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Archives: August 15, 2006

Fighting Jim Crow in Israel

WP: Growing Separation of Press, State: WH press corps' first day in exile

Report: X-ray machines don't detect explosives in shoes

Rockets Hit Lebanon Despite Cease-Fire

Ok so my dad is downstairs watching Pee-Wee's Playhouse


When you were a kid, was it like Christmas to get some of this stuff?

Papadums that look like PacMan!

GoddessOfGuinness Rocks!!

Go into GD... or...?

Best romantic relationship in a movie:

Jeff Dunham is on Comedy Central.

It's for REAL: Our beloved MrsGrumpy has reached 40,000 big 'uns!!!

Will I ever reach 1000 posts?

An early apology

This is NOT a poll! }:-D

Northwest Airlines auctioning off massive amoutn of mechanical equipment

35 years ago today

Annan: “Neither side should have any reason to disappoint those hopes"

Shouldn't tomorrow be a holiday or something?

Something very strange is going on in this country -

Aviation consultant: We know the problem. We know the real threat. It's us

Anybody watch "V" for vendetta....

Nine serious incidents of firing from Israeli side directly at UN posts

Must See Keith Olberban video on Terror Politics.


derby378's Midnight Rant: "We'll leave when the job is done"

NYT: Democrats See Security as Key Issue for Fall

Should Lamont treat Schlessinger as though he were his only opponent?

It's OK for neocons/wingnuts to "undermine presidential credibility"

This fight is starting now -

Lieberman Lt. attacks Lamont, Bernie Sanders, Sharpton, Kos

Espionage Lite: Talking about secrets becomes a crime--WaPo

Faking faith to fool death squads

Idaho wilderness is about to be given away to develpers for free

Travelers Going Back in Time to Probe America's Deep Scar


Greg Palast | So, Osama walks into this bar, see?

Democrats don't need a new plan or more big ideas

Mad Dog On A Leash

Bush & Co.: Desperate Desperados

Iran: Officials Ban Rights Group Led By Nobel Peace Laureate

Jesse Jackson: Repugs, Lieberman running on false rhetoric of fear...


No shortage of fear - Molly Ivins.

Desert of Trapped Corpses Testifies to Israel's Failure (Robert Fisk)

Andrew Bosworth: Welcome to Neo-Fascism 101

July Was Deadliest Month of War for Iraqi Civilians

The Wal-Mart debate A false choice between prices and wages


Tweety thinks racial slur by Senator Allen is funny

Blair's 'frenzied law making' has created a new offence

Federal Judge OKs Law Signed by Bush Even Though the House Never Voted on

Craig Murray: UK Terror Plot...What's really going on...

U.S. Dedicates $64 Billion To Undermining Gates Foundation Efforts--Onion

So just when you thought the US - Canada lumber dispute was settled...

Newsweek story on Housing Bubble Blog writer

Complaints against Illinois appraisers on the rise (& probably elsewhere)

Boeing to Supply Terrestrial Solar Cells for Australia

Large Hole Opening In Arctic Sea Ice Above Alaska (Around 75-76 North)

A nuclear power primer

Massachusetts Gov. Unveils Long-Term Energy Plan

Toxic Algae Blooms In Klamath River Reservoirs Hit Record Levels - SacBee

Update on the ten houses powered by hydrogen on Utsira in Norway.

Report Puts Spotlight on Fifty Dirtiest Power Plants in U.S.

New light on Yucca

A Primeval Tide of Toxins (Altered Oceans--reverting to primodial state))

George VI Ice Shelf (Antarctica) Losing Nearly 3 M/Year From Below - Eos

The energy bill one year later

rising gas prices and the suburbs

Some in California seek ice to ease crunch

question: how to answer the meme about natural warming cycles

Who, US? China Denies Responsibility For Illegal Logging, Deforestation

Yet Another ANWR Drilling Push - But It's OK - It Will Fund ETHANOL!

Japanese Tanker Spills 1.4 Million Gallons Of Crude In Indian Ocean

(ZAP) Xebra electric car has three wheels, no tank

Forest Fires Send Borneo Air Quality To "Unhealthy" Levels - AFP

With HK's Knowledge, Guangdong Unilaterally Raises Smog Limits 158% - AFP

TX Air "Policy" - Cheer Future-Gen Site, Build 11 Conventional Coal Plants

Hybrid Solar Lighting Gaining Momentum around Nation

UT Study - Greenland Losing Equivalent Of Lake Houston Every Six Hours

Forsmark reactor may restart soon.

Dell to recall computers with lithium ion batteries that burst into flames

New climate models predict disaster.

Israel Can Swap Prisoners for Soldiers

Analysis: Halutz hung out to dry

Haaretz photographer beaten by IDF troops on Lebanese border

Report: Halutz sold investments 3 hours after soldiers' abduction

America's one-eyed view of war: Stars, stripes, and the Star of David

building 7 "PULLED" - where can I post an audio clip?

Floating out a question: anyone concerned about August 22nd

Olson Call not Connected?

My views on the 9-11 attacks.

Occam's Razor and the WTC Impact Time Discrepancies

Brad Friedman AND Mark Crispin Miller in IL Saturday 8/19

25.61% of registered voters suspended in my Democratic leaning precinct

Pennsylvania: suit filed against electronic voting without paper trail

A New Study Finds Irreparable Voting Problems In Ohio (AP)

Lou Dobbs: Voting Machines & Key Components Available On Ebay

Fraud claims in Mexico recount rampant

Salon: Voter suppression efforts seen in six states

BlogNetNews -Texas

Ted Ankrum TX-10 just posted a diary on dKos

I just called Randi Rhodes and asked her screener to tell her

Who's to Blame for Dixie Chicks cancellation?

Baby Bush has a 47% approval rating...

Keep Austin Blue, Wednesday August 16

Baseball with Birnberg

Kay Bailey Hutchison editorial--letters needed!

Guess who's coming to dinnner for a Ron Paul fundraiser?

I just received this e-mail from Gerry Birnberg, re: DSCC ad

Anthony Bourdain's Lebanon show to premier next Monday night

So, I've been away for awhile-now I'm back & have a sorbet recipe to share

Teck Cominco comes back with $89 bid for Inco

Caucus makes rumblings on Harper's shift on fiscal imbalance

Christians United for Israel: New Christian Zionism Lobby Hopes to Rival A

Airport duty-free shops want compensation as sales plunge

LAT: Strengthened Hezbollah Celebrates Swell of Support

LAT: Hostile Climate Greets Schwarzenegger's Plan to Save Earth

Credibility of US report on human trafficking questioned (AFP)

Reuters: Australia wants new charges for Guantanamo inmate

Mammoths may roam again after 27,000 years

Reuters: Gunmen clash with Iraqi soldiers in Kerbala

Dell to recall notebook batteries

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 15 August

'More disasters' for warmer world

Israel Can Swap Prisoners for Soldiers

Faking faith to fool death squads

Iraqi Kurdish party office bombed

AP: Sunni Speaker's Party Urges Him to Quit

Syria: U.S. Mideast plan an 'illusion'

Notorious Baghdad area walled in by US and Iraq security forces

Earth's future under a cloud -Climate prediction most comprehensive so far

Two Fox news journalist kidnapped in Gaza

Syria hails 'a new Middle East'

L.A. Could Impose Union Contract

PA: Green candidate cuts into Casey's lead over Rick "Santorum" Santorum

U.S. blames Iraq blast on hostile act (which caused gas explosion)

CNN/AP: Brutal Arkansas heat stalls Clinton birthday bash

RUMOR: Ariel Sharon has passed away

Family wary of possible Hagel (R Ne.) run (for president)

Fierce gunbattles erupt in Iraq (after Iraq forces raid in Karbala)

Free from Saddam's yoke, Kurdish vineyards bear fruit once more

LAX officials complain of FAA malfunctions

Children bear brunt of Lebanon-Israeli war: report

Election immigration debate turning 'offensive'

Passengers Bound for the U.S. Are Wheels Up by the Time DHS Checks Watch

6 nations refused to take Posada


Democratic Senate Candidate promises to cure cancer by 2015

Israel: We did not plan war with US

Darth Cheney Lawyers Up -- With Clinton Impeachment Counsel

July deadliest month in Iraq, tallies show (at least 3,438 civilians)

WP: Violations by Military Recruiters Up Sharply

Justice Department Launches Web Site to Explain Rights to Military Members

Senator Edwards Urges Continental Tire To Respect Its Workers

Iraqi Sunnis Ask Speaker to Step Down

White House says 12 radios went missing

Wal-Mart Posts 1st Profit Fall in Decade

Australian synagogue vandalized

Canada wins softwood anti-dumping appeal

`Vets For Freedom' Creates Stir (GOP front group endorses Lieberman)

US Gen: One-Third Of Iraq Under Iraqi Security Control-TV

NYT: Over 3,400 Iraqi Civilians Killed in July (almost certain undercount)

Haiti political prisoner released after two years without charge

US Dismisses Iran, Syria Claims Of Victory In Lebanon

WaPo: Clinton Gives Lieberman A Lesson in Independence

Wal-Mart Posts First Profit Decline in a Decade

Fneish Scrambles to Secure Crucial Fuel...-Lebanon (under blockade...)

Reuters: YouTube suffers first unplanned site outage

Would-be Clinton challenger links her to Osama bin Laden

Clinton defends Bush on AIDS

Mazeikiu Pipeline's Future in Doubt

WP: Strife Moving Out From Baghdad to Villages

Lawyers for Dead Enron Chief a Step Closer to Clearing His Name

Bush says U.S. will be fighting terrorists for years

Letter From Leaders Assails Bush's Middle East Policies (Iran attack?)

Illinois Lt. Governor Wants Statewide Big Box Living Wage

'City Slickers' actor Bruno Kirby dies

Home Sales Slow in Spring With 28 States and D.C. Suffering Outright Decli

BBC: Sharon Suffering From Pneumonia

U.S.-bound Cubans held at Guantanamo

Ahmadinejad: New Middle East should not include USA and Israel

Studebaker out (Tha Plain Dealer)

(Bill) Clinton Sounds Off on Terror, Republicans

Hastert: U.S. can defend its borders like it has Iraq's

Gerald Ford admitted to Mayo clinic

NYC to Release 911 Calls From Sept. 11

SD: GOP angry over upcoming Dean visit (crybabies hate the truth)

Latest Bush Approval Rating at 37% (Gallup)

Al-Qaeda suspect killed in raid (disguised as a woman)

(Miss.) Judge rules policy excluded flood damage

Congressman makes apology to Haditha marines (Rep. John Kline, R-Minn)

LAT: Bush Rejects Idea of Partitioned Iraq

Catholic dissidents in Cuba call for calm

Jimmy Carter's Son Wins Nev. Primary

Valerie Plame Wilson, Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson Name Successor Couns

Plame lawyer plans to force Cheney, Rove testimony

Conservatives Put Faith in Church Voter Drives

School board fights to keep Jesus portrait

Dem Angst Escalates (Lieberman becoming a big problem)

McCain weighs 'complicated' presidential run

Israel's verdict: We lost the war

Dwarfs better-known than US justices: poll

Cuban TV Airs First Footage of Castro

Nation's Angriest Cities

NYT Census Shows Growth of Immigrants. Unbelievable!

Overweight people now outnumber the hungry

Man Put 5 Kittens In Hot Frying Pan With Pork Chops (Kittens Will Survive)

Robber With BB Gun Breaks Into Wrong House

Worst/ oddest/ least appropriate dance mix you've heard?

NASA Trying To Find Original Moon Landing Tapes

Filmmaker Will Pay YOU $3 MILLION If You Can Find Elvis

Holy Food Porn Batman!!

"it is necessary to reassure the egg whites"

G'night my friends...

On the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Ladies and gentlemen of the lounge

Could I ask a favor of my fellow DUers?

Tuesday mourning warm beverage thread

Filmmakers Offer $3,000,000 for Proof that Elvis is Alive

It seems I started a mini-flamewar in GD about...

Madonna Abandons Movie Career; Spends Fortune Building Time Machine

Has anyone done a capture from a dvd, if so how do you do it?

Anyone know what happened to LeftIsWrite?

Construction Detour Sends Drivers 50 Miles Out Of Their Way

Draw a pic of another DUer for us to identify!

It is so quiet here the last few days

If you give a man enough rope...

Happy Birthday, Dajoki!

MUST SEE. Dear Mr. President - Pink

Happy Birthday Napoleon!!!

Hi Lounge. I just dreamed I was tombstoned, so I had to come check.

I'm shocked!

It's bad to have a monkey on your back, but what about on your chest?

Lineage II. Do you play it?

You should play the Lotto; you could win $H5 Million

Ask me about my weiner

Humor therapy session

Fender bender question- never had one until yesterday.

I have no answers. Ask me anything!

DU addiction

Breaking: Dubya gets a new pair of shoes!

Ugh, just have to whine.

Now THIS is a tombstone!

Time once again to play....who wants a star?

For my 1000 post, I just want you to know my time here was more disturbing

Name My Fantasy Football Team

Well, I'm awake again and not tombstoned!

YouTube is down

What's better?

How often do you deep-fry food, at home?

My dog passed her Canine Good Citizen test tonite!

Can You Take A Dell Laptop On a Plane?

Anyone familiar with hydrocodone addiction?

How do you feel about artsy types?

Line up, Sign up if you hate your job or your boss or both or neither.

Help! When should you just say "NO MORE"?

Disgruntled Woman Hits Customer With Car At McDonald's

Seen the new nickel?

How old is Marcia Brady?

Why have I poured myself a drink at 12:34 p.m.?

Doing your bit for the planet can be fun.

Hijack this thread

So I'm watching season 1 of The Brady Bunch...

underpants: hows Hurricane season going?

Shrub is a corkboard! Check it out:

On the Ragtime is making me crazy!

Ok folks, computer/webcam/XP compatibility issue...HELP!

Police Officer Stole Money From Drivers During Traffic Stops

serious Question finding a job

Were you forced to watch this MST3k worthy cheesy movie in school?

DU Fantasy Football Players - don't forget the draft is on Aug 23rd

abscissae Looking good springtime

Who's your goofy friend?


The DU Lounge Is The GREATEST!

So, with Futurama on Comedy Central in '08...

Happy Independence Day, India!!!

The Ragtime is making me crazy!

Do you remember the movie "A Clockwork Orange?"

I opened a can of worms today

LOST fans- I just checked out "Bad Twin" from the library.

Odd sticker: "If you don't limp, you ain't shit"

Fund Drive @ DU

The greatest secretary of all time.

Hey! Meet Reddie, my new Yaris!

Best classic metal song about hell?

Online Dating Is Planned For Orangutans

Thoughts About the Effectiveness of Analogies?

Hey Aristus and anybody: Watching ShakespeaRe-told on BBC America?

This might help the debate about kids in restaurants - much to learn here.

Holy smokes! Someone gave me a star!

I sing out loud in my car.

For my 1,595th post: A pic of me ignoring a warning sign

I'm Bullish on Bullshit, it's going places.

Worst Of DVDs

Where do babies come from?

Hell - Explained by a chemistry student

What Was Your College Mascot?

Sheesh, I'd forgotten how well known I am around here.

Side effect of a sleeping pill.......... Drowsiness

Did I do the right thing Lounge?

Ben Affleck turns.... 34 today

I HATE buying textbooks...

Parrotheads Make Yourselves Known!

They're for REAL: Our beloved (name removed) has two big 'uns!!!

Toddler Friendly Vegetarian Recipes?

Pat Priest is 70 today!

I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes

"For class 8/23, write a short (no more than 4 pages) paper about your

I've always known that Andy was a dick

Disgruntled Woman Hits Customer's With Car At McDonald's

This is my 500th post!!!

I'm Bullish on Honeysuckle! It's going places!

Potheads Make Yourself Known!

Do you remember the movie "Star Wars?"

Deadheads make yourself known!

I feel like boring a corrupted girl -- I'm straight

I feel like corrupting a straight/bi/gay girl or tranny boi-- I'm bored.

I just saw the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack.

Anyone buy a tricycle for a preschooler?

DU parents: Do you bring your children to bars?

And don't take your screaming brats to the store, either!

Public Domain Movies & Documentaries

I'm Looking for A Vacation Suggestion

I Just Saw Jimmy Swaggart In Prison

Should I apply to Petsmart?

Hey Everybody!

60 puppies die in Mass. tractor-trailer fire

Cat on video

What song is your favorite

Just watched "The French Connection" for the first time since I was a kid

What can I do about these people (besides getting another number) ?

My son's HS football coach got people out of Lebanon when Bush couldn't

Alright Time for a Game!!!

Ugh. So tired, hot and irritated. LK was a brat today. I need a hug .

posted without comment....

DU parents: Do you keep your children behind bars?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 8/15/06)

Lurkers and forum browsers..Say hello here!!

Breast Implants Save Woman Hit By Shrapnel In Rocket Attack

I feel like being corrupted by a straight girl -- I'm bored

I feel like being straightened by a corrupt girl

Taking nominations for best songs about holes

Gay Adoption

Harold and of my guilty pleasure movies

Should I suspend my 401k contributions to pay off debt?

I had a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad

Speaking of Trekkies: Captain Picard's Lionfish?

Whoo! Done with my summer job!

Snakes on a PLane -- the SO just saw the trailer on TV

I just renewed my ACLU membership.

New Joke


Stainable MDF? The Customer of the Day

Why don't armpits shave their men?

like chihiro in spirited away

Kate Hudson Loses Guy

Anybody else seen The Descent?

Does anyone else find this to be frustrating?

Afternoon earworm for y'all.

There's stuff happening on our property!

Name this tune:

Reaching over the cat

Warm fuzzies

Man of the Year - New Movie

Kudzu Kuisine

nicole richie eats!!!

The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert

I just heard that the first DUer I ever put on ignore just got tombed.

Help! Believe it or not, my mother is dragging me away...

Potassium Nitrate legality?

Dumb ass question

VH-1 Classic Showing "Woodstock"

Nighty nite, y'all...

Anyone know how the security is now at the Atlanta Airport ?

Seems like I'm not the only one not interested in seeing "WTF - the GOP"

I want to play hooky from work tomorrow and I have

what's the one thing you haven't done?

So. How's YOUR "to do before I die" list coming along?

UH OH! MrsGrumpy just arrived to take me away from...


I'm getting really close to the 700 club

Andy Dick ruining Patton Oswalt and George Takei's Shatner roasts

Pavarotti has cancer?

Were you forced to watch this MST3k worthy cheesy movie in school?

Tonight's Dinner:

Your favorite Carpenters song

ROFL - the position I couldn't get last time re-opened...

I was talking to a gay guy today . . .

Awright, dammit, enough is ENOUGH.

Project X'ers......Holloween plans are finalized and approved!

SCARBOROUGH just did a thing called "Is Bush an Idiot?"

I just want to say thank you

Looking for poems about the beach, ocean, etc.

Has anybody seen "Rise Above: The Tribe 8 Documentary"?

Well, I'm back from kid free clothes shopping.

Hooray! My desk is now squeaky clean!

Anyone else here have a useless superpower?

Well. I guess we are pretty impotent here in The Lounge

OK, who needs a star? Don't be shy if you do (or if you're shy, send

Anyone recommend a good iPod case?

Any Bob Newhart fans here?

We need a harumphing smiley.

I beat Sniffa at Scrabble!!! w00t! 2x!!! w00t!

Bruno Kirby, dead at 57.

That's it! I've had it! Don't try to stop me.

So, for serious, can you guys really not get this stuff?

Well. I guess we are pretty unimportant here in The Lounge

How many times to see a really great movie


Tuesday, August 15. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Name the greatest hate song ever! [View All]

It's late! Post a pic of you, tired and/or crabby!

Whatever happened to the "great" Neil Lisst?

Book endings that disappointed you (Spoilers inside)

How blatant is that?

Inspired by Maccagirl: Greatest ending in TV series history?

Remember, remember the 5th of November.

Borat Is PURE Comical GENIUS!

Post your most amazing or outrageous experience here (good or bad)

Help! Does anyone here ever play games through

Am I the only who get's sick at the sight of this?

Foodies: I just reserved the BEST book at the library!!

Which two other DUers would you want to be in a threeway

Hey, how come we haven't seen a Bob Boudelang column in awhile?

I just ran four miles without stopping!

Just heard Rob Corddry say he's leaving The Daily Show.


List rarely-played album tracks that are better than the "hit single"

Bruno Kirby has passed away

The True Story of the Ex-Paramedic Rescuer in WTC Movie

How many Big Macs have you had in one sitting?

What happens when you smoke pixie dust?

Programmers! Forget about Java, C++, Ruby, Python, PHP...


I just voted for the Stephen Colbert bridge...have you?

15 years since the last time I sat on a bicycle, I took a 10-mile ride.

Looking for work on a crazy campaign (and no, you won't get paid)

Jesus Christ on a trailer hitch!

Two Week Kitten -- just a tease . . .

OK, how about a pic thread with horrible photos!

The Supremes save the world!

Congratulations XNASA!! 15,000 posts

Damn funny because I say so.

How do you let someone down easy?

Many years ago, I came across this bit of prose.........

Happy birthday wishes to.........

The sky is blue.

My 5000th post: A retrospective (big dialup warning!)

Are your boys true geeks?

The DMV in your town

Mystery of the Desert - anybody ever seen it?

Orlando, Florida Named 'Angriest City' In U.S. (Top 10 Cities Inside)

Do you own a Chrysler PT Cruiser?

Post here if California Peggy has never 'My Dear'ed you...

Music Industry Threatens Guitar Tablature Sites

Israel, the US, and the Christian Right: The Menage a Trois From Hell

Power of prayer.....

Grandmother Cedar Tree - audio story by Johnny Moses, Tulalip Native Amer

Morgellons...CDC investigating...anybody know anything?

Diet high in copper, fat speed mental decline


Cannabis pitched as pain killer at AIDS conference

Star Formation Theories Set For Significant Revision

U.S. Lags World in Grasp of Genetics and Acceptance of Evolution

Global warming affects hurricane intensity: study

Potassium Nitrate facts and legality?

Evangelicals urge museum to hide man's ancestors

Breaking the Gas Ceiling

David Letterman did something very cool during Monday's show --

Remember the rainbow flag debacle in KS?....

AIDS at 25 -- I want to yell and punch somebody

I need your help...please...

Missouri base leads nation in "don't ask" discharges

Bosox host Yanks for 5 games!

Do any of you know your animal spirit guide(s)?

Anyone know any good anti-gossip spells?

Volunteer needed to coordinate the September prayer thread

Incredible....former model, Lynn Kohlman & her battle with cancer.

West Birthday Card Thread: Sign Up Here.

Midwest Birthday Card Thread: Sign Up Here.

East Birthday Card Thread: Sign Up Here.

George Will puts his column where his mouth is.

Dailykos: George Will Reaffirms: John Kerry Was Right


Kerry will be on Ed Schultz at 3:30 today

BTW, Listening to Lawrence O'Donnell on Franken

Group with SBVT ties working for Lieberman in CT

Isn't it time for them to admit

Has Senator Kerry made any comments about the illegal signing

Bugs in my backyard too!

Textures Poll, suggestions please? PIC HEAVY

Cobweb on expantion loop

Some texture from the archives

I'm clueless on this whole texture thing

My new and updated Nexus/Politics/Terror transcript is up:

Countdown Newletter: 0815/06 -- Terror & Politics


delete- dupe

Young Republicans of Broward County FL .... a must see

Hey, dude, where's our thread? KOEB 8/15

KO RIPPED OFF MY RESEARCH and did not credit it... for the 2nd time!!!

Keith: I think we all know now why he's still in Los Angeles.

RISE UP: a little rabble-rousing video to wake us up!!

TYJ-DU-PSA, #239 Do not splash hot olive oil on bare skin.

Where the hell are the oil profiteering investigations?!?

No Mr. Raasch, I do not watch cable news, but thank you for asking!

German "car bomb" commercial--not real but still on the Net

Ohio Christian Alliance (formerly Christian Coalition), loves Swiftboaters

Does e-bay support


UN Secretary General Issues Warning to Israel, Lebanon

tighter security jeopardizing orchestra tours

May I ask a favor of you all?

Four climbers are missing on K2. Mountain climbing is a dangerous sport.

Radical Fringe Cartoon - (they are back) 8/15 -- get the roots too

Fighting Jim Crow in Israel

Jeff Guckert/Gannon is back

Is it safe?

Another webpage peddling private information:

The sky is blue.

Paul Craig Roberts: Gullible Americans

Nobody likes to admit they've been PUNKED.

Great. We'll have to take a biometric lie detector test before flying...

This is what they have to report about the "Liquid Explosives"

US Forces Arrest Iraqi Health Minister's Personal Guards

What does Lieberman support when he takes the neocon's side?

Attack in Afghanistan Kills Three Fort Drum Soldiers

I think I have found the moran without sunglasses (on Hannidate)

Germany edges toward sending troops to Lebanon

Lieberman's college roommate would pick Lamont

'Oz', VJ Day, a free India, and Woodstock (August 15th)

Republicans for Voldemort

GI Who Exposed Abu Ghraib Feared Revenge, slept with gun.

Let's see how a republican likes following THIS bumper .

Syria Seeks Talks on Golan Heights as Price for Negotiating w/ Hiz

Lamont Says Lieberman sounds like Cheney - Must be a coincidence

MSM Discovering OH BWC $215 million loss cover up before 2004 election

Do we have a "closet Conservative" as the Exec. Editor of The NY Times?

Terror case coming apart

(VIDEO) The Daily Show: Obey, War Is Peace

Big Dog On Lieberman:"His position is the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld position"

Molly Ivins: The Pols Who Cried Wolf

Power of prayer.....

Howie Kutz's powder-puff spin of Couric in WP.

'Lieberman became the most prominent spokesman for GOP strategy'

Fear of terrorists is not my number one Fear.

Taking Our Shoes Off For Nothing - X-Ray Machines DON'T Detect Explosives!

This is HUGH!!1! (Less * stickers in my area).

BillKristol: "Stick with the war, even though it's being badly handled"


Morgellons...CDC investigating...anybody know anything?

VIDEO: Bill Clinton this morning on Good Morning America

Why does bush get so angry & petulant at reporters?

John Dean on Conservatives Without Conscience on Democracy Now today:

Did I hear right? Palestinians don't know anything about 2 Fox employees?

Who thinks Lieberman would vote to impeach Bush when the time comes?

So seriously, how much cable news do you watch each day?

Did you know - HIV + Foreign People Barred Entry into USA?!?!

Nobody pulls themselves up by their bootstraps anymore

Any one listening to Issa on CSPAN now? Opportunities from this war

How is the Bushreich enjoying spending your money today?

According to CNN, returning Lebanese are facing many unexploded

More Americans know who Harry Potter is than can name Tony Blair

Mediterranean oil spill prompts crisis meeting

A Gap In Their Armor - The Democratic Party Self-Image Problem

(TRAILER) Man of the Year = Jon Stewart for President - The Movie

Uh Oh! Iraq's Unity Government Appears To Be Splitting!

Saw this on EBAY and wanted to share. Great bumper stickers

Commander in Chief -- WTF is this

Abu Gharaib whistleblower on MSNBC

The GOP won't endorse the Republican candidate for Senator

Is there some other party that we're expecting to confront the GOP for us?

How many tanks did Israel lose in South Lebanon?

New Study Finds Internet Not a Minivan Either

Gore needs to way in on Lieberman

MSNBC Talking Head: Americans still UNEASY about the war in Iraq

An Inconvenient Truth-Thinking Beyond The Presidency

That sectarian violence that wasn't sectarian violence in Iraq yesterday?

Delay made Emerson cry?

Every time I think of this I just shake my head in disbelief

Mexico poll protests turn violent

Boomers, how does your life now compare with your parents' lives then?

10,000 bags misplaced at airports since security alert began

OMG!!! Just Watched Democracy Now! A MUST SEE... Too Scary & We

Bush is Lord, really funn web site:

Ark. state worker sentenced for ID sales

Majority of States Report Declines in Home Sales, Incl. Former Boom Areas

Venezuela considers sending heating oil to Native Americans

Pope prays for "victory of peace" in Middle East

The US and Israel had planned for this war weeks before..

Ha ha! Dell bad battery stories on NYTimes most-email list 4 times

Ok, wait a Joe a PNACer?

Bush visit to PA for Swann threatens Mennonite book-sale fundraiser!!!

The New Big Lie - "We haven't been hit since 9/11"

So are all those brave US "war correspondents" embedded with the IDF...

Open Letter to GWB

Evan Thomas says he is a good journalist (Newsweek)

Group With Ties To Swift Boaters - ‘Vets For Freedom’ - Back Lieberman

"war in Iraq unfold on CNN or FOX news didn't deliver the whole story"

Another Rant about Banks and what I saw this Morning. (#$%#$@)

Big Dog on Lieberman: "His position is the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld position"

Charlie Rose tonight: Tom Kean & Lee Hamilton for the hour

Islamists seeking heaven could spark apocalypse, Princeton expert warns

Hey!!!!!....Ive Been Gone...Whats been happinin....

Have you ever flown El-Al airlines? Can you fly on this airline

Two Fox news journalist kidnapped in Gaza

Is bush's war in Afghanistan more JUST than his war in Iraq?

need help with a freeper e-mail, please.....

Dell batteries, the perfect metaphor.

Sometimes Rumsfeld's Incompetence Just Looks Like Plain Ol' Cruelty.

Excellent deconstruction of the term "Islamo-Fascism"

Dishonorable dick you fat head! You are in MY city today!

How is this fair? A campaign ad designed as a news story?

DNC: GOP Uses Scare Tactics to Distract From Failed Record

Gay outrage: a self-parody

Godwin's Law needs an update...

Spencer, Not Playing Politics, Links Osama and Hillary in Ad:Video

Military recruiters turn to strong-arm tactics

"MADE IN USA" Banner in Beirut, Lebanon Rubble......

o-m-g! tucker carlson to compete on dancing with the stars! lol eom

John McCain Breaks McCain-Feingold Law

Jack Carter will be on Hardball tonight

What is with Jill Carroll?

NARAL will continue to support Lierberman for Senator in CT?!

Eyesight is not hereditary? Medical professionals do you agree?

The Triumph of Unrealism

With apologies to Manfred Mann and Bruce Springsteen

Killed Aussie contractor 'due to leave'

I have developed a deep, meaningful, SERIOUS crush on Eric Alterman

Would you try and talk a friend into to going to Iraq for a thousand bucks?

8/15 Email of NRCC Talking Points, Numbered for easier debunking .

Virginia GOP Senator Uses Racist Slur To Describe Dark-Skinned Man

It's hard work, but we're making progress

No Bounce Bush's Approval #s Fall In 3 Post British Terror Bust Polls

Iraqis clash with US backed Iraqi soldiers in Kerbala

Palast - "So, Osama walks into this bar, see?"

8/14/06 - Olbermann Nexus of Terror and Politics, update/transcript

US says gas explosion that killed 63 Iraqis wasn't a gas explosion now

TPM: Cheney Lawyer's Up--With Clinton Impeachment Counsel

Amusing Satire about Bushler

Sandra Bernhard commerical: 'Intimidated, frightened, right-wing

The "Ensuring Multi-Party Democracy In America" Act

speaking of wikipedia - with a colbert quote

"Star Wars" agency helps Israel on rocket threat

Hummer of a Summer - Hummers and Happy Meals

Nothing to apologize for

Alberto Gonzales on Patrick Fitzgerald:

swedish web service to increase privacy

london terror plot sounds familiar...

Just Wondering DUers, What are The Chances That Couric Will Fizzle,

1) Please proof my LTTE? 2)'s easy breezy LTTE page:

What Mike Malloy said about airlines passengers monday show

Dear Darrell Issa..

Ned Lamont should challenge Alan Schelsinger to a debate

So, now that Israel has claimed Victory of Hezzbollah...

Talladega Nights & Step Up beat out World Trade Center

"The Guy James Show" 3 to 5pm eastern Join us!

US: president of Iran is trying to take advantage of this tragedy

GMA Suggests we'll join wider MiddleEast war 'cuz FoxNews ppl. captured?

So, if ..... I mean WHEN Iraq falls into civil war ..

Would someone mind asking Bush* why he pardoned Osama Bin Laden?

Olmert's daughter is a leftie! ! !Takes part in demonstrations

Bush Says "U.S. Safer, But Not Yet Safe"

Caption and/or photo-shop this * pic

Insurance skimping in NOLA

Iraq's police forces, which have been accused of operating death squads...

Dr. Howard Dean on CSPAN-2 now, 2:12pmCT.

An observation on entering the discussion forums

Someone, anyone, please tell me where the US is ranked

*a CAPTION for our times*

why the US isn't popular in Lebanon (pic)

Bush: U.S. is safer, but not yet safe

Will there be a pre-election troop withdrawal from Iraq?

My God, Americans are putting up with more & more shit.

Judge: Insurance policy excluded flood damage (Katrina)

Which meaning of "macaca" did Allen intend?

BUSH: “The USA Is Engaged In A War Against An Extremist Group of Folks"

New documentary on mercenaries in Iraq: "Shadow Company"

Could ANY of the Bush kids make a living without their family?

Cheney Lawyers Up-For Plame Civil Suit -- With Clinton Impeachment Counsel

Bush" I don't know of any loopholes that effect HLS...

Politics is all about making and un-making myths. Oedipus Bush

Have any of you ever heard of Operation Northwoods.....

omg - the new, limited edition 9*11 commemorative coin - made w/wtc steel

How many "Unknown Substance" & "Suspicious Package" scares have we had?

63% of Republican voters believe that Bush is a fuckup

So Tucker Carlson is going to be on the next "Dancing with the Stars"

LIVE NOW: Greg Palast on the Randi Rhodes Show

Hannity calls Michael Steele, Shelby Steele, just now on right wing radio

One-Stop Republican Shopping

Mercenaries undercutting one another in Iraq. How nice

Thoughts About the Effectiveness of Analogies?


Mohawk, Macaca-What's the difference to George Allen, Redskin coach's son?

Terror charge dropped in cell phone case

Israel, Hizbollah holding fire UN reports. Skeptics proven wrong, for now.

Newsweek's Evan Thomas sad defense of Bush, after 9/11, on C-span.

Rebuttal to RW Buzzword known as "Political Correctness"

jr, please cough up the "liquid explosives" or shut your stupid yap

Santorum Gets Scant Support At Campaign Stop

Poll spinnning propaganda: "Floridians Say Drilling OK as Gas Prices Rise"

Lieberman tried to stifle free speech and academic freedom in 2001.

Little by little, homeowners insurance will be useless

I think this third quarter fund drive we should punch out Lieberman

Guy who said, "it's ... fun to shoot them" takes charge of 50,000 Marines.

Bush declares Hezbollah defeated: Another "Mission Accomplished" moment?

Concern over FDA Confiscation of Medications to Minnesota Seniors...

From the mouth of an Iraq War vet

Right wingers frothing over Pepsi's new CEO

Banking/Legal Question

Israel to cede positions

Hezbollah fighters emerge from rubble - Excellent read

Bomb Threat on Wilmington Bus

A great read Republicans beat the war drum

A dummy run against Hezbollah...

war, national emergency, recession, corporate scandals, natural disasters

Dixie Chicks "Poor ticket sales" is actually "No Tickets Put On Sale"

Liquids are dense and heavy. Is this too simplistic an argument?

Federal judge: officials cut corners with biotech crop permits

In high praise of Qwest (I never praise corporations but)

With all the airport security , what about the plane

What is a Gold Star Family? - by Amy Branham

New Bush Comic: Tony? What Happened??

Bill Clinton "leaps to Bush's defense" on HIV/AIDS

Media pushed aside Iraq war for Lebanon

Dang, if you all ain't the best.

Gates Breaks Ranks with Attack on US AIDS Policy...

A tip of the hat to Elad!

Caption *

Mortgages companys will start requiring flood insurance

George Allen's "Macaca" roughly translated

Darn other C-Span callers taking too much time...

Should I Go with this... first Idea is a T-Shirt...

Caption this BushCo pic...

Nothing to hide? Then you shouldn't object to a body cavity search.

Major General Itzhak Harel : "Israel army is hollow"

Since Bush's big Baghdad crackdown the number of deaths have increased

Liquid explosives - the last stand of airport security.

Following the money to terrorism? If not, why not?

Worst Product Placement Advertising. (Ever)

38 million Americans hungry or at risk of hunger!

Christ. The Great Britian "conspirators" may get off

Division over Israeli/Lebanon....has divided DU'ers

There is a DUer who writes for Raw Story. In a fit of cleaning my

George Allen and his Family Values

Tell me what has bush done to protect americans....

My Mother's LTTE - Adoption / Gays / and more...

CSPAN: Should we drop the term "War on Terror"?

This is an apology? I never heard "I'm sorry"

Mexico's Partial Vote Recount Confirms Massive and Systematic Fraud

Brent Wilkes on Lou Dobbs?...

20 Amazing Facts about Voting in the USA

So, here's why you should donate to the DU

Memo from Camp Casey 3

Sam Seder just said that Rabbi Marc Gellman refused...

DU need your help on G.I. suicides Bill

Is the FBI investigating the Lieberman campaign?

Well looky here...Cheney is "lawyering up" for Plamegate...

About due for a major hurricane

Is anyone going to the memorial for Dorothy Healey in D.C.on Sunday?

The breast job that saved a life

Chimp: "Government's most solemn duty - Protect the American People"

A fairly logical explanation for the Allen slur...

Why some folks bulk buy cellphones -- I finally found an answer...

Lou is still hammering on the illegalities and bad record of e-voting!

Russ Fiengold's America

Jackson seeks Mideast prisoner exchange

Arianna Huffington on MR right now

Tom Kean from 9/11 commission is coming up on Fox in 1 minute

Need to Update my BUMPERSTICKERS (Where and Any Suggestions)

Joe Scarborough cracked me up with the Laura Ingraham bit

I have had a change of heart

My 8 year old nephew says this is George W. Bush

Two more reasons to support Jon Tasini September 12.

Attention...4th Notice....Gerald Ford in Hospitial

"BUSH TERRORIST" on CNN today - anybody got a freeze-frame?

(VIDEO) Clint Curtis lays out his case on local TV

My views on the 9-11 attacks.

Rarely is the question asked: "Is our President an idiot?" Scarbourough

Screw you George Felix Adolf Allen!!!!


A question about the 2000 vote recount fiasco

Memory Hole Question: 542,000 duffel bag at Beaver Valley...

Sam Sedar

DEA Busts Coast-To-Coast Home Delivery Drug Ring

US turns back to Britain as its base for Son of Star Wars

10,000 bags misplaced at airports (England)

Anybody hear the 15 Aug Springer show this morning on 9/11. Podcast

IDF Chief of Staff Halutz under investigation for prewar stock transaction

"You can't run a country with an armed militia running around"

Not enough evidence to prosecute Brit terror suspects?

LOL....The terrible terrifying terror.

An Open Letter to President Bush from Lazlo Toth

Guardian: 'People are definitely sceptical'

Which Nation is the Most Anxious to Pop a Nuke?

Ms. Magazine Launches Women's Petition on Abortion, Birth Control

Question about who foots the bill for Cheney visit tomorrow.

Ad on DU for a partiucularly henoius-looking conservative book..

Serious question...Does our government

Husband Takes Schiavo Fight Back to Politicians

"There's nothing racist in ethnic solidarity." True or false?

I just want to say thank you

Walmartopia embarks on its WORLD DOMINATION TOUR!!! (NYC :)

August 15, 2006 21:30 EST

bush caught lying again? This time about Syria and Hezbollah.

what ever happend to those iranian "soldiers"...

Jon is talking about Macaca and George Allen

Didn't Chuck Roberts actually paraphrase Cheney/Lieberman correctly?

The New Cold War And Things People Don’t Want To Mention

Anyone else never even hear of Nasrallah before this most recent dust up?

Lamont preparing to shake up his staff - wants to appeal to moderates

Cheyney Hiring Clinton's Impeachment Lawyer?

New movie- America Freedom to Fascism

Am I the only one to think that Colbert is hilarious?

"Make It Right"

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Plame lawyer plans to force Cheney, Rove testimony

TN Senate: Ford Cuts Corker Lead In Half In One Month

Mexican police gas and club leftist lawmakers

'Clinton Got A Blowjob' ....Listen to it here!!!!!

Would you like to help turn Texas blue? Help David Van Os!

A Poll On Springer's Page On Air America Website On 9/11

David Gergen on the Colbert Report: buyer outrage, or what?


Israeli army chief sold stocks hours before war

What do bush & the neo cons Fear the Most?

"Bombing away terrorism" - by Glenn Greenwald

100 US Foreign Policy Experts Agree: BUSH ADMIN NOT WINNING WAR ON TERROR

Polls closed in Nevada, results page here

A Tough Year for Republican Incumbents

Congressman Conyers: Republican Strategy Emerges

CNN's Chuck Roberts Apologizes to Ned For al Qaeda Candidate Comment

Just surfing the net and I came to this site on relgious Sects and Cults

wtf? Incredible!: "US offers help to Lebanon in disarming Hezbollah "

So, yay, I got my Danish Heritage MasterCard invitation

Barbara Bush visit pays off: Houston schools to buy Neil Bush $oftware

Howard Dean speech now on CSPAN1

Wal-Mart Reports First Profit Decline in More Than a Decade

Old School conservative George Will: Kerry was right re: WOT

Allen explains "macaca" remark (just on Wolfie)

Bush's Approval Rating Rises On Homeland Security. Why?

Pat Robertson Laments ME Cease Fire. Stay the fuck home Pat.

I'm a looking for two single moms that love this board......

Hertzberg: Bush's big Iraq gamble came up snake eyes (MUST READ)

Just saw a mixed race couple with a One Man/One Woman sticker on their car

Decision to buy more educational software from Neil Bush raises red flags

Kid from my high school (in Vermont) killed in Iraq

George Allen, suck-a macaca

Pitiful coverage of the George Allen flap!


Oh the shame! Look who I found on skid row!

The word is getting out Troops deseve study of Depleted Uranium

Police want 'instant justice' (UK)

TDS tonite: Samuel L. Jackson , "Snakes on a Plane". Ugh.

Israel blames Russian rocket launchers for its setbacks in Lebanon

These folks are very organized.

The Knob Creek machine gun shoot - for real

CNN complied with Israeli censorship laws far better than the Israeli media

I'll keep it short: DU SAVES LIVES!

Mike Allen on K.Olbermann/Countdown tonight -- just awful

A world without mention of race or religion

Quinnipiac: Greens Helping Santorum Gain Ground

Salon's shameful six - where vote suppression could cost us 2006

Letter for my mother who accused me of giving the troops no credit

Women Accused Of Cutting At McDonald's Run Over

Hot Dogs May Cause Genetic Mutations

"Remember, Remember the Thefts of November"


I'm meeting Howard Dean tomorrow, I can't WAIT!

They are Testing Depleted Uranium Levels in Lebanon Bomb Sites

TomPaine: On Israel, Democrats are no different from Republicans

Everything Old Is New

Sex Ed Changes At School With 65 Pregnant Teens - Ohio

Darth Cheney Lawyers Up -- With Clinton Impeachment Counsel

Evidence Suggests Brit Liquid Bomb Plot was Directed by UK/Paki/US Intel

It only took 4 yrs to beat Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito

In MHO, this Chuck Roberts/ CNN apology is a big deal....

The Role of Fake Media in a Near-Fascist Society

Foodies and fears

So I went back to New Orleans last week...

Sacco and Vanzetti - High School US History

Hot off the press: new 50 state Bush approval polls

Oh My God! Scarborough caption "IS BUSH AN IDIOT?"

Keith Olberman's great -- But something about his show is bothersome

Karl Rove and "THE GAY"

"I will not fly."

Did Ronald Reagan Win the Cold War?

Greatest DU post in 233 years. Why people in Iraq might be P.O.ed

35% TIME/ 36% CBS/ 37% Gallop - New Polls For Bush

Courts Pretending Bush v. Gore Never Happened (NYT)

The top ten things food companies don't want you to know

Am I the only one who doesn't thing Colbert is that funny?

Does anyone know who bush purchased his ranch from?

Bush Said to Be Frustrated by Level of Public Support in Iraq

Stuck on a Bumper Sticker again... opinions wanted...

"This is not the way the war was supposed to have ended for Israel"

DNC: GOP Has Made America Less Safe

Santorum Staffers Faked Signatures To Get Green Party Candidate On Ballot

Ex-British Ambassador: ''The UK Terror plot: What's Really Going On?''

Rabbi Marc Gellman Thinks More Jews Should Have Supported Lieberman

Do you believe that Iraq is in a civil war and if

Pictures from Camp Casey

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I can not believe this shit--Country music singer kills tame bear

What kind of asshole would kill a bear for sport? *

This doesn't sound like terrorism to me. It sounds like a peed off goofball

Woman Facing Deportation Hides In Church

Ahmadinejad interview , Mike Wallace, and an open mind...

Malcom X once asked: what do you call a black man who earns a PH.D.?

“At This Point Lieberman Cannot Expect To Keep His Seniority" - The Hill

Carpenters Union Celebrates 125th Anniversary

RE: "Giving in to terrorism"

Oh my will their troubled souls ever recover from "Reutergate"?

WP, Dionne: Democrats must learn to operate as a party

Letter from Ted Kennedy:

Oil spill in the Indian ocean by Japanese tanker

We need to talk directly to disaffected republicans to make a difference

China denies plundering world's rainforests

More on George Allen the racist/ At least Mr. Sidharth was born in Va.

Chertoff: "Not like the 20th century, where you had time to get warrants"

John Bolton's interview with wingnut during cease-fire negotiations

Chairman Dean's schedule for this week

IN NEED OF LEADERSHIP: Lamont/Lieberman - Post Primary

Blunt Lied to Colleagues to get Majority Leader position.

Is the FBI investigating the Lieberman campaign?

Richard Holbrook spanks Kristol on charlie rose

Posted At GD.. But Posting Here Too!! THIS IS SCARY!!! We

A belated Happy 65th Birthday to LYNNE CHENEY

C-span Washington Journal

Dobson using fear of "liberals taking over" to stir up Evangelical voters

Why is knowone talking about last nights Olberman show?

Lieberman embodies everything that's wrong with the

GWB's "A Good Day For Bombing" Coloring Book - in bookstores now

Will John Bolton Be Confirmed in September?

Family Values Mean Paying Workers Enough to Support Their Families

Can we discuss profiling?

WP: George Allen's America

Paul Begala P**** Me Off Recently

The British Model

london terror plot deja-vu

New CO Repub Lt. Gov nominee is a SERIOUS nutjob

come spank this op-ed writer --- grrrrrr!

Anybody have a pic of the real official "seal " of the Democratic Party?

35 years ago today ,We became an Empire.

This needs to be said about Lieberman's logic...

Laura Bush campaigns for candidate running against disabled Iraq war vet

G. Felix Allen a racist? You be the judge...

Looky here ... there's still a liberal out there ...

Jeb Bush punishes incumbent Villalobos for FL Senate, endorses opponent

Cynthia McKinney Is In My Hometown Today

Bush's Approval Rating Increase On Homeland Security. Why?

National Lawyers Guild Condemns Starbucks Over Unlawful Termination BOYCOT

WTF: Blackwell as a Champion of Minorities & the Poor

More terminal hypocrisy from a repug

Video: Hillary compared to Bin Laden in ad

Anybody watching Tweety with Alan Schlesinger?

WTF!!!!! Two anti-abortion candidates on the ballot in PA!!!!!!

Wine improves with age. Old bullshit just stinks

While we're busy bitchslapping each other, THEY are starting on profiling

CNN just called this The President's War on Terror Tour! Yay!

O'Reilly: "Anti-Bush Crowd" is "furious with last week's London arrests"

Bush now wants full authority over National Guard ( WP)

Santorum Gets Scant Support At Campaign Stop

Group with Ties to SBVT, ‘Vets For Freedom’ Back Lieberman

Has america been attacked many times and hasn't realized it due to the ...

Bush as a Mythical Character

U.S. acknowledges bombs triggered blasts (still trying to lie!)

Thread for ANYONE to prove that progressives at DU are "GOP sock puppets"

Tweety to Alan Schlesinger: "It's not mudslinging IF IT'S TRUE"

Watching Daily Show rerun has anyone read the book Fiasco

Photos: Smirkin' & Lurkin' at The National Counterterrorism Center

Economic Report: Young Worker Deaths At Work Increased in 2005

Veteran Baghdad Reporter Explodes Upbeat U.S. Assessments

Two fer one with Jim Webb!

Newt's boy is the R running in the CO 7 district. We should OWN this seat.

Six states that could cost us in 06 Click through the ad: Salon

George, please go back to your vacation, this will help nobody!!

Casey vs. Santorum?

Franken proposes dems move to repeal the 22nd amendment

Watch Scarborough MSNBC

Connecticut primary

Dean's speech to Ironworkers Int'l on C-Span at 9:30 tonight.

I didn't realize the Fighting Dems (Band of Brothers) had a new site:

watch out everyone Hawaii's going to be close Help Wanted

A Campaign Stumping Message For Any Democrat

"John Kerry Was Right"- George Will on "This Week"

Priority #1: Dumping the GOP

Question: does anyone know why Kerry, and others that have been

Lamont to be in VT with DFA with Sanders, Leahy, Welch, Parker

Please Note: CHENEY re-appears when the AIR STRIKES END!

Please help with a Lieberman research project.

George Will Gives Credit to John Kerry, Again

Yes, Chimpy's an Idiot -- and so is Joe Scarborough!

Bush puzzled as to how Hezbollah in Baghdad could draw such a large crowd

Palast: the REAL reason the US hasn't been attacked again

Housing Bubble Update--West

Plame lawyer plans to force Cheney, Rove testimony; Cheney Lawyers Up


Scarborough on MSNBC right now: "Is Bush and Idiot?"

Sen. George Allen's Statement on Macaca

Updating the Lamont-Support Tote Board

Blast from the past: DUers on Ned Lamont (earlier this year)

OH-Studebaker files papers - special Dem primary election next

Bin Laden cia connection myth or reality?

Warning Again about Veterans For Freedom

GOP in SD having temper tantrum over Howard Dean's visit tomorrow.

Allen on Damage Control After Remarks to Webb Aide

John Fund: Bush is inarticulate, but that's not the same as stupid

Are Dems tough enough? Can they make their case and sell it by

Tough lessons for Israeli armour ( maybe a good reason to quit

Senator John Kerry coming up (after break) on Big Eddie show!

Nevada Primary Results

New Bush Comic: Tony? What Happened??

Update: Senate Democrats Supporting Ned Lamont

"But seriously, folks ..."

Where are our best chances to pick up 15 House seats & 6 in the Senate?

No Joke: Lieberman Backer Mark Pryor is Vice-Chair of The DSCC

Sign this petition to protest Bob Beauprez choice for Lt. Govornor of CO

Islamic Fascists?????

Bill Clinton speaks out against the war; Kerry said it best, then and now!

Non-Christians need not apply

It seems like that Ben Nelson chump from Nebraska always votes

Four states still approve of *

"Democracy for America"

Why is bushco not negotiating ...

Pic of K Harris and Broward County Young Republican Club meeting(must see)

Geraldo, Stewart and Colbert

Clinton on Lieberman

Group with ties to SBVT fights for Lieberman in Conn

Gerald Ford hospitalized

Just saw on CNN; Bush and thugs taking credit for foiled airline plot

A nation of George Allens


Democratic Presidential candidate 2008....who would you like?

As Opponents of Dems, is there a difference between Lieberman and Greens?

PA: Green candidate cuts into Casey's lead over Rick "Santorum" Santorum