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Building Blackwater - Wash Post Page A01 - Extensive Article

Herbert: The Trivial Pursuit (Gore, Bush, Rudy and the media)

Experts: Climate Change Threatens Peace

Gore Gains Power as Well as Prize

LA Times: Coulter's anti-Semitic comment too dangerous to ignore

Argentine first lady poised to win presidency

Lawmakers Raise Concerns Over Call for Investigation of C.I.A. Watchdog’s Work

A Tale of War (Bush) and Peace (Gore)

Wanna see some big drupes?

What happened to the Cleveland Indians?

I'll huff and I'll puff..

Primus - Those damned blue collar tweekers...i'm just say'n...

Um, did they used to cut out the Walrus/Carpenter section

Dang. Morningstar Farms fake bacon is up to $4.39 at Safeway.

I ate a crumpet when I was younger.

"The Tingler" w/ Vincent Price Coming On TCM Now

I was a strumpet when I was younger.

Can't we all just get a bong?

I played the trumpet when I was younger

Van Halen - Amersterdam...i'm just say'n...

once i ate a rum ball that tasted like it had two shots of rum in it...

Wish me luck--first final of the semester tomorrow

Okay...I thought this was funny and I hope someone else does too.

Rammstein - Sonne...i'm just say'n...

I don't come here often, but

Favorite Character Actor/Actress? Name 'em!

How It All Ends

I dare twenty of you guys to give me a hug

Al Gore

A Tale of War (Bush) and Peace (Gore)

Freepturds: Gen Sanches a "loser" "traitor" "disgruntled" "defeatist" BWAAHAHAHAH

The McLaughlin Group is tearing the'compound of a conquerer'

Blackwater Lodge - Showcase of Guns Used to Assassinate Presidents

Betting people give Gore more chances than Hillary, Obama

Teen accused of beating 2 cats, slitting kittens' throats

Nader won what, 2% of the vote? Sheehan would get about the same hypothetically.

Experts: Climate change threatens peace

Why wasn't the children's healthcare bill written to be paid with a general tax?

Matthew Shepard's Mother On The Ninth Anniversary Of His Death

When talk show hosts are guests on another show - like Bill Maher

True religious Jews are not offended by Ann's comments

CHENEY'S LAW on Frontline Tuesday

What NASA says about global warming

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State (10-12-07)

Impeachment, Davey Crockett, and Jim Bowie....

Not to freak anyone out but did you know starting Monday we are going to see some interesting

Bill Clinton To Speak In WV

National Guard mourns as a family

Legal or Not, Abortion Rates Compare

China's forex reserve tops $1.43 trillion

Campaign works to get Gore on 2008 ballot

LAT: Coulter's anti-Semitic comment too dangerous to ignore

Gore v. Bush

American AFRICOM initiative is not welcome in Africa

Rooting for Al Gore is a sentimental self-indulgence

A Future Only a Pentagon Planner Could Possibly Love

White House dismisses talks of common currency

The Chattanooga Declaration ~ 4 Oct 2007

Treasury claims power to seize gold and silver -- and everything else

Pepsi man punches out Coke man during delivery

WP,pg1: U.S. Punished Qwest: Company feared secret phone record collection BEFORE 9/11 was illegal

The sun sets early on the American Century (Golub: Le Monde Diplomatique)

Dirty rotten scoundrels prosper in Bushland (Paradise Post)

Painting America Purple

Dodging Impeachment

Change in North Korea? Is peace on the Horizon in Korea or will Cheney Fuck it up too.

Globalization and American Wages

Torture and Starvation at Juvenile Boot Camps

Dehumanization and Demonization: The War Has Begun AGAIN!

Inside The Incredibly Shrinking Role Of the Supreme Court. And Why John Roberts Is O.K. With That

Chris Floyd: War Without End, Amen: The Sanguinary Vision of Robert Gates

Can the world stop genocide? (BBC)

The ‘Good Germans’ Among Us (Rich | NYT)

Bizarre Press Release on the Republican House Site

The heat and light in global warming (BBC) {very sober, balanced assessment of court case}

The Oh-So Ugly Republicans

The Little Film That Became a Hot Property: Millions Warmed to Gore's Environmental Message

Pointing Out the Monsters among the Sheep

Schools as Scapegoats

Why Do You Need Immunity, If You Haven't Broken the Law? (Uygur | HuffPost)

Gore Should Heed The Call-And Run

Deja Vu All Over Again? Another Bad Idea from Hillary Clinton

A foul-smelling reality hangs in the air.....

Onion: Reaganomics Finally Trickles Down To Area Man

No wonder conservatives are apoplectic - Gore's fortunes rise as the president's plummets

World Bank studies rising seas in Guyana - Reuters

Pachauri patiently rebuts bias charges (from Inhofe) - Reuters

Nobel Peace Prize ups pressure for climate action

Wind turbine construction near Moncton begins (New Brunswick, CA)

Vintners plant solar panels alongside grapes (CA)

Photovoltaic solar power reportedly gains momentum in Spain

Costly Solar Permits Block Sun Power (CA)

China = world leader (in air and water pollution)

ZAP: San Carlos Electric Car Dealership Opens for ZAP (California)

Entergy Nuclear doing "the most blatant and egregious push poll you can imagine"

New Zealand to ban new gas or coal fired generators

S. Korean firms vying to tap into solar energy business

Peak Oil Calls for Societal Change – US Expert

Oil hits record $84 on supply concerns

Canadians Shun Nuclear Energy and Use of Coal

2 L.A. traffic engineers must face trial

(Gov't of) Myanmar stages rally as UN envoy heads back to region ( as more dissidents arrested)

Lawmakers Say State Department Blocks Iraq Info: Four committee chairs want Maliki corruption truth

U.S. Investigates Civilian Toll in Airstrike, but Holds Insurgents Responsible

Voting Machines Giving Florida New Headache

Church displays stoles of clergy kicked out because of sexual orientation

St Vincent building new US$179m airport: Project backed by Cuba, Venezuela

Military junta forces villagers to march, or else

Big rigs burn in California freeway tunnel

2 More Troops Killed in Iraq This Week

WSJ: What Gore's Nobel Prize Means for Political Climate

Magna, union in `template' pact

Science backs Gore's premise

'Made in U.S.A.' Stages a Comback

Tense Moments After Boot Camp Acquittal

After the riots, Burma returns to an unspoken terror

Ex-US commander at Iraq jail faces trial

Oxford Union reportedly invited Holocaust denier Irving to speak

Analysis: Hunt(Hunt Oil), State talked on Iraq oil

U.S. officials head to Turkey over genocide dispute

Gore Should Heed The Call-And Run

Howard calls election for late November

Key activists arrested in Burma

Large-scale WMD drill launched off Japan

Rice worried by Putin's broad powers

PM Announces November 24 Poll

Dems: Override children's health veto

No Flinching From Recalls as China’s Exports Soar

Historic verdict: Court awards compensation to a Romani woman for sterilization for the first time

Rice pledges support to Russian activists

Ex-Mexican leader's statue felled

Turkey shells Iraqi village: witnesses


Felons helped Army meet recruitment goal

Pilot fined for hiding firearms: American caught in Halifax has alleged ties to drug lord

U.S. maternal death rate higher than Europe's: report

Bush: Protectionism will cost U.S. jobs (more of instilling of fear)

Analysts Find Israel Struck a Nuclear Project Inside Syria

White House defends progress in Iraq as ex-commander sees 'nightmare'

Shiite leader backs Iraqi regional plan

I seem to have let myself become seriously dehydrated.

I am over in the GD acting like I care about politics!

It's seven minutes and fifteen seconds. Please consider taking the A train

He had something in his rectum...or, as Republicans say...He died of natural causes

Cop jokes!

Nothing better to do so I used the Google and typed in my sister-in-law's name.

Racked, strapped, and ready to paddle.

I've been racking my balls on ways to "perfect" Du.......

I see a red door and I want to

I once ate a rum ball that didn't have any rum in it.

do you watch what you say when you speak in someone else's ear?

I am off on an Adventure!! Wish Me Luck!!


Never substitide red wine for cherry kool-aid

Discover yourself by giving me thousands of dollars.

Is a Members Only™ jacket a sign of a disturbed mind?

who's not busy on December 7th?

Mos Def and Immortal Technique rap about 9/11 + Bush

With my 3 year old prescription lenses, my sight is 20/40 (right), 20/70 left - ask me anything!

Discover yourself by giving me thousands of hickeys.

The tooth fairy

Vaudville Acts you just can't ever see enough of...

Word association thread!

hillary clinton

Neverland bans magic Jackson

i'm weird.

Ever been to a fundie haunted house?

this is the horse woman

The 70s sitcoms may have been 'liberal', but at least they promoted values.

whose fault is it?

We're watching World's Scariest Explosions...

Why don't you ever see big bars of Krackel for sale?

The 2007 Ig Nobel Prizes were announced last week!

LA-area DUers: a call for help.

Awwwww, Snape

I met a presidential candidate last night!

You can't guard me, the Secret Service couldn't guard me

While listening to a game on radio, I learned Purdue has a running back named ...

Question for Hot Fuzz fans

Question for Hot Fuzz fans

Are You Classified As Human?

i stubbed my toe today: can i blame hillary?

Have you ever had your horoscope come true?

Hillary spiked my coffee with ex-lax

Re: Sleepwalking and Ambien thread ..Ambien driving leads to DUI?

Ever have so much caffeine....

Help me with song suggestions for Hannah's Bat Mitzvah!


Anybody watching "Legally Blonde: The Musical" on MTV?

Hey! What the HELL is going on with all the thunder?!

Has anyone seen "Seconds" by Frankenheimer?

***** Happy Birthday MiniMandaRuth Sweet 16! *****

which topic do you speak most authoritatively about that you have little or no knowledge of?

You know how you can stick a seashell by your ear and hear the ocean?

Al Gore's Nobel Prize Must Have Scared The Freepers...

It's raining in Los Angeles!!!

The Diva Rocks The House

When is it appropriate to sit on a freeper-woman's face?


Sharing some cool music ...

I got Verizon FIOS TV, to get rid of COMCAST

do you watch what you say when you speak on telephones?

I don't-fucking-believe happened again tonight

Apparently I've either lost my mind or I have a death wish

15 teenages (15 & 16 year olds) are going to overrun my house in 5 hours!

So, is sleeping with you future brother in law's fiancee a bad thing?

My Halloween costume arrived...How do you like it?

So, is sleeping with your future brother in law's financier a bad thing?

What would you do for money?

Don't you absolutely HATE running out of printer ink?

LSU/Kentucky tied at overtime... GO WILDCATS!.


I think I may have found my new home!! (I hope!) Yeah!

Is it only me, or are there others that don't trust sites/programs like "GoToMyPC"?

Posting on DU while on Ambien

Happy birthday to me.

Are you on a "Dead" album/CD?

Who is this woman? (British motorbike pyro accident)

any other hot, sexy, single, self proclaimed leftys home cleaning the bathroom and kitchen?

My cousin's blind dog got out and wandered away

So, is sleeping with you future brother in law's sister a bad thing?

So, is sleeping with your future brother in law's brazziere a bad thing?

Note: Canadian beer with lime

Lizzie Grace's Tell Me Something Good Thread Gave Me this earworm

anyone else running vista sp1 beta?

Do you want to ask me anything?

i can't get this website to work?

Damn, but I love to see Curt Schilling get jacked up

I want to know where you are with your family NOW

I want to know where you go with your family NOW

Cinamon Blossom

Took the kitties to the vet today (now with pics!)


Ladies and Gentlemen, Once again, The Doors

RIP ronald mcdonald

I'm wearing my llama protective codpiece

OK, I'm going to make a prediction:

I Finally Get It

It's: A Brazillion ways from Sunday

Back from vacation in Geogia. (Dial-up warning - lots of pics!)

I am wearing my alpaca slipper socks.

Strange find in the woods today

Idiots live in my town! Global warming poll......

I got a new one for the Weird Names file

So who recognizes this logo?

Color announcer for ASU/Wash. game. Sounds like a Sesame Street

I just worked retail all day!

Yesterday's repulsive sticker viewing:

Who else is swinging on the chandeliers tonight?

Introducing the New Number ONE football team in the NCAA Division 1-A

Pictures of a bear rescue.



I just have to say .........

The majority of people are not half as intelligent as they think they are

I've always been fascinated by magicians

Pictures from todays Palos Verde kayaking trip.

Wisconsin burglar steals a pizza, 6 eggs, can of ravioli, can of peaches, and 1 Hot Pocket

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/13/07

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/12/07 Bonus

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 10/12/07

Poll: Across the Universe

Super Chuck Norris World

I am a horrible mother and a worse liberal.

Any late night musings?



Laundry Help!!!!!

Grrrr..I hate DHL (more like D-HELL!)! They lie!

Will we ever return to a time when more people, on average, experience shame?

Anyone else have cats that "change places" when it cools off?

Fresh cantaloupe from the farmer's market.

PSA from a Starbucks barista:

Saturday, October 13th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Here come the Red Sox

Today's College Football Thread

DS1's Halloween Costume Arrived and he tried it on. What do you think?

Does being left or right handed mean anything other than lefties are a minority?

After Tonight, The Cleveland Indians Will Be DOWN 2 GAMES

my little six months old sweet pea has been taken by his parents to a relative's wedding.

*ahem* Boston College is kicking Notre Dame's ASS

If you were in a room with a random 100 people, where would you place yourself intellectually?


I do realize this lacks in originality, but I am always curious

THE Ohio State University is ranked Number ONE!!

Anyone know the deal with "Live Hotmail"?

Anyone else have the miserable cold that's going around?

Looks like I've got another child to take care of...

Movies with names in titles!

My halloween outfit arrived and i tried it on...what do you think?

Computer graphics artist? Post your work! (Dialup warning)

Things haven't been going well for me

Ex-Iraq general blasts war planners, media

Surgeon, VA hospital under fire for OR deaths

Guard recruiter pleads guilty to sexual assault

Teams sent to units to boost post-tour health screenings

Servicemembers suffer brain injuries but try to hide symptoms

USAREUR commander wants to keep 40,000 American soldiers in Europe

More than 145,000 have used Qatar R&R program

Army Improves Humvee Refit Efficiency

Sanchez, former U.S. commander in Iraq, calls war 'a nightmare with no end in sight'

Iraq Says Innocent Victims Unavoidable

Too hurt to fly home, soldier returns by RV

Retiring VA chief sees challenges for system

A Little LUV for the Future Military Jeep

Report: Marine gave secret files to police

Tomgram: Nick Turse on The Pentagon's 100-Year War

The Marines 65 years ago

The Few, The Proud (the Smart): Marines Figure it Out - It's Time to Quit Iraq

SSgt Lillian Clamens

Raid targeting al-Qaida kills 15 civilians

Military life puts young marriages to a constant test

Submarine Hampton under investigation

Today in labor history October 13

Labor quote for the week of October 8, 2007

Labor cartoon Oct 13

Labor joke for the week

It’s All About RESPECT

Union pushing working-family agenda

Nurses Strike Appalachian Hospitals for Better Patient Care

Washington Post: DHS Noting Union Affiliation Of Air Travelers Is Protested

Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney on California Nurses' Strike at Sutter Hospitals

Magna, union in `template' pact

Union OKs contract with Meijer, 27,000 employees at 92 Michigan supercenters

NYT: Stagehands’ Union Calls for a Strike Vote

NYT: In Movie Labor Talks, Past Issues Cloud Future

Vital signs for professional women (Women fare better financially if they belong to a union)

Labor Department Find 'American Idol' In Violation Of Child Labor Laws

Oregon labor briefs

Your turn: ‘Restore the job cuts and honor the contract,’ union leader says

Goodyear, United Steelworkers reach tentative contract

USW Calls on Colombia to Stop ‘Impunity Slaying’ of Unionists

Rochester bus drivers win union

Today in labor history BONUS Oct 13 (mostly female and minority workers)

Food 4 Less Associates Ratify New Labor Agreement

U.S. gov’t, bosses use racial profiling

Acme butcher's beef: A nonunion Genuardi's (this is the forum story of the day)

Weirton Medical Center and SEIU 1199 Reach Tentative Agreement

A Silver Lining For Edwards In The SEIU's (national) Non-Endorsement?

SEIU Keeps Pressure On Sunrise Senior Living (Sunrise executives participated in insider trading)

“Test case” mission to Iran

Washington Post: Mexican 'Dirty War' Case Nears Court

Sutter Hospitals Paying Penalties for Missed Breaks

Painter electrocuted on roof

Nuclear Proliferation...

Will America use nuclear weapons in a military showdown with Iran...

Nuclear Weapons and the Human Future (condensed)

Bush blooper reel

Ode to Corporate America...

Tribute To Children - Mad World

Corporate America finds new ways NOT to hire Americans...

Blackwater USA's Legacy is Discussed on Bill Maher's Program

We Have Become A Nazi Monster

Melissa Etheridge - I Need To Wake Up: From 'An Inconvenient Truth'...

Empty In D.C. - With Sing-Along Karaoke Text...

Naomi Klein, Paul Krugman, Tucker Carlson and Joy Behar on Bill Maher's Real Time

A bipartisan Way Forward on Iraq

America Is Just Like A Drunk

SC Representative Bill Bowers endorses John Edwards

CBS News' Lara Logan... state of medical care in Afghanistan...

GOOD Magazine: Bikes to Rwanda

Yes, God Is A Republican...

Why People Hate The USA

Darfur, Sudan, Oil, America and China...

Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich speak about thier beliefs

Bush's War For Oil...***graphic content***...

If Al Gore won the 2000 elections?

I Wanna Be A Republican - The Kinsey Sicks...

John Gibson- Black Men's Best Friend

Olbermann: Interview with Bill Richardson

Barack Obama: Leadership On Foreign Policy

Michael Moore gives religious right politicians Bible verses to frame on their office walls

fTucker Hates the Troops, he Really hates them

Tucker Carlson calls George W. Bush a "Metropolitan Liberal'

The Hour: Naomi Klein...

Bill Maher: 'New Rules' - Oct. 12, 2007

Pelosi To Code Pink: You're not my constituents!

On toll roads and the Trans-Texas Corridor

Trans-Texas Corridor, Alex Jones on Lou Dobbs CNN report

Al Gore

Cultural + Financial Trends from a Socionomic Viewpoint.

Leadership dooms Iraq strategy: ex-commander (Reuters)

Top 5 greatest threads on home page about same person - don't recall seeing that ever

need help..."the last German"

Police eye possibilities of license plate scanning (speeding tickets!)

"After the Garden is Gone" Niel Young's contribution to Gore's message.

John Rothman on KGO radio, said Gore has a moral imperitive to run, and I agree /nt

Twelve Soldiers Buried Together At Arlington National Cemetery

Atlanta has only 3 months supply of water

Washington Journal: Rick Sanchez' comments

Does Blackwater Play By Its Own Rules in Iraq?

Can we get some new smilies please?

A question for the Hillary supporters among us

Next week is W-Week for Gore.

TORTURE - Say it, America: This is not who we are

Abu Ghraib’s prime investigator slams handling of prison scandal


The O.C. Mortgage Bust - "Young office clerks were all driving Mercedes and BMWs"

As we entered Iraqi airspace someone shouted: "Body armour and helmet on now."

Faux News: Nobel Price should have gone to Gen. Petraeus, not Al Gore

Blackwater and me: A love story it ain't

Blackwater’s role in Iraq

Is this REALLY a 'Democratic Congress'?

Iraq War put on hold because of recall...

I am so rooting for Rudy.

Little Tucker: "Blackwater hasn't committed any more atrocities in Iraq than American troops"

If I see another Gore Post I'll Puke.

Another Gore Post.

Key Shia member of Iraq’s ruling coalition calls for total US withdrawal

How Rove & Gonzales ILLEGALLY Targeted Edwards During The 04 Campaign

Daily Show: US forgets past atrocities in exchange for help in the war on terror

Rebuild or retreat: US debates evacuation of Gulf coastline

"When singing songs of scariness

A little joke on DU yesterday, I thought was pretty funny.

Sobering but true: "You kill a dog, you go to jail, You kill a little black boy and nothing happens"

D'OH !

Firm with overses clients says feds are bugging phones, computers

Bill Maher Show

Is anyone listening to Pat Buchanan

AT&T Began Building Spy Facility For NSA-DAYS After Bush Took Office

NSA Domestic Phone Spying before 9/11

Since, according to RW'ers, the Nobel Prize has a liberal bias, will they make their own Prize?

Al Gore wins Nobel peace prize. And this time, no one can take it away from him (Guardian)

Homeland Security is buying a new bunker

Crooks and Liars Open Thread - Lose a spouse, gain a Presidential Coin

GOP outraged over NASCAR immunizations advisory

Texas Judge's Decison To Close On Time Lead to Immediate Execution

Gore Looks Great! ---pix--->>>

True or False: Blackwater is the 21st Century's version of the SA brownshirts.

The Democratic party needs to run a campaign commercial in 2008 accusing Republicans of weakness.

Remember when Pickles got heckled out of a Mosque on her Mideast vacation? What an embarrassment

The war at home.

was the iraqi army supposed to be the cannon fodder for an attack on iran...?

CNN's certainly starting up on Sanchez today.

Is there any difference in the U.S. military killings of 15 Iraqi civilians and Blackwater's crimes?

Coincidental incidentals

New "Virtual Strip Search" Machine To Be Tested At U.S. Airports

Condi in 2007: "Iran is lying". Condi in January of 2003: "Iraq is lying"

Barney Frank: Bad or the worst?

Leadership Void by Cindy Sheehan

I've been racking my brain on ways to "perfect" Du.......

What the hell ever happened to Osama bin Laden's 4 wives and 24 children?

Lawsuit: ICE drugging detainees set for deportation

Some thoughts on Right Wing types

Mademoiselle and the Doctor --documentary on suicide and

Deleware's ocean, bay and river water has algal poisoning

STFU! NSA approached phone companies about domestic spying BEFORE 9-11.

Should Pickles' Lips Be Tested For Lead? ---pix--->>>

At Army Base, Officers Are Split Over War

Dennis and Elizabeth speak about their hopes for peace, justice and sustainability.

This poor deer.

Mom of dead inmate begs to end prison suffering

Gore Wins Nobel/ Book Sales Surge

Caption time.

The 'revolt of the generals' continues

Voting Machines Giving Florida New Headache

what will the bushes think of next

Citizens Groups in Michigan mobilize against Coal

Whatever you do, don't read today's New York Post (but why would you anyway?)

You Stupid Women!!!!! Fuck You! (Jews... You need to listen up.)

Condi want to protect people from "the arbitraty power of the state".

Edwards Wins FireDogLake Members October Presidential Poll With 43%

How to hold a man when you stick the knife in...

ORLY? *not applicable to all children.

Torture, starvation and death: how American boot camps abuse boys

BLACKWATER's Prince-Shows Off "Replicas Of Guns Used To Assassinate Presidents"

John Edwards town hall (being held outside in a square)-starting very

"Several hundred gallons of mildly radioactive water"

Republicans! Do not be jealous! The Air Force won a major peace prize last week!

5 Trucks Burn in Calif. Freeway Tunnel

Despite Gore's Nobel Climate Not Top Issue

Ex-General: 'No End in Sight' in Iraq

Rush Limbaugh To Challenge Gore Peace Prize Win?

Florida: Court has lethal-injection fears

Apple Honors Former Vice President Gore on their Homepage

10 "Healthy" Foods That May Kill You

Shut Up and Sing

Hunt Oil talked to State Dept. prior to signing KRG deal, contrary

The President's papers "belong to the people of the United States"

Dream Cabinet

Re: Impeachment... Face It Folks, The Beltway Doesn't Care What The People Think...

Catholic League attacks film version of "The Golden Compass"

Science backs Gore's premise

WSJ: What Gore's Nobel Prize Means for Political Climate

After the riots, Burma returns to an unspoken terror

"the single dumbest campaign commercial of the year" (Mitt's jihad ad)

Need help responding to an anti-Gore post on another board...

Military still trying Watada in spite of Double Jeopardy

Retirements Create Historically Big ‘Open Seat’ Gap for Senate Republicans - CQPolitics

More U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq so far this year than in all of 2006

U.S. Plan for Airline Security Meets Resistance in Canada

IDEA: Al Gore On Green Party Ticket

'Made in U.S.A.' Stages a Comback

John Frankenheimer's "The Manchurian Candidate" will be on PBS

Is the media implying that Iraq's civil war is over: only four people killed in Baghdad Saturday

So why did Congress need to bring the resolution on the Armenian genocide up NOW?

DISGRACEFUL: Schwarzenegger Vetoes Gay Marriage

Servicemembers suffer brain injuries but try to hide symptoms

Merle Haggard: "We're not afraid of a bunch of terrorists"

"Do You Like The Constitution"?

At an Army School, Blunt Talk on Iraq

Bin Laden appears to have benefited immensely from the Sept. 11th attacks

Grand Canyon employees forbidden by Bush administration from discussing canyon's age

"I'm a uniter", indeed: Iraqi refugees shed sectarian bitterness in exile

George Bush deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

How does a small group of people control an enormous group of people?

Romney's New Ad on Jihadism

Former Top General in Iraq Faults Bush Administration

Armed forces see sharp drop in black enlistments - 58 percent plunge since 2000

Text of LTG Richardo S. Sanchez's remarks:

When were the Blackwater contracts negotiated? Did Rumsfeld refuse to listen to Shinseki because he

Attorney General for future Pres. George P. Bush. suspended from Regent University Law School

Baby boomers seek early retirement; Social Security age may increase

"Why? Why do adults make kids pay for their problems?"

OMG duck and run Anns got a brother? ....or something

Who's seen IDOCRACY?

Please vote on this poll...

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Gay Marriage Again

Coming Up on This Week with George Stephanopoulos:Ms. Pelosi

The new Taliban

The US spends, on average, just over $1m a year to protect each aid worker it sends to Afghanistan

Religious persecution: almost 15% of Yazidis have fled Iraq

Namibia shuts down mercenary firm, deports 2 US citizens for recruiting


Has anyone else noticed a change in this place?

"They tortured me. ... They beat me a lot. So I told them anything they wanted to hear," he said

Could the RW's "War on Christmas" be a year long event?

Why is Rush Limbaugh still on American Forces Radio and Television Service?

Name Three Democratic Politicians That You Would Be PROUD To Vote For President !!!


Clarence Thomas, the 'Anti Black'

Does being left or right handed mean anything other than lefties are a minority?

Laura & Staff Horrified When Reporter Asks A Real Question

Why does the fucking cato institute have an image of Jefferson

Is it only me, or are there others that don't trust sites/programs like "GoToMyPC"?

If an actor did a commercial for army recruitments...

OK, what corporations would be Nationalized in your

Candidate Takes Heat Over Slogan: "If You Like Oral Sex, Vote Caragal"

Every action you take in life COULD affect me, which makes it something I can legislate and punish

Afghan prisoners (Taliban) swapped for German hostage

IS there a Hillary Connection to the John Edwards Affair Smear In National Enquirer? LINK

I do not give credence to Mark Green's negative opinion on Al Gore

"Colorism is real in the black community.."

Fox News reports: General Sanchez a "Phony soldier"

Oxford Union reportedly invited Holocaust denier Irving to speak

Israel and its lack of water threatens its survivial....

Guess what blacks in Ohio and Republicans in Central Florida have in common?

What exactly are we fighting for, people? I mean, really, what are

DoD Class 3 Root certificate found on mac keychain

What we are really fighting is not the GOP, but the Americans FEAR of truth & reality

Slashing red tape: Staffers for Sen. Kerry helped Ciara Durkin’s family battle bureaucracy

There's a libertarian-type backlash coming. Call me crazy, but

Al Gore needs to remain "the best president we never had".

Get ready for the War on Christmas of 2007

Gore in Democratic race actually helps Clinton

D'oh -- Norah O'Donnell Caught Asking For Teleprompter

Okay: What well known political figure made this statement about unchecked presidential power?

Anyone up for a bong hit of those little squares you use to hide smoking threads?

Condi said this without any apparent irony, as Atrios notes:

my 111th ltte-refugees of the war

after 9-11, did you start coLLecting american fLag items?

Former Shell executive accuses oil firms of ‘hypocrisy’ over human rights (UK)

Water woes may lead to Water Wars....water starved areas looking for

One delude LTTE from the San Francisco Chronicle (Gore's church)

DU today's Detroit News poll about Gore

200,000 signatures for Draft Gore!!

Bush crusades for free trade as support cools


Media Public Takeover

Does Hillary Clinton have the right LAUGH to be President?

Son in Sound of Music family dies (BBC) {Werner von Trapp}

Going on Second Life tonight

Deryk Schlessinger what has happened since May 07?

Why General Sanches'z statements worry me

GE to sell NBC in 2008?

So the White House wants to know about Canadians' travel plans .... Here we go. "Dear George"

Is there any movie that is more of a parable to our times....

My response to Murdoch's Times' article re the judge's ruling on climate change

Name nine GOP politicians you would be PROUD to keep out of office

NSA Sought Phone records 7 Months BEFORE 9-11

Why have George McGovern, RFK, and Wes Clark all endorsed our next President?

Caption this.

The ancient Grecians knew all about scoundrels like Shrub instigating unjust wars

FEMA Splits With States, Draws Own Disaster Plans

Dave Emory's radio show "For the Record"


US troops in the money

Do you know any republicans that now claim they're libertarian?

Bush Official Blames Black Voters for Creating Their Own Lines in '04 Election

Sodaheads ... HELP! ....

This is soooo fucked up and related to the town I grew up and, well. . .

Fired Officer Believed CIA Lied to Congress (WAPO)

Patriots for Al Gore Statement Regarding Al Gore Receiving Nobel Peace Prize

There are 300 some million of us and just a handful of war mongering dilletantes destroying us...

Durbin: No Immunity For Telecoms ‘Until We Understand What The Program Has Been About’

Crude Truths About Iraq

Simple question: Do you believe you are free?

Orthodox rabbi beaten with baseball bat in New Jersey town

Coulter's anti-Semitic comment too dangerous to ignore

Ayn Rand is the problem....

Gore should run in 2016

Sri Chinmoy, former spiritual leader of Santana & Mahavishnu Orchestra's John McLaughlin, dies at 76

Why Do You Need Immunity, If You Haven't Broken the Law? (Cenk Uygur)

Vatican suspends Italian monsignor over gay sex

Draft Gore petition approaching 200,000 sigs - A letter from me to Al & The Dream Team

Does anyone know of a "quicken" for Linux - I love Ubuntu and that is the only thing I still use on

Best Gore TOONS yet!

I think America is done with the GOP

Nobel, Schnobel ...


Happy Eid, Y'all....the Empire State Building is GREEN!!!!

Dachau and Guantamo and the End of America

Kucinich Will Introduce Legislation To Ban U.S. Oil Companies From Iraq

Smearing Al Gore: Here We Go Again - Robert Parry - Consortium News

The problem with smoking threads:

So what is this latest dustup between the Russian Oligarchs and the US Oligarchs

Church displays stoles of clergy kicked out because of sexual orientation

CHENEY & Others Enabled Rogue Nation To Get Nuclear Bomb & Covered It Up In The 1980s (Guardian)

Bush v. Gore: Poppy's Bad Weekend

In Defense of the Heart (Taking No Prisoners on behalf of those who wear Hearts on Sleeves)

Klutzo The Christian Conservative Clown Busted For Kiddie Porn And Sex Tourism

Hillary Rodham Clinton is "acting as if she's won"


Moving up the Charts: Drug-resistant bug invades military, civilian hospitals

Canada's version of "DU" (Rabble) slam Gore!

Some libertarian Ayn Rand Bullshit for your displeasure

Larry Johnson: "I Am Worried About What Happens To The CIA Officers Still On The Job"


Author Naomi Klein: America is succumbing to fascism

Time to step it up smokers...........

We interrupt this Gore-filled page to bring you an amusing story

NYT: "Syria Tells Journalists Israeli Raid Did Not Occur"! (HUH?)

So this guy investigating Bush power sees a number of his interviewees die...

At an Army School, Blunt Talk on Iraq...who bore more responsibility for mistakes...

Jimmy Carter: Gore was elected in Florida in 2000

Fascism and gun laws

HuffPo: Sex Offender Laws May Do More Harm Than Good

Do you belong to Progressive Democrats of America? If so recommend this post.

Al Gore, please run.

Excellent quote about Alberto Gonzalez

The problem with non-smokers

How to win the drug war

The problem with smokers...

The Toxic Rhetoric of Freedom and Democracy

"We Did Not Vote For Bush"

So I went to see the Lipizzaner Stallions perform tonight and saw an obnoxious patriotic display

I seem to take a lot of heat around here for my

Florida county chair won't let candidate into county fundraiser...tells him not to run again.

Washington Post article on Biden/Brownback post

Cnn video of Biden and Brownback

Email I just sent to CNN

this thread needs some Recommendations

Obama gets more money from special interests than Hillary

Here's a thread from Debi - not sure if you guys have seen it.

Biden/Dodd in Waterloo Iowa last night

Another Mad at Hillary thread...

New Hampshire primary may be moved to DECEMBER 11th,

Greystone Ltd., a division of Blackwater for foreign countries...

Hillary approaches 50% in Rasmussen Primary Poll;, increases lead over Republicans

Children’s Health Care: House vote on overriding the President’s veto OCT 18:

Need help getting the word out about a legislative attack on bloggers

John Edwards Supporters: Cspan, Saturday morning

Who is crying more? Obama supporters or Hillary supporters upset about Obama's comments re: Lewis

Dangerous Crossroads: US Sponsored War Games

HEADS UP: John Edwards coming up on C-SPAN

The Democratic party needs to run a campaign commercial in 2008 accusing Republicans of weakness.

Arianna Huffington wants to know: "What Would You Like Me to Ask Nancy Pelosi?"

WP editorial: Gore v. Bush: The Nobel Peace Prize committee hands a victory to Al Gore

Since Television is an action based media, perhaps they just can't

10/13/07 Head to Head Straw Poll

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Below the radar: Secret flights to torture and ‘disappearance’

Got pneumonia? Take an aspirin.

The first war: 'TOON by TOM the DaNCiNg BUg

Question about Iowa/New Hampshire primaries:

What is the latest on Hillary's war plans?

So if he ignores the polls ... ? (Calvin & Hobbes 'TOON)

Video of Hillary Senator Clinton and Rep. John Lewis In Atlanta

Wasn't all the pathetic, envious, sour grapes commentary on Gore's Nobel so revealing?

A Big Day for Al Gore and the Climate Change Fight; Gov Richardson congratulates Gore

'Global Incident Map' or How To Keep The World In A State of Fear

Zogby Question: Which candidates you would never vote for?

The American people must hold them accountable

Voting Machines Giving Florida New Headache

Has HRC taken a position in the Unitary Executive Theory?

Despite Big Honor for Gore, Climate Not Top Issue in U.S. (WP)

Obama Goes Door-To-Door in Iowa

Meanies And Hypocrites By E. J. Dionne Jr.

Go Left TV: Spend Your Green on BLUE (I don't agree with all the picks)

The difference between conditions and pre-conditions

S-CHIP debate sends Republicans over the edge

Bush saw into Putin's soul AFTER Putin told Bush "some KGB story that he made up"

Photos: Barack Obama canvassing a neighborhood today in Des Moines, Iowa

Distance Learning C-Span Q & A session with Howard Dean and college students

Father angry about school telling son to remove Edwards T-shirt

This Al Gore Poll Needs Help!

Anti war donkey cartoon

"Do Insiders Always Suck?"

Gore thinks Clinton unstoppable

Obama fans: Great photo slide show from Barack's canvassing today in Des Moines

Obama: Clinton thinks more "conventionally"

Hillary Clinton has over one million volunteers/donors!

Iraq: It's the oil. 5 super bases will allow the U.S. to stay for years, "like Korea"

NBC's Chuck Todd: SEIU-Iowa will endorse John Edwards tomorrow at 5:30PM

Biden, Brownback Team on Iraq Plan

Illinois Federation of Teachers Endorses Barack Obama

Ex-Commander Says officials have been “derelict in their duties” and guilty of a “lust for power”

DU today's Detroit News poll about Gore

I'm amazed at how many experts on lying we have at DU.

Poll shows Gore entry might help Clinton

I Saw My First Edwards Bumper Sticker

Colbert writes Maureen Dowd's and Frank Rich's columns

So when will the first negative attack ads against Hillary start running in Iowa and NH?

Obama people, i saw my first Obama bumper sticker today.

UnTracable Emails Spreads Obama Rumor

The real reason IA and NH have so much power

OK - here is a GREAT song - a new-era protest song

What is with Comcast putting MSNBC on pay channel? I can't seem to find much on this.

VA GOP hates Democracy. Gilmore Senate nomination assured

Is Obama lying about why he didn't vote for the Iran resoluition? Biden says everyone knew

Obama on John Lewis' endorsent of Clinton: No help in Iowa

Michigan voter pleased..

Top Shiite leader agrees with Sen. Biden on governing Iraq

What's your political philosophy? (25 words or less)

In case you missed it, Hillary ripped Obama a new ass on Iran today

if the GOP is so bad,

"child brides: stolen lives" (NOW/PBS)

So someone is pushing the "Obama is a Muslim" again? Who might be behind this?

Bill Maher writing in Salon: "New Rule. American Flag Pins Are For Idiots"

Louisiana Most Corrupt State in the Nation, According to Corporate Crime Reporter

Gore: "Politics requires tolerance for triviality, artifice, nonsense I have found in short supply."

America's Armageddonites

An honest question for Edwards supporters

To everyone who whines because Obama talks about Christianity, read this:

For perspective on division at DU, take a ride in the "wayback machine" to Jan. 2004...

Sen. Durbin: "Obama is also wrong about the Non-Binding “Sense of the Senate” resolution on Iran’s

The thing I don't like about my candidate is __________________.

Salon: Hillary Clinton's Smooth-Talk Express

Michelle Obama Takes Fight to Clinton

On the Hillary obsession here at DU

Rice worried by Putin's (Bush's?) broad powers

Why Gore Is Not Being Evasive to Maintain Interest in Global Warming (And Why Not)

Should the ethics committee hearings involving Senator Craig be aired on television?

This Turkey thing has got me going

Rats leaving is not good news if you're stuck on the ship


Dear Al. Shit or get off the pot.

so, what is the rationale for still supporting NAFTA?

Why I'm wary of Dennis Kucinich.

The Perfect Solution .... Gore for President, Edwards to the Supreme Court, ....

Freep this S-Chip poll

"Hillary is inhuman". "She's a monster".

Look what sleazebag Limbaugh is up to now.

I would like to share an experience I had. I was in Florida

'Mending Wall' (Robert Frost, 1916)

Why did Dean lose Iowa?

Honestly, if you were Al Gore would you want to run for president...

Howard Dean - Article in Newsweek

NYT Week in Review: Hillary's Clinton's Iran Vote: The Fallout

Biden and Dodd attend debate in Waterloo, Iowa - Kucinich a no show

Are we fighting a war for resources in the ME?

October 13th DU straw poll of all announced Democratic contenders