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Archives: October 14, 2007

Friedman: Who Will Succeed Al Gore?

Flying from a different perspective (BBC) {Zeps!}

Hesitant Texas is getting burned on solar power, experts assert

Banks to set up $80 bln fund to limit credit crunch

Rapper T.I. arrested on federal weapons charges

Name a capricious incident that affected mankind

I think I'll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun's comin my way, I hear ya now

I don't come here often, but it seems like this might be the place to post this.

Man, this game is going on forever...

So, is sleeping with your future brother in law a bad thing?

That's it. You and I are stepping outside RIGHT NOW.

2 Recks away

Went to Target today, bought a 6 gallon wet/dry ShopVac for $8.99.

I am sooooooo drunk right now ...

Just had a big fight with hubby over Bush: Stupid or conniving?

What generation are you?

More people need to realize that Bon Jovi fucking sucks.

Okay, creepiest thing EVER today.

Anyone else catch the Al Gore skit on SNL?

I posted about an obnoxious show of excessive patriotism in GD...come warm your hands by the fire.

Damn. My sister made me cry - And I do not like her for that right now.

Flirting with a Westboro Church man

Pets Hurled Off Bridge in Puerto Rico

Never be afraid........ ‘Another Indictment Or Two’ For Earmark Abuse Is ‘Coming’

Russian schools move to Linux (BBC) {'Nyet' to Microsoftsky}

Reform Groups Urge Reid to Ensure Separate Confirmation Votes for Four FEC Nominees

Investigations of Members of Congress on Rise - Election Crimes Face Scrutiny

OMG! Did anybody just just the c-span book tv for ispy?

Regent University Freaks Out Over Pat Robertson Photo

Fred Phelps has a new truck!

CREW's request for Temporary Restraining Order in case against Bush over missing e-mails

"Eyes Wide Open" in Anchorage

SNL & the Al Gore skit.......totally sucked

Subpoena indicates probe of Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) is 'back on,' experts say

The Party needs music !

HEADS UP: Hillary on "The View" Monday, Kucinich on "Colbert" Monday, Obama w/ Leno Wednesday

Spies, Lies and FISA

WP: A Wife's Battle - Rural WV Wife's Battle for Care for her PTSD husband

Chicago Court Orders Discovery of DOJ Political Prosecutions (related to Edwards doners)

Detentions to be top topic for Mukasey

Daily Show: US forgets past atrocities in exchange for help in the war on terror


Maureen Dowd and Stephen Colbert do OP-EDs talking of each other.


With Tight Grip on Ballot, Putin Is Forcing Foes Out : Allies acknowledge harks back to Soviet era

Still No Word On Gore's Nobel From Serial Gore Mocker Maureen Dowd

Borowitz: Supreme Court Gives Gore's Nobel to Bush

Enabling the Republicans by Dan DeWalt, Impeachment Activist

The People vs. the Profiteers


Robert Parry: Smearing Al Gore: Here We Go Again

The Tower of Babel... or is that Babble... the demise of the collective dialog

McClatchy: Bush, aides 'grossly misjudged Putin' (assumed Putin embraced Democracy)

Rangel Passes Bill Prohibiting Private Tax Collectors

Chris Floyd: Unguarded Moment: Another Brake on Tyranny Stripped Away

Private US military contractors move into Helmand

How can man kill innocent people so simply?

W.Va. churches protest change to mining restrictions

The New New Gore (A classic from last year)

The Iraqi Book of the Dead

Robert Fisk: A reign of terror-The Armenian genicide-a Primer

A Lesson in Russian History for Clinton


Sun sets early on the American Century

WWF Praises Al Gore For Nobel Peace Prize

Many Americans Still Don’t Grasp Iraq War Is Illegal

You call it a 'prank,' but I call it terror (graphic)

As Logging Fades, Rich Carve Up Open Land in West

Vineyard residents feud over island's ancient pathways

Windbelt, Cheap Generator Alternative, Set to Power Third World

Solar-powered parking lots

World War II Bunkers Turn Into Wildlife Haven

Tech Declared Both Culprit, Savior in Climate Change

Even as economy lags, corporate 'green' push may advance

The History of the Electric Car

A new dawn

Wind farm planned for Waikaretu

NYT: Israel bombed a nuclear weapons reactor in Syria - Al Gore is right again!

Energy: Where are we now?

Solving the Climate Crisis

Robot the blackouts can’t stop (Solar traffic lights in South Africa)

Hotels Find Green Shows Up as Black on the Books

Is Obama giving Michigan brush-off?

(GOP State Rep) Debbie Stafford Switches To Democratic Party

Howard calls Australian elections

Rice lowers Mideast talks' expectations

Analysts Find Israel Struck a Nuclear Project Inside Syria

Rice says Kremlin's consolidated power endangers democracy

Applebee's Settles Shareholder Lawsuit

Groups on Left, Right Ask Candidates to Reject Bush's Wider Powers

With Tight Grip on Ballot, Putin Is Forcing Foes Out : Allies acknowledge harks back to Soviet era

Shi'ite groups say attacked Polish envoy, embassy in Iraq

"The People vs. the Profiteers

Groups on left, right ask candidates to reject Bush's wider powers

Attacks aimed at Iraqi Shiite pilgrims kill at least 24

In Congress, GOP morale down since CHIP veto

Putin To Visit Embattled Iran

Ann Coulters site hacked ?

BREAKING: Washington Post Correspondent Dies in Iraq

U.S. soldier killed in roadside bombing in southern Baghdad, military says

Getting Around Rules on Lobbying

U.S., Iraqis Discuss Blackwater's Status (Expulsion in 6 months?)

Captive Israeli soldiers 'held in Iran'

In China, party's tight grip on display: "Troublemakers" warned, under house arrest or detained

Priest 'only pretending to be gay'

Seoul cash `fuels Taleban blitz'

Concert promoting Israel-Palestinian peace deal called off after threats

Gap between rich, poor seen growing

Congress must approve U.S. attack vs Iran: Pelosi


Rampaging elephants terrorize villagers

Critics: ConAgra Mishandled Recall

Senator Kennedy released from hospital

US explores alternative airbase after row with Turkey

Exclusive Brethren 'smuggling campaign cash' into Aus

'Wash Post' Correspondent Slain in Iraq

Putin told of 'assassination bid'

China Will Not Bring In 'Western' Democracy

Obama says "I am the man" to address climate change

Blackwater says lawsuit 'politically motivated'

Pelosi Rejects Any House Vote On Iranian Revolutionary Guard (Kyl-Lieberman)

Turkish Army Chief Says U.S. Ties At Risk

Putin Told of Plot to Kill Him in Iran

Revealed: the man behind court attack on Gore film (UK Funded by Mining/Energy Interests)

Abstinence approach gets unlikely ally

Al-Qaeda In Iraq Reported Crippled

Clinton has 21 point lead in New Hampshire poll

US warns of disaster if Turks attack Iraq

13-year-old shot in encounter with Seattle police officer

Cuban leader Castro speaks live for first time since July 2006

Rep. Hobson to retire at end of current term

Pelosi Vows to Push Ahead With Genocide Measure

Tour guides you wish you had!

A PSA to those in Southern California - Do NOT take the Ortega Highway

Well, I think the Red Sox are toast

ZOMG! Gutierrez just hit a BOOOMING shot over the Monstah!

GAAAAAH - the Monday ALCS game is at 4:00 PM PDT

I'm pretty sure it was Heidi 's fault. What did she do again?

For the Lounge-ish

Cleveland wins!

Does anybody else get those "Secret Crush" ads in their e-mail?

Anyone here into Transcendental Meditation?

How bushies change a lightbulb

Cat problem

What pissy weather this morning...

Is it just me? Or is youtube being painfully slow this morning?

"Close to Home": Getting kindergartners on the bus:

How many times have you said Goodbye

Does Gorgonzola cheese and roasted garlic Tricuits go with...

Halloween hangman

Someone in GD has a GBCW thread...

Wow - Is THIS the type of TBS Baseball douchebag you have to watch?

I get soooooo sick of sports announcers kissing Brett Favre's ass


Bad Bush joke

Does Anyone Remember This cartoon Classic About "Owl Jolsen?"

Update on my new (16 year old) child...

Fun with leftovers

Confession: I've never been to a Starbucks. Ever.

What are your silly reasons for buying certain products?

You decide. Which is it?

Who's naughtiest?

Man, I love GD, but sometimes it makes me feel like:

Do you hate seeing artists suffer?

I just got beat up over the phone for calling some ass for tech support at home

Have you heard?

Favorite National Lampoon's Vacation

I need a good alias

Are Matcom and DS1 gonna get married?


Help me in. Why are there so many people out in the Lounge (lame copycat)

*sigh* There are days when I'd beg for copycatting threads in G.D. should be legalized...

what is your favorite lucky charm??

Recommend a good digital camera.

Bears vs. Vikings at Soldier Field


What animal would be a good...

Lame copy cat

What animal would be a good food... apart from a lame cat, copy.

Holy crap! The Vikings actually won!

Bolour supplement


I suddenly came over all peckish.

Lame copy bat

Scented candles

My dear matcom

Best Performance Ever in a Motion Picture?

Does this steak idea sound too rich?

My Tabby Cat meows every time I turn on CNN!

If you found a 'naughty' photo on the internets that looked like someone you know

Turn The Page

Watching the passion of the christ - questions

My Dear DS1

I think I found the kittens' Dad


here we go patriots, here we go!!!1!!1!!

Why are you losers watching the Patriots / Cowboys game?


Anybody else waiting for the Rockies game? Only 90 minutes away!

I'm starting a WAAAAAAAAH!! thread.....

I'm so freaking mad at my t.v. repair guy.

Is this remark racially insensitive?:

Just downloaded the B-52's from I-tunes

Bird that dances to Backstreet Boys music. Video

i'm going to starbucks up the street

Set phasers to "awwwwwwww"

ok... i

I bought a stud finder at Lowe's today - post your snarky comments here

I got found at Lowe's today-post your snarky comments here

Who else got the Stephen Colbert book this week?!

OMG! I Just Posted in GD !!1!

Since publishers want to bundle books with as much stupid crap as possible

Why does there have to be so much football?

Sugar Smack...Pick up the phone!!

Stories From the Road: The Secret

I saw "Lust, Caution" today

Patterns in nature repeating themselves.

Something I've always wondered about skinny foxes.

"Yes my deer"

Help me out. Why are there so many people in the Lounge?

Greatest Page!!!!!!!

In honor of the clueless idiot who just called me at home for tech support for something

the word of the day is "sizzletits."

Anyone watch The Next Iron Chef tonight?

MTV: Broadway's Legally Blonde The Musical

Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!! 3 run homer!!!!!

You Better Shape Up!

I have a 'naughty' photo on the internets

Help me out. Why are there so many peepshows in the Lounge?

A small work related rant...

I need $200,000.00 I wish there were a way to borrow

youths of DU! think about your choices before it's too late!!!1111

I cleaned behind the fry and chicken vats at a McDonalds last nigt, ask me anything

I'm not Dawn Beard

WTG Rox!

Did Anyone Watch the Inspector Lynley Mystery (PBS) Tonight?

The Red Sox have lost home field advantage

Game 3: Diamondbacks vs. Rockies - The OFFICIAL game thread!

Plasma or Lcd flat screen tv?

A Sunday beer/alcohol question

I quit smoking last month and suddenly my wife stinks!

I come from GD.

I enjoy the cool mellow flavor of pepper spray.

What can BlueIris do to increase the readership of her poetry threads?

Montana cookout/Spin the baby/A summer job 1960s {dial-up warning}

Well, let me be the first to congratulate Whoa_Nelly for her DUzy. Caption this:

Uh-oh. I went and called the entire GD "dumb" in the title of a new post....

I have emptied my Ignore list

The Pats won, I'm on vacation this week, so let's all do the Curly Shuffle!

Weird shit I have had to adjust to, here on the Left Coast

Larry Craig's guide to involuntary men's room hand gestures


Update on Mr. Bullwinkle925: There is no update so far

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/14/07

My Dear Matcom

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/14/07 Bonus

Why doesn't the Lounge have DUzy awards?

Something I've always wondered about skinny chicks.

Is Henry Rollins a Lounge Lizard?

What advice would you give someone who told you they've been warned about being too slow at work?

Sexy songs

Weird Mother in Law stories? Got any? Please post here, and make

Which one of us is billyskank talking about the most while on his vacation?

My SIL has never heard of Jonathan Richman

I just turned 40.

How did we decide that we WANTED a leader in the first place?

Finally a picture of the gift that Rising Phoenix made for Lisa and Me

I just discovered my local Library has CDs you can borrow

Who else loves David Sedaris!!

Hey, Seahawks fans -- great game, huh?

I just added 600gb of storage space to my computer.

I Know It's Been A While. Just Checking In And Lettin Everyone Know What's Goin On.

A DUer's husband is dying

Here's to a band very few people like

I smoke, get over it.

Well, my professional life has taken a turn for the better!

Ugh... filling out my first resume.

Songs everyone likes

If you had to pick right now, what would be your choice for album of the year?

Any Deadheads here today? Phil and Friends webcast tonight!

my birthday is 10 days away

Geico Gecko

Did "Medium" get cancelled? Damn it!..It's not on the fall line-up.

I need to get married

***June Calendar Contest***

i think cheap trick is one of those bands that everyone has to.....

I nominate BullGooseLoony for Leader of Lounge, DU.

For smokers only

Help me out. Why are there so many people in the Lounge

My eyes are bleeding!

Your Preference for a Bookstore

I'm seriously considering closing the bookstore down...

Where do you get the best biscuits and gravy?

There is an owl in my bathroom.

Coming Home, Part Two

Army tests Apache networking

Richardson: Iraq can’t progress with troops there

Troops on R&R seeking alternative destinations

South Korean soldiers begin environmental cleanup work at former U.S. bases

Internet-based phone services cutting costs

Bill would give wounded vets full re-up cash

Felons helped Army meet recruitment goal

Ex-US commander at Iraq jail faces trial

U.S. Military Technology Being Exported Illegally Is a Growing Concern

Experts: Climate change threatens peace

First converted SSGN to deploy overseas Saturday

Barn busting, Remington Rand style

Today in labor history October 14

Today's working family cartoon: Stupidity-Car-Chart

If you read this forum, please read this.

Workers at five Los Angeles hotels vote to authorize a strike

NYT: Union Blues Amid the Gourmet Groceries

Sandy Springs-based UPS hasn't disclosed its costs for the proposed contract

CWA: Broadband Mapping Bill is Important Step in Campaign to Bring High Speed Internet to All

5 Teamsters attacked 2 Clinton protesters 9 years ago, legal fight goes on

Strike looms for children's aid workers (Children in need risk being left with reduced care)

Video: Our electronic waste is being dumped on the poor in China, India and Nigeria.

CSPAN:Chris Hayes ...NAFTA Super Highway & "Post National America"

Make the Farm Bill Fair

Chasers War On Everything describe Osama stunt at APEC Summit.

Blackwater Turns Guns On U.S. Troops

Broad Appeal of Fred Thompson ;-)

Sam Donaldson rips George Will's global warming denial

12 Soldiers

Mexico's Vicente Fox Calls George W. Bush the "Windshield Cowboy"

Can We All Stop Pretending To Love Ron Paul?

Only Dennis

Leave George W. Bush Alone!

Friends of Earth Action endorses John Edwards

Olbermann, John Dean on 9/11, PNAC

Their Own Game

Ralph Nader Talks About Why Impeachment Is "Off The Table"

China treats environmental advocates as bigger threats than pollution (NYT)

Rice should apply her logic about Russia here

Ban Smoking Tobacco

My Personal Apology To Everyone At DU

Attn Youtubers

Trailing clouds of stardust, he's graced the political stage with

The Poll to End All Polls (or why our fragmentation as so-called progressives hurts us)

VATICAN | Priest suspended after hidden camera records gay sex talk

It started when the Republican blogs and other mouthpieces went on the attack against a 12-year-old

Retiring outside America: For many, it's a dream come true

Former astronaut says we've had alien visitors.

Good example of how the Rethugs frame the debate

Move over Saddam: Statue of Vicente Fox torn down in Mexico

William "the Bloody" Kristol speaks strange truths sometimes....

Members of the progressive Democrats of America please email the leadership

N. Korea beefs up guard at nuclear test site - Second nuclear detonation in the works?

Reality parodies itself...

Getting Around Rules on Lobbying.....

Sunday Talk Shows

Question about possible Republican strategy ...

I knew Coulter was lying about Fallwell's antisemitic comment

Cheney to Fundraise for Heather Wilson who is running for Senate in NM!

What is REALLY the diff. between Mi. primary votes not being recognized

Both Edwards and Richardson say they will only leave troops to guard the embassy

If Gore DOESN'T run- will he regret it?

I have to write a column today

Eisenhower would not have gotten us into Iraq

Namibia shuts down mercenary firm, deports 2 US citizens due to Iraq recruiting

Would you hire a convicted sex offender to babysit your kids?

Young conservatives gather to reflect, politick (Tufts)

Sprint Center opening in Kansas City and our presence there last night

Israel bombed Syria??


Hollywood in all-out assault on America's 'war on terror'

Hoyer doing very well on Armanian Genocide issue (against Brit Hume) on fox news

What's with all the smoking threads? D

Frank Rich: The ‘Good Germans’ Among Us

Larry Craig's guide to involuntary men's room hand gestures

The Pentagon UFO Hacker.

"The nine inconsistencies" now as firm in the mainstream as

And Borowitz.

Dalai Lama to receive Congressional Gold Medal

Mistah KURTZ out-Tweeties Tweety in hawking his new book

The Nightmare Scenario - 9 November 2008

Monseigneur in the White House

Why is David Greenberg slamming President Carter, "Good Jimmy, Bad Jimmy," in the Washington Post?

Corps of Engineers slammed over erosion

How do we demand war criminal investigation of this administration?

Girl who cried wolf

Judge in Qwset case: The claims, after all, sound like they're about a totalitarian regime

High-level North Korean official to Visit Syria

War on Aliens

Why is it Congress has almost never had an approval rating on the plus side (over 50%)

Blackwater and me: A love story it ain't

Please caption....(Wish it was a real pic)

Have you ever been contacted by a political pollster?

Reaganomics Finally Trickles Down to Area Man

Why the heck in Chuck Schumer voicing support for Mukasey BEFORE the Hearing?

The man who knew too much

Falwell: The Rise of the New Atheism

One aspect of this "war"/occupation that is hardly ever mentioned but should be

This Week: Why do they allow George Will to spew anti-global warming

U.S. Military Technology Being Exported Illegally

WOW! I didn't know I was a "technothug"!

Shi'ite groups say attacked Polish envoy and embassy in Iraq

GWB White House and Human Rights in China

Arianna: What Would You Like Me to Ask Nancy Pelosi?

I made a Bet with a right wing wacko..

British poll: Conservatives take lead over Labor - Bush's new poodle not so popular

Slate: The Most Powerful Bushie You've Never Heard Of

Lindsay Graham on Blitzer's Sunday gagfest chipping away at Gen. Sanchez.

Why isn't anyone updating the Research Forum entries??? Please read!

A poll for progressives and members of Progressive Democrats of America only.

ACLU: Defense Dept & FBI-May Have Secretly & Illegally Conducted Surveillance BEYOND Its Powers

Joe Pags, right winger, advertising on DU. He really sucks.

Groups on left, right ask candidates to reject Bush's wider powers

Which is your favorite Sun. morning political show and why?

Some good news - Younger voters giving GOP the cold shoulder

Richard Belzer invokes Mark Twain.

Who is this asshole Butabi Jones,

AIM's Vernon Bellecourt dies at 75

I have a beef with Cafe Press.

Does DU still allow third party discussion as it used to?

Listening to AAR tonight, they were really trashing Gore, saying he is responsible for NAFTA

Younger voters giving GOP the cold shoulder - Frustration with war, strong views on social issues

PBS on Tuesday, 16 Oct: "Cheney's Law"

Nora O'DONNELL just *cackled* uncontrollably at an old RAYGUN joke

A note....

Hispanic vote could play significant role in 2008 swing states

Gorgeous speech by Mario Cuomo in 1984 @ Notre Dame re: abortion

Sunday Poll: Who are you supporting for the Democratic Nomination?

I have set up a forum for progressives and members of Progressive Democrats of America.

They used "pain-compliance techniques" against Martin Lee Anderson

Gore’s Nobel Win Greeted With Cheers by Europeans

Maternal Mortality Shames Superpower US

Is David Hobson The Next House Republican To Retire?

I often wonder if W Bush can feel the Hate.Revulsion,Rejection for him...

US demands air passengers ask its permission to fly-If you're not on the list, you're not getting on

WaPo editorial: Better Numbers (media complicity in action)

Picketers want charges dropped against war protesters

Bomb Kills 9 En Route To Shiite Shrine

U.S., Iraq discusss Blackwater expulsion, list of demands non-negotiable

Groups on left, right ask candidates to reject Bush's wider powers

I'm pissed.

Wisconsin GOP chair faces charges in enticement of teenage boy

The American Dream Foreclosed

Report: Banks Prepping Up To $100 Billion Fund Against Securities Collapses

is there no end?

Wow... If This Is True, It Is Beyond Depressing...

When the beancounters take action, it is time to get worried.

an update from operationmindcrime

If there's a Gore vs. Hillary SMACKDOWN, who wins?

Oh Boy... Here We Go Again... Turkey Shells Iraq Border Areas Amid Incursion Talk

If it's not a totalitarian, fascist, police state...

Tucker is such an ass

Weekend TOONS

Supreme Court Gives Gore’s Nobel to Bush

If they wear the flag why shouldn't I

Leading Shiite politician calls for total US withdrawal from Iraq

Key Witness Testifies Cunningham Tried to Hide Transactions

Washington Post Correspondent Dies in Iraq

Make Al Gore number 44! He's the only one that rhymes!

Surprise! "Rice plays down chance of breakthrough on Mideast trip"

Vatican official insists he's not gay

Costa Rica, Pelosi, Reid and CAFTA

Admins Characterization Of NSA Program As A Response To 9/11 Is Complete Fiction-Scott Horton & NYT

Gore should know that by leaving the question of a candidacy open he's holding back Clinton's rivals

If we could only Free ourselves from the GOP's Bull Shit..we would truly be a FREE NATION

Juan Williams: Kristol Is Pushing For ‘The Next World War’

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Dispatches From The Sandbox"

What Pelosi SHOULD say about bushco:


Please DU this poll: Does Al Gore deserve the Nobel Prize?

Would you rather see Al Gore become President, or EPA Administrator?

Vatican Official Caught Soliciting Sex From Young Man On Hidden Camera

Ronnie with Alzheimer's, GWB with an IQ of about 50,

Glenn Greenwald: The Beltway Establishment’s Contempt For The Rule of Law

Our biggest problem in promoting our views

Whats with the rght winger Joe Pags advertising on DU?

I hadn't realized Blackwater has been accused of selling weapons to the PKK

Can we get some more recs on this video?? Olbermann / PNAC

savage Swiss racists attack black man with chainsaws

By far, war in Iraq tops list of issues concerning voters

Sam Donaldson blasts George Will’s climate denial

Why did I see CNN's Baghdad Bureau Chief Michael Ware reporting about a rugby match?

STEPHEN COLBERT: I Am an Op-Ed Columnist (And So Can You!) is now reporting on the fake ABC "terror consultant" Debat!

Great Gore/Nobel cartoon. Says it all.

GWB's epitaph has already been written (by Rudyard Kipling):

LT Col. to go on trial on charges of aiding foe (cigars for Saddam)

Is Castro considered a liberal progressive?

After Nobel snub, Bush hopes to be judged by the Hague

As we study our descent into hell we are told by some

GOP worries Bush brooding on war, not campaign

"Recently, a thought captivated my mind that proves that the theory of evolution is a big hoax."

Candidate's oral-sex slogan is no laughing matter

Where are Karl Rove and Scooter Libby, keeping low and out of sight

Are we at risk of losing small towns.....

Congressional GOP: 'We are not happy'

It’s the Secrecy, Stupid: Why the FISA Immunity Debate is Important

I've finally found the only lapel flag pin that makes sense

Lindsay Roberts says she didn't do anything wrong with an underage male

Why is the Turkey genocide thing happening now?

Leading Shiite politician (Ammar Hakim) calls for total US withdrawal from Iraq

Al Gore should be arrested

Getting Around Rules on Lobbying

The non-lethal death stick (Taser) strikes again!

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Opus' Bush Tattoo"

Blackwater Survivors Tell FBI their Stories

Why do the Republicans have such a penchant for associating with terrorists?

Vatican official insists he's not gay

Week Two of The Weather Channel's 100 biggest weather moments

A Wife's Battle - Walter Reed and Beyond, WaPo

Attention legal scholars; There is one question that all DU'rs need to know the answer to

What's more important ? Winning elections or saying "I told you so" ?

Blackwater Treason

PLEASE CONFIRM!! I heard that if Hillary wins, the Hillary Bashers

"Should Returns on Political Bribes be Taxed as Income or Dividends?"

The thinning of the (Republican) herd continues......

SNL: Al Gore Won Original "World's Greatest Dad" Mug

Study Finds Iraqi National Police Ineffective in Combating Terrorism

McCain: Gore Shouldn't Have Won Nobel

In Defense of "Extreme Comparisons"

Lake Lanier (Georgia) Will Be Dry By January 30

Runways Fade to White - New York Times

Blackwater's Prince on with Blitzer this morning

Roger Cohen: Now recruiting: coalition of the reluctant

Report ranks depressing occupations

Larry King interview of Stephen Colbert replay at 9pm EDT 10/14/07

Executions in Afghanistan unlikely to change NATO policy of handing over prisoners

The Story Of Iranian Oil and Israeli Pipes

Erik Prince, as seen on 60 Minutes, has a smug, arrogant expression on his face...

For OMC and others here on DU who have been through a lot - a thank you!

This Congress will not impeach Bush/Cheney because:

This is Ann Coulter's fan club.

Is the "Average American" AFRAID of "smart people"?

Dr. Wm Gray Calls Gore and Global Warming 'Ridiculous'! Is He PAID to Say This?

NH folks who believe their state is so great at picking candidates are living a fantasy

I am amazed at all the posts about how many DUers will be "banned" after the nomination if they did

Nancy Pelosi may go down as the savviest player in history

A Plus for Nancy Pelosi this Morning on ABC's Snuffy/Will/Cokie Show.

I need $200,000.00 I wish there were a way to borrow

Anne Hull and Dana Priest: A Wife's Battle

I gotta tell 'ya...that Movie "Michael Clayton" is the most depressing movie I've ever seen...

I smoke, get over it.

Lara Logan the sellout?

A DUer's husband is dying

MA high school wins FCC licensing battle against California-based Christian broadcaster

Should the next Dem president breakup media monopolies?

as if you didn't need proof that aol is run by a bunch of morans....

NH Voter to Fred Thompson: "Down in Front!" ---pix--->>>

This may be Al Gore's greatest feat

US Treasury working w/Banks on a $100 billion fund to buy troubled assets

Must see! C-span 2 Book TV iSPY!!!!! Scary shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Cosby And Dr. Alvin Poussaint On MTP-Should Be Good

Turkey shells area along border as tens of thousands of troops gather

Life Is Something that happens when

60 Minutes: Joel Osteen interview up next

I have asthma, get over it!

Mitt Romney Snubs a Man in a Wheelchair - Video

Robert "Buzz" Patterson is on C-Span 2 pimpin' his book "War Crimes" and

I think Michael Moore is reallly, really, really rooting for Gore '08...

Closed systems, fascism, and the laws of thermodynamics

Question. Why is the Dalai Lama accepting the Gold Medal

Student Suspended over Pat Robertson Tattoo

Of these four, I most dislike .......

Official generic smoking thread


Just a great piece about combatting bigotry:

Millions Of Americans In Economic Battle To Make Ends Meet

White House Is Leaning on Interim Appointments

Rain Friking Rain

Need to get from New York to Los Angeles in 2 hours? Go supersonic!

Palm Beach Post-- Massive area mortgage defaults--Many owners never made a payment.

Pete Seeger will be interviewed tonight on the Peter Werbe show - 1PM Eastern

When It Comes To Anti-Smoking Rhetoric\Support For Bans... Who Is More Strident ???

60 Minutes Tonight: Lara Logan Interviews Blackwater Founder Erik Prince

We are overpaid, say U.S. executives


OMG! I saw Fred Thompson in a movie tonight!

GD has gotten SO dumb lately....

What is so disgusting about Al Gore and the Nobel Prize

If Hillary does become the Nominee...then what Part could Gore Play in her Administration?

Pelosi, in her most breathless Marilyn Monroe voice,

From another Iraqi blog.

Lucille Ball tells of Ronnie and Nancy Reagan claiming to see UFO

Nix the Farm Bill - Robert Reich

White House Is Leaning on Interim Appointments

Honest question about a hypothetical name within a class assignment.

As Logging Fades, Rich Carve Up Open Land in West

'Murca is only for people that speaks English, dammit!

Should DUers link to websites that feature Ann Coulter columns & list her as "legal affairs"...

Money where our mouths are?

How do you make a bumper sticker?

Since the Constitution can't get the attention it deserves

Anyone watching Bill Cosby and Alvin Poussaint on MtP today?

the dreyfus affair

Okay I now have found the only article on Dr. Laura's son since May

On Mourning Violence

Would Bush order Blackwater mercs to kill Americans to save his ass from war crimes charges?

Old Man Thompson Not Even Bothering to Campaign --->>>

"What's good for the Democratic Party is good for America!" Agree or disagree??


What is after Iraq?

The land of optimism is in the dumps, but refuses to accept how it got there

The Repub Right Wing School of Journalism, "How To Be Interviewed' ...Lesson One

For those wondering - OMC has an update thread in the Lounge

Gap between rich, poor seen growing

Putin told of plot to kill him in Iran

David Podvin: Eternal Nightmare

Another GREAT Al Gore TOON by Bagley!

A big Happy Birthday to a great DUer: TomInTib!

Why Flying Now Can Kill....(WashPost)

Want to see something very cool, go to the apple home page:

Global warming: the value of a Gore presidency

I blast my boombox in public and annoy people.

Good News for Red Wine Drinkers

Good for Pelosi!

I came here today because I believe that American democracy is in grave danger

Now the question what can we do to stop this descent into hell?

"You're gonna need a bigger boat..."

Guns take pride of place in US family values

Did anyone foresee the stunning triumph(s) of Al Gore?

Should the next Dem president dismantle the RW media machine?

Some fucking ragers beat my friend down.

Mr Gore Please Note: The Campaign Is YOUR Presidential Bully-Pulpit for the next year

Genetically Engineered Sugar Beets - Lets you EAT "Roundup" - Help stop it!

Executable force downloaded from

What is the longest you have stuck with a position you hate?

Green Costume Ideas For Halloween

When hillary is prez., how long will it take for her corporate masters

You can't HANDLE the truth! About passive smoke myth.

Many Americans Don't Realize Iraq War Is Illegal

Great news-A Chicago Court orders Discovery on DOJ ATT. GEN case!!

Naomi Wolf's "The End of America"--noble goal, lousy argument

More Weirdness with Hillary Pollsters….

Be honest: Have you replaced all the bulbs in your home with "Green" environmentally friendly bulbs?

Impeachment Teach-In

Big Corporate Push: Corporations DEMAND that Americans Eat Shit

***June Calendar Contest***

Common Ground at DU

Attention MEN: your sperm is at RISK

Kucinich: Get Ready to Read Bush His Miranda Rights

Ex-Smokers: Post how you were able to quit.

Ann Coulters site hacked ?

Interesting Kucinich(sort of) Bumper Sticker

Don't let words change their meanings. Don't let the ends justify the means

FRANK RICH: "The Longer We Stand Idly By, The More We Resemble "GOOD GERMANS"

The Information-Disinformation Wars on DU -- The Chavez example

It Is A Totalitarian, Fascist State

Man Hangs Noose in Yard as Decoration

If anyone remembers that massive fuck you I have been holding back ............

Help me out. Why are there so many people in GD

If black kids study, they get labeled as "acting white"

WHO IS Michael B. Mukasey, Bush's nominee for United States Attorney General?

Check out this thread!

This thread presents a great opportunity to support Biden's Plan for Iraq.

This YouTube person has several videos of Biden and Dodd "debate".

Did you hear? I am soooooo excited!

Hey Bidenites! Prepare for 10/19 and participate

For animal people, Clinton and Obama are no-nos (Link to thread)

I am facing the bankruptcy bill head-on

At 5:30 this morning I was up b/c a stray cat was having kittens on my porch

ATTN MODS: why isn't this thread on the greatest page?? (77 votes)

Beauty and Poltics: Obama and Clinton vie for votes in SC Beauty shops

Clinton canvasses Iowa — without breaking a sweat

Friedman asks not who will succeed George Bush, but "Who Will Succeed Al Gore?"

The Alabama Democratic Conference endorses Clinton

"If Repugs don't bring forth a Christian like

Clinton, Romney Lead in New Hampshire, New Marist Poll Shows

Armenian genocide

Political Cartoonist Tony Auth: Hillary's Road to the White House

Bernard Kerik probe: When did Rudy Giuliani know? Bwahahahah...Ghouliani might be in deep...

I believe people should own as many guns as they want.

Is Obama giving Michigan brush-off?

Washington State poll.

Which Republican candidate do you despise the most?

Dems: We've come a long way, baby!

Al Gore or Hillary Clinton who is Michael Whouley secretly working for?

"DU", "Smurf", "Freep", whatever - Do it to this poll

Everybody Claims Hillary is a Corporate Democrat

Bill Richardson House party / Persepective of a Conservative

What about having a unity debate?

Edwards’ Labor Pains: SEIU Opts for No Endorsement

AP photographer swoons over Fred Thompson's Ferragamo shoes, Yahoo News considers it news-worthy

Question to Obama/Edwards supporters: If Gore announces he is running, will you switch your support?

I suspect that the term, There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, was popularized

Does Dick Durbin want war with Iran?

I admire Hillary Clinton's political saavy and her discipline.

Hillary Clinton cures cancer (reactions)

"Married, 2 children; Married one child; married, wife Elizabeth, etc. These were

Terry McAuliffe was just on my local news channel......

Chuck Todd: Boys and Girls on the (School) Bus (Good read)

Pelosi: I would not give Congress high marks on ending the war

Hypothetical: If a country labeled the US military as terrorists...


Clark's recent statements prove that Mario Cuomo was correct.

Photos: Barack Obama speaking today at a interfaith climate change forum in Des Moines, IA

The politics of kids' health

Obama: "I am the man" to address climate change

CAN EDWARDS ADD N.H. SEIU NOD AS WELL? ("Right now it appears it might be Edwards," )

More G.O.P. Lawmakers Voice Unease

Nobel Prize Renews Calls of 'Run, Al, run'


The moral contrast between Bush and Gore shows that conservatives

Are you radical enough to be a moderate? (A weird endorsement)

Regarding Positive or Negative Al Gore Columns From The Media

Engineering, Labor, IEEE-USA teams up with Corporate Lobbyists

I have set up a forum for progressives and members of Progressive Democrats of America.

Look at Grandpa Fred, He's a-movin' kind of slow...No campaign appearances since debate...

The Fifth Anniversary of the Iraq War Resolution: Why We Can’t Forgive or Forget

Ralph Nader: Things Are a Lot Worse than We Thought!

10/14/07- Obama roll call!

Following Obama door to door

On Tweety's Sunday Show, NY Mag's John Helleman says Gore will endorse Barack Obama in six weeks

so, I guess we're on notice: if Clinton wins the nomination, DU will ban over half the members?


What is your definition of terror?? I ask because

Was there anything Monty Python didn't predict about the internet?

Another insidious step to fascism

No money for bullets

Obama IS the boots on the ground in Iowa.

Salaries of Elected Officials: anyone know how to find out?

What will you do if Hillary doesn't win the nomination?

Clinton has 21-point lead in New Hampshire poll (41 to 20)

When they were young

I enjoy being a part of Du because DU is:

If Hillary Wins The Nomination

Daughter of the Late Senator Paul Simon, back out on campaign trail

Here's why I think people who refuse to vote for Hillary in the general should be banned right now.

Check out the picture on Huffington Report

For those at DU that won't vote for Hillary in the general election...

Groups on Left, Right Ask Candidates to Reject Bush's Wider Powers

Alice Walker on Obama

The posts this weekend seem to mark the beginning of the acceptance phase. Why so sudden?

UW Students Prepare For Obama's Visit Monday

Gore in Democratic race actually helps Clinton

A Glimpse into the Style of Governing of Barack Obama

Friends of Earth Action endorses John Edwards

Untraceable e-mails spread Obama rumor that he is a Muslim

Senator Durbin echoes Clinton/Clark view on Kyl-Lieberman.

Michelle Obama to contrast her family life with the Clintons' marriage?

When Hillary becomes president will she dismantle Bush's facist machine ...

Frank Rich column: It's time to wake up Congress

Clinton, Looking Forward To General Election, Votes Like A Hawk

ARG Poll released today: Hillary 45, Obama 20, Edwards 13

Encouraged by Women's Response, Clinton Stresses Female Side

Edwards Questions Clinton's Truthiness ::: "how about we do tell the truth mode all the time?"

What's the difference between the general election Hillary naysayers and the religious rightwing?

Do you find this statement by Obama problematic? If so, why?

After 20 years, Paul Simon's daughter back on trail (for Obama)

If Al Gore Doesn't Jump In...Then I Will Vote for Hillary in the California Primary.

If Al Gore were to endorse Senator Clinton...

Boston Globe: Huckabee could face hurdles from the past - Parole of rapist

Edwards Would Ban Lobbyists' Donations

Stunning Fred Thompson Realization

Dear Congress, Please Save Our Democracy, Clean up the FCC and Restore the Free Press

Biden: "President Bush has been criminally irresponsible in the way he has handled national securit

OK, so this major donor is a convicted con man, that donor runs

America's greatest crime is radioactive genocide

Liddy Dole looks unstoppable

Kettle has a few words for the pot: "Rice says Kremlin's consolidated power endangers democracy"

If Hillary Clinton were to win the nomination, would you hope she wins the general election?

For animal people, Clinton and Obama are no-nos

Obama table in Madison: October 13 Edition

I'd like to point something out that no one has addressed thus far..

Gen. Wesley Clark: Clinton's approach deters a rush to war

This poll needs some major DU love... thanks!

Obama blows it with "Kingdom on Earth" comment

David Yepsen Predicts Biden Will Be In Iowa’s Top Three

Videos of Howard Dean on C-Span Friday. John Hopkins speech and Q & A with various colleges.