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In 2003, U.S. Spurned Iran's Offer of Dialogue

Some men are created equal

How US hid the suicide secrets of Guantanamo

Mark Crispin Miller's open letter to Salon...

Horror show reveals Iraq’s descent (Baghdad morgue: children tortured)

Breaking: Japan warns N.Korea over any missile launch

Pardon talk for Libby begins

Horror show reveals Iraq’s descent (Baghdad Morgue)

Some velvet morning when I'm straight.

Wenner's on a roll at Rolling Stone (PearlJam cover is next)

I did something completely stupid today

I am so damn great! I just thought I'd tell you that.

southlandshari, where are ya?

dedicated to all the fathers out there:

The Cowsills, i heard their songs but i didn't know it was them--duh

Should I make my 7 year old son sit through "An Inconveninet Truth?"

Recent photos over in the photography forum

Avoid breast cancer. Sleep in the dark...

WTF? OBL is "not wanted" for the attack on 9/11?

A Father Speaks Out Against the Iraq War

Crowds celebrate Brazil Gay Pride

Please DU this poll on flag burning

"I have seen the enemy..." (Protesters at soldier's funeral in Dallas)

Pardon talk for Libby begins

CHECK OUT: The Road to Guantanamo Movie

Why Do Democratic Representatives Support Bush when He

How to end Iraq's civil war -- let it rip(?)

ATTN DEM LEADERSHIP: The Only Thing You Have To Fear Is Fear Itself!

Who Killed the Electric Car?????

To Sean Hannity: I AGREE with you (and the Jesus I know)

BBC Blows The Whistle: African-American Voters Scrubbed by Secret GOP Hit

Do Vietnam veterans tend to lean Republican?

Why do so many DU'ers think it is racist to be concerned about

Baghdad blasts mock US claims of Iraqi progress

The Seattle PI on Climate Change Posted on Common Dreams!!

Detainees not given access to witnesses

Trivializing Corruption

Fear of plant closings, layoffs shaping autoworker vote

Time: How an Al-Qaeda Cell Planned a Poison Gas Attack on the New York Cit

Happiness - The gift for the culture that has everything

An exclusive interview with Amma, India's hugging saint.

Washington was used.

The Old Catholic Church -first in Switzerland to bless gay couples.

India's influence soars: "Un-China" could be next economic superpower

Kicked out of Gitmo

CNNMoney: $1.7M Mercedes world's most expensive lemon?

NYT/AP: Time to put our National Parks on the endangered list?

WSJ: Zarqawi Is Dead. What Now?

The State of Iraq: An Update

Wow did anybody see this video on Murtha

Newsweek: Doubts about Duke

Guardian: "Drugs firm blocks cheap blindness cure"

BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL: Dems must speak truth to power or they will lose

9/11 widow: Don't judge (I'm not a harpy or a witch)

NYT: Former Antiterror Officials Find Industry Pays Better

Mexico Worries About Its Own Southern Border (NY Times)

LeMonde: Guantanamo 'Shows Chasm between U.S. and World'

"No Tenure for Joe Lieberman" (Steve Clemons, TWN)

Detainees not given access to witnesses

My Unwitting Role in the Rove 'Scoop'

Why GOP's winning war - of words As Democrats divide..

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 248

A noxious form of argument (Noam Chomsky)

"military overstretch" and the eventual decline and fall of empires.

Toyota hybrid sales hit tax credit ceiling:BUYERS AFTER SEPT. 30 GET HALF

Humpback whales: Licence to kill

Japan gains first whaling victory (BBC)

An Inconvenient Truth: Holding strong at #12. Week #4

Army plea as toxic toads march on (BBC) {cane toads in Australia}

Humpbacks face a slow death by explosives; Japan LYING about whale kills

I need a FReeper/Faux talking point refuted

Pilot whales, dolphins, porpoises not protected: Int'l Whaling Commission

Hamas facing reality check

Beach deaths: No int'l probe

Being prepared: Just in case

Dayan Is Accused in Antiquities Plunder

EU rejects realignment plan

C-Span: Roundtable on Israeli-Palestinian Relations

Israelis killing Palestinians, and vice versa

The Missing tail Section of Flight 77

first time I've seen this picture of white hot motlen metal..

Do these two videos of the 2nd hit both show the same approach path?

5 more flashes caught on tape,. (detonations)

Police officer who worked in 9/11 wreckage dies from lung disease

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Mon. 06.19.06– Father’s Day Edition

RFK Jr. to bring lawsuits against Diebold and other e-voting vendors!

Cleveland paper>Rest assured, we checked out Election 2004 thoroughly

Episcopal Church Elects Female Presiding Bishop

Daily Kos: Why I Woke Up to the Reality Of Stolen Elections

VoteTrustUSA: Key Component of Voting System Undergoes No Review

GA voters groups demand immediate decertification of Diebold.

TX: Voters File For Injunction To Prevent Use Of VVPAT-Less DRE's

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, June 18

Brad Friedman up at 6:15 pm Central. The Monitor

Colo. voter records disappear during move

VotePA-Allegheny Report : Irregularities in the May 16th Primary Election

Stumbled on this bit of info looking for something on Leach

So I walk into the Republican state convention wearing my "Worst

DFA finalist voting Monday - 9-5 ET only - URGENT to vote

ok how long has it been? Finally coming to you through Firefox

Microsoft France Site Hacked

DeLay recording: "I recently registered to vote in Northern California"

Democrats Subpoena DeLay Records From Wilson,

Lloyd Doggett, Del Shannon, German chocolate cake, margaritas...

USA Kadima Party website plagiarizes the 2004 Texas Democratic party plat

Phelps protest in Richardson for soldier's funeral (PIX)

Eeps. I let my pan boil dry!

I'm looking for a dishwasher safe cookie sheet

Please join us in an extraordinary wine - Cline's 2003 Live Oak Zinfandel

Best Wishes On Father's Day to our forum dads

Canned banana peppers

Newsweek: Doubts about Duke

Japan says could announce Iraq pull-out

Death threats are alleged in Marine investigations

Fear of plant closings, layoffs shaping autoworker vote

Colo. Voter Records Disappear During Move

Reuters: Al Qaeda-linked group claims Baghdad bombs

Time: How an Al-Qaeda Cell Planned a Poison Gas Attack on the New York Cit

Mexico Worries About Its Own Southern Border (NY Times)

Former Antiterror Officials Find Industry Pays Better (Lobbying Gov't)

Leftist Party Wins Slovak Elections

U.S. forces block roads in insurgent-held city

W.Va. fights other states for next-gen power plant

10 workers at Baghdad bakery kidnapped

World's oceans reaching point of no return, says UN

N.C. Baptists, UNC keeping strong ties with communist Cuba

Missing US troops in area where many live in fear

US rejected Iranian overtures in 2003

Laptop With D.C. Workers' Data Stolen (ING Financial Services)

Iran Says U.S. Hinders Nuclear Compromise

My Unwitting Role in the Rove 'Scoop'


New plan to cut off Ramadi rebels

Wisconsin Voter Registration Forms Available In Spanish, Hmong

10 workers at Baghdad bakery kidnapped

US halts issue of visas to Hondurans

(Sunn) Basra mosques closed

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#2503)

Oberst and Bright Eyes rock on despite rain (says W is an idiot)

GOP names new candidate to oppose Gov. Richardson

NYT - Company Ties Not Always Noted in Security Push

Iraqi interpreters looking to settle scores with Saddam

(ING) Confidential data at risk after laptop stolen (13,000 people's SS#)

Zarqawi was registered for benefits

Nokia, Siemens in $31.5 billion phone equipment deal (MarketWatch)

Somali leaders: U.S. ignored plea to halt aid to warlords

Fraud Alert Protection Removed by House Bill

Schumer: Book shows NYC still Qaida target

Bomb in eastern Turkey wrecks cargo train-report

Rejected! Feds won't take notes of readers

Colo. Voter Records Disappear During Move

Was MI5 Trigger for Bungled Terror Swoop.. a Prisoner with I.Q. of 69?

Biden visits, vows presidential run (NH)

NYC mayor can't squelch rumors of White House bid

Iraq's disastrous 'black oil' swamps

Chavez Kalashnikov Factory Plan Stirs Fear

Parliamentary speaker tells U.S. commander to spare Iraqi blood

Iraq's Post-Hussein Air Force Finds Its Wings Clipped

Senator Holds Party in Limbo (Lieberman)

CNN: Senators Roberts, Feinstein spar over U.S. commitment in Iraq

AP- Laptop with D.C. workers' data stolen

First Kazakh satellite into orbit

Taiwan F-5 fighter jet crash prompts call for purchase of F-16s from US

Spokesman (Snow): Bush polls don't rule Iraq war

Democrat Assails Rove's Remarks on Iraq

Farmer: US Troops in Iraq taken captive - Yahoo News

Rape Rate Declining In U.S., Report Finds

Fla. motorcycle fatalities reportedly soar

Episcopalians Elect 1st Female Leader

Man apparently drowned in Katrina floods; body under furniture(#1588)

Japan under attack for inhumane humpback deaths

(UK) Banned: Schoolgirls are forced to take off chastity rings

Mexico Hopeful Takes Hard Line Vs. NAFTA

Wikipedia fights off cyber vandals

Japan wins whaling motion

Democrats eyeing Obama for 2008

Oil Company Execs Defend High Pump Prices

Doctor: Teen pregnancy is nature's way

WP: Illegal Hiring Is Rarely Penalized

I just want to say something.

Happy Father's Day!

Fans lose trousers to gain entry OMG

Well, I came awfully close to getting in a bar fight tonight and getting

Is there a lobster based equivalent of veal?

OMG, a guy talked to me tonight.

And I thought the musical guests on SNL sucked ass, this is so much worse

Uh, I really liked Gore's AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH

sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex , porn porn porn;

Truly excellent music site:

This commercial is so funny ! I cried when I first saw it.

Have you seen the new John Bolton action figure??

Would you like to see these people at 6 am ? LOL

Weekend chill-out music

I just clicked my first google ad.


OW! Goddamn mosquitoes!

Paying My Homage to Chris Rock: Happy, Happy, Father's Day, Boys!

On Finding Porn, a Coming of Age Story

Pictures of Zoe, my happy and aged little parrot... (56k unfriendly)

Sunday Hypno Lyrix

Does Anyone Watch Big Brother UK?

I made a promise.

The 3rd Midnight Cine Tube & BYOB&P Café #1…


M. C. Escher: Rhythm of Illusion - Crocker Art Museum...

(Political) Picture/Word Association Thread:

Spud accident.

Sorry if this has been posted before, but it's just too cute

Hurray for Fathers!

FIFA World Cup 2006 Brazil v Australia, discussion thread as it happens

Why would a woman w/her boyfriend turn to smile at me?

Be Not a Victim

Its fathers day and my freeloading felines ain't got me shit

Hey dads out there post a picture of your child......

AT&T Privacy Policy for AT&T Yahoo! and Video Services

My Grandmother has left Iraq!

I too miss the "ask the admins" board.

What do you call a rich white guy who likes to stay at the Ritz Carlton?

Hey, I Found the Phone Scam - active in our area

Anybody have that list of repubs and their military (un)achievements?

'Star Trek' Fans, Deprived of a Show, Recreate It on Digital Video

Waaaah! Somebody told a "mommyrator" on me yesterday

Anybody do dream interpretation?

Four little birds are pecking at my window for food!


A Heartwarming Story - Family cat buried in concrete crypt

Then and Now: Musings on Dads

Where's the latest Shakespeare quote of the day?

varieties of fatherhood - for Eric

Clip: Superman breaks the sound barrier

An interesting soccer question...

Brokeback Goodfellas

Rick Nelson's "Garden Party" now in commercials for Applebee's salads

Happy Father's Day to you single moms!

Prime Rib Roast, Prosciutto/Gorgonzola Salad, Marscapone Baked Potato's

Dammit- who keeps putting all that hair in my hair brush???

OMG, my 75-yr-old dad went off on Ann Coulter today!

Goodnight everyone!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! From Radio_Lady and hubby! (PHOTOS)

So I just let loose 5 'morning glory' firework displays in my apt.

This is not a joke:

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten. One two three...

Don't know what the Chinese think of it, but I love "Mulan!"

4 8 15 16 23 42

Anybody near the Lancaster, PA outlets? What happened on Rt. 30?

Anyone Ever Gotten a Phone Call Like this?

Just a few other snaps I'd taken today (with descriptions!) Not 56k-happy.

Okay, I guess not a good idea

Which of Your Parents Was the Most Insane?

Man killed by Ricky Skaggs tour bus; "there are worse ways to go"


'the hell?

Sunday post your Bricktop!

Name a movie you hate to admit you really like.

Maybe Sundays should be good news day.

Why do Republicans hate airplanes?

My dog is in the midst of a hunt . . .

Happy birthday Juniperx!!

Playing around with a few Photo editing programs

What do you do ?

This afternoon I had to make a quick trip to the grocery store...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/11/06)


Flu in the summer?

What Are Your Thoughts About Face Transplants?

I really want to scream...

Congratulations BrklynLiberal!! 15,000 posts

shouldn't it read "He/She Disrupted Poorly"

Is anyone else watching Treasure Hunters on NBC?

Happy fathers day to all you AMERICAN DU dads!!

To my Dad.

I have question about the film "Lean on Me" and the real Joe Clark...

Being called "sith" really bothers me

Dad Pics! Post a photograph of your father

"I'm A Hot Toe Picker" - what the hell does that mean?

Being called a "slor" really doesn't bother me

The reason tinfoil hats don't work!!!

What the??? Google DU images

this may sound dumb, but how do I get videos onto my iPod?

So I tape this quote next to my computer, and Mom gets all fussy:

Those time travelers need to stop screwing with us!

Anyone else listen to Coast To Coast AM?

My Baby Walked Today!

Any NHL Fans in DU Land?

Well, that certainly was a good Father's Day.

So you think my singing's out of time? Well, it makes me money.

My friend, Tomo. 1988-2006.

Paul McCartney is 64, "Gidget" is promoting arthritis drugs

One of Baseball's "Nicest Guy"s retiring at the end of the Year.

Happy Birthday Dear Paul!!!!!!!

TURABIAN style citation experts needed! URGENT!

Postage stamps - aren't they the same price no matter where you buy them?

420 friendly ????

Whose moustache would win in a fight?

Great ball game Wednesday - Clemens vs. Liriano...

Just saw AVA live on cnn

Fathers Day makes me sad

Come visit "The Other Lounge" friend got totally plastered at his party last night!

Sunday post your desktop!

When was the last physical fight you got into?

New one for the Freeper-English dictionary: DICIPLIN

My cat swam today!

Did anyone see the U.S. Open today

Post a link to a site that actually teaches you something

WV (pic warning)

So , I went out to meet some real live DU'ers .. took my camera ..

what's your Favorite Magazine?

How does one get to be an Ann Coulter/Roger Ebert/opinion dude?

Did you ever see a horror movie called 'Society'?

Rock, Paper, Scissors or Paper, Rock, Scissors?

To everyone with a fucked up dysfunctional asshole father,

In honor of Father's Day - what's your dad's first name?

A thread for dad's that are no longer with us.

litterbox - heavy metal katz...

I like Enya. So nyyaaa

McCartney learns what it's like to be 64

Ms. TeschMACHER!!!!!! Valerie Perrine appreciation thread

Being called "sire" really doesn't bothers me

Attention DU:

I am Jack's broken heart

Think of a movie, good or bad, that was made worse by the soundtrack

Do you live in a red or blue state?

DU gourmet cooks! I need your BEST gazpacho recipe for

I care about someone...


Found cat pic.

Is rap music losing its creative edge?

Has anybody else here watched "Lucky Louie?"

I love soccer because....


Atheists: Do you have other heroes?

Would you, a fellow DUer, if you had the opportunity

It's Spring! Here's a few pics of my jacaranda tree in bloom...pic heavy

Going to Metropol..., er, New York City next weekend. Where should I eat?

Sci-fi nerds lament!

Why is it that teenagers in groups are so pointlessly loud?

Confess: Most embarrasing song in your collection.

Name your favorite cafe / Place for Coffee

Great bumperstickers ...

Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence.

Sunrise, Sunset the movie.

Your Personal Invitation to look at Radio_Lady's NYC 2006 photos.

Your Personal Invitation to look at Radio_Lady's Edinburgh 2006 photos.


Pat Robertson's pathetic attempt to be Dear Abby...

If a boss claims to be Christian, is then cutting peoples' jobs an act

Question for Southern Baptists re two acronyms

As of Today forward, I am officially the "Preacher's Wife"!

There was a discussion on BET about the color of Jesus

About the antichrist...

Veg{etables} 'prevents artery hardening' (BBC)

Do Low-Carb Diets Help Diabetes?

Experts hope rocks unravel Earth's secrets

A "heads up!" NOVA to broadcast a show on Newton's Alchemy work.

How did your senator vote on the FMA?

found a really good website for GLBT vidoes

2.5 million at Gay Pride in Sao Paulo Brazil

Chess News for Week ending June 18

Pardon The Interruption Tossup question of the week

Did anyone see Mickelson blow the US Open?

Woo-hoo, Oilers!

The US Soccer team has balls

France 1 S. Korea 0 at half time

What is the Age of Aquarius?

Army wants Navy, Air Force officers to join its ranks

New Feature at WeLoveJohnKerry blog

The real coward

my review of "An Inconvenient Truth"

More Alaska - #7

Hey everybody! Check out my latest GD post on KO's emails.

DFA finalist voting Monday - 9-5 ET only - URGENT to vote

Anyone else get this?

Cards win 4 to 1!

An experiment in Email Forwarding

Chaos and fear overtake once-peaceful Basra

Osama: Dead or Alive on Discovery Times at 12:00 a.m. central

Hired Guns

Sen. Ron Wyden: Why We Must Protect Internet Neutrality

Supporting the Troups: Pentagon threatened Marines with death

Fans lose trousers to gain entry OMG

Rove Gets Shotgun From Cheney Hunting Buddies...

Battle between Vice President Cheney and CIA to control the 'dark side'

The McMansion Glut

2,502 troops now dead in Iraq

War resisters, deserters, patriots, who seek refuge in Canada tell their

Christian Radio Commentator: Bible Supports Concept of Secure Borders

Let's help one of our own in a humanitarian effort

My catfight with a Young Republican...yes, it included slapping!

Ohio mayor violates policy he helped write...

Suicide Car Bombs of Mass Destruction discovered in Iraq

"Bush's War of Choice", more are using this terminology.

Anybody Have The Sunday Talk Show Guest List?

Today's yahoo headlines

Tony Snow lying on cspan

I DEMAND that the president sit & talk with a roomful of average Americans

It's funny when Repubs say, Right or Wrong, we should Support the Pres.

Cliff May and Donna Brazille on C-Span's "WJ" now 7:38 (est)

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads and a great big hug for the wifes

Does anyone have an email or snail mail address for Maan Coulter?.........

9/11 Cop's Lung Death

Sixty-eight hundred fleas on Karl Rove!

Anybody hear anything about the worst person in the world segment on KO?

Bush Military History Project #14

Busch buys World Cup rights ('This buds for you') in Germany!

Murtha, Big Oil Execs on Meet the Press Today, NBC 10 a.m. ET

Hands Off, you fart in the wind (FITW for the marquee)...

The clearwater music fest is like heaven on earth

Repub lawyer says dems using litigation to win election...

Save the Farm.

Iraqi youths mourn the death of a relative - pic

Happy Birthday Dear Paul!!!!!!!

Anyone know that quote (thinking about debating with conservatives)?

Colo. voter records disappear during move

PNAC Richard Perle has the best advice re: Iraq situation (PULL OUT)

If we don't "Stay N Pay" we will all be speaking Iraqi

Tamara Hoover Defense Fund

CNN: Insurgents have the two Missing Soldiers

don't put people in harms way unless theres a threat to our natl security

Attention DU:

Nice "CRACKDOWN" W! 10 workers at Baghdad bakery kidnapped

Truly excellent music site:

Anybody else see Kos on CNN?

CNN Poll : Should the United States close Guantanamo Bay prison?

BBC "caging" list story explains lack of conspirators coming forward:

Ranchers Add Ladders to Border Fences

Shag Oil Companies Executives on MTP now.

"60 Minutes" segment later today...

Book by Ron Suskind: al-Qaida planned gas attack on NYC in 2003

Is global warming denial morally equivalent to Holocaust denial?

Remember David Shuster

Iraqi Embassy Staff Can't Publicly Perform Translations -- too dangerous..

Will Repubs be capable of "privatizing" SS if in power for 2-4 more years

What really happens when you get to close to a burning bush?

U.S. Embassy claims "ETHNIC CLEANISNG" in Iraq

Murtha's speaking style STYMIES Russert!

"Liberals are godless and Hillary's husband is a rapist."

How can the Democrats come together over Iraq?

Anyone notice that Russia taking over and preventing

Have you lost sight of Democrat heros? the USA PATRIOT ACT & RUSS WHO?????

Happy Father's day fellas...

Youtube - Funny commentary on Ann Coulter

Could this be why vets got letters?

Wolf (Leslie) is such a bore...

No Biscuits For Baghdad ?

Let's Send Tim Russert & NBC News A Note!

Hey any bounce in the polls yet? They're kind of quiet but

Tony Snow: bin Laden is responsible for Iraq war

Sorry if this has been posted before, but it's just too cute

Paul McCartney is 64, "Gidget" is promoting arthritis drugs

Can you see these photos , also ideas for hand outs????

Death of Baghdad - by Larry Johnson

The media is wrong. Bush's "surprise visit to Baghdad" was not really that

I stumbled upon this Randi Rhodes interview at

Is the al-Zarqawi a Dead Story Now?

SNOW: We don't give a damn about what Americans think about the occupation

Is Nixon to blame for "cutting and running" in Vietnam? Shouldn't we have

Jesus' General's version of the Lieberman ad......LOL

Turned into Faux to see how the Michigan race was going.

Je m'appelle Bagdad, song video Tina Arena, worth to see

Democrats, Time To Start Playing Offense ... Make Bush Answer >>>>

Document gives a glimpse of life in Iraq (sectarian strife increasing)

Any NHL Fans in DU Land?

DFA finalist voting Monday - 9-5 ET only - URGENT to vote

Ask a Ninja...

Two Missing Soldiers in Iraq and the Republican Ploy this week

I think 1994 scared the Be-Jesus out of the Democrats

"Ring of Fire" repeat on AAR right now 3PM EDT.

Re: Murtha's response to Rove; John Kerry's response to Rove

In 2003, U.S. Spurned Iran's Offer of Dialogue (Iraq invasion priority)

Against the Monster

No more "War tax"

Replay of RFK Jr. & lawsuits against Diebold and other e-voting vendors

Nexus Points Emerge For Potential Summer Attack

Dozens of skeletons found on site for new LA school (DOH!)

Bush as Jedi, MUST see!

Video of David Sirota beating down John Stossel

Joan Baez and Daryl Hanna coming up on Ian Masters on kpfk

Man, Americans have learned to put up with an awful lot of BULLSHIT.

What is the political bent of the publication "Foreign Relations"?

An idea I got after the Washington State Ferry system announced

Just saw 'An Inconvenient Truth'. Al Gore is my hero!

Hillary Comic: (Hiding under desk)

Got Democracy?, Democracy for Sale?, ACLU Freedom Files: Voting Rights

A possible (though highly unlikely) scenario: Rice v. Pelosi SCOTUS case!!

Has a sitting President ever pardoned someone

Snow: There Is Too Much Focus on Kidnapped U.S. Soldiers

Right-Wing Fascism

How US Hid the Suicide Secrets of Guantanamo...

Nearing the 2-year anniversary of Iraqi Sovereignty. A Look Back

The US Is Offering $100,000 for Information on Missing Soldiers. No Takers

Did Zawahiri call off the gas attack so we could invade Iraq?

How you can help inform people of 2004 election fraud: Blitzforumpfosten!

I hope he won't get mad at me but....

Whatever they're paying Tony Snow it's too much, he's a lousy liar.

Newspapers practicing conservative bias in commentary

So, now the guy across the street is complaining about my signs

A speech from Malcom X that you ought to listen to!

ROFL you have to read this! Transcript of *'s visit to Iraq:


With all the news articles over the years, why is no concern

Was Rove really indicted?

Rejected! Feds won't take notes of readers, Chertoff's office

Why are Google ads with Coulter up on this site?

Please give me information as quickly as possible...

Harry Reid Interviewed on State of Belief starting now on AAR !

Shuttle to launch despite grave warnings by safety chiefs

TV Newser: Dan Rather Has Seen "Good Night, & Good Luck" 5 Times

CNN's "Dead Wrong"......

Ten Iraqi bakers were kidnapped in Baghdad ....War on bread?

UN urges urgent action on oceans

Kerry's Kenyon Address coming up on C-Span now (6:30eastern)


Shocker: Evidence of G-RATED Olbermann Replies to Anti-Semitic E-Mailers!

Something I've noticed about all the Dem Pres. primary candidate musings,

After years of exploiting the NYC 911 attacks, Chertoff won't allow NYers

Move over Big Dog!!! Chimpy is the new "comeback kid"!!

There's more.

Al Gore poll to check out @

An INTERESTING Wal-Mart story..

My thoughts on why BUSH WON'T GET A BOUNCE in POLLS.

"Think of the effect on the children"

Caption the *'s

Al Gore on AAR..Right Now 2:44PM EST.

Does this look like "Progress"?


Why are the Republicans running a candidate for New Mexico governor?

Too strange. Former Bush admin.official related to Mary Kay Letourneau.

"Just a number..."

Remember that 2003 letter from Iran...

Cheney coming to Kentucky to stump for Faux Preacher/Bible Thumper Lewis

Rove calls Murtha a coward, Murtha calls Rove a nerd

Rawstory: Environmental disaster brewing in northern Iraq

"Self Inflicted Pain and Sensory Deprevation." The New American Way!

Do you know who the most requested senator is for fundraising appearances?

Free Press Reports on Dick DeVos’s Far Right Wing Views

Postal Service Reissues Reagan Stamp

Murtha on MTP

Nazi-confiscated Klimt sold for highest price ever paid for a painting

UAW dissenters speak out

Have Your Say: Should the whaling ban be lifted? (BBC)

I think Andy Rooney was giving the USA a warning tonight.

Venture Capitalists

Dear Dad.

Iraqi amnesty. Let me get this straight.

Capitalism Requires a Great Depression.

A Sunday Evening funny.

Did House Republicans make a mistake tying themselves so closely..?

KKK rally in Shrub's Midland - 7 Protestors arrested

Are You Selfish?

What do you say when you really want to piss off the kool-aid drinkers?

"An Inconvenient Truth" Box Office Results...

Think the GOP is tough on immigration? Here are some Dem talking points:

Al Gore coming up on Larry King n/t

STILL MAKES ME CRY & CRY & CRY Happy Father's Day Dad

Illegal Hiring Is Rarely Penalized

Wow! Look @ the newest CNN poll results!

In Iraqi town....dirty looks, drive-by fruiting

Wife Killer Will Stop Selling Murder Memorabilia

Adults Get Bad Grades In Teen Report Card

Either the Democrats take the truth to power.... (Buzzflash)

Went to a patriotic thing last night...

Who is most to blame for the illegal immigration problem?

Murtha attacks Rove with a broadside...

Tricks of the trade

Resolved: Iraq is NOT the "central front" in the war on terror

Please DU this poll on amendment

Cal Thomas: "Fox ---There's only so much trailer trash pie to go around"

Family Waits on Soldier Missing for 729 Days

AnonymousArmy: "Liberal" Charlatan Unveiled

Oh smack! Ava is on CNN right now!!

10 Things You Can Do For Peace

RNC Response to Rep. John Murtha's Appearance on NBC's Meet The Press


Video Games(no love form the political side)

On CNN right now,the Administration cherry picked worst case intel.

How many LIES does Bush get a free pass on?

Check Out This Freeper Geek Fest With Anne Coulter!

Just got home from vacation and Ava is coming up on CNN?

Damn Them to Hell...

I need answers

BlackwaterUSA developing surveillance airships.

Will Our Soldiers Come Home in Shame if we pull out?

Which are you?

What's valuable about lies, greed, self-servitude, death and,...

RE: Flag Burning

What does W mean when he says, "it's all been WORTH it"?

Bush administration compared to Nazi regime

Do you think Ann Coulter changes her clothes?

The War Tapes

The Expected USA Financial Fall

This is in appreciation of the DU moderators

Can Nude Photos be Art?

Think about this.....

About Kerry and his flip-flopping on the Iraq vote.

Why did Bush REALLY create the Hawaiian Islands Nat'l Monument?

The weekend in PHOTOS! With enormous progress in Iraq, VACATION, baby!

Censored: Inside Indonesia's War on Terror

Brit Hume was faking laughter this morning about Wm Jefferson and the Dems

Ava on CNN right now!

I'm one of the finalists for The Nation Student Essay Contest!!!!


Incredible Link To A Cable From US Embassy In Iraq (Wapo)

LAT reporter becomes the story: her report on being kicked out of Gitmo

Lord and Lady Pissypants Are Displeased ---pix->>>

MURTHA re: ROVE:Hes Sitting In His Air-Cond Ofc On HIS BIG FAT BACKSIDE

E&P: 'Wash Post' Obtains Shocking Memo from U.S. Embassy in Baghdad,

No Dentist Left Behind (No Child Left Behind Analogy)

U.S. lawmakers push sugar as fuel source

Fred Phelps protesters hit soldier's funeral in Texas yesterday (PIX)

larisa: truthout had many meetings with leopold's sources.

Shadow government heads to bunkers for terror attack drill

The Real Coward

No Permanent Bases ammendment removed in Conference Comittee..WTF?

heat exhaustion and Bush

Computer with D.C. workers' data stolen

The two missing Americans are from the Oregon Nation Guard.

US Government Blocks Greek Scholar From Entering US

Now the CIA decides what we should read?

Humbolt County, CA repeals legal status of corporations as "persons"

Claws Come Out On "The View"

Now that Japan is in control, how long before whale extinction?

Meet Uncle Bucky: Bush uncle/war profiteer under investigation

Murtha Flays Rove on Meet The Press

Why is George W. Bush the President?

Priests announce double-novena-palooza POLITICAL prayer campaign

The Submerging Republican Majority

USA Today: "enthusiasm seems to be waning" for An Inconvenient Truth!!!

If 2500 is "just a number" then what about these...

I'm now thinking Gore / Brown 2008


Karl Rove Beats the Democrats Again...

Happy Birthday Paul Mc Cartney, now that you are 64 !

WAPO Obtains Shocking Memo From US Embassy in Baghdad

My name is Roger, & I OK'ed this message

What does "Freedom isn't Free!" mean to you?

Want to take a cruise with The Nation's staff + joe wilson and scott ritte

Hmmmmm. I'm getting hooked on "The 4400" but I'm not sure I should

Most effective way to deal with illegal immigration?

9/11 widow: Don't judge

Guardian/UK: "America's problem is again a usurping king called George"

SIGN the Velvet Underground's petition to DEMAND a handcout in CA race

Larisa: largest navy exercise since vietnam underway re iran

'Wash Post' Obtains Shocking Memo from...Baghdad (countering Bush)


"Le Show" fans, you can still hear TODAY'S Le Show that didn't air Live!

My wife is gonna be fine - a good day today!

Try To Buy Fertilizer Versus Conspiracy To Murder Hitoshi Igarashi

BYU faculty member fired for op-ed comments on gay marriage..

Ann Coulter - the Blonde Conshell

It won't be Gore, Clinton or Kerry

Why Neil Young Is Wrong

An inconvenient truth- Mr. Gore, it's time to let us draft you.


Mining Coal in Iraq

Is Bush suffering from presenile dementia?

The technology that will free from our dependance on foreign

When was the last time you set foot inside a Wal-Mart store?

Argumentation 101 from Election Fraud Deniers of the Left

Why have DU members ignored the Union forum?

We need a "Thank You John Murtha" thread, so here it is.

"George Bush CUT ______ AND RUN ______" (fill in the blank)

Well, that settles that.

Do Me A HUGE Favor. DU This Huffpost Contagious Festival Entry

Question: How is GOP FundRaising Going?

Mo Rocca's Political Leanings

Stephen Colbert vs...

This is frightening.....where we are heading

cutting & running

Kos: CT-Sen: Joementum: Primary Voters are Jihadists

Who said this about VietNam....

3% of Americans named abortion, homosexuality as most serious moral issues

LA Times: Presidential Ambitions Distract Senate

Did you see John Murtha on Meet the Press this a.m.?

Fighting Dem Vets – Update and Prospects State by State

Death of Deliberative Democracy

Just because the Republicans in the House are unanimous in their support..

The Iraq War has been a miserable failure.

Newsday: Rove off the hook...Bush's next decision: A Scooter Libby pardon?

Do the American people understand or realize...

AP: Biden: 'Security and faith' keys to win presidency

DFA finalist voting Monday - 9-5 ET only - URGENT to vote

2 key facts to take into account in '06 and '08 are

African-American Voters Scrubbed by Secret GOP Hit List

my goodness! c-span morphed into Fox News this morning

TOONS: Tony Auth's Two Latest

JFK and Father's Day

Sean Hannity doesn't want to talk about 2500 dead U.S. soldiers either...

A Father`s Day message for President Bush.

Eric Massa, live blogging at Kos

Local & State Campaigns........

CNN blew Bush's cover while he was in Iraq ?

Subway Plot

Joe Klein in love: "Why Bush Is (Still) Winning the War at Home"

Why did Al Gore have to make a movie?

Thank You Rep. Schakowsky... Re: Theft of 2004

NY letters critical of Chertoff rejected by D.H.S. as "security risk"

DU Newbies: One more. A state lesson.

Bush tax cuts gave the wealthy their new yacht; and the middleclass

ok, after we "win" the War on Terror, they'll return our civil rights?

US News & World Report thinks "Things are looking up for Bush"

Falafel Boy Bill O'Reilly wants to help you "Understand the Democrats"...

Bush says Fitzgerald investigation over

I hate to oppose any Dem, but I'd love to see Lamont beat Crazy Joey L....

The war just ended! Did anyone else see Andy Rooney?

Will Tom Delay Go Free?

Two great new documentary trailers every DUer must see

Senate Democrats want vote on Iraq withdrawal

(Cartoon) I, George * Am Above The Law...

Your misery has been "packaged as one heckuva show" America!!!!!!

No Bounce Bush's Approval @ 35% In New AP-Ipsos Poll

Catalonia endorses autonomy plan (BBC) {interesting doings in Spain}

Look what I found.....OLD link

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Can't Squelch Rumors of WH Bid as Independent

More E-Voting Concerns Surface With State Primaries Underway

U.S. mum on strength of Iraqi troops (Hearst Newspapers 6/12/06)

We MUST DO THIS if we are ever going to have fair elections again

GOP really is desperate

Rush, Sean & Bill ...their credentials

Murtha discusses Karl Rove's "Big, Fat, Air-Conditioned Backside"

The Republicans left the lid off the cheap champagne...


Is President George Bush Is [sic] Being "Swift Boated" On Immigration?

Feeling a little paranoid these days?

Brown Aide: We Will Lose the Next Election-UK (Luntz polling for BBC)

Truly excellent music site:

Lieberman-Lamont debate set for next month.

So, is it FACISM yet? ---You decide!

Hastert's land grab profits

We need to keep an eye on this one;

DU Newbies: Stop here. A short lesson.

Democrats eyeing Obama for 2008

they are trying to stir us up against a RIFLE PLANT?

For DUers who have neutral or positive feelings about Lieberman

The Not-so-closeted Bigotry of the Right-Wing

Snow: There Is Too Much Focus on Kidnapped U.S. Soldiers

Hatemail from my website. (good grief).

Video: David Sirota confirms John Stossel's a "smarmy-looking liar"

Obama's Profile Has Democrats Taking Notice


Weicker Officially Endorses Lamont

Would you vote for a candidate who is a militaristic-interventionist hawk?

Has The Democratic Party just given up on trying to attract new voters?

The Key To Winning In '08? Authenticity

Camp Wellstone, Some last opportunities for political training in '06

WOW! Now if this is not IMPEACHABLE

What Did You Do During the Stolen Election, Daddy?