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Archives: August 14, 2006

Chances dim for peace in Baghdad

Potential oil boom in Norway may threaten fragile arctic environment

anyone else watching the history channel's

This Kinky topic needs Texas' support in GD!

Defence minister and military at odds on use of G-wagons

Pakistani Charity (earthquake relief) Under Scrutiny in Financing of Plot

Iranian Censors Clamp Down on Bloggers

NYT: Screeners to Be Changed at U.S. Airports

Lebanon falters over truce detail

WP: For GOP, Bad Gets Worse in Northeast

Shiite to Preside Over 2nd Saddam Trial

NYT/AP: All Missing Egyptian Students in Custody

Hunt on for baby bombers (Terrorists Using Babies as Cover)

I don't have too much online but

Grilling Poll: Name Your Preferred Method!

Drunk i'm getting

Favorite blog post/comment thread of 2006 so far

Oh no! My connection timed out and I was stuck in the Pubic Hair thread!!

From the department of redundancy department.

Regis hosts "America's Got Talent." Anyone find it odd that a

OK all you cooks out there, tell the truth...

Today, I made a fuss at the supermarket.

question re: AAR commercial-work at home

Was there an organized resistance among soldiers during Vietnam?

Wherein I smack down a freeper troll

Will this be the last of the texture polls?

Murtha tells Gore dinner that country needs new direction

If only to belong...

Saw "The Lost City"

Claws come out over Katrina dog rescues

Fallujah's Police Force Disappears

What kind of George? The Many Faces and Moods of Mr Bush

RE: How Conservatives Speak

Please remember this folks...

What happened on this date 3 years ago? August 14 2003...

Is this ... "the real platform the Democrats are running on this November"

Civil War Officially Starts: Basra Splits Off From Iraq Rule--Unity Ends

Please don't fund anti-Democrat anti-liberal pro-Lieberman Kinky Friedman

Police Chief in Mosul Iraq killed by some bomb

This is how you get behind the winner, Joe. Loud and clear.

Please don't fund anti-Democrat anti-liberal pro-Lieberman Kinky Friedman

Do our representatives care? NAFTA super highway would bypass Unions

The Other Inconvenient Truth:We Could have ended Climate Change and Didn't

Bob Hebert: Aiding Our Enemies

Alex Cox (the director) - "Why I Oppose Freedom"


Bush's Political Survival Depends on Terror Threats

Robert Fisk: As the 6am ceasefire takes effect... the real war begins

NC paper (home of 82nd Airborne) is tired of the "with us or the terrorist

‘Ready For Change’ (McGovern)

Ted Kennedy -- Demeaning Democracy

Alaska and You

Meanwhile, Back At Los Alamos

the Dominoes

Putting Bush's Iraq Policy Into Rehab

Ceasefire or Trojan Horse?

As the 6am ceasfire takes effect...the real war begins (Independent-UK)

Nicholas von Hoffman: A Handy-Dandy Guide to U.S. Foreign Policy

Targeted by Gun Nuts

How superpowers become impotent...

FRANK, PETERSON & SHARMA: Venezuela’s Revolution of Hope

NYT editorial: Bush judicial nominees appeal only to extreme wing of GOP

The future of Cuba should be decided by Cubans alone

Legal surveillance,not illegal eavesdropping, stopped theUKterrorist at-

Bush's belief in a worldwide Islamist conspiracy is foolish and dangerous


MUST READ Krugman: Hoping For Fear

JASON MILLER: Terror Nation

Oregon firm makes money on Chinese renewable energy project.

U.S. Wind Power Approaches 10-Gigawatt Milestone

Steam Generator Parts Ordered for First New US Nuclear Reactor in Decades.

Sea Level Rise May Be Faster Than Originally Thought - WP/BG

Eco-hipsters love status of 'green' goodies

Judge Won't Stop Oil and Gas Sale (LA)

Ocean growing more acidic. A worse threat than global warming?

Mercury blows into Idaho from neighboring states

Aswan high dam, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and coral reefs.

Segway Launches 2 New Scooters

Chinese Official: Chinese dam failure rate averages 68 per year.

Aust, US deal paves way for cheaper solar power

A good way to get rid of fossil fuel co2; also article on co-generation

It’s Getting Easier to Be Green (Green buildings, NYT)

San Antonio Grudgingly Admits Mark Cuban Right About Their River

Legal muscle lined up for Plum Creek (major wildland development) battle

Wavegen & npower renewables agreement could see wave energy on island

Governator Hamstrung By Traditional Allies On Climate Proposal - LA Times

Golden garbage: LaGrange (GA) sells methane, turns dump into dollars

White House: Lesser Bird Flu May Be Here (AP)

GM/BMW/DC To Invest $1 Billion In Hybrid Tech - For Yukon, Tahoe, Durango

Scientists Worried About Unprecedented Salt Marsh Dieoff In New England

Drought Cuts Off Water To 17 Million In SW China - Reuters

Over 400 Now Dead Or Missing In China From Typhoon Saomai - AFP

Fishing Activist Charges Water District Retaliation Against Scientist (CA)

Area Of China Hit By Drought Up 21% YOY 2005 - Harvest Outlook Unclear

'Dead Zone' Causing Wave Of Death Off Oregon Coast (crab graveyard)

Paul Craig Roberts: Gullible Americans

Turkey: Sign reads ‘Israeli murderers keep out’

Sharon's Condition Deteriorates Further

IDF general: Troops lacking food can steal from Lebanese stores

Saving one's honor

Garbage, the stuff you don't think about

Charities fail to attract cash as 'human crisis overlooked'

52 percent of Israelis: IDF failed

UN peacekeepers meet Israel, Lebanon army officials

Israeli Army Causes Two Serious Head Injuries to Protestors in Bil’in

Gaarder's article 'a hope for peace'

Elevator shafts

What white minivan?

Conspiracies Theories?

Found a photo of the south side of 7 hole.

O.K., Once & For All: What Was bu$h's Role In 9-11 Attacks?

Great article: E-Voting Reaches Religion Status!!

MI - 'The voter reg. you currently hold...may be cancelled'

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 8/15/06

ERD News (8/14): 130,000 Ballots Altered in Mexico Recount (9% only)

Norman Ornstein: Should Voting be Mandatory?

What's Wrong w the Holt Bill in 3 Easy Bullets

ROADWomen's Fork in the Road dinner, Sat., 8/19

Ben Bentzin to withdraw from House race

Common ground: Trans Texas Corridor

DVO Courthouse Tour (More Hill Country & some West Texas)

Back on the diet - low carb chicken quesadillas

Serious pasta sauce questions....

Privacy czar probes possible leak of bank records

Bevilacqua throws support behind Rae

Rival polling firms trade barbs

Man Denounces Islam Outside Candidate's Home

Exhausted Lebanese venture home as fighting ends

Reuters: Revolt forces Australia PM to ditch new asylum laws

Blasts kill 62 in Shiite area of Baghdad

Afghan police kill 11 Taliban (4 NATO soldiers wounded)

Canadian military will defend claim over Arctic waters

Religion-related fraud getting worse

BBC: Jailed anti-Chavez leader escapes

CNN/AP: Bush confers with aides on mounting overseas challenges

Which Travelers Have 'Hostile Intent'? Biometric Device May Have the Answe

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Web developer at center of miniscandal (Lieberman)

Mike Wallace entire interview with Iranian President

UK hand baggage restrictions eased

Ancient Arctic Water Cycles Are Red Flags To Future Global Warming

U.S.: Iraqi Shiites get help from Iran

Sri Lanka Tigers say air strike kills 43 girls

'Dead Zone' Causing Wave Of Death Off Oregon Coast (crab graveyard)

Possible Bird Flu in Wild Birds in US -- But Not Worrisome Version

Same Key Opens Many Katrina Trailer Homes; Locks to be Replaced

Two FOX NEWS Employees Have Apparently Been Kidnapped In Gaza

Gas prices pump up Democrats

(cell) Phone buying is a big business (in Arab-Amer community)

Iran's president launches weblog

U.S. Military Unveils New, Hard to Copy, Iraqi National Police Uniform

Pace: Bigger U.S. Force May Stabilize Iraq

No evidence Iran active in Iraq: US general

CNN/Olmert: No apologies for Lebanon war

CNN/AP: 'Don't ask, don't tell' takes highest toll at Missouri base

U.S. Denies Role in Attacking Hezbollah

Paper Releases New Fidel Castro Photos (with Chavez

Ohio dem congressional candidate arrested

Army recalling 300 troops to Iraq (from Alaska)

Cafferty: What does it mean if the U.S.

Iran launches cartoon exhibition on Holocaust

UK to make new security rules permanent

Attorney: Regola's son 'frequently kept' gun (PA R State Senator's Son)

Hezbollah distributes its own leaflets

CNN Breaking: Two Fox News Employees Abducted in Gaza

Eurozone economic growth hits six-year high

Deadly Baghdad explosion was accidental gas blast: US

Fallujah police officers avoid work after threats (100 Out of 2000 Remain)

Ney Formally Withdraws from Ballot, Triggers Special Primary

Ceasefire 'a setback for Iran and Syria', says US

Poll: Terror Concerns Increase (64% Say Attack In U.S. Likely)

US sending 300 newly returned troops back to Iraq

Chavez opponent escapes Venezuela prison

Poll: Americans Back Air Restrictions (No Bounce for Bush-36%)

Military recruiting violations rise: GAO

Hezbollah fighter hit in first clash with Israelis since ceasefire

Transit Deal Is No Closer After 6 Days of Arbitration (NY Transit)

Kittens thrown in frying pan ("with pork chops and hot oil") in N.Y.

CHAOS In A Holding Pattern Amid Heightened Terrorism Security

Luxury spending found in legal program

Bush: Iran must stop support for armed groups

Group takes responsibility for blasts, US says it was natural gas

FBI: Cell Phone Case Has No Direct Connection to Terrorist Groups

(Hillary) Clinton Faults Bush Admin. on Security

AFP: Global warming behind disastrous typhoon season in China

Day laborers present challenges for unions

Ohio Candidate (Stephanie Studebaker) Booked on Domestic Charge

Reid Pays Interest on Improper Donation

US 'knew of Israel bombing plan'

(Chief Justice John) Roberts Taps Justice Vet to Be Top Aide

Rosy assessments on Iraq `not related to reality,' some say

Reuters: Mexico conservative says recount confirms vote win

U.S. Cannot Stop Iraq Civil War, Say Americans (67% - Fox Poll)

Iran launches Holocaust cartoon exhibit

LAX Guidance System Crashes Again

Israeli military says 10 Katyusha rockets land in southern Lebanon

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 14 August

White House Vague on Conn. Senate Race

Bush: Middle East At 'Pivotal Moment'

DC's 'Open secret': Rumsfeld wants to quit Iraq (the life of 'fobbits')

Tanker in Indian Ocean spills 4,500 tons of crude oil following a collisio

Former SOCom colonel gets 15 months

Dell to recall 4.1 million PC batteries

AP: FEMA: Same Key Could Open Many Trailers

France to lead beefed-up UN force in Lebanon

U.S. gov't gets giant cross in San Diego

Saudi Arabia rejects calling Muslims "fascists"

Oregon Nurses Fight For First Contract Under Decertification Threat

'One small step for man,' 700-box tape loss for NASA

ABC News: Raul Castro: Cocaine Connection?

Sen. Allen's Remarks Spark Ire

NYT: Democrats See Security as Key Issue for Fall

Feds Probe "Fake News" at 77 Stations

Mexican police gas leftist lawmakers, protesters

Assad: We’ll liberate Golan Heights

Haditha Prompts Reflection Among Marines

Candidate, husband arrested in domestic violence case

Bush confident of way through 'troubled times'

Muslims face extra checks in new travel crackdown

Police: Army Veteran Shoots Wife While Unloading Shotgun

Snake. Bus. Discuss.

Pornify your favorite website!

Do you believe angles are amongst us?

anyone else self diagnosing on the internet?

Reminder: Always "preview" your DU posts if they include images

Do the pubics in your area have hair conditioning?

I've been deleted !!!

I am too excited to sleep!! My interview is today!!


what supper dishes should teenagers think are not weird?

The sun is rising, and I'm going to bed....

I have spent over 5 hours on the phone with DUers tonight...

I don't get the whole "angels" thing.

Show us your lizard! It's WORLD LIZARD DAY!!!

O.k. who's up drinking a warm beverage?

I think I might be hooked....Battlestar Galactica

Rock is DEAD!

Texas Man Has Toilet Seat Museum In His Garage

Good Monday Morning crew

The Koala Bear and the Lizard

Maury Povich may have set women back 50 to 100 years...

Dirty Dancing fans check-in

3 years after purchase, our "Quiet Model" GE DishWasher...

Good morning, Loungies.

Is eloping just for jellyfish?

It was a pleasure to fly Delta Airline yesterday.

Man Arrested For Wearing Ninja Mask On Street

You've Painted Up Your Lips And Rolled And Curled Your Tinted Hair...

Public Hair?....

Is eloping just selfish?

The End Is Nigh!

Confronting the sexual abuse of animals

Is picking your nose in DC vogue now?

insects ripped at my flesh

How many light years are you from the galaxy that birthed you?

i know he knows

Ever seen the rules at Falwell's Liberty "University"

Sharon is rolling inTO his grave over this stupid war Olmert just lost...

Which office moron are you?

I just chased a spinster out of my apartment!!!

What is a Trap?

what did you dream about last night?

Kurtis Blow

I guess its a good thing I took today off...I'm out of sick leave...

Wow, the work day is over already

does anyone else remember "slam books?"

Oh my still lives...

Seeking comments on a particular NYC hotel...

OMG...up sooo late, so sleepy....

Happy Birthday Halle Berry!

anyone have the website that lists non-profit jobs?

So, we took a walk by my old apartment last week, and found:

I have Lyme Disease

6 years and still no "Coyote Ugly" sequel?

Is anyone else's job like this?

Talked to a Lieberman supporter last weekend.

Help me identify a bad movie, I forgot the title

any win2000 users experiencing internet explorer crashes...

What the hell is it?

Wow the fiance market is getting really competitive

Shit - The movers always come on the most beautiful days.

Another pic from the Feingold picnic yesterday...

How would you want to be remembered on DU?

I watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset back to back!

Shit - The Mooers always come on the most beautiful days.

Shit - the mowers always come on the most beautiful days

Graphic photo of infantry taking incoming fire.

Snakes on a Plane box office predictions

It's the Official Nerd Purity Test!

"I'm looking for the titty" (a Sex thread)

I'm having one of those "Nobody Loves Me" DU days

"Go ahead...make my day!"

A Grasshopper and the Ant - family problem

"I'm looking for the titty" (Not a Sex thread)

Congratulations eyesroll!! 10,000 posts

Buttermilk biscuits are in the oven

junk email tag line, do they have some gibberish generator somewhere...

Ready for my job interview - do I look OK?

Walmart screwed me out of $30 last night, I'm through with them

Kitty cat advice

Anyone watching's Tony Kornheiser doin?

Rabrrrrrr brags about his "Hired Help" - Bet he doesn't have what *I* have

What has Boxer been up to lately?

"Go ahead...take my lay!"

Woohoo!!! The season premiere of Weeds is on tonight!

Congratulations The empressof all!! 10,000 posts

I need to find some desert music

That's one out-of-place booby! (BOOBY seen near Forrest!!)

Wanna hear my vacation at the shore story?

Mother in law advice

New NBC show, Studio 60, starts off very anti-Bush

Movies with New York venues

OMFG - Snakes On A Train

Snakes On The Plains

Better neurotic extreme?

porn as a last resort (ex-girlfriend question)

OKAY... I Admit it....

Zit remover?

Tell me what you hate about the school calendar in your district

Vacation Countdown

Quick I Need Sam Cooke recommendations

Poke fun but I am sad that Pooh and Christopher Robins split up.

My name is Inigo Montoya...

I have a dead spider on my head....

I just found money owed to my family at

Come, let us make a joyful noise unto the Lord...

I bid you Goodnight people...Take care..Peace

so, you are hanging out in the Lounge....

sweet delicious leisure time

Will I be able to get anywhere...

I love "Weeds".

I must say, I do LOVE mangosteens

what's for dinner?


Who in the Bush administration has the deepest psychological problems?

I can't show boobies here, but can I show a boob?

FR is slagging Boy George so here's my Boy George appreciation thread

Little Midlo was chosen captain of her field hockey team!

happy monkey

are there any DU fantasy football leagues?

it's bbq nite in crawford

What y'all having for dinnah?

Favorite Australian Made Movie

Is it me, or has the Food Channel lost its way?

How do you picture an afterlife?

So I snapped this pic of NYBri and Spitz...

How addicting is facebook?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 8/14/06)

"From Hell"... yet another brilliant Depp movie.

I just got my

why the hell is the phone company playing the nutcracker suite on hold?

I'm burning incense, and we all know what that means!

Which Bad sci-fi costume would you rather be forced to wear?

Holy two-headed turtle, Batman. (For Redqueen)

SNAKES + PLANE = 8.18.06

Is this heart making anybody else tired?

Do you drink?

Is this heat making anybody else tired?

Naked Juice

The worst thing about household staph is that it makes you sick

Fuzzy Navel

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole

Does this seem fair?

MrsGrumpy is getting awfully close to POW! Right to the MOON!

Who is the most likely to secretly despise George W. Bush?

Nasty storm entering OKC...

Who else had a root canal today?

Help! Laptop battery problem!

One Year

I need an EPL club to support

College/university attendees: Did/do you live in a dorm?

Will someone just tell me what computer to buy?

Whats the World's tallest building??

Aw fuck a mosquito just bit me, now I'm going to get

Cute pic of my dog and cat

Check out this website...

BATS!! Dozens of BATS!!

The worst thing about household staff is that they get sick.

I went and bought my textbooks today

Hell's Kitchen final episode tonight!

"American Idol" rant...

Time for a cocktail..Whats in your glass tonight?

Poke fun but I am sad that Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson split.

Guess which politician currently enjoys a 36% approval rating?

anybody want to go outside?

The Requesting of a Raise...

Forget about mere buildings, what's the World's tallest erection?

auntie fashions on current events (tee shirt)

We went to the orchard the other day...

Do you ever feel like just dropping everything and just bailing?

Did you know...?

a poem about a dream i had

Tucker Carlson's new job - "Dancing with the Stars" (not kidding)

The Koala and the Little Lizard

Anyone else have trouble communicating with people?

MrsGrumpy is getting awfully close to 40,000 posts!

What do you use Google Spreadsheets for?


All of my other threads sunk - thank God!

Weeds season premier is tonite. Is anyone else looking forward

What are the reddish-orange spiders that make webs every night in the yard

What do Bill Gates and Bill Clinton talk about?

Is DU running slow for anyone else right now? n/t

Taj Mahal---three years ago

"My mom didn't die today."

Drinking Coffee and Contemplating going to bed...

Who is more unattractive?????????????

Woo hoo...I'm going to see Little Miss Sunshine tonight!

TYJ-DU-PSA, #239 Do not splash hot olive oil on bare skin.

Movies you did not want to see at first but actually enjoyed

I just spent the weekend watching "Taxi Driver" Any ideas on how to...

I can't sleep. Ask me anything.

Monday, August 14. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

the most tragic band in rock history

Tapioca is tiny, colorless eyeballs.


Forget HP House classification--which "Sneakers" character are you?

I had forgotten just how bad Star Trek - TMP was

My little puppy has died.


Computer disaster? WHAT HAVe I DONE???????

Madonna Abandons Movie Career

Seems like I'm not the only one not interested in seing "WTC - the movie"

Kittens thrown in frying pan ("with pork chops and hot oil") in N.Y.

Tony Bourdain and me in China munching on cow and sheep guts.

My pulse is 54, ask me anything!!

That's one out-of-place booby! (BOOBY seen near Seattle!!)

Why don't men shave their armpits?

Happy Birthday to Me. I'm 58.

HELP!! Any Plumbers in the house? Clogged Disposal/Sink....

What's the worst job you ever had?

Allman Bros. "Blue Sky" in a commercial for menopause

The ragweed is making me crazy!

Is it too much to ask? For an apology when someone has wronged you...

dolo amber encouragement thread!

What Was Your High School Mascot?

Once again, "Entourage" was great last night.

Low-fat buttermilk, what is this bullshit! They might fool the fucks...

Such a glorious "moon rise"... wallpaper, anyone?

Kat Dennings. . . .will you

Hawai'i golfer scores breakthrough win (no, it's not her)

FG is shagging Boy George so here's my Boy George appreciation thread

Have you seen the commercial with deadeye and his shotgun?

I just chased a rider out of my apartment.

Poor Dave Chapelle. How will he ever do a parody of S.O.A.P.?

I'm watching this clip of Chuck Berry and The Boss

Wanna hear my vacation at the shore story?

Wow the fiance market is getting really competitive

Know anything about baby birdies?

You may have money coming! (Am I Santa?) Check in here!


It's been a while since someone has posted a hot picture of bin Laden

Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe

Nighty nite, y'all...

Now THIS is a damn fine cast and a damn fine soundtrack

A nation divided?

Kevin Federline releases CD on his own label (because no one else would)

After all these years, I started a job where I am using my education...

"This and all other PayPal emails are scams"

"Charm school" helps men perfect the pick-up

Name the greatest love song ever!

Anyone here use Sibelius Music Software

If you were to join the military,


Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

The bastards didn't give me flowers.....

Hey, bicentennial_baby, remember when we were talking about makeup?

Flirting thread..flirt with someone..anyone!!

What're you listening to?

Your favorite BAD movie?

I Got Fired Today

my 26 pound feline namesake "Skittles" passed away tonight

Ideas for New DU Forums

Could you care less?

The Rapture Index ...Stop the madness!

Greek scientists urge teaching of evolution

Resurrecting an old thread to discus nontheism

The epidemic of diabetes--and organic pollutants

Plan shifts health costs to less fit

Prescription drug giveaways draw complaints in US

Equal Love Australia-wide complains about "Homosexuality on Television"

Meet the Religious Right...

What I like most about the new MNF

Lerner buys Aston Villa (MBNA, Cleveland Browns)

Jones trying to avert a T.O. - Tuna meltdown?

Some Political predictions for the new day....

Another few predictions...

This week's white light recipients are the Pink Code ladies.

Tarot says Bush is in deep doodoo.

New Matthew message - August 13, 2006

OT: There is something seriously wrong with G. Felix Allen

GOP STRATEGERY: Keeping You Stupid

Recent Portrait

More texture opinions needed,

Can Glass have 'texture'?

*** August Round Table Discussion ***

Countdown Newsletter: 08/14/06 -- Terror Plot Aftermath

I'm going to see the Big Dawg tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Hold me ..... I can not take it any more

KOEB 8/14/06 - Karma chameleon edition

Do you drink?

anyone else watching the history channel's

DU religious intolerance, only for one group?

TSA providing 50 gallon Mixing bowl for Bombers

Do you feel the ban on gays in the U.S. military SHOULD be changed?

family invasion is over = radical fringe cartoons will return tomorrow

Can someone photoshop this sign into a "Loserman 2006" sign?

bush gets "Terror Bounce" even though Chertoff says U.S. wasn't targeted.

Get the hoi-polloi OFF the planes.

Cease Fire??

Via Juan Cole -- McGreevy: The War's Deathbed

Can the GOP use terrorism to win -- again?

Ancient Arctic Water Cycles Are Red Flags To Future Global Warming

On Native Soil - The 9-11 Commission Movie Documentary

CNN showing "Attractive Targets" for terrorists.

Israeli Leaders Fault Bush on War

Should people over 65 still be required to pay Federal Tax?

Why the great ship of state is headed straight into the crapper!

Two Thousand, Six Hundred and One. "Its a Number"

Update on Iraq - Aug. 14 Security Events - Bad Day in Iraq

"Without Precedent" (9-11) on CSPAN's Book T.V. THIS Sunday

Ohio BWC covered up the $215 million it lost prior to '04 election

Interesting observations on the NYTimes Best Sellers list

I enjoy "Washington Journal" on C-SPAN

Homeland Security Department Gets Better Grades in 2nd Major Test

Nukes impacted by Global warming

Now Iraqis Using Dogs as Bombs-Can we go any lower?

Passive Aggressive - 'christian' Rightists vilify gay people

bush to meet w/ experts to figure out Iraq today


We declare peace! Turning up the heat for peace...

Mexico still Presidentless - election board will release results today

Gore Got That Right, Too. - Current TV article from SFGate

9/11 Detainee Released After Nearly Five Years

Unedited Ahmadinejad interview to air on cspan tonight at 8PM EST.

WSJ: Republicans Plan Push for New Antiterror Laws

France outmanuevered The US at diplomacy.

Air travel--media are NOT helping...

Hedge Funds, Buyout Firms Favor Democrats With Campaign Money

Here we are, 5 years after the Box Cutter Attack.

Pace: Bigger U.S. Force May Stabilize Iraq

Arianna tries to get Chuck Roberts fired

Terrorist Plot in Michigan?

Tony Snow to Lie like a dog on CSPAN, 9 a.m. central

He's back....

Letter to St. Pete Times for your review. Suggestions?

Wow! Where to begin on this editorial (Bush impeachment)...

Long-term threat to economy as UK runs out of scientists, CBI warns

China Drought Leaves 17 Million Without Water

Bill Clinton coming to Michigan tomorrow

TIME, Ron Suskind: How to Stay One Step Ahead of Terrorists

Wallace stated Bush Commander-in-Chief of Free World

GQ Exclusive: The Untold Story Behind The Infamous Abu Ghraib Pictures

Did anyone else see Milton Friedman pick his nose on CSPAN?

Snow diverting our attention...

Tony Snow has Bird Flu on the brain

WTF, now there are cell phone terri'sts?

Bill and Melinda Gates blast Bush HIV policy

See the AP article: "Oil companies raise $30M to fight severance tax"?

Tucker Carlson and Springer on "Dancing With The Stars"


I am seeing a beautiful picture this morning

Germany has the sense and the will to talk to Syria about Hizbollah

ABC reported about a "Pakistani" network attack, two days before plot foil

China gets a real taste of democracy

Did a gas explosion kill all these Iraqi people or was it a US air strike?

UPI: Blair's Barbados shorts draw national headlines in terrorized UK

Bush Refuses to Back GOP Candidate in Connecticut

Lisa Myers reported 7 hr. delays at Heathrow Airport...

Think the Israelis anticipated the flood of refugees returning south?

The Big Dog and Gates on C-span now

Has President Clinton stated that he supports Lamont since the primary?

Stay skeptical

US Army: soldiers must look scary

Clinton & Gates on Aids: C-Span now

US West CEO got $72 million severance

Gates and Clinton Live On C-Span Now (11:20 AM Eastern)

Goddam! What A Pleasure To Hear A President Speak Again

Top 10 Conservative Idiots! Holy Joe wins first four slots!

Are Republican voters happy that Republican politicians endorse Lieberman?

What Are the Lieberman Foes For?

Has The TERROR WELL Run Dry? (New CBS Poll: 36% Approval-Post Plot)

I NEED INFORMATION... for an upcoming Podcast.

why does billy zane and gary busey hate american?

An Inconvenient Truth-The Book- HIGHLY Recommended

I pray for peace. has INVESTIGATIONS INTO COMPANIES--> Owned by Mark Cuban

"Snakes on a Plane". A movie like this breeds nothing but more ignorance

Please try to contain your UNDILUTED LIBERAL RAGE

POLL Christians ADDICTED To Pornography

For GOP, Bad Gets Worse in Northeast


Just gave my contribution to DU!!!

The Unending Torture of Omar Khadr (young teenager)

What would a Lieberman win mean for the two-party system?

No evidence Iran active in Iraq: US general

Why has Iraq war lasted nearly as long as WWII?

How soon before we all have to travel buck naked?

This AM, it was said oil was down to $73/barrel...

Bush/Cheney knew of Israel's plan to bomb Lebanon....

Which is better? 50 threads on the same quote, each with 5 - 10

What needs to happen when Democrats take over in November

Ethanol, Corn Users May Deplete US Supplies By 2008

WP: Bush admin official moonlights as a pundit on Fox News, PBS

(VIDEO) New DSCC ad: Secure

Cease Fire.

Yes, he is quite the uniter!!! Last Rasmussen poll - 44% strongly disapp!

More US troops to Baghdad do little to stop violence. Who'd have thought?

The GOP "sold" me to ConAgra

How do you maintain a "cease-fire" with 30,000 Israelis still in Lebanon?

Worried about liquids on planes? You can make rocket fuel from chocolate!

If you have a Yahoo acount, please recommend:

Cattle Feed Contaminated with Mammalian Protein Recalled

If another country invaded us and provoked Americans into a civil war... wants people to know if you're "Muslim, gay, unemployed..."

This just seems wrong to me...

Who will say "NeoCons Have Hijacked the Republican Party?"

Does it really make sense to throw our energy problems into our food?

Warning message from US Embassy in Kabul: Bomb threat

Bin Laden wants YOU to vote GOP!

Iran's president launches weblog

Its A Mad World

UK Papers Slam Blair For remaining on Vacation during terror chaos

Nuclear war starting in 10 days?

"Win by Adapting"? Truth in anagrams -->

White House: Lesser Bird Flu May Be Here

Bush sought to cut $6M in screening technology...

Clever! A come to Jeebus site where you can confess your sins!!!

So, anybody following how the Raptards are dealing with the cease-fire?

new airport check in rules, my experience yesterday

I'm watching MSNBC using Bud McFarlane, Iran-Contra traitor as an analyst

Exponential growth

Quote needed: Malkin endorses Lieberman over Lamont? Beware:Net scrubbing!

Where is Pickles?

U.S. blows UK case early. Not 2006... 2004! ANYONE REMEMBER NOOR KHAN?

Here's An Idea: 10% Pay Cut for Every Member of Congress Until....

The Terrorists have won

Lou Lou, my boy Lou!

UN equal under the law is common for women

CIA Officers Warn of Iraq Civil War, Contradicting Bush's Optimism

Question: Is the media covering up damage to Israel?

Jet evacuated at LAX after item found

Is there a news blackout on stories coming out of Iraq?

CAPTION Tony Blair

Tony waved his hand in front of his face, and then said 'Excuse me'?

Wanted: Terrorists to Resuscitate Republican Party

A bit of inspiration...

Mullenax News is closing!

Stop calling Lieberman an "independent democrat"...

Didn`t I read somwhere on here about a veternarian....

The Dichotomy of Two Wars: Rep. John Murtha

Bush - Terrorists are fighting the "advance of liberty"

Should Feds Stop Accepting Tax $ From We al Qaeda-Encouraging Types?

Woman Calls Police to Report Clean House

Nancy Giles clip from CBS Sunday Morning

I just found money owed to my family at

Mike Wallace entire interview with Iranian President

Robert Parry: Bush tried to push Israel into attacking Syria.

FBI Says No Connection To Terrorism

AP: FBI Cites No Terror Ties in (cell phone) Arrests

Cuba's Agricultural Revolution an Example to the World

Gunmen kidnap Fox News journalists in Gaza: witness

bush: "It looks like the kind of thing Al Qaeda would do".

Osama bin Laden loves George Bush

CNN Breaking: "Two Fox News Journalists Abducted In Gaza"

AWOL Junior: Come on in. Grab a bomb. Spread some peace.

UK terror plot discovered via legal wiretapping?

Harris prevails in vote 'for fun'

Fear and Smear: The Nation

CAPTION the kiss off...

Despite US forces, the real power in Iraq is Iran

Acetone+Hperioxide on a subway=diaster

Taking bets on Bush's speeches

Voters Must Beware of Republicans' Terrorism Trap

Did you just hear the kid on Randi

How about closing the barn door before the horse gets out, for once?

Open source project adds "no military use" clause to the GPL

So when do we declare democracy on Iran?

The true state of our economy

Ed Schultz is an idiot

I SWEAR that monkeyass is getting a live feed through an earpiece

Pluto on the chopping block

CAPTION the workaholic

DHS' Answer To Liquid Explosives Threat Is Nonsense

photos that he stores on his cell phone of Sunnis he has killed.

Ney officially withdraws from race, triggering special election

Will Bush allow Hearsay Evidence in the Courts?

LIVE NOW | Paul Thompson on the Randi Rhodes Show

Rosy assessments on Iraq `not related to reality,' some say

Blitzer: Code Talker

Sy Hersch's latest article omits Israeli abduction of Hamas politicians

Randi: Has a guy on with a 9/11 timeline film.

Seymour Hersh on Hardball today, 4 and 6pm CT. nt

Lamont's victory could be the best thing for Republicans if....

CNN: Bush: 'Hezbollah suffered a defeat'

Let me see if I have this straight. If I transport cell phones and take a

Our little man on TV talking about radical extremists

Homeland Security nabs Free Stater from home

Cafferty: What does it mean if the U.S.

Bush claims monkeys fly out of my ass!

Swiftboat liar Cosri on Faux right now smearing Iran

caption this Chavez-Castro pic

US sending 300 troops who just returned weeks ago back to Iraq

Bush: "Some say that America caused the current instability"

Nancy Giles on CBS Sunday Morning

RE: Gay marriage. I think that if gay people are given the right

Santa Barbara OKs Housing Aid for Folks Making Up to $160,000 a Year

So, should Pluto be a planet?

Salon: Inside the Iraqi forces fiasco

Irony? Did GWB Really Say this?

Chickenshit in Chief on TV waving his weenie at Iran & Syria

Bush speech-ifying on The Onion Radio

The War Tapes documentary features soldier's-eye view of Iraq war

Horrible website (bad as freepervilleish ones) Aieeeee!!!1 my eyes!!1

"Some say" that Bush is Nucking Futs"

Get ready for a huge drop in gasoline prices,

I had a thought a couple of nights ago (re: NSA Wiretapping)

Bush: "If I were Hezbollah, I'd be claiming victory too."


Listening To Cokie Roberts This Morning My Blood Was Boiling

Tweety on Lieberman ad: I see dead people

Joe a Dem? Make him prove it!

Rove must be disappointed: Bush at 36% in CBS News poll

Coming up on Lou Dobbs: danger to our democracy with electronic

So We Learn that Bush Hurried UK "Terror" Arrests. To Help Lieberman?

* reflects on a table - and other photo op pics from today

What the hell happened to Cheney's neck?

Caption * . . . .

My LTTE regarding Kathleen Parker's column that enraged me.

Using us to kill

Which of Bush's WH Spokesmen have been the worst, and why?

Seymour Hersh on Hardball right now! 7:09pm

Did you see the item on Dobbs where you can buy DiBold mother

George "macaca" Allen

I trust Olhmert as much as I trust Bush.. CNN reporting Kyutusha Rockets..

Pat Buchanan just hit the nail on the head re: US attacking Iran....

Larry Johnson on Ed Schultz today on Liquid Explosives...

Lou Dobbs poll...

Lest we forget.

Japan Gave US Liquid Explosives Detection System In January, But ...

Right-wing pundits sound a lot like the Unabomber! (quote from yesterday)

Do you watch Current TV? I do -

In a remake: The Madness of King George. Who would you cast?

Republicans Unpopular in Stars Hollow; Lorelei Gilmore on Bush

Caption Tony Blair enjoying his vacation

Why can't we arrange a cease fire in Iraq

Is there something good coming on TV tonight? 911 story?

Five people accused of making bombs

Stop Belittling the Theories About September 11

Smirky sez that Israel won.

Some tapioca, and could you loosen my restraints just a smidge?

Lie detector tests at our airports? Gotta love that Chertoff!

Even if Cheney knows we know he's evil and entirely full of shit...

I shook the hand of the Governor on Sunday

some Katrina pics I found posted on Yahoo messageboards

Couric: Viewers want news to be an hour

Cluster bombs await returning Lebanese

John Dean on Lou Dobbs

5 days later, your impressions of the Foiled Terror Plot.

Please get rid of this ad if at all possible

Pakistein Monsters and Other B(ush) Horror Shows

Bush's Axis of Medieval

Cspan now taking calls LIVE - reaction to Ahmadinejad's interview!

Illinois to offer healthcare to veterans who don't qualify for VA

Must See TV: Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi and the word on the Arab Street

Just What One Earth Did The C-Span Callers Expect Of Mike Wallace?

Rightwing Nut case D.R.Sally goes after veterans with PTSD

51 Governors Resist Shifting Authority Over Guard - Bush* the Uniter!

Our White House and Media Suggest Dem Candidates & Voters are Terrorists

I'm going to be on Air America again today

Olbermnann to talk about Terror Alerts & Timing (Political)

“Feel safer?” “Vote for change.”Dems See Security as Key Issue

Police want new powers of 'instant justice' (Guardian)

LOL! I clicked on a link to the Dept of Justice on the State Dept website

ROFL! Tweety Reacts to Lieberman's new Ad re: Iraq: "I See Dead People"!

Toy remote control triggers airliner evacuation at LA airport

Robert Fisk: As the 6am ceasefire takes effect... the real war begins

Imus bans Dems from his show who don't support Loserman

Caption This !!!

Is the Press lying to us?

Notice the repigs getting MORE pissed off? When they run EVERYTHING?

Highway Legal Electric Vehicle. for those interested

Dear DUers, please check out my thread!

Is it just me, or did the Bird Flu disappear?

Who's Afraid of Hillary Clinton? MoveOn?

Surprise! "Arizona court overturns death penalty in 9/11 crime"


Notice the 1984 set on The Daily SHow?

LIke son like father, Mike Wallace is a douche.

Diebold motherboard for sale on eBay

Anyone have a link to the story: Bush wants budget cut for nat. security

The Swift boating of

Just Like Heaven, what a disgusting movie

BushCo succeeds at one thing: Making enemies...

Cease fire holds. Skeptics on a short fuse, though . . .

So what if the UN gave the entire east coast back to the Indians?

Bush: "Freedom Agenda"

Okay, we have to ask ourselves now that the Gods of the Whitehouse have

Does anyone not pay their Federal Taxes as a protest to war?

Mike Malloy is reading NanceGreggs post

Why is a nuclear Iran a threat but a nuclear Pakistan is okay?

Why NOT march on the WH wearing V for Vendetta masks?

Stephen Colbert is interviewing that twit Ramesh Ponuru.

Mexican Police Use Tear Gas & Clubs In Violent Clash Over Election

Talk radio

Tweety asked if Bush's buffoonery and lost credibility has damaged Israel

USA is #1....

Sobering article on Wikipedia (Stacy Schiff, The New Yorker, 07/31/06)

Malloy suggests Hannity/O'Lielly swap themselves for abducted Fox reporter

"Changing "French Fries" to "Freedom Fries" was arguably this Republican

World Defense Spending rankings

Another great LTTE from the "English-only" crowd

Ashcroft cashing in on homeland security

4,500 ton oil spill in Indian Ocean from AP in Tokyo now on web

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers Check in

Reid must get it in writing: Will you support me for Leader if elected?

David Letterman is on here, says Bush passed his physical last week.

CSPAN: Iranian President Interview Repeat NOW

Wow, The DU Member Photo Gallery Is Awesome!

Holocaust cartoon exhibit kicks off in Tehran

Three wars remembered.

Iranian President's Hobbies

Two pictures ...

Oh Man! That neo-con, for who Jon Stewart tore a "new one," is on Colbert!

VIDEO | Vandals target 20 drivers talking on mobile phones (BBC News)

Senator George Allen holds a pep rally in support of his re-election bid:

FLASH ALERT .. 25 Republicans caught trying to smuggle bombs aboard

question on US party colours

rebirth/reincarnation: GWG will return as...

Just heard the promo for the Nightly News with Brian Williams...

And now, an important message for the voters of Connecticut...

FAUX News reporters kidnapped in Gaza

They always say they regret winning the money but they never

Bush drops reference to 'Islamic fascists'

Can someone get CNN a FACT checker, STAT

Nelson relatives in Harris' corner? (more idiocy from Katie) ROTFLMAO

I just received this from a Pub friend. HOW do you deal with THIS????

If you went to Camp Casey last summer, join me for this little

Be Creative: What Was bu$h Like As A Kid?

Why do you work?

I'm pissed at DU, their mods and a lot of things right now.

C-Span right now - Children & The Internet

Cafferty returns today -- He's got three interesting questions

Bush confers with aides - CNN screen shot that made me LOL

Malloy fans: help me find a bit

Can anyone help me counter this right wing propaganda?

cubans in miami salivating over ...what they say will be cuba's return to

The official presidential statue of GWB has finally been selected:

Interesting--German economy is surpassing US and Britain

I will now sponsor 5 DU'ers..

After Bush talked of the dead innocents in Lebanon today he giggled

Man Blames War In Iraq For Anti-Islamic Machine Gun Rampage

Take the Sullivan Challenge: Devise a Lefty Vision to Combat Terror

TV Takes on Terror: Networks plan numerous 9/11 specials

Bush unveils plan to tackle global corruption (not from the Onion really)

My periodic Al Gore support thread...

Bush live on CNN here now. He's cracking up, come on!

Bush is on Cnn now lying...

America's one-eyed view of war: Stars, stripes, and the Star of David

"Worst Person in the World" no more?

Olbermann's repeating his complete Nexus of Politics and Terror

I guess I hate America. Tony Snow said so, and he speaks for

Dear Dr. Dean.

Oh, yes, your husband has my back killing Iraqis.

Minnis (R) calls her Dem challenger "Pornographer" bc he's on LIBRARYBOARD

Mystery 9/11 Rescuer Reveals Himself

Sen. Allen's Remarks Spark Ire

Hizbollah declares victory and goes . . . stays home

Glenn Beck on Iran Pres. Ahmadinejad: "This guy is Howard frickin' Dean."

There's NO War On Terror Because Bush Gave Osama What He Wanted (Palast)

$100m in 4 days!!!

Completely confusing Freeper bumper sticker

Drums Along the Macaca?

I received a "warning letter" from the US Government

"Macaca" is an ethnic slur, Senator

Is anything still Union Made in the USA?

Katrina victims blamed for Houston crime

Ever hear of "The Sons of Confederate Soldiers"?

Lebanon and Darfur

So I'm sitting on an airplane (Port Security here- big time)

Sometimes I wonder about "blackmailed Democrats"

What If 9/11 Never Happened? A Counterhistory.

If you had $1000 dollars to donate to a senate candidate of your choice

Do you ever feel that you are somehow a failure because you

PTSD post traumatic stress disorder (SORE LOSERMAN)

We WERE respected around the globe

Hezbollah wants to help rebuild homes in S. Lebanon

Stop Profiling - Take up a Muslim appearance

NYU State of the TA Unions NEW VIDEO Read more R U in it?

Anyone know how the Cease Fire is holding out....

Lebanese infrastructure

ISO: a list of politicians and their PACs

So my own government calls me an "al-Qaida Type"

NYT: Fathers Defeated, Democratic Sons Strike Back: Culver, Bayh, Carter

Picked my ideal 2008 President and VP candidates:

Daily Mail (UK): Tony Blair on holiday "despite intelligence briefings"

I Was Watching Miles O'Brien Interview Kip Hawley of DHS About TSA Tweaks.

Here's a pic that really needs to be....

Sharon is rolling inTO his grave over this stupid war Olmert just lost...

Beating Terrorism: It's the Grievances, Stupid

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Web developer at center of miniscandal (Lieberman)

Santorum draws more cows than people during campaign stops...

Photos: Bush meets with Rumsferatu. FEEL the joy.

With every Republican crying foul over Lieberman, it proves he was a tool

Panic as policy

Labor Department Official Poses As ‘Conservative Analyst’ On Fox News, PBS

Diddling the Votes

Harry Reid: Wrong on Conyers?

I Will Spare One last Thought for Tom DeLay

D.C. Simpson cartoon--Civil War

Nevada AND the USA needs Jack Carter elected to the Senate!

Bush won't endorse Republican challenging Lieberman in CT (Breaking)

CBS News Poll: Little Lord Pissypants holding on tight to his 36% mandate

GOP STRATEGERY: Keeping You Stupid

CAL THOMAS continues to do his job very well

Democrats Underfunding Youth Infrastructure

World War II - 1345 Days Iraq - 1242 days (to date)

Lieberman Without Tears: One unctuous Hawks Demise is not a Trend...

Japan Gave US Liquid Explosives Detection System In January, But ...

Wow! I just found a 2000 Gore large Photo and a bumper sticker

secret "insurgent" weapon wipes out 95% of Fallujah police force

New Rasmussen Poll has Ritter leading Beauprez 48%-39%

It appears that Israel is still taking death toll on Lebanese through

Racism comes standard in George Bush's America

Lieberman Is In Al Queda

Meet the Republican in Connecticut's Three-Way Race (Human Events)

Let's play "Categorize the Nutters"

Here is an internal Republican poll.

G. Gordon Liddy is on Tucker. (Liddy nearly ran me off the road last week)

Manhattan: Call to Change No Child Left Behind Law

DUer is on Randi now as a guest!!!!!!

"I see dead people. He thinks he's still running for the Senate & he lost"

"air travelers adjust easily--rules tweaked" this was the USAtoday

Lamont-Lieberman race produced a loser and a

Careful ... I don't wanna read about you in the news .... be VERY careful

Bush says Israel defeated Hezbollah

Maybe you'd like to answer this right-wing smear?

Help! Need picture of "is Lamant with Al Queda" ticker from CNN

Latest AFL-CIO Initiative in Rebuilding New Orleans Through Investment Tru

Get your own Diebold motherboard on eBay

Hersh: Israeli bombings a prelude to US attack on Iran

Houston ... DU we have a problem??????

John Dean coming up now on Lou Dobbs

Republicans no longer Staying the Course in Iraq

Burns aide accidentally gives reporter profanity-laced earful

Poll: Seven dwarfs more famous than US judges...

Stinky Predicts (re: MSNBC)

We Know The Next Pitch

Can Joe LIEberman legally use campaign funds he raised as a Democrat...

Ted Kennedy: Enough is enough, demand an Iraqi timetable:

"If This Is 'Civility,' Go Fuck Yourself with It"

Treason is an ill fitting suit

Tough on terror = stupid on terror. This discussion has gone down the tube

The Bush administration's chosen journalists Sean Hannity and Pam "Atlas"

DHS' Answer To Liquid Explosives Threat Is Nonsense

Waist deep in the big muddy -- the left's war of choice against Lieberman

You gotta think - the units must be in place now -

Just when I thought our dear leader couldn't sound any dumber he proves

Look at all the great laws Louisiana passed while NO is still a shell

Bush's speech today at the State Department sounds like one of

State of the TA Unions (DUer in the new NYU protest video?)

FEMA says same key opens many trailers. Do you feel as snuggly as I do?

NYT: Lieberman’s Closest Adviser

Ooh that's going to leave a mark....

Darker than Barbie? You`re probably a terrorist.

Why Do California Workers Continue To Die From Heat?

how can democrats......

On MTP, Gregory allowed Mehlman to peddle falsehoods, attacks on Democrats

Photos: Axis of Weasels, August 14th Edition (Junior, Condi, Evil Dick)

"We're Going to Obliterate America"

Is there not even ONE 'brave' soul on DU (or *anywhere* on the left) .....

Alllen campaign "scandal"

Katrina Anniversary Coming Up: Expect Heavy Flurries of Terra from WH

Free Press Release for Senate Democrats on Lamont-Lieberman

Soon the word "the " will be banned

If you haven't read this article over at Salon please do it puts in

Teensy problem with the Republican overview - Fair and Balanced

I am looking for the thread where someone posted links to horrific

'adapt' ...... 'flip flop' ...... 'adapt' .... 'flip flop' ......

Iraq Prediction

What Is Lamont Going To Do About CNN Smear?

What's the name of Ned Lamont's republican opponent?

Lieberman VS Lamont --Does it really matter?

Questions about politics and fear mongering-Olberman hits a grand slam!

Howard Dean on fire...

Taking Action: Day 86

If the Dems win big in 06, "They" will let us be hit again so they can

Traitor Joe running as an Independent validates Democrats dumping

Need a little help with history

This Modern World: Joe Lieberman was the victim of an online jihad!

Seymour Hersh on Democracy Now today. Rush transcript here:

Just who *are* the Blogospherians?

Beijing pledges 'a fight to the death' with Dalai Lama


The DNC's "6-Point Plan for 2006" - What do you think?

More drivel -- Bush: the lack of freedom causes terrorism

Bush, Franco, Baghdad Bob

I'm really starting to feel it .... an upwelling of real anger and disgust

What's Afraid Of?

VA Sen: Allen caught on film by a Webb supporter.

Nailing Dick Cheney (VP-Nut House)

I do so want to be wrong about this -

Is the Bush Administration admitting they committed war crimes?

Targeted by Gun Nuts - LATimes

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: This Revolution Will NOT Be Terrorized

Totally unacceptable: CT speaker of the house endorses Lieberman

Democrats are "weak on national security?"

Wealthy people need representation too...

A mother told me a secret I wasn't

The old Edwards and the new Edwards.

two-term (R) incumbent line: "When I think he's wrong, I let him know"

NARAL continues to support Lieberman, hasn't talked to Ned?

Who is going to die first? No flaming please, just trying to anticipate

Blue State Special: Democrats Ready for Election Day

47 to 47 in Montana

Bush said Hezbollah lost; I say there are no winners!!

Things we should pre-emptively give up for "War On Terror" plane travel

"LynneSin must not watch much cable news" (USA today)

Lieberman says campaign is effort to save the Democratic Party from itself

Time to stop obsessing over Lieberman!!!