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Chris Floyd: Beyond Belief

Will Cuba's offshore oil discovery finally break the US trade embargo?

A question I need some help with. Is there any information, statistics,

'Disproportionate' in What Moral Universe?

Lebanon Buffer Force Proposed

Woman shot to death at Jewish Federation building in Seattle

Justified, essential and timely

Israel's secret war: the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Palestine


Israel's secret war: the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Palestine

End of Secret Detention Urged

Some Canadians to have fingerprints checked at U.S. airports

Israel fears long-range rockets put Tel Aviv in line of fire

Cracks and yaks put Himalayan railway at risk

Lebanon oil spill crisis

Casualties of War: Lebanon’s Trees, Air and Sea

3 Marines killed in Iraq's Anbar province

House passes pension reform bill

IMF: Fed must hold careful economic course

US planning $4.6bn in Mideast arms sales

War may last another month: U.N. official

Three US Marines killed in action in Iraq

Angry judge may free some (held without trial) in New Orleans jails

Guardian: Bush Cuts Short Holiday As Anti-War Neighbours Move In

"The Rapture Report" by G.W. Bush

Agh! Go away heat! Die, heat, die!


I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weineeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr. . .

OK I'm A Newbie. But................

Ask MrScorpio

Cripes, I can't wait for all these teenaged wrestlers to leave town...

Here's something paradoxical I saw today...

Our democracy is a marriage, and we’re treating it like a one-night stand.

I use Mozilla on Windows. How do I keep Spyware out?

Sometimes things hit you in the most unexpected ways

RUA n00b?

I'm back!

Does it bug trolls MORE when you ignore them?

What Year Did You Sign on to DU ?

YAY, my kitty is home from the vet and doing well.

Maat will be marching with PFLAG in San Diego tomorrow morn;

coming out, or coming out?

Who do I call to vote for my least favorite?

Past "Rapture" predictions or mistakes!

Heads Up Keith Olbermann Fans

I'm watching "The Unit" and this episode is on torture

Military. Industrial. Complex.

Zogby has a new poll.

TGIF TOONday TOONS get your ICE COLD toons right cheer brrrrrr

a durable cease fire?

RW Poll #s Keep Dropping; RW Pundits Say "No Policy" Dems Will Still Lose

Slippery George and the BFEE

NYT: 2008 May Test Clinton’s Bond With McCain

I am in a lot of pain tonight. Could any of my DU family help me

Tomgram: "Air War, Barbarity and the Middle East"/ Interesting Read

Guardian:As the shells fall around them, Hizbullah men await the Israelis

Whaddaya think of this bumper sticker idea?

"Reasonable Doubt" - On Spinoza and equality - NYT

Violent hate crime is an attack on all of us

Labour MP: This is worse than Iraq

Hezbollah not on Russia's terrorist list

The GOP's Sleaziest Attack Campaign

U.S. and Israel Shelved Laser as a Defense

Forbes: Is Racism Behind Treatment of Haitians?

Derrick Z. Jackson (Boston Globe): Division of Uncivil Rights

Sunni, Shia and US Politics in the "New" ME

A campaign without end Arnold Schwarzenegger

Haaretz: Let's declare victory and start talking

Alter on Stem Cell Research...Make them sign a pledge ...

WP: War in Middle East Puts U.S.-European Warming Trend on Hold

An Indigenist Perspective, Apocalypse No! By JUAN SANTOS

NY Times Editorial: A Senate Race in Connecticut

Nasrallah Talks With Former Ambassador: watch, listen or read transcript

Rip Van Winkle: What's become of the country we call home?

Here's The NYT Endorsement of Ned Lamont

Ill-fated journey challenges U.S. policies

Rove Blasts Political Journalists - Here is My Response

Economic Report: Working Family Economic Reality In A Nutshell

When will someone finally say that we've lost The Fiasco in Iraq?

LAT, part 1 of 5, "Altered Oceans": A Primeval Tide of Toxins

People Empowering People to Impeach

Condi in Diplomatic Disneyland by Tony Karon

Solar Powered Car

Laws of Thermodynamics and Economic Theory.

Experts split on UK Great Whites (BBC)

Customers Pony Up for Renewable Energy

My first archaeology job

The realm of normal fluctuations in climate: 60% of US in drought.

Picture of Lebanese beach oil spill

Will Cuba's offshore oil discovery finally break the US trade embargo?

Poor Israel and Lebanon

There is an offer for peace between Arab countries and Israel:

Tide turning in the Arab world

Akko: Arab MK, sister attacked by 3 Jews

israel's secret war-humanitarian disaster unfolding in palestine

Anyone have info on how Syria might play out as Peace Broker?

Oil spilled from IAF bombed power plant pollutes Lebanon's coast

Protesters: County funds Israel's war

How Did Flight 77 Find It's Way To Pentagon Without Air Traffic

Why Did Todd Beamer Talk To The Phone Operator For 13 Minutes

DU Poll: What is your current opinion of the 9/11 attacks?

A question? How did they get the pilots to fly into the towers?

Bush says fat Osama tape a 'devastating declaration of guilt'

Here is the BBC story relied upon in the C-Span panel on the 9/11 Truth:

Question? What was in tower 7, that it needed to come down?

Questions, questions and even more questions?

"9/11 and the Neocon Agenda" on CSPAN right now.

WOW! who else got this incredible email?

C-Span: "9/11" the Other View right now at 8:00 p.m. est..."

On C-SPAN Now: (Redacted)

C-SPAN to show hard-hitting LA 911 Truth Panel, Sat 8/11 pm EST, Sun 2:15

Great show on c-span now

This needs so much more time.. not fair.

Reminder, fellow Truthseekers - CSPAN at 8p and 11EST. 9/11 panel

They are wasting their time on these idiots.. ask questions

9/11/06 Who's going to NYC to be part of the 911 Truth Movement?

Why can't I recommend threads in this forum?

You might not agree..but tune in C-Span I NOW/ 9/11 Alternative Viewpoint

Is anyone actually watching this panel.. its really good. C-SPAN

Anyone noticing the schedule changes being posted?

God bless cspan!

A Designer's Analysis of VANITY FAIR'S 9/11 article, ACDU Notice

Update; Glasgow tower block was set ablaze

Certfied OFFICIAL thread on 9/11 panel on C SPAN - 8 PM

Tennessee's largest city (Memphis) begins to live the e-voting nightmare

Grand Juries and Election Investigations, (plus a GEMS Contract)

The CA 50 Action Committee

San Diego: Lehto, Collins and Collins, and No Sleepovers

Oh, and Happy Birthday Auto!

Mimi Kennedy and Emily Levy on the radio re: CA50: Link to archived stream

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, July 29, 2006

AutoMARK Gets a Patent for the "Ballot Marking Device"

Here's how the Election Fraud was carried out in Mexico

Study: Polling Place May Sway Your Vote

Fate of $25M (DR)e-voting System in Miami-Dade Dangling

Register today for Camp Wellstone in Houston!

please DU my local paper's poll Re: governor of texas

Rick Perry's ASSes

Homemade pita bread

Conservatives weak in key areas in new poll

Reluctant Harper may yet be drawn into UN Lebanon force

Tories use Harper's stand on ME to get donations; Kennedy calls it 'crass'

Duceppe wants return to peacekeeping role

Slim majority wants Canada's Afghan troops brought home: poll

LTTE: PM's radical past not to be forgotten

Star Opinion: Kids confused by Harper's actions

Protesters in Halifax condemn Harper's response to Middle East conflict

Leak of Classified Information Prompts Inquiry (NY Times)

Newfound Book of Psalms Doesn't Predict Doom

Lebanon protesters mob PM's car (Australia)

U.S. SENATE RACE: Stabenow outraising Republican challengers

GOP Senate candidate flip-flops on Bush

U.S. officials fear war crime charges: newspaper

4 White-Supremacists Convicted of Murder

House GOP Gives Paris Hilton $91M @ 2AM!

Iraq Hospital Touted by Laura Bush Delayed (Bechtel Thievery)

Guardian:As the shells fall around them, Hizbullah men await the Israelis

Guardian: Bush cuts short holiday as anti-war neighbours move in

Guardian: Bush and Blair lay out Lebanon plan but warn Tehran

Robberies Threaten Iraqi Banking System

'Better at the game' (Clinton eulogizes Queens Dem Party Boss)

Struggling Lieberman Faces Political Abyss

Attacks kill four Marines in Iraq

Nevada candidate's death stirs speculation, suspicions

Chevron profits not enough (largest profit ever of $4B)

Astronaut Brady's Death Stuns Area

Japanese troops celebrate end of Iraq mission

Queens Power Mess: Questioning Hil's visit

Swann brings in a N.Y. strategist to lead campaign

Ghettoisation creeping into Iraq/ Aljazeera

Election chief should go, protesters chant

Huge fines restricting new voter applications

Singer John Hall Targets N.Y. GOP Lawmaker

Hagel calls Iraq 'replay of Vietnam' (US Senate Ne)

(Paul) McCartney Reportedly Files for Divorce

U.S. Repositioning Troops in Iraq

C-SPAN to show hard-hitting LA 911 Truth Panel, Sat 8/11 pm EST, Sun 2:15

BBC: UN deaths 'threaten peacekeeping'

Katie (Couric) Pulls Strings In Cockpit

Diven's top aide charged with forgery

(PM Tony) Blair to brief (Rupert) Murdoch executives

US military rules of engagement on trial in Iraqi killing case

Gallup: Current Negativism on Iraq Echoes View of Vietnam War in 1970

Iraqi soccer team coach resigns after death threats

Iran stops students travelling to join Hezbollah

Bush: Lebanon crisis is part of broader struggle

AP: ACLU wins in free speech lawsuit (Antiwar Material Stays!)

Turkey proposes peace force

Israel-Lebanon fighting leads Arab media

Army attack breaks Darfur truce (BBC)

The town of Chadron, Nebraska is on fire right now.

UN aid convoy reaches Beirut

Somalia: Iran, Libya and Egypt helping militia

Source: Islamic Jihad leader killed

Camp for disabled denied visas

Reminder, fellow Truthseekers - CSPAN at 8p and 11EST. 9/11 panel

Hundreds protest Lebanon offensive in Tel Aviv

NYT/AP: Eric Clapton's Red Square Concert Canceled by Russian authorities

Another Passenger Missing From a Cruise Ship

U.S. to move 3,700 troops to Baghdad

Main Syrian-Lebanese border crossing closed (due to nearby bombing)

Israel raid closes key crossing

Workers vote for Escondida mine strike (Chile)

Suspect's bail set at $50 million (Seattle Jewish Federation shooting)

Blair courts US stem-cell scientists

Hilton reaches accord with hotel labor union

White House strategist focuses on Ricketts (US Senate Ne)

Australia asked to join UN force

Sentry Insurance Says Customer Data Stolen

Audit Finds U.S. Hid Cost of Iraq Projects

Peacekeepers leave as all-out war looms (Sri Lanka)

Poll: Dems not favored on Iraq

Cabinet in open revolt over Blair's Israel policy

Minimum Wage Fight Heads To The Senate

Breaking News: Israel Pulls Out of Hezbollah Stronghold

Gas war: Station sets price at 49 cents

MSNBC Breaking News Banner: UN: Two Peacekeepers injured in Israeli

Arab Women Reporters on Frontlines of Lebanon War

Reuters: Israel rejects plea for pause in fighting

Domestic Accidents; Self-Immolation Kill More Kurds than War (?)

France, Lebanon to deploy to border with Israel

AP/Yahoo - More than 60 percent of U.S. in drought

Danse macabre

Christians Fleeing Lebanon Denounce Hezbollah

Revealed: Ireland blocked Prestwick US bomb flights

Seattle Suspect Allegedly Ambushed Girl (Jewish Center shooting - WAPO)

Israel Force Gathering Near Border Town -Lebanon Officials

House Approves Minimum Wage Increase

Nasrallah: Israel wants cease-fire, U.S. opposed

WP,pg1: Secretive Fight Against Bioterror: Classified lab raises concerns

Mel Gibson's DUI - Went on Anti-Semetic Tirade - Coverup alleged!

Iranian leader bans usage of foreign words

LAT: 3 L.A. Billionaires (Broad, Geffen, Burkle) Have Eyes on L.A.Times

Israelis edge closer to war with Syria

Audit Finds U.S. Hid Actual Cost of Iraq Projects

WP: Report on Prewar Intelligence Lagging (not till after election)

Oil price and dollar plunge as American growth stalls

NYT: Audit Finds U.S. Hid Cost of Iraq Projects

Dean Says Democrats Will End Iraq Problem (ABC)

N.M. governor: America needs 'new realism'

Partisan Divide on Iraq Exceeds Split on Vietnam (NYT

Young Recruiter Proves Worth (19 years old!!)

Why the US Embassy's neighbours in London's W1 are taking to barricades

New maximum-security jail to open at Guantanamo Bay

WP/AP: Rove Blasts Journalists' Role in Politics

Chavez Vows To 'Stand By Iran'

NY TIMES Endorses Lamont !

US Sen John McCain's son to join Marines: report

NYT,pg1: Housing Slows, Taking Big Toll on the Economy

Daimler's Smart car lives up to its name (Business 2.0/

Polish children dumped by parents heading for Britain

Disowning Conservative Politics Is Costly for an Evangelical Pastor

Bills Soar As Many Hit Gap in Drug Plan: Medicare Provision Jolts Seniors

On the Roof of Peru, Omens in the Ice

Florida Marine metes out swift death in Iraq (New American Values/Propogan

A new game, perhaps?

Okay, so there. Mr. Scorpio has answered all the

This is the thread for saying hi to people who have you on ignore!

It's time for me to go to bed.

Listen up, John Carpenter, you son of a bitch!

You wake up in the morning and find out you are....

M*A*S*H fans — betcha can't guess who this is

The town of Chadron, Nebraska is on fire right now.

Gene Hackman - Better Villain or Hero?

Greatest rendition of our National Anthem EVER

Women dressed as men may have formed bandit posse (cool!)

its 3AM in LA

Mel Gibson's Anti-Semitic Tirade --Alleged Cover Up

Is there a reason some sites podcast instead of just letting you dl

Out of control mouse click!!!!

I've been busting my buns since 4:30 am

I'm watching "Boys Don't Cry" on IFC.

Looking for book for kids about buddhism and wiccanism....

What song embodies 80s "No Wave" more so than any song?

So if what Mel Gibson said is true and his true feelings....

Which best names the red states?

I think I have just had one of the strangest f'ing weeks of my life...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 7/29/06)

Apparently Patrick Swayze is easy

Have you ever been to a Gaza Strip club?

"Not My President"

Wah! I don't want to wake up.

How big is your ignore list?

I've never been to a strip club

What should I do today?

Chapter Two

Bill Clintons Gay?? (letterman

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

Two Suggested Bumperstickers for Californians:

This is a Reuter's news video, but it'll probably get locked anyway...

Today would have been Charles and Diana's 25th wedding anniversary

Naked stage role for Harry Potter star

Have you ever noticed how news can sometimes take awhile to sink it?

I just saw an ad for Discovery Channel... "SHARK WEEK is back!"

Does anybody else hate phone calls?

is there a "suggested donation" amount for new members?

Have Any Of You Ever Successfully Posted In LBN?

I got an End of Times flyer on my windshield today.

Katie (Couric) has had it with these mf'ing snakes on the mf'ing plane!

I went for an Esurance quote, and all I got was this...

I just had new highlights done and I'm having second thoughts

Take a break from the madness! "Snakes on a Plane" News!

I got my first archaeology job!

William Shatner...what a gig!

Laura Bush's Tips to Beat The Heat

Leaving Los Vegans...

Anyone else own an IRobot floor cleaning robot?

It's hot out.

I have the house all to myself today....


Playground carousel + motorbike + dumbass = funny

Make up your own tongue-twister and post it here.

I take no prisoners!

Which is the best satellite radio service?

Mel and his latest movie venture? A movie on the Mayan civilization?

Boo creepy foot doctor

This really is the End Times....

Is 1818 really that old for a Bible?

Holy crap! London scientists discover the key to invisibility!

Does anybody else hate phone sex?

My lovesick friend's quest for peace.

Gimme your opinion

ROTFL! Enzyte (the pecker hardening stuff that goofy Bob sells) contains

whoever posted about Rainier cherries, thanks for my new addiction.

my back tattoo... ( I"m in a posting mood today...can you tell...hehe)

I'm thinking an unnatural thought....

The Cuervo Gold

should I get my lip pierced....

Vivid dreaming!

who's hitting the gym today??

Did anyone else see "Lady in the Water"? What did you think?

For Whom the Bell Trolls

Congratulations babylonsister!! 25,000 posts

Thought I was watching Saturday Night Live and it was really Lawrence Welk

Double Crossed: Uncovering the Catholic Church's Betrayal of American Nuns

Who the fuck took my new vacuum bags...

What are some of your favourite frictional characters?


What does this country have against nursing homes?

Best Monkees Song Ever

Arrggh. I hate the door to door crowd.

National Lampoon's take on Ann Coulter

Tom & Katie in Mysterious Ceremony? (C'mon, you know you care)

Katie (Couric) Pulls Strings In Cockpit

Newbie here. What kind of messages do moderators send you?

BREAKING HARD! Ann Coulter killed by a Pitbull in Lebanon today!

Don't mention the war. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it

I offer ‘narrative’; hold up, that was too immediate…

Tell us about a war zone you've visited that was beautiful.

Devil Rays thrashed the Yankees for once, nyah nyah nyah!

Where Star Wars names come from

Post naked!

Wallyworld cuts and runs from Germany, post haste!

Collect them! Trade them! Get the complete set!

Beautiful B&W photo gallery of Jerusalem in the 1920s and 30s

Condi Rice is doing an impression of...

What can you do, that no one else (or very few) can do?

Fun With Thread Juxtaposition

What if they stopped saying cheese?

Anyone gonna watch Jericho Wednesday?

Woman sought in Magic Cheese scam (BBC)

What is it with Old Women? ( WARNING LAME-O POST )

I object to all this sex on the computer in the Lounge!

It depends upon what you eat.

BS alert: Tart cherries as a "cure-all" fruit...

Here comes the DUers!

New names for Free Republic!

progmom on the air 12-2 eastern time - post jazz requests here

Is there a "yousendit" kind of upload site for folders filled w/ files

All I accomplished today

The Detroit Tigers are Still kicking azz

Anybody have/use/familiar with Vonage service?

Does "Hackers" suck?

I'm in hypochondriac hell.

why does every movie out right now look like crap?

I fed my bird a Cheezie, am I evil?

Mel Gibson apologizes after DUI arrest

Where should I study a broad?

I declare this BILLYSKANK night in the lounge

Snakes in a muthaf**kin' Wal-Mart

Post an answer, I will reply with the proper question

A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)

So long, North America, it's been fun

Happy birthday norml!!

I am sooooo sick of this ungodly heat!

What are your opinions on hi-fidelity?

English lesson for tonight

A comforting pic for sweltering DUers from January

Ug, I can't sleep and I have to be up in seven hours

The chick in "The Crying Game" is a guy.

Had to turn the heat on, today!

That huge sucking sound that was heard when people were

One Of My Favorite Movie Moments...

The Only Thing That Has Bothered Me About Some Mexican Immigrants

Sad friggen story. NOT A FUNNY POST

I'm a Pink Floyd geek. Ask me anything!

What are your opinions on infidelity?

just got back from the strip club, ask me anything

The black chick in "Risky Business" is a guy.

Any of yas gonna see 'World Trade Center'?

How is getting older something good?

I predict the rapture...

I just got my first locked post. Ask me anything! n/t

Do your initials spell a word forward, backward, or both?

Post all the DU smileys you've never used before.


The Dark Side of the Force Visited Today

Job interview from Hell

Are women where you work downright vicious to other women?

Boomers.Lets say you went into a Rip Van Winkle sleep/coma in 1976 ...

What are some other photo hosting sites besides photobucket?

What movie should my SO and I see today?

I like pie.

OK, officially freaked out here. Just saw a flippin' flyin' cockroach,

Post a pic of you and a friend..Thread

Who is your favorite Monkee?

My first ever attempt at scratchboard...

Vacation FUBAR Moment - Advice?

yvr girl said that I should start a sex thread in the lounge

What are you listening to right now?

Where should I study abroad?

Congratulations asthmaticeog!! 10,000 posts

Lounge people: for those not defined by your gender

Lounge men: Are you a manly man?

What is the big deal about Colin Farrell?

Hells Angels hater caught red-handed

What is it with Young Women? ( WARNING EMO POST )

What if they stopped making cheese?

I have decided to hate watermelon

Doesn't it creep you out, just a little bit...

Saturday, July 29. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Is anybody excited about "Snakes On A Plane"? One of the other

Congratulations ralps!! 15,000 posts

HILARY 2008!!!!

who's hitting the gin today??

Ever feel like sitting down and crying for no apparent reason?

Read Any Good Mysteries Lately?

Every time I begin to have hope for America, freecycle kills it.

For the most intelligent Radio_Lady and all LOTM lovers.

I just got back from "Rocky Horror". Ask me anything.

(Paul) McCartney Reportedly Files for Divorce

Is there a Pit Bull News Cycle? Or a Pit Bull Season?

Questions about Duers

Lounge women: Are you a girly girl?

How about the stupid names DU has been called?

What does this country have against nursing moms?

Newfound Book of Psalms Doesn't Predict Doom

Newfound Book of Psalms Doesn't Predict Doom, Experts Say

"Reasonable Doubt" - On Spinoza and equality

Politics in Religion

Canadian Church Calls on UN to Investigate Political Killings

NYT: Disowning Conservative Politics Is Costly for an Evangelical Pastor

FDA: No cancer risk from artificial sweeteners

New Volcano Type Found in Pacific?

Fossil frogs yield 'soft tissues' (BBC)

Turning fat into muscle- stem cell research

A New Wave: Scientists Write on Water

American astronomers claim that black holes may not exist

Rhode Island judge orders woman to stop making anti-gay comments

When Kids Learn Homophobia (found at the blog "The Republic of T.")

Singer k.d. accuses Harper of supporting intolerance by skipping Outgames

Lost in the Lance Bass hoopla

Why Can Ann Coulter Get Away With Saying "Fag" on National TV

Razorback's best running back out for at least one game because

How will I get fired up for football season with the Tigers doing do well?

Boxing: Roy Jones vs. Prince Badi Ajamu

Liverpool draw Maccabi Haifa for (soccer) Champions League on 22/23 August

Astrological question: retrograde to direct

UFO above my house right now. No, really.

The Secret...a question. I've been thinking, up until now, that

Pics from the Dem Reunion with Dean and Rendell

Check out this great post

Sen. Kennedy's op-ed on Roberts and Alito

JK in Iowa

I found a new source for Kerry clips

OT: Signing statements

Theses liars never give up!

But it's not July 4th...! (Fireworks - DIAL-UP WARNING)

Yellowstone trip -- Part III

Shot from the seat of the dirt bike:

Congratulations bvar22!! You are the winner of the July Photo Contest!!

KO grooms his eyebrows

Another milestone!!'re not French, are you??

"In God we Trust" turns 50 (younger than bush...) - bush "Divine plan"

"Condi" or "Secretary of State"

I called the office of the state Republican Party today

Now That Mel Gibson Is Confirmed As An Anti Semite

Bush Alert

I need some help. Hubby is writing an endorsement questionaire and


Keith Olberman on Craig Fergusen now. CBS nt

Attn: DUers. . .Please look at this Meade KS story and consider donation

I WANT TO SREEM........................I DO IT NOW!!!!!!!

CNN, Israel Rejects UN Request for 72 hr. Cease Fire for Aid to Refugees

This PIC sums it up

Housing Slows, Taking Big Toll on the Economy

UN deaths 'threaten peacekeeping'

When Dennis Ross goes on C-SPAN

Israel backed by "cyber soldiers"

6 shot, 1 fatally at Seattle Jewish center

Attacks kill four Marines in Iraq

Anyone watching Booknotes on CSPAN? Kirk Bloodsworth

Made in the UK, bringing devastation to Lebanon

US Homeland Security: our planless leader

How to be a good Republican.

US Homeland Security: our planless leader

Four more children dead in Lebanon

Communication Designers UNITED – New Policies, Constitution Campaign

The story of a proud Republican: Skip Van Winkle

(PHOTO) Sore Loserman trying to replace The Kiss with The Hug

Fox News, FX, Fox 5, Fox Sports (FSC), WTF?

Are Bush and his fellow warmongers hoping for suicide bombers in America?

Here are some good bumper sticker slogans I received in an email

2/3rds Army Combat Brigades Not Ready Because Of Bush Incompetence

Question regarding oil giants' obscene profits

Racketeering big time!

What does LTTE and BFEE mean??

CNN: Israeli Airstrike kills woman and six children

Freeper Irony Double-Plus on Mel's Arrest... By Anti Semites!

Owner of pitbull in Kansas City arrested- manslaughter

Israeli editorialist (Haaretz) says US lost war in Iraq..

haq had a CCW

Faux invites Shrub to accept fundie/Crusader tapestry from Afghanistan

The Israeli Army Surplus Store

Whaddaya think of this bumper sticker idea?

John Howard pelted


Fun With The "Rapture"

Caption This (Condi)...

Hells Angels hater caught red-handed

official MSM coverage of House Estate Tax/Minimum wage bill passage

The Washinton Times--

Just watched a clip of Jon Stewart interviewing Coulter

"Wary Consumers Snuff 2Q Economic Growth" or a big DUH from MSM


New MSNBC trick...


"Freedom Toast" Iranian Style. Hot Steaming "Elastic Loaf" Anyone?

Texas Town Disturbed by Sheehan, Protests...

Somali PM links murder to "international terror"

Who subscribes to the Wall Street Journal?

Very simple, temporary fix for healthcare financing

The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil

The United States of Whatever....

kathy griffin slams coulter....

LA Times article on Soros

Colbert on Bolton hearing

Detainee handling may amount to war crimes

Anyone want to guess why we have soldiers who are getting orders

Thanks for help on the VIdclip of the fixture falling during a press conf

Israel vs. Hezbollah? Another "war on terror"

An Observation From The Middle East

Finally the ABA is investigating the legality of Bush's

If we pulled out of Iraq, would Iraqis honor oil contracts coerced into?

C-SPAN to show hard-hitting LA 911 Truth Panel, Sat 8/11 pm EST, Sun 2:15

A Study that reinforces Agent Orange worries

'Dead Zone' off La. coast gets larger (size of Conn. & Rhode Island)

Fallen Marine pursued life at full speed

Went to a show last night, the band had a cardboard Bush cutout

Two things I noticed last night on CNN

Israel has pulled out of Bint Jbeil

Are you able to type the name of the President of Iran correctly?

Jon Stewart To Ann Coulter: "talking to you is like watching something on

Dahr Jamail, LIVE from Beirut, on This is Hell! --next up -- stream

Timeline:When Did the White House Know Lance Bass Was Gay?

Children Found In Home With 68 Pit Bulls

Role of the "Hidden Imam" in the ME crisis

Arab leaders fear rise of Hezbullah

Is Bush Trying to Dodge the Gallows?

So... Who Won The Mexican Election ??? - Remember The Mexican Election ???

Fraud Alert: Internet Users Getting Added Phone Charges

Disturbing Letter from Afghanistan

Margaret Atwood on Bill Moyers (transcript)

Let's talk about the Estate Tax:

Colin Powell promised me a White Paper and all I got was fat Osama video

Blackwell Will Decide Election Chief's Fate

There NYC cops shot during pit bull attack

China's growing pollution reaches U.S.

Israel Strikes Road to Damascus on Syrian Border/Syria Closes Border

Finally the ABA is investigating the legality of Bush's

Freeper thread on selling squirrel tails and EATING THEM!

In pictures: 'Negro' baseball stars honoured (BBC)

Our boots need to be on the ground like never before.

"This President like every other President has an obligation

Headline: "Rice arrives in Jerusalem"

"Pro life" Mel Gibson shitfaced and going 90 in a 45mph zone?

Israel won't ask Hizbullah to disarm.

CBS News | Bush Opposes 9/11 Query Panel | May 23, 2002


Audit finds US hid actual cost of Iraq Projects - shell game to hide costs

Judge: Security 'Pat-Downs" Of Buc Fans Unconstitutional

Letterman on Coulter's Clinton Gay statement

Who thinks the Republicans are keeping track of gun and ammunition sales?

Waste and Spend Republicans

Please explain the difference?

Caption *

Jeers from Texarkana for President Bush

Stop the presses! "Snakes on a Plane" news!

Guns in the Closet : An Hezbollah fighter waits to be called to action.

Creating the American Hero!

Is there a Pit Bull News Cycle? Or a Pit Bull Season?

Do they really make clothes in Canada?

(VIDEO) A comment from Greg Palast about the war I found interesting


Joementum: "Democrats criticize this president at their peril"

What A Shock! "groundswell of support in the Arab world for Hezbollah"

Israel’s ‘Final Solution’ to Arabs in South Lebanon

“Israel cannot win this war-Siniora

Mel and his latest movie venture? A movie on the Mayan civilization?

Bush said in his speech yesterday that the terrorist love to kill innocent

American Jews for Peace

Why Does Anyone Think Hillary Will Be The Democrat's Nominee?

A BBC video you will not see on CNN

Call Me Cynical But...

Who killed Hariri ?

Rove blasts journalists' role in politics

Anyone have info on how Syria might play out as Peace Broker?

Protests in European capitals against Israeli assault in Lebanon

Ted Stevens wants to go on The Daily Show to offer rebuttal

When is it too much? When will you stand up for liberty?

MORE Iraqi Lies: Huge Reconstruction Costs Concealed From Congress

Task force: We should produce an official denouncement of the President.

U.S. Intelligence on Hizballah and Iran

Saturday Toon (7/29) - he's a guide dog

Tune in to C-SPAN tonight 8pm EDT

Caption Condi

Public overlooks Iraqi blood on U.S. hands

Mel Gibson to L.A. Deputy: "You mother f****r. I'm going to f*** you."

Frank Rich: Why the television networks 'canceled' the war in Iraq

Blasts in Baghdad as US faces stiffer Shiite resistance

Shiite cleric blasts premier's U.S. visit

I just finished reading the Rolling Stone Iran article...

Pentagon: military "too stretched to participate" in ME peacekeeping

Woman sought in Magic Cheese scam (BBC)

Israel: No 72-hour cease fire to evacuate innocents and bring in aid.

Haaretz : US clusterfuck in Lebanon threatens Israel

Ghettoisation creeping into Iraq

Is Joe Lieberman a millionaire?

You may have heard the phrase "Martial Law" in the House this past week...

Okay...this bothers me.

You may have heard the phrase "Martial Law" in the House this past week...

anti-war,anti-atrocites / NOT anti-semetism, but accusations=

Who's On First for the Next Generation

Air raid hits Syria border

What's the price of gas in your area?

the midnight congress

A poster that I really like is coming up as "ignored"

Oh Oh... Scientists: Cosmic Blob Biggest Thing In Universe !!!

500,000 Israelis living in bomb shelters

Families bristle at word of tour extension (military families speak out)

Lost in the Lance Bass hoopla

Seperated at birth???

Aussie veto stopped war crimes... bush, you are a DISGRACE to America.

Sprinkling the Poor, Showering the Rich

* 4/2003 military resistance is virtually ended; Iraq has been liberated

Rove says US voters inattentive but not stupid

Fourteen civilians, a mother and six children, killed by Israeli airstrike

Remember when Reagan and Bush 1 were illegally selling US missiles to Iran?

Cabinet in open revolt over Blair's Israel policy

Israel-bound arms flights en route,demonstrators planned to protest

Hillary on Globalization doesn't say what I want her to say about minimum

Un long dimanche de fiançailles - a challenge to DU

About Bob Baer's novel: "Blow The House Down"

UK's Jack Straw isn't pretending he doesn't see the slaughtered Lebanese

Did Bushco play Lebanon like they played Hurricane Katrina?

Smile! We need a laugh on this Board...

My sister sent this to me. I told her it was right wing propaganda!~

Thomas Ricks 'Fiasco' C-Span2 AfterWords 8 PM CDT

There's a reactionary Brit at my house.

Ran into two National Guard members in a mall the other day

Certfied OFFICIAL thread on 9/11 panel on C SPAN - 8 PM

Reminder, fellow Truthseekers - CSPAN at 8p and 11EST. 9/11 panel

Arrested for taking a pic of a cop arresting someone else

The savaging of Lebanon (an Asian POV)

LAT: Soros, in new book: similarities in Bush, Nazi, Communist regimes

More On Mel "Sugar Tits" Gibson From Harvey Levin

Have You Heard The Ted Stevens "Tubes" Remix ???

The definition of being rich

A start in maybe getting the Arab viewpoint

The World is on Fire by Governor Bill Richardson

DU should draft a new Declaration of Independence.

Did Fitzgerald close the case?

Karl Rove v. Thomas Jefferson

If marriage is a "pillar" of our civilization why isn't divorce illegal?

C-Span: "9/11" the Other View right now at 8:00 p.m. est..."

John Dean on C-Span2 Right Now

God bless cspan!

Doesn't a military coup inside the Green Zone mean Bush has a new puppet?

Help!!! Looking for MP3s of Bush's bizzare G-8 conference behavior.

please DU my local paper's poll for governor of Texas

You might not agree..but tune in C-Span I NOW/ 9/11 Alternative Viewpoint

Humans are victims of the arrogance and stupidity of their leaders.

Tom & Katie in Mysterious Ceremony? (C'mon, you know you care)

Pit Bull Attacks 81-Year-Old Central Fla. Man

BREAKING HARD! Ann Coulter killed by a Pitbull in Lebanon today!

Did American rebels hide among the civilian populace?

Re: the new high security prison being built in Guantanamo

On C-SPAN Now: (Redacted)

Is "C-Span Schdule" now under DU Moderator Protection?

Is anyone actually watching this panel.. its really good. C-SPAN

New York Times endorses Lamont over Lieberman

More than 60 percent of U.S. in drought

PLEASE. PLEASE Go read this (link)

"anti-semitism" includes "Palestinians, Syrians and ethnic Jews"

What happened to Iraq's WMDs? Clinton destroyed them in 1998.


What's up with the glitches on the 'American Perspective'

Bush supplies missiles used to defend Israel, Blair the helicopter parts

"OVEREACH" is how the Repug Base routed us Dems!

Anti-War Marine Corp Veterans!!! Listen up!!!

Just when I was about to give up;

If you have not checked this out take a look

Aid fails to reach 800,000 Lebanese refugees

DU Poll: What is your current opinion of the 9/11 attacks?

Report on Prewar Intelligence Lagging:Information Democrats Want

US Sen John McCain's Son to Join Marines: Report

Not Anti-semitism. Just Logic

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

"....She's a Dumb Democrat" (Crawford Resident on Cindy Sheehan)

Weren't Gannons White House documents available on

8:00 p.m. CSPAN Sat. July 29 - 9/11 and the Neocon Agenda

I did not know that! You can convene grand juries

The Minister of Civil War. . .

Check out this thread on the NYT supporting Lamont over LIEberman

Letterman: Clinton responds to Coulter's "gay" comments.

Mad Mel

Do you think if Lamont wins, the other primary challenges might do better?

I Was Just Wondering . . Do You Think The Dems In Congress Let *'s BS Slip

Disowning Conservative Politics Is Costly for an Evangelical Pastor

Presidentially Directed ExtraJudicial Death Squads in the US?

Another super-patriotic e-mail from my friend, I have to respond

If you are or know a teenaged woman please read

"To Do" list

BS alert: Tart cherries as a "cure-all" fruit...

"9/11 and the Neocon Agenda" on CSPAN right now.

Partisan Divide on Iraq Exceeds Split on Vietnam (NYT)

Haret Hreik quarter of Beirut, Before and After

CNN just did CYA for Condi....poor Condi, just pushing her hair away.

For those of you who never leave the lounge...Blood on W's hands

Equal Opportunity Arms Dealing (U.S.)

Holy shite

To Root Against Your Country (a blast from the past)

Is anyone here a "cyber-soldier" for Israel?

The 'Peculiar' Disappearance of Iraq Coverage

Sheriff Strain, under fire, gets Coroner to play RACE CARD in his defense

Perfect Storm Brews for PC Buyers

Bush supplies missiles used to kill Lebanese, Blair the helicopter parts

Would Americans find it acceptable fo the NYC Police to blow up some

Are women where you work downright vicious to other women?

Was it just a nightmare?

American Sniper

A heavily fortified building with bulletproof windows and security cameras

So, troop levels in Iraq will be INCREASED???!!!

Will there be any Cabinet changes by the end of the year?

Is Al Gore's network the channel of the iPod generation? (AP!)

Geman speakers, translating help, bitte (I don't even know how to spell

Security experts: U.S. Jews must shatter their illusion of safety

Minimum wage dispute.

30 Days

Rule Breaking: Khephra, you are so missed.

Aryan Brotherhood keeps busy by crocheting

To kill an infidel is not murder it is the path heaven

Sunday Talk Shows

Has Orwell's '1984' Come 22 Years Later?

[PDA] A Special Message from Congressmen John Conyers, Jr

remember dick cheney's secret bunker construction?

Fourth Estate Radio on NOW.

Mother Earth Doesn't Like You

WTF? Homes paid for by our tax dollars not being delivered to hurricane

Bush said in his speech yesterday that the terrorist love to kill innocent

Mandatory Malloy Saturday Truthseekers Check in for a Best of Malloy!!

Ignoring Ms Coulter, and her enablers, isn't making her go away

One Last Chance On These Recent Animations. Get them While They're Hot.

The Power of Nightmares (2004)

Editorial about the Seattle shooting with some great points

why is no one talking about the upcoming price increases in food

Toddler Crushed By Dad In Humvee: "an unfortunate, national phenomenon"?

Lebanon oil slick 'worst environmental disaster' ever

Late Show - clinton's reply to Ann Coulter

Rumors Circulating Of Impending COUP In Iraq Against PM Maliki

Time for Tough Love for Israel from America and American Jews

Must read from Tel Aviv University prof Tanya Reinhart: "Burning Lebanon"

South Florida short of skilled trade workers

Lennon Docu: 'War Is Over' Billboards To Reappear

Howard Dean and Ed Rendell at Dem Reunion (pic heavy)

Maybe Mel doesn't like the Jews?

This has got to be the dumbest LTTE I have ever read...

See, this is what the right-wing corporate polluting neocons.....

“If you want people to stop calling him ‘Jew boy,’

The party of dead millionaires

Oh hell, Bechtel

Why doesn't Israel want a "ceasefire" yet?

How can we improve our Lebanon threads?

We THE PEOPLE of The United States of America declare a new independence.

A question for those of you who watch O'Reilly

A video that all should see

I/P flame wars, a distraction from Bush trying to make it legal to throw

Animations Show Global Warming's Potential Effects on Coastal Cities

Duh. I just figgered out why Corp Media want Hillary to run.

Wash Post exposes real agenda of Wall Street Democrats

LAT/AP: Mel Gibson Apologizes for DUI Arrest, Behavior

MSNBC Poll: Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?

Shooting Jewish women as Sabbath begins...

Laura Bush, daughters, spotted vacationing in Alaska

Evil Must Be Recognized for What it Is Rather than Denied

Crawford, Texas Upset With Sheehan's Purchase - AP\MSNBC

Bush is getting an HONORARY DEGREE from Liberty University

There is Something Fundamentally Wrong (Give Peace a Chance)

"These are Jews and I'm tired of getting pushed around..." (SEA shooter)

Mel Gibson's Anti-Semitic Tirade -- Alleged Cover Up

Are you tired of the-- Ignore the issuses and just call for peace threads?

Preacher Refuses To Preach Conservative Politics -Loses 1000 Members

Sen. Lautenberg calls it like it is

"It's clear many more innocent Lebanese are being prepared for slaughter"

Does anyone else get this:

My anti-choice congressman is pro-choice in private life...says butt out.

I am more educated about Hezbollah's rockets

Lebanon: 225km of coastline. 25,000 tonnes of oil spilled by Israel.

Gems in the basement

Mr. Bigshit and the foxhole gang...

Prepare for Saint McCain to acheive Deity status as we approach 2008

Should combined Estate Tax repeal/minimum wage legislation pass?

Weep or scream, CORRECTION: My apologies...I did NOT mean to


Here's the New York Times Lamont Endorsement

Remember "Save Mono Lake" ? This month they celebrate its recovery.

Get the Marines ready. Oil in Cuba.

That's what I always thought, Chavez cannot be trusted

Why are we mad at Hugo Chavez again?

Please help Lebanese children...

A simple little poem about our soldiers that just spilled out

Video: Normalization of Horror

House GOP Gives Paris Hilton $91M @ 2AM!

Lebanon to Israel: Return Shebaa Farms -- interview with P.M. Siniora

Will Bill Clinton campaigning for Lieberman help?

What I noticed about Condi. She looks really shaken to me.

DU this poll! 87% favor impeachment!

Rapture Ready board asks: Destruction of Damascus and the Rapture?

Holy shit. Someone get this man a VERY BIG microphone.

*** Saturday TOONs: Wrapping up the Week ***

When is the charge of anti-Semitism legitimate?

Bush New Bill-Permits Gov To Throw US Citizens In Jail Forever W/O Trial

List of Democrats that jumped party lines on mininum wage/estate tax vote

GOP Senate candidate flip-flops on Bush

Gore won pop. vote by w/ Lieberman on the ticket . That is amazing to me.

Struggling Lieberman Faces Political Abyss

Novak claims Rep. Bob Filner wants to run a Gore 2008 campaign

Dozens of entertainers have donated to Franken's political action committe

Our latest adventure in Global Chess...Shall We Dance??

Bush says conflict a "moment of opportunity"; Dems call for "new realism"

Fletcher-McAnulty playing fast and loose with...well, everything damn it!

Bush's Iraq: death and greed

Is Israel losing much of its American support?

Bush: "Mideast Freedom strategy changing millions of lives for the better"

Lebanon's environment: a casualty of war :(

Congress person invited me to a private meeting! Any questions?

Wage Peace and Vote Wisely -- for all our sakes....

The Week in Political Cartoons

NJ Dem reachout today with Corzine, Stender, and Phil Murphy...successful.

Back to School Special: School Notebooks Dumped in U.S.


US Chamber of Commerce to Spend $10 million to help GOP in November

One or the other...

Just watched Front Line "The Dark Side" on line our PBS station only

NJ Dem reachout today with Tom Wyka

TPM Cafe: New York Times to endorse Ned Lamont

Why are we all americans when it comes to fighting wars but...

Californians want action on global warming

Boehner: "This is the best shot we've got; we're going to take it"

Disowning Conservative Politics Is Costly for Evangelical Pastor

Wal-Mart Wants to Stomp on Free Speech countersuit against Georgia residen

Just Opened: Scariest Movie that may ever see

where can I find a video link.........

Protest sign in Beirut rubble-Photo

WOW! who else got this incredible email?

Bush fiddles while Middle East burns

Fran DeWine's Family Favorites (Hilarious and creepy!)

Mel Gibson Arrested

Can we now say that Lamont supporters aren't leftist kooks?

Here is the New York Times Lamont Endorsement

Nasrallah Talks With Former Ambassador: watch, listen or read transcript

GOP Works Late to Keep You in the Dark (Sherrod Brown)

President Clinton calls on western leaders to broker Lebanese ceasefire


"Hezbollah's unprovoked terrorist attack" started this mess

Great show on c-span now

Rocky's Road: A Timeline (SLC Mayor / not seeking third term)

Pubs probably won't release prewar intelligence report till after election

CSM: Endgame in Iraq? A six-month equation; Gallup: Echoes View of Vietnam

Is it time for mandatory drug testing in the White House?

Perry Campaign Changes Check Code (TX)

Welcome to the New Police State: Bush's New Terrorism Bill

Doonesbury sums up the endgame of the Bush Presidency.

Seniors getting screwed again

Seniors getting screwed again

Are any of shrubeenies signing statements available to be studied?

NYT: After Sluggish Start, Lieberman Heeds Alarms

I just donated $100 to the ACLU.

This is pretty incredible. How do you explain it?

UN rights body urges D.C. vote in Congress

(How about a little Rove whine:) Rove Blasts Journalists' Role in Politics

DU a poll:Do you agree with Sen. Chuck Hagel's assessment

Do good intentions make a difference when your child is dead?

Bush Submits New Terror Detainee Bill

Frame the Issue****Republicans RAISE TAXES on the Middle Class.

Stinky's Free Trade Agreement

2006/2008- Hypocrisy in Action.

What *do* we tell our children? And our children's children?

State Dept. used accounting shell game to hide cost overruns on Iraq (NYT)

Calling a Spade a Spade (Iraq's civil war)

Did * aides write Maliki's speech? Snow:"conversations about the speech"

Bob Bowman (D) running for Florida 15th

Do we want a repeat of November, 2002?

Keep hate off the airwaves....sign the Media Matters petition.

Why did Lieberman vote YES on Bridge to Nowhere? ..Most Alaskans say NO !

Lamont Supports Israeli Air Strikes

Blood on the hands of George W. Bush

Murrysville, PA canvass with Dean, candidates, and neighborhood kids.

Draft Republican Children for Iraq

How many miles per year do you drive? would you support limits on driving?

World May Be Uninhabitable Due To Global Warming

MSNBC Vote Now!! Impeach Bush???

America's Roadmap to The Apocalypse