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Archives: August 19, 2006

Job boom in France lifts hopes in Europe

The Swastika and the Scimitar

Bush says we want stability, Condi says we already tried it - doesn't work

Quebec's forestry industry backs softwood deal

Interviews tainted, Khadr lawyers argue

Court expands Agent Orange coverage

WP,pg1: Allen Flap May Give a Boost to Webb: Va. Dems Gain Support

Israeli aircraft attack eastern Lebanon

Australian PM apologizes to Vietnam War vets

Ok, I am not drunk -- why am I feeling so giddy and lightheaded?

"I used to come here twice a week to rent movies from his 'back room'

I've uncovered the tip of a conspiracy.

I just saw Drakes in the Rain

I can't wait for Mission Impossible - Series

Historical Triva for a Star #4

I'm in class right now, ask me anything.

Rachel Ray is a lousy tipper.

Rachel Ray is a lousy stripper.

I just saw Snakes On A Plane!

Bacon grease.

Does anyone else watch Monk?

Whatever happened to...

Can anyone describe the effects of LSD? I have never taken it and probably

Now that's just the I Ching on the cake

TWINS!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!

gizmonic & deep13 are back from seeing Snakes On A Plane...

I have been so looking forward to Shatner's roast - but clips I see

I've got class right now, ask me anything.

Marjoe - fake evangelist exposes self, religion as business - now on DVD!

Virgin Birth

The "Save the Internet" message is getting out on

Rasmussen: Sen. Allen’s Lead Shrinks After Controversial Remark

VIDEO: Israeli Soldiers "Shoot to Kill" at Israeli Anti-war Demonstrators

Shocking Revelation! Secret video of Bush speech to lizard people!

I see Newsweek hauled out Billy Graham again

COUNTDOWN.... Get your donation in!

Scarborough to bust O'Lielly's balls now, too?

Nashville Dems: " A helping, heating, hating side of stinkin' W cheese"

The Ramsey side is eager to pin the murder on this wack job. They suck.

Rebuild Lebanon - Already the Cheney Gang Has Moved In!

I've been seeing the Government trying to sell folks flood insurance on

What do you think of Joe Biden running for president

My very conservative, racist dad says he hates Bush now

Concept for ya: How would one do a "web street demo"?

Funny Harris Foe Radio Ad: Why Waste a Good Republican Vote on Her?

Judge Anna Diggs Taylor = Rosa Parks ?

One Way Katherine Harris Might Win

JUDGE BLASTS WIRETAPS But legal experts say WH likely to prevail on appeal

NYT: An Army of Some (Iraqi Army - Not too Promising)

Major arms soar to twice pre-9/11 cost (Boston Globe)

Maureen Dowd: Where Is Euphrates Etiquette?

Obey the law / A judge reminds Bush that the U.S. has no king

Banking on Violence? Guatemalan Genocide and US Security

Why Bush Needs Lieberman

American Prospect Online - Just a (financial ) Gigolo (George Allen)

Army accepting older recruits

An Army of Some

Britain:Leak reveals crisis in army

Grandma, 41, Among Army's Older Recruits

Taliban's terror tactics reconquer Afghanistan

Ray McGovern: The Constitution: Checking a Would-Be King

By The Light Of A Burning Bridge - A Permanent Goodbye to the US

VANITY FAIR 9/11 Live: The NORAD Tapes (read AND Listen)

NYT: CBS will spend $10 million promoting new anchor, Katie Couric

WP: Even conservative pundits renounce Bush

Another article that predicted what we now have as a result of Bush

WP: What Next [in Iraq]?

Günter Grass and the Waffen SS

Two Strange Deaths in European Wiretapping Scandal

Who is doing the IRS's private debt collection and what it means.

Concentrating Solar Power Ready to Replace Fossil Fuels - CO ratepayers

Life in a Post-Carbon World

Applied Materials enters (PV) market with acquisition in July (CA)

Snake Harvest Threatens Cambodian Lake

Marin's super solar project (Marin Co. CA)

hizbollah handing out cash to lebanese.

Israel Committed to Block Arms and Kill Nasrallah (NYT)

"Israeli raid violates cease-fire"

Israel Kills 3 Hezbolla Fighters

Unstable Soldier Harasses Palestinians and Internationals

And a Woman Shall Lead Us

BBC: Israelis detain Hamas deputy PM

When Hezbollah is a way of life, a way of death

IWPS: 19 year old man shot at Huwarra checkpoint

What's the latest on Sharon

Death to Yuppiestan, or, Nasrallah was right

Israel makes violation counter-claim

Menzies Campbell: Our foreign policy is just plain wrong

Lebanon threatens to halt army deployment

Apocalypse Near - Interview with Noam Chomsky...

Was the Israel / Lebanon war just more election year terror manipulation?

bush was for stability before he was against it before he was for it.

Israel kills 3 Hizbollah fighters in Lebanon

analysis of the WTC building collapse

Where did all of Flight 93's fuel go?

Remote control debunking.

Loose Change 2nd Ed.

Current Recommendations Re- Voting?

Michigan: Oakland County Clerk to run with DeVos for governor...

Take Back the Media webcast is on now! (w/ Mark Crispin Miller, etc)

Voting Machines Sitting in FLORIDA Living Rooms

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, August 19, 2006

Anyone from TX-10? Ted Ankrum needs our help.

Prompted by Ted Ankrum's diary...........

Hmmmmmm...heirloom tomatoes.

I need this cookbook: "Tomatoes & Mozzarella: 100 Ways to Enjoy...

Are you up for some food nostalgia?

Agency Approves First Use of Viruses as a Food Additive

Very easy Italian Chicken recipe

Ok I'm prolly gonna gross out the group but I need some help - Beef Liver.

Wow! It's really orange in Parkdale-High Park

Toronto Star: Harper's actions insult to Canada

North Korea may be preparing nuke test

Army accepting older recruits

Hezbollah says it foiled Israeli raid (AP)

Blair asked to resign by own party

China: Summer drought leaves 18 mln people short of drinking water

7 Shiite pilgrims gunned down in Baghdad (+ 13 others killed)

Woman killed by dog while trying to bathe it

In Baghdad, civilian distrust of Iraqi soldiers runs rampant

Ex-Bolivian leader blames U.S. in missile scandal

WP: Touch-Screen Machines Stir Election Anxiety in Md.

Kurds flee homes as Iran shells Iraq's northern frontier

Maryland senate: democrats with small lead over Steele

WP: Verdict Against Iraq Contractor Overturned (Custer Battles)

CIA Announces New Mission in Venezuela and Cuba

Democrats call for phase-out of U-S mission in Iraq

Chávez and Rosales Present Campaign Teams for Venezuela’s Presidential Ele

Afghan clashes 'leave five dead' (soldiers)

(Israel) FM Livni appoints envoy for possible Syria talks

"Pity poor Mexico, so far from Israel, so close to the United States."

US names spy operations 'manager' for Cuba, Venezuela

Venezuela Accuses ex Governor of Backing Flight (Carlos Ortega, 3 others)

GOP's Financial Edge Shrinks

John Reid wants to bypass human rights law and intern suspects

Transgender laws challenged in firing case

Polygamists' children rally for their families

US: Iraq Government Almost Out Of Time

DHS Terror Research Agency Struggling

Police hit out at FBI over leaks

Ruling against wiretaps deepens partisan divide

IDF officer killed in commando raid in east Lebanon

GOP pays to sign up recruits

Bush calls Iraq war key to terror fight

Blair Middle East mission snubbed

4 U.S. GIs die, 3 hurt in Afghan clashes

Chirac discusses UN force for Lebanon with EU leaders

Law denies military widows benefits

Chavez: Venezuela Captured 4 U.S Spies

Military calling out-of-uniform troops (IRR)

Judge's ruling divides 'big football town' (Teens Sentence After Season)

Cheney grabs GOP cudgel

Saddam could be tried posthumously: US official

Sheehan, supporters protest at Karl Rove event

Fatal Lebanon raid 'violates' truce

Teens defend polygamy at Salt Lake rally

Blair 'feels betrayed by Bush on Lebanon'

Iran: Satellite Dishes Seized

Israeli commando dies in Lebanon raid

AP: Government Fulfills Few Katrina Promises

China touts initial success with first AIDS vaccine

Slashing Deep - Ford Trims Output 21% in Steepest Cuts Since 1982

Annan: Israeli raid violates cease-fire

Anglers attacked by animal rights extremists

Iran president: Britain should cut ties to U.S.

AP: Sexual Abuse By Military Recruiters

Dems Shake Up Nominating Calendar (wedge NV between IA & NH)

Israel Committed to Block Arms and Kill Nasrallah (NYT)

Innocent children jailed (in Iraq), U.S. official says

WP: Pundits Renounce The President

Belgium 'an accident of history with football and beer'

Tape revives Mexican conspiracy theory

Two Strange Deaths in European Wiretapping Scandal

Mutiny on Flight 613 (UK-Passengers Mutiny till 2 Asian Men Kicked Off)

Miani Herald: Author: Terror Spy Show a TV Whitewash

Lieberman hires new (Republican) media consultant, pollster

Nightly Food Porn: Fruits

These are great topics.

I've just seen 'Snakes on a Plane' ***SPOILER****

OH, good I just got deleted again in GD

What enhances your life? art, music, food, love?

Unusual phobias...

What would Brian Boitano do?

WTF is Grimace (from McDonald's) anyway?

Don't you hate it when you show up to a thread and it looks like...

Damn, I just lost my star

I finally donated...

The Lounge is being talked about in GD, seems some over there

Johnette Napolitano one of the best singers ever

Steaks on a Train.


Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

Does anyone else watch Crunk?

999 Bush is about to get pounded.

Anyone been watching the Little League World Series?

Who does the voice of Meg and her mom on the family guy?

For my 1001st post

I got a job and need some good vibes (odd request)

Breaking: JonBenet suspect will eat a cheeseburger!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 8/19/06)

L.A. loses lone country music station

Anyone want a virus sandwich this morning?

I will be a Sugar Daddy!

Roasting Green Pot - all day today

What movies do you now have trouble watching?

Does anyone here own a Dyson vacuum?

Show us some pictures you made in Paintshop, etc...(Dialup warning)

Big Star - Am I the only one who thought they were brit pop?

A Yankee joke!

Sequel Suggestions for "Snakes on a Plane"

Does anyone here play the accordion?

5 lousy Coca Colas a week.

Barbara Bush walks outside, grazing on grass.

Snakes in a Playpen!

And now some words of advice and compassion:

Roasting Green Chiles - all day today

Random Photobucket Pictures...*dial up warning*

Barbarella walks outside, grazing on grass

Can any smart person please help me with an internets question?

Bruno Kirby died. I'm starting Saturday morning totally bummed.

What if Bon Jovi had seen a million faces, but failed to rock them all?

Send President Clinton Birthday Greetings, and Help His Foundation!

Paging the lab rats in the audience

does it make you feel better to call it love?

Kittie pictures for a lazy Saturday morning..(my 'kids' are lounging)

So it seems I have dentist issues...

Holy mother of Chocolate!!!

James Blunt Song 'No Bravery' Really made me think about *

Think you'd be able to carry this on an airline today?

Forrest looks at Both Sides Now: in and out of love

All penises are NOT created equal

Paris Hilton makes Guiness World Book of Records - most overrated celeb

He was a sweet talker, yes he was

Just saw Snakes on the Plane and donated to the DU...Ask Me Anything!

We'll be friends for life....

Yes, Ptah has too much free time.

Post a link to a thread that is in desperate need OF pictures!

I wanna rock your gypsy soul

Just saw "Snakes on a Plane." Didn't think that much of it.

So why is Grant on the Fifty Dollar bill.... He liked to drink didn't he..

I just saw "Talladega Nights on a Plane!" Ask me anything!

Barbaro walks outside, grazing on grass

I stopped by to pick up a reason

South Park- Uncle Fu**er...

Hee Haw - The Next Generation

Next up for Samuel L Jackson

Nikka Costa performs "can'tneverdidnothin'" live (2005)...

I forgot how much I love INXS.

If 60 is the new 40, then.....

I spent the last 2 days redoing my daughters room--pics


Costco rotisserie chicken and peach pie

The RetroLounge Auction Starts Here and Now!

dolo amber needs encouragement today

I seem to be behind the times.. Invasion was cancelled?!


I may not be the youngest, but I am definitely the dumbest

Bye bye for now

I feel a whole lot better....

Congratulations helderheid!! 15,000 posts

School supplies....I just saw a report on channel 4 St Louis

I'm watching a Lifetime movie and I want to...

talk about some FLY girls....

I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!

Why did I have to get so hung on you???

Happy birthday StopThePendulum & TommyO

Something smells awful in my kitchen

"I wanna go Fast" (temporarily on Dial up)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

If I have a stroke while trying to read my contracts book,

The Yanks atop Mt Jackson - 2.4MB

Hey Red Sox Fans!

Holy shit I've missed the Lounge!!!!!

I'm gonna curl up with my wiener and take a nap

Calling all DU historians


Who has local, unsigned music on their iPod?

Music video that you think rocked...

progmom on the air, now til 2pm - post jazz requests here

What's the best band...

Funny thing is...

If you will stop at SOMETHING even if it means not getting your way

So I found out what ingredients are put into Spam:

"He got foisted on his own canard."

I would like to thank the academy....

SNAKE, in a nose!!!

does this remind anyone of their childhood?

stop?... or just slow down?

My Grandmother turned 80 today

Felix or Oscar?

It's 10 in the morning and pitch dark over here

Help! My son found two newborn kittens under his washing machine

So... my dish satellite receiver bit the dust...

I think the Mormons were just at me door.

BBQ and Meetup, our house, Sunday, August 20th at 1:00 PM!

rodent! help me identify this one, please

What type of doctor do you see for back pain?

Quick, answer this poll before it gets locked

What should I choose for a new tattoo?

Check your PM

That Geico commercial with the movie announcer guy

Picture threats are the pits.

Since I've Been Loving You

Just got back from seeing "Little Miss Sunshine."

Any new good city building games out? I am addicted.

Quick, answer this poll

Listen.....I love animals...I have 2 large dogs.


Freeper and O'Reilly listener gets a ticket

I just watched "The God Who Wasn't There"

Woah, the mods are fast as hell tonight

well the lounge sure isn't a very nice place for nice people anymore

Can we PLEASE all agree on a standard handshake firmness level?

My teenage son just has phenomenal luck!

To HeyHey...(and all other bear cub fanciers)

Rob Thomas

What was the profession of the worst kisser you ever kissed?

did anyone watch the PGA championship?

My seven-year-old son explains George Bush.

Is Wetzelbill in the house? How about Ptah?

Saturday, August 19. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:


This is my YouTube addiction.

Anyone seen "Chumscrubber"?..

Is there anything sexier than a Brazilian accent?

Opening soon...DU FALL OF (COREY) HAIM

Floyd or Zep?

Which Cholesterol drug do you take?

Uncomfortable encounter today. Let me preface this, I am blond, fortyish

Man thinks he won lottery; number misprint

Um, what's *wrong* with this picture?

What are your *random* favorite things?

A stroll through my neighborhood

In Memory of John Denver, do your own SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULDERS cut

Gin and Fresca.

Hey HGTV Fans! Who is going to win "Design Star"?

List 10 random things about someone else

Make up a few random things about Other Duers

I have new eyeglasses

I've been on a John Denver kick lately

VERY disappointed in my pet bird..........

Question from a new person...

Post in this thread, and I'll tell you a secret

I'm so screwed....

oh please...

Girlfriend and I are planning our vacation for next year. Any suggestions?

Opening soon...DU HALL OF FLAME

What was the profession of the best kisser you ever kissed?


What's a good thing to eat for an upset stomach?

I have PMS and ESP .. therefore

Nightly Food Porn, Special Edition: Mike's Pastry, North End

the 200 Greatest Songs of the 1960's

List Another 10 random things about you

"A Good Wife's Guide," article from 1955 - A MUST READ!!!!

White Sox and Red Sox Fans (and anyone else)..SING WITH ME!!!

What are you reading?

Why did you pick your DU screenname?

I'm watching Apocalypse Now for the 100th time

So where does a single guy who hates the bar/club scene meet women?

Welcome to Crawford, Home of Cindy Sheehan

Snakes On A...What??

Furniture! From FedEx boxes!!! (This guy's getting sued!)

"Mouseland"- Tommy Douglas

Near Death by Chocolate!

Klymaxx is back.

Snakes in a house.....

Three things to think about

Chicago/IL DUers: meet Mark Crispin Miller and Brad Friedman today

Thanks to the person who donated for me!

A suggestion for next quarter's fund drive status board.

Barbarino walks outside, grazing on grass

Hey You, Get Outta My Dreams!!!

what's your game? can anybody play?

Saturday Art: "Justice"

Primus - To defy the laws of tradition (Radio Jam)...

Anyone need a ticket to the impeachment hearings??

I have new glass eyes

More Nikka Costa - "On & On" live with Craig Ross (2005)...

Obligatory earworm non-single lyrics.

The Bush Admin's Favorite Things

"Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be."

*check out this new car* very nice!!

Beatboxing Bush!!

tell me this ain't hot....and I will call you a liar..straight up

New Nicknames for Cruella DeVille

HEY all you Non-Smokers....whacha think about dating....


What's the correct spelling of the more comman name for undershirt?

paid $30 to get my car washed and vac'd last wednesday.

on his white horse, Mescalito he comes...

Back from my niece's wedding...........

Your birthday..

Opening soon...DU HALL OF FAME

Babes in Toyland/ Kat Bjelland fans

I am an elected official. Ask me anything.

paraphrase a movie line and let us guess the real line and the movie

My favorite Things... Yours?

Denver, Check in! Raining

Straight men here: does affection from another man make you uncomfortable?

Do you realize how hard it is to lift a person while you are laughing?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - are these the end times?

Is being an Atheist the equivalent of being Gay to a Fundamentalist?

I need help, how do I donate hair for cancer patient wigs?

PANTETHINE for reducing cholesterol

Anyone know or heard of a cure for stuttering?

I asked my doctor if Zetia is right for me........

Revealed: world's oldest computer --Observer

Blimps to spy on us, why not to catch power from wind

Bono opponent on Civil Rights (Roth for congress CA45)

Navratilova to get U.S. Open lifetime honor

NYT: The trouble when Jane becomes Jack (transgender lesbians)

Bad Day for Sports

I wanted to bring up a book I keep thinking about.

Intense nightmare last night

Ralfee Finn: For the Week of August 17, 2006

"Our New Space" - Karen Bishop - August 18, 2006

Home but Still Haunted

John Kerry to be on This Week with George Stephanopoulos

Defending Kerry From Michael Moore Snark

New Kerry e-mail: Reward their Courage

Anyone want to help out on a dailykos diary for Sestak?

Conservatives moving toward Murtha/Kerry/Feingold for Iraq solution

Well, should I

Have a little Web Space? Check out this FREE flash viewer

*******Official Notice to all August Photo Contestants**********

I just watched 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and thought it lovely.

Two days on Rainier... (EXTREME DIAL-UP WARNING)

Cosmic Fish series

Breaking : Israeli aircraft attack eastern Lebanon

On tape: Israeli officer tells Lebanese general that he briefed Bush.

Israeli war planes, drones, fly over Lebanon

Israeli Troops - "We fought for nothing."

Need a laugh? Read the New York Times the way a wingnut does!

OK someone help me out here

OR House Dems show how it's done - fighting back against Swiftboaters

Mike Ruppert has left the country for good.

My personal PSA.... grabbing signal..

Another banner offering from me if anybody likes it.

Want to talk about security?

The New Mosh

Welcome A Convert To Democratic Underground...

Israel kills 3 Hizbollah fighters in Lebanon

Whoopee - the mitt is about to hit the shit.

I just read this

So, it is starting to look like bullshit

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON - Sat. 8/19 -- the bubble popped?

Will the U.S./Britain/Israel attack Iran/Syria?

"Civil War Looms In Mexico"

"Israeli raid violates cease-fire"

This week: 4 Air Scares, 1 Foiled Plot, & 5 Suspicious Packages

Mysterious Deaths Of 2 Security Experts Who Uncovered Spyware In Europe

Alabama Lawmaker Tells Christian Coalition To "Go Straight To Hell"

I just saw Snakes On A Plane!

I saw "An Inconveinent Truth" Tonight

Would someone like to respond

Apocalypse Near - Interview with Noam Chomsky...

G. Gordon Liddy, Matthews "go to guy" for wiretapping...

August 18, 2006 - How Many and Where Were the Nukes?

'Misunderestimating' Bush's Iraq...

Bush Must Negotiate to Make America Safer, Say Former Generals...

Words of wisdom from today's "Queen Victoria."

America, love it or leave it.. Okay, I'm down with that..

What are the odds the Appeals Court will uphold Judge Taylor's ruling?

Some caller on C-Span re: Clinton.

Saddam could be tried posthumously: US official

A Child-Porn Soap Opera Wakes Networks from Slumber...

5 Key Questions...RE: The London Terror Plot

Turkey Fuel? Factory to Turn Guts Into Crude Oil

Why are newspapers and reporters minimizing Judge Taylor's decision?

is the little 'over medication' snicker W has mor like Bevis or Butthead??

CNN: The Tony & Betty Comedy News Show is obsessed with JBR

DNC Meeting Happening this weekend in Chicago - Election Protection

Breaking: JonBenet suspect will eat a cheeseburger!

stuck at 999, the suspense is killing me! n/t

Will we ever win back the trust of the world?

Video: Bush wants Armageddon

Chicks mix humor, politics, music (CONCERT REVIEW )

I just sent this to ABC ( re: their September 11th

Just thinking about "1984" When I read that book I believed that it was

Happy Birthday President Clinton and Tipper Gore

CONFIRMED: Bush is the Terrorists' Puppet

How Much Would It Cost To Actually Fix Anything In Iraq?

Dupe Please delete

Self Delete

Xavier Becerra Rep. (D-CA.) really impressed me on the Colbert

Nap time for Sen. Conrad Burns (video)

I'm going to see Michael Schiavo in a few minutes...

Definition of a Meaningless Protest

Lieberman is not an "independent"

Republican Tramm Hudson is a Racist

on conscientious objectors...e.e.cummings:

Spain's Trans-Texas Corridor firm hires Tx Gov. Rick Perry's aide (again)

Question about b*shco

Northwest Airlines shows it's compassion for laid off workers!

Majority of Americans Support Increased Surveillance, Poll Shows

To Kill an American - Freeper Porn

Bill Clinton smacks Holy Joe!

The End of the World is Near, Unless We Follow My Well-Thought Out Plan

Crazy idea, bear with me: why not donate to SCHLESINGER?

What is the best newspaper in CT to read on the web to get the latest poli

Protesters picket outside Fort Hood

Thanks to whomever donated to the 3rd quarter fund drive in my name.

Some questions America needs to be asked

Brief "Homecoming" Story

If Lieberman is such a strong 90% Democrat why is it the Republicans want

We have nothing to fear but fear-mongering

AMERICA: We Are Returning To Our Previous Middle East Conflict Rules

Why Hillary Will Never Be President

7,500 Miles On $5 In Gas, Veggie Oil (teenager)

Ex-immigration agency head gets 8 years in prison

Bush Impeachment in CT Small Town: Legal Opinion Flip Flop

Why Bush needs Lieberman

The Freeps believe that the Illegal Wiretap ruling stops ALL surveillance

We need a little more Compassionate Liberalism

I just had a really weird phone experience. I was on line but working

Turd Blossom will be in Austin tonight

What Would You Do If a Passenger on a Plane Began to Act Strangely?

If Bush thinks he can blow off the NSA ruling

Christian Right group admits fake signatures on Anti-GLBT petition

Excellent LTTE in today's Pittsburgh Post Gazette...

"You need to wash out your ears" should be the refrain

Another terror 'plot' foiled - in Germany

Wanna know who really hates us for our freedoms?

I sure am enjoying listening to Randi Rhodes--she just did a great

G.O.P. Deserts One of Its Own for Lieberman NYT

JonBenét DA's timing debated

Its past time to take the training wheels off the Iragi military/police. W

Conservatives moving toward Murtha/Kerry/Feingold for Iraq solution

Rising Sea Levels

Let's get them there before we have to fight them over here!!

Is okay to call Condi Rice a macaca?

American Prospect Online - Just a (financial ) Gigolo (George Allen)

Which are you more afraid of? Please respond over the next 72 hours.

I saw World Trade Center last night.

Good photoshop of Lieberman for Lamont campaign:

Was the Israel / Lebanon war just more election year terror manipulation?

Many folks have to choose between medicine and other expenses like eating

An impeachment that COULD work. (thought provoking x-post)

How to Reeps figure that withdrawal from Iraq is a "Surrender"?

War foes mark 1st anniversary of weekly protests in Teaneck

i just heard the npr news blip. they talked of iragi soldiers dying but di

Woohoo!!! 1000 donations! And a Great Graphic, too!

The Atticus Circle 50 x 50 x 50 Campaign

GOP hopeful trying to put killing behind him

Jim Webb closes gap with "Maccaca Sucker", George Allen.

We must fight them here, before they make us fight there.

If Iraq is 'key' to the 'war on terror' . . . we're losing

Civil War in Basra as Shia Kills Shia, Shia Attack British, 22 Dead

Are you familiar with the Declaration of Peace?

So why HASN'T Osama attacked us since 9-11?

paparazzi - why don't celebs get together and hire

How do I post a photo?

It sounds like the DA's been had (ramsey case)

Crew rescues dolphin in a Speedo swimsuit

White Heat

In Nashville, Sounds of Political Uprising From the Left

Here's some conservative humor that backfires, like "morans".

Wouldn't it be something if the troops would just "leave" Iraq-

Saw bumper sticker today saying: "If you can read this, thank a teacher."

You Gotta Love Vermont - Nude Protest

Jesse Jackson's remarks today re the Lamont race

Links to three videos - Some parts of Martial Law by Alex Jones

How EVIL are the greedy?

Good photoshop on Democratic criticism of Bush:

torture of the family members of suspects - so why did we fly out OSBL fam

Israel Kills 3 Hezbolla Fighters

Headline Catapults Impeachable Warrantless Wiretapapalooza!1

By the light of a burning bridge: A permanent goodbye to the U.S.

Simple and to the point.

Question: How many Democratic Politicians actually visit this site?

Another Day, Another Embarrassment For TSA

How times have changed

*CSPAN: DNC meeting from Chicago (Howard Dean)- NOW*

Two more votes needed for this IRS privatization thread

So former DLC, PNAC member Abram Shulsky feeding Cheney info on Iran?

Lieberman "independent" bid will hurt Dem chances of taking House

Post-9/11 Detainee Returns to His Life

if someone has an "administrative discharge" from the military

Oh Crap a fly outbreak halts VA surgeries

Happy 60th Birthday President Bill Clinton

Snakes on a Plame - Anyone remember Fitz? Whatever happened to him?

Bush finds way to make Tax Collecting less secure, way more expensive:

Need Help - Anyone with Lexus/Nexus ???

Lieberman: "an accounting of the impact of his actions on our democracy"

America is a reflection of New Orleans.

Frank Rich:America's 'fearing fear itself' era is over

Some 'toons for the weekend.. .

Can't change judge's ruling. Wiretapping does not stop terrorists

Every Recent Anti-War Song On This Site

do I have any rights when it comes to employee evaluations?

Big Dog is 60 (oh yeah W, too)

we need help to stop them from stealing our vote in the precinct, like whe

What are the five most prestigious and credible television news

NSA court finding - right decision, but wrong reasons?

Simple question. How many Congressmen, Senators and Executive

Lieberman: We love to hate him. But why?

Kris Kristofferson’s anti-war song

Well...there's alot about our DNC Convention that's Disturbing......

Anyone need a ticket to the impeachment hearings??

Pukes Closes Major Tax Loophole for Middle Class (charitable donations)

Welcome committee for Borat?

For my 1000th post

Chichiri > Two freeper LTTEs

Two More 'Cut-And-Run' republicans Join Chorus Of Criticism Over Iraq

Judge Anna Diggs Taylor's decision and the Supreme Court

My 1000th post: Thank you!!!!!!!!

Here is a cool dude!

Bloody freepers getting in here. Haven't they anything better to do?

Top Ala. Democrat accused in Todd challenge

CNN: Next generation of terrorist could be your neighbor or look like you

Is there even one example of a wiretap request that FISA turned down?

"Pity poor Mexico, so far from Israel, so close to the United States."

Lamont Sups With Israel's Peres

Video Iraq from its beginnings to the U.S. handover back to its...

Future of the Internets! Save them, or this is the future.

Polling Point August Poll

The worm is turning VFW calls lawmakers out of touch with War

Question about posting links?

Loose Change 2nd Ed.

Unusual water temp rise in Caribbean

Law to boost pension costs at companies

Even my TV dinner is Political

"Please, Save Me.... Take Away My Freedom!"

Join The Army! -- Get Raped

Mets fan, 18, charged with impersonating reporter--

Richard Gere, delegates BLAST Canadian PM for slighting AIDS conference

Happy 60th Birthday to President William Jefferson Clinton!

"Nevada could become the New Hampshire of the West ..."


What a cool Wiki! Distrust, word of the day

Ex-Cheney Aide Denied Access to Documents in His Defense Case

Should the boxing referee step in

Irish company challenges scientists to test 'free energy' technology

Chicago/IL DUers: meet Mark Crispin Miller and Brad Friedman today

Another one bites the dust... Bollyn intends to flee the country.

Sunday Talk Shows

C-Span Showed the whole DNC Convention with all of our Dem Candidates

Sore Loserman gathered up enough pukes

Here we go Military mental health may skip some soldiers

Listen.....I love animals...I have 2 large dogs.

Delusional Democracy Breeds Delusional Prosperity

What does Pro-Life mean to you?

rant on kos - "howard dean was right" & time to sock it to the repubs

Rebuild Iraq. Hire Hezbollah!

Who's to blame for state of New Orleans?

Winston Churchill Quote -

I think I figured out where the W came from...

Conservative Christians and Israel

Major Arms Soar to Twice Pre-9/11 Cost...

Good Video,Kris Kristofferson In The News.

"We do not want to destabilize the regime of Saddam Hussein"

Are There LOSERman Laws Anywhere In The U.S.?

Conservative Pundit Defends Allen -- With Anger And Half Truths

12am Eastern, 9pm Pacific - on Book TV - This Land is Their Land :

Katie Couric Promo on CBS

For all those who recommended "V for Vendetta", a great big thank you!

Why Hasn't rOVER Ever Ran For A Major Political Office?

Ok so I was watching a girls gone wild commercial last night...

Rents Are Rising Rapidly After Long Lull

The Open Conspiracy By H. G. Wells

Naples (Florida) News: "Katherine Harris Crazy" added to the lexicon

Wanna lissen to a fool?


Mandatory Malloy Saturday Truthseekers Check in for a Best of Malloy!!

veterans medical center

Freepers ready to ground ALL air flights

The United States of Sheeple

how do you feel working for corporate america ?

Anybody got that pic of the chimp & Hastert (Igor) in lab coats?

34 Dem Talking Points to WIN, by my pal Esbe:

Pundits Renounce The President

One Year Later, Who's to blame for state of New Orleans?

Frank Rich: America's 'fearing fear itself' era is over

Get Ready For Another Wave Of Homeless Vets

Freeper presence in Crawford - LOL

Freepers now pissing themselves...

Did you know there's a catastrophic drought occuring right here in the US?

Is there such a thing as a "White Suburban Leftist"?

Yes, it would be hard for Hillary to get elected President

The Republicans want to change America as a cowardly reaction to terrorist

is FEMA watching? why is Hizbollah able to reconstruct Lebanon...

why is it so many "turn the other cheek" adherants clamor for war

So how about we don't run another senator in 2008?

I need help with this nasty e-mail forwarded from my neighbor.

How much does politics influence where you choose to live?

Post here if you're from a Republican family

So what would get *'s popularity level back up?

Al Gore has the Elvis Factor. I nearly didn't recognize him - Gore 2008!

Parents of barely 17 year-old recruit say Army forged their signatures

Vote on Iraq as a litmus test?

A Noble Purpose

NYT: "Admin Has Fallen Far Behind On Stps Needed To Protect Homeland"

Check Your Voters Registration Status on THIS website:

My LTTE was published today. Second letter down.

Barbara Bush upset about Houston crime; hairdresser cannot go out at night

Bush Admin Not About To Let Some "Bitch Judge From Michigan" Mess Them Up

Looks like "The Path to 9/11" is going to blame Clinton

freeper encounter today

How much vacation do you get a year?

Do you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Teens Defend Polygamy at Salt Lake Rally

"Party of One" my Flash attack on LIEberman,w/ "Masters of War" by Dylan

Sing Along With Senator Allen!!

Do You Have The Spine To Not Kiss Corporate Ass?

don't know which forum to post this in.(heading south on A1A today)

Just watched My Diner With Andre .

Help DUing a poll on Judge Taylor's decision on warantless

Imus Latest To Spew Crude Insults At Lamont

I'm tired of hearing how unelectable Hillary Clinton is on here

Brunner gave a great speech today at the her send a sign..

How to properly use a gun

Voting system finally ......passes, LWV no longer trust system, Pin.,FLA!

Courting Disaster: Getting into bed with autocratic regimes

The neocon "chicken-hawks" use a name Henry Scoop Jackson (D-Wash)

My current predictions - thanks to utter Republican stupidity of recent.

The Week in Political Cartoons

Thomas Frank: "What is K Street's Project?" A must read.

Anyone from Baltimore know who Siobhan Gorman Baltimore Sun

So, Dubya Wants Some Show of Gratitude From the Iraqis

19 AUGUST 1934

Should a Democratic Candidate be worried about having their

Republican profile

Okay, the DU fund drive is over. I can now challenge DU to

Well Joe's current momentum fizzle?

Verdict Against Iraq Contractor Overturned

"... I'm concerned about Iran getting nukes when Bush leaves office..."

Voting with our forks- on ethical eating

I'm expecting GOPs to steal Spratt's seat in SC. They're heavily mobilized

Bush Radio: He's "working to improve health, security, prosperity"

Howard Dean Kicking Ass and Taking Names on CSPAN - LIVE!!!!

Sunday Talk Shows

Another Day, Another Embarrassment For TSA

Laws of change (scary Falwell Law School

I'm surprised nothing has been said about the new Democratic Primary

Support Strong Leaders Who Aren't Afraid to Tell the Truth About Iraq

Another example of republicans "supporting" the troops

Pension Protection Act.

People wrote in about Peter Schweitzer's stupid smear of Gore

How many politicians try to expunge their Wiki Entries?

new Jim Webb campaign poster idea..... I used to be a Va. Republican....

Why don't we have all the primaries/caucuses on THE SAME DAY?

Eleanor Clift: Expect GOP to frighten Nov. voters with "The Osama Card"

GOP in disarray

DNC meeting will re-air at 3:45 today on C-Span.

Answer: Jesse Jackson and Howard Dean

Will bush get away with it?

It's long past the time to step up efforts to push true election reform,

Did C-Span "turn down applause" at DNC Convention? Did C-Span's

I think we might be making a mistake in ignoring pop news and pop culture

Allen's 'macaca' comment was more than words. Watch it again.

Getting ready to campaign, looking for some help.

Gov't fulfills few Katrina promises

Lieberman defeat shows anger with status quo

We have a Voter Protection Hotline - Question is Do We Use It or Lose It?

Please don't waste time on Lieberman in CT

So how many people wrote in their primary candidate's name in 2004?

Where is our righteous sanctimony? Has everyone forgotten The Rule of Law?

Overplaying the Fear Card

Another Midwest Republican Defects to the Dems

Is the "war on terror"a scam?

House Republican leaders oppose change in law to help military widows

Imus Latest To Spew Crude Insults At Lamont

pssssh "Strong On Defense Democrats"

Joe L. & Bernie Sanders: What's the difference?

Republicans get ugly in Ohio

DLC's attempt to promote group think cannot work in the Democratic Party

NYT: In Nashville, Sounds of Political Uprising From the Left

Why do we cheer for some .... and not for others?

Didn't know this......WOW!

George Felix Allen--a real Major Leaguer!!!!!!!!

Dems modify primary calendar?

If the wiretap ruling is overturned, is the Constitution/Democracy dead?

C'mon, admit it. You, too, support a voter's test and than a license.

OMG Look what domain is available, begins with a B ends with LL

Why is it that so many of these "family values" Repukes divorce

White House "declines to criticize" Israel's violation of cease-fire

It's official. I am now a registered Democrat

"'Macaca' Has Made It A Whole New Race In Virginia" (WaPo via Americablog)

If you wear 'subversive' clothing, what reaction do you get?

Gov. Lynch says he has 10 candidates committed to running in NH

"Candidate for Change" contest by DCCC's Red 2 Blue program; pick your own

The Dictionary of Republicanisms: Add your own definitions

Bono Dons Her Flip-Flops and Runs

D. Brazile: "(Dems) Dumb as Shit" For Not Doing More to Protect the Vote

The Politics of Your Parents (and Siblings)

Conservative Pundit Defends Allen -- With Anger And Half-Truths

Whats your opinion of Byron Dorgan?

Bush and the Constitution

politically and legally beleaguered White House, not to mention bitter

Liberal media my ass

British travelers stage "mutiny" because two Asians were on plane

"Party of One" my Flash attack on LIEberman,w/ "Masters of War" by Dylan

GOP: Ready to 'benefit' from terror (Chicago Tribune newsblog)

Education please!

EXPECT a Bin Laden tape just before the election in November

Halliburton is a unique kind of company. -- Dick Cheney

An impeachment that COULD work.

Cheney calls Lamont voters terrorists

Howard Dean: We're all in this together

I support the DLC, the DLC are members of the Democratic Party as well