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Archives: September 22, 2006

Toxic Shock: How Western Rubbish is Destroying Africa

Bush Shields Dad on Chile Terrorism

LAT: Americans Upbeat About Economic Forecast

Annan Denies Claim That He Told Iran to Ignore Uranium Deadline

Freedom of Information Act overhaul approved by Senate committee

'An orgasm coach on TV

Be honest, Guys: Do you ever get sick of lifting stuff for us?

A little musical interlude...

When did they start needing your 1040s to lease an apt?

Why am I craving a quesadilla?

Guess I'll start here.

HELLO FASCISM! We're not going to get along.

Haven't seen much of joe mentum of late, did he fall off the edge of the

Bush has no doubts about his decisions as President

VIDEOS - 2 Daily Show Clips

Bush and Republicans Weak on Home Land Security

I think I have read almost every thread

Is Torture OK? Are we *seriously* debating this?!

Hey, Rangel, Chavez came to the *UN* like most every other world leader.

Thanks DU whatever you did during downtime I find speed has increased

What is the Dem message, so close to November? Are they

VIDEO - Colbert Calls Garrett (R-NJ5) Pussy, Interviews Challenger In BKAD

OK It's now officially 9/22, the latest date of Rapture

DU this AOL Big Dog poll

Halliburton Ambush in Iraq Caught on Video

VIDEO - More Colbert - Daniel Ellsberg Interview

Chavez to help 1.2 million families in US with fuel for heating.

Check Costco for generic scrip drug prices -- Walmart to test Fla mkt ONLY

What the hell is Bill Clinton doing kissing Pickles ass???

Does a supporter of the IRA deserve to serve in congress?

I cannot fucking believe people on this forum would trash Chavez

Karl Rove Promises October Surprise - Newsmax

Ahmadinejad Meets With Jews Who Agree With His Views On Israel

HELLO FASCISM. We're not going to get along.

A Bad Bargain (WH already trying to "wiggle out")

"Cheney: The Fatal Touch" (Joan Didion, NYRB)

'Democrats Offer a New Direction' by Howard Dean WSJ

Top Ten Ways We Got Jacked by Conservatives


People have died under U.S. torture

WP: At E. Coli Hunt's End, A Safety Standards Gap

WP: Afghan Girls, Back in the Shadows

Superb article about Ivy League Universities

Sneak Preview: "Saving Graces" by Elizabeth Edwards

Officers warn of British troops' plight

Forbes Magazine's list of The 400 Richest Americans

The Center Cannot Hold: The Bush Regime in Crisis

America legalizes torture

torure bill--the new litmus test of whether you are loyal to America.

DNC: 'Whatever It Takes' Republicans Embrace Intolerance

I Hope Arianna is Wrong -- Democrats to take a dive?

Schweitzer, Tester say Burns fails to deliver for Montana/BillingsGazette.


Death of a Torture Victim (brilliant analogy)

Capitol Crooks

Secret CIA prisons in your backyard...

"The Abuse Can Continue"

CIA 'refused to operate’ secret jails

New terror that stalks Iraq's republic of fear....

Three years on, Guantánamo detainee, 78, goes home (Guardian)

Washington is signaling Tehran

Rosa Brooks: Our Torturer-in-Chief

BBC: Inside Iran's Jewish community

Starbucks to Raise Coffee Drinks Prices

DKos on Housing Bubble trouble

Biofuels:green energy or deforestation diesel?

Branson pledges $3bn to Clinton environment initiative

NH and VT need your help!

Senator Barack Obama on Energy

New Corn-to-Ethanol Process Promises Lower Costs, Environmental Benefits

NSIDC's Arctic Climatology and Meteorology Primer

Icelandic Low weather system effects on Arctic ice (from 2001)

Nasrallah says he will not release Israeli soldiers

Palestinian police defend West Bank church against assailants

Halutz angered when IDF officer says Israel lost Lebanon war

Nasrallah in forefront of Hezbollah victory rally

The 10 most useful lies about terrorism

IAF bombs house of suspected Palestinian weapons dealer

The Evil Conspiracy of the Peace Mongers by Uri Avnery

New PHOTO album of KC 9-11 truth protest and pre event photos

Regarding the FEMA Employees that were in NYC...

Somewhat OT: Alex Jones excellent cameo rant in "Waking Life"

Osama bin Laden was surprised by the towers’ collapse

Found some good pics of the damage on WTC7

Amazing 3D picture: UAL175 approaching WTC 2

Colorado Election Reform Update 9/22/06

Interesting memos

Woo Hoo! Tx online news sevice runs "Hacked Banner Ad"!

WaPo: "If paper ballots restore trust in elections, let's switch"

UhHummm.. Some help to get the ER daily thread out please...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. Sep. 21 & 22, 2006

Dems say nothing about video on easy theft of elections via Diebold -why?

More on the Maryland situation

WP: Dems Blast Ehrlich's Absentee-Voting Initiative; Gov. May Ban E-voting

(CanWest) Afghan mission cost $3.5 billion and counting

Quebec cities want a piece of the GST

RCMP commissioner should break silence on Arar report: Layton

(Canwest) Harper acts strangely like a man with a majority government

Toxic Shock: How Western Rubbish is Destroying Africa

Indonesian Executions Lead to Violence

AP: Russia: Iran May Return to Nuclear Talks

Pakistan: US made a threat after 9/11

Not coming soon: US troop cuts in Iraq

New terror that stalks Iraq's republic of fear....

Death of a Torture Victim (brilliant analogy)

Hezbollah prepares for victory rally

Bail set for man charged in murder of former SunCruz Casinos owner

Pakistani leader not worried about who catches bin Laden

ACLU Slams Deal On Detainees

NYT: Report Lists Faults of F.D.A. Drug-Safety Process

Tainted cash puts Harris in new jam ($6000 from Bob Ney)

NYT: EPA Chief Rejects Recommendations on Lethal Particles of Soot

CIA ‘refused to operate’ secret jails

Shia killers rake in £500,000 a day from crime, says US

Chavez plug for Chomsky's book boosts sales

U.S. science education lags, study finds (Reuters/CNN)

A Question of Faith... Or Tidiness?

[Senior British officer:] Afghan casualties 'much higher'

US general: Baghdad needs 3000 more Iraqi troops (are reluctant to come)

Radio Ad Asks Houstonians To Arm Themselves Against Evacuees

Reputed cocaine kingpins set to plead guilty in Miami federal court

Iraqis Using Kidnap Victims As Bombers

Women among dozens of bodies found in Baghdad

Peru Ex-Spy Chief Convicted of Gunrunning for FARC

Official sues students over MySpace page

Soldiers' sacrifices worth it, (President) Karzai tells Canada

Unhappy voters imperil heartland Republicans

McCain praises terrorism detainee deal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 22

(Sen.) Grassley: Terrorist questioning not torture

US Bolton: Iran President's Nuclear Denial Not Credible-TV

Business lobby hedges bets by backing more Dems (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

ARG Poll: Bush Approval 38%

Former telemarketer negotiating plea in GOP phone jamming case

NRCC pulls Graf ads in Arizona

US cannot "force" nations to reach agreements: Bush

NYT/AP: Bill Clinton Debuts $1B Renewable-Energy Fund

Demonstrators want Saddam back

War Dead Equals Toll of September 11th

U.S. fatalities in war equal those from Sept. 11

Innovator Devises Way Around Electoral College - NYT

AP: German magnetic train derails, killing 1

FEMA underestimated Katrina repair costs

Journalist Goes to Prison for Contempt (but Osama is still free)

Fairbanks assemblymen call for Rumsfeld resignation

HP Chair Resigns Amid Fallout From Leaks Probe

U.N. debate marked by anti-U.S. sentiment

(Denver) Judge refuses to bar electronic voting machines

Iran Warns of ‘Lightning’ Response to Any Attack

WP: Probe Finds HUD Secy. Jackson Urged Favoritism in HUD Contracts

Breaking News on CNN. Shuttle astronaut collapsed twice

After 3 tours in Iraq, ex-Marine dies in car crash on return home

Texas Democrats File Suit Against Voting Fraud Law

Libby Plans to Testify in CIA Leak Trial

Evangelical voters more jaded in 2006

Attackers hurl stones at synagogue in Russia's far east

NYT/Reuters: Musharraf Uses Book Deal to Dodge "Bomb" Spat

VT Cong Candidate Calls for Arrest of Bush & Cheney by U.S. Military

Man gets death in N.D. student's killing

Rumsfeld favors U.S. military command for Africa

NYT/AP: Talking Veggies Stir Controversy at NBC

Report: Candidate bio wrong on military (CA Senate)

CNN/AP: Some spinach (grown outside Salinas Valley) OK to eat, feds say

Signature counting stops for Pa. Green Party Senate candidate: 9,000 short

Chavez: "Bush Has Called Me Worse Things"

Campaign flier could hurt 2 nonprofits' status

Health Alert: Cases Of E. Coli In Milk Reported

War price on U.S. lives equal to 9/11

Plan to expand US base in Italy sparks row

Bush 'taken aback' by Musharraf comment

NYT/Reuters: U.S. Senate Democrats Decry Voter Photo ID Bill

WP: GOP Upbeat on Terror-Trial Bill: Dems won't block and be blamed

AP: Audit Finds Education Dept. Missteps

U.S. [Religious] Conservatives Frustrated By Republicans

W.House: Not U.S. policy to threaten Pakistan

Pizza Delivery Drivers Form a Union

Bush reading program gets failing grade (Ignored Law & Ethical Stds)

Hamas rejects Israel recognition option

U.S. Democrats Wary of Detainee Trials Compromise: Specter sets hearing

NYT: Senator Clinton Calls for Global Plan for Poor Women

(Bush) Official: Torture not worse than Saddam

U.N. rights monitors accuse Sudan of bombing Darfur

Chavez: Bush Should Resign As President

Thailand to target deposed PM's assets

Armitage denies threatening Pakistan after 9/11

Ex-Halliburton Worker Calls for Probe

Activists unveil stealth browser (Firefox based) :)

Black Muslim leader Farrakhan discloses illness

Thai coup leaders prepare assault on corruption

Anyone on here now have experience as a journalist?

Cookin' with Ellen: Brisket for a Crowd

Old school mind trip

I am a "glass half empty" person, but I would love to be a

" I wouldn't have listened to the Sex Pistols if I knew Sid Vicious.....

Can I get some advice on how to handle this- I was ripped off at a Sprint

Pomegranates. Why?

"Brisket requires long cooking in moist heat"

My friend told her BF, she wants a kid SOON. She's 35, he's a lot older

Steve Wozniak On The Colbert Report

Thieves Steal Penis Off Tiki

lex, lex, lex, lex, lex, lex

So, mes cheries, did the downtime ever actually happen?

My friend told her BF, she wants a kid SOON. She's 14, he's a lot older

First books...

Congratulations Mayberry Machiavelli!! 15,000 posts

Favorite PCU movie quote?

Man Wakes Up To Authorities Trying To Catch Gator On His Porch

I have the worst BMW

I don't want it to be Autumn!

Celebrate! It's HOLIDAYS! (at least for me) (Just for university students)

Police Officer Fakes Duty In Iraq To Get Paid Leave

95,000 DUers on the wall/ 95,000 DUers...

Ah - Starbucks is Raising Its prices

Sinusitis = "brain clouds"?

how extensive is your online life?


This woman is funny...and beautiful

Why is it that when someone hits YOU, you're the one that gets screwed?

is this the worst line ever?

Wikipedia got Punk'd

What do you all think of the heteros....

Best Advertisment On A Bus EVAH!!!

Man Pleads Guilty To Harassing Deer


What makes Someone or Something Beautiful to you?

You should all listen to "Joe Steele", the alternate history story at

Woman Finds 1.30-Carat Diamond In Park

i'd like to dedicate this song to the lounge

It's windy and cold outside. I don't want to get out of bed.

Why is it that when someone hits YOU, you're the one that

3 bears,a beach, a flower, a king, and a butterfly

Music for the Rapture

I'm taking Spinach & Artichoke dip to a picnic I'm attending

I just sent Howard Dean $50, ask me anything!

Court says $32,000 is too much to fondle bosom

Pancakes and girls

Willie Nelson should be designated a National Treasure.


Good Morning Everyone!

Grey's Anatomy beat CSI

Is anyone watching Their Orifice?

Anyone here regularly watch the original CSI?

let me whine for a moment... the poop isn't stopping

Cult of Personality...

Happy Birthday Scott Baio!


Cop, Pretending To Be A John, Meets Hooker, Pretending To Be A Cop

Why am i craving corn fungus?

Why is it that when someone hits on YOU, you're the one that gets...

Please post your favorite Spinach recipes

New John Le Carre novel out

Happy Birthday Nick Cave!

I have lost 7 lbs. in the last month...

would you wear these?

And Now... Finnish Death Metal!

Anyone care about the Ryder Cup??? golf in Ireland.......

Flirt flirt flirt flirt flirt flirt flirt flirt flirt

I just don't know what to say. Don't read this if you are easily sickened

CONFESS!!!!! Who bawls like a baby when watching beeyotches?

Ok, it's been a few weeks since my surgery.. But now....

Colbert Report torrents question

Hilarious bumper sticker seen on liberal car!

CONFESS!!!!! Who bawls like a baby when watching "Beaches"


Favorite board game?

Tater Salad, "Ya'ever take a dump so big yer pants fit better?"

Congratulations MadHound!! 10,000 posts

What has KitchenWitch been up to?

So, is ER the latest television series to get "squeezed" by NBC?

Happy birthday Bilbo

More trouble for the Bush Whitehouse

Please post here if you want me to biblically rebuke you

Post here if you want me to be generally indifferent to you

If I have an air rifle, am I considered a gun owner?

When all that's left in the vending machine is canned OJ it's time

Oh FUCK! Now they want to remove the Fenway Park CITGO Sign (Chavez)

what denominates naughtiness in the Lounge?

Go Outside, Turn Around Three Times, And Spit (And Curse)

Damn Grey's Anatomy beat CSI in the Ratings Race.

Is that a new link?

Scandal at Meerkat Manor -- Is Shakespeare dead? Angry fans want to know.

What's best to clean walls with?

Ingrid Chavez's performance as "Aurora" in "Graffiti Bridge"...discuss.

Athletic cup sizes

The cops came to see me about that corpse I left in the closet.....

A disturbing youtube vid that... well, I can't even explain it.

I had a nasty toliiet explode on me an hour ago!!

I'm bored. Ask me anything!

E. coli ate my spinach!

If competition is good, why won't vmware lower their price? think you're having a bad day?

What the hell is "Folding@Home"?

Today in music history 9-22

Some photos of Denali National Park to make you feel good.

whos everyone doing tonite?

Which should i watch tonight?

Pool meets Dominos. Way cool trick shot.

Post here if you are ignoring me!

OK, folks, I need a really psychotic animation link. Right NOW.

How do you get a stale odor out of a closet?

Anyone diggin on Dan Bern's music

Cute game from Bernie Sanders' website...

Bra cup sizes

11:03 P.M. CDT. The Autumnal Equinox.

Anyone know anything about fixing broken trees?

*ALERT~ALERT* MissHoneychurch is in the City That Never Sleeps.

She likes to kiss....

I hate sweating so much!

See you later, everyone

DU Men - Wouldn't Life Be Easier If We Had Urinals In Our Homes?

It is bounce your boobies day!

Raining like a sonofabitch outside. I'm gonna mow the lawn!

Do you use the "previous thread" or "next thread" links at all?

Going to see "The Science of Sleep" tonight in Cambridge!

So if a man folds himself while adjusting his bro, should you be...

Don't have health insurance...can't afford the copays

I'm house-sitting an extremely eccentric cat this weekend...

i need me some Head On.

I though E.Coli was the name of that Swiss mouth lozenge

I thought all cats loved sashimi?

Don't use Yahoo! Maps to run nuclear facilities or life support devices

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 9/22/06)

Why do restaurant dishwashers cycle in 3 minutes but home ones 2 hours?

Jackass:Number Two - 63% positive reviews

I don't know whether to scream, cry, or be happy. My friend had his first

Post # 9839.....

anyone doing it in the road tonight...

Britney's "manny" has jumped ship and now works for Jude Law.

Johnny Cash doing Elvis. Funny. You Tube

Happy Ramadan (tomorrow)!

I just now found a gift I'd bought & hidden in the garage over 4 yrs ago!!

Who has seen "Hollywoodland"? Any DU Los Angelinos?

Someday, someone is going to beat the crap out of Chavez

Any Excel formula wizards in here?? Need some help...

Anybody use slingbox?

Worst album cover of all time? (dialup warning, 560kb)

Post here and I'll give you your very own Led Zeppelin song

I have a funny story about my first day in the City That Never Sleeps

Guy who shouted "Tequila!" in song dies..

Lowe's paid me to paint my room

Worst TV show themesong ever?

I'm Cambodian dictator Pol Pot. Ask me anything.

Mom properly jailed for letting baby smoke dope: court

ISS and Shuttle Solar Transit

I have the worst PMs

I have this co-worker i can barely talk to

Anybody else ever called a "Trouble Maker" ?

Chavez says to Malloy: Olive Garden breadstick stabbed Steve Irwin

We just watched Inherit the Wind

What is your favorite cough?

I need me some Head....

Pet odor advice...

A contemporary philosopher discusses Starbucks.

So what should my 3000th post be?

I have the worst PM'S (lame copycat)

...Chavez... *twitch* ...Pelosi... *twitch* ...we're doomed... *shudder*

Crazy ad I just saw at the top of my MySpace Page. OH MY GOD

Kiss me once, then kiss me twice

I had 4 drinks at happy hour. So, I'm in a pretty good mood. How are you?

Domestic Spys Needed.....

I'm kind of bored

Hmmm... I'm getting a bit worried about some of these threads.


Please see my website header - what do you think?

I wear shoes on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Post here if you want a ninja name!

Man, this blows - I'm sick... so I can't go out

I wrote this one a few years back.

Please counsel me. Tell me what I should do. Should I:

Should I listen to Pattie Page or Rod Stewart?

Big Beautiful Cottonwood

Request for good vibes, or prayers, or whatevers.

I just found a new avatar.

Toys, as kids...

I've had seven drinks and my sister is playing DDR.

Okay, okay... Just suppose that you're a 13th level Dungeon Master

There are plenty of fish in the sea *-** --- **- ** ***

Your Immediate Attention Is Needed For This Urgent Announcement!!!!

Is it just me, or is it angrier than usual in GD?

I got wood at Sequoia National Monument.

There used to be a great game called Thread Killer

My favorite drinking quote. What's yours?

Big Beautiful Wood

WOOHOO!! I have a job interview on Monday!!

To my Lounge friends, re: the positive prayers, thoughts, etc.

I'm going to Holland

Friday night, and not ONE SINGLE locked thread on the Lounge front page

Please allow me to introduce myself (A song in pictures)

Who Is The Most Stupid Person You Know

What Is The Most Important?

I slept through an earthquake this morning.

Shout out to the mods!!!!!

I want to start a noise war with the bastards in the apartment below me...

Grace takes it in the face...Nancy Grace's slutty side on Wonkette..

Psst! Wanna see a buncha guys turn into drooling idjits?


Chinese food makes me HAPPY

where everyone goin' tonite?

Any Negative Burn readers here?

I took an extended break from the internet and DU. What did I miss?

I am such a fucking idiot sometimes! Damned F sharp!

iPod mini help: it's not really charging anymore

'Roseanne' season 5 RULES!

Your cleavage?

Man Strolling With Pot Plants Busted

It's that time again! Post a pic of your desktop!!

Associate freely...

we just had a Tornado warning

this is not a sex thread...

Wanted: Musicians who will play for free

Arghhh, I don't know what to do, I need opinions on a sensitive topic.

Bank Error in your favor, collect $300

Do your local public schools still have recess, if so how much?

OK. Who here has been arrested?

Fill in the Blank Question:

Ride the Tiger

SNL or Mad TV ?

I'm wearing my new earrings.......a long dangle type........

If you could, would you switch genders for a week?

It's odd

Help with Video Downloader (Firefox extension)

What is your favorite coffee?

German-Chinese food makes me . . . .

Name something you can't get too much of...

My wife left today

whats everyone doing tonite?

Where does your sexual orientation fall on the Kinsey Scale?

Love letter to my Buddy on her leaving us

Would you be offended by this comment?

My On-Line Bookstore is Open For Business!

Friday Fantasies...

A Question of Faith... Or Tidiness?

Margaret Atwood: "Atheism is a religion"

Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God

Human Stem Cells Are Found to Help Rats’ Vision (New York Times, 9/21)

44th Mersenne Prime discovered (GIMPS)

Ok, so Dimpus and Booboo here....

I have a dilemma, and I was hoping you all could help me.

What would you do to educate a foreign visitor?

Does McGreevey's book tour help or hurt gay politics?

Gays Barred From UN Sponsored Zimbabwe Human Rights Meeting

Regardng my request for prayers, positive thoughts, and

FYI - John Edward/Crossing Over marathon on the WE channel til 12pm

I'm worried about 134340

Anyone else? Yippity Skippity! New Moon .. good news?

The Lords Prayer in the original Aramaic

Bolton update

DC Kerry crew - heads up on DUers vote fraud movie now playing

Video up of the Pepperdine speech!

Read this positive diary about Kerry -- it's in the dead letter office


Swift Boat Liars as Example of Misinformation in NY Times

The Pepperdine video link is working now

JK in LA - video

Great diary: "Evil"

Article about John Kerry in Iowa in U.S. News and World Report

First MA post primary poll - Patrick 64 - Healey 25 - Can we keep it this

Schedule for this upcoming days.

URGENT. Photography Group help required!

Hi, I've never posted here before, will you please be kind?

The Denali gallery is up

Somalia: Islam is Official Religion, Conversion is Banned

You Must See The Fall of Fujimori

2694 reasons why the DSM is Important

OK, so he's not "the Devil"...who can deny he needs a psychiatrist?

2 New polls show Klobuchar STOMPING Mark Kennedy - 16-24 points each

A little over 50 days till the election and you guys are ready to toss the

Dems are AWOL.

Hard-hitting op ed from Governor Dean in the WSJ today.

The Chavez stuff is a Rove distraction - its not important

Should our elected Dems be nice or be honest or be nasty?

Fuck You Nancy Pelosi and and big stinking Fuck You to Charles Rangel

(VIDEO) Another great Tim Ryan speech from the 30-Something Work Group

Hurt the GOP in their soft spot - Their war against the Iraqis

Kucinich concerned about Bush waging war against Iran

I just need to say...

Approval of torture? Photo i.d's 2 vote? These r dark times & it aint over

TN Senate race - Ford TV ads KICK ASS!!!!

CALLING GENERAL DEAN.....Where is the Discipline of the DEM Troops?

Oberstar, Grams trade barbs on voting record, travel to home district

Token Election 06 thread . . .

Bush can call Saddam evil, but nobody can criticise a US President?

Need Construction experts for this question:

CBS Today Show - Torture apologists...

Walk-On Photo Op Never To Be Forgotten

"America's Enemies"??? EXCUSE ME??? Damn, I hate The Today Show.

Remember the Enzyte commercials that brought you to the edge of sanity?

The October Surprise.

How much is the Iraqis dividend check this year?

Screw Chavez- Senator Mccbuckled (The Maverick) what a joke.

PLEASE DU this poll!

Too many Chavez Threads; not enough Election 2006 Threads at DU!

Are the neoconazis afraid of going to jail or not?

CSPAN freeper Friday with Brian lamb and the torture bill up now

DUers who work in the field of medicine. Are you appalled that

Has the torture bill passed the full US House?

Lots more bodies found in Iraq

Soldier flees rather than go on second deployment to Iraq

Republican Caller On C-Span

Got a Diary Rescue at DKos.

Shouldn't some Democrats have been on TV explaining what waterboarding is?

one more sorry ass iraq convoy video i must unfortunately add

Military spending tops Cold War record

Exploitation of 9/11 was shameful

Wiley: "The intricate mechanics of government"

Headlines that make you go... Duh!

Wealthy Nations Producing Fewer Skilled Workers than Developing Nations

Bush has been to the Doctor to address Callouses on his TONGUE

Do you remember when????

U.S. threatened to bomb Pakistan back to the Stone Age

on local morning news: "gas prices dropping because M.E. more stable"

Venezuelan leader calls Bush alcoholic, sick

This Is Messed Up-Halliburton ambush in Iraq caught on video: Warning

need ex of dems and repubs teaming up for defense contracts

You know it's bad when the NYT has to prod Democrats to do the right thing

osamawatch 06

Looks like Malloy has been officially replaced

Judge blocks Bush plan to log national forests

Are the Congressional Dems asleep or just freakin' stupid?

Washington Times accused of racism and harassment

== Real Death, The Final Frontier = Mark Morford

Radical Fringe Cartoon - Friday 9/22

First Lamont-Schlesinger-Lieberman debate set

Hugo's book club? Chavez speech sparks sales for Chomsky

Slogan at Shi'ite Friday prayers in Iraq is "Death to America."

Massive Hezbollah Rally in Lebanon

Bush insults Americans by still linking Iraq to 9/11 attacks

Is it a Southern thing to brag about your political connections?

Urgent Letter from Dennis Kucinich about Bush Administration Plans for a

New photo of Bu$h giving the "finger"?

Will the Democratic Party stand up for Human Rights?

This is our America?

Two Profiles in Courage --- Sports Journalists

"...Bush is already a lame duck and that hunting season is open"

Dems and Repubs must agree that Bush has failed at uniting country...

Scooter Libby’s top backer hosts fundraiser for Lieberman

War Signals?

I need your help... election fraud

I'm with Jesse Jackson on this Chavez/Bush debate

Kucinich on US vs. Iran

CIA > Hayden: water boarding will continue

Halliburton Ambush in Iraq Caught on Video...

Iraq For Sale - The War Profiteers...

They can steal your vote but they cannot tamper with your buying habits

The week in review - what has the glorious king given us paupers ?

brian's all repug Friday Show On C-Spin . . .

"American Blackout" (Congresswoman McKinney film) DVD/theatrical release

GOP Leaders cave in: Americans will be able to import drugs from Canada

The US has supported far worse leaders/dictators than Chavez

Did Nancy Pelosi call Chavez a thug?

Greg Palast AND John Hodgeman both speaking in my town!

Distractions, Wedge Issues, Sparkly Objects...

Slate: Election Scorecard - Midterm Update Favors Demorcrats

Stop saying that! Bush is not the Devil

Will someone ask Musharraf if he is going to hand over Osama ?

So did McCain Fold and give * Cover for Retroactive Torture

Reclaiming The Issues: "Keep George Out Of Jail"...

the Devil and the General to start press conference in 2 minutes.

ArHuff to Dems: Put down the Economy crack pipe and talk about Iraq

(VIDEO) Colbert's strategy for the GOP: Lose!

ABC television buys "stealth commercial" radio time

Russia sets the pace in energy race...

some good calls on c-span after press conference

Why is Bush allowed to say that he was the "first President to call for

10:10 a.m.: Bush And Mush Talk Terra

Pass the Jesus Juice: Jacko's $635 Mil "Leprechaun-inspired theme park"

Anybody hear that soldier on Sam's show?

Rs Must Be Giddy That * Got His Torture OKed On A Big UN Week

Fitzgerald given way out of Libby CIA leak case

Is attacking Iran with tactical nukes the deal breaker?

RFK Jr: The Corporate Takeover of America's Election System

Bolivia's Morales speaks for one hour on Democracy Now

Govt. Releases New Cockamamie Anthrax Theory

Senator Reid's statement on detainee compromise

"Democratic leaders said they will go along with the compromise" news

Former Bush Administration Lawyer Still Flacking for Torture...


POLL: What if Chavez simply called Bush Mr. Danger like he usually does?

House Dems Call For Investigation Into Alleged Report Supression By FCC

Why don't our Dem. "leaders" ask the Torture Party members...

Hegemony (for the vocabulary challenged - like me)

Help Debunk right wing front group slandering Dems as racist and KKK

Bush DOES Listen to his Commanders

Judge hands Libby defense initial win...

The "torture sham" Another brilliant Rove set-up. Making Bush look good

TIME: Under deal, Bush could interpret Geneva Conv. through exec. order

Bush and Musharaff like each other because dictators respect each other.

Richard Branson and Al Gore; did Branson inadvertantly hurt Al?

GOP ad: Dems don't want to stop "cold blooded killers" who want kill you

The Smirking El Diablo does not need to threaten Pakistan

What if bu$h were to declare a recess War on Iran?

I tortured a guy for some directions...

Arianna Huffington will appear on "West Coast Live" radio show 10/7

Why They Hate Us

Did Bush just lie again. I thought he didn't read the newspapers?

Chavez's UN speech: it's about the Security Council seat

Bush said that Musharaff had looked him in the eye...

Big long article on compromise torture bill, BUT does not

Where are the Americans who could do these jobs?

Bush reads 2001 newspaper today, Friday Morning? CAUGHT IN ANOTHER LIE!

Now it takes $1 billion (The Forbes 400)

Given the language of the Geneva Conventions relative to the...

I came very close to beating down a Young Republican Yesterday

FDA's First Public Meeting On Putting Nanotech In Food

Iraq President: US will never leave Iraq

Anybody see the hearing on Afghanistan yesterday? No electricity in Kabul

A bumper sticker I saw yesterday

Iraqi paper: cities transfered to Iraq from US, are controlled by militias

Bush: "first I've heard of this is when I read it in the newspaper today"

Nightmares are for sharing... George W. Bush, Eternally ??

Democrats announce 2nd bill aimed at reducing number of abortions

Bush: I am the first president to articulate a two state solution

Who could ever support a Party that does not oppose "torture"?

I want Colin Powell's head on a pike - FIGURATIVELY -

Just received this email from the DCCC

Rove's "October Surprise","Crazy Nixon", and Other Military Tactics

Halliburton unlawfully sent civilian truckers into combat in Iraq

Bangladeshi Muslim editor faces death penalty for moderate views

If Musharaff tells that Bush threatened to bomb Pakistan into stone age

The root of the problem

Tweety claims he never did support invading Iraq or Bush now

Antiwar Push Starts Near White House; 34 Arrested (9/22/06)

In Suport of Chavez, refer to the President from now on as EL DIABLO!

So Have We Finally Hit Rock Bottom?

Conservative talk radio network takes junk cars in as donations

The Republicans Want Torture?? BOYCOTT - Hit them where it hurts.

Beware of DUers trying to stir up resentment against the Democrats

Tortured info helped start Iraq "war"?

Okay, here's what I'd suggest Congress Democrats do on the torture bill

I'd rather burn the U. S. flag... (Warning-Right-Wing Nuts Ahead)

The Bad Reporter: "Stop enriching sulfur!"

Why are Bush and his fellow thugs so anxious to torture people?

C-Span now has Ann Richards 1988 DNC speech archived

Is this bitterness over the primary?

Bush planning to cut and run from Iraq, leave his mess for next admin

Relief for Some but Maybe Not Many in Wal-Mart Plan for $4 Generic Drugs

"Natl. Assoc. of Evangelicals" declares Bush NOT the devil (seriously)

I don't know if everyone really sees what Chavez did

The Big Dawg on FauxNewsSunday this weekend.

Tragedies like this one makes it so hard for me to be against the DP...

"...government is paying private industry to take Medicare off its hands."

A must read New Yorker article on the jihad movement

Title: To U.S., bin Laden's trail is `stone cold' [Bush let OBL go]

"It is going to get a lot worse before it gets better"

Did Ronald Reagan Suffer Enough?

Radio ad asks Houstonians to arm themselves against evacuees

My Nephew just signed up for the Army And I am Pissed

The right's meme: "It's all the Dems fault that Chavez made the comments."

Anyone catch Bush's last words @ the press conference?

(VIDEO) Two good entries from Colbert's Green Screen Challenge

Netscape has a news you can vote up like CIA torture rebellion

Make a video contest "Congress in 30 Seconds" by the Sunlight Foundation

NPR program on voting machines on now

Santorum still losing; never fear, shoots self in foot. What a butthead

Jesse Helms used to be a Democrat

Rachael Maddow was GREAT slapping down a wingnut on MSNBC

Press paid no attention to torture until rift in GOP: "That's high drama."

Didya catch Armitage's nonanswer to the question about the threat

Froomkin is outraged: "Bush Gets His Way," "mavericks" look the other way

Is anyone having trouble

AAR is #12 in most-listened to webstreams

Something funny to take your mind off things...

Sen. Allen: fighting against anti-Semitism and intolerance is nothing new

caption this * & Pickles pic...

NewScientist: Robot infantry get ready for the battlefield

Reminder: Olbermann interviewing President Clinton tonight!

What Democrats can learn from what GOP does and bad advice they give

Giuliani: Peace is achieved through strength, not weakness

Hey Dems ... Silence is NOT a good campaign strategy!

I've heard this ad on the local black radio station

We are going to torture people into confessing and then kill them

AP: FEMA Underestimated Katrina Repair Costs

Invading IRan, the last straw?

a little reminder of THE ISSUE: WAR = PROFIT

DU need your help if you live near Navy or Air Force Bases

ACLU statement on torture agreement

Torture and murders much worse than under Saddam

"The Stoneage didn't end because we ran out of stones." Al Gore on CNN.

Martin Luther King Jr and GOP values

I'm confused about this torture thing

How to fight back in a dictatorship!

If you want to ally yourself with Chavez, you're as dumb as Sheehan.

Feeling out of sorts, frustrated, worried about the election?

Young children fight U.S. troops in Iraq

Bush's ratings tied to gas prices

Maybe those people who applauded Chavez are also thugs?

O'Reilly is coming to my hometown!

'Terminator' robots among Pentagon warfare plans

FYI: Guests on Real Time w/Bill Maher tonight:

Talking with Hugo Chavez - "We Have Proof of the CIA in Venezuela"

We have no problem buying Saudi Arabia's oil, why not Chavez's?

The media spun the torture debate as Republicans saving "face"

Trucking industry is getting really slow

Meanwhile Senate Okays $70B for Iraq and Afghan War Funds

Please tell me what "concessions" Bush* made on the detainee program

Happy Rosh Hashanah, Sen. Allen

will no honor mccain regret t he ever sided with bush?

Was it acceptable for Rumsfeld to call Chavez Hitler?

What I do not want from my party this election cycle.

Did my man Chavez steal that line from Woody Allen?

If this is true, we are doomed in November

The Bush spin on bombing Pakistan "back to the Stone Age"

Chavez, Chavez, Chavez.

Ed Rooney, I think you have a case...

ok so a recently retuned astronaut gets wobbly....I have a bigger ???

Boston pol takes aim at Citgo sign at Fenway Park after 'devil' comment

Media Matters posts mother of all debunk reviews of O'Reilly's new book

Chavez: Rhetoric versus Results

Poor George -- he's so misunderstood, even by his pals

Prepared for the Democrats not winning either House?

Rosa Brooks: Our Torturer-in-Chief

Liberal Pasadena church gets support from Muslims, Jews, Southern Baptists

Malloy, Chavez, DU and the job at hand.

so many places to remember.... this can help!

Can we trust Bill Clinton today?

Audit: Bush reading program beset by favoritism, mismanagement

Who is worse? Bush or Chavez

Why no hurricanes this year?

What was Venezuela like before Chavez????

Who would be the stronger nominee in '08--Gore or Kerry?

E. coli Cases Lead To Raw Milk Recall

How many people here pay attention to screen names?

Sen. McConnell: if Dems win,they'll retreat, raise taxes, and impeach Bush

22 suspected CIA agents-alleged kidnap of a Muslim cleric

Jack Cafferty wants to know...

US disappointed by anti-Bush barbs at UN

Are you in favor of deleting Chavez threads?

Can we delete all the threads about Bush?

About that whole Iran thing...

Malloy, Chavez, DU and the job at hand.

Whoa back on the 'Dems plan to run on the economy' talk.

FDL on Degrees of Feloniousness: Cheney and Scooter Go To Court

Which is a worse criticism?

How long are Democrats going to keep the Powder Dry?

Should Bush & co. be given chance to resign before impeachment?

Friday's news dump just came in...

Were you offended by Hugo Chavez's remarks about Bush at the UN?

Sing With Me! "The 401k Took My Money Away"

"they're all out of touch with the true "Iraqi reality".

Hilarious Colbert - The word for Republicans: Lose

Amy & David Goodman's Tour

"Crash" director switches from 9/11 project to Iraq drama

Neil Cavuto, Asshat, Poor who buy Citgo Traitors

Torture Worse In Iraq Now Than Under Saddam...

WP editorial: "Bush will go down in history for his embrace of torture..."

Feingold: New Progressive Patriot vote

Idaho nutcase legally changes his name to "Pro-life" for Nov. election.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but there are reasons there are Checks and balan

Chavez, castro, 9/11, etc...what's a guy to do?

Bombing Pakistan back to stone age - Rove's latest PSYOP campaign

War is a racket/Must Read

(VIDEO) Two more Dem candidates use the Lie/Die ad

Robertson: "[A] holy war between Islam and Christianity" is "going to come

Cox Communications phone service rated by repigs JD Powers and Assoc Sucks

Caption this picture of Bush's display of humanity.

McCain, Warner and Graham: Against Torture Before They Were For It.

2697 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I think Gore will run if Hillary doesn't, Gore won't run if Hillary does

Journalist on trial for satirizing Putin

Since When Do 3 Republican Senators And The president Get To Make Law?

Morality Clauses, EC and broken Condoms (blogger denied emerg. contracept)

DU this Poll

Chavez Pushes Chomsky Book To Number 4 Bestseller

A modest proposal (the torture debate)

Email this NY TIMES editorial to Congress.

Journalist Josh Wolf returns to prison for refusing to turn over video

Jesus Camp ok, tapes of islamic fundies is propoganda though?

Can someone show me the VOTE where Democats supported torture?

Why is everyone saying the Dems are giving in on torture?


An Inconvenient Truth is going to be shown at my church

Not the Republican way...

More likely to craft a bill closer to Geneva convention in 2007

CHARLES BARRON puts Tucker to shame!

If somebody tried to overthrow me, I might call him "The Devil" too

FoxFaith, a newly created subsidiary of 20th Century Fox. Oh Kill Me NOW.

Illegal Aliens voting

Protesters gather fundraiser attended by Cheney - pics

Idaho town wants its citizens to arm themselves

Is John McCain a $20 whore or a $500/night one.

Mark Fiore does it again. (Now with 100% more LINK!)

Tinfoil hat alert!

Randi should have let that retired Sgt talk.

Target Lowers Generic Drugs Prices To Compete With WalMart

Most Rec'd DU Rant Doesn't Even Mention Torture

Where the jobs are not --- Self Explanatory

United Airlines wants me to petition the DOT for DC to Beijing flights!

We need to get this on You Tube and/or Google Video


Welcome to HugoChavezUnderground

Carly Simon: Report to Damage Control! STAT!!

Bush Family Compound At Kennebunkport Could Be Submerged By Global Warming

Fox News Fun == Bill Clinton teaches Fox’s Chris Wallace a lesson.


Sen Graham Censured By Army Court

McCain has blood on his hands

HP's President & CEO relinquishes her "God-given right to a job"...

I have had it with all this Chavez crap...

Chomsky's 'Hegemony or Survival' scared the hell out of me

*** Guess which book is now Numero Uno at!***

Poll: Massachusetts set to elect first Black Dem governor in LANDSLIDE

Enjoy your last weekend as a Democrat.

Democrats should be talking about the poll tax and torture, not Chavez.

We need to Stand with our Dems...until we can make the CHANGES we Hope for

Tavis Smiley is interviewing Chavez today. Check it out.


Karr rejects plea deal, opens new opportunity for Rita "Stalker" Cosby?

This has GOT to be the WEIRDEST repug site EVER.

Fred Phelps is Right

Democrats vow to get tough

B.O. Reilly: Osama is a Democrat....wink wink nod nod

PHOTO: Willie Neson's stash

Bill O'Reilly's use of the term "secular progressive"

okay, must give Tweety some credit today

Democracy Now! interview with Bolivian President Evo Morales

Barf Alert: O"Reilly will be on ABC's 20/20 - the most obnoxious hr of tv


Alex Cockburn on YouTube

OMG..., Am I pissed at Jon Stewart

Clinton on KO



Someday, someone is going to beat the crap out of Chavez

Chavez Was Wrong

Any word on Professor Mike?

They do not send them back in coffins....

Let's face it...after signing so many Petitions about "ABC 9/11 DocuCrap"

Hola todos! We have a Latino/Hispanic Forum!

2698 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Exxon Secrets

Countdown Clips To Come - Will Post In This Thread

Book TV Schedule: September 23rd - 25th

Fitzgerald given way out of Libby CIA leak case

Now that it's legal, is it okay to say I'd like to see Bush water-boarded?

Did i miss the Friday News Dump?

Lining up the ducks in Iran... friend in Navy just got orders

It has to be asked: What "leverage" does Chimpolini have over

Video of angry Bill Clinton on Fox News with Chris Wallace

RW'ers are always trying to connect Osama to Liberals

Ann Richards on How to Be a Good Republican:

What is this? Bitchin Friday? Why is everyone so mad?

Cream Makes Skin Produce Sunless Tan

Guard Gutted and Hung Out To Dry

Will The Democrats Lose Their Soul On The Torture "Compromise"?

Free Pray for our Troops bumper sticker

Russ Feingold: Pick a Progressive Patriot: Vote

Libby plans to testify in CIA leak trial

Kucinich: The Bush Administration is preparing for war against Iran

One Year since Washington DC War Protest. Who was there?

George Bush's hunger for torture is being validated by McCain

"Congratulations to Bill Clinton on having succesfully...

Democratic-held Senate seats that could become competitive?

Clinton said that el diablo has not acted uni-lateral in the last 3 months

Last words of love from killed soldier

Dan Burton in Nicaragua scheming against Daniel Ortega

Protesters gather to vent their anger at PM (Blair)

Baby Dies in Bucket of Mom's Vomit

TOONS to end your week (Dialup warning)

Lessons from the Movies

Should we nominate Hugo Chavez for sainthood?

Danny Schechter: Joe Stalin is Alive and Living on Pennsylvania Avenue

Screenings of Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers...

U.S. fatalities in war equal those from Sept. 11

Hugo Chavez was exactly right...

My New Book: Saving Graces (E-mail from Elizabeth Edwards)

'I'm voting Republican in November

Starbucks boosts prices of coffee drinks

Allen: Webb camp anti-Semitic

Saudis pledged oil price cut before US vote-report

You won't believe MSNBC's Question of the Day

Congressman Conyers:Editorials on Yesterday's Activity

Robertson: "[A] holy war between Islam and Christianity" is "going to come

Yahoo connects 9/11 to Iraq ??? bias?

CNN - w/John King. whose that guy opposing Wrangle?

Transcript to Clinton Wallace Interview (not in full)

Chavez Comments And Dem's Missed Opps

Top Five Reasons not to vote GOP?

Flashback to January 23, 2001

Jon Kyl. . .douchebag of the worst odor.

Memo: Bush made intel fit Iraq policy - and don't forget it election day!

"Terror suspects deal leaves ambiguities " BBC News Immunity granted

Competitive Senate races. . .how will they go?

Bush Rages: “I am not Beelzebub, Lord of Sulfur”

What if Bush gave the order to attack Iran, and the generals said "no?"

Anyone watching NOW? Great show on outside money

Official drink of the 2006 Republican campaign

Ron Moore:: Star Trek as a Dream of a Liberal and Tolerant Society

Other than outrage

Every man woman and child in Alaska gets $1,100 dividend check this year

ugh we love hannity fest on Fox right now

The Clinton Global Initiative gives me hope for the world.

NBC's To Catch a Predator. Sex with underage girls

Report Criticizes U.S. Drug System

Anyone here find these DATELINE "To Catch a Predator" shows exploitive?

We used to wonder if it was ok

Beware of people who urge you not to vote DemPUBLICANcrat incumbents OUT

Chavez has turned into a parody. Which is a shame;

White House: Tell us exactly where bin Laden is and we'll catch him

VIDEO - Olbermann - Clinton Full Interview

All Hat No Cattle

Best news I've heard in 5 years...

NYT:Detainee Deal Comes With Contradictions

Let's stop being "believers/pawns". CHECKMATE!!!!

Can we talk about pedophilia for a minute?

Bill Maher Tonight - Let me know his devil joke-Frank Rich, CC Goldwater

O'Really claims to be on AlQuaeda's "death list" - FBI, Fox disagree

If the rethuglicans plan on attacking Iran as their "October Surprise",

I'm Tired of Obsessive ReHashing of stupid things people say

Clinton ( Bill ) may save the Democrats this Nov.

Stunning water world found

If Bush is "El Diablo," then John McCain is the new "Chamberlain"

Got into a debate with a coworker about Bill O'Reilly.

Local Hospital might give workers same-sex benefits in 2008

Wonkette's story on that Craigslist Nancy Grace post was so sleazy and

Video: Talking About a Revolution

Clinton did not look well on Olbermann's show.

US general warns of unfriendly forces brewing in Latin America

Massachusetts gov race--funny ad by Christy Mihos

Sign this petition!!!! Attacking Iran is foolish warmongering!!!

200 years for child porn

We now know what the October surprise will be and its not good

Ken Mehlman is 'Anal-Retentive, Man!' Says Karl Rove

"Bumper" sticker ?

Clinton-Wallace fireworks on Fox

Most of his fingernails were missing when he arrived at Guantanamo Bay

shrub is not the devil, and chavez is nothing but a petty populist.

Keith is just so WONDERFUL!!!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | Will the Next Election Be Hacked?

Map of USA - Bush Approval 9/19/2006

I love how much DU'ers care about politics

WHO has gassed/oiled/lied to their own people and the world?

***Bush Shields Dad on Chile Terrorism!***

Question about Chavez (not related to the whole "devil" thing)

Venezuela's Citgo Oil Company Has U.S. Roots...

The next time someone claims we have a strong econ, show them this:

Is Dick Cheney going to hell or is the Camel going through the needle

is Dick Cheney going to hell or is the camel going through the eye of the

The Safety Of Our Drugs Compromised By Bushco.

A moment of clarity today while I was driving

C-SPAN Book TV Sunday at noon: Noam Chomsky - Hegemony or Survival

the movies the freepers don't want you to see... (pics)

. .endowed with certain inalienable, UNENFORCEABLE, rights

tiny bit of good news? Amazon best seller list

the blonde bitch from fox must have left during new rules

"I'm sorry, I'm mute."

What should happen to convicted sex offenders who target minors?

BREAKING NEWS: 100% of lung cancer victims were exposed to automobile

Disturbing sight I saw while riding home from work

Head On Radio Friday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

What would you do if you found out your therapist had a "W" on her car?

Wow, it's not torture, it's Coercion. I can't believe I was ever upset

Rep. Jim McGovern asks for our help

Chomsky's #1 Book On The Charts Overnight! Thanks Hugo Chavez

Amnesty International: No compromise on torture

Now I'm really scared...seen on Countdown tonight.

Is the Jesus Camp Banner on the DU Home Page appropriate?

Chavez said Bush is the Devil.... Maybe they just SOUND alike?

"Nuke their Ass! Take their Gas!"

Did Y'all know that Hugo Chavez is up for reelection in his country soon?

Electronic Voting being discussed on "Science Friday" NPR TOTN Now!

Do you like the idea of other nations telling the U.S. what to do?

Join our war on terror or we'll bomb you back into the stone age. Pakistan

To my jewish friends at DU & Senator "Macaca" Allen, Happy Rosh Hashanah.

We need to use what Sen. McConnell said today

Maher is spanking the fox news blonde dipshit

CREW Reveals What the White House Has Not Released about the Abramoff Secr

Are Preachers Calling for Holy War? Seems like it!

Talking veggies stir controversy at NBC-Parents Television Council Steamed

Right wing Catholic college has city close down place for the homeless

Oh My God...The Fox News Lady on Maher...I'm speechless

So my mom is not only a Bush-loving idiot, but a hypocrite to boot...

Bernie Sanders will show the Dems the light

PHOTO: Willie Nelson's stash

Need help on bill for breast cancer research

Read it yourself: Clinton-Wallace fireworks on Fox

Canada: Have you given any thought to moving there?

For the record, No American should have to show pic ID to Vote!

Jesus Christ, STFU about Chavez already, HONESTLY, news is GOOD today!

* * * Here's a GREAT Review of ''Hegemony or Survival'' * * *

The Doomsday Code

Did someone you know drink the GOP Kool-Aid on 'Voter ID'? Jimmy Carter

I still can't believe that so many Americans are cool with torture now.


I hereby RESURRECT the Official DU Hugo Chavez Right-Wing

Are plans in the works for a "Counter Bush" presidential library?

Sad To See So Many DUers Buying Into The RNC/MSM Spin On The Election

Are we thanking Chavez for the right reason?

The Center Cannot Hold: The Bush Regime in Crisis

“Extreme liberals who look at this should be quaking in their boots,”

Spain Has an Airbase Named After GW!

"... the amount of time that a detainee's suffering must last before ..."

Transcript of Remarks by President Hugo Chavez at United Nations

Freaker wants boycott of 7/11 (Chavez related)

So how has being nice and polite been doing for the Democrats lately?

The reason Pelosi and Rangel said what they did...

What exactly is so evil about Chavez?

"Here's to the land that you've torn apart."

Tainted Cash from Ney Hits Harris, Brown-Waite

How cool is the campaign I'm working on? Check out this shit!

Chomsky on Chavez

Brent Budowsky - The American Crisis

Just got my packet from the DNC--IT HAS STARTED!

Sometimes on DU we have some pretty silly litmus tests for elected Dems...

"Venezuela a Democratic Bright Spot in Latin America" according to SA poll

Emily Perez is dead...

Its Time to TAKE THE HILL, its time to CHARGE

My mother won't be able to vote if voter ID becomes law

The insider's guide to Darfur

The Washington Post reviewed my movie today........

NY District 20: Kirsten Gillibrand response to Sweeney attack ads. Video.

Why everybody hates Hugo!

Emergency Paper Ballot Act Gains Steam! HELP US! And More Meltdown in MD!

Why do party strategists here assume our liberal base will always show up?

Do the majority of Americans condone torture?

NYT editorial: Warner, McCain, Graham have little to show for defiance

Please, please, please help!

Need some more info from the Venezuela experts


On Democrats and Voting Democratic

FUTURE SHOCK -- A Possible Future If Bush Attacks Iran (LONG)

Polls Give Democrats Lead in Pennsylvania

shrub to hold fundraiser for Pombo in California (CA-11). Great!

DU this AOL Poll - Good Results So Far

Question on Exit Polls

MN-SEN: Klobuchar Fires Aide Amid Controversy

AT&T to take back outsourced jobs (worked with CWA Union)

MT-SEN: Bizarre Saga Of Yanked Anti-Burns Ad

Whatever happened to Ken Adelman?

AP: Evangelical Voters More Jaded in 2006

DEM leaders and torture strategy? An ace up their sleeves.

Army seeks more Guard support while Chickenhawks barbecue

Verified voting in Gambia

Bill Clinton speaks for me again: “I’m sick of Karl Rove’s bullshit.”

Santorum bringing Chertoff & Rumsfeld to Pittsburgh

TX Gov. Perry Makes Misleading Claim In New Ad

So was the torture stand off just a big charade?

swann's campaign takes a hit...aka Why I like Franco Harris

Opponents of Torture are True Patriots by JOE CONASON

MSNBC: "Pakistan, which is helping the U.S. track Osama bin Laden..."

Pakistan had relations with the Taliban,just on CNN.

Talk about activist judge! Chief justice of Illinois Supreme Court. . .

C-Span 2 - Iraq president speaking now.

Doctor accused of Katrina Euthanasia in New Orlean Hospital on 60 minutes

Pentagon Refutes Conservative Myths About "Able Danger"

If there really were going to be an October "surprise"

Charlie and Nancy must have eaten too much seafood and the mercury

What do death row and waterboards have in common?

Good news: The Republicans agree. Bad news: "The Abuse Can Continue"

Just saw Jesus Camp

Here's a thought: now repugs have to 'justify' why torturing

Our Kids Are Dead, too... Why Isn't The Media Covering THEIR Deaths?

*GOOD NEWS* POLL for MT Sen: Tester up by 7 (50/43)

Karl Rove: So What.

Woo WEEE. Ten minutes of work and we are SPENT!

THIS is the only election that matters to the neocon cabal

More conservative LTTE lunacy

Black Republicans are running an ad that says Democrats found KKK

Title: To U.S., bin Laden's trail is `stone cold' [Bush let OBL go]

Defending Bush is defending the indefensible

Caption * photos-Friendly Persuasion or I've got a headache?

Will Rove's October Surprise Be Osama Bin Laden?..........

Bush "blistering" campaign offensive includes TV ads, mailings, e-mails

WP, Dionne: Can Democrats seize initiative back from Bush in early Oct.?

Watch Al Gore at the CGI! (Branson at the end too!)

Antiwar Push Starts Near White House; 34 Arrested (9/22/06)

bu$h's approval rating is actually on 22%

Back to the Stoneage....

Maverick Senators Cave in to The Torture President

MSNBC talking heads smell Hugo Chavez, and he smells like sulfur

An incredible bumper sticker combo

The White House that officially doesn't give a hoot about polls . . . sent

Pennsylvanians Rejecting Santorum's Multiple Efforts To Trick Voters

"the [rebal] senators have capitulated entirely,"

Musharraf sez U.S. threatened Pakistan after 9/11

Dunce of the Week: pro-intelligent design candidate for HI Board of Ed.

e-mail exchange with my freeper cousin

UN: Nearly 6,600 Iraqi civilians killed in July, August 2006

Delegating to the President on Torture..."McCain is a tragic figure now"

Sick stuff on ...weird.

Bush just told us what the October surprise will be....Osama Bin Laden...

Ed Schultz ..... "Senator Lindsey Graham is a man of Character."

LACKLUSTER FUND RAISING clouds Republican Senate hopes.

Its just after midnight in Iraq now.

The GOP priorities in 2001? Not terrorism.

Republican candidate only up 41%-37% NE 3rd

Fear-Fear-Fear! as Fleet of US. ships leave to bomb Iran?

Dumb Leaders can only Fool the People for a period of time.Sooner or Later

Rep Jim McGovern: U.S. must end occupation - add your comments

Election Site moves: Note to DUers

Photo: This evil bastard will outlive us ALL. Evil golf-playing bastard...


Make your own sign. Fun.

New Abu Ghraib Abuse Photos - Should be Dems October surprise revisited

'Whatever It Takes' Republicans Embrace Intolerance (Press Release)

Saudis pledged oil price cut before US vote-report

So now we are in the business of attacking countries with NUKES!!

Hate Mail... Boy, Do I Get Hate Mail

So why were the Repukes all upset when they thought that Jessica Lynch

Rightwing AP writer Ron Fornier on Hardball NOW

Tucker's getting his ASS!! handed to him

Repub's plea for forgiveness --- called Social Security a failure

Lieberman is 'Calling in Sick' :o)

New O’Reilly Book: Osama Bin Laden Supports American Progressives

Meet Ted Kennedy's republican challenger in the Nov. elections.

The rhetoric of Bush (evil) and Chavez (devil)

LAT: As Economic Mood Rises, So May Prospects of GOP

Rawstory: (GA) Norwood letter blasting immigrants may break House rules

GDP, I'm a-beggin' on you please

What's the difference in What Chavez said and what Annie Coulter says?

DU'ers you have got to read what dem's want to run on for 06

Amnesty International USA--No compromise on torture--Call CONGRESS

NYObserver: Gore's CGI speech & response "the political story"

Anti-U.S. sentiment marks U.N. gathering

Technical question about executive orders

Most important election in Calif. (maybe the country) is for Debra Bowen.

Local Terrorist Whistle Blower Is Dead After Poisoning...........

Who's on Bill Mahra show tonight?

GOP okays toture, what are the Dems saying? Haven't heard from

VoteVets ad debunking debunked

Marathon torture talks held in Cheney's office

The Devil made me do it--utube video

"tribal deal is intended to reject the Talibanization of the people"

McCain acknowledges that U.S. has tortured prisoners

Utah Democrats are making the Republicans work to win.

Top Five Reasons not to vote GOP?

The 'rumor' of the 'threat' by the US to Pakistan .....

Apologies from the American People

Saw this bumper sticker today!

DU this plz

Are the american people still stuck on STUPID!!

Interesting Republican Take On Chavez

WSJ: Business Lobby Hedges Its Bets By Supporting More Democrats

Religious Right May Not Go To Polls (Frustrated With GOP Lies)

I predict: October surprise will be Capture of Bin Laden or

Big Dog Smackdown of Faux's Chris Wallace

Bill Clinton "Freaks Out" ... This is great. I'm not fond of the title,

Bush admin's rampant cronyism and conflicts of interest

Dean, DNC Black Caucus in Detroit..."From the Table to the Ticket"

Why Rangel and Pelosi Are Wrong

"Make More Friends"

Why do conservatives love hatred, war and authoritarianism so much?

TUE: "We didn't do it." WED: "Uh, yes we did."

Urgent Letter from Dennis Kucinich about Bush Planning US War vs Iran

OK, here's my campaign funding plan: (4 simple rules)

Media Matters: Bill O'Reilly's "Enemies List" from his upcoming book

MD- In case you didnt know, Steele is now running as a Democrat.

Statements, including Levin's, indicate McCain's support for torture

Friday Afternoon News Dump: The TORTURE Edition:

Voter ID Bill could disenfranchise 11 MILLION VOTERS and cost $11 BILLION

XM & Clear Channel Radio Hosts Join Murtha Swiftboating Event

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