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Archives: June 8, 2006

Rall: Pro-War Pols Don't Deserve a Political Future

Court: Palestinian man can sue state over killing of family by IDF


To all of you tired of the emails from the chair candidates....

Al Gore in Houston recap!!

YMCA leaders agree to drop Lay's name from facility

Senator sure, but president? (Poll: Hillary, Gore tied in NY)

Would they show THAT scene from 'Basic Instinct' on reg. cable in the US

"Well I'm proud to be a _______________'s ____________."

Humans originated from old dinosaur crap.

Been gone for a while-Spent a week in New Orleans

Where do People who live in "Paradise" go for vacation??

14 Ways to maintain a healthy level of insanity

I'm not giving up --- My 666 link was ignored. Will you Shun Santa?

Ever had a weird night call?

Does your heart sometimes just ache for things you have but can't want?

Hubby's heart.

I am in a GREAT mood tonight. It's good to be back in the lounge...

Lost Son of Krypton: Do you plan to see "Superman Returns"?

Islanders To Hire Neil Smith as GM, Ted Nolan As Coach

Coulterman on Letter-Whore

Learn English?

can anyone give a play-by-play on franken's letterman appearance

Suppressed Report On Security Risks of Abramoff Client Finally Released

Everyone see this: Ann Coulter - the Whore of Babylon >>

Stars & Stripes LTTE demanding accountability for Haditha

Al Franken up next on Letterman ... tune in.

DUers who are falling for the KKKulter scam and playing its game should

rebeelzepublicans & Resemblance To Animals - Let's Start The List

Fox News Radio drops an f-bomb while reporting on Bush immigration scheme

Why does B*sh hate the free market?

Macy's dumps gay pride display after wingnuts whine. . .

For those of you giving that nasty Hitler so much attention. Ignore him.

Ever notice that 'Coulter' and 'fat' threads run together?

Restaurant chains aim their sights on Starbucks' customers

I disagree with Mark Crispin Miller on one thing....

Seriously, did Ann Coulter used to be a man?

WORDS have a gender - PEOPLE have a sex

You gotta see this! I got this email from the NRA!!!!

What is bisexuality?

Know the whole story if you're going to trample Specter.

the 50th, national policy, turn out, and national civic education

Bush has finally decided to dump Rummy...?

Daddy bush to Jr: "dump Rummie"; Jr. to Daddy: "stuff it"


NYT: Narrow Bilbray Victory by G.O.P. Signals Fall Problems

Liberalism under pressure (Lisa Jardine/BBC) {in Holland}

The Bloody Iceberg's Tip When Kabul Capsizes ...

LRB: Why read Clausewitz when Shock and Awe can make a clean sweep? Afghan Success is Fading Fast

For the women of Iraq, the war is just beginning

Zarqawi Killed in Baquba (Juan Cole)

Ex-envoy Wilson takes to his status as hero/villain:Wife of ex-CIA operati

CNN, Cooper: Afghan insurgents learning from Iraq

And Now for GOP's Real Test

An obligation for America's wealthy

Interesting LTTE (not mine): Pendleton violates First Amendment

Panic in Liebermanland: Say it ain't so, Joe

Truer words were never spoken . . . By Schimpanski!

Murray Waas: What Ashcroft Was Told (Plame Investigation)


USATODAY: States Looking to Cash in Assets

No help from the outside

David Corn (The Nation): The Death of Zarqawi

Law Council calls for Hicks action

Drudge saying Dem's calling Zarqawi killing a stunt

Annan backs deputy's attack on Washington

Fox News calls Ann Coulter a "moron"

New York Times: Zarqawi pioneered use of the Net as a tool of global jihad

Throw out those recruiters of mercenaries (Blackwater recruiting)

Conservatives Favor 'Purity' Over Cancer Vaccine (GERARD,

Did The Toledo Blade sit on Coingate until after Bush won?

Molly Ivins: An Outbreak of Diplomacy in the West Wing

The scum speaks-Cal Thomas-know the enemy of thought

SEESHOLTZ: The Christian Right and G.W. Bush in Plato's Cave

Papa Bush recruited Rummy replacement, Baby Bush nixed

A little-mentioned fact about the 2004-05 hurricane season

Endangered Indus River Dolphin Numbers Edge Up - LA Times

Activity At Merapi May Be Decreasing After Quake - Reuters

Kempthorne "Eager" To Expand Drilling On Public Lands - ENN

At Least 68 Dead, 400,000 Evacuated In S. China Flooding - AFP

Security And The Energy End Game - EU Energy Ministers Meet - AFP

Adirondack Lake's Trout Return, But Acid Rain Relief May Be Temporary

Anyone going to see this movie?

Florida Cuts Manatees From State Endangered Species List - Reuters

Robert Redford: Kick the Oil Habit

USFS Withdraws Plan To Allow Logging In Sequoia National Monument

The Sands Reclaim North Central China's Venture Into Farming - NYT

Solar Power to Light up The Country in 15 Years (Israel)

Gassco Says Norway Govt CO2 Storage Projects Uncommercial

Wheat Harvest Heavily Infected With Mosaic, Maize Red Stripe Viruses - AFP

Anybody know more about this? Water Powered Engine

'Hope for coral' as oceans warm (BBC)

Cumulative Prius Sales Pass Half-Million Mark - Reuters

Biofuel Carbon Savings May Be Minimal, NGOs Warn EU - EDIE

Enhancing Yeast to Ferment Ethanol from Sugars from Cellulosic Biomass

I received this message about Bush Sr's gold mining exploits in Chile:

New Poll: 81% of state, 61% of Cape favor Cape Wind (Mass)

Calculating the gasoline equivalent price of your electricity.

HUge untappped resource for bio-methane - animal waste - example:

Sweden labels Golan wines: 'Made in occupied Syrian land'

Ruling Palestinian Hamas group mourns Zarqawi

Israel offers medicines, PA demands cash

Palestine: It's All Over

Israel kills three by Gaza border

Reduce funding to Egypt to fund AIDS and Dafur? Why not Israel?

Katsav to Turkish counterpart: Oslo Accords aided Hamas' win

Iran leader's aide: Jews are filthy

Court rejects Pollard's petition for Israel to act for his release

No help from the outside

Something with Israelis got messed up

Palestinian goods begin steady flow into Israel

Cabinet OKs transfer of NIS 50 million to PA

Abbas extends ultimatum; Gaza fighting intensifies

Hamas agrees to pull militia from public areas

Six Qassams hit Sderot; woman hurt

Israeli shells, Palestinian bullets both hazards for Gaza residents

CIA Involvement with WTC 93 bombing

John Kerry on 9/11 widows and Anne Coulter

Just a thought, why don't we ask Debra Bowen to DEMAND a



Lou Dobbs going after the whole e-voting fraud issue. HELP KEEP HIM ON IT!

Election Reform, Fraud,& Related News Thursday 6/8/2006

How Bush Rigged Ohio Election - The Noe Factor

Machines change votes in Iowa

GAO Inquiry Finds Problems In 2004 Election (Yahoo News)

Hand Counted Paper ballots NOW!!! Never Give UP!!! nt

Verified Voting's Summary Shows Diebold Equip Vulnerabilities in 27 States

BALLOT SECURITY: Think about it before a CA-50 recount.

Verified Voting: Diebold Equipment Vulnerabilities Affect 27 States

Top 10 List - Reasons Voting Machine Mfgrs Won't Face Public

Scoop, NZ: The Theft Of The 2004 Presidential Election

My husband just reported back from a RFK Jr speech to the AIA:

Results of Close Busby/Bilbray U.S. House Special Election in Doubt

Any news from san diego?

David G Mills on Air America Memphis

A Crazy Conspiracy Theory? Or what....

Mark Warner's PAC holding a vote like DFA

Election Alert: Machines Alter Election in Iowa: Help needed! Now!

42nd Iowan and first female Iowan dies in Iraq


In XP how do I change my default media player?

Question about Image Resolution using

Question about video card upgrade

Thinking ahead. Dixie Chicks in Houston Sept 30

Du meet up in Ft. Worth

breaking news on DeLay

Texas HS Football

It's new pot & pan time and I need help

I have a suggestion to enhance our group

Okay, I made the pizza from this grilling issue of Cook's Illustrated

Bush administration taking credit for success of terror arrests in Canada!

Worst Jean Chretien impression EVER

Canada must be more aggressive on international trade: Emerson

US Military pay-outs to Iraqi families killed or maimed

Restaurant chains aim their sights on Starbucks' customers

Papa Bush recruited Rummy replacement, Baby Bush nixed

US demands Annan repudiate UN deputy

U.S. raps Israel over failure to counter forced labor

For the women of Iraq, the war is just beginning

Ex-envoy Wilson takes to his status as hero/villain:Wife of ex-CIA operati

CNN, Cooper: Afghan insurgents learning from Iraq

Gonzalez Backers Press Suit After 6 Years (Elian)

NYT/AP: Sotheby's Auctioning Martin Luther King Papers

Knuckle-feds' limo deal is a stretch (another Homeland Security farce)

Poll: U.S. disapproves of war in Iraq

Blackwell's dual roles draw fire:Candidate is also top elections official

What is with the trophy picture

PAC fund's ties to lawmaker (Jerry Lewis) at issue

Senate kills legislation to permanently repeal estate tax

Google signals U-turn over Chinese site (The Guardian)

European Jews call on Croatia to crack down on anti-Semitism

Somali Islamists declare war on 'infidels', warlords set for battle

Father of beheaded man blames Bush, not Zarqawi

Bush envoy's fury over 'insult' to US by British UN chief (London Times)

Iraq's powerful Shiite cleric deepens religious ties with Iran

Another (Katherine) Harris chief of staff exits

Boston Globe: U.S. Payoffs to Families of Dead Iraqis Has "Skyrocketed"

Fort Hood cutting back on services (Crunch hits posts across the country)

FDA Licenses New Vaccine for Prevention of Cervical Cancer!!!!

Poll: Lieberman challenger building support

Fed's Kohn says recent inflation data "troubling"

Halliburton sees earnings doubling in coming years

FBI probes personal finances of House Appropriations chair

Bombs Kill 19; Iraqi Ministers Sworn In

Iraqi leader promises to honor reward promise ($25 mill Zarqawi Bounty)

Democrats Mark DeLay's Exit by Targeting Island Manufacturers

Westchester (NY) to recognize gays married elsewhere

US urges Arab states to use oil profits for Iraq

House begins debate on Net neutrality rules (vote possible Friday)

First female Iowan killed in Iraq (#2488)

FBI Threatened to Pick (Jefferson's Capitol office) Lock, Filing Says


Filing: Second dancer called allegations a 'crock' (Duke Lax)

"Apologise or we'll cut your funding, US envoy tells UN"

Dems want to depose ex-RNC chief in phone jamming civil suit

Stephens Media Group buys five Arkansas newspapers

Global stocks plunge on interest rate fears

Ill. Mayor Arrested in Corruption Probe

U.S. military acknowledges Iraq anti-gay killings

Dollar Advances Most Since April as Emerging Markets Decline

Frist Will Consider Compromise if Repeal of the Estate Tax Fails (only 84%

Powell Says Border Walls Won't Work

FDA Approves Merck's,GARDASIL. First and Only Cervical Cancer

Inquiry Finds Problems in 2004 Election

Judge backs 'buffoon' attack on Berlusconi

Plug from Bush drums up customers

Inquiry Finds Problems From 2000 Election Persisting Four Years Later

Rumsfeld - Zarqawi death is win against global terror

One Laptop per Child: Working Model of $100 Laptop Steals MITX Spotlight

Gold Tumbles on Rising Interest Rates, Declining Oil Prices

NYT/AP: JFK Papers, Photos to Be Put on Internet

Volcano erupts in southern Japan

Bush Says Deportation 'Ain't Gonna Work'

Lifesaving kits for GIs in short supply

Rare giraffe-like animal "rediscovered" in Congo park

Lesbian foster parents win Missouri case

Democrats want DeLay's name on ballot

Park Service Charging for Photos

GOP takes aim at PBS funding

AP: Democrats Court Hispanics (with radio, TV ads) During World Cup

Cheney Responds to Eavesdropping Rules (today)

CNN Breaking: Senate kills legislation to permanently repeal estate tax

Democrats want Rep. Jefferson out of post

FBI Crime Lab to Test Al-Zarqawi's DNA

Photographer confronted marines with Haditha images

Ex-Terror Czar: al-Zarqawi Death Won't Speed End of Iraq War

Oil drops below $70 after Zarqawi death

Stocks dive; Dow falls more than 100 pts.

NYT/AP: House Panel to Probe Oklahoma City Bombing

Democrats call Zarqawi killing a stunt

Daschle Tests New Hampshire for Candidacy

Bush: Zarqawi death may 'turn the tide' in Iraq

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi DEAD (per ABC breaking news)

Florida to Remove Manatee From State's Endangered List; feds also evaluate

Disbelief in Iraqi hamlet where Zarqawi was killed (residents skeptical)

Stolen VA Data May Have Been Erased

Louisiana Senate sends abortion ban to Blanco

Filing: Second dancer called allegations a 'crock'

Father of beheaded man feels no relief over Zarqawi (Michael Berg)

Frontline Care for 'At Risk' Soldiers

i confess; i'm one of the names blacked out in jason grimsley's affidavit

I got two free Powerball tickets tonight! That has to be lucky, yes?

Discussion topic - What the hell is "Radio Free Europe" about?



Am I the only one bummed out that the Vagina thread got locked?

Infatuation vs. beliefs/ politics/ morals/ whatever.

If a man posts in a Penis thread - does that make him gay?

I was going to start a body parts thread, but I think I'll say

Alright - who is the other 2

Lame, Lame, Lame

Wenis/Benis...'tis the same thing.

Mother Asks Son To Sell Pot For Bail

Funny comments. Need some. Post them here.

Ann is physically hot

The church girl is graduating

Ever make any deals with Frog?

An Ultra-Mini Rant

Where do you fall on the Kudzu scale?

Is the door ajar?

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

I'm leaving DU .. but ...

Scientists Discover Dwarf Dinosaur Fossils In Germany

Happy birthday madinmaryland!

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

Fresh Mango and Ice Cream

Thursday, June 8. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

God I love Ann Coulter

Swiss army cell phone.

How do I get my penquin avatar back?

the most amazing ukelele playing you will ever see! seriously.

It's commencement here at work, and other than commencement-related

Snakes on a TRAIN

Anyone else here into ruining modern photography?

I forgot my key card at home.

Anyone else here into modern runes cryptography?

How do you like my new sig?


Anyone else here into modern ruins photography?

Do you accuse your dog of farting when it's really you?

Scientology revs up to join NASCAR circuit

DU Lawyers help!

Our cat is having her kittens (not good)

My last link of the day...HOLY SHIT- CARD TRICKS FREAK ME OUT!

What does it mean when all you see are little red x's and a box?

BTN News: The terrorist known as V is dead.

im off to Target to pickup RollingStone magazine

Time to go downstairs and get a Coca-cola.

Who's your favorite Supreme?

Woman accused of attacking dog breeder with her dead Chihuahua

So the Baptist Cgurch down the road opened a coffee bar in their

I just got a real, live, made of paper...

I am totally confused ~ HELP!

Australian Researchers Try To Find Ugliest Sheep

Green friendly vehicle.

Dang- my wife is developing gestational diabetes.

Congratulations mvd!! 30,000 posts

Ahhh! Summer and a frosty root beer...

WTF? Rob Lowe is a...

Got the results of my stress test today

Mullet meets keyboards...not since Nick Rhodes has the relationship

Wow, Patti Smith's voice is just as good live as in studio

For us uppity women

Ben Kinglsey's worst film?

What the hell...

I'm eating lunch at my desk. Ask me anything!

crab boil/slash fish fry at work tommorow!!!

Worst Stand Up Canadian of all time? Your choice and why?

Pharmacology 101 (joke)

A new addition to my "Worst Movie" list:

Hailing frequencies open, sir...

Woman Tries To Run Down Couple With SUV For Parking In Handicapped Space

Joke time!


Contrarian Solidarity Post! Who else has NEVER viewed the Kudzu thread?


What are you listening to right now?

Great entry in Demopedia!

Did You Sleep Well Last Night?

Who wants to see my kidney stone?

OT: WI band Crush in Janesville the 9th and 10th

"So, even though we have 50/50 custody, and I make way more than he does,

Zarqawi is NOT dead, you can't prove it, so fuck you!

Thursday earworm.

Hey all! Funk Jazz "concert" at 9PM Eastern...

I have 69 friends...

in-house treatment for people who can't leave their joysticks alone

any motley fool subscribers here? if so, what was....

CUTE ALERT! Kitten vs. Frontrow video

Cool! I've got a $95.00 book!

Very short video clip

A mild nice joke to tell

Students Watch Teachers Have Sex In Classroom

Okay I gotta camera........

Congratulations The Magistrate!! 30,000 posts


Joy Division and You tube

" a tempting schmear of authentic Jewish delicacies"


Post your favorite little-known or forgotten porno videos here!

I lied- one more...The Worst Chair in America.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/8/06)

Kil kill kill kill kill the poor kill kill kill kill kill the poor

Smart kid

Woohoo! A new shirt with French cuffs!

I just got a great new job

Congratulations Husb2Sparkly!! 10,000 posts

ever dropped something in the toilet? at work? how'd you get it out?

Glenn Beck's AAR ads?

Three heroes of Project X

For any real estate agents here on DU......

It's like a monsoon over here!

Isn't this kid kinda huge to be a newborn?

Watch your Pepsi and Mentos

You Hateful Bitch.

Am I high??

Police: Woman Beats Dog Breeder With Dead Chihuahua

Okay, contestants. I'm going to ask an amount of three questions,

How on earth do I put an image in my sig?

Revenge of the Sith on HBO2E

Vista is here! Download or order now!

Audio Codec Question

What are some bad questions I should not ask during a job interview today?

So I netflixed the Buck Rogers movie (1979)

she's leaving.

Am I nigh??

Hey MONKEES fans

Help - youtube won't play for me!?!?!?!

DOS Game Archive.

The Beatles' "All You Need Is Love" in a CREDIT CARD COMMERCIAL.

Somebody wish me luck... laptop.

Worst band name trends by decade (with fictional examples)

my son just had dinner with Hulk Hogan

Accckkk!!! What a disgusting commercial!

Photos and commentary from my recent trip to Cuba

Cool, trimspa seems to have had an initial effect.

Question: Do we have a forum for employment?

ISO Best Site for Downloading Ringtones

Speeding man was drying wet car...

Taliban Warning ( sorry if Dup :)

"I was told there would be no math on the test"?

must see video-- it's a shame to put this in the lounge...

Anyone ever been to the source of a bottled water spring?

Has anyone ever gotten back with an ex after years of divorce?

Anymore space in the "Who gives a shit?" file?

My boss got a $15,000 used motorcycle

Sadly, this is the shortest poem I've ever written:

tomorrow is such a long time

just found out my current "dream job" is largely inaccessible to me

The Show Is ON! - NOT the Brazilian Joke

I walked into a bar this evening for the first time in 23 years.


wow, first time I ever made the homepage

Ann Coulter started life as Jeremy Levinsohn

Tom Swifties

{whisper[sunrise]}, SUNSET.

Ok How do I include a picture from my files in a post?

About to dye my hair with Manic Panic - any tips?

Does stevia (or tea) give headaches?

Ok, who would you rather sleep with...

This place is great, so I didn't want to take a time-out...

Hi everyone

Food Network's "Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade"

I saw Jarhead last night

Where do you fall on the Kinsey Scale?

I just packed 10 moving boxes full of stuff. Ask me anything.

Can you spell? Can you read?

My scientific paper has been accepted to a major med. journal

School band plays Genesis medley, guitarist and drummer are awesome-VIDEO

I'm going out for a late night swim. Anyone wanna join me?

Do you use Freecycle?

There seems to be some kind of feminine backlash against HEyHEY here

No picture thread.


baby wrestling.

Magic Gopher will read your mind...

So when did the word "rim" replace the word "wheel?"


Bigfoot, Aliens, or Ghosts

Arghhhh! Mosquito Bites! What Do You Do For Them?

So when did the word "rim" replace the word "wheel?"

Randomkoolzip, whoisalheges, and Chavezspeaksthetruth on You tube!

I'm the most macho straight woman I know! I changed a tire today!

This is so awesome!

JAFO,here: But Giada di Laurentiis can cook for me anytime !

What are some good questions I can ask during my job interview today?

Any other nerds/dorks play mmorpgs?

Have you ever sued your employer?

Pink Floyd (early) fans, this is pretty cool "Arnold Layne" last month

Ah, nice. Take a deep breath and just listen to the music and relax.

Well, that was exhausting...

Best. Online. Game. Ever!!!!

I think I got someone a job

Ever make any deals with Gog?

I need your help

So, what are you listening to right now?

How do you handle finances after marriage?

CR and Mutley

Anyone else here think Photoshop ruins modern photography?

Poll - Mr. Ambulance Driver by the Flaming Lips

Let's go Heat!!!

My dinner tonight.....

Any Latin scholars? What does Bill Maher's riser say (Latin phrase)?

I have tickets for the Colbert Report.

Is "Nazi" the First Thing You Associate With "Germany"?

now tell me the much does it HURT? :(

Who else has never viewed the KUDZU or the "Never viewed KUDZU" threads?

This is a JVS appreciation thread

I have a toothache that is killing me

Worst music video EVER.

Post your favorite little-known or forgotten 80s videos here!

Never mind

The Golden Rule, Criticism, and Definitions.

Ann Coulter has a point. Maybe liberals do deserve their own church.

So I woke up this morning to the news that

god has got to go

SO, 6/6/6 came and went without incident!!! HA!

Religion and Politics in American Life Survey

Why do some atheists care so much as to who is Christian or isn't?

Hitler & Christianity.

FDA Approves Vaccine That Should Prevent Most Cervical Cancers

Republicans opposed to abortion ban lose in S.D.

Mini-dinosaurs emerge from quarry (BBC)

Chinese remedy 'treats diabetes' (BBC)

Most leggy millipede rediscovered (BBC) {750 legs!}

Do you consider it gay bashing when the police patrol

Do you see the 'Zarqawi is dead' thing as too soon and convenient

Sailor Talks About Lesbian Lover, Loses Job

House Majority Leader Boehner Refusing To Let Gay Marriage Ban Die

Ahh the irony!

Belmont Stakes PP's and Analysis

I'm giddy that the world cup is here!

Celestial Timing

A special prayer/healing and light request for those who

Any Vets here serve in the Persian Gulf in the mid to late '80's?

Received letter from VA about data theft. Read

Another crazy day on DU.

Oh well, must cease fire -

Repost: Kerry interview CANCELLED on Fox tonight

KerryMail2 in GDP

New JK post up at HuffPo!!!

Two out of three so far! (Senate 'Hell Week' Update)

Kerry on the Death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Kerry's full statement on the FMA - Good reading.

My Cuba Photo/Commentary thread from GD

Countdown Newsletter: 06/08/06 -- Zarqawi Killed

KOEB Meeting: Thursday 06/08/06---Steroid Scandal Sheet Edition

Fox 2 news (St. Louis) sports reporter referenced KO...

Wolverine DG & Crispi:

TOON for Thursday 6/8 -- something better to do?

There are many people who do NOT believe Zarqawi exists

Our future as seen through television- Star Trek: Enterprise VIDEO

What type of TERRORIST was Al Zarqawi BEFORE the Iraq War?

LETTERMAN: This is what we know about Coulter:

Yeeeooowwww! Bernie Ward is n a roll tonight!

Zarowai/Zarqawi is a strawman

Cingular wireless is UNION -here's how to switch for free

Global migrants reach 191 million (BBC)

{School} Head takes pupils' home computers (BBC)

TOON: How Bush plans to use National Gaurd at the border

Our future as seen through television- ST: Enterprise VIDEO

Google launches web spreadsheet (BBC)

bloomberg has also announced zarqawi is dead

DU this Al Gore Poll

New and Better way To Secure Fair Elections

There's just "a few bad apples" in our Government.

AP: Park Service Charging for Photos

The headline should read: "Zarqawi dead, Osama still Alive & dangerous"

China 'blocks' main Google site (BBC)

Ann Coulter has no credibility, no class, and no morals.

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the most wanted terrorist in Iraq, is dead, acco

Pleasure Fearing Family Spends Vacation Cash to Rally with Dragon Lady

CNN Poll: Would you support government-guaranteed health care for all

Conscious coffee drinkers: Upcoming film a must-see...

Tonight's experience at Food World

the killing of Zarqawi will make Haditha disapper I fear. n/t

Tony Snow just had Zarqawi briefing at WH..This is why Senate briefing was

How convenient

italian soldier killed in iraq - compare coverage

With Zargaqi gone will our troops now be in more danger from insurgents?

In the Old Days, Victory meant that the Troops could come home.

POLL: Will Zarqawi magically turn up in Iran unscathed?

Another unintended consequence of high gas prices

Does Zarqawi Death Signal Bush Made a Deal With Iran?

Zarqawi subject of call in on CSPAN, Bush to make announcement

Every Single Senator From New England Voted To Kill the Anti-Gay Amendment

What to do now that Zarqawi's gone??? . . .hmmm . . . . . . . CAPTION!!!!

Zarqawi is a street fighter not like Bin Laden..Peter Bergen

Are we seeing a full-court 'terrorism' push by the Bushies?


Coulter used to live with Bob Guccione III???????

"Them damn Liberals are deeply saddended by Zarqawi's death"

This is a dangerous moment for Bush

Gore Clinton Kerry

michael berg-nick's dad, just evicerated GWB comparing saddam and *

All of this just to distract from Coulter?

When Johnny Comes Marching Home, maybe then I'll Hurrah.

look at bush's backdrop on CNN...."Godlike"

Calling all Computer Whizzes Re: VA Info Theft

Today's Headline is just like the Anti Gay crap, red meat for "The Base"

Reminder:Long before Iraq war Bush had several chances to wipe out Zarqawi

Iraq is now a safer place.

3+ years later Zarqawi is dead

Did your copy of Rolling Stone get ripped by the USPS like mine?

Cnn has no audio of the briefing...turned over to MSNBC and they have it.

Personal Responsibility

al-Zarqawi is perhaps the most disgusting human being in this world:

No sound on FOX "News" for the past 30 miniutes? Holy shit!

Tip to coalition: make sure mic works before press conference

did you see the latest exec order?Task Force on New Americans

After years of letting the infestation spread, they kill one rat

Bush will now Crow & Smirk & call Zarqawi's death a Great Victory,

George W. Bush Monument Committee (Humor)

I think OBL dropped dime on Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

So, will Zarqawi's Retirement from the CIA Stop the Insurgency?

Guess those 12 B2's did their thing....?

Ol' Lonesome George on a Thursday, . . . . . . . . . . . please CAPTION!!!

In 2002, Bush could have captured Zarqawi...BEFORE invading Iraq

Will Zarqawi's death raise Bush's poll numbers?

Mission Accomplished ...... Time for our troops to come home?


Now Rummy is up. This is quite the PR day.

The real news from Iraq .... if you are women you are in deep shit.

Zarqawi death won't stop Iraq killing: UK's Blair

Let's declare Victory and get our troops out TODAY!

Pentagon hopes DNA tests will prove bin Laden is dead (Filed: 11/02/2002)

One terrorist kills another. That's a good thing!

zargawi attack video on cnn

Gas prices going up again--imagine that.

Al Zarqawi is still dead, again, but the relatives of the 24 civilians....

Liberals who say Bring the Troops home are supporting the Terrorists.

Anti-Abortion Caller on C-Span just now stated

Wasn't just a month ago that America ("freepers") were...

So who else is wondering how much Bush will shoot up in the polls?

Mission Accomplished .......................... AGAIN!

A recruiter just visited me in my classroom

2 Deliverymen Arrested After Pointing Water Gun At Motorist

Breaking: Al-Zarqawi is dead

Mission accomplished, Can we leave now?

It's a beautiful day Zarqawi dead and DeLay gives farewell speech

Zarqawi did have to go...

And here are the stagehands for today's sideshow (photo)

aawwwww Jesus Fucking Christ, you're killing me already!!!!!

Democrats Court Hispanics During World Cup

Mary Cheney's book a flop -- the numbers

Another Zarqawi Post

Is it time to assume Rove is cooperating?

Nancy Pelosi writes an op-ed...DeLay’s gone but GOP corruption lingers

BUSH tried to discriminate against gay people and failed.

George Bush Sr. Asked Retired General To Replace Rumsfeld

Tooz-dee, ** is gunna meeting with Ma-lick-ee (Malaki).

why does Imus wear such a big-ass hat, doesn't he know he looks...

Zarqawi's Objective - Kill Iraqis, Not US Troops

Just twenty hours ago, and yet...the rubble is fit for kids to play in!

The Power of Weakness, Again

DUers, please. Let's hope that Zargawi is really dead and that our

1927 Again

Hey Freepers: Zarqawi Being Killed is Meaningless

The Power of Weakness, Again

Information on this anyone?

New CNN Poll Regarding Zarqawi

Hey SnowJob Tony...Is The Prez...

Was al-Zarqawi a Myth?

Emmanuel Goldberg is dead!

Two 500 ton bombs? What is left to identify? n/t

Al Zarqawi...When Do We Get Bin Laden

So while we are all misdirected with zarqawi's "death"...

Awesome quote from my REPUB mother-in-law....

I am sick of all of this hate.

Freeper: How much is that Faggot in the window? (!!!!)

When are your elections again?

Two 500 pound bombs and his body is perfectly intact. Hmmmmm

I passed you en route to the buffet table TWICE

Soldier could face prison and discharge for defiance

Gays Are Being Killed by Radical Islamists in Iraq. *Graphic*

Great timing to shift focus away from embarrassing FMA....

Just How Did The Pentagon Play Up The Role of Zarqawi??

CNN Quote: Bush: "This violent man will never murder again"

If Zarqawi is dead, that is good, but I'm more worried for our troops now.

Stop responding to Bush's media & the Official Story like Pavlov's Dog

I'm sorry, I just don't believe the stories about Zarqawi being dead

DU this poll: Re: Al Zarqawi/Iraq progress

Larry Johnson: The Death Of Zarqawi Is Welcome News. However...

Does Anyone Else Think That Sheila Jackson Lee Should Be in Higher Office?

Exactly how many screwed up elections will it take

Best timing ever? Or now a totally outdated cover story?(Atlantic Monthly)

On Post-Leadership, or Why We'll Lose the War, Again

Another conservative talk show on Sirius, Andrew Wilkow

It doesn't seem like the Iraqis believe the story


Father of beheaded man blames Bush, not Zarqawi

CNN: Al-Zarqawi death one victory in long war: thousands still at work

Matt Lauer: "This is obviously a big victory for Bush Administration"

Be afraid. Be very afraid. The BOOGEYMAN IS COMING! He's fast. He's hot.

Found this little gem from the VA in my mailbox this morning:

Fanatics love martyrs. They just got a big one.

re: zarqawi's dead picture - what's up with that gold frame?

This will all be forgetten once people look at their 401k statement, or...

Statue of Liberty Walks In Protest to House Immigrant Debate

WP, Milbank: No Retreat, No Retraction, No Comment From Marines

LMFAO! MSNBC just showed *proof* that Al-Zarqawi was dead

Why did they kill Al Zarqawi?

I predict : Tomorrow there will be polls showing * 's #s improving.


Wanna see a nekkkid picture of Mann Coaltarr...Warning graphic

CAPTION this deeply maniacal photo (WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART)

Ok, Count the Coincidences Surrounding Zarqawi's Death

The defining issue of our time is THE MEDIA - Jamison Foser

Net-Neutrality:GOP Selling Out to Corporate Giants:by Rep Louise Slaughter

Fighting bird flu

For the women of Iraq, the war is just beginning (The Independent)

CAPTION the puny little pipsqueak

Bush pulls a Kenny Boy. SEC, Congress, media sleeps.

I don't understand why some almost seem disappointed zaraqwi is dead

Repeal of estate tax fails in the Senate. Vote for cloture fails

Congratulations! Now that we've won the War on Terror....

With al-Zarqawi's killing, there's one person benefitting more than Bush

No, Rummy. You're wrong.

A minor-league thug is dead; so when do we kill this SOB?

Thank you letter to Al Gore (through Dr. Dean)

al-Zarqawi picture released by US Military

This is just a distraction

So with the Death of Zarqawi...

Greenspan: "We Are Not Going To Have Oil Independence Again"

A fun lesson for freepers: Three of these things are like each other...

seeking info on BellSouth re NSA spying

11:00 am, and NO OTHER NEWS in the world

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi hard fact

Thom Hartmann on! Today's guest includes Robert Baer

"We are headed for a fascist theocracy, " Frank Zappa, 1986

will zarqawi resurrect the next time bush needs a spike in his poll #s?

One thing that pisses me off Bush* makes his father look like

It's great that al-Zarqawi is dead, but at this point

Step right up, folks. Get your tickets here! The Greatest Show is about to

Uh ooohhh... Bush killed his Boogeyman...

I'm not glad he's dead. I'm glad he won't be killing people.

My letter to the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) on Zarqawi

Markets Tanking. Guess they aren't impressed with Zarkawi death

Was Zarqawi criticial to the DJIA? At reports of his death it's getting

Poll: U.S. disapproves of war in Iraq

US: No 'sense' in ending gay killings in Iraq

Fun video on Bush administration

Zarqawi dead/alive..not the point we should be making loud and long

with al zarqawi dead, oil falling and jobless claims unexpectedly low why-

If immigration and gays marrying are the only issues your party can use to

CSPAN2: Is Senate voting Cloture on the Estate Tax bill?

Bush still at 33 in AP/Ipsos

Now that Zarqawi's gone, how will Bushco explain the insurgency?

Bush administration taking credit for success of terror arrests in Canada!


Bush is going to use this Zarqawi killing to jump start his poll numbers

U.S. Senate blocks permanent estate tax repeal

How dare anyone call liberals extremists?

Excellent article on the life of Zarqawi. No ties to Al Queda until....

(Sigh) Another Net Neutrality Vote Today or Tomorrow AGAIN!

New Poll: Ned Lamont surges on Lieberman cuts lead in half

I need a little help in the Orlando area.

Breaking point my ass

US military releases Zarqawi bomb video

Sum up the conservative mindset in 1 sentence

When Jesse James died, robbery finally was ended in America


Rahm Emanual Throws Coulter in the Faces of Pubs on the Floor of the House

Anybody out there involved in higher ed notice lower enrollment

ESTATE TAX REPEAL DEAD! Please check this thread:

YAY! the WAR on TERRISTS is over! Just saw it on CNN

John Kerry Coulter smack down!!!!! (On HuffPo)

I'm swearing off network news...

Michael Berg

You gotta love this picture --- Only in Iraq!!!

ATTENTION, McGovern amendment to close School of the Americas is coming

The Culture of Vengeance is Alive and Well in the US

DU this MSNBC poll... please...

Action Item: Call Book Revue (Coulter's appearance yesterday)

Press Release: Human Rights Campaign & XM "The Agenda with Joe Solmonese"

Hey george W Failure.... Go rapture yourself you puppet on a corp. string

OK, something is up, the distractions galore

So does this mean the war on terror is over?

Scientology Influencing Minds Via NASCAR team called Dinetics

I Like DU BECAUSE of it's Diversity of Opinion, & no Lockstep Mentality.

The Dixie Chicks and Ann Coulter

Here's agreat way to see the Tom DeLay movie

June 8, 1967 - In Memoriam

Strap on those tinfoil hats folks, I have a good one...

Want to make a fundies' head explode? Here's how

Forget About that 9-Times Killed Al-Qaeda Guy in Iraq:the Real Story

La Coulter is .....

While y'all are distracted by the dead guy... the House is debating

Katherine Harris loses yet another high level staffer.

Does the left have a base to rile up for the vote?

After all, what did it matter who had invented aeroplanes?

We had to take out Zarqawi with bombs?

Your car may already be watching you.

Al-Zarqawi's death does not eliminate terror threat (duh)

Boston Globe: U.S. Payoffs to Families of Dead Iraqis Has "Skyrocketed"

"It's all for you, Damien..."

Laugh Along, As DeLay's Spokeswoman Spins To The Bitter End

New AP Ipsos Poll

Senate zeroes in on "Death Tax" safe house. More than one major casualty

Anybody want to bet that Tweety will be talking about the "nobility" of *

CDC Bulletin - Please read

In the spirit of Dave Letterman, top 10 titles for Coulter's next book

Hartmann caller: Al-Zarqawi would be hamburger if 2 bomb hit him

New Murray Waas article over in the Ed/Articles section of DU

The war "with" Iraq - This bugs the heck out of me

Another candidate-promoting email from Kerry (talks about CA-50)

DU MSNBC POLL: Impact of Zaqawi's Death

Friendly Advice: Stop worrying about Bush's poll numbers

Scott Ritter on Haditha: "Blame ... Lies at Bush's Feet"

Are they writing about bush or al-Zarqawi?

Rolling Stone

"Al-Zarqawi an American creation"--Nir Rosen interview on CNN

Al Gore will be on the Tonight Show TONIGHT!!!

Serious al Zarqawi #2, #3 question

Screen cap: small plane crash near Nashville; two people walked away.

Partisan hack on CNN: Zarqawi's death equivalent to killing Adolf Hitler

Now if they nab bin Laden or the other top guy

Was anyone one else waiting for his picture...

OK Bunnypants..Al-Zarqawi is dead..Mission accomplished

Get your Estate Tax Roll Call votes HERE:

Franken on Letterman last night

Why Must Bush Lie About the Killing of al-Zarqawi?

Is this about bush, democracy,wmds.or bush's poll numbers...

Zarqawi story is bullshit because Zarqawi was bullshit.

Has anyone joined the Ironweed Film Club?... Is it worth it?

Al Franken Show's Music

Senate Rejects Effort to Cut Estate Tax

Everyone please brace yourself now

F***ing media are forcing hard a Bush bounce

Have the Right Opinion

Hubub in Hibhib

FMA Defeat - Canary in the Message Boards

I'm sorry, I just don't believe the story that Zarqawi is dead, Part II

we are truly in a battle against an insane cult.

CIA Nazi Files Released

Meaning of Zarqawi's death?

Wear red on Friday?


Al Zarqawi-is he really most sincerely dead?

Meet the New Boogeyman: Zarqawi's Replacement

Idea: al-Zarqawi's death should be great news to Iraq war opposition...

An interesting juxtaposition in LBN a few minutes ago:

Rush has been reading our posts on the air today

The Guy James Show today!

A new low for Glen Beck...

Can there be a Populist candidate in a major Election?

Where's the Demopedia?

Grocery chain to close 37 stores Grocery workers will be laid off

The good news about the federal marriage amendment

Courtesy of MyDD - An excerpt from the Repug Pervert Open Thread

Nick Berg's Dad on Ed Schultz now!

Anybody wanna help me revive the Demopedia?

Estate Tax repeal defeated!

How much of a poll bump with Georgie get for this?

The Nation: The Death of Zarqawi

Father of beheaded man (Nick Berg) blames Bush, not Zarqawi

In the rest of the world - Interesting news that will get buried by MSM

Wake up: the American Dream is over

Just in Case

Limbaugh falsely claimed Clinton approval rating "was down in the 20s"

Ed Schultz just said Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are Nazis

Bald Eagle Amendment

Reduce funding to Egypt to fund AIDS and Dafur? Why not Israel?

Fox News takes time to stab Murtha

Send email to - What affect will the capture have?

Schwarzenegger's Drug Money Tops $1 Million, Says FTCR

CNS News reports distorting results of Busby/Bilbray race!

Caption * working hard

Since we killed the alleged informant along with Zarqawi, who will

Ann Coulter, a profile in courage

So now that Zarqawi is dead, will *'s numbers go up up up?


Randi playing a NBC report saying we let Zarqawi live

Bigley's relieved by Zarqawi's death

Is everyone convinced?

Bush at Seaworld show?

Perhaps there was another big "story" about to break ??


Where are the threads on today's developments in the baseball steroid scan

Lots of Freepers lurking and posting today...Why? nt

Have you noticed registrations here are on fire

So now that Number Two is dead, who's left to hate?

France fined for deporting Jews (BBC)

What first tipped you off that Fox is the most biased news station

Michael Berg to Soledad O'Brien: I'm sorry whenever any human being dies.

Come inside (if you dare) and watch freepers perform for you;

Does "Pissypants Crowd" aptly describe the fearful Republicans?

Gay marriage, dead Zarqawi, "Death Tax"...what's next?

Concern Growing Over U.S. Troops' Ammo -- Questions About M-16 Bullet

Chafee joins wingnuts in filibustering native Hawaiin bill

"After execution, I'm going to get a Burger King"

Do any of the media remember that the US invasion brought Al-qaeda to Iraq

You can't believe ANYTHING from a president who's caught lying REMEMBER?

TROUBLE IN PARADISE: a SPECTER is haunting the White House on NSA

AP/Ipso poll just out:: Bush at 33

No. 1 in Iraq, who had nothing to do with 9/11, killed again...

VA Staff asked to follow rules:

Jack Abramoff once tried to 'remake' "The Day The Clown Cried"

I hope Tom and his companion have the best rest of their lives...

So was Zarqawi killed first and his head saved for prood and then

Sticker/T-Shirt Request from Yesterday....

Okay George, Zarqawi's Dead, Let's just say, I'm Not Impressed.

Art Buchwald's kidneys inexplicably working again,says bad side is

Gee, I must have pissed this guy off. One of my former supervisors.

worst quote from Bush I've seen in ages

Feeding the Zarqawi myth - The US military psyops campaign

US military expects Egyptian militant to succeed Zarqawi - Batter up!

Diplomats say Iran package gives Teheran some leeway on uranium enrichment

George Galloway on BBC "Question Time" tonight (broadcasting now)

Jesus fucking Christ - some thoughts (drunken rant) on UK TV news

Red states lead nation in tooth loss! (Suprise....Surprise)

What conservatives are saying about ann coulter

Tweety that POS...

The US support for criminal warlords in Somalia

Who are the main contributers to the DNC?

Contribute to Michael Berg's campaign

Bush's worst sin

Want another Ann Coulter Hypocrisy - She doesn't think women should vote

Vancouver safe-injection site users more likely to go into de-tox

Lieberman under 50% approval amonst CT Democrats. Lamont gains.

Zarquawi's death is bad timing for pugs today. Overshadowed by Pitt Jolie

My Journey to the Underground...

Since when do we order airstrikes to kill ONE MAN?

France launches game for virtual finance ministers

Watch ACLU Presidential Power forum - live from Ann Arbor on Sunday...

Elimination of Zarqawi decreases Ann Coulter's prospective suitors.

Freedom Not Extended to Women in New Iraq

God Bless you, Michael Berg; Fuck off, Soledad O'Brien

A FRAMED photo of a dead Zarqari!

Letter from Sen. Arlen Specter to Vice President Cheney

Misplaced your moral compass?

So many "Average Americans" now begining

There's one thing the Zarqawi news accomplishes

Mike Malloy on Zarqawi

Just WHO Gets The $25 Million Dollar "Zarqawi Reward"?

ATTENTION: Tom DeLay is giving his farewell speech! CSPAN nt

Ann Coulter coming up on Lou Dobbs - CNN (6:30 pm ET)

National Town Hall meeting on Spying, Secrecy and Presidential Power


What does a girl have to do to get some votes around here?!

Once again, doubters of W are instantly ridiculed as Conspiracy Theorists.

The Dirty South: Florida: Alachua's corrupt nature makes LA City Beat

Just as I shake my head in disbelief that ANYONE could still support *

Uh... why isn't it a danger to Natl Sec to give tons of details abt Zarq.

Bad customer service, to say the least.

Deena Burnett, another 9-11 widow spoke at the Republican National Conv.

Everything must be OK now... * looks very pleased - pics>>>

Internet neutrality

3 things about Zarqawi

Is Al Gore the new Russ Feingold . who was the new Mark Warner., who was.

Interesting article: Monster betrayed by closest allies

What is Kind of Utopia do Right-wingers ultimately want?

Tom Delay resigned over an hour ago, still no major media coverage

Who remembers the Lennon song. "Power to the People" ?

Rainbow that set the sky on fire

For those of you who have read "The Talisman" by Stephen King

Was this covered in LBN?

Inquiry finds problems in 2004 election

What was Dobbs talking about Congress passing Foreign Airline Control?

Dixie Chicks tour struggling in several markets

Let's get real, folks

You can't top the rude pundit at describing the disease called Ann Coulter

A koan/meditation on the Cal. 50th.

Ted Kennedy asks for YOUR input in fighting bigotry - send him your story!


Tricks when the unbearable happens..

Rep. Jefferson Raid: "FBI Threatened to Pick Lock" WashPo

Rush and Sean both like to battle imaginary "Liberal" stances

He's mangled below chest area - Capt Dale Dye

What Senate Seats do you think the Dems can win from the GOP in '06?

How Can a Doctor Deny Lifesaving Research to Children?

Grand Theft Auto" for the Rick Santorum set (Jesus Loves A Machine Gun)

Just tell me how plastering gruesome death photos of Zarq helps US?

In which the Author limits himself to saying one thing about Iraq:

my little rant........

Are the Laura Bush rumors true?

The death of Zarqawi will not, I repeat will not erase the images

Seriously, do you think * will ever have to pay for his crimes?

The outrage here over Lou Dobbs is hilarious.

Check out this email I got from a coworker today:

Our Congress SHAMED our country today

"who really pulled the plug on electric cars, and why?"

Rita Cosby doing Zarqawi death story? I didn't know he was a blond!

"No way these are real"

What's up with gas prices?

Betty Bowers ROCKS!

Virginia governor delays Walton execution

"I'm sorry whenever any human being dies." -Michael Berg (Nick's father)

Arghhhh! Mosquito Bites! What Do You Do For Them?

Book Revue owner regrets Coulter invite

If somebody proposed a trade, Zarqawi for 3000 Americans and

Anyone watching Majority Report right now?

How many innocent folks died in the bomb on Zarqawi?

The algebra of death and guns... MP3

Heads up! The House is voting on Ed Markey's net neutrality amendment!

Democrats statements on the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

When will I start selling Ann Coulter's latest?

This. . .is Free Republic. We must be sharper than these people. OK!!

Zarqawi is dead, they've had their day, now let's get back to scandals

Michael Berg on Larry King talking about revenge and its uselessness.

38 years ago today - Bobby's funeral train rolled through NJ

Am I too harsh to my Step Dad?

Lou Dobbs is the cleaned up version of Rush Limbaugh minus the Oxycontin

Clark: "Don't break our forces trying to salvage a failed mission"

Could someone start a non-profit megastore to compete with Walmart?

Let's not glorify Coulter-- LET's do something for the widows. IDEAS???

US/Iraqi Military and Iraqi Civilian Deaths per Month

Bomb Ignites Small Fire in Riverdale Home

DU the Urban dictionary (the freepers freeped it)

Zarqawi wasn't killed today in the bombing

I believe I am an objectivist Democrat:

Swiss 'foiled hit on Israeli jet'

Google ad for CFR

Calling DU Authors to start a thread of protest r.e.: Ann Coulter/Dobbs

Bin Laden's sidekick had a name very similar to al-Zarqawi's.

Vista is here! Download or order now!

Today, Hannity said the most dangerous terrorist in the world is dead

The frenzy over Al Zarqawi exposes Bush's incompetance in Iraq...

Would this letter be illegal?

3 troops were killed today wasn't Zarqawi's "death" supposed to stop that?

GOP mindset

Iraqi Doctor: 'U.S. Military Hides Many More Hadithas'

Group effort: letter to Dobbs, re: Coulter lavage?

CNN readers NOT Impressed with Zarqawi's death

Since when did DU become a place to help spew from

Al-Zarqawi's body to travel to U.S., receive animatronic augmentation

Candid photo of Arlan Spectre

CNN is having "death chat" with some pilot. Kyra Phillips just said...

Blame for Haditha Lies at Bush's Feet: By Scott Ritter

How much do you hate College Republicans?

Sam Seder Is Broadcasting live from YearlyKos right now!! AAR is also

(VIDEO) Rahm Emmanuel to Repukes: Does Ann Coulter speak for you?

The People's Senator: Carl Sheeler - My New Article!!!

Larisa Alexandrovna:The 'Real Heroes' Of Musab al-Zarqawi's Fall

My letter to Lou Dobbs................

For real estate agents here on DU .....

What's up with Geno's Cheesesteaks?? Meh...

Open Letter to John Kerry, Al Frankan and John Stewart Re: Elections

Last call for Atlanta DUers - "An Inconvenient Truth" tomorrow night!

A message for conspiracy theorists: THEY are watching!

37 years ago today I left OK to start my journey to VN

Nick Berg's father on CNN: "Impeach George Bush today."

Liar, liar, world on fire: BushCo watches as climate change kills us...

It's ironic that Ann Coulter wants the 9-11 widows to take their $$$

Lou Dobbs is no longer someone I'll pay attention to. Coulter Worshipper.

Woman Attacks Dog Breeder With (Dead) Chihuahua (Puppy)

Dick Rummy CONdi Gonzo and George W FraWd are war criminals

Bin Laden keeps lower profile than Zarqawi

Bush hiring only the very best ... (old joke)

All the news that's fit to print.

O'Reilly attacks Jerry Springer & Randi Rhodes to lead tonight's 'Factor'

I'm THRILLED the bastard is DEAD

So now how about Osama Bin Goldstein?

Al Gore on Jay Leno tonight

George W. Jedi

Wake up: the American Dream is over

Why do I think Al Zaqwari will release a video next week?

Happy Birthday, Barbara Bush, who is 81 today

Looking at Daily Show. Zarqawi just released a video. He shows


A Request: can we please quit talking about Coulter?

Iraqis have to push the United States out?

Ann Coulter started life as Jeremy Levinsohn


Troops need more defense and look what they got (Great Cartoon)

2nd Duke dancer called allegations a 'crock'


How to find world-wide google search statistics?

ABC >> "Zarqawi was apparently injured at first...The Americans found him"

Australian mercenary dies in roadside bomb blast in Iraq

Ms. Evil turns out to be a fool!

When is Ann Coulter going to take on Jon Stewart or Colbert?

Poll: U.S. Disapproves of War in Iraq - 06.08.2006, 04:23 PM

Rumsfeld: "Stunning shock" to al Qaeda - Not sure about the few dead enders

Did they ever drop those bombs in the Nevada desert? nt


"Mission Accomplished Man" on the AAR video of Yearly Kos.

Alright you Enviro-nuts I want some frickin kudos here!

*** TOON ***

Nick Berg's father on CNN

Rumsferatu! Malloy just said it.

Three more Fijian mercenaries killed in Iraq

Thirteen year olds copulating in the streets....

To Lurking Conservatives -- We want progress in Iraq...But hold your fire

I AM JUST GLAD no war in Iran

I didn't know dead people could heal so fast? (Warning - graphic)

If Dr. Julianne Malveaux thought Osama bin Ladin was Afghani, how the hell

I'm done with Lou Dobbs...Ann Coulter as guest & promoting her book.

Leno play-by-play

Truth be known, Dobbs had to promise to "go easy" on Coulter...

What's with all the quars on this board?

I Have Some Pics I Took In Washington D.C. And Would Like To...

Americans Want Universal Health Care, Study Says (and a survey to DU)

Is that a chapstick in your pocket? ---pix--->>>

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

I just met AL GORE!

I hate fucking NBC. Guess who is on Jay Leno's show tonight?

OK so when is Dobbs going to go under the desk and give

Meanwhile, back in the reality based world

Skepticism is good. But outright denial is not.

Clinton's Library won prestigious 2006 AIA Honor Award

Craigslist blocked by Cox Interactive - is this a net neutrality issue?

Suit lists chat room posters in libel action

Now we know why Bush all of a sudden became the "decider".................

OUT OF LINE: The Dixie Chicksr; ABSOLUTELY OK:Coulter's remarks

Why exactly is Coulter such a Hitler-idolizing b**ch?

I'm going to need asbestos underwear, but here goes.

'Godless' author Coulter unknown at church she claims to attend

Dad gives $275,000 to gay rights group

Guess what happens to you when 500lb bombs land a few rooms away?

Time to come clean: how many DUers approved of GW Bush after 9-11?

Suggestions for a July 4th revolution? Post "democratic Insurgency" ideas

Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites

Kerry Re: Coulter: Shameless, But the Real Shame Is If We Don't Act

Does anyone know what PNAC members call themselves? Someone

Interesting Facts about Biofuels

Does anyone understand the "Net Neutrality" bill?

Apologia for restricting civil rights.

Estate tax rate zero in 2010, one year ONLY... Hypothetical question:

I am watching Baghdad ER---Fuck You George W. Bush.

Interesting article from YESTERDAY: Zarqawi Scheduled for Martyrdom

Got a phone call from MoveOn yesterday...

BRAD BLOG: Busby/Bilbray Election in Doubt: The Silence is Deafening...

So who do you believe was the number one guy against Joe Wilson?


They swore there were WMD's for 2 Years, yet we're to believe the Z story?

Audio of Michael Berg Interview on CNN 6/08/06

Who cares anymore?

It was a great thrill to have the Pink Triangle as my avatar

New York Times: DeLay bids Congress a torrid goodbye

*Why* was the US just now able to finally "kill" off Zarqawi?

At $100 per Vote - the GOP is fucked.

Video: Murtha says Zarqawi killing doesn't change his thinking on Iraq

What is a conservative?

Wooohooo Ted Kennedy!

If 2-500 lb bombs were dropped on me, you could still get my fingerprints?

Dead soldiers family says he didn't know what he was even in Iraq for

Dixie Chicks tour struggling in several markets

Powell told the UN Zarqawi had a leg amputated in Baghdad. Another lie

Lou Dobbs made a fool out of me, and I'll never forgive him

NYers can't tell Hillary's and Bush's Iraq positions apart.

Just one unmentioned thought on al-Zarqawi...

Remember when Uday was killed? Qusay? Saddam captured?

No more gun camera films. No more post-mortem pics. Please.

NYT film review: Altman/Keillor "A Prairie Home Companion" is "wonderful"

100,000 to 1: A Tragic Ratio

HA!! IT WORKED DU! now CNN has to tell us how ANY evidence survives

Everytime someone like Berg speaks the truth...

Anne Coulter coming up on Lou Dobbs (6:30 p.m.)

Reading PC intern's fascinating story about his dinner with Joe Wilson

Utah rep now attacking the 14th amendment

Yay! FDA approves cervical cancer vaccine & I can be promiscuous now!

What age would you give your daughters the vacine

What is a "concern troll?"

George W Bush did not get Zarqawi - our Military did.

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Kerry: OK, bad guy Zarqawi is dead - now, let's get the troops out

Robert Redford: Kick the Oil Habit

No, we have not "brought to justice" those who attacked us on 9*11...

Was killing Al-Zarqawi worth all the dead Iraqi woman & children?

Al-Zarqawi was also known for a time as the "one-legged terrorist,"

A reminder about the al-Zarqawi psy-ops and who the "audience" is

This Just In: Zarqawi's death meaningless

Zarq death politically timed? MSNBC piece.

What is with the trophy picture

We got Zarqawi. That $287,000,000,000 we've spent FINALLY pays off.

"a drag queen impersonating a fascist"

Has anybody in the M$M talked about this Zarqawi story?

Why are half the threads here free ads for right-wing assholes?

My email to Dan Abrams

Plot to bomb abortion clinic foiled, man arrested

Well DU. I got my letter today from the Veterans Affairs office.

Looking for a phone company that didn't sell my info to the NSA

The Short, Violent Life of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (Atlantic Monthly)

Bush's pet Democrat (Lieberman) is in trouble

Break out the violins. Delay blaming dirty libruls for his resignation

My real name is on this list

It's Later Than You Think

I am troubled by the rush to publish pics of dead Zarqawi!

The Zarqawi framed photo: Another "mission accomplished" moment

Doing Something Right...

My humble request re: Ann Coulter.

PREDICTION: We *can* convince President Al Gore to run in '08

Coulter just called herself the right wing Mark Twain.

Berg's father compares Zarqawi to Bush

Op-Scan Machines Miscount Iowa Republican Race! Hand Count Reversed!

Make Divorce Illegal ...

Bush Puts Iraqi War Dead at More Than 30,000 - December 12, 2005

Iraqi Insurgents FIRED Zarqawi In APRIL For Incompetence

Zarqawi: The "Man who Never Was" is No More

Glad Zarqawi's Gone? Yes or No

The Bushbot Chronicles Parts 1-5 (Flash Animation). Comments Appreciated!

Hopeless Captives of the New Iraqi Imperium

al-Zarqawi is dead on March 4, 2004 (& other dead dates)

Nobel peace laureate, Elie Wiesel: Iran’s nuclear program must be stopped

That disgusting preacher from Topeka

Geno's Cheesesteaks in Philly: Order in English only

Gen. Kimmitt "The Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful ......

Keep this bumped: Discussion of Ann Coulter on the Howard Stern show (6/7)

DU jumps the Zarq.

Proud to be a Democrat

"DON'T BLINK DON'T BACK DOWN" John Kerry's plan to win the House

Remembering 42 years ago today

Female student barred from her graduation for wearing pants

Europe, soccer, bigotry, hatred and bananas.

This is Havana (pictures and commentary from my recent trip)


GOP buttons on their shirts and faith on their sleeves

Dean at Dem fundraiser in Virgin Islands..1st ever visit from Dem chair.


Apparently al-Zarqawi's "informant" blown up with him...

The politics of calm - Fear and caution are paralysing progressive politic

Zarqawi's death...

NYT: Harry Reid plans to vote for flag burning amendment

Cong. Black Caucus ready to go to the mattresses over Jefferson

Rumsfeld Painting in Iraq Art Exhibit

In a World Where Coulter Has Credibility, Credibility Has No Meaning

Remember Bush and Zarqawi the next time they take away our rights

Bush Giving Press Statement: ON NOW

Hitchens, Haditha, My Lai, Zarqawi and more

DJIA down in early trading.

RFK Jr Rolling Stone article in printer friendly format

Has anybody heard anything about gop spokesman ann coulter lately?

So does the often killed #3 guy in Al Quaida finally get promoted

Yet another vote stealing machine caught Red Handed

This breaking news just in.

Kerry: No crisis for marriage... it's response to GOP political crisis

what did dumbass John Bolton say now?

Interesting how Zarqawi is killed the day after Bush canceled that meeting

I find this funny: Delay and the media...

What Dems need to do to win: Tie your opponent to Bush, ball and chain...

When Asked If Zarqawi's Death Will Boost *'s Poll Number Scarborough....

so we cut one head off one head of the hydra? so what?

Larry King interviews Al Zarqawi "Live" tonite-

Poll: Lamont Gains On Lieberman Among Connecticut Dems

this morning smirk phoned the hood LaHood right before he went on

reagan, zarqawi both dead, their organizations alive and well

Reminder:Long before Iraq war Bush had several chances to wipe out Zarqawi

Anyone have the vote yet on the Estate Tax?

need help finding info

Another (Katherine) Harris chief of staff exits

A feather in the hat for Bush but a bomb in the pocket for Iraqis?

Zarqawi , Coulter, Gays and Canada's Borders: The Battle for the Media

something I don't get about the Zarqawi news .....

dubya and Laura on the rocks???

What is "rich"?

Nov 06: We're gonna need a bigger boat...

I just read RFK's RS article ... oh my goodness

War Over! Troops home by September!

Zarqawi is DEAD, Troops are coming HOME......? If not, why not?

Does the left have a base to rile up for the vote?

RW response to my LTTE

The spin's in: "Experts: Al Zarqawi death more important than bin Laden's"

Any reports on how many civilian casualties in the bombing

interview with george soros

Let the photo -ops begin

Am I mistaken? Hasn't Zarquawi been declared "killed" 16 times before?

Senate urges Bush to demand Libya payment

Lahood on CSpan says we must PRIVATIZE Iraq OIL!

Save a tree by cutting the death tax...

I have an even better estate tax solution

CNET: House begins debate on Net neutrality rules

Yesterday, Specter's letter to Cheney was BREAKING NEWS!!!

You knew Zarqawi was toast when they released that video

Jeb Bush dubs himself Veto Corleone as he hacks away at Florida's budget

"Liberal Infallibility"

Will ronald reagan die again this summer?

Another Congressman (R-CA) Falls Under FBI Scrutiny

The media is going all out falaciating Bush

Repubs are running thru their pet programs like shit thru a goose...

Zarquawi isnt even cold yet, and the GOP is already politicizing it...

does someone have a 1-800 number

Skinner - Can we have a General Discussion: Corruption forum?

Best Quote Ever on *

I think Rove's going to be in for a big disappointment...

Pics and notes from the DFA-MoveOn rally for Lamont today.

Man, that Jon Stewart is the best...

question on net neutrality/NSA-spying/AT&T & kickback/payoff if approved

With DeLay and Abramoff Out, Chance for Long Stalled Marianas Reform Bill

House Net Neutrality Bill might be voted on now??

Colorado Governor: Ritter (D) 43%, Beauprez (R) 38%

How to Impeach a President

KerryMail2 : Scratching Their Heads, Checking Their Calculators

Barbara Lee rocks! - calls out Repugs on permanent bases...

How Many Times Has *Co Used Dead or Maimed Soldiers, 911....

Democrats want Rep. Jefferson out of post

Will rush limbaugh end up in the ann coulter clinic for

Senate now voting on cloture for full repeal of the estate tax at 10:50 AM

Net Neutrality debate now C-span!

Is it the DCCC that is run by Emanuel and Shumer?

Gov. Jeb Bush expected to meet with President regarding line-item veto

Fox News asks "Mission Accomplished?" (Zarqawi & US troop withdrawal)

2008 election poll of the moment

Ok, Zarqawi is Dead - Can we go home now?

Black Caucus opposes Jefferson treatment

"Yeah, we're hurt, but who gives a fuck. We'll be back."

Birth Tax

Elizabeth Hasselback is an Idiot

Hey freepers... Don't start screaming bloody murder

Tom DeLay has more class than Joe Klein

40 mins to midnight in the Bronx so my tinfoil hat is on...

Problems with sound on AAR premium video stream of Yearly Kos?

Knight Ridder: DeLay remains unrepentant as he exits House

Specter warns Cheney on bid to sway committee

Through the looking glass the CIA, W, and Bin Laden

He's Gone .... Hall and Oats sing for Tom Delay

Best way to take back the party is to BECOME the party: run for PC

Debate ...Webb vs Miller VA senate race on Hairballs n/t

Ann Coulter is a piece of

George Lincoln Rockwell - just thinking how at home he would feel

Does anyone feel that displaying Al Zakarwi's head on a pike, or

Activist most likely to be suicided, framed, or disappeared

Interesting Guardian article (May 11, 2006) on Hillary Clinton.

Is our invasion and occupation of Iraq a just war?

Coulter just compared herself to Mark Twain

House Appropriations chairman under fire

Lamont gains big in Q-Poll

More Proof that Dobb's ain't S**t: Ann Coulter on Now!!

Frist Slapped Again -- This Time on Estate Tax

Wake up: the American Dream is over

What do DUers think of instant runoff?

If 911 Widows are opportunists - what does that make John McCain?

Rummy to remove helicopters used for drug war in Bahamas

Help DFA de-seat House judiciary chairman Sensenbrenner!

It suddenly dawned on Cheney

Moveon reports GOP just voted to kill PBS/NPR funding

They're all Ann Coulter

Anyone heard the Glenn Beck's commercial in AAR??

Become the Underground

Lamont Closes gap with Lieberman, Quinnipiac Poll

What if Gore ran as a Green in 2008?

New John Kerry post at Huffington Post on Ann Coulter & the 9/11 families

John Kerry on the Death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Nick Berg's Dad Reacts to death of Zarquai

Question for DUers in solid republican districts

Amnesty for Immigrants, the only solution?

I just saw a presser with Lt Watada .... this could get *real* big

DEAR MR. DOBBS (re Coulter)

At least Two dozen Democrats walk out on Delay's speech

Paul Hackett - Murtha reckless, foaming at mouth, irresponsible, stupid,

What is a 'high income"?

"Bush's pet Democrat is in trouble"

All hands on Deck - Net Neutrality

One prediction site above the rest.

Anti-DLC threads - my thoughts on them

June 20, 2006 New FRONTLINE: "The Dark Side" Investigates V.P. Cheney...