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Archives: June 26, 2006

WP: Call for Lobbying Changes Is A Fading Cry, Lawmakers Say

Homes on the Bolsa Chica horizon

Alex Jones' "Terrorstorm"

WP: U.S. Joins Anti-Whaling Effort: Nations Respond to Panel's Vote

CNN/AP: Eastern floods force evacuations

Best Episode of MORAL OREL EVER!!!!!111!!!!

Just for giggles, I was looking through my old usenet posts

I just saw Twin Peaks, answer me anything

I'm yakish on crewing the cud!

My dog just jumped into the bathtub...He's afraid of thunder

I hear Fiona Apple

What do yinz think of Cracker Barrel?

Damn. I haven't had any email today.

My Prediction For 2008...

NYT Editor Bill Keller Takes On The Bush Admin & Freedom Of The Press

It's not Bush & Co's Fault... See: " Immaturity Level Rising in Adults"

What do you call someone who...

WP,pg1: Dems angered by troop-cut reports, as they are attacked!

Global warming consensus ignored.

ACLU Wants Boys Allowed In Cheerleading Tourney

Fireworks in America- The delicate sound of Shock and Awe

We just had a smart President in Clinton, now we have a dumb assed

Dirty Politics 'Ingrained' in Mexico

Letting go of Gore, Latching on to Feingold

Ray McGovern:Intelligence Officers, Learn From History

Divisive Plan to Unify Iraq

TomDispatch: Green Zoning It All the Way

CO2 Case Before US Supreme Court

JASON MILLER: We’re Bending the Arc of the Universe Toward Injustice

Conserv Hugh Hewitt marries talk radio w/netroots reach

Children of immigrants fight and die in Iraq

Senate Takes on Prewar WMD Controversy--Sort of

bloggers elect upstart SoBapt president....bloggers beat leaders

Flag burning issue is a waste of time

Senate seizes perennial flag-desecration debate

Reinhald Niebuhr: A Christian realist for the reality-based community.

Stephen Harper's neo-conservatism

NYT: Texans fight sale of classical music station to Christian broadcaster

Bush ignores laws he inks, vexing Congress

Rousing a Sleeping Giant

Dewey 'taught atheism, evolution, self autonomy, and socialist worldview'

Time: How Doctors Got Into the Torture Business

A call to investigate the 2004 election

Failures Piling Up In Bush's Alleged War On Terror

and Another threat - CA port closed for investigation...

U.S. policy on immigration is a tragic joke

JAMES KUNSTLER: alt.brains

eat GOLD flakes on chocolate candy: St. Regis hotel, NYC

PC users 'want greener machines' (BBC) {toxic waste from computers}

Bruno the bear shot dead in Alps (BBC)

U.S. Supreme Court to Consider Requiring Greenhouse Gas Rules

US "Won't Rule Out" Joining Kyoto Successor - Reuters

Pace Of Melting For Andean Glaciers Moving Faster

Invasive Spider Crabs Arrive In Antarctica From Warmer Waters - BBC

Delegates Fail To Reach Agreeement To Protect Antarctica - Reuters

First Olive Grove Known In British History Planted In Devon - Independent

Drugged Pelican Flies Through Car Windshield In California - ENN

NHC - Three Tropical Waves Lined Up In Atlantic - Developments Uncertain

Fire Conditions In SW "Ideal" Thanks To Drought - 3.2 MA Burned To Date

climate change math

Denmark To Set Up 7 Stations Along Edge Of Greenland Ice Sheet - ENN

Scientists Discover Color-Shifting Snake In Borneo - Reuters

Puffins Vanishing From Famous Colony Thanks To Invasive Plant - Scotsman

90% Of Coastal Sea Life In Decline - BBC

Just bought a Sunlawn 18" reel mower....

Egypt, Israel work to free soldier; Mediators: 'He's hurt, but alive'

Israel may provide counsel in war crimes trials overseas {edit}

Palestinian girl gets new eye

High Court: Palestinians must have access to lands

Israel Rules Out Negotiations for Soldier

Palestinians want Israeli swapped for prisoners

MK Lieberman calls for Israel to kidnap Palestinian PM Haniyeh

High Court orders IDF to protect Palestinian farmers from settlers

Israel promises revenge for soldier deaths

Al-Aksa claims chemical capabilities

Missing the point and the target

Israel, Hamas both trapped

Extremists tear down Israeli flag

A kidnapping or a capture

Missing the Point and the Target in Gaza

All of the "hologram" and "CGI Planes" threads . . . .?

interesting video analysis of flight 77.

Don't let Carl Weiser of the Cinti Enquirer /Warren County lockdown get

Fitrakis to give details on '04 Miami Co OH discrepancy on AAR @ 11pm est

FL Voter Reg. Database Security COMPROMISED -- "by accident"- ROFLMAO

Help in GD, please!

Tuesday is Clean Money Day

Need to blow off a little steam: Indiana SOS - Apparent Obfuscation

King Briefed on New E-Voting System

Freeman & Bleifuss: A Call to Investigate 2004 Election

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 06.26.06 17 States at Risk!!!

My letter to Bernie Sanders: Ignore the voting machines to your peril.

Excellent statement by Bonifaz on SCOTUS ruling- spending limits.

CA: Riverside County Deceived Paper Ballot Voters During June 6th Primary

Houston Chronicle - Don't need Voting Rights Act? Who are they kidding?

The Human Cost of War

Rhett, we hardly knew ye

Glen Maxey to Join Chris Bell Campaign

My Congressman, Lamar Smith, is a lunatic

TX-DUers! you got to watch this right winger get by-atch slapped!

Time to help Juan Garcia in District 32

Chris Bell is the only candidate who supports our beliefs and values

Run like a rabbit ( Judge tells DeLay)

so I have chicken in Yoshida sauce marinating and some pineapple

An Egg as big as twenty.

Angus Reid: More Canadians Back Presence in Afghanistan

Toronto vigil for Lt. Ehren Watada, June 27, 4:30 PM, University Avenue

I believe Harper is on his way to a majority.....

90th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. Canada had 24,000 casualties.

East Timor PM steps down

War's Iraqi Death Toll Tops 50,000

Japan May Bury Greenhouse Gases

Divisive Plan to Unify Iraq

Iraq oil output hits a new high (BBC)

7 Lesser Iraq Insurgent Groups Seek Truce

U.S. commander sees no handover to Iraqis into next year

UK - National 'respect squad' unveiled

NYT/Reuters: Data Brokers and Buyers Anger Congress

Argument against report puzzles NYT editors

He banks on bills (Vito Fossella takes cash for legislation)

WP poll: Americans Increasingly Divided Over Iraq; fewer oppose withdrawal

US can't publicize VA credit watch offer

McClatchy era begins at The Miami Herald

Redistricting plan's fate may be decided as early as today

AP: W. Hollywood urges deputies to look the other way on pot

U.S. Considers Deployment of Patriot Missiles in Japan

Obese Men Benefit Less From Radiation for Prostate Cancer

Iraq plan part of grand strategy

US-led convoy 'attacked' in Kabul

U.S. contacts allies about money tracking

White House: Casey Iraq troop plan just one option

Second market bomb kills seven in Iraq -police

Legality of US bank data searches probed in Belgium

Japan OKs U.S. Deploying (Patriot) Missiles

Rasmussen: Bush Job Approval (#s Drop For 4th Consecutive Day)

US plans to deploy Patriots in Japan

Iraq's oil production back above 2.5 million barrels a day: minister

Bomb kills 30 near market south of Baghdad -police

Supreme Court considers Regulating C02

Belarus Orders Bush, Rice Assets To Be Frozen

Bombings and kidnappings beseige Iraq after Maliki peace plan

Ten Sunni students seized, dozens killed as Iraq PM talks peace

NYT/AP: Tree Falls on White House Grounds (after weekend of heavy rains)

Rep. Waxman: FDA lax on enforcement

Murtha's a star on the campaign trail (raised more than $1 mill for DCCC)

iPod maker admits breaking Chinese labour laws

Italians Reject Changes to Constitution

Johnstown newspaper considers Tribune without Democrat

U.S. policy on immigration is a tragic joke


Ex-Enron executive gets probation

America's new healthy eaters find an unlikely ally: Wal-Mart

State governments push for Net neutrality laws

Better-armored Humvees saving U.S. lives

Iraq conflict leaves at least 130,000 displaced

Elephants, Large Mammals Recover From Poaching In Africa's Oldest Park

The Feelgood Factor: Britain's World Cup boost

Rush Part 2

U.S. official: Tough to shut Guantanamo

Mass. Defaults Reaching 'Epidemic Level'

U.S. drops insistence on UN budget cap for 2006

Former Bush intel official: Don't 'accept the crap we give you'

E&P: 'Guardian' Latest Brit Paper to Expand in U.S. -- Kinsley Will Lead

Justices overturn law curbing political funds (Vermont)

Canada's high-tech spies leave Lamer in the dark

NYT: Military Fails Some Widows Over Benefits

Vandals damage cars on gay pride day

High Court Won't Hear Generic Drug Case

Argentina talks tough over new claim to the Falkland Islands

Citing military plans, Rep Maxine Waters declares a victory for....

Venezuela: U.S. Would Undermine Election

Bush slams leak of terror finance story

New ratings create buzz for (Bill) Clinton

Bush Approval Rating Eases off the Brink (38%)

Flooding cripples Washington: closes government offices, tourist sights

AP: Bush, impersonator (repeat) banter at D.C. gala

Cell phone signals excite brain, study finds

Broadcasting & Cable: Ailes Cracks Whip as Fox News Slips

Judge to Tom DeLay: ‘Run like a rabbit’

Dept of Defense admits to wider surveillance of Don't Ask, Don't Tell orgs

Alito breaks tie, Kan. death penalty stays

CNN TV Reporting Port huenueme Closed - Terror Threat

WP:Kerry Calls for 'Energy Independence'

'Cut & run' Dems is GOP's theme

Sunnis, Shi'ites find fault with Iraq peace plan (no US withdrawal date)

Denver Post Publishes Letter That Advocates Beheading Editors, Pundits

SCOTUS may rule today on Guantanamo Bay

Buffett calls for retention of estate tax

Iraq drags down Bush in Missouri (under 40% approval)

Bush says global warming 'serious problem'

Federal judge halts Missouri executions

Wars Force Army Equipment Costs To Triple

My Lai attorney speaks out on Iraq massacre (Lt. Calley's lawyer)

Feds Drop Request for Library Records

Boys with older brothers 'more likely to be gay'

Posada's CIA ties uncovered in papers

Belgium probes US bank record searches (okay under Belgian law?)

mag 6 earthquake hits remote Rat Islands, Alaska

Majority of Americans want withdrawal plan for Iraq (USA TODAY/Gallup)

Limbaugh Detained At Airport (illegal prescription drugs...and viagra!)

Reporter Says Inside Look (Miami suspects' warehouse) May Change Opinions

Bush creates an "out" before signing bill banning torture

Nelson Promises Filibuster If House Passes Offshore Drilling Bill (FL)

’Marlboro Man’ soldier files for divorce (Married < 1 Month)

What do yinz think of a Barrel of Monkeys?

This is embarassing for me I'll take care of it

why does a thunderstorm have to sit over my house for 2 hours?

I got a compliment about my son today

And no one survived From the Royal Fusiliers Company C.

I object to all this sex on the television!

Monday morning humor in a humorless world

I'm suckin' down a Clausthaler

Berry Blast for breakfast, anyone.

What is an obscure song that you like?

My kitten is hunting her first roach, at least the first time I have

Monday earworm. * theme song?

I was just listening to the radio and it was really pissing me off!

Man Says He Is On Heroin To Avoid Jury Duty - Jailed For Night

The Fireworks Have Started - I Hate the 4th of July

Didn't work!

Most recent Clear Channel ownership numbers?

Blues Fans amazing Leadbelly footage.

Minister Hands Out Bibles - Says 'Jesus Loves Porn Stars'

Seperated at birth?

Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink - now *that's* a name!

Would you let your kid have this as a pet?

HAW! Check out Clear Channel's "Know The Facts" press release!

Kirstie Alley-15 pounds to go, looking for man, may do TV bikini shot

I'm a little short; anyone got $500,000 they're not using?

What's it called when a DJ is made to sound local, but is really national?

Do you want to see me getting very upset?

Why do mosquito bites itch?

Why are international sporting event mascots soooo dumb?

The Day The Music Died: Kevin Richardson Leaves Backstreet Boys

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

Why does Pat Robertson and other fundies look like they

Here is what passes for a home in Weslake.....

For those who may have missed this: DU now has some new forum groups!!

"Usually my pits smell like onions. Or spaghetti without sauce."

A most excellent but nontraditional meal in the French Quarter Yesterday

ARGH! Rain ALL WEEKEND And Sunny Today!

Male Exotic Dancer's Fake Gun Causes A Stir At Airports

Man Kept 1,000 Pet Rats In One-Bedroom House

Do me a favor - please post kitten pics!!!


What font do you have your web browser set to?

Saw Robert Plant Friday night - Love Benefit concert

Photos from Denver's Gay Pride Parade

Avon Walk for the Cure , Denver -- Photos

I need a favor

There are no kids in my house!

Elvis Costello and Diana Krall expecting a baby

Seismograph, Spirograph, Spyro Gyra?

Godspeed Bruno: Brown Bear Meets a Tragic End

Check out the sponsors of Gay Pride Toronto,at bottom of page.

M-E-T-H-O-D- O-F- M-O-D-E-R-N-L-O-V-E

Pics From The Gay Pride Parade In OKC Today (dial-up warning).

World Cup 2006: Round of 16 - Italy v Australia discussion thread

Lotion or Body Butter?

Man Fined (Wrongly) For Feeding Squirrels

Anybody watch Broken Trail last night?

GOOD NEWS, has stopped raining!

Why does it seem that...

Ding Dong and all that...

Inner Peace

Joani's sleeping on my couch---->We're going to Savannah tomorrow

!!! Very Important Question For Anyone In B.C.!!!!!

Question about cable intenet connection

What do you suppose this guy is trying to accomplish?

I would like to dedicate a song to Joani & Sugar Smack:

Video: minor league manager goes nuts - hilarious!

Now that the WC picture is becoming clearer, who's your pick to win?

How many centuries have you waited for humanity to become ready?

A terrifying message from Al Gore!! Al Gore and Bender - together at last!

Macromedia Flash 8?


TV in the bedroom - yes or no?

Anyone have a video link to Beckham's winner" over Ecuador? Cant find it.

Why does my brown tea turn green after a few hours?

Shakeup Expected at Fox News Channel, 2nd quarter of ratings drop

Monday, June 26. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Monday, June 26. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

Laura Ingram to host a "Daily Show" type show for Fox?

Bumper sticker

Whatever Happened to Customer Rights

Officially have been up for 12 hours now, just another 7 hours or so to go

(whewboy) Italy vs. Australia *SPOILER*

I think Laurie Berkner is hot - so sue me!

What should you take for granted, in this life?

What do I want for dinner tonight...

Would you like to see a SkypeCast forum at DU? If so, please....

Reflexive criticism -- Many are most annoyed by traits in others

I'm back from my brother's wedding - ask me anything

I have been very upbeat about my life these days....

The Neill/Grosso duel and the resulting penalty in Italy vs Australia

This sucks..

The World Cup Referees are deciding these games

We are swimming in water in Northern Virginia

Sauerkraut is...

Help, am meeting artist/potential employer/potential serial killer

Scorching hot or too damn wet?

Monday lyrics....

Wow! Children customers at the Hell's Kitchen restaurant!

Eddie from Frasier has died; RIP Eddie

Photo of me in a couple GD threads:

When you hold a door open for someone, and they don't say "Thank you,"

Fox's "Hell's Kitchen"

You know what's funny? (NOT) - When TV and radio stations

Man whose penile implant malfunctioned wins $400,000 in lawsuit

Sometimes my friends amaze me.

An odd string of minor bad luck...

Post an image of a weird-looking musician

Eddie, Martin Crane's T.V. dog, dies at 16 1/2.

Please, Boy George, Please...

Tailgating does not make me go faster

60 year old woman with perky breasts awarded $350,000

The Daily Show has a killer Roster this week...

SonOfGoG the Elder wants to go to NYC solo...

Who's the greatest jazz trumpeter?

Why does my green tea turn brown after a few hours?

Psychology With Pooh

Should I get acupuncture?


Study: Men With Older Brothers Likelier to be Gay

Probation for selling black leopard kitten.

Happy Birthday to my Son Benjamin!

Hey Oeditpus Rex!

Okay, so I've watched a few episodes of "House" now.

Study: Women with older sisters are likely to be younger sisters.

Germans Shoot Wild Bear (Somewhat Amusing)

Lucky Charms Marshmallows

All set to move on Thursday! Ask me anything.

Signs of "global warming" in your backyard !?

Older Brothers May Predict If Boy Will Be Gay

shit, drunk on monday

I learned something whilst driving today.

Steak seasoning:

Why are the Plasmatics not discussed more in the DU Lounge

John Hodge on "The Daily Show"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/26/06)

And it weird news, I'm posting on DU from the bathroom.

Tonight at 10PM, channel 4 - St Paul TV. "Where would we be without

And Scott LaFaro just goes on, and on, and on, and on...

Funny and sweet tribute to Aaron Spelling, with pix:

Just sew, you know... I'm an alpaca.

Cadbury's will bury 250 tons of chocolate

I was outside for 5 minutes and was attacked by a million mosquitos...

in the chit for brains category:

I love this camera... Some pics from an urban oasis......

White Trash Vegan Cooking #6- Grilling Isn’t Just for Carnivores

I can't sleep.

Just so you know...I'm an Ohioan.

Just So You Know...I'm a Dingbat.

There's a party in my pants, and I want you all to come

Bottle of Corona with a Slice of Lime

Is there a vegetarian alternative to Mayonnaise?

Just so you know... I'm a Smartass.

Just so you know, I've had a few beers. Anyone else?

I posted this in GD.

Monday Night Vino Thread (or pick yer poison)

Just so you know...I'm a reverend.

Am I being overly sensitive here?

Is there a "BLUE" Job Search site?

Well, my dear friends.....It's a Monday evening.....the sun will be

At what point do you have to give up on someone you love?

Why does this make ME feel like the bad guy?

Dr. Gonzo Roars! *pics*

You know...... I am just.......

It's my 3rd wedding anniversary! [dial-up warning]

I need some good luck vibes, my mom is having surgery thursday

Meat is:

Gosh, it's toasty in BC this week

Things that never, ever go bad in the fridge

Polish of my neighbors just acquired one of these....

In need of a milkshake on this hot day - what chain has the best milkshake

Name some "regional" bands that made it big (albeit temporarily)!

Monday lyrics....


I think if I allowed myself to think too much about the inequalities

Noam Chomsky v. Howard Zinn cage match!!!

60 Minutes - Rex the 10YO blind musical savant

ATTN: July/August babies!!

Ouch! I just talked to my friend who went from making $40.00 an hour

City considers banning the sale of toy guns

Study: Wemen with older brothers are likely to be younger sisters

is anyone i know still around here?

Okay, fans of Britney Spears! Check it out!

What should I get my Nephew for his first Birthday?

Tuesday List Thread

Fucking Jeff "Skunk" Baxter!! Yarrrgh! YARRRGH!

Oregon State wins College World Series

The flying car.

THE definitive World Cup poll

Just So You Know... I'm a Poet.

Bow to his incredibleness!!!

The critters in this picture are:

Update From MrsGrumpy

The Best Beer

Just so you know....I'm an ass

RANT: Get a fucking life for YOURSELF, and ENJOY it, dammit!

Just So You Know...I'm a Lesbian.

Will someone please turn the Spigot off over Delaware

Just So You Know... I'm Gay.

Impossibly Cute Photo Thread! KITTEN VS. THE BUNNIES!!!!

Your favorite Muppet


When I'm bored, I go to DU just to post flamebait

Of Angels and Aerodynamics.

Okay: I am only sharing this because I am a chastised woman.

Name a celebrity baby after a social issue or medical problem.

So, I learned drunken 20-something men and monopoly don't mix

Man, I hope they didn't f*ck up Superman

I FINALLY kicked the sugar habit---ask me anything!

11:50 pm and it's FINALLY dark

Oh the humanity!!!

Obese Men Benefit Less From Radiation for Prostate Cancer

I call foul on One a Day, Centrum and all the rest that claim

When Your Doctor Says He/She Doesnt Rx Morning After PIll, Report Him/Her.

Pentagon developing supersonic shape-shifting assassin (

Lab tuned to gravity's 'ripples' (BBC) {gravity wave detector/LIGO}

'Maverick', 'Moderate' McCain supports Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Olders Brothers Raise A Male's Chance Of Being Gay

Gay R.I. couple asks court to allow their marriage in Mass.

Seattle Mens Chorus hitting the road

She came out and now her Baptist family doesn't

Help Alabama Elect It's First Openly Lesbian State Representative!

ok, so I wasn't watching...but a PK in the 95th minute?

Armstrong threatened my life, claims LeMond

Ukraine - Switzerland (spoilers)

Is this an indication that Buffet is a spiritual man?

A link to Peace Vets radio show.

Peter Daou joins team Hillary?

Good News Monday (political)

Dem Policy hearing on C-Span 3 Now

LiveBlogging from Faneuil Hall - Kerry Speaking on the Environment...

A Reason To Dislike Jonathan Chait

Frist attacking Kerry in online petition

Speech in Boston today. Connecting the dots

Dear Mr President, Chew on This: Majority Wants Withdrawal

A clear majority (this should be blasted around)

Thank you, livebloggers.

Boston Globe on Kerry 2008--Quotes Kos

Speech on MP3 you can listen to it here Now

How the Bush Administration destroyed any chance for peace in Iraq

They are crazy!

On edit, establishment cringing on Kerry's "loser-liberation".

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Takes on Democracy - '04 election related

NYC abstract photo

Rainier Sunrise (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Just a few more from the trail

GOT a SUGGESTION for JULY'S CONTEST Theme? Post it here, please.

Poppy Fields -- first shots with new DSLR (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Austin sunset (two images merged together)

Travelin' intheflow. (Part 1) *serious dial-up warning*

FIREWORKS!!!! Tips & Tricks Thread.

Countdown 6/26/06 War on the Media

KOEB 6/26/06 Oops Gen. Casey supports the Democratic Withdrawal plan


"The 40 year old Virgin" (NYT article about Abrams/Msnbc)

Probably won't be around for the show

Either Cheney Lied - Or - He Showed Unconscionable Ignorance

How cute--I just went to weather underground to check the weather forecast

The long-awaited rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE pt DEUX

Poll and discussion: Is the word 'bitchslap' considered rude or offensive?

NCLB becase we must hold schools accountable; but not measure Iraq?

Pro-War "Vets for Freedom" Tied to Bush's PR Team (and Murtha attacks)

2,519 of our troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

This Saturday, July 1st, will mark three years to the day since...

And no one survived From the Royal Fusiliers Company C.

Bush theory: Bush is a liar!

General: "We are our own worst enemy. Civilian deaths feeding insurgency"

Back to the 80's: Spitting Image 'Do Ron Ron' (Raygun)

Which Republican politician is most likely to switch sides and join us in

OLBERMAN: "His show is up 36 percent since January in that 25-54 group"

Americans Increasingly Divided Over Iraq (47% for withdrawal)

7 Sunni insurgent groups reportedly seek truce under reconciliation plan

Attack Now!

I found a copy of the 'School Risk Audit'

At least 50,000 Iraqis have died violently since 2003...are we even yet?

This Week in (War) History

Senate Dem oversight hearing on Iraq intel. 1:30 p.m., CSPAN-3. Today.

Search of Democrats on Yahoo News! And the number 5 item is

Timetable is a good idea....if the republicans think of it.

Responses to my on-line

Military proposes Iraq Troop Withdrawl - While GOP Stays the Course

I'm looking for an NSAT&T picture/logo I saw last week.

Panel to track Africa aid pledges (BBC)

WJ guest reading his answers to net neutrality phone questions

Desecrating the spirit of liberty

2fer Frank RICH color-codes Shrubspeak. AILES p.o. over Faux slump

Brilliant Deduction! "U.S.: Civilian deaths feeding insurgency"

ANY governing body can pass Impeachment Resolution!- EASY STEPs/TEMPLATES

So what happens now to those that have been demanding more troops in Iraq

Nothing else going on, so it's time for debate on flag burning...

A threat as big as Bush/Cheney and global warming.

Helen Thomas on NPR

So if we pull our troops out will Halliburton stay to rebuild?

Guy Hugging the President

Sometimes I Wish I Believed In God.

Supreme Court strikes down Vermont campaign finance law.

The Dark Side: PBS Frontline

On Troop Redeployment, Is Cheney A Hypocrite?

How the Bush Administration destroyed any chance for peace in Iraq

So today the bush* cabal is getting by with wiretapping us,

A personal irritation concerning the flag

NBC and The Fishing Chicks

Palestinian militants issue demands over hostage

EU urges anti-torture convention signing

A possible canary for Hastert

Gen. Casey Cutting and Running

120 degrees, electricity iffy: Baghdad's simmering summers of discontent

gosh that "we got al-Zarqawi" storyline went away in a hurry!

Give Monday what it deserves: a closed casket! Please come CAPTION!!!!

Summer in Crawford? Is Chucklenuts gonna try that again this year?

Gitmo Prisoners "Chow Down" on "Big Macs" During Interrogation /MSNBC

anyone remember the guy that Cheney shot?

New home sales up! Yeah... right.... the real truth...

A shout-out to Boston and WKOX/Air America Listeners!

Former vets with deep GOP ties lie to get others killed in Iraq

Pro-War "Vets for Freedom" Tied to Bush's PR Team

Need help with something I posted at another forum before I get hit with a

Name the issue this is arguing.

Why is the president so Snippy at Reporters, he gets his way on everything

vomit alert--Shrub on MSNBC askin for handouts for the troops

This video made my day

Kudos to Air America for the fill-in hosts

Global warming: why does the RW dispute it ?

Rumsfeld Must Go

"Face time with Bush or Rove" Abramoff and Norquist

Does Shrub plan on withdrawing troops or not ??

Who's going to Crawford this August?

FBI drops Patriot Act secret request for library records

Senate Committee Acts To Restore Protection For Whistle-Blowers (WaPo)

In all the news overload lately, I missed that the Clean Water Act

Does Loss of Privacy/Wiretapping/ Invasion of Personal Info


Bush slams leak of terror finance story

A call to investigate the 2004 election

W cracks jokes at Ford Theater filming Patriotic Pap for 4th of July

Get to know your military industrial complex.. Unicor

Missouri Senate: McCaskill opens up six point lead over Talent

LAT: California, Here They Come

MSNBC - New PsyOp? Banner- War On Terror....and then goes into a report on

Dick Cheney....the MOST powerful VP in history?

Ever hear of a federal program called Troops to Teachers?

HEY MR. BUFFET>>> I only need 200,000.00

Specter Says Bush May Agree to Surveillance Review

Feinstein's flag fetish: illogic for all !

Three Iraq Myths That Won't Quit

My Church Gets it Right

Here's W's Angry answer regarding spying on U.S. citizens

Media lies. Emergency aid needed! Please read.

LinkTV airing Democracy for Sale today (Palast and others)

In retrospect we probably should have taken Hariet Maiers

Who's your personal political bellwether?

Countrywide's "Combo Loan" ad on tv is telling about

You guys are slacking off on the job!! Where the hell is the video?

Lieberman said Ned's supporters were on a "jihad" against him

Is there anyone here who truly gives 2 shits about flag burning?

Sneer is on now defending Smirk following his outburst.

Quick, to the Bush Copter for our get away!!!

Let's all send King George the perfect July 4th gift.

So .. what happens when Bushco is out of power?

Rita...Tucker...Joe...been nice knowin' ya. Good luck on the job hunt.

Taliban Just Referred to as Afghans now! Not Insurgents.

So We Can Cross-Pollinate- Post A Link To Your Favorite Political Website.

Kerry: Use Nov. to throw the robber barons and cronies out of Congress

Senate Dem. Policy Cmte. on Iraq Pre-War Intelligence CSpan 3 - 1:30 ET

Something we can DU re: Abramoff/Ney/DeLay (+ immigration)

Nite Owls' words on children - for emphasis and inclusion in my

Yes, pet goats have a million uses. Amazon readers rate the book.

Even divided, Democrats have advantage, experts say (Iraq)

Flag burning amendment won't pass Senate, aides say

Somalia’s Islamists to stone rapists to death - Here we go again

The Bush Method of Hidden Tyranny #46

"We're at war with a bunch of people" Can someome please explain WTF

REQUEST for creation of DU SkypeCast forum

Scalia quote on capital punishment

I've had it !.... The only solution is to split !

"Stay The Course" ?

My Grandma would be insulted!!!

Lessons from a Larger-than-Life President by Karl Rove

Trust Me, To Not Trust You

Whatever happened to the conservatives?

Study links pesticides with Parkinson's

Iraq VP re: lack of timetable >> 'continue your fighting to liberate Iraq'

CNN just showed flag draped coffin of Slain G.I. Menchaca arriving.

grammar question: how does one properly abbreviate "am" and "pm"

B*sh: Traitor to the Troops and our Country

CSPAN 3 - Live Hearing on Pre-War Intelligence/DSM Memos

Former Bush Assistant Sec of State says not to 'accept crap we give you'

Bobo (David Brooks) vs. Kos: What It All Means

Cheney’s Cheney - The New Yorker Magazine Profiles David Addington

New Haven Independent: Lieberman Lies, Leaps Into Gutter

Somebody had to leak the banking story to the times

Gen. McCaffery: Rumsfeld's View on Troop Cuts is Irrelevant ---->VIDEO

Here we go again Cheney blame media

Send MSNBC some help in programming, particularly w/ Dr. Maddow

Fox News looks tired and dated to me now

White House Says NYT Story Has Undermined Americans---'RIGHT TO LIVE'

My cousin laid waste to an obnoxious fundamentalist yesterday.

Heads up: Sam Seder is sitting in for Randi today

Sen. Kyl's Amendment To Open Nevada Test Site

Biden: Cheney's At 20% In The Polls. No One Listens to him no credibilty..

Tree falls on White House grounds at *'s doorstep

Yahoo News Headline: "Boy George avoids Jail for Skipping Service"

the best arguments made in An Inconvenient Truth?

Frist targets Kerry with “Cut-And-Run” Kerry petition

The "NUMBER" JUST WENT UP TO 2520 - 32 dead overnite

Bushists trying to pretend they're not cutting and running

Dick Morris urges Joementum to run as an Independent

The Guy James show is on right now!!! Tune in!!!

Friendly fascism :)

Cafferty's Qs: prosecuting newspapers, flag-burning amendment


Bush Ignores Science, Claims ‘There Is A Debate’ Over Global Warming

A Perfect Storm Descends on the Nation's Capital - Will he go see Gore's

Floods slow the "wheels" of Government

February 2001: Bush Administration Abandons Global Crackdown on Terrorist

GOP pollster now accepts Global Warming Science

CSPAN 3 - Live Hearing on Pre-War Intelligence THREAD #2

Anyone in this forum is qualified for this professorship in the sciences

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) Had His Epiphany Today: Bushco Are War Criminals!

What Percentage of the American Middle Class have Earned their Status

Al Gore was the toast of my moderate Repub filled family reunion!

Will you still be calling for "patience" at the end of Bush's second term?

Is the NYT traitors?...This poll could use some balance:

Next tatic for right wingers this will be done in desperation...

Bush is a piece of shit.

It's the EMPATHY, stupid!

ACLU= its sole purpose is to defend the Bill of Rights. Why GOP hates it

Belarus orders freeze of any assets of Bush and Rice

Coming soon -- mind-reading computers

Found object: likeness of Bush!

Need Help RE: "An Inconvenient Truth"

Lieberman Had Lamont Campaign Manager Arrested

Bob Herbert Takes No Prisoners on the Cut & Run Meme

Administration takes on the free press

Breaking: SCOTUS To Hear Global Warming Case

It seems I was happier before I started following politics. Everyone's so

It's unpatriotic for Dems. to suggest a troop withdrawal, but

I heard an enraged chimp screeching on TV. What did his pet media print?

Why would a billionaire give billions to another billionaire

President Carter writes diary on Kos on behalf of his son Jack Carter

WP, Kurtz: Murray Waas kept cancer secret

So, uh, let me get this straight...

DOD Admits to Wider Surveillance of Don't Ask, Don't Tell Groups

DOD Admits to Wider Surveillance of Don't Ask, Don't Tell Groups

Big Pharma's Big Graveyard - Drug Profits, Fraud and Death

examples of investigation endings announced.

(on the 4th) Grill Wisely to Cut Cancer Risk

'Christian' Right struggling to maintain it's hard-line positions

By Request... some matching T-Shirts....

when bush is gone and the chains of repression in which he has ensnared

Join PRESERVE OUR DEMOCRACY - Fight election fraud through awareness!

Port Terra--Must be election season now.

What Percentage of the American Wealthy have Earned their Status

What do you consider the worst conspiracy of this administration?

The BFEE aren't interested in "terrorists" bank records...

Limbaugh: TV Show "24" Lucky 9/11 happened shortly after

Jeb Bush Eyed for Number Two Spot

Well, they've changed the subject again.

Fallujah Was Not A Success! 18 Months Later It Is A Fucking MESS!

Waiting For an Arm and a Leg ( {IW vet amputees }

hardball - sharpton coming up

Been deflated since Rove skated

I just saw the teaser for today's OReilly

How About Feingold-Gore ?

So, when flag burning is illegal...

Interfaith Religious Rights Rally - July 4, Washington DC!

David Sirota guest hosting progressive radio talk show tomorrow...

Lou Dobbs will be covering the voting machine "sleepover" issue tonight

For those of us who missed the great "hissy fit".....

White Wing Wadio Wacko gone Wild. Wacko gets bitch slapped. W/ video.

common-sense POLICE approach to immigrants

Fight Fire With Fire

I Think The Cover On The Globe Was A Trap (The One w/ Laura & *'s

Lou Dobbs: love him or hate him?

Has the Small Business forum been helpful to you in the past?

My Daddy told me...

Lord, I hope this doesn't mean another disaster!

Wow - Lou Dobbs is on the CASE !!! Election Machines No Paper Trail


Whory Clark: "Huge" difference between Gen's and Dems re: withdrawal

Department of Defense admits to wider surveillance of Don't Ask, Don't ...

Wow - Lou Dobbs needs some DU education- He's on the election fraud CASE !

challenging the Right on campus...

Ron Suskind's book 1% Doctrine reveals bank snooping

Bernie Ward Rant on MSNBC

NY Times should tell Bush* to 'Bring it On'

Bush-Cheney view of Iraq isn't view from Iraq

Who is finally responsible for the state of affairs?

And a-one, and a-two. All together now. CAPTION

Alas For You, or Bush is NOT a Christian!

LOL. Sen. Hatch complaining in the Senate about "one vote" in the SCOTUS,

This thread is ridiculous!

A read for all of you Protestors out there who feel disheartened

Hee hee. My fiance just got a great e-mail.

Why does it seem that..

"Get Over It" - no way! A call to investigate the 2004 election.

So let me get this straight: when Kerry and Feingold propose

What can you tell me about the "Club for Growth"?

19 Senators voted for amnesty for Iraqi insurgents?

"Time to go to journalism school" Frank Rich taunts ex Bush speech writer

Why Mommy Is A Democrat: A Different Kind Of Children's Book

So what are you going to DO, Senator Feinstein?!?!?

Patriot Act and my new home closing

Sharpton is murdering this Bimbo

I used to think B*sh was just evil.



Possible terror threat closes Calif. port

Please! Need intelligent rebuttals

Justices: Defendants Can Hire Own Lawyers

Jim McDermott speaks - Iraq, yellowcake, impeachment, withdrawal and so on

Ummm..... I'm an insurgent and I didn't launch any attacks

King Of The Douchebags: How Dare These Journalists Expose My Crimes!

They are finding some one to blame. SEE .SEE.

Cable Ratings Down? When will the M$M Get it? When Bushies have

Doesn't Cheney have a rock somewhere he needs to

Heh- ""

Who do you trust more to decide what should be classified: NYT or Bush?

The NYTimes was not the first to talk about financial records

Wars force Army equipment costs to triple ($17 bil/yr in repairs/upgrades)

Imus on vacation?

bush says looking into bank accounts legal and congress was

Time for a meme to change hands.

Crikey!! Der Chimperor is having a really bad day

What if there were a way to record & verify every vote?

Amnesty for slaughterers of US Troops = NEGOTIATING WITH TERRORISTS

Hardball: Melanie Morgan spewing RW talking points re: bank spying

Internet Guru's....Translate for us computer challenged

America's Oldest Terrorist Organisation...the KKK a documentary...

thehehehe freeps hugh and series

"Dirty Money" William Greider's view on Banking Spying/"The Nation"

Question: Is it be possible to rev. engr Rush's Dominican Republic trip?

I just HATE HATE HATE Clarence Thomas...Every time I

Orwellian Catch Phrase Word Scramble Thread

Letter to the Editor---- Congratulations Atty General Gonzales

The RED MENACE is back.

NYT profile of anti-war Democrat Jonathan Tasini - opposing Clinton in NY

silicon valley races to develop electric cars - LA Time biz section says

DC Cops want Eithics Investigation on McKinney after GJ didn't charge her

Isn't it time to crank up the Terror Alert System? (Re: November 2006)

Hearing on Pre-War Intelligence Replay 10:28pm C-Span1

So the country is drowning in the east, and burning in the west

In anxious times of terrorism and war many turn to God in prayer:

CSPAN 3 - Live Hearing on Pre-War Intelligence THREAD #3

Tweety on Colbert Report tomorrow night!

It really is hard not to take joy in Rush's latest legal troubles

any legal relationship between NYT publishing bank info + the Pentagon

They ask,and tell

"If you want a symbolic gesture, don't burn the flag. . .

Olbermann now: "Swift-Boating the Media"

Stand Up For The Constitution: Burn A Flag. A Modest Proposal


DU Scarborough poll: "Should the NYT be prosecuted....?"

Great show on AAR now, plus two great guests coming up

Is the USA still in Iraq for honorable reasons?

N. Korea has went from having enough plutonium for 2 nukes to 13 since Bush

I need a reality check: When's the last time anyone saw a burning flag?

What are you willing to do ?

Among the drugs was Viagra. It is MORE THan JUST one bottle

"He can best serve them by taking a stand against the war."- military mom

I'm having difficulty erecting happiness at Rush's misfortune

Fundraiser for Brian Keeler (NYBri from DKos) in NYC next week:

The 'christian' Right is scared about Creation Care

So if you really have ED why can't you get your own doctor

I suspect this amnesty talk has to do with all the US soldiers arrested

jesus w bush, it's only monday!

"Houston, We have a problem"

What should we send Joe Lieberman?

Send the twins!

Casket Found

Limbaugh is a sexual chicken hawk.

Get this... "Men with older brothers more likely to be gay"

Probation for selling black leopard kitten.

Pap attack on Scarborough

** Coming up next ** 10:35 EDT C-SPAN1 replay of Dem hearings

C-Span to replay Dem Prewar Hearing tonight

C'mon everybody, give this Yahoo Rush story five stars!

FYI: Lance Armstrong on TDS/Jon Stewart tonight. nt

Regarding racism....

Rush Part 2

Question. Was Rush on probation?

On Vietnam Vets being anti-Kerry.

I didn't know Ted Olsen was 'good friends' with David Boies

Free Ringtones Al-Zarqawi killed in Iraq Read more now

Refresh My Memory: What Exactly Were The Terms Of ru$h's Conviction?

Republican mothers too damned stupid to raise a child?

Does Al Qaeda read the NY Times or watch the MSM?

You Swore On The Bible - An Open Letters to Members of Congress

duh! CNN's poll has 70% opposing an amendment on flags.

Prayer for Rush - Dear Dog who art in the hearts of all animal lovers.

DFP columnist rips Dick (Amway) DeVos a new one ... bigtime!

A REPUBLICAN was the most passionate voice at today's war hearings


Oh, Karl...! Could your nose get any browner...?

No mention of Iraq in Gore fundraising letter for DNC.

Lionel Discussing "Feigned Government Outrage" Tonight

Kerry's More Than Anti-War

What follows Karzai?

Rush's trip to Dominican Republic...

Three Iraq Myths That Won`t Quit ...Scott Ritter...AlterNet

I support amnesty for insurgents

For Wisconsin DUers, Thank You for Russ Feingold!!!

'Breathtaking' Waste and Fraud in Hurricane Aid

OMG....mascara alert. Coulter coming up on MSNBC in a second and she

RUSH LIMPDONG! America's Viagra Detector

A note of appreciation..

Wouldn't Limpdick Limbaugh be a more appropriate name than Limpballs?


Ya gotta love THIS logic...

I knew the GOP hates veterans, but...


I thought repukes were about family values - why does Rush need Viagra?

The Way of All Flesh: Rush & Kinky Christians - MJ Article Tells All!

A message for nominal Christians cutting and running from Jesus

Faux to do a rip-off of The Daily Show

An open letter to my dearest friend, the fundie

Did you know that only 2 FREAKIN' FLAGS have been burned in '06?

Conyers:Do-Nothing Congress Prepares to Stumble out of Town

Florida's citrus industry fights for life

Escalating Prescription Drug Prices

so...a free press is an endangerment to america, isn't that just a...

War Party in the Catbird Seat

Roger Hedgecock will be sitting in behind the Golden EIB Microphone?

HaHa. Wing-nut gets spankin and storms off the set....Crooks & Liars

Flag Burn Debate Halted after Flag Spontaneously Combusts on Senate Floor

I'm next on WGN AM to discuss the NYT money laundering fiasco

A bomb threat against President George W. Bush and his "Jewish gang"

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in with Laura Flanders

The Daily Show just made fun of Attny General re: "Chicago 7"

Larry Johnson on Ed Schultz: He knows the SWIFT/ money/terror story.

Today I FINALLY cancelled my TIME subscription

Rush Limbaugh's defense is that he was protecting his PRIVACY

RePUKE supporters of spying on US citizens should be tried for treason

Arizona deputies baffled by empty casket

For people who don't like it when we call the RWers names, "Limpballs" IS

Rush Limbaugh's Attorney Roy Black Responds to Media Inquiries

Stand Up for Lt. Watada tomorrow!

HEADLINE: Bush ignores laws he inks, vexing Congress

Morgellons Disease-Doctors Make Progress With Mysterious Disease

Limbaugh stopped in customs with a prescription not his own.

Bush "helping terrorists" by disclosing surveillance techniques?

Stop calling it a WAR. It's not.

Flag desecration to be argued this week.

Please keep kicked: National Day of Action to Stand Up with Lt. Watada

"US of A: Love it or leave it commie"...a question for DU

This is how fanatical "Christians" justify war

Anyone see Biden slap down Cheney yesterday?

VIDEO: Senate Cmte. Hearing on Iraq Pre-War Intelligence (6/26/06)

Gallup: Majority of Americans (57%) want withdrawal plan for Iraq

Why does RUSH LIMBAUGH need Viagra? He's not married. IMMORAL PUKE

"Martin Luther King's bones must be rattling in his grave" Please SIGN Now

MSNBC >> Pres Bush Furious>> Good, now he knows how 70%

In honor of flag burning monday-A list of Rights we've lost under GW Bush.

Pretty woman...

Larry Johnson: VP Cheney, Chef in Chief

It's Bumper Sticker Time.... and two more added!

What does the NYT have that Bush and his minions are afraid they'll print?

Cafferty says Senate has SIXTY SIX votes for flag burning amendment.

Name Some repugs You Think Might, Maybe Switch To Dem:

Long Newshour segment: MegaRich Buffet Donates MegaBuck$ to MegaRich Gates

anybody just see Melanie Morgan vs. Sharpton on Tweety?

Tonight, my DU friends, I found peace. The best night of my life in Years.

I'm totally opposed to the "Forest Adventure Pass"

FLAG BURNING: Please DU this poll

Does anybody have any faith at all in Congress?

Is Fitz tied up and duct taped in a closet or something? What is he

Giving them hell again!

Bush meltdown ------------------------> VIDEO LINK

Rush Lover Daryn Kagan For Viagra

“Ethnic cleansing” in New Orleans

Thank You, New York Times

The Presidency: Abuse of power

Should DNC work to combat election fraud NOW or wait till nominee's known?

Judge to Tom DeLay: ‘Run like a rabbit’

Globe: Democrats Split on a 2d Run by KERRY

UnFreep This Poll: Are Journalists Traitors?

Hey Congressional Assholes! Iraq Is IN A Civil War Now!!!!

So when we purchase our home with 50% cash down...

Republicons want to take down nyt like they did rather..

Kristen Breitweiser has book coming out in September

Is George Bush Afraid? (A Challenge for our dear ol' POTUS)

LOL - OK - Which DUer signed this Bill Frist petition?

Coulter coming up on Scarborough: "What will set her off next?"

Hee Hee Hee, Ha Ha Ha... Sigh... THANKS RUSH!!!

Transcript of Kerry's speech: End EMPIRE OF OIL. (Gives props to Gore)

Ned Lamont's new ad against Lieberman--a MUST SEE

Medical marijuana vote in the House this week--call your reps!

Is this kind of flag desecration OK?

Soon to be first nationwide Vets For Peace Radio Program! Wooohooo

Rush Limbaugh can't get it up?

Silicon Valley driven by idea of fast electric cars

Nauseating But Important Article on David Addington--Cheney's Cheney

Why I likes Hugo!!!

Building collapse in Clinton, Missouri?

Memo to Dan Abrams: How MSNBC can beat FOX and CNN...


FBI BOUGHT The Boots-Military Outfits-Rental Cars & Cameras For Miami 7

How would you respond to a rw 'friend'-email I got

"Three words: The vice president."

Freeperville in full meltdown mode over Rush drug bust!

place your bets here for the fed meeting this week!

What happens when a liberal person gets rich?

Do we need another trial to recognize that Andrea Yates is insane?

Why ILLEGAL Voting Machines in BUSBY/BILBRAY Matters to the Whole Nation!

Rush Acting The Mack Daddy On The Front Page Of His Website! Get This!

*** Monday TOONs: N Korea ***

Peter King vs Katrina Van der Heuvel on Scarborough

Poverty American Style


My 10 year old nails a freeper ... again.

Freepers Are Threatening To Murder NYT Reporters And Publishers

Inhibiting Election Fraud in 2006: Simple. Not easy. Very, very important.

We are on our own now, It's important to make plans/What have You Done?

Call me unpatriotic, but if this flag-burning amendment passes ...

10 Reasons That Killing Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Is The Turning Point In Iraq.

"Shit" the course!

Woohoo! Feingold and Reid Working to Oust Sensenbrenner

Anti-War Music!!!

What Percentage of the American Poor have Earned their Status

RUSHGATE: Google "Dominican Republic Sex Tourism"

Roy Black statement on Rush

Had To Do It. Rush's Viagra Bust TIME Magazine Cover (photoshop)

I guess I am just a miltary brat kind of kid that went to school.

I Know That People Feel Beaten By Election Fraud, But DAMN!

Hey How Do You Feel About Nicotine Bans - now they are

Smoking vs. Drinking

14 year old has sex with man met on MYSPACE

Name one really talented, entertaining right-winger.

Murtha V. Hoyer

Montana senate debate on C-Span right now

I love the Bay Area!: Berkeley considers impeachment ballot measure...

One weekend: >170 bodies with gunshot wounds to head in Baghdad

Mobile Vietnam Veterans Memorial Schedule

The Road From K Street to Yusufiya

MISSISSIPIANS - Don't forget to vote tomorrow

Can you believe how the wing nuts are spinning Maliki's unity plan?

Of course there will be troop withdrawal before the elections

On Troop Redeployment, Is Cheney a Hypocrite?


Pandering the Amnesty Issue

General Casey's Plan to withdrawal troops should outrage conservatives

New Casey ad points out Santorum conflicting stance on Immigration....


Rendell leads (50 / 36) in race for PA Gov. Swann sinking like a stone.

Swift Boat Veterans got away with it once - but that ship has sailed

'08 Democratic Convention ~ DNC starts tour of Minneapolis area tomorrow..

Florida has a 3rd choice in '06 senate race (Independent)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Takes on Democracy

Question about Feingold regarding Clinton's impeachment.

Jeb's "friends" talk him up for '08 VP slot

bush alarmed at rising military PERSONNEL costs.

FYI/Reminder: C-Span 3 to broadcast the Downing Street hearing live today.

Is there a thread on Intel. Hearings on CSpan 3? I got home late..

Pre war intelligence

HELP! Could someone give this thread one more vote & a kick?

Bernie Ward rips Chris Baker a new one!

Powerful statements being made right now on CSpan

Bring Back the Draft - subject of two editorials in gulf coast paper

I am patiently waiting for evidence of a Democratic strategy to

Right Now on Cspan

2006 Elections: Success Breeds Success

China, The United States, The Media, and "Treason".....

The 4 F's of the Sen.George Allen Philosophy

Kerry Speaking on Energy Independence and the Environment.

Kentucky Repuke Governor takes a limo for his 500ft commute home

so buffett is giving away his $$$ hell, I only need 200 thous

are you ready to "cap wealth"?

Anybody notice Shrub's last comment before closing news conference?

Media Bias: John Kerry vs. John McCain

Murtha's House Race

Lou Dobbs Doing Segment on Electronic Voting Machines

For Bush, apparently, the "hard work" just got harder. DAMN newspapers!

Would you like to see a SkypeCast forum at DU? If so, please...

weird aspects of campaigns and debates

Bush Takes Torture to Court of Public Opinion and Is Found in Contempt

Ben Stein says: Tax The Rich!

You know, the frog probably would have

MP3 of Kerry Speech on Environment here:

Norquist: McCain's a Liar, Delusional

MISSISSIPPIANS - reminder #2 - Vote tomorrow and take someone with you

Lamont has a new ad. Check it out!!!

Who Should Be Tried For Treason?

Joe Scarborough Gets a Clue!

Joe Scarborough is having a good debate about the press

Freedom is on the march! Backwards!

Keith O' swiftboating the media LOL.

Help - having fight with a freeper

More great polls for PA governor and PA senate

It must be good stuff, Rush ...

Why Iraqi Amnesty May be Inevitable

Hit Their Strength: GOP's Moral Relativism and Situational Ethics

Zogby defends poll results (Virginia Senate Race)

Amusing Lynn Swann fundraiser story

Warren Buffet: Estate Tax Should Stay

VIDEO: Senate Cmte. Hearing on Iraq Pre-War Intelligence (6/26/06)

Thom Hartmann will not be on the air this week - father has died

2008 Poll

Ney posed in photo with tribe he didn't remember (Check out his sunburn)

So the Palestinians are terrorists now for killing Israeli military?

No amnesty for people who killed those who invaded and occupied their

Clean campaign money! Bonifaz statment on SCotUS ruling.

Dear Mr President, Chew on This: American Majority wants Iraq Withdrawal


Rush was on his private plane.....


Candidate decorum - What's wrong with this?


No joke! Dick Corp completes $16.5 million GTMO Operations Facility

Bob Fitrakis on Mike Malloy tonight

What will republicans call cut and run when they cut and run from Iraq

Troop drawdown in the fall to help GOPers get elected .... and then .....

Gary Cates response to my email lol

I really am sickened by freeper types. On another website I frequent

Ailes Cracks Whip as Fox News Slips

Bush response to Iraq's plan to help us out of the quagmire?

Rush's Drug of Choice

PDA Endorses Tasini NY US Senate

The hypocrisy of Rush Limbaugh's supporters is now obvious.

Ned Lamont's Newsletter Was Shocking Today

White House financial tracking effort was announced by WH in 2001!!!!

Someone please explain to me how this is different from the Miami 7?

Bush Is Not Incompetent.

People-powered impeachment.

No Stem Cell Talk in the Senate -- It's Flag-Burning Monday

If Gore were President, who would have been VP?

NYTimes/SWIFT story. Let's harken back to the days of The Pentagon Papers

Dems get sucker punched again. Casey's plan sounds familiar some how...

"An Inconvenient Truth" and the power of one

You know how Winners become winners? Because they think positive

DNC Chairman to throw out first pitch in Baltimore Tuesday

Chris Matthews hurt our country by having Melanie Morgan on

Jimmy Carter blogs on the daily kos:

Now there's something else the matter with Kansas

Check out Guest Blogger schedule at CLARK'S Site--Interesting choices!

The United States of Paranoia

The GOP is Planning on Turning MILLIONS Away At The Polls

A call to investigate the 2004 election

Kerry: 3 New Bold Ideas for Energy Independence and Global Climate Change

Plame outing v. Bank record snooping outing -- Double Standard?

Wanna know why Iran wants nukes? Isreal has them.