coconuts" - good gads! as Amelia would say

Citibank Implosion - Next Northern Rock?

Families held hostage by health-care costs

Turkey Wants Approval For Military Operation Within Iraq

ACLU: Pentagon, FBI Misusing Secret Info Requests

It's premature to declare victory because of the civil war?

Waxman Has "Been Quietly" Pressing Investigation Into Pre-War Lies

Who Hates Americans?

Admitted Cunningham Briber Mitchell Wade Testifies in Brent Wilkes case

Can a group as fractious as DU agree on what the Democratic Party should stand for?

Fox News: Gore’s Never ‘Actually Done Something For Peace;’ Give Petraeus The Prize

Democrats Divided on ‘No Child’ Reauthorization

How are the House and Senate leadership elected?

Strangers rescued girl from flaming wreckage, tried to save couple.

Is the surge REALLY working in Iraq? . . . Not like the media would have you believe.

"When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History" by Thom Hartmann

Jason --- uh, I mean sL-IMUS won't die. Will be back on the air in December

Graeme Frost’s parents on Countdown tonight.

What is there's a shoe sale going on?

What capitalism currently stands for or can be defined as

Are you happy with the Democratic field or do you think it needs a white knight riding in?

The line of Repubs House Members Announcing They Will Not Run for Reelection Grows Longer...

Bush digs in for budget fight

Hiding behind wife's skirts

What? No clip or link to what happened today on "The View"...

The PERFECT Christmas gift to send the Whitehouse....not kidding!

Anyone watching this lunatic Bush on MSNBC

Cindy Sheehan: Read Matthew 7:3

The SWIFTING of the Dem Party is worsening...Thats the only way to Pub Victory, Denigrate/Distort

Fox's John Gibson guessed Ohio shooter was black and listened to hip hop. Wrong.

Aide To Top Appropriations Republican Subpoenaed In Earmark Bribe Probe

Bush friends and GOP officials: Bush is "somewhat disinterested" in the Republican race for his job

WMD Chaser, Scott Ritter, Spreads Anti-War Advice

Run, Al, Run

What is this rubbish discussion on MSNBC

God Bless Paul Krugman - "Gore Derangement Syndrome"

Kurds signing legally questionable oil deals

Several U.S. cities snapping over baggy pants

Dimbulb Has Lunch at the Whole Hog Cafe ---pix--->>>

CBS News: Six prominent Sunni jihadist groups form the "Political Council of the Iraq Resistance"

Rudy Ready To Save Us From An Alien Attack

Things to remember before the media turns up the "Dems are the same as Repubs" meme

The Incredible Vision of the Man Who Should be President...

GAO report on boot camp abuses October 10 it and weep.

As officer slayings rise, a new brutality surfaces

Gore will speak in Chicago on Wednesday

Oil closes at over $86.00 per barrel!

FRONTLINE presents CHENEY'S LAW, Tuesday, October 16, 2007, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS

CNN again!!!!!!!

"Is That Big Brother in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?"

I am so tired of being angry!!!

AAAAGHHHH! Lionel is in for Randi!

Rice Defends Rumsfeld over petition to block appt. to Stanford

Stop Tossing Out Catalogs-Save Some Trees

A Reason Not To Like The Mormon Church:

"Flame Warriors" Some Humor about all the Rancor around here lately

ATA Airlines detains passenger for using iPhone in 'airplane mode'

Clinton would use violence against Tehran

OK, so you're Gore's campaign manager. Your assignment is--

Fascinating view of Tehran.

Here's a current e-mail conversation I'm having with one of my RW friends:

Shepherd Smith just said that humans and robots will be marrying and having sex by 2050.

So the Military isn't quite ready to issue a Declaration of Victory over Al-Queda?

Mark Green: Why 2008 will be a Perfect Storm for Republicans

Craig: Romney 'threw me under ... bus'

Christian vs Christ Follower (Mac vs PC parody)

Dimson on tv answering pre approved questions from a carefully vetted audience right now

Yay for Barbara Walters!

Hey Congress: Al says Americans deserve more protection

Apartheid Impact

The Neo-Conservative Bill of NON-Rights

Bush says protectionism will cost American jobs

The Bill of Rights for Dummies

He's on's so painful to listen, it hurts viscerally...

Mukasey Approved Secret Warrants Allowing Government Roundups Of Muslims After 9/11

Investigation into Rudy Giuliani

My wife drove by TOPOFF 4 today in North Portland....

I knew a little Jewish lady who converted to a Holy Roller. Ann, she wasn't exactly perfect.

Holding Your Own Umbrella Is Hard Werk! ---pix--->>>

Another fantastic Gore toon featuring Clinton and Obama

A Kennedy Speech

Condi wants peace in Palestine

Beyond 2009

Cancer Death Rates Dropping Fast

Hillary was on The View today.

Dirty Little Trick #33,671

So, if Graeme Frost Had Just Remained As A Fetus Or Wound Up in A Vegatative State

Feingold to Bush: Stop misleading Americans on interrogation policy

FauxNews' Shepard Smith refers to Lary Craig as Larry "I'm not gay" Craig.

Bush 2K: "I would ensure that our nation properly recognizes the tragic suffering of the Armenians"

Kucinich is going to be on The Colbert Report tonight.

Must-read Glenn Greenwald on Telecom Amnesty

From Talk Left: FISA and S-CHIP Updates and Actions Alerts

S.E.I.U. Labor Groups in 10 States Endorse Edwards - NYTimes

Oh so Funny Repukes Use The Simpsons to Fight SChip and MoveOn

NYT front page Video about Kabul Golf Course

SCOTUS not happy with Slappy Thomas' book

Mukasey approved secret warrants allowing government roundups of Muslims after 9/11

Namibia spanks mercenary firm, sends them home!!

President’s Budget to Cut Education Spending

Wife of university president denies nights alone with 'underage male'

Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Fuckscrews

Muslims unite In Message to Bush.....

If god exists he\she\it has a hell of a sense of irony

The mythology of Ralph Nader and 2000

The Farm Bill Comes Due

Religious Right Funding Increases, AU Research Shows

As the body breaks

Michael Eric Dyson on Hardball is one of the best debaters I have ever seen

Group Plans to Provide Investigative Journalism

Ref benches teen soccer player because of headscarf in Florida

Watching the Bus Plunge (re: Right Wing attacks on Frost family)

David Crosby and Graham Nash on Hairballz

Did I just hear tweety equate the Dixie Chicks statement...

FISA help: doesn't current law allow intercepts to begin immediately

McCain: Russia out, India and Brazil in G8

Would a Gore Campaign Raise Awareness For Global Warming?

Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills Own Family

Animal Control workers hurl pets off bridge in Puerto Rico

Impeachment: WTF is everyone afraid of? And why? nt

"The Brethren Express" secret campaigning by the elusive Exclusive Brethren

The "phony" Generals are coming out from the shadow

Ex-centerfold is unlikely savior for Haitian kids

Al Gore/Current TV ?

Dragonfly or Insect Spy? Scientists at Work on Robobugs

Former Alaska state rep., Tom Anderson, gets five years.

Parents Petition School District For Change In Lunch Policy

Group Plans to Provide Investigative Journalism (Pro Publica)

Chimps exaggerate calls for help (BBC)

House Dems Release Fiery Response To Latest GOP Wiretapping Claims

China Pulls Out of Iran Strategy Session

Troops' Recurring Nightmare in Iraq

Crosby and Nash coming up on Hardball

Sen. Ted Stevens' Office: CBS "Distorts" Facts on Pork

Gen Sanchez is now on cspan1 very good

I'm going to see Obama tomorrow afternoon.

"violence in (SW) Asia is simple to explain: the Taliban, reconstituted after the defeat of 2001"

Conyers wants answers on pre-9/11 NSA program.

Mike Keefe's cartoon in the Denver Post

How Do I Put this Nicely Without Offending Anyone?

Should education programs be cut so we can save Social Security?

Is the Clinton campaign feminist ?

Ultralight guided Cranes to Florida

Troops in Europe, Mideast speak out on Sanchez’s criticisms

Florida New Headache

Manhood road ad 'very successful'

Waxman Hunting for Bush Lies

Raw Story: Radio Hosts Slam Top Dems For Reluctance To Consider Impeachment (David Swanson Quoted)

cnn reporting on turkey and northern iraq....some bad stuff

Hip Hop Summit - Get Your Money Right

Senator clinton Welcomes New Partnership Between Torvec, Inc. and Lockheed Martin

little fucker tucker never shuts up ...watching Real Time

Why Gore needs to make a decision SOON (and Please Run!!!)

Outraged about SCHIP veto? Join Tuesday's DC vigil

A united Ireland by 20??

Who else "played" with mercury as a kid?

WTF CNN allowing Rick Sanchez to rip into the military industrial complex?

Do you want some of our troops to stay in Iraq permanently?

Another loss for the Right Wing over Intelligent Design?

"second-highest ranking member of the Air Force’s procurement office...dead of an apparent suicide"

Turkey Takes Step Toward Iraq Operation

Youth Issues Group?

Reporter's "Shield Law"

Why is a Matt Blunt campaign ad appearing on DU?

Clinton Details Foreign Policy Agenda

mp3 players

just setting here eating my evening meal and watching Countdown and thinking

Rachel Maddow on Abrams (MSNBC now - 9:02pm est)

Hate Mailbag??

Bill just admitted it on his show!

Tweety's Interview with Crosby Stills and Graham Nash...will leave tears running down....Tape It!

Lou Dobbs moving to 7PM opposite Tweety in November

Democrats More Undecided Than Polls Suggest

Government agencies run by temps

The State of US Democracy

What is the Optimal Number of Parties in a Healthy Democracy

Debra Cagan's magical mystery tour of little-known European and Eurasian capitals

Voter purge riles group

Michelle Malkin gets the boot from Bill O'Reilly's show

So yeah but.....................

Blackwater Security in Iraq could very well be UNLAWFUL COMBATANTS.

Olberman re: Graeme Frost --->>>

Chertoff May Void Judge's Order to Halt Border Fence

Have a few laughs at Bush's expense on a Monday afternoon

Wisconsin Republican Leader Charged in Teen Sex Scandal

How Will George Bush Satisfy His Psychopathic Urges After He Leaves Office?

Meet Bethany.

NOTE TO RUSH: GOP Pushed Turkish 'Genocide' Resolution in the U.S. House in 2000 and Again in 2005

Oxy Moran ---pix--->>>

Al Gore is John Galt??? Hell no, he's Cool Hand Luke.

"Pimp & Ho" parties: how tacky are they?

Lurking Freeptards: Quit the Target-bashing, look up some facts for a change

New Chimp Photo

Top Air Force Official Dies in Apparent Suicide

Increasing adolescent suicide rate

You know, I don't usually like to bring up Laura Bush's tragic accident....

Judge Asked to Reconsider $220,000 Award - AP

Oh, yeah? Well, "When MARS ATTACKS, Giuliani's ready"

NSA Spying: What Did Pelosi Know? - By Ray McGovern

Played with mercury? LOL We hid in fields to get sprayed by crop dusters as kids

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Peter Werbe subs for Mike

How did David Kelly kill himself and THEN remove and dispose of his gloves?

CAN'T WE just put GORE on the BALLOT?!

Top Air Force procurement officer commits suicide under mysterious circumstances

Is crime worse under Democratic or Republican Administrations?

Rice mum on Israeli strike on Syria

A New Hampshire Write-In for Gore Can Win (Brent Budowsky)

Free to Good Home

Looks like Romney broke the evangelical glass ceiling-Bob Jones university Deans endorses him

CONYERS requests details & documents about potentially unlawful surveillance activities before 9/11

Donald Trump just called bush out on the war.


This post on this site talking about Ann Coulter,

why are anti war t shirts illegal?

Reporting The Obama Campaign Coast-to-Coast: Democrats More Undecided Than Polls Suggest

The Contents of Dennis Kucinich's Pockets

I'm Afraid They Are Taking Down The Scenery

Who was worse? Lee Atwater or Karl Rove

Why does Blue Cross need to know my medical history...

Provision makes child-porn defense tougher, lawyers say

Administration's Oct. 9 al-Qaeda lie laid bare today by the Joint Special Operation Command in Iraq

Malkin quits The O’Reilly Factor

CBS Busted! Caught Plagiarizing... WingNutDaily!

Is this what we have to decide?

On CNN: Neo-nazis in Israel. They came in via immigration from Russia.

Telecoms barred from disclosing spying (state secrets privilege formally invoked)

Terror exercise is all set to BLAST Portland on Tuesday (Like the headline?)

Supreme Court Gives Gore’s Nobel to Bush - w/ photo proof :)

ACLU: Hundreds of New Documents Reveal Expanded Military Role in Domestic Surveillance

NC Gov Mike Easley public address --ALL COUNTIES across NC to go to MANDATORY WATER RESTRICTIONS ...

Gore "won't endorse Hillary?" Hmmm....

Abizaid: ‘We’ve Treated The Arab World As A Collection Of Big Gas Stations’

"War on Christmas" silliness comes early to suburban Detroit

Possible House pick up: Berkowitz (D), leads Rep. Don Young in Alaska

The "thing" is on my tee vee set!!!!!!!!!!

Man Dies in Custody at Canadian Airport

Matt Lauer - We'll have Coulter on Today if she has a Vital View on something

Just another day..of Bombs Away....

Thom Hartman is doing an extremely good job

An End to Straw Men on DU

The Religious Right May Be More Powerful Than Ever In 2008

Department of Veterans Affairs Reports 73 THOUSAND U.S. Gulf War Deaths

Radio hosts slam top Democrats for reluctance to consider impeachment

Fed probe into boot camp death could bring obstruction charge

Al Gore gets Current with Web 2.0

Graeme Frost’s parents on Countdown

How buttkissing can CNN get

Two little things I've gotten real tired of

Here's a photo that will break your heart:

# 44.... will be GORE!

Schwarzenegger Vetoes DREAM Act

An hour with Blackwater's Eric Prince -- Charlie Rose Show on PBS tonight

How to build a bigger Democratic majority! Kerry phone-banks for Tsongas

Hitchens is more of a gin-tossed ass in person than I ever imagined.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

New evidence released points to Dr. David Kelly's death as murder, not suicide.

Write your Congressperson and ask them to oppose HR 3685!

Absolutely no one can screw up a country (Afghanistan) like Bush can

Dennis Kucinich For President!!

How the New Deal was passed: Hint: There were a hell of a lot

Feingold confronts Bush: Stop lying to Americans about CIA interrogation tactics

With the GOP offering a slate of fools, does Bloomberg get in?

BUSHCO's "Fiasco" Working Out Just The Way It Was Planned-Million Deaths & All

How do you refrain from telling rethug friends, family, or work buddies how FUCKED UP they are?

What is your view, of The View since Rosie left?

Breaking News: Hillary Clinton pledges to end war "immediately" upon taking office

"There is no difference between Democrats and Republicans"--echoes of 2000?

"Why Nader wanted to see Gore lose in 2000" by Jeff Weintraub

Stop Unconstitutional Funding of Creationism in Public Schools.

70-90K Salary: In DC, Too Much to Qualify for Assistance, Too Little to Afford to Buy a Home >

60 grams of fat for breakfast! (AP/CNN)

Al Gore will succeed, again.

Threat Level Image Generator

Wealthy colleges questioned about costs

Amazing. Many of our mothers and grandmothers

Jon Stewart is "Gettin' all up in Tony Snow's Grill!!!" Right Now! On TDS!

Fundies are the TRUE beneficiary of America’s religious freedom

Unions do more to help Democrats win elections than anyone else I know.

The Independent frontpage and Steve Bell on the Lib Dem leader's resignation

Dennis Kucinich on Colbert TONIGHT!

ACLU: Hundreds of New Documents Reveal Expanded Military Role in Domestic Surveillance

Armenian genocide and FDR coup

"when I'm elected President I'm going to see that they are arrested"

for the lefties bashing Pelosi for the Armenian Genocide resolution

Don't Let our Soldiers Die in Vain

Is it possible to be pro-police, yet not an authoritarian yutz?

When does criticism turn into bashing and when does the herd effect replace reason?

How Comcast Censors Political Content

Reps. Kucinich and Waxman Request Information on Hunt Oil Deal

Krugman misunderstands the Press War on Gore

Dennis Kucinich On The Colbert Report Now

Army Of One

Some Monday dinnertime wisdom from Noam Chomsky:

On The View, Whoopi asked Clinton to list her 1st three tasks upon winning the Presidency:

Kennedy, O'Connor, Scalia and Thomas...the sad, sad repercussions of your decisions...

My brother is coming HOME!

Randi Rhodes mugged!!

DLC is not part of the Democratic Party

Who is John Galt?

Clooney, DiCaprio to Make Howard Dean Movie

Check out this awesome billboard!

Man dies after Taser shock by police at Vancouver airport.

An End to Bigotry on DU

Men walk to end violence against women

I've been watching 'The Power of Nightmares'...finished parts I and II tonight...

Sometimes I do believe in the death penalty

Cindy Sheehan: Matthew 7:3 (Look It Up)

Newsweek: Dems Are the New Republicans

Failing Schools Strain to Meet No Child Law

Ok here is the foundational philosophy for the US

"The United States, as the world knows, will never start a war."

Bill-O's ratings

Al Gore speaks out on healthcare, privacy, and Iraq!

I am sick and tired of two names in American politics: Bush and Clinton

The NDP is just plain DISGUSTING!!!!

I'd like to suggest another POV re: immigration, Canadian & Mexican borders. *Open* borders for all,

Romney: " Marijuana Is "A Plague To Our Country"

Gore is now running for president.

Abizaid "we've treated the arab world as a colllection of big gas stations"

The Chimp Looks Totally Deranged Today ---pix--->>>

Active-Duty Military Members Will Hold a Press Conference Calling For An End to The US Occupation

...but I like it because it is bitter, and because it is my heart... (long post)

Rush Limpball's OUTRAGEOUS ebay auction (and what we can do about it)

Nacchio and Qwest: Another Political Prosecution?

Link to a hopeful statement about Biden

Brand new Biden video

Biden's National strategy for combatting breast cancer

And one more new Biden video

what is the date of the New Hampshire primary?

ACLU Lifetime Ratings of the Candidates

This video needs another rec to make it 5

I hate to even post this, but

More from Iraq on the Biden amendment

I've been researching the bankruptcy bill

Aaarrrrghhhh! Check this out - NO mention of Biden's plan

Biden at it again - this time with Myanmar

Hello Biden supporters. Your candidate has won me over!

Nice to see Biden included in the "possibilities".

CA Overdose Treatment Bill Signed by Governor (from Harm Reduction Coalition)

WSJ--How Housing Turmoil Could Hurt Republicans in '08

Republican rivals turn on Romney

Who will you support?

South Carolina state Rep. Harold Mitchell (now) backing Clinton

Hillary's Campaign Is Efficient, Tough, Joyless: Albert R. Hunt

Obama not black enough to be President

Clinton's team says women will carry win

Does Anyone Know a Place on The Internet to Watch Gore's 2002 Speech Ripping the IWR?

Say something nice about a candidate who isn't your first choice thread.

NZ police hold 17 in terror raids (BBC)

Which states could Kucinich win that Obama and Clinton could not?

Howard Dean raises millions, and he's a hero.

Rasmussen: McCain and Clinton are Neck-and-Neck

I'm shocked -- shocked! -- that so many politicians are acting like politicians!!!

If Hillary is really a republican, why does the "right" hate her so?

In VA, GOP Cuts Off Primary Voters In Finding Opponent For Mark Warner

Why are claims of a new facist America becoming more numerous right now?

Building a Long-Term Democratic majority

Interesting article about Kucinich

The Rude Pundit: Hey, Conservative Rudy Lovers: Read What He Wrote About Illegal Immgrants in 1997

Update: Thousands of Obama faithful line up in Madison to see their man

(Indiana) State Dems line up for Hillary Clinton

Laura and Condi start new venture with Stan..

CNN NOW streaming Obama's event LIVE from Madison. Link below.

Silence greets Thompson's plan on Social Security; Risk seen in calling for cuts (Boston Globe)

Edwards gets Iowa SEIU endorsement

Per MSNBC, Thompson running 2nd in Iowa? Because he has a pulse??

Politico's Ben Smith: 170,000 Member SEIU Illinois endorses Barack Obama for President

Hillary will be on The View this am

SC state Rep Harold Mitchell endorses Hillary Clinton

Obama Wins Indiana And Illinois SEIU

Wal-Mart Rumors

At home in Nevada, Sen. Reid's favorable rating is below President Bush's

Chris Bowers of MyDD: Hillary is Rising in the General Election, Too

Thompson's absence noticed in N.H.

Reporting The Obama Campaign Coast-to-Coast: Democrats More Undecided Than Polls Suggest

Taking A Stand Against Armenian Genocide

Several Thousand Attend Obama Fundraiser in Madison

2008 Democratic Presidential Primary

Giuliani: Preparedness key, even if aliens attack

Al Qaeda in Iraq Defeated!?

what would it be like?

A reign of terror which history has chosen to neglect

Election Lessons and Why Kucinich Ought to Be the Next President

Obama seen by the democrats as the most liberal candidate

NYT: Clinton’s Iran Vote: The Fallout

AP Photo: "Bush gestures"...(and howls like a monkey)..."while making remarks on the budget"

memorial tribute to molly ivins

Obama: Emissions cuts come with tab

Just a little something nice to read for the Bidenites.

"If I believed in polls, then five years ago I would have backed the war in Iraq like she did."

ACLU Lifetime Ratings of the Candidates


First Read: More Edwards SEIU Endorsements

Ezra Klein Asks: Will Hillary Bomb Iran? Sounds Like "Yes"

Unknown Dem steps up to challenge Sen Dole in NC

How Fred Got His Mojo Back: Thompson Takes Swipe at Giuliani

Master Liquidity Enhancement Conduit (MLEC) wtf?

Republicans Losing Their Grip on Business

Amway's War on Bloggers (SLAPP Lawsuits)

Barbara Boxer: Thank Al Gore For Fighting Global Warming! E petition

DFA's Jim Dean barnstorms upstate New York with Nixon, Massa

Obama greets 4,000 of the faithful in Madison, as he lays plans for Iowa

How would you like to have the greatest Oscar host ever emceeing your Birthday bash?


From The Real News.......Why Senator Clinton?

Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

Why SHOULD the Democrats end the war?


Mark Warner Raises $1.1M for Senate Run

Would Edwards MI SEIU endorsement and planned use of it break the 1st 4 state pledge?

Did any news network cover the Edwards endorsement?

Goldman Sachs Report: Hillary wins white house, strong dem congressional gains, bush tax cuts gone

Presidential hopeful Clinton has most Web visitors

Welcome to the Underside of the Bus

HRC drew three-fourths of the women's vote in New York State


Clinton plays the female card

What qualities do you look for in a candidate? A president?

"Gore in Democratic race actually helps Clinton"

Rice Supports Palestinian State: 'A message only I can deliver'-AP

Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix: Obama’s Clinton Assault Misfires

Can she win? First Let's Ask, Should She Win?

Why I Walk

When is Gore's "reveal"? At some point, he'll have to let the MSM know

Clinton's Campaign is Tough, Efficient and Joyless

Wes Clark discusses the qualities that make an effective President.

'Member the Young GOP Pres and the Surprise BJ he did on a sleeping man?

Clinton plays the female card

Gore's Iraq Position Similar to Hillary, Obama, etc

'08 Ticket wishes...too early?

Women Changing America

Tomorrow Ann Coulter is doing a guest spot on a local talk radio show

Bob Jones University Dean Endorses Mittens

Ghouliani bumbling through a response to alien attack question: "We'll be prepared" (VIDEO)

So where is Russ Feingold's endorsement for Obama?

MP3 of Russ Feingold on Obama and Clinton candidacy

Obama Wins Indiana And Illinois SEIU

Some of you really need to read this speech by Obama

25% of DU'ers are not Democrats.

Polls Show Clinton Pulling Away from the Pack

The Swamp: Hillary Clinton Edges Out Obama for Primary Cash in the Bank

Veil of secrecy at Obama's London fundraiser

Barack Obama's continually shifting position on Iran...

It's such a shame...

Who do you expect the Republicans to nominate?

What happened to Lieberman calling the FBI on Lamont?

In Dover, Edwards speaks about global warming

Tony Snow is one dim bulb.

ABC News offers a classic photo of a true Hall of Fame GOP hero

Obama Offers More Than Rock Star Persona

Alan Sloan about the real picture of the deficit


Man arrested filming seal killing

Obama's wife in London on charm offensive

National media blacking out Edwards

I can't wait for the primaries to be OVER.

Looks like Obama is burning money faster than Hillary

Obama rejects Triangulation Politics.

Rasmussen: Core oppostion to Edwards and Obama rising....core support for Hillary rising...

This Modern World: Right-wing blogger discovers shocking YouTube video of toddler's birthday party!

Obama has $32 million in bank for primary. Had 108,000 new donors--more than Hil's reported 100,000

Hillary just flipped again on her position on Iran

Okay, just for funzies - Hillary/Clark or Gore/Obama?

Can an Obama supporter straighten this out, re: Kyl /Lieberman?

Photos from Obama's visit in Madison, 10.15.07 (Bandwidth warning)

Vote Democratic. Period.

An Edwards question: Where does he 'live'?

Does Hillary Support War with Iran?

Gore Just Badly Hurt His Efforts to Fight Global Warming

Does anyone else feel that same level of disgust for Giuliani that you do for Bush?

War Lies Investigation: Rockefeller Says He'll Get to It Someday

Why is Hillary talking about war with Iran, according to Wall Street Journal?

Al Gore - Carbon Credits

Has a debate forum ever been attempted here?

Supreme Court Gives Gore’s Nobel to Bush

Nacchio and Qwest: Another Political Prosecution? Retaliation?

Wasn't Dennis Kucinich supposed to be on "The Colbert Report" tonight?

Is Al Gore considering? He posted 3 new videos on Current yesterday

SEIU endorsement update.......Edwards 10

What do you consider a good solid source for news and views re: Venezuela

Clinton on "The View": It's hard running for prez as a woman

BREAKING!!! Ron Paul wins the NV straw poll

I find it really odd with the enormous Union support that Edwards is generating and the huge crowds

Senator Clinton is going down...

Obama greets 4,000 of the faithful in Madison, promises open doors

Kathy Sullivan endorses Clinton

Anyone know anything about this Bilderberg group?

The 2006 Connecticut Senate race proves that there will always be splinterists no matter what.

FRONTLINE presents CHENEY'S LAW = Tues. Oct 16, 2007, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS

Gen. Wesley Clark: Clinton's approach deters a rush to war

Mark Warner Raises $1.1M for VA Senate Run in less than 3 wks after his announcement per Wash Post-

Take The Pledge

The front page of the Houston Chronicle illustrates my concern about Hillary's possible nomination

Younger voters giving GOP the cold shoulder

Why I'm wary of John Edwards

ACLU Ratings of the Candidates (cool to read no matter who you support)

So Hillary wants Black voters to see her possible presidency as "Another Clinton presidency"

First Boomer Applies for Social Security

14 year old eye witness to boot camp beating talked to the Miami Herald last year.

And the Non-Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Is ...

All the "Conspiracy Theories" About George W. Bush have come true

A new book tries to make sense of the gripping, grating psychodrama that is the Clintons' marriage.

Ah the joys of infighting...I'm just really happy that we don't have

Biden's National strategy for combatting breast cancer

Biden: Pink ribbon recipient from breast cancer awareness for his work to eradicate this disease

Yeah, I'm supporting Biden, it's a DE thing. But if Gore runs....

JOE BIDEN - great video from the Biden camp!!!


Question--What Makes John Edwards so "electable" in the GE to those who say this a lot?

Kucinich 'seriously thinking' about forcing vote on Cheney impeachment