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Archives: July 11, 2006

Are Stewart and Colbert losing it with us?

Group claims 3 GIs killed over rape-murders

AP: Judge Strikes Down Part of Alaska Pot Law

Rumsfeld arrives in Afghanistan

Afghanistan reels under bumper harvests

Mushroom Drug Produces Mystical Experience

Circumcision may stop millions of HIV deaths: study


Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on air!

NZ frollicking, fur coated, hobnobbing runaway finally in custody..

Calif. man wins Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

When ocean-kayaking, please watch out for the.....

Why doesn't soccer have the fan base here?

It brings tears to my eyes........

Flintstones Winston cigarette ads

Four gorgeous, bored and wicked smart DU women need subjects to torment.

You're havin' my baby!

Check THIS out -

Terrorism Fight on the Front Burner

What causes an air conditioner (for a apartment) to freeze up?

Please place your bets and answer this poll:

John Courage and Bill Winter - united at last! (Mapchangers)

Tom Petty: Bush "Is Going To Have His Day In Hell"

John Dean's "Conservatives Without Conscience" Hits Bookstores Today

Why is George W Bush considered a "great" president by some people?

David Brooks Disses the Netroots: "They Practice Politics So Viciously"

We are losing our right to possess most chemicals!

Are Stewart and Colbert losing it with us?

For those of us who missed Non Sequitur yesterday

So, will the "Tax & Spend" conservatives ruin the Internet soon?

Jim Davis of FLA won't allow a TV debate!!!!!!!!!

What the illegal immigration issue is really about

Did my ears deceive me?

Karl Rove Loves Teddy Roosevelt, but Roosevelt Would've Hated Rove

The media or internet aren't showing the video of soldiers killed

Like a De Beers’ diamond, Bush’s “war on terror” is forever

In fascist America, thought crimes are prosecutable

Molly Ivins: The Politics of Greed

CNNMoney/Fortune: Tearing up the Jack Welch playbook

Cowboy Journalism--Howard Kurtz--WaPo

We're Being Conned

Administration Again Pushing Anti-Environmental Court Nominee

Class warfare wrapped in flag (By PAUL KRUGMAN)


Desperately Seeking Doctrine--WH Briefing--Froomkin--WaPo

Awsome Ned Lamont video

Joyless Economy by Paul Krugman (From Dec '05)

MZM Worked Prewar Iraq Intelligence

Gender Bias and Borderline or Outright Illegal References to Gender, Appea

The GOP's Looming Battle--EJDionne--WaPo

NYT: Terror and Presidential Power: Bush Takes a Step Back

Rise and Demise of the "New American Century"

Why is Bush Spying on Democrats? Tom Hartmann

Making Sense Out of Dangerous Nonsense

Jimmy Carter: We still need freedom of information/While the US retreats

The New Republic: "Party Foul - The stakes of Kos vs Lieberman"

Greenwald: It's Neo-Cons v.s. the rest of us.

Have At It


China Will Complete 4 Oil Reserves (10+ Million Tons) This Year - AFP

APP Clearing 200,000 Acres/Year Of Natural Forests Despite Pledges - AFP

If Mumbai Can't Handle Stronger-Than-Average Monsoons, What Of Future?

With Climate At "Core" Of UK Foreign Policy, Beckett Comes To DC

Journal article reviews ethanol reports and return on energy invested.

Good environmental sites for debunking right-wingers?

Drought Pressures Still Growing On US Crops - Des Moines Register

Hartford Courant - Populations Of Common Bird Species Steadily Collapsing

45% Of China's Chemical Plants Pose Severe Environmental Risks - AFP

Katahdin forest, Machias River areas to be conserved (200K + acres Maine)

Southeastern Gekko now found in Kansas.

The bad, worse and awful news for energy prices

Post-Katrina Lousiana Now Driest In More Than 100 Years - ENM

Britain Unveils a 50-Year Energy Plan

3C Rise In Summer Temps By 2100 = Loss Of 80% Of Alps' Glaciers - AFP

9,000 Miles Of Virginia Waterways Polluted - up 2,000 Miles Since 2004

Ethanol is not a cure-all for U.S. energy woes

Fewer fish leads to jellyfish explosion

Toyota Plans Major Solar Thin-Film Roofing Project (NJ)

Large Areas Of N. Yorkshire Coast Will Be Left To Climate Change - BBC

CA Can Expect Snowpack Loss By 2050 Equivalent To Lake Shasta Capacity

Mubarak: Israel was planning to free Palestinian prisoners

Rights groups ask court to prevent harm to Gaza civilians

The Palestinian Catastrophe, Then and Now

Haniyeh: Must resolve issues from 1948 to achieve peace

Israel’s real reason for using such extreme violence {edit}

Renew Gaza Fuel Supply and Open Crossings for Humanitarian Supplies

IDF expands Gaza operation

IDF official: No humanitarian crisis in Gaza

After 30 years, wife loses right to enter Israel

Mazuz orders probe into Katsav blackmail affair

Jordan worried about West Bank rockets

Al-Aksa announce female bomber unit

PA newspaper: Finnish expert to mediate prisoner swap talks

Two Years after the ICJ's Decision on the Separation Barrier

When was structural damage to WTC7 first reported?

Another look at Manjoo's article in Salon

U of Wisc LIHOP/MIHOP prof. will be allowed to teach theory

U of Wisc. Prof Slammed for Presenting 911 MIHOP Theory

Introducing your new possibly fake Terrorist Mastermind in Iraq!

Oil industry hits peak production (Dr Ali Samsam Bakhtiari)

HIHOP : Help It Happen on Purpose

RW talk host compares WI prof questioning 9-11 story to holocaust denial


Depleted Uranium, Diabetes and Cover-Ups

Sacramento/Davis area -- help needed to test accessibility

Lou Dobbs transcript Tuesday, July 11

FL: Voting Paper Trail Could Be On Ballot

Catherine Crier to Cover Busby/Bilbray, Clint Curtis, NH PhoneJamming 7/11

Great Georgia ad about voting machines

EAC To Assume Oversight Of Voting System Testing And Certification

OR SoS: "Just Trust US" Is No Longer Enough

"The Stolen Election of 2004" by Michael Parenti

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News July 12,06 Machines =1 Party Tyranny

NYT: Leftist Screens Videos He Says Prove Fraud in Mexico Vote

DU This Poll FAST, please!

E-Voting begins this weekend in Ouachita Parish.....

Restore election morality! Stop Diebold sleepovers!!!

I'm taking my dog for a nice long walk. Want to come along?

Are you all missing a little SKINNY????

Kristi Thibuat has Strong Fundraising Quarter

Rising Texas Latino star to watch

Bill Winter (CO-06) wins MapChanger contest

Judge denies e-voting injunction (our e-voting case)

Okay, harvest season begins. I just blanched and froze 2 gallons

spaetzle anyone?

organized opposition to NORTHCOM/"Deep Integration"?

Parole board...serial killer Clifford Olson

Father denies fallen soldier was unhappy

Quebec producers reject softwood deal

Republican lawmakers cite shells as WMD proof

NYT: ‘Pit Bull’ of the House Latches Onto Immigration

Connolly Faults GOP Over Lost Funds

Baghdad minibus attack kills 10

Pre-emptive strike plan alarms S Korea

Rep. Congressman: Impeach Bush For Violating Constitution

Iraq says to ask U.N. to end US immunity

AP: Gunmen in Baghdad kidnap Iraqi diplomat

AP: Saddam Trial Adjourned for Two Weeks

Kashmir attack 'kills tourists'

(Pittsburgh) Mayor Faces Aggressive Treatment for Rare Cancer

Reuters: Chinese bird flu whistle-blower jailed: state media

Bush sees Asian as next to fill top UN post

AP: Series of explosions hit Mumbai trains

Islam remark costs pastor (Jeb Bush political appointee)

MSNBC: Pentagon says all detainees entitled to Geneva Conventions protecti

Peru's Toledo to meet Bush in US visit

At least 40 killed in Mumbai train blasts, India TV reports

Saudis fighting with Iraq insurgents

U.S. will give detainees Geneva rights

Reuters: Bush hopes Italy to keep troops in Afghanistan: report

Accused bankers bound for Texas jail

Sunni bloc in Parliament to end boycott

Ex-soldier's rape defense seeks gag order (to include Bush, et al)

Polish PM Prickled by "Spud" Slander

Death Toll in India Train Bombings at 131

In Baghdad streets, little sign of rule of law

WP/AP: Rove: Bush Would Veto Stem-Cell Bill

Bombers kill 16, Iraq parlt hears of civil war

Somali warlord surrenders to Islamists, 140 dead

Somali Islamists win city battle

Taliban will be defeated, says Rumsfeld

Democrats Featured on Republican Candidate's Web Site (Steele)

Oil industry hits peak production (Dr Ali Samsam Bakhtiari)

Rethink 'war on terror' strategy, says former MI6 head

Growing violence in Iraq concerns envoy

Iraq army remains ill-equipped

U.S. will give detainees Geneva rights


AP: IRS: Damage at HQ to Take 6 Months to Fix

WP,pg1: Bush Administration Rethinking Embattled Tactics in Terror War

Probe finds churches’ visa program riddled with fraud

(Iranian activist)Ganji's Next Strike Likely at U.N. (+ meet w/Chomsky)

Hoekstra: U.S. overclassifying Iraq papers

NYT: In Big Shift, U.S. to Follow Geneva Treaty for Detainees

CTA service suspended after reports of smoke (Chicago)

Low-quality food rations pose health risks, Iraq officials concede

Car bomb explodes at Iraqi police check point, destroys police building

Bush Administration Urges Congress to Ratify Detainee Treatment

Millions of Cameroon girls suffer "breast ironing"

AP: Ex-soldier's rape defense seeks gag order

Retailer (Wal-Mart) to view movie by Gore

Times of India: LeT, SIMI hand in Mumbai blasts (Islamic militants)

Novak: Rove was a source in outing Plame

Clean Water, Internet Coming to Fallujah

Lobbying-money record broken again

U.S. Economy May Slow as Rates, Gasoline Costs Pinch (Bloomberg)

Request for Mass Latest Twist in Coingate Scandal

WaPo: Lawmaker Criticized for PAC Fees Paid to Wife (Rep. John Doolittle)

Protesters Call On Government To Prosecute the New York Times

VA inspector general blisters department’s lax security

Israel flyers advocate killing of gays

Duke Lacrosse Player Convicted In Unrelated Assault Case

HUD OKs $4.2B for La. rebuilding program

Bush Job Approval Edges Up to 40% (Gallup)

Woman killed in (Boston) Big Dig tunnel accident

CNN/AP: Climate change could sour wineries

White House Credits Tax Cuts In Deficit Figures

US Congressional Report Criticizes Bush Administration Strategy in Iraq

Earle sues over DeLay investigation secrecy

SF reviews contracts with AT&T over domestic spying

State Department Computers Hacked, Large-Scale Computer Break-Ins Appeared

BBC News: Fraud video claim in Mexico poll (Video proof of fraud!)

BBC: Syd Barrett dead

Clinton says GOP strategy is ‘weak’

Bush judicial nominee struggles to win Senate OK

WP: At Last, Attention Shifts to Girls (ADHD study)

No civil war despite raging Iraqi violence: US official

U.S. Condemns Video Showing Mutilation of 2 Soldiers

Democratic senators say Iraq is close to civil war (Biden and Reed)

Chirac seeks closure over Dreyfus affair

Republican says US readying crackdown on leaks

WP: Robert Novak Acknowledges Confidential Administration Sources

Colo. OKs toughest U.S. immigration bills

AP Elderly face higher Medicare (monthly) premiums (11.2 % increase!)

Va. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine Pardons Witch (300 years later)

WP: Army to End Expansive, Exclusive Halliburton Deal

Senate OKs Import Prescription Drug Plan

Rove: Hispanics are `real Americans'

Berlin World Cup official shoots himself in head

McKinney Skips Another Debate

Texas inmates not entitled to minimum wage

Republicans want court to hear DeLay case

Blast in Mumbai's suburban train

Reuters: US Army to call reporters in officer's case (Watada)

NYT: U.S. Terror Targets: Petting Zoo and Flea Market?

Gulf is the worst sport in the world.

Just what DID that robot do?

Why Zidane Snapped

aaaAAAAaaaaa AH!

Pots and pans.

Wink Martindale

Alright - who stole all the avatars?

Congratulations still_one!! 10,000 posts

True or false

‘Napoleon Dynamite’ town cashes in on movie

Anyone else ever heard of a band called AFI?

Keith Olberman stays, Rita Cosby goes!

Important Reminder!!!

Where is Clintmax?


Should I take my kids to see "Inconvenient Truth"?

atomic-fly needs an intervention!

Astronaut Suggests Duct Tape To Fix Space-Walking Problem

Bees Attack Family Of Dogs - Kill 4

Flame war! Apples are better than oranges because....

Hope is emo.

Flame war! Apples and Oranges is worse than Candy and a Currant Bun...

Man who tossed frozen pig's head into mosque calls it "a big joke"

Buy the Yo-yo or suffer the consequences!

I need some help here with video files.

Friend had chances to take out two top Scientology nuts, but..

Hundreds Of People Turn Out For 27th Annual 'Mooning Of Trains'

Kids are starving in China and you're walking around .....

Why Men Wear Clothes

Pee-Wee's Playhouse?

Why do chickens like Rhode Island even exist?

Why do people like me even exist?

Billie Bud over-rated?

Interesting take on anger

"The Exorcism of Emily Rose" -- What a creepy movie.

I have finally accepted the reason the turtle is my favorite meal.

I was reading a cat thread when Year of the Cat comes on

Congratulations OKNancy!! 20,000 posts

Congratulations redqueen!! 35,000 posts

OK... not so boring lunch--fire in parking garage

Rabid Groundhog *ALERT*

On thinking of Authors...Danielle Steele...

Is Budwiser overated?

Yeeeaaaa!!! It's Pee-wee!

I hate showtunes

In their last week on the job, laid-off Delphi workers win the lottery.

New Fashion Trend - Men Wearing Women's Jeans

Man's Obituary: Wanted A Double Date With Limbaugh & Coulter

Nomination list for the AFI 100 Greatest Musicals - who is your favorite

720 Slam Dunk

Have you seen this pic yet??

Why Did The Colossus of Rhodes even exist?

Corporate parody of This Land Is Your Land lyris?

A Good Wal-Mart Greeter

How can I talk to a real live person at BellSouth?

Any DU'ers live near Troy, Pennsylvania?

Post a picture of you as a child.

Favorite completely lame song

Question About Pirates of the Caribean Dead Man's Chest ending

Check in if you don't like bacon

What's your take on the N word in Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn?

Anyone know where i can find some Army commercials?

I am bored to tears and this day is crawling by.....

I am a Klutz. **Warning to the sqeamish, like me*

feeling the effect of outsourcing today

Which DBZ character do you most identify with?

Even Bush's cr@p is classified top secret

School District Bans Mouth Grills, Gauging

It is freaking HOT!!! And HUMID!!!

Dammit. My best friend told me I need to go out and date.

Post some Freepish bumper-sticker debate points

Is it just me, or is getting more right-wing?

Soccer folks please check in one last time here in Lounge

Brooklyn The Musical

What happened to Nelly Furtado?

Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett dead at 60.

"REDNECK DEMOCRAT!!!": Interesting bumper sticker I saw today

Is there anything better to say than

I need your help!!!! Please reply!!!!


REPUBLICAN EXPOSE - the magazine annouced

What ever happened to Sylvester Stewart of Sly and the Family Stone?

Dr.Phil is the female's "Cops"

Eno or Emo?

Two Great bumper stickers seen on the same car today

Man gets house for paperclip

What do you think of the new NDSU Bison logo???

Hot off the presses: more funny FReeper lingo

Ever use large rocks to make your cat eat slower?

Is secondhand smoking a crime?

Post here and I will call you 'sir' or 'madam'

Do you follow the 'Five Second Rule'?

I feel so sorry for my mom right now.

Post your sad jocks here!

I think part of my brain is missing, or dried up, or something.

Phish. 10-7-2000. 2001 into Tweezer. Right now

Billie Holiday Over-Rated?

Fuck all that

Would this be worth something on ebay?

BBC: Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett dies.

For pet owners: what breeds are your pets?

Can I have your kidney?

Check in if you don't like Canadian bacon.

I'm a tad pissed at this. Rude bagger at the grocery store.


Post here and I will call you 'sir' or 'maam'

Does a high blood sugar level or a low one cause weight loss?

Might have found a used car. Any advice?

Do people who get bored bore you...

Unforgettable movie lines.

Hey, Rabrrrrrr!


kind of morbid site -

Time for bed

I'll be number one on the high-score someday.

A question for women who don't know how to dress.

Seen at the gas station in town:

i'll trade any item that i have for an identical item, but with a check

Earl Grey is my Rum!

Erin Grey has no Tum!

Post here and I'll call you a "crotchety old bat," or a "geezerly menace."

Gardner Grows 'Cuculoupe' (Cucumber - Cantaloupe HYBRID)

Would your current employer talk about your "marketability",

I'm quoted in the paper!

Some guys just need a good kick in the taco

What I've been up to these last few months (self-aggrandizing pic)

What's your security clearance, citizen?

zaonoodle, i'm just say'n...

Job bullshit

Starlingphone ruins zaonoodle's security regret about All-Star Game

Any Cash or Haggard fans in here??

Wonder Showzen: Has anyone seen this show?

Tuesday, July 11. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

It's true--The foreign press carries important stories that never appear

Car window signs

You guys gotta see this. This is about my neighbor

When do the schools (K-12) in your area start?

Actor Barnard Hughes has died, at age 90

Hot Hot Heat....

Dammit. I ate 45 minutes ago. And 90 minutes before that.

What do you say? A play by play for Rockstar:Supernova...

Is it true that drinking water is bad for you?

Update on me( Puppy pic)

Post an artistic rendering of yourself! (

I've applied for two jobs so far. It's hard to find something different.

For fans of metalcore


Best Place On The Body To Have Hair?

Anyone going to Grey Fox this week?

Post the lyrics to a bad TV show theme!

Breaking: News about Zidane

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 7/11/06)

What is this "erectile dysfunction" I keep hearing so much about on TV?

More adventures of my fundie best friend


too ... much ... cuteness ...

So apparently I "look the same" as I did when I was fifteen.

I want kitties.

Purebreds or mutts?

Funniest. Video. Ever

Must-see PBS documentary tomorrow night: Woody Guthrie

Dinner thread- what's everybody eating?

Olbermann showed a clip of THE SCORPIONS during the Syd Barrett segment

Amy Sedaris Does STEPHEN COLBERT -- If You Haven't Seen This, Get Here Now

Here's my dream house:

"90 percent of life is just showing up." Discuss.

Doo, doo, doo, looking out my back door, July 11, 2006. 111W 32N

A Scanner Darkly: Is it worth seeing?

Shout out to

All Star Game thread


A question for women Who know how to undress

7 Questions regarding "WangChung"

Hello Martha's Vineyard snobs! Would you be caught dead

Drunken Jackie Chan reportedly disrupts show

Caine Confirms Batman's Joker?

i'll trade any item that i have to get a house!

Poop Nirvana...or "does anyone here own a Jack Russell Terrier?"

Women of DU -- Here is a poll about PURSES

I have finally accepted the reason the turtle is my favorite animal.

I spent the last couple of days trying to upgrade my *%$^*#(% cell phone.

Do you know of anyone who has had success with Anti-Depressants?

I petition that the US drop "soccer" and adopt the proper term "football."

Finish This Sentence: "We..."

Low-cost industrial shredding! Destroy paper, data, disks, even hardware!

This is my 1000th post!

Congratulations NJCher!! 10,000 posts

Post an example of great basting

Tell me ways that I can ruin the next-door neighbor's backyard "raves."

Other than iPod, can you recommend a quality mp3 player?

What is the scariest horror film ever made?

Why do some types of business bring out creeps?

Keith needs our help - Don't know if this is a repeat

I Am Curious, Paisley - Picture Thread time!

My video Ipod should be here by Saturday

i'll trade any item that i have to get married!

Batman will soak you

I'm off to

Meetup in Columbus, OH

Brainstorming ideas...

Rumsfeld was giving the president his daily breifing....

What do you smell like today?

What would you do in this situation?

'Night, Mother

Show where the opening band was better than the headliner?

Anyone know about the operation for scoliosis? The one with the

Who is the wisest person in the world?

A question for women who "know how to dress."

What is your biggest regret in life?

Unforgettable movie lines

I am getting a make-over.........from the neck up!

Apparently I violated the dress code at work tonight :

Best Beethoven Symphony

Calvin on Ritalin.

Mini-rant: why are tampons and pads so shameful to the general public?

Seven more years of a Fauxhold on MLB

The 10 least politically correct movies ever

Could use some good thoughts for my parents...

Here is a photo of the new critter Zoodaughter brought home....

How much pot is too much pot?

Ring, ring, ring, ring...Starlingphone!

"For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. " James 1:20

Kirk Cameron and "The Way of the Master" Christians

WWJD: Let Russian Jews go to countries at peace or only to Israel?

Psychedelic mushrooms work their magic on many

Cleansing nasal passages may ease symptoms

Tom Ridge in Space: Duct Tape Used On Shuttle Mission.

Scientists Question Nature's Fundamental Laws

Okay, DU scientists, riddle me this:

Excellent op-ed in the Hartford Courant today

Flier Offers NIS 20,000 for Killing Gays

Progmom got me addicted to this thing!

Politician, newspaper charged with gay bashing (Norway)

Investigate Charges of Fraud Before Voting on Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

How about a special category : "heterosexual marriage".

What am I?

Lip-reader reveals what riled Zidane

Cleverly photoshopped pics of World Cup Refs

A video compilation of Materazzi

The Phillies - HomeRun Champions of the All Star Break

Zidane's mother was gravely ill on the day of Cup final

Official MLB All Star Thread

A dozen willing to challenge Fog

How can I find a lost object?

my bizarre dream: shedding skin

Something scary is happening to me.

Gag - disgusting Romney photo op

Who's been to London? Need some ideas of what to do...

eeuuuuwwww...slimeball liars here!

So now Hillary is making election fraud an issue - Just as I predicted

Did you see this?

LOL - I dont know this columnist, but talk about being uninformed.

Transcript from Lou Dobbs re voting machines

Gitmo Tribunals

Impeachment Tea

Is Sen. Kerry in DC today?

Morning flowers.

Pictures of the Pioneertown fire about 100 miles north of me. It is huge

KO gets good review in TV Guide!


KO needs your vote!

Anti-Bush song and 9/11 poem written by my 14-year-old cousin

delete- dupe

Best they can come up with is 'Olbyloons'?

New York Times: "MSNBC's Star Carves Anti-Fox Niche"

EDV All Star Team

KOEB Meeting: 7/11/06 -- Novakula Speaks Edition

VIDEO: How to avoid getting DEAD in BAGHDAD (BBC Newsnight)

Malloy's craziest EVER caller! --> MP3

TIMEs Cover: Cowboy Diplomacy is OVER....AKA Failed Approach

Should we attack China or NK if they allow people to smoke??

Check out my new (revised) flash video and tell me what you think

Military Lawyers Prepare to Speak on Guantánamo

Huffington Post: "Bloggers Are Mean and They Suck"

McCain 2006 = Bush 1998

Gore Film Review From (R) "Critic" Who Admits Not Seeing It

oh no, not another Coulter thread...

Throughout American history we have always had a peaceful

Are you a little too obsessed with politics & blogs?

Another Mission ‘Accomplished’

"President" Bush Poll

Neurotheology: God in the mushroom

Proposal would let police wiretap Internet traffic


Group to fly abortion billboards over city

Lieberman's divisive actions don't deserve support

Where will the "War on Former CIA Employees" take us next?

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Tuesday in Your Basket. . . . . . Please CAPTION!!!

ON Radio: ON AIR Now; Schedule for today

Guess who's looking stupid, again...(and CAPTION if you like)

Leach (R-Iowa idiot) on WJ now re Internet gambling bill. Abramoff's

We should all cut and run from what is not working.

I was thinking tonight. Bush must be pretty bad if he

Roger Waters Tears Down a New Wall.

Do you still support Lieberman?

Colbert Report and Daily Show both emmy nominees

China says Japan over-reacts with UN resolution


Class War

Anybody at the protest at the NYT yesterday? How many wingnuts were there?

Keith Olbermann Replay on now. n/t

Racism in action - Black preachers protest against mosque

Bush says Muslim welcome to head UN

Born on this day-fed. income taxes, min.wage, Thoreau, GW Carver

Marie Cocco: The Lieberman-Lamont Litmus Test

Mrs. Tweety gets a new job

Dear Leader to announce great economic news in minutes

Depleted Uranium, Diabetes and Cover-Ups

Germans plan to protest Bush visit

"Awaiting Pres. Bush's Anouncement on Deficit" (CNN)

Frontal attack on "entitlement programs." That's what Bush is

If Congress rubber-stamps Bush's Gitmo illegalities, fascism is here

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Applause! "The deficit will come in at only $296 billion.."

DNC: Bush lowers expectations so far that anything is good news.


oh,hell-* on cnn live now

Posting Liberals, Leftists addresses & details On Internet - Horowitz

LTTE & My reponse

Iraq to ask U.N. to end US Immunity for Atrocities by US Soldiers

How long before Fox News....

Latest deficit news from the "liberal" media spin cycle...

Bombs rock India commuter trains

Anyone Else Notice-Method if Violence in Iraq is Changing

Bush on CNN

Answer: Approximately One Trillion Dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00)

"Colleges Go Cellular to Contact Students"

Huffington Post: The First Ever Wingnut MailBag (videoblog)

I've found a way to make Bush's speechifications more enjoyable

How much longer will the military take massive abuse from BushCo?

"China's Bank Lending Down"

IRAQ: Low-quality food rations pose health risks, officials concede

More Info on Sectarian Violence in Iraq - from al jazeera

Negroponte: an unstable Iraq is good for business


FBI to Muslims: 'Become informant or face deportation'

Iraq to ask UN to end U.S. immunity after rape case

Wealthy Americans have their problems too

US involvement in WW II - 44 Months : Been chasing bin Laden - 58 Months

Bush Military History Project #24

"ECON. REPORT CARD"..... All of these bloated misconceptions....

Townhouse in N.Y. Went From Dream to Nightmare (re: 7/10 NYC Explosion)

BBC saying Minimum standards of the Geneva Conventions

Got my answer, thanks, please delete

McCainiac: I'd say, 'How can I help you develop nuclear weapons...'

LIVE Senate Hearing on Hamden Ruling C-SPAN 3 THREAD 2

Top 25 Censored stories of 2006

Pregnant Woman Is Struck by Car After Fight

Why is it easier to rape, torture, & murder those we see as sub-human?

Iran says there won't be any immediate response as Rice demanded

At least 104 people dead in Mumbai train blasts (CNN)

Would you vote for this candidate?

Other than FOX-TV, which network will promote the lies of Bush today?

Fox trashes Olbermann-"Keith Is A Train Wreck Waiting To Happen"

"Mushroom Drug Produces Mystical Experience"

I need help with the posting rules, please.

Were you raised to be tolerant?

Live-Blog Senate hearing on Hamden Ruling in Senate Judiciary

Bolivia education minister calls for ban

Ivanka Trump tells us of her favorite places in Dubai (bullshit alert)

Mumbai Train Blasts, anyone using the word Terror yet?

US Reverses Policy On Detainees-All NOW Entitled To Geneva Protections

Dean of Columbia Business School bursts into song, very funny stuff

Subject: GI's Behaving Badly 2

We expect US to keep us in chains, says British banker (Enron related)

Santorum's Debut Ad Attacks "Liberals Like Ted Kennedy."

I surfed onto Faux News and there was reporter there from CBN.

Her Face

US is Outsourcing IT *and* Terrorism

Instant karmas gonna get you

A must-read: Harper's takes apart WSJ AND NYT

Road Rage / RW Hate Talk Radio

As a Californian, I feel compelled to say...

"It's only a few bad apples..." etc., etc...

Clerk Accused of Attacking Boy for Not Buying Yo-yo

A Terrifying Message from Al Gore

36 inches of rain in one day - killing thousands - India

LIVE Senate Hearing on Hamden Ruling C-SPAN 3 THREAD 3

* speaks with crew members of the Space Shuttle Discovery - caption

CBPP on the claims being made about the federal budget deficit

What's next? Sean Hannity as "msnbc correspondent"?

they are going to try to ban this from gay couples

Who do you report bad banking practices to?

Montana Senate: Tester leading Burns 50-43 percent

Statement from the Mujahideen Shura on the Killed US Soldiers Credible?

There is Andrea Yates and there is G.W. Bush

Ohio prepares to execute man who says he deserves death

I'm Watching Keith Replay - What Is This Shit? One Story & He's Done?

mediabistro: Kathleen Matthews (Tweety's wife) Leaving D.C.'s WJLA-TV

I just started an e-mail war.

Rev. Hunter villifies Obama: an anal sex supporter with no core faith

so India had a missle test a few days ago? now trains blow up there?

CJR: Third year in a row for Bush's budget deficit "dog and pony show"

Divided Republicans: "Bushism as a philosophy has yet to establish itself"

Pony Blow, Lying Shill

Karl Rove Gets A Raise...So Do Other Top WH Staffers...

Greg Palast with Randi at the bottom of the hour

Bad Boy of Gitmo - hilarious animation

Jeff Sessions, whiny ass repuke from Alabama, may run for PRESIDENT!


Terra, folks, terra!!!! We have terra!

BBC: Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett dies.


Stop taking prisoners

The really, really crazy hardcore fundies

Rather To Return, But Who'll Be Watching? (from

Bush To Sacrifice Own Life For Good Of Nation

Live-blogging Judiciary hearing on Hamden/Gitmo Part 4

Republicans celebrate - "Our deficit is... uh... not as big as predicted!"

50 questions for Republicans.

Good websites and info to debunk anti-climate change knuckle-draggers?

Did gas just jump 50 cents overnight?

George B. Still Needs a Loan

Michelle MALKIN once again proves her one-sided indignation

A Simple Solution

At Least 15 People Dead in Double Attack against Baghdad Green Zone

Roger "Syd" Barrett founder of Pink Floyd dies


Final meltdown nears for alpine glaciers (Global warming)

Demagogue to subjugate the American pulic

Hey Media! A "slightly smaller deficit" is STILL a deficit!!!

Great anti-Bush song written by my cousin's son and his friend

8 bombs hit Bombay (147 dead)

Thank God W wasn't around to Veto the Polio Vaccine.

Bad Ad, Worse Product

Condi and Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo - pics

FBI to Muslims: Snitch and Keep Your Green Card, Or....

Guardian: Pinochet 'sold cocaine to Europe and US'

The case for Intelligent Design:

Vermont judge rejects U.S. Supreme Court search ruling

Which Bush wave is your favorite?

One thing you won't hear from the White House today is this number:

Heavy Charges against the Five Soldiers from Mahmoudiyah

A question on social rules. Please excuse my ignorance.

Judge Approves $1.6 Mil Settlement for Students Victimized by Armed Drug R

Deja vu all over again (pics)...

Official Conservative Christianity is a Farce Thread

Guy James Show on Now!

Cafferty's 4 pm question: At what point can the US claim victory in Iraq?

New Republic Blog: Gruesome Report from Baghdad

The Future of Media?

(today) Duke Lacrosse Player Convicted Of Assault In D.C.

Kansas has the worst science standards for public schools in nation

It appears that our media runs about 3 days behind the rest of the world

William Haynes Judicial Confirmation Hearing Begins

So what is the general concensus...


Another Violent Day Kills at Least 50 in Baghdad - uh, civil war???

South Korea Denounces Japan's Suggestion of Strike Against North Korea

U.S. "assessing impact of terrorist money leak"

Big Dig "metal tie was anchored in the concrete ceiling with epoxy"

Kirk Cameron and "The Way of the Master" Christians

Taser Death in Milwaukee

Why Does The Media Continually Refer To Her As "A Young Iraqi WOMAN"

"Lethality of Bullets" (Pictures and Data Included)

OMG...The MUSIC of Senator Orrin Hatch???

Redstate thinks the Lamont/Lieberman is a win/win for them &

Clinton's vs Bush record on Korea -American Progress report

But . . . will they listen to Iraqis any more than they have so far?

Sludge reporting that Novak breaks silence on Plame....

Randi is reading this OP ED piece by John Dean

DU this poll about electronic voting machines!

Neiman Watchdog: "Dogging The Torture Story"

LOU DOBBS POLL: Voting Machines -- please DU....

* gets a new pair of shoes - pics

War Party Member Using N.Korea Launches To Pimp Missile Defense

Rove addresses National Council of La Raza. Protestors shout at Karl-pics

RW talk host compares WI prof questioning 9-11 story to holocaust denial

Elderly face higher Medicare premiums

Has anyone seen Who killed the electric car?

WI Gov '06: Doyle opens lead plus poll numbers for Kohl & Feingold

Why is Dick Durbin Singing the Praises of Club Gitmo to Wolfie?

The Politics of Greed:Molly Ivins


Rummy is in Afgan--PBS now (Lehrer report)--thanking the troops.

Caption this BushCo pic...

WGN reporting CTA derailment in Chicago.

Does the press believe in freedom of the press?

Fla. Democratic Party Posts Best 2nd Quarter Figures In History

"Restore Your Manhood"

CNN Situation Room is running parallel news report of India and Chicago

Fla. Town Bans ATVs (police ask for tools to help - 2 new ATV's...)

Mark Riley is doing a superb job on Lou Dobbs' panel of radio hosts.

Away in a manger, no crib for his bed

B*sh & Geneva Convention - a question.

NYT rains on Bush's deficit celebration: increased revenue = income gap

What is O'Reilly saying about the rape of the 14-year-old in Iraq?

"Bushopedia: A Comprehensive Alphabetical Guide..."

Who is volunteering for Joementum? The Independent Party machine?

Dubin on Jim Lehrer regarding Gitmo detainees.

Leave the Cripple in the Street, this Meeting is more important!!!!


Rush's War On Gore, And Science, Continues

Soldiers executed for "cowardice"...

Gay, godly and guilty

DU This Poll Regarding Iraq

All Star Game thread

Should the USA hand over to Iraq the 5 soldiers charged in rape-murder?

Chris Matthews just asked Robert Reich about college tuition costs

If you were that 14 year old girl that was raped and murdered...

Lane Evans Hit's back a Veterans data

TOON: A nation at war (Mommy's busy right now)

I'm trying to understand the 'authoritarian personality'

The death of modern conservatism.

The Four Most Overpaid White House Staffers

One Of The 23% Here, I Believe !!!

Doonesbury exposes agent-provocateurs in today's toon

For all of us. I am Oren Lyons,

Guardian Jan. 2003: Never Trust a Christian Cowboy.

Howard Dean calls Rove the architect of "divide and distract".

Making contemptuous comments about Bush a crime if you are in the military

Justice Kennedy Calls Efforts to Increase Sentences "Sick"

is there anybody interested in starting an Obesity group. to share info and

Republicans--Freepers-- and all other assorted assholes.

Gannon coming out?

Can someone please explain to me: the Novak revelation (Plame case)

Actor Barnard Hughes has died, at age 90

Bombs in Bombay = Swat Teams in the subway....?

Castrated Orange County child molester drops request for release

Republicans boasting about the deficit is like...

Help this union steward

are american hackers doing anything to counter chinese hackers...

Black preachers plan protest against mosque opening -Caption!

Here's Ed Pastor's in re my letter in support of H.R. 503 American Horse

Novak Speaks

Car window signs

Bono's Anti-Chavez Video Game

John Dean on tonight's Daily Show -- NEW book slams GOP

I'm watching the 60 Minutes about Custer Battles/Iraq CPA.

DOD asks commanders for review of detention practices

too ... much ... cuteness ...

Recommended: "Jungle" tonight on PBS

U of Wisc. Prof Slammed for Presenting 911 MIHOP Theory

A Poll we must DU, but read first

Right winger tortured Jewish wife with ""swastika-adorned articles"

Have you seen this Dixie Chicks video?

HIHOP : Help It Happen on Purpose

Memo to Hillary: Actions, Not Words

Caption this hilarious * pic

John Dean coming up on The Daily Show

Army to End Expansive, Exclusive Halliburton Deal

Is Cheney Betting On Economic Collapse? (Curious Investment Portfolio)

1% of Americans think Jesus Christ was "the greatest American of all time"

Marvin KALB smacked down O'LOOFAH but good!

John Hall, ex head of NTSB under Clinton, SLAMS Bush ..

DU the MSNBC question of the day

Look up people -- there IS hope.

anyone watching Donny Duetch battle the Coultergiest? (CNBC)

"Conform or be cast out."

You know those ads for

Bush: "Thanks for coming, Ben. Mind if I still call you, Ben?"

"Strength and wisdom are not opposing values"

Who killed the electric car? I've heard a little about this movie,

AP NewsBreak: SF reviews contracts with AT&T over domestic spying

Bob Novak's "We Found The WMDs" Moment

Caption this Cheney-Lieberman pic

My Letter to The Gallup Poll about Their “Proud to Be American" Poll

PHOTO: La-la-la! Off in my big expensive 747 to visit a shoe bank!

SCREW IT...Moderators. PLEASE delete this thread. Thanks. n/t

Cindy Sheehan: Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Soldiers

Novak: Rove was a source in outing Plame

Colbert "spanking your kids doesn't teach them that violence is okay"

Is the economy good in your state? How good is it?

Internet gambling and the Minimum Wage

I'm "still a Goldwater conservative. Today, that places me left of center"

Clinton feeds theory of Ohio vote tampering & slams Blackwell

BREAKING: Novak Outs Former CIA Spokesman As ‘Confirming’ Source On Plame

Is a severely close election now also evidence of rigging as well as 99.9%

Dean on TDS

Olbermann going after Novak/PLame

WTF is wrong with Tucker

Has anyone heard any more on the "Castro Dead" rumor??

I don't get it, but it sure is interesting.

a down home antiwar ballad from the south - "sleeping in your dress blues"

Millions of Cameroon girls suffer "breast ironing"

The Wit and Wisdom of Harry S Truman

Could this man be our President following the next election wherein the

Life is Short.

We MUST ask - Why is Bush Spying on Democrats


HELP!!! Freeper email I need to respond to!

My LTTE about Abeer Qasim Hamza

Is the Neocons' dream, I mean nightmare over?

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Masters of Horror: Homecoming is out on DVD now

anyone have experience/knowledge abt remicade for rheumatoid arthritis??

Thom Hartman - BUSH IS SPYING ON DEMOCRATS - Where are our Rep's on this?

I'm surprised Ilario Pentano wasn't fragged

Compassionate Conservatism - Make Them Eat Their Words

Is it abuse/neglect when....

"The President is always right."

Woody Guthrie PBS documentary- on Wed. night

DARE: Find me one scripture where JESUS said homosexuality is a sin

CA Election Official Gets 43 Criminal Counts: PLUS: Crier, Dobbs & RFK Jr.

Elizabeth Taylor: 'I enjoy food too much'

Urgent Action Alert -EFF: Stop Specter's Surveillance Bill!

CNN...evoting issue NOW!

Freakers After Action report on the NY Times Protest (ROTFLMAO)

Bush Celebrates Fourth Largest Deficit In History

How Conservatives Hate Democracy, Part 2

The Crimes of Dick Cheney


Olbermann in the NY Times — "MSNBC's Star Carves Anti-Fox Niche"

4th largest in history.

Is "Howdy" really english?

PLEASE vote the Dobbs EVOTING poll!

DU This Poll Re: CIA Leak Case


Riverbend updated her blog today 11 July 2006

The cheneys welcome their 5th grandchild - pic

I'd like to have every Senatorial and Gubernatorial candidate watch and

New York, 9/ll; Madrid, 3/11; Mumbai, 7/ll

Guilford County, NC GOP head - gay "as natural as pedophilia"


The Miami Bombers, and other GOP "neat" tricks in Prep for Election '06!

Okay I am totally pissed with FOX Sports....Do you know they refused

The 'halfway' house scam

Taliban haven is GIs' `Camp Hell'

So, things are horrible for the people in N. Korea, thus we must impose

18th straight quarter in growth supported by the 17th straight increase...

We're huffing and we're puffing...but we JUST MIGHT DO THIS !

O.K. I'll say it. CBS' correspondent Lara Logan is HOT, HOT, HOT.

If your 14 year old daughter were raped and murdered,

Thank you Bechtel.

Atrocities....... new post from Riverbend(Baghdad Burning)

White House Staffers Get $4,200 Raise, Fight $2 Minimum Wage Increase

Just Gave My College Professor The Smack Down

Ed Shultz wants your questions for Joementum

Editor&Publisher: When Is a 14-Year-Old Girl a 'Woman'?

Why Was The Caliphate Abolished In 1924?

Holy crap. Very strong VIDEO DCCC just sent me in email

DU this poll! Help Keith Olbermann!

Gates And Buffett: 1000 Times Worse Than Ken Lay (By Ted Rall)

I don't trust Bill Clinton anymore

Randi just said: why Dean wrote the book?

Death by Video: Mexico's Election Fraud Is Coming Undone

Bush supporter attempts suicide; injures 13

Simple Question: How do you think of the Rich?

CRIER'S Video Report on Busby/Bilbray, Clint Curtis, BRAD BLOG and More!

How international is DU? (check-in and tell us where you're from)

Do you know any Poor People?

Teleconference about southern Sudan and northern Uganda

Please help me locate this button/ sticker/ bumpersticker/ lapel pin!!

Lieberman files forms for independent run

Their "Dear Leader"

Reid Blasts Do-Nothing GOP Congress

I thought the new numbers came out on Monday - for/against Bush. I don't

Congressman John Lewis stands with Lieberman

The Virtuous And Not At All Hypocritical Joe Klein Sets Record Straight

Why can't a good bio for J Tasini be found on the web?

About John Dean`s Authoritarian Figures

MT Senate: Tester (D) 50%, Burns (R) 43%

Rush's War on Gore and Science Continues

Doonesbury on Flag Burning

Patriotism for fun and profit: more right-wing hypocrisy

Santorum's Debut Ad Attacks "Liberals Like Ted Kennedy." Wrong Opponent?

Now that CSPAN is showing Representatives' districts

Congressman Angry At The Daily Show For Sharing His Views On Video Games

McCain in Esquire: "Clinton is smart & tough; discipline like Bill wasn't"

"Why Is Bush Spying On Democrats?!?" by Thom Hartmann

Brutal Music: Let's Get Bush Off the Wagon

Soldiers faking PTSD according to brilliant conservatives

Big Eddie Schultz will be blogging LIVE (again) this Thursday!

DFA Marin asks Boxer to let CT primary process work itself out.

VA GOP: Who cares about the kids, the rich need their tax cuts!

maybe WE should hire a lobbyist.

"Conservatives earn everything they have"

Huff Post: Air America Radio (AAR): A Metaphor For Liberal Disunity

Help Me Clean Up My Bookmarks

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Dicks: Nixonian Pt XII"

NYC Brownstone Bomber supports Bush and rages against Hillary

Kyl & Graham made up story told to Supreme Court

The REAL dilemma of the Democratic Party.

Duke Cunningham, Mitch Wade and Brent Wilkes Stole Our Money!

MSNBC: just a little left of DU?

** Both Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman will be on Big Eddie THURSDAY and...

Connecticut for Lieberman Party

Bush refuses to meet with Congresswoman DeGette on Stem Cell bill

Istook (a Mormon, US rep) is running for repub nomination for OK governor

Iraq Veteran Paul Hackett Endorses Brown for U.S. Senate

Anyone watched Democracy Now??

Bush's Budget Deficit Disorder (DNC Research)

Bush: "Improved" deficit figures (from $423B to $296B) due to his tax cuts

HR 4777 - Roll of Votes

Class warfare wrapped in flag

What's wrong with this picture?

Pretend world: Bush is really like Clinton and the outrage is partisanship

What's the majority leader of a do-nothing Congress to do?

This survey on our troops pulling out of Iraq needs help!

Fundy running for Okla Lt. Gov. commercial on 40 times a day *

Fox Puta John Gibson: Bush tax cuts & "bigger yachts for rich friends"

Lieberman to form own party to get on ballot

Zadine was called a terrorist??? FIFA to investigate

Senator Alan Dixon (D-IL) was defeated in the Democratic Primary in 1992

I'd like to have every Senatorial and Gubernatorial candidate watch and

Blast from Past: Lieberman Votes for Himself;Twice

CNN again asking for story ideas - submit to:

Joe Wilson Leaked His Wife's Name To Novak?

Surprised to see DemFest this week-end mentioned in Auto Racing Daily.

Crowds, bullhorns & torches. Outside county election boards Nov. 7.


Tancredo Deferred from Vietnam for "Mental Health Reasons"

Meyerson/WP: Lieberman's Real Problem

I loved that true progressive, George McGovern.

Bush says that the economy is very good how is it in your state,,,,

How can we make the '00, '04 stolen elections a defining issue in 2008?

Ewwww! Senator George Allen spits tobacco into a plastic foam cup.

Anti-war Republican to run for CT independent.

Honor Poll! Who has given $$ to Dems outside your district running in 06?

Ed Schultz and the blogosphere

Anti-Bush song and 9/11 poem written by my 14-year-old cousin

I'm sick of supporting lovable losers for President.

McCain gets 44% of the Massachussetts vote against Hillary's 43%.

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: Yee-HAW! We're Safer Alright

50 Easy Questions to Ask Any Republican (from HuffPo)

A Republican better than most...

Can anyone tell me about Slade Gorton (R) of WA?

Rove's New Strategy For '06? Recent Developments That Make Me Wonder.....

Theres Heinz Kerry should run if Hillary runs

I *still* love that old conservative, George McGovern (with sincere ......

Clark: Participate in Podcasting about the 2006 elections

Questions hover over Reed campaign in Ga.

"Under Karl Rove's leadership, they're ratcheting up the risk" Clark

23% of Us are Fucked

Olbermann vs. O'Reilly

That thing Lieberman is doing? It's called extortion.

India Train Bombings: Did WH Use Advance Knowledge to Scare NYC?

Believe it -- GOP going after Social Security next year

Government borrowing trillions against Social Security surpluses

Bush's Budget-Victory Smoke and Mirrors

Schwarzenegger Opens Lead in Governor's Race, Poll Says

The World Isn't Ending, Now What? (Deepak Chopra)

Bush Celebrates Fourth Largest Deficit in History - WOOHOO!!!

New Computer Voting Machines...yet fewer Commissioners on site......

The Greatest Reason Why I Want H. Clinton President

Just SEVENTEEN WEEKS to go... How are YOU helping Democrats win in 2006?