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Archives: June 7, 2006

St Augustine taught a doctrine of evolution in the early 5th century

SF Chron: Bowen Leading Ortiz in Early Returns

Electionline Boosts GuvWorld and the Voter Confidence Committee

My visit to the drugstore

Chet Culver congratulations thread

My heart is breaking for Stan Merriman

Iowa has a Governor Nominee - Chet Culver

L-3 CEO Frank Lanza dies

Army Officer Expected To Refuse Iraq Deployment

Judge Refuses to Stop Publication of (Coingate) Book Proposal

Tester declared winner (Montana Senate Primary)

France fined for deporting Jews

Vanity Fair: The War They Wanted, The Lies They Needed

Ever notice how flies seem to know what a flyswatter is?

gallery of the fantastic

My DU threads are all in a straight line.

There was a porcupine on the loose in our neighborhood today!

Postcard from Namibia

On 6.6.06

Is milk good for cats?

As seen on The Countdown with Oberman...

My wife makes a mean Soto Ayam...

OMG! 6-6-6 has struck!!!!

any fans of the band morphine?

Jamie Foxx to play Bob Marley in film

here's an interesting thing

Watching the results

Classy Razorback tossed in Ole Miss game-worth seeing

Feingold and Warner want to keep New Hampshire first

Tester wins in Montana

Went to the drugstore tonight: Strategically placed Rolling Stone


Alex Jones: "Bush is fascism without the uniform and swastika".

U of Arizona girls win national softball championship

On C-span 2 they are replaying the Judiciary Comm. hearing

Bush can't play Cowboy no more what with Brokeback Mountain coming out...

Would Jon Stewart ever host a guy like Greg Palast?

Oh no! Not another 666 post! case you missed it last night

"If you want to see the Dow go up bomb Iran"

cheer up folks, the world championship soccer cup is starting soon

Canofun: VIDEO LINK- Fineman on Bush Signing Statements

I am *so* fed up with the state of America and * supporters that I ......

TOONS------------------> Bush Core Values Edition--------------->

Blogger running against Alaska's Don "Bridges to Nowhere" Young!

So there I was studying the tabloids in the grocery line.

Hey Gay People - Do You Want To Know Why Transgender People Are Pissed??

Ann Coulter, has anyone ever seen a pic of her going into/coming...

Honest questions about fat.

A question about the Calif Dem US Senate race

Chimpanzee Leader Calls for Stop to Teaching of Evolution

Here's The Proof Bush Won!!

Why are CA-50 results so slow...

It's Not the Message, It's the Math

Holocaust denier running a close race in Alabama

11% reporting (absentees) Busby (D) down 43-51... did GOP bet on earlies?

Ms. Erdogan, please stay home

Bush has seized more power than all previous presidents combined

Our rocky "engagement" in Iraq


British News Show Panorama: "Climate chaos: Bush's climate of fear"

A Sad Nineteen Percent

High hopes for drone in LA skies

My LTTE Made it in the Journal

Endorsement Hobbles State's Political Style (DCCC meddling)

IRAQ: Palestinians flee to borders amid ongoing violence

Baby steps toward ending corporate domination....

Baghdad clinic battles epidemic of missing limbs

So many possibilities . . . for courts (Canada terror setup?)

IRAQ: Morgue Tells the Updated Story

America Builds a Mammoth Embassy in Baghdad

Keep politics out of our mosques. (fascist cult of Islamic supremacy)

For the women of Iraq, the war is just beginning

‘Godless’ is Gutless

Marines confronted with Haditha pics

Noam Chomsky interview about his new book "Failed States"

Populist Jon Tester Scores Huge Win Against D.C. Dems.....

Mary Mapes: In Defense of Dan Rather

Nobel laureate flays Bush

Flunking the Art of War: Master Sun-Tzu, President Hu and Bush

Big business, not religion, is the real power in the White House

UKPG: Washington Times "may be partly to blame" for 9/11

Faith-Based Initiative (Sam Brownback strives to be humble)

Hunters and Fishermen Want Action on Global Warming

Results of Busby/Bilbray U.S. House Special Election in Doubt!

RCMP foiled dozen plots in past two years - Globe & Mail

US left out of World Cup buzz

Bill Gates, Sr: Tax My Estate, Please!

Ari Berman (The Nation): After Busby: Almost is not enough

'Fight Club Politics' book pulls its punches on GOP House dictatorship

Discouraged by Democratic Losers

Ports row may have hit Arab investment in US: IMF

Lockheed Martin gets $176M contract

Do European countries calculate unemployment rates differently?

Newmont Mining meets Home Depot as Metals Boom lifts US towns

Oil workers abducted in Nigeria

FAA takes the wind out of wind farms

Chinese Gvn. - Pollution Will Worsen As Growth Continues - ENN

ExxonMobil's Tillerson & His Charming, Smiling Denial Of Global Warming

2 Tropical Frog Species Believed Extinct Resurface In Colombia - ENN

US Envoy Urges Hong Kong/Chinese Business To Clean Up Air - Reuters

Suit To Block US Imports Of Mahogany - "No Comment" From BushCo

Bank of America offers hybrid credit

Interesting, Lengthy Report/Recommndations On Climate From Yale

600 Firefighters, 8 Fires, 100 F In Portugal And It's Only June 7th - AFP

Farmer sows solar panels, harvests energy (NJ)

What's the status of dolphin-safe tuna these days?

RAF tackles radar turbine problem

Plans filed for underwater electricity generators off Martha's Vineyard

Something Wrong With EU Herring Stocks - Juveniles Not Surviving - Reuters

Ga. Fears Water Shortages at Reservoirs

A Seller's Market for Wind Power Has Its Drawbacks (US)

50-Year Shield From Salmon ESA For Washington Timber Companies - PI

Portugal Breaks Ground On World's Largest Solar Power Plant - Reuters

Unlike gasoline prices, solar PV prices have only risen by 10% this year.

South African union joins boycott of Israel

High Court toughens violent settlers' sentence

Israel to pay for treatment of Palestinian girl hurt in IAF attack

Barakeh: Bil'in protesters didn't attack

Career officers confess in IAF rape affair

IRAQ: Palestinians flee to borders amid ongoing violence

Jordan says Israel's W.Bank moves could harm ties

Israel threatens to hit Hamas over Qassam attacks

Shin Bet chief: First signs of World Jihad visible in West Bank

Axiomatic Proof the Twin Towers NEVER EXISTED!!!!

Operation: Bringing Down a Dictator

Moussaoui trial transcripts

Summer Attacks

Remember that 'concrete' core

Hot topic....

Prepared Remarks, VCC Press Conference 6/6/06 (rejecting election results)

So Dark the Con of Ken:Blackwell Sins In '04 Coming Back To Haunt Him

Fitrakis responds to Tokaji's analysis of RFK Jr:

Candidate Clint Curtis Praises RFK Jr - Calls For Fed Investigation

NYT Ed: "Block the Vote, Ohio Remix"

Debra Bowen WON CA SOS Dem nomination! There is hope....

Daily News Thread Folk! Are we Good on our Schedule?

MCM on Randi Rhodes today to discuss RFK Jr + more!

Brand new e-voting machines fail in early voting hours in Kern Co., CA.

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News June 7, 2006-Drizzle Edition

Eureka Reporter: Watchdog group rejects election results, calls for hand c

Anyone notice whether anyone with disabilities used machines for disabled

Voting Machine 'Hacker' Runs For Congress. (Curtis v. Feeney ! )

Election Day Poll: Notice anything suspicious? (Post a link.)

Justice Department To Monitor Some CA Elections

Too close to call in First District

Vote for Dave Loebsack for DFA Grassroots All-Star

Off Topic... Janet Evanovich

Some advice for Braley

Update on Pottawattamie voting problems

Congratulations to Janet Lyness, new Dem County Attorney for Johnson Co.

Well that's weird.....

Estephanie Izaquirre: anyone else following this story?

Culver/Judge Unity Tour in CR tomorrow

AAR coming to KXIC in Iowa City

Present Governor Vilsack spoke in our town at our new

Gluba undermining District One?

Braley Wins

Anyone catch Fake-Bake Nussle (IA-Repulsive) last night on TV?

Just went on FreeRepublic's Iowa page...

I just got home from Des Moines

You can support Dave Loebsack right now

What's up in Bettendorf?

What am I missing?

Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop question from a true illiterate.

Any help on figuring out which programs are safe to delete?

Problems playing video via

Help! Everything on my display is HUGE!

Help David Harris win another endorsement

Republican judge in Travis County switches parties


What time will the important stuff in Ft Worth be over?

Get together Thursday before the kickoff reception?

Maxey and Urbina -Jones joint party

Woo Hoo, the Ft. Worth Convention Ctr. is wired!

Stop the demonizing in the party chair race

Perry's Sinking Popularity

What's to do in your fine city of Dallas?

Why doesn't demopedia work

Made Mr. Ketchup some comfort food tonight

Data on 2.2M Active Troops Stolen From VA (more then previously reported)

British News Show Panorama: "Climate chaos: Bush's climate of fear"

Bush has seized more power than all previous presidents combined

High hopes for drone in LA skies

Ms. Erdogan, please stay home

'Cameron Effect' Gives Tories 7-Point Lead

Retirement Account of DeLay's Wife Traced

Indonesia warns US on antiterror interference

NYT: Reports Reveal Katrina's Impact on Population

NYT/AP: Google Co-founder Brin Says Google Compromised Principles

Rumsfeld painting proves popular at Iraqi art show

Voting Machine 'Hacker' Runs For Congress. (Curtis v. Feeney!)

Senators won't grill phone companies

Rumsfeld Painting in Iraq Art Exhibit

Senate defeats FMA

So many possibilities . . . for courts (Canada terror setup?)

Drones above LA Skies

(Tom) DeLay says departure disrupts Dems' strategy

London Times: Britons begin to turn away from alliance with America

Bush's forum on immigration takes advantage of friendly turf

Senators won't grill phone companies

Principal Buyer of Canadian Seal Skins Subsidized by Government

Bank recovers almost all BCCI costs (by Mark Tran {Guardian})

Violent Baghdad deaths top 6,000

US left out of World Cup buzz

(Reuters) EXCLUSIVE-Marines to cite war chaos as Haditha defense-source

(House Minority Whip Steny) Hoyer backs Pelosi, smacks Rep. Jefferson

Faith-Based Initiative (Sam Brownback strives to be humble)

Baghdad clinic battles epidemic of missing limbs

GUARDIAN: Rendition 'massively damaging' to counter-terrorism effort

Posada lawyer may call Kerry, North

Democrats Call For Action to Protect Military Personal Information

Alaska House Passes Oil Tax

Trade union members face growing violence

House panel cuts health and school aid

Man tells police powder at U.K. House is anthrax: Sky

Immigrant teen leaves jail, still faces deportation threat (Iowa)

Official of U.N. Says Americans Undermine It With Criticism (Faux/Rush)

Cafferty File Question: How long should it take to make America Secure?

Bill Press on Wolfie: Repubs should RUN AWAY from *

Senator's aides defend $22,000 daytrip

U.S. Dropping More Bombs on Afghanistan

Saudi Man Charged With Plane Bomb Threat

DeLay tells House GOP 'stand on principle'

Park Service Weighs New Information Policy

Chinese Stocks Suffer Big Drop

Study: Undocumented Immigrants Are Backbone Of Katrina Reconstruction

CNN/AP: Study: Katrina rebuilding exploits illegals

Senator slams Cheney for lobbying Congress on wiretaps

Ga. Fears Water Shortages at Reservoirs

Gitmo Detainee Says Clash Involved Qurans

Defense Opens at Aryan Brotherhood Trial

U.S. Dropping More Bombs on Afghanistan

Coulter calls 9/11 widows "witches

Ex-Ohio Investment Official Pleads Guilty

Lockheed Martin gets $176M contract

NYT/AP: Specter Says Cheney Trying to Influence Eavesdropping Review

DNA database for kids planned

US troops trapped in barracks as protesters reheat Cold War

Washington fury over UN attack on Bush 'hypocrites'

RawStory: White House abruptly cancels classified Iraq 'progress' briefin

Chicago: School budget calls for 2,000 job cuts (and $55 Million Tax Hike)

U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan

Rumsfeld Proposes Pullout on Drug Effort

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 7 June

Ruppersberger (D) pitches new plan on Iraq to the Pentagon after visit

U.S. Marines storm al-Dhaloiya; civilians bear the brunt of attack

Iraq investigator tells AP about Haditha (new details)

IMF calls for new taxes in US

Pentagon holds brain injury data (injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan)

House OKs bill to boost refinery capacity

Congress won't block plan on airlines

House panel clears another $50 billion for Iraq

Bush to immigrants: Learn America's values

Senate plans hearings on Haditha incident

WP: Gorbachev Buys Newspaper Critical of Putin

Pa. House votes for gay marriage ban

Troops risk undetected brain injury

Army brigade readies for Iraq deployment

Gay envoy (Dutch) and his black lover flee welter of abuse (Estonia)

Supporters lose in gay marriage ban vote

Army has to turn over Halliburton docs

(CNN) Photos seem to contradict Marine version of Haditha killings

Security hole hits Internet Explorer and Firefox

Former Fed chief warns on oil supply (Greenspan)

Specter accuses Cheney of interfering with surveillance investigation

Muslim women alienated by U.S. values push

FL Court orders discovery dispute to be solved by "Rock, Paper, Scissors."

Group's Plan Causes Tension in Kan. Town

Senator calls Coulter 'shameless'

Gold continues slide; down $100 US since May highs

For whom the retirement bell tolls (Boston College study)

Republicans keep House seat in California

Macy's removes display marking local gay pride week

Angelides beats Westly in race to challenge Schwarzenegger (California)

Informed Consent Waived in Public Crisis

FBI Sought Satellite Photos After Bombing

Efforts by C.I.A. Fail in Somalia, Officials Charge

Probe of CIA Prisons Implicates EU Nations

Some rank-and-file Democrats fear Clinton bid

Kaplan Out at MSNBC

Coulter won't apologize for slamming 9/11 widows

Hard Choices as Loan Interest Rates Rise/NYT-- (Student Loans)

Hillary Clinton calls Coulter's 9/11 remarks "vicious"

Group Calls for Universal Health Coverage

Pastor Sues To Force Prayer In School

(Canada) Suspects linked to Baghdad militant

Bush: Chavez doing 'disservice' to Venezuela

Air Traffic Controllers Lose - Bush Administration Wins.

US infuriated by UN official's speech

Cuba Breaks Taboos With National Gay Soap Opera

Concern Growing Over U.S. Troops' Ammo

U.S. tax dollars tied to human trafficking, report alleges

Gay marriage ban wins big in Alabama

DU Satan Worshipers: Are you disappointed that nothing happened on 6-6-6?

Accept it losers, Kingpin is an awesome movie!

HI from Flagstaff, AZ! Miss me yet???

All 4 of my cats went from sleep to frenzy like that.... SNAP....

Teacher Seeks Leave To Serve Prison Time

Deer Leaves Dog Unconscious, Causes Flood

I slept through the evening of 6/6/6. Were the fundies swept into the sky?


Woman Finds Salad In Live Frog

Trekkies own a chance to get a piece

I've been hurt all my life. Why haven't I capitulated?

Everybody is guaranteed to get one every 5 minutes.

Need help with name of truck part.

Someone who knows computers please help me out

Congratulations beam me up scottie!! 15,000 posts

I saw X-Men 3 today. Is it bad I found myself rooting for Magneto?

Church of thePhiladelphia Internet

For my girl, and anyone else who wanna be loved:

Hey, it's 6/7/6 and we're still here! What the hell happened?

Hey hey, My my.....

6-6-6 Vandals Hit Illinois Churches

I've got a sort of phone interview in 10 minutes

Wednesday earworm.

Photos. Just cuz' I gotta.

Happy Birthday Dino.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA KOURNIKOVA!!! (Dialup is gonna kill you)

I need help!

Apocalypse Lost?

any fans of the drug morphine?

Kim Jong-Il Doesn't Know How He Keeps Winning The Lottery

Woman Finds Live Frog In Salad

Nobody here, but, us sinners...

I actually know someone who did this, at a job I worked at 25 years ago...

post your favorite popcorn smiley!!!

I just came downstairs with a mud mask on

Does anyone know why Dodd, Hagel, and Rockefeller didn't vote?

Let's celebrate the death of the Freedom Of Marriage Act by burning FLAGS!

I'm not dating a NeoCon!! Or anybody!! Help!!

i am so ashamed... i have 'Reptile disfunction'...

Optimum oral temperature?

Whats for lunch?

If a company prefers to hire from outside & not help those inside improve,

If the USA beats Brazil in the World Cup, you may post the Brazilian joke!


Cute alert, cute alert, pic!

Once again, the apocalypse came and went with nary a whimper.

Escher. I haven't seen this one before. Post yours!

Another addition to Murphy's Law:

BREAKING: Dangerous new disease identified

How should the world have ended?

'Pretty Planet' — AWEsome satellite photos

I just got a call about a job interview for an editing position!

What are your irrational fears' pets?

I wonder what Lesbian Batwoman would do to the GOP and the 'Fundies?

I can't wait until death.

Anyone else think of KFC's latest as a hard attack on the bowel?

Are there any online pix editors? (Edit for size)

"Not Ready to Make Nice" just came on the radio!


Shouldn't Ricky Williams be playing for the BC Lions instead of Toronto?

Britney's home redecorating has negative effect on K-Fed's "music"

So, now that Rim Job's marriage is threatened, will he turn gay?

What do all the pink triangles mean?

One Reason Why I would Make The Best boyfriend Ever...

> 5 months to get a lousy rebate?????

I just helped some little ole ladies paint their finger nails--

A gift to the lounge from a gay child of the sixties

On the edge ~

Its a slow day. Been playing solitaire

What are your pet's irrational fears?

Was Syd Barrett gay?

What website software would you recommend? (PC only)

Eric Church's Song "How Bout You"

Happy birthday Prisoner_Number_Six!!


My high school buddy is dying. Any hospice folks here?


OMG!!! The gay marriage ban failed and DU is turning gay

Any Dallas people?

7000 Posts

Any Dallas people?

Anyone else here listen to elmo music?

Anyone else here listen to emo music?

Before I make a posting, is there anything I need to know about

Do you know the traffic rules? Take the test.

Somebody just made my week!

Innie or outtie? Amuse me.

Oh shit!! The gay marriage bill failed. Now my parents are divorcing!!

Can someone recommend a good stretching routine?

Fill in the blank: "Today in the Lounge, I learned.... "

Song could have been written yesterday...

Please DU this pole.

Anyone else here take shop class with Emo?

I have 4 tix to Saturday's Red Sox game.... how is it possible

Help! Everything on my computer is HUGE!

uh oh, last day of school for the kid!

All these pink triangles are giving me a perma-Weezer earworm

Is this part of NCLB?

High School Seniors Glue Classroom Doors Shut - Students Can't Take Exams

World Cup opening party in Berlin

Principal Upset After Seniors Grab His Ass At Graduation Ceremony

How many other guys do most of cooking

Somebody slap me. I can not. wake. up.

Steve Guttenburg movie on Comedy Central now! this is HUGH

Checking in from the road


What is the most overrated point of interest in North America??

20 Reasons Why I would Make The Best boyfriend Ever…

Ick. Horrible Interview today.

Whole Foods v Trader Joe's

So, there I am at work

I feel really crappy right now...

Parents Realize Next Day They Left Son At Chuck E. Cheese

I have a toothache.

Judge orders lawyers to play game (rock, paper, scissors)

The Lounge has become a half-naked singing cowboy

"This desert is stupid. They need to put a drinking fountain out here"

Terrible, horrible no good very bad day

I'm pissed at my credit union

Anyone else here listen to Eno music?

Ok...this has been a severely crappy day.

I'm going to relent and buy a piece of wheeled luggage.

ARRR MATEYS!! Packing!

What it's like to be insane

so I'm waiting for my (duck) eggs to hatch ...

RVD over Mysterio

Zorba The Greek now on TCM...

"Black Clergy for Prejudice" - a cartoon

Pics. of my husband's tattoo:

Ever been in a Foul mood...

I can pick up 600 Pounds (I'm not Kidding) (like Pat Robertson)

some picture threads get

Being a mother isn't always easy ~

Guys — would you hug any DU guys on first meeting

my arms fell off in my latest attempt to fold a fitted sheet


Just to be an evil bastard, I present to you....

Great Brit acting duo....

Please cast your online vote for Nancy Skinner for DFA endorsement

it is NEVER going to stop raining. i'm going to drown in my bed

What is your favorite London hotel?

It ain't me, babe.

Tomorrow I'll be reunited

Name a musician who should not have been born and died before his time.

It ain't you, it's me babe

20 Reasons Why I would Make The Best Batman Ever…

Colbert said "internets"

How much would you charge me to haunt a house?

Favorite whole grain!

Have you seen BOOTS?

Is this call for a ban something you agree with?

I got the foster Pitbull tonight!

Hey everyone, I'm back from my hiatus!!

Introducing a kitten to a cat.

A rare view of Irwin Allen's "Time Tunnel" (pic)


What do you consider comfort food?

Hello. Can someone give me a full body massage?

Coulterman on Letter-Whore

Puerto Vallarta all-inclusives? Any experience/recommendations?

Wednesday, June 7. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

My son is getting married this Saturday.

Oh, oh, oh, ice-cold milk and an Oreo cookie...

Hello everybody! GA's newest little liberal is finally here!

Repackaged sex keeps your interest

I did a good thing today

So, any American DUers making the trip up to Canada this year?

It is great to see that the Lounge has gone "gay"

Did you graduate or were you graduated?

Any Palm geeks besides me?

"Rum,sodomy and the lash."

"You know what? Just fuck you."

Why is Chuck Cleaver not recognized as 1 of the greatest songwriters...

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Any good long haired dolls out there? I need pony tail practice

English Muffins are better than __________.

Ever make any deals with God?

Trekkies get a chance to own a piece of the show

Did HUD/Section 8 make a mistake on my re-certification?

I'm going to hell..

What bizzare events did you notice on 6/6/06?


My husband got a tattoo,

Best word to describe Ann C. (poll)

Someone is really watching out for me.

So I recently got back from Italy, and I have photos ...

Seniors Steal Bob's Big Boy Statue, Hoist Him Up To School Roof

OMG!!! The gay marriage ban failed and FreeRepublic is turning gay

"You look like a chicken."

Optimum office temperature?

Why does phone always ring when me am NOT in shower?

Keith Olbermann is tearing Ann up.

Went to get a drink out of the fridge and this is all I found.

Hey, you! Yes, you! Your pink triangle is bugging my eyes out!


*Update on my Dad...

"There's a dictator born each time a teenager shrugs."

Ever been in a Fowl mood...

Black (grey) squirrel...grey tail

My grandmother died yesterday

Avian flu no match for sauvignon blanc?

Just minutes ago .. . trespassers! PICTURE

We're leaving DU

Meredith Vieria -- do you think she will succeed at the "Today" Show?

Worst Stand Up Comedian of all time? Your choice and why?

Does your heart sometimes just ache for things you want but can't have?

pic thread time!

CARS: What was Pixar thinking?

Who's the finest keyboard player of the rock era, HANDS DOWN?

Rant about kid and school (again)

Name a Musician Who Should Not Have Been Born.

UPDATE regarding the tests I've undergone......Today.......

So, a drunk SUV-driving bar trollop called on me at 2 am

Is it just me

Do you think that Worf hates that his son is such a pansy?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/7/06)

I'm in Tampa now!!

Any Myspace people here? I need some friends

We'll have a gay old time!

Oh my...the Duggars are coming up on Today

Saudi Police Turn Witch Hunters

Is liberalism a religion?

Is it a lack of faith for a believer to visit a doctor or hospital?

Is the pope a Christian?

Is modern Islamic fundimentalism equivalent to the Reformation?

DNA database for kids planned

Ancient Rock Art May Depict Exploding Star

Fossils Point to Oldest Life on Earth

"Gay" means "rubbish" according to BBC.

March on Washington 2008?

DC Comics: Batwoman Comes Out!

DU this poll

Macy's removes display marking local gay pride week

gay cakes in library really frosting some Woosterians

The results of the Senate's FMA vote today

Dobbs: Gay marriage amendment sheer nonsense

Easy Imediate Action

Would you like to collaborate on a book?

To all the DUers ...


Mia St. John a Democrat

Pitcher Used Human Growth Hormone, Document Says

McNair to Ravens...

Arizona Wins Women's College Softball World Series

Some interesting things to contemplate

A reminder - or something to think about

How much do we know about ancient human history?

I hope you folks are paying attention to the VA (identity) data theft.

"The New World Order" -- that's what Kerry wants says my friend

Debut of new feature at We Love John Kerry

Somalia proxy-wars

Troop withdrawal proposition - Another proposition (Boxer)

Sen. Kerry doing a one hour interview on FOX on Thursday

This is interesting.

I never thought I'd be saying this, but I was proud of my senators today!

Kerrycrats, here's a task for anyone who has seen Winter Soldier

Jon Tester - The Victory Is Yours

DNC sent me an e-mail asking that I support Gore. WTF?

KerryMail in GDP

OK! This is funny!

Not to get negative here, but this CA result is NOT encouraging

My Canon Powershot S215

KO with Rieckhoff: the latest video on Billo and Malmedy

Countdown Newsletter: 06/07/06: The Politics of Distraction


KOEB Meeting: 06/07/06 -- Who Saw This Coming? Edition

Please cast your online vote for Nancy Skinner for DFA endorsement

Because I just can't help myself...

When fascism comes to America

The grandson of a co-worker died of complications of drowning

Immigration policy

Lyrics - There Can Be Miracles (If You Believe) for my hurting DU friends

WEDNESDAY TOON (6/7) bush is NO Lincoln....

Fort Lewis officer says he'll refuse to go to Iraq

Add your name here to support Lt. Watada

Has Coulter jumped the shark with the attack on 9/11 widows?

Marty Report: Europe 'aided US in CIA flights' - BBC

Ann Coulter, Fuck You Honey.

Dinner with Ambassador (Call me Joe) Wilson:

How will the Predicted Terror Attacks this Fall affect the Election?

It's Wednesday and I have a good Fitz feeling

Call for a Congressional Investigation

Why are the Neo-Cons so worried about Gay Marriage??

Inhofe:".. Never had a Divorce or any kind of Homosexual Relationship"

Please lend your support to this Soldier

DU this ad!

Ann is in it just for the money.

Prepare to be very disappointed in November

We are going to win big this year, and I know how we're gonna do it!

We have to start calling all major media outlets now

I've been having relations with Imhofe's wife all these years...

So, with most votes in, none of the primary challengers made a dent?

Coulters Book on Clearance: $4.99

2,480 American troops now dead in W's war

AP Reporter John Solomon, Sells His Soul For $500 !!! - TPMmuckraker

I don't understand: Collateral Damage vs. Haditha

WHOA !!! - Asia\Pacific Markets Dropping Big !!!

Writing Congressmen, Protesting, Voting, all a waste of time.


Most Recent SurveyUSA Polling on * State by State

Even if there's a Democratic Landslide this Nov. The Neocons remain.

health fascism???

The Jon Tester win is Huge! He was outspent 2 to 1!

Tom Delay's whole famn damily going to jail? LOL

HIPAA - 19, 420 cases filed; 2 prosecuted; not one fine imposed

Crowe pegged the Conservatives with this political cartoon

It's about time for ethics training -- for bush* and others

Don't forget! Iran is NOT about Uranium. It's about REGIME CHANGE!

List of all Senators with phone numbers, links

What happened with Lieberman yesterday? Who won?

Last night, watching NBC news, I wanted to throw something

IS REEP HATE RADIO HARMLESS? Hate radio, a case study: Rwanda

Bush Military History Project #^

Vanity Fair: Niger Forgeries were Intel "black propoganda" -Wow, just wow!

A Question that should be asked at every WH Press Briefing

Why Busby lost

I just heard a song by Freda Paine that I never heard before.

Illegals exploited in Katrina cleanup, study says

Active duty soldiers at risk due to VA identity theft scandal

Coulter on TV with Lauer. Shows the primary tactic of the Right hate

What's a Wednesday for, if not to . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CAPTION!!!!

News Orgs Struggling To Find Fresh Reporters For Iraq

Big business, not religion, is the real power in the White House

Blackwell's newest ploy to block Ohio vote

Happy News..A mother against the odds...Snowy plover in a wrecking yard

Trying to see the big picture,

Holy freaking cow!!! watch this video...

594 Innocent Iraqis freed from jail. Most were held without charges.

VIDEO: Jon Stewart hammers Bill Bennett

"If I'm addicted to Valium now, I'm protected under the ADA."

Right Now on Pacifica: Thomas Friedman on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now

I guess it's true; you can't fix stupid...

Just once I would like to see our party pander to our base

Wes Clark: "No excuses" for Haditha

Sen. Pat Leahy: "Cheney will just tell the nation what laws we'll have"

California 50 looks promising for November!

So, why exactly is immigration such a hot issue this year?

Any bets on how long it'll be before Bilbray is under investigation?

Typical Bush ploy, do something illegal then have lackeys legalize it

Im guessing there will be a lot of defeatist posts today

9-11 "Jersey Girl" Widows respond to Coulter in NY Daily News

I saw X-Men 3 today. Is it bad I found myself rooting for Magneto?

CA-50 Busby is closing in!

New Campaign Shows Progress for Homeless

Leave people alone!

From my local cartoonist today regarding gay marriage

Qatar minister seeks to vacate Sept. 11 judgment against him

The GOP wouldn't steal soldiers' data to steal the election...would they?

"Gore name dropped from movie posters, credits"

The GOP and the mark of the devil.

DeLay: GOP's 'panic, depression' risk losing elections

Fundies Rush to get money

Lebanon “mass grave” blamed on Syrians is a 17th-century cemetery

WHO are the Ridge and Bailey campaign signs on Hotline? (CSPAN)

Gay marriage amendment fails in Senate

Aw Crap! Cheney and Hastert live on CSPAN

Good Old Racism Disguised as News: Racist Headline too. USA TODAY

Cognative Dissonance in coverage of Somalia between CNN and PBS

Census shows that New Orleans is whiter and wealthier

got to have a Passport or an Origional Birth certificate to get Medicade

Since when does the President of Latvia get a Joint session of Congress?

Did I hear AAR Mark correctly? it was 5:00 AM this morning, all DCCC

I thought there were only 10 Commdmts., which is the no gay marriage one?

Rumsfeld Painting Expected to Be a Hit in Baghdad

Libby, Ledeen, and the Wall Street Journal

Hello, today is 6-7-06. . .yesterday was 6-6-6. Guess what happened!

2004 Poll Rematch - Kerry 48% DimSon 41%

I just woke up and found out Francine Busby lost...

Gay Amendment defeated in congress.......Duh

Repugnicans: 2 Democrats: 0

It was open season on Randi after she mentioned all the gay Republicans...

List nicknames for the FMA here

911 Widows to join to kick Ann Coulters ass.

TV Newser has updates on Bob Woodruff and Kimberly Dozier

Riverbend(new post)... 6/6/06 "Bad Day..."

Steph Miller riffing on Coulter.. now 11:39AM EST

I haven't been able to get Stephanie Miller show for two days

"I don't believe there's any issue that's more important than this one,"

now that the Cloture vote failed, does the issue go away

This election seems to indicate that the Iraq war may not be a big issue

"Another historic day in the Senate"

Producer Mary Mapes on Rather, Bush's Guard record, our media, and CBS

The Hidden Meanings of Christian Symbols

getchyur bubbly on ice - Friday is Delay's last day!

How do freepers explain their failure to act? They control everything.

Raise your hand and CAPTION

Rolling Stone: Ohio 2004: The Howard Dean Interview

Terror suspect served in Canadian military


So Carol married Anne yesterday

Was my vote for Busby not counted yesterday? Funky results yesterday...

Patients' personal records in stolen briefcase

Salvaging Iraq (Hell On Earth): By David Ignatius

Hunters and Fishermen Want Action on Global Warming

Dobbs: Gay marriage amendment sheer nonsense

Kathy Griffin Mocks Coulter on Today Show (transcript)

Sen. Talent: Protecting Marriage in the Senate (donation plea)

There might not be a republican tsumani on the horizon?

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes Marriage Protection Amendment

Data theft hit 80 percent of active military

CSPAN2: Senate "Death" Tax debate

Baghdad clinic battles epidemic of missing limbs

Jesus Loves A Machine Gun

Caption Jeb

KRT: 60 people are kidnapped in Baghdad every day

I can't find an article about this ANYWHERE-can you help?

Song re-dedicated to the twisted Ann Coulter (JESUSLAND)

Suggestion for anniversary of Matt Shepard's murder

If we had a counter-voter to the Right Wing "values voter"

Trust Fund Republicans.... can we say that?

Slain Indiana Family Pulled Gun on Attackers

So things didn't go as planned. Don't get all negative. Remember there

Katherine Harris Sleeps with Dogs & Stops for Turtles

Will Coingate book expose stolen election?

Hartmann discussing his Common Dreams piece on RFK jr

Grieving dad condemns war

Interesting Article Written by Scott Ritter One Year Ago

Ann Coulter's "Godless" probably didn't include this

Stay Tuned: TV Comes To The Gas Pump

OK, I'm confused. Bunning says we need to save in this time, not


Limbaugh Flips And Flops, Then Agrees With Caller With Facts About Plan B


BREAKING: Dangerous new disease identified

The United Nations Migration Report

Drudge's Ultimate Propaganda on Gore

Secret Service Seizes Gospel Tracts That Look Like Money

Instead of "Estate Tax" We must start calling it the "PARIS HILTON TAX"

CA DEMS: How does Angelides match up against Arnold?

End the War: Don't let it be profitable.

Politics As Usual Instead of Security

Howard Dean "Gets It"

I just did bit of photoshop that I'm particularly proud of:

Senate Shoots Down Gay Marriage Amendment

I went to Hell yesterday - twice! It was fun!

Caption *

Good e-mail from John Kerry about the California race:

Estate Tax Repeal - *Senate Vote set for Tomorrow - Urgent*

C'mon, it's Hump Day, you could all use a good laugh...

The Important Stuff by Dan Froomkin

Who is Ann Coulter anyway?

Al Franken covering AP writer smearing Democrats with Dave Brock. New 'Caught Red-Handed' TV Ad Starts Airing Today

CA 50 Exit Polls -- Where are they?

New Brookings Report on Iraq: 47% of Iraqis Support Attacks on US

Sen. Byrd votes FOR Amendment to add discrimination to CONSTITUTION

Bush Cancels High-Level Briefing With Senators On Iraq Progress

Vote for the Presidential Candidate you want for 2008!

I think Montana will go blue in '06 and possibly in '08 (Schweitzer as VP)

OK, So The Dems Didn't Quite Start Their Revolution In San Diego -Newsweek

MSNBC Poll on Coulter- 9/11 Widows:

New warning for canned tuna

Someone on compared "Godless" with the Bible!

Poll: Bitter Cynic, or Sunny Optimist? Which are you and why?

Anyone protesting Coulter and Hannity's LIVE book signing

Poll Alert!

How can NBC justify airing Coulter to promote her hate filled book?

banana republicans support marriage for rapists and murderers

Don't be upset over the Busby-Bilbray race

The roots of the Holocaust

Good political tv (any real news?)

EXCLUSIVE-Marines to cite war chaos as Haditha defense-source

Has Ann Coulter jumped the shark with her latest book and comments?

Red-state liberals dig (Dixie) Chicks

VIDEO: This guy will either be assassinated or change the world

Mr. Bush....Tear down this wall !!! (cartoon)

Al Gore on Yahoo's front page

What secret site would you prefer to be extraordinarily rendered to?

House Panel Approves $50B More for Wars (Why Occupations Continue)

DISCRIMINATION against some is OK, right? Lyrics, images & a cry for help

Senate defeats FMA

"They served their country with honour", guided by "strong moral compass"

Cloture vote for FMA, CSPAN2 NOW

GREG PALAST on NOW with Bernie Ward LIVE!

Hey Senator Byrd Fanatics...

Thom Hartmann Covering Election Fraud

Term limit related poll

Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and militiamen all fired up over immigration

Dick Cheney comes to the realization that Dick Cheney is a "dweeb"

Turn it around - re: protecting marriage

Anyone watching this Travel Committe hearing on CSPAN now?

How the Neo-Cons have broken EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 10 Commandments.

Bush Nat'l Guard Bust Unveiling Postponed--'02--DUE TO IMPENDING WAR

Hydrogen Home Defense

DJIA Closes Under 11,000 for First Time Since March

Democrats Blast Administration Over Data Theft

Two Things That Made Me Happy Yesterday

Busby Hasn't Lost Yet

The Case of the Missing $21 Billion - Who's Following the Iraq Money?

Budweiser the beer of the World Cup in Germany ????

Does anyone know why Dodd, Hagel, and Rockefeller didn't vote?

The REAL immigration problem

Can someone PLEASE explain to me what the hell a "folding team" is?

"next time a roadside bomb hits a Marine..level anything within 500 yards"

Question about 9/11 widows?

Bill Press on Wolfie: Repubs should RUN AWAY from *

I'll probably get a visit from the SS over this....BUSH VOODOO DOLLS!!!!

OK KIDDIES - I think we've been SUCKERED

Coulter's angry at the 9/11 widows because she's not allowed to attack

I need a link to the pic of McCain and Bush hugging

NY Governors Race: Spitzer holds 50-point lead over GOP Rival

We need to change how we vote, one shot Tuesdays don't work

NH paper slams DCCC meddling

Results from California 50 bode well for Dems in November

Plan B

Cafferty File Question: How long should it take to make America Secure?

Clinton slams Coulter's 'vicious' put-down of some 9/11 widows

Read W's response to FMA failure here:

President Bush 'disappointed' at Senate rejection of gay marriage bill

Bush To Immigrants: Learn Our Values, Learn English (+ a new task force)

mush limpballs spent all his day saying the CA election was good for GOP

Cafferty: Arlen Specter: a gutless Republican worm

"Satann Coulter" -- let's make the name official

The buck doesn't stop here.

My letter to The Today Show

DU Please vote for Bryan Kennedy at Democracy for America!!!

Has our society really evolved that much in the last 500 years?

Let's apply 'Plan D' to Ann Coulter

Delay: 'The Rudy and Abramoff I'm reading about...aren't people I knew"

George W. Bush: You Are Hereby Put On Notice!

So "new arrivals" to America must learn to hate gays?

months, sometimes more than a year in jail without being formally charged

In case anyone was wondering how out of touch freepers are..

Amend the Constitution to Ban Heathens from wearing Crosses!

do you think we should use video of Bush saying...

Am I loosing my mind or...

Does anyone have a link to that hilarious video of Orin Hatch in drag

BELATED MA convention delegate update - John Bonifaz photo & message

About the California primaries yesterday

My Latest Bumper Sticker... wadda think sirs?

Tweets, Howie F & Whora O - 3 Shi*heads Discussing Gay Marriage

Show everybody your best photoshops of "Godless"

After Busby: Almost is Not Enough

Iraq War Escalation (5500 troops total)

Walmart is lobbying Congress to repeal the Estate Tax

I know this doesn't need our attention but check out CNN POLL

America's Endangered Jobs ( a must-read)

What is the price for selling another man's soul?

Fred Phelps Hates Fags

Look what I found on!

CDC to Women: Prepare to Give Birth!!!!

I think that SD election does prove Dean's strategy.

Did anyone hear the last 15 mins of Ed Schultz today? Caller was

Half The Shit I Buy

QUICK! Need some research help, DU family!!

Randi is on and just won't listen

Duty... Honor... Country... Haditha.....

New KFC meal should be called 'Cardiac Arrest Bowl'

Guardian reveals plans for global "liberal" domination

I didn't know I was wealthy!!

I saw that moron Laura Ingraham on O'Reilly last night

Ignore this woman! (TBWSSBM, or TBW for short)

Hannity on cook of 9 years: "She's been legal *many* years..."

Dobbs will talk about "voter fraud" this hour....if anyone cares.

Gay marriage is officially legal. Has all hell broken loose yet?

To: Jack Cafferty Re: "Arlen Spector is a Guttless ..Worm"

WAY TO GO MARK on the Hannity show!!!

Max Cleland repsonds to Rush's Haditha rant

READ MY LIPS AGAIN! Illegal immigrants DO NOT VOTE!!!

Bad news about gas prices courtesy of AOL. And a poll too!

2483 Reasons why the DSM is Important


The Elephant Party Has Alzhiemers

Mark Crispin Miller on Randi right now

Awright- gas is up another nickle. Who'd *bush diss TODAY???

GOP Top 10 adulterers

"Whoops. I Was Wrong" by G.W. Bush

A Plea For Afternoon DUers

Bad Cop ,Good Cop, Rove ! Pugs will Run their campaign in Nov will be

Spotted: BUSH/CHENEY 2004 sticker with the CHENEY cut off the bottom.

Ken Mehlman on Hardball: "We're a big-tent party."

A theory on data theft

Fascism is here

On the road this week, listened to talk radio. War? What war?

Americans want universal health coverage, group says

Retirees' medical benefits come up short

Having flashback. 2000 election ballots in vehicles on Interstate?

Ex-Ohio Official Pleads Guilty to Charges

ONE CLEAR GOAL: impeachment

Iraq war is almost done now!

If only we could be so lucky to have a representative gov.

Homeless Sex Offenders Put Fairfield Preschool on Edge

Fort Lewis officer refuses to go to war.

NEW COMMANDER in Chief tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Illegal liberal Emigrants

Nothing Shocks Me Anymore.

oh for crying out to take up gay marriage...

House Appropriations chairman under fire

Harold Evans: Washington Times "may be partly to blame" for 9/11

(via Kos) Specter mad as hell at Cheney

george w. bush computer monitor

More Poetry from the 23rd Dimension in Haditha.

What scares you the most about politics in this country?

Iraq is done. Fuck it.

Who just heard Keith

Dixie Chicks song for today. I love you, DU

Please cast your online vote for Nancy Skinner for DFA endorsement

Democracy's Ghosts - How 5 Million Americans Have Lost Right to Vote

This Victory is Yours - by Jon Tester

I've never been a big watcher of KO...

Caption this cheney pic

Juan Cole denied position at Yale -- rightwing pressure

Poll: I care about what Ann Coulter says as I do about...

If we don't stir-up OUR faithful, we won't get the turnout we need

The Overlooked Good News of CA-50.

Mark Wilson -DINO buster- on Mike Malloy Show. Opposing Cantwell

US officer says won't fight in 'unlawful' Iraq war

9/11 Widows respond to Ann Coulter: Official Statement

Study: Global warming threatens Florida

Photographer confronted Marines with Haditha dead images

I don't get the obsession with right wing media figures.

KO's going after Ann Coulter tonight.

Turnout, turnout, turnout.

Coulter has never used God in a spiritual context, only political

R/W harps on Bu$h haters; but nary a word on Cheney haters. Why?

Here, lemmings, lemmings, lemmings! Look over here!

DU my B.F.E.- RED STATE POLL on HOMOPHOBIA the constitution

I asked the Today Show to give Coulter's regular segment to the widows

How in hell did so many people in this country get sick at the same time?

Ann Coulter Sex Tape

so how are the fundies explaining what DIDN'T happen yesterday?

Half a TRILLION dollars!

Commander In Chief coming on NOW (east coast)

Olbermann slams Coulter: Shameless (Video)

Worth Repeating...

Results of Close Busby/Bilbray U.S. House Special Election in Doubt!

Ex-envoy (Joe Wilson) helps Murphy fund-raiser

Yes, yes, Coulter has a new book out...

An Inconvenient Truth- The Ann Coulter Edition

Ann wins as long as we talk about her. She sez how to get rid of her:

9/11 Widows respond to Satan Coulter

Will Dobbs invite Ann Coulter back on to call Dem's traitors again tonight?

Help Wanted: Amazon members - please tag Ms. Coulter's book

We should all pounce on Lou Dobbs to NOT have Coulter on his show.

Is Jack Burkman looking to fuck Ann Coulter

Coulter is an icon because WE talk about her

Olbermann: Imagine trying to find Ann Coulter's soul.

MSNBC Question of the Day on Disgusting Coulter

The question is not, "Is Ann Coulter a hate-filled bitch."

a clear pattern: Coulter, O'Reilly, etc.

Judge Orders 'Rock Paper Scissors' To Settle Fla. Dispute

Anyone hear KO slam Coulter?

A new detail slips out about Jack Anderson's papers

You can't hide the "Inconvenient Truth"...More theaters this weekend...

Way to Go, Netflix!

Just ignore Ann Coulter …

Many people totally misunderstand Ann Coulter's Comic Genius.

(TOON) Steve Bell on Tony Blair and CIA rendition flights

Yet again, people who support gays are portrayed as being gay

Why isn't * supporting the 9/11 widows against coulter?

Pressure on Teheran about oil not weapons: Iranian official

Unlike you all, I've figured it out

Why does it seem that all of the Progressive talk shows are

The Bad Reporter (re: Gay Marriage)

Senate Rebuffs Same-Sex Marriage Ban, House to consider own version

Attention DUers in or near Atlanta, GA!

Leahy: Why Not Recess & Let Cheney Tell Nation What Laws We'll Have?

Coulter Fall Out - even the wingnuts are running away from her

KO is going to weigh in on Coulter's 9/11 widow attack tonight (Wed)

Pat Robertson Insists He Really Leg-Pressed 2,000 Pounds

What would be the effect if Clinton came out strong against the Iraq war?

Help Nancy Skinner win a congressional seat

Look at "Da Vinci Code is a Fraud" in Mozilla turned up!

Sex Sex Sex

Could Dubya's Presidency Come Full Circle?

Big difference between civility and betrayal.

The Poodle Bares Its Teeth


Coulter's response to Clinton's comments

New TOON on Specter, inspired by Jack Cafferty

New Daily Show on NOW!

Latin jazz pianist Hilton Ruiz dead at 54

Psycho scribe coulter needs a one way ticket to Baghdad...

The wingnuts are still clinging to the WMD's in Iraq story?

A Solution for ANWR

Gov. Bredesen (D) Will Vote for Gay Marriage Ban

Creepazoid coulter trashes 9-11 widows on 6-6-6

Help, I can not get into AA, I went into AAgeo Cities and for the

Lisa Beamer

DU Activists! email Jay Leno re: Al Gore & NOLA

John Bolton is an ass. Did anyone see that little hissyfit he threw

Blair to quit 'well before' poll...

Calif 50th - what does this page mean?

594 detainees are released from U.S. & Iraqi run prisons - pics>>>

The 9-11 Widows Should Say...

Bedroom politics and a sexual orgy for the Republican base

New concession to Iran as west presses for nuclear deal

Letterman on Coulter...

Ann Coulter is Satans sister.

Letterman on Coulter: "An Inconvenient Bitch."

Trolls On News Hounds defend Ann Coulter

Question about Veterans ID theft

Wish me luck..Texas state Dem convention starts tomorrow!Any Tips?

US Military pay-outs to Iraqi families killed or maimed

25 threads hidden in GD alone!

Someone here has to say it: ANN COULTER IS NOT REAL.

The sooner we get off Ann Coulter, the better. She's irrelevant.

Best phone call EVER

A "Traditional Marriage"...

Bush blames gray hair on daughters

This is a must see

Why were Diebold machines used in CA-50?

OMG! Jon's making fun of Democrats!

All I have to say on the matter.

I think the WH is ratfucking Hastert and Specter. They are scared of them.

Hey! Cindy Sheehan wrote a Letter to the Editor in my newspaper (WI)

"Godless" is Gutless-Palast challenges Coulter

Mark Fiore "Core Values Training"

An American hero: Lt. Watada refuses to participate in a war crime

Our Country Is Drowning

With Arlen Specter, It's About His Power and Arrogance

The gay sex should start arriving at the door sometime later today

Friggin' AWESOME opinion piece from the Chicago Tribune!

LOL!Letterman just called coulter's documentary"An Inconvenient Bitch"

I think deporting radical clerics is stupid

Air America to go off air in Atlanta...

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in Best of

MSNBC Poll: Ann Coulter on 9/11 Widows: Did she go too far

European parliamentary assembly condemns the CIA (Secret prisons)

why are there so few Estate/Death tax threads?

Is this the end of Anne Coulter?

Coutler calling poeple harpies

NO Rolling Stone for me. Six Seattle Stores all sold out DAMMIT!!!....

Palast challenges coulter

Just saw Ann Coulter on the news spewing her hate venom.

Nuevo Laredo is like Baghdad

Hey! Look over here! Something important actually happened today!

Blanche Lincoln - Traitor!!!! Wanna know why?

I'm calling bullshit on the Canadian "terror plot".

Inquiry Ties European Nations to C.I.A. Prisons...

Let's turn over some rocks: rightwing "grassroots" organizations

Rewriting History -- Diebold vs. Max Cleland -- Anyone Remember?

Whats a vietnam vet to do, The little lady stopped by target on her way

Two opportunities to help defeat Sensenbrenner

You Godless Fucking Democrats!

BREAKING: San Diego Diebold machines "slept over" in poll workers homes

Jon Stewart hammers Bill Bennett

Decided to go for home ownership...wish us luck!

Why diss Katie and not CHARLES GIBSON?

I have a new Al Gore 'toon for ya

Ann Coulter's First Amendment Right to Be a Beeotch

Why only 1 drink a day allowed if you want to be healthy in the U.S.?

Does anyone else have RR freaks running rampant on their campuses?

How many straight DUers will turn gay the moment gay marriage passes?

In honor of Busby: the Parable of the Dry Powder

O'Reilly: Ann wrong, but . . . Loathsome Sandy Rios "comments."

Sam Seder's post about AAR having video from Yearly Kos.

Why is Kathleen Blanco signing an abortion ban into law?


I'm sick of DUers who crap on other DUers for voicing hopelessness.

Only in the mind of a Log Cabin Republican...

Islamic Fundamentalism - a tricky issue

Freepers are making fun of our Gay-ness!

Liberal is biblical, but why no mention of conservatives?

Macy's removes display marking local gay pride week

MSNBC President Rick Kaplan Gone!

Cartoon: 1 9/11 Husband responds to Ann's remarks about his wife

Ann Coulters laughing all the way to the bank...

Did anybody see the Glenn Beck(?) show last night

A tip of the hat to Francine Busby, and congratulations to moonbeam

Senator Hillary Clinton Lashes Out at Ann Coulter

Empower yourself--learn the common fallacies and join the Army of Logic

Freeper thread on Coulter's comments...

If the U.N. doesn't pass a resolution to intervene in Darfur

"Does Hannity stand by Coulter's statements-YES OR NO?!?"

Why the Democrats won't win in November!

Which scenario is more appealing/least terrifying to you?

Pissypants Crowd Fears Gore

This has to be said - what happened in Hadithia is not for

Outsourcing? You ain't seen nothing yet. (A sort of rant)


Termites frighten South Florida residents

Coulter: Reporters "retarded", Florida election workers' "syphilis"

--Petition Against Military action against Iran __

Links/tips to search DU archives, please?

The Need for a Moon Shot

"Christian" video game

The Whore of Babylon has been Revealed

WHO CARES ABOUT DISCRIMINATION? OIC, only certain groups have rights...

Cheney's Office Declares Exemption From Secrecy Oversight

Bolton making his move to destroy UN

I get so upset with Randi

The Swiftboating of New Orleans--what has your Democratic rep. done?

Caregivers Killing Their Children: Autism's Parent Trap

A New "Perle Harbor" Neocon Reveals War Plan In Iran

Empty Concrete

George Bush Sr. Asked Retired General to Replace Rumsfeld

IranContra figure may call on Kerry to spill beans for court case.

At What Age Is It Still Appropriate To Nurse A Child?

Your contribution is invited

Fred Phelps showed up a local funeral today. Bikers block them >pics

The high price of voting in favor of the war...

I mean no disrespect towards TGs in this post.

Citizens 1, Corporations 0...

Should Churches Pay Taxes?

Must See Video! Kathy Griffin talking about Ann Coulter's appearance

My Dinner with Ambassador Wilson last night...

Animal Rescuer Committed Suicide Lastweek (NOLA)

Any lawyers out there who can answer an intellectual rights question?

Regarding self-efficacy & political empowerment .....

It's time to post this again

FAA is free to do as it wishes, will the sky be safe this summer?

I'm getting tired of pressing refresh for the CA 50 returns.

Here is a link for Cong dist 50

Angelides leads Westly 47-43 with 54% reporting in CA gov primary

Something is VERY strange with CA-50 special

Question: Will Busby file a legal challenge to Bilbray's residency

Am I reading this right? Looks like Busby is ahead?

Dead in Iraq: It's No Game


It's no wonder here in the 50th

Dems Really Need To Be Careful About Impeachment Issue

Democrats Present Tom DeLay's Parting Gift

Summer Attacks

Did Newt Gingrich win a straw poll vote in the Midwest ?

About Our Real Enemies...

Computer perks help incumbents; redistricting hinders Dem House takeover

Results for CA CD2 race makes no sense

Miami Herald - Davis has skipped a lot of votes, says it doesn't matter

Anti-Gay Senate Amendment Fails

O'Reilly reverts back to Bully with Natalie Maines

Why does the RNC have a website in Spanish? Aren't they the one's who

My interpretation of the California race....

Photos: "Y'see, that border's a BIG 'un...and protectin' it is real HARD"

Good news: DEBRA BOWEN won big! For Calif Sec of State...

FMA vote is today! Take action! Flood your Senators' inboxes with email!

Satan is a liberal

Palast vs. Coulter - Battle of the Books begins

Voting Machine 'Hacker' Runs For Congress. (Curtis v. Feeney!)

Tony Snow to Dobson: "Issues like this come up and come up and come up..."

Gay Marriage Bans : Return to Miscegenation Laws?

DIck ("Dick") Morris on 2008 : Gore and Giuliani Comments?

PA Repukes try to create the FMA wedge even though law exists already

Here's a shocker from California: Diebold screws up. Imagine that!

What is the price for selling another man's soul?

GOP can't stand Katherine Harris but they don't dare make her quit

Poll help needed!

Fox News prescription for the upping the Dow (and it's not more cowbell)


Why isn't Bill Bennett's interview from TDS on the greatest page?

"Bipartisan Scandal:" Heard that before? Here's the scorecard--

GOP Asks K.T. McFarland To Bow Out Of (NY) Senate Race

Add this to the price of master's cheap labor

Help out Bob! Ricky's on the Attack

Help me! My son is turning into a Republican

help me out here: Katrina unanswered questions...

Bush says immigrants must learn English (funniest headline of the week)

Please send a thank you to these 48 senators - Re: Marriage Amendment

Cafferty: Arlen Specter a gutless Republican worm

Clint Curtis (vote hacking) w/run against Feeney (hacker hirer) in FL !

Who controlls the past controls the future.......

My candidate won!!! (CA state Assembly)

Please DU this AOL Poll on painting of Rummy by Iraqi

Changing Parties

Hillary vs Coulter

(Cartoon) * Can't Find His Right Wing...

Jon Stewart v Bill Bennet on Marriage and the Human Condition

"there are NO DIFFERENCES between the two major parties"

Busby >> Bilbray race

What if the Republicans win both House and Senate in November?

Religion and Politics in American Life Survey

The Guy James Show today! Lets talk about Ann the Man! and other things

If you don't go to the DNC meetup, you lose your right to act hopeless.

Arlen Specter has become a pod person!

Laura Ingraham-stein: "Fire BAD, Wine GOOD, Bread GOOD, war in Iraq GOOD"

Please DU this poll

LISTEN UP! Gerrymandering, Gerrymandering, Gerrymandering!

Bush and the mother tongue

An alternate view of Wedge Politics

A heads up for those interested in the Virginia Senate Primary

OK DU'ers what's up with Spector and Cheney? Arlen's pissed...

Idiot Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) just won't give up

Keith just said watch what I say about her (Coulter) it is her right?

Florida citizen-activist needs our help

Just so you know I think we liberals might be wanted for murder.

House Appropriations chairman under fire

Can the Dixie Chicks sue on the grounds of Free Speech?

Kennedy, Kerry Press Rice to Explain U.S. Ambassador to Armenia’s Dismisal

Jon Tester:This Victory is Yours

Next time someone says there's no difference between the Dems and pukes

is the TEster campaign broke?

GOP (aka 'Big Tent') Employment Opportunity

Please cast your online vote for Nancy Skinner for DFA endorsement

Let's DU this Clear Channel idiot who destroyed the Dixie Chicks CD

coulter must be a plant by the dems......

KerryMail: Don't Back Down!!!

Sen. Durbin delivering a great speech now on the Estate Tax on CSPAN2

Obermann about Coulter: "It is her, isn't it?"

The Real George Bush

The anti-hate thread 06/07 edition

Question: What's the latest RE the Rove Indictment? A couple of

We need to take back our Democratic Party-- the DLC Dems must GO!

(CA) Primaries shaping look of Legislature

A LTTE from CA-48 Democratic candidate Steve Young (not the football)

Gay Marriage Amendment Struck Down, Funny Aside...

I am sick of watching people suffer

Did a fly just come out of Ann Coulter's mouth during Matt's interview on

The real Katherine Harris video; Piss your pants funny!

Sen. Inhofe...I can't imagine how you could become a bigger prick. Really.

Tweety just covered Coulter with Fineman and O'Donnell . You could see the

Principal Buyer of Canadian Seal Skins Subsidized by Government

America is not a Democracy - Noam Chomsky (Video: 7 min)

Video: Jon Stewart v. Bill Bennett and the Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment!

CA-50 has 55,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats, yet

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