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Archives: September 26, 2006

links to refute DBarton's claim 'America was founded as a Xtian nation'

Appeasement Driven By Oil

The end of Habeas Corpus? - Thom Hartmann

Giant Hole Melts In Northern Ice (Bering Strait Polynya I've Posted About)

Alaska's Glaciers Melting Faster Than Previously Thought - Star Tribune

Toyota To Crank Up Domestic Prius Production To 300K In 2007 - Reuters

Time To Ask Professional Climate Liars - Who's Paying You? Guardian

Victoria Predicts Worst Fire Season Ever As Summer Approaches

Droughts, Expensive Water To Become Australia's New Normal - News.Com AU

Snow to raise money for GOP candidates

So I called my former boss today...

Keith Olbermann is...

How bout a Funky Old School Youtube Video Battle Royal? Just one rule...

I'm listening to Los Lonely Boys!

Just found out that my grandmother has been at the ER for 8.5 hours...

"The Fountainhead" is coming on TCM.

It wasn't just a football game for NOLA

from the kids at harvard-Animation of processes inside living cells-

I did not catch a fly today

"They hate us for our ______________!"

Absolutely WORST writer who is worshiped by many people

Has anyone had experience dealing with Art Smith who is Oprah's HEAD CHEF?

Somebody said something

Pay Attention

DFA partners with Planned Parenthood to derail SD abortion ban.

KO repeat up now n/t

The generals are on c-span now.

ALERT: They will try to steal it again. ALERT: Keith O. Has our backs. NGU

Some great - and very pertinent today - quotes from the late Mario Savio..

Here's a quote I read that's so appropriate...

Will Bill Clinton Ever Be On Faux Again?

Mel Gibson in Texas criticizing Iraq war.

Did you know that Cunningham & Ney still

Please post the Keith Olbermann commentary

Why Virginia Is Turning Blue

Alright, that's it. Republan Party. They call us the Democrat Party?

42% Believe Fall In Gas Prices Is Due To Political Manipulation By Bush

Repub's "Judiciary Package" To Strip Habeas Corpus Rights From US Citizens

Have a Poll to DU Regarding Clinton


"US denied causing 'disaster' by invading Iraq" -- Yahoo headline!

The following is a post that should not get lost in KO praise.

Democracy Now: Juan Cole explains Ahmadinejad's Holocaust Denial

It wasn't just a football game for NOLA **cross-post**

Jerry Falwell Calls Hillary Clinton 'Worse than the Devil'

To my friends at DU - THANKS! New Orleans is coming back

EU wants to have checks on Bush intell regarding financial records checks

Gets the facts straight...Page 96-101

Why is Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in the US? To sell a

LAT: GOP unleashing attack ads; mudslinging crucial to midterm strategy

LAT: Labor Gives Angelides a Much-Needed Boost: Statewide TV ads

Photos: Ted, I mean BUSH...returns to the W.H. today

Fox: "Top Al Qaeda Leader Of Considerable Significance Killed in Iraq"...

Tom DeLay's Texas Redistricting Scandal Friends to Know About

Dep. Uranium Measured in British Atmosphere from Battlefields in ME

Australian PM defends pulling special forces out of Afghanistan

Art Teacher Loses Job After Kids See Nude Sculpture

Thom Hartmann Comes to the Defense of the Embattled, and Shrinking, Middle

Why I'm mad: An open letter to David Broder from a fellow journalist


Gearing Up for Rove's Pre-Election "Surprises"

Patrick Cockburn: Ethnic civil war rages through Iraq

If America's So Great, Where's Our Health Care?

A Gathering Storm

Bow to the King

Antipork Progress

Dr Peter Morici: America, the Debtor Nation

Iraq, Overstretched Army Bring Bush New Grief

That "declassified" NIE report...

'America paid us to hand over al-Qaeda suspects'

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): New News Is Bad News

A must read: Cable News Confidential (Interview)

Blair's Going, going, not quite gone ...farewell speech

Baby Boomer Border Invasion (Alternet)

Bill Clinton Strikes Back (John Nichols, The Nation)

Showdown Over Habeas - Sen. Pat Leahy

Seen on a bumper sticker today...

"In the Belly of the Green Bird"

NYT Magazine: The Ballad of Big Mike

A contract of sorts that evil will be done.

The uses of scare-talk (The Economist on GOP strategy)

Bill Clinton shows anger! How dare he shows he is Human!


Bulgaria fights to save its golden past from the curse of the gangsters

"We Predicted It"

Furious over being bullied by the US, Musharraf tells all in book

"If you think Ann Coulter is crazy, watch me eat my own poo"

The Myth of the Ticking Time Bomb

Bill O'Reilly's Shit List (my latest blog entry)

September War Dead the GOP Wants You to Forget - Bob Geiger

Iran Driven by Newfound Unity

CARICOM could be pressured to renounce Venezuela

Interrogation methods open to question

Paris shares close up, but off highs as US housing data weighs

Event Horizon: the Aramanth collapse

Home Buyers Turning Tables On Sellers

Data on Homes Cause Jitters

Indonesia Will Handle Toxic Mud Crisis By Pumping Waste Into The Sea

Russian Scientists - Siberia Faces Meltdown Sooner Than Thought

Canadian Tar Sands Projects Stumble Under Weight Of Runaway Costs

We must not let the government

Hi. I'm a Mac, and iToxic.

Snowmobiles banned to help Idaho caribou (AP)

Copperless solar thermal collector looks to ramp up.

Aspen Dieoff Underway In Western US - Cause Remains Unknown - NYT

Oil Companies "Irrationally Exuberant" Over Caspian Basin, Says Analyst

Rwanda's Lone Remaining Rhino To Get Company In Ecotourism Bid - AFP

Past the Peak Actions everyone can take to prepare for the possible end o

China To Release 600+ Siberian Tigers Into Shrinking Forests - ENN

The environmental load of 300 million: How heavy?

(LA) MTA plans to redraw transit map

Will matter/anti-matter switching ever result in a useable energy source?

Catastrophic mudslide could last 100 years, say scientists (Guardian)

Why Israel will never Truly let go of Gaza. -Tanya Rienhart

And the world is silent

JTA: Interpol European branch accepts Israel

U.N. envoy says Gaza a prison for Palestinians

Golan heights an 'integral part" of Israel: PM

JTA: Illinois buys $10 million in Israel Bonds

Israel seeks rules of engagement before Lebanon exit

Poll: Most Palestinians back Hizbullah

JTA: Assad overture rebuffed

UN: Million unexploded cluster bombs could be in Lebanon

MK Hanegbi refuses to resign despite corruption charges

9/11 Truth: Scott Forbes describes power-downs in WTC

You know the smoke that was billowing out of WTC 7?

shortly after 911, condy said something that seems to implicate bushco....

ODIGO Israeli telecommunication company

Know Your BFEE Blog

The explosions as the planes hit the buildings

A picture tells a thousand words

Musharraf suggests 9/11 paymaster was British agent Urgent! Pass The Emergency Paper Ballot Mandate of 2006

Sarasota Co.(FL) paper ballot decision appealed by Jeb's Sec of State

Getting realistic about the prospect of electronic election fraud

I just finished screening STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote. You MUST see it!

BALLOT BOX SCRAMBLE (aftermath of CO election lawsuit)


Politics and the Price of Gas

Let America Vote Act needs your help, and it's easy!

Good Government, Voting Machines, and Other Stuff (Pic Heavy)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 9/26/06

Recounts, run-offs to mark races in 2006 (Prediction?)

CanWest: Liberal MP calls border guards 'wimps'

CanWest: Kenney sorry for privacy flap ("Misled," but "didn't mean to")

Dawson victim wants to debate PM on gun control

Conservative Budget leaks

CBC: Canada adding to 'tragic' conditions of Palestinians: UN official

Pot-smoking prof lights up a room

Musharraf defends war effort, downplays Canadian losses

Big Changes For Alcatraz Visitors Starting Today

Four Colorado agencies targeted with white powder in letters

Suicide bomb hits southern Afghanistan town, 18 killed: police

Cooperation could pay off for Fastow

Bush touts his economic policies on fundraising trips for GOP

CARICOM could be pressured to renounce Venezuela

Schools to offer Mandarin Chinese

EU, Iran close to deal for nuclear talks: report

In West, GOP no longer a shoo-in

Antimatter discovery could launch new era of physics

Judge blocks north Alaska oil, gas leases

Lawmakers: Declassify Terror Report

2 Ex-Acquaintances of Senator Allen Say He Used Slurs

Bomb Hits NATO Patrol In Afghanistan

(CT)Protesters attack Bush policies

Negroponte says U.S. not at higher risk

AP: Thai Rulers May Not Withdraw From Politics

Wiretap Bill Moves Closer to Passage

LA Times: Negative Ads a Positive in GOP Strategy

Afghanistan suicide bombing kills 18

US forces in Iraq to exceed 140,000

In West, GOP no longer a shoo-in

Rice: We were at least as aggressive as Clinton

Brazil Launches Property Rights Program

Kurds, Sunni Arabs Clash in North -- a Small Echo of Larger Dispute

109th Senate Accomplishments: Turn on Cspan 2 to hear all about them!

Professor says senator (Allen) used racial slur

FBI Is Casting A Wider Net in Anthrax Attacks --WaPo

Casey increases lead over Santorum (14 Points Quinnipiac)

(Iraqi Accordance Front )Iraqi lawmaker resigns; blasts kill 21

Halliburton Gave $4 Million to Politicians and Received 600 Percent Gain

Unions to protest Schwarzenegger at annual women's conference

W.House considers declassifying intelligence report

Political Consultants Raked in $1.78B in 2004 Cycle ($150M to Shrum)

Pelosi Asks for Closed House Session

Police find 13 bodies across Baghdad

Democrats warn GOP about Web site

Democrats want entire intelligence report made public

GOP rejects motion to discuss terrorism

Bush counterattacks on Iraq-terrorism link

BREAKING NEWS...Paris Hilton arrested...on MSNBC, CNN and

Police station south of Baghdad destroyed

UN: Clearing Lebanon cluster bombs will take over a year

Pelosi asks for closed House session

(Aussie) PM met Brethren, defends their voice

Court briefly shut down as Saddam is removed after outburst

Some Democrats raising money for GOP candidate (FL Governor)

Gunmen Kill Afghan Official Who Backed Women’s Rights

US spy chief hits back over leaked Iraq-terror report

Televised Wallace-Clinton combat draws big ratings

Japan’s new leader vows wider role for military

Rice evokes possible new sanctions against Syria

Consumers skeptical of dropping gas prices

State of terror document declassified.

U.S. drops to 6th in world competitiveness ranking

Judge to weigh evidence in CIA leak case (Libby trying "graymail" tactic)

Reuters: U.S. Congress poised to delay border check program

Ex-Enron CFO gets 6-year sentence("judge who felt he deserved leniency")

Musharraf 'war-gamed' U.S., concluded Pakistan would lose

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 26

Peaceful Iraq war protests prompt 71 arrests

Bin Laden rumors again come to nothing

Venezuela Plans Protest Against U.S.

EU to approve Balkan candidates (Bulgaria and Romania)

Peaceful Iraq war protests prompt 71 arrests

Rice says she would not back gas embargo on Iran

(Fla) Lawmaker Asks State To Remove Citgo Gas Stations From Turnpike

Study: Apple's Exposure to Net Threats Rises

Candidate Denounces Ariz. 9-11 Memorial (Repub)

Ex-general to command anti-terror institute

Musharraf: Iraq war makes world more dangerous

Congress unlikely to pass wiretapping

Economic Report: Health Care Premiums Up 7.7 Percent So Far in 2006

2 workers from Sago Mine have shot themselves

House Aide Resigns Over Fake Blog Posts

AP: Health Insurance Is Twice Inflation Rate

NBC 'Nightly News' Ousts Couric From No. 1 (Reuters)

GOP aide busted for fake blog posts on liberal sites

It's hard to let go, admits Blair

AWOL Soldier Surrenders at Army Base

NYT: U.S. Pushes Anti-Castro TV, but Is Anyone Watching?

Intel Chief Warns on Health Care System (jobs will leave)

Oprah backs Obama for President!

Sen. Clinton hits back at Rice over 9/11

Car bomb targets Iraq's Communists

NYT/AP: Money Fight Stalls AIDS Bill in Senate

Iraq government asked to begin disarming militias

2001 memo to Rice contradicts statements about Clinton, Pakistan

Tony Blair says it will be hard to leave office, but is the right thing to

Lott threatens the Dems

Iraq is 'cause celebre' for extremists (says declassified report)

NYT: New York City Plans Sharp Limits on Restaurants’ Use of Trans Fats

(Bill) Clinton did not leave plans to fight al Qaeda: Rice

U.S. Warned on War Spending & Deficits (World Economic Forum)

NYT: Deal Likely on Detainees but Not Eavesdropping: Dems will not block

Dalai Lama: Too many lives lost in Iraq

Taliban says bin Laden alive: Al Arabiya TV

Bush dismisses Clinton critique as "finger-pointing"

WP,pg1: Detainee Measure to Have Fewer Restrictions: New WH/Cong. accord

West Point Buries 'Class of 9-11' Cadet (1st KIA - 2nd Lt. Emily Perez)

Spellings backs ideas to simplify college choices: Vast student data...

White House Said to Bar Hurricane Report

General: Appeals for More Troops Were Denied

Heart attacks decline after smoking ban

'Polka Dot Bikini' songwriter dies at 68

Bill, Condi, Hillary, Where Will It Stop? (WOW!)

North Korea rejects talks, blames U.S.

Breaking: Bush to declassify parts of key intel report

Santorum withdraws tax break claim for Penn Hills house

Judge Sentences Former Enron CFO Andrew Fastow to Six Years in Prison


Pakistan Prez appears on 'Daily Show'

Poll: Schwarzenegger leads Angelides by 17 points (AP)

Report: Russian fuel going to Iran plant

Two Former W.Va. Miners Commit Suicide (something smells..

Thousands to repeat grades

Richard A. Clarke Launches Good Harbor Report on the Internet

Vatican Excommunicates Zambian Archbishop

Democrats line up lawyers

Study: diabetes more deadly than fat

Ivory Coast waste 'was not toxic'

WP: Allergy Season OTC Switch: Some Say New Formulations Don't Work Well

Surf's up space ponies! I'm makin' gravy - WITHOUT THE LUMPS!!"

I seem to have ingratiated myself with the Almighty

does anyone else like sun ra?

Saints blasted the Falcons

DU is sooooooo sloooowwwwwww ..... comments?

Good night everyone in DU Land - I feel like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Popeye Angry At Spinach Detractors

Is my e-mail broken?

An overnight show request thread

Boy band dweeb Aaron Carter ends engagement to Playboy model

Fundamentally Weird - The Series

I've got 112 oz of beer in me. Ask me anything!!!

Goodbye all...

Lounge rabbits .. need the name of a song

psst... wanna laugh?

My tone deaf sister is singing 80's pop music and new country.

for those about to rock....

(Oh OUCH!) Polish javelin team joke?

My MySpace profile Will Win the Superbowl

I just got invited to my first kegger at law school.

So I was all sick and am going to work late today

Mom And Uncle Fall On Baby During Fight - Baby Crushed To Death

Anyone else see the "Gay Friendly Autos" ad at the bottom?

its revisionist history time again

I'm hiding in here because reality (in the greater world) sucks at present

Good morning, everyone

I am SO earwormed

Name something impossible you'd love to do.

Man Plans To Feed Placenta From His Newborn Son To Pet Goannas

Last night I felt a bit lonely

They call it the death tax because it might kill those inheriting millions

Is George Bush a great president? (Poll) (Poll) (Poll) (Poll)

So I Watched a Couple of Infomercials This Morning.

a cougar, an Iceberg,a flower, a farmer ,and a butterfly

I have never met Napoleon..

Whoa! Hey! Easy on the humus there pal

The Commander-in-Chief answers him while chasing a fly....

If a pig tries to bust you with pot

I am....

Man With Faulty Penile Implant Has Had Erection For 10 Years

I am SICK and have to go to Work!

My sister just overnighted me ten (10) gobs!

Is this equality?

LOL- fight at that race track with a great flying kick into the windshield

Congratulations aquart!! 20,000 posts


Congratulations mike_c!! 15,000 posts

Our dear parents

A fireman crawled up my pant leg and bit me right on my

Instant Karma's Gonna Get Me

Ugggggh....I hate dizzy spells

Won by a foot

Wtf is up with du lately it's been loaded with glitches

Very droll Bush smackdown on "Weeds"--don't miss it!

Can you judge people by books they read?

Mother Forced Girl To Drink Turpentine To Induce Abortion


I just had a wonderful birthday dinner with my daughter.

I confess... I have a MySpace Account...

Effexor is the nastiest drug ever invented!

I found this at the grocery store

Men Receive 48 Pound Of Marijuana In Mail - Jailed

So I'm driving in rush hour traffic in Houston last evening ...

My business number is one number off from a restuarant....

Wrong numbers part II

Which one is larger — the left or the right?

Unfortunate javelin judge

The Free Hug Campaign

That damned Rush Limbaugh jingle at the end of each segment

This term for a long-handled gardening tool...

After learning of the release of the NIE to the media...

How would you like five across yo' lip, ya big dummy!

Happy birthday XNASA!!

Good news for all drinkers...

New movie 2007: Snakes on a plain

Question... how do I post a picture that is not attached to a URL?

Dean Koontz writes car-chase scenes into all his novels

So how much worse does it get?

I just saw Jesus Camp, ask me anything.

Loungers, start your vibes.

A safety warning for cat owners: my chair could have killed mine today

It's Little Miss Money Penny!

Need the best of what you've all got--for my sister

i wonder if i have malaria

ROLL CALL reports Sen. Allen has a new nickname "Sen Macacawitz"

Tea bag wisdom: "When you know that all is light, you are enlightened."

If your pets could talk - what would they say about you

I just watched the Casino Royale Trailer....

Why won't my cat go out and get me chicken soup?

Oh my God!!! I've just realised!

Paris Hilton Charged With DUI

~~ ONEIGHTY is in the hospital again. ~~

If any of you are interested in getting into shape... (some pics)

I am going to stop flirting with Haruka

Congratulations sandnsea!! 35,000 posts

Everybody, please meet Benny.

SOS! DUer LoveMyCali's cat Cali needs votes in online pet contest (link)

I'm Code Browning my pants! No hate mailbag for a year!!

Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Trailer 1966

Photobucket Flotsam (dial-up warning)

So, I finished my first day at work

All the kittens have homes and I have work. (Photos - dial-up warning)

Stuff you really don't want to think while looking in the fridge

'In fact, today I think I'll have a French Tickler, for I am a Protestant!

Thunderstorm going on right now.

Wish me luck

Today in music history 9-26 Special XNASA version.

My wife is stalking me tonight!

"Conservatize Me" by John Moe--hilarious!

Student sees nude statue, commits suicide immidiately

Ya know, the Gin Blossoms really were a great band.

Does Hannity wear a toupee?

Where did you meet your significant other?

I'm so excited! It's my daughter's 19th birthday tomorrow, and we got

Does Your GF/BF/Spouse Know How Many Sexual Partners You Have Had?

Man Who Pawned Rifle As A Boy Gets It Back 50 Years Later

Hey, Xemasab, I just saw a bird that you've never seen!

Idaho Couple's Home Infested With Snakes -- my god, this is unreal!

I totally missed the greenday U2 song at the N O saints game

anyone else getting Little House on the Prairie instead of the Gilmore Pre

Want me to scare you away? Respond with a topic!

Post a pic of your house (or whatever) taken from space

Who has memories of the "sex thread riot"?

Policy documents are FAR more interesting when mixed with wine

Worst voice?

My nipples hurt.

I have a tough decision to make.

Is it possible to sleep 13 hours straight?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 9/26/06)

Entropy. Convince a person to exercise.

I bet Bush was a pasta eater as a child.

I missed you goons while I was out today

Anna Nicole and her Lawyer/Baby Daddy

TWO guys dead now.

Need something to cheer you up?

A fellow DUer has died.

This is on a City Hall door - inappropriate treatment for a US flag? (pic)

Wow, The Black Dahlia was bad.

Sometimes I like plastic

Have you ever cheated on your spouse/partner/gf/bf?

Arianna Huffington Is......

Name a writer who's book you saw and liked but hate her underwear.

What's the maximum you're willing to spend on a pair of jeans?

Oh no! I accidentally had LostinVA on ignore.

Breaking: Howard Stern is father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby!


I don' t have access to post this tomorrow. Two interviews tomorrow!

I'm really sick of losing DUers...

Anyone watch Cleanhouse on cable. I watched all the episodes

I'm going to eat a stick of butter. Who's with me?

Steven Tyler reveals he has hepatitis C

Student Sees Nude Sculpture On Field Trip To Museum - TEACHER FIRED!

This is the thread of Engrish-only.

Is anyone taking care of an elderly parent?

thinking of Olaf the White tonight.

Question: Would it be cool to enter HANNITY's contest

172 posts to 3000! Ask me anything!

MrsRetro's New Tattoo...

Out on the road I saw hanging in a car today

I've got enough money for a plane ticket. Where shall I go?


The Word "Blog" you hate it as much as i do?

Share your rotator cuff injury stories.

I just saw my cat chase a live frog though the livingroom.

X-Post: A DU'er's brush with greatness... (me and Big Dog!)

I do that and more.! I am a Democrat!!!

Oops! My Mom's cooking!

MMMM..Apple Pie....

I saw "Badlands" last night

How do I keep some STUPID neighbor's dog out of my trash?!

I just witnessed a Wendy's employee refuse a homeless person a refill

I present, Lord Tonka of Bratwurst... (yes, another kitten thread)

Post a lyric from a song that you find sort of poetic.

"I don't DO that! I'm a Republican!"

Cindy Alexander WINS!!! She's up again this week!

LOL! Wonderful Boston Legal opener!

Kicking threads takes the edge off the day...

Come play with me.

I bet Bush was a paste eater as a child.

Any pet lovers out there?

What a crazy mother does for her daughter's 40th birthday.

Whoever calls me EVERY NIGHT from an "unavailable" number, please stop!!

Most misogynistic song you've ever heard?

I've killed nine threads today, and I'm just getting started

PLEASE read: Can we have a tribute page for all the DUers we've lost??

My first photo thread!

Name a writer who's work you love but personally can't stand

People you'd like to smack.

Listening to all the Right Wing Crap on TV today has got me really down...

What are you listening to right now?

Oneighty...there's a little boy who will hear of you leaving and miss you.

Parrot owners - convince me NOT to buy a Sun Conure

our dear Oneighty has passed away

There are four gods in the US

Omar Ahmad - apology / retraction for this comment in 1998?

Question for Christians: What did Jesus do about Abortion & Homosexuality?

A question for atheists

Group Pushes Universal Health Care

The Royal Society has put ALL of their papers online

Antimatter discovery could launch new era of physics

Study recruiting 1,000 pairs of gay brothers to donate DNA

Lesbian pastor sparks talks of change

Gay Man Finally Wins Dem. Nomination In Seattle

Fed Court Rejects Appeal By Teacher Told Not To Hand Out Anti-Gay Material

The election is just a few weeks away

Star Jones to sue tabloid over gay hubby claim

Gay History Month Angers Philadelphia Parents

Discrimination Probe Against Gay Cops Dropped

SAINTS have equaled last year's win total and its still September

Byron Nelson dies at 94

My latest radio interview now online :)

I got a job offer today, 2 hours after I dropped my home office

Any insight from my fellow spiritual DU'ers would be appreciated -

Thanking the Universe for the abundance

Any Reiki healers in the house?

BOOK READ DISCUSSION: "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" - Pages 1-80

Ohio State Sen. David Goodman (R) inappropriately displayed US Flag in ad

Arlington East coming to Cape Cod on October 14 (xpost from MA)

Local Swiftboating

Heads up Vets You Need New ID's at VA

DC'ers check in on the East birthday card

C-Span forum today 3:30 pm on Distance Learning with Sen. Kerry (C-Span 3)

Online chat with JK on Thursday

I am p*ssed at the Clinton's. How do others feel about e-mailing

Emergency Paper Ballot bill submitted by Boxer and Dodd.

There may be no Torture policy bill this week

Ok - After watching Dem STRATEGISTS today, here's what I heard.

John Kerry to Stump with Ohio Democrats

Kos quoting Kerry

JK on Newly Declassified N.I.E. Findings on Iraq Policy and Terror

OT: PROOF that Freepers are among us! Might explain lefty Kerry bashing.

Ahm, OT, but funny

Needing to vent again

Thread about JK's Response to Lieberman on Daily Kos

Kerry on Imus this morning

A different perspective on the pro-torture legislation

"bill Clinton is strong, Kerry is weak". New diary up needs to be smacked

Kerry Responds to Bush-Karzai Press Conference

Can anyone add Kerry's remarks to this thread?

Do you think the bugman Tom Delay should be a suspect in the anthrax case?

Bernie Ward on NIE, Clinton, Fauxnews, Chris Wallace, & Olbermann rant

Really creepy thing just happened with my computer. Help!

I Could Never Be A Republican...

"Are You an Unlawful Combatant?"

Snow to raise money for GOP candidates

How much damage can be done to this poor child?

Ya Know, KO's Comment Tonite Pretty Much Validated Chavez's Diablo Spiel

Iran "War Signals" -- is THIS what we're being distracted from?

I hope that people do not actually click on the link for Fox

The stories about George Allen being a racist won't matter...

The "NIE" comes out and no one is supposed to talk about it?

Transcript of Evo Morales UN speech

Keith Olberman! What's Got Into You, Baby?

"Praying against enemies" - What do people think about this?

Why Pakistan gets a pass

Richard Clarke's book, Against All Enemies, hit number 11 on Amazon.

Are we ready to RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRumble? Oct. 5th

Music video of Marines in Fallujah... psyops?

I went to Mayo clinic in Phoenix today and while I was there

PIC: Dumbfuckistan (non-animated update

It's really time to support our troops and help them Stand Down.

Walk-On Photo Op Never To Be Forgotten - GOP Style

Listen to Dr. Michio Kaku on saving planet earth!

Netscape carrying link to KO's special commentary on their

Remember the good old days of airplane travel?

Tonight's Countdown advertisers

Was the Lewinski scandal a conspiracy to destroy Clinton?

Cruella gets ready to play 'Hardball'

Anyone see Condi's interview on MTV

"House Democrats will actively resist adjournment."

Wingnut woman from KY, man from MD, bigoted geezer and old lady from TX

Kerry on Imus. Says he may run.

Clinton Scapegoated for 911 by Larry Johnson

Why such hate from fundies and neocons against Hillary Clinton?

Excellent! Condi keeping the story alive!

Anti-terror funds to protect big California ports decreasing

Fox's "Live Desk" cluttered with lies on Clinton, Bush terrorism records

Sen. Byron Dorgan on C-SPAN

Let's play *Spot the Hypocrisy*: Chris Wallace

Arizona Daily Star on border fencing....It Won't Work

Tycoon Ebbers to begin jail term

Show Chris Wallace some DU Love

Does Bill Clinton have a right to be angry?

Radical Fringe toon 9/26 - Punctuation Lessons

How the Hell is Bush the “Terror President”???

Typical Freeptard response to anything....(Fight at a NASCAR event)

Strip Citgo from Florida Turnpike..."a wake-up call for America"

Mass. home prices fall 6.1% as downturn gathers speed

Needed - terror experts who have called for troop withdrawal

Defunding the 'christian' Right has NEVER been easier

Rice: Clinton didn't tell us the flight numbers OR the seat numbers

Revolution just ain't what it used to be (Mickey Z.)

War Pimp Alert: Charles Krauthammer Calls For Attack on Iran

What is Kindasleezy really telling the US and the world

Major General John R.S. Batiste on Rummy MUST WATCH!

Funny coulter cartoon

A Strike at Baghdad Hospital after a Doctor is Beat Up by Iraqi Police

What did Wallace (or anyone else) expect Clinton to say?

KO: Smirky = Coward.

CEO of Cisco sez American people must help business community rebuild

Seriously, how is sending more troops to Iraq going to help anything?

"State your name". g.w. bush. "Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth,--

Let's hire Dog the Bounty Hunter to get Osama

Why fundies hate Liberals. (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC)

Vermonters, tell us about your campaign for representative right now.

Kudos to Oprah for having the guts to publicly endorse a Democrat

Congress Knows/Does NOT Care: Suspension of Habeas Corpus=UNCONSTITUTIONAL

As I look back to the nixon era and the glee I felt


Rice claims Clinton didn't leave comprehensive al-Qaeda plan

Memory Hole: NSA Bibliographies

Action Alert: Defend the Constitution & Stop Pro-Torture Legislation

Heads up! THE hearing, with the generals who are '

Headline: "Condi"s Mushroom Cloud of Bullsh*t"

Pukin' in the House this morning.

Europe space probe unmasks 'face' on Mars

Got coffee??

They did something......

US vs. John Lennon

A thought on the "ownership society"....

A little telltale snippet from The Situation room : The Comma Effect

How can you ask people to die for a comma?

Torture Vote Set For Thursday

Congressman Conyers: Crashing the States

How odd. Why is this AOL page still up?

Let's say Thanks to Clinton for slapping down this little weasel.

What is "Your" Position on Torture?

Rice challenges Clinton on terror record

Can anyone suggest a good site that summarizes the Senate races?

New CNN Poll on * and Clinton

Are Tax $$$ (Iraq Recon. Funds) Propping up the Stock Market?

Has Bill Clinton morphed into the Anti-Rove?

Why oh why is part of Clinton's leg showing an issue?

Negroponte says we're safer & * says to be scared.

un-mooring the united states from its constitutional democracy is hard work

Bill Schneider on CNN just reported that Bill Clinton is the most

Somebody needs to ask George Allen the following simple question

Let's give Condi a break....

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf on The Daily Show Tonight

SHERFFIUS toon: Torture is his middle name

FYI: Clinton on FOX video available here

Clinton defended HIMSELF... He defended HIS presidential

The big difference between Bush and Clinton's response to al Qaeda?

Urgent! Pass the Emergency Paper Ballot Mandate of 2006

SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson on Democracy Now! today:


Brent Budowsky: Semper Fidelis. An Open Letter To Military Families...

Try as I might ...

Clarke's "Against All Enemies" is a bestseller again.

AWOL Vet turns himself in, faces 5 years in prison

What's the latest Dem positions on TORTURE, Afghanistan, the NIE report?

Dickhead Morris' take on Clinton's FAUX interview

C-SPAN 2 - they are trying to run through the "death tax repeal" again


Short Message to "smart" people: Don't tango with Bubba...

All these years & its finally revealed, Clinton is THE DEVIL.

the radical right media

Just seen on MSNBC: Chris Wallace is still pontificating on how

Bush's "Comma" quote and Clinton.

El Diablo coming up with

Republicans are one big fat SCARED lot of people

Thank You ABC and Fox.

Richard Ben-Veniste: What Did Bush Do About The Cole?

Karzai-Bush on CNN live now

Iraqi lawmaker resigns; blasts kill 21, COMMA

I am getting error messages, instead of the thread content!!.n/t

Hello DU Webmaster........

Declassify The Obvious (Orange County Register editorial)

Republican Witch Hunts Against Clinton Cost $91.3 Million Over 12 Years

Former WorldCom CEO to report to federal prison

NY Daily News gossip: Marital strife leads Brit Hume's wife to Fox exit

Am I reading to much in this or did anyone else pick it up?

January 2001, Cheney SHELVES Hart/Rudman Terror Recommendations!

GOP Raising Taxes On Teachers and Middle-Class Before They Skip Town

the COMMA toon is now downloadable

Simple question: Who is arming/financing the Taleban? nt

the Disciple Generation- creating the next generation of theofascists

Anyone who was at the Saints-Falcons game last night...

Bernie Ebbers is going to jail! Bernie Ebbers is going to jail!

As everyone here says, Republicans are jealous of President Clinton

Abuse of Power and Dereliction of Duty

"ever-dishonest and ever-incompetent U.S. Army Corps of Engineers"


Breaking on MSNBC - Bush to declassify "PARTS" of key intel report

My favorite quote of the day from regarding a freeper quote

Is The Most Chilling Sentence From Olbermann 9/25/2006 Almost Hopeful?

Where is the full Clinton interview video?

Torture comes to Ky. The FBI have raided the Fayette County

Choicepoint...heard this on a radio program...

Judge sentences former Enron CEO Fastow to six years

Army recruiting video.

Teacher canned after student sees nude sculpture @ Dallas Museum trip

Senator Macacawitz defers to Yom Kippur

By what standard is somebody "Rich"?

Just saw a Darfur ad on the TV where Bush is asked directly to stop the

Democrats Denounce Replug attempts to Raise Taxes on Middle Class

Should Puerto Rico become a state?

CNN Poll: Who Did More Pre-9/11? Clinton or *?

Spin Control on pre-9/11 from the Red State of Mind

I wonder if there is a police report re Allen

We need tougher penalties for election crime... from faked GOP blog posts,

I could not get through to DU the whole time * and Karzai were up.

Electronic Voting Machines: Verification, Security, and Paper Trails HEAR

Another Poll Needs Help

Does anyone care about Saddam Hussein's trial?

Mike Malloy's site today

Bush was a blithering idiot next to Karzai...and DU was down!


Explain this construct to me: fighting back makes you look bad.

condoliar would not look straight into the camera while denying that

CNN: House Has Rejected A Democratic Motion For A Rare Close

CNN Poll - Who did more to pursue bin Laden, Clinton or Bush

Label or name for non-NeoCon Republicans?

Rice testifing before 911 commish. Can't point to ANYTHING Bush admin....

109th Senate Accomplishments: Turn on Cspan 2 to hear all about them!

Huffpost on Iran Plans? November surprise?

9/11 Truth: Scott Forbes describes power-downs in WTC

I'm done talking to and laughing at repukes

Professor Joins Others In Claiming Sen. Allen Used Racial Epithets...

The 06 elections and Iraq .... real facts.

Democrats Lose Bid for Closed House

CNN reporting on Stryker Brigade's sad.

latest in men's war against women

Fear of Muslim Backlash: Fury as Berlin Opera Cancels Performance

Meredith Viera interview w/Carville/Begala on Clinton interview:

"Dr. Clinton gave the Democratic Party a spinal transplant.."

Jack Cafferty's questions of the day---you may want to DU these

A boost for Bin Laden

Couric's Rice interview "borderline offensive, childish, vaguely sexist"

Earth may be the warmest it has been in the last ONE MILLION YEARS!

I don't understand the "comma" thing. What did Bush mean by "commas"?

PAID to post?

847 days left

I Hope, an essay.

AZ repuke wants to tear down 9/11 memorial... (must see these pics!)

Hey, Is This Forum Under ATTACK?

Puke Talking Point for 9/26/06: Nobody ever said Clinton was obsessed

"Origins of Human Aggression" ..FSTV 11am PST..9/26

Hey - Rapture Republicans

Hey Condi Rice - look here!!!

What is the Presidential Papers Act and how does Bush*

Hey! The Clinton/Wallace Video is still at Rupert Murdoch's MySpace Video!

Hallburton: $4 million buys 600% gain in contracts since 2000

GW Bush said "I tried to get Bin Laden and I failed, but at least I tried"

If Al Gore Wasn't Cheated Out of Office, Then 9/11 Does Not Happen

Interesting prediction for the 2008 Presidental Election here:

Republican propaganda

Teacher sentenced for molesting student (she got 1 year for touching)

How would you respond to this anti-union argument?

GOP rejects motion to discuss terrorism

CBS News Hires Longtime Bush Flak As On-Air Analyst

need help here--need a link to chris wallace' diatribe about his

If George Allen racist remarks/allegation do not get out the black vote, I

You can now pre-order "An Inconvenient Truth" on DVD.

Anyone watch bush* READ his Spontaneous retort to NIE report?

The hula jaw is gone. * must be medicated. Have you noticed? nt

Question for Christians: What did Jesus do about Abortion & Homosexuality?

MSM: * "Stands Strong"; Clinton "Crazed" Even When Facts Say Otherwise

Falwell on MSNBC explaining why his Hillary remark was not

Al-Qaida Taliban, American Taliban, and Progressives

Birth Pangs of a Third Awakening

How to talk to a Bush supporter

Boxer Slams FauxNews while on the air!

Using mouthwash and buying tooth paste is a sinister conspiracy

Cheney only draws crowd of 125 in a 1,500 seat room. Ha!

Angry? What do YOU think?

(VIDEO) Clinton supporters make their presence felt on Fox and Friends

Shinzo Abe to Japan: "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it"

E&P: Bush's Iraq "comma" reference comes from religion, Gracie Allen

Venezuela to issue diplomatic protest

Another Day, Another Person Alleges Sen. Allen Used The "N-Word"

Vice-President Obama? I don't think so.

DU this poll!! Needs help BAD.

I take it Clinton's days of trying to be friends with Monkeyboy are over

Rice: Zarqawi was in Iraq a long time ago, well before the war

CAPTION holy Joe!

DU this CNN poll

CNN.CON Just Changed The Pic Of *

Falwell Refuses To Apologize For Lucifer Attack, Swears To Repeat It ‘Over

procedural question: how many senators does a filibuster require?

What really determines the price of gas?

Toyota activism. --->>Dialup warning

Casey widens lead in Pa. Senate poll

come on us find this video online

MUST SEE videos of US Generals kicking the crap out of Rumsfeld

He said, she said: Who’s right? -let CNN know

The truth is there is something terribly wrong with this country”

my meme for the day:

Harman: "2nd NIE Report On Iraq" Being Hidden By Bush Admin

I can't stream ARR. Anybody else having trouble?

Americans turning against the War in Afghanistan according to CNN Poll

Boy, he sure looks like a chimp in this pic

IAVA's Paul Reickhoff writes NYT op-ed: "Do Unto Your Enemy"

Bush Changes Law: US Citizens Can Be Detained Permanently

What I hate most about the Left...

Bye bye Santorum

In praise of "activist" judges

Bush was "animated", Clinton was "crazed".

Bush insults the American people and calls them "naive"

Spaz bush*. Caption this...

Remote Flying with VR Glasses

OK, so what happened? (Clinton interview)

Talabani: "The media is only focusing on the negative and exaggerating it"

Please critique my Lieberman Letter to the Editor (LTTE)

You didn't hear about the Prescrip.Drugs are Unsafe Report? Not Surprised.

Combat a rehashed rwingnut spin attack on Richard Clarke

Kindasleazy Lies is at it again! Says Clinton didn't leave plan on terror

Officials urge Coloradans to vote by absentee ballot

AAR stream keeps bagging out!

Tucker doing segment on manipulation of gas prices: cites Gallup Poll. down?

"White House Said to Bar Hurricane Report"

What is the deal with YouTube and the Clinton on Fox Video?

To all Arizona DU'ers (especially those in the Phoenix area)

"Flat daddy" article ahead on CNN. Children of soldiers get a cutout

AOL Poll: Which administration do you hold more accountable

A picture tells a thousand words

CNN Quick vote: How do you feel about Congress' record this year?

Are Americans Stupid? Survey USA says they are

Tweety practically calling Ed Gillespie a liar on TV - doesn't

Teacher suspended because child saw naked statue at a museum

There's something weird going on here. (NIE release)

Democrats announce second bill aimed at reducing number of abortions

2705 Reasons why the DSM is Important

want to get rid of e-voting? George Soros needs to buy Diebold

VIDEO: World News Trust Daily Broadcast Report 09/26/06 (Steve Srebrenick)

Just 4 of 30 pages have been declassified

Lawmakers advised to ease taxes by making perks more public

Reps to spend $60M, on midterms - five times Dems $12M

Please sign this

So the ABC crapumentry was meant to set up Clinton weeks later?

Tuesday polling results: AZ, NV, PA, VT Senate races (and more)

Urgent! Pass the Emergency Paper Ballot Mandate of 2006!

Iraq the comma: graphic

CNN Breaking News Iraq is shaping a new generation of Terror Leaders

Has Richard Clarke Been On ABC Since BS To 9-11 Was On?

Rummy, Rummy, Rummy.......

An NY House seat just took a big swing into the winnable category

Someone explain the Casey-Santorum thing to me.

Ouch & Yuck - Glenn Beck is beating Tweety in Ratings

Come out Richard Clarke, I'll buy the airline ticket.

Reported NIE shows War in Iraq has hindered Combat Efforts on Terrorism

"Three Shakespeares" for GWB

An excellant cartoon by Ann Telnaes

Calling Richard Clarke...time for you to appear on KO & CNN & Faux et. al

Declassified Key Judgments of NIE link--George Bush length--3 pages!

There is a second NIE specifically on Iraq

New.Jersey. moves toward earlier primary (early feb 2008)

DU CNN poll

Anyone seen any Fox News today? Re: Clinton

National Security Advisor Condi Rice's agenda, 9/10/01

White House said to bar hurricane report

CNN poll: global terrorism report political gain or right to know?

Latest Malloy update

Logical Fallacies and the Art Of Debate

The Deep Breath Before the Plunge

Blow To Bush - Congress Unlikely To Pass Wiretapping Program

Brainless: The Lies and Lunacy of Ann Coulter (Hardcover)

Any body see Kyra and Jamie tag-teaming WJC a few minutes ago?

Yes, I would vote for President George Clooney. How bad could it be?

Al Franken: God Spoke

How would you respond to this?

Beating the crap out of Allen on Tweety

Is this censorship of the American media - self-censorship or otherwise?

Help please. Can somebody post a link to the picture of *

Was anyone at the protest in washington today...

Why is Why never the question?

Arlington East coming to Cape Cod on October 14 (xpost from MA)

John and Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah Wednesday

Fox News Sexpert: Welcome To College! Have Lots Of Sex!

Elizabeth, John and Cate Edwards on Oprah tomorrow (Wed. 9/27)

HELP ME HERE! Bush releases a 3-Page Verification of NIE Report to

Right on Cue CNN reports of possible OBL sighting 'Two Months Ago'

A weakness this administration will never follow up on.


He made up the word Macaca?

This part of the NIE is a little chilling.

Why The American Mind Is So Fucked Up- 4 Newsweek Covers

Gary Hart 88= George Allen 06

A bit more on "macaca" linguistically

7 point plan to protect kids from gay sin....

Oil Message Boards?

Is anyone watching how dumbass is suppose to be answering //

What was your attitude and mood before Clinton's interview on Faux?

Unexpected Radiation 'Hot Spots' Found In NYC

Released>Declassified Key Judgments of the National Intelligence Estimate

Dobbs to cover Condi vs. Clinton. Teases it thusly:

Do blacks and hispanic find mercy in the courtroom like Fastow did?

2001 memo to Rice contradicts statements about Clinton, Pakistan

Anybody know what is wrong with Google today? n/t

The NIE document is here:

Janet Parshall wants you to PRAY THE VOTE! Kit for preachers & teachers...

PLease DU This CNN POll: Who Did More To Capture/Kill OBL? (Cinton Or *)

Peaceful Iraq War Protests Promt 71 arrests

Ya Know, ABC Could Have Canceled pt (BS) 9-11, But Now It's Too Late

Bush Disagrees That Iraq War Raises Threat of Terrorism

FOX/Clinton - Framing the debate

Who would Jesus Torture - bumper stickers and tshirts.

Tweety asks Macaca tape viewers this question:

Situation Room - breaking news - The TRUTH being utilized in efforts

New Letter from Intelligence & Military professionals on use of torture

she has "all these white people" working for her (Oprah)

Somebody PLEASE post a shot of the idiot wagging his finger at

"War is sweet for those who have not tried it."

Interview with President Hugo: "Why Chavez Verbally Attacks bush"

“Here it is coming down the homestretch of the elections, and

Froomkin: Bush terror-fighting credentials taking a brusing; lots of info

Blame it on Iraq

Hillary Comes Out In Defense Of Her Husband’s Actions Against Bin Laden

College Dems hold signs for Clinton on Fox show today..

Mullah Omar Emerges As KEY PLAYER In Peace Deal With al Queda

Cindy Sheehan: Commas for Profit

BREAKING NEWS...Paris Hilton arrested...on MSNBC, CNN and

Someone should make Bush reread his Bible before torturing people.

Franken is handing Tony Blankley his ass on Hardball

BREAKING: Harman Calls for Release of Second Secret Iraq Report

OK your popcorn, pop the beer or the wine....

Bush Karzai on C Span 2 now!

Truth to Power - Tonight's Olberman Smackdown!

Tinfoil hat about Osama and Pakistan/Bush

Man, just saw the tape of dimson next to Karzai when he responded

(Assuming he actually is dead), can Ken Lay's estate be sued for damages?

We need a were is Waldo sketch with Osama instead of Waldo.

(TOON) Steve Bell on Tony Blair's last Conference speech

A History of Clinton, Bush, and Terrorism (A great list w/sources) Use it.

So why did Bush choose to declassify the report?

"There are smirks, and then there are SMIRKS! And this was

VIDEO - Tweety Drills Gillespie, Reveals Name-Calling Pattern

US Senator Inhofe Claims Global Warming is a UN Conspiracy

Link to Kieths Monday Smackdown?

Franken blowing up on Hardball

My Apologies.....To Al Franken.....And Other DUers

O' Reilly Tanks Again in 3rd Quarter as does H&C

ABC yanks, replaces story in which GOP Rep. suggests Clinton impeachment

Breaking: George Allen killed Bambi and stuffed her in someones mailbox

Is the story changing??

The diminished dividends of war

Tehran's charm offensive makes inroads

Judge sentences former Enron CFO to 6 years

Wouldn't you love the chance to tell the persons who dragged

MSNBC calls it COUNTDOWN; thinking Americans call it the EVENING NEWS

Faux news making up fan letters

Specter chastises, "ignores", then walks out on protesters (video)

Small but loud Protest of Veterans at Walla Walla VA Hospital

True_Note's State of the Union for Fiscal 2006.

NIE Trends in Global Terrorism (All paragraphs containing "Iraq")

Had Clinton not had Heart Surgery in you think he would

I saw a "Gore '08" bumper sticker this past weekend

Iraq War = world more dangerous

MSNBC Schedule from 6 p.m. to Midnight. in a nutshell

‘Real Rumsfeld’ amid Iraqi War Criticism

October 6th 1996 Ten years of faux (what has to be done?)

Toon guaranteed to piss off the RW'ers-"maybe democracy isn't such..."

US Media giving Bill Clinton the "Howard Dean Scream" treatment

How funny is the Sign above their head in this picture

RE:Private Property Rights Implementation Act----This screws ALL of us.

(VIDEO) House Democrats' speeches on the NIE

Head On Radio Tuesday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

The Truth Is Not Always In The Middle

"On The Hard Drive Now" (Video)

Quiz: Test your civics

Are the nukes already in place for Iran???

Clinton at UN During Monica-Gate

(VIDEO) Cafferty on torture

Amazing Conclusion Of NIE Report!

MSN Poll: Was Chavez right to call George Bush 'the devil'?

Pelosi just called for a secret session in the House. CSPAN.

Bolton Nomination dead, so Rethugs cancel Darfur Hearing

"When the final history is written in Iraq, it will look like justa comma"

Apparition caught at vatican by tourist....

Meet the old boss - same as the new boss

"Searching for an Unfriendly Face", system searches for terrorists.

CNN HEADLINE: Musharraf: Iraq war makes world more dangerous----JUST IN

Riverbend - where are you?

Bush Administration’s Pre-9/11 Focus Was Missile Defense, Not Terrorism

Breaking: Howard Stern is father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby!

Questions the Freepers are going to ask Obama

How Dumb do I think they are? (Now I know why he is President)

Conyers to Force Vote on Secret Iraq Reports

Dahr Jamal: A Broken, De-Humanized U.S. Military In Iraq

Franken is on Tweety now.. Not doing half bad IMO

OPUS shows us the TRUE meaning of life.

In 2008, should WE vote in the GOP primary for the biggest lunatic?

GOP/BushCo have nothing but easily refutable lies/revisionist history...

Which major evangelist lives with the agony of repressed homosexuality?

The message this week: READ THE BOOK

Chambliss blissfully lying on CNN now


2706 Reasons why the DSM is Important

On Condi's latest lie about Clinton...what was the Delenda Plan then?

We need an education revolt. Among other things.

NYT: New Campaign Ads Have a Theme: Don't Be Nice

What should we do with the pugs?

If Clinton owns 1 month of Bin Laden blame, George owns 68 months.

AIM's Game of Semantics

How long has Bush and his minions had the NIE that was just released?

I, for one, am tired of being lied to

Who's watching the Daily Show tonight?

HEADLINE: Laura Bush Lends Her STAR POWER To Padgett Campaign

WH press corps failed to challenge Bush's lying and nonsensical answers

There's only one reason why the Wingers are rewriting history

So, I think I changed my mind about the Torture Bill...

Bush Administration - Backward Dictatorship?

Evangelical Christians Called to Tackle Global Warming

Why didn't Bush Admin block the NIE? Seems like it slipped past censors.

John and Elizabeth Edwards to appear on Oprah tomorrow...

Things to teach alongside Intelligent Design

Abu Ghraid photos - who is holding up the rest of them?

Student Loan Defaults On The Rise

Arianna Huffington Is......


Poll: (D) Harold Ford Jr. leads 45%-39% in second straight Senate Poll

NIE Reflects Previous Statements About the War on Terror (black is white)

Is the US still killing Iraqis because they refuse to submit to occupation?

Low Gas Prices: An Election-Year Ploy?

Laura Bush visit draws THREE spectators. . . hehehehehe

Larry Johnson No Quarter The Facts Behind the NIE

Look at this poor child Killed in Iraq Because of bush.....

For the freeps: Ronald Reagan quotes on torture and wars of agression

AWOL Iraq war veteran says war is immoral; turning himself in

Charlie Rose: Breyer and O'Connor talking a about election theft 2000

In Tribute To Those Who Have Passed, and those

Pelosi stuns Bimbo on Fox....

The Time article about the plan being turned over to the WH by Berger

One solution to problem politicians...Discuss.

Colbert Is No. 2 on Sexiest Anchor List Where is KO?

Someday Soon, The Good Guys and Gals Will Win

Maybe it's my warped sense of humor but I find this soooooo hilarious!

has the FULL NIE been posted??

Pakistani General/President Pervez Musharraf on Daily Show TONIGHT!

Rummy in Montenegro to beg for more troops

Why is this?


Bread and circuses

Stossel can't say what Media Matters has said that's not true...

Great Resource from Mother Jones: Timeline of all the Bush lies

DU this AOL!!! Rate Rumsfeld's Performance

"It'll look just like a comma" (pic)

An open letter to my Christian friends.

VIDEO - Franken on Hardball

O'lielly is interviewing John Rocker who wants English only

Dow Jones Average Set to Close at Highest Level Ever

US housing bubble: Economy in denial

Are we being spied on? The Proof..

What does "it will look like a comma" even mean?

Families of Alaska’s Stryker Brigade Make Rumsfeld Squirm

OKAY - Now do people here FINALLY realize that the media is the problem?

Don't Worry, Democrats Won't Impeach Bush, Democrat Says

Terrible Attack in Afghanistan: breaking on Yahoo

I just met Howard Dean!

I have my hook in an Evangelical Christian…

Want to stream Randi?

Who do you believe? Condi or Clarke on the lost 8 months before 9-11

Classic anti-Santorum "DUMPRICK" bumper sticker

A suggestion-- Don't complain when you get what you want from Democrats

Major Change To Senate Bill WOULD Allow Detention Of US Citizens

Letting Lies and Propaganda Dictate

Why Did Bobby Kennedy Say: "Indeed, There Is A Remarkably Simple

Berlin opera pulled over Muhammad scene

VIDEO: Boxer gives a big F U to Faux News

How depressing, we thought while watching the Daily Show

CIA Leak Case spending at $1.4 million - New York Times

Professor smacks down psycho Horowitz's lies....

BIG NEWS: John Bolton Confirmation Battle Really, Really Dead

There's a SECOND NIE report that Bush is hiding.

If you get a chance to see Weeds this week you must (mini spoiler)

Some DUers need a MAJOR attitude adjustment.

Hillary Clinton: If my husband read a PDB "Bin Laden Determined to Attack"

Bill Clinton's letter to Chris Wallace:

McCain Torture Bill - Ticket to the Hague for GOP Lawmakers

Act Blue for Tom Wyka in NJ11

Here is the MAJOR point that the Democrats are not exploiting:

"Danger Man" by Tom Tomorrow ......gotta love Tom's cartoons

Kids Worshipping to a George Bush Picture

Military will spend $76 BILLION next year in quest for better ways to kill

Libby Pre-trial Hearing (9-27)

CondiLiar Caught in a WHOPPER of a LIE! Clarke WAS Demoted by HER!

Check out this beautiful post from Huffpo re: the "Bubba Hubba"

This is beautiful, now Barbara Boxer taking on Faux News.....Awesome!!!

Will the lowering of per gallon gas prices by .40-.50cts be enough...


Clinton-bashing cartoons from Randy Bish and Scott Stantis

Anyone seen Musharaf on the Daily Show yet?

OMG. THe Bush/Lauer Interview. Rated R

Kerry on NIE: Must withdraw from Iraq. WH playing into terrorists' hands.

Drudge says GOP negative Ad's have started. Anyone seen any?

Glitches take toll (CO Election Court Battle Aftermath)

Rice calls for sanctions against Syria

NYC Ban on Fats? Wtf?

Fucker carlson - "Wes Clark Worst Presidential Candidate Ever"?

From Oneighty's book, Voyages of the Vicky Mary. A tribute.

Sid Blumenthal on "The Guy James Show" today please keep kicked

Al Franken on Hardball with Tweetie tonight, he is one of the

I, for one, am glad that Chris Wallace blindsided Clinton

Scathing and brilliant essay: Chris Wallace is no Mike Wallace.

BushCo. Was Actually Given TWO Clinton-Era Documents (Al Qaeda Strategy)

So here's the Bush administration talking point to defend the Iraq war

"Insecurity Is Written All Over Him" - Garrison Keillor "Pictures" Bush

Opera withdrawn over Islamist threat

Little Lord Pissypants doesn't "have time for finger pointing"...

Will the Dems Cave on Torture under Present Leadership?

A US Soldier in Anbar gives out Iraq awards (A Must Read)

Went to eat tonight...been there several times, they had TV on Fox blech

Hart-Rudman! Hart-Rudman! Hart-Rudman!

Rush Limpballs seems quite impressed with the size of President Clinton's

I want to work for Keith Olbermann.....

I Am Against Torture

I think the Republicans have opened up Pandora's Box

Bush Made Joke Explaining Dropped Ball on Cole to 9-11 Comm.-- RECOMMEND!

Values Voter Summit’ Features Attack on ‘Faggots,’ Claim That Gay Rights M

My dear Aunt Frances (95 Y/O) GETS it.

To all lurking Freepers, Neocons, Bush apologists:

Sibel Edmonds: Why we fight (for publicity)

Lennon Fodder

Internet War Games

Larry Johnson: The Facts Behind the NIE

DeVos position on "Intelligent Design" a "priceless gift to Granholm"

"The 9-11 Commission Report" refutes Rice's Claims

"ABC took some creative liberties when making this 9-11 docu-drama!"

In death, does a DU'er have a name?

PLEASE read:Can we have a tribute page for all the DUers we've lost?(xpst)

Condi Rice - on the verge of collapse?

Covert attack on teacher's union

Iraq a Comma.... a look at the history books of the future... Wonkette

2001 Memo to Rice CONTRADICTS Statements About Clinton, al Qaeda, Pakistan

a warning message to US Congress

Marital sniping in the (Brit) Humes marriage? Wife leaves Faux

All you DUers who bring up the "ticking time bomb" torture hypothetical:

bush is right; his invasion of Iraq has NOT made terrorism worse!

What is NIE

The true #1 issue of our World

Are YOU GUILTY as charged?? Exposing "The World Wide Waste of Time"

Our dear Oneighty has passed away

Very sad news regarding DUer Alarcojon.

I'll be up front : I will NOT vote for any Dem in '08

"so, how far advanced is her alzheimer's?"

CNN Poll: Dems Favored Over GOP 55% to 42% In 2006 Elections

In West, GOP no longer a shoo-in

This is what they do when they dump scheer(LAT op ed slamming Clinton)?

Are Bill Clinton's political views different than Hillary's?

CW - BC - KO - and perhaps a future VP?

Great new Arctic Refuge Ad from NRDC

Newsmax (of all things) reporting that Casey has doubled his lead

Allen's non-denial denial is typical Republican 101...

Bush Administration's On-Going Political Strategy (we see it every day)

George Lakoff: "12 Traps That Keep Progressives From Winning"

What are your plans for November 7th and maybe the 8th?

Condi on Clinton

Who in here can tell me exactly what the libertarian party is about?

hey kindasleezy: so the Big Dawg ate your homework?

My Senator is bush's bitch too!

AP: Ecuador Candidate Defends Chavez Ties

Bill Clinton: Nobody Does it Better

BTW- W is signing the "pork busters"spending database legislation today

Feingold blasts Bush's priorities: Expanding power is an obsession,

George Allen's Racism

U.S., EU spar in private on terrorism

IF we don't take back both houses of congress, who are the top 5 Repukes

Church & State being discussed in the House...Barney Frank et al

In West, GOP no longer a shoo-in

The Good Little Monkey

What's Been Missing?

CBS hires former Bu$h staffer as political consultant.

The House is on fire. Barney Frank and Chet Edwards - Church & State

Who is listening to Hostettler on the House floor?

46 years ago today

Bush and Cheney Through Their Looking-Glass

Begala's weird quote about seen in a post at DailyKos.

Rice says Clinton left no plan

Wow - Keith's rantings have boosted ratings 33 percent!

Condi defends husband: Bush "aggressively pursued al-Qaida before 9/11"

CNN explains why the Right is quaking about the Clinton interview

Vermont congress candidate calls on Pentagon to arrest Bush, Cheney...

Casey Doubles Lead Over Santorum In PA Senate Race...

I've been engaged in the "Who fought terrorism?" battle since 9-11-01.

Fox News' war zone is the D.C. bureau-Brit Hume must love this

Check out this link if you want a good laugh.....

December 7, 2004;"We have now left a hard and dark past behind us"

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Clinton kicks wallace's lying ass, Saints kick the dirty birds ass'

Bernie Ebbers is going to jail....

CONDI LIES to Rebut Clinton

Mr. Bush if you knew that terrorism was a grave threat that needed

Let America Vote Act needs your help, and it's easy!

So Clinton was out of control with 'anger issues'? What about Il Dunce?

shortly after 911, condy said something that seems to implicate bushco....

Dean on Bush press event....says he ignores inconvenient "facts."

Torture Bill: I'll make this really easy for Dems...

Bush's First 8 Months in 2001,... Okay?

The truth about Clinton and "Wag the Dog" (ABC)

A .Q. KHAN...and the Dubai link?

Jim Webb's new ad: "We need to end the occupation of Iraq..."

Who was that vile psychotic woman on Bill Maher last weekend?

Here's a good site to debunk Rice's most recent lies

Mark Crispin Tells me not to vote absentee.... Others tell me

Tester Leads and Burns Gets Testy

Will Rumsfuck Be Fired In October? (SURPRISE!)

The gop rape of the classification system

House defeats Pelosi's motion for secret session on NEI

Froomkin (WaPo) cites Olbermann (and lots of other good stuff)

"Facts are stubborn things," Dean said in a statement.

MSNBC just announced Tony Snowjob will be hitting

Is It Finally,.. At Long Last,.....Feeding Frenzy?

RNC Talking Points? Link?

How long ago did the pseudo prez

My Reply To Randy Bish (Right Wing Terrorist Lover)

Big Oil May Scam Taxpayers for Millions More—Stay Tuned

Bush: "Heck of a job, Karzie." "Building a free Afghanistan"...USA! USA!

CNN Poll: Before 9/11 who did more, Bush or Clinton re UBL?

Looks like Peter Roskam is taking a page out of Saxby Chamblis's playbook

Ret. Intel. officers write to Specter and Leahy in opposition to torture

Tweety totally destroyed Ed Gillespie on Hardball!

Does Anyone Remember?

For yesterday. Can I get a few 'booooo-YAH's?

The Facts Behind the NIE by Larry C Johnson

DUers! Need your suggestions for new political books out that I can

Raw have a great story up showing Condi lied.

Bill Would Require Tariffs on Chinese Goods if Currency Manipulation Cont

Will Clinton Ignite the Dems?

A History of Clinton, Bush, and Terrorism (A great list w/sources) Use it.

Raw Story / AP: ANOTHER "blow to Bush"..NO Wiretap Bill before mid-terms

Thanks to Big (Badassed) Dog...

The Pre-Iraq Debacle Mindset

What Condi meant to say was...

Patrick Murphy's new TV ad

New Patrick Murphy (PA) ad on Iraq

O'Reilly to Stewart & Colbert: "I'm higher up on Al Qaeda's Death List"

Clinton, Olbermann, DEMS- Our New Mantra: Bring Em On!

"In Rove's Footsteps"

OH SHIT!!! Al Frankin on FIRE!!!!! on Tweety's show

Tom Price (R, GA) Runs from debate... again! Sign the petition, please

Clinton Vs. Rice?

Your solutions to Iraq

*GOOD NEWS* POLL - - PA Sen: Casey up by 14 over Sanscrotum (54/40)!

Unions come to help Angelides !

AP: Colo. Governor's Race Seen As a Tossup

Bill Clinton aaaaand--Who can we train for the bare-knuckles matches?

Classified report released: Iraq is "cause celebre" for terrorists

GOP Scandals Dog Ohio Candidate (Laura to the rescue)

Fox pressures YouTube to pull Clinton smackdown

As a Presidential canidate George Allen is FINISHED!!!!

Juan Cole on Democracy NOW

A Question About G.W Bush....

"W is for Women" ???

OK...doing the MATH, Bush must now think Musharraf is "naive."

New book Alice In Bushland: Through The Looking Glass With "King Bush"

Let's not forget the WJC also tried to expand wiretapping LEGALLY

Ouch! HILLARY!!! -----and the other shoe drops

Declassified NIE Shows Cheney and Bush Misled Americans (video clips)

U.S. losing leg up over Europe on employment

CIA Prison in the USA?

The Obcenity Of It All,....

Photo: "Tick...tick...tick..."

Election Homestretch Yields Surprises

Open Letter to Rice

Lieberman attacked Lamont and withdrawal Dems - Kerry answers Lieberman

George Allen Poll !!!

The New Detention & Torture Bill Is Worth A War....

Good News from the Pennsylvania Heartland

Bush said it is naive to think that the war with Iraq has worsened terror

WP: The 'Moderate Republican' Scam

Clinton needs to do it all over again.

Six week outlook on Election 2006

i read the post on wes clark in 08

What an interesting time in politics

Bush is Not Incompetent

PPT: Bush has noticed "great increase" in people who say they pray for him

Clinton tried to get more airport security but was not supported

From around the World Richard Clarks new site

Jim Webb's new t.v. ad "We Need a New Course"

Here's the Clinton plan Rice says he didn't leave for Bush

See the Jon Stewart beatdown of the media over Clinton interview

My lights just went on about John Conyers


I see a lot of new members posting. Methinks this is a very good thing.

C&L: George "Macaca" Allen stuffed deer's head in black family's mailbox

Evan Bayh (D- IN) Response to my Torture Email !

Our Army, Marine Corps and National Guard are in trouble

Is George W. Bush keeping Daddy out of jail?

Letting Lies and Propaganda Dictate

Daily Kos: Hidden Stinger in Bush NIE release (OMG!)

Ohio Gov: Strickland (D) 55%, Blackwell (R) 34% (can Diebold help?)

The right Can Never Defeat Keith Olberman. BUT WE CAN!

Warning: Do Not Vote Early or Absentee

John, Elizabeth & Cate Edwards on Oprah Wed Sept 27th

Election Math for Democrats: 2 + 2 + 2 = Clark