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Archives: June 24, 2006

God Bless David Letterman

Rap still sucks!

I'm looking for the movie "Triumph of the Will". Does anybody know

I have NOW seen it all - Mennonites on cellphones

I was in Bagdad,when you were in your dad's bag.

Storytime!--Balls O'Fire, The Hippo & The Dwarf, and The Willy!

Favorite Cult film

I have found a still life subject, but I'm at a loss how to photograph

You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?

Data mining for consumer buying habits

Good Quotes from the Founding Fathers

CAPTION: The new America- their ultimate goal.

State of vulnerability

GOP is proud of their war. Hey we're double proud to cut & run.

The Iraqi resolution will give amnesty to any insurgent

energy efficient cars

The Hitler vs Coulter Quiz

Why can't humvees be armored on the floor?

Social Isolation Growing in U.S., Study Says

What is NET NEUTRALITY and why should anyone care?

70,000 troops in Baghdad, state of emergency? Remember **May 2005** ????

Where can I find info on the Sunday shows?

Reminder: Springsteen coming up on Conan . . . n/t

We need to run Gore for president

Letterman has Gore for the entire show

I just lost all respect for Wikipedia

"To tell the truth": Sac News & Review on 9/11 Truth

Indictment reveals little hard evidence of terrorist plot

Ala. troopers' immigration duties draw fire

Cheney and HAL

For certain Republicans, the PM obliges

(John Pilger) East Timor: The Coup The World Missed

Cordesman: Iraq Insurgency has 50-50 chance of success

How is it that at 4:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, 'evil' Gates became a saint?

'It's Not Just About Iraq' By Dan Froomkin

Chuck Colson laid the groundwork for WH new "Southern Strategy"

Cuban Diplomacy at Its Finest

Lots of good ideas for Dems to run on if they only will (by Helen Thomas)

The war on terror in outer space.

Disregarding & Disparaging the Vast Majority of America

Terror Plan Farcical (lol)

NYT: Who's This 'We,' Non-Soldier Boy?

Baghdad in State of Emergency and MSM isn't reporting it

The Real "Daily Show ' Effect" - by Marty Kaplan at Huffington Post

Class War Politics - by Paul Krugman NYTimes

GI blasts Iraq's proposed amnesty for insurgents who kill U.S. troops

Kicking open the gates of Hell

Terrorists in Miami, Oh My! ( Robert Parry )

Maliki's Master Plan - By Rod Nordland at Newsweek

The Terrible, Horrible, Urgent National Disaster That Immigration Isn't

LAT: Greenland's Ice Sheet Is Slip, Sliding Away

Wrong man executed in Texas

Smirk's non-human allies in the war on terror?

If it would help stop the war I'd go on tour with Britney Spears-J Biafra

Neo-conservative’s roots were planted first by Rockefeller

Baby pelicans starving along Calif. coast

Nuclear enrichment plants

Power plan makes waves (NZ)

Will Ferrell - Bush on Global Warming

GM eyes 'plug-in' hybrid (

Cheney Wants to Build Nukes WITHOUT Containment Buildings

Hydraulic hybrid engines: better than electric hybrids?

Ancient shells found in Israel may be humanity's oldest jewelry

Gaza Militants Fire Rockets at Israel

U.S. Senate passes bill to block aid to Hamas government

IDF enters Gaza, nabs 2 Hamas members

British Filmmaker's Death in Gaza Continues to Resound

A town under siege urges war on Palestinians

Fakity Fake 2nd Hit Footage

Flight 93 crash sight photographer - 'Nothing bigger then a phone book'

could LIHOP/MIHOP be kept a secret?? a possible YES answer

Flight 175 Video from CBS

New Alex Jones Movie: Terrorstorm

Here is what has just been posted: re: Digital Vote Theft

Election Rights Hall of Shame

IA: Ballot Definition Settings in Pottawattamie Trigger Election Contest

Brad Blog: Busby/Bilbray Election: EMERGENCY TOWNHALL MEETINGS

Doug Jones: Are Absentee Ballots Really The Answer?

It's been over a week. Did the BBV 990 arrive???

Excuse Me Bartender. Would You Recommend a DRE?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, June 24, 2006

Why I am running for MA Secretary of State

Petition to Declare No Confidence (CA-50 Busby/Bilbray)

Grassley's coming!

My LTTE re: AT&T

chicken marinades ???

Grilled bratwurst...white corn on the cob..steamed broccoli & cauliflower

Syllabub under the Cow

Tasty Rib marinade

It's June in Wisconsin. Therefore, I have lots of greens. Help!

Found a new way to de-fat the cheap ground beef:

Helicopters would cut Afghan toll, Ottawa told

Harper's plan to skip AIDS forum ‘baffling'

San Francisco proposes LOCAL UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE - A model for America

28,000 Sailors personal Identity stolen and posted on the web.

Court Bars Info Request on NSA Wiretapping (Yassin Aref)

Rights groups wary of case (Miami Seven)

Bomb Kills GI on Foot Patrol in Baghdad

Philippines Abolishes the Death Penalty

Rev. Watson, Who Trained MLK, Dies at 98

West Point welcomes 1st Iraqi cadet

Pentagon: Vaccines may have killed soldier

Anna Nicole's Nemesis, E. Pierce Marshall Dies Unexpectedly

Businessmen and strippers join the party at Lenin's house

China's Parliament to Mull Anti-Monopoly And Other Laws

DU This Poll it needs help...

Trans fat leads to weight gain even on equal calories (monkeys)

(Canada PM) Harper's plan to skip AIDS forum ‘baffling'

Cuban Diplomacy at Its Finest

Auction cancelled; Atlanta mayor: Martin Luther King papers to Morehouse

US forces detain top Sunni leader in Iraq

U.S. Releases 14 Saudis From Guantanamo

Bolivia seeks prosecution of ex-president

E-Mails Detail Abramoff Requests, Contacts

Lula to Seek 2nd Term; Vows to Keep Up Brazil's Inflation Fight

Iraq Government Plans Call for U.S. Withdrawal Timetable

IT expert: I worked with 7/7 bombers and warned police

Motorcade protests East Coast seal hunt

Terror Plan Farcical (lol)

Brazil's Silva Announces Re-Election Bid

Safety fears see Iraq cup final moved to Kurdish north

Prodi, Berlusconi Battle Over Giving Powers to Italy's Regions

Dean repeats call for Iraq troop drawdown

Iraqi cleric freed after U.S. raid

Group denies violent doctrine (Miami Seven)

Eminent Domain Battle Ends in Conn. City

Guardsmen: Iraq a minute-by-minute battle

Afghanistan: 65 militants killed

Game Re-enacts al-Zarqawi Takedown

Hagel rallies GOP over Ricketts' bid (ties Ben Nelson to Kennedy)

U.S. General in Iraq Outlines Troop Cuts

Iraq Veterans Facing Homelessness

WP: In Election Year, GOP Lawmakers Loosen Link to President

Key insurgents vow to reject Iraq peace plan

AP: Congressional Hopeful Blames Troubles On The Devil

Impeachment hearing set (Cecelia Fire Thunder)

Suspected al-Qaida Aide Leads Somali Group

Army wives get phone death threats from Iraq

Murtha speaks out against permanent bases in Iraq

Congressman wants California island open to hunting by military veterans

NYT: Bush's Immigration Plan Stalled as House G.O.P. Grew More Anxious

Cornerstone of NYC Freedom Tower Removed

Fear Invades a Once-Comfortable Iraqi Enclave

Patsy Ramsey has died of ovarian cancer, Jon Benet's mother

Hubble Telescope's Main Camera Not Working

I'm awake, kinda tired, kinda wired, have Donnie Darko - should I watch it

Blagh. Get back from work and I'm too ill-feeling to go drink

It's late, do you know where the president is.......

Air musicians — whom do you like to cover?

Speaking of DVD boxed sets, anyone have Band of Bros.?

how do you get water out of your ear?

Ruh-roh... the Freepers are gonna hammer on Gore again

Libs have no morralls!

Something tells me I suck at dating

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

Last night I met this woman in Maine. I told her, get this:

Post your myspace page........

Exams over. Is Sunday here. Sleepy plenty.Feel like goodnight thread.

I'm being held hostage by utility trucks!

Aaron Spelling has died.

Best fortune cookie message

Sheriff’s deputy mistakes pistol for Taser. `Ow, that hurt'

DVDs do you buy more or fewer than before

Unbelievable. ABC affiliate preempts World Cup for cartoons

How come UK tv shows are limited to 6 or 13 episodes per season?

anyone want to march with the HRC tomorrow in San Francisco?

Anybody watch 'House of Boateng' last night on Sundance?

Give me something important to do.

Poor kitty!

Earbuds. I hate earbuds.

World Cup 2006: Round of 16 - Germany v Sweden, discussion thread

Out of town for three more days & BROKE MY FUCKING GLASSES!

My face ran into a chair last night

What is the lounge for?

Where was Mr. Bush when USA played Ghana in World Cup?

Jehovah's Witnesses paid me a visit this morning.

Your grammar is atrocious!

Should I go to the Dyke March even though its raining and I'm tired?

All of a sudden I have a craving for potato salad.

bad back pain: what do some of you do to relieve it?

Macaroni & Cheddar Salad

Just got a John Fogerty DVD!

You know....


Is there such a thing as a right wing intellectual?

Why would anyone want a Barbary bush? They suck

progmom on the air - post your jazz requests here

Why would anyone want a Barbara Bush? They suck

Have any of you ever planned a high school reunion? Advice, please.

Anybody using Vonage? Got a tech question.

My mom's house got hit by lightning

Wife is out of town. What should I do for dinner?

Republicans: evil or stupid?

Just heard Steven Colbert on public radio!

Talking cats

The Dog Whisperer's take on Bill O'Reilly

I love You Tube! Check this out!

Just had an itch *dial up warning*

Who is your favorite MLB pitcher of all time?

Curly fries - gift from God?

Going to a pinic. Wanna come with?

Obligatory Cute Cat pics.

Breaking: CA Peggy Just Dropped the F Bomb on Malibu!

Guess what I saw driving down the streets of Downtown Fargo yesterday...

Drunk Birds! Watchout!

I am getting an IPOD video player next week

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/24/06)

Happy birthday Midlodemocrat!!

Strange looking cats (A little pic heavy)

World Cup 2006: Round of 16 - Argentina v Mexico, discussion thread

Everything and Jack Daniels too BBQ sauce....

I need a pukey smilie

Hitler Cats???

Tommy the Cannibal

Corn flakes does so make a delicious coating for fried chicken!

What is the semantic difference between "big hucking . . .

Such a prize.....

Tonight's menu chez SuperNova

So far so good: new cell phone, bottle of top-notch sake, and

Saturday, June 24. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Post a picture of your house.....

A dilemma for a rainy day....To which jazz album should I listen first?

Would you love this dog?

Should I go into NYC tonight?

Gardening Advice Needed: #$@*% Aphids!!!

Happy Morning! (a must-see commercial)...

Advice Needed: Repair or Replace? (cross post from Photo Group)

Q. "Why won't the American people WAEK UP?" A. "Errant Spelling."

I guess it's about time I went to bed

The only bad part/disadvantage to the Yukata is using the loo.

I can't vacuum right now

Anyone doing the sandwich generation thing?

Where's a good place to buy cd jewel cases in bulk?

I just wrote the check for my final car payment.

Question for the GBLT community

Anyone know ways to get a cat to eat a pill?

A Poll About Polls:

Firefox and journals???

what should i do tonite?

Women of DU, tell me about these shoes

Q. "Why won't the American people WAKE UP?" A. "Aspirate yelling".

So there was this guy named Matt, okay?

Ah... a Kirsten Flagstad marathon. God's gift to humanity, Kirsten.

Good matches of name to profession?

Saturday lyrics....

Awright, who turned the gravity up?

Creative Job - Commute Helper


Europride in Oslo, some pics (photos)

I start my new job tomorrow.

My cat is bugging the crap out of me...

Alright, it's Saturday night...

There's a place in the world for a gambler

my cat got out of the house ... need suggestions.

Caption this pic.

My cat just had to be put down.

Why do some people talk to themselves?

balding, overweight, lumpy middle-aged men-your thoughts on body

I Spent $100 Today On A 7" Santoku! Ask Me Anything!

Who's hungry?

Has anyone here ever seen 'F for Fake' by Orson Welles?

Any Mick Jones from The Clash and Big Audio Dynamite fans

Anyone know how to reclaim a Linux partition for Windows?

Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin.

Aaron Spelling Icon of our time

The Gift is on the tube. I love Cate Blanchette.

WHAT THE!!!!!!!!!!!!1

At what age must I stop playing air guitar?

If anybody remembers the former DUer named Champ >>>>

Question: If my neighbors have built something illegally, should I report

Damn, these jeans stink.

Note to self

A Tsunami Predicted by Psychics on George Noory Show...for Seattle

What's you Brazilian name?

I just watched an episode of Starsky and Hutch.

I used "Up With People", "shat", "denuded", and "fen" in one sentence -

"You Were Always On My Mind..."

It's June and I smell smoke

What a day... on the plus side, I must be improving in the social arena.

Post here and I'll put you on ignore. Or I'll see if you are on my ignore,

So much for the kitty-free room

Name a "one-shot wonder hit" that deserves to be revived.

Weird, but true, business names

Beatles Fans: Which era is your favorite?

i've missed you guys

The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale - Pick em'


Katie Kat -- She loves resting in the weirdest places.

WTF??? Getting cursed out at 4 AM...

Last night I met an artist, a gentleman of 60 years. He told me

In honor of my new iBook, post a SCREEN SHOT.

The Absolute worst U.S. Domestic Airport

Mother of JonBenet Ramsey dies .. CNN reports

Goofy Town Names that you like?

I've been smoke free for a year and a month.......and, d*mn I want

Hello. My name is WIMR.

Anyone deal with a photo shot run red light ticket in s cailf ?

9 1/2 hours on the road in the pouring rain

The inventor of the sinus infection must die. How should this happen?

I love Beautiful Songs About terrible Things! Suggest some for me...

You just won two plane tickets to anywhere. Where are you going?

I saw An American Haunting yesterday

2 year old shoots 4 year old ...

The 10 most common grammar mistakes ?

What's the single stupidest moment in movie history?

My first ever digital pictures... Grand Canyon! [dial-up warning]

July 14, 1940 ~ June 24, 2005

A truly unsettling thought

Pessimistic Town Names ... name some

How many Stupid People are there in America??

Got the Dixie Chicks CD for my birthday...

Q. "Why won't the American People WAKE UP?" A. "Aaron Spelling"

Your comments, please? It's about guilt -- over "a string of pearls" ---

For LeftyMom - curried vegetables & dahl - with several pictures

Any herbal tea drinkers here, I drink several kinds.

Worst trade in Baseball History? Starting to look like it...

Which is the best sitcom (of these choices)?

On What Day Of The Week Were You Born?

To all my lounge friends

Gotta love those DU ads!

Christions, Want to make a difference? Post to this site!

My new political web site -

Uninsured patients get relief in billing dispute (OR)

Key to long life may be mom's age at birth

Dodo skeleton find in Mauritius (BBC)

UFO Research: Findings vs. Facts

UC Santa Cruz chancellor commits suicide

Another idea to improve soccer.

Podolski 2, Sweden 0

One of the most beautiful soccer goals I've ever seen.

As they have for centuries, the English show Germany the only "side" they

WORLD CUP: Brazil vs. ___________________??

"What Happened?" - Karen Bishop - June 23, 2006

Physical attributes of rising signs?

Trouble brewing between Reid and Durbin?

TNR vs Kos continued

Iraqis plan...

ProSense -

Hey Y'all!!

General Casey proposes troop cuts

Webb opposes troop withdrawal

For Ginny

Geraldo claims he has seen more combat then John Kerry .. WTF?!?!?

check this out

What else JK did on Thursday.

Anybody see this?

nice article in the Milwaukee Journal today--with catnip

An observation about the so called "divided-dems"

Did a Repug write

Beat the fire trucks!

Advice Needed: Repair or Replace?

if you haven't read this post yet, you really should, IMHO.

Compare/Contrast Media Coverage

Just got a lab pup.

Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" See it!

'New American Century' Project Ends With a Whimper

BREAKING: Violence Breaks Out Across The Country. Thousands Killed.

Time Magazine also skeptical about the Miami Seven story

"If there was only such debate amongst the Republicans,"

Just started this job fund raising ,but .

So I was just watching Neil Cavuto

"A Terrifying Message From Al Gore" - - ROTFLMTO

This goes up every day.....

Apparently my town has not heard about the bursting bubble

The 10 most common grammar mistakes ?

what a rant..interesting history lesson

AL Gore Was so Presidential on Letterman....and funny.

Is There A Listing Of Theaters Showing "An Inconvenient Truth"?

Ever See Fox News With The Sound Turned Down?


A Simple Question for Democrats AND Republicans to Remember...

STAY THE COURSE - Saturday's toon 6/24

Trump: Leave Iraq ASAP

Playing To the White Fears of Black Men. Works Every Goddamn Time.

Open letter from war resister Lt. Watada's mother....

Anatomy of a Shooting: A Civilian's Death in Iraq (NPR)


Rice Gives Iran Weeks, not Months, To Decide on Nuclear Talks - 6/2/02

Invading Iraq - How the invasion has Doubled our losses

'Terror war' breeds more terror - Oxford Research Group

AP: Karzai says war on terror off target

Bush Military History Project #19

A Tsunami Predicted by Psychics on George Noory Show...for Seattle

What's On Your Mind?

Land of the free? Home of the brave? Not really.

The Right Wing Is Largely Composed Of Filthy, Immoral Power Whores!

Uh, Mr. President, two questions...

Reuters now reporting Iraqi PM to present reconciliation plan to Assembly

New weekend story; Jon Benet Ramsey's mom dies of

We had Republican in laws for a week and it was interesting

Patsy Ramsey died

Sure, they hate deadlines NOW...

In Florida, even the alligators are terrorists

Bumper sticker I saw today:

Republican Congressional Hopeful Blames Troubles On The Devil

CSPAN Washington Journal discussion on Graduation Rates....

Good morning chuckle

Aaron Spelling has died.

Coulter joins gym, bulks up:

Message in a Bottle (A strange story)

The Tugboat Theory

I Have This Theory...

This Iraqi proposal by the PM is BS

Cheney defends search of bank records

Gonna go see "An Inconvenient Truth" tonight...

A group who should be even angrier than us - Republicans!

Wary of U.S., Syria and Iran Strengthen Ties

Why would you take a chance that Al Gore is wrong?

US forces release Sunni leader and his two sons in Iraq, apologise

Michael Berg's Letter to the Editor (my local paper)

dubya: "send Chertoff down to Miami, round up some homeless guys..."

CNN, this morning..Take your pick of the lame "be afraid" stories.

Fans flock to Gore book signing

Bush presses for more power to rein in US spending

NJ supports gay marriage in new poll

Aaron Spelling Icon of our time

Dean addresses the nation. Lays out Dem stance on Iraq.

The rightwing disenfranchise African Americans.How do Rice,Watts&others

In Iraq, Bush is fighting the wrong war on terror (Kerry was right)

spy drones coming to your neighborhood!

Spread wide your wants, haunt heights of woodland fonts, but CAPTION!!!!

An AP article in my local paper stated that

Polish immigrant I know: "All I can't do is vote. Whats the big deal?"

Since gov't made a Big Public Deal out of the Sears Tower "plot," can

Christian Newswire: Sears Tower vulnerable to TERRORIST ATTACK!!!

Do we still need currency

Death penalty my real thoughts..

More evidence of the pathetic state of our media

The Bush DOJ cannot help but look foolish whenever a terror arrest is made

7000 broken down humvees sent back to US & 17,000 other broken bits

Republican Congressional Hopeful Blames Troubles On The Devil

Sounds like the Iraqis just about got into the Green Zone yesterday

Anyone catch the military's new term for "insurgents"?

Looks like Jon Benet Ramsey's mother's death trumps Miami terra bust

Bush twin, fan of anti-Bush Radiohead?

Al Gore on Letterman(video clip)

A question for DU'ers with school-aged kids....

"La Plaza: Conversations with.." Maria Hinojosa & why she quit CNN

DU This Poll it needs help...

Kudos to that wonderful Washington Journal female caller this morning

PNAC and Neocon Agenda Group selected for deletion on June 29th.

Clinton:Debate More Important Than Party Unity (has she been reading DU?)

The Miami 7 and the renewal of the Voting Rights Act.

Briton and fertility

Hey you 'Reagan Democrats' is this what you envisioned? You happy now?

Where is my America

AL GORE's Hilarious New Commercial from the Futurama Folks!

Politicians hide themselves away.

Have any of you ever planned a high school reunion? Advice, please.

Cafferty being sued for $10 million

They've pulled so many "Stunts" this week:

Families deny US terror plot link

Q. "Why won't the American People WAKE UP?" A. "Aaron Spelling"

Some poignant thoughts by Gore Vidal

Once We Regain Some Shared Control over Our Country

A Saturday Smile...

King papers will not be auctions

Iraq Govt. Plan Calls for U.S. Withdrawal Timetable


CNN Poll - Do you think the men arrested over an alleged U.S. terror plot

another truth telling journalist murdered

Sunday Talk Shows

Something pathetic about forcing Grandfathers to go to war!

Robert Parry: Terrorists in Miami, Oh My!

Things I have yet to see in my lifetime

I see why Geraldo thinks he's seen more combat than John Kerry

I can sleep better knowing Tori Spelling is safe from the death tax

Must-See-TV.. "A Lion in the House".. (have a box of kleenex handy)

What is the semantic difference between "big hucking . . .

Attention DU'rs...The time of Republican Propaganda

Email to Helen Thomas on Iraq War: No known Reason?

In the words of Gomer Pyle, "CITIZENS ARREST! CITIZENS ARREST!"

This Florida Terrorist Hoax is decidedly Racist

STOP! We have you surrounded!

Conyers:GOP Approves Resolution of Inquiry Demanding Info

Accurate headline: "Al Gore Will Not Seek The Presidency In 2008"

The Google Chimp-o-Matic quote of the day

Heads up: Helen Thomas and Al Gore on BookTV (c-span2)

I hate hearing the number of dead like it was a friggin World Cup score

ZERO mention of TerraPlot on entire MSNBC front page

Today I drove through a traffic sign that said NO TURN ON RED.

You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them----

One of the weirdest W videos I've seen... (LINK)

Relatives says alleged terror group studying the Bible

My best friend died of ovarian cancer at age 42

Iraq's WMD came from the US.

has anybody seen this, is it fact? the BFEE connection to the nazi's

TBI..Traumatic Brain Injury..Soldiers often don;t know they have it

Drunk Birds! Watchout!

DEAN: We don't want another wall with 55,000 names of courageous Americans

Kurtz, Lauria and Corallo can't seem to get their stories straight...

My Dozen Senate Heroes

So what are we going to do ?

Iraq Veterans Facing Homelessness

The US is the world's leading jailer. Do the Democrats care?

Candidate for AZ governor calls for forced labor camps for illegals

Is anyone yet at the point of "By any means necessary"?

Key insurgents vow to reject Iraq peace plan

Germany, February 28, 1933: a comparison of our current situation

Stealing a line from Clarence Darrow "Hate the crime not the

Why are most Repubs "Pro-War" ??

Calling all DU'rs. This site needs our help.

WTF???? coulter a dead-head?

Screening: Tom Delay's Stolen Congress

Creating them over here, so we can fight them over there

The red fox has left the chicken coop. Seven Sparrows fly west. The Moon

WORLD CUP: Brazil vs. ___________________??

Star strangled banner

Friendly advice to young Black, Latino, and Middle-Eastern


Every now and then, a glimmer of intelligence shines on the Yahoo boards

Guardsman: ...they will not work with us. I don't ever see it happening.

Does Al Gore's movie show any happy ending?

Tuesday 27 June: One primary, two runoffs(inc. Trent Lott's opponent)

Help...If the U.S. were to find Abu Hamza al-Muhajer alive and kill him...

Jacob's bad luck: Is it . . . Satan?

Why Vote?

RFK Jr , on link TV .

Is "An Inconvenient Truth" Gore's "Profiles in Courage"?

The Iraqi Amnesty plan tells us to stop dropping bombs on them

DU This Poll it needs help...

Think You Recognize Fallacious Arguments?

From the McAllen (TX) Monitor, 5/24/79

Foxed Up with Jon Fox Radio Show- 10p-1am!

A 75 year old woman working at Costco

The Animals have had about enough of our shit,,

Newsweek: Iraq PM Maliki's Master Plan

Who wants to be Santorum?

A Date with the President! Only $100,000! ---pix--->>>

d. civil war,function: noun:a war between opposing groups of citizens

Prosecutors Tried to Disqualify Tom Noe's Attorneys (but WHY?)

So what's our good pal Tom DeLay up to these days? K St. Lobbying?


Jack Kevorkian Dying in Prison

The Chimperor Demands Line Item Veto Power

The Swiftboating of John Murtha is about to generate BLOWBACK!

Studying the bible MAKES YOU A TERRA-ist. Oh wait. Hmmmmm.

Derek Tastes of Earwax

We take Cheney's rant at NY Times lightly at our peril.

US detains top Iraqi Sunni cleric

Nasty Foes Now Owe Apologies To Gore

Good Numbes for the Bush Administration

Looking through my old VHS movie's

COINTELPRO - 2006 style

Economic Revolution........... would this work?

The Worst of Both Worlds

Gore's depressing WISDOM re: An Inconvenient Truth

What Senators Support Gay Marriage?

The TV news stranglehold by the right wing finally makes sense.

A soft underbelly exposed

What's going on with all this stolen data? First the laptop,...

Warning to All Senatorial Democratic Candidates Who Have a Lead

Battered Kenyan women more prone to HIV: report

Here's a frustrating thing for me about "An Inconvenient Truth":

Bush Admin Doesn't Want A Timetable Because It Would Mean Accountability

The Mother-Lode... Reporters by Network...(pics and links to their sites)

Bay Area DUers - there is a rally for 1st Lieut Ehren Watada on Tuesday

Is the IRAQ WAR Over?

Is Iraq a soveriegn nation? Were those elections "legitimate"?

Immigration Debate – My Daughter Teaches her Father about the Innocent Vic

Anyone else here watch ADDICTED TO OIL on Discovery Channel tonight?

SNL is poking fun at ARhuld and Anderson Cooper

I *finally* got a chance to ask a conservative this question:

Guest lineup for Sunday TV news shows (Durbin, Boxer, Feingold, Levin)

Shut Up, Go Shopping, Support the War...and Nobody Gets Hurt!

I LOVE this article, "This is Bush's War, Let him have it"

I think the US wants NK to fire a missile

HAH! Repubs aren't "hanging tough"... they're running SCARED of Rove

Repubs-a-spinning: plan "steep" troop cuts!

Bush got sucker-punched in Hungary

Fox News Readies 'Daily Show' Ripoff Starring Laura Ingraham

Dick Cheney is 100% right...

Steal this image!

Bush admin secret plan to shoot the N. Korean missile out of the sky

It's Always the Left That Picks Up The Pieces

ATTN: Lurking Conservatives. Regarding the "Miami 7"

MO Senate Race! McCaskill 49% Talent 43%

an observation of DU. Most here have no problems with each

Freepers on Parade Supporting War Crimes: Killing The ENEMY Is Not MURDER!

Brothel bust in Boca bags big shots

Can I say something about "cut and run" ??

Helen Thomas - oppose the DLC - "Republican Lite"

Poll: Santorum Approval Rating Declines -CBS

Solving the upcoming retirement housing crisis...Communes

May I recommend a very good interview with Merle Haggard.

So Republicans now want to start comparing sins?

UN warns of urban instability

Democrats dare to dream of recapturing the Bush heartland

Illegal Overseas Giga-Fund Estimated At $55 to $300 Trillion

FRANK RICH SMACKDOWN: The Road From K Street to Yusufiya

A question: What constitutes "The American Dream" to you?

Is someone running against Duncan Hunter?

The one thing we must correct before we can have representative government

Legal question about the Plame case

Why there have been NO terror attacks in the USA since 9/11

Solution: Break Up Iraq; Reality: It's Not So Easy

How Conservatives Hate Democracy--Part 1

Amanda Doss - Freeper, Fool, Freelance attack dog (John Murtha)

UN. Fucking. Believable. FBI: Terror plot mostly talk

This is strictly for the newbies, lurkers, and the terminally shy on DU

Al Gore Gets Rock Star Welcome at Nashville Book Signing

My cat keeps drinking my beer...

What is the Republican "plan" ??

If you want to find a group of crazy terrorists, look in our White House.

Calling all South Florida DUers (Meeting regarding the Miami Seven)

I did it! It was me!

Christian video game coming in October

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DU Propaganda Debunking Group to be deleted

Patsy Ramsey has died

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Just saw Syriana on DVD

GLOBE says Condi and the Chimp Have A Thing Going!

Costa Rica wants Iraq reference removed (US says 'not possible')

More on the lake that dried up. What the owners did in the 70s.

Ex-CIA Aide Says: Warnings On WMD 'Fabricator' Curveball Ignored

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Has anyone read "Ravelstein," the book about Strauss student Bloom and

So-Called Iraqi WMD is Bull-S__ by Larry Johnson

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design-- Turning the Tide

Musings From Tom Joad Country

*** Saturday Night TOONS: Min Wage, Global Warming, N Korea ***

WARNING: pick your Union Stewards wisely

Hagel rallies GOP over Ricketts' bid (labor backs Ben Nelson!)

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Bernie Ward is RIGHT ON THE $$$!

Iraq is George W Bush's "baby"...

Doesn't "home grown" mean you planted the seeds yourself?

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PLEASE DU this about VP Cheney (Ne Dem party action)

If you'd rather not spend the rest of your life working for Bush's War

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Be skeptical of the Hillary supporters trashing Gore story.

Ilario Pantano opened his mouth and out came neo con speak

If you'd rather not spend the rest of your life working for Bush's War

PNAC and Neocon Agenda Group selected for deletion on June 29th.

Where are the students?

Bush Nominates National Review Writer To Public Broadcasting Board

NYT/AP: Politics of '06, '08 at Play for Dems on Iraq

The Case of the Liberty Seven

The Psychology of Voting

Maliki calls for a timetable for withdrawal of U.S. troops

Why should a corporation like Halliburton not be prosecuted?

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NYT: Sharp Split With G.O.P. Leaders Hurt Bush on Immigration Plan

-- Sign this petition against military action against Iran --

Report on the Abramoff, Scanlon, Reed, Norquist Investigation

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Dear Senator Kerry

Rove's Secret

Anybody got a link to a list of GOPers indicted and/or convicted

Bush Ends Corporate Welfare

The ACLU's greatest hits!

If we run Congress next year, can we rein in rogue states

{Top Three} Vietnamese leaders resign posts (BBC)

MO Senate: McCaskill (D) 49%, Talent (R) 43%

My new political web site -

Hacking The Vote In Miami County: Posted By Bob Fitrakis

New GOP Meme: "We trash a hero of yours & it will be good for you if we

Who really still thinks bush is running things?

Emergency Petition

It Only Takes One Congress To Steal An Election: The Voting Rights Act

Book: First Data gave feds records

AP: Bush pushes Congress on line-item veto

Democrats Finally Wake Up to Need For Minimum Wage Hike

Supporting the President or Hiding from Karl Rove

Bush: I need line-item veto authority NOW, dammit (not an actual quote)

Jacob's bad luck: Is it . . . Satan?

PFAW: Pls. sign and forward petition to renew Voting Rights Act!

**oops - mistake** NYT says Saddam is going to be re-instated by the USA.

Republicans want voters to "stay the course" on everything...

Hey, where DID the "Dems are going to impeach" meme go?

Heads up - Serious swiftboat effort is brewing against Murtha.....

Text of Democratic Radio Address as delivered by Howard Dean

Every violation comes back to their treasonous claim to absolute power

Has Halliburton started construction on the "internment" camps?

SUNDAY TALK SHOWS: Feingold on Meet The Press! more....

america's high school graduation map

"Thank God Al Gore did not win in 2000..."

need help with research

I'm as guilty as the Liberty Seven!!!

Lincoln was a flip flopper, too. Listen up John Kerry!

Bigots Now Push Constitutional Convention In Obsession To Ban Gay Marriage

Are lots of you still attending "Meet Ups" and if you aren't Why Not?

Helen Thomas: When are the Democrats going to get their act together?