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Archives: September 9, 2006

"Outrage" - a poem I wrote in March 2003

Climate change caused civilisation, scientist says

Webcast of Aug. 30, 2006 Towers of Deception--Barrie Zwicker

Clinton, Other Democrats Assail ABC Docudrama 'Path to 9/11'

Suggestions Appreciated:

Oldie but a goodie...

I swear, if ABC PULLS ANY BULLSHIT like messing with the Housewives

Amazing shred guitar secret tape.

Where would you rather spend 4 years?

Something cruel one of my cats did to one of my other cats.

20 Questions. Guess what I bought and used

a year in the life

The First Greatest Athlete Of The 21st Century

Godless BY CHOICE From Ohio

Hierarchy of Life

Join the massive effort to STOP ABC's DISTORTION OF 9/11!

Short and sweet

Saudi Arabia vs. Israel

60% Say Government Policies Need Major Change

Wow. If I were a Democratic version of Karl Rove, I would

A Completely Naive Perspective!!!!!

The task the House took up this week was the slaughter of horses.

Here's my cynical prediction about Path to 9/11.

Here's a movie Bush and the GOP doesn't want you to see:

Boat owner drops lawsuit, Man took it to rescue victims of Katrina

Olberman Vid - "Path to 9/11 is a 'stealth attack' in the culture war."

Not gonna believe this "Separated at Birth" pairing. V for Vendetta and...

Bush admits having difficulty connecting Iraq to war on terror.

A simple response to the "It's all Clinton's fault" conservatives

C'mon DU'ers We Are Better Than This, Smarter Than This, Please Understand

U.S. Medical Students Endure Daily Harassment

If dems don't take back the house this year,

Who do YOU want to see on Bill Maher's panel? Let's make it happen!

Movies to make about Bush Administration like ABC's 911 docuganda

PSSSSSSSSSST... pass it on.

Real actions should have real consequences...

Comedy. Relief.

Imagine that Michael Moore made a Television Documentary...

Let's Compile A List Of Alternatives To Bullshit pt9-11 movie

Protect the vote: DFA supports 4 for Secretaries of State...take a look.

Idiocracy (Fox refuses to market Mike Judge film)

What were the causes of 9/11?

Hollywood Reporter: The Path to 9/11 - review with production credits

This Isn't Patriotism

Why Are We Suddenly At War With "Islamic Fascists"?

Mocking Bush is my patriotic duty - Bill Maher

NYT: Cheney’s Power No Longer Goes Unquestioned

In Iran, a surprising, confounding world (by David Ignatius)

Self-Help in the Land of Denial (Mickey Z.)

WP: Tom Shales: ABC's Twisted 'Path to 9/11' (review)

The Wrong Lessons from September 11

Investigation: The CIA's secret prisons

Blogging Stocks pundit gets it all wrong about the IWW and Starbucks

Time to stop the toxic lies of 9/11

Hey Berman...."Whats the rational for Libby lying?" is the real question..

The State of Working America 2006/2007

Convention plans start to take shape (Mexico)

Pentagon vs. the press

WP: 'Values' We Have to Hide Abroad

U.S. enters the age of foiled plots-----Bush's clever footwork

Shiite stewardship threatens preservation of Iraq's pre-Islamic history

Spain seeks justice for final victim of ailing Franco's garrotte

The weekend's 9/11 horror-fest will do Osama bin Laden's work for him

Self Delete Dupe

Bush "angrily thrust his middle finger inches in front of the face of,,,"

The September 10th President

May 2003: Court Rules that Al Qaida and Iraq are Linked

WP,pg1: "Some days the hole in the heart of NYC appears healed over."

Global War on Terror Leaves Region in Turmoil (Praful Bidwai)

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Five Years In, Bush Is Losing Terror War (Jim Lobe)

The Globe: Failing Afghanistan "What We Lost" (Hubris After 9/11)

Liberals to hold top posts in Democrat-run Congress

Path to 9-11

Pres Of Unregulated Private 'Bank' Pleads Guilty For Role In Ponzi Scheme

Is there such thing as a "profit for charity" corporation?

Two Billion Households Could Have Solar Power By 2025

Man, I would not want to be in Bermuda about now (Florence)

Bush's Renewable Fuels Rule Empty and Hollow

Allen calls for more domestic energy to wean West from hostile regimes

Pipeline project's proponents ready to state case (LV water grab-Reid fav)

Feds Reject Plan to Create Utah Nuclear Waste Stockpile

Tax credits give companies an incentive (OR)

ADS URGE LAWMAKERS: 'Fix Yucca Mountain'

What do all these congress critters have in common?

plant is the first in the nation that uses cattle manure to make the gas

Rift widens between producers, consumers(oil)

Israeli doctors witness first-hand the humanitarian disaster in Gaza

*** 1.5 million people in Gaza on the edge of STARVATION ***

Bernie Kerik got out of the shower - "I'm thinking it was a bomb."

Fake Video from 9/11? Was this Doctored?

remember the plane that exploded, fell apart and dumped people all

8-Year Career CIA Official Says 9/11 An Inside Job

Check this out

General asks what hit the Pentagon

TvNewsLIES editor appearing Sunday at 9/11 forum

Just watched "Loose Change" last night

Bush will be in NYC on 9/10, not 9/11

Dr. Bowman meets the Press on 9/11

SO I am watching this video of a WTC tower going down.. whats this?

9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply

One question (I hope you guys/gals) will know, have we ever

Can anyone tape this?

The Mother of all Election Scandals

CA's National Popular Vote Proposal a fraud

Get your hands on a Diebold machine in Maryland

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, September 9

Duval Agrees To State Or Federal Oversight Of November Election

CA Sen. Debra Bowen (hopefully our next SoS) -- Her Current Legislation

Vanilla flavored almond milk

So I grilled up a buncha vegetables .... made some fresh pasta .....

Kitchen handy work

Arroz con pollo tonight

Chicken Noodle Soup Edition of What's For Supper. (9/9)

Mom's cast iron pans

(Canwest) Canadian troops making things worse: Afghan legislator

PM's actions 'disgusting,' Newfoundland premier says

PM to speak in defence of Afghan mission

Taliban `on run,' says O'Connor

Rice to mark 9/11 anniversary in Nova Scotia

Witnesses: IDF troops seize six men in southern Lebanon

Trio Accused of Gunpoint Prayer Session

Army general says Rumsfeld refused to plan for post-war Iraq

Woman in Presumed Vegetative State May Be Aware (here we go again)

EPA wants pollution rules eased for oil refineries, plants

Yushchenko was poisoned with Russian, U.S. or U.K.-made dioxin

Saudi to ban the sale of cats and dogs

WP,pg1: Iraq's Alleged Al-Qaeda Ties Were Disputed Before War: Report

LAT: ABC Stands by 9/11 Story: After minor edits, will air as scheduled

U.S. schools compete for Saudi students (Saudi royals paying the tuition)

'Most-wanted' fugitive captured (Buck Phillips, accused NY cop killer)

Cartoons row hits Danish exports

False Accusation Creates a 9/11 Footnote

Iraqi PM to Visit Iran on Monday

At least 13 killed, 11 corpses found in Iraq

Tobin appeals conviction in election phone-jamming case

(Canadian)Tanks going to Afghanistan after all

Reuters: ABC tinkers with 9/11 drama

Police: Wheelchair-bound NYC woman shoots mugger

Live blog of Senator kerry's speech NOW at Daily Kos.

Atlantis now headed for space station

Pakistan denies Taliban chief in country

Ex-U.S. senate aide in Iraq spy case freed

Iranian military captures 5 Iraqi soldiers after clash

CNN/Reuters: Researchers identify 'male warrior effect'

Baghdad attack wounds three US soldiers

Mojave Spaceport Gearing Up for SpaceShipTwo

TPM: In New Letter, Clinton Lawyers Demand ABC Yank Film (text)

False accusation creates a 9/11 footnote

Small plane crash in northern Mexico kills three Americans

Las Vegas police counter terror threats and critics (data-mining, etc.)

Bill would ease CIA interrogation limits

NYT: Cheney’s Power No Longer Goes Unquestioned

Putin tells experts he will step down in 2008

OPEC's Daukoru `Very Concerned' About Oil Price Drop

NYT: Darfur Trembles as Peacekeepers’ Exit Looms

World must wake up to the dangers of biofuels, head of Kew Gardens warns

Stomach bug slows Carter's campaign

Man says he was held at gunpoint for prayer session

Global Warming Taking Earth Back to Dinosaur Era

OPEC president says very concerned by lower oil price

Man held in death of (NBC's) Stone Phillips' aunt

Iraqis Plan Nationwide Walkout Sept.24 (Kathlyn Stone)

U.S. Troops Raid IFC Head Office in Baghdad (Kathlyn Stone)

First Lady Leads Commissioning Navy Sub

Bush Pushes Bill to Try Terror Detainees

NATO soldier dies as fighting rages in Afghanistan

Bush says dividing Iraq into separate regions would be a mistake

Ricketts (Rep candidate Senate) pair split in views on (gay) marriage

AP: China Calls for Peaceful Iran Resolution

To Hold Senate, G.O.P. Bolsters Its Most Liberal

LAT: Owners to Sue over Katrina Pet Shootings

Moore shows clips of film on health care

Md. Democrats Fight to Hold Senate Seat

(Palm Springs) Airport gets $6.8M for improvements

Merkel criticizes U.S. over CIA prisons

US accused of covert operations in Somalia

Bush interested in 'learning more' about Iran

Toronto hosts star-studded Clinton birthday bash to benefit Foundation

Feds interview Harris' ex-campaign manager

Filipino ship workers (at LONG BEACH) strike for wages and vacation

Tortured screams ring out as Iraqis take over Abu Ghraib

E&P: 'NYT' Corrects Error in TV Critic Stanley's Review of 9/11 Film

AP: Bill Would Ease CIA Interrogation Limits

Dad wants Christie (Whitman) locked up

Britain offers more troops for Afghanistan if allies refuse

Bloomberg to stump for Lieberman; singer Moby on board for Lamont

WP: In a Pivotal Year, GOP Plans to Get Personal

At a Secret Interrogation, Dispute Flared Over Tactics

Bush speech gives ABC more '9/11' headaches

Families of 9-11 Victims Say Remains Languish in Landfill

Sen.: Iraq Would Be Better With Saddam

Bin Laden trail goes ‘stone cold’

DHS plans major data fusion project

Speaking of the middle ages and cloning stories

Dammit, I should be asleep.

I'm the nicest goddamned neighbor you'll ever have.

Post a Personals Ad that would horrify, terrify and stupefy most people!

I am here at work....ask me anything!

I'm going to have to go to the doctor tonight

In honor of Star Trek's 40th...

OK, so my cat lost her voice...

Saranac Variety Pack...

Post a highly inappropriate bumper-sticker idea

Jesus says

my surge protector saved my computer a few weeks ago... question.

My dad caught this fish on my birthday this summer he is 90

I'm drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon tonight. Enjoy a nice PBR with me.

I just saw "Being John Malkovich".

Pretenders "Pop Star"...fucking brilliant.

guitar players -15,000 dollars and 5 days left-check this out

Time for a couple more weeks of 24 hour news coverage then.

My Friend's New Website/Company

My Cousin Vinny appreciation thread....

Coulture Club, it's not a club, it's a gang.... does she really

Early morning funny

I'm back from my first DJ Shift.

Auto-eroticism undoes driver

I got my arse handed to me at poker tonight

More lyrics... It's early and the best I can do

I can't believe I ate the whole thing...

Rev. Cheesehead is a miracle worker!

Is anyone else watching the Shuttle launch?

How to eat breakfast while a kitten wants some too

Why does this insane cat insist on going out in the pouring rain?

Good Morning everyone..

The Olive Garden thing is older than we thought

Rickie Lee Jones 1979 "Chuck E's In Love"

In praise of Marillion - earworm edition appreciation thread

Put nukes back in school with nucular power pants:

I feel like hearing some Jimmy Smits right now

In honor of the Beach Boys

Mike Malloy show still listed on AAR website

I feel like hearing some Jimmy Smith right now

Greatest Quote from "V for Vendetta" - applicable today

The Lounge disappoints tonight.

Jazz from Ypsilanti, Michigan with Jessica. 9am MST

Silver City

Can anyone help me, I have a question about Quick Time on Mac


Why did it take me so long to discover "Brian jonestown massacre"?

Well, this is a first..........for me, anyway, at this time of day!


Patriot's Day..September 11, 2006

Here is one of the best graphics I've seen for 9/11:

We're getting tickets! We're getting tickets!

What differences are there between DU and

I think I may be called to jury duty in a terrorist case

Heaven or Hell: Dubya Chooses

Just curious???? but are there any ladies here that would like a cock

Learn to dance.

I Just Got Owned!

Patriot's Day..September 11, 2006

I found out a nice way to get rid of wild geese.

I found out a nice way to get rid of Condoleezz

I was wondering about this ABC movie

"Conservatize Me" by John Moe; hilarious way to understand

Man, These IBM Commercials Not Only Suck (US Open B'Cast)

I just smoked every freaking weed in my yard.

I now live in one of the "Bluest" communities in the nation. OB!

I'm making a huge pot of chicken and dumplings and you're all invited

We Are The Champions, My Friends

World's greatest car wash reminds me to start carrying my camera

Santorum has quite the rack

"King Of The Hill"- The Minutemen

Anybody here ever use NetZero?

Let's pretend it's 1975

I think I've made a spooky discovery

Best Jack Nicholson performance:

Two Hangmen Hanging from a Tree

Congratulations mitchum!! 15,000 posts

What's for Dinner?

Congratulations Jim4Wes!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations Gman!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations Lynnesin!! 45,000 posts

What was your favorite song when you were 10 years old?

"Because the Doggone Girl is Mine"

I saw a Hummer today!

Is anyone familiar with John Johnson,the dude from Wisconsin?

Should Great Apes have the same rights as humans?

Where's Rabrrrrrr I need to talk to him about something

You'll never break us Never bring us down We are alive!

Path to 9/11 fantasy

Does anyone remember "The Fan man"? lonelygirl15 a fake?

Trading Spouses CLASSIC

Don't feel like going out tonight, but don't want to offend people

My Burning Man 2006 photos.

What is sexual harassment?

Happy birthday wishes to.........

May I brag?

What is sexual "harris" ment

Would anyone like a 7 and diet coke?


I just pulled every freaking weed in my yard.

"Nude photos cause three resignations" - Snyder OK

Earwig - The Logical Song -

Well, I got a loaf of bread going, leek and potato soup, and a tort.

Gee. Some people really are dumb enough to buy stocks on spam tips

So ???I was wondering How old were you when you first had an Or

Gee. Some people really are dumb enough to buy spam on stock tips

Hey Folks..May I ask about your local Library

Saturday, September 9. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I miss the ShakeyDave/JanMichael posts

Does anyone here remember .......

One of those "blech" moments...

17 threads on the front page of GD have "9/11" in the subject line.

Time for a game of "I'd rather..."

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary!

Ask Me Anything about People

Any hairdressers on DU?

The 'rents just left. What can I smoke, drink, and/or blow up?

Grazing at Costco

What was your first DU Post??

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 9/9/06)

OK, who speaks Russian & knows their weaponry?

So who wants to go to

Yesterday I was buying beer for the gang.

I'm gettin' tired of this bullshit - *I'M* gonna run for president


FUCK you, Saint Keith Olbermann.

Mentally Ill duers.... is mental illness a bitch-goddess?

What was the message of 'Easy Rider'?


THE Ohio State University!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bank of America DEBITS my account for DEPOSITS!

Good duplicates check for citizens !

And now for Texas' player of the game!

My kitty seems to have swallowed a string or something

Saturday Night microbrew review, by flvegan

I just bought three Lewis Black cds. Ask me anything!

I'm making a huge pot of black bean soup and you're all invited.

"The Angriest Cat in the World" video

"Meet The Fockers" is on HBO!!!

Is anyone familiar with Jack Johnson, the musician?

So I took this 1.75L of Stoly, took a whole fresh pineapple

I do NOT like whiny bitches

Help with a song please.

Wow - the Cooliris firefox extension is awesome!

has anyone else noticed lots of trolls recently?

No chocolate for my torte so I used Chianti. It's alphabetically close.

Pete's Pond is back! Live streaming of a watering hole

The Late, Great Justin Wilson

Want to hear HARSH Criticism of "V is for Vendetta" Movie before renting.

I'll tell you what . . .

My husband has company-paid hotel room in Chicago's River North Sunday

Gee. Some people really are dumb enough to buy stocks on spam tips

Brian Fellow's Safari Planet. An SNL classic.

So, how about the smartest thing you did as a teen?

Oh I Love it!!

I am 4705 posts away from 10,000 ask me anything

CRICKEY....A Steve Irwin thread by Catwoman in 2002......

Update on my husband's (hubby, DH, SO, Old Man, Hunky Monkey, etc.)

Turn me on, dead man. Turn me on, dead man. Turn me on, dead man.

I am 4069 post away from 10,000 ask me ( Please reply in leftymoms thread)

Hey guys what is going on here???

I'm so proud of myself, I started editing the book I wrote.

Grade Katie Couric's performance so far

How can I be sexier?

Go Colorado State!!

Does your cat have superpowers?

I hope that Courtney Love's book...

WOW, Texas Longhorns Fans really run the gamut!!! (dial-up warning)

East St. Louis is the kick-assest place on earth!

This is my 1000th post!

Great White....Love 'em or Hate 'em?!

why is it that people claim they can't live without things that until

How can I be less sexier?

Stupidest thing you did as a teen?

Conservative Bashing (Saturday Night Humor)

I walked out of The Wicker Man today

OK. Honda, Toyota, Mercedes or Lexus?

MissHoneychurch meeting ....

Time for a game of "I never..."

Props for Teena

beautiful downtown anchorage

Locked myself out of the car today

What music are you looking forward to this fall?

OHIO STATE 24 -- Texas 7

Greatest documentary film ever?

Can you match the DUer with the butt?

Put prayer back in schools with prayer panties.

Sketchbook Pages *Dialup & Chaos Warning*

I keep passing out in the lounge but waking up in GD.


Biblical Curse Generator

Atheists, I need a Little Help

Mojave Spaceport Gearing Up for SpaceShipTwo

Fundraiser with Congressman Barney Frank CA 45

Sacramento Presbyterians to meet on gay clergy dispute

An achingly sad but beautiful video

"As soon as the white limousine pulled up, I knew...

Martina Navratilova's final match today

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for September 10

Anyone looking forward to the Pride FC Open Weight Grand Prix tonight?

Maria Sharapova

Is there a vegetarian or vegan group on DU?

"The Eclipses'" - Karen Bishop - September 9, 2006

questions about current political climate and pluto, etc

Is there any scent more refreshing and invograting than rosemary?


Teresa said to say hi! to everyone.

Sometimes it seems like fate...

I'd love to hear your opinions on this, and wonder

RNC response to Kerry's speech

Check out the CBC foundation webpage

Local reports about yesterday's rallies with Kerry.

Hi from Faneuil Hall

Kerry’s ‘Real Security ’ Speech: “Bush-Cheney Cut and Run in Iraq"

Please kick/rec Tay's live blog diary and DU thread

Kerry's statements on Shinseki confirmed

2 Kerry editorials in the local newspapers about security

AP photos from Faneuil today up on yahoo:

John Kerry posts at Huffington Post

Everywhere I look, I see swiftboats . . .

Red and green

Are these fitting into the contest subject?

My personal "Drive Placebo Crazy" thread

Aw, crap, y'all

Outdoor Photography magazine.

Picasa for organizing digital photos

went downtown with the wife and kids and took these shots of anchorage

Bush administration proposes deal to settle Lay estate claims

"Path" "lulls viewers into complacency, setting them up for propaganda"

LAT: Why Fitzgerald, knowing about Armitage, kept investigating

Radical Fringe TOON - 9/9 Saturday - a beer with bush and rum?

Vote this story up on Yahoo: Senate finds no al-Qaida-Saddam link

Will Clinton, Berger & Albright Threaten BBC With Libel Suit?

Chertoff: What the heck favor did he do for someone to get him his

High court in Chile withdraws Pinochet's immunity

did Freepers get rid of old threads accusing Clinton of "wag the dog" ?

Why you want to see "Path to 9/11"

Oldie but a goodie...

Palast, Pascarella Face Homeland Security Charges

* has convinced the American people that they have no control over events

Flashback to 98.

Digby: Systemic Icon Failure

Discover the Secret Right-Wing Network Behind ABC's 9/11 Deception

i just noticed this timeline

Can someone put together some graphics showing how Al Queda is growing?

Michael Weiner Savage quotes Dick- toe- licking -Morriss,

Why is everyone blaming ABC for Path to 911. Proctor and Gamble

Watching "Grounded on 9/11" on History channel

Is anyone watching Charlie Rose?

Interview with writer/producer of Path to 911 (David Horowitz Pub.)

Jesus says

2,667 U.S. troops now dead in Iraq

Salon's review of Path to 9/11

Dick says:

Nancy Reagan Asks Webb to Pull Ad With Her Husband

Self-Help in the Land of Denial (Mickey Z.)

HaHa -lovely call on WJ

The truth about the Bush agenda

David Brooks and "The Likability Economy"

What is the current status of "Path to 9-11" ? Does anyone know anything?

(VIDEO) Get your New Rules right here

Historians' Open Letter to ABC

Can grassroots Democrats begin a class action law suit against ABC/Disney?

Arianna is very much on the trail of the fox...

Army General: Rumsfeld threatened to fire anyone who tried to plan ahead

I would bet that the powers at ABC/Disney would like nothing more . . .

"Outrage" - a poem I wrote in March 2003

CNN: Source: Mullah Omar in Pakistan

Afghanistan is the most complex mission NATO has ever undertaken"

PATH TO 911: Is it possible that the rewrite is happening....

KO interviews former-FBI Consultant who QUIT P911 due to errors.

Democrats: It's time to organize a nationwide boycott of Disney

The road to Kandahar

Where is the KATRINA movie?

Greg Palast was charged with violating national security

One more thread on Path to 9/11

What should ABC's disclaimer say

Suppose a TV 'docudrama' was made inferring LIHOP or even MIHOP?

like Dorian Gray, Bush's misdeeds take their toll...

The Belle Rebellion: Bush Loses Support Among Southern Women

Bush really did look like an idiot, regarding The Pet Goat

This Is A Perfect Time To Ease Pollution Regs For Oil Refineries, Right?

"9/11 Press For Truth" showing in Chico, CA today, 9/9/06, 2pm-Pageant

Osama/Hussein had NO ties. Page 12 of my Gannett 'news'paper

Accuracy of Voting Machines Now on cspan1

PHOTO: ABC's new world headquarters!

Technology changed how troops fight and maintain family relationships.

Who loves poetic justice?

"Path to 9 - 11," is exactly the same as old Communist Propganda movies.

So, I am feeling pretty hopeless about it all

Online PBS Show on HAVA problems - wants to hear from us - keep kicked

Dean's DNC puts out FANTASTIC Video on Bush and Osama! CONTRIBUTE

If the Clinton's do sue ABC/Disney, Hillary will gain enormous traction

Tell The F.E.C. To Slam ABC/Disney Over Their Docu-Fraud

We need to turn this PT911 story to our advantage, and we can do it.

So there are no sponsors on 'Path to 9/11' to boycott?

athe "number" this morning is up to 2667 and violence yesterday

There is nothing in the first page of Google news about 9/11 fraud

Agent Who Got '96 Bin-Laden File Says We're Not Much If We Don't Get Him

? what are the contact #s for ABC & Disney

CNN, Fox, ABC hosts ignored key issues in interviews of Kean: his relation

Heads up: Atlantis about to launch!

Path to 9/11 - Can we sic the IRS on 'em?

I hope the Redskins Monday night game is very secured

Great Flash Video!!!

The way you felt on 9-11 vs. the way you feel now.

Is it better to air Path to 911 and then fight the lies?

Put Down Path to 9/11 for a Moment: Confirmed: BUSH CAUGHT IN IMPEACHABLE

When is the new AAR lineup being announced?

The Week in Political Cartoons

Have you noticed how repubs put terrorist and liberals together?

The REAL "PATH TO 9/11"

It's time for us to kick a**. Question is: How are we all going to do it?

ANTHRAX 5 Year anniversary vs. ABC/Disney's sucky movie...

"They lied, they all lied."

ABC 9/11 filmmaker: "We need a massive paradigm shift"

NBC Today Show: Don Nicoletti, Advisor to Path to 9/11 Cries FOUL!

US Hasn't Been Counting All the Iraqi Dead - to keep figures down

George Mitchell, Board of Directors at Disney!! Why silent??

When a Stranger Calls, Beware of The Pretext

MTP - Cheney warning. They are pulling his fat ass out of the bunker.

In New Letter, Clinton's Lawyers Demands ABC Yank Film

Thou Shall not Bear False Witness..........ABC

Rice to mark 9/11 in Canada

Bush & Co. = Win, Win for Al Quida

I Got Your "Lessons Of 9/11" Right HERE!

Links to include in your complaints re PT911:>>>>

Blasts from the Past - Clinton's Obsession with Osama

"Path to 9/11" writer/producer gives "advice" to aspiring RW filmmakers

ABC Edits Reflect That "Not Any One Individual" Left America Vulnerable

ABC board members and their responsibilities:

MediaMatters exposes Tucker Carlson as hypocrite and liar

Bye-bye Disney--Wont' be Seeing Ya

The BIG news is the Senate Report Which Confirms Bush Is A Liar

CSPAN2 12pm - The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created a War...

Bush: 'History Cannot Judge Me If I End It Soon' (onion)

I will teach my children

Blackwater's Cofer lies Black was on Wash. Journal this morning

2 guys have been caught off the FBI Most Wanted list in the last week

Mexico's Election Doubts May Linger: declining to release details

My prediction for the "Path 2 9/11" mockudrama — the thing'll BOMB

The Path to 9/11=the official death knell of the idea of a "liberal media"

Michael Moore Speaks Out on Iraq, Health Care

Iraq Lies Still Under Investigation: Went From Chalabi To Feith To Cheney

Who controls the past, controls the future

OMG!: Here is how my old home is celebrating 9/11

Irony of 2 young men from Smithville MO, in awe of "great leaders"

Anyone Have CBS Eveing News Stats for last nite?

WP TV critic Shales: " libeled through abusive editing."

They didn't expect Dems to fight back, and certainly not with fervor.

Why isn't Russert having Albright, Clinton, Berger on MTP?

Disabled woman confronted by mugger invokes rule .357


A New Way To Remember 9/11...

What Progressives Can Do

So al-Qaida had more to do with Kansas City than it did with Bagdhad

Pope slams Canada on gay marriage

Need some debunking: Clinton let bin Laden slip through his fingers

Will Kean's son suffer politically because of the ABC/Disney/9/11 fiction?

Under the guise of an international incident, Bush sold China a Spy Plane

I CAN'T WAIT to see ABC's 9/11 MOVIE

CNN Replays ALL of 9/11 coverage. Will they Edit "Uncomfortable" bits?

The 5 Guardians of the Right Wing

Greenwald distills the essence of ABC's Path to 9/11 outrage

With all this talk about "path to 9/11"

NEW Grand Theft Election: THE PATH TO THE PATH TO 9-11 (cartoon)

Immediately after taking office in 2001 Bush* named Cheney as the man

where is Laura Bush?

Path, From 9/11

The Democrats are falling into the trap set by the Republicans

Can and will Clinton sue in the UK?

Cyrus Nowrasteh (Path to 9/11 writer) interview with Front Page Magazine

Mother with Lupus confronted by children's father

Joe Conason: The Sept. 11 that never was

I am going to make a prediction

Naysayers and doomandgloomers. Lay down in the streets if you want

Nielsen Ratings Are The Standard For Determining Advertising Rates.

NASA is patting themselves on the back on CNN.

"The Match Begins Tomorrow." "Tomorrow Is Zero Hour."

"Presented With Even More Frightening Information..." (Clarke on Bush)

Here's how CBS responded to the furor over the Reagans.ABC should learn.

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,666

The Wonderful World of Disney aka


Send Russert an E-Mail With What You Want Him to Know About Cheney.

Karr: 'How will you live with yourself when I kill a little girl?'

President Bush Spoof Speech

Anyone with a brain shouldn't be surprised at the drop in gas prices

Making Lemonade When Life Hands You Lemons.....

Easy election fixing!

Bush left out key point this week, Qaeda captives denied Iraq connection

A national security theme Democrats should hit Republicans with every day.

Need a recommendation for a book to read

There is but one thing to remember - The Republicans will fail,

10 Miami Journalists take fed gov't $$$!

WJC *BJ* used to slime WH and slip in G*B

instead of watchin ABC go phone bank.

My prediction for November

Back in 2001 Asian film fans took on Disney - AND WON!

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song!

Don't forget to call your local ABC stations!

Johnny Wendel on AAR just said that Richard Mellon-Scaife funded ABC movie

Bush's Current Approval # In NY Is 28%. So How Will He Be Greeted Monday?

Gas prices? ABC? Vote counts? Face it. We're screwed and helpless.

POLL: Are you confident the issue of e-voting has been resolved?

And just why am I mad all the time? I'll fill you in:

What should Clinton and Berger do once they own Disney?

"It's the equivalent of Hitler coming back to life and coming to Boston"


If truth is on your side, you don't have to lie.

Saddam != 9/11 wasn't a big revelation to us, but what about Joe six-pack?

Right wing LTTE and my repsonse

Across the Country Like Illinios National Guard short equipment

Break for Bush's speech will follow angry O'Neill leaving FBI for WTC

I'm making a huge pot of chicken and dumplings and you're all invited

The TOP GOP has been using tools to advance THEIR AGENDA

Rush to costar with Meryll Streep in new film depicting the

Posted on Bartcop....Democrats weenie-like on PT911

There was an MSNBC/NJ par-tay! (pics)

In change of tone, Bush interested in “learning more” about Iran

I just sent the following to my Caucus list - thanks to the DUers who

uniter, not divider

Anti-Disney flyers here:

the 9/11 Hoax has exposed us as a nation of Chumps.

M-I-C. K-E-Y. M-O-U-S-E.

Local radio station urges boycott of ABC

Red Cross fined for breaking (blood) safety laws

Path to 9/11 script extracts

embrace of all things feminine

"It's a man; it's a man."

It seems Sen Allen steals from Durbin

Senate Votes 98-0 To Add $63 Billion For BushWars

Kids! Being a God Warrior is a 24/7 thang! Get yer ARMOR OF GOD PJ's!

The worst thing that happened on 9/11

Senate Intelligence Committee (phase two) Report:

It's "old news" that there were no ties between Saddam and OBL but

My path to 911 video

Roskamites wandering around my neighborhood (IL 6th district)

Does ABC's Pathological lies of 9/11 show what bu$h was doing when

Widowed Husband Of Disney Exec Killed 9/11 Writes To ABC-DO NOT AIR FILM

Man, These IBM Commercials Not Only Suck (US Open B'Cast)

I'm handing out "DISNEY DISGRACE" flyers at Disney store today

Big Fat Republican Women are canvasing my neighborhood

Bush's plans for the next 2 years is to get rid of Social Security

Any Yelper's out there? I just 1-starred our local ABC affiliate

we should carry one message into these November elections

Whew! Only 2 more years of bush to go.

Perhaps we need to stop the free publicity for ABC

The Prostitution of History > Persian > Oliver Stone?

How Rudy Cashed In On Catastrophe

Who has the best record on Terrorism? Clinton or Bush

Comment on "The Path to 9/11" at the Internet Movie DataBase

Path to 9/11 airing prior and after the Presidential Address.

remember the plane that exploded, fell apart and dumped people all

Center exposes {GOP} judicial candidate's visit to white supremacist group

Oh. My. God.

HARVEY KEITEL must feel like a used condom about now

GOP wins being better campaigners or by controlling most broadcast media?

U.S. panel to dole out [softwood lumber deal] duty dollars

How much must we give up to be "safe?"

U.S. count of Baghdad deaths excludes car bombs, mortar attacks

Halliburton Fraud Lawsuit Details Super Bowl Party (we paid for it)

Randi's Rant: On "Path" Censorship;"It's Not Censorship If It's Defamatory

Clinton not the only one defamed by ABC

What Does 2000 Look Like?

Sherrod Brown delivered Democratic response to bu$h radio address

Will the IRS crack down on Move Forward America?

No more Grand OIL Party & Rumsfailed

My New Permanent Background.(Large Pic)

The closet-common denominator between producer of PT911 & Ken Melman?

Is there an email for that little shit Cunningham of "Path"?

Should Great Apes have the same rights as humans?

Let's get organized: Anyone know the sponsors of Lost...?

HELP! I'm trying to find that post about ABC pulling F9/11 but not PT911

G*B Speaks the Truth.-

All Things Considered

Disnay is anti-family anyway because of the prices they charge for

(2002) GOP threatens PBS funding over HIV+ muppet

Our local ABC affiliate is listening.

ABC not running ads for Path to 9/11 during college football today

30 Democrats voted to protect civilians from cluster bombs. Roll call-

If a mini-series is broadcast and no one watches it, was it still a

Exercising My Free Market Rights

Are any local ABC affiliates backing out of "Path to 911?"

Answer this MSNBC Poll, please...

What happened on 9/11?

Rahm Emmanuel and Ed Gillespie are on with Tim Russert right now

Have Been On Vacation - Is Richard Armitage Going To Prison???

What are some humanitarian benefits of nuclear weapons?

OK I'm pulling disney off my retail shelves. Now what do I do with them?

Bringing to Light the History of the Laborers Who Built New York City

Bush was in KC yesterday - for Jim Talent - and TV

Live blog of Senator kerry's speech NOW at Daily Kos.

Army Sees New Turnaround in Recruiting ($40k incentives working)

If the 9/11 movie airs tomorrow night, could we NOT be inundated with

Disney/ABC advertises 9/11 fiction as "OFFICIAL TRUE STORY"

NY Times falsely suggested criticism of Path to 9/11 and calls for its can

My local "news" radio changed arnies words

Just another day, another step towards our Police State...

The history ABC apparently rewrote: Some Links

Those against ABC's Path to 9/11 will love this Picture. :)

My Encounter Today In Red State Montana...

Flash Video: "Bush The Revelator"

Senator Menendez' campaign speech on CSPAN1 Now

From AmericaBlog: ". . ABC Will Stand For Albright, Berger, And Clinton"

A Dynamite Interview with Zbigniew Brezezinski today on

If I have to hear that Chase credit card Commercial one more damn time

Bush plans television prime time address on fifth anniversary of Sept. 11

ABC and Disney Have Apparently Decided To Go Ahead With Path to 9-11

Kean Sr and the head of the BFEE to speak on CSPAN in less than an hour

I watch very little tv

Another Anniversary - 10 Sep 1897

The Republican Congress has failed in Its Constitutional Responsibility.

Use parental controls to block ABC, DISNEY, ESPN channels

The Extreme Takes Center Stage

Just hit 1000 posts! DU keeps me going. After the stolen election

In Iran, a surprising, confounding world

"Convinced the EPA to add reassuring statements & delete cautionary ones"

Yet more confirmation that Iraq war was a done deal by Nov. **2001**

Strong minds know when something is factual; (DU a poll)

Democratic Party = Syracuse football team

For those of you MSM hacks who dare to call yourselves journalists.

More Pics from Disney protest yesterday

Unions Seek Action on ‘Popcorn Lung’

I am calling Disney tomorrow....

Vanishing Web Pages?

Why don't we USE the showing of the movie to DEMAND equal time?

Path to 911 NZ trailer

Sep. 11th gas prices = $1.35/gallon

Indications add up to government conspiracy

A cool talk with a (Hispanic) co worker

ROFL! Check Out Pickle's Sailor Suit! Plus! A Quick Change of Outfit!

Will Senate back Bush on interrogation limits?

Frank Rich: Whatever Happened to the America of 9/12?

An easy suggestion, but would it do anything?

Watch the international promo for ABC Path to 9/11

Help Plan Stage II: The Attack on Disney beginning September 12th

Question: Is something else happening now that all the attention is on ABC

Caption this screenshot of ABCrap

Rather than PT 9-11, there should be a vigil with lots of

CSPAN-2 BookTV Saturday 9pm ET: " ...Road to 9/11"

History channel has a pretty decent (so far) prog on the WTC 9/11

Guiliani, Whitman, Bush...what did they do to protect the workers at

Du'ers with Ipods--we need your help...!

For everyone boycotting ABC/Disney, don't forget ESPN, ESPN2, etc.

Coworker playing Limpballs

TIVO Users......

Scoop New Zealand: "Path To 9/11" Docu-Drama On TV1 Is Propaganda

Notice how this candidate left his party affiliation ambigous

(PHOTOS) As Shrub beats the drums for war with Iran, a little reminder

Wounded troops recieving buyouts but there is a catch

When is "The Path to Baghdad" airing?

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, who is the liar in the White House?

Berger: "More time on terrorism in general, and on Al Qaeda specifically"

Just a quick note, people

Sequel to the Disney/ABC 9/11 "docu-drama"

My suggestion for what to do during ABC's national mind-fuck

Anti-Gay Activists Get California Veto, Push Two More

911 Propaganda: Disney ought to be punished

I call on our Republican friends to make up their mind

You When It Comes to Mickey Mouse

Our Gas Is Down Again - 2.299 - amazing

YouTube: Path to Mickey (By AMERICABlog's John Aravosis?)


Top 5 Reasons Disney Will Be Banned from Our Home

Seven hours till that piece of shit airs in NewZealand

Trailer of PT9/11 for Australian TV confirms, Berger is film's villain

Airport Duties, Wages Are Source Of Complaint For National Guard

Call competing affiliates in your market; get them after local ABC

*** 1.5 million people in Gaza on the edge of STARVATION ***

Hewitt: PT9/11 more true to 9/11 than CNN's rebroadcast of day's reports

Frameshop: Bush Makes Web Page For Bin Laden

Peter Bergen: What Were The Causes of 9/11?

Don't cut up your Disney DVD's

Why don't the OTHER networks call ABC on the carpet for their lies?

This ABC/Disney thing doesn't bode well

Italy Says Syria OKs EU Border Personnel

How many other times has ABC put fiction in front of the public?

why are the bushes through a fiction documentary and MSM propaganda,

MSM Busy Playing The Berger/Fake Scenes As Often As Possible

I feel safe

Bush Bringing Bin-Laden Along For 9-11

We should all reserve a suite or room at Disney World - Disneyland

Norm Ornstein - what are his politics?

ABC/PT911: The ultimate insult...

Please delete

Let's all order free Disney vacation kits-it costs them money to ship it

Europeans reject US leadership but share same fears and differ in response

Bloomberg to join president for 9/11 events

The BUSH Movie will make BILLIONs....Someday soon, a whole bunch of Flicks

"Clinton got a blowjob" song by Eric Schwartz getting airplay

GOP ditching Rove's NatSec/Iraq attack to focus on swiftboating opponents

Do You:

Aaron Brown should'a listened to us. i heard an interview with him

US accused of covert operations in Somalia

Boycott all U want, call whoever U want it does'nt.....

Know what pisses me off about this latest 9/11 exploitation? 5 YEARS!!

Well, it's official: Bush sez he's not losing the House or Senate

What is the Dems "elevator message"?

Safer since 9/11? Let's check...

Conservative Bashing (Saturday Night Humor)

So al-Qaida had more to do with Kansas City than it did with Bagdhad

WLIB radio format change criticized

What are we losing? What have we lost already?

Is a bl*w job the ONLY Impeachable offense?

I would like to memorialize W's 7 minutes of sitting on his ass on 9/11

The Path to Mickey......

CDC found "a variety of bacterial and parasitic pathogens" in Disney food

A Disney Channel show message board and their nutty responses

We're NOT with stupid. Mahars rant last night was

Maybe Ken Starr should be examining his conscience

I'm calling out Russert and MTP and NBC right now - Cheney & AQ lies

Boycott Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy

Fire control tactic gets critics' goat

ATTENTION GRAPHIC ARTISTIC TYPE DUERS: I need your help! Mickey Mouse Trap

Zap-zit calls Path: "Dramatization of ``The 9/11 Commission Report"

During the 2000 Transition, All Cheney Wanted To Know About Was Iraq

President Gore On Saturday Night Live!

Why Disney Wants Republicans To Control Government

DISNEY CRUISE stop at Cozumel "dirty and smelled like urine"

Atrios: NYT distorts Lamont letter to Lieberman beyond all recognition

Please DU my "Untitled History Project" at youtube.

If the Republicans are truly corrupt, there's no way the Dems can win

How Much Money Did bu$h Make From 9-11, And Other Fraud, Etc.

Bush IQ low on presidential league

Watch it Mouse the democats are loose. To the hole with you!

David Horowitz behind "Path to 9-11"

Anyone have a reliable site for current casualty numbers?

The War on Error

A couple of polls to DU

Give all that Disney stuff back

WP: Bin Laden Trail 'Stone Cold'

Did anyone watch Dateline tonight (the air tower controllers' stories)?

Please help me to reply to this lady:

Michael Moore takes on U.S. health care

Yoo hoo, ABC Clinton's own Patriot Act from 1996.

I requested that the powers on DU dig up the 9/11 postings here at DU

Sherrod Brown Burns Bush in Dem response to Bush 9/11 speech

I'm wondering (and worried) about Riverbend. Has anybody heard

An ABC Poll to DU Re: Iraq War

Sunday's "The New Adventures Of Queen Victoria" will need DU'ing.

Watch Ted Koppel's "Price of Security" Sunday, instead of "Path to 9/11"

Media Matters-Perfect account of Disney-ABC duplicity bullshit & obsession

If you watch it tomorrow night. You will have fed the trolls.

Creativity Challenge: "Design" A Cellie For bu$h:

In 1934, a young German director name Leni Reifenstahl

No American president should be for torture before he's against it.(pics)

Daily Kos: Pressuring ABC: What You Should Know About the TV Biz

Get your letters to the editor ready if "Path to a Pack of Lies" airs

WP:Kerry Seeks More U.S. Troops for Afghanistan

ANIMATION: Disney's sequel to PATH TO 9/11

Missin' Malloy...

DU this poll. Who do you trust to defend against terrorism?

Let's celebrate 5 yrs. of Failing to find Osama shall we?

Hey, 9/11 tourists - stay home, go home

On ABC's use of "Clintonistas" SCREENSHOT


Lets mess with Disney

Chicago Sun Times: Zero Stars

"We had steak and lobster dinners every Sunday, and not enough armor,"

Sunday Talk Shows

What Do You Think bu$h's Role In 9-11 Was?

My neighbor told me that Fox has been very critical of the "Path"

CBS News: John Rockefeller Says America Would Have Been Safer WITH SADDAM

Will the military dead outnumber the 9/11 dead by Monday?

"PRESS FOR TRUTH" -Terror Timeline move-let's get it in 100K classrooms

The kool-aid drinkers are not "patriots"...

who has the key to stop the bush carrousel of lies. i want to get off!

How the Hell can Bush be so proud of 9/11 when he allowed it to Happen

Surgery Death Exposes Dangerous Obsession

Bush had Bin-Laden In His Sights, But He Pulled Away To Invade Iraq

Bush Granted Airtime During "Fantasia, Redux"

"Early on we were told that 'the President is not a big reader.'"

Language In CBS' 9/11 Special Causing A Stir - Some affiliates won't show

Google Bombs keep falling on my head...

Please tell me what is offensive about this email I wrote:

All the places you can affect Disney....look at this great site.

Wanna hurt Disney????

New Group Proposal: "Freep Encounters," or...


No tv at all for next two days....boycott all of them and

Diners who fell ill downed live crabs

Here's a good substitute for the ABC mini series

DISNEY/ABC is filth. Consumer affairs link to Disney Cruise complaints

Randi's Rant #2 on "Path": "You Can't Perpetrate A Fraud"

Great - Padded Bras for 6 Year olds.

The Mickey Mouse President

Judy Woodruff Tried To Blame Clinton For Not Educating The American Public

Was Walt Disney a fascist?

is anybody, other than me, SICK of the 'jesus camp" ad that seems to be

Is there a list of Clinton's record against terrorism anywhere?

Republicans' AOL searches...

New Zealand TV planning on running ORIGINAL defamatory 9/11 show

Path to 911 vs Press for Truth

"'Path to 9/11'? Who gives a damn?" (a lateral view)

Must See Video: Greg Palast's Katrina report

OK. I wasn't going to watch the ABC 9/11 farce... but I think I will now

The House race to watch: Sensenbrenner vs Kennedy in WI-5

Disney/ABC-ADDS-Mock Assassination of Bill Clinton to 9/11 flick

Two food poisoning outbreaks on Disney cruises within one week


Do you know someone who spent a lot on Disney stuff in the last year?

Sign this ABC/Disney petition (17,189 so far!)

Clinton In St Louis raised 2 mil for Claire Mckaskill Bush raised

Please DU This Local ABC Affiliate Poll:

List of ABC/Disney Subsidiaries to Boycott

Before Sept 11th 2001 bushco reduced Counterterrorism

"Path to 9/11" a free speech issue? My ass!

It's time to Dump Disney!!!

Social Security to be Phased Out in 2007


Bush was commenting on how he planned to resurrect his push to change

FYI - NBC, 7pmCT. Tom Brokaw has a special on about air traffic

For those who think that the Republicans are losing support.

Bush Knew - scene from "9/11 Press for Truth" (youtube)

The Christian Right Seeks Dominion..

From Buzzflash - PT 911 Rove hit job? They think so.

Congratulations everyone for promoting the ABC movie

Play a harmless prank on your Republican opponents or friends.

EU DUers : European media are aware of the 9/11 fraud, act now

News Update From Mexico:from President of the Republic in Resistance

Senator Kerry: Five Years After 9/11, They Still Can't Count To Five

Man Under the Influence Dies After Arrest in Boyle Heights (Tazered)

Why isn't Ken Starr being held to account?


Nielsen family Democrats you know who you are. You can make ABC BEG!!!

Have DU "Collyforn-ians" caved into Ahhhhnold's Pandering?

Anyone thought what we'll do next week when Mexico Explodes?

AMERICAblog obtains Path to 9/11, reports Berger scene "beyond defamatory"

Senate appears to like Foreign IT workers over US workers

FBI Agents Told ABC About Errors 1 YR Ago-ABC REFUSED-To Correct Them

An achingly sad but beautiful video

Madison Ave Ad Exec tell us how GOP Wins Elections

9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply

Maybe the 21st Century has been a mistake.

Medicare to base fees on income

Missing child's mom commits suicide after being interviewed by Nancy Grace

Disney and "The Real News"

Proof 9/11 Investigation was a whitewash: Kean Paid for ABC 9/11 Farce

Congrats to DUer BewilderedCitizen! Folding@Home milestone!

Clinton Has Only Himself to Blame for "Path to 9/11"


el pretzeldente was in KC yesterday - pictures!!

AFL-CIO Bargaining Digest Weekly 9-9-06

Cunningham refuses CNN's calls.. but gives statement to U of Alabama

Washington Journal W more successes than failures?

We should rename Pat Roberts Senator Diaper...

What ABC should really broadcast

Concerted effort to re-write History...

ABC's Path to Distortion

Today's Bush Radio: "Hear the words of Osama bin Laden"

Monday Is The 5th Anniversary Of Bush's Failure To Capture Osama bin Laden

A puzzle about Tenet and 9/11 and Osama?

Louisville Businessman Sentenced to 87 Months in Prison for Bribing Congre

"The Path to 9/11" European trailer touting film as "Official True Story!"

Coalitions Against Trafficking Handguns: Congress Shows It Hasn't Learned

Officials Getting Paid to Sell Out the Environment

Senator Kerry's speech- live at Daily Kos-NOW!

If the ABC rewrite were to give all the pols different names,

Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich on news for trip to ME

Do not watch the Texas vs Ohio State game

Judging By Rasmussen - Bush's "Offensive" Isn't Moving The Needle At All

Bush backs Pak-Taliban deal

How Do We Get To 2008?

Watch gwb get all up in Matt Lauer's grill.

A Lovely "Euphemism" At The Local Gun Shop

Fair is fair. Demand equal time from ABC. They are giving the repukes

In light of this ABC/Disney/RNC/Bushie attack on 9/11 historical truth

Which do you trust more to protect the U.S. from terrorism? (Dems losing)

Boston Globe: "Prepare for lame-duck jockeying" from outgoing Congress

To Protect Seat, G.O.P. Bolsters Its Most Liberal


Two Reasons to Donate to Democrats in CT running for US House

senate race/ TN

L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Seizes the Day -- From Gov. Candidate Angelides

E&P: Orleans' John Hall running, as a Dem, for upstate NY House seat

ABC and Disney are dead to me

Clinton aide says 9/11 film 'correct'

Let's really deliver a blow to ABC, lets try to get some actors to boycott

ABC RW roots exposed, next step for media claim Dems and Repubs the same

AP: Bush Confident GOP Will Hold Congress

"These People Want To Kill Us"

Shelby Steers $50 Million to Projects, Aiding Donor

Kerry OP/ED: Post-9/11 Policy Hasn’t Made World Safer

I've figured it out and I am SCARED to death!!

"We aren't helping these people. We are just dying and getting injured."

Raw Story: Bush wants you to see him as pre-Iraq, pre-Katrina Bullhorn Boy

U.S. count of Baghdad deaths excludes car bombs, mortar attacks

John Conyers: Fight Continues on ABC 9/11 Movie

What a surprise: GOP U.S. attrny for NJ launches investigation of Menendez

Eleanor Clift, Newsweek: What Democrats should do to win the midterms

You talk about the Majesty of the Legislative Branch....

Polls, good signs

The ads we should run

Lawmakers Vow to Oppose Privatizing Social Security

John Gibson: It was OK for Arnie to call Latina legislator "hot blooded"

Anyone else hear the NRA radio add attacking Gov Doyle here in Wis?

Kristen Breitweiser's Book #19 B&N #64 Amazon after King Appearance

Bush Sticks it to Coal Mine Workers in Renominating Stickler

Report: (Katherine) Harris Official Interviewed

How to Make Work Safer with Direct Action: An IWW Story at Starbucks

Swedish pension fund pulls out of Wal-Mart

Lot to Lose for Working People if FCC Approves More Media Consolidation

Caption this * pic

Rumsfeld told Gen. he would fire anyone who talked about Iraq plan

AP: Bush Pushes Bill to Try Terror Detainees (weekly radio address)

Repub whining about the Webb ad will backfire big time...

Wal-Mart Finds an Ally in Conservatives (NYT)

SF Indymedia: Green Party Leader Convicted Of Taking Bribes

9/11: Giuliani's Dumb and Deadly Decisions

Use parental controls to block these Disney channels:

If you want to boycott Disney and it's subsidiaries, here's the list:

DNC: Nearly 200,000 Americans Agree, ABC Needs to Pull the Plug

Fox 13, Tampa, spun the Senate Intelligence report to blame Rockefeller.

John Kerry: Switch the Fight to Afghanistan

Won't YOU pay for Little Johnny Santorum's cold BASTARD?

Did someone on cheer the defeat of "Jew Lieberman?"

Disney Animal Kingdom resort answering phones now (407) 938-3000

Is Disney trying to influence the upcoming elections?

Well, it's official: Bush sez he's not losing the House or Senate

Meet the Nixon, um, Bush administration

Do you think there is any chance Bush will try to stay in office past 2008

FYI, Everything that Disney Owns

What s the deal with Ed Schultz on the Jones Radio network?

Campaign Fear.

Have you noticed the absolute hostility the right has for dissent?

In a Pivotal Year, GOP Plans to Get Personal

We should all reserve a suite or room at Disney World - Disneyland

Bush wants to renew Social Security push after vote

Final Exam Question in Poly Sci - Compare and Contrast Bush and Pinochet

Why are Lee Hamilton and George Mitchell SILENT?

Sherrod Brown's Response to Bush's Radio Address

Why doesn't the DNC run INFOMERCIALS?

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself", so said the great FDR

What Democrats must do to WIN (cynical, but brilliant)

Disney Resort answering phone now: (407) 934-3400

Petition: "Tell Disney and ABC to Stop Playing Partisan Politics with 9/11

No Path to 911 ads on football game

Kerry’s ‘Real Security’ Speech: "Bush-Cheney Cut and Run in Iraq"

What is an acceptable course of action for ABC at this point?

ABC won't cancel WTC flick, agrees to Bush's 20 minute terra intermission

I said it before and I'll say it again ........


Disney/ABC markets horseshit show as "EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED" overseas

The hidden Constitutional Amendment

Isn't Ophrah on ABC?

John Kerry tears Gop-TV and BushGov a New One

Who's Watching Over You

GOP husband, Democrat wife both displeased with economy

It's time to catapult OUR propganda, the 08-06-01 Presidential Daily Brief

Press Release: RNC responds to John Kerry's "flawed approach" to terra

Will You Watch "Path to 9/11" Mockudrama?

Post from a year ago, has anything changed?

Am I the only optimist in the room?

Impeachment - it is not a dream, but an imperative 'Step One'.

From My Left Wing: ABC 9/11Bush PR movie trailer now worldwide!

Madison Ave. Ad Exec Reveals How GOP Wins Elections

Sen. Feingold Stands Up...Again

SCHOLASTIC Bullshits the Public with a Phony Lesson Plan

Green Party Leader Convicted of Taking Bribes

New Jersey race for US Senate - it's close.

IT'S ON! GOP Plans to 'Get Personal' in Last 60 Days with $45M Attack Ads

Casey nails Santorum in his latest ad...

Note To abc: Payback Will Be A Fucking Bitch!