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Archives: July 9, 2006

Any polls on Lieberman vs. Lamont race after the debate

NYT op-ed, Tony Horwitz: Early American history is Spanish, not English

The Nostradamus Code: World War III

Plane with 200 passengers crashes in Russia

FACTBOX-Developments in Iraq on July 8

(Bill) Clinton praises Bush view on immigration reform

NYT/AP: Court Rules Against Sanitizing Films

Wolf nipple chips. Get 'em while they're hot. They're lovely.

it's in Dutch but STILL very entertaining!!

I'm a nice girl, really I am

opinions needed

Ever hear of a musician named James Last?

Dedicate a song to CaliforniaPeggy. Here's mine.

Post a really cool goat

Haley Joel Osment got WEIRD looking!

"Feelin'... like a ham n mustard shake"... and other misheard lyrics.

MMA fans...

Dedicated to Cindy Sheehan -- something that still touches me.

Garrison Keillor's Independence Day special on PBS

Women in Politics: How does the US stack up?

Which election is more important and why : 2006 or 2008 ?

opinions needed

Am I the only one who always gets this message when searching the archives

A question for those who want to nationalize the oil companies

So...Ann Coulter (Arthur Coltrane) is a cracker who pretends to...

Kevin McCullough on Book TV

FL Vote-Rigging Whistleblower Clint Curtis Invoked in Mexican Election!

Toledo Blade: Taft to get reprimand under deal

RW email brainwashing as reviewed by email supervisor

DU, I need some help with my brother.. a very "interesting" case...

CBS News: "The Scariest Damn Film You'll See this Year" 4 Stars

NYT Magazine: Afghanistan's Child Brides

In Arabs' Eyes, the U.S. Is on Trial, Not Hussein

Someone should send this to Bush

It's easier to denounce illegal workers than illegal hirings

Gore's counsel Ron Klain to Lopez Obrador: "Don't Take the High Road"

MI5 unveils public warning system for terror threat

Constitution trumps all

Journalism deans in WP: "When in Doubt, Publish"

Chicken hawk admirers target John Murtha

I Repeat: Your Attendance Is Encouraged (W Post)

Mexico’s “Democracy” Spurns Millions

Greenwich, Connecticut: HEDGE-FUND HEAVEN

Doctors won't treat Brits who don't speak Spanish

JASON MILLER: The Rendition of Christ

WP: Research Lags at Space Station

A Small Reminder of the Big Fight (Constitution)

Twin brothers to govern Poland!

The Broken Back of Counterfeit Liberalism

NYT: Running Hard, Senate Power Seeks a New Image (Rick Santorum)

What's an Iraqi Life Worth?

Medical Oaths Betrayed

Break Down Barriers To Minority Parties

Former Reuters producer: “I Was a Mouthpiece for the American Military”


A Full Recount Would Show that López Obrador Won Mexico’s Presidency by Mo

Steve Chapman: Have leaks crippled war on terrorism?

Newsweek's x-Baghdad bureau chief: "It's worse than is reported"

NYT/Ben Stein: A City on a Hill, or a Looting Opportunity?

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 251

Imperative for Democratic gains: strong stance on Iraq

"Jesusless: The Church of Conservatism" ... and of Coulter

CBS: Religion Taking A Left Turn?, Conservative Christians Watch Out

Blowing in the Wind

Canada's Beloved Nahanni Park Too Small To Preserve Native Species

Aspen Tree Dieoffs Puzzle Colorado Forest Service, Scientists

FL - Okeechobee Water Quality Continues To Deteriorate

Climate Warning For Thai Crop Yields, Agriculture - Bangkok Post

A people dependent on coral (BBC) {Belize reef, biggest in W. Hemisphere}

Australia's Wimmera River - Key To Victoria Grain - Nearly Out Of Water

Climate Shifts Mean Trouble For Utah's Mountain Pika Populations

Energy review 'a sham' to back Blair on nuclear

How a 'green' Britain should look in the year 2020

Blowing in the Wind (sailing ship redux)

NYT: Bush Trying to Negotiate With Russia to Receive Spent Nuclear Fuel.

AK - Red Salmon Numbers Exploding In Russian River, Thanks To Warming

St. Andrews Pushing Golf Courses Worldwide To Use Less Water - Independent

Toyota Launches Completely Redesigned Estima Hybrid

MN Farmer Convicted Of Illegal Dumping Wants 1,000-Hog Lagoon Permit

Indiana town cultivates (100%) renewable energy

Yay! Tom Brokaw To The Rescue On Climate Breakdown - USA Today

NZ Cabinet Ministers Discover Violent Weather Also Has High Price Tag

Some Analysts Find Ford's About-Face On Hybrids Baffling - Tulsa World

Who started? (Gideon Levy)

Anti-Zionist, pro-Israeli

Israeli soldier faces Yard probe over Briton’s death

Express your Concern about a Discriminatory Law that Divides Families

50,000 Turks Protest Israeli Invasion

Poll: Majority of Palestinians back kidnappings, Qassam fire

Missiles, rockets fly between Israel, Gaza

ANALYSIS: A shaky unity among the ranks

Author Mario Vargas Llosa: I'm ashamed to be Israel's friend

Israel's offensive against peace

Annan warning on Gaza 'disaster'

Anger and grief amid Gaza rubble

Jim Fetzer: Top Ten Reasons the Hijackers are Fake

Google Video "911 Coverup"

Google Video "911 Coverup"

New Australian Film About Synthetic Terrorism - "ShadowPlay"

Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!! Democracy NOW!!!

Because I'm not as innocent as I'd like to be, before I donate

Lessons from Stanford A Republic or an Empire? By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

WHOA! Gore's Recount Lawyer Advises Obrador: DO NOT Take the High Road

Touch Screen Voting and the Space Shuttle

Judge blocks Georgia voter ID law !

Election Reform forum listing on DU

When we write to ask congress to restore OUR democracy

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, July 9, 2006

Utah drops the ball on election recounts


Every night I pray that Diebold stays in the election business.

PAUL JACOBS: The people can exercise their power (Don't miss this one!)

OH HB3 New Poll Tax on Naturalized Citizens MORE GOP SUPPRESSION!

Did anyone hear Braley's address Saturday?

Anybody else ever watch "The Atheist Experience" on Austin access TV?

I'll be holed up in a hotel in Austin Thursday and Friday.

Surprise guest at HCDP Year of the Yellow Dog Fundraiser

Freecycle and Kinky don't mix!

A word to precinct chairs about Kinky

I canned some garden tomatoes

Lieberman challenger escapes injury in festival accident

Former PM Mulroney lobbies for RIM in Washington

Ahmadinejad: Islamic Countries Should Eliminate Israel

LAT: Blast Kills 3 GIs in Western Iraq

Suspect named in the 41-wanted list arrested in Baghdad

100,000 protest after disputed Mexican vote (Election protests rage)

EXCLUSIVE-Corruption rampant in Iraqi govt, says US inspector

TIME: Unlikely GOP Comeback? DeLay plans run for his old House seat

Protesters denounce Costa Mesa for policies on migrants

Surprising Jump in Tax Revenues Is Curbing Deficit

A Full Recount Would Show that López Obrador Won Mexico’s Presidency by Mo

Militants blast shrine, engage police in Baghdad vicinity

Pirates' Estimated $55M Haul Sets Record

Reuters: North Korea can be more isolated after missiles: US

Reuters: New battle shakes Mogadishu, 15 dead

Insecurity, under-funding threaten children's health in Basra

Many die in Iraq 'sectarian raid'

Missiles, rockets fly between Israel, Gaza

Sullivan drops out of congressional race

Iraq's troubled pipeline shut for repairs (Kirkuk-Ceyhan)

Militia leader urges calm after Baghdad violence

White House kept "major program" secret from Congress

Canadian soldier killed after 'outstanding work' in Afghanistan

Car Plows Into Crowd (narrowly misses Ned Lamont)

Reuters: Coalition soldier killed in Afghan battle

Britain to put in more troops as attacks mount

Papers from Jefferson office raid in limbo

AFP Five more US soldiers charged in Iraq rape, murder case

White House Kept "Major Program" Secret

Bills aim to keep big retailers out of banking (WAL-MART Home Depot )

LAT: Iraq Police Force Rife With Abuse, Documents Say

Few soldiers cut for personality disorders

US to dangle nuclear deal in exchange for Russia's help on Iran

Johnathan Tasini has enough signatures to challenge Hilary in PRIMARY!

Ohio Governor Faces Public Reprimand

CNN/AP: NASA clears space shuttle for return to Earth

India test-fires missile

L.A. Man Detained In Iraq Sues U.S.==WaPo

Vietnam vets' experience on boats utilized in Iraq

Some Bush voters have buyer's remorse

Pot church takes a hit

NYT/AP: Tom Brokaw Joins Fight Against Global Warming

Congressman Says Program Was Disclosed by Informant

Three more US troops charged with Iraq rape-murder

Detainee Rights Create a Divide on Capitol Hill

Primary Camps Turn Up Heat (Lamont-Lieberman)

AFP: Hong Kong to switch off lights in pollution protest

Mississippi Department of Health may cut maternity services (on coast!)

WP,pg1: Powerful GOP Activist Norquist Sees Influence Slip Over Abramoff

Massacre in Baghdad -- at least 41 Sunnis killed

Dissident CIA faction 'exposed'

Relatives of dead British soldiers form political party, will seek office.

Republican Priorities Stalled in Congress

WP: Bringing the Church to the Courtroom

Mexico Candidate Heads to Electoral Court

Dallas hospital plans to bill Mexico (and other Texas Counties)

China launches Web site to teach Chinese

Wounded Iraq veteran is weary of negative portrayal of conflict

House prepares to debate renewal of Voting Rights Act

Nationwide gas prices average just shy of 3$ a gallon

Baghdad Erupts in Mob Violence

NKorea braced for 'all-out war' as tensions mount

Hillary Clinton seeks to woo Wall St.

Venezuela, Colombia Begin Pipeline

Slavery reparations gaining momentum

State Department Lawyers Warned in 2002 That Denying Terror Suspects' Gene

"Frank Zeidler, last Socialist mayor, dies"


Just Another Soldier: The Minutemen

Definitely enough cowbell

How many threads can I kill tonight?

Splenic Flexure Syndrome. Anyone else?

I want to tell someone:

Show us your Tits! (dial-up warning)

Monty Python is a lock-down topic?!

This is only useful for the west coast

It's about 4am EST - what are you doing up anyway?

Psalm 9


And Now... A DU Caption Contest!

Bass Players... who else has learned how to play "My City was Gone..."

I got a podcast here, and I don't know what to do with it. Please Help!

Yarrrrr Matey!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 7/9/06)

"The Science of Superman" comes on at 12 central on Nat Geographic

I made a pass at Retrolounge and he just laughed at me

Liverpool to keep slave trader's name on street: Penny Lane.

'That's what being a Protestant's all about'

A guy tried to pick me up yesterday...

Favorite Madonna incarnation:

I'll be the prop...I'll be all the props

"Elephant Man"


Best Eric Clapton imitation by a DUer

Happy Birthday Tai Shan!

What Do You Think of Women Breastfeeding Their Boyfriends?

This is driving me nuts: What's the name of the catalog of very OLD stuff?

Ladies and metrosexuals: what is the best drugstore foundation?

Breaking News: Playboy's Miss August Has Pubic Hair

Do Any Of Your Pets Have RFID Chips Implanted In Them?

Anyone an expert on web-development or dreamweaver?

Who Will Win This Year's World, Series?11?1??1?11?

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean last night.

Anyone (US) just see World Cup commercials?

Do you have one of those Sleep Number beds?

Have you been groped by a stranger while in Europe?

Keep your Phone Number as Secret as Your Email Address

What Veggies Go Best with Salmon?

Who is going to win today's World Cup Final?

Can anyone recommend a good Space Race book

It's World Cup Sunday. Will it be Italy or France? (Poll!)

Worst trilogy?

Great message I saw on a church Marqee...................

I Fucking HATE AMERICAN TV!!11!!1

I want to send this to everyone in my office...

The starling is ringing, should I answer?

Who is the Superman in your head?

CAPeggy is such a meanie!

This World Cup is BS

Any folks here go to conventions?


What would you do about neighbors who party at 3 a.m. in their backyard?

Cat's that look like Hitler.

Ban gay abortions!

Cialis Western Open Golf Tournament. Guess the golfers get plenty of use

#4 or #5 Soccer Ball?

What's the difference between being mocked or being physically assaulted?

Ken Burns' 'The Civil War' is now showing on my local PBS station.

My Italia How I Love You & You Rock!

Two people are outside sounding klaxons

good morning from Hong Kong

A series of tragic spaghetti events. Or, is this spaghetti trying to kill

In the spirit of the "I hate soccer" whine threads.

Would "foppish dandy" be an accurate description of Depp's Capt. Sparrow?

2006 World Cup Final Ranking

Arkansas doctor kills 10 patients and gets to keep his license

So what do like? Small Town or Big City

Let's discuss how boring post-spammers are.

Best summer Sunday dinner ever....

Goodnight everybody!

Somebody shoot billyskank!

Origin of "brother from another mother"?

More signs that you're over the hill.

Cuccumber soup recipe

5-3!! Italy wins 2006 World Cup!!

This cup sucked - SOUTH AFRICA 2010!!!!

Let's discuss how boring baseball is

Let's discuss how boring Softball is

You cannot always pick the dog you find.

I figured out why soccer will never be popular here...

Soccer Practice

Which is a more appropriate value judgement of a sport?

WOO-HOO!!!!!!!! I just bought a new car!

Let's discuss how boring discussing this is

Why am I not allowed to use my feet in chess?

Dear Loungers, why quarrel? Time for peace and reconciliation.

any plant/berry experts out there?

So, who's going to win the college football National Championship?

Soccer is seriously the most boring sport on the planet.

How do you sleep?

Why does the Lounge feel like GD on steroids today?

Happy birthday wishes to.....



ABC World Cup Analysts: TERRIBLE!

I thought DU Loungers were better than this

For the sports-enthusiasm-impaired; is there one that piques your interest

Let's dicsuss how boring Bowling is

FYI: Superman Returns is better the second time.

PotC: Dead Mans Chest review


Argh! They messed up my order and now I have nothing to eat.

Just watched "Wedding Crashers" for the first time last night.

My son is very, VERY good at soccer.

What is that music I keep hearing during World Cup coverage?!?

Pretty fucking dissapointed in MAHNY. Of the World Cup threads here on DU

Let's dicsuss how boring Rowling is

Chappelle's show "lost" episodes on comedy central right now

My name is John Daker

Let's discuss how boring American Football is

Post an example of great fasting

is Richard Simmons hysterical or what??

David Trezeguet is French for Scott Norwood

Let's discuss how boring repeat posts on the same subject are.

Thank ZEUS!!1 FOUR years withOUT soccor!!!1

World Cup 2006 - The Final - Italy v France discussion thread

Ubiquitous youtube links

I need some help editing a letter to a supposed "friend." Advice too.

Ok, I was bored.

Post an example of great castling

Damn! I am a kick-ass cook!

Let's get this straight.

Tomorrow is my final counselor appointment.

shock and death--a eulogy

Lets discuss how boring and unoriginal copycat threads are.

Ahhhh..."hide thread" how I adore thee on nights like this...

Puff the magic dragon explained

Look at my big cups!

Post something nice about soccer.

If Wal-Mart sponsored NASCAR...

I really need to talk to a wise DU'er about a personal matter...

How do you remove computer programs on startup?

Watching the World Cup on Spanish TV after watching it on ABC is like ...

SouthPark dissing Family Guy over extremist jokes

Is it safe to go back in the lounge?

Goddamned ivories! Arrrrrrgghhh!

Why does our "society" protect the bully and harass the timid?

Barbaro has surgery after 'complications'

Incredible video from NASA...shuttle launch from SRB camera...

Not medical advice, just a cool poll!!!

Can someone who speaks Spanish go downstairs

poll: Which is the best sport in the world?


Bush and Hastert visit Ann Colter at Hospital

Open wheel racing: boring or not?

It's all over now

Finally saw "Good Night, and Good Luck. " What did you think?

Saw Ray Davies last weekend. Great concert!

So...goodnight then...

Anyone take, or do, anything that really helps MEMORY?

Whoa, anyone feel that earthquake?

The Dixie Chicks new album

When I was young I knew everything.

Everything YOU like is BORING!

Have you heard this satirical song by Todd Snider? It's called

Was "Dog Bites Man" a new episode last week?

Happy Birthday Tai Shan!!! panda is 1 today!!!


Are any of you watching the Tour de France?

French soccer great Zidane knocks player to pitch, sent out of final game

Anyone here ever watch a cricket match, I never did understand the rules.

Hypocrites suck.

Cat Power - worth seeing?

Please read this linked thread

Barbaro Has Surgery After 'Complications'

Name that comedy CD, please!

What if your soulmate is opposite your sexual orientation?

Margaret Cho on Logo right now

I'm bored, ask me anything. Please.

What country's soccer team has the best-looking players?

Around the half-way point of 2006 now: your favorite 2006 CDs?

I can't be the only guy who thinks Mortiis is an idiot....

Bird Photos from Southern Maryland ***DIAL-UP WARNING***

they are releasing an audio book of the bible and guess who plays god?

Dr Who Season 28 (?) aka series 1

A Day At The Lake - or - A Dog's Day Afternoon (*Major Dialup Warning*)

Show us your Pets! (dial-up warning)

Favorite Foods? Talk to me, people

Zizou, why, why, why??????!!!

I wonder......

WOOHOOOO!!! 24 hours WITHOUT a cigarette!!!!!

Your thoughts on Suicide (the music group).

Despair Posters

OMG! Stephen King's "Thinner" is coming on TNT!

OK, WTF is a Pat Robertson Ringtone?

Want to win the World Cup? It's easy! Here's how:

Pretty fucking dissapointed in MANY of the World Cup threads here on DU

You have to check this band out. Vanilla Mood.

What's the most disappointing movie based on a book you loved?

Most moving speech you've heard or read

God Hates Shrimp!

To Ava: You Rock, With all our love, DU!!

The seven worst spectator sports ever

It's the First Annual BBQ and DU Meetup in JulieRB's backyard!

Post an example of great casting

Aloha, friends!! Back from 2 wks on Maui. Here are some pix to share:

Liberals are to soccer as conservatives are to (American) football

Seedless watermelon?

King of the Hill or Family Guy?

Post your bad jokes here...

Well I'll Be Danforthed?

Does The "Christian Children's Fund" Proselytize?

Genetically modified ice cream could be coming to Britain (already in US)

Un-Official Official World Cup Final Thread! On Now!

Bosox vs. World Champion White Sox

Thank Goodness the World Cup is over

R.I.P World Cup 2006

GOOOOOOAL! France 1 Italy 0

Juan Pablo Montoya to become NASCAR driver in 2007

Horse Racing News 7-9-06

my excellant though poorly edited tale of a bovine adventure. . .

At the time of Lay's death ,why were both Colin Powell and Bill Clinton

Soldier's Heart

Heads up, New England Kerrycrats!

David Brooks: Democrats hate us!!

The return of the Swift Boat.

Limits concerning polls on troops withdrawal.

Chicken hawk admirers target John Murtha

A funny * video posted in GD

Kerry/Edwards bullsh*t in Newsweek!

panel of MA Dems to monitor campaign ads

Kerry top fundraiser for 06 for other dems.

Monarch Butterfly on Canadian Thistle!

What happens when a political campaign gets an anonymous donation?

Communist Party USA: Elect A Dem Congressional Majority

Definitely enough cowbell

Military spending in the USA...shocking

What causes tyranny?

New book: "Hell in a Handbasket" by Tom Tomorrow!

Adam Carolla tells Ann Coulter to get lost

This is the fucking right-wing hypocrisy that I hate

'Stupid Motorist Law' not getting much use

Larry King to Bush:

XPosted--Pardon My Freedom

2,543 troops now dead in W's war

What's it going to take?

'Americans are Cruel, Vulgar and Racially Divided' Feel Britons

‘Head of Jesus’ Portrait on Agenda at Harrison School Board Meeting

Black helicopters

Buckle Up - Back seat passengers may soon have to buckle up too

Gunmen kill 40 in Baghdad rampage - Negropontes death squads at work

A Journey Ends

I had always thought the bin Laden family flight...

Yemen releases Al Qaida operatives...

I Need 20 Folks Willing To Call Down God's Wrath On George Bush

Maxine Waters to Campaign for Lamont

Japan begins pull-out of troops from Iraq.

UFO's, ESP, The Paranormal and now? WMD's

In the meantime, Israel continues to kill civilians, bombing a home

A small example of cut and paste plagiarism by the Associated press:

Have you seen enough evidence to convince you Bin Laden was behind 9/11?

At Colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust

You won't want to miss what Bill Kristol has to say next...

When in Doubt, Publish

1st FLDS case may pave way for rest

This is how we should respond to their fear:

The Republicans Have a Plan - And it is Called FEAR

Ku Klux Klan wins approval to protest Iraq war

"An Inconvenient Truth" resonating with red-staters.....

Kurtz teases Coulter plagiarism story.

CNN this Sunday AM (Tony the Idiot)

Did India notify US and others of latest launch of nuke missile test?

U.S. military: Three additional U.S. soldiers charged with rape and murder

EXCLUSIVE-Corruption rampant in Bush's Iraqi govt, says US inspector

Pete Hoekstra is on fox news with Chris Wallace now

LEAVE OR DIE: America's hidden history of racial expulsions

If Americans had 1% the cajones that the Mexican populace has;

Why doesn't AP identify this "western" 14-year-old girl as a woman?

Border For Sale

Anyone Else See NYT article on Child Brides in Afghanistan?

Bush on Ken Lay: He Was ‘A Good Guy’

Looks like Osama is fixin' to die soon

What does this photo remind you of?

Reality Anyone?

Lanny Davis is a DICK

Katrina one year anniversary

Chicken hawk admirers target John Murtha

Stephanopoulos goes one on one with Webb/Allen.

Maybe we can get Mexicans to protest our stolen elections,

South Korea Seeks to Build Long-Range Missile



Batshit crazy Alexander "I'm in charge!" Haig on CNN as a N. Korean expert

Tech: Protesters were outside plant...(Toot,Toot my horn)

A conspiracy of silence

Shaun Hansen is being USED by WH to distance themselves from NHPhoneGate

Young America's Foundation--an organization to pay serious attention to.

More Secrets!

C&L Audio Clip: Adam Carolla to (M)Ann Coulter: "Alright, well, get lost"

"Mexico and Florida Have More In Common Than Heat"

Texas Lawsuit Includes a Mix of Race and Water

How Joe Lieberman got himself into this mess ?

A tribute to the Question W Revue

Stock market questions re: Mid Sept 2001

SCOTUS Hamdan Ruling Means Admin Must End Warrantless Spying Immediately!

Amtrak riders given annual, uh, thrill

S. Korea Wavers on N. Korea Sanctions

A piece of beauty art by Graham Nash for your Sunday. I loved it.

How North Korea got nukes ON DUBYA'S WATCH

Kissinger's Treason (You Tube video)

Command Rape - The Ordeal of Suzanne Swift

How is hiring an illegal different from hiring a legal under the table?

It's World Cup Sunday. Will it be Italy or France? (Poll!)

EXCLUSIVE: Busby/Bilbray Registrar Gives 3 Different Prices to Hand Count!

A funny thing happened on the farm this morning. . .

Another moment of musing

If Osama bin Laden "threatens" to wait AT LEAST 12 years before attacking

Sens. Kyl and Graham file BOGUS brief to SCOTUS!

Ex-soldier Accused In Murders, Rape Was Baptized at Ft. Benning

In memory of Abeer Qassim Hamza and her family.

Priceless cover of Time Magazine!

Army discharged 1,000 for personality disorders in '05

Hoekstra: Criticizing Bush for hiding surveillance programs

When Joe is removed from office in the primary, what will he do?

"Americas unbearable shame"

One element of patriotism is to strengthen the glue that protects

Katrina Vanden Heuvel and Lanny Davis on Washington Journal now.

Free Press....YOU BET>>> Check out this LETTER in a ReD StAtE

The Doomsday Clock was at seven minutes til midnight...

What ever happened to Raghida Dergham?

military pollution disability and art

Colin Powell Says Iraq Is In A "Civil War". There Are Those Words Again!

Damn that Washington Journal..

Relax, folks. Between the military channel and the history channel

Do they still teach American history and civics in the schools?

John Edwards raised $6.5 million in 105 appearances for 06 Dems

It's not a war on terror!!!

Why are there so many close national elections

PHOTO>> George and Barbara (Bush) GET KINKY!

Will there be war with China in the future?

Frank Rich: All The News That's Fit To Bully

Question: talk amongst yourselves

The 'christian' Right wages war against Global AIDS Relief Fund

He just keeps blowing it

Ann Coulter: I'm almost afraid to ask

So Republicans say they are protecting you. This is a must read GAO report

Does mindless repetition of mantras damage our society?

The MOTHER Of All Alerts

UW-WI-Madison instructor says US gov involved in 9/11 (under fire now)

Rudy for president?

Soccer is seriously the most boring sport on the planet.

Reuters: Iraqis of all denominations have been united

State of Belief on NOW: Obama's remarks, Kingdom Coming author+ Bloggers

Dean Friedman's "I Miss Monica - Ode to an Intern" Should Be Seen By All.

Clinton vs. Bloomberg

It;s 110 Degrees In The Shade,Today, In Yuma

Ally warned Bush on secret intel

Some people are not nice.

RW silent on Moonie Times owner who buys nuclear subs for NKorea's Kim.

The end of cowboy diplomacy

GOOOOOOAL! France 1 Italy 0

David Brooks is full of it.

Kissing Internet Privacy Goodbye

NYT: Surprising Jump in Tax Revenues Is Curbing Deficit

David Brooks is nuts. Have you seen his NY Times column today?

They own us..

Let's see--- 50 Sunni's killed today, 70 Shiite's killed tomorrow....

meet Patrick Pillion, our candidate for GA-11

DJ Distressed American Mixing It Up With His Cut "Can't Get Fooled Again"

An Atheist response to the American Family Association?

Question for people who know about military discharge stuff

Bush comments on U.S. - American relations (VIDEO)

Whistleblower Led GOP Intel Chair To Confront Bush On Wiretap Program

DC Activist (Mayoral candidate) Found Fatally Shot (7 Times)

If my guts are wrenching about Abeer and her family I can imagine ...

Question for Vets of Iraq or recent vets.

You cannot always pick the dog you find.

Can we provide some support for Asian Liberals/Progressives?

American Methods: Torture And The Logic Of Domination

David Horsey TOON: Do-It-Againistan

Radio Free Austin, Alex Jones, Republic Broadcasting Network listeners?

When I was young I knew everything.

The new color-coded terror alert system...LOL

Did anyone see Lanny Davis on c-span this morning with..

Lieberman = Independant? 'republican conservative' has become...

"Frank Zeidler, Last Socialist Mayor, Dies"

Government must be rescued from "the clutches of the greedy and dishonest"

"NEWS ANALYSIS: Election Trumps Budget Work"

Raising money for democrats for 06.

LOL! Great TOON video... "Eva Coulter".

Insecurity, corruption, under-funding threaten children's health in Basra

It saddens me that Joe Lieberman has to convince voters he should win

Our Lala will Be On Laura Flander's AAR Show Coomin' Up!


Non Sequitur - Sunday, July 9, 2006

Some of my best friends are conservatives.

Why do they insist that I stand and applaud their war and ignore the lies?

"Democrats Rip GOP on Social Security Plan"

There's a live Debate on PBS in Ga. of Primary candidates.

Louisiana Weekly Editorial Comes Out Against Sheriff Jack Strain

Professor: Bush's signing statements a grave threat to the Constitution...

Help DU the vote for Bill Winter!

Two dead soldiers, eight more to go, vow avengers of Iraqi girl's rape

LOL! Sing-a-long with the NSA: "You just called & we were listening...."

Larissa -lala rawraw - Raw Story on Right Now

Ned Lamott coins great Dem Phrase: "Work for Common Good ...Not


I mean you just got to love them;

Larissa Alexandrovna (lala rawraw) on Laura Flanders Air America

60 Minutes to cover missing Iraq money. n/t

Thank You DU! My New Flash Movie GWB In "The Jerk!" Is Really Taking Off.

Well on Moday the Public Citizen case on Hastert and Frist will be heard

"So I told him that he'd better shut his mouth and do his job like a man"

WHY has that pregnancy ad been on my screen for nearly 24 hours?

What happened to today?

Why hasn't Lieberman made the top 10 idiots list?

Wow! you have got to see the new cover of Time...sizes Bush up perfectly!!

Detainee Rights Create a Divide on Capitol Hill

Electric cars - are there any available to buy

Appears DICK & Donald repeat history again.Covered up Nam atrocities.

It's working! Fighting with their own methods has them on their heels!


Hopefully LSU will do this and not give in to these yahoos

Rethinking 'mAnn'

If Chavez is a Dictator, what's that make Bush?

An All-Call To ALL DUers: Call C-Span Tomorrow And Tell Them About Cindy:

I want a hybrid mini-cooper.. any chance they exist?

I am sick and tired of seeing bloody children being carried around

This is Too funny!

What does it take for the media to refer to this as "a civil war"?

1984 + Bush----------------> MY NEW FLASH VIDEO

Summer of Protest? Movie trailers for upcoming must-see films

Bush says Supreme Court approved Guantanamo detentions by silence

watched Out Foxed today

"The Mikado" cast with Bush administration, your selections.

NYC bomb plot - Did the mastermind have a clue?

Donna Brazile called herself a "Lieberman Democrat"

Anyone know what criminal penalties there are for someone putting a spouse

Republicans think America is too weak to be safe AND free

This morning's google ads are a bit noxious.

Car Plows Into Crowd: 27 People Hurt; Lamont Has Narrow Escape

12 Reasons Why Gays Should Not Be Married

Larry Johnson :House Intel Chief Misses the Boat

CBS News tonight: The religious Left

Fellow DUers: ERD DUers need your help!

I don't know one gay person. I have no black friends.

simplistic question about raped + murdered Iraqi girl

How do you deal with politically ignorant friends?

I can't help but wonder...

Reaching across the aisle...

"An occupying army can't win anything.." --- Lakoff

My LTTE re: An Inconvenient Truth.

"Two dead soldiers, eight more to go, vow avengers of Iraqi girl's rape"

School was filled with half-truths and other deceptions

Did Graham and Kyl Break the Law With Their Phony Debate? YES!

Where Is Our Common Ground?

only two iraqi bloggers post tonight -- a must read

A bad dream, a self-fulfilling prophecy, or something else?

Epistle on Global Warming - read today at my Quaker meeting

Another Swipe at Islam in 'B.C.' Comic?

Republicans are letting the terrorists change America

Protected flower has town at odds with developer

Congressman Conyers: Republicans Silent on Alleged "Violation of Law"


Mayor announces launch of universal healthcare for San Francisco

Of circular firing squads and circle jerks

Gallup Poll Underestimates US Disapproval of Human Rights Abuses at Gitmo

"100,000 protest Mexican election results" - why don't we?

Conduct Unbecoming - Cindy Sheehan

Anyone read Robert Scheer's 'Pretending to President."

Rumsfeld, Cheney linked to '70s coverup of Vietnam Atrocities

Document Shows Raped and Murdered Abeer was just Fourteen yrs old

Police officer threatens to take Cindy Sheehan out back and shoot her

Had a little chat with Senator Chris Dodd today. He's a real nice guy.

I urge all DUers to contact the FBI concerning death threats against Cindy

July 29: "The 50-State Canvass". volunteer to fight back, July 29th......

Let's see what Matt PUDGE is "fully briefed" about

I do not believe Ken Lay is dead!

Hmm... Wanna Check Out A Charter School ??? - Church v. State, Anyone ???

Are homophobes really gay? Scientific study

Freepers made me look for another job and I'm resigning tomorrow

"If He says 'NUKULAR' one more time-- I'm gonna puke!"

T-shirt terror alert levels

The MENaissance

NEW IX-Quick Search Engine... Wow, protect your privacy!!!

For my 1000th post: Bush Lies Under Oath.

They've no intention of doing a damn thing about Korea!

This is about the 7th story that I've seen on the Fahrenheit 9/11 Marine...

No Pardon for Libby

Spread Abeer's picture far and wide. (Iraq's "napalmed girl")

Photos of N Korea you weren't supposed to see

"The age of consent with parental approval in Iraq is 15..."

In light of FTW's break-in... Site Security -What you should know.

Avoiding Menopausal Hot Flashes by Changing Your Diet

Why I Fear the American Youth

With apologies to Ian Anderson

Ever Heard of Chester (Chuck) Smalkowski? Well, You Should! (LONG)

Simple question: What should our top tax rate be?

Warren Buffett Donates $3 Billion to Pro-Abortion Groups

Mark Wilson drops out of Senate nomination challenge- all DINO now

I just watched "Red Dawn" the movie!

Union tells its side of scandal TEAMSTERS LEADERS: NO `GIFT' FROM GONZALES

On Defense Over Wages, Engineers Say High Pay Matches Advanced Skill

Stem Cells Back in Political Spotlight: Issue Key in Wisconsin Election

Bill Clinton praises Bush

Hilarious: Adam Carolla Hangs Up On Coulter (C&L)

GOP seems to push for Mfume (D) in Maryland Senate race

LAT: GOP Immigration Tactic: Blast Away, but Be Nice

George W. Bush Is Dead To Me - By Mark Morford

A replica of Hamas emerging in Iraq.

Supremes have a huge important case coming up

AP: Cunningham probe focuses on contractor

speaking of the Dem primaries

Go watch an Inconvenient Truith

Who’s the Best Tyrant. King Gorge the Bush or King Gorge the III

If the right-wing really wanted to end abortion.

Radio Free Austin, Alex Jones, Republic Broadcasting Network listeners?

How to shut up freepers and rethugs when it comes to spying...

Dear Backwash:

The sun is shining! Why ain't we out makin hay?

NSA and Data-mining could be used to Purge Voter Roles?

Blame Bush for North Korea's Nukes


Assault on a free press ...the difference of forty years

GOP Auctionhouse Web Page - check it out

Conrad Burns & Rick Santorum tied for WORST senators in the nation....

A matter of conscience - The Primaries vs the Generals

Help DU the vote for Bill Winter!

Pardon my freedom

Lakoff will live blog his new book at DFA on Wednesday, July 12.

My friends, the ONLY nation to ever have used nuclear weapons on

Washington Journal-Liebermann victim of anti semitism of the left

Not so democratic Democrats of Illinois

shame on Lanny Davis for his chauvinism toward Vanden Heuvel

Dems missed an opportunity on July 4 to make a fuss about the Constitution

Workers protesting upcoming NLRB "Kentucky River" decision

NiemanWatchdog - Telecom's posing as small business, steal public spectrum

Running Hard, Senate Power Seeks a New Image:Santorum most endangered

Husband (Rep.) and wife (Dem.) KS primaries for same seat.

what are we all doing for the elections this fall?

Army putting itself, the Iraq War and the Bush Administration on trial

John Dean New Book 7/11 - Conservatives Without Conscience

Maxine Waters to Campaign for Lamont

What best reflects your attitude toward Joe Lieberman?

John Droney Scolds Jews for Supporting Lamont

This Time Magazine "No More Cowboy Diplomacy" article is ridiculous.

Why Kansas Republicans are Becoming Democrats

Dkos Diary: Jim Webb vs. George Allen on 'This Week'

Cows with Guns

Did General Clark extend his Fox News contract?

Dahr Jamail on US media's tactics for misinformation

Have one hour and forty minutes to spear? Watch this!

Lieberman ad has a fake Lamont bumpersticker. Video of ad and picture.

Bill Richardson is going to run for president.

The Pete Hoekstra letter--Russell Tice whistleblower testimony connection

Gallup on Dems: 47% immediate withdrawal; 33% gradual; 9% stay the course

At least 42 in Baghdad killed as masked gunmen pull Sunnis from

Would 35% victories work in the US? Mexico goes 58% left & the RW wins

America is Screaming

A thought about why so many men vote Republican

Vote for which candidate Barbara Boxer should help

when Democrats regain power - what then?

John Edwards is back—with a retooled résumé and a lot of love for Iowans