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Archives: August 9, 2006

Toll of a war that shames the world

Timers. So that's how Hezbollah launches rockets and eludes Israeli

Were the WTC towers demolished with explosives?

Chris Bell wants more cowbell

Antiwar challenger wins Connecticut primary

Consensus Time

CNN: Lieberman blames Rove-like tactics for Web site disruption

Desperate Lebanese Flee to Syria on Foot

Walberg upsets Schwarz in 7th District congressional race (MI)

Poll: Brazil's President Widens Lead

War Crimes Act Changes Would Reduce Threat Of Prosecution

Kan. Board of Ed. to tackle evolution

Judge OKs camping ban near Bush ranch

LAT/AP: L.A. County Refuses to Release Gibson Arrest Tapes

Maryland Lt. Gov. Slightly Hurt in Crash

Ex-Policeman admits Civil-Rights Crimes

NYT/AP: Pennsylvania Democrats Target Green Party Candidates in Court

(Anti-) Iraq war documentary "Truth" set for September release

ABA Attacks Bush Revisions: Approves "signing-statement" resolution

Report: US sailor spied for Israel (Petty Officer held for 4 months)

LAT: Shia Embrace Partitioning of Iraq

My guy for football

So what are you drinking tonight?

Dodgers win 11th in a row!!!

How the hell do you make prune juice?

For my 1,000th post I'd like to say one thing.

Your parents' favorite songs that made you batshit crazy

Piercings, yes or no?

Please, everyone...if I could ask...

Who would win a three way?

Folklorama: Excursion 1 - Chile and Cuba

I recived an email from Israel today

New blog opened

Let's support all the Democratic winners including Hank Johnson...

A PERFECT quote for Lieberman

GW & Liebs Wedding Photo

Can the Democratic leadership now please censure Joe Lieberman

time to resuscitate the DU activist corps

Hey All You Nabobs, It's Party Time!!!

Damn. First it was Bush. Now we have to re-defeat Joe.

I've never felt better in my life after voting than I did today...

Allow Me To Summarize

Where are those DUers who have been angrily bashing Lamont supporters for

Ned Lamont has link to send message to Joe Lieberman

Thanks Ned Lamont for having the Black Leaders on stage with you.

Joe Joe Two faced Joe. Who will you caucus with we want to know!

Consensus Time

Special edition of Countdown on now - with Tweety from Conn

In my best James Brown imitation...

Ned's victory will embolden and boost anti-war candidates

Wonder what Nancy Pelosi et ali

LieberLoserman has now Proven he is Only a Neocon, War Criminal Enabler

THAT'S IT!!! Define, specifically, a "moderate" or a "centrist".

Lamont's main job is now to make it clear that Lieberman is no longer

Please see the movie WHY WE FIGHT as soon as you can.

Lieberman "Independent Democrat" = Signing Statement On Election

RW C-Span Caller Said Joe Promised To Serve Only 18 Years

OH for goodness sake, how long of a damn concession speech

Say it ain't so, Joe!

Timers. So that's how Hezbollah launches rockets and eludes Israeli

South Lebanon Closed; Strikes Kill 19

Joe Lieberman is running against the entire Democratic Party

Where does Joe think he is going to find pro-war pro-Bush votes?


Sore Loserman ! Traiterous Bastard!

Newsday:Lieberman loses Connecticut primary

If Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were both to make speeches

I have never been prouder...

For those who think Joe is going take this thing as an independent:

Democratic Leadership Council has just declared DefCon 1

There is no Independent Democratic Party. It's the Democratic Party, Joe

Do you suppose Bush called Joe after he conceded?

How many Republicans

99.60 % Of Precincts Reporting

Just remember what Holy Joe is REALLY about

Guess the top headline in tomorrow's Hartford Courant:

There's something happening here and you don't know what it is...

Sharpton supporters...check in.

Which Dino do you want to see go down next?

ATTN: Dem Candidates - This was the shot across your bow ..

48% of Conn Dems don't think the War is that big a deal

Will it do any good for Joe to be an indi in Washington?

Were McCain and Lieberman separated at birth?

Joe's campaign to bring an end to partisanship and division

Please Take K. Rove Down

Bush kisses Lieberman, so now Lieberman kisses back.

Clinton's & Progressive voters

Now We Will See Where The Rest of Democrats On Hill Stand....

Message Sent...

I was just banned from a yahoo group for being anti war.

Just got an e-mail from Ned...

Dennis Miller to join Fox News this fall

Breaking News: First Democratic Leader Steps Up

Joe running as an Independent with Senators support looks like this

Ezra Klein found this Lieberman quote on mandates from 11/2004

Ned Lamont is asking us to send a short note to Lieberman

LOL those poor uninformed, misguided freepers!

This is how a concession speech SHOULD be

Lieberman Defeat A Referendum on Iraq Policy

If The Chimp fires Rummy would he put Joey in his place ?

moderate, centrist, conservative Democrats!

A little info about the DLC (A DLC WAKE-UP CALL)

What do we Agree on and do we have the Will to see it through?

Joe Lieberman Lied in his Concession Speech

How long has it been since we celebrated something here?

The only thing better than beating Lieberman once...

Joe Loserman is THIS deep in the Iraq invasion:

Murderous seductress? Or an innocent young woman with a jealous boyfriend?

Here's where you can tell Joe to support Ned - the Democratic candidate

Joseph Lieberman, five years from now at the Old Politicians' Home

WaPo: Lieberman Concedes to Antiwar Challenger

AP: Pa. Dems Target Green Party Candidates

Hillary, Biden, are you listening?

VIRGINIA. Next. Dammit.....

Burnt Orange (Texas blog) on Lieberman's Indy run

Thinking of all of the losses over the past six years...

I'm glad Lieberman is running as an Indie!!!

No Mo Dem Party Dough, Joe!

Why did Lieberman lose?

Martin Peretz believes Lieberman lost because of Clinton

DUers. Help me support this woman!


thank god my 1,000th was on tonight

Special credit due to Lamont's army of volunteers. In ...

With Joe down, I think its time for a short moratorium on the 'Dino' crowd

Lieberman is counting on the Republican and Independent vote

Let us all give a call out to MSNBC...

Is a Lieberman loss

Does the loss of Centrist DLCer Joe Lieberman hurt Hillary

Evan Bayh endorses Lamont!

What would keep Joe from turning Republican?

Email from Lamont just Lieberman not to run as Indy.

Could somebody knowledgable about US politics please help me?

David Sirota nails tonight's political tsunami

Why the GOP May Not Gain from Lieberman's Loss

Social Change: A 7 Step Social Marketing Approach

Reid and Schumer to back Lamont (but wil they ask Joe to step aside?)

Women re-enact South Africa march

Israeli war crimes aimed at “cleansing” south Lebanon


ABC: Lieberman Blogged Down in Connecticut

Saving Social Security: Phase II

I predict this will happen next

Max Boot: Radical Ideas for Iraq

Unions and the E.P.A. NY times

'We are ready to fight, we are ready to die'

MICKEY Z.: A 9/11 angle ignored by Hollywood

Antiwar Challengers Across US Get a Vote of Confidence

Rolling Stone: George Bush's Favorite Democrat

Why Wal-Mart wants to sell ethanol

George Stephanopoulos: Can Karl help Joe?

MOGAMBO GURU: Gold And Silver Are The Currencies Of The Anti-Idiots

TIME: Lieberman Lost the Old-Fashioned Way

Little Green Football's "Reutersgate" and "Rathergate"

"A Slanted Truce and Rice's Latest Obscenity." by Matthew Rothschild

'We are just hit-and-run guerrillas'

‘Once we were beggars’; Hezb steel from dignity restored

Sam Seder's giving it to Lieberman very good show

Bomb Number Five, Salaam

Clearing the path for US war on Iran

JASON MILLER: Pornification Is A Disease And We Have An Advanced Case

Shutdown illustrates US oil dependence Asia Times they are watching us

U.S. policy elevated Castro

An Oil Leak Rattles a State and Its Workers

"What does this Western obsession over Iran & Syria's support for Hezbol


On Patrol, Iraqis Prove Eager, Erratic and Green

Iranian Leader Speaks To Mike Wallace (60 Minutes Sunday)

Cuba Enjoys Ties With Caribbean Neighbor

TIME: Why the Republicans are loving the Lieberman loss


Hands off Cuba: The best thing U.S. can do is lie low

LTTE-No Homosexual Agenda Spreads Across Nation

Joe's defeat should send message

Lamont's victory - A Media defeat.

Apocalypse Near : interview with Noam Chomsky

Pat Buchanan has it right

Voter Fraud Not the Problem. Opponents of Low-Income Voters Are

Clearing the path for US war on Iran (Asia Times)

Geo Galloway: Interview w/Sky News - explosive/LINK

It is Lebanon, not Israel, that faces a threat to its existence

Pasadena Fights to Keep Electric Cars

OBITUARIES: Murray Bookchin, 85; Writer Pioneered Social Ecology

Collapse Of Greenland Ice Shield - Consequences

Sacramento, CA, USA: Million Solar Roofs Bill Passes Senate Committee

Trees Are Stripped for Medicinal Bark (KY)

so, who likes the idea of artificial volcanoes?

Super Typhoon Saomai

YUCCA MOUNTAIN PROJECT: Judges reject Nevada lawsuit

Jay-Z helps U.N. focus on water crisis

BP Alaska woes could hurt ANWR drilling -greens

Antarctica Under Siege

Choking On Smog, Hong Kong Refuses Call To Cut Lighting, Pollution

Food prices would soar in biofuels switch, says Unilever

Mediterranean on jellyfish alert

oh yeah, 170 Palestinians slaughtered since June 28 - just fyi

Some Serious SH*T is coming down Pike for Israel & US if Arabs Unite!

How can Hizbollah use civilians as Shields?

George Galloway interview on Israel and Hezbullah - a great watch

In the name of Allah

Jewish Leader in Brazil Accuses Israel of Doing Dirty Work in Lebanon

just what is israel doing in occupied palestine???

% civilian deaths?

Why not put the demilitarized zone on northern Israeli land?

Israel, Seeking Rocket Buffer, Sets Expansion (NYT)

Tactics that have kept the Middle East's most powerful

Analysis: IDF still not in control of border strip with Lebanon

Panic is the mood at a northern Israeli shelter

Israel kidnapped 1/3 of the democratically elected palestinian parliament

Cabinet expected to okay NIS 2.8b in budget cuts to fund war

UN Human Rights Council to hold special session on Friday to discuss Leban

Israeli force can stop the rockets, but for how long?

Two Paratroopers killed Tuesday night in Lebanon

The 1973 Syndrome

Report: US sailor spied for Israel


Addressing the central role of media in fabricating the 9/11 hoax

Dem. candidate in FL-10 is pro-truth

Why should we believe the gov't version of the events of

Pre-August 6 2001 PDB Evidence of Bush Pre-Knowledge

David Ray Griffin scheduled for Scarborough Country - TONIGHT

Remember those refugee camps we all read about a few months ago?

Griffin on KPFA right now! 1 pm PDT

view the PRESS FOR TRUTH *trailer* online

Does anyone have a copy of that pic of Andy and Cynthia

Mexico Leftists Shut Foreign Banks in Election Fraud Protests

CA: Voters File To Halt Use Of Elec Voting Machines In Time For Nov Elec

Are any updates available on the McKinney situation?

Columbus Dispatch 8-9: Conspiracy in 04 OH vote? "there simply was none."

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Wednesday August 9, 06 LAMONT WINS!!

Petition signer: I was duped

I like lever machines better than DRE

Video Webcast with Joan Krawitz Exec Director of VoteTrustUSA

repeat from Gen. topics thread - what we do about Delay's seat

NOT POLITICAL! I need some computer repair!

I posted the DVO post in GD Politics again

We've been watching Feasting on Asphalt, Alton Brown's exploration

my wife says the cast iron must go

Pasta as a sleep aid?????

Name this recipe!

Ed Broadbent cared so much about fighting child poverty...

Canadian killed by fellow soldier in Afghanistan shooting accident

Waiting for answers

Ottawa sets deadline for lumber deal

South Lebanon Closed; Strikes Kill 19

Rep. Joe Schwarz beaten in Mich. primary

Judge OKs camping ban near Bush ranch

Ballot Manager For Cuyahoga Co. BOE Resigns

On-Air TV Fight Ends In Thrown Chair

Egyptian students disappear in U.S.

U.S., France at odds over Lebanon demand

AP Judge OKs camping ban near Bush ranch

Cuba Enjoys Ties With Caribbean Neighbor

US military says Marine helicopter crashed in Iraq

China union and Wal-Mart talks in limbo

Iraq Agency: U.S. Not to Blame for Blast

Security cabinet okays decision to expand ground operation in Lebanon

Battle escalates over cheap U.S. corn popping into Mexico

Mexico leftists target foreign banks in protest

US seeks to shield its war interrogators: report

Iraqi PM attacks US tactics in Baghdad

Rebels blow up third Pakistani pipeline in a week

$400M FEMA contracts now total $3.4B

Clarett arrested; Guns found in truck

Homeless in Mass. Sue Over Library Policy

Israel approves deeper offensive

Phone tap investigation widens

(UK) MP resigns over Middle East crisis

Guard soldiers prepare the dead in Iraq

Katrina Victims Still Waiting for Aid

40,000 soldiers await word to enter southern Lebanon

World Bank chief (Paul Wolfowitz) attacks US over falling aid

Urge Joe Lieberman to help Democrats (Wes Clark)

NYT/AP: Lieberman Files Papers to Get on Ballot

WP: Abortion Foe (Geo) Allen Faulted for Stock in Morning-After Pill Maker

Almost 2,000 bodies were taken to Baghdad's morgue in July...

Officials begin vote recount in Mexico

Salazar in a Tight Spot (pledged support to Lieberman)

(Aussie) Army concocted Kovco accounts

WaPo - Bush changing War Crimes Act

Israel's expanded Lebanon offensive begins - TV

Chinese Bar Offers Beating and Abuse

Bill Gates pledges 500 million dollars to global AIDS fund

(Senator Hillary) Clinton lashes out at big oil in speech here (Chicago)

Angry MPs demand recall of parliament

Judge delays ruling on Northwest ( bankrupt) strike issue

Sugar Land Mayor to Seek DeLay's Seat

UK troops overstretched in Iraq - parliamentarians

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 9 August

Typhoon targets China and gathers strength

Photographer for 'Times-Pic' Arrested As He Begs Cops to Kill Him

Iranian president criticizes Bush

Baghdad - "Phase Two"

Israel: 'Refuseniks' say they won't attack civilians

James Van Allen dead at 91

U.S. directs criticism at Israel

Iraq: HIV-positive couple murdered

Haifa's Arabs: We won't leave city

Lebanese Man Loses 15 Family Members

Guardian/AP: 11 Israeli Soldiers Reportedly Killed

Stephen Lewis, groups call on Ottawa to show AIDS leadership

Randi Rhodes to debate Neal Boortz on Larry King tonight

Clashes at UN as talks fail to break resolution deadlock

Top officer in Stockwell shooting in line for promotion

Indian state bans Pepsi and Coke

Hillary Clinton on display at NY's Museum of Sex

Almost 2,000 bodies taken to Baghdad morgue

Bloggers Battle Website Issue (Lieberman's accusations)

Pesticides in sodas rekindle Indian ire

Karzai Hints He Won't Run for 2nd Term

1,500 violent deaths in Iraq over the last month...

2 Testify CIA Questioner Beat Detainee

Embattled La. Lawmaker Gets Competition

Iraqis held over reporter kidnap

GOP official says (Ben) Nelson should pay all tax to '98 (Dem Ne)

Statue of Liberty's Crown to Stay Closed

Change to Win Helps Uphold Immigrant Workers' Rights; Workers Unlawfully D

Lieberman loss offers signs of angry electorate

In a first, woman in Navajo Nation runoff

Bush Administration Mum on Israeli Plans

FBI Cleared in Deadly Puerto Rico Raid

Police descend on home of state Sen. Robert Regola (R)

Embattled White House seeks Iraq upper hand

Nato soldier dies in Afghanistan

NYT/AP: Democrats Abandon Lieberman, Back Lamont

Taliban militants hang Afghan woman, son

Sources: Navy sailor suspected of spying for Russia

Possible Replacements for Plum Island Research Facility Released

Poll: 60 percent of Americans oppose Iraq war

(Bush) Impeachment Set for SF Vote

Homeland Security urges users to get Microsoft patch

Gallup: Most Recent Bush Quarter Worst For A President Since 1992

Lawyers take step to clear Lay's record

Kleeb (Dem) blasts Smith (Rep) after radio show comments (Ne)

AFL-CIO Partners with National Day Laborer Organizing Network

Israel Suspends Expanded Lebanon Offensive to Give Diplomacy a Chance

(Hillary) Clinton Urges Lieberman To 'Search His Conscience' In Senate Bid

Rice cancels U.N. visit as issues grow over Mideast cease-fire plans

(Pat) Robertson, Olmert pray together for victory

Three U.S. soldiers killed in action in Iraq

U.S. urges Israeli restraint in new offensive

Russ Feingold issues statement on Lamont win (good read!)

French changes to resolution rankle U.S.

Peter King foe wants a Conn. repeat for LI (Lamont voters bigots)

Control of Congress could change in '06, poll shows

Apple execs hire lawyers as options probe proceeds

Feingold To Donate Money To Candidate Who Defeated Lieberman

Witness: CIA interrogator enraged by Afghan detainee

FEMA Awards Hurricane Housing Contracts (worth up to $1.5 billion)

Iraq plans to remove Pentagon's proxy force

N.Y. GOP Republicans have heated debate

3 of 11 missing Egyptian students found

A Face Is Exposed for AOL Searcher No. 4417749

Photographer for 'Times-Pic' Arrested As He Begs Cops to Kill Him

Indian floods worsen, 4.5 million people homeless

Broward officer apologizes for behavior after 2003 trade summit

Center for war-related brain injuries faces budget cut (of 50%)

Top Democrats throw support to Lamont

Proposed War Crimes Act Protection For Bush Admn Would Apply Retroactively

Google to keep storing search requests

Wash.Post: Counterintelligence Officials Resign

More Indian states ban colas over pesticide row

Wal-Mart Agrees to Unionization in China

W.House: Democrats' extreme left defeated Lieberman

Robin Williams Seeks Help for Alcoholism

Georgia's McKinney Blames Media In Runoff Loss

BBC: Venezuela 'to sever Israel ties'

AP Breaking: 15 Israeli soldiers killed

Sodomize yourself in one sentence - then let us guess who you did.

Recycling.... Bullshit!

sluggo says no...

film your hometown...interesting concept and results

A thread to which nobody will respond: Anyone dig "Mad Capsule Markets"?

I ought to go to bed earlier

And now, for your listening pleasure... Dame Shirley Bassey

New orphaned Snow Leopard from Pakistan is going to the Bronx Zoo

So, I am watching Lamont on CNN and...

Good Wednesday morning, crew!

You are a Naughty Girl???


How did I get all these search engines on my computer

I tweaked out my back in such a way that leg/hip REALLY HURT

Perfect guacamole recipe - and very easy

Eleven years ago today, I woke to the news that a dear friend had passed.

"Dear Label. We are passionate about lunch communication.

I am immortal...I have inside me blood of kings...

Traffic lights: Bane of my existence!

My modesty prevents me from declaring myself a Studly Stud

PAGING MATCOM...job opening:

Lukas Rossi kicked ASS last night!

The last end-of-marriage mediation meeting didn't go well

Who will be the first...

Are You Ready For the Sex Girls?

Got-damn F'n DIZZY SPELLS!!!

Hear that?

Happy Birthday Gillian Anderson!

Reality prevents me from declaring myself a Studly Stud.

The Eleven years ago today

Is it wrong to not want to date someone...purely on lack of physical

Lindsay Lohan to go to Iraq, be used for target practice

In the end there's just a song (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995)

You might be a Goody-Two-Shoes if you:

Everybody QUICK-look in your pockets!

John Kleeb appreciation thread

gee, CT. if you'd gotten your act together and did this 12 years ago

Worst face you've ever seen in the U.S.?

Hump day.

If olive garden, cracker barrel, denny's, and chuck e. cheese merged

Connecticut Dems made quite a statement last night (LOL)

Woman Wakes Up, Finds Tattoo On Her Ankle

Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!

Has anyone had problems with MSN messenger lately?

The *suggested donation* for the Feingold fundraiser

My son just received a TON of money

How is it possible...

Come to think of it, Souplantation sucks too

I've been converted! I'm eating lunch at the OLIVE GARDEN!

Joe Lieberman To Run As Bull Moose Party Candidate

720 pound British prostitute takes client to court -he refused to pay

I take it they weren't supposed to publish this...

If I were president...

Rock star Travis Barker (Blink182)splits from Playmate wife

Post your exciting story here.

Hey, who farted?

It's Wednesday, people. And, you know what that means.

Room for one more player in the DU Fantasy Football League

A Personal Essay from Someone Who Likes to Think and Dream

Everyone else has had more sex than me

I Heard The Olive Garden Was Started And Owned By Rachael Ray

Happy Birthday! Ask me anything!

Are you INKED

Dell Tech Support Question

This was my 3,000th post. I am very proud of it...

Dear Canada: Please, for the love of god, take back the Doodlebops


Jumping Sturgeon Knocks Man Unconscious

It's Beignet! It's Beignet!!

Salmon & Steaks at ZW's Tonight

Will you come with me to the endodontist...and hold my hand?

Aargh! I'm fasting for a doctor's appointment right now.

Explain this to me...

best Virus software that won't take over the system and slow everything

Are You Ready For the Sex, Girls?

man boobs

Music too loud? My pre-tweeners are yelling TURN IT DOWN, MOM!

Something I've noticed in pic threads

Hi Ho!

It's Official: Freepers are as dumb as shit

Can hi blood sugar make you dizzy?

Did anyone inform Hillary of her travel plans with Lindsay Lohen?

The only thing that sucks more

Yes, it's Wednesday........And for me...........

Is tiny Heed the world's smallest cat?

water seeks its own level

Jack Kerouac appreciation thread.

Party at my house on August 16

"Kids Don't Follow"- The Replacements

Meet Rong Cheng, your new robot receptionist

Four penguins killed in crash

A question of etiquette

Qustion for DU Air Cond maint techs.

What religions can't you take seriously because of their "music"?

Taranaki @ Sunset From Ruapehu - NZ

whatever happened to the missing 13 yr old daughter of DUer in CO?

I have never been on a prescription drug

Is anyone here a member of the Trilateral Commission?

What LIEberman should do now.

Give me some vacation suggestions please

What is it about this pile of congealed fat...

I am Bored out of My Mind and a Bit Nervous...Ask Me Something...

Headline of the year (so far)

where should i go to get a free, fast credit report?

It's Benign! It's Benign!!

What was the most dangerous drug you've ever done?


Video Shows adults Using Kids to Steal

What musicians can't you take seriously because of their "religion"?

it's beer thirty

MASSIVE "demon" figure rising from the

sundog and shell beau appear to have disappeared again

How many snow days you get every year?

The bird knows the way

The Verve, Buzzcocks, Stone Roses, Oasis...

Never mind...for the moment. Ignore this post. Mods, please lock.

Please help. My iPod is completely shot

August 9

Goodbye you all for now

The anniversary of Jerry Garcia's passing reminded me of something

My modesty prevents me from declaring myself a Babely Babe

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 8/9/06)

Does HE merit an email? (Help, please!)

Do Iranian Revolutionary Guards want an Iranian revolution?

Wanna See Where Ding Does Her DU Magic? Anybody Else Wanna Show Me

Cities and towns should be named for their personalities

My Joementum is elevated! CODE RED!!

A $10 donation to DU says Lamont wins in November

The McCartneys are having an, um, shall we say bitter divorce?

Reverse mortgages?

Looking for some video

I need a nuclear bomb smiley the size of my head.

Let's hear about your date from HELL.

My doctor is SO cool! Giving me a month's supply of a med I need.

Is anyone here a member of the Sierra Club?

Chinese Bar Offers Beating and Abuse

My dog has a hacking cough and eye discharge, any ideas?

The Prudhommeification of America

hi... bad news today - my 16 yr old furball is terminal.....

Summarize a plot in one bong hit and see if you can say a full sentence.

Hey ya'll!!

if my woman cheat on me, i will crush her

i believe in

In honor of N.U.D. - The Underwear Euphemism Thread:

Happy birthday wishes to............

curly: "hey moe, i'm goin' fishin!"

in the struggle between light and darkness

lol, i just took out my student loans for this year...

I am Lord of the One Reply! This is my crown:

Where do we get our notion of what is attractive?

Any DU gamers at Gencon right Now?

Had a wonderful interview today. Do you think it was The Suit?

Rock The Boat


Mac OS help needed!

Why God Never Received Tenure at a University:

ZombyLove for All of the Lounge!

Post your artwork

Woman, 85, Left in Vault at Swiss Bank

Forradalmi Pizza for all of the Lounge!

Okay, I need feral advice (paging Bertha K!)

Worst parent permission slip ever

What causes small holes in flower leaves?

Man, I dig Pandora Radio....

I'm never washing my right hand again.

Does anyone else watch "Life On Mars" on BBCAmerica?

Ned Offers Nomination To Joe If He'll Quit Whining

MiniMandaRuth... This is MrsGrumpy... Hoping your evening progressed

Don't call me Liberal..

Just call me Packrattus Electronicus

oh snap...lieberman joke on Malloy

Colbert killed Kittenwar!

If it was me... I would not be fighting that hard.

When severe bordom strikes tinfoil tiaras...

which elvis?

F@#$ men and the self-aggrandizing pedestals they stand on...

Ever suddenly realize what you actually look like? (photo)


I have never seen the video for this song...

My package.....

How does my dog know when I'm dressed?

Best tribute song or in memoriam

New haircut, new CD. Let's rock.

The Pro American Thread - Post what you love about AMERICA!

So, what did I miss?

You all need to see "Little Miss Sunshine" THIS WEEKEND

New Zealand OK's Topless Porn Star Parade

LeftyDad's girlfriend is having heart surgery tonight

Dingbats for Lieberman

Favorite Animated Movie (all forms of animation can be used)

Anybody have opthalmic migraines?

I'm on vacation & my chickenshit boss just called to terminate

Samuel L. Jackson, promoting Snakes on a Plane, will call your friends!

Yo, my article is a main headline on

8 Important Lessons Learned from '80s Cartoons

A sign we need for the Lounge entrance hall

My sister says I can't be "mean" to my cousin -- what do you think?

Attention whoring thread

At Chez trof tonight: Gyro Burgers!

Does this happen to anyone else?

Let's have a random Photobucket thread, shall we?


Congratulations Atman!! 10,000 posts

The Prudification of America

Okay - apologies to all the Chicago people

Best song review EVER

You must see this!

Paging ThomCat

Music to torture teenagers in detention

I think I have strep throat

Why does a Psychic need to advertise.....

My new toy arrived!

Why does high school suck so much?

List record albums to break a lease with.

Holy Crap! A CGI Ninja Turtles movie is coming out 3-30-07.

Wednesday, August 9. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

The bass guitar appreciation thread

Amuse me!

Oh great, my new neighbor is a Bird/Coltrane Zombie.

Segragated Smoking for All!

Up until yesterday, I had never heard the Buzzcocks

Possibly the most misogynistic and sexist lyrics ever..

ThomCat has 5000 posts!

Congratulations saigon68!! 15,000 posts

I meant to to post these on July 4...

Terrorists using Cuneiform Tablets to avoid DHS scrutiny

Anyone have a subscription to

So we've got Canuckistan and Beerbratistan....

No! Amuse ME!

At the end of every rainbow...

I would like to introduce you to GinBarn

Serious question: Is it time for me to go home? I think it might be.

The R.E.M. appreciation thread

A break from all Lieberman all the time.....

Yahn... was there some kind of election today?

Poll: How will you remember Joe....

Okay, who scored?

Strider Running

Drunken German Withdraws $17,000 - Hands Savings To Strangers

The state pays my medicaid/care premium

I had no idea!

women's mustaches

What's the difference between Joementum and Pickles?

If I was president...


LarryBoy and the Bad Apple on-line game is now out!

I am Lieberman's crushed pride

Just saw the funniest travel website TV ad. (Pokes fun at Cheney)

Best campaign slogan yet:

Word on the street is...

touch me in the morning

Deleted post show up as [0 Replies]

All your snakes are beloing to us!

Did you know I'm the cosmic equivalent of an electrical power strip?

Engagement Rumors for Aniston Swirl, Despite Denials

For those not far from Milwaukee...

A riddle for you to solve....


What should this post be about?

Best Lifetime movie quote EVER!

does anyone think that it is cool

thank you connecticut!!!!!

Just out of the shute! LarryBoy and the Bad Apple on-line game...

Adherence To Dogma And Reluctance To Think

30 Days: Atheist and Christian

Question for any doctors or nurses here re: rural/remote medical care

Physicist James Van Allen dies at 91

Single molecule makes electronic switch

Maurice Clarett arrested again

NFL team announces alert system to combat misbehavior at games

Absolutely insane-you can't %#$@ing be serious 2006 NFL predictions

Shocker! Maurice Clarett arrested!

Former NBA All-Star Charge with Sexually Assaulting and 8 Year Old

Has America turned into the epitome of Mars

Favorite anti-nightmare remedy?

Slippery Elm Bark

Michael Moore linking Kerry Edwards to Lieberman in GD

I had the nicest time tonight. I went to a Dem Bar-B-Que

I'm feeling bitchy today, so heck, I declared war on Kos

Kerry on IWR vote. Also, Leiberman sucks.

President Bush would lose to Kerry and Gore today

A unpleasant take all the spin

Lamont Quote about Kerry-Feingold Amendment

Boston Phoenix ignorant of Kerry's role on Iraq.

We have less then 1800 posts before we hit 100,000!!!!!!

What do you think? Daily kos diary ...(help here please?)

The IWR signing statement

Gee, Kerry called Lamont LAST NIGHT

Time to put climate change on the national agenda - John Kerry

Kerry statement on Lamont's victory

Edwards was the first Dem to congratulate Lamont! That was very telling.

Seafair - Blue Angels

Grudgingly moving to digital SLR. Advice on camera?

A mountain glacier for you (before they're all gone)

delete- dupe

Th pup is growing up .... and Joe L Fired his whole staff.

KOEB Meeting: 08/09/06 -- "Okay, I'll start this." Edition

Prophecy News Watch. (I don't think it's a joke.)

Does Lieberman get to keep his warchest as an Independent candidate?

AOL Shoots Itself In The Foot:

It is not just his War status, it was also the Schiavo fiasco, the "piety"

So...will Joe file Team CT, collect money, then keep what he doesn't

A good site

Tweety live from Connecticut

MSNBC Live--Who Are The Four People Standing Behind Tweety?

So now Joementum's plan is to claim he can work across party lines

Ok, so who is running against Lamont this November?

"This is a victory of the People"

Interesting Scarborough analysis

Bernie's coming up. He said he would talk Joe tonight.

The Last Caller On Malloy....Cheney...

Timeless Darin lyrics dedicated to the Joe formerly known as "Senator"

Hartford Courant's Lightman says Joe will stay a democrat.

WTF????How can Lieberman STAY a Democrat

Nixon lost a bitterly contested presidential election, then later won. Are

left over Sore Loserman shirts ...marked down to $12.95

Anyone seen any bookmakers odds on the 3 person race?

Rahm Emanuel says Lieberman is Bush's "love child" Joe's campaign cash the only reason for his indi run?

Lamont Wins, But Nowhere In Sight On Tweety's Late Night Coverage!

I sincerely hope that the Republicans run a candidate

The tragedies of W's Iraqi war continue

The MSM tommorrow: Lieberman comes from 12% to only 4%

I owe some at DU an apology and DLC

Hey M$M, eat crow!!!!!

Joe will have a brand new web site tomorrow.

How long till Harry Reid strips Joe of his committee seats?

The Two Left Feet

Candy Crowley says Lieberman is counting on "Republicans" to win

Message to Bush Supporters in Congress...

What happens to a Bushkisser???

The rest of the ticket in Connecticut. The DLC got trumped!

Why not put the demilitarized zone on northern Israeli land?

Personnel assignments didn’t rape and murder that 14-year-old little girl

So long Joe

My letter to Lieberman

Where is FEMA in the Texas situation?

Are you becoming more conservative?

Bodies flood Baghdad morgue amid US crackdown

Now, about those rocket attacks that supposedly provoked the invasion-

2 US servicemen missing after Iraq helicopter crash

Life is a Cabaret (Lieberman)

U.S. Army Helicopter Goes Down in Iraq

Israel kidnapped 1/3 of the democratically elected palestinian parliament



Now the Liberman has been defeated......... What next?

Gingrich, Political Opposition, American Citizens, an ''Insurgency''

What is this "waterboarding" that Bush, Rice & Rumsfeld like doing so much?

Wha's all this leftist bloggers talk on TV?

Truth Is, Many Dems Had Had It With Joe Back in 2000

Live Chirac Press COnference

NYT: Lamont Defeats Lieberman (Edwards, Clinton, Dodd, Dems back Lamont)

Latenight Hardball is 100% Lieberman Coverage

Ned's win may not bode well for Net Neutrality

Let me make sure I understand where the primaries are so far

Meanwhile, back at the DLC "Internets Center"....

A Centrist Democrat Won Tonight.

How about this question to Bush at next news conference......

On Larry King last night...

Everyday people are looking for leaders

WJ CSPAN will discuss CT--Donna Brazile is the only Dem they

Where does Israel get its oil?

The Power of the Internet in the Election process cannot be ignored.

Joe Lieberman: a loser and a weiner

Will Any Prominent Dems Support Lieberman

You would not know that there had been an election at all if you only

Angry Voters, Not Blogger Buzz, Lifted Lamont, Activists Say

About the "Moderate Dem's don't have a home" meme.

The Loser is on CNN

Israel just shit-canned one of its top generals

Donna Brazile is coming up on C-SPAN

Radical Fringe re-run toon: new to you?

Lieberman to announce what he will do on FOX.. coming up!

Lamont on CNN...

U.S. copter crashes in Iraq; 2 missing in Iraq's al-Anbar Province

How to make a Bull Moose disappear

Form lowball to slime ball. "Country going the way of Maxine Waters"

Re: other races, what are Harold Ford's chances in TN?

Then he kissed me

Do "moderates" usually want to keep killing people who never attacked us?

The Establishment is going to 'Dean' Lamont...

So why was Lieberman taking that nasty swipe at Maxine Waters this morn?

Write Reid, Durbin, DLC, DNC, DSCC re: Lieberman the Independent

Victim of shooting at Seattle's Jewish Federation interview coming up

Ned needs to run this as if it were a military campaign.

WTC movie review: "Ann unconscionable pig."

Alright here's the real scoop.

I just donated to

Marty Peretz: Joe lost, Clinton's fault

Bush Administration Plan Would Reduce Prosecutions of War Crimes


Abortion Foe Sen. Allen (R) Faulted for Stock in Morning-After Pill Maker

So now that we have a multi-million dollar

GMA just did a story on the missing Egyptian students.

Is it just me or did it seem like CNN was reluctant to announce Joe's

Joe is getting ANOTHER free campaign spot on CNN.


The Independent's take on the CT Primary...

Lever voting machines, trusting the outcome - those were the days

Letter from US Congress Concerning ‘Civilian Prisoncamps’(scanned doc)

ANSWER Coalition on CSPAN2 to on upcoming anti-war march.

First Ned now Tassini

Some Dems were to have a news conference today. Anyone know

"Step by Step", Some Hope for this morning....

Tune into Stephanie Miller ASAP Freeper w/ talking points on

Please DU this suggestion to Team Lamont!

IDF denies IDRC

US Is Still Using Airstrikes & Killing People In Iraq! *graphic*

I am glad Joe Lieberman is leaving the Democratic Party

The Global Warming Cycle

We should all be writing our Representatives to stand with Lamont

Vulnerable Munitions? Artillery stored onU.S. Forest Service Land

Ethnic Cleansing: Constructive, Benign, and Nefarious

You can't stop the wheels or progress for long

"My opponent decievingly distorted my record" Holy 2-Headed Joe,

I really hope Bush* does offer Joe the Defense Secretary position

SHOCKING! Freepers Love Joe! Read this:

More Dana Bash B.S. on CNN...

Anti-Environmental NutJob on WJ 9am

Place Your Bets: How long 'til the Media dubs our Internets "Bloghdad"?

It's All About Who You Sleep With - A Message from Michael Moore

The FBI needs to investigate the "bloggers"?

“unity press conference” with Mr. Lamont with be on Wed am.

Do you think the Neo Cons give a damn if the war is Unpopular?

Chirac : "giving up on cease-fire is the most immoral of all solutions"

I posted this last night but it got lost in the....

Joe says everyone else in the party is "So far out of line with America."

Why are liberals so defensive about Joe's server issue?

Louise Slaughter:Connecticut Primary = End of Rubber Stamp Congress

Two Americans missing from helicopter malfunction in Anbar province?

Remember Lieberman needs to file his signatures by 4pm today.

Lieberman: "I will not let this result stand."

"It was Iraq that drove Mr. Lamont into the race and kept him there"

Anyone hear the C-SPAN caller call Lamont voters "terrorists"?

Repub pollster: many Republican voters plan to stay at home in November

Toll of a war that shames the world (45% of casualties are children)

Lamont's Victory & Lieberman's Insult to Democracy & the Democratic Party

Lieberman: I'm Definitely Going Forward

Underdog Lieberman nearly defeats massive leftist establishment!

Now that Lieberman has lost, and left the party........

DU this poll in Oklahoma "Is Iraq headed towards a civil war?"

Dems MUST go Noo-cu-lar on Joe (the 'Unitary Senator')

Sen Reid & Schumer Statement: "We Fully Support Lamont's Candidacy"

(VIDEO) Ned's victory speech in two parts

WP,pg1: "Homeland security" strategy: how does it work, are we safer?

Reflections on Joe's concession speech.

Kelly Ann Conway on MSNBC earlier defending Joe and when asked

Jim Dean on Washington Journal, CSPAN2 Now

Independent Joe Likely To Be Backed By Friends In Conservative Media

Back to business: Nevada primary next week

Sen Harry Reid should strip Joe L of all committee rankings ASAP

Bottom line: Joe Lieberman was fired!

Hey SwampRat!

Joe Lieberman had a $12 million warchest and outspent Lamont.

Situational Ethics?

Scrubbing the News

War Crimes Act Changes Would Reduce Threat Of Prosecution

What do you like least about Lieberman?

LAT: Bush stem cell policy creates "logistical nightmare" for scientists

AP once AGAIN not proving EQUAL coverage.

You hear that, DLC?

Well, it looks like the key talking point is war. It looks like they are

Who thinks these 4 Iraqis the US arrested for kidnapping Jill Carroll...

Respek, man. Respek. Word.

Iraqi police blame US air strikes for mosque blast, gov't say "terrorists"

Iranian doctors say they cloned a sheep

One more tick against Leiberman - he inferred he is a progressive in

Let's talk about leaving

chris dodd on c-span live

Dearest Media: the WINNER, one LAMONT, should be getting the AIR TIME


The "traitor voter" issue - What I have learned.

The scary world of AOL users.

12 Year Old GROSSESS ME OUT! Fast-Food Ice Dirtier Than Toilet Water

Pinch me...

Bush popularity increases in N.H. poll - "conservatives are back on board"

“We hate the Canadians and we hate the Taliban.”

Israel To Hold Off On New Offensive For 2 Or 3 Days (good sign)

Somethin's happenin' here, and you don't know what it is; do you, Mr. Joe?

A 'Pretext' War in Lebanon (new information)

Mass transit poll: How do you commute to work? about focussing some energies on Republicans now?

In terms of organizing the world

hillary on msnbc - she will support lamont

Did the Rhode Island Republicans have their primary yet?

A grandmother's influence...LOL

Paul Wolfowitz attacks US Government over falling aid

"Moving Left" by ??? - Joe Scarborough

60% of Americans oppose Iraq war: CNN poll

BP's Neglect of North Slope Pipeline Led to Disaster (Jason Leopold)

CT Sen: We won first battle but it's not over!

AP's Lieberman headline.

We are strongest when we deal with the rest of the world with RESPECT!

Shot in the arm for anti-war candidates...

Cynthia McKinney still speaking truth to power, even as she concedes.

Bush on world crises: "It's an interesting period"

CNN just called Lieberman a "political casualty of the war."

If the Dem's do real good this November we are going to need a good...

delete - dupe.

E.J. Dionne just said "talk that Repugs crossed over to vote for McKinney

If Lieberman were to win as Independent, he could switch to Repub Party..?

How many of the 48% will vote for Lieberman in November?

Petition to the General Assembly for ceacefire in Lebanon:

Anti-war protesters break into airfield and cockpit of US military transpo

Dems Lining Up To Support Lamont-Dodd To Be Bully #1 Against Joe

NYT editorial: Revenge of the Irate Moderates

Editor&Publisher: Upcoming Book On Gary Webb Hits Critics of CIA Series

I got through to Reid's office in less than 30 seconds.

RNC talking points in wide release already--

Anyone catch Tweety doing this again.......?

Joe's fall from grace

John Conyers: Will Lieberman Do The Right Thing Or Tarnish His Career?

A BIG BIG question about the Lieberman situation

Lindsey Lohan takes shooting lessons for Iraq trip

c-span's Washington Journal lost it's mind this morning

Question for all of you-YOUR FIRST VOTE

Kos: Who will stand with the Democratic nominee? Updating the list...

This is why half of the public still believes the WMD hype

Joe Lieberman and Senator Palpantine...brothers?

Passport Chip Sets Security Concerns

FAUX's Gibson cries a river about those mean ol' lefties

11 Egyptian students missing in U.S...Run & Hide in Terror!

AFP Lebanese oil spill could rival Exxon Valdez disaster: UN

All Democratic Members of Congress Must ENDORSE Ned Lamont ACTION >>>>

CNN did a tear jerking piece about Israeli Soldier killed by Hezbollah..

O.M.G... Galloway wipes the floor with Sky News anchor!!!

Letter from Michael Moore: Bye Bye Joe!

Will there be hell to pay if Lieberman broke his word to Clinton?

Please DU this Connecticut poll on Lamont-Lieberman

Boycott Any Company That Supports Lieberman

KERRY: "It’s time for all Democrats to come together to support Lamont"

Lieberman says its time to stop the partisan politics...

Just Another Day in Paradise

Elected 'Representatives' are supposed to reflect the will of

Does "fringe" vs "moderate" imply a population distribution curve?

Hey Joe

Ed Schultz has been's a good thing.

Joe Lieberman was on Bill Bennett's radio show this morning, attacking

"The boss wants to help. Whatever we can do, we will do."

AP - Dems Rally around Lamont - Harry Reid & Chuck Schumer on board

Who will be the chair of the Homeland Security Committee if Lieberman gone

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. Write to Joe, here, and remind him what that means:

They've found the children of the boiling-oil-murder woman, alive and well

Power to the people - Joe Trippi

Bushists Draft Cover Our Ass Act to Reduce Threat of War Crime Prosecution

What do we know about Hank Johnson? (beat McKinney)

Surplus Police Equipment (from CA) Heading To Iraqi Officers

Israel's promise of humanitarian corridors is exposed as a sham

Brutal US attack on unarmed Afghans captured by photos

Adam Corolla Hangs Up On Ann Coulter

hahahahah Franken just came out to say he supports Lamont

John Conyers Report

From the Lamont campaign - Send Joe a message!

Aug.9- Nagasaki, Manson family, Nixon resigns, Jerry dies

China offered $100k to end dog killing

"American Blackout" - documentary on Cynthia McKinney

Lamont's General Election Stategy......

Excellent article on the impact of the Lamont win

Lieberman should run for Governor instead

Fed-up Scots resist Blair govt using their airports to move weapons

The waiting is agonizing. Their are not enough nails for the coffin lids.

Industry-Backed Author: Vast Majority...Don’t Believe In Global Warming

Campaign shakeup : Lieberman taps old friend as campaign manager

"Buckle up or saddle up for one year."

More good news: Whitehouse opens 6-pt lead over Chafee

So I tried to access the website....

The Course of Empire, a series of painting by Thomas Cole,

DU this CT poll...

Hold on to your hats - Pat Robertson believes in global warming

GOP-leaning Fidelity tilts Democratic

Is it possible for Lamont to win? How?

How bout' a Website where candidates can campaign for free?

why doesn't the U.S. drop leaflets before bombing?

Turnout, Turnout, Turnout - Record For Connecticut In A Primary

Psssst...hey Repugs, in case you didn't notice

Police search Sen. Regola's (R) house-his gun linked to death of 14 yr old

SINGALONG: Let's Just Kiss And Say Goodbye

One more month to destroy Hezbollah? Israel is asking for one

You Want To Know Why I'm So Disgusted?

Coming soon to an Los Angeles freeway ...... my new bumper sticker!

Remember those refugee camps we all read about a few months ago?

Psssst. Tony Snow. Over here.....

Did Tony just describe Bush as a TOTALITARIAN?

The Return of "McCarthyism"

Randi is replaying Lamont victory (VICTORY!!!) Speech!

Please contact Senator Harry Reid

Randi's on w/ Ned's speech!!!

Franken is asking people to call in with a new campaign slogan for LIEberm

Chris Dodd is going to support Lamont!

I would love it if someone could do an audio compilation:

The RNC Spin on Lieberman's Defeat

Wow, have we ALWAYS been the Extreme Left?

Loserman attacks Maxine Waters and Ned

Joe Lieberman is the no. 1 conservative idiot

Anyone got an idea why Wolfowitz ripped Bush for not giving enough

Report: Lieberman camp expecting defections

Fox Analyst on Syria: ‘We Can Talk....When We Line Them Up and Kill Them’

Unbelievable. Gibson's fellow partiers are defending his drunk driving

Let's have some Lamont/Lieberman Bumpers Stickers...

Phony Snow Now Stepping Clearly Outside His 'Role' As Press...

A Deciding Factor: Lieberman's OP-ED in the WSJ


So 60% who think Iraq is a mistake are "the extreme left." I LIKE IT!

CNN-Joe blames partisan politics in DC. "It stands in the way of getting

Is party loyalty more important than democracy?

Frankly I Don't Care If We're A Party Of Left Wing Extremists...

Tony Snow just called us the Extreme Left. Get used to it.

Boxer's office says campaigning for Lamont 'possible'

People who drive drunk, their victims, and a heroine

Israel now claims AP is also doctoring photographs

US forces repel raid on new base in remote eastern Afghanistan, kill 19

Will Lieberman's candidacy hurt democrats nationally?

From a far right perspective....

Leahy on Lieberman From A Month Ago!! (and supporting Lamont)

Hey, folks, wanna invade?

"In the end the people make up their own minds, and this is going to

Wal-Mart Agrees to Unionization in China (WTF?)

Tony Snow has always been a scumbag

Should "Independent" Lieberman be included in the debates?

Pat Robertson's two cents on why Joe Lieberman lost...

LIVE NOW | Randi Rhodes on fire over Lieberman

GOP Strategy For November: Name Calling And Scare Tactics

Day care held in toxic factory building

RNC tells OH voters it's up to them to change the 'culture of corruption'

If you've fought against the Iraq occupation, you helped Lamont win

Say Goodnight, Joe (The Nation)

I don't understand Joe Lieberman's motivation

Lieberman files to run as independent


Center for war-related brain injuries faces budget cuts

Rove Offers Help to Lieberman

Feingold hosting fundraiser for Sensenbrenner challenger Bryan Kennedy

New Ned Lamont Avatars!

Where in the HELL is the backlash from the Impeachment Poll?

I have called Senators this morning.

"Leader of a pack: Connecticut race shows Feingold's message resonates"

how much of conceding is conceding when in fact you tell your opponent,

Ha! Lieberman campaign slogan: "Leiberman, party of one."

My letter to Gov. Dean:

"The Führer forged the Greater German Reich through peaceful labor"

Let's build on Lamont's victory to mobilize the peace vote this fall

This is an unbelievable article about Iraq

Great guests today on "The Guy James Show" Please keep kicked

Republican Mike Fitzpatrick flip flops, blasts “stay the course”

This was my 3,000th post.

God, Tony, when will you guys get it? You can't CREATE a democracy!

Sailor Held in Secret for 4 Months- *facing espionage* & other charges

Shakira asks for peace in West Asia

Joe-Joe was a man who thought he was an owner

U.S. Steps Up Criticism Of Israel (along w/Hizb) Is It For Real This Time?

Freepers take on the "Death of the 'Democrat' Party"

War Crimes and the Responsibility of the Bush Administration...

Prediction: By Next Monday You'll Never Hear Lieberman's Name Again

Ron Chusid of Democratic Daily announces new Blog: Liberal Values

How many states have Sore Loser Laws?

The NeoCon's offense is always disguised as a defense

To Mods: Since Lieberman is no longer a Democrat...

If Lieberman runs as an independent, would he suck more Republican votes

Tom Delay, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter,..

The Joe Lieberman Legal Thread

Clinton Urges Lieberman To 'Search His Conscience' In Senate Bid

If I hear Wolf say that word one more time i'm shooting my TV!

The repukes are skeered of Lamont

So this how a man goes out? Beaver Cleaver wants to know.

Juan Cole has a great read re: Lieberman.

50% Voter Turnout in Connecticut for Senate Race?

Anyone watch Leno grill Floyd Landis last night?

Remember, remember, the 7th of November

Joe Lieberman announces new theme song for his new campaign:

Words can't describe the depravity of Rush Limbaugh.

Washington abuzz with arrival of snow leopard cub ( rescued from Pakistan)

"Anti Semite" Democrats nominated Jewish VP. Have rePUKES ever done that?

Microsoft patches 23 flaws (9 are "critical") in Windows and Office

Conyers: The People Have Spoken

Urge Joe Lieberman to help Democrats (Wes Clark)

Chicago Tribune: In Africa, Women Are Vanguard of Progress

Screw that Anti War Label, I'm Anti UNNECESSARY War

I'm an Extremist, what are you? Are you an Extremist too?

A plan for Texas - DeLay's seat.

It is HYSTERICAL watching Bay Buchanan try to spin gold from turds!

Democracy Aresenal: On Iraq, As the Public Mood Changed, Joe Stood Still

61% of Joe supporters DON'T want him to go indi!

HELP!! holly near's song, "the meek are getting ready"--does anyone

Now we've finally got an Armageddon date...

Blogging All the Way to Jail

My idea on how to reform War

Sugur Land, TX mayor to seek Delay seat as write-in

ISRAEL: 'Refuseniks' say they won't attack civilians

CBS News/NYT Connecticut Exit Poll

Will Democratic Party leaders get message of Lieberman defeat?

Krauthammer & Other Enemies of Israel

Plan B: New Explosions in S. Lebanon, kicking into high gear now.

Hank Johnson - what's your view of him?

Lamont's victory means Liberals are going all wobbly on the war.

BREAKING. Wolf just reprted Iranian Revolutionary Guard killed

toon time!

Buzzflash:Wings of Justice: John Dean

ACLU - Katrina Memorial... What do we know?


Barry Goldwater: "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice;

What's Holy Joe thinking? Here's my guess:

Media spins the Lamont win as "angry" people about to oust incumbents?

Israel approves new offensive in Lebanon

Pigs are flying out of my ass right now!

Clintons tell Lieberman he has no conscience if he runs

Student's Rights: Privacy with report cards, but none with e-mail.

Is having too large of an EGO, a mental desease?

BushCO is not Interested in Peace nor what is in the Best Interest for

Sir, no sir!

Damn activist judges--not wanting people to die and all

Are you paying attention, Hillary?

What is the "pink elephant in the room" that squashed Lieberman?

Say A Prayer For A Funny Liberal....

JFK Speech on Secret Societies and Freedom of the Press.

Why is the Bush Administration saying

Will US Veto the UN resolution on Isreal/Lebanon

Reserve police officer leaves infant in car--baby dies (Texas)

George Stephanopoulos: Can Karl (Rove) help Joe?

Ned on Tweety now n/t

Man dies opening grenade with sledgehammer

Are China's 'secret deals' fuelling war?

Anyone here ever had "Havana Club" Rum? Bacardi is about to start...

A really dumb question that may have been asked before

LOL! GOP/Mehlman praise Lieberman

Haifa mayor: Nasrallah won't evict Haifa Arabs from their city

The MODERATE Democrat beat the CENTRIST Dem in Connecticut yesterday.

China bracing for super typhoon impact

Lamont and Lieberman interviewed on The News Hour.

Bamford theorizes Iraq is giant Iranian intel sting against US

Diebold claims vote records kept on "secure memory cards."

Blitzer reporting Iranian Revolutionary Guards found in Lebanon

LAMONT WILL WIN IF 61% of Lieberman's voters will support Lamont


Question about double posting...

The Democrats’ Impeachment Plans

By Promising to Run as Independent, Lieberman PROVES he's not a Democrat

Lieberman is Addicted to Power.

Lieberman prepping for 2008?

OMG TX-22 Just got a Reep Candidate Who's MORE AWFUL than Tom DeLay !!!

Either You're For Bush Or Your'e A Left-Wing Extremist-Where Do You Stand?

Counter White House: Extreme Right defeated moderate GOP congressman

The Unmaking of a Senator: How Bloggers Pulled It Off

People have been saying Lieberman looks like Senator Palpatine

Exit polls in GA Primary - did they match the votes like they did in CT?

Wow. I think we just scared the crap out of the Republican party!


What, no pictures of * in two days?

Why does Tweety keep calling Lamont a 'millionaire'??

"Connecticut for Lieberman", his new party, no longer a Democrat

Will the day ever come when a Non Millionaire can get elected?

LOL - Hey DU!!! Got a nice bumpersticker for ya!!

Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo.... BWhaaaaa! I Can't Answer

Lieberman, Bush pic altered? Aww, nuts...

Okay, now CNN is doing a story about FAA/DOD/Norad lies about 9/11

Holy cow!!!!!

Mehlman on Tweety now...

Oh what a difference 6 years makes...

Mexico Partially Recounting Votes beginning today

"It's beautiful here, bombs of human death falling everywhere"

One thing CT shows: Yes, Dems are anti-war and now they have to deal with

US neocons hoped Israel would attack Syria

Will the invasion of Iran mean electoral defeat in November?

Fight (Assault) on Political Show Caught on Television

Sam Seder's giving it to Lieberman very good show

Clark: Support Ned Lamont! Urge Joe to end his campaign

What committee seats does Lieberman hold in the Senate?

This is gonna be a great Daily Show tonight

Randy's on Larry(flopping)king tonight

Foreign domestic workers in Lebanon

Discovery Times: Off to War

HEADLINE: White House: Democrats' extreme left defeated Lieberman

I have been listening to Joe. L. on News Hours PBs NOW.

conspiracy on 911, coming up on Tucker

Yaay! We got the Tampa Tribune endosement today! FL-5

Warning! James Dobson's chosen candidate has won the GOP primary in CO 5!!

Advice to Dems on how to win from Fox News

Let's define "extreme left"...

Reactions to Joe L's loss. Pix

Mike Malloy's blog: Joenertia, Condi and Shrub's lovers tiff and more


Calling all Skilling /Lay supporters...

Lamont is one damn smart guy! Tweety interviewing him now!

Desperate Joe - The Ballad of Joe Loserman

ATTENTION: All who are arguing that Lamont's win is bad news...

So what ever happened to the Americans in Lebanon?

Ned Lamont on Hardball: Cool, calm and senatorial

Lou Dobbs just slammed the BFEE, again!

Hey GOP? Where is Bin Laden

Swiss Alps continue to crumble as ice melts in high heat

I just hope Lieberman doesn't "Ralph Nader" Connecticut and the

All Hail Senator LieberBitch

You see, it's the responsibility of Democrats...

(VIDEO) Bill Maher on Leno

A kiss Goodbye, Sore Loserman

And In Other NEWS!!!!!!...Breaking......

Rush calls Democrats anti-semites, claims "Soros a self-hating Jew"

Olbermann is very good tonight

Liberman Irony

Jews against Lieberman

Here's a post by havocmom that needs to be read

01/20/09.... I was in Sturgis yesterday

Baghdad death toll increases to 60 a day

You probably could find some dead Iranians in US if you bombed

Lieberman advisor confirms Rove called Lieberman last night

A Psychologist's Job-Elec Voting Machines Carry Double/Triple Personality

Nice picture of Bush

FEINGOLD: Dems Being Just "A Little Different Than Repubs" Won't Win

I've been on a couple of RW boards today, and the Republicans are all

Call to Action: Lieberman Should Channel Mo Udall

Who is the dem strategist (female) on Hardball?

Give Joe 2-3 Weeks - They will cut off his $$ and he will be OUT

Ned to Joe at the 3-way debates

Get your kiddies to buy the new John Roberts as dad book.

Dean remarks on Republican post-primary spin.

"You know where George Bush stands. He stands on the wrong side of all...

WTF? Is Going On At The United Nations?? People are dying

Could you all please boot my post to the Greatest Page

Anybody know where's video of Joe's "concession" speech?

This was a referendum on BUSH

Limbaugh on Lieberman: One Reason For His Defeat Is "He's Just Jewish"

Guys - any chance of getting my thread kicked?

Lieberwhiner fires his whole staff

Bill Clinton nearly carried CT for Lieberman

Jerusalem Post : report: US sailor spied for Israel

British lawmaker quits post over Lebanon

A Similarity between Bush and Katherine Harris? Temper Tantrums? ....

May I just take a minute to thank the Democratic voters of Connecticut

AL GORE is my new AVATAR

Is it just or right to kill Hizbollah members' children in retaliation?

Why would NYC, the #1 terrorist target, vote for Kerry?

Any DU gamers at Gencon right Now?

“One More Situation Where The President Could Be Right In The Long Run”

How can progressives hate Jewish politicians when we love Fiengold?

Peace runs like a Train, towards Armistice Day

Katherine Harris ex-aides added to investigation

I guess I am way too subtle. Does anyone get post #3 at:

Randi Rhodes coming up next on CNN - Larry King

Tweety to Lamont: " I'll probably get in trouble for saying this, but...

Randi up Next on Larry King...

Randi just announced she will be on Larry King tonight

DU this poll that DESPERATELY needs our help: Lamont

O'Reilly claims oil prices will double if US pulls out of Iraq

KO: Coulter isn't just a plagiarist, her documentation is false, too.

You aren't going to like this post

Poll: Is Joe Lieberman a political equivalent of a kamikaze pilot?

My heart swelled with pride!

Canada pro-lifers are upset with stem cell research, and a reply from me.

Randi Rhodes to debate Neal Boortz on Larry King tonight

Will Bush/Rove secretly fund Lieberman's Campaign?


1,500 violent deaths reported in Iraq (last month)

Joe Sore Loser Is Up Next on CNN Larry King..

Liebermoron-Clueless Corporate Whore on Larry King


Was that just the most contrived end of Lieberman's interview with LK?

Lieberman should have appeared on the Colbert Report

Detective Story: Has Rove Been Guiding the Lieberman Campaign

And who remembers who the SMILING Democratic guest was on

Harris - Liebermoron Ticket in '08 / Better than Zell Miller/David Duke

I created a Mean abusive people vote Republican sticker at cafepress

AOL poll on Iraq. Looks like folks could be waking up a bit.

Help - Lobbyists to Senator/Congressman?

When can we close the topic of Lieberman/Lamont

Dems didn't vote for Lieberman this time because he's a jew.

Joe LieberBush (R-Loser)

Lieberman: Independent for U.S. Senate (pic)

Joe fires his entire campaign staff.

61 years later, why Nagasaki still matters

Will Al Gore Endorse Lamont?

Who's The Real Joe Lieberman?

New Bad Reporter Toon -when photos are altered....(warning, Joe alert!)

Another pole to DU!!!!

Rice-Bush Rift Over War in Lebanon---Olbermann

"The missing (Egyptian) students pose no terrorism threat, the FBI said."

I just got flamed on myspace for posting laugh links as mid-east burns

Question: 9/11 panel on CNN

cnn graphic: WARBulletin

Are they trying to kid us or engage us with hard-hitting irony?!?!?

will Joe be recognized in the Senate as a Democrat or an Independent?

Irony Alert: Joe fired his campaign staff but...

Is a Democrat/Independent Candidate called a Depend ?

September 11 -- what year? 30 percent of Americans don't know

Let's play "I'm a moderate/You're a Lefty-Looney"!

Lieberman "Hacking" Update: FBI Doesn't Like Liars

If there was ever any doubt that Charles Krauthammer is batshit crazy

Justice Kennedy Warns: "Turning Point in History".

Time To Play "Guess The Author"

CNN: Iranian Revolutionary Guard found among Hezbollah fighters.

Mike Wallace Interviews Iranian President

It's easy--we simply paint Lieb as a pure Republican and a warmonger.

The Lamont, Dean, Hillary FAR LEFT Democratic party

Another example of Lieberman Sucks

I'm watching the CSPAN 911 Scholars symposium on YouTube

Israel's Lebanon Travel Ban An Open Violation Of International Law

LIVE NOW | Dr. Niles Eldridge on the Mike Malloy Show

But Apparently... Benedict Lieberman Doesn't Know It !!!

RANDI!!! On Larry King right now!

Who's voice makes you wanna hurl the most?

Randi Needs To Take Her Show.....

Senator Lieberman in Bed with Drug Lobbies

Pete King (R-Asshole) calls Lamont voters bigots.

Iraq VP: Someone else has an interest in pushing Iraq into civil war

Lieberman won't run...

oh snap...lieberman joke on Malloy

Good news about Barbaro

Come to Fighting Bob Fest! (We even let non-Cheeseheads in.)


What's the real story with C*ndi?

Summing up Joe Lieberman's loss.

The US is currently dropping bombs on Baghdad

soldiers getting screwed again by Rep congress.

Ned Lamont avatars are up. What's-His-Name's are gone.

What is the main stream of america?

TABASCO will run as an independent!

Rumsfeld Replaced With Top-Ranked 'Command And Conquer' Gamer

CHENEY: Lieberman's Loss Will "Hearten American Terrorist Enemies"

Why do we allow these religious extremists to persist in this nation?

"It's not persistence, Jon -- it's called "stalking"

Any update on the Tea Party?

You know what happens to someone who used too much of the brown acid?

They voted down the library millage here

Oh. My. God. Will it ever end? *PIC*

Government and IDF racked by leadership crisis (talk of coup d'etat)

Traitor Joe... Is A Bald-Faced Liar !!!

I heard that Lieberman said he would only serve three terms in 1988.

Goddamned Warmongering Bastards

MSNBC: Bush dresses SOBERLY but candidates keep distance

Do you care about what Darth Cheney says?

The way Larry King just treated Randi, NO WONDER he can't stay married

"Too many cops and not enough cop-killers."

What Do They Do When Joe Refuses To Vacate His Office in January? is back at it folks!

I wonder: are they "intentionally" inciting hatred against them?

CNN Poll: Terrorism & Gas Prices.......

Did you hear Steven Colbert talking about Shrub's vacation?

Lieberman's site is accusing Lamont of hacking again.

Are your children less able to see through the shit

Definitely... DU THIS Poll !!!

How Other Issues May Have Played A Factor In Lieberman's Loss

Who else is tired of being lied to?

The Daily Show tonight is a killer--I am laughing and clapping

To: staff of the Democratic Party

Hey! This website looks just like DU!!!!

So Scarborough was up after Keith--making fun of McKinney and

Isn't it about time for Osama to make an appearance?

Government propaganda channel Faux says Iran could go nuclear in 16 days

Help Lebanon

Joe Lieberman has totally gone off the deep end

COLOMBIA REFLECTION: The children of God will not go to war (CPT)

Larry King show: How can you say that Isarel is giving diplomacy a chance

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in

REVISED: Official Bumper Sticker of the "Independent Joe" campaign...

Tread Lightly In Your Vengeance, Lieberman May Hold the Balance of Power

Blitzer to interview old boss, Pat Robertson in Jerusalem where Pat is

Israel: 'Refuseniks' say they won't attack civilians

It Wasn't About the War

Control of Congress could change in '06, poll shows

Nasrallah urges Arabs to leave Haifa

So Joe Lieberman is no longer a Democrat???

France's changes to draft rankle U.S.

Update on my conversation with my wife's boss, re: Joe.

Will the GOP now put money in Lieberman's pockets?

Why do these Dems support Lieberman?

BREAKING: Robin Williams enters rehab

So many Republicans supporting a Democrat is scary...

Proud to be a Liberal "Extremist"

Hillary cuts $5000 check for Lamont and Bayh endorses Ned

If you are good at letter writing...please help...

Newsweek: Adjustable mortgages + home equity loans = foreclosures

Bush's axis of failure - Sidney Blumenthal

The Republican Party is FREAKING FUCKING OUT!!!

WP:Jury Out on Lieberman Effect

Nananana Hey, hey Good bye! Kiss Him Goodbye, GOP Joe! MP3 listen!


Apparently, we all need drugs

Mass. a leader in foreclosures, home price reductions

AOHell poll: Will We Win In Iraq?

A "bust" of Hillary unveiled at the Museum of Sex



Would continuing to Support Lieberman now make one a bad Democrat?

“A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush,” — Joe Lieberman, September 2000

Lieberman on News Hour: I'm running against the establishment.


9/11 conspiracy theorists energized - Vote here!

Draft Gore: How YOU can help

Life In Hell /A Baghdad Diary

Dick Cheney Wants Access to Your E-mail

The Search Engine Confessional - AOL's snapshot into very private lives

Middle East conflict and selective amnesia

Caption this pic of Sen. Rick Santorum

Urge Joe Lieberman to help Democrats - From Wes Clark

NEW DAILY SHOW! Joe Talk coming up!

Democrats are not Anti-War, we are Anti-Unnecessary-War

"I'm the Challenger, in that sense now running against the Establishment.”

Snow on why US can't leave Iraq:"second largest oil reserves in the world"

My View of War on Terror--Please Pick This Apart

DU for Dems only? I think not!

Disengagement from World Affairs Is a Failed Policy Why the Republicans Are Loving the Lieberman Loss

I hope Randi doesn't have plans for that 5 grand

A Note from DNC Chair Howard Dean: Ned Lamont

Looks like Condi is going to be the New Colin Powell

Can we talk about the concept of moderate politics?

RePUKES are anti-Semite scumbags. When was the last rePUKE Jewish nominee

Attorney incensed after viewing FTAA police video

AS much as I dislike LIEberman

Why should anyone bother to rebuild New Orleans

Let's list "Republicans for Joe". I'll start!

Huffpo: Detective Story: Has Rove Been Guiding the Lieberman Campaign All

Tony Snow: A Vote For Lamont Is A Vote For Another 9/11

Children of Irumbuchola pray for peace in Lebanon/post letters to Israel

"Hannity Sucks Ass" pic Was Mike Stark of

My letter to ABC News after tonight's repeat portrayal "the Far Left".

Let's watch grandma get whacked in the head with a 2 liter liquor bottle!

Joe Fires His Staff

A few thoughts about the Lamont/Lieberman primary.

Hillary Clinton on display at NY's Museum of Sex

China OK's hunting of endangered species

Joe = Rove sideshow. Keep Eyes on the Prize, the Senate!

Could you all please boot my post to the Greatest Page, too?


Lamont Wins - Tell the Real Story / Triumph Of The New Moral Center (CAF)

Unlike Republicans, I am not afraid.

Bush has Gotten Us into Serious Stuff / Overseas Newspapers/WWIII

Joe Lieberman's Independent Bid - Why I Feel That It Just Isn't Practical.

Tony Snow: "This is a defining moment for the Democratic Party."

Lieberman's Internet Crew - Not Smart Enough to Buy This Domain Name

Yet Another Deadly Day In Lebanon. The Bodies! *Graphic*

I'm so angry I can't see straight.

Now the truth becomes apparent to all of us lefties!

About those 63 lobbyists for each congress person....

"You never planned on the bombs in the sand...sleepin in your Dress Blues"

Overhead Bins: The Fight Gets Uglier

I can't stand the phrase "I held my nose to vote for the Democrat"

James Van Allen dead at 91

"Christians United for Israel" in meetings with White House (BE AFRAID)

I was at the store tonight, and an acquaintance was talking about

Dean says Lieberman is being disrespectful of the party.

Sen. Salazar (CO) supports LIEberman's Indie run---Heads up, CO!

Democrats Rally Around Lamont

middle class america

Actually, Mr. Cheney What I Do Fear Is........

Mourning the loss of McKinney..

Even if there is only 1% chance of this happening

The BESTEST screen shot I have ever seen!!!

Now if the Deocratic Leadership does what it's suposed to and throws it's

What Are the Connecticut Laws on Runoffs

No-Mentum: "We’ve never hesitated to work with members of the other party"

even the 'suicidegirls' think joe is a loser

Tweety wants to know if * will endorse Joe!!!

Congratulations, Ned Lamont, on a great campaign, and a great win.

Hardball LIVE special starting now, 1 AM Eastern, on Lamont/Lieberman

There's no way Lamont will win in the general election (the broken record)

On Way to Victory, Lamont Relied On Net Roots -- And Grass Roots

Seeing how Lieberman had all the top endorsements in the primary

What a despicable display of bias Matthews' show was tonight!

All Democrats who are now supporting Lamont

Bush's favorite democrat

I am NOT Anti-NECESSARY-War ....

Internet Tribes

In Our Name: My Lai, Haditha and Beyond

The Talking Points From The Same Neocons Who Brought Us "Sore Loserman"

self delete-dupe.

Kissmas In Connecticut (a long list of issues deal breakers for me)

RI Gov: Incumbent Carcieri (R) 43%, Fogarty (D) 43% (Rasmussen)

Ned wins and Joe gets all the TV coverage this morning. Bah! n/t

Sore Loserman

So do we know how many repubs voted for Ned???

As asked before.....(When) will Kathy Harris spill the beans?

What SHOULD have happened yesterday

Where are these Republicans now?

Iraq/ Maliki - Some Observations............

What was the official turnout in CT?

Supporters ...What Has Lieberman Done Right?

I am proud to be a Democrat this morning; thankfully and finally!!!

Rahm Emanuel, on being Bush's "love child"

Seen the site today? Same BS as yesterday.

The "far left"

Lieberman is NOT running as an Independent!

Unfortunately, blaming netroots for HolyJoe's defeat will mean this:

If Joe gets on the ballot as an Indy, he MUST be removed IMMEDIATELY....

Lieberman's reward.

Sam Seder put it best about the blogs....It is like hating the telephone

LIEberman needs to "quit tongue-kissing" Bush if he wants to win

Question: Do you think the Ned/Joe race results were accurate?

What if Lieberman changes tunes before November,

Lieberman headline should say, "L.. files as Ind. to get his own way"

Excerpts: Lieberman's Concession Speech

Juan Cole on the Importance of Lieberman's Defeat

Quotes From CT GOP Chairman on Beating Both Ned & Joe

Grassroots: What we at DU 'COULD' do about Lieberman.

Israeli Cabinets votes to expand ground war in Lebanon

GOP Strategy For November: Name Calling And Scare Tactics

$15.00 to fill up the lawnmower gas container

For House or Senate, would you want Lamont to come stump for you?

Here's a copy of the email I just sent to my repuglican representative

RAW STORY: Dem Leader Reid: Lieberman too close to Bush,

Military Vote Rip for Picking

Live; Lamont New Conference shortly on CSpan 1.

Lamont Live Now on CSpan 1

Bush Pushes ANOTHER Bad Trade Deal—This Time With Peru

I'm waiting, Chuck Schumer. I'm waiting, Harry Reid. You too, Bill Clinton

Important! Let's HUMILATE Joe and the media for their website saboatage

New Nazis

Check Lieberman's signatures. Email the DNC to help knock him off

Unions denounce governor's casino deal with Palm Springs tribe

Don’t Cut Social Security (great new commercial goes after W)

Ode to Silly Joe

How dare Lieberman use the word "partisan" as a dirty word?

A republican loses in primary - He wasn't conservative enough

The Mondale concession and Clinton victory speeches are available online.

My letter to Senator Lieberman.

CNN: "Baghdad morgue received nearly 2000 bodies in July.

It is now officially against the rules to advocate for Joe Lieberman

Okay, where are we now? Nationally, locally, politically ........

As promised on July 5th, Kerry backs Ct Dem Primary winner

Remember Gore's incredibly graceful concession speech in 2000...

"but Lamont only won by a few points"

Robin Meyers professor of peace. GREAT SERMON

Protesters Challenge 'The Terminator's" Education Policies

A different way to work towards a democratic victory

Put your ______ where your mouth is on Ned/Joe...

Politician snubs Mel Gibson

Why does the media keep calling grassroots Dems against war and for

Shiites Press for a Partition of Iraq (over Sunni objections)

So, what will the CT GOP do?

"Lieberman only seems to object to Democrats"

Republican Party Threatened by Fringe Elements

RI Senate: Chafee (R) 38%, Whitehouse (D) 44% (Rasmussen)

Joe's new career:

I am waiting to see what the DLC and it's members do.

Lamonts' victory sends message to Democrats: Straighten up or face removal

Petition from DU to Joe Lieberman: Please leave the race.

My letter to my Senator, Tom Carper (re Lieberman and Carper's comments)

Joe, YOU are the polarizing partisan one!

A majority of Americans disapprove of how bush handles every issue

Rasmussen Poll: Lamont (D) 40%, Lieberman (I) 40%, Schlesinger (R) 13%

Why doesn't Joe just

A question about the general elections in CT (and other states)

"The point is not the legitimacy of Conyers’s charges"?!

Russ Feingold issues statement on Lamont victory (good read!!)

Please sign DRAFT GORE petition from

Lovesick Mehlman Pines for Democratic Party

CO's Salazar on supporting Lamont: ""We will see..."

Sorry if already posted, but call (ex) Senator Lieberman

Boy is CNN ever whoring for LIEberman!

I propose a redefinition of the word "moderate"

Why is the media ignoring Bush's 10-day Crawford vacation?

Look, why not make EVERYBODY happy, Joe?

Lieberman's loss was because of his closeness to Bush. Pass it on.

Pundits separated at birth?

Howard Dean statement on yesterday primaries:

"Lieberman - Party of ONE?? "

About that "bi-partisanship" of Joe Lieberman

Bush: the kiss of death

Center for War-Related Brain Injuries Faces Budget Cuts

What's BP doing to solve the energy problems?

Dodd is endorsing Lamont

I am worried about the fall election for Connecticut

I don't see this on LBN - and it sure should be!!

Ken Mehlman (RNC): Sherrod Brown is Ohio's Ned Lamont

Raw Story teaser: "White House blasts Dems for Lieberman loss; Soon..."

bush needs lieberman to maintain a majority in the senate?

need link on lieberman website crash

Independent Joe Likely To Be Backed By Friends In The Conservative Media

A Message Of Hope From Kos

Maliki - Who's Side Is He On?.........

I'm dying to see what Jon Stewart, Olberman, Colbert, Letterman have to

Hezbollah Chief to Israel: 'South Lebanon Will Be Your Graveyard'

To incumbents: "you better start swimming or sink

Fox's John Gibson channels Rove: "Attacks on Lieberman Are Norm From Left"

Awesome Blog From 'Five Before Chaos': Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh!

The 24/7 Pity Party for Joe on CNN, MSNBC, FOX

Send Joe Lieberman a message today by making a contribution to Ned Lamont!

Pat ROBert$on says Gawd will win the war for Israel

Boy, there sure must be a lot of angry left-wing bloggers in Conn.

Can we now do the same in New York state?

China to allow hunting of endangered species :(

Why isn't anyone discussion BP and the Alaskan pipeline.??

Unbelievable...Wolfie says Democrats deserted Lieberman

Court Deals Pensions Blow To Older IBM Workers

Who do we email in Senate to get Loserman removed from his committees?

preacher wolf just finished lobbing softballs at his old boss and mentor

Lamont wins, Democrats unite in support, Repubs/detractors/pundits spin

I don't post alot on DU,

Don't know about you, but today, for the first time in about 6 years,

My prediction: Joe will drop out before November

I don't care about Lieberman - He lost

Exit polls don't bode well for Lieberman's run as an Independent

B*sh was right about one thing -- Nation Building

Lawyers' Group Attacks Bush Revisions

McKinny's VERY liberal white constituents claiming that they....

Lieberman not a Democrat, not an Independent, he is a Politician PERIOD!

I just had the most amazing conversation

As usual, the pundits are wrong -- again

What is the effect of Lieberman's loss on Bill Clinton's influence?

I'm looking forward to listening to Sam Seder talk about Lieberman tonight

LieberBush is a traitor

HELP!!!! We're dyin' here

Party Unity ... top down ... or bottom up?

Is someone who said Lieberman served "admirably" a DINO?

Sirota's take on the Dems' response to Ned's victory

Jim Dean: Victory in CT and now the Nation....

Yet another "triumph" for the DLC!

Lamont wins but was Bill and Hillary a hinderance or help?

Scott Fleischer or Ari McLellan were infinitely better than Tony Snow

Lamont to will be on Hardball.

Equally big story in Conn as the Lamont win, is the registration

TNR editor: Jackson, Sharpton are "unsavory", "racist hustlers" & "thugs"

Welcome polling for 50 most competitive seats

Does anybody know if Howard Dean said anything about Lieberman?

The hypocrisy of the moonbats on 'the right'...

I guess the *admin (snow, mehlman,cheney, et al) had the dem=another 9/11

FoxNews Spins It:: Democrats Move Closer to McGovern's Losing Formula

WP, Froomkin: Does CT mark the emergence of an anti-Bush voting bloc?

No Damn Wonder Leiberman Lost News Hr.

Joe's new campaign slogan:

I'm glad Lieberman is running as an independent

DSCC has updated it's candidate page and check out Ned's bio!!

just what is israel doing in occupied palestine???

SUV Humor (Pathetic)

Ct. Republicans will flock to Lieberman.

What a mean, selfish, bitter little man Joe is....

They are looking for a civil war

Why the Republicans Are Loving the Lieberman Loss

Democrats better do some soul searching.

Money talks.

Howard Dean says Lieberman must support the winner of the CT primary.

PUKE ALERT! NoJoementum next on Larry King.

Lieberman is endorsed by McGavick (GOP Senate candidate, WA)

WHAP! Hear that ? A hammer, an old lady and a Bush button.

I need a Katherine Harris fix. Any wacky news about that

Lieberman's denial of service

Go to the Connecticut Forum and thank them!

1,500 violent deaths reported in Iraq (Baghdad July)

Iraqi Bombing Way (sung to the tune of Rocky Mountain Way)

Out of touch Republicans on Veterans affairs

We are on the cusp of a Democratic Revolution: A note to moderates

I have a bunch of business degrees really -

Karl Rove and Lieberman

Joe Lieberman has lost his mind.

I was a poll worker in Georgia again - and it was shameful

There are greater truths, sometimes.

Suppose Lieberman decides to caucus with the GOP???

Who's the guy over Ned Lamont's right shoulder?

"Pesky" regarding Lieberman

I pray about this.

I learned something once, a long time ago.

Cheney is a master at political rhetoric.

larry king just announced he is going to set up a debate

OH - Cuyahoga Co Commissioners Back Absentee Voting

Peace group under FBI surveillance

AP: Reid backs Lamont in Conn.; predicts 5 Dem gains in Senate

Has any other candidate lost a Democratic primary....

ABC’s Stephanopoulos: Rove Called Lieberman To Offer “Help”…

Democrats abandon Lieberman, back Lamont

How Long Does It Take To Fix A Website?

How will Lieberman's primary supporters vote in November -- exit poll data

Im ready to endorse Ned Lamont...

I wonder who'll contribute to Lieberman's independent campaign.

Please be mindful. . .

RNC Chair Mehlman REFUSES to endorse Schlesinger for CT Senate

Just want to say, I am really tired of being dumped on and called

Anti-War and McGovern in 1972

gwb: "civil war this; civil war that"

Election Prediction: Democrats Will Take Back House

Got WMD's?

Why are the republicans so angry about lieberman's loss...

Americans business as usual approach to climate change is a moral failure

The Intolerant Left Myth: Lieberman, Chafee and Ben Nelson

"Weak and Wrong: Today's Defeat-ocrats": A message from Ken Melman

alternative blogger view of Lamont win:

LOL..anyone see that jackass Riviera's bit about Colbert and Stewart

On to the next : What happens in Connecticut in the fall?

Here's what I don't understand about the Connecticut results...

Nice page at the DSCC website

Iraq is Bush's war of choice -- the IWR signing statement

Cheney suggests that Lieberman lost might encourage "Al Qaeda" types

Are you willing to take part in a letter writing campaign to the media?

TIME: The Unmaking of a Senator: How Bloggers Pulled It Off

Howard Dean endorses Ned Lamont for Senate

Wes Clark - Urge Joe Lieberman to help Democrats

Judas Joe is a full on liar and I have the proof right here!

It's All About Who You Sleep With ... a Cautionary Note from Michael Moore

The real story about last night in CT

Losing with Class: Joe didn't, and neither did Cynthia:

Rove Calls Lieberman according to George Stephanopoulos .

Lamont victory helps Al Gore

Fox Breaking News: Iranian Fighters Found Among Hezbollah Dead

One Down, One More to Go. There is Another Primary Coming Up in New York

Meanwhile, in Michigan...

Why is it a DU shocker that Democrats "Kerry/Clinton/Bayh" and others are

Lieberman (I - Ct) Help decide his committee status right here.

Clinton just wrote a check for Lamont

Kerry's press release on the CT senate primary

F-Ck Michael Moore! I applaud the Lamont victory but why isn't Moore

HillPAC cuts a check for $5000 to Lamont's campaign...

Tony Snow goes off the deep end

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: Pow! Right in the Kisser!

Edwards was the first to congratulate Lamont!

DSCC endorses Ned Lamont

Revenge of the Irate Moderates - GREAT NYTimes editorial!

Offical Lamont Campaign Thank You Post!!! from DU

Now that CT is over with, lets look to what primary challenges are left

CTFORLIEBERMAN.COM ...hurry before it gets hacked!

Lieberman cost Gore the 2000 election.

(Hillary) Clinton's Speech Seems Presidential To Some

Joe fires campaign managers and asks for staff to resign!

"The Wonga Coup": Scrapping for Oil Profit in Equatorial Guinea

**Time To Get The War on Terror Back On Track**

Lieberman won every CT county except New Haven

Russ Feingold re: DLC

Please help David Van Os raise $15K by August 15!!