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Archives: July 30, 2006

Robert Fisk: The truth of Blair's 'urgent diplomacy'

Cabinet in open revolt over Blair's Israel policy

I was watching Tom Ricks on C-Span, the author of "Fiasco".

Some ‘fake peace’ would do just fine for now

Our intelligence anticipated attacks with plans on WTC with planes

Rove Criticizes 'Corrosive Role' Journalists Play in Politics

Iran‘s high court approves death sentences

UN Security Council draft resolution on Lebanon seeks cease-fire ..

LAT: U.S. Employers Look Offshore for Healthcare (Surgery)

Cuban oil renews embargo debate

Can't I have it all?

posting in the lounge is harder than it looks

For those of you who never leave the lounge...Blood on W's hands

I posted two insect series in my journal


wow what a day...I'm still a little drunk...

Accidently clicked on Pro B*sh merchandise ad above

I'm a Monty Python geek. Piss off.

I just finished reading "the wasteland" for school! Ask me anything....

I'm a Japanese animation geek. Ask me anything.

got close to a palm viper today in the rain's a photo

Sir Ian McKellen not appointed to Georgia National Guard

gay parents' rights-a slightly different viewpoint.

Gulf Fritillary

A bee on yellow flower

Why I believe the Rapture hasn't happened yet

LATimes - oceans turning to slime cuz of humans

Returning to Old Approach, U.S. Faces Risky Path Ahead

No way did these little fucknuts know Lance Bass was gay....

Give war a chance...

Larry Johnson :U.S. Intelligence on Hizballah and Iran

A Beautiful Statement from the Muslim Public Affairs Council

FBI Bankrolled Witnesses In Sears Tower Case

RS: "David Brooks is an Elitist Fuckhead."

$2 for workers...

Newswk asks fundy: "If the end times are near, why work for peace?"

Bill's reply to Coultergeist's claim that he is gay (Video)

Middle East Turmoil? Blame It All On Reagan.

Song for the day

We are all mushrooms whispering in the darkness...

'I came over here because I wanted to kill people'

Let's be diplomatic: Bolton not the man

Lack of dialogue hurts diplomacy

Bush overreaches on FISA (Plain Dealer)

Condoleezza Rice: Midwife From Hell (Matthew Rothschild)

New enemy gains on the Pentagon

LAT: Nuclear Spending Comes Under Fire

London Times: Heatwave with a global grip

Carl Hiaasen (Miami Herald): Disillusioned with the war? Here's why

Someone Gets it - Pastor says religion and politics should be seperate

WashTimes: Shades of 1986? (Good story for the upcomming election)

Houston Chronicle's front page story on the two skinheads who assaulted

Oil execs use slick language

An Un-American Tragedy

Hartford Courant endorses Lieberman.

Middle East Conflict - Israel, Syria and Iran Headed for Non-Conventional

FACTBOX-Details of aid to Lebanon

IRAQ: Child prisoners left without support

Chi Trib: A tank of gas a world of trouble

Repealing the Estate Tax by the Back Door

USMC sniper metes out swift death in Iraq

Scientific American editorial: Keep the Net Neutral

Statement from UNICEF on the shelling of Qana, Lebanon.

'McMansion' Owners Caught in a Housing Bubble

Rewriting The Science

The Rising Nationalism Of Oil Companies (move over Exxon!)

Bodies pulled from wreckage in Lebanon

Kucinich Talks About His Middle East Cease Fire Resolution

Frank Rich: Why the television networks 'canceled' the war in Iraq

A Rallying Cry for Democratic Populism: Senator Byron Dorgan

Kennedy: Roberts and Alito Misled Us

Do We Want An Emperor?

I'm Sooooo Confused! We Have An IRA With Morgan Stanley....

Hillary Clinton Suddenly Discovers Renewable Energy!

CNN: "Greenest" and "Meanest" cars (as ranked by ACEEE)

European Heat Wave Shows Limits of Nuclear Energy

"A Primeval Tide of Toxins" = "the rise of slime"

EU Heat Returns This Week - July Likely Hottest Ever For UK, GDR, Holland

Solar power runs 'world's largest laundry'

Mohamed ElBaradei speaks at MIT. You can see the speech in full.

Peru's Glaciers Vanishing - Cuzco Already Rationing Water - WPt

Canadian Tar Sands Developments Stress Water Supplies, Quality

CNN Special Report: Fueling America

listen to Melissa Etheridge's song about "An Inconvenient Truth"

The Chicago Tribune special report on peak oil

Oil boom puts stress on water supply

What oil company execs are saying

A conservative comments about the crisis in the ME!!

Should the Jewish state have been created in part of Germany after WW II?

MK Itzik: IDF is world's most moral army

Out of Proportion

MK Bishara: Israel targeting civilians purposely

U. S. To Block U.N. Denunciation of Israel

Palestinians storm U.N. compound in Gaza City

Israel has united the Arab world

Olmert to Rice: Israel needs 10 days to 2 weeks of continued fighting

Iran forces urged to prepare to hit Israel

MK Elon: Hizbullah plotted Qana bombing

ANALYSIS: Israel failing to give U.S. the military cards it needs

Israel Envoy To US: Hezbollah Must Be 'Defanged'

Israel strike kills 35 civilians in south Lebanon

97 fatalities in the Gaza Strip, but all eyes are on Lebanon

On flight 93, who called from airphones and who called from cell phones?

9-11 was a FLOP

Morgan Reynolds video download.

C-SPAN to re-air panel on Tuesday at 6:10pm EDT

The Pentagon renovation

I only saw part of the C-SPAN program on 9/11 but wow!!

Download C-SPAN 9/11 LA American Scholars Conference Video

Just thought I would move the link to the basement

9/11 Archives at DU

C-Span 911 symposium (VIDEO)

Video Peter Jennings on US plan bomb disaster drills BEFORE 9/11

What's the diff. in the 3 disk CD set of the American Scholars Symposium

URGENT: Tune into C-SPAN 1 TODAY 2:15 EST - repeat of last night's show

Just sent the following to all on my lists, including my Utah Moms list


Some videos from the Norwegian Truth movement

Isreal must be blackmailing * and co. with 9/11 info. Remember the

Please help me figure out strategy to make hcpb work for real

Taking The “McCain Out Of “McCain-Feingold

HR550: Lipstick on a Pig or a Bridle on a Monster?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 07/30/06

Huge rally challenges Mexico poll

Feds Investigating Ney, Abramoff, HAVA Negotiations

AZ resident needed for LTTE

The train don't come by here no more

Camp Wellstone in Houston August 18-20

Was Anyone Other Than Me In Austin On August 1, 1966?

I Have JUST Raised My Cooking To A New Level - Imported SALTS!

Israeli-Canadian professor accused of spying released

Realities, absurdities of Israel-U.S. policies

Here's The NYT Endorsement of Ned Lamont

Rule Breaking: Khephra, you are so missed.

Domestic Accidents; Self-Immolation Kill More Kurds than War

For Clark fans...

Red Cross says 37 children killed by Israeli airstrikes in Qana

6 Dead In Skydiver Plane Crash

Yes, the planet is heating up Hottest year on record; more to come

Israel rejects truce, Hezbollah defiant as Rice returns

Panel Weighs Challenges to Mexico Election

Rice visit cancelled after deadly raids

Oil execs use slick language

Peacekeepers leave as all-out war looms

Somali legislators brawl after PM survives

Baghdad calms as US troops go back on patrol

Sectarian Violence in Baghdad Stalks Its Victims Even at the Morgues

'McMansion' Owners Caught in a Housing Bubble

UN Security Council to meet for Lebanon talks (today)

Caracas threatens oil cut in case of US aggression

New maximum-security jail to open at Guantanamo Bay

Mexico Abandons Vows Seen As Sexist

Four more marines killed in Iraq (2578)

URGENT! Schedule update for 911 rebroadcast at 3:05 Today..

GM and UAW support pensions bill

Photos that damn Hezbollah

Outrage as 52 killed in Israel strike on Qana (AFP)

Failure, Condi Heads Home

Missouri execution doctor has troubled past: paper

Palestinians storm U.N. compound in Gaza City

Hezbollah politicians back peace package

BBC: Rioting against the UN in Beruit.....(Breaking News)

Wal-Mart workers in China form first union

Baghdad calms as US troops go back on patrol

Partisan Divide on Iraq Exceeds Split on Vietnam

Palestinians storm U.N. compound in Gaza City

Israel agrees 48-hr aerial activity ban - U.S. official

McCain's son to enter Marines

Marines prop up ailing local gov't in Iraq (Ramadi)

Polls close in Congo elections (BBC) {Democracy aided by UN, not Bu**sh**}

Rice breaks off Mideast trip, heads to D.C.

Soldier sentenced to 28 days for refusing to serve in Lebanon

Syria: U.S. support for Israel no longer justified

LEBANON: Mass burial of unclaimed bodies in Tyre

Jordan's king accuses Israel of 'criminal aggression' in Qana attack

Newsday: Two Volunteers Arrested For Helping Immigrants

Courant, Conn. Post back Sen. Lieberman

Four more marines killed in Iraq (Sunday announcement)

Trash Patrol Part of Security Forces' Beat in Iraqi Capital

Officer Allegedly Harasses Residents Over Measure

US Urges Restraint After Qana but No Ceasefire (Bush's first Qana remarks)

Rewriting The Science

Reuters: Rice calls for Ceasefire after Qana....(Breaking News)

Soldier sentenced to 28 days for refusing to serve in Lebanon

Moore readies Michigan film gala (BBC) {Moore will present a "surprise"??}

U.N. Security Council calls for end to fighting between Israel and Lebanon

Frank Rich: Why the television networks 'canceled' the war in Iraq

Breaking: Rice to return to D.C.

Mexico leftist’s backers aim for massive protest

Markey accuses White House of duplicity(India Selling Missile Parts Iran)

Mood in Sunni west Baghdad turns in favor of US troops

Israel Releases Ohio College Professor Accused of Spying

Iraqi Officials Ask for Aid for Global War on Terror

Leftist Ortega poised for a return to power

Israel suspends bombing for 48 hours

6 killed in latest New Orleans shootings

NYT: Newspapers to Use Links to Rivals on Web Sites

Olmert expresses "deep sorrow" over Qana deaths

Bolton nixes Annan's call for cease-fire

AP: Marines Prop Up Ailing Local Gov't In Iraq

NYT/AP: Lebanon Casts Pall on White House T-ball Game

Officials say Iraq deserves compensation (UPI Propoganda)

Iran 'should prepare to fight Israel' (Iran's General Yahya Rahim Safavi)

Arab League chief calls for Qana "massacre" probe

WP: Inaction Could Undercut Bush's Long-Term Goals

Reuters: Atomic incentives dead if UN passes resolution: Iran

IDF prepared for attack by Syria

NYT: Images of Lebanese Death Intensify Arab Anger

MP's group refused Israel entry (British Parliamentarian group)

Financial Times: Blair’s popularity hits all time low (23% approval)

Howard to lead Coalition to next election

Shake-Up Expected for Al-Maliki's Iraq Government, Official Says

Shooting Suspect Was Baptized (A Troubled Man)

WP: Bush Focus in Florida Is on Domestic Agenda

35 Lebanese killed in IAF strike on Qana village*

Lebanon crisis 'cannot continue' (Blair wants ceasefire now)

Basescu: Romania will not send troops to Lebanon

Enron victims could speak at sentencings

Acid waters, dissolving shellfish (ocean pH more acidic due to CO2)

'Cross-dressing' on political policy is here to stay, says PM (Blair)

Dry and Desperate (Drought in Minnesota and Upper Midwest)

Kurdish women fear killer's release

Officials: There 'aren't enough troops' to fix problems in Iraq

Study knocks Bush dental plan

U. S. To Block U.N. Denunciation of Israel

Mel Gibson Apologizes for Tirade After Arrest

Annan Tells UN Council to Demand Mideast Truce (Bolton: US will not back)

Lebanese army stops Israeli helicopters landing

Scientist challenges Florida agency's stance on red tide

Iraqi cleric demands cease-fire in Lebanon (al-Sistani)

Congressional Democrats echo Bush's defense of Israel

Shin Bet releases professor suspected of spying for Hezbollah

Quota of 20,000 H1B visas exhausted

IDF: Qana building fell hours after strike

Arizona lawmaker to serve in Iraq

"God, Guns, Gays" a Stretch for Average Voters

Tensions 'trigger' synagogue attack (Sydney)

Iran hardline forces readying for revenge on Israel

NYT/Reuters: Michael Moore Says Gets Lots of Republican Hugs

Picture of aborted fetus to be flown over Cleveland

(Ohio) State Employees Told to Take Religious References Out of E-mails

"Killing people is like squashing an ant:" former US soldier (Pfc. Green)

Legal Jargon (how to write an appeal)

I just started "Riders on the Storm" and real thunder boomed outside.

Name three things that are dumber than conservatives

Okay, I followed the banner and joined

There's Something Wrong With you, boy

Pretend I am a priest

So, what's better?

I just received my first insult on this site. Ask me anything!

In praise of Arnold Schwarzenegger...

Pattern: UN out post now this village. Israel uses the excuse of missles

Artist Pension Trust

I love "Dante's Peak"

What do you like on your elastic loaf?

And you thought the "Timecube" was nutso...

Meet Patrick.

Was MTV's "The Real World" the worst thing to happen to TV?

What the hells wrong with the lounge today?

Do you prefer oral, anal, or another method?

Good Sunday Morning, Loungers! On the Breakfast Menu:

I have a "farmers tan"

well, the lack of caffeine headache is gone, guess I'll get ready

How do you resize an animated gif?

Won't you step into the freezer...

New Pynchon novel due in December: "Against the Day"

Is CalPeg around? n/t

Send out this resume by e-mail:

I need good Liberal bumperstickers for my car!

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday to me...

OK I'm bored... Caption This Picture: What's going on here?

Pierced people: A question

DU Junkie Relief Post: Derek and the Dominoes on Johnny Cash Show, 1970 ..

Well, this isn't what I expected when I clicked the headline...

OMG, there's this liquid stuff falling from the sky!

Jillian McDonald's Zombie Portraits

So... how long should you let a fruit pie set after you take it out

The most offensive sign/bumper sticker you have ever seen?

Joke thread

A Bumper Sticker For Every Republican

Stephen Colbert's right ear.

Mel Gibson police report excerpts(pdf)

Ken Lay's Corpse Sentenced To Prison

I, too, am writing a letter.

Thunder and lightning here....

We're back from Maine. Have you all been good?

I am what the doctors call...hung

Sigh...need some job advice and help (any Upstate NY members please read)

I Have a Crush on Jane Hamsher

Proof Mel Gibson is not a Republican...

I sing for you

If It Were Left Up To Me......

Garden bounty. (severe dial up warning)

$6,000,000 for satanic guitar.

Breaking News - Tucson, AZ - Water in the river!

Would you like there to be a topic forum on DU called Foreign Policy?

Precious, necessary, and/or expensive items: Lost, and how?

I am what the doctors call...hung over!

Yay! The rain washed all the seagull poop off my windows!

Babar says i...

Well I have to say I saw the most exciting baseball game in a while yester

To sum up: Israel attacked Mel Gibson with a pit bull. Vote Lamont.

Jeebus.... What's with all the deleted messages?

HELP. Need a song or two to accompany a slide show at a wedding

I am writing a letter.

Why does it feel like I am on board a ship?

At what particular point did MTV really start to SUCK?

Vintage Stupidity...

Pit bull licks source of flesh eating bacteria

have you ever been face to face with an actual beer?

Worst. War. Movie. Ever. "The Green Berets" starting now on History.

The voices in my head are having an argument

May I introduce you to an new member

What motto do you live by?

I have Died and gone to Heaven. ( Uncle did and was a Audiophile)

Scooter owners....let us all now praise

Calling all DU Grammar-Nazis!

Hemingway Home Argues With USDA Over Cats


I am back

my auto to live by...

I just bought 2 hotel lamps from a one-eyed knitter at a yard sale

I'm still looking forward to Apocalyptico

Should I go to the beach or go to work?

Name a band with ONLY ONE really good album in 'em

Boy Is It Hot Here. 103 in the shade.

Hooray! I can finally get back on the Internets!

A shark week gift to all of you

Lobsters In The City...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 7/30/06)

I love John Fogerty's energy!

What accent do you find the sexiest?

I must bid you Goodnight....

What was the FIRST movie you ever saw at a theatre and with whom?

Why is Bruce Sutter in the Hall of Fame and Lee Smith not?

Today was Popsicle Day at church.

Hi, everybody!!

No matter how much you love Star Trek, don't do this

I love youtube

My 400th post. I'm verklempt!

And now Tom Jones

Name a artist or band that has never made an album you don't love

Guys, how healthy do you feel, you know, compared to Union soldiers?

Which came first, the screw or the

This Is A Test Of The Emergency Troll Alert System

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elder berries!

About to go to the libary - what book should I check out?

For those of us getting a little long-in-the-tooth....

3-D Chalk stuff, enjoy...

I Have JUST Raised My Cooking To A New Level - Imported SALTS!

Gibson's blood alchol was only 0.12 percent? God what a lightweight.

name this kitty please

Post a youtube video featuring a great entertainer

Which Person/Group Has The All Time Record For Selling The Most Albums/CD

Ice Cream eating technique

Happy birthday wishes to..................

Jet lag sucks

It's so hot in St. Paul I'm going to get a haircut

So if the end timers are so sure this is the big one in Lebanon

T.V. twists & changes you'd like to see...

I am going to go live with bonobos, who wants to join me?

Women: Do you have cellulite?

And today's Bad Parenting Award goes to:

What if I stopped cutting the cheese?

I just got a phone call.......from our own KitchenWitch!

We interrupt for a public cervix announcement...

Does anybody watch the show Clean House?

We are having new furniture delivered tomorrow...

have you ever been face to face with an actual beer?

Does your weiner weigh 32 pounds?

Pay me hush money or I will saddle you with Melissa Manchester earworms!

I just got some crappy news.

anyone else HATE HATE HATE that has become a pay site?

Everyone - We need some karma tonight

So we have an exhausted 3-year-old, and people moving upstairs.

What's your ideal outdoor temperature range?

There are ZERO manly men in the lounge tonight.

Have you seen a Great White Shark?

Can anyone help me find this song? It's's blues...

That asinine Hummer ad has changed.

Civilization is ending as we know it.

Is this a Fire or Fume Hazard?

If you like feathered winged creatures,

Sudan Man Forced To Marry Goat

Dilute, Dilute, OK!

I am having flaky Pilsbury biscuits drenched in butter and grape jelly

Let's hear it for 'bad' weather

Who hates to be photographed?

Better to reign in a developing country than to serve in Western Soceity?

Dr. Laura's "shark-infested waters" deal...

I don't even correct my spelling mistakes here anymore.

Neoma's 2nd Dial-Up Warning.

today's high: 64 F-- ahhh, I'm back in norcal....

He was a little dog named Snuggles.

I know the solution to the mideast crisis.

Any Firefox users have trouble logging in to DU?

Entomology question (including picture)

So last night

For I am Costanza, Lord of the Idiots

Should we start a seperate forum for cat threads?

I'm an Anglophile... ask me anything

All aboard, the Vicodin Express is leaving from platform 3

If FOX News covered history:

Door to door Atheists.

Hillary statue to go into New York's museum of sex- WTF?

Dylan plays Clinton's Inauguration (Youtube)

What is your earliest memory?

Do you normally

The pettiness of some people.... sheesh

What's a good movie that will hold my attention?

CMT rerunning HeeHaw. Just saw Willie Nelson from 84. Wow. His voice

How many languages can you count to ten in?

Men: Do you prefer to date women older or younger than yourself? Poll

My baby girl got on a plane by herself to visit her grandparents

I'm glad you stopped by, my friend. Let's go for a desert stroll.

WTF are some employers thinking

The bookstore compulsion

The Kittens Are Here! *** DIAL UP WARNING ***

What a perfect Sunday this was so far...

Ok, BIG warning here, this is a Japanese arcade game.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Are you?

There are ZERO girly girls in the lounge tonight

I'm full of nervous energy - anyone know how I can relax?

Click here for HOT Lounge Lizard P0rn


Do you give coworkers nicknames(behind their back)

What was the first presidential election you can remember?

The Descent...

Mel Gibson does not want my Israeli pitbull to get an abortion

What was the name of the last gay bar you went to?

i love you you youtube you...

Is "The Postman" starring Kevin Kostner the BEST film EVER?

have you ever been face to face with an actual bear?

How does Hollywood portray the work you do?

Who here has that polio vaccine pock mark on their arm?

What Was The Name Of The First Gay Bar You Went To?

Kind-of-but-not-really-new art (Dial-up and horizontal scrollbar warning)

So this drunk guy passed out on my lawn Fri. night

How well do you think your favorite NFL team will do this season?

Does anyone here read Terry Pratchett?

Had a horrible 20 year H.S. reunion

Say hello to all the newcomers! New folks check in please.....

What an exhausting day!!!!!!!!! (go here for kitties)

I need a good board / party game for 6-8 people

Beat the heat! Post your steamy-weather recipes here!

Mel Gibson "ashamed", sorry After DWI Arrest

Name an album that should be in every collection.

Pictures from Canada, part 1: the beach and the aquarium (dial-up warning)

why wont 'The Smoking Gun' website run the Mel Gibson arrest story?

What was the first presidential election you voted in?

Do you have a memory of the Challenger explosion?

Do you have/want kids?

What's Your Favorite Movie About WWII?

What accent do you find the sexiest?

When you make CDs for people

Sohrevardi - Great Iranian theosophist of esoteric teachings

Marx and Engels on the Book of Revelation

What is the purpose of this forum?

The great St Vincent's break-in (Australia)

I am Christian, gay, and liberal (yes all three)

"It's true for me"

Muscular dystrophy reversal clue

A Primeval Tide of Toxins - Oceans evolving backwards to primordial soup

NASA mulls mothballing space station research (Reuters/CNN) {no money}

Gay veterans speak out against DADT

Was Johnny Depp the "stereotype" gay in "Pirates of the Caribbean?"

NYT: For some gays, a right they can forsake (marriage)

Three men attacked, right outside San Diego GLBT Pride festival

Yanks get Abreu

checking on the preseason MLB predictions thread

Chocolatier defeated in 2nd Hambo Elimination

Carlos Beltran for MVP?

"The Arrival of Our Personal 'Genie'" - Karen Bishop - July 30, 2006

need some advice on recent breakup

U.S. Sen. John Kerry is tired.

My new video "Peace"

RTWH: what did you think of Chris Dodd?

A nice article on Kerry's Town Hall meeting on health care in SC.

Um, Mr Bolton, about that France thing...

The neocons are deranged!

My Portals entry...

Got one!

Meet Patrick.

Theme suggestions for August contest:

Photography Group Roundtable Threads (A Proposal)

Various winged and feathered creatures

Texas sized mosquitos

I Am The Nasty Atheist!!!

Stagflation Alert-- Forbes

John McCain's youngest son is joining the Marines.

I REALLY want to take "Pro-Life" away from the Conservatives

Deer found to be 10 times more likely to kill you than all dogs combined

DU Junkie Relief Post: Derek and the Dominoes on Johnny Cash Show, 1970 ..

When was the last time Laura and ** have been seen simultaneously?

Jerry Falwell calls James Dobson

Spending Less? You're Helping Slow the Economy

Seattle Shooter may not have been Muslim

You're all targets, Israel tells Lebanese in South

Why was I not informed of this?

Israel strike kills 35 civilians in south Lebanon- US weapons used

did the fill in for Sam on AAR ever get that calif election person on phon

Bounce your boobies song available to listen anywhere???

Did Lewis Black get fired from (or quit) The Daily Show???

Lebanon refugees trapped between bombs and poverty

Did any DUers watch the minimum wage debate on Friday?

Is it true that "Scientific" polls....

Mexico left takes election protest back to streets

Great place to talk politics

Hizbullah banking on Israeli rejection of Siniora plan

Are You Ready? It's Now 100 Days Till Election Day, Nov. 7th. 2006.

Why is it OK on DU to say you will stand behind the enemy if we go to war

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Flag Burning)

C-Span 911 symposium (VIDEO)

Now the U.S. will force Lebanon to "receive" Condi Rice...

We are told that Afghanistan is a "success".. Is this "success"?

Richard Quest "Miss Rice. While you're talking people are dying"

Hezbollah's al-Manar TV station said 21 children were killed.

"Thank you for your leadership."

Report from the FLY on the Wall; Bushies Brain Storming Sessions

DU is the only place I've seen Lebanon oil slick story. MSM coverup?

Can anyone access any Syrian newspapers online?

"One Love" . . . Bob Marley . . .

If Qana civilians were killed hiding in the basement it had to be a bunker

Isreal must be blackmailing * and co. with 9/11 info. Remember the

"Malibu Mel's Dream House" complete withCrazy Manson look action figure.

You must not sleep (by Arnulf Øverland, 1935)

At other times, the collapse of Iraq would have been news.

What the hell are we doing fighting in Iraq

Tony & Cherie Blair's American Dream

Mel Gibson: "What do you think you're looking at, sugar tits?"

C-Span I Schedule for Today/ Heads Up for Interesting Panel:

MSNBC says all girls T-Ball game with Bush to go forward

Arsenal seeks alternate uses for Quarters One

So now the US has the nerve to complain about the way Arab media

WASHINGTON JOURNAL - palestinian perspective up next

CNN-US should be renamed CNN-I CNN Israel and CNN Int'l should

CNN doesn't want to show the Horror in Qana

Russert, "Let us reconstruct exactly how it all started."

Lack of rain affects upper Mississippi

The US media spin for Israel will be maddening today. I refuse to

Japan ground troops to mark official end to Iraq occupation

Media wordplay: Murdered children are women or "youths"

Blasts in Baghdad as US faces Shia resistance

A new crusade?

Is there a tourism/banking component of Israeli targeting in Lebanon?

Will Any Democrats Be on Sunday TV Asking For A CeaseFire?

BBC Qana Report -must see

The Lies Israel Tells Itself

Sunday TOON (7/30) the Have and Have Mores get MORE

Paging Swamp Rat....Paging Swamp Rat

Bumper Stickers For Every Republican

Did you pray for the Lebanese children who died this morning(Photo)

Sky News (UK) Qana update: 27 children dead, some may have been disabled

U.S. Faces Question-What to do About All That Iraqi Oil

Pinch me! When did Dems get back in power?

If Israel Will Not Give Them An Immediate Ceasefire Lebanon's Regular Army

War against gays has been won

Bush In Jail, A Pet Dream

When you hate an entire religion, is that like racism?

Gays need not apply?

Qana, Southern Lebanon=New Orleans, Louisiana

Shell Oil pres: "The debate is over about climate change"

Suspects struggled with identities, emotions - Just confused kids?

PBS, NOW --good show on (wmd as on topic).

UN Emergency Security Meeting

Ya know---Bush will even fuck up Armageddon.

Camp Democracy coming to D.C....

Today's Sermon: "An Eye for an Eye, Versus, Turn the Other Cheek"

Hey, it was only 37 children.

Hemingway Cat Caretakers Fight With USDA

The Qana Atrocity

Peace Vigil Growing

Burn (UndersecofState)--Hezbollah held 1 million Israelis hostage

What do you think Rove's political calculation with regard to Israel is?

NYPD Rant: Mayor Bloomber & Ray Kelly (NYPD Police Chief) R up to NO GOOD

What percentage of people in the US listen

Israel (Ayalon): Qana a WAR CRIME - by Hezbollah!!! Murderous and CRAZY!

"If we pull out the troops, there will be a civil war."

Press Photos Capture Horror of Deadly Air Strike in Lebanon

CNN Poll: Will Condi's second trip thr the middle east be sucessful

How many were against the U.S. going into Afganistan

In the 18 years Israel occupied Lebanon, Hezbollah grew.

CSPAN: Annan kicking ass at UN: bring this to a halt w/o further delay!

Is BushCo carefully testing and measuring...

No matter what happens from this point on, I will go to my happy hunting

A resume worth sending:

Lebanon oil slick 'worst environmental disaster' in Med

Death Toll in California Heat Wave Reaches 130

Rice slinks back home in the face of the latest slaughter of Lebanese


War chaos kills milllions of Congo's young

Look In the Mirror USA . This Is Our Policy bearing fruit in the M.E.

Great MSM story tracing oil from the gas station back to Nigeria

MSNBC: 4 Marines killed in Anbar Province yesterday.

Honoring the Flag, Or Desecrating It?

War Draft legislation I'd love to see

Mad World

cold stone franchise about to go out of business?

This should be the message of EVERY DEM regarding Israel/Lebanon

Since so much of OUR money goes to Israel, shouldn't we bear some guilt?

Qana = the shelling of the Sarajevo market : turning point of the war

Oh, great. Now what am I going to do with today’s newspaper?

Annan calls emergency UN Council meeting

Newsweek Editor: Rumsfeld ‘ In A Parallel Universe and Slightly Deranged’

Moon's stealth creationist hits Kansas (to destroy Darwin)

Jesus in Cana... what would Jesus do today ?

Leaflets were dropped, warnings given to Evacuate...but they didn't

Israeli strikes pound Lebanon; at least 56 killed ...most are children

Every so called "terrorist" organization in the world is stronger

Israel has right to defend itself by slaughtering 34 children

Will the eight year reign of Bush (or six depending on November's outcome)

Israel is the only issue Dem AND Repuke politicos come together on

This Israeli War Criminal On MTP Is Offensive

It's ok to murder children if the target is terror!

Israelis Use Minors as Human Shields - B'Tselem

How many children has the US killed in Iraq and Afghanistan?

HERE'S an Ollie North picture for ya

I gottta be missing something here.

Things to say when the Recruiters call for your kid.

My Letter to Senator Schumer Re Lebanon

Schumer on CNN: I have no criticism of the President (plus Bolton update)

Instead of Gibson, if Bush said this

The right wing just lost me

CNN: White House on Qana: Urges "utmost care" to avoid civilian casualties

Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers

I wish there was a god I could pray to to stop this madness,

URGENT: Tune into C-SPAN 1 TODAY 2:15 EST - repeat of last night's show

Doesn't Lebanon Have an Air Force? or Anti-Aircraft Weaponry?

Donald Rumsfeld responds to Fareed Zakaria

Gideon Levy : devastation not shown on Israeli TV, rampant extremism

Can War Criminals Still Claim A "Right To Exist"?

State workers told to drop religious e-mail postscripts

A possibly belated thank you...

The difference between Qana and My Lai is?

Why is Qana getting so much media attention? Whats going on?

(VIDEO) Henry Rollins on Shrub, Katrina, Walmart and the Press

Caption this pic of *

Maybe this was the IDF plan. Now they can bomb the UN building

Is anyone listening to this military shill on MSNBC

"I support the war, but don't make my kids look at pics of dead people"

I have a silly question about getting on the front page of DU

JESUS make Qana known for a WEDDING -- iISRAEL for FUNERALS

Israel need to be loudly condemned for this blitzkrieg.

A thought on the recent minimum-wage proposal.

"The male ethos...a culture of intimidation, authority, power and control"

The Drum Major Instinct

IDF released video of SIMILAR attack not the actual attack that killed 60.

Blair wants to work with California on stem cell research.

Damn! If OCCUPATION and continued cross-border assassinations

What are the odds of photo-shopping?

Now I've been crying lately, thinking about the world as it is...

Bagley Iraq TOON >>>>>>

Request to Israel supporters. Replace the word "Israel" with "Lebanon"

CNN special on Beruit and Hizbollash.

These are things I knew nothing about until George W. Bush.

Just Saw "Red State Road Trip" On FSTV,

Eureka! Tom Friedman stumbled upon the truth...

Breaking: Dead eel tossing contest canceled

Anybody around D.C. just hear fighter jets overhead?

A soldier under fire for his beliefs

Oh, fuck Mel Gibson AND Israel. They've become the same thing.

Mel Gibson police report excerpts(pdf)

Ken Lay's Corpse Sentenced To Prison

The first and most critical miscalculation of W and Condi

Protests in Miami the day before * is to visit - pics

"We are completely on Israel's side..." - Wolf Blitzer

19 Days and the United States has NOT called for a ceasefire.

Looking for a particular bumper-sticker

We are ruled by Barbarians...

Rice Gives Up - Heads Back To Bush

More than 60 percent of U.S. in drought

Is your mind made up forever or can you change it?

URGENT! Schedule update for 911 Rebroadcast at 3:05 PM Sunday

Guess the U.S. "Bunker-Busters" just past the "Village-Flattening" test

All shit has broken loose...

Proof that Iran has dumbf**k leaders who hate tolerance too.

Pit bull licks source of flesh eating bacteria

Orwellian Terminology Definitions Thread. Add Your Favorite.

Anybody Catch Fred Barnes On FNS Refer To The "Hezbollah Citizens" ???

IRAQ: Child prisoners left without support

Proof Mel Gibson is not a Republican...

why wont 'The Smoking Gun' website run the Mel Gibson arrest story?

For Clark fans....

Video on Radical Islam

Two pricks.

To sum up: Israel attacked Mel Gibson with a pit bull. Vote Lamont.

So what in hell's name went wrong in Qana?

Meet the Press: Timmy Nails Lebanese Envoy?

so what NICE things happened for you this week? (thanks to Distressed

Failure upon failure doesn't faze Bush administration

Stun a Sunday to its Knees, give us a CAPTION!!!!

God Damned It, Alright !!!

democrats ARE prolife - an example

What Do You Do When You Do Not Agree With Your Government In A War?

Annan Calls Emergency Meeting on Mideast

On Monday, Lamont will appear on "The Colbert Report"

Time for the Anti-YOYO party? Symbol: A Tree

Voting with our wallets...

Drudge is such an asshole

TURN ON FAUX....IDF relased video of a similar building where

Would it be so wrong for one Dem leader, anyone, to join

The official Rice: "WE HAD NO IDEA THAT. . . ." thread:

Clapton's Red Square concert canceled

"Make me stone." ...River

People should make an effort to be civil to one another.

If Hezbollah had the means, Israel would not exist...

Israel just plain lies like the US. Hizbollah does NOT hide behind

CNN: Israel did similar Qana atrocity 10 years ago. Stinks of CALCULATION!

WANTA, and 4.5 trillion $. Is it fiction?

Light candles for Camp Casey August 4th

Why are Lebanese kids called "youths" - as in young adults?

David Brooks No End to Death in Lebanon (E&P)

Wow! Average American military personnel saw 40 days of combat

Arab women reporters on frontlines of Lebanon war

What will be the date we air strike Syria and Iran?

The Fog of War

Just saw an interesting bumpersticker:

4 Marines Killed West of Baghdad

"My kids," Pauly said, "will tell their children: Eat your jellyfish."

the term 'collateral damage'


URGENT! Schedule update for 911 rebroadcast at 3:05 Today..

Dude, Can I have my Iraq war back?

Tweety: War In Iraq Has United Shia Radicalism Into Frankenstein Monster

Iran's Ahmadinejad signals hardening of nuclear stance

Killing People Is No Problem If You Apologize?

Cabinet in open revolt over Blair's Israel policy

Has anyone anywhere in the WORLD seen a single Hizballah soldier/fighter?

New Bush Comic: Bush & Blair: Trouble in Paradise.

Bush's hypocrisy on civil rights...

America: From Freedom to Fascism

Have you heard about VISHING?

I suggest we call a ceasefire on DU...

If you could draft one of these people to go to Iraq, who would you choose

Bremer: we have the beginnings of a plan to defeat the insurgency


Are ya'll taking about why US wants International Force?

REWRITING THE SCIENCE - Tonight on 60 Minutes

self delete dupe

Make The Goddammed Phone Call You Fascist Monkey.

Why does society hate loners so much?


Current events therapy

Monitor: Sibel Edmonds; Glenn Greenwald up at 6 pm Central

NYT/AP: Hollywood Split Over Mel Gibson's Future

Is There ONE Democrat Denouncing Israeli's Military Action in Lebanon?

What is Hezbollah?

sibel edmonds: grossman got 911 suspects released from jail

Jobs Americans don't want?

The danger of waiting too long before you stand up for liberty:

U.S. Unites Lebanon behind Hezbollah--"WHEN BUSH COMES TO SHOVE:

URGENT: Tune into C-SPAN 1 on July 29th 8 PM Eastern Time >>>>>>>

Israel agreed to stop terrorizing civilians for 48 hours...

Gibson's blood alchol was only 0.12 percent? God what a lightweight.

I only saw part of the C-SPAN program on 9/11 but wow!!

Mel Gibson "ashamed", sorry After DWI Arrest

Because this is MY United States of America.

Shared sacrifice in a time of war

Qana, Lebanon - An echo in history - April 18, 1996

Israeli Ambassador calls Qanta bombing a Hezbolla war crime

This story says the US announced the airstrike halt. What is THAT?

Just watched Mark Danner recap on C Span

Got a plan to win and find Osama here!

Where's Dick Cheney been the last few days?

The Secular Coalition for America

Help - Bin Laden info.


MSNBC reporting that Syrians are in Lebanon firing rockets.

The world falls apart, the center cannot hold

Persistent signs that US is egging Israel on to bring war to Damascus

Ah, I found Cheney!

Just Checked Out CNN's Web Page, No Word on Marine Deaths

Ben Franklin's quote about returning to the farm....

Eco Scientist Hansen on 60 Minutes stating the WH tried to censor him

Pics from anti Israel/US protests around the world today


Pakistan Says Nuclear Site "Safe in our Hands"

Whoopee. CNN getting ready to do another segment on the end of the world.

The IDF, Hezbollah, armies or milita do what they are ordered to do.

Lebanese children bear scars of Israel's high-tech firepower

a look inside Hizbollah and beruit coming up on CNN

Hey precinct captains, I need some advice!

The case for net neutrality, laid out in detail -

Where is Mr.bush?

Is Lebanon the October Surprise?

Photoshoppers... I've Hit The Motherlode !!! - ROFLMAO !!!

George Bush is just whom he SAID he was.. a True Uniter

Bush and his crony Administration are over their heads.

A song I want everyone to listen to today..... "I Need to Wake Up"

Israel's excuses for the killing of innocent Lebanese civilians...

Oh, Thank God! We're headed to a 1000 years of peace according to CNN's

Pop! The sound of the housing bubble bursting.

Need some help here - Bolton confirmation

I really would like to know the truth about this question.

Is BushCo now carefully measuring

"Killing people is like squashing an ant:" former US soldier

Cheeky Six Nations Women Seize 50 Illegally Built Windmills

This Condi banner should scare people to death!

The best way to finish off an enemy is befriend him

Finally...GOOD NEWS! Cessation of Hostilities here's link:

“This is the new Middle East”

Do Americans really care about women and children being killed ?

Would you want to be a "professional" Congressman?

While They Hold You with War; Soylent Green Could be Here

Whether Israel is justified or not does anyone believe they are now safer

TomDispatch: The Middle East and the Barbarism of War from the Air

Venezuela bills oil companies for millions in unpaid taxes

So Apparently... THIS Ain't True !!!

George "the Uniter" Bush, doing just that....

.S. Power Group Promoting Global Warming Skeptic

War fever wins elections

How is Israel/Lebanon different than US/Iraq?

I stood across the street from where the Oslo Peace Accord was written

last week 115 degrees, today 70 w/drizzles - does this mean that

A platform for politicians by a great American

Freepland going insane as if they huffed a barrel of Revell's finest...

Oh Great... MSNBC Just Reported That Protesters In Gaza Just Stormed...

The US and France Tip the Scale in Lebanon's Power Struggle

I am Christian, gay, and liberal (yes all three)

Worthy of attention!

Rambo 4 filming in October

Bush says fat Osama tape a 'devastating declaration of guilt'

Yep... One Picture Is Worth...

Net Neutrality Explained

Bush on Qana: "sustainable" peace (not ceasefire) "FOR SAKE OF CHILDREN"

Did the Beirut march in April allow Israel to callously kill children?

Jurassic 5 video with Bush and Cheney lookalikes

Iraqi Parliamentarians want to meet with US Peace groups in Jordan!

NY Review of Books: A very interesting article about AIPAC


Check out * greeting Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) - pics

You know * and his gang thought being President meant one long PR campaign

The Saudi's who fund the NeoCons are really turning up the Megaphone..

If people should all vanish, die out etc., how long would it take

Lopez Obrador is going to cause a lot of good people to have criminal

Right-wing evangelical night at the ballpark...

Need some help here. I need an authoritative government

Run, Joe, Run!

Tweety: The Crescent is a Frankenstein’s Monster (video_


Credit Card Companies Preying of Seniors


Some wisdom from Alexander Berkman....

Lives Of Our Soldiers Are More Important Than The Enemy's Civilians

04:27 China condemns Israel`s bombing of civilians in Qana, calls for ceas

Just an idea, how about a General Discussion: War forum?

Don't ask for directions when traveling in Miami

Israel critics: How would you have handled things differently?

Our Noble Cause

I would like an explanation

25 things everyone needs to know about the RRR

Is 48 hours "business hours" or "clock hours"?

CSPAN--"The Secret Way To War" (Downing Street Memo)

Dammit! Pit Bulls have the right to defend themselves!


CSPAN2 11pm The Secret Way to War:The DSM & the Iraq War's Buried History

the damage Bush has done that will be left to the next Democrat President

An other image worth a thousand words

Neocons are taking history lessons...

Did anyone see this Postcard at Post Secret (about Ken Lay)

"Human Shields" -- no one's hands are clean on this!

Putting Breasts on the Middle East

I can't believe this piece of propaganda crap on 60 minutes

How many votes do you think Bush and Condi will get for Nobel Peace Prize?

Iran's Jews in a Crossfire

I left a flyer in your door tonight warning you to leave before i set your

A timely quote by Bertrand Russell:

book tv now-The Secret Way to War: The Downing Street Memo and the Iraq Wa

From Carnage, U.S. Gains a Concession (NYT)

Photos that damn Hezbollah

Hey Skinner !!! - I Think I Want To Change My Vote Re: GD vs. I\P Forums

We're fighting them there (Iraq) . . . and, they want us to pay for it

Colbert slams Today Show and GMA...

Curious: the temporary cease fire

* and Willie Mays watch Tee Ball at the White House - pics

Former Chief Economist Morgan Reynolds interviewed at ....

48 hours is not a ceasefire in any meaningful sense of the term.

Picture of aborted fetus to be flown over Cleveland

PHOTO: "Condoleezza Rice: MIDWIFE FROM HELL"

Sen. Chuck Hagel: "From now on no smart people can ask questions."

CNN International....I love Shihab Rattansi. He's the only one I've

Can anyone recommend good books re: the origins of modern Israel, and

Capt. Blake Russell

Waco Police arrest Secret Service agent

Iranian Army Told to prepare for war - 54 minutes ago

So... I caught "Anne of the Thousand Days" on TV yesterday, and I thought

The mosque attacks in Iraq: I am more convinced than ever are being

"May God bless those who lost their lives," Bush said regarding Qana Dead

Bill O'Reilly; diagnosis - Chronic Harrasturbator

Caption for Condi?

Waco Police arrest Secret Service agent

CSPAN will air the McKinney-Johnson debates Monday night at 7:30!

But, but, but.... they dropped LEAFLETS!!! (GRAPHIC)

I need a cool poster and/or quote for my classroom.

Bush: At the Helm of an Administration That Won't Stop Lying

(VIDEO) Bob Bowman's speech from the 9/11 Symposium

Is it time to release sulphur into the stratosphere, yet? (Oh crap!)

Which one of you is doing this????

Zakaria: Rumsfeld in a parallel universe and slightly deranged

Ok, so now I'm drunk and the world still sucks

Ann Coulter Campaigning For Nut Job...IN CULVER CITY CA!

Chavez/Ahmadinejad Meet in in Tehran

"These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me."

I am so outraged and sick of this

Modern Humans Are “So Big And Robust That Ancestors Seem Unrecognizable



RICE = LIAR!!! They cancelled your bullshit visit. She's complicit in

A glimpse at the Colorado 5th District Republican Primary...

The rockets being fired from Qana is on MSNBC right now. Released by IDF.

Picture of aborted fetus to be flown over Cleveland

Is the State Secrets Privilege a joke?

In Qana, A Gruesome Scene (L.A. Times)

Breaking on CNNi: Lebanese storming UN building in Beirut

Israeli soldier sentenced to 28 days for refusing to fight in Lebanon

Breaking News - Israel suspends airstrikes

"Its all the Dems fault" headed editorial section in the Virginian Pilot

In preparation for being disappeared

Israel Accused of Using Illegal Weapons (Dahr Jamail)

Iraqi children held in US-run prisons left without support

Answer me this: If they drop leaflets to the general public in Lebanon

Israel has a right to exist, and a right to defend itself...

Need evidence to refute RW meme of liberal media

July 30 - The Number Jumped to 2578.

Are they psychopaths?

Tomorrow the excuse for killing babies will be............

Do "the people of Israel" bear of guilt of their elected leaders crimes?

NEVER FORGET!!! Bush wants to put Americans away without a trial!!!!

Ireland blocks U.S. bomb-carrying flights to Israel from landing...

Do you know why the US flew the bombs thru Scotland? Here's why..

Anyone been to New Orleans lately? (Or NoLA residents check in)

What's been going on in Lebanon has been happening in Iraq for 3 years.

Today, we are all Lebanese, we are all Palestinians!

ONE DAY OLD and then she died.


History from the point of veiw of Fox News...

Excuse me, Mr. Lieberman? by Michael Schiavo

I'll Meet You All At "The New Gitmo"

JFK did not tolerate missiles in Cuba

Since the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers

Young Christian Lebanese chanting protest @ UN building

Still in the box...

Should dogs and their owners be registered online with pictures?

Riverbend checks in re Lebanon

Mexican leftist urges blockades in capital (pics)

Bush's Secret bill to hold people indefinitely with no trial is now online

France steps forward as champion of Lebanon peace drive

O.K. I'm Tired Of This, So Listen Up DUers

Michael Schiavo:Excuse me, Mr. Lieberman?

Israeli ambassador blames Hezbollah for Israel's slaughter of 50 civilians

What is the source of the hostility between the US and Syria?

Just got a call from the DCCC

What changes have you seen in DU over the last year or so?

Daily Kos: Cheney OKed the Israeli attack on Lebanon in June

Welcome To My Parlor

On a more positive note: Who is your favorite historical American & why?

Hezbollah was formed, ironically enough, on the belief ...

Irish Gov Refuses To Allow US Bomb-Carrying Planes To Land On their Soil

The "hiding among civilians" myth

Willie Nelson: The Dixie Chicks “Got A Raw Deal”...

Hummers better than Hybrids?! HELP!!

Video my son made (covers a few topics)

What Message From The Politically Active Churches Today?

Two simple questions:

Hamas retaliated for an Israeli kidnapping . . .

WTF? 24-48 hours to vacate your own country and just hand it over

Are you the Judean People's Front?

Tired of Pit Bull threads?

Israel is SO screwed.

Please Stop with the demonization of the Israeli People

If the Shah of Iran had wanted to pave the way for a theocracy in Iran ...

The whole right to exist debate is silly.

Lookee who made a journal... Let us thank him! (Octafish)

ADOPT A SIGN in Tom DeLay's District:

Almost six years of the Bushreich down, over two to go -- HELP!!

Don't Be An MSM Parrot Head. Make Up Your Own Mind About Pitbulls.

Israel is not attempting to commit genocide against the people of Lebanon

Do you know anyone who has left the US?

I do not want to hear one more word

FYI Isreali Peace Movement: Coalition of Women for Peace

The TRUTH about "dangerous" Pit Bulls.

I propose a "Pit Bull" thread moratorium: there arebigger fish to fry

It Is A Violation Of The Geneva Conventions Whether You "Target Civilians"

Rapture Ready board ponders: What happens to unborn babies in rapture?

Israel just lost me.

Has Israel signed up for its own destruction with the Qana atrocity?

McUnion: Fast-food employees get wise

Our intelligence anticipated attacks with plans on WTC with planes

The evil Cabal Is Terrorizing US/us. How can we combat that?

MLK's Autobiography

Representation Locally of Minimum Wage Vote in House

Thirty-seven children among 54 killed in Israeli airstrikes in Qana, Leban

The Bush Years - A Grotesque Failure of Leadership

Faud Siniora on Face the nation right now

New York mayor (Bloomberg) to bid for White House

Tim Russert softballs Israeli UN Ambassador

Falafel Boy O'Reilly: "Israel is doing us a favor by attacking Hezbollah"

How many "Get out of jail free" cards...

Joe Lieberman branded a Judas in row set to split the party over Iraq

Analysis: Bush's failed foreign policy; UN emergency meeting; Rice speaks

For Clark fans...

What is the point?

War in Iraq over...?

What happened with the martial law votes this weekend?

Mobilization for Peace in the Middle East!-Portland Stands With Lebanon!

Smirk: American Foreign Policy No Longer Seeks to ‘Manage Calm’

NMD as a GOP political tool must be stopped.

Condoleezza Rice quotes---- for your contemplation

McCain's son joins the marines

How serious is the rift among Dems on Israel?

Does anyone know where Rove got this idea?

NYT: Disowning Conservative Politics, Evangelical Pastor Rattles Flock

I can't find us on the Roadmap for Peace. I think we may be lost.

"You can see the strain on Sec. Rice's face there" says John King on CNN

Idol Worship in the Oval

Non-profit status

Congressional Democrats:Fill Medicare Donut, Win Seniors Back This Fall!

14 more days & 2 planeloads of bombs from USA!

Schumer undecided on Bolton - CNN

Petition's full impact a surprise to signers (a Terri Schiavo bill for Ne)

Evangelical pastor Gregory Boyd heard what Christ said

Killers of the employees of the Tasloja Cement Factory in Iraqi Kurdistan

In Memoriam of Khephra

New Bush Comic: Bush & Blair: Trouble in Paradise

Iraqi cleric demands cease-fire in Lebanon

The (GOP) positioning of the Signing Statements issue... be warned!

Director of lessons learned, sort of (and other possible WH positions)

Absentee Ballot protest in '06--the only way to stop WW III.

Video Peter Jennings on US plan bomb disaster drills BEFORE 9/11

Idea for a Draft

Is there a definitive list of B*sh badness?

"Synthetic trees" to stop global warming?

Parasites, Inc. - Death by Media

Lieberman: "I was hoping that God would send me a poor challenger"

Republicans afraid to say they are…Republicans (video)

Rove: Reporters slam politicians to save selves

I have enjoyed listening to Radio Nation this week-end...Arnison.

I want some speechifying and fainting!

Jimmy Carter the world needs you ASAP

"Freedumb Concert"

Gore’s former adviser moved back to Tennessee (Woohoo!)

Get Ready. It's Now 100 Days Till Election Day, Nov. 7th. 2006.

Down to the wire in CT: Sharpton appears for Lamont, Inouye for Lieberman

Can Bolton be "Recalled" by Congress

Opinion columns for-and-against Ned Lamont...

Dem consultants getting rich off of corporate payola

Senator Rick Santorum: Poster Boy for Obnoxious and Desperate Conservatism

Lamont needs some DU help.

IFJ Presses Israel for Answers as Army Fires on TV News Crew in Gaza

Tom Friedman voice of reason on MTP

Has anyone else noticed the wear and tear on the people at the top?

Iran's Jews caught again in no man's land (Motamed: sole Jewish lawmaker)

My LTTE supporting Lamont.

Baghdad Bob: All the Israel Spokesmen and women are beginning to sound

For 2008 election, Al Gore could be the real deal

A few upbeat statements from our Dem Reunion write-up. Smiles needed.

Neal Boortz backs "Fair Tax” supporter Hank Johnson in Ga.

Dean says Harris is NOT Stalin, Harris demands apology

Qana 2 gift of Rice banner- Photo

Rove "attacked the media as a way of working the refs" (GOP threatened)

Poll: Do you have close relatives that are Republican?


Deranged: Bush believes that starting wars will secure lasting peace

Idiot post on my local political board...

Bad news on Ohio (For Republicans) National Review goes Boo Hoo Hoo!

Is the NY Times the only newspaper to endorse Ned Lamont?

Is anyone else getting REALLY sick of those South Park guys?

Zakaria: Rumsfeld ‘Seems In A Parallel Universe and Slightly Deranged’

How Many Of You Are REAL Clark Fans?

Mason-Dixon poll: Allen leads Webb in Virginia by 16 points; 20% undecided