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Archives: September 20, 2006

Hollywood film threatens to take the shine off Africa's gem trade


(R PA State Sen) Regolas: Knew gun missing, didn't report it to police

Woman, 83, Is Deported Because of Her SS Guard Duty

An African American wins the MA Dem Gov. Primary....and now a monsoon....

True_Notes Thuggin It

Oh gods, the heater just turned on

Is it me... Or is Justine Timberline really a dimwit.....

Man, Beyonce is PISSED.

I have no anniversary...

I would like to discuss love.

Shall I snitch? - Apartment living annoyances Part 2038

Now, who are your favorite indie artists?


So now Allen (R - VA) "embraces his Jewish ancestry"

Pasadena Church May Fight IRS Summons


I don't fear the terrorists ...I fear other drivers

"Freedom, by its nature, cannot be imposed-it must be chosen" (Guess Who?)

Mr. Schwarzenegger is a Republican, even if he runs like a

Corvallis Oregon DU'ers... HEADS UP!

"In a post 9/11 world . . ."

James Fallows ('Blind into Baghdad') on w/Tavis Smiley tonight - WOW!

Boston Legal Fans: Watch Boston Legal or protest ABC?

Homeless veterans can get free aid today

My fellow DUers, I sense that the tide has turned and that the evil

US vs. Iran (II) Hybrid War: Abbas Bakhtiar

Wal-Mart Supercenter Opens in Rosemead; Recall Election to Follow

American Airlines Flight Nearly Diverted because of Gay Kissers

I couldn't be happier seeing the nauseating photo of

Help DEM Tom Wyka NJ11, the battle for OUR HOUSE

Rassmussen has Bush Starting to Drop Again - 40%

New Polls Indicate Democrats Gaining Momentum in Bid to Recapture Senate.

PBS set to reveal 'stealth campaign' to cut healthcare/education

Report Shows EPA Fails Minority and Low-Income Communities:

Turkey F1 organizers fined $5 million (Cypriot ‘state’ issue)

We're Not Going To Iran


the CIA and the Iraq War

!?!?!?!? Gay kiss (a threat??) nearly diverts Paris-to-NYC flight

Will the Republican uptick hold?

One Day After Complete Exoneration, Maher Arar Yet to Receive Apology From

10 Reasons Why Cars Suck (Mickey Z.)

The Politics and Promise of Stem-Cell Research (New Eng Journ Medicine)

A Visionary for Senate? (The Nation)

Getting closer to Uncle Sam

Bush to Daniel Pearl's killers:

Does AMLO Have a Future? - The Final Chapter in Mexico (for Now)

No One Dares to Help

Flight Attendant fight about all working Americans

We Are, And Have Been, In A Recession (Mogambo Guru)

removed dup

My LTTE in Joliet Herald

Top British Scientists tells Exxon: stop funding climate change denial

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): Bush’s Rose Garden Debacle

Terrific GQ article on Lamont/Lieberman primary race

The Disastrous Rule of a Mayberry Machiavelli..... Sidney Blumenthal


Iraq: Trying to spin the unspinnable

'New climate' detected as Britain grows ever hotter

Fatty food takes its toll of the French

I don't fear the terrorists ...I fear other drivers

Econ question: how does capital move?

California greenin' (new RPS: 20% renewable electricity by 2010)

Wind may generate 30 pct of (global) electricity by 2030-study

Appears $12k Prius PHEV is only conv - do it yourself for 5k is not here

Just there some unwritten rule that fuel efficient cars

AK Village's New Seawall Washes Away - Dedication Ceremony Canceled

California sues carmakers over global warming

The Hatrack Challenge

America's energy policy boomerangs on Big 3

No more tax breaks for buying Toyota hybrids (beginning next year).

Wasteful efforts to curb global warming

"Global warming' shrinks Arctic sea ice" online article

9/19 - Arctic Ice Still Has Not Hit Minimum - "Unusual Polynya" Discussion

West could lose out to China over aluminium resources

England, Ireland Prepare For Tail End Of Hurricane Gordon - AFP

Hull (Mass.) tilts toward more put 4 shore

Arctic Sea Ice "Fragmented" - Loss Bigger Than British Isles - AFP

Nature - Greenland Ice Sheet Loss Up 250% 5/04 - 4/06 Over 2Yr Trailing

British Antarctic Survey - Sea Levels Rising Faster Than Thought

Meeting ‘peak-oil threat’ will cost $20tn: US

FT - How global warming could suddenly tip over and ignite calamity

This seems like a great cause.

Electric Car Leader ZAP Plugs into Europe

Cherokee County offers tax incentives for organic farming

UPI - Aspen sunflower warns of global warming

Institutional investors warned about peak oil and climate change

Lebanese PM writes to Annan on Israeli mines maps

US may ban sale of cluster bombs to Israel

Israelis use bulldozers to wreck crops in South Lebanon

Katsav affair: Alleged evidence for 3 indictments

UNIFIL still waiting for Israel to present timetable for Lebanon pullout


Quartet Decides to Increase Pressure on Israel

Security Council's Lebanon resolution must be carried out, Israeli foreign

So now they're robbing banks (IDF)

Can Internet criticism of Mideast news footage be slander?

HRW slams UN body for anti-Israel bias

Wild thoughts about the Palestinian issue

Money not only for Jews

Israeli troops raid Nablus bank

9/11 Truth: What Happened to WTC Building 7 (video)

9/11 Truth: What Happened to WTC Building 7 (video)

Popular Mechanics tries to explain 911

TruthMove 'Ground Zero - 9/11/06' Media Retrospective

Footage of Donald Rumsfeld's actions on 9/11

Article: "Who Is Osama?" Even NON-OCT'ers will like the info in it.

9/11 Live or Fabricated: the NORAD Tapes.

Fury as academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job'

smoking dumpsters/or whatever it is at the pentagon

The House stole our Votes !!!

American Elections: Free for the Stealing (no change-backs allowed)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wed 9/20/06 Free For The Taking

A thread should now be "What if "? Neocons at the Rubicon!

Be Here Now

Criminal Complaint Filed with Coshocton County (Ohio) Prosecutor

Book recommendation IRV/Preference Voting???

Pathetic plea for recs & kicks

Counsel withdraw from Ohio lawsuit and are replaced by Arnebeck & Fitrakis

Dobbs: Voting machines put U.S. democracy at risk

DU Love needed in GD Forum--Jim Jones and "Jesus Camp"

The Constitutional Restoration Act & its current sponsors

NYT: Canadian Man Tortured in Syria Wants Explanation From U.S.

Officials apparently tipped unlawfully about identity of document seekers

Toronto Sun: Wait time fix [Harper's "5th priority"] will wait

Globe and Mail: PM's approval drops

Error Not Sign of Weakness: Former PM Clark

Harper deflects calls to apologize to Arar

Fewer Canadians Back Mission in Afghanistan

Wesley Clark: Canada's Afghan mission 'noble', but needsmore than soldiers

The long road to Toronto via Grise Fiord

Prime Minister questioned over comments

Ten Point Lead for Conservatives in Canada

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 20

House Campaign Groups Even in Funds

Braving death, Baghdad's children start school

Adult stem cells little or no help to heart repair

Bush's allies struggle to keep war bills

Zalmai Khalil Zad Invites American Companies to Invest in Kurdistan, Iraq

House panel backs Bush on detainees

Bush would send troops inside Pakistan to catch bin Laden

The 'Voter Fraud' Fraud

ABC - Government Accused of Censorship Over Global Warming

AP: FTC yet to pay ChoicePoint victims

Poll Shows N.J. Senate Race a Dead Heat

Fed Leaves Key Interest Rate Unchanged

Police headquarters attacked in Baghdad (5 US troops killed since Sun.)

Poll shows Ohio senate race a dead heat

AP: Attacks on U.S. in Iraq up since threat

U.S. sees delay in big rise in alternative motor fuels (extra 20 years)

Mubarak’s Son Proposes Nuclear Program( Egypt)

(UK) TV presenter critical after crash

Drug debate threatens security spending

U.S. says Iran abusing global financial system

U.S. House Judiciary Panel Opposes Military Tribunals Measure

Plan to halt Iraq deaths sought

Watch your sons for extremism, Reid tells Muslims

(Afghanistan President) Karzai says terrorism rebounding

(Rep. Peter) Hoekstra calls on broader effort to tackle extremism

(Rep. Heather) Wilson’s wiretap bill moves toward Bush view

US copters intrude into N. Waziristan

Bolivia and Venezuela, military cooperation agreement

Space shuttle cleared for landing

Republicans Call for Ney to Resign

Bush to Meet With Palestinian Leader

White House Drops a Condition on Interrogation Bill

Woman dragged to death in Colorado

Musharaff Reveals New Bin Laden Intelligence

Allen tells of his Jewish heritage (Va. Senate)

Doubts Rise on Iraqi Premier’s Strength

Papal assassin warns Benedict his 'life is in danger' if he visits Turkey

2 GIs Killed in Copter Crash in Germany

No One Dares to Help

Gov. (Schwarzenegger) Vetoes Bill to Restore Some Workers' Comp Benefits

Flight Attendant fight about all working Americans

Draft ethics ruling: Don't do the math

Saddam Hussein lawyers walk out of trial

WP: Dissidents' Detainee Bill May Face Filibuster

Lamont Calls Lieberman a 'Turncoat'

U.S. denies Arar was deported under America's 'extraordinary rendition'

Cantwell, McGavick heading to Round 2 in clash for Senate (Wash.)

H.P. Is Said to Have Studied Spying on Newsrooms

Scientists tell Exxon to stop anti-climate change campaign

Iraqi police find 34 unidentified bodies in Baghdad

Attacks on U.S. in Iraq Up Since (al-Qaida) Threat

Bush to Daniel Pearl's killers:

Pentagon faces tough choices on Iraq

Hungary police brace for more clashes

AP: Bombings kill 28 in Baghdad, Mosul

European MEPs Look Into German Role in CIA Deportations

Thai coup leader says he'll be acting PM

Fatty food takes its toll of the French

Israeli troops raid Nablus bank

Bombings kill 28 in Baghdad, Mosul

NYT: Canadian Man Tortured in Syria Wants Explanation From U.S.

Woman dragged behind vehicle near Denver

Will the Republican uptick hold?

White House Decides to Release Entry Logs

New americanresearchgroup poll- Lamont & Lieberman dead heat

Republicans have campaign fund-raising edge (unlike even house funds)

Federal judge reinstates Clinton-era rule against roads in ...

Mexico is haven for U.S. pedophile priests: group

Senate panel clears FDA nominee

Red Tape Fuels Raging Wildfire (Feds Fiddle as CA Burns)

DNA Evidence Frees Man After 15 Years in Prison

AP: NY judge orders release of more Guantanamo detainee information

Total's Oil Field Comes Under Review

3 more objects found outside shuttle

Abramoff-linked duo visited White House dozens of times (AP/CNN)

White House: Chavez speech not worthy of a response

Bush at 37% in new CBS/New York Times poll

Stewards responsible for British Airways wildcat strike receive "hush mone

GAO Report: VA Underestimated Care Costs

White House to release entry logs

AFL-CIO promises biggest get out the vote effort (12.4 million union voter

Air Controllers Chafe at Plan to Reduce Staffing Levels

NYT: Only 25% in Poll Voice Approval of the Congress(Bush at 37%-no bump)

Measures Seek to Restrict Detainees’ Access to Courts (NYT)

Insurgency Gains Alarming Support Among Iraq's Sunni Muslims

Stem Cell Experiments Slow Vision Loss in Rats

Navy Times: Expect the smallest pay raise in 13 years.

Senate Democrats plan probes into Iraq war

More adults tap Internet for election news: survey

UK soldier 'enjoyed' Iraqis' pain

Scientists shocked as Arctic polar route emerges

9/11 workers to be autopsied when they die

[ISG] Panel Leans Toward Phased Iraq Withdrawal or International Talks

Bush says he'd send troops into Pakistan

New Orleans nursing home owners indicted

U.S. study finds fear on-off switch in brain

Restraining order to prevent attacks on Iran, Syria denied

UN: Nearly 6,600 Iraqi civilians killed in July, August

Global warming could put Walker´s Point (Bush estate) under water

U.S. spends most but gets mediocre health care

(Sen. Hillary) Clinton, Gingrich Both Defend the Pope

'Lucy's baby' found in Ethiopia

Measures Seek to Restrict Detainees’ Access to Courts

Tancredo tells Pope to stand ground

Calif. sues 6 carmakers in global warming suit

Arar Legally Deported to Syria: Attorney General (Gonzalez)

Feds cast doubt (on Claims WTC Workers Illness)

Incursion at MacDill raises security questions

Iran blows away Bush's warm words at UN

Pentagon to release report on Sept. 11 claims

Torture rampant in Iraqi prisons, streets, UN says

At least 120 nabbed in immigration raid (Building Military Housing)

WP: Ehrlich Wants Paper Ballots For Nov. Vote (MD)

Thailand's ousted PM's letter to Bush released

Poll Finds Most Americans Displeased With Congress

Florida Republican raises money for Lieberman

DeVos says he wants intelligent design taught in science classes

Papers show Bush allies' inside access (Norquist and Reed)

Thai Army Chief Gets King's (Thailand) Endorsement

'Bush is the devil' (Chavez)

Ahmadinejad defends suicide bombers

U.S. to put high-tech towers along borders: report

Poll on French Muslims blasts popular cliches

FT - How global warming could suddenly tip over and ignite calamity

CIA ‘refused to operate’ secret jails

What my roomie's 7-year-old son told me

I will take my ann richard's picture off my deal

Anybody understand The Black Dahlia (the movie)?

Question for the Vegans

The Movie Flyboys......

Should I shave

Question for Las Vegans

I have a question I hope that someone here can help me with...

I would like to discuss lust

Missouri baby found alive YAY!!

Anti-pic thread

I would appreciate your comments

It's a Beautiful Day

screw all you Happy Loving Couples

Photoshop of Tony Snow

I'm in spanish withdrawal. (lame copycat)

I got shoes! They're multiplyin'! And I'm looooosin' the flo-oor!

Is there a limit to the number of threads you can hide

Do spade(?) female dogs still go into heat and bleed?

Happy Anniversary MrsG!!

Bush's "Doodle" at the UN -- 2006


"Tell us about your balls Pete"

Who wants coffee?

Man Plummets 50 Feet Into River To Grab Missing $20

Help! Anyone have experience with the UK or Australian education system?

I got in a fight with a wave-the wave won!!

Arbeit Macht FUN!

Panda bites man, man bites panda back.

Ok, so I'm back in school.

Do you think Xena wears a little too much makeup for a warrior princess?

Today is industrial music day.

Woman Demands Free Gas- Clerk Says No - Woman Hits Him In Head With Hammer

Ninjas & Fried Eggs: The Most Ineffective Drug PSAs of All Time

I'm finally relenting and posting a full-frontal picture of myself here

Coup Coup Ca Choob!

Panda Bites Man, Man Bites Him Back

How much is a vernacular?

Stevia users: there IS a difference

Naked Man Tosses TV From 2nd Floor Of Hotel

Paging LynneSin. LynneSin, are you in the house?

He's strong to the finish 'cause he eats his spinach...

Commit Indy (anapolis) heresy with me!

9/11: Clinton MIHOP......The sad truth finally emerges

I am here now

Deleted, as Commie Pinko sucks

I once heard a quadruple negative in conversation


which statement do you most agree with

Do you think it's wrong to talk about loungers in GD

A Good Study

Arbeit Macht Frei


Why do I do this?

18 Y.O. Graduates From University of Virginia In One Year (Double Major)

Wow, has anyone seen this before?

The train caught fire

What's the most ferocious animal you've ever met eye-to-eye....

I wish to make Naughty Girls COMPLIANT

I want to start a website and add a forum, What do I do?? Sorry!!

Anybody have experience with wallpaper?

I tell ya, The Ministry of People Sucks. (Human Resources)

Rural Louisiana Newspaper Clipping re Wal-Mart

i have no opinion about leaving or staying

Fill in the blank: Is that a ____in your pocket, or are you just glad

Cheer up for a moment: A Tribute to The Daily Show's Even Step(v)en

I'm not leaving DU. Just thought I'd say hello.

Man Posed As Retarded Person Who Needed Diapers Changed - Sentenced

Favorite Enemy of Freedom

Uh-oh, Freepers.....

This should wreck your day

I had a date last Sat nite...

Need advice. Do I have legal recourse against LynneSin?

This is a little late as I have been away....Hook em my ass!

post your favorite autoerotic torture

DU Classic Film Discussion for 09/20/06 "The Sand Pebbles"

Check out this thread and look at this stupid post

Acid really messes with your mind, man.

Just listening to "A quick one (While he's away)" By the who


What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

Elizabeth Taylor fed to the sharks

Man Licks Woman's Feet At Wal-Mart (Tells Police It Is Religious Ritual)

Am I alone in being pumped for The Departed

Wi-Fi whatdafuck

I swear I'm hacking up a hairball for lunch.

General question on accounting practices: Bills due within 48 hours?

I swear I"m eating fricking cat food for lunch

something you won't see very often

I am making pancakes this morning

Piss off someone who won't post anything at DU.

The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Seen

Wow, my buddy actually had a long lost relative leave him money

What do you think is the most difficult position.......?

I wish to make a Naughty Girls COMPLAINT

I have someone who I really need to THANK - any ideas?

Preview of the Project Runway Fashion Show (**with pics**) maybe spoilers

great Holloween recipe - kitty litter cake!

HELP - My cat needs a good hairball remedy

Punctuation Author Collects Examples on Web Site

I'm not at all hungry, but feel as though I could spend the entire day

the Moran guy has relatives

Anyone here yank the chain of a 419 Nigerian scammer?

Suggestions for free forum hosts/sites?

I smell good and it's making me hungry

Microwaved Yak Semen Smells Like Popcorn

"Only in New York could an aspiring mortician be a star witness against

What will make you spend more money at a bar?

Microwave Popcorn Smells Like Yak Semen

It is no longer green. It is black now. And my heart rate is back down.

Bill O'Reilly calls himself "T-Warrior", what's the "T" stand for?

How about a kiss for your Cousin Dupree, eh?

I made somebody laugh today.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 9/20/06)

Parnell Definitely Off SNL, Too, And The Daily Show Hires A Marine

Anyone own/use a Trackphone?

I'll never be able to eat Pasta Fra Diavolo again.

Was this wrong of me?

how do you afford moving INTO california???

Hello, all my Lounge friends!

You're at work. What are you supposed to be doing?

Playboy To Feature Victoria's Secret Employees

You know that it would be untrue

"I'm Not Afraid of You And I Will Beat Your Ass"

So like, the favorite like word on my like creative class is like like..

This is a " I Heart Mrs. Sniffa" Thread!

Cocaine in a can???

Someone stole our pirate flag

If you don't click on this, the terrorists will have won.

I'm so tired of these saggy, grainy boobs...

When does the next season of "Deadwood" begin?

Awww the neighbor boy is practicing on his trumpet.

Good vibes, please.

A couple of sad sacks.

"Oh yeah, I'll tell you something,

A tree,some horses,a flower,a tutu, and a butterfly


Congratulations eleny!! 15,000 posts

Yesterday we got a notice saying 'no smoking/loitering/drinking allowed'

A cultural difference I noticed that means nothing at all

Happy birthday The CentipedeShoes.

OK - Some asshole is giving out my phone number

Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move

Happy anniversary Cathyclismic and, uh, her husband!

Fashion question for a wedding.

Do you like anchovies?

This day in music history 9-20

Waiting 4 help @ the cing. store, I realized both reps were playing pool

Anyone else feel lonely, but having a perfect moment anyway?

Bedroom Adventure (Dialup Warning! 20 Pics!)

i was SUPPOSED to go on vacation tomorrow but...

Post Something

I'm making fried chicken tonight

Thunder rumbles on the other side of my window,

let's try it - Hampster Dance!

I almost hit a stupid idiot driver on my way home from work today

Socks with sandals

Speaking of Halloween, anyone have an idea for a baby...

Keith Richards laments the declining quality of modern drugs

Economic Report: NYC considers rewarding poor for making healthy decisions

Think I'm weird? Go ahead.

No Arms Tom Petty

First Grader Suspended From School For 2-Inch Plastic Squirt Gun

ok, wtf is wrong here

Any other R. L. Burnside fans out there? Tojo Told Hitler is my favorite

Well, the tests are in. I do, indeed, have a case of the Rabrrrrrrs. Damn.

Say Something.

Kidnapped...... WOW!!!!!!

Librarians and other MLIS students

Do you project or reflect life?

I *heart* my geek.....

Neil Young releases another video from "Living with the War" (link)

I just learned something very important on Fox 5 news.

Okay, folks, what drink are you gonna serve me?

Don't ______ & Drive

i voted for kiLLer coke yesterday

I found out the damage estimate today for my deer vs. car incident.

1 toasted laptop

I just stepped in something,I have to scrape off my shoe.


I heard this song "Punk Rocker" by the band "The Teddy Bears"

Guinness: Love it? Hate it?

Worst. Bumper. Sticker. Ever.


Damn, it seems like life is pummeling the lounge tonight.

Post a great music video

Life is


Love is

Am I totally fucking unemployable?!

Well, the tests are in. I do, indeed, have a case of the rabies. Damn.

Post something that won't piss off anyone here at DU

What are the most beautiful LYRICS ever written?

New Terrifying TV Show....

This protest song still gives me chills.

After 5 (almost 6)years, my boyfriend dumped me last night.

I feel really unmotivated tonight.

Rebulding my transmission? $1800

I think I'm developing a crush on Sarah Vowell.


WOW! I can't believe this is happening to me.

sick day. I have a cold, which has dropped into my chest

lylly llyjk tkpo 5o5o5 otoog otoo6 o0y6 50 95 989 erv furf

Favorite Cheeseball Movie!

Is it okay to write in the vernacular around here?

I am absolutely obsessed with the Snow Patrol song:

I don't believe it.

My favorite raw food is

New Indian Casino Has Problem: Built On Land Where Gambling Is Illegal

What do you wear to work?

I'm popular. I'm busy. I'm moving. Naturally, I'm getting sick.

Bloody hell! WHAT is this bug?!

Today I felt as though I was in charge of my life.........

Felines! (dial-up warning!)

Post something bound to piss off someone.

I'm staying at DU. Just thought I'd say "who cares."

I'm leaving DU. Just thought I'd say goodbye.

watching new L&O episodes = Mariska Hargitay fans check in here...

Joan Jett is on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Tonight.

Does anyone know when the new season of 24 starts?

Do you have any irrational pet peeves or dislikes?

The 6 - 9 PM Crash of Air American Radio! At least, in Portland, OR...

Who or what is "Sonic Youth?"

John Zorn is a fucking GENIUS, man...

Shoud waitresses share a % of tips with cooks,busboys etc?

Scheduled downtime Thursday night from 11pm-12am EDT

Who do you want to hug tonight? (A thread for the living)

I just got off the phone with GoddessofGuinness...

Al-Anon. (Not AA, Al-Anon) worth a try? Anyone done it?

If you want the best tastin chille in the world...

of all the crap George Lucas has churned out, how come there's never been

Need hugs, prayers, white light, or whatever you believe in.

My good friend's husband just died. Only sick for 3 weeks.

Best prescription drug?

Are you subject to random drug tests at work?

Favorite Real Genius quote?


I'm in the early planning stages of opening a non-profit ed center (LONG)

Post something nice about someone!

This is a request for prayers and good thoughts

Has anyone ever dated someone with bipolar disorder?

Anagram your DU name, then post it here.

Post your WORST name for a Real Town !

My cat is lying in the threshold so I can't close my door.

What is wrong with me? I'm ready to explode at anything

***September Photo Contest (prelim) *TREES* Poll #3***

***September Photo Contest (prelim) *TREES* Poll #2***

***September Photo Contest (prelim) *TREES* Poll #1***

Congratulations Fridays Child!! 15,000 posts

George W. Bush And The Anti Sex League

Speaking of Torture - The Christianising of Europe

Apparently, the IRS is going after a liberal church...

Belief vs. Certainty

'Lucy's baby' found in Ethiopia (ie same species)

New Exploit Rocks IE, Downloads Scores Of Spyware, Adware

Primary Elections Yield Victories for Pro-Equality Legislative Candidates

Gay Marriage Hearings Begin In South Africa

Hong Kong Court Strikes Down Sodomy Law

Boston To House Nation's Biggest Gay Health Complex

Missouri State U bans gay discrimination

Judge Critical Of Alaska Gay Benefits Proposal

Hilarious Daily Show look at how fuc*ing sick the gay haters are!! ---

Coors praised for treatment of gays

Gay news anchor leaving Wisconsin because of marriage legislation

10% of straight men admit to having gay sex

Final Showdown Looms In Anglican Gay Dispute

Washington Blade Parts Ways With Jeff Gannon

Bung scandal in English Premier League

Tie Domi has dropped his gloves for good.

A-Rod kinda nuked himself, I think.

Yankees Clinch

Chavez :) Astrology 7/28/1954

Emotional vampires

Important news for Manifestation Group...please read...!

Fame in an astrology chart

Happy birthday, Stellanoir. September 20,

If our psychics and sensitives here can spare their time: new job concern.

Ow...ankle (good thoughts / prayers request)

This Scorpio is for a some good thoughts, prayers and well wishes

Does this sound familiar?

Weird comment on yesterday's Hardball Show

Jackpot! Two Kerry e-mails in one day!

Two Kerry posts at Liberal Values

Kerry-Murphy editorial on Iraq - THE TRUTH ABOUT IRAQ

Pic Thread to celebrate the primary wins this year!

John Kerry is on the cover of my newspaper today . . .

Discount shopping in Alaska -- ;-)

If the group smugalugafug looks odd or is missing

So, are point & shoot users allowed in this joint?

~~~The September Photo Contest Prelims are up.~~~

Fall Creek (dial-up warning)

Dog in a diaper

Mt. Baker last Saturday

How in the HELL is the Idiot War Criminal Gaining Popularity??

Lets cut to the chase here with Iran

Jeesh! THE "NUMBER" IS UP TO 2690 this morning.

Confessions from a Keith Olbermann neophyte

Who the hell taught George W. Bush to speak - he's AWFUL!!!

German Jews warn of neo-Nazi role in poor regions

Iraq "Study" Group won't report until after November....

Iraq Study Group won't give report until after November 8th

Dubai Ports World Retains Control of U.S. Ports

Wyoming Schools are Flush with Money

The War on Truth

Article IV Of The Constitution

Could a parallel government save the world?

Apple Computer & Path To 9/11

Gay Marriage Opponents receive help from shadowy RW organization

Global Politics in 30 seconds.

Do you remember when Bill Clinton spoke...

Pentagon Iran Office Mimics Former Iraq 'Office of Special Plans'

YouTube teams with ABC (Disney)

Obstructionist Republicans? Frist threatens to filibuster detainee bill

Watching my TIVO'd Countdown, with tears in my eyes....

Reform in name only

Tell the FCC: No More Cover-Ups

Anybody listening to Sam Seder?

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

Use Customer Reviews on iTunes to Rip Disney and ABC on PT911

Officer allegedly draws weapon on 7-year-old girl

Who Will George Bush Torture In Your Name?

I Was A 14 Year-Old Marianas Sex Slave -- ALL GOP Candidates Responsible!

Gas at $2.01 in Oklahoma

George Washington's Farewell Address: This Day in 1796

New direction in Iraq

Funny: If you google "Dumbfuckistan" you get a Rush Limbaugh page

After $8 Billion Spent, The Salmon Are Still Dying

Damn, look at all this asshat's youtube videos

Question about the Dem pols . . .

"Peace Mom" now available ,just released and available at

BREAKING: Democratic leaders announce "The Alliance for World Peace"

Doctor accused of giving stripper a hand

not sure, but I think someone REALLY wants us to see "Jesus Camp"

NeoCon, Repuke desperation EVERYWHERE....WooHoo!

I like this quote by Eugene Robinson

Did Cooper buy the CNN Network or what ?

While some people count the days to the Rapture and Second Coming, I

i have several questions this morning:to

I've had it with the Post 9/11 World. There is no such thing

Help me get back at Disney, ABC using the Customer Reviews at iTunes

I wonder how many people will die in Iraq tomorrow...

It's Right-Wing Christian Day on "Imus In The Morning"

Note word choice: "Mounties, US were wrong on Canadian rendition victim"

George Moisha Rabinowitz Allen

Hugo Chavez to speak at the UN at 11:30 am (Eastern)

Repukes get together to offer tribute Henry Hide

New Bush Comic: "We Gotta Educate 'Em"

The White House is uploading anti-drug videos onto YouTube

So what's the goal with Disney/ABC?

Opponents of Torture Are True Patriots - By Joe Conason

Frist and White House Promise to Filibuster for Torture

Torture and Accountability, The War Crimes Act of 1996

E-mail needs a 'weird propaganda' filter

Team Bush rewards Daniel Pearl's killers with F-16s

The new video game: Bully

Parental leave bill killed -- deployed troops' kids are the victims

Bush Keeps Finding Losers For Important Jobs: Can You Say "Brownie"

The coup in Thailand--a little help please

Into a Moral Desert - By Harold Meyerson of Washington Post

Walk-On Never To Be Forgotten

Could We Get Olbermann To The NBC Nightly News?

Is Syria on our side or not? (Arar, Gonzales, and torture)

Is this Frank (MMC-AZ) on Washington Journal up for reelection this year?

Popular Mechanics tries to explain 911

Amnesty International USA---call Congress today

"AAAAIGH! This is torture!"

Let's say I break into your house

I'm not a Godless Democrat

From the Stupid File: Idaho Gov Candidate Changes Name to "Pro-Life"

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON - Wed 9/20 , lumbering loudly with big stick

Repugs desperate to pass racist poll tax before they lose House


Iacocca selling DeVos?

So. Now the White House and ABC are taking over YouTube....

A repuke Compromise for bush offered on surveillance bill

D'Amato says McCain too traumatized to think clearly

Putting the Con in Confusion 101 - Muslims and the Media

Press Release, Kentucky Democratic Party - Wesley Clark

MUST SEE DAILY SHOW CLIP on gays in the military.

Brainstorming AL Gore's Proposal to Abolish Payroll Tax.

The enemies of humanity have continued their campaign of murder.

Survey USA Poll results are in (great for dems less than 50 days out)

Lou Dobbs: Voting machines put U.S. democracy at risk

Radicalism masquerading as conservatism...

Molly Ivins: Proposed Program Is Illegal-For BothYoung & Old War Criminals

WAhat was * up to with Abbas just now?

Conservatives Offer Ridiculous Logic To Suggest Republican Win In November

If We Spent $300 bil on Alternative Energy Instead of Iraq....

Garrison Keillor: Pennies for my thoughts (on Pope, Ford, et al)

Discussion in the House, CSPAN, on voter ID. McDermott (D-WA)

E-mail from my sister in Thailand...

What keeps you going?

500,000 coffins? You tell me, please?

Who Are We Torturing Today?

Retirement offer to US Navy Officers

Impeach Bush Mix (music)

Calling all boycotters!!!

MSNBC Analysis: Midterms look like fight to the finish

Diddy On Bush: “It's Like My Man Has No Marbles Up There”...

Profiles in Courage Award - How to Nominate

Chavez up now discussing

VIDEO: Robert Greenwald on War-Profiteering Last Night on Countdown

Chavez calls bush "The Devil" and the smell of sulfur is still

Freepers Freak as Chavez call Bush the Devil!!!

NY Observer: NY Times Draws Ragged Line Between Fact and Opinion

Thinking Points, by George Lakoff

Predictions for Elections Day

"How do we fight it? We turn it off."

Update on Suzanne Swift from her mother

NBC News Beating the Drums of War With Iran?

Ignoring Senate Intel Report, White House Releases ‘Fact Sheet’ on ‘Iraq’s

I am taking a Zogby survey right now...Who is my choice for President?

Tom Toles most-excellent torture cartoon

Need links to show how moron* has cut VA benefits...

Governor proclaims "Fox News Channel Day" in Massachusetts

Bush & conservative columnists: "Stubbornly hopeful" or "OUT OF TOUCH"?

Remember Cheney's trip to Alberta, CA oil sands during Katrina?

Third Baby Dies After Hospital Overdose

23 Reasons George Bush Must Be Impeached- The Short List

Do alot of the mainstream media read this site?

UN Reports Continuing Widespread Torture of Detainees in Iraq

I want to take out the 72-year-old Avacor guy.

(VIDEO) Daily Show: Papa Don't Preach

LA Times in crisis; Tribune Company said "cannibalizing" paper

"How Global Warming Could Suddenly Tip Over and Ignite Calamity"

25 most corrupt: Harris, Burns, Frist, Murtha, Hastert...

Crisis seen in luggage screening

The US dismisses nations' leaders as if they don't exist

Take a day off

What book was Chavez holding (and recommending)?

BUSH Admin & Senate Move To AXE Reporter Shield Law

White House refuses to respond to Chavez speech.

Quick! Name the first nation to force sterilization for eugenics purposes

I got stuck watching a local dog and pony abc station last night

Chavez Presser now on CNN International

FREE BUMPERSTICKER: Defend America - Fire the Republicans

What do you suppose she is laughing at?

Extension of homeless veterans programs sought

CNN is 100% shit -post Chavez speech spin

Cowardly WH Too Scared To Reply To Chavez's UN Speech

What is wrong with this picture?

Do any of you Viet Nam Vets out there, know how wide spread the

Pick Your Favorite Homoerotic Torture Technique (Ted Rall)

HR 4844 - Debate on Cspan -

Another Bush crony is DOWN

AAR broadcasting Obama speech right now

Is it possible to Impeach a "Unitary Executive"?

Did anyone else hear that the Red Cross is making rounds at GITMO?

So Idiot Son stinks like sulphur.

CAPTION the fool with Abbas

More Freeper Logic....

Best venue for prochoice lawmaker to advocate their view to prolife crowd?

CAPTION a real president and a phony first lady

Oprah, move over! Venezuelan prez Chavez introduces HUGO'S BOOK CLUB!

Will George Bush's Presidency Survive?

I think I'll update my resume and apply (not !)

Blitzer to have the Devil on today...

The Road to Guantanamo - I'd like to share this important movie!!!

WH still finding it useful to blame Iraq on George Tenet

Stars & Stripes letter: Our leaders are naked!

We are in big trouble US

Anyone else watching this Voter ID debate in the House?

Michelle Malkin Hearts Terrorists

TOP SECRET info to Chinese - Good friend of Negroponte - 3months jail time

Report documents 25 'most corrupt' in Congress

Polling company employee pleads guilty to fraud (Liebermen etc.)

Hugo Chavez: As If Bush Was The Owner Of The World

The Death Of America

Wingnut strategy/rationalizing: "Best for us if we LOSE 1 or both houses"

US: Pentagon Spends Billions to Outsource Torture (BILLIONS)

Apparent random highway shooting outside D.C...

Pentagon Iran Office Mimics Former Iraq Office

Is it even possible to be energy independent??

One fundies response to an Evolution question on

Macacca's Manager, Waddams launches Anti-Semitic Campaign against Blogs

Whora Odickhead: "Is the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez,

The Dumbest Thing I've Ever Seen

"What accounts for the failure of American policy in Iraq?"

9/11 Truth: What Happened to WTC Building 7 (video)

Don't forget the simple things in life....Love

Hip-Hop Caucus president plans civil disobedience at the White House...

Furious George goes to the UN

Attacks on GIs in Iraq RISING.

We Need A Gay Marriage and Flab Burning Debate Right Now

UN: Nearly 6,600 Iraqi civilians killed in July, August

lords of "open wide" (separated at birht)re-encounter each other at last!

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Gerrymandered To Serve Make-Believe Agenda

New ARG Poll RI Senate: Whitehouse: 45% Chafee 40%

What else didn't the intelligence community say pre Invasion of Iraq?

Iraq for Sale - The WAR Profiteers

Live Chavez press conference coming up on UN webcast

The Forests Win: Judge OVERTURNS Bush Plan On Roadless Forests

Snow, Gonzales to speak alongside Coulter, Falwell

"Nearly 6,600 civilians killed in Iraq in two months: UN "

Dana Milbank: Iraq Study Group calls a press conference, to report nothing

My wife just told me that Bill O Reallys real name is "ORALy"

Anyone notice that MSM is covering the

West-Winging It: The premiere of "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip"

CNN, Blitzer, Fox, etc....enablers, aiding and abetting ..UN speeches

Jack Cafferty's Questions for Today

Two protesters still jailed after UN protest yesterday..

I Hate Republicans

Wolf Blitzer, drama queen, turning news into US-vs.-them fantasy thriller

Iraq deaths surge over last two months: UN (Since Bush's big crackdown)

One of my nephews just turned 18 a couple of days ago.

Decline of the American Empire

Stop Big Media

Freepers solution for Iraq: hit them F^%$ so hard they would think ALLAH

Thought everyone should see this freeper shit....

Red Cross Expects to Meet With Detainees

I'm getting sick and tired of groups on our side screwing me

What happened regarding Alice Fisher yesterday ?

Ignoring Intel Report-WH Releases Fact Sheet on Iraq’s Links to al Qaeda

Swiftboating the Swiftboaters

do you think Chavez is still alive just because he is so

House GOP pushes 'just for show' bills on immigration

California sues carmakers over global warming

Abeer's "alleged" killers returned to USA(Hadeel, Qassim, & Fakhriya too)

Al Gore's Speech At NYU was Inspiring

Lady Chimp: Most popular republican in the country right now..

Caption First Lady Joker

New ARG Poll: 47% Lieberman 45% Lamont

Calif. Woman Admits Nazi Link

The big month long story ends in an etc.

What is it with repubs & torture now, is it some sick sexual thing?

Another Dragging Death - This time in Colorado

Let's stop asking where Osama is.

Heartbreaking Story about a Grandmothers anger over Gulf War Illness

Good News: House Judiciary Committee to consider impeachment.....

Polygraph thwarts suspicion of moles and traitors.

Barbara Boxer's on C-Span2 now.

So what is keeping Bush from trying those he is now holding? Clinton

Al Jazeera wants to cover the New Orleans Saints Home Opener

Who is participating in Declaration of Peace activities 9/21/2006

Republican Politician Sues Bush & Cheney on Iran

You have got to be kidding me?! Any other states have this too?

Just how many countries does Bush's coalition of the willing consist of?

Kondracke:Iraq violence result of Bush adversaries trying to sway election

2691 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Ignore Gore (Media Commentary from The Daily Holwer)

Jack read my email!!!!!!

ALERT: NYT Columnist Frank Rich on Fresh Air today: New Book...

O' Reilly Claims He and others at Faux on Al-Qaeda Death List

Since when did CNN start allowing moveon ads?

Can anyone help me debunk this Neal Boortz crap?

Why does the Department of Homeland Security have a Religious Wing?

Breaking: Disneyland tour bus injures seven!

Specter on Senate floor--Habeus Corpus and the new Sec. bills. Good

Do you think your safe flying guess again

How Has Our Military Been Able To Comply With Common Article 3 In The Past

I've finally seen the program that epitomizes American culture...

Bill O'Reilly Calls Himself 'T-Warrior'

What the hell are "likely" voters? If someone asks me if I'm "likely"

Fight the Freeper attack

El Diablo Arbusto

Is your voter registration info accurate and "safe"? Find out!

John Dean on Randi NOW!

ABC Sucks up to Olielly

Anyone watching C-Span 2 talking about Habeas Corpus? n/t

Has the "Terra Alert" been like this for some time or is this new?

This MIGHT work to cut down the underage pot smoking

Terry McAuliffe Tells Biz Buddies He'll Be Chairing Hillary's 08 Prez Run

"Pete's Couch" anti drug ad...tells the truth about weed (youtube) real ad

Hey Everybody, become a Republican today!

A song about Jesus camp...

Compare and contrast....

DU Polling love wanted! Is having Bush come to our city an honor or pain?

Congressman Blocking Crackdown on Predatory Lenders on troops

Webb Stickin' It To Tweety!

Iraq and Afghanistan are 'failed states' according to US magazine

UK soldier beat Iraqis into pain ‘choir’: prosecutor

Movie Suggestion: "Judgment At Nuremberg:" Will It Be "Judgment At Iraq?

The 'Voter Fraud' Fraud

I guess Tweety is offended that Chavez called the monkey

New Fox division focuses on faith; film of Jesus as a black man

Robert Scheer: An administration's descent into barbarism

How do you think Dog the Bounty Hunter pissed Bush off?

The terror alert for tomorrow will be raised to "Ernie"

Look they changed the pose of the wax figure

Now if * could just convince me he doesn't exist

EUROPE: France pays mothers to have more children

DU This Poll: Will your vote be counted in the upcoming mid-terms

It would be so, so easy to fake Osama's death.

TRUTHOUT: Canada May Protest U.S. Treatment of Tortured Man

Reid on floor of Senate now

Owners of St. Bernard Parish nursing home indicted for negligent homicide

World wide Federal Reserve ownership

Oprah threatens to sue fan wanting her to run for president

Coming Up On CNN: "*I* Ask President Bush The TOUGH Questions" - Wolf

"How confident are you your vote will count?" Lou Dobbs Poll.

Here's a new descriptive term for neocon/freeper types.

Jim Webb coming up on "Hardball" on MSNBC.

(VIDEO) Robert Novak: Douchebag of Liberty (original segment)

Washington Blade Parts Ways With Jeff Gannon

This Congress is totally absurd

Leader of Thai Coup is a Muslim

George W. Bush and the inner punk

HR 4844, the Ehlers/Hyde bill, and the politics of economics...

Arrest made in Colo. dragging death

Conservatives Say Religion Under Attack....

Karen Armstrong on the Pope's Remarks

Has KO lost, or gained, any advertisers since his commentaries?

We are the torturers... Apologies to Queen

Repukelican *trademark*: BLAME SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!

Keep the Focus on Iraq. Keep the Focus on Iraq. Keep the Focus on Iraq.

AP: Tea-Bag Mail Protest Worries Post Office

We're famous!!! RW blogosphere is equating DU with Chavez!

Torture R U.S.!

What is the problem with Iran having nuclear weapons when every nation

Woman dragged to death in Colorado

TV's Least Appealing Lady (Ouch) - - !!!!

(PHOTO) The Independent devotes tomorrow's issue to Aids/Africa

I can't decide which of the following evils is worse. Help me decide:

Lou Dobbs just lost me with "Leftist Menace"

"Muslims told to leave Major US Cities."

Burns, Frist, Santorum Top List of Corrupt Pols...

SurveyUSA: Green party idiot killing Ben Cardin, Steele leads in poll

Did I just see a Webb v.Tweety smackdown ?

Hugo Chavez Address to the United Nations

Note to media: Chavez is NOT A DICTATOR

Chavez: Oil could unite Christians and Muslims

Mr. and Mrs. Wright:

Blitzer failed to note contradiction in Bush assertion that he "[a]bsolute

KO just reported that Red Cross will interview new Gitmo detainees

some Repug saying the SC interjected themselves into the torture debate

mind control, tinfoil, or ? JUST 35 YEARS AGO, FREEPERS WEREN'T RETARDED!

George Allen says acknowledgement of his Jewish ancestry = "anti-Semitic"

Obviously Allen's mother is Jewish, Allen doesn't deny anymore

Why are poopy pants' interviews these days done standing up?

President Clinton on Larry King. Now. Live.

What did Keith mean when he told Scarborough that since it..

Well, well, well, lookie at what I dug up (RAND corp and Homeland....)

GOP Leader Threatens Lobbyists

There was APPLAUSE when Chavez called Bush "The Devil!"

Want to vote? Passport, please.

Olbermann:Chavez gets bronze medal - worst person in the world

Joe Lieberman's manufactured campaign appearances

3 grandparents killed in shooting in front of g'son at ballfield in Tenn

If Bush is so Correct, so right, so Good, How come his ratings are 39%?

Chavez inspired Poll: What IS pResident Bush?

Republican: it's not just a political party anymore

WP: Bush's Skeptical Audience

Anyone remember "Why We Went In: Version 10.0" by PJ Crowley?

Fundie History re-writing contest.....

Do you have a passport?

The Difference Between Olberman and the Rest

DU this poll on Iraq

Caught in Lies again GAO report show VA's budget failures

Live Poll On Dobbs Now: Cast Your Vote

I think we all agree Katie Couric can't anchor the CBS Evening News.

Do you believe the media hype, that Iran would use their nukular weapons

Aussie "Muslim" Chain Mail Now Morphed Into US Xenophobic RW Fundie Rant

both Bush AND McCain versions SUBPEND Habeas Corpus.

Master Sensei Bush Teaches the U.N. The Art of Fucking Up: 201.01 Level

Bill Clinton on Larry King Live Right Now n/t

I Found A Candle In The Darkness

Hugo Book Club: Chomsky's book went on amazon rank from 160,000 to 169

"United Professionals" seeks to protect the middle class.

Christians join Muslims in Iraq in denouncing violence

If Kinky Friendman starts beating Chris Bell in the polls...

Thirty-Something Work Group on the House floor now!

So Far, 2 Interviews W/Bill Clinton, & No Questions on PT-911

What were you terrified of in the Clinton Era?

'This is absurd' Enjoy !

SAVAK, Iran, the CIA and Mossad

Five years. Countless prayers. No attacks. But will it last?

An assortment of TOONS from Cagle website (dialup warning)

Dateline Sex Stings. Sensationalism or Public Service?

Stephen Baldwin's been smoking bad dope.

Abramoff-linked duo visited White House dozens of times...

A RW'er is 'sanitizing' a political connections site

Public kept in dark as business CEOs talks about N. American integration

Gas price me on this one - was I dreaming?

Ideals and Realities Clash In Bush 'Freedom Agenda'

Did anyone hear Bill "The Gambler" Bennett's radio show this morning?

Insurgency Gains Alarming Support Among Iraq's Sunni Muslims

Trish Regan, Katie Couric, and other propaganda tools

March 20, 2003 IRAQ

TONIGHT!! Anderson Cooper to interview Iranian president

Ted Turner says Iraq war among history's "dumbest"

Gannon/Guckert Canned by Washington Blade (TPM & fishbowl DC)

O.K. so chavez shat on Shrub (good) and called him "devil" (good) and

Just Got Home From Work Edition: So... George Allen Is Jewish ???

WaPo - Gov. Ehrlich: Use Paper Ballots for Nov. Election

Advocates push for higher National Guard profile at Pentagon

Help me with a question that has been bothering me. Is there a

McAuliffe tells friends will chair Hillary presidential campaign

Weird stuff in florida beachsand

Congress has dumped its toll-free phone service -- WTF?

I agree with sex selection screening at fertility clinics

My response to RWer LTTE in local paper re: macaca

Debate Over Security for Chemical Plants Focuses on How Strict

It cost $13 less to fill up my car--I should be ecstatic but I'm not

Allen says he eats ham sandwiches and pork chops

Thousands Gather To Say Farewell To 'Crocodile Hunter'

You'd think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the RW'ers would get along

Water boarding? Has anyone ever seen the process?

My Wish

AOL Poll on: Pres. Hugo Chavez comment at UN

Peter Werbe now debunking myths about Venezuelan press

Anyone know what happened to Randi Rhodes today?

A little cartoon fun in the morning

Burns, Frist, Santorum Top List of Corrupt Pols - Murtha on it too!

Complete BS on CNN - spinning the poll numbers...

Dumbya was smirking when Wolf was asking about Iraq mutilation deaths

The Dixie Chicks upsets Texas again

DU Old-Timers: A Question

Suspend habeas corpus?!! Time to gather at Runnymeade once again

Bush on Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot...more Repub Political Bullsh*t...

Question about the Olbermann show....

The Repukes who DEFINITELY aren't coming back to Congress next year

I was watching Apocalypse Now for the first time in a few years...

Barbaro--more good news!

Please DU this poll on the minimum wage


GAO: Bush's Health Savings Accounts help the rich, screw the sick

Judge Voids Bush Policy on National Forest Roads

FoxNews just called for a boycott of Citgo gas.

Mike Malloy Update

Russia cancels permit for Shell's giant Sakhalin-2 fields. Let's Invade!

Hey look! A camera that makes you lose weight!

I Still Have The Freedom To

Bush is throwing dust in your eyes as regards Article 3 of the Geneva Conv

What the fuck?

Check it out, just because --------->

Estimated 20 to 30,000 PROTESTING Supporting Israel in UN against Iran

Time to rerun Jeff Cohen's column debunking rightwing Chavez myths

Michael Smerconish - Roger Waters: The Pink in Floyd

US Wounded in Iraq has Reached Twenty Thousand

Bill O'lielly just called another man creepy....

Worldwide war over religion

Chavez is a raving lunatic...says Limpballs

Tighter Borders and Tougher Laws Make Good Citizens

Bad news in two places today

Bush takes honours in World Stupidity Awards

New Fox Unit To Produce Christian Films

HeadOn Radio Mike Malloy Wednesday Night, Best of

There is a pink elephant in the living room re Islam and Christianity

I NEED DONATIONS! (Not cash, food or goods... Just your soul)

6600 civilians killed in Iraq in two months


Heads up! Coolest web surfing tool yet!

Great military debacles in world history: Is Iraq 2003 the biggest?

(sigh) Katie's idea of a lead story...

before you enlist-- an excellent antiwar video....

Ok, I have to share this gross piece, because I find it funny.

Midweek Toons

You know, just by watching Rove in the last six years

Dobbs: Voting machines put U.S. democracy at risk

How do people ignore the deaths of soldiers in the news?

New Bill Would Defend Marriage From Sharks

Christian Newswire: "To claim Islam is a peaceful religion is a lie"

U.S. warns of increased violence in Iraq

Do you project or reflect life?

Russia says yes to world dictatorship

Oprah/22 years later

Chavez Address to the United Nations

"Lil' Bush" - Animated Cartoon Series

Bush is NOT Lincoln

I'll make this brief

Three Minute Video: What's In A Flu Shot?

To all talking heads and news readers:

What I would say to Freeps about Chavez's "Devil" comment about Bush

Was Hugo Chavez Correct About The Devil Goin Down To 46th Street !!!

ENRON's Skilling arrested, accused of public intoxication (again)

Non-fiction book recommendation thread!

So what does Jesus think about torture?

Dear Darth Dicky...

BREAKING: House Judiciary Reconsiders BACKS Bush Torture Bill

Rudepundit: Why Michelle Malkin Ought To Be Caged Like a Rabid Shih-Tzu

Who should Hillary torture first with her unitary executive power?

California DUers: Where do you stand on Prop. 86?

"An Inconvenient Truth" being used in my child's 5th grade class

Graphic suggestion for CBS News with Katie Couric

Who will be our YOPP?

Pelosi Slams 'Tawdry' GOP Attempt to Suppress Millions of Votes

Too many DUers are being duped by this "Bush poll bounce" nonsense

Once Again, Why Is Ann Coulter Not In Jail?? Rush Limbaugh??

THEY ARE BACK Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

Wish me luck DU

Senators complain that tithing should be allowed during bakruptcy

Frank Rich's New Book: "Why We Are Really In Iraq" (To Win Midterms?)

why is the corporate media calling the iranian president, as well as hugo

HUGE GQ article on Lamont-Lieberman race (16 pages!)

Senate Democrats plan probes into Iraq war

Poll: Sensenbrenner vulnerable!

National Conference for Media Reform

Question on torture by U.S.

Sen floor cspan2 Lots of testimony about loss of crops cuz of immigatratio

why can't freepers spell?

Why shouldn't everyone have nukes (like me, you, etc)?

"Too bad the people of Venezuela don't have free speech."

DU this Dixie Chicks poll!!

The response to Pope shows hypocrisy. (a worthwhile read)

Has anyone watched the 9/11 "In Memoriam" documentary?


Will Pitt: Swiftboating the Swiftboaters

Illegal to boat on navigatable wasters in US now?? WTF??

Clinton criticizes Chavez for calling Bush a devil

Yes or No: Will the Neoconazis ever be prosecuted?

New book: JFK "doodled" the numbers "9-11" and the word "conspiracy"


Introducing/Redux: DU's Keith Olbermann Group, Est: 3-7-05

Bolsheviks check in!

Please Help Children with Diabetes

I am so SICK of this "Jesus Camp" Google Ad!!!

!! House Committee Approves Bill to SHIELD BUSH FROM WAR CRIMES!!

Drive out Bush regime, full page ad in USA today.

TN Ford Opponent Corker Used Office to Make $4.66mil -LINK


Judge Orders More Gitmo Papers Unsealed

Abramoff Allies Had Over 100 Bush WH Meetings Including Meetings With Bush

This is just psycho

I like Hugo Chavez

Please head is ready to explode

Chavez's "devil" comment was...

DNC: WH Release of S.S. Records Of Visits By Abramoff Cronies Not Complete

The Death Of America

Scheduled downtime Thursday night from 11pm-12am EDT

P Diddy on Bush: "It's like my man has no marbles up there "

Jim Jones, Jonestown, AND "Jesus Camp"

an empty light bulb box on my porch (and I am grandpa now too!)

Colin Powell's revenge

I can't stand "Sports Coverage" of Political Events and our Democracy..

VIDEO: The Reid and Durbin Show

Declaration of Peace, in Italy, too!

What happens if Bush really is the Devil?


Karl Rove Promises October Surprise

The ugly history of the term "Homeland"....

Bill Clinton says Pres is a nice guy.

Please DU this totally freeped poll

Note To DU: Chavez Is NOT A "Good Guy". Just Cause He Bashes Bush

37% Bush Approval - Times/CBS News poll

Suggest Jeff Cohen as a host of "The Real News"

A nation of brats

California sues automakers for global warming damages

Chavez calls Bush "the devil"

Where ARE the ANSWERS, the GOOD IDEAS?? Bush/GOP has hidden them

Voter ID bill results - Government issued ID required by 2008

Robert Parry: 'The Bushes & the Truth About Iran'


Labour's Online Bookstore

Allen Mgr Trying to Paint Webb as Anit-Semitic for Ad in Primary

Cat Killer Frist pimps Nov. GOP votes by dangling US-Mexico fence carrot

Will Republican perverts get enough Dems to support them on HR 5295?

NYT: For Governors in G.O.P. Slots, a Liberal Turn

Confessions of an appeaser.

WJ is rolling today!

Clinton sees hope of fresh Mideast initiative

Smear Campaign Backfiring--Bernie Sanders lead 66% to 27%

Condi is going to be in charge of the Israeli thing? They should send

VoteVets Body Armor Ad Going to Run Against Santorum - Woo Hoo!

The House is in session. Voter ID to be discussed. Cspan Now.

Photo: "Our opening hymn: "In the Garden of Eden," by I. Ron Butterfly..."

What form of torture would Jesus have preferred?

New Bush Comic: "We Gotta Educate 'Em"


HRW slams UN body for anti-Israel bias

Pile it on

Anderson Cooper (9/19) David Gergen and Frank Rich

Tell Your Senators: Don't Let the White House Legalize Torture E action

Trying to create a mass email. RE: paper ballots and why the average

Bush Appoints Former ‘Big Dig’ Manager As Special Envoy To Darfur

No One Dares to Help -- The wounded die alone on Baghdad's streets.

Mary Matalin on Imus now saying the Bush Administration doesn't

America caught in a VISE of Ignorance and Osama's strategies

WOW! Greta Van Susteren STALKS 'n' BLOGS Laura Bush in NY! WOW! USA! USA!

WOW! Pederson (D)Closes in on Kyl(R) in Arizona!!!

Who's worse than Bush?

Difficult Working Conditions at Center of Nursing Shortage

Lots to Say (About Politics)

Jonathan Alter on MSNBC talking about the US backed coup of Chavez

Is there an opportunity for Labor and (very) small business owners to be

They are Back Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

U.S. troops face gangs of children in Baghdad

Katherine Harris to stump with president after all, in Orlando on 9/21

Re Basics: Never expect Success from those without Talent

What Turley Didn't Say: Bush is a War Criminal


bush Make A Major Confession.....


Stop Electing Judges NOW!

Torture Fails Again ("black eye for U.S." -- tortured detainee cleared)

The twenty most corrupt members of congress - interesting read

Dobbs: Voting machines put U.S. democracy at risk

Doing The Moral Limbo: How Low Will They Go?

Boxer on a roll on CSPAN2

Benchmarks: 20,000 U.S. troops injured

Sens. want more Iraq report declassified

NPR: Dubai Firm Fails to Sell Ports in Timely Manner (but we get pathway!)

White House to release entry logs

When people were not allowed to vote

THURS., C-SPAN3, 9AM ET ---Impeachment Hearing

DSCC "Burns" Conrad Burns with Fireman Ad - Woo Hoo

Corps must be pissed about the Thai Coup...

army has refused 426 Army Reserve resignations since Dec. 2004 & other

Bible Study classes inside the Green Zone

Is Chris Matthews that stupid?

Make your own billboard and embarrass Beauprez & Chimp in Colorado in Oct

Democrats House Armed Service Committee on Shortfalls Family Support

Are polling accurate?

Barbara Milkulski, answered my letter on signing statements

Hoyer challenges Republiclowns to prove citizenship right now.

AP: House Passes Voter ID Bill


Tweety's worked himself into a LATHER: "Bush is COMING BACK UP!" (44%) Congressional Power Rankings -


Pathetic Re-thug Advertising...

what a friend georg b*sh has in wolf blitzer

Gas prices dropping? It's NOT because of the Republicans...

"How confident are you your vote will count?" Lou Dobbs Poll.

Is there any good reason for Des Moines to have cheaper gas than Houston?

Joe Scarbourgh showed his true colors last night.

There is no UPTICK in Bush's approval rating look at...

How are we doing on reclaiming "liberal"?

AP: Obama Urges Challenge to Bush Policy

So why did this administration put Republican toadies in charge

Bush flip flops (read: lies) on bin Laden and Pakistan

GAO report shows massive shortfalls Nicholson lied to Congress

I suppose I upset a freeper

Jane Hamsher from Firedoglake on Countdown- Wow

Watching Hannity & Colmes on the U.N.

Wrong question: Did Bush authorized torture?

Torture and the Tenth Amendment

Who voted to Shield Bush from War Crimes? Anyone got a list?

Watching CNN interview with Iran P.M.

Please help me rebut this email

Free Bumper Stickers: "Fire the Republicans" from

Washington Blade Parts Ways With Jeff Gannon

House Passes Voter ID Bill - H.R. 4844

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My van was shot by a freeper (update).

AP: Texas Candidate Accused of Racist Crack (Kinky Friedman)

Chavez calls Bush the devil and, no doubt, many DUers cheer