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Question about google player

Ernesto Has Regained Tropical Storm Status....MSNBC

My brother got a job!!


On a side note: I just did a whole lot better than I'd hoped on the GRE!

Only one team in baseball has lost fewer than 50 games

I finished editing the book

I care about................

Popeye, the movie

KITTEN snapshots - four and a half weeks old (potential dial-up problem)

In honor of the late, great Glenn Ford, a link and repost of a fave

w00t! w00t! w00t! it's officially my anniversary!!

I have opposeable thumbs. What should I do with them?

Lyrics... again... so sue me!

post 2nd kudzu thread predictions many total posts...

just watched spike lee's: inside man, great take on a familiar theme...

Anyone have 5 bucks for an old DUer trying to find her way home?

I am bullish on Kudzu. It's going places!

No Ins Co involved in Cal. Univ. Health Care - unlike Mass Plan

Ok. How many Shakespeares has Kerry read?

I'm trying to use my senses

Howard Dean: "The voters are the boss." Bottom line but it's not

Did anybody in Darfur get canned from a radio gig today?

Air America is having financial difficulties?

Everyone call Air America and tell them to put on


47 million Americans without health insurance

Congressman Conyers:Pelosi and Frank: Voices of Reason

"We feed the hungry"

Do You Believe Humans Shouldn't Be Tortured?

Chucklenuts. (photo)

I am tired, and I am hungry

Should a President ever have to go to jail ?


ZW's Credit Due Thread: Howard Dean on "Countdown"

Another case in point re: Brian Williams' coddling of Bush (from KO)

**PAY ATTENTION** Malloy information...

I just came from C&L. I saw something so rare: Real Courage.

Consider this. It is a weekday at 11 in the morning. VIDEO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Has CondiSlezza Rice Resigned????

Fair & Balanced

Where were you 5 years ago?

It's not the economy, stupid

The SBOBU Economic Index

NYT: The Next Industrial Giant Is ... India?

Return of the Tribes - The resistance to globalization runs deep

John Pilger: Return Of People Power

USA TODAY: Rising economic tide fails to lift poor, middle class

What Giuliani actually did (or didn't do)

David Broder's Dysfunctional Writing

An inconvenient enemy of the people (why Ibsen supports Gore for president

California sets global example with historic deal to reduce emissions

A Year Of Katrina: Remembering Meserve's Eye-Opening, Heart-Wrenching Repo

V V - Rudy's Grand Illusion

bush raising big campaign bucks on taxpayer dime (Headline)

Katrina evacuees' welcome wears thin in Houston (200,00)

Executives Cash In on War and Oil Bonanza

WANTED: Bullyish Frat Boy President Seeks Pity, Sympathy

Rumsfeld's Enemy: It's Us

Witnesses say U.S. sniper killed family of four in Ramadi

Pelosi:Iraq war weaking our ability to fight the War on Terrorism

Memo To Harris Staff Members: Keep Digging (LOL Ruth :) :)

Pipe Down, Rummy (LAT)

Former Reagan SecNav Lehman: We're Not Winning This War

USA TODAY OP-ED: Transparency or fig leaf?

This Day in Radical History- August 31st-ya damned Commies

Firefights mark further splintering in Iraq

George Galloway: Hizbullah's victory has transformed the Middle East

The Bushies' New Iraqi Answer: Bring On The Lap Dancer

(Guantanamo) Detentions over charity ties questioned (Boston Globe)

MICKEY Z.: Porn and the CIA (Your Tax Dollars At Work)

CNN: Bill Clinton's Global Initiative addresses poverty and its effects

Let's Talk Patriotism

Fascism is not the threat we're facing

Blinded by a concept

Labor Day—A Poor Cousin to May Day? workers challenging corporate power

Behind the plan to bomb Iran (Asia Times)

Bosch boasts of his terrorist deeds in Miami

"The Biggest Slump in US Housing in the Last 40 Years"…or 53 Years?

Consumer Reports Tests Show That E85 Ethanol Offers Cleaner Emissions

Bank Of Scotland Report - Total N. Sea Production Off 18% From 2005

A Road Map to the Decarbonization of the U.S. Energy Mix.

Arctic Sea Ice Update - 8/31 - Melting Accelerates W/I 150+- Miles Of Pole

Electric Cars Roll Into Austin, Tx. - Highway ready (75 mph)

Marine Phytoplankton Absorbing 2.5 GT Less CO2 Than Previously Thought

Platts - UK Natural Gas Output In June 2006 Down 24% Year-On-Year

SE Spain Water Situation Critical - Reservoirs At 10% Of Capacity

Cities Banning Together to Fight Planned Coal-fired Power Plants in TX.

"Deliver the Truth" -- new info on training at Gore's climate institute

US direct action: How American cities have bypassed Bush on Kyoto

A Faustian Bargain - Dangers Of Levees Understood 140 Years Ago - CSM

$1 Million Available for Solar Thermal Energy Grant Program (Illinois)

Australia - Dairy Farmers Face Worst Spring Ever After 4th-Driest Winter

For 2nd Year Running, EU GHG Emissions Rise - ES&T

Invasive Problem Seaweed Appears In Scotland's Richest Oyster Farming Area

Canadian Rainforest Town Closes Resorts For Lack Of Rain - Reuters

Brazil Arrests 24 Environment Ministry Officers For Corruption, Forgery

EU Fishing Rules Take Blame For Extirpation Of Sharks - Reuters

2 Wild Elephants, Fleeing Forest Fires, Stroll Into Indonesian City - AFP

SW Chinese Government Calls Drought Worst In A Century - AFP

Will fiber optics replace the lightbulb?

Mammoth $200M Wind Farm Proposed in Iowa (200-300 MW)

Peak Oil Forecasters Win Converts on Wall Street to $200 Crude (Bloomberg)

Farmers, consumers want to put wind to work (Indiana)

Permanent Forestry Sink Initiative (NZ)

Rich nations' greenhouse gases up, despite Kyoto

8/29 Drought Monitor - SE Worse, N. Plains Slightly Wetter

UK: Power station protesters arrested (largest in Europe)

Tragic: 100 elephants slain for tusks in Chad (near Sudan's Darfur)

Oh lookie -- Cat 4 John picked up some tramp at the beach.

Ya'alon says Israel's leaders should quit for Lebanon failures

Armed Palestinian captured in British embassy

Arab League floats new peace plan (

Experts: Reuters jeep not hit by missile

Israel's new PR focus: Internet 'talkbacks'

Israeli diplomat arrested on suspicion of pedophilia

Ron Arad video 'authentic'

No victory for Hizbollah, say Lebanese Christians

UK embassy: Man threatens suicide

The Bees in the Lion's Carcass

Business owners in north can't get special loans because they aren't Jews

Tens of thousands rally in T.A. for IDF abductees

Doctors said to have halted decline in Sharon's health

Garbage rots in Gaza as workers walk out

Blinded by a concept

Halutz to face wrath of reserve officers

Israelis Withdraw From Gaza Neighborhood

OCT Invasion on DU - let`s roll it up

In Defense of the Conspiratorial Worldview

Re: Bobby Kennedy's Autopsy

Can someone explain something to me?

Bowen proposes improvements in CA election audits. (Sorry, still just 1%)

CA-50 -- California Election Law Penal Provisions

Francine Busby to be on the radio in next couple of hours

VT Sec. of State 'responds' to security problems found in voting system

Cliff Arnebeck Lawsuit Letter To Ken Blackwell

NY Times: Ohio to delay destruction of presidential ballots. More MSM!

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Thursday 8/31/06

Was Rove a “Sore Loserman” in 1994? When rethugs lose elections:

Sharron Angle(R )of NV contests results of her election/ post from GD

HAVA Author and Defender Chris Dodd talking about running for POTUS!

Good news in TX-10

Katrina Evacuee-fatigue in Houston, Texas

More tax cuts please!!!

Did anybody catch Chris Bell on Rachel Maddow's show this morning?

My 2006 Election predictions.

I Just Contributed to Barbara Ann Radnofsky's Campaign

my final two sense on the "elitists" of the TDP.

In praise of prawns

I bought my first flank steak today. After reading some of these threads,

Labor Day Cooking Plans, Anyone?

Goldcorp to buy Glamis, creating Canadian giant

New Low: Iggy's Slave Auction

Tory government pays for focus-group research on environmental policy

Chinese head tax paperwork creates confusion (D'oh!)

Klein bids tearful goodbye to Alberta legislature

Anyone else get the Harper postcard in the mail this week?

Gas is suddenly cheaper? Maybe by two cents on Vancouver Island.

"I know that both the NDP and the Liberals are staunchly anti-American...

Bush Links U.S. Safety to Iraq Success

Thousands could be grounded by US-EU air security spat: IATA

Israel will pull out when UN, Lebanese troops in place: Annan

Nicotine Up Sharply In Many Cigarettes

Pinocchio and friends converted to Islam (Turkish translations)

CBS alters Couric photo to slim her down

Herald-Sun: Date-rape drug test negative in lacrosse case (Duke)

More Shi'ites, Sunnis are trading spaces (Violence spurs house swaps)

Mall cleaners seek a union contract

Study: People standing tall after Katrina

World donors meet in Stockholm for Lebanon aid conference

Cluster bombing of Lebanon 'immoral' UN official tells Israel

Europe accuses Sri Lankan army of assassinating aid workers

Wal-Mart Sets Up Trade Union In Beijing

Workers Bring Justice At Smithfield Campaign To Shareholders Meeting

Gunman Enters British Embassy in Israel

National Demos promise fast aid for La.

US erred in Iraq rebuilding programme-US auditor

Heads up--Dr. Mike Newcomb (AAR Phoenix) going to bat

Suicide car bomb kills 2 at Baghdad gas station

Pakistan, Cuba to collaborate in higher education

British diplomats survive Baghdad bombing

Two Marines Admit Killing Iraqi Man

Upcoming docudrama has Bush being assassinated in October 2007

Three Polls Find Workers Sensing Deep Pessimism

Witnesses say U.S. sniper killed family of four in Ramadi

U.S. erred in Iraq rebuilding program: auditor

U.S. Troops, Shiite Militia Fight in Eastern Baghdad

Pentagon: Iran nuclear-capable in 5 years

Many Americans fear another terror attack

Iraqi security taking over 2nd province

Rice confident of US success in Iraq (9/11 - Iraq connection)

DC-IWW and Supporters Picket Starbucks in DC to Support Fired NYC Organize

Supreme Court case challenges Bush stance on global warming

Condoleezza Rice gets R & R in Sun Valley getaway (Iran-notta prob)

Iraq Qaeda-led group urges Sunnis to fight Shi'ites

Agreeing with Bush

1/34 BCT Soldier killed by an IED #2639

No stem-cell triumph: Embryos were destroyed

Burns says terrorists drive taxis by day

U.S. goes full-bore on Iran sanctions

NJ Residents ready to fight Nestle(Nestle wants more of their well water)

Conspiracy blamed in arrest over late video (Antiwar protester sees link)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 31 August

Lebanon receives $940 million in pledges

Rich Nations' Greenhouse Gases Up, Despite Kyoto: Most of rise in U.S.

Rockets kill 50 as Iraq eyes US handover

'Apprentice' Figure Carolyn Kepcher Axed

Maine congressman: Government should do more for Gulf states

Making friends at last? US troops meet nervous Iraqis

Dutch F-16 crashes in southern Afghanistan, pilot dies

National Guardsman Brutally Attacked In Pierce County

US IRS sets refund for individuals from phone tax ($30! We're Rich! Rich!)

At least 45 killed in wave of Baghdad attacks

Katrina evacuees' welcome wears thin in Houston (200,00)

DU This Poll: Does Bush Make You Feel Safer?!?!?

Kabul vice has Afghans pining for virtue police

Former Iran president faces snub in US

Stolen Munch paintings found safe

U.N. force in Lebanon getting weaponry

AP: Tobacco companies fight for 'light'

(Sen. Ken) Salazar Joins Call For Rumsfeld's Firing

Governor Take Guard Appeal to Rumsfeld

Colorado soldier to surrender to Army

Palestinians fire rockets; defy Abbas

Executives Cash In on War and Oil Bonanza

Feds Say Air Controller Slept 2 Hours

Man gets 27 years for enslaving housekeeper

Germany expected to send troops to Lebanon

Sen. Clinton Touts Woman for President

France has too much freedom: Lech Walesa

U.S. force in Iraq at 140,000

Checks Roll In as Laws Flow Out

Court freezes Lord Black's assets (Conrad Black / Hollinger)

Reid: Bush Republican Policies Have Made America Less Safe

NDP leader says Canada should withdraw from Afghanistan mission

Pentagon Moves Toward Monitoring Media

Justice Department Settles Allegations of Sex Discrimination Against Minne

Diplomat charged with luring minor

Roskam Asked To Condemn Anti-Immigrant Letter (Immigrants As "Disease")

Sen. Lieberman expects cool response

Hurricane debris could become fuel source

On the streets of Tehran, citizens fear becoming world pariah

Bush says U.S. in a war it will win

UPS pilots ratify new labor agreement (CNN Money)

Webb to forgo parades; visit son before Iraq deployment

Top scientist's fears for climate

Cuba and U.S. Cooperate on Forecasting

U.S. to stage missile-defense test over Pacific

N.Y. offers guidelines for treating 9/11-related physical illness

Green campaign won't comply with order to return $468,000

U.S. force in Iraq at 140,000, most since January

AP: Spellings says No Child law near perfect

AP: Previously unknown Bach work discovered

NYT/AP: Pitt, Jolie to Watch New Orleans Rebuild

Holy Land churches attack Christian Zionism

IRS Review Clears NAACP

Caucus testimony release advocated (Milw. Journal-Sentinel)

Pelosi: 'Iraq War Is Weakening Our Ability to Fight the War on Terrorism'

Interior Secretary Visits Arctic Refuge

Argentina ex-president testifies now-annulled 'Dirty War' amnesty laws ...

Three More Sentenced in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Federal FEMA Fraud Charg

CNN/AP: CBS' Schieffer to say goodbye Thursday

Gene Therapy Found Effective Against Terminal Cancer (melanoma)

Truth Wins Out Rebukes 'Ex-Gay' Therapist for Promoting Bullying in School

Viewers ask FCC to impose fines over pResident's (*Co) swearing (on air)

3 bombs explode in Baghdad, killing 20

WP: Democrats Target Rumsfeld (Want Vote of No Confidence)

NATO troops gather for major Afghanistan battle

BBC: Surprise 'won't derail CIA suit' (Plame/Wilson)

DeLay Has a Deal to Publish a Book

California looks to copy Canada's health-care system

Judge Urges Reduction of Court Backlog

AP: Activists Want Ohio Election Chief Out

WP: Bush Team Casts Foes as Defeatist (new accusations against Dems)

Lockheed Martin Wins NASA Moon Contract

A Vote to Quit the Electoral College (CA - Bill Before Gov)

(Republican) Candidates duplicate in AARP survey

Salt Lake sounds off in protest and support

States face new driver's license requirements

FBI Searches 6 Alaska Lawmakers' Offices

AP: Gingrich: Powerful Pelosi "would be a disaster"

US drivers subsidize European pump prices-report (US oil profits up 334%)

Nuclear exercise successful (NV, not Iran)

Bolton: Unanimity not needed on Iran

Union for Starbucks Workers Expands to Chicago

Qwest Chief Calls Net Neutrality 'Really Silly'

AP: Terrorist Hunters Sifted Student Data

Senator Conrad Burns Says Terrorists Drive Taxis by Day and Kill at Night

Coulter Column Headline: 'They Shot the Wrong Lincoln' (Chafee)

US drivers subsidize European pump prices -report

Hizbullah: We're arming for second round

Reuters: UK's Blair defies critics over departure date

Coast Guard's plan for 'live-fire' on Great Lakes causes surprise & worry

Annan in Syria for talks on Hezbollah embargo, abducted soldiers

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls President Bush coward for refusing TV debate

More4 risks US ire with Bush assassination film

Basra Oil Workers Strike Could Resume Sunday

From which do you suffer more?

Visualize Total Success!

Any DUers from Tuba?

Post a pic of somebody else's pants.

Best Buy is GROSSLY FUCKING INCOMPETENT!!! (rant ahead)

ahhh, cucumber, aloe & E lotion...

goodnight . . . going to watch groundhog day . . . again

any NYC Architecture fans??

I was born in the wagon of a travellin' show,

OK check out my definition of a tourist trap activity:

Ummm...ok, what is a "fluffer"

What DVD should I watch?

Don't take your car to Gyp-e lube.

DU: You're on notice!

I'm done with "Beat" and bounding onto "Bound."

Does anyone know how to remap a keyboard in windows?

"I can touch it, rub it, sleep on it..."

I don't feel like dancing but if you play this song I will.

3 Shakespeares = 3 Martinis ...

what color is your parachute?

Malloy: Mike Malloy off air?... what is the story?


another question about old people

My eyes! MY EYES!!!

Pastor Raped Woman While 'Casting Out Demons'

My new desktop makes me smile.. and is very yours, please

Bartender Gets $10,000 Tip on $26 Tab

New to the Lounge: Will anyone welcome me?

Oops! Foolish me. Look what I posted in GD...

I am a proud papa!!

Do you want to smile??

RIP Glen Ford : 5/1/16 - 8/31/06

Remember how Admin told us not to abuse the Recommend this Thread button?

I breast-fed my baby while eating kudzu at the Olive Garden.

I just had a horrible thought.

What do yo know about internet "Home business" offers?

Ebayers: Do you refuse to buy from sellers who charge extremely high S&H?

Funny thing about DU

Oh gosh, I am at work since two hours

Congratulations derby378!! 10,000 posts

Don't you hate it when...

Suri Cruise's first bowel movement .... as art AND for sale

Want some redneck humor and Christian advice?

Don't worship haruka3_2000, worship me. I guarantee you will rapture

CBS alters Couric photo to slim her down

Someone at the bus stop outside my house has the Vonage

* is on TV!

Ernesto not dead yet - starting to strengthen as it heads for Carolinas

Is this thing on?

It's only appropriate to name a hurricane after Che; perpetual revolution

"The Woman Behind President Bush's Reading List"...

Radio DJ Has Callers 'Sing Like They Are Retarded'

We eat our own.

Disease names that sound like pretty names for girls

how do you like my new web page?

Just saw a good ribbon magnet on a car

Fuck Radio Shack!

"Kill Your Idols" (film)

Beauty is the Enemy

I keep buying scrubber-sponges for my office kitchenette

I killed a thread in GD with...

Pollution Shrinking Polar Bear Genitals

Post a pic of somebody else's pot.

I think every person in the U.S. should give me a dollar.

The Jowls of Gayety

Can I just say? I Looooooove it when people put me on ignore

Question for the economic gurus out there.

I propose a new rule...

I guess this time you're really leaving.

Favorite song by Ohio Express

Please God.

underpants!!!! Tim Kaine just declared a state of emergency because

So...what do you think about my stickies?

I'm working on a new project - I need help with a "Blog frame?"

Strippers Raise Money For Vegas Schools

8 of my 10 most recent MySpace comments have been from DUers.

Seriously, what the fuck?

What's wrong with still saying "groovy?"

Remember those faux Chevy Tahoe Ads????

The one Wikipedia page you have to read and understand today.

Applebee's Bartender Gets $10,000 Tip On $26 Tab

Greetings from Northern Alberta!

I just realized why I'm not a freeper!

Is the World Series on yet?

There's something happening here.

Do You Like Sushi?

I'm sort of leaving DU at the end of the day....

OK, who farted?

Commie Pinko Dirtbag is destroying the english language

Man Finds God - Stops Drinking Beer - Starts Making Giant Ball Of Twine

Favorite Song by the Ohio Players

I'm taking a DU break, and to keep myself in line, I'm running this script

what is your favorite fast food?

Project Runway: I know who will win **spoilers**

When Insults Had Class...

So... now who are we going to get bitten by in polls?

Wow, Houston has fall weather today.

A now..... Some words for us all to reflect on :(

I have 2 new pair of running shoes!!!!

david bowie on soul train

Overheard a coworker on the phone

What's the best/funniest/pithiest remark YOU ever overheard?

Three Things I Have Learned From DU

Describe your job in a single word.

Just an FYI - the enemy we should be fighting - The Bush Regime

What do you do to celebrate when one of your threads reaches thresholds

Mike Hunt cap

Rapture Ready makes me piss my pants with anger and laughter:

what color is your toothbrush?

Post a pic of somebody else's cups!.

So, they say guys are supposed to think about baseball

Moderators: may we have one thread to say anything we want please?

Today is National Trail Mix Day.

Well, I'm going to have to get an EKG done in the very near future...

SHOCKING news from the Yankees-Tigers game!

Don't worry about tomorrow.

I can keep a secret. Tell me something that would

What color is your tooth?

A question about ants

"Red sky at night, sailors delight", " Red sky in morning, sailors take

Customer comment of the day

worst heartburn ever.

anyone have any thoughts on God damn furnaces?

Forget imagining, do you hate the one you love?

My fucking tapeworms have cats

Who woulda thunk? Gonna see Twisted Sister Saturday night.

I owe a thank-you to ZombyWoof for his recent Van Morrison thread

I've killed my share of threads today

Ever have days when you should just stay OFF the phone?

My fucking cats have tapeworm

Brian Wilson to perform complete "Pet Sounds" album at UCLA, Nov. 1st

Excellent anti-Bush t-shirt

Do you wear a medical-alert tag?

I have a headache

The Burning of Little Eddie

Awesome free game

Music video thread

If you had DU's 25,000,000th post - what would you say!

Little girls have pretty curls

Dick, take off my bra.

J. Knoxville: "When Willie Nelson passes you a joint, you don't say no,"

NSA Monitoring ... The Musical

Post a picture of someone else's pecs.

Damn Activist Judges!!!

The best Police Dispatcher Evah!

O-kay All You 80's Music Video Aficionado's....Question

Need A Hug-Feeling Kind of Sad

Just heard this joke from ta comic on tv.

I'm making soup stock and it smells amazing!!!!

Tell me a word and I'll use my magic powers on it.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 8/31/06)

A weird, sad story going on in colorado right now

Must see TV every night we watch

I got my Jeep back today.

The Official Querelle appreciation thread!

doug and emily understand

Hemorrhoids are a pain in the ass.

hi lounge, I'm having a lousy day today

What do you call 143 white guys chasing after one black guy?


GD shines - Keith Olbermann annihilates Rumsfeld...

a selection from my depression playlist


Funny toon!

What embarrasses you about your date?

I lost my car adapter that charges my Ipod this morning

Is the sarcasm emoticon needed for obvious sarcasm?

HO. LEE. SHIT. KO has come a long way from reporting sports on

Funny cartoon about hicks

What sort of mermaid would you prefer?

I'm bullish on Kudzu. It's...

I'm watching Cream on my local PBS station.

Question for anybody who knows Java

Glenn Ford shows you how to treat a lady

What do you guys think of these cufflinks?

Newt Rips Pelosi at GOP Fundraiser

ah, your kung fu very good...

Has anybody read "Household Gods" by Judith Tarr and Harry Turtledove?

I'm feeling grumpy

Best street names?

What is the trojan "generic downloader.g"?

i feel.....AWESOME!!!

I think I'm getting sick...

What sort of milkmaid would you prefer?

Al Gore on the MTV VMA's now!

"What Have I Done to Deserve This?" by the Pet Shop Boys.

2 things I really hate: being patronized and being interrupted.

which one is cuter? one little kitten war, right here in the lounge

The national sportswriters are fetishizing for a Subway Series again

So August is over...

Could you ever imagine hating the person you love now?

What are your favorite names?

This years MTV video music awards

Every time I watch the news I'm reminded why I hate to watch the news

Thursday, August 31. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Peace or sex?

Totally Depressed

Just saw a Freepermobile!

If you get an already-named pet, and its name is dreadful...

and the new Wonder Woman *may* be.....................

Prank Call to Christian Lender

Not new to the Lounge: Will anyone worship me?

Ernesto's winds are starting to blow through Southern Maryland

I love shopping for school with my son...

Why do people go onto threads they don't like and post

Why do some DUers have disabled profiles?

I'm drinking tequila

Happy anniversary bicentennial_baby and Mr & Mrs Sniffa!

Now THIS is really disturbing, in a beautiful way...

Ever been part of a "focus group"?

anyone have any thoughts on Goodman furnaces?

I'm spending this weekend in a mountain cabin in Idyllwild CA.

what are you thinking tonight?


So...I might have breast cancer.

Okay, seriously — why is baseball 'boring'?

Squeech plays live in Boston

Pollutants May Shrink Genital Size, Study Says

watch bob dylan's new video starring scarlett johanssen

Can anyone help me identify a band based on these clues?

Prison Break fans - which of these characters you want killed next?

Where would you like to see the Kudzu thread go?

I feel like .... Picture thread!!!!

Before I go to bed I will share some of my favorite songs via YouTube.

Who will boycott the solar system with me

Alright Wisconsin, -you're off the hook.

Question from an old person.

Is it okay to date when separated?

Does your dream kitchen come with a wood burning stove and brick oven?

In a surprise merger, Warren Buffett remarries

I hate Thursday nights...

Time for bed, goodnight

Jamastiene is...

What can Fox "News" do to boost falling ratings?

What do you smell like right now?

HEY! Lefty Maaaaaaaaaaaah!

Bob! I want all my garmonbozia!


At any time, at any place, YOU could be a victim: to shut down September 15 unless buyer can be found

Chris Rock on police brutality

Global warming, hell: Is Hawai'i headed into an Ice Age next week?

Alton Brown in Microwave Meal Scandal

Brilliance, simple brilliance writing, singing and playing music.

Gopher Chucks

Have you ever eaten a nectarine that was so ripe....

Have you ever seen a goth?

Are Giovanni Ribisi and Edward Norton the same person?

I want to join the Keith Olbermann Estrogen Brigade

4 out of 5 toes agree that

CA teachers- question for you.

Moderators: may we have one thread to say goodbye please?

XstatiX live webcast...tonight....

Islamic Extremists Try to Break Up Freddie Mercury Birthday Bash

Army of God documentary on HBO.

Can someone please help me with a bible discussion?

the concept of original sin and other foibles and follies

Governor of California Criminalizes Christianity

Evangelist Drowns Trying To Walk On Water

Hospital Asks Jesus To Change Name

Anger Tough on the Lungs

Juices 'may cut Alzheimer's risk'

When genetically modified plants go wild

How they nailed Landis.

The Best: Science Projects That Scare the #%@! Out of Us

What's in the gap between molecules?

The Freedom to Marry Coalition Announces Primary Endorsements

Zanizibar Muslim leader: Ban Freddie Mercury party

Rabbi's advise: 'Cure lesbian with sorcery'

Southern Decadence Returns To New Orleans

Why Should GL Be Lumped With BT?

Palm Springs mayor says he'll attend Love Won Out conference

David Wells to San Diego

"Basking" - Karen Bishop - September 1, 2006 (sic)

Another white light subject. I know I haven't put one up

For those who particularly dislike Little Ricky, here are a couple

Olbermann just mentioned Blackwell and the fact that the OH

John Kerry on Bush’s American Legion Speech

Bush calls Iraq War critics "defeatists" WaPo 8/31/06

Don't know why, but my google isn't turning up Sept2002 Gore speech on IWR

Stolen from DU-P: The Patriot Group on Allen's SBVT guy

NYT Article on the Next Generation Digitals

A quick yes/no poll.

A day at the fair - 13 pix

Walter Pincus: Military To Spend $20 Mill For BETTER Iraqi Press Coverage

Delay Replacement To Appear On Texas Ballot

Does anybody believe AAR about Mike Malloy's firing?

Wonder if we can get someone with deep pockets

I breast-fed my baby while eating kudzu at the Olive Garden.

I just had a horrible thought.

Speaking of the language of FASCISM...

Six Questions for Senator Edward Kennedy on the Iraq “Civil War”

What makes republicans so god damned mean?

PISS ME OFF!! Fort Worth-Based Radio Shack Fires HUNDREDS by EMAIL!!

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

Katrina Evacuee-fatigue in Houston, Texas

Kristen Breitweiser's letter to Ann Coulter

JFK Passenger Not Allowed To Fly Wearing T-Shirt with Arabic writing

Remember '... catapult the propaganda'

Gay snub firefighters disciplined

DU This NPDOR Poll on Gay Marriage (Right now it's at 43%)

Malloy support show on Mike Newcomb KPHX!

Question about hurricanes and typhoons.

FDA: Tests of cross-border drugs found counterfeits

Mark Wilkerson: AWOL Soldier Refuses to Return to Iraq

MSNBC this AM: Mayor of Salt Lake City joins Bush protesters

The only point Olberman did not include.

Rumsfeld's accusations - the REST of the story

As We Come Upon the date of September, 11th, let us not forget

HBO Katrina documentary is brilliant!

I read a post today that said that some oil company CEO --

This just may be the worst Freeper comment I've seen yet

Aussie WMD expert: Bush Administration interfered in Iraq WMD hunt

Shame on them, or shame on us at this point?

400 Protesters Greet Bush in Nashville (photos)

Brothel gives petrol discounts

What happened to the "gerrymandered" districts that made it impossible...?

Guess Whole Repig Stratagy of Running on Great Economy may Backfire

Bush: "I wish I could report to you that all is well''

Hey chimpy**! Iraq IS A Major DEFEAT For The US!

Crawford Police Tracked Down Cindy Sheehan For Unpaid Traffic Ticket

Blowing SMOKE....

My LTTE was published

A repost from a year ago.... I love you New Orleans.

Nutz! iT'S oFFICIAL!

MSNBC is replaying the "Street Kids in Portland" show from 2001... AGAIN

We need more prisons!!!!!!

"We are not descended from fearful men"

2,638 US troops dead in W's Iraqi war of choice

The Republics were pretty quiet yesterday after the */Rummy/Cheney Trio

I may actually stop listening to Air America now Malloy's out.

Earth to George.. Quit your "politicizing" tour, and we'll quit

Casino near Gettysburg?...

Bush in a Category by himself

Category 3 Hurricane John blasts Mexico coast (eastern pacific)

We Don't Have Anything To Worry About Special Announcement

We've got NATO, the EU and apparently a new one's forming

Jane Tomlinson's last days on the road

Politics For People Who Don't Care About Politics

More Florida election shenanigans. Insufficient postage. Ballots returned.

John Mark Karr to Seek Guilty Charge as an Independent

Bush: "We face an enemy that has an ideology. They believe things."

i watched some old Clark Gable - Yvonne DeCarlo Civil War movie yesterday

Pent up anger is the driving force these days..

It's bedtime, but that's because the air is so putrid outside.

3 Shakespeares = 3 Martinis ...

Declare Democratic Party A Terrorist Organization ...

Did anyone see the video of Bush waving from the plane steps?

Democrats will raise taxes and kill babies-- cspan caller

Surely w can convince us that the war is cool THIS time.

UK drama paints fictional assassination of Bush

If that is "Freedom" I vote for Stalin.... mistake...dupe

Did anyone else find the contrast between Keith O and Tucker jarring?

Keep your eyes open for this documentary on oil's impact on humanity...

I've figured out Bush's three SHAKESPEAREs!

[TOON] Ted Stevens' Greatest Hits!

Vote for " America's Hottest Patriot"

GOP Congressmen Waste Billions on Iraq/ Report

I can't access icasualties this morning


My Eka-klectic Reading List: 2 Thoreaus, 1 Shakespeare, & 6 Maya Angelou

The true Iraq appeasers

The True Iraq Appeasers

Why do we need an ad campaign to remind us about September 11?

Why are we prejudiced against middle-eastern men????

So Limbaugh thinks America is obese because of food stamps

"Political type" dreams? Last night I dreamed that Limbaugh had blogged

How Barbara and Poppy betrayed the nation?

“they’re good—but they’re still Iraqis.”

Another Staged Photo-Op in Utah. Crowds Given Free Tickets & Signs by Gov.

Begala said it yesterday... which would you rather have?

Since they're flat out calling us Nazis now, can we do the same to them?

Say it ain't so..Muslim Group Offended by Mercury Party

I'm more afraid of the Neo Cons than I am of so called Islamofascists

Al Gore, Music Video Star

The Donald

Keep talkin' Rummy! New GOP talking points a DUD!

Democracies don't attack each other but they sure as hell attack everyone

Will there ever be a politician with enough courage to call "occupation"

I don't think Olbermann is the next Edward R. Murrow...

A Poem: Katrina and a Slow Moving Bush

I like David Gergen

repub meme: 'Impeachment of bush would tear the country apart'

Bush Lies, the Press Asks No Qs, Attention Is Diverted, People Forget....

Caption * arriving at Salt Lake International Airport

Reading old hate mail from RW'ers is FUN

Fake Web searches hide surf habits

LOL- Caller on Steph Miller show re: Rumsfeld!

Remember to sign the Malloy petition

OK, what do we have to do to impeach this man? WHAT?

Wanted: Wisconsin Media Activists for FCC Hearing

Dupe - please delete

So, When I Get Up Tomorrow Morning . . .

This new PR speech and talking points really does sound like a

It's painful and embarrassing...

Kathryn Harris

USA Today: Lenders Prey on Military Families with Ultrahigh-Interest Loans

Shiite Militants Turn Hospitals into 'Execution Houses'

Who do y'all think has read more Shakespeares?

Navajo Nation to march against Farmington NM racism

Sure, Brian Williams did a good job with the Bush interview on Tuesday

Palast's Armed Madhouse - a question

I gotta hand it to Arnold...

Please DU this CNN poll

Ernesto came with a wimper, THANK GOD. The house is still boarded up.

So, How Many Farts Did * Cut During Today's Speechifying?

MAX out those credit cards! MSNBC: "Consumer spending at 6 month high"

Poll worker fired over touch-screen voting comment (Fl.)

Why I won't be listening to Air America Radio!

How much of a threat is Iran?

US oil and defense industry chiefs cash in

Be inspired by Mike Malloy's courage

"Bush 3.0 releases Patch for Iraq War" LOL!

bush speaks

Congressman Murtha: "I'm disappointed by Hilary's [refusal to withdraw]"

Cindy Sheehan in radio ad appealing Clinton to debate Tasini

"War Time" Presidents (image heavy)

Readers react to Brian Williams' interview with Bush

New England hurricane of 1938...

Flat Daddies help Guard families ease longing..

SLC: Thousands cheer Mayor calling Bush "dishonest, war-mongering"

NAFTA superhighway to mean Mexican drivers, say Teamsters

Prosecutions drop for US white-collar crime

Jesus God! I hate these people.

What would life be like if the media REALLY did have a Liberal bias?

Charles Barkley mulls run for AL Governor.

Do conservative nationally syndicated radio talk hosts ever get fired?

SET UP!!!! about appeasing terrorists/nazis etc. comment by rumsfeld

Your Liberal Media: The President is leading us into a war against Iran...

Okay, this has to be said....Kathy Malloy is SMOKING hot!!!

Do you believe Bush suffers from chlamydia?

California set to cap emissions

Another Super Power?

UK Drama Paints Fictional Assassination of Bush

Sen. Lieberman expects cool response when he returns to Washington

JonBenet vs Abeer

Heads up for the Keith fans - John Dean is going to be on the show

Bush said this speech was not "political"...

Residents urge White to send evacuees home

who will be replacing Mike Malloy?

Who Most Threatens America?

OK, ... so what's the AAR line-up for the rest of the day?

Veterans Clash with Salt Lake City Mayor

The one Wikipedia page you have to read and understand today.

Osama living with family on border - Fox News

Framing "Fascism": Reclaiming The Issues: Islamic Or Republican Fascism?,

Early 2001 - Bush/UN money to Taliban question?

'WaPo' Misidentifies Wrong Creep (Wonkette)

The definition of "fascism"

Oil, defense CEOs cash in

How about everyone let everyone be re: Malloy situation

What I did on my summer vacation..BY GEORGE W BUSH

HufPo: "Mike Malloy and Andy Rooney"

Heads up--Dr. Mike Newcomb (AAR Phoenix) going to bat

Will Bush get booed by the American Legion??

Military To Pay Millions For “Positive” Iraq News Coverage...

Mike Malloy... .I love him and hate to see him go , but...

Keith Olbermann speaks for me...

The rest of the world is going to have to save us

Another Rosenberg Moment Coming!

stephanie miller will be on Tucker show today fyi

Big summer stories I seem to have missed


Poll: Harris leads Fla. GOP Senate race (wtf?)

Person sues ex-spouse for not going to the doctor

Presidential Hopeful Warner To Be Interviewed In Virtual “Second Life”

Twenty Gandhis Reclaiming 9/11 through satyagraha

Would you support

Freepers outraged over FAKE Guard attack!

Sen. Stevens: "This senator does not put secret holds on bills."

todays bartcop cool photoshop pic

Something that stuck out in the Brian Williams interview with Buxh

How mindblowingly stupid and irresponsible is this? Check it out...

I'm on hold with AAR

Are Democrats campaigning as hard as the Republicans ?

WANTED: Bullyish Frat Boy President Seeks Pity, Sympathy

Caption Orrin Hatch listening to * - pic

Guy James Show on Malloy

Leader of lifeguards’ union levels accusations of anti-Semitism

Heads up! The "spitting on our vets" bullshit is starting up AGAIN.

Here's a Malloy petition-Got it from Huffington Post -Please sign

Rumsfeld compares war critics to Nazi appeasers

Which was your favorite newsgasm (news +orgasm) today?

If and When BushCo goes to Trial: His Plea:?: TEMP INSANITY

Chaffee way behind in R.I. primary poll

Wash Post Mistakes RNC Chair Mehlman For Mark Karr…

Native Americans still poorest in Nation

Agreeing with Bush

Repub Advisor To Iraq Vet Group-BLASTS-Bush Admin For "Fascist" Language

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!!!

Has anyone seen this funny spoof on Ted Stevens internets/tubes comment?

Pro-War Parents of Fallen Iraq Marine Get Audience w/ bush In Utah

Upsetting video doc of NO girl who hasn't gotten help from FEMA!

Finally, UN to send peacekeepers to Darfur....

As Jay Sherman would say, "BUY MY BOOK"

President Bush 'assassinated' in new TV docudrama

It's not Islamic FASCISM, it's Islamic CONSERVATISM.

Fellow Nazi Appeasers!

New Mark Fiore toon - Whoopsi Gras II

America's smartest cities

Blair to tackle 'menace' children (BBC)

Cutout Daddies

Salt Lake sounds off in protest and support

He's Baaaack: John Bolton... Still Bad for America

Wonder what Rep. Bobby Jindal (R-LA01) thinks about "macaca"?

Ways the universe can kill you in a totalitarian state

Things you need to remember (forget) this November:

RE: KO~ The US media is finally catching up

Iran: Call me paranoid

Talk shit and carry a big chip...

FYI: Stephanie Miller up on Tucker now. nt

Fear Nancy Pelosi!!

* predicts victory over terrorism

Brian Williams responds to Rush L.

Medical Practices Blend Health and Faith (WashingtonPost)

Found on another message board

"George Bush is only human leave the guy alone"

I receive a surprising reply from andresmanuel @

Bush: we can't leave Iraq, the huge oil riches will get in the wrong hands

First they came for Lizz Winstead...

How long before Republicans join forces with Osama Bin Laden?

Islamic-Fascism - Bush's Labels Helps Democrats

James Dobson & the regal courts... (Fla gov race)

Have there been any Liberal American terrorists in this country?

US Army Captain: Iraqi soldiers are like a bunch of kids

Name something right wingers are afraid of

I would like to dedicate this song to Rumsfeld and the Sock Puppet

Bush: imagine if one day Jenna takes the Iraqi PM to Disneyland

Just in case you didn't know. The USA is GOOD, everyone else is BAD...

I want no part of your "ideological struggle" Mr. Bush

(VIDEO) Paul Hackett puts the smack down on Dan Senor

Missile-Defense Test Postponed by Fog

CNN is tipping the GOP's hand on their strategy to "win" 2008

Larry Scott from va watchdog rants on Nicholson Address to Legion

Bolton: No doubt as to Iran's intentions

Top 200 Federal Contractors - $388,017,686,748 (link to list of them)

Do you agree with President Bush when he likens the struggle against Islam

Ernesto picking up steam again

Just for the record, its Clinton's fault.

Is AAR paying Al Fraken at the expense of Mike Malloy?

Do you use Skype?

all right friends, want to have some fun?


More fun in trying to contact AAR.

It is time for the dems to get out there and knock down these damn lies ab

Why Mike Malloy's firing upsets me. A general rant and meditation

Rush Limbaugh blames Liberals for obesity

Dear WalMart...

Jack Reid responding to Bush on

Post your favorite Malloy one-liners

Lou Dobbs Poll

Maybe Little Richard could help explain bush's speeches to us.

"Grave threat". Yes, it's deja vu all over again.

"If we leave Iraq, the terrorists will follow us home..."

Wal Mart weighs in on Global Warming: Push to replace 100 million bulbs

When a repricklican is the victim of election fraud...

Pentagon denies troops sent to Iraq without sufficient supplies

Gun-totin', SUV drivin', shorthaired thugs attack National Guardsman

What did you think of your president and the interview...

Bolton: No doubt as to Iran's intentions

Smokers, please read.

Does it strike anyone else funny that one of the best mayors in the

What should be the Democratic response to Bush's speech?

Political Cartoons (Prints) - Labor in America 1863-1908 (dial-up warning)

Yahoo Headline: One-third of U.S. Fears New Attack

Spinning the bullets (Guardian Unlimited)

ARRRGH,, I'm being terrorized by Hitchens on H/Ball

U.S. force in Iraq at 140,000

Further adventures of Princess Jenna (Doonesbury)

David Horsey TOON: Rumsfeld a legend in his own mind

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON - thurs 8/31... same road again...

I hope someone can tape Tokyo nora on hardball tonight. with the repug

Why shouldn't we trust Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush on Iraq ?

The $2,000 2BR is soon to be gone MetLife puts Stuyvesant up for sale

AP: Pentagon targets payday lenders

Next on Hardball: Spunk and Moxie!

Microsoft Awards Executives Millions In Stock Grants

A Colossal Mistake.

FBI & Dept Of Educ - Mining Student's Records In Anti-Terror Op

Who Most Threatens America?

The Analogy For Iraqnam is NOT WW II, It's Vietnam -- Sen. Hagel Agrees!

Northern California Homeless Veterans to get help at stand down

My Freeper BIL used the "appeasement" strawman on me over 2 years ago

KO on with more fallout. Now.

could "diebold" comments be behind Malloy firing?

KO Part 2 up now n/t

As bu$h sells his illegal war - we get to pick up the ticket

Russert calls the bu$h propaganda trip a PR campaign

Busholini said he never considered ousting Hussein before 9-11.

Jesus shows up in an Xray (Guess he was bored) (photo)

ROFL! Chimp trying to pronounce 'totalitarianism' on local news

Howard Last Night, Barbara Tonight. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!

KO - "Thousands of emails of support" for his closing statements yesterday

Fox News: Dems STILL crushing Reps 48%-32% for November Elections

Ernesto nears CAT1 Hurricane status, landfall soon.

CNN Poll: Do you agree with bush that "the world now faces a

I have to rant cause this is too damn interesting to let slide....

AP: U.S. Muslims Warn of Threat From Within

I'm hanging in there with Air American Radio

Chiarelli preaches quality of life in Iraq

WH Ministry of Propaganda in overdrive

Chimpy's latest recess appt - 5 days before Labor Day. No Shame.

Some Good News - McDonald's Changes Lids to Save Hedgehogs

The Last Days On Earth-ABC

US to spend $20 million to find good news in Iraq

bush, cheney, rumsfeld, how far you gonna push it? All the way?

Nora O'Donnell (Hardball) asking Sen. Reed why it's taken all week

Is the sarcasm emoticon needed for obvious sarcasm?

The Kemp/Lieberman connection: Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

Text book authoritarianism - John Dean

I think KO's "worst" should have been Hannity for his remarks about

DU This Poll: Does Bush Make You Feel Safer?!?!?

On KO: John Dean stating that Rummy's comparison of terrorists to

Dems. theme should be "BUSH IS SOFT ON TERRORISM"

Kerry to Bush: America LESS SAFE, More Divided Because of FAILED POLICIES

The Passion of a Cockroach: DeLay has a deal to publish a book (AP)

"Most compliant congress in history"

Is anyone listening to Sam play the tape of Falwell?

Activists Want Ohio Election Chief Out

Help, I am drawing a blank...the song that leads into Majority Report

One more Replug support the troops NOT The TRICARE fee hikes

Anyone get responses to evacuation plan inquiries to

A poll to DU, on behalf of the women here and everywhere.

American Legion post, Salt Lake City, what's next?

Fox and Friends FREAKED over Rocky Anderson (VIDEO)


My Mike Malloy Story

Explosion victims remembered (Man gave military shell to children)

Does anyone know about this Social Security email petition circulating?

Olbermann vs. Rumsfeld: Defining the Real "New Fascism"

(VIDEO) Interesting find: The Colonel X scenes from JFK

Caption this Bush* pic!

school is starting and It"s bully time again

Democrats Target Rumsfeld - Lawmakers to Seek a Vote of No Confidence

See Barbaro Enjoying Some Grass!

US Airways aircraft fire on MIA runway (CNN Breaking)

What's with Byrd and the rat bastard Stevens of Alaska holding up

Wash Post Mistakes RNC Chair Mehlman For Mark Karr…

I swear to god I live in bizarro world

Is it just me, or has the political climate just gotten REALLY surreal?

Homeschoolers FUMING mad at ebay!

Flood Air America's email and phone lines. Rehire Mike Malloy

Nafeez Ahmed: US Army Contemplates Redrawing Middle East Map

I was half asleep...what did I hear on MSNBC

The Cafferty File on the Situation Room tonight...

Fellow tools and props of the administration..............

MALLOY- Need An Explanation Here: Marc Maron And Sam Seder Were Allowed...

My predictions for the 2006 Mid-Term Election (some Texas content)

Ha Ha--WAPO mistakens Ken Mehlman for John Mark Karr--too funny

WaPo mistakes RNC chair Mehlman for Mark Karr

Equivalent American casualties: more than a million

impressive picture blog about the French intervention in Lebanon

Good Evening, TruthinessSeekers! Mike Malloy Appreciation Thread

AP: U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,642

A time when "Mission Accomplished" meant something ..

Rocky Anderson's web site - Contact him here:

Keith Olbermann's Rebuttal To Donald Rumsfeld Is Great, HOWEVER

Lookit what Driftglass has done to the Couric photoshop-

Military To Pay Millions To Promote "Positive" Iraq News Coverage...

Another Rummy poll to DU

I hereby invoke Godwin's Law upon George W. Bush.

Growing Up Denatured:

I have two new Hero's, Keith Olbermann and Rocky Anderson

Will Cheney Claim Casey Emboldens Terrorists With 2007 Redeployment Plan?

Some stuff you just can't make up - WaPo mistakes Mehlman for Karr

We use a lot of euphemisms for dear leader

MSNBC reported Rumsfeld is only 5' 7" tall

Man gets 27 years for enslaving housekeeper

Mike Malloy on the Christine Craft show right now

Ooh, I like that. A Katrina Foreign Policy.

Buchanan: The Country I Grew Up In Was 89 -90% White-I Like That Country

Mexico Race War - whites against the browns

War's aftermath: Oil slick blankets Mediterranean sea

Claims of Australian/American Links to East Timor Coup Attempt

NY members

63 days until showtime. Do you have your acts together?


Super Typhoon Knocks Out Weather Sensors

Which is the biggest threat to our national security?

I just had to sign my son's opt-out form for sharing info w/ military.

Horror of Horrors! Ann Coulter is coming to my university in October!!!

White House, Verizon, subpoenas, bush, warrantless spying, 173 votes...

I was impressed by the way Norah O'Donnell questioned Harris...

WHAT is going on on AAR right now?? LAME!!

When was the last time you heard someone say "colored people"

A simple solution to stolen elections here in 2000/2004 and in Mexico

Hello fellow fascists!

Boycott Keith Olbermann!

Best of Mike Malloy with Head On Radio!! Truthseekers check in

New Rantings From The Raving Fascist

Yikes. Second "secret hold" on database bill---

Bush is attemptiong to do to Iran what he did to Iraq, Regime Change

Bill Of Rights Pared Down To A Manageable Six

What does "Win in Iraq" mean?

Katrina saved 50,000 lives? Spinning like washing machine on BS cycle

"The Scream" - Munch's Masterpiece Recovered In Norway

get a load of this bu** Sh** Re: Rocky's speech

GREAT NEWS for Daily Show/Colbert Report fans w/o Cable TV!!!

CA DUers. Will Ah-Nold get re-elected?

DU a MSNBC poll - Do you agree with President Bush when he likens

What's taking so long for us to attack Iran?

My project: Get one Repub to vote for Lamont.

Cafferty just had a great rant on CNN - sounding much like Keith

Fresh from bootcamp new marine: Chances of getting a desk job stateside??


Hey, I sent Ray Taliaferro an email and he used it on the air, a lot!

Spellings: "No Child Left Behind...99.9% pure"

Rice Gives Iran Weeks, not Months, To Decide on Nuclear Talks - 6/2/06

Please proof/critique my long LTTE on Rumsfeld and their appeasements

Sheldon Drobny (AAR co-founder) weighs in on Malloy (HuffPo)

Plame/Wilson lawsuit will not include Armitage... for now.

How does Bush define "victory in Iraq"?

IMPEACH Bush tell them today with words and PICS!

Women's role in society

Bush vows U.S. will stay in Iraq to the last drop of someone else's blood

Don't people like radio broadcasters have a union they

Sen. Conrad Burns says terrorists drive taxis by day

Nazis, good! Frenchies, bad!

Help me out with dueling statistics: veterans benefits under Bush . . .

Jesus Camp....The movie!

Do you believe Bush suffers from schizophrenia?

Obligations: another heartfelt message from Cindy Sheehan

NEEDED: Instances of Republicans requesting recounts, complaining...

OK, the country goes fascist and you want to flee. Where will you go?

Troops are dying in Iraq for the Republican Party.

Am I the only one who has no idea who Malloy is?

The Big Lie About 'Islamic Fascism' by Eric Margolis

Should Congressional and Presidential Salaries be abolished?

Gene therapy SAVES two men stricken with aggressive, fatal cancer!

Why Won't George Leave Iraq? Seriously, Why?

I'm so happy I got my $300 check from georgie 5 years ago

Let Bush come to a location outside the protection of his donor base...

On the eve of AAR moving stations in NYC, Malloy is fired....

Frist will be fined for lying on his medical license renewal.

Is French-bashing getting worse ?

Olberman v Rumsfeld Video on YouTube

What does a young adult need to know in this society?

DU Rummy MSNBC Poll

Why was Mike Malloy on Alex Jones' radio show?

"Deliver the Truth" -- new info on training at Gore's climate institute

Bush, Cheny, & Condi/Rummy/Hannity too; Reduced to a tight circle

Eyewitnesses Account: UN Forces Open Fire on Poor Haitian Neighborhood

Bush To Visit ALL 3 SITES On 9/11-9/11-9/11 Anniversary

OMG! Iran is enriching fuel!

Pharmacy Board Heeds Gregoire's Emergency Contraception

Democrats must investigate

Please, DO NOT use "truthiness" as a sub for "truth"!

Must see TV....Countdown now.

Poll question: Was trumad being sarcastic in this thread or not?

Dubai Ports World To Be Bought By Halliburton?

Mike Malloy's listeners really deserve an answer as to why he was fired.

Link to Olbermann text and several video formats

Malloy Update

Malloy Poll: Want him back -- or -- Glad to see him go...

Bill Maher is involved in a thread on Huffington Post... And it isn't good

Yahoo Photos of Rocky & Thousands of Friends at SLC Anti-bush Rally!!!

ROVE's NIGHTMARE: IpsosPoll-Americans Conclude Iraq War=America Less Safe

MSNBC Poll - Bush equates Islam with Nazism and Stalinism

The Guy James show 3 to 5pm Mike and More

Tell Me Why "Islamo-Fascism" Is An Idiotic Term in 10 Words or Less.

Repub Governor EHRLICH raises taxes by $3 BILLION

The 06 Election in a nutshell...

Seattle AAR affiliate takes stance on Malloy - links to Reinstate Petition

It's one thing to insult people in other countries

Alaska: FEDS RAID Republican State Legislative Offices

Alex Jones comments on Mike Malloy being fired.

I am tired of chasing Air America Radio. It has cost way more than its

Whats your take on this? *Caracas Takes Golf Courses for Housing*

The SBOBU Economic Index

Lost Boys, Warren Jeffs and the Cult

Rocky Anderson for President, anyone?

Blog Roundup On Olbermann's "Fascism" Commentary

The Woman Behind President Bush's Reading List

I heard this morning they had hired a crowd of supporters to greet bush

Missile defense system doesn't work if it's foggy.

Press Release: 9/11 family members calling for a new investigation.

A Letter to My Fundie Nephew-in Law – How Do You Talk to a Bush Voter?

Al Gore For President: The Man Meets The Moment

Olbermann Needs Us - from Noquarter / Larry Johnson's blog

Here's a thought: BOYCOTT FRANKEN.

Autorank/Scoop: The People’s House is now the Speaker’s House

*** LATE AFTERNOON MALLOY UPDATE *** Important note in here...

Why Mike Malloy? Read "Gate Keepers of the So-Called Left"

About Keith Olbermann's Commentary last night.....

How discredited must one be to be on Book TV's In Depth? Tammy Bruce.

KO put out the call...which dem politicians have answered?

In speaking on modern industrial civilization, Noam Chomsky...

I Love Malloy But You Can't Advocate Violence On The Radio!

Would it be possible to have a bit of perspective?

Can Bush read ?

The Republican Party and the opportunity of Fear...

Just what was Richard Armitage's position on Iraq?

Bush, Rummy and Ledeen calling kettles...

IF we had never put our troops

Video Clips: AFL-CIO’s Labor Day Press Briefing

Caring more about spin than the troops

AWOL Junior gives his big hero speech today.

Greg Palast Fundraiser for Camp Democracy

Keith Olberman last night

I found excerpts from the forthcoming CHENEY BIO!

NY Times Ohio '04 Dirty? Wow way to get on a story.

Video: Keith Olbermann takes Rumsfeld to task You want an ad campaign? Here's an ad campaign:

James Dobson, and How You Can Tax Him

Bush really misses Gerson, his former speech writer...

Today's Compassionate Conservative LTTE

My Letter to Keith Olbermann

"Bush Team Casts Foes as Defeatist" (WaPo) - and three questions

Message from Howard Dean (Ted Stevens)

Poll: Harris leads Fla. GOP Senate race

Bush in Salt Lake City: "WE'VE stopped a terror plot against the U.S..."

Spin and bullshit aside, how dangerous *is* Iran?

Idiot Son is speaking (lying) to the American Legion right now ......

Dimson about to speechify; get these ready!

Swiftboater for "Maccaca" Allen Blamed Tailhook on the Women

Washington Journal Hudson Institute Liar

The map looked familiar

Change To Win: Survey Shows American Dream Slipping Away

Are any campaigns emphasizing ending one party rule in the U.S. "Time for

WP,pg1: "WH could cite no Democrat who has proposed cutting off funds...

"The Rich are Different from You and Me"

Group:GOP mailer likens immigrants to "Desease"

SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson: A Righteous Dude in a Wrong State

America's Least Trusted How a Clermont stripper ended up under FBI surveil

Support Col Mike Weaver in his fight against Ron Lewis.

Phil Dunkelbarger will be on The Thom Hartman Show today and on NECN!

any reaction to Olbermann in MSM?

Video: Salt Lake City, Utah mayor slams 'dishonest, war-mongering' Bush

Gay Friendly

Video is up at MSNBC of Keith O. and Dean.

In Honor Of Mike Malloy...

Pelosi: Republican Cutbacks to Law Enforcement Lead to Increased Crime

What Clark should have said at this point:

California Senate: Feinstein (D) 56%, Mountjoy (R) 34%

Working Women Laboring for Less on Labor Day; Working Women Ages 22 - 55

U.S. Labor Dept. Sues Houston Drywall Firm to Recover over $500,000

Conrad Burns says terrorists drive taxi-cabs.... (Who knew?)

Bush: Iraq a 'decisive ideological struggle'

DU This Poll - GW* says "Islamic fundamentalism same as Nazies"

Wrong but Patriotic

Pelosi:Republican Cutbacks to Law Enforcement Lead to Increase Crime

Sharrod Brown TV add

A defiant Bush defiantly addresses Iran's defiance. Duck and cover!

February, 2007: Just how possible IS impeachment?

Danny Bartlett getting whooped by O'Donnell

How Harrison Frist got to Princeton

Photo: Bush in Salt Lake City ("WE LOVE YOU PRESIDENT BUSH")

The hypocrisy of Jonah Goldberg

Six Questions for Sen. Kennedy on the Iraq “Civil War” and the Democrats

The ULTIMATE "Bush Is Little Baby Jesus" Halo Photo. THE ULTIMATE!

DU this CNN Poll

Interesting letter today from my homeowner's policy provider

I'm sick of Shrum as the so called spokesperson for the Dem's.

Vote for the "dark vision" of cowards - vote Republican!

Allen to Receive Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund Award

The swift-boating strategy is now extremely dangerous

"totaltotal ... er ..... totallytallish .... uh .... tototototoot ....."

Dems looking really good to pickup Senate seat in RI ...

"Leave the In-Your-Face Opportunistic Crap to the Republicans"

MD Democratic Senate Primary Debate (C-Span2 now 7pm et)

Francine Busby to be on the radio today---Listen Online

from the "what's wrong with this picture" department ...

Condi? No! Katherine? Yes!

MD Senate: Cardin (D) beats Steele (R), Steele (R) beats Mfume (D)

Tucker Carson is condemning the Bush speech on democracy

Boxer on Rumsfeld: "America is too strong for ONE MAN to stop us"

Salt Lake City Rally Protests Bush Admin and Congress (must read!)

DU this Lew Dobbs CNN Poll

Repub. Gov. Ehrlich raised taxes by $3 BILLION in Maryland!

Did Bush get subpoena for illegal wiretaps for NSA

JOKE OF THE DAY!! A Real Reality Check On Insanity!!

Webb's Marine Son Deploying to Iraq Next Week

WOW! Bush will do photo ops at ALL THREE 9/11 SITES on 9/11! WOW!

Newsweek: W.H. eager to move on from Katrina & refocus on TERRA

NASA and the CIA

Peter Galbraith, former US ambassador to Croatia, in response to Rummy

Anyone else hear the interview today with Neo-Con Lunatic Michael Ledeen?

Does anyone else think the special election for DeLay's seat may require

Bush v. Gore II, Court Gives Congress Power to Decide Local Elections

Voters Hearing Countless Ways of Saying 'Sorry'

Military To Pay Millions To Promote "Positive" Iraq News Coverage...

Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum considers Lieberman loss a "tragedy"

How many more years will our troops be in Iraq?

Patrick Swayze Speaks for Me

Workers Bring Justice At Smithfield Campaign To Shareholders Meeting

CNN/AP: Lieberman expects cold shoulders from Senate colleagues

What I am NOT .......

The REAL fascist states: BFEE Buddies

Our voices have been silenced for so long................

Dan Senor explains Iraq: "It's sort of a one step forward, two steps back"

Rahm Emanuel on Bush: "After 6 years, they've got only fear to sell"

President Bush Assassinated in Movie

What I hear when I hear Bush say "Nazis" and a "struggle"

Democrats Target Rumsfeld

Dem Leaders Need To Preemptively Condemn Bush "Assassination" Movie

Hannity: Stopping Pelosi is worth fighting and dying for

Action Alert: Howard Dean's message for Ted Stevens

Kerry on Bush’s American Legion Speech: America Less Safe, More Divided

Which country is the most dangerous to US?

NBA Great Charles Barkley Mulls Run For Ala. Gov., Supports Gay Marriage

Rumsfeld's moral confusion

Bill Frist seems to have trouble telling the truth...



I think Dan Bartlett just issued a threat to us..."consequences"

MD-Senate...Cardin opens up a lead over Mfume...

What the heck is Sam Seder talking about 16:00 tomorrow?

Connecting the dots: Nazi Sympathizers dot-dot-dot Islamofascists

Some News About Webb

The SBOBU Economic Index

A Short History of American Fascists and the GOP

Gingrich fearful of Pelosi's "San Francisco values"

We survived 40 years

I need help battling a freep!

Bush Appoints Wal-Mart Lawyer to Head Labor's Wage and Hour Division

A neighbor commented on my "Impeach Bush" bumpersticker

Even The Conservatives Realize The Reason For Iraq

Breaking News: UN Authorizes Darfur Peacekeepers

Utah Mayor Anderson’s Speech Scorches Bush

Isn't Bush taking a chance with the Nazi link?

Need help researching GOP ties to Lifeway for Youth, a private, faithbased

Impeachment is the wrong move . . . .

Do you support the 22nd Amendment

OMG, just got home after some lady went ape shit cuz they wouldnt put FOX

Looking for Bill Clinton recent speech

Congressman Murtha: "I'm disappointed by Hilary Clinton's.."

The true Iraq appeasers (Reagan, Bush I, Cheney, Rummy and Powell)

iPod labor relations hit sour note CNN

Wes Clark destroys, then Dismisses Rethug enabler Neil Cavuto