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Top Aide to Sadr Outlines Vision of a U.S.-Free Iraq

In Memoriam: Pop culture that helped us mourn 9/11/01

Someone said this was their "home page". Can I set this so when I crank up

Please don't miss the Olbermann commentary.

Where does this piece fit (AA 77)?

Who controls you?

Wanna know who's running the world AND what YOU can do about it? GO HERE:

Students remember Bush’s 9/11 “My Pet Goat” reading

I am here to say it

NYT: Harvard Ends Early Admission, Citing Barrier to Disadvantaged

NYT/Reuters: Press Groups Criticize China Curbs on Foreign News

NYT: "Tribute in Light" aiming two beams skyward over ground zero site

the lounge - 5 years ago

Shania Twain's tits are starting to sag!

Whoever hipped me to COOLIRIS, thanks. It's cool. Still it takes

nevermind, it was moved

A question for big fat guys here on DU . . . .

Laboriously set the alarm clock, forgot to -turn it on-

jeebus take the wheel cause i can't drive for squat...

Y'suppose the Firesign Theatre had * in mind

ASCII makes Baby Jesus cry!

The lounge seems S L O W tonight.

My Broncos sucked a HUGE phallus Sunday!

(¯`'•.¸Remember ASCII art??¸.•'´¯)

ABC makes Baby Jesus cry!

Tell me this isn't the biggest yellow jacket nest you ever saw...

Max Cleland supporting Murtha tonight. On Olbermann. AND, if

OMFG! Ahnuld is now in the broadcast booth on ESPN's MNF coverage

Was the Bush administration criticized in the second part

Gut Feeling or Irrational Fear? They'll Attack Iran Very Soon

We have our disagreements here, but there is one thing we can agree on

ABC makes Baby Jesus cry!


Are You Sick to Death of hearing the word "terror"

I am done with trying to understand

Most of the country clearly WASN'T watching PT9/11 ---

Pity the 9/11 flick was a hack job-Harvey keitel was good in it

I know I'm late to the Keith Olberman party...

I am here to say it

US - Taliban Oil pipeline negotiations.

Twilight Zone and Keith Olbermann: how cool was that? And

Study: Scalia, Thomas more "activist" than liberal Supreme Ct. colleagues

I gave ABC every benefit of the doubt...

A lighter moment, a laugh or two: Funniest DU threads ever

If this image doesn't say it all...

Keith Olbermann's commentary on YouTube...

Freepers, bush-bots, chimp lickers, repukes.....ALL COWARDS!

Oh wow, should I end my friendship with this person?

Infuriated George W. Bush says, "Whatever we have done is legal!"

Patricia Heaton was in the P9/11 movie...

ABC 9/11 film ties documentary rerun

'Cathedral of Light'- is a NAZI Ripoff from the 1937 Nuremberg Rally

Dear Keith Olberman,

PT911 comment on Bin Laden's cell phone use

HuffPost: Dark Milestone -- More American Deaths in Iraq than 9/11

Commentary: Let's scrap the 9/11 commission and start again

Students remember Bush’s 9/11 “My Pet Goat” reading


Zogby: 65% of GOP still believes Saddam/9-11 connection

GOP Senators concede: It's only abuse if it "shocks the conscience"

KO repeat just starting.

NYT editorial in response to Bush's address to the nation, 9/11/06

My kid hates Disney:

bush's B.S.; Free Elections and democracy spreading in the M.E.

hey bush....take iraq

I get zip from

Please Mr Bush and Administration.......

Ahh.. good ol' corporate shaming: Artist Banksy Targets Disneyland

Thank you, Keith

"Talk Hard" and..."Pump Up the Volume"

"Path to 9-11" TOP TEN LIST

I'm fucking insulted...

Zogby: Webb 50%, Allen 43%

Bush’s widening credibility gap (Wichita Eagle editors blog)

If 9-11 Hadn't Happened, Where Would the World Be?

Compelling reasons why Gore should run once more (by Pat Buchanan!)

"We Have Not Forgotten, Mr. President." by Keith Olbermann by the Nation

WP: Bush tries to win over war-weary nation

The face of a madman

Kristol advocates sending in more troops. My email to him.

ABC 9/11 Docudrama's Right-Wing Roots

The Kwakiutl chief in our heads, or why the majority of--

Bombing Iran won't work, history's lessons tell us

Finding a way forward

With No Ideas, The GOP Seeks to Scare (Meyersoin / WP)

Bush has made the world more dangerous - bin Laden is grateful

Microsoft Preps Soapbox To Compete With YouTube

Microsoft Preps Soapbox To Compete With YouTube

This Hole in the Ground (Keith Olbermann)

Galloway: The generals at the breakfast table (Iraq is a Failure)

The Scorpion, the Frog, and the Corporation

NYTimes Editorial: The Fictional Path to 9/11

Ivan Eland: Fear Mongering on the Anniversary of 9/11

CNN: Educators divided over what to learn from 9/11


The "Flying Wi-Fi" - Working Out the Bugs

Miami Cubans support arrested anti-Castro activist

Tomgram: Cornered Empire

Five Years Without Another Attack-- Huffington Post

The gathering storms: How man is making the wind blow

Bill & Al's excellent adventure (If Gore had won in 2000)

Sgt. 1st Class Merideth Howard, 52 (Oldest Female Casualty)

Bin Laden's Victory - WaPo

Ford (Motor) to seek 30% cut in salaried, other costs: WSJ

Summer 'second-warmest'

(Oak Ridge) Researchers propose (renewable) energy plan (20% by 2020)

Canada fights to keep its water

Giant nests perplex experts

Texas Coastal Water Temps Up 3F In 30 Yrs - More Coal, Says Gov. Goodhair

Tropical Depression 8

Arizona Unveils Climate Strategy

Native British trees 'under threat' from global warming

Coming soon: Hydrogen-powered BMW (

New Multicolored Bird Found in India

Documentation of signif. sea surface temperature increases

This Global Warming denialist is so dense he's funny.

PetroChina Sets Up Alternative Energy Unit (Mostly Coal-Bed CH4 At First)

Lead Smelter That Poisoned At Least 877 Chinese Repeately Reported - ENN

Warming Likely Reason For Growth In Some Pakistan Glaciers - Geographic

DOE Study - Higher Ocean Temps Largely Due To Human GHG Influence

SA Env. Minister - Effects Of Climate Breakdown Likely Worse Than Thought

Prozac Linked To Reproductive Failure In OH Freshwater Mussels

I'm wearing my "I Voted" sticker (Az. primary)

Gore, In Australia, Compares John Howard To Flat-Earthers - AAP

Australian Senate Comm. - Climate Change "Not Reflected" In Water Policy

City solar cells will shine for generator in Spain (60 MW project)

Silicon (Valley) for solar

A Model Approach to Energy...for Democratic Candidates? (D. Patrick, MA)

Solar City to Advance Renewable Energy Down Under

IDF commander: We fired more than a million cluster bombs in Lebanon

Lebanon to seek Israel compensation over oil slick

High Court approves new fence route

IDF commander: We fired more than a million cluster bombs in Lebanon

Israel orders release of some detained Hamas officials

Israel soldier dies in Gaza clash

9/11 mystery: What did our allies know?

Press For A New 9.11 Investigation

dupe - delete

Poll - did the neocons arrange 9/11?

Funeral Home owner - there was a man on tv yesterday - must

Best 9/11 conspiracy debunking website + question about Building 7

Close up of WTC collapsing (what caused the little fires?)

Everyones First Reaction, Controlled Demolition - news video compilation

Anyone ever heard of Code: Fort Knox?

Loose Change Two NUMBER ONE on Google's most popular videos

Chavez Entertains MIHOP/LIHOP Theories

Association Of Professors Defending BYU's Jones

Steve Irwin Fans Turn on Stingrays

911 research at Purdue


9/11 Debate: Loose Change Filmmakers vs. Popular Mechanics Editors

Report from Ground Zero

Box cutters were forbidden since 1994!

Chavez says it's plausible Washington orchestrated Nine-Eleven attacks

Where can I find real time footage of 9/11?

Found a new picture of the fire at WTC 7

"9/11 Press for Truth" - Not a "docudrama".

I have a serious question for the dungeon dwellers!

My boss and 3 other coworkers are questioning 9/11

Was it boxcutters or knives?

Richard Hayes Phillips Declaration: "Direct Evidence of Ballot Tampering"

LAT: Little noticed, nationwide melee breaks out over new voter ID laws

Baltimore NAACP wins suit to give voters extra hour to vote

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wed 9/13/06 Train Wreck In MD Edit

Cinci Enq: Evidence Submitted in '04 Punch Card Ballot Case

Diebold Election Train Wreck in Maryland: 646 comments on Kos

Gaggin' on the new Stinky Kinky Ad..Just Gaggin'....

Seaman cheats on wife. Blames it on Dick.

"Texas Politics" blog mentions DVO, Big Oil billboards

Texas Daily Terrorism Update (Five Years Later)

PLEASE STOP with all the damn events during the campaign!

It's My Birthday Edition of What's For Supper (9/12)

Happy Birthday to demgurl!!!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!

Had a new taste sensation in Mexico.

Ottawa hands off on trusts -- for now

Charge Albertans for extra water use, scientist suggests

Info czar raises alarm on ad for his job

Latest wingnut rant: Are Canadians Stupid?

Collapse warning at Deutsche Bank (Building at WTC Site)

Rice says U.S. might ease its stance on Iran

Iraqi PM heads to Iran seeking "no interference"

Miami Cubans support arrested anti-Castro activist

US: Saddam was not responsible for 9/11

Post-9/11 Drop in Air Travel Delayed Flu Season, Study Finds --WaPo

IDF commander: We fired more than a million cluster bombs in Lebanon

WP: Bush tries to win over war-weary nation

U.S. excluded car, suicide bombs from Iraq murder toll

Grim Outlook Seen in West Iraq Without More Troops and Aid

Polls find Perry loss isn't out of the question

Chevron Could Avoid Huge Royalties on New Field

CNN/AP: Chafee race in Rhode Island closely watched in Tuesday primaries

AP: Lawyer Says Rove Targeted Client

WP: With 9/11 Film, Kean Finds Tough Critic in Lee Hamilton

Calif. deputies reportedly come for Karr, leave him here (Colorado)

Former governor King in intensive care after brain surgery (MA)

In Unpredictable District, Some Say Bush Is Politicizing Terrorism

Prosecutor: No retaliation from Rove

Father fills in for ailing son again:Jimmy Carter on stump; Jack Carter in

Mexican activists want ballots saved

Syria accuses US of fueling terrorism after embassy

Apology given in Sunday (Nevada Constitution Day) parade incident

Iraq, Iran to sign deal on shared oilfield-Shahristani

Iraqi Militias Seen Spinning Out of Control: Leaders' authority doubted

Sadr, Sunnis oppose Iraq partitions

White House Gains Concessions in Senate Measure on Tribunals

HP’s Patricia Dunn to step down in January (bug you friend and .....

Startling Stats on Furniture as Killer

US Marines deny losing Iraq's biggest province (Anbar)

Taliban more dangerous now than al Qaeda: Musharraf

Pentagon Weighing Report On Anbar (US forces 5+ years in Iraq?)

2 Cuban Activists (aka terrorists) Plead Guilty

Ahmadinejad: Iraq's security is Iran's security

Call for Bush to stop using 'Islamic fascists' (Feingold)

27 die in mass Iraqi execution

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 12 September

Al Qaeda offshoot suspected in U.S. Embassy attack in Syria

AP: 6 Powers Can't Agree on Iran Statement

Iraq Asks Iran To Stop Flow Of Militants

Angelides Camp Denies Hacking; Arnold aide: audio access "unauthorized"

Mexico's president-elect urges ballots be saved

Deficits not a problem in short run, White House says

Bush Approval Rating Holds Steady At 39% In Gallup Poll

Blair heckled at trade union conference

OPEC Leaves Oil Output Quotas in Place as Price Keeps Falling--Wa Po

GOP, Dems spar over Bush speech on 9/11

Protest votes, light turnout in morning polling (NYS primary)

Army secretary reveals combat death plan(every death will be investigated)

Top Aide to Sadr Outlines Vision of a U.S.-Free Iraq

AP: Rival Admits Leaking Schwarzenegger Tape (CA-GOV)

MSNBC calling it for Chafee

NYT/AP: Gates, Rockefeller Foundations Fight Hunger in Africa

Tax on lumber deal holdouts

Lieberman: Lamont Runs Negative Campaign

Overzealous staff fingerprinted Canadians: U.S. official

Zilmer: U.S. 'stifling' Iraq insurgency

Montgomery (county, MD) to Extend Voting Hours After Election Glitches

Democrats Call NSA's Input To Senate Panel Inappropriate

NSA 'Talking Points' Memo Irks Democrats

The Young Turks Join Air America Radio (AAR's new schedule)

Average gas price falls 11 cents a gallon in a week

Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs

Noe Sentenced --here's a link

Voters Riding A Blue Wave

(Terrorist) Posada should be released, magistrate tells judge

Bush assassination movie gets U.S. deal (Reuters/CNN)

Lawmakers to probe housing "bubble," mortgages (DUH!)

Guarding Against Every Terror Risk Would Bankrupt U.S.,

Glaxo To Pay IRS $3.4 Billion Tax Settlement Is Biggest in Agency's Histor

Cheney sent to Capitol Hill to break up surveillance, tribunals deadlock

House Moves to Hinder Church-State Lawsuits

Republicans questioning Bush's policies on Iraq

Association Of Professors Defending BYU's Jones

Independent: Soldiers reveal horror of Afghan campaign

Insurgents melt away from battle

White House Pressures GOP on Detainees

Hotline: DNC Chairman Howard Dean, DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel Reach Deal

Despite Buzz And Controversy (Road To 9/11 Bombs In Ratings)

NATO steps up pressure for more troops

Federalism Plan Dead, Says Iraqi Official

52 year old female reservist killed in Kabul, oldest female soldier

Canada won't retreat, McKay tells Rice

County Democrats trying to hit Santorum where he doesn't live

WP: Wealthier Seniors to Pay Higher Medicare Premiums

AP: Rice Warns Against Afghanistan Pullout

US trade deficit hits record US$68B in July

VA report: There is no Gulf War syndrome (AP/CNN)

Michigan man accused of ramming car into women's clinic in Iowa

Smoke Rising from US embassy in Syria

US thanks Syria over embassy raid

Oil Prices Drop Below $64 a Barrel

Moderate Republican US Sen. Chafee wins primary

Costner Blasts Bush Assassination Film

BBC did not know of (ABC's Path to) 9/11 film's link to religious right

Animal rights activists sentenced (under terrorism laws)

AP Bush cites 9/11 to win Iraq war support

Giuliani Fears His Health Hurt on 9/11

Survey: Less of U.S. secular than thought ( some alarming findings)

Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs

A cop car is patrolling through my neighborhood with his spotlight on...

To simpler times (and I didn't notice the Branson cameos 24 years back)

Anyone want to GUESS THE MOVIE STAR in this picture? Now, don't

I guess I have demerits!!!

where do you like to read?

Well the stage was set, the sun was sinkin' low down . . . .

Great Thread in GD! Funny!!!

When MrGrumpy is out of town...

How does one post in LBN?

If AirmensMom doesn't get her fridge working soon...

the horrors!!!! DU killed Jesus Christ

I remember when Jesus was President

anyone here use wireless broadband service?

The games I play don't need no Referee.

Snakes on the Brain!

I'm eating 1 1/2 inch-thick 'Baked Pork Chops'. Ask me anything...

there is a difference between ignorance and stupidity....

Olbermann's comment tonight blew me away

"New Orleans Is Sinking/Nautical Disaster"- The Tragically Hip

When I finally beat this MRSA, it will be because of:

College Football: New Clock Rules; Love 'em or Hate 'em?

Bush warns world of new Al Qaeda threat...terrorist gophers

Unforbidden words

20 years ago..

GoPsUx and I are the only ones here in the Lounge right now

Am falling off the face of the earth....

These kind of posts drive me bonkers

I think I'll become Emo... now that's it's going out of style to be so

This is how the WORLD sees our Fearless leader GW Bush

Who is Howie Dorough and why is he in my almanac?

I locked my keys in my car, but it's not my fault.

Calling DU pilots...

Will you be buying the new Star Wars DVD's

Dylan - Love and Theft or Modern Times?

Celebrity Boutique Sues Us Weekly - Lack Of Coverage Hurting Business

The Lounge hasn't been very loungy lately.

Shannon Dougherty vs. Star Trek

I'm full of baked pork, and I've cleaned and oiled the UZI...

Happy Birthday to Cooley Hurd!!!

What happened here? American League Central race.

"Saturday is national preparedness month...."

Learn to type, with FREECYCLE!!!!!!

This must be the dupe.

Bicyclist Waiting For Ambulance After Being Hit By Car Hit By Second Car

Learn to hype, with FREECYCLE!!!!!!

Guinness beer commercial: Evolution of the drinker.

Mario Bava's "Black Sunday" is on IFC; gotta go hide under the bed

can someone let me know when its safe to go back to GD?

lets make up a story one sentence at a time

Note on "Rollin' and Tumblin'" from Bob Dylan's "Modern Times"

Good morning, everyone!

Man Sets Mobile Home Door On Fire After Argument With Girlfriend

More metacommentary

Man Charged In Gang-Rape Of Girl Expresses Regret (Thought She Was Older)

Tuesday, September 12. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

ARRRGGHHH!!!!! Moderator Call Me Wesley is a little

Keith Olbermann is my new hero

Raccoon Forces Student To Miss Homework

Another sign of the End of Times

Well is america still here and is anyone Awake in it?

beautiful desktop wallpapers

Skinner PM'ed me, I feel so Seagal!!!!!!

Help with video???

Husband just had a fundie encounter....

You know you've spent to much time in the lounge when

Anyone else getting spammed by this "Skinner" character?

Football joke

Skinner PM'ed me, I feel so spatial!!!

Tucker Carlson Thinks He Can Dance (Dancing with the "Stars").

Take a look at the bumper sticker I just custom made!

Is it the Rapture, or just a sugar crash? has COMPLETE transcript and video of KO 9-11 Commentary!

John R. Cash, February 26, 1932-September 12, 2003.

Skinner PM'ed me, I feel so special!!!

Stingrays mutilated after ‘Croc Hunter’ death

what should i do in tennessee?

Paris Hilton was Alice in Blunderland at party

13 Year Old Boy Rewarded With Marijuana For Doing Homework

Are you a total liberal stereotype?

a random poll

Best Portable Computer EVAR!

Disgusting: Paris Hilton’s bed goes up for bid includes used mattress

Okay, the word "Fuck" makes me laugh

Ugh! Try to guess who I have to meet at a party tonight.

Is air hazardous to your health?

Was it just me or was the internets slow last night.

Argh... stupid censorship

A question for the military folks on this board

Man Writes Of Launching 'Feline Jihad' To Rid Neighborhood Of Stray Cats

How do you get rid of a "pickle"

Microsoft Security Bullitins for September

President's Briefing Papers 8/06/01 - 9/12/01

BREAKING HUGH!!!1111 Britney Gives Birth To 2nd Child

You know I was thinking............ I may need to hide my sausage??

Fall Movies: Which of these is #1 on your list to see?

How do you get rid of a "hippie"

Designstar Fans...A question about Alice and David

I hate it when militant Vegan mods lock my meat threads

Smokey is dying...

Little, common things you have to do that annoy you

God Actresses

How do you get rid of a "Stiffie"

Secret Drawings!

GoPsUx please take a cold shower

This Story Really Touched Me......

If you ask me, Tonga's coat of arms is trying to please too many people

City Official Says Naked Attackers Robbed Him (At Male Strip Club)

It's possible that I've lost track of who was in my journal tracker

"Angels...on this message board?" --Another Rapture Ready Treat

Holy crap, I really have lost some weight!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 9/12/06)

Mystery Island Guessing Game

At what point do leftovers become garbage?

Weird clouds

GoPsUx is really on a roll

i am *such* an idiot.

So I missed "The Path to 9/11". How did it end

Greatest cinematography overall in one movie?

Since nobody likes my innocent threads..Here is a puppy

OK my lovelies,I must away...Knackered

Happy birthday wishes to.........

Create a Political smear campaign against another Duer

Calling Golden Palace-dot-com!

did you hear about the drummer who locked his keys in his car?

Look I know I fucked up the other..

Afternoon Tea, anyone?

So...I have to move. Boo.

Do i have strep?

Alone again...natural-leee

Remember when someone asked if you'd just leave or if you'd post

Recommend a nice trashy novel

I just had three threads locked in less than an hour ask me anything

For California Peggy

Upside down or inside out?

My FIRST Knotty Girl Appreciation Thread!

Kittens love to play the piano

Giant Babies at DU

Remember when the worst W had done was trading Sammy Sosa...

OHMYGOD ! Did you see who was just on Larry King Live? DAVID GIANCOLA!

I think Anne Coulter and Sandra Lee should team up

Anyone else with a fifth generation Ipod?


My apple wireless mighty mouse just arrived this morning

I need a hug........I am just too pissed and want to leave this country.

What The Fuck Is A "Happy Ion" Feature? Anyone Have A Clue?

Just got this Freakist Email

I do think I'm different from other kids.

Hey, all you Vegan make-up whores!

Wow. I'm getting lazy in my old age, apparently.

Barbara Walters claims dog talked to her

Are you the type of DUer that would watch "Ghoulies 4"

This really should be the official hymn of the evangelical fundies

I just skipped out of THREE programming courses!

just bought two books and a DVD - over $50 - spent less than $5 for 'em


Dirty old men: adapting to new techology

I completely cleaned and rearranged the living room today...

Holy shit! That's small!

30 Days idea....

WhenYou Close Your Eyes

***Phantom PM's***

Problems with iTunes 7.0


"Girls Gone Wild" Asshole-In-Chief fined $2.1 million. Good. FUCK him.

Stories from the Road: Coming Back

Sshh. It is Open House at my school

God, do I hate baseball's "wild card"...

A superman returns poll....

WTF?!?! Colbert promised us Bisconsin's Beventh - now he's in Jersey!

Tuesday, September 12. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

A new game--sort of

Damn. I can't go into my house.

Fresh from the egg to the first birthday (baby pics)

Please!!!!!! Anyone live in Central NJ who is...

(Chicago) Bears' shutout scores furniture shoppers free merchandise

BB 7 finale...what was the final vote count??? America wants to know

The part of your body that you hate the most

Glerble Glerble!111

Is there any place where I can get a chickenhawk costume?

Best. Band. Ever.

Woman Dowses Boyfriend With Gasoline To Get Crack - He Catches Fire

bansky rocks!

Damn, my friend's father killed himself

Ahhh the joys of owing Citi bank my soul for student loans...

My brother's on his knees.

I need suggestions for an awesome hotel in NYC on 9/22.

Judge Blocked In Woman's Car After She Parked In His Space

Worst Actors (male)

The Official DU Naughty Guy 2006 Thread!!!

Nudie suit worn by Chriss Hillman/Flying Burritos Bros.) for sale on Ebay!

Happy Birthday to Cooley Hurd!!! A picture gallery!

A Goofy Song of Love for Mrs. Venation

QB hit of the century

Coconut, anyone?


Been nice knowin' y'all

Flirting In th Lounge

I want to see some pretty pictures. Do you have a Flickr set (or

Infinity is infinite, of course.

The perfect kiss

Just learned a perfect British word: "chav"

Project Runway: Who will get Auf'd this week?

The REAL discrimination in Presidential elections

best song of the 1960's?

My Second Naughty Girl Appreciation Thread!!

Anyone here with a relative in a nursing home? How do you cope?

Question on COBRA benefits

Venting time: I HATE my job...

Prettiest (not cutest) cats on DU!

Live for Today

OMG! This country singer trash on Colbert is the total embodiment

DU homies: If you truly love me, you will

AMC right now: The Sting

Guess who's back (after some terrible browser trouble)

Does anyone know anything about this?


Random stuff from your Photobucket account! (dialup danger!)

I hate to keep asking, but I need prayers and wishes

People disagreein' everywhere you look

Best Actors (male)

Shit, I gotta go to work

Dog owners...what do you give your dogs to chew on?

Pilonidal Cyst!

How do you get rid of a "hickie"

I just heard a stupid argument in the hallway...

**What's your favorite CURRENT TV show?**

My youngest, my daughter, wants to watch A Clockwork Orange with us

Best Simpsons episode ever?

Grounds for impeachment (tongue-in-cheek)

what great bands ended up putting out horrific songs/albums?

Good Actresses

I am sick of the Rabrrrrrr Agenda being shoved down my throat!

Okay, which one of you ignorati spilled your Zima in my Appletini?

Goodbye for now

Most memorable TV commercial jingle ever (preferably good)

Was one of Muhammad's goals to ensure that people continued to

Got God? Which one?

Anyone ever used "Charlie's Soap"?

No Gulf War Syndrome?

Ban on skinny models shocks fashion world

Expert Panel:FDA claim of dental amalgam safety is unreasonable

Some antidepressants raise violence risk - study

Russia-China plan for moon mission (AP/CNN)

Meteor's sonic boom rattles residents (AP/CNN) {NZ}

CNN Anchor comes out!

The press screws it up again, trying to bring down Lance Armstrong!

Hail to the Redskiiiiiiiiiiiins!!! Hail Victory!!!

Look at this great blog I found...

"Breaking Through the Barrier" - Karen Bishop - September 11, 2006

Learn and Let Flow - We Don't Need To Suffer

Tao. We have the slowest moving forum. and I can't find the book thread

Intender's Circles - Met someone neat.

What is the spiritual or symbolic significance of a moth to you?

My most recent VA Hospital Chronicles

Heads up Veterans a Pharmacy Scam phone calls

VA report: There is no Gulf War syndrome (AP/CNN)

Sen. Kerry visits Iowa visits this weekend

Idea for flash or ad makers

Sen Kerry to be on Ed Schultz tomorrow

Please read this


Diary about loose nukes and favorable about JK makes Diary Rescue

Anybody have any idea what's going on in Rhode Island?

Is there a separate transcript of the Saturday speech AS GIVEN?

Olbermann rant

MH: Kerry's raising money for Joe Sestak!

OT: Senator Kennedy to be interviewed on Hardball today,

James Boyce post on HuffPo

John Kerry tops the Google searches this week!

Delete dup (didn't recognize the title at first)

EJ Dionne in the WaPo 9/12 give Kerry praise (& Biden)

Anybody watching the Senate?

Good stuff on Salon today

Hey, cool, my mom saw a snippet of Kerry's Boston speech on German TV!

Video of JK's 9/9 Security speech is up at

Hearings this week.

my D50 in the great outdoors....

WOOOHOOOO...TDS is back live tonight

Donna Edwards, challenger to Rep. Albert Wynn

Good God, A''mighty

Thank you DU-Admins, Mods, fellow DUers. We have a few

The one book *bush should have read but never will

Ok It's September 12th and STILL no rapture

A Tough Debate for Burns

2,671 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war of choice in Iraq

Democratic Poll: A 10-Point Lead for Vermont’s Welch

AP: Report: U.S. Cyclists Admit EPO Use

Don't care. Another K.O thread.....OH SNAP!

I attended the dedication of the Arizona 9-11 Memorial this morning. It was

Ms. TominTib is 5'8" and has a really fine butt

Colbert: Obliterates Macaca Allen in the WORD and then ABC

Anybody out there listening to Bernie Ward

Gay Republican fights to hold Minn. seat

San Diego's ABC ran football instead of Path to 9/11 part 2????

Tell me why Bush should not be impeached?

Charges over New Forest terror training

Anybody notice that the "florida terrorists" are now part of the official

W. Iraq Sit. Called Dire: Anbar Is Lost Politically, Marine Analyst Says

Pope warns flock not to depend on science too much

new democracy internet tv platform----

I am not offended by the insult 'conspiracy theorist'

Poll - did the neocons arrange 9/11?

Sept. 13th, 5 yrs. ago No Planes Flew. Unless they had bin Ladens on them

The 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts-

hunting for wmds - link?

Irwin fans may be mutilating sting rays "in revenge"

Holding Bush Accountable For Over 40,000 Dead

Muslims are terrorists, Cubans are not

Does "Countdown" repeat one more time tonight?

9/11 commissioner wants to know why they've ignored so many

Tom Kean="We didn't really reach out to the Republican leadership

The Bush Anti-Terra Stragery...

9/11 mystery: What did our allies know?

Happy Birth Day Mohandas K. Gandhi

Brilliant protest, Guantanamo Bay prisoner found in Disneyland

Some of you disgust me.

Question about Bush on Lauer interview, Inconsistency?

Here are two posts I am personaly having difficulty with.

I'm annoyed.

Chi Trib at it again - LTTE blames Clinton for not reponding to USS Stark

Paging dmesg: The Post printed the homless man's dog-shooting

A bizarre place for a Sept. 11 moment of silence--after my group workout

Only in St. Charles County, MO would you see this...*WOW* freep insanity GOP Slams Dems to Distract From Bush Incompetence

Karl Rove sums it all up for liberals!!!

(TOON) Steve Bell on the 9/11 Anniversary

Pic of Bush on MSNBC's homepage - NICE!

The Day After The Day

Will Capturing Osama be the "October Surprise" this election year?

Front page news Oaxaca, Oaxaca Mexico near anarchy.

Arizona people don't forget to vote today! A link is provided in

Been nice knowin' y'all

Curious - Did Truman Address Pearl Harbor in '46?

w's 'aw shucks' routine is to cover a petulant monster.

james woods on leno - has he gone banana /ape shit crazy

Path AWAY From 9/11, The ABC no-bid Sequel; learn to ultimate...

Death threats made to Bush assassination film makers

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON - Tues 9/12... interpretations

We actively avoided all the TV hooplah yesterday

What are the Pukes trying to do to satellite radio?

Heavy GOP supporter AGREED with Keith last night

MSNBC programming: where's KO re-broadcast at 9AM?

Link here for Olbermann text and video in multiple formats

Comic: Corporate ethics (I don't know where to put anything...


Bush's "campaign of retribution" felt worldwide

ABC; You Just Don't Understand

dim son has led such a sheltered life, he really has NO CLUE does he?


'Tribute in Light' pictorial-amazing

Horsey lays it out straight:

Iran pledges help for security in Iraq

Krisitn Breitweiser vs. Coulter on Geraldo ? Anyone see it?

HOLY CRAP! I think I just figured out the Anthrax case, look:

911 Comm's Tom Keane: Unscrupulous "Piece of Work" at election time, for 25

Okay, what's next, have they shot their wad this week?

"It's Showtime." Can't access iTunes music store.

The larger P2911 strategy: further sully the Clinton brand before 06-08

Jon Stewart's first show after 9/11/01

Now that we know the US has been paying journalists

The Daily Show - one of the best lines ever - sums of their "plan" perfect

"Has/have _________ gone too far?" "The lesson of 9/11 is_______."

The anti-stem cell folks in MO are out of their minds!

Where Did Cheney Get His Saddam/Al-Queda Intelligence Info?

Happy Birthday to Cooley Hurd!!! A picture gallery!

PT911 Monday Ratings - it was #1 but Didn't Improve

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

"Is there a backlash against stingrays?"

Has Keith Olbermann ever appeared on the Daily Show?

America's Mayor...Rocky Anderson

Can chimps, apes, and other REAL primates (not Repubs or

Icky Rick up trying to say Dems are playing politics!

Ambassador Joseph Wilson Updates BuzzFlash

Sen. Lindsey Graham: U.S. 'Screwed Up' in Iraq

Give me truth or give me death !

911P4T - Hate mail

FOX News Does Its Part For Right-Wing McCarthyism On Campus

Caption the Pope

Fantasy post - Who would you define as a "reclaiming America" admin?

5 whole yrs. & bush is still out there, plotting against us.

What I did on 9/11/06

9/11 cartoon that tells it like it is.

Please help: I need a link to a time line on shifting war justifications

Among the Various Things That the Republicans Have Not Done

Media Matters: Cable & Broadcast Coverage of 9/11 Anniversary Skewed Right

Media Matters: Numerous Reviews of "Path" Failed To Note Controversy

The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War

I voted today in New York

Only a dumbass would believe our safety depends on victory in Iraq

Youv'e come along way baby!

If we were attacked under a Dem. Pres. the repubs would Impeach

"The greatest threat to our generation.."

Bush - Most Radical & Arguably Worst President In History (Salon)

I will go through my day today with a little more spring in my step

What does Cheney really do? Am racking my brain here

How long you live depends on which USA you live in

Dupe: use this link

Looking for CNN link RE:Clinton trying to find Bin laden

9/11 victims are this administration’s Horst Wessel.

Gore calls on China, India to tackle climate change

Montgomery Co., MD polls in chaos - electronic voting machines not

From the Huffington Post -- one country has it right, at least

Checkout what MS Outlook's spell check did to Keith Olbermann's name ====>

Christopher Hitchens is a moron

two more female members of the neo con criminal bushmilhousegang

Boston Globe: Suit says online marketer ran scam

Report links global warming, storms

Rice: 'Very difficult to find someone who doesn't want to be found' ?

bush Is Our Very Own Lord Beaverbrook?

a reply to a United Nations question

Clay Aiken to be named to presidential committee

Saddam was a threat.

KO hits one outta the park

Isikoff, Corn, Goodman-Democracy Now!-Rush Transcript Part 1:

"Thou hast shaken hands with reputation...and made him invisible."

Oliver Stone hints at film tackling 9-11 'conspiracy'

To the Freeway Blogger this morning on the 134 east in Glendale, CA

How Bad can it Get?

ABC - "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" - Anti-Kerry Film

Local poll results to, "Are we safer now than we were on 9/11" are in

It's Personal by Cindy Sheehan

The U.S. has changed in the last 5 yrs, bush's speeches have not

Possible dupe--Question about Toronto film festival

GOP Senator: Al Qaeda, Iraqi Insurgents Are "Same Group Of Killers"

Joe Wilson:"somebody...Justice Department was saying that this is treason"

IF Rick Santorum loses in November he could find another line of work

I will not sign online e-petitions. Not for anything. Never.

House back in session, CSPAN1

What causes the most deaths War? Murder?

Ok, so I watch about 60% of "The Path to 9/11"

Ready for the coming onslaught? Rove is...

Key Senate Repubs Begin to Cave on Military Tribunals

Display of 'Well Done' * matches at 'We Love You Mr. Bush' exhibition -pic

TODAY IN HISTORY: Anthrax letters processed at post offices, 9/12/01

BBC: Cuba oil prospects cloud US horizon

The voters need to put a stake thru the heart of the Republican Party..

Senator Macaca's "Ethnic Rally"

Rep. Boehner wonders if Dems more interested in protecting terrorists

Rasmussen says Bush got only a 3 point jump from last night

DU this poll and "help" racist Allen out

my friend (an Independent) was offended by B*sh speech last night

This Yahoo headline needs DU'ing: RATE IT UP

Correcting The Path to America circa 9/11/2001

Providence Journal issues correction to "incorrect[ ]" Path to 9/11 review

AP: "Bush uses 9/11 to argue for Iraq war "

Winning Strategy for Dems -- Forget Emotion, Tell Truth, Hold Accountable

Virginians Rejecting "Macaca?" Allen Trails Webb In Latest Poll

Video of Hastert singing "Star Spangled Banner" - flubbs the words

Thom Hartmann's got Frank Gaffney squirming over "Islamo-Fascist"

My letter of boycott to the local network.

I thought we were safer. Attack at US Embassy in Syria

No Such Thing As Gulf War Syndrome---On MSNBC

I suppose theiy're not 'celebrating' the Anthrax Attacks

The Shiite Crescent

Critics of bush & his war "Embolden the Terrorists"

Last night, we did not watch *'s speech. We turned the teevee off

"Muslims can convert to Christianity here!"

wh press conference on c-span2

We are under attack Insurance Cange Could Cost Military Retirees

The Iranization of Iraq begins: Iraq PM makes 1st official visit to Iran,

Say it with me New Yorkers

Trail Cold For Bin Laden, U.S. Officials Agree

What does the top 1% earn per year?

Man accused of fraud blames Karl Rove

We have 702 military bases in 132 countries

Democrats charge Bush politicized national day of mourning

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at MSNBC. Any DUers have an inside

Question for bush ...

Mass Executions in Iraqi Prisons Resume. 27 Executed in One Day

Must see TV, or computer screen, or must hear mp3.....

'US Marines deny losing Iraq's biggest province'!

"For over a thousand years Roman conquerors returning from the wars..."

Military first to possibly get computer chip implants

Makers of Loose Change and Popular Mechanics writer debate 9/11

Study: High school dropouts face steeper costs in U.S. (AP/CNN)

Must see T.V.: tucker carlson to dance tonight!

Death sought in McDonald's runover death

Two Thousand Six Hundred Souls (anti-war song via HuffPost)

Interesting conversation I just had with an ex-boyfriend

Message from Lebanese to Tony Blair (pic)

Self Deleted

Tony Snow: The president has been absolutely steadfast from the beginning.

Keith needs to watch out for Rovian dirty tricks.

BushCo on Iraq: It's all about the OIL

Social security privatization.

Osama Bin Laden's Planes Struck Heart of U.S. Law

My conversation with a Republican this morning:

Wal-Mart does something good - Supports the NGLCC

Steve Irwin Fans Turn on Stingrays

BEHOLD Ignorant AMERICAN FOOLS! The New Weapons Of Your DOOM!

Texas Daily Terrorism Update (Five Years Later)

K Olberman commentary - available anywhere other than Youtube?

Bush is worried that Americans 'no longer view the country as at war'

DKos: Bush Family History and Appeasing

Port of L.A. is investigating a bomb threat.

My appendix a greater threat than Al-Qaida?

"Islamic fascists" thwarted terrorist attack on the US embassy (in Syria)

Perfume bottle closes down wing of Port Authority in Manhattan...

Libby Trial Date Set — Jan. 16 Begins Jury Selection

Kick ass Guy James Show today! Please keep kicked:)

"Deficits not a problem in short run" -White House

Bush 9/11/06, desperate times call for desperate lies

anyone here actually see part II of Path?

Mommy, What's a Liberal?

Bush's idea of diplomatic mediation... ** PIC **

Monica, get my turban and fake beard

Here comes the DRAFT? Military leaders say 3 times the troops needed

Memo to Democrats: Stop Buying into the GOP Framing on Iraq

Why isn’t Saddam Hussein in Guantanamo Bay?

YouTube rankings for Olberman's "Hole in the Ground"

Ah, Freepers are SO cute... like little rabid puppies...

How were the ratings for ABC? Anybody knows? (nt)

Startling Stats on Furniture as Killer

MSNBC Live Vote: What Did You Think Of Bush's Speech?

Need a little bit of help here....


The 'Candles for Heroes' weirdo...

Of all days, 9/11 SHOULD have been marked by bitter partisanship

Hee hee - Ideas for ABC's next "documentary">>>

Oliphant Does The Pet Goat!!!!!!

Has no one asked ABC News Division what it thought of the mini-series?

DUer paulthompson now on Rhandi

"This was not a speech about Iraq . . . or partisanship" said Snow,

Sen. Feingold faults Bush's war language (the phrase "Islamic fascists")

How are we paying for the Iraq Occupation?

The stalker who has been harassing me on my blog reads DU

Americans View Bolton As Symbol Of Foreign Policy Failures: New Poll

Blitzer: "I think you'll agree that Saddam was a threat...."

Another red suit this time CNN Andrea Koppel

Democrats Ignore Bush's Peroration At Their Peril

ABC/Disney scamUdrama enraged and energized Democrats,

Patriot Day My Ass mr. bush, I can think of much better names.

Someone Call Ed Schultz and TEL HIM TO.....

Ex-Neo-Con identifies his former ideology with Leninism

Man breaks leg after he, daughter jump off Lantana Bridge

The funniest—and creepiest--Freeper rationalization I’ve seen in a while..

Stingrays mutilated after Irwin's death

is anyone pushing for a more accurate version of a 911 "docudrama"?

So I sent the YouTube link to Olbermann's commentary,

Nuclear agency goes on hiring spree (Hmmmm......)

Is "We do not torture..." the new "I'm not a crook."

Sean Penn: Bush Is "A Beelzebub - And A Dumb One"...

HEADLINE: In Unpredictable District, Some Say Bush Politicizing Terrorism

Tell me again why Pakistan is our Ally?

Last night I rewatched Michael Moore's F 9/11, as well as Richard Clarke

Sean Penn: calls Bush "a Beelzebub -- and a dumb one."

What Olbermann did WAS amazing

Learning a new language is an humbling experience.

Don't let Osama bin Laden tell you how to vote.

Tony Snow just blamed the families of 9/11 victims for the war, the speech

Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy... who's watching?

Why do I feel this drop in gas prices is a bait and switch...

Who is Bill and why do we want to wiretap him without a warrant?

What's with the three red suits on MSNBC this a.m.?

Smuggling TV's from Iraq to Iran - pic

Stingrays Responsible for 9/11

Blood Money on NPR today

So when is "The Path of Lies to 9/11" going to come out?

A world without men

Pakistan rape reform fails after Musharraf caves in

NY Times, Wash. Post suggested that Democrats spoiled nonpartisan aura of

ASSUMING we do re-take the house...

Can anyone report on RI's primary?

on the lou dobbs program just a few minutes ago, some blonde CNN person

Dems demand Networks to devote Coverage to House and Senate dems

Will Bush "Get Away With It" Again

FCNL's Response to the President

POLL: Do you hope Bob Iger hates coming to work for Disney now?

Angelides campaign staffer downloaded guv's comments & leaked to the media

1st Opinion Post on DU. . .It's All Your Fault, Mr. Bush

ESPN Monday Night Football did Trounce PT911

Path to 911 deleted scenes - Parody

hey, lookie -most emailed:"We Have Not Forgotten, Mr. President." The

Snow: bush's speech Mon. was NOT Political.

Phony Conservatives react to Olbermann

The Associated Press: Lessons Learned From ABC's `9/11' Folly

The Associated Press: Lessons Learned From ABC's `9/11' Folly

Help - I've got a crazy freeper cousin too.

Homeless Woman Attacked By Two Men On A Dare

Bomb, bomb, bomb; bomb, bomb Iran!

I have a question about (fill in name), please help.

Two GOP Senators on Judiciary Committee hold up Bush nominee

Actor James Wood was on Jay Leno last night.

Busholini puts his foot down.

Muslims Demand Apology From Redding, Ca. Mayor

DU Olbermann's commentary. Only gets 2 stars on youtube

Bush regime dress code: "Before choosing a skirt to wear, sit down in it

I highly recommend absentee voting this year

Did Laura look well on Monday? (9-11)

CBC's "Toxic Legacy of 911" Absolutely A1 journalism.

Vermont and New Hampshire polls now closed

Newpaper columnist uses P911 as factual reference

The MSM is not showing Harry Reid's response to Bush's Speech Last Night!

K Olbermann speech #1 most emailed news on Yahoo

Screw being nice and gentlemen... the gloves should be off

URGENT- DC Democrats: Where are you?

'Bush Pilot' — German video... hilarious!

WHy do TV hosts refuse to call GOP spokes people on outright lies?

Harold Ford Jr. Leads Bob Corker In New Survey USA Poll

What reallly happened after 9-11 when you get right down to it.

Has anyone heard any discussion of Olbermann's remarks in corporate media?

Sights and sounds:September 24, 2005 Washington DC

The Bush administration - the biggest patsies in history

So how long before the Pope calls for a new Crusade?

In response to hawks, read up morans!

Jack Cafferty just blasted Bush's attempt to pass a law

Wow! Cafferty's talking war crimes on the Bush Administration!

Link for New Hampshire primary results

OT: I need a web browser that can keep 20 tabs open and not hog memory

Good LORD! The U.S. Lost Anbar Province; Handing Over to Al Queda?

Who paid for "The Path to 9/11"?

My letter on Lieberman published

Without 9/11, could Fratboy have gotten us into Iraq?

8/17 BUSH ("F-You, USA. Congress & Constitution!") Signing Statement:

Former N.J. Governor (McGreevey) Talks to Oprah

We Need to DU this CNN Poll

I just saw it

So they're trying to paste back together all the lies now in tatters

WP taps key Iraq War bamboozler for gig writing a column on the OpEd page

How I knew "path to 9-11" was a flop


Didn't Lieberman Approve Brown's Appointment to FEMA in 45 minutes?

poll are we safer DU your thang

Antiwar Sign Stays in Salida

(VIDEO) Bush & Lieberman Commemorate 9/11

Why Democrats MUST get subpoena power

The ratings are in: 9/11 beaten by NBC easily.

Jonathan Tasini is on MSNBC

10 Stingrays Slain Since Irwin's Death

Some Ind. RI voters want to vote Dem in the down ticket and Pub in the

BREAKING TN SENATE: Harold Ford Jr. Takes The Lead In Tennessee

I grant thee 3 Liberal wishes, what be they?

Tony Snow: Zarqawi was in Iraq, Saddam was in Iraq, hence a connection

The terrorism feedback: Taliban adopts Iraqi insurgency tactics

Bill O'Reilly knows more than the US Government!

If this picture doesn't say what a fuck up he is then I don't know what

OK, lets start counting some votes.

Never mind

Can the RNC hack on Hardball get any more racist?

Number one hot story plus link at is none other


"If" diplomacy fails...

ABC Vote: Should Bush Have Used Part of his 9/11 Speech to Talk About Iraq

Springer's AAR show PROMOTING ABC!

Speaking TRUTH to power. Keith put his job and life on the line for us.

Caption Blair

Cliff Schecter: Thank you, Mr. Olbermann

If Bush wasn't unpopular, Olbermann wouldn't be permitted

Apparently we do have electronic voting in Northern New York

American Airlines Considers Pulling Ads From ABC + Is Mulling Legal Option

Some of a few questions that bother me...

Maryland Machine Madness - they are breaking down on primary day...

Never forget - We gave Iraq its own 9*11 -

The most embarrassingly tranparent propaganda piece, ever.

Guess what? - We will never be "safe" again

anyone else getting this reaction to Olbermann's essay?

The official(?) Lieberman limerick

Repukes trying to steal Wa St

From Americans United IMPORTANT

The Continual WillyT, "In CaseYou Mised It!" Series...

Melanie Lomax, dies at 56

Video and Pics from friday's protest at DISNEY/ABC in Burbank

Republican Meme. Warning: may cause severe cognitive dissonance.


NYT editorial: 9/11 Commission chair Kean's image tarnished by "9/11"

Bush's Path to 9/11: How Bush Dismantled National Anti-Terrorism...

DARK MILESTONE: More Americans Have Now Died In Iraq Than Died On 9/11

The Propaganda War: Revisiting Afghanistan on 9-11...

The Colbert Report tonight - toby keith

Today's Election Night Scorecard

War? Not So Much...

Plame Will Add Armitage To CIA Leak Civil Suit...

off to the Board of Elections website for a bit


VA Study is being called by us veterans a cover up

At Film Fest Sean Penn calls Bush "a Beelzebub"


"Terrorism" will never go away..


Poor Joe Scarborough!

Katherine Harris: The Helmet Years

CHENEY: "If On 9/11 They'd Had A Nuke Instead Of An Airplane"

FYI: Former Senator Gary Hart on TDS w/Jon Stewart tonight!

PT 9-11 Aftermath - Are We Still Mad? Are You All Doing What You Said

Bush fundraising Pioneer - Ohio Coingate Felon Sentenced...

OH GOD! Another primary funny!!!!

polls now closed in WI. Link here for those interested in results:

bush* PIMPING Matt Lauer "BEEFCAKE" on 9-11 !!!????

Caption this pic

Flammable Disney

MTP--Cheney's mendacity on Saddam and al-Qaeda: An October04 WSJ

Whatever happened to the Conservative Movement?

If Olbermann had as many viewers as Murrow, this would all be over now.

French tanks give teeth to U.N. force

Sgt. Rafael Peralta took a grenade, so his comrades wouldn’t die.

iTunes 7 Now Has Movies: Calling Michael Moore... Hellooooooo...

Politics & Spirituality Confrence-Pasadena, CA

Scarborough...does piece on Stewart, anyone see it?

Quick -- Need help to respond to a horrible Clinton chain letter

Pakistan Rape Reform Fails after Musharraf Caves in...

I know , I know ..another email from RW rabid cousin

Air Force General: Try out new weapons on US crowds...

Links galore for primary results

AAR has to pay more attention to their ads

Top Marine in Iraq says his mission is not to defeat insurgents

Anyone else had their AAR stream interrupted

I Was Wondering, Do You Think freepers Spend More Time On DU & Other

Try Doing This At McDonalds Next Time.....

"Don't let Osama Bin Laden tell you how to vote."

The man who claims to be Jesus (from FL, of course)

CAPTION George "Macaca" Allen's latest campaign rally:

Beware of Overconfidence

We used to worry about silly, hippie type things

Iraqi PM heads to Iran seeking "no interference"...

Sean Penn, our liberal, On Larry King on Thursday

Okay ABC, we'll call it even if you dump Sean Hannity of ABC Radio

Is the post 9/11 Dan Rather appearance on Letterman

Harman Calls Out Cheney For Continuing To Push Faulty Intelligence

It's too bad Laffey didn't win the primary

Geneva Conventions and the ICRC -- FYI

New Bush Comic: America Will Find You

Iran and Iraq kissed and made buds today, Iran to help Iraq with fighting

Have you seen the newly updated ABC logo?

The Sinner's Guide to the Evangelical Right

Beyond fundamentalism as a problem, why does it occur?

Karen Hughes, undersec'y for public diplomacy, bitches at world:

I wish we could make a docudrama on the making of the Path to 9/11

Congressman Conyers:The Republican "Fix" for FISA

(VIDEO)Bruce Springsteen - My City In Ruins. From 9/11 tribute telethon

Has anyone started a Path to 9/11 lie list yet?

Clarence Thomas f*cking Kathleen Harris on a pool table as they moaned

The End Of The World?

Just how threatening IS terrorism really?

bush wants to protect Americans from terrorist attacks. ALRIGHT!!!

Fallujah again in the line of US fire...

A special treat...

I say that Bush is the child

I just realized that Presidents can unilateraly end Treaties.

WE NEED A (POLLS) Forum.....

American Airlines letter to me "Inaccurate and irresponsible"...

Head On Mike Malloy Tuesday Best of....

Who has not seen this re Innovative Emergency Mngmt Systems?

Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs

How Much Do You Love This?! Seriously!

Who is this man-babe Colbert is talking to??

I taste the sand

Iraq... what crap

Jon Stewart after 9/11

Poll: Clinton, Spitzer leading in N.Y.

New Movie: Mickey Mouse in "Swiftboat Willie" - who can help

Wanna know how bad it is for Repubs this year???

Colbert was very easy on Toby Kieth tonight....

Daily Show on Bush's speech...

What The Heck Is Air America Streaming?? It's A Religious Show?

CNN-I: US excluded car, suicide bombs from Iraq murder count

OMG! Henry Rollins love letter to Mann Coulter!!!!! You MUST watch this!!!

Chaffee vs Whitehouse in RI in November

"The object of torture is torture"...

Fuck did you see how the Colbert show started?

Mother Earth is not Crying

The Nation:Olbermann is without a doubt the best news anchor on television

take the Democratic Loyalty Quiz...

Hey Daily Show/Colbert Report fans w/o Cable TV! Tonight you're in Luck!

Next summer, I'm taking a road trip

WOW -- Matt Lauer Unleashed!!

Bow tie boy on Dancing with the Stars...

911 VENDETTA author responds to my invitation


WH: Osama's cold trail is a sign of success

22 page doc filed on 09/07/06 for the Libby Case

Tucker comes in dead last....dancing with the stars....ha ha

Congressman addresses hate group

How long would it take Disney to call out their lawyers...

I'm God

In new Doc Dixie Chick calls Bush a "Dumb Fuck"

"Flat Daddy" Life-Sized Cardboard Figures Of Soldiers Eat Dinner At Home

Send Keith Olberman A Thank You

HEADLINE: Iraq, Iran relations "excellent", sign deal on shared oilfield

Waaaah! A Local TV Broadcaster Just Said, "War on Terra."

Bush sends US. troops off to war, then cuts their hazardous duty pay.

Who is this politician? Anyone know?

Keith Olbermann, thank you for teaching every democrat in congress the

The YouTube KO video keeps shutting down on me 25 seconds

I'll be on Randi Rhodes Show shortly to discuss Path to 9/11

Apple's New ITunes Online Movie Store will only carry Disney movies......

Santorum: people that planned the attacks (9/11) are the people in Iraq

AP: Washington Man won't shave until bin Laden is caught

VA: No Such Thing As Gulf War Syndrome

Bush In Action On 9/11 -- With His Commentary

Olberman! ON NOW!!

Matt Lauer's interview

Colbert slipped in "Internets"! I love it!

OMG look what I found while surfing for primary returns in AZ

Please **K&R** this thread for Grandpa Wiley & our Appalachian neighbors

Lol. Look for Tucker Carlson to make an early exit from Dancing.

The real death toll

*** PLEASE *** Call Congress (end mountaintop removal coal-mining forever)

If you have a Youtube account, login and vote for KO

September 12th, 1977 Port Elizabeth, Weather Fine- Steven Biko

Bush is fighting to save the House so he can save himself..

Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs

I had a dream...

Couric can't cut it on non-news fringe

Good ole boy Affirmative Defenses or, "Everything you need to know

Please DU this freeped poll

Why Are We in Iraq? Listen to the Moustache...

I'm annoyed.

AA employee, checked in Atta on 911, later commits suicide

Go back to the debates for talking points

This is my last statement to Disney and ABC

seven prominent conservatives hope Dems win in Nov 2006

Contact Scholastic. Tell ‘em what you think about The Path to 9/11.

Yankee Magazine - "5 Years After 9/11"


Baltimore NAACP wins suit to give voters extra hour to vote...

Driving Across America (for Tom Yossarian Joad)


Federal Funding Of 'Bible-Based' Marriage Program

I get four news channels and three CSpans

Greg Palast facing charges from Homeland Security.

I just spit my water all over my keyboard. Look at this headline.

Dean slams possibly RNC-funded 'Fun With Guns' event in letter to Mehlman

Daily Show tonight is a DO NOT MISS IT!!!!

So Tweety just said he voted in the MD Democratic primary & for MFUME

Kickass Letter From Cindy Sheehan to GWB:

THIS is now what passes for a "GOP Babe"

Mods please indulge me. Need friends.

Who is singing "I'm Taking my coutry back"!!!

Brent Budowsky - Letter to Disney Board

Agent Orange cancer findings won't get in report, Air Force says

Philosoraptor!!! Jon Stewert just stole your idea!!!

So. who is the blonde sucking face with Shrub on 9/11/2006?

What War?

VICTORY STATION: A subdivision for Christians only, please.

Should if the Democrats win in 2006 the House/Senate, PULL ABC license?

What is the difference in your mind between genuine ADHD/ADD and just a

Military Wants to Use Microwave Weapons on American Crowds

Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs

***Air America's new schedule is set***

*** Tuesday TOONs to get you through the week ***

American Airlines Prepared to Pull Advertising from ABC

Help me tear apart this new Friedman column

I want to make this crystal clear, microwave weapons ARE LETHAL...

Weird Praying JesusCamp kid off DU soon?

Email re Greg Palast! He needs our help. Here's the story as emailed.

Bush, here's the man our soldiers are fighting and dying for

Be careful out there: the Culture of Cruelty is going to keep growing

I have a question about Sandy Berger, please help.

I'm watching "V is for Vendetta" on PPV now...

Here's the Very Scary "These People Want to Kill Us" t.v. spot

Natalie Mains calls * a dumb F--k in Film Shut Up and Sing

39% New Gallop

EMAIL THIS: Let's get the word out on Keith Olbermann's commentary

Freep-ish woman on subway to french-speaking girl: "you will learn english

When Bush said to Matt Lauer: "My job is to protect you".

September 11, and a small group of religious fanatics attack Americans

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the October Surprise.

If Clinton doesn't sue and lets this movie just slowly pass into

I voted today! Who else had a primary?

Why we all must vote in November even if we are worried about fraud

Remember your grandpa's house?

How can the "enemy" adjust to waterboarding? Grow gills?

Dixie Chick Calls BUSH A 'DUMB FUCK'

Amnesty International seeks emergency gifts...

They Eat *WHAT*? What Are They Feeding Animals on Factory Farms?

NYT: Rivals in New Jersey Senate Race Mute Party Affiliations

In Colo. district, Dems, GOP, Independents say Bush politicizing terror

Fire the Bastards!

Breaking... Gov't Says Obtaining People's Phone Records Illegal...

Fox News now producing Army press releases

When Bush asks for unity in the fight for civilization against terrorists

Aaron Brown on Late late Show on CBS .........

GOP bigotry on display in Illinois!

I Am Not "War-Weary" - I Am "shrub Weary"

Pre-Election 9-11 Hype & Disney Fiction Prove It

We don't do it, we've never done it, and we're going to stop doing it

Time to take the trash out in Washington?

Translation of what I see at the top of WaPo this morning:

Frist's Gitmo Diagnosis

In Unpredictable District, Some Say Bush Is Politicizing Terrorism

Well, going to vote in our MN primary......Mark Dayton's seat.

The 08 campaign started months ago: "The next President will fight the ...

Grounds for impeaching Buch, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and others

'ARE we at war?' --- there is the wedge issue

I'm voting today just so I can say I didn't vote for Tom Carper

Is Trent Lott actually backing Murray's Port Security plan?

WP: Virginia Senate: We've Got a Real Race

Trail Cold For Bin Laden, U.S. Officials Agree

Andy Card to She-Hulk Rita Cosby: Bush is not politicizing 9/11

"The President was carrying his oath of office to protect and defend ..."

this fear mongering is all that Republicans have left.---Chuck Schumer,

GOP Senator: Al Qaeda, Iraqi Insurgents Are "Same Group Of Killers"

Salon: "Path" ran without commercials because there were no sponsors?

House Dems get first draft of new caucus rules

Send more troops to Baghdad

Jon Stewart on "Path"..."Be thankful that Condi character is still black"

Just say 'NO' to "Safer but not Safe"

IMMEDIATELY following Junior's speech, "embassy attack foiled"...USA! USA!

help: trying to find good source of current Iraq/afgan US troop deaths

Cheney to campaign for candidate who harassed his wife with a shotgun

Lieberman skipping key Iraq votes since the war began.

Daley - first veto in 17 years

Now they just point to the bus and Harris crawls under it.

UK union members walk out on Blair

Bush stepping on the flag

Palast Charged with Journalism in the First Degree

Father fills in for ailing son again:Jimmy Carter on stump; Jack Carter in

Building Red America

Sweet music to my ears!

Democratic House leadership ..... can we discuss the need for change?

We are not powerless,

Republicans run into trouble with election rebel (Steve Laffey)

After GAO report Rep. Michaud calls for commitment to end homeless vets

Burns, Tester square off in front of packed house (a wowser! must read)

Former N.J. Gov. McGreevey on Oprah Show 9/19; has written memoir

Throw Diebold and all election theft machines into 'Boston Harbor' NOW!

What will * do to Voinovich now?

Rove and RNC to spend 45 million

Father fills in for ailing son again:Jimmy Carter on stump; Jack Carter in

Thanks to Skinner and the admin. for the link to Olbermann's comment.

Snow job is briefing us on the state of president's goals

So ..... Sparkly and I went down to the polling place around noon ....

There was another huge problem with "The Path To 9/11" nobody's mentioned

(POTUS '08) Warner beats Allen in Virginia

Republicans are getting downright hysterical!!

Republicans for Granholm

AP: House, Senate Divide Stalls Ethics Bill

Kristol and Lowry want more troops in Iraq

Outrageous Quote of the Week-VOTE now

Are republicans in their last throes?

While Olbermann is right on when he blames Bush for losing

the US has not lost a single friend or allie (sic)

Scare Tactics: Osama bin Pelosi (CBS analysis)

Democrat urges GOP leaders to drop opposition Military Families

To those in States holding primaries today, a reminder-VOTE!

Allen campaign holds 'ethnic rally' in Virginia

A few talking points from leadership on Immigration

Spying with no warrant:. . . . Now on C-Span

November 'Going Away' gift list time .........

September 11, 2001 — We Were There. We Remember.

Bwa...ha ha...ha HAA: Obstructionist GOP Senators put hold on Bush nominee

AP: Sen. Feingold Faults Bush's War Language ("Islamic fascists")

Pelosi: Its time for real leadership against terrorism. Not Half truths

Who would you rather see win the RI puke primary today?

My response to the Democrats are just as bad as Republicans

Diebold voting chaos in Maryland

Children do not get homework assignments because

Does it bother them that they have to lie to make their case?

It wasn't Clinton who failed to 'get Osama'. It was THIS guy:

Flash: Tweety and Stinky Voted The Same Today

Linc Chafee about to lose his "Moementum" today...

Condi: African-Americans who CARE about Africa know how much Bush helps

The conspiracy theory that the gop was involved in the 9--11 attack

Jane Harman letter to Dick head Cheney

Why do the repubs beat us on what should be a strength of ours?

Breaking news: Noe gets 27 months for illegal Bush contributions

Ohio 04 .... the ballots and data

Advice To Democrats: One Talking Point To Rule Them All

Tony Snow tears the LID off of the TRUTH behind Saddam and Al Qaeda...

It wasn't "political", honest...

FYI - Tweety voted in the Maryland Democratic Primary today.

Help - anyone know of a transcript of Tweety words?

Sean Penn on Bush: he's Beelzebub -- and a dumb one."

Bush's War has turned Iraq and Iran into Kissing Cousins

Rahm Emanuel on C-Span right now

Remember Phil Donahue? Why we must stand up for Keith Olbermann

Froomkin (WaPo) plugs Olbermann's Monday commentary

Which Democratic candidate worries you the most?

Analysis: Bush's Shameful 9/11 Address to the Nation - worth a read

Nader could have prevented 9/11, but decided to fight the Democrats.

Here's a link for RI election results

A message to the Unitary Executive

Got this from PFAW...durn that pesky Rule of Law! (K&R, please!)

Olbermann, on Fire, Surges Past Zahn in Ratings

CNN Poll: Was Bush's Speech On 9/11 Political? Vote Now

Unions try to broaden appeal to gain new recruits

Conservatives On Why The GOP Should Lose In 2006

How will Wingnuts respond if they lose both houses in November?

Please DU this poll at

New York State Primary results:

Waiting On The World To Change

YIKES! New Poll shows Balckwell closing in on Strickland in OH

What do you folks here in "GD Politics" think of Buchanan's Urging Gore to

You can express your opinion of 'The Path to 9/11' at IMDB

A must see video clip

Jon Stewart

Republicans for Strickland

Bush Endangers the World-the myth of Republican Protection

Without exaggeration

Joe at MSNBC

Don't say "Kinky",don't say "Arnold", don't say "Condi". We're not friends

Here's a Fox News opinion poll to spin the other way!

St. Pete Times: FL Gov candidate Jim Davis owns up to voting errors

I just thought of something.

New Bush Comic: America Will Find You

primary returns

Sometimes there is debate. Other times there's just the truth.

The DNC's Howard Dean and the DCCC's Rahm Emanuel strike a deal

Are there any Republican Senators or Congressman that we can flip?

Excellent 9/11 Video on YouTube

How 'bout it's 9/12...anyone else SICK of remembering 9/11?

I'm going to the Carter Center tonight for a Q & A with Pres. & Mrs.Carter

Rhode Island election results link here

Got a recorded campaign call from a fundy asshole this evening

Hunter: Disney is Like a Box of Stupid... (KOS)

9/12 Primary Elections results thread all states - Links included.

NBC Announces TV movie

Your take on the Senate Races in November

Bush and Rove came to Washington with one grand idea...

sorry sir the mistake is yours.

Donna Marsh O'Connor on CSpan; Daughter Killed On 9/11

A point of view I heard recently, amazingly accurate! Devastating to *

What's wrong with Pickles? Photos

An idea for an American Black Ops Terrorist Hit Squad

Texans, who is better? Bell or Kinky?

Lincoln Chafee fends off strong challenge by Laffey.

How many won't vote because they believe the election is rigged?

Rhode Island - 80,00 Democratic votes, 61,00 Republican votes

Gallup Poll : Bush at 39% Congress at 29%

Primary voters. Who did you vote for today and why did you vote for them?

Lineage of a slur: Do you belong to the "Democrat" party?

Armitage to be Added to Plame Civil Suit

My letter to MSNBC about Keith Olbermann's commentary last night

why does Keith want America to forgive Bush?

Standing up for Democrats

ABC Disney Apple

Your thoughts on whether the Dems should play rough or take the high road

Canadians color their hands red in protest of Rice's visit

Breaking: Train Wreck in Maryland Primary .....From Bradblog

Chafee seems intelligent and decent. Why is he not a dem?

Just a little something that's not important, but...

Rude Pundit: Advice To Democrats: One Talking Point To Rule Them All

Fawcett Leads Lamborn in Colorado CD-5

Plame - Rove Called Tweety after Both at Bohemian Grove Weekend

MFume will be screwed by the voting irregularities in Balto. county.

Young Repukes(MI) Play Shoot the Dem Paintball/BB Guns-H Dean Protests

GOP to Spend Millions Sliming Democrats -- And This is News?

Bush confesses to war crimes


Admit it ... you have NO idea who those downballot names are

So what should happen the day after the election?

Ford inches ahead of Corker. 48% to 45%

The enemy will adapt

Do You Buy into the latest "floater" Repugs putting out? McCain/Lieberman

How about a ***THANK YOU*** Thread for Carl Sheeler

The great election heist of 2006 is underway