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Archives: August 21, 2006

LAT op-ed, Jonathan Chait: The Real Anti-Terrorists

(UK) Police hit out at FBI over leaks

On Country Music Television right now...

I'm studying for the GMAT, ask me anything

I served my country for 12 years, flew all over the damn place...

A letter I sent my mother (DIVORCE?)

Back from the beach, ask me anything

Why the $^#& am I watching "Saw"????

How many still watching Yankees Red Sox?

Kurt Cobain just rose from the dead so he could kill himself again

Must KILL the Lacinato Kale!!! *dial-up warning*

What's wrong with people who smoke?

George Allen is an idiot

Firedoglake says, "Three Cheers for Kerry"

Experts Praise Royal Treatment of Karr

I get to go to Haiti to do some prisoner @ eleven

Crazy In Alabama... er, New York

Why doesn't Bush want us to know how many strategic nukes we had?

I wonder how many points Lieberman was ahead when this was posted?

For fiscal 2006, monthly costs for Iraq alone could hit $8 billion

Where does being gay/straight come from?

A new sink hole...

With Loving and Costly Care, Barbaro’s Long Odds Improve

My response to the President's weekly radio address

Wes Clark's Son Trashes John Edwards

19th amendment anniversary and quiz

Bush the villain of (Spike Lee's) Katrina film

Saved Again, Praise the Lord! (William Blum)

Michael C. Ruppert's Farewell to America

SEESHOLTZ: The Apologist Exposes the Religious Right

The Loose Cannon of 9/11 (Loose Change)

Power and the People

Anfal: Genocide on trial

Let's talk "Domestic Security"

OMG!!!! these republicans are looney

Someone should ask Bush to signup his daughters for Iraq

Enemies of The State

bush actually tells the truth on Iraq...see clip/LINK

Muslim pilot reveals shock at being ordered off flight

Journalism ATM-style

Uncomfortable Truths about Israel (Larry C. Johnson)

Tories open nine-point lead as Labour drops to 19-year low (Guardian)

Microsoft Owns 96.97% of Global OS Market

Ten Years to the Day and Still No Minimum Wage Hike

WP Milbank: The Wagging of the 'Civil' Tongues

Are you proud to be an American

WP Robinson: President on Another Planet

Supadubya may do it again

Guns and rural voters...

Solar and wind power simply aren't practical.

Oil Poised to Climb 20% as BP Shutdown Shows Industry Distress

The (possible) downside of Bio-fuels

Japan bans US rice- contaminated with GM strains

Tropical depression #4 forms in the Atlantic

Australia Brandishes Magic Technology Wand - "No Need" For CO2 Trading

Glacial Melt Accelerating To Record Pace Across Norway - Aftenposten

All Frog & Toad Species Face Extinction - 1/2 Aus. Species Gone In 6 Mos.

A question about Citgo and gas prices...

Has Coke become the new McDonald's?

Trip Across Arctic Ocean By Dogsled Ends - Ice Too Thin, Leads Too Big

A new argument on oil drilling in Alaska or is it??

Scientists Call for Water Conservation

Japanese test DME plant (100MT/day) tests wood as a starting material.

PGE Wants Tradable Credits For Cutting Toxic Mercury Emissions

Papua New Guinea - Island Of Malasiga - The Ocean Is Coming

World Bank Just LOVES "Clean Coal" For Its Renewable Energy Plan

Wells Running Dry Across Texas Hill Country - Houston Chronicle

Five Runners Collapse From Smog, Heat In Hong Kong 10K - AFP

Jellyfish Population Explosions, Toxic Algae Dampen Mediterranean Fun

Stratospheric Ozone Levels Over Scotland Lowest In 10 Years

Warming Kills N. American Gray Jays As Heat Rots Frozen Larders - Reuters

Threat Of Vulture Collisions Closes Peruvian Regional Airport - Reuters

Cruise ship docks with dead whale stuck to bow

Malaysian Schools Suspend Outdoor Activities, Mask Distributors Prepare

New Record For Bacteria Warnings At Maine, New Hampshire Beaches - ENN

Boosting Biofuel Production Will Add Extra Stress To World's Water

Spain's Forest Fires Worst On Record So Far In 2006 - Reuters

Sudden Massive Storm Kills 3, Injures Hundreds In Budapest - Reuters

Endangered Manatee Spotted Off R.I.

Norway's Whaling Fleet Catches Only 1/2 Of Quota - Reuters

Federal Bill Would Give Solar, Fuel Cells a Boost

Oil prices on rise till 2010: expert

PM: No talks with Syria if it continues backing terror

"The Banter of Sociopaths" -- M. Ventura on Mideast rhetoric

UN envoy to Livni: IDF raid near Baalbek violated cease-fire

Lebanese Soldiers on the border - guns pointing which way?

Losing its Morals and Marbles: Israel’s Fight for Lebanon

Israel's War on Lebanon: Probe war crimes

Missiles' goal: To perpetuate the occupation

Protest petition by IDF reservists back from the war

After the war: scandals rock Israel

Fringe Theatre: My Name Is Rachel Corrie, Pleasance

As ire grows, PM seeks to stave off state probe

A Letter from 18 Writers

The occupation is still occupation

9/11 - The Technical Side

It's LIHOP at most. MIHOP is bullshit.

The Loose Cannon of 9/11 (Loose Change)

8/22 = 9/11 + -1/+11 (strange date symmetry)

NIST's Representative Sample for investigation(all) -Forensic tests...

On Native Soil: The Documentary of the 9/11 Commission Report

Osama's Confession; Osama's Reprieve by Maher Osseiran

These people deserve answers...

"The Looming Tower" author Wright on Diane Rehm today

Where to start? A good friend whom I have never discussed 9-11

New book claims Flight 93 was shot down...

Michael C. Ruppert's Farewell to America

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 8/22/06

AutoRank on Scoop and VTUSA on Zogby/LandShark Poll! What could be better?

"The Fix Is In" New Video-DO NOT CONCEDE-Until Votes Counted & Verified

Share These Podcasts On E-Voting With Skeptics!

ERD News 8.21.2006 – Americaqn Coup II, "Scoop" Election News 2002 on!!!

Houston Chronicle article pooh-poohs VVPT: usual claptrap

Major Election Integrity Bills Moving Forward in California

"Sure Bet for Texas" Casino Night (f/r for MB Harrell and DVO)

Letters to the Editor - Galveston Daily News...

Bush's "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" video

US Judge, TX AG argue and threaten over seized records lost

So I'm cooking my sauce, finally

Gelato time!

frightening post in another forum on GM rice in the US

Lebanon PM chastises Ottawa on conflict

Canadians tried to buy missiles for Tamil Tigers: U.S.

I called Aliant for my cell phone minutes.

Jack Layton and Stephen Harper forge an apparent alliance

MPs call for Canada to drop Hezbollah from terror list

Nebraska to have a 2008 FEB caucus? (no link) state convention news

L. Livermore scientists dispute key evidence behind lone gunman theory

Exclusive: Jet Parts Scare

Weapons counts now confidential

Egyptian train collision kills 80

Ten dead in Moscow market blast

Ice geysers 'discovered on Mars'

Anfal: Genocide on trial

"Protest Roils Riverside"

Bush to hold news conference at 10 am EDT

Terror Threat `Never Greater', German Government Says

Mumbai's "Hitler" eatery angers Indian Jews

Saddam refuses to plead in genocide trial

Idiot in Chief about to speak! Why am I afraid?

Three U.S. troops killed in Iraq

Bush concerned over civil war talk in Iraq

Bush state categoically we will stay in Iraq

Good news! TCS to hire 30,000 in ’06 (India)

14 charged over UK terror plot

Report Reignites Feud Over ‘Little People’ as Separate Species

Officer shot this morning; manhunt reaches Virginia Tech campus

Iran Denies Inspectors Access to Site

Alaska Governor Battles a Shifting Tide

Bush: Leaving Iraq now would be a 'disaster' (CNN)

Poll: Slight rise, but Bush approval ratings still weak (54% - not honest)

Iraqi forces detain hit squad leaders-US military

Colombian ex-soldiers in Iraq pay dispute (Blackwater)

Remove Hezbollah from terror list: MPs (Canada)

BBC: Eleven charged over 'bomb plot'

NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter

Kovco mate feared he'd be blamed (his DNA found on gun!)

Automakers will need to disclose 'black boxes'

Bush says he'll stay out of (Connecticut) Senate race

Sunday school teacher dumped for being female (after 54 years)

CEntcom: Mnd-B Service Member Killed by Roadside Bomb (#2611)

Suspect treated at Thai sex-change clinic (Jo Bennet)

More Americans swap beach for the office

Lawyers Killed in Iraq for Defending Women's Rights

Israelis shoot 2 Hezbollah guerrillas

Iran nuclear: 'new phase of uranium enrichment' says UN watchdog source

Feingold rips 'pile of lies' on Iraq

McCain Says No Date Should Be Set For Troops To Leave Iraq

London Times: Why I've pitched my tent inside York cathedral

Greenpeace, fishermen face off in Marseilles

ABC: Tomorrow is Shiite 'day of reckoning'

Smoking ban for 'Tom and Jerry'

3 AOL Workers Depart Over Privacy Breach

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 21 August

NYT/AP: GOP (House) Fundraising Outpaces Democrats (Dems lead Senatorial)

Carroll suspects politician in abduction (Dulaimi)

LAT: Schwarzenegger, Legislators Strike Deal to Raise CA Minimum Wage

Financial Times: Water scarcity affects one in three

AP lensman who shot Iwo Jima photo dies

Canadians tried to buy missiles for Tamil Tigers: U.S.

Bush supports limits on morning-after pill

NYT: Officials Seek Broader Access to Airline Data

Breaking: Judge throws out charge against Jose Padilla

NYT: In Election Push, Bush Faults Talk of Iraq Pullout

PKK Claims Saturday's Gas Pipeline Explosion

WP: Wanted: A Shot At Protection (Shortage Meningitis Vaccine)

Italy offers to lead U.N. force for Lebanon

USS Cole skipper is denied promotion

Feds sue to block disclosure of confidential information... (Re Verizon)

Calendars Show Armitage Met Reporter (Valerie Plame case)

KT McFarland Suspends (NY) Senate Campaign After Daughter's Arrest

Weinstein Co. buys Dixie Chicks documentary(Shut Up and Sing)

Reservists call on Olmert, Peretz to resign

Gerald Ford receives heart pacemaker

CNN: Opposition to Iraq War at all time high

Rival forces battle in Congo for 2nd day

US Judge, TX AG in scrap over seized records lost

No nuclear halt, warns Khamenei

Tories open nine-point lead as Labour drops to 19-year low

Bush rating best in six months (USA TODAY/Gallup - 42%)

WP: Connecticut Groups Push to Remove Lieberman From Ballot

"Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla"

Copycat - What's wrong with people who are broke?

I guarantee you will love this website --

This is some of the Coolest Pictures I've ever seen (worth looking at)

WhooHOO!!! The YouTube site is finally back 'in full compliance'!

Money exchange (Scotland) - Better to do it here or there?

Good Monday Morning Crew

What's the best freeware for burning DVDs?

Anyone think the JonBenet suspect looks like Eugene Tooms?

Tennessee law won't stop 58th Annual Turtle Derby

Man Faces 600 Counts Of Child Pornography Charges

Oh, matcom!!! Time's up!

Groom's Pet Chicken Is Bridesmaid At Wedding

Should I get tickets to a Canadian Fooball League game?

paging midlodemocrat paging

punky brewster: the e! true hollywood story

Matcom News Update: ANOTHER Child Bitten By Dolphin At Sea World

Gigolos. Have you ever been so absorbed in your work

Man, my school's financial aid line has horrible hold music!

Hey kids! It's time to revive that old Lounge tradition...HOOK 'EM!

Which one of you idiots convinced me that bangs was a good look

what will john mark karr have for breakfast this morning

You know Bush has been down in popularity when...

One of the best train movies ever was on this weekend...

I'm leaving DU

Sunday School Teacher Fired For Being Female (Women Can't Teach Men)

In the snacky-vendy thingy at work, there's a little leaf decal...

EarlG owes me a keyboard.

Backpacks suck.

Am I allowed to like Burt Bacharach even though I'm str8?

HBO's Calamity Jane

"There...are...four...lights!" coming up on Spike TV @ 3pm EST

Law school is weird.

Painters. Have you ever been so absorbed in your work

I understand why people go postal, today is a day like that.

Woohoo! I just received an extra $4000 in financial aid!!

Aquarium question - water filtration

Ever listen to an entire band's back catalogue in one day?

Today I make my pasta sauce...The adventure begins

Damnit, my MP3 player isn't even 6 months old and I want this new one

What is the purpose of a ball-peen hammer?

The whoisalhedges Daily POUM Thread (Mon 8/21/06)

Flock of Seagulls

"Wall of Sound" - Yay or Nay?

Fun with rock-n-roll titles and lyrics Read at your own risk!

The OD Scene and Uma's "revival" from Pulp Fiction

I am strongly dismayed at your insouciance.

What's on your playlist right now?

How pathetic am I?

Who here in the Lounge is "statuesque but effervescent"?

Giving up coffee

Is down?

He's coming to my town, I can't wait!

So, there's a multiple cop killer escapee running wild on my campus

g.g. allin concert videos on youtube

Shove the snakes, the plane, and the baggage carousel up your ass

Tiiinnyyy bubbles

Whats wrong with people who smoke pot?

Question for hackers/comp experts

Bored, bored, bored.

Is everybody ready for tomorrow?

Bah! Another reason to not go to NYC: Katie Couric EVERYWHERE

I really, really wish I had a record player.

There is stuff. And it's on my cat.

I'm done for the day

I'm doing BRA analysis at work

And for my 600th post...

My dog still loves me... Even if you all don't...

Are there any inexpensive Photoshop-like programs?

I am filled with love...

Quick! I need anyone with Life Path number 4 or 2! Or any other # !

how do you want to die....

It's official - I have now seen it all

In What State (Or Province) Did You Get Your Very First Driver's License?

Is there anything I can do to help/make my ex get over me?

Did the DU board just go down??

how do you want to die....

who is more macho?

THE URGE IS OVERWHEMING!!!!!!!!! (I have to post a kitten thread!!!!)

I'm hungry.

Yankees Sweep Bosox in Fenway (5 games)

how do you pronounce this word:

Congratulations madfloridan!! 30,000 posts

Do you like sushi?

I got comments back on my first paper. Why was I worried again?

Who is your "Homey"..or homies

I have a potential job lead

My so called "boss" let me drive his standard Subaru Forester

What can you do for one dollar?

woohoo, i finally got a printer/scanner--trying it out on you lounge

Donated some blood today...

Smokers, I have a question for you

HEY how do i tune this new BANJO of mine?

Canadians, how do y'all spell "abaaowt"?

Now the important news: Voting update - The Stephen Colbert bridge

John Denver's Peace Poem and Vietnam-era song on YouTube

Mommies gone wild!!!!!!

What's Wrong With Paris Hilton's Left Eye?

Is "There you go." the new "thank you" at cash registers? I have

should I buy this

Sorry to be partisan but...Go Yankees!

Quick! I need a woman with Life Path number 3, 6, or 9! or any other #

What can you buy for one dollar?

Turner to ax smoking scenes from cartoons

Is it bigoted to generally dislike most wiggers?

Once upon a time ...

Satellite Radio Popular Here?

Ronald McDonald Hummer Sign Fun!

Oberin online rpg game - Mac only.

Porn broadcast stuns news viewers (Sweden)

How do you spell "YALL"

please delete.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 8/21/06)

Paris Hilton listens to her new album and cries because it's...SO...GOOD..

Women Who Are Married to Men: Would You Find This Funny, Too?

Step-dads and dads: I need input.

Somebody entertain me.

Is shrub a "rapture" believer?

Jitterbug Perfume.

R U watching, "Treasure Hunter's" - Season Finale? West Coast.warning!

hypnotoad's animated bending unit makes me happy each time i see it

anybody heard from KitchenWitch??


I'm an ass, ask me anything!

i said NEW kitty litter in my BOX DAMMIT!!

This has to be one of the strangest Web Sites I've ever been to. >

Fuck It!!! It's a BUG Thread

Okay. Would you like to know WHY I am such a MATH BONEHEAD?

Who should play John Mark Karr, when they make the movie about him?

FUCK IT! It's a Pug thread!

Fuck IT!! It's a MUG thread...

I can play my vinyl again!

Fuck It!!! It's a JUG Thread

Fewer gay characters on TV in upcoming season

Monday, August 21. William Shakespeare' Thought For The Day:

They say a nap is supposed to make one feel better, right?

There's a huge post in GD discussing Dell Computers

Unemployed 15 months. About to start a temp job

Going raspberrry pickin' this afternoon!

Fuck IT!!! ..It's a HUGH thread

So I watched the new show Vanished tonight....

D'you ever really want to get an e-mail from someone in particular,

RIP Madman Moscowit - You will be missed

It's official

I'm lonely..........

google the word "failure"

Murphee the Cockatiel's first posting........

Why are you Actually doing him or her?

Disregard...checking out my new sig line.

I spent my afternoon in the kitchen...

Name someone COOL with whom you share a birthday

Raising a glass of beer to you all!

What do you do when a friend asks for advice...

Fuck IT!!! ..It's a Pig thread

How long should I leave the kitten up there?

What's the best website to buy a used Mac laptop?

as I went down to the river to pray

What shall I have for dinner tonight?

Ugh, the GD is so DEPRESSING.


ZW's Monday Night Dodgers Baseball Thread

anyone else like working nights, weekends and holidays ?

Green light for New Zealand's "Boobs on Bikes"

What a sucky day

Women calls the cops on me tonight!

My keypad is starting to wear out and it's driving me crazy!

Just curious: did anyone NOT pull for the sharks in "Open Water"?

Do you share a bathroom with someone INFAMOUS?

So it's the first day of (law) school...

I miss DU!

Are people under five feet tall a separate species?

WWJW? What would Jesus wear?

Do you share a birthday with someone INFAMOUS?

UW-Madison Dethroned As Nation's Top Party School (13th in pot use)

Everyone! We have to build a barrier between the Lounge and the snakes!

Nominate a smilie!!

I'm listening to Barry Manilow right now and I'm loving it

Opinions needed: rummage sale prices

Monday morning KITTY THREAD

Maybe I should give up having my bird.....

It's storming like Hell in Atlanta.

Those bastards at Sci-Fi Cancelled SG1!!!!!

Everybody--A new Psych quiz!!!!!



Did anyone else notice the suspicious absence of Grovebot this fund drive?

How are you Actually Doing?

You know what, internet? primate1 is the shit.

A Very Special Image

KarrTooms: Ever feel like the news is a rerun?

Outrageous Freecycle Requests...

I am filled with boredom

I think that after 10 pm you should be allowed to drink at work

Happy birthday BuffyTheFundieSlayer!!

I can't stand Jewish food. Does that make me anti-semitic?

What are you Actually doing?

For the first time ever, I had to hit "view all" to see all my posts

I am listening to bootleg Bob Dylan

I am GIDDY over these houses (*Dialup Warning)

My kids start school tomorrow

SNAKES ON A PLANE is to action movies what DODGEBALL is to comedies

Those Hotel Reviews Are Hilarious

For all the old time machine heads out there

I remember all my life....

Why is it that so many women's button-up shirts now are seemingly

You knew it was gonna happen - "SNAKES ON A TRAIN"

Okay, to hell with it all. PICTURE THREAD!!!!

All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us (youtube)

Hey! Did I mention that it's about time to......HOOK 'EM?

so i just finished watching "mississippi belle"

Mummies gone wild!!!!!

Oberin - online game - Mac only.

For all you bored people who crave entertainment, read this!

What's a really great song I can listen to RIGHT NOW??

Where Would We Be Without IBM?

I am filled with lust...

I'm obsessed with "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.

I'm sitting here, listening to some Twinkie doing a phone interview....

Please do not do these to your computer! (pics)

Can I get a SLAP?

I have decided to grant Honorary Lesbian Status onto a DU Man

The 2006 DU Uber-Alpha-Geek contest thread:

Whose cat is on their keyboard right now?

Seacrest out!

does anyone realize how easy it is to catch or kill a snake?

Who has been/was your hardest teacher in school?

Do your cats follow you around....

I wish I was a Twinkie(tm).

Quick! I need a woman with Life Path number 2317!

My God, I hate the Yankees...

Fuck IT!!! It's a RUG thread...

please send good thoughts to this young girl in UK

Fuck IT!!! ..It's a HUG thread

I canned salsa this weekend! Anyone have any good recipes to share?

Saddest photo I've seen all day...

I'm a Mommy - again!!! (Kitten pics)

I love Dogs!!! Anyone else?

Remember when I posted about bouncing some checks

Madden 2007. Tomorrow.

Does anyone remember what the web page was that you had to

As anyone seen these really short skirts in the stores.

Opening soon...DU HALL OF SHAME

What is your occupation?

Who is your "honey"?

Why do many people like cats so much?

Re: William Shatner roast -- I was kind of disappointed.

PC RPG recommendations?

Looking for more instances of cheating by Bush & Co. when young

Video Clip: BUST a move with K-Fed at Teen Choice Awards, Bee-Yatch!

Radio_Lady Movie Recommendation: "Little Miss Sunshine"

What Does It Mean When Someone Says To Me "Have A Blessed Day"??

Radio Lady Recommends: "The Illusionist"

Glen Or Glenda?

Decide: Johnny Depp V Ewan McGregor

OK, how many full albums have you heard this year?

Church fires teacher for being female

In Toronto, Bush Spurns AIDS Leadership

Device quickly tests for liquid bombs

Baby 'Planemos' Can Be Born As Twins (Free-floating double "planets")

1000th Sungrazing Comet Discovered By SOHO

Climate Change Was Major Factor In Erosion Of Alps 6 Million Years Ago

NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter

Irish company challenges scientists to test 'free energy' technology

Going to Meade, Kansas!

I made the news :)

Schwarzenegger Hires Anti-Gay Lobbyist To Shore Up Conservative Support

I'm torn.

Paying College Athletes

6-foot-8 Little Leaguer towers over foes (13 YR. OLD)

Yankees 5-Game Sweep of BoSox Starts in Just 50 Minutes!!

Seeking an opinion or 12 . . .

hello All...

Can anyone recommend a spell to identify enemies?

What personality type are you and does it really describe you?

I had a visitation this morning!

Upcoming book read: "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" by Suzanne Ward

Bolton Vote on Sept 7th

(Interesting) HuffPo: "Ohio Was Stolen" Crowd, Pay Heed To Tom Hayden

Kerry has Showdown with Reporter, Hits Raw Nerve that Reporter Reveals

The University of Pennsylvania speech in light of the London events

John Kerry Responds to Bush Comment on ‘America’s strained psyche’

Anyone here watching the press conference?

More Republican idiocy from Mittens!

This is interesting: The Fix: Insider Interview with Amy Dacey

Clinton becomes chatty!

Vote this Poll

Check out this thread in GD:

A camera with Gigapixel resolution!

Since I'm on dial up, I rarely read this group.

Dueling Continents: late Summer in Alpenvorland

Woo-hoo! We won the Denali lottery!

ICE to ZEV conversions for your car. Save $. Save the Environment.

Marriage as an antidote to poverty???

A Vote for Lieberman Is a Vote for Bush!

A bigger issue than Iraq?

(VIDEO) Neil Young Living With War - new video:Families

A simple proposal.

has "bush" made us vunderable?

Now one year after Katrina, and no major hurricanes this year?

Guess what is Breaking News right now on L.A. local news? Give up?

More pics from Code Pink's action in Austin

what will john mark karr have for breakfast this morning

Damn Spike Lee just bslapped

Sorry to be partisan but...Go Yankees!

This LTTE in my local paper really got me thinking, I hope others will too

C-SPAN's WJ is heartbreaking today, people talking about Katrina

What is going on with the Plame investigation--what's happening wiith

Moscow Bombing

Raw Story reporting Chimp press conference in 8 min./10:00 a.m. EST

Who are these terrorists in Iraq and where did they come from?

NY Times: Clinton Should Agree to Debate Tasini

The privatization fad

Plan Baghdad... is that like Circle the wagons?

BUSH: "Damage to Human Life bothers me..."

Hindsight is 20/20, but I so wish Sidarth, the native Virginian that

What happens when a big stinkin' fish comes to my small pond...

Ask Sgt. Star at

BUSH** Coins new phrase: Al Queda Suicider

Bush state categoically we will stay in Iraq

Hundreds of Women Sexually Assaulted by Military Recruiters

A Decade After Welfare Overhaul, a Shift in Policy and Perception

Yay! Stupid Bush quote of the day!

The latest strategy from the right-wing pews.

Katrina question at press conference..

Ape president, live press conference this morning!

Earth In The Balance to be reissued w/new (political) forward by Gore

Wait a Minute. Bush Says NO WMD In Iraq. But Then He Says He Saw "Threat"

Whoops!!! There he said it. "...turns out he (Saddam) didn't (have WMDs

Bush offering aid to Lebanon; cheap political ruse?

This president is one stupid, ducking, ignorant, idiot.

Red Alert! We've hit Georgie's HOT BUTTON!

Is Bush ONLY able to talk AT and not to us...

Why don't they WALK OUT - all at once!

The Power of Delusions

If "Shock and Awe" wasn't terrorism there is no such thing as terrorism

Military recruiters sexually assaulting young women

"Nice digs ya got here": Chimpy speaks

Anyone else hear the "hero" in the WTC movie is really an African

C-SPAN SPECIAL Katrina: One Year Later 2 PM

I think Bush was cracking up on national TV

An honest vote in Nov is our only hope now

What's with the *'s new lisp? Now Lisps and Slurs

DCTV's "Baghdad ER" Documentary Wins Four Emmys

Sept. 1 impeachment vigils planned...

Senate Dems Outraise GOP – Again

Latest 419 scam

So we invade Iraq because they have WMD & Bush now admits there were none

PRESS RELEASE: 92% of Americans Oppose Secret Vote Counting; Favor Public'

please, God. Deliver us from BUSH and any other BUSH forever.

Allen can't get 'macaca' off his back

It was a great Joe smackdown, but DU missed a HUGE point of ABC interview

Video:Bush: We Never...

The Rise of Shrinking-Vacation Syndrome

Who besides me is fascinated with the history of Nazi Germany?

My week in Fundiland

Burst of Sanity at Rightwing Nuthouse: In Iraq, Quit or Commit

Toon: Witness the awesome power of centrism!

"Generals believe we will win(by staying the course), it takes time" -Bush

Here Is The Part That Bush Doesn't Get

Indignant, Arrogant Intellectual Lightweight Lectures the Press ...

Collection of Stupid Chimpy Faces from this Morning's Press Conference...

New freeperism spotted

Isn't the Rapture taking place tomorrow?

Is the USA building a 593 million dollar, 104 acre Embassy in Afghanistan

Blair feels betrayed by Bush; Blairite calls Bush "man of low intellect"

Bush PISSEY at Reporter's Question re: Iraq involvement in 9/11

Canvassing for Tammy Duckworth this weekend

Would you take advantage of a one-time massive auto incentive?

The latest strategy from the right-wing pews

The bush* cabal and the dreaded word, blackmail

People forget, there is a price to be paid if you want a Democracy

Fourth defeat seals Bush’s war legacy

I regret to inform

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

W uses press conference to advertise his corporate services

“missile-trapping” steel net that can shield buildings from rocket attacks

A Word on Bush's MEAN SPIRITED ATTITUDE Toward the Press of Late >

What question would you ask ??

What help did bush give Mexican presidential candidate

Iraq will remain a mess as long as the central government has 0 authority

Frank Rich (NYT) coming up on Imus this hour

On right, faith in Bush wavers

Suppose a Democratic president had invaded Iraq using the WMD lie?

"John the Relevator" ... You will want to see this.

Regarding my "I donated to the third quarter drive" tag

H.R. 2631: Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act

Bush says he'll 'stay out of Conneticut, his birthplace

Protest petition by IDF reservists back from the war

A clip from a Bush & Condi townhall meeting (very funny)

Delta Airline asks passengers to turn themselves in, if violated security

Atrios, Kos, Digby, DU..etc... are making a fortune with blogads.

How will we know when the mission is accomplished??

San Antonio gives rich hybrid owners free parking

British Police Accuse US Counterparts Of Hurting War Against Terrorists

Hey Joe! "REAL" Democrats don't want Rumsfeld to resign

"Let me finish." How overworked is that statement by Bush?

Interesting conversation with my Pub girlfriend's brother

2,607 U.S. troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

Bush*'s "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" video

I think Smirky's insanity defense is being honed on purpose

Gorbachev: Bush Should Drop “Superpower” View, Cheney Should “Calm Down"

Would you take advantage of a one-time massive auto incentive?

With all the info and all the daily changes how ?

Drug Addict Not Good Enough To Get Into Military ...

"The Banter of Sociopaths" -- M. Ventura on Mideast rhetoric

Things that make you go "Hmmmm."

NYT: Group of Israeli Reservists Demand Olmert’s Resignation

Great, short review of today's press conference by former Wonkette

A man I know had a tattoo on his arm of a red star with a blue circle

Bumper Sticker Idea?

Jesus stolen from Bridgeport, West Virginia school

BUSH: "You know, I hear a lot of talk about civil war...."

What type of disaster will follow our withdrawal from Iraq?

"I Was a Propaganda Intern in Iraq"

Bush: If We Pull Out of Iraq, Al Queda Will Follow Us Here >

Could it be any more apparent that Bush is getting a live feed for his

John Mark Karr is Just Another Republican Party Activist

Hey, isn't the world supposed to end tomorrow?

Bush and the Republican congress continue to screw veterans.

Has anyone...

Iraq Will Be A 'Complete Disaster' if the US Stays....

Bush Now Says What He Wouldn’t Say Before War

bush confesses to being a war criminal, but no one will believe him

Cute: my school paper gave the local republican idiot a column.

Has anyone here flown JetBlue Airways?

Virginia killer Morva just caught

Delay's seat: From bad to worse (if you're a repuke)

Cafferty's got a great Lieberman question today

Armor of God PJs for kids?

What did he just say? Peroation?

Bumper sticker Idea...Changeable to be up-to-date

We're not leaving Iraq while I'm president, it would be a Disaster.

Are DUers politically shallow or just myopic.

Over $185,000.00 per minute on Iraq War

Do you want Holy Joe Liberman to drop out? Pressure his contributors.

I missed the news conference, so what was the point? What was the news?

Lamont Strategy: Should he ignore Traitor Joe and focus on GOP?

How many New York Times Bestseller Lists are there?

Did you all see this? (Conservative) "Pundits Renounce the President"


First Iranian Female Astronaut.

MPs call for Canada to drop Hezbollah from terror list

What is with the prison break coverage

Fixing leaks can avert world water woes - expert

In New Orleans, A Jazz funeral for pets lost to Katrina ....


Will Bush Issue a "Bring Em On" statement regarding Iran?

CT-SEN: Lamont To Get UAW Endorsement?

Not one word on about Bush's, "Nothing" answer to

Pat Buchanan: Still a xenophobic/racist piece of crap.

When Bush made fun of a reporter's garb, one said "Your mother raised ...

I heard some guy on CNN yesterday talking about ethanol in the US

Where does kindasleezie live?

Just in case you forgot, the Reagan admin LOVED Saddam

OMG!!!! these republicans are looney

George W. Bush is the reason I don't like rich kids

Great political name.....

Bush Says Iraq Straining Nation's Psyche

Slogan suggestion: "They have failed America. We will succeed."

Ripped this off of the New World Order page from Wikipedia.

Serious Threat Global Warming Poses to California

Bush needs chaos in Iraq as justification for "staying the course"...

Bush: America will lose its "soul" if we leave Iraq

Neoconservatives, Rupert Murdoch, Fox News, and the Weekly Standard

'Bourdain in Beirut' airs tonight on the Travel Channel @ 10pm EST

My God the Freepers are out in force on Thom Hartmann Today!!

ConservoFascists vandalizing DU Wiki article

LAT editorial: Senator George Allen disgraces himself with racial slur

This week on Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

A dark cloud of evil passed over the sky 45 min's ago above me...

Bush Has Entered "Book-Reading Competition With Karl Rove" & He's Winning

Dahr Jamail's interview with Ray McGovern

NBC Nightly News Airs Bush Response to Iraq/9-11 Link

So * wants GOP candidates to focus on the economy...

He wasn't elected

Why does Bush lie so publicly

Lieberman's Deal With Rove, Cheney, Bush etc.

Support for unnamed Dem Congressional candidate over GOP narrows to 2%???

Teeth gnashing talk with a "liberal" friend...

Is it possible to create a clean and fair touch screen voting system?

City Asked To Un-"Democrat" Joe

What a dick!

WTF is going on in the WH ? George makes sense but "corrected" by Bolton

Are we seeing a return of Bossism?

Bush admits its about the oil.

Pic of Bush's Notes from Today's Press Conference...

Do you want another Clinton in the White House?

I don't get Dubya's line about when to leave Iraq. Help me.

Tanks deployed outside Mexican Capital.


Anyone know who will be the guests on Bill Maher's show Friday nite?

It's time to play dirty with the truth--re Sen. Allen

Church minister fires teacher just for being a WOMAN

I got a freeper's eye view of Katrina recently....

Help: Explain Net Neutrality to Me

Adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage is lower now than it was in...

dont forget!

True or false: It costs more than a nickel to make a nickel piece.

Some acary Bumperstickers!

Howard Dean says Bush still has no plan for Iraq, using rhetoric of fear.

If there is such a thing as a "Just" War, how will we know that our leader

Sunday School Teacher Let Go For Being Female

Exclusive Poll Results Show Allen Losing Ground (only leads by 3pts)

Has Karr done anything like take his first poop in LA Jail yet? Any

True or false: It costs more than a peso to make a peso piece.

O-kay... Mr. Snippy N. Pettishness got in front of a camera today

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel on Adolph Hitler

Pulitzer Prize winner Joe Rosenthal dies, the man behind the pic. Iwo Jima

Tonight on The Travel Channel: Anthony Bourdain in Lebanon

Tweety is nailing Santorum for Bush's lies

Signs of the Times

Cindy Sheehan to be on with Peter Werbe (Majority Report) at 7:30 EST!

Cafferty: Lieberman is more of a Republican than he is a Democrat

Our First Wedding Anniversary

True or false: It costs more than a penny to make a penny piece.

Official theme song for the Bush Administration?

Boy, Tweety Knows No Shame...

Bush and His Supporters are all...

Mark Crispin Miller Coming Up On Air America the Animal Nations

Get ready to hurl...

Neoconservatives Predict The Apocalypse Starts Tomorrow

COMING UP | Cindy Sheehan on the Majority Report

So I accidentally ended up on a phone call with Howard Dean today

Ad disappears from Democratic Web site

"This was a huge storm." says Mr.bush@ press conference (Katrina BS)

Remember Bush "Rules" and Does not govern.

historical amnesia and our current "brown" problem

So, which Tom Cruise movie did Karr watch during "The Flight"...

You'd think that repub bush lovers would grow weary of being punked.

Down the memory hole

Democrats Soft On Terror---Sutton Attack

maybe moving press corps out of WH is good? someone showed cajones today

Suppose We the People Live Through This Debacle

Rant ..... CBS News, Bush, "As long as I am President we stay in Iraq."

Democracy Now! Covers the important issues re Ramsey murder

US facing wave of murders and gun violence (Some Blaming 9-11???)

This is up a yahoo re Mexican Election

What nation has the best form of government in place today?

"TRUST us...there's no prawns or champagne in BRUTAL lockup L.A."...

Did Bu$h say "Democrat" Party (just on Hardball)?

HGTV now - Katrina special 9 PM eastern

PHOTOS: "War is not a time of joy! THESE AREN'T JOYOUS TIMES!"

New source of energy

CNN Sunday night: weatherlady tracked flight w/ pedophile on map

Two Days Before Aug 23 Anniversary of Katrina: Storms Brewing in Tropics

Thom Hartman: Next Time When You Announce A Guest That You Don't Have

Propaganda advertising on local bank sign

Rove dominates media by paying stooge to confess to murder...

Suspect treated at Thai sex-change clinic (Jo Bennet)

Bush: "There's alota people in the Democrat party..."

Just once I'd like to see this on Hanitty and Colmes

Shame on you Countdown

USA Today

Someone should ask Bush to signup his daughters for Iraq

Why the Leeves broke just started on HBO.

Bush Press Conference on now: "Over 230 million to Lebanon"

Armitage MET WITH Woodward in JUNE 2003

Here's someone who gets it.

Wonderful economy we are living in

Premature Iraq Pullout ‘Would Be A Huge Mistake,’ Bush Says

A little civil disobedience for peace this September...

Santorum just united the Shia and the Sunni

Rita "She Hulk" Cosby's camped out in Boulder CO, waiting for Karr...

Tonight on HBO: Pt. 1 of Spike Lee's 4 hour Katrina documentary...

Beans spilled: "We're not leaving, so long as I'm the president."

Just because you tell the truth AFTER you lie, doesn't mean you didn't

High Sierras Mountain Climbing - No News for 7 days - Wonderful!!!

From 2003...

KarrTooms: Ever feel like the news is a rerun?

Speedy new silicon chips set the world record

Lessening the appeal of Osama bin Laden in the Arab Middle East

Physician tells of Karr's sex-change plan ($125 to remove testicles)

Anthony Bourdain in Beirut on now.

Tribe: Judge Taylor's decision the right one

Did I Just Hear it's Rob Corddry's Last Week ON THE DAILY SHOW?!?!

Nothing in freeperville about * saying no WMD's or connection to 9/11

Iraqi Peace Activist Forced to Change T-Shirt Bearing Arabic Script at JFK

TDS: Mother F*k'n Snakes on a Plane: Could it happen here?

8/22 = 9/11 + -1/+11 (strange date symmetry)

Bill Clinton on the future of Dem Party -- Charlie Rose Show tonight

Did anyone else hear an NPR report this morning about Bushco

WWJW? What would Jesus wear?

Alaska probing BP pipeline management

This is the war that never ends.

Anyone else here heard David Walker?

Does anyone know what happened to Atrios?

Newshour: Bush's over-simplification of ME dynamics is threat to US

is AAR canning majority report?

FEINGOLD: US Presence In Iraq Is The Result of "Outrageous Pile Of Lies"

Didn't Katrina prove these idiots are not good on national security?

Notice that ad there?

what do the wingnuts do when we're all still here on aug. 23?

Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert have far better guests then the M$M.

I'm tired of mother fucking Karr

Bush isn't going to pass the power he has been accruing to someone else

Little Lord Pissypants is soooo out of his depth it's not even funny

Snakes on Cocaine !

LOL !!! - Sorry For Wasting Your Time, But... Caption Fantastic...

"Ned Lamont must "redeploy" to support Lieberman."

What is Rim Job Telling The FreepTards ("No WMD / No Iraq = 9/11")??

Bush says America to give money and bring businesses into Lebanon/ Israel

Interesting gig for artists

Rob Corddry is leaving The Daily Show (Jon Stewart confirmed 2-nite)

7 Facts You Might Not Know About the Iraq War

Aasif Mandvi is Back on The Daily Show tonight! Helping to explain...

remember how Chandra Levy was jammed down our....

One of the saddest stories I have ever heard (friend's 28 Y/O daughter)

Check out this photo of the BushenFuhrer at the press conference.

Under the surface, what disturbs you the most about this Administration?


Radical Leftist? Goddamned right I am.

We - the documentary (power, war, corporations, deception, exploitation)

KENNEDY:"There Are 146,587 Terrorist Supporters In CT According To Cheney"

David Horowitz PANICKED about Joe Lieberman's loss!

Why was Karr allowed to drink booze while under arrest? And what was Home

Travel Channel - Anthony Bourdain in Beirut - Days before attacks

TN Sen: BOMBSHELL GOP Candidate & Illegal Land Deal

Who Coulda Seen THIS Coming ??? - How Dare They !!!

So, what do y'all think: too subtle?

"7 facts you might not know about the Iraq War"

Here's the email that I am sending to as many as possible

OK it's the 22nd here... any signs of rapture yet ?

Lieberman's a PUPPET, and so are WE when it comes to Terror

Spike Lee is a fuckin genius

Idea Alert - Stop calling Republican States Red States

WHY are these reporters laughing at Bush??

Q: what did Iraq have to do with 9-11? bush: "Nothing"

Given the Neocon's influence over corporate media, is it reasonable...

U.S. Rice Supply Contaminated

Is polygamy like a huge problem in America?

Scoop/Autorank - Zogby Poll On Electronic Voting Attitudes (Full Results)

how do you rate our chances in november?

Tomorrow Cindy Sheehan goes in hospital for surgury

NYT: Clinton should change her mind about refusing to debate Tasini >

Heard an encouraging story about election in Missouri on NPR

If a Democratic president had admitted killing 30,000 Iraqis by mistake...

We bombed Najaf in 1999, killing civilians....reported by AP.

LIBBY FILINGS from 08/16 & 08/17

American Mourning.

Only 40% of Americans believe in evolution?

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers Check in, Happy Birthday Mike!!

Breasts on Israel but not the US

New Progressive "Faith in Action" Blog Series at CCN

My Repub Father now says he is Libertarian?

Bush Isn't Entirely To Blame: Republicans Make The Monsters

Belgravia Dispatch: Lieberman is Lying about His Opinions on Rumsfeld

Bill Clinton: “RFK Jr. Made Very Persuasive Case" For '04 Election Fraud

Plame Case: Calendars show Armitage met Woodward June 13

LOL! This is funny as hell

What can be done about these professional Global Warming skeptics?

"The Fear Doesn't Play Like It Used To."

George "Macaca" Allen's Edge Over Webb Has Shrunk From 19% pts to 3% pts

How long will Hoaxmas last?


BushCo is the only thing straining my American Psyche...

A big "Thank You" to all of our donors and subscribers!

CSPAN: Sen Landrieu said most of the money went to CONTRACTORS

Bush: Defeating Extremism by Offering Govt. Responsive to Popular Will

Bush Family Owned Sugar Cane Plantations in Cuba?

Bush: "particularly since I dissed that just ridiculous-looking outfit."

everything you "know" about NO is wrong

"As long as I'm president"

If I own a JBR video, am I a child pornographer?

Jon is tearing the media

So whatever happened with dick cheney's underground bunker

As Katrina's 1 yr anniversary approaches, must say thank you DUers

Blitzer/CNN cites WSJ Editorial by Bernard Lewis as August 22 Armageddon!

Bush, GOP Allow Forced Abortions In Marianas To Continue (Write a TV Ad!)

The Kucinich's First Wedding Anniversary

What do you think of pre-nuptial agreements?

I vote for a week of TV shutdown. Who's in?

Jason Leopold and Marc Ash|Indictment Still Sealed, Fitzgerald Still Busy


HBO tonight: Spike Lee's documentary on Katrina

wonderfull / Red light traffic camera ticket

"Bush Loves Flatulence Jokes-Thats Why He Is Paranoid of Women"-WH Insider

Opinions on T-shirt layout

Lieberman's wife works for war propagandists HILL & KNOWLTON?

Who The Hell Is Jon Benet Ramsey?

Sometimes, you have to eat your tears

Is there a numeric limit to an effective democracy??

I am tired of hearing about how hillary will or will not win...

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....MELTDOWN.

Non Sequitur: A trip to the Hollywood DMV

Wannabe Frist Replacement Sued for Profiting Off Environmental Crime

Do scandals even matter anymore?

Rovian snake in the White House

oops - self-delete

(LOL) New phone greeting e-mail

PA GOPers Help Short-Handed Green Partiers with Signature Challenge

On The Anniversary Of Katrina * Is Rebuilding Lebanon.....

WP,pg1: GOP candidates take hard line on immigration to rally base

Here's A Good Press Conference Question - Mr. President Joe Lieberman ....

Political Records, Race Stir Friction in Cardin-Mfume Md. Senate Debate

What's The Story On This Guy 'Rocky' That's Driving A FEMA Trailer To...

TIME: How to Beat Schwarzenegger

In Wisconsin, Doyle and Kohl Ahead

Someone on CSPAN just equated dimson w/clarity. Gak! They're

Are the Brits Finally Ready to Drop Bush -

USA Today: Rove is back at his diabolical work, and GOP is counting on him

VaPilot: Cease-fire needed in campaign firefights (OpEd)

He Just Read The Answer To The Gas Question - It Was A Set-Up...nt

Jet used by Crist (Fl.) has unusual history - torture plane

Strategy One or Strategy Two? which side are you on?

Bush: We'll be in Iraq through 2009

bush admits Iraq did not have WMD - Is this adapting to win?

Fighting over ballot, literally, in PA Senate race

McCain Makes False Claim On U.S. Support For Troop Redeployment

Bush photo, 8/21/06: "Sit on this and SPIN, 'murca..."

The peacekeepers of Penzance (falling European birth rate)

How can we bring back Air America to metro Atlanta?

CAPTION the vicious cycle of distraction

Which one of you is doing this to W in Germany? Photo!

DSCC calls on Bush to condemn Allen’s slurs; cancel Aug. 23 fundraiser

An American Turning Point By Peter Dyer

"author a 'position paper' on their views of the U.S.-Israel relationship"

Public Doesn’t Believe Bush Economic Cheerleading

Bush`s strategy....Point to a giraffe but say it`s a tadpole.

Ark. Gov: Beebe (D) 45%, Hutchinson (R) 41% (Rasmussen)

MD Senate: Cardin (D) 47%, Steele (R) 42%; Mfume (D) 46%, Steele 44%

The "Bosom of the White House"

the spin starts; CNN radio news * a steady improvement in poll #s

Chronic secretiveness... to the point of insanity

Matt Drudge and Republican Hypocrisy

I'm a pretty tolerant guy who's feeling a little gut punched these days.

AP: Bush says he'll stay out of Connecticut Senate race

I'm starting to believe the rumor that W is drinking again

Did Lieberman really say Rummy should resign?

Loudmouths arrested after blabbing about crime

Bush: No WMDs, and "We're not leaving (Iraq) so long as I'm president"

The (Republicans') "He's An Idiot" Trial Balloon... (here's the proof)

"Spectacular Bombings, Done By Al Quaeda Suiciders"

Why not? We **can** do it. Break our hydrocarbon addiction.

With repub spin, Lieberman could cost many other Dem candidates victories

Travel channel TONIGHT at 10! Live from Beirut

CTBlogger is going to devote a section of his blog on Lieberman lies

Snake Harvest threatens Cambodian lake

Tune In, Turn On: Mark Crispin Miller Coming Up

Taxpayer Alert: We’re Paying for Bush Propaganda

Miners Still Getting Black Lung: "This Shouldn't Be Happening"

Minimum Wage: ‘Take This Pay and Shove It’

Izze is or izze ain't?


Dean: Bush Still Has No Plan for Iraq

Memo reveals Lieberman's new pollster also working for Santorum

The Nature of Democracy and the GOP

USAT: Unnamed Dem Congressional candidate's lead over GOP narrows to 2%?

Pelosi Statement on President Bush's Comments on Iraq

Forgive my ignorance, but why do they call him George Felix Allen?

New York Times today calls on Hillary Clinton to debate Jonathan Tasini

Freepers don't know Bush signed Texas's futile care statute

Harvard and Mel Gibson

Tom Reynolds (R-NY) on Hardball. What an effing tool.

John Fund on CNN: Bush deserves credit, "We haven't been hit in 5 years"

You folks are crazy for working against Allen now - I want Allen2008

Brazile is in the Anti-Lieberman Camp

A little London Bomb Boost for Junior: "his best rating in six months"

Dog Sex Ricky sez he and the Greens are pals ... on (sorta) live teevee

"Ohio Was Stolen" Crowd, Pay Heed To Tom Hayden

Is Ken Blackwell Gay?

WP: Bush Says Iraq Straining Nation's Psyche

GOP Fundraising Outpaces Democrats (media spin)

LAT: High expectations await Senator Obama in his father's Kenya hometown

Bush: The Democrats are Wrong on Iraq

"Not leaving as long as I'm President"

Lamont Camp Strikes Back At Lieb "Purge" Charge

Lieberman's a PUPPET, and so are WE when it comes to Terror

I Just Sent Judge Anna Diggs Taylor A Thank You re: NSA Wiretaps

Video: Dean, Daley, Blagojevich, Burner, Brunner, and Jackson in Chicago

GOP counts on Rove to head off disaster

We need to push poll this...

DNC: Bush Renounces Smears, But Will Cheney, Rove and Mehlman Follow?

Instead of telling people "Go Cheney yourself" maybe we should use

TIMELINE: Abramoff/GOP Marianas Forced Abortion, etc. - Now w/More Bush!

You know, Harold Ford is looking and talking like a real

Photo: TELL ME this man's not CRAZY, DRUGGED, DRUNK...all of the above?

McCain Campaigns with DeWine - Attacks Brown

Dems not being 'tough on terror' is a bullshit strawman argument

Alterman: "the implicit deal between the Lieberman camp and Rove"

I Finally Got It. When My Teachers 45 Years Ago Told Me That....

Is George Allen in legal trouble?

Alaska Governor appointed his own daughter as US Senator?

My prediction for the next president of the United States...

Starbucks Workers File OSHA Complaint Over Rats and Insects at Stores

Who do you think *would* win in this matchup for our 2008 Dem Pres nomin.?

Should DU raise money for Democratic candidates?

Make Nancy Skinner a Progressive Patriot!

MO-McCaskill in hot water over alleged illegal drug use.

Jim Webb campaign at a Gun Show...Dean's strategy in action...

Theres blood in the water in VA. Webb closes the gap to 3%

British Journalist Questions Whether Liquid Explosives Plot Was Feasible

SirotaBlog: The Beltway’s Fear and Loathing of Democracy

E-Voting Fraud Potential Exposed Part II. New Clarkcast out!

Doomsday scenario in the Connecticut race?

For whom are you cheering loudest, and Why?

Carter splits with father on war in Lebanon

I am watching close as possible developments from Baghdad

Kerry has Showdown with Reporter, Hits Raw Nerve that Reporter Reveals

John Kerry Responds to Bush Comment on ‘America’s strained psyche’

Joe Scarborough: "Keep Bush away from the press"

When does the New Revolution Start?

9/11 banner drops... need to be out there on 9/11.

Gun issue keeps rural voters away from Dems