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Archives: September 10, 2006

Silencing a Skeptic (An excerpt from Isikoff & Corn's 'Hubris')

One Nation Under God...Divisble

Victory in Iraq necessary before withdrawal, Dem trio says

(Boston) Cheney visit is met by traffic, protests

Rice to mark 9/11 in Canada

What we just did to OSU did to Texas is what we need to do to their-

Man I still can't get over that ass beating Ohio State handed Texas!

Pissed off with the whole lot of of ya.......

It's Saturday night... How are you guys?

Good night my Darlins....


My cable provider states that AOL is going out of business/bankrupt

Life is short and so am I......Sleep well

MP3 player instructions

Where's Heidi?

So I finally saw The Descent....HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!

Hook 'em Bucks!

Have any of you wondered.......about the intersection

The 9/11 Documentary craze has gone way too far

It's that time again- I'm doing Human Sexuality homework, ask me anything!

Do you like horses? Photos from today inside (dialup warning)

Post Your Dog Photos!

Gore v.s. Kerry: who's the plain-talker?

Halliburton and 10 large tubs of tacos

Disney Diva Dopes Desserts?

On CSPAN2 12pm - Changing the Face of Hunger

U.S. count of Baghdad deaths excludes car bombs, mortar attacks

Who should win?

"Mr. much UNMETERED Iraqi oil has been pumped??"

Why isn't Clinton raising funds for Sherrod Brown in Ohio?

Horrid LTTE

Need your help...preaching tomorrow morning...

9-11 Widow from Flight 93 on cspan addressing Hitler youth organization

sorry for asking.. is there a chat room here?

Bush gets air time on ABC during "Path to 9-11"?

Widower of Disney Exec Killed on 9/11 Pleads with Iger to Pull Film

September 11 is now called "Patriot Day?"

Michael Moore's "Sicko"

Larry Johnson:The Lies of George Bush Exposed Part 2

Baker quietly working to rescue Repubs from impending Bush-caused disaster

If Bush hadn't stolen the election Al Gore would have prevented 9/11

What else is on TV besides ThePathTo9-11 on those nights ?

Steelworkers Confront ING Group Over Its Inaction to End Strike

PROOF that Bob Dylan is PROPHETIC. Bush + Osama + 5 years = ???

O.K., Anybody Want To Predict What Clinton Will Do About **

NEW POLL out of VA. Webb within striking distance.

If we burned draft cards in the 60's,

Why is Clinton raising funds for Strickland in Ohio?

Why the iPod is losing its cool (Sales Declining Alarmingly)

Sorry DU I'm gonna keep posting this till I get some responses.

Nightmare Mortgages

"The president's feet are not to touch the dirt"

Arabs should reject America's imposed 'democracy'

projectcensored top 25 stories that were "never reported"

America's warrior nation - The legacy of 9/11 (Gore Vidal)

Is Iraq in a civil war?

Focus on: Players in Plame leak

62,006 - 180,000, the number killed in the 'war on terror'

Wind Power Is Energy for Optimists

'St. Jack' (Danforth) Examines His Conscience—And Party


Our View: On the anniversary of 9/11... more frustration than success (NC)

LAT: Iraq death tolls, statistics contorted by both U.S. and Iraqi sources

NYT: Ground Zero: The Hole in the City's Heart

Struggle in Oaxaca Persists Amidst Government Repression

Time Mag: From Housewife to Outspoken "Jersey Girl"(K. Breitweiser)

Islamic or Republican Fascism: Thom Hartman

Half a decade after 9/11, US policies have only made matters

Since everyone is in 9/11 nostalgia mode ...

Stirring Up The Dust At Ground Zero

How US merchants of fear sparked a $130bn bonanza

Full house as leading 9/11 conspiracy theorist has his say --GUARDIAN

Rice: U.S. safer,but not completely safe

Arab And Muslim Men In U.S. Still Feeling Effects Of 9/11 (Kathlyn Stone)

ELLEN GOODMAN: At 9/11 plus 5, we're trapped by failure of imagination

LAT: 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Gather in N.Y. (LIHOP/MIHOP mentioned)

WP: Evangelical Author Puts Progressive Spin On Traditional Faith

As Others See U.S. -- The "War on Terror"

CIA Still Hiding "Ghost" Captives

Talent galore for the big election MARSHALL LOEB

The Bush League (how low can he go)

WP: In a pivotal year, GOP plans to get personal

While in Sydney...Al Gore says he hasn't ruled out 2nd run

Suppressed UN Document: war criminals—hold some top posts in Afghanistan

Nato force begs for troops(not looking good)

Paul Krugman on the Housing Bubble: "It's scary" **VIDEO

U.S. automakers join better-battery project

Mississippi River water level inching down

Scientist Gets Drunk, Forgets What He Did W. 3 Bottles Of Deadly Toxin

More Than 12 Senior Executives, Scientists At CDC Have Left Since 2004

Tropical Depression 7

Big Coal Push From Gov. Goodhair, TXU Running Into Surprise Turbulence

Stormy world of energy has a clear forecaster

Patrick says Healey is blocking state's renewable energy growth -Cape Wind

Snowmelt flowing to Colo. River off again

Florida county plans to vaporize landfill trash

Can the West defeat the Islamist threat? Here are ten reasons why not

Blair: world could accept Hamas coalition

Slanted, but not to be discounted

Loose Change 2nd Edition has been viewed 877,777 times on Google Video

I wrote 5 years ago


Lateral Perspective on "Path to 9/11" may interest you...

So, how does the top of a bldg fall off at an angle like this yet pancake?

$ 3.7 billion is a lot of money

Intriguing POV re: Path to 9/11 from 9/

Disc. Chan. "WTC 9/11: Stories from the Ruins" 9/9/06

Clip from "9/11: Press for Truth" (wtc7)

Was the internet somehow purged of the more gruesome 911 photos?


Word doc of everything I could copy/paste from Yahoo News on 9/11/2001

Richard Ben-Veniste (9-11 Commission) On Ed Schultz Show

One thing that has bothered me about the WTC destruction.

In Germany We Touch Mainstream Now

9/11 oddity I've always wondered about

Where is the missing Gold?

Why was the toll booth footage on the plane hitting the Pentagon seized?

Notice the high altitude white plane visible when the WTC was attacked?

LOL. (so called)Pilots for truth can't handle the truth!

Painful realities about the failures of the 9/11 truth movement

demodonkey Makes an Election Integrity Announcement on State-Wide TV

(Voter Fraud:) Another Urban Legend

Lieberman to Face Levers in Greenwich

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 09/10/06 - Heck of a job HAVA!

The TV Media can't show us how the votes are being counted

What's everyone doing to prepare for the 2006 midterms?

Senate District-18 Democratic Rally, Edna, Texas

Gene Seaman caught cheating, blames his wife

Hey, my son likes (loves?) jambalaya!

Frosting question?

A friend just gave me a bag of Mirabelle plums from their tree.

Chicken Soup Edition PART TWO (9/10) - What are you eating tonight?

It's only 10 am and I've already had a major cooking disaster.

So what would you cook if you had a famous chef coming over for dinner?


U.S. military: Suicide cell in Kabul

Conservatives reverse pollution aid for poor countries

Canadian Olympian Mondor dies

U.S. panel to dole out (softwood) duty dollars

Insideous Pro-war Campaign Comes to Ottawa Schools

Layton slams Harper as Bush's 'cheerleader'

Pope assails Canadian laws

Arab And Muslim Men In U.S. Still Feeling Effects Of 9/11 (Kathlyn Stone)

WP: Kerry Seeks More U.S. Troops for Afghanistan

Colombia bucks trend, plans to sell stake in its oil company

Bomb hits Baghdad market, killing 3, wounding 13

Iraqi PM's visit to Iran may be delayed: officials

Nightmare Mortgages

Iraqi leader asks insurgents to join political process

WP: Minorities in GOP Rally for Allen at "ethnic rally" in N.Va.

At a Secret Interrogation, Dispute Flared Over Tactics

Republican 'W' flap heads to court

U.S. Military: Suicide Cell in Kabul

Iraq delays divisive federalism debate

USAID pulls out of Colombia's south

Taliban, NATO fighting in Afghanistan(100 Taliban raid police compound)

Rice: US Not Entirely Safe from Attack

Officer resigns over 'grotesquely clumsy' war in Afghanistan

Beaten leader plans 'parallel' rule (Lopez Obrador/Mexico)

British officer resigns over 'grotesquely clumsy' war in Afghanistan: pape

Snowmelt flowing to Colo. River off again

Venezuela Tax Office Temporarily Shuts H-P, Motorola Offices

Pope says not to reject God for science

Global warming film unites preachers and politics

In change of tone, Bush interested in 'learning more' about Iran

Democrat gains ground after Allen gaffe

Web Site Airs al-Qaida, Sept. 11 Videos (smiling Osama planning the attack

LAT: Video of Iranian Missile Test Is Fake, Pentagon Says

Ex-Taliban chief details Massood slaying

Chirac sends Bush Sept. 11 message

BP was warned of intimidation (of corrosion employees)

Iran said to offer 2-month atomic enrichment halt

E&P: 9/11 Film Airs Abroad -- Here Are Edits -- More Changes in U.S.?

Cheney Defends Hardline White House Role

Romney keeps tight rein on Health Dept. (politics trumps science)

Ottawa reneges on Liberal pledge to help poor countries cut greenhouse gas

Now death comes to the men who cleaned up Ground Zero (The Observer U.K.)

Two Kuwaitis to leave Guantanamo soon: group

Abbas says ready to hold talks with Olmert

U.N. and donors prepare road map for rebuilding Iraq

Lebanese accuse prime minister of being Israel's partner in war

Grandpa marches on DC for clean air and safe schools

Florence Stronger on Course for Bermuda

Independent: The bitter legacy of 9/11

In a Pivotal Year, GOP Plans to Get Personal (pay to dig up dirt on Dems)

US Accused of Covert Operations in Somalia--UK

Deal on a Constitution for Iraq Is Teetering

Suicide Bomber Kills a Governor in Afghanistan

Bush vows never to forget Sept. 11 lessons

King of Tonga Dies at 88

Rice stands by claims of Al-Qaeda-Saddam links

Bush Wants To Renew Social Security Push After Vote

Bush faces Republican revolt over terror trials --Guardian

Cheney says did "helluva job" since September 11 (Reuters)

Afghan governor killed by suicide bomber

Bush Confident GOP Will Hold Congress

Iraq Again Delays Federalism Bill Debate

Kerry: Bush uses 9/11 as ‘political pawn’

Bin Laden will be found: PM (John Howard - Australia)

Bush, wife lay wreaths at ground zero

MND-B Soldier killed by small-arms fire

Zogby: More Americans Upset With Loss Of Life In Iraq

CNN Al-Queda releases 9/11 anniversary message

Cheney defends Iraq war (no Iraq 9/11 connection)

Legislation Would Require Clinics to Screen Women Wanting Abortions

Situation Called Dire in West Iraq (Anbar Is Lost Politically)

In Run Up to Elections, Belgian School Bans French Language

Secret CIA prisons should not be closed: Rice

Al Gore says he hasn't ruled out 2nd run

Reid: The Vice President Just Doesn't Get It

Coca-Cola moves in on Kabul

War's Critics Abetting Terrorists, Cheney Says

Missing U.S. Officer Arrives in Germany

E&P: New York Magazine Details White House Pressure on NY Times

Castro to host summit dinner; first public appearance since surgery

Large earthquake in Gulf of Mexico

Pelosi Statement on Fifth Anniversary of September 11 Attacks

Mexico's left gives way to army

NYT/Reuters: Cheney Offers to Bet on Congressional Republicans

Question on bird migration....

Root beer float or ice cream sandwich?


Cool, Bagdad Cafe just started on Encore.

I think I'm getting sick

Let's make our OWN 9.11 movie!

Movies, TV Shows and TV Specials of the past

3:33AM ~ Good night DU!

it isn't all that easy to write a column when your brother is talking...

where are my treats?

Help with another song please.

I am about to say something racist and sexist...

Someone bought me a star tonight.

Who do I have to kill to get that jesus camp banner removed

Love is a many splendored thing...

good lord I am tired

beautiful downtown burbank

Jesus camp...only in theatres

Wanda Ventham appreciation thread!

"Dogville": thoughts?

Corporate mergers that don't work out well..(c'mon laugh a little)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 9/10/06)

Does your cat (or cats) do this?

Wow. Ohio State won by only 17 points?

God didn't want me to shoot an elk today.

Where will you be on 9/22. MissHoneychurch will be in Hoboken, NJ.

how much $$ is "doggie day-care"?

I knew I should have posted here instead of GD...

Ptah to 9:11

Guess What?! Go to this URL . . . . I got my alias

Please come and hold me for a while...

So how's your morning going?

OMG! I Bought a Kazakh restaurant!

OMG! I bought a Kazakh bookstore in Chicago!!!

Cheezy joke time!

JVS, why did you let the Indians tie the game???


I admit it - I "shoplifted" a long time ago

I've decided to give everyone the day off

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

Cheney-LIEberman in '08

A fly just landed on my nose

And so the artist sipped his speciality imported soda and ate his pasta

Man Shot With Taser Paid $90,000

Recommend a film!

Can you match the DUer with the gut?

anyone else have LAUNCHcast Plus?

I never learned the art of selfishness

What is it with PBS and all these ''60s Pop' shows?

Anyone know how to contact Lady Steele from Salem?

Behold, if you are able, one of the world's most beautiful songs...

I have 265 cigarettes. Ask me anything!

What is the Jesus Camp?

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo

I need an 11 letter word that ends in ER

I should have known better than to move back into this area

Any Shakespeare experts/fans in the house? I gotta question for y'all...

The last week of "Searching for Shakespeare"...

If I've told you once, I've told you four thousand times!


Fred Durst on Guitar......enjoy!

It's starting it just came on TV now!

Greatest Years in Rock and Roll

I fucking hate my dorm managers!! (rant)

The ________ Appreciation thread

I feel so meh.

Post Your Photos...Dawg !

Under appreciated Dead Kennedys songs.

Do You believe in Love at 1st date?

Airchecks. I found airchecks...

Best television animal expert or host?

"American Dad" thread (season premiere)

Anyone else excited about battle tofu tonight on Iron Chef

What's Trent Green's status right now?

Wanna smell like Play-Doh? Bubble gum? Dirt?

Amazon has a video download service

'Family Guy' thread (season premiere)

Where do these people come up with this shit?

How about the Jaguars and the Saints today

What the hell is wrong with Favre???!!???

If I told you I were pissed right now, what would you think?

Uncle ZeeDub's Festival of Gravy Thread

-.-. --- -. .-. .- -.. / -... ..- .-. -. ...

On 9/11, Radio Lady speaks with Dr. Sidney Schwab, a NW area surgeon.

Who's drinking what tonight?

DU parents....

Fot the fans of Elijah Woods and Gary Oldman...

Simpsons season 17???

DH is watching the 9/11 fhing for other defects

Another ZW Restaurant Story: Breakfast at Bob's Big Boy

Dinner tonight.

If I said you had a beautiful body, would you punch me in the face?

Please read my little post in GD

If the terrorist win

I'm going to bed... Ask me anythzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We're supposed to wear red, white, and blue to school tomorrow.

We turned the heat on today

A perfect song for today

World's Worst Band

I had a real good weekend

I just did something I'm not proud of.

Who watched CHILLER THEATER growing up? Here's vid of show's intro...


This thread is a "Path to 9-11"-free zone

Half Rant

A "lounge-ish" observation about PT 9-11

Well, the shitstorm has started. Posts in GD, and even some here

Time for me to go to closing, some thoughts for the day...

I was scared to post in Latest Breaking News...

Anybody see "The Farmer's Wife"?

I'm watching the Birdcage

Just so nobody worries if I'm not here for a few days:

You know what pisses me off?

Now - CBS has a documentary by 2 Frenchmen

Loungers, a moment of your time for eggbeater please:

Help me. Please recommend a good book for first time Home buyers.

My nearly 80 y/o neighbor Mike was a bit saucy today.

Ever get a ticket for something really stupid?

Bailey's Irish Cream Hagen Daaz: Buy it. Your mouth will thank you.

Whenever life gets you down...The Meaning of Life....

Need DUers help - tasteful 9/11 songs

FUCK it's COLD!!!

I posted this in another thread but I think it deserves its own attention

I hate feeling my feelings. It sucks.


I am feeling so overwhelmed today.

mmm...Cowboy Junkies...

What exactly is a moonbat?

Did matcom get a dog while I wasn't looking?

My thoughts before I go to bed ....

People Who Think it's Hysterical to sneak up on Someone & Startle Them:

No springs

I'm in Chicago for the weekend and I love it.

How stoned can a person get?

I hate drawing hands.

There is a posting in GD, a fellow DU'er has cancer.

Praise Allah!

Vegetarian/Vegans what kind of shoes do you where?

Need advice, ideas, input...sick kitten, vets baffled...HELP!

"Shut your fucking mouth..."

we just had a little earthquake here.

any DUers keeping venomous reptiles?

"This must be what angels taste like."

Old Fogy Rant: My Trip To The Supermarket

fishermen: marlin, dorado charter reccomendations please

I'm baking my own bagels. What do you want in yours?

I ran the treadmill for an hour, then went for a 3 hour hike on

Scholastic's Chairman has issued another statement re THE PATH TO 9/11

I hate to bag on anyone's ethnic cusine, but Kazakh food is really gross

I was thinking about getting married...

Post an image of who you think is the hottest, sexiest person in the world

My little girl turned 21 yesterday.

Best place to go in Illinois other than Chicago

OMG my Kazakh automobile has been broken into in Chicago!

They're doing a remake of Hairspray

"Hey Man, smell my finger"

Please help me find my Inner Bitch.

MissHoneychurch's USA visit ... the correct answer is:

Message from Jim Winkler.

Not long ago came a report of an all-Catholic city under construction in

The only good thing about this Pope is that he is old.

I find religious history books fascinating. Recommend your favorites!

Does Islam give a pass to ANY of Jesus' followers?

Pope says not to reject God for science

Is nothing sacred?

My partners latest column in The Phoenix from Phoenixville, PA

I get it now

NIH Scientist recieved more than 100K from drug co's

Korean pine nut may offer help for obesity

"Gay Republican senator fights challenger for seat"

(Washington) "Blade editor to leave paper, US"

Debate over gay rabbis non-issue in Brigantine, NJ

Why didn't anyone tell me about ADC (AIDS Dementia Complex)!?! Come on!

Big money goes into Colorado's battle over gay rights

"Gay student body prez takes helm at U. Penn"

NJ Dem State Convention: LGBTI caucus

Pope says Canadian same-sex marriage law is "the exclusion of God"

The strongest (& funniest) argument for why homosexuality is not a choice

Michael Schumacher retiring at end of year

I'm sick of the breakneck pace of NFL TV broadcasts over the past

Everybody loves the backup quarterback.

Is anyone going to watch Roddick at the US Open?

How many interceptions will Favre throw this week?

Two Monday Night Football games?

Roger Federer Wins US Open

For L.A. DUers: Do You Want An NFL Team?

I found it myself! Mary Bogart.

Path to 911 Prayer Thread

There was a post 2 or 3 years ago.

Here its is Brothers Replugs grade on our issues Failed everyone of them


Where is piranha lately

So, what was in that speech yesterday anyway?

More Pictures from Faneuil Hall

Will someone post an official thread for Kerry speech on Cspan in GD?

Boston Globe article on Kerry's speech

'06 governors' races and the '08 presidential

mp3 of Kerry's speech yesterday

I did it!

Kerry media appearances today

I guess I start to hang around here ...

"I'd like to punch Rumsfeld in the Gut" Digusted Extended NCO in Iraq

Democrats need to support the pro-democracy movement in Mexico!

WorldNet Daily outs the source of fabricated 9-11 scene

TVNZ to run disclaimer about Path to 9/11

President Chavez rips into George "Mr.Danger" Bush - - - - >VIDEO

Ann Coulter smackdown by Kristen Breitweiser:

Harris and the GOP Supreme Court annointed W pres

Americablog reports PT911 has Clinton assassination scene

The Path To Abu Graibe

Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Why the double standard?

Does ABC also consider "Talladega Nights" a "documentary"?

PT911 will backfire big time.

another cool youtube video

I've rated The Path to 9/11 three thumbs down on my Tivo.

How does the US produce morans like this?

9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply

Inside Washington, shown on ABC affiliate in Tulsa, dissed the movie...

911 Press for Truth - THREE CLIPS FROM THE FILM...

Senator Frist and Senator McConnell shipped off to Gitmo.

Historians Will Morally Impeach George W. Bush For Exploiting 9/11

Thank you NBC!

Who in OUR country came to the defense of America on Sept 11, 2001?

Townsend --on Today saying twerrists do not need Irag -to do what they

CSPAN capitalnews poll totally freeped.

Throw Mickey Mouse dolls on WTC site on Sunday and Monday - an idea

No way am I going to watch the morning political shows today...

On a different topic: update us all on races in PA, CT, and a few

Stan Goff: The Governator Calls the Question (again)

PT911 been on-the-air for almost 2 1/2 hrs in New Zealand. Any feedback?

N.J. 9/11 memorial lists too many victims

If your nation were under attack, would you fight for it?

What have you done? The power (?) that is DU.

I'm watching Charlie Cook on CSPAN WJ now.

Bin Laden trail goes ‘stone cold’. Great headline for the 5th anniversary

Oh God, Clinton Will Not Take This Lying Down - He Will . . . . .

" bush to visit Ground Zero on eve of September 11 "


The 9/11 Jersey Girls talk with Katie Couric on CBS coming up

Etiquette question, is it O.K. to click on somebody else's google bomb?

ABC's Twisted 'Path to 9/11' ----- Monica Absolved of her 911 Connection

Right Wing Mother Pleasantly Surprises Liberal Daughter

I've never been to Disneyland, never bought their crap! You fools!

What happened to film footage of the "seven minutes"?

9/11 Commissioner Justifies "Hits On Clinton Administration" In 'Path'

When you feel passionate about something and it turns into a flame war

Big dick: "If you killed Osama you'd still have problems with Al Qaeda"

WOW! Robt Greenwald (Iraq for Sale)LIVE with Bob McChesney -2pm ET

This is the reason for ABC/Disney's mockudrama

Cheney did NOT visit Boston Friday.

Mugging Mickey Mouse: Arguing about a Disney Fairy Tale

Now you tell me how THIS isn't a conflict of interest!

Time for Anne Coulter to go for a "swim" in Afghanistan

Props to DUers who've been Telling Truth to Power

Use parental controls to block ABC, DISNEY, ESPN channels

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

One trick ponys, lying and stealing and the bush* gang, what a crock

New Bush program sends 15,000 Saudis to colleges in US

LYING CHENEY on MTP: Situation Would Be Worse if Saddam in Power

Does Someone Have A List Of The Major ABC/Disney Shareholders?

Cheney on MtP: "We've done a hell of a job"

Who is the guy responsible for all terrorism matters in the USA

Mayan ruins said center of mysterious civilization

Rove strategy to debut next week.

Footage of Clinton speeches re: terrorism on YouTube?

The 3 most uplifting thoughts I have about "Path to 9/11"

Cheney can lie for an entire hour. Very impressive.

A blast from the past

American Airlines Mom's Letter To Disney/ABC: "HOW DARE YOU"

ABC and Disney Thank DU For All The Free Advance Promotional Hype.

How many Americans had Iraqis killed before we invaded?

An Open Letter to Senator John Kerry

Condi & Dick: "Don't pay attention to the bodies behind the curtains."

Condi on Face the Nation with Bob Schiefer

A Day of Remembrance - Air America Radio

George Will on ABC This Week: JFK "Docu-Drama" Was a License to LIE...

Cheney is saying to Tim: Iraq is simply getting along with Iran,

The 14 prisoners transferred to Guantanamo were a "font" of intelligence..

The Gall...

Bin Laden Trail 'Stone Cold' ---Washington Post (I call BS)

Disney: Big Brother's living laboratory

Loose Change 2nd Edition has been viewed 877,777 times on Google Video

Picture of * hunting down suspected terrorists

The 9.11 Heroin Connection

Jeff Parker

5 years and Bush hasn't gotten Bin Laden yet

The world is safer with out Saddam Hussein,

One soldier killed in Afghanistan 9.8.2006 identified

REPUBLICANS fight them over there so they don't have to fight them here.

90% of Republican advertising will be on negative ads...

PALAST, wanted by Homeland Security, freely allowed to board plane

Condoleezza Rice staying the course (STILL LYING after all these years)

How many seats do you think we will gain in Congress?

: Disney's Shareholders Should Be As Angry As Democrats

VIDEO: Cheney's Desperate Lying On Meet The Press Today

Time for the Lawyers to file Libel and Defamation Cases in NZ and Aus.

Did Anybody See juan williams Blow A Gasket On faux "news" sunday?

Would our country really collapse if Repubs win next election?

Cheney said invasion of Iraq right/ WMD's or not

Tragedy: It brought out best of our humanity -- and the worse

I watched the Ohio State - Texas game on ABC last night and

Only 50-60 US personnel at Tora Bora??

ABC - Path to 9-11 pushed back to 11:00 PM?

From now on, it does not matter if Bush captures or kills Osama bin Laden

New repug talking point; Civil War in Iraq is al Qaeda's fault.

Remember, Smirky disbanded the OBL CIA unit

Boston op-ed piece and my letter in reply

why do they call it 'celebrating' 9/11 and 9/11 'celebrations'?

9/11 Memorial in N.J. Has 40 Extra Names (of people not dead)

condi: "the Entire world thought Saddam had WMD's". No shit lady.

Mickey Mouse Domestic Agenda, Katrina Foreign Policy

Another 9/11- 1973, Salvador Allende killed in Chilean coup

Honest Question about 9/11 Films

Is a Presidents primary job to Campaign?

The BLIAR implosion

LAT: News Corp paid Roger Ailes $8M in '05, plus security, car and driver

Cheney and Rice say this Country is safe

NY Post: 9/11 Cast's On-Set Turmoil Revealed

Happy 5th Anniversary Mr and Mrs Skinner!

Terrorists are nothing but criminals

Ann Coulter is The HATE POSTER GIRL for the GOP, the needed DISTRACTION

thanks to the banana republicans, all politics is now about hate

An IRA is the best destination for departing workers' 401(k) cash

Expect "docu-drama" every 2 years about this time of year

Stealth bomber just flew over my apartment building

Please synposize Darth's appearance on MTP today

CNN reports 6.0 earthquake in Southeast U.S. earlier this morning

Caption this priceless CONDI-LIAR photo

Bush to renew push for Social Security privatization after elections

To The GOP: Let Me Save You From Yourselves

So finally, even Cheney the Dick admits NO WMD IN IRAQ.

Um......sorry fascist don't get to re-write history!

Question: Were the churches pushing "PT/9-11" this morning?

Cheney on Meet the Press this morning NoW

LOL: Scary Movie 2 & 3 on TBS tonight at 8 PM Eastern...

"Make 9/11 a national holiday" So say the freepers.

The Old Frontier

How Many TOP GOPs lack Common Decency, evade the COMMON GOOD?

9/11 oddity I've always wondered about

New "PT 9/11" toon; spread it around!

Bush Uses 9-11 To Get His Groove On

Los Angeles: Election Protection Forum w/ Gore Vidal, Maxine Waters and De

"The Path to 911" - full page ad in today's Parade magazine.

Channel surfing, FOX News crawls: "Is Dean trying to put Usama back in the

Disney/ABC adds mock assassination of Bill Clinton to 9/11 flick

Some shows on TV tonight that you might be interested in

From Free Republlic: Path 9/11 already shown in Australia (bile warning)

My pick for "Toon of the Week" comes from Houston

How Odd. Freeps @ FR make no mention of ANTHRAX since August 29.

2667 is an important number to me today

Could "The Path" backfire?

what is there on marc platt?

KBR (Halliburton) spent GOVERNMENT MONEY on OWN Super Bowl party

Conservative A. Sullivan asks righties to stand up to Rove's "Hail Mary"

The "REALLY TRUE" path to 911 (UK Guardian commentary)

FULL Page ad Sunday NYTimes Path to 9/11

How could anyone not be suspicious of the motives of this Administration?

I Just Registered BADMICKEY.ORG - What Should We Do With It?

GOP/ABC, they're desperate when recycling blow job to keep control

Editor of The New Republic Joins Libby's Defense Fund

Why it occured to me that this all is REALLY going to backfire....

Al Gore says he hasn't ruled out 2nd run

coming soon - collapse of civilization when oil runs out ->


Cheney: "The world is better off today with Saddam Hussein out of power"

The Washington Monthly.....READ THE ARTICLE by..................

Do you think Bushco will find a reason not to leave office in 2009


Brit Hume: "Repubs think we are war - Dems think it is a law-enforcement

How Convenient! Condiliar Doesn't Remember Seeing NO Saddam/Al-Q Link!

Clarke: The Bushies Were Stuck in a Cold-War Mentality

If you liked the 911 VENDETTA post, thank the author here

Time for a rousing game of "who are they talking about?"

Bush ignored CIA video of bin Laden walking toward Pakistan in Dec. 2001

I need a site with a comprehensive list citing the Path to 9/11 problems.

George Will just equated Path to 9/11 to Michael Moores F9/11

Iraqi police find 14 more tortured corpses

On the anniversary of 9/11, can we open up discussion to GD for 1 day?

Do you have health care?

was there an earthquake in Florida today?

GIs hunt al-Qaida in Afghan mountains

"They've trotted that dog out for the last three elections..."

Harvard's next president: Clinton or Rice?

This week has felt pretty much like

I hope Monday morning brings to ABC and Disney and that

Prosecutors: Convicted fundraiser sought White House invitations

GOP spending Millions to Go to Digging Up Dirt on Democrats

Do you think freeptard types know what buffoon cartoons they are?

For the ones who still watch CBS Evening News

Philadelphia area: HERE'S WHO TO HIT FOR PT9/11!

Swedish pension fund pulls out of Wal-Mart

Check your local TV listings - in San Diego - part two of P 9-11 is NOT

I feel like a football


Bush-tzpah: Said NYT Would Have "Blood on Hands" if it Published NSA Story

Rumsfeld: I'll fire anyone who says we need to plan for after the war

Rice stands by claims of Al-Qaeda-Saddam links. Says Qaeda developed WMD's

TRUE LIES: The Path to 9/11 is paved with bad intentions (

Clinton was kicking Terrorism's ass when he was President......

"Path To 9/11" Clinton Assassination Scene Screen-Grab

LAT: "Why the Numbers Don't Add Up in Iraq"

My Kingdom for the Truth...

Citizenship - outdated concept?

"Did Cheney confirm he's the source of the Plame leak?" Admits it on MtP!

Major lies and distortions in Path to 9/11 (Video clips)

War on Terror Equals War on Minorities

Scholastic's Chairman has issued another statement re THE PATH TO 9/11

9th Circuit: Josh Wolf Must Comply with Subpoena (HuffPo)

Manning v. Manning

Do You believe in Love at 1st date?

Group slams Disney over labor abuses in factories

REMEMBER They Never Caught The.....

DISNEY workers beaten, fined in Banglasdesh when asking for overtime pay

Bush Made Secret Deal With Bin Laden: No Retaliation for Cole Bombing

Steve Bell cartoons on t-shirts

Sen Rockefeller - Iraq Better Off With Saddam In Power

Bush plans "CRAZY CAMPAIGNING" after 9/11 anniversary event

Living in a nightmare world!

I just put a digital "lock" on ABC...

More exploitation and photo ops from 9/11 going on now on CNN

Mission accomplished - Coke opens in Afghanistan

Digby: Jeb Bush and Disney All Cuddly Since F911 Flak

Which of these MM club members are morans?

Disney's role in Abu Ghraib scandal

Understand: Path to 9 11 is not for you

Wolf interviewing Kerry

Mohammad Khatami on C-Span speaking at Harvard now(in translation)

The UNEDITED Path to 9/11 scenes in their entirety (MUST SEE!!!!)

A little something interesting I noticed last night in a search

We know * is fucking nuts. How nuts? check this out!

Direct TV Customers: Check out "The Path to 9/11" info.

50 Something's Getting High More

Rep Congress Candidate - How To Prosecute 911 Criminals

Rumsfeld connects Iraq to 9-11 in a letter to Stars and Stripes

(VIDEO) Jim McGovern, Jim McDermott and Barbara Lee at Camp Democracy

A Katrina foreign policy and a Mickey Mouse domestic agenda.

40 Minutes till first screening in Wellington NZ

Oprah will highlight the Opraization of America

Why haven't we been attacked since 9/11?

Talking our Way Down the Toilet

Re 9/11. BushCo Knew but did not pass on the WARNINGS to America

Tweety just compared Osama Bin Laden to Hitler...

U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With C

ABC's "The Path to 9/11" vs. Orson Welles "War of the Worlds"

Madmen And Sedatives (Joe Bageant)

Florida county plans to vaporize landfill trash

ABC/Disney 9-11 film also gets facts wrong about dead FBI agent, American

"Catching/killing OBL would not matter"--Today's talking point...

EMAIL the FCC to complain about P2 911 - here's the link

GREAT IDEA: political talk shows captioned like POP UP VIDEO

Anybody Know Anything About Dust Off Killing Kids?

I wrote 5 years ago

Okay, So ABC Is STILL Airing Path to 9/11. What Next?

I have a theory about this nonstop conservative orgasm on 9/11.

Discovery Channel & ABC - Copycat Ads

How to win this November

Path to 9/11 = Triumph of the will.

Path to 9-11 and the Swift Boaters. I'm seeing pattern.

lone gunman-episode1

Why hasn't ABC/Disney caved? This is bizarre.

In a Pivotal Year, GOP Plans to Get Personal

Why are U.S. Army MPs patrolling the concourses at Boston Int'l Airport?

I just realized something, 10 September 1969,

BBC On This Day: President overthrown in Chile coup

Hmmmmm...the shrinking movie.

Looks like someone's Google Bomb is doing the trick! -- #4 main return

All these Sun interviews, the docu-B.S. to 911-- I've started guzzling


Al Qaeda, Bush wage media war as anniversary nears

CNN just repeated the lie that Clinton refused the extradition of OBL.

A path to 9-11 or Reagan Good Clinton Bad

RW'ers are waging war upon the American People

Repuke Lehman: If you don't like the hits to the Clinton Administration..

Question re: "As It Happened" Videos:

WH Will Use 9/11 Families To Argue For TORTURE & IMPUNITY FOR WAR CRIMES

Ex-ticket agent recalls encounter with (9/11) hijacker (Atta)

E&P: reviews edits to scenes of P2911 shown in New Zealand

Cheney takes swipe at Pelosi...

Is there really a Clinton assassination scence in Path to 9/11?

Path to 911 already aired overseas-ABC caught in lie

use parental controls to block ABC, DISNEY, ESPN channels

YouTube of SWAT team beating Utah rave participants

Oaxaca: From the Front Lines

Oaxaca: mexico videoactivism

Is Blogger down?

Worse Than MTP - Chris Matthews and His Band

Move over Ed Wood...It's "Path 9/11 from Outer Space"....

Remote Smackdown: Downrate ABC/Disney Programs

Since you're boycotting ABC/TV itself, what will you do w/ your free time?

11 September 2006 Statement (Press Release, 9-11 Families for Peaceful Tom

Will lawsuits follow tonite's airing of "Path to 11/7"?

CNN's 2 hour "In The Footsteps of Bin Laden" is also re-airing a couple

Worst President Ever?

Anyone think the Eagles on the "Jesus Camp" ad

Can we have a serious discussion re libel: PT911

Notice the high altitude white plane visible when the WTC was attacked?

TIME: Why Bush's Security Pitch May Not Work This Time

Tonight I Will Watch PBS Frontline's The Dark Side (Taped). What About You

BBC is now broadcasting "Path to 9/11"

wish Monica would show up & say "the blow job didn't last 8 years"

Is there a telephone number for ABC? I want to at least light up

Dana Priest of Washpost Sez: Bin Laden Trail Has Gone STONE COLD.

Update from Mike Malloy's site

A fellow teacher on my team suggested a packet he has on 9/11

Anti-war clips and music

Will Pitt's data dump and other Clinton on Terror links

Drinking for Peace

George Will, Gop politicos & pundits, THE TRUTH & "The Path To 9/11"

are you going to watch Path to 9/11?

Speaking of RW Fantasy miniseries...

At a peace rally today a young Marine spoke..

For those of you planning on giving us a play by play commentary tonight

Why does Norton Internet Security block DU??

Tonight: Watch ABC's competition & write their sponsors thanking

Well folks, here it comes: 9/11 was revenge for Bosnia and Chechnya

The Path to 911 Help me out folks

I watched the disclaimer for path to 9/11 and it is bad

Email: Tell the F.E.C. to prosecute ABC/Disney for campaign law violations

Katie Couric reporting now on CBS- THE DUST AT GROUND ZERO

Why was the toll booth footage on the plane hitting the Pentagon seized?

Just saw the PT9-11 clips from New Zealand...

Path to 9/11 Says At Beginning: THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENED! BULLSHIT!

Am I the only one who is distressed that "Gropenfuhrer" gets a Pass?

9/11: Hanlon/Naudet/Naudet documentary on CBS --on NOW east coast

Top soldier quits as blundering campaign turns

RW'ers hit a new low of immaturity

Might I suggest a "Light Dinner" before viewing

WP: Dubya cut and ran from the hunt for bin Laden in December 2001

Terrorism: Clinton vs. Bush

Remember this? 9/11 and protection of the homeland

Post Modern History By Disney, GOP

Wouldncha love your personal tragedy turned into a political hockey-puck?

We signed so many Petitions and wrote such good "individual comments"

post here:: How You Will HONOR America's Losses of Five Years ago

Can we trust info on Depleted Uranium No you Can't

Logo for the racist hate-group "World Church of the Creator"

Well, whaddya know: EPA proposes easing refinery pollution rules

One thing that has bothered me about the WTC destruction.

"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth." M. Gandhi

Did you just see the Koppel commercial???

Is there a Post for those "Sneaking View" of ABC's Fantasia about 9/11?

Poll on CTV re: 9/11 story. Which one do you believe?

One More time for 9/11 The Grades of Replugs on Veterans issues

So....why did Cheney choose 9/11 as the date for the "attacks"?

Bush Flip-Flops on bringing bin-Laden to Justice--LINKS

Re: MMoore's "F/9-11" release date

we are living in a two parallel world: A split, divided world.

Cheney predicts GOP victory in election, so we are bound to win!!!

Omigod! ABC & Disney has made 9/11 as fictional as the Swampus.

How are ratings tracked?

The people are NOT the corporation, thank goodness

Suicide bomber's widow soldiers on

apply the story of the 3 Jars to ABC.. if truth and compassion is put into

Are they unwittingly admitting that the "Official True Story" is a lie?

Re:sick 9-11 workers - I can't help think of Bernie Kerik's "love nest"

Bush is going to "grace" us with an address on Monday PM

Media's refusal to pull Path to 9/11 worries me for Nov elections: Why?

Woah, just saw something on History Channel, United flight 23

Two stray TOONs kicking around on my PC...

Federal government closely following a pedophilia ring inside Disney

Take the pledge

NYT re-writing history....

A Memo to my Boss: "We can do our small part"


Federal government closely following a pedophilia ring inside Disney

George Will compares P2-911 with Michael Moore - good idea!

Would putting up signs in our yards that read: "This house will

Has it really been five years?

The Best War Ever

Kerry Cheated Dean? You can find the damnedest things online.

Hey, the first commercial I've seen connected Ahnold to Chucklenuts

Should the orginal WTC towers be rebuilt?

From our street corner: You can always tell when it's a Chief's game day

"Fortunately, Harry is doing very well."

Lamont has pulled to within margin of error (WSJ/Zogby poll)

I just can't imagine someone like ABC allowing such an amateur

MSRNC: "Bush lets silence fill Ground Zero"

The path since 9/11

Reasons I believed there was a chance ABC/Disney would not air P 9/11

YouTube Video: Bush in Depeche Mode's "John the Revelator"

Path to 9/11 Tell the Truth YOUTUBE VIDEO: Help me RATE IT UP

My (small) kick in the ass to Disney

A bit of a self congratulatory post. My ltte got published.

My Local CBS Affiliate is Airing a Warning About Language in 9/11 Doc.

Photoshopped Graphic says it all about "The Path to 9/11"

911 Press for Truth

I could have bet my house on what scenes would show during half-time

So, now that we're safe from Clinton, Where's Osama?

Just finished watching 9/11: Press for Truth. Saddened and disgusted.

On C-Span: John Kerry 'Real Security' Speech Discussion Thread

Homeland Security Color Code Decoded

My Uncle Sammy

A tribute....

Stop baking cookies for the corporate cookie jar!

I need an address for Disney...I'm mailing back all my kids Disney crap

Hopefully, most of America is like my household right now...

The history ABC apparently rewrote: Some More Links

My daughter just called from Florida. She and her s/o are

brain fart

OMG! I just heard the word "Fucking" on CBS! The SHAME! eom

Crawl at the bottom of our local ABC affiliate during the 'movie'

"On tape Clinton admits passing up Bin Laden capture" RW headline boasts.

Wanna be Roger Ebert and review Path 9-11 as pure film? THUMBS DOWN

An e-mail exchange

Katie Couric explains why we have an EPA

My e-ltr to TimMAY (G.E. RUSSERT)

Looks like we need Monica LEUWINCHSKIC to exononerate us

Our incredibly crappy world situation was brought to you by the SCOTUS

"...and Jeff Gannon as 'Huggy Bear' - TOO DANG FUNNY TO MISS

"Path To 9/11" is up against NFL on NBC.

PT9/11 ..... I'm glad it's running.

"you are a hybrid - half idiot, half moron"

Turn off "The Path" and turn on CBS for a real documentary "911."

"American Family Assn." protests 9/11 documentary....ON CBS!!

9/11 Fakeumentary - Will The Dems Actually Do Anything?

I'm close to tears, waking up to Bush and Rove's hijacking of 9/11

The Path to 9/11 Lies: is there a complete list anywhere?

The Path to Abu Ghraib

A Time For Reflection - NBC & the NFL Gets it Right

Path 9/11 looked like those Food network shows about candy factories

You want to know why the Corporate News Networks SUCK so BAD?

Senate candidate Jack Carter hospitalized

Path 9/11. Instant Cult Classic Ala Reefer Madness. It's So Bad It's Camp.

I need help!!

Reading all the reviews of P2911 tonight makes me realize something...

"I'd vote for a dog over a Republican"

Bush & Laura lay wreath at WTC

"The Path to Mickey" on Americablog.

Satire to entertain those who no longer watch ABC TV

Americablog "Disney/ABC burns American flag ".

Steve Irwin ~ Wildlife Warrior

I watched HBO tonight.


Concerto for laptop? Conductor's sharp note over airport security (UK)

Just gotta say one thing to Disney/ABC after watching

Du this local radio poll

Anyone ever have a nervous breakdown?

I miss Bob Boudelang and the Hate mail bag =(

All you ever wanted to know about Clinton and Osama:

A cure for the nine eleven blahs. The Manning brothers playing

Ted Koppel got ONE e-mail during his live 9/11 show.

PT9/11: Local ABC affilitiate's newscast was solicititing feedback

Say, didn't it only take 4 years to defeat Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini?

Look at what I found on Yahoo while looking at 9/11 Anniversary pics:

What ever happened to finding the person(s) behind the Anthrax mailings?

OK, I'm betting that gasoline prices will be around 1.50 by the end of Oct

So will night two of the Path to 9/11 be filled with

The Koppel documentary (Discovery) looks good....

The good news

HERE'S the BOYCOTT LIST! Hit them in their wallets starting now.

Disney is airing the docudrama because they must protect

So what's the deal with the post PT 911 Nightline episode?

What time is the CBS program on 9/11 supposed to begin?

New ending to CBS documentary with Robert DeNiro, honoring firefighters

9/11 5th anniversary TOONS

I have blocked all ABC, ESPN, Family Network, etc. channels

Shame on Ted Koppel.. I am disappointed in his show

I'm seeing a repeat from 20 years ago... ("Path To 9-11" thread)

Why would anyone want to lie about 9-11

Yes! Yes! I'm 1:45 minutes into this ABC Docudog...

New Zealand showing of Path to 9/11 Excellent review on dailyKos

Just wondering: Did PT 9/11 show any of the bullshit?

Family Guy Tonight

Where is bin Laden? It has been 5 years.

PT9/11 not showing in Canada; instead, CBC has ...

DR. Rice says we are SAFE! -- um, SAFER! -- um, NOT REALLY SAFE!

LOL. What a embarrassment of a SHITTY movie

The Path to 9/11 is on in the UK now.

And the dead scream 'Fuck You' at the man who didn't warn them.

****** Official PT911 Thread 3 *******

Amish Country Popcorn Business Deemed 'Target for Terrorists'


The fat asses at FREE REPUBLIC think DU is "frothing" over Path to 911

Bush: "It's hard not to think about the people who lost their lives"

TV Guide Poll: Is it wrong of ABC to present a fictionalized version...

2 Movies, 1 full of lies, 1 with the Truth, both released Simultaneously?

Wierd: Freepers Hate Katie - One Step Away From Fonda!

Word doc of everything I could copy/paste from Yahoo News on 9/11/2001

Should we all now contact American Air & encourage them to sue

Is there ANY way Harvey Keitel lives this down....

*** TOONs: 9-11, Where's Osama? ***


"Celebrating" 9/11/01 after 5 long years...

CBS 9/11 doc: "Okay, this isn't fucking Disneyland, let'sgo"

What is everyone watching tonight?

So who is the poor sap that is going to watch "Path to 9/11" and

***Official PT911 Thread***

The Unbiased True Story Of Why Clinton Is To Blame For 9/11 (Tom Tomorrow)

Snow: 'We haven't found bin-Laden because al-Qaeda has been degraded'

NOW does Sandy Berger have grounds for a libel suit against Disney?

Bush compares with HITLER AGAIN!

Is the Greatest Hoax ever finally coming unraveled?

I am on Michael Moore's front page!

Air America listeners: Have they commented on ABC's film?

LT Watada needs our help!!!

The hardest parts of Bush's job, now this is leadership

DU Products! Post them...

I give up - there's no hope at all

L.A. Times media critic describes ABC's reputation as "a smoking ruin"

I watched THE DOCUMENTARY tonight

come 2008, we need a President who

Why did it take Bush so long to address a frightened nation on 9/11?

Why Did Jeb Do This?

Can you people please stop it with the PT911 Threads?

The protest in my little corner of the world today

The revolutionary reawakening of Mexico

PT911 - We're being Punk'd by Rove while Bush walks away clean

Disney forced ABC to pull story on Disney's Pedophile Problem

25-million-dollar Coca-Cola plant opened in Afghanistan

SIRIUS may add Malloy

Never let it come to this.

why should gays/lesbians abandon the Democratic Party ->

If the Fundies want to "Rapture" and go to "Heaven" so bad

Chicago Tribune TV Week Promotes Lies

9/11/01 on Democratic Underground - a look back

Historians Will Morally Impeach George W. Bush For Exploiting, Not Honorin

HERE'S THE BOYCOTT LIST! The one that make sense.

Cheney on Meet The Press, looking very, very weak...

These pictures says it all

GWB's unusual behavior the morning of 9/11.

FBI's John O'Neill, played by Harvey Keitel. Here's his REAL story!

e-mail rumor? Couldn't find this at Snopes.

The Family Guy / Bush Joke tonight:

*Bush* re: 9/11 "But the day ended on a relatively humorous note."

Progressive pledge: BOYCOTT ABC/DISNEY if they air Path to 9/11

ANIMATION: Disney explains the Reichstag fire (variation on earlier one)

Help Prosecute ABC/Disney For Campaign Finance Law Violations

A Personal Journal of 9/11

I'm outraged! ABC brought in the Lewinski scandal. I can't believe it.

Review slamming P to 9/11

Stop by and kick our "The Path to 9/11" thread.

NY Cop Who Lost Son On 9/11: Wrong To Request Son's Name On Iraq Bomb


Here's What I Got When I Googled "Path To 9/11" Just Now

Sen. Kerry's speech on Real National Security -C-Span 6:30- A must watch!

Freeper responses to ABC's piece of filth fiction

Suggestion: don't mention politics when talking about the boycottees


Russert catches Cheney lying about Iraq and Al Qaeda on Meet the Press

***** Official PT911 Thread 2 ******

Where were you when 9/11/01 went down? What were you doing?

The Real Story! Sandy Berger WARNED Condi January 2001 About Al-Qaeda!!!!

My e-mail to American Airlines re: PT911 **PLEASE READ!!!**

What if 9/11 had not happened? (Toronto Star)

Re: NYC air quality post-9/11; aren't residents also at risk?

Payback for Kean: Contribute to his son's opponent in NJ senate race >>>

Well, it was short but good.

Help me refute this Freeper...

The Greatest fortunes are made during the rise or collapse of a society

The Path to 9/11

"Pastor" John Hagee: Christofascist Warmonger (what a disgusting man)

9/11: Press for Truth now on Google Video

I received a very unsettling email today from Cindy Sheehan

I'm watching The Path...

"We're in a civil war here.....This is not the time to be nice."

So what do we do after the 911 swiftboat is shown?

What Do You Want America To Stand For?

A great divide: Left and right battling for the nation's soul

Dangerous jobs take toll on illegal immigrants (Chicago Tribune)

Is it too weird to think that the rest of the world will join 'The Axis Of

You have to be shameless to be a Republican.

Could the ABC contract players do something about tonight's lie-fest?

Meet the Press: Timmy actually holding Dick's feet to fire?! RIGHT NOW

Taking all bets--can Cheney smirk for the full hour of MTP?

About 9/11: Anyone near Media, PA -TONIGHT- 5 pm: Borough Hall - BE THERE

Is CQ the only analyst that has Pukes keeping the House?

Australian Freep-hole watches "Path To 9/11," here's the thread...

"The administration has outstupided itself"

Condi just took a good punch from Chris Wallace

October surprise: Bush captures Bin Laden, makes Path to 9/11

What Jimmy Carter told me about winning elections:

fired, in part, for calling replacement workers "scabs."

"Hubris" shows a petty and delusional Bush, and an evil Cheney

GOP sleaze wave coming -- need pre-emptive action!

Disney: Apparently Not Just Some Mickey Mouse Operation!

STOP already with the phone calls!

Rove sicks prosecutors on spammer who hit Bush donors

Americans Reject Phone, E-Mail Surveillance (CBS Aug polling)

Bob Schieffer's closing remarks on Face the Nation.

We might well lose both houses of Congress while getting way more votes

9/11 commisioner John Lehman says that "The Path to 9/11"...

MyDD blog: connects Disney exec with Pataki & D'Amato

9/11 Anniversary: Don't Forget The Workers (or lies and inaction)

Rice and Cheney : A Collective Contempt for Fact

Gay Day at Disneyland October 4th!

NY-29 Campaign News: Cleland KOs Bush, Cheney is Coming

'Super Tuesday' for Fighting Dem Vets - Recap and Summary

For Those Of You That Think Being Virtuous And Honest Wins Elections

Kinda off subject but...

What do you think about this post

Saving Constitutional Gov't Is A Problem of "Gestalt" and Scope

Cheney on MTP: I haven’t had a chance to read it (new intelligence report)

Some silver lining of the ABC show?

"Fuck Saddam. We're taking him out" (Junior to Condi Rice, March 2002)

Worldview | The 'confusion' is in Bush's policy

Dick Cheney Is In Denial.....Not The River...

Senate ballot fight intensifies (PA Green Party whores for the GOP)

My first ever, "please help" OP. I've been searching for the source

Dean says we are in trouble in war on terror, critiques Rumsfeld and Rove

OK for RW to LIE about 9-11 because Michael Moore told TRUTH about 9-11.

What happened to buff2's thread about the 2004 Ohio election?

AMC is showing Enemy of the State. I find this fitting as a run up to

Bill Maher's panel slams ABC (Rob Thomas and Editor)

A brief 911 Timeline

Kay Griggs. We should not forget her, or what she said.

Suppose we get what we want in November. What happens then?

ABC has committed to showing the 911 film...

WOW! Tim Russert's "exclusive" Evil Dick one hour MTP interview! WOW!

Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America

Workplace Safety Is Most Important Reason To Join Unions, Poll Finds

Bush = Nixon with a Republican congress?

READ Ron Paul

Updated EPI Retirement Security Guide: The News Is Dire

Rove Trotting Out 9-11 Families to Attack McCain, Graham, Warner?

Somebody needs to make a "Path to 9/11: The Truth" movie, starring

WP/AP: Jack Carter hospitalized in Nevada

Young Turks has Clip & Discussion of Ahhnold's "hot black blood" Comment

Iger is a Repuke Stooge - Eisner would never do the 9-11 movie!

The Statue of Liberty in 2006

YouTtube Vid: Scenes from PT9/11 - Exposing the lies re Berger/Albright

For everybody who watched Dick "the liar" Cheney on MTP

Bush air-hogging warning. Monday PM a "bush address" will be on tv

-.-. --- -. .-. .- -.. / -... ..- .-. -. ...

Let Them Eat Candy (Jason Miller)

It's starting. Comments?

This PT 911 probably will not convince anyone of anything,

By Cheney's logic, Clinton is blameless, unlike Reagan and both Bushes

email SIRIUS for Malloy

It's coming together: bin Laden, Bush, ABC

Stop calling Iraq a "Pre-emptive" War

American taxpayers paid for Halliburton executives Super Bowl party

LOL check out Ken Blackwell's My Space page

Anyone Watch 9/11: Press For Truth?

Swiftboating America's historical record

I'm loving these Angelides ads (Arnold leading cheers for the chimp...

Is it possible for Bush to politicize 9/11 more?

Frankly I Dont Care About Tommorow.....

The Biggest BIG Lie Yet: Democrats CAUSED the 9/11 attacks

Centrists need to watch out. Bush telling the truth and suddenly showing

Noted draft dodger Dick Cheney on "having the stomach for the fight"

Just thought of a one-word slogan ...

Maybe someone could ask Bush to reenact his learning about the attack

Oh, Jesus,....... To Think We Were Worried,...

Kerry on CSpam...

We should all be very carefull.


Bush tries to squirm off War Crimes Hook

The Path to 9/11

March 2003: US names "Coalition of the Willing"'s that working out?

Condi on Fox: There WERE ties to Iraq, you guys! WMDs too! Totally!

I just told ABC to get lost

MSNBC: Bush admin says Junior's 9/11 speeches will be "apolitical"

I want to volunteer to be a member of the Dem Attack Dog Kennel ......

Republican working undercover in dem. campaign/ OHIO

why don't centrists condemn US imperialism???

Cheney says they will win in November????

Al Gore Says He Hasn't Ruled Out 2nd Run

Project Censored: The Global Dominance Advocates - who are "they"

Slate: While Bush Vacationed, 9/11 Warnings Went Unheard

Lyndon LaRoche- genius or lunatic of the left?

The razor thin line of terror

Take action against ABC/Disney

Democrats can win elections by

Dear Chairman Dean, please run this ad for the next 60 days. Thank you.

Democratic Speaker of the House in 2007: Murtha or Pelosi?

Dem Congressman Nadler Says Christie Todd Whitman Should Be

Sen. Kerry's speech on Real National Security -C-Span 6:30- A must watch!

Lamont did NOT praise Lieberman's rebuke of Clinton in 1998 e-mail

Britney Spears...ex-Disney employee...staunch Bush the MATH

My Response: GOP plans to "get personal" in last 60 days

Zogby: a bunch of new polls

Lamont praised Lieberman's rebuke of Clinton in e-mail in 1998

I hate to say this.... But we are truly powerless in this country....

The DLC threatened Clinton with losing for not toeing the line. 1994