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Archives: August 26, 2006

Confronting the Truth about Torture (NATION)

PM flies home to discontent (Tony Blair)

NYT: Hollywood Stampedes Marfa, Texas, Tranquillity Rides into the Sunset

AP: Violent Video Games Ban in La. Blocked

S.Korea, China aim to block N.Korea test

U.S. Army reserve officer pleads guilty in Iraq case

Critic Alleges Deceit in Study On Stem Cells

NYT/Reuters: Schwarzenegger, British TV Host Settle Lawsuit

LAT: U.S. May Skirt U.N. on Iranian Nuclear Program

Turk Was Abused at Guantanamo, Lawyers Say

US struggles to boost Iraqi morale

Katherine Harris says failure to elect Christians will `legislate sin'

Outsourcing seen boosting wages at home: study

Californians Now Recycle Half of Their Trash: No new landfills in a decade

U.S. Works to Defuse Spat With Venezuela

Do Fish Know How To Drink?

Chicago (the musical) fans: Any thoughts on Usher and Ashlee Simpson?

OK, my parents are staying for the weekend, my father had eye surgery

Question an overseas friend has, relating to an old traffic warrant.

I just realized I've been at DU for over two years.

The stars must be misalligned at the moment...

how would you react

I am so lonely...

what does rain mean to you?

2009 - bush* is not pResident anymore...

Confession I'm an addict. Please don't judge

Okay... Those Betty Crocker one serving cake mixes that appear to

Describe your toes

My. Very. Educated. Mother. Just. Sold. Us. Nine. ?????

Taking wine into France?!?!?

Got two minutes to watch something cool?

What movie have you seen more times than any other movie?

This may be an odd question - (re: eyes)

"We are at war and the enemy

Websites that expose fake war veterans needed.

Bob Casey's Campaign Ad - I'm Liking it!

Cleland Vows Support for Murtha, Announces Rally and Fundraising Effort

McCain Backtracks On Iraq War Criticism...

Out of the mouths of babes...

Gulf Coast Poll: If I knew Ernesto was coming I'd...

Plane from UK lands in US

"Because I was for the war before I was against the war before I was...."

CNN Headline News GlennBeck moron has Rapture Rap going on

Mystery Solved: Horse at SF Zoo Not Named After Ann Coulter

Oliver Stone 9/11 Film Draws Anger from Prominent Black Professor

I know I'm a Dem, I profess to be liberal, but am I progressive?

Katherine Harris: Separation of church and state 'a lie'

Got to get Talent out !!! - Latest 2006 Projection

Us vs. Us

Memo to Bill Maher---Christopher Hitchens is a really terrible guest.

Freepers versus naturally way-cooler DU Liberals

AFL-CIO endorses Webb in Va. Senate race

Question: Is there Term Limits on VP's??

WP: In R.I., a Feisty Conservative Challenges Sen. Lincoln Chafee

Allen asked about racial language

Would Albert Einstein consider George Bush insane?

Cheney could seize the presidency per 25th amendment

Experts warn U.S. is coming apart at the seams

Jurassic White House: The Reptilian Brain of George W. Bush

(Ray Close:) Why Bush will Choose War Against Iran

W stands for "Worst"

Lesson for Bush: Saddam is a Fascist, the Islamists are not

Who is the Fascist Here?

The Liquid Bomb Hoax: The Larger Implications (James Petras)

"They are all dear to me. They are all Iraqis" (from LA Times 8/24)

Hoekstra’s Hoax: Just When You Thought You’d Seen Everything

Requirements for a successful Repupblican Presidential Candidate

Nurenberg prosecutor says try bush for war crimes

Enforcer in Chief

States Left on Their Own to Plan for Flu Pandemic

do not question my trustworthiness." Bush to McCain

The Cheney presidency (Robert Kuttner)

Katrina One Year Later: No Job, No Way to Pay Rent

Conservatives Love Government

War with Iran a no-brainer:

Pakistani arrested in NYC for showing al-Manar

Lieberman To Consider Iraq Pullout Plan...


The Old Parlor Game

Junior Needs a Spanking By MAUREEN DOWD

The Trouble with Bush's 'Islamofascism'

Bribery at UN: Has Ghana Sold Her Vote?

Not Much Has Changed (Michael Eric Dyson op/ed, re: Katrina)

Potatoes to the people! Comic vows to challenge Chavez

"fascism" as a term with specific historical content....

Service in Iraq: Just How Risky?

Katrina One Year Later: ‘The George Bush Dog-and-Pony Show’

Saviour of Iraq's antiquities flees to Syria

Empire, and resistance to it: by Andrew Murray

Unwinding the Credit Boom

Jim Cramer is Trying to Scare the American Voter

Question about recycling:

Thin Film Solar To Go Large

Environmentalists being targetted again by B*shies

Bulgaria to decide on contractor for new nuclear plants.

PM 2.5 episode currently over Eastern U.S.

Three dead in coal mine protest (Bangladesh)

Experimental flow battery could help power rural Alaska

Things I learned during summer vacation.

Environmentalists, Rejoice! Bolsa Chica Wetlands being restored!

Trace leak at Wisconsin nuke plant "poses no threat".

Climate changes shift springtime

Lebanon oil spill photos. Now ruining the Syrian coast as well.

Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV survived attacks

Witnesses: Israel strikes Reuters car

Witnesses: 2 Israeli missiles hit Reuters car

GU Special Reports - Hizbullah: the new heroes on the streets of Ramallah

Palestinian drowns trying to save Israeli teenagers (08/21/06)

Israel army confirms air strike on Gaza vehicle

Israel seeks troops from Muslim nations

U.S. Nervous Over Israeli Use of Weapons

Haredi writer accused of racism, slander

Gene Simmons sends video to Israeli

Israeli colonel attacks army

At Funeral, a Sunni Village Condemns Hezbollah’s Presence

This is no way to make a deal

CORRECTED - Hizbollah saw "limited damage"

Al-Manar TV soars into ratings 'Top 10'

Succession of scandals leaves Olmert fighting to stay in power

Race to save historic town from sea of oil

The occupier defines justice

Some Info about the New 9/11 Documentary

Popular Mechanics hammered on radio

We Will Never Forget

British terror plot interrupted "coup" attempt to remove Tony Blair?

Are Nixon/Kissinger/GHWBush responsible for HIV/AIDS?

Recommended Resource: SITE MAP of 911Research

Sinister connections to a possible future 'terrorist' attack....

Alleged WTC Power Down on Sept. 8-9

DNC Spits on Election Integrity - Endorses INTERNET VOTING

San Diego Union-Tribune's Miraculous Fair Coverage of CA 50 court hearing!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Saturday, August 26

San Diego Voters' Lawsuit Changing the Dialog (WDNC Blog)

CA 50: Judge To Rule Next Tues On Constitutional & Jurisdictional Question

Impeachment Town Hall Meeting Featuring Ann Wright 9/4

How should we fund our state parks?

Life's goodness in one red pot

my new experiment. catfish nuggets


I like to cook "__________"

So ... for supper tonight ...... paella

Canadians kill police officer, injure six others in Afghanistan shootings

Frigate to patrol in Mideast

Why Soldiers in Training Are Given Blanks With Their M-16s

U.S. diplomat charged with taking bribes for visas (Reuters)

Ice sheet melting faster than ever

First big hurricane of the season scheduled to hit Jamaica tomorrow

Dynamite found in luggage aboard flight

ELECTION NULLIFICATION in California (Bilbray sworn early to thwart law)

Schwarzenegger libel 'settled'

Venezuela says US was smuggling --BBC

U.S. says Darfur is getting worse

Army reserve officer pleads guilty in Iraq case (money laundering)

Potatoes to the people! Comic vows to challenge Chavez

Defying UN Iran Opens Nuclear Reactor

Succession of scandals leaves Olmert fighting to stay in power

Bribery at UN: Has Ghana Sold Her Vote?

The Kurds are being driven out again - this time by Iran

CNN/AP: Senator Obama, in Kenya, takes AIDS test to fight stigma

Uganda and LRA rebels sign truce

Iraq tribal chiefs sign 'pact of honor' (to support Maliki plan)

Time to play, time to march (Bush's day in Maine)

Katrina’s damage lingers for Bush

CORRECTED - Hizbollah saw "limited damage"

U.S. Senator (Allen) Confronted Over Race Questions

Bottled water a church concern (Canadian Church starts boycott)

U.S. aid stirring suspicion in Venezuela

Senator Mary Landrieu Delivers Democratic Radio Address

Students told `Yale Shmale'

Rice To Help End Israel Blockade Of Airport - Lebanon PM

US supports Argentina’s nuclear program, but…

Florida: Red tide dumps fish on beaches

Gunmen kills translator for British consulate in Iraq

Rep. Harris' religious remarks draw ire

Engineers worry about New Orleans levees

Allen, dogged by protest, dodges downtown (Staunton)

Ahmadinejad: Iran poses no threat to 'Zionist regime'/ Haaretz

Seattle Firm Warned BP About Pipeline

Renegotiate NAFTA, new Green party leader says(Canada)

UK Troops risk their lives in Land Rovers while MoD sells off armoured veh

Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV survived attacks

Baltimore Marine Dead In Iraq

Deaths decline as reservists play smaller role in Iraq

Ethics panel won't probe trade missions

Activist's Remark Starts FBI Probe

Abu Ghraib no longer houses any prisoners, Iraqi officials say

Hurricane Center Chief Set to Retire

Hicks fears son could face death

CT State Democratic Party V. Leiberman ?

Katrina revealed inadequate response: Bush

Protests Intrude on President's Visit to Family Compound (aw, poor George)

Protesters target visiting president

Call for Shiite autonomy as Iraqi tribal chiefs meet (? "unity" US backed

Bush: Gov't. works on disaster response

Rumsfeld praises troops doing extra duty

Santorum taken to task over latest television ad

Marine from Milford (CT) killed in Iraq

Engineers worry about New Orleans levees

Chicago Tribune correspondent charged as spy in Sudan

Saviour of Iraq's antiquities flees to Syria

French protest against tough immigration law

U.S. aid stirring suspicion in Venezuela

Newsweek: Bush’s approval rating dips to 36 percent.

2 Lodi residents (U.S. citizens) refused entry back into U.S.

Pastor claims church voted to reject black membership, resigns

Chad Expels Oil Firms....

State fights to fire trooper tied to Klan (Nebraska)

LAT: GOP's Engine Sputters in Michigan: Bush Scolded for Auto Woes

New AFL-CIO Online: En Espanol

WP: Democrats Split Over Timetable For Troops

Out lesbian Patricia Todd wins at Alabama state Democratic exec committee

Hundreds jeer neo-Nazis at Wis. rally

Former US president slaps down 'subservient' Blair

Harris campaign awaits her cash

Katrina rescuer is sued by boat owner

US housing slump fuels crash fears --Guardian/Observer

LAT: Tiger Woods Calls for Drug Testing for Professional Golfers

Galloway congratulates Hizbollah

Protesters denounce illegal immigration ordinance (Dallas)

I put something important on here, a while back

Do your dreams mean anything to you?

Would You Like A Chat Utility @ DU?

What? winter ? ? ??

Angels watch over you

I'm going to sleep now

100 degree day report: 18 days in a row; 41 this year

Left or Right?

pobably not a good idea

My idea of true relaxation...

Okay, I'm getting moaned

It's a 'Mad World'

OK Lounge Lizards...Who's still awake out there?

Emo Phillips is a god

Kim Novak in "Bell Book and Candle"---holy shit she was beautiful!

somewhere in a lonely hotel room a guy is starting to realize

Okay, I'm getting boned


OK - who else loves 80's music? I admit it.

Christopher Hitchens on "Real Time," at his drunken best. (?)

Bad news for fans of "Superman Returns"

Heidi is a jammie locker!

When a Democrat takes the Oval Office in 2009 ...

Okay, I'm getting honed.

I heard that Heidi locks up her jammies

Just saw Lisa Lampanelli....

Okay, I'm getting stoned

Where is HYPNO TOAD tonight?

I want Honey(church)

Post the lyrics of a song that reflects your feelings at this moment.

Just spent the last 40 minutes replying to right wing emails from my uncle

Oh yeah besides dancing on a pole I got stopped by the sheriffs.

I hate it when my coffee goes down the wrong pipe

Update : I had a great un-lonely night.

Did you know they kicked some dumb ass off some show

I want money

The dew has probably dried by now... Do I have to mow my yard?

I need a new cell phone - What Should i buy?

Who else eats rotini pasta directly from the box?

Those Froot Loop Breakfast bars are pretty addictive.

Do you use a custom ringer on your cell phone?


Environmentalists Rejoice! Bolsa Chica Wetlands (in my hometown) . . .

I'm watching Pulp Fiction on Bravo.

We Is Friends!

Look what I found: Ebay Alternative

Watching an old movie on TV.

I'm working OT today and I ain't happy about it.

Who can forget Darlene McBride

Do you utilize CallerID?

I dropped a grape. SHIIIIIIT!


Best music to bar brawl to? (One of my favourite thread subjects)

The Red Chair. Epilogue

I want Sugar( Smack)

the best old dog in the world


progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

Dick Martin appreciation thread!

I just slept 11.5 hours...

Sigh...3 more hours of OT to go...sigh

Californa Peggy Apreciation Thread

"HOORAY beer!" commercials: love 'em or hate 'em

The Pluto Appreciation Thread

What have you done for someone else

A bear ate my right foot

I am very brave....

I tried "lettuce cups" last night


Who do you know that needs their head squashed?

If you haven't seen "Brick", don't walk, to the video store

She ran calling wildfire

Smack Bush around a couple of times.

Best Joni Mitchell album?

Stop treating your bodies like an amusement park

Anyone else enjoying seeing Tony Kornheiser fuck with Joe Theisman?

"Idiocracy" Mike Judge's new movie (Office Space) Sept 1

so uh....what the hell is a "sit bone"??

Favorite Root Beer

I know that lust is a sin, but I can't help myself

Pajamas for fundys!

Tom Cruise: what's going on with him?

5000 babies

Congratulations matcom!! 45,000 posts

Who gives you your music?

Hilarious videos of Hippo & Dog (Pat & Stanley) (animations)

Darlene appreciation thread!!

Women: They Just Keep Getting Bigger and Uglier, Don't They?

How many Muppets died to make your shoes?

What Song Would You Pick To Describe Our Current Political Situation?

This was just in our backyard (pic):

I ain't no matcom, but....

Best EVER episode of "Roseanne"

Ok it's to quiet! Where is everyone (the say hello thread)

Google earth is so cool!

I'm sweating right now, ask me anything!

Our happy dog! Just thought I'd share a random moment

5000 baby

should I stay or should I go ?

Has anyone else seen the original Wicker Man?

The terrible twos... how long do they really last?

God, I love commercials!

So I'm listening to Jeff Buckley's "Grace", and it's a mighty fine album.

Geez, my speakers pick up truckers' CB radio signals on the road!

"Senior citizens find nurtured "weed" is pot"

Cause I've seen your fascist faces


Little morality plays...

Control freaks!

A hug for mutley

Bush and Blair at the Gay Bar

Who's weirder: Michael Jackson or Tom Cruise?

Looking For A Handyman or Woman..What would you do?

Jazz trumpeter Maynard (theme from "Rocky") Ferguson dies at 78

Is it possible to post an empty poll?

Favorite Johnny Depp Movie

Which Classic Female Literary Character Are you?

It's PARTY TIME-and I'm giving it away!!!

A revolt is brewing in the Lounge.

What is the minimum wage where you live?

It's PARTY TIME-and I'm buying!!!

So I woke up this morning with a MULLET...

OOps... I went and got drunk....

Worst President Ever (LINK TO IMAGE)


Anyone suggest a good german export brand beer?

I just drank an entire bottle of cheap peach wine.

Salsa Doritos

Rob Zombie's next film: "Halloween" (re-make of John Carpenter classic)


Fun new tool - Google Trends

I just fell off my bed.

A new art purchase.

Movies: Can someone recommend a good...

I am 8 post away from 5000

Am I being a stick in the mud saying that the "Jackass" skits...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 8/26/06)

It's probably a good thing I'm home tonight

Who here puts some 'spice' in their LTEs?

where do suggestions go?

Thinking about cooking out tomorrow. I could use Mongo's help.

Saturday baby animal pic thread. Big cats ..... little kittens

I just bought a bottle of Absolut Apeach....

Fucking FUNNIEST thread ever

I could spend hours playing on this site!! Check it out - you'll love it.

Kevin Federline is kinda.........cute.

Nick in The Wicker Man???? No one can replace Edward Woodward!

Updates here...please?

Create your very own "Dummies" Book

Saturday, August 26. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Fun with Google Trends

Whoops, a sudden trip to NH!

Old picture thread

Your Library: 10 Favorite Works of Non-Fiction?

So, I've had a good day so far.


I'm in an au gratin mood

FINALLY! Back online! What did I miss? (Lie to me, if you must)

I am a fool,

As promised-- a pic of my new tattoo!!


Wow...Nothing yet on my GD thread.

Why are you here on a Saturday afternoon?

Some more cool lyrics

I'm in a rotten mood...

I confess: I really LOVE to 'out' trolls!! Am I sick?

where are my homies?

Boots the cat has a new home!!!

It's DU Karaoke Time!!! What song and what drink to give you courage?


Do you have any superpowers?

My SO, a pair of crutches and a knee brace

Can men cut their own hair?

Is anyone still awake??? N/T

Picture thread: You gotta tat? You wanna post a pic??

What should I make for dinner?

"Invincible" was a helluva good movie.

China cracks down on striptease funerals.

I have 80 Tangerine Dream cds

Just got dumped after seven years.

If Senator Clinton becomes the first female US President,

how many people have you on ignore?


Let's turn this place into a sophomore dorm! If you were a book...

who here has a purse?

I had Hard Shell Crabs for lunch - YUMMY YUMMY

Cripes, are people really this lazy?

Stephen King Poll.....

Nehru jackets

Have you tried putting yourself on ignore?

who here has a pulse?

It's official - his name is Ernesto and it's not looking pretty

Lawyers, Guns and Money

Your Library: 10 Favorite Works of Fiction?

Meet my new Girlfriend!

I got my gas turned off. They said I had a leak.

Grocery store drama: Coupon-stealing old man!

Life can turn in an instant

Hee Haw Moment: What's For Supper?

7 Kinds of Sex

What is the Great American Novel?

Post a youtube video that touches you in some way

Astrologers criticize astronomers for not consulting about Pluto decision

Bob Dylan and Alicia Keys?

dupey woopey

I Saw The WEIRDEST Concert Last Week...STYX REDUX

Yahoo! censoring (not even allowing) board comments?

Got milk? DA IRY has. (pronounced Dah-eerie)

George W Bush's favorite cartoon.....

Old sound clip I found on the 'net: Barney vs Star Trek

Who is your future husband?

Remember "The Magic Christian?" with Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr?

A la Mad: A bad thing about:

stupid rant

Robert Block looks like Eric Idle swallowed Mr Creosote.

Check out this sweetie pie

DUers who can't be tombstoned (Just kidding, Skinner!)

Ghost car - WTF happened in this police video?

Best Spaghetti Western:

My kitten is playing with the clock.

Can't believe I'm doing this: PICTURE THREAD!

Tom Cruise Runs

I'm gonna kick Vash the Stampedes' butt!!!

It's coming through a hole in the air,

Sigh. Another Dennis Stanton episode of Murder She Wrote

wait, let me get this straight...!

Not 7 am yet and the Monkey is full of beans

What is tomorrow for if not to take the trash out?

This one is for CarolinaPeridot!!

Cool music vids from you tube thread

Paris Hilton sings "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"...

Great News!

How are you going to die?? Find out here!

Medical advice needed

I DEMAND that you pet me!!!!!

Who here still has the 'spice' in their LTRs?

*Deep breath* Ok, I need your advice! Ok - help then. I need your help.

Just got my wisdom teeth pulled..

IMPORTANT! Radio Lady Program Info for Monday, August 28, 2006

Control freak much?

Time To Say Goodbye...

Kittie Lovers: You are just gonna die!

So, I'm not done after all.

What kind of person could kill a chipmunk?

Who would be a better president of below average IQ than Bush?

Should I go to the Salton Sea today?

Anyone remember the "fun bubbles" guy?

(Australian accent) "That's not a knife..."

Do you have a linguistic pet peeve?

How many sundogs do you have on ignore?

Is your mouse calibrated?

Happy Birthday Geraldine Ferraro

Is Weather an act of God?

WP/AP: Episcopalians Contemplate Divided Future

And God sayeth unto man: I've had it!

You believe in God because your parents believed in God

Same-Sex Marriage: Mental Health Perspectives (Psychiatric Times)

Recently recognized allergy to enzymes, anyone know of a

So, South Africa shames the U.S. again.

And if you don't want to move to South Africa, there's always Sweden...

Barbie Dyke

Poll to DU re Virginia Gay marriage constitutional amendment ban

Cricket Umpire offered to resign for cash

What's Terrell Owns up to nowadays?

Ernesto and the Gulf Coast

This may not be the correct forum . little rant coming

Baby Pics!!!! From DC

For those of you on FACEBOOK: join this group!

Reviewer takes a swipe at DEMOCRATIC response to Katrina?

OT, but link to funny story about Sen. Barfbag in GD-P

Who Will Be First to Call for Joe’s Official Expulsion?

Rock 'n Roll

Media promoting the McCain lie again

Happy Women's Equality Day!

Senate Showdown on ANWR - please pass this on

What an asshole!!

Boy I love my Nikon D-50....but I need to Figure out How to Use it...

A dragonfly caught my eye

F.Gordon actually uses a Digital Camera

What can we agree on?

Sinister connections to a possible future 'terrorist' attack....

I put something important on here, a while back

Is there anyone more pompous than Michael Medved?

War Widow To Bush: "You're Here To Serve The People. And The People Are No

Question for Bush: Will we only pull out of Iraq when...

Angels of peace and love

Do We Even Deserve To Be Free?

Are cluster bombs WMD?


Americans are not uninformed

Gas prices come November?

You're an advertisement

Army Corps takes steps to fix shortcomings exposed by Katrina

Bush is our very best friend. Tell me why he isn't.

The Week in Political Cartoons

GOP: 12 years in power. Results suck. They put Bush in Power: More Crap

Does Al-Queda REALLY care who's in charge?

Death, blood and guts are here

Clear your mind for a second and think about peace

Why do I have to hesitate to post about peace?

You'd Think Sports-Obsessed Yanks Would Reject *'s "Stay The Course" BS

MUST SEE VIDEO: Join The Instant Karma Party Right Now!

bwahahahahahaha bush graphic

Attackers Pummel Man's Face While Yelling Racial Slurs

Cover your head with hair

US Army deserters tell The Guardian why they had to quit

Latest Intellicast Hurricane Track ( Ernesto )

Why ..tyranny?

We have to keep our heads during the coming chaos.

Schwarzenegger libel "settled"

Why aren't we doing to bush what they would surely do to our guy?

Comedian sues Jews for Jesus

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON Sat. 8/26 - only thing left

The class struggle must be resumed.

In case anyone might want to check out IE 7

Black kids sent to the back of the bus???

The UN - what's your belief on this organization?

WJ... Charlene Yoest Is an ignorant, arrogant, luddite (W)itch! (Plan B)

What's the cost of living in China?

Lets talk about voting for war and Democrats a little

Once again the cowards at

These "Democratic" strategists on television?

We are the Nation of Punishers!

Update on TS Ernesto

RW talking point? re: Clinton/Murdoch fundraising connection?

Scientists flock to test 'free energy' discovery

The Angry Right: Why Conservatives Keep Getting It Wrong

Bush's America

Sheehan frightened Republicans, letterwriter claims!

A very scary thought: Perhaps he's doing the best job he can??

Military Doctrine shows that the Bush Admin regards civilians as enemies

Just how sovereign are the American Indian Reservations?

What Terrifies the Neo Cons?

The Most Amazing Post Ever in GD!

Will Democrats need to continue to support "war on terror"...?

Sen, Macaca, dogged by protest, dodges downtown

Where Do My Rights Stand?

I think Christopher Hitchens seriously needs to start drinking again

Why is it okay for us to be brutal in Iraq and it wasn't okay for Saddam?

Just heard a WJ Liberal caller say that America is loved by all

'I can't go to Iraq. I can't kill those children'

The Power Joe Rosenthal Knew

Confronting Madison's NaziFest

Foreclosures in certain areas of CA up over 100% in 1 year

Does Bush view himself as your President?

Astrologers criticize astronomers for not consulting about Pluto decision

If you "support the troops" vote in a Democratic Congress

Episode I:So you're a liberal....(lengthy post warning :)

Don't be a YOYO! Be a HELPER! Join now......

Response to Pat Sweeney Robbins/Associated Republicans of Texas

Do you believe in imposing tarrifs?

NYT, pg1: Despite Steps, Disaster Planning Still Shows Gaps

Why do they hate/not hate US???? learning from Prof. MarK Levine

TIME/Warner kicked OUT of my house - tell me BEST BLUE satellite company

Larisa Alexandrovna LIVE on "This is Hell" today -- stream

How gas prices are like casual Friday

Teacher gets 15 years for aiding terrorists

Bloggers for hire

WP op-ed: Service in Iraq: Just How Risky?

Racial Profiling and why the hicks suck at it

Does anybody else have to suffer Pat Boone's

double strand gold star necklace for Jatrice Martel Gaiter

Welcome to the NEW VIETNAM >>

My. Very. Educated. Mother. Just. Sold. Us. Nine. ?????

Check out this university ad campaign.

The Women of New Orleans After Katrina

The Katrina Timeline

Bill Maher: “Scientists” Have Decided to Cut and Run on Pluto

Voting for Values

So has Fitzgerald "officially" cleared Rove yet?

Sheriff says, "we believe this is the chee wee hairstyle".

Great interview: Cindy Sheehan and Stephanie Miller

Happy 145,000th Birthday to Women's Sufferage!

One Bright Shining Moment

Which Roman Emperor does Shrub resemble most.

Bill Quigley on Katrina one year later

Bus calls Katrina victims "our brothers and sisters" I find this term0

Novak yesterday said the GOP Hill Staffers Think The Dems Will Take House

Are Nixon/Kissinger/GHWBush responsible for HIV/AIDS?

It's Clinton's fault!

One of my favorite JFK quotes:

Illegal Immigration is bankrupting this country!!

"The boom in corporate mergers is creating concerns of illiicit trading."

"Idiocracy" Mike Judge's new movie (Office Space) Sept 1

I can at least still dream

Reporting Accurately on Reid's Options With Lieberman - Bob Geiger

Atomic Vets: Government truth in advertising?

$0.70/gallon to make homemade biodiesel, wow!

Students told `Yale Shmale'

Newsweek: Stem Cell Divide:Split Remains

Scores attend gay marriage in Nepal

The difference between Democrats and Republicans

Why must we only post 4 paragraphs when posting news articles?

Yale Schmale - New recruitment ad by Lakehead University - Thunder Bay

McCain Backtracks On Iraq War Criticism... (he is starting to my head

Anti-semitic row hits Edinburgh : Do comics hate Jews?

He's a republican, right?

Does anyone recall a DU post from the last few days on JFK Jr

Google trends - fun reference tool

Start a business on the "cheap"?..Adventurous? Try Argentina

SLC to issue permit for the 'Death to Israel' rally

Frank Rich: 'New Orleans was Iraq redux with an all-American cast'

New Orleans planning to evacuate next Tuesday

Protests In Kennebunkport: “Bush Is Fiddling While The World Burns”...

A heartfelt and sincere thank you to DU veterans.

Glenn Beck: "I'll put Braille on the coffee pot to piss blind people off"

Now that McPravda has a hurricane to cover--will some dirty gunk slither..

America is just more "American" when Democrats are in power

NOLA holding Press Conference

how is this possible - U.S. urges Afghan border plugged...

Question: can Supreme Court Judges Be Impeached?

Church votes biracial boy out. Didn't want black side of family attending

James Petras: "The Liquid Bomb Hoax: The Larger Implications"

AP Blog: Clinton lends Lamont a big hand

Blogger for Bush declares "Science is Dead"

We are Sheep

Police say girl, 14, sexually assaulted at school

Vaya con Dios.

Katherine Harris "Separation of church and state a LIE"

U.S. aid stirring suspicion in Venezuela...

Obama in Kenya

Hillary Rodham Clinton or Jonathan B. Tasini

Dr. Krauthammer Never Learns

Family Vacation? Not for Bush

Atrios: Now that a Repub Suggests a Timeline, Lieberman is Open to it

Robert Parry: Bush's Disdainful Presidency

Who actually gets their news from LBN?

Gen. Batiste: Rumsfeld Served Up Our Military 'Huge Bowl of Chicken Feces'

Let's think about after the election for just a moment...

"...Voters are smarter than we are."

What should be the penality for impersonating a veteran be?

Here she is again... She gets around

When did Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans?

The Gray Cloud Of Ignorance

Why is Indiana so red?

Rummy, in Alaska, says he's not Santa Claus (for any who were confused)

Yet another Where is Pickles thread...

I wonder if there are any people who thinks that things are going smoothly

Where do you go to find relatively unbiased news?

Jesse Jackson leads humanitarian peace mission to Middle East

Are the veterans swiftboating Murtha and others real veterans

Deserter, Grandson of nazi sympathizer, son of coward..hymn inspiration..

Girls as Young as Nine Raped by UN Peacekeepers in Liberia - allegations

Opinion Polls - Fact or Bunk?

ABC has a misleading picture of Laura on their website.

Need a link, anyone know?

do you dare to care?

Reader in Chief? Readers of the Billings Gazette see through that one

is it permissible to post a website that might be

Monkey and Banana cause Allen to skip campaign stop

Bryant Gumbel on 9/11

Jessica Alba donated $600 to Harold Ford

I can't face killing children in Iraq, said suicide soldier

Graphic: To recognize the enemy: The Terrorist uniform:

U.S. Arab and Muslim men wages slashed by 10 percent since September 11

Russia rejects sanctions against Iran

Republican excuse #2,319 for not serving in Iraq

Hate Groups and the Attention to them is on the Rise In USA! CBS's New

PHOTOS: Happy talking George W. Bush!

You wouldn’t catch me dead in Iraq

Shadow's taxicab reports: Three soldiers, two stories

(VIDEO) Ignite - Bleeding (anti-war anti Shrub music video)

Maureen Dowd says W needs a spanking.

you think you have seen it all? i don`t think soooooo....

'Independent' McCain Flip-Flops on Bush Iraq assessment


Thomas Ricks ("Fiasco") on Russert's CNBC show for the hour

Fun with Google Trends

Remember Harriet Miers?

Families Allege State Veterans Home in EL Paso Neglects Patients

Sunday Talk Shows

Bush shines as an Edumacation ROCK STAR!!!!!

Tony Blankley: "Terrorism still works for Bush"

Uh, New Orleans DUers? I really, really, REALLY hate to tell you this...

Tasini struggles for recognition (interesting comparisons to Lamont and $)

Skinhead gets probation & museum trips for beating Black teenage girls

Lebanon oil spill photos. Now ruining the Syrian coast as well.

Opus- What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Sunday talk show line-up, hurricane edition:

Christian Newswire: 'ISLAM VS. AMERICA' Conference in Anaheim, California

Bible belt

Ok, I'm just going to put this out there:

Beat Box Bush

Apparently the citizens of Kennebunkport don't raise an eyebrow at *.

Agent Orange lives on in Vietnam

A beautiful rant - "Let us now speak with dolphins". Mark Morford

Helen Thomas to Speak to Oakland county Dems in MI

Father of War Protesting Soldier explains son's reasons

Mandatory Malloy Saturday Truthseekers Check in for a Best of Malloy!!

Rumsfeld: "I'd love to be Santa Claus. I'm not."

Cancer alert over tin can and plastic bottle chemical

Poor GOP Pubs...unable to BRAINSTORM Positively, they BRAINWASH

Want to read 60 books so far this year just like Bush did?

Stupidest. Counter-Protester. Ever.

Henry Rollins Letter to Ann Coulter

August 25 - THE "NUMBER" IS 2621 AND RISING

Sob story . crying for the world .

Terrible day at work--freepers made my head explode

Stormtrack.. nice resouce for those in Ernesto's path

Total (Terror) Information Awareness, John Poindexter, etc...

On CSPAN2 11pm - The Case for Impeachment: The Legal Argument

please give the thread below some K/R's-exploding FEMA trailers

Pics from protest in Maine

Hey, DUers! Let your kids put on THE ARMOR OF GOD...

Congressman Conyers: Bad Intelligence

The Marching Morons

BRAINWASHING AMERICA -- Fascinating, colorful web site

How Democrats shoot themselves in the foot.

She remembers her child

This job will go unfilled forever

Reviewer takes a swipe at DEMOCRATIC response to Katrina?

Caption the Wicked Witch of the South

Bill for Depleted Uranium Screening Passes Calf. Senate

Big Protests agains Bush ...all down the Street in Kennebunkport !

Germans plant bugs in our wheelie bins (UK)

A 58-year-old man enters a suicide pact with his wife of 22 years

I made a freeper mad today...

What's the best community response to a Nazi rally?

Ernesto Discussion #9

CBS, NBC Clean Up Bush's 'Happy' Talk

A thank you to the women who gave me the right to vote

Happy 86th Birthday to Women's Sufferage!

State Dept.has known for years about Armitage according to a new book

The era of Republican rule in photos

I'm late with this but, Spike hit a damn homerun w/When the Levees Broke!

Report from Costa Rica chronicles rapid climate change

What could stop Iran War short of mutiny of CIA and/or Pentagon?

New Book: Giuliani's Hero Status a "Grand Illusion"

Church votes out 12 year old boy from attending services

Mötley Majörity?

Cheney Is Chief-While Bush Plays Role Of The Queen Of England-Boston Globe

DUer Ocelot asks, "What is it with freepers and punctuation?"

What does it mean if we lose the midterms?

Bush Family Home Picketed. Photos------------------>

If Dems regain control, how can we ensure that Bushworld™ never returns?

Wait a year for a FEMA trailer, get it, go inside . . . and it explodes

What's Wrong with American Agriculture

"The media is not doing it's job"?

Science vs. Spirit

POLL: Best advice for Democratic party regarding 2006 and 2008 elections

Activist's Remark Starts FBI Probe

Who should be a host on a progressive TV news channel?

can a bleeding-heart liberal be an accountant?

Presenting - Free Republic's new Poster Girl

Fairness and Inheritance

O'Reilly Factor and the World Church of the Creator are linked!

Food, Water, and Women

Join Du's Folding@home Team. Help find a cure.

DC-Based Anti-Worker Group Attacks Montana Public Employees

NWA flight attendants in fight for their lives. (attention Omaha Steve)

WHY is it so difficult for people to see they need to buy American?

Watch Casey's Campaign Ad

AP: Hillary Clinton meets with Ned Lamont, lends advice and adviser

How fortunate for the Republicans

Horrible news

Scapegoats and bloodlust

Katrina, ... "emboldens Democrats (WH aids swarm to the Gulf)

GOP Strategists Shamelessly Exploit the 'T' Word

Clift on Bush: "He’s brought ruin to Iraq & helped create a nuclear Iran"

(Katherine) Harris thrills Broward fans *heehee*

Representation v. Delegation Material

Bush's commuter lane stunt in VA would have screwed over 22,000 people

A truism for the Fall: R=Rubber Stamp

Will Ernesto follow bush to New Orleans?

Has anyone ever Googled the word failure?

Falwell: The Candidate Who Can Win in 2008

Allen, dogged by protest, changes schedule

Shays: "The people fighting this war are doing the Lord's work"

Dems moving to the left?

I wonder if redeployed Soldiers would support a Draft?

The 19th Amendment - 86 Years old today

The Most Important Trial in the World Right Now

How Bloggers Caught Some Conservatives With Their Pants Down

Republican Core Values? What a national joke.

NH Dems raise more funds than GOP; RW wants Dole fired as NRSC head

Rothenberg Political Report Predicts 15 To 20 Seat Dem Pickup In House

Fox News means business: 'monkey business'

LAT: Republicans in Blue States Rethink Iraq

Saturday Morning Funny

WH named a career CIA agent as the "mission manager" to oversee.....

Joe responds "sharply" to Ned's criticism about Brown's confirmation

I'm Worried About Touchscreen Paperless Voting. Can Someone Calm

Bush Radio: "Rockey drove to Washington to thank the federal government"

Time portrays McCain as straight-talker on Iraq, ignores hypocrisy

Rahm Emanuell equates bloggers to Al Sharpton


B*shies targetting environmentalists again

I think we should push for a Falwell-Moore ticket in 08

Lieberman's told you "over and over again" that he wants out of Iraq

Dems laud Conn. senate candidate as star

BradBlog: A Conversation with John Conyers

RNC goes into full attack mode against progressive blogger

Hillary offers her services as a fund-raiser to Ned Lamont.

Hannity guest: "But that's OK, because whites are in control of stuff"

Check Out The Campaign $$: Sen. Macacca V. Webb

The scourges of the Fall

E-mail the producers of the Oprah show and ask them to have bush**

GOP stalwart faces fraud allegations (Conrad Burns related)

Question: If We Take Back Congress

WA PO: "Katrina's damage lingers for Bush...many see it as his undoing"

One pissed 70-year-old apple farmer

Are the Dems going for the Republican jugular now?

UPDATE–Bush Administration Backs Northwest Against Flight Attendants

Court Sides with Mine Owners in Safety Case; Sago Families Sue ICG

We have been asked to help with info not $!!!! (Flight Attendants)

Gingrich, Romney, Winkenwerder and Gemma?

Democrats urge union members' support (Gibbons bad for labor, Titus warns

Minimum wage letter to editor. Slapping down talking points.

$50 - how much I just donated to Sherrod Brown's campaign in Ohio.

PhRMA paid for DeWine Attack Ads against Brown

Bush's Nomination For Regulatory Chief Is A Deadly Dud

Brown & DeWine Announce Debate Schedule

He has no experience!

Brown's latest ad responds to DeWine smears

President 2008: Blind Bio Poll of New Hampshire

Help...Why did the minimum wage bill fail?

Rolling Firing Squad Looms For The Dem Party Oligarchy

Iraq war protest in Kennebunkport

CT State Democratic Party V. Leiberman ?

thanks for all your help; we'll take it from here???

Reporting Accurately on Reid's Options With Lieberman

Thousands attend Katherine Harris event in Orlando

Oklahoma Democrats elect first openly gay candidate.


Mayor earns 'Nay-gone' title New Orleans

PA Senate: Casey (D) 48%, Santorum (R) 40%, Romanelli (G) 5% (Rasmussen)

Bush claims to have read 60 books so far this year!

Rumsfeld is not Santa Claus, he says, even though he was

GOP told to ignore Detroit at its peril

Dems Threaten "No Confidence" Vote On Rumsfeld...

Blitz: WaPo's 7,000-word aticle on McCain repeats debunked Kerry rumor

PHC Joke: Why is there an oil crisis that affects ANWR, really?

EPA has been ordered by W.H. to close all libraries to the public

Ohio senate: Brown (D) 45% DeWine (R) 42%

Bush was warned about Katrina

Change Dems symbol from a donkey to a dog!

Harris:"If you're not electing Christians--you are going to legislate sin"

Is membership in extremist party enough to fire a state employee?

Bush is best President ever for Israel

George Allen......No Show!

Corporate America has you looking down their gun barrel

Are You A Democrat?

Lieberman - not backing Dem candidates for House in CT

Help the Dixie Chicks!

Gen. Batiste: Rumsfeld ‘Served Up Our Great Military A Huge Bowl of...

Let Me See If I've Got This 'RIGHT' ...

What qualifications would you list for POTUS in Newpaper?