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Ray McGovern: Truthdigger of the Week from

al-Qaeda Sent Militants to Denmark To Kill Cartoonists, Report

NYT: Not All See Video Mockery of Zarqawi as Good Strategy

Global People’s Law?

You, too, can fly under the radar on the new Trans Espionage airline

2.2 Earthquake in Oakville Ontario yesterday...

Bush calls terror fight WWIII

Coalition helicopter crashes in Afghanistan

Black Voter Turnout Down in New Orleans

NYT:Statistics Aside, Many Feel Pinch of Daily Costs

Crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Yay! Cat sitting duty has ended.

NEW CARPET! Ahhh, the renovation nears completion...

Any Elliott Smith fans out there?

The KitchenWitch Is Unappreciated Thread

"if you finish your homework, we can all get high!"

Instead of your given name, what would you name yourself?

dam i almost posted on the kudzu thread

The Lounge is where I come to feel the LOVE! How 'bout you?

I have to brag. My dear husband found out he got a

The week from hell is officially over!!

I was in an improv troupe with Stephen Colbert

OMG! South Park dog whisperer! Anybody else see this?

How weird is this, my endtable display?

What was your favourite cereal as a child?

That little Nazi dog chewed up my life list

Mother's Day gift ideas?

Episcopalians divide again over electing gay bishop

British Detain "Nowhere Man", identity thieving FAB4 fan

Greg Palast now on Mike Webb Show (9:10PM Pacific)

Goss checked if officers reporting from Iraq were Democrats

Negroponte's General, Hayden, to head CIA after power struggle

GOP pollster: "some events of significance to turn this around."

I have the best name for the Hooker/Watergate Scandal...

Where to order Neil Young's album?

i must say-the rude one-is in top form today

Comment on Kennedy in Rehab

They took my friend off life support today

Inspired by the binary spangled banner post Today.

Two Marines, One Moran ---pix--->>>

The Total Information Awareness Project Lives On

my impressions of Washington DC from a 1st time visitor

Hayden (NSA) named DCI ...... discuss

D. Parvaz: Why Stephen Colbert is my hero (Seattle P-I)

Power Surge: The Constitutional Record of G W. Bush (Cato Inst tosses *Co

"Does the Shoe Finally Fit?" (Mark Thoma, Economist's View)

Steve Pizzo's 'Investigate Big Dick' article

Check this out at The New Yorker

Hayden, Likely Choice for CIA Chief, Displayed Shaky Grip on 4th Amendment

LAT: Spy Czar, Rumsfeld in a Turf War

Robert Novak: RNC Chairman Kenneth Mehlman Sends Warning to Republicans

Warning: Tax cuts for rich harm nation

Hands off ANWR

It's time to embrace a tough energy policy

Karen Kwiatkowski (Huffington Post): Cheney's Speech at Vilnius

America’s song already has multiple versions

Iraq's Shiites Now Chafe at American Presence

McClellan Sticks to Message Till the End

Largest Domestic Violence Shelter in Chicago at Risk of Closing

Heroes of Darfur - By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

An Apology from a Bush Voter....

The Dutch Lesson: Give Temps, Part-Timers Some Real Security

FBI Puts SOA Watch Under "Counterterrorism" Surveillances

Microsoft's $1.6 Million Man (Ralph Reed)

Dowd: Poker, Hookers and Spooks

Kos at the WaPo-Hillary Clinton: Too Much of a Clinton Democrat?

Exposing America's Enemies: the 'Social Justice Seeking' Communist Left

Why You Should Worry About Big Oil

More than half of US streams polluted: EPA

Grid Operator Urges Congress Not to Block (Cape) Wind Farm Proposal

Familiar with Conservation International?

Action call over dying Dead Sea (BBC)

Colorado oil shale?

Climate change could shift rainfall line

Indian chemists report biodiesel use improves diesel engine wear.

Renewable Energy Takes Center Stage in Nevada Politics (Gov. race)

Scientists Fear for Nesting Turtles (TX)

Eu mandates battery recycling

The Day of the Oslo Warning

Goldsmith (UK attorney general) hears Gaza death plea

Peretz's Trap (Uri Avnery)

PM defends Arab MKs after Lieberman calls for execution

Taking a report seriously (Palestine aid and Hammas)

British politician resigns after anti-Semitic slur

New book confirms Mossad killed PFLP leader in 1977

Israel foils plot to kill Palestinian president

Settlers twice attack Palestinian schoolchildren south of Hebron

Palestinian pain, one kid at a time

Palestinian sources: Civilian, 60, killed in IDF shelling of Gaza

The gospel according to John

The 9/11 Cell Phone Calls

Why haven't demolition companies copied the WTC collapse?

BBC: Hacker fears 'UFO cover-up'

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, May 6,2006

Heres my new campaign 2006 logo, whadiya think?

SAturdays ERD makes greatest page before 10am

Found on DU! Talk about this forum!

BBV: more dirt on Diebold, possible lawsuits, heroic officials lauded

"One Voice, One Vote" - Something to inspire you

I am ever to be surprised, I believe.

May 6, 1970: Vietnam protests @ ISU

HELP ...error trying to delete

I'm not sure if this is the place to post my question

Arghhh! Mirar Toolbar Hell - How do I get rid of

Comcast deleted all software. WHAT DO I do NOW?

Any thoughts about who to vote for on the board of ACLU Texas?

This isn't fancy or anything, but

Anyone able to get into Food Network's site?

Exercise Trident Fury 2006 to Run 8-19 May (in Victoria)

IRAQ: Facing threats, local doctors flee Mosul

'Clear off or we will kill you': Iraqi families take flight

LAT: Goss Leaves a Weakened CIA, Agency Officials Say

al-Qaeda Sent Militants to Denmark To Kill Cartoonists, Report

NYT: Not All See Video Mockery of Zarqawi as Good Strategy

Bush calls terror fight WWIII

Climate change could shift rainfall line

A cruise liner with 708 passengers and crew aboard on fire (England)

Suicide bomber kills 3 Iraqi officers( inside an Iraqi military base )

Pentagon wants US battle-injured soldiers settle their debts

WaPo: Goss Forced out as CIA Director; Gen. Hayden is Likely Successor

10 U.S. Troops Die in Afghan Copter Crash

Bible Student Charged With Bookstore Arson

Blasts hit Chinese internet cafes

10 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghan copter crash

WP: Air Force to Examine Fundraising E-Mail Sent by a General

Goss will replace Harris for Repub Senator Candidate in Florida

Iraqis Cheer Crash of British Helicopter

Three British military vehicles set on fire by angry Iraqis

Bush Pushes Enrollment for Drug Benefit

Russia Official Rejects Cheney Criticism

Petrol firm suspends chip-and-pin

Pol's 'zombie' story echoes nightmares of other users

Robert Novak: RNC Chairman Kenneth Mehlman Sends Warning to Republicans

Deputy national intelligence chief tipped for CIA top job

Russia insists UN draft resolution on Iran needs adjustment

Iraq's Shiites Now Chafe at American Presence

Military shores up hurricane response, but high public expectations create

DOE plans to curtail pensions for contractors

Philip Morris Gets Court Victory

Iraq warns on Iran border moves

Mark Handley Andrus elected (straight) Episcopal bishop of California

Gas showdown: so much hot air?


White House Dismisses Reports on Goss

Gen. Hayden seen as likely successor as CIA

British chopper crashes in Iraq (Basra)

CIA chief quits after 'Hookergate'

Father welcomes Hicks ruling (Gitmo Detainee)

NY Daily News: CIA boss Goss is cooked "...all about...Cunningham scandal"

(British) Attorney General calls for Guantanamo to close

Microsoft's $1.6 Million Man (Ralph Reed)

Former NSA Director Hayden Lied To Congress And Broke The Law

Outgoing CIA director tells graduates to help government work

Hamas leader flees Palestine, arrives in Sweden w/asylum

Berlusconi associate imprisoned

Sources at odds [re Goss resignation]; turf war, Wilkes fallout cited

Cantwell Urges Action on Gas Price-Gouging

Bush Advises Graduates on Technology

U.S. Won't Allow Private Guards in Iraq

Oil giants' charm offensive as US politicians threaten action

Marijuana bill clears Alaska House (recriminalization goes to governor)

5 Men Detained After Plane Lands in N.J.

Russia's Aeroflot to choose Airbus planes over Boeing

Kerry Accuses White House of Intolerance (suppress dissent over war)

DeLay Office Knew Abramoff Arranged Trip | NYT

Ministers' anger derails Blair bid to relaunch government

WP: Pollster Suggests Bush Moves Might Be Too Little, Too Late

Sarasota, Florida names April 8 "Cynthia Mckinney Day"

Cleveland's election system gets another black eye

US confirms 102 infections in contact lens blindness scare

USDA says 156,235 pounds beef recalled for e-coli

Immigration critics rally near Bush ranch (impeachment calls)

Cheney meets with Croatian president; cuts day off his trip

Long Island Cabbie Busted for Hate Crime

City to consider taking land from Wal-Mart eminent domain

Auto industry goes on offense in fuel debate (ads debut on Monday)

Anger as US Drops Cup Flag

BBC (Saturday): Brazil joins world's nuclear club

Federal Recipe for Gasoline Helped Drive Up the Price

Chavez Says He May Seek 'Indefinite' Re-election

Basra on the brink of exploding/ Independent-UK

Poll: Americans changing driving habits as gas prices soar

WaPo: Confident Democrats Lay Out Agenda

Chevron Memo Raises Suspicion

Giant rock fin rapidly growing in Mount St. Helens' crater

I am going tomorrow to Kinder, Louisiana to the casino.

more nonsense from me tonight

I was accused of being a RACIST on another forum.

Kristofferson: "Good Christian Soldiers"

and more nonsense

and the last bit nonsense i`m posting tonight

this is my new best friend

A man and his family walk into a talent agency...


where is enigmatic???

Dammit I hate working the door!

Check out what my fortune cookie told me.

president are a FUCKING MORAN

So I'm watching Comedy Central late at night...

Pick a number from one to ten -

OHHHH Happy Dance - Minnesota is getting a Trader Joe's!

My Name is Dubya


WTF? Would it be bad if you died a week before your birthday?

Crap! I knew this would happen...


Help! Mac trouble!

this blows...i was just trying to remind myself of something...

Castles In The Air

I saw George Buxh on TV today.....He was talking at a grade school

Tell a funny story you HEARD

'S'plain something to me, please!

Someone at Amazon is goofed on crack!

Dick Cheney is Darth Sidius but picked Jar Jar for his apprentice!

If only Wal-Mart ran Hollywood

INXS Playing The Today Show Live

I can't draw... but I wrote a story that would make a great comic book.

Well, I didn't hit the lottery last night

OK! Here are the very latest pics from tonight's sunset....and.......

Don's Amazing Puzzle

Who has seen the new Dixie Chicks video?

Bring back the mullet cut

I am thinking about flying to Denver next month.....

Best Online Shopping Websites?

I need cheering up. I just read my hometown Obit. page...

HP sent me the wrong part for my computer

Rang dang diggity dang ga dang!


I think I got a censored email today

Have you ever hit an animal with your vehicle?

Best line of the week

Boy's eating habits lead to international protest

I am sorry DU I now realize I have been posting after taking Ambien

dammit, this blows worst of all...

A poem (what is true)

Look at this response I got to a For Sale ad I put on line

I'm Having RawStory Withdrawals.....

A Canadian DUer was offered a job in California -- she had just moved

After posting an Exhibitionist thread, I'll post a Voyeuristic one:

What kind of post are you most likely to Recommend

progmom on the air - post your jazz requests here

The reptoids from Zeta Reticuli are not going to be very happy...

BREAKING: "Nature" And "Vacuum" Reconcile

Cheese toast..... good or bad?

Thought I'd stop in and say bonjour to my peeps!

Soul Train on WGN

I just bought Neko Case's latest CD

I hate space aliens; planning protest with Light-year-men; need help

Tyrone - The Cutest Kitten EVER on CraigsList

I have jury duty Tuesday

More sunset pictures from the ballpark

Ghost Whisperer---Last Night *** (Spoiler Alert)****

I'm officially a geek.

Note to self

Favorite Fat Boys/Chubby Checker collaboration?

Funniest movie ever

What kind of egg did I just find??

Who would you call for something like this? PETA or the DEA?

I Saw This Famous Man On The DC Metro's Red-Line Route...

What the heck is that @ 34.827825 -117.297463 ?

barley cereal and zucchini? for breakfast?

People are so undeniably LAZY............

Hussein Court Shocked By Ironclad Alibi

Just saw this bumpersticker:

What's in your laundry?

Who else works Sunday?

Check out the Amazon Top 6 in music - tides they are a turning

New Bumpersticker I Just Made (Time For A New One) This Is Nice!

after today it will be hard to watch the osu cowboys play football

Pssst.....I have a secret to tell you

Today is my DU Birthday!

A little something for the Lounge.....from the DemocraticWarrior.......

Kentucky Derby coverage is on now!

I'm watching the Kentucky Derby

Are you celebrating Derby Day? How?

Alert the nice guy/gentleman media!

James Wolcott always makes me smile..

What does Agent Mike look like?

God damn you, dorm Internet! I thought I'd been banned!

High Speed Internet Options???

Spelling Bee! Argh! Spelling Bee! (Help me)

Bush v. Ah-nold, LBJ, and Hitler (funny)

Happy birthday Corgigal!!

Donate to save wolves from aerial hunting

Anyone got the Mumps?

My school made the Associated Press

Tonight I am going out one final time to try this social stuff.

Funny politician names...

The Infrared Universe - Images from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope...

A Triumph for Stephen Colbert

At the restaurant last night, I saw someone checking me out...

I'd like to extend an invitation to the pants party.

router hell

Help grannie understand

The best way to make Rush Limbaugh go away. Take your pick.

So now I'm a total bitch

You people suck

Read "Stringline" - Gratuitous Self Promotion!

Judy Miller's myspace page

Quilting Bee! Argh! Quilting Bee! (Help me)

wooohooooo! Bought a new hybrid today! Booooo lost all my impeach

Remember the Ten Percenters?

I hate Porn night

The End of the World

"Global Politics in 30 Seconds" --funny video

Goodnight..Peace...Stay gold...

Tommy Dorsey fans, please chack in.

Movie on Sci Fi Channel "Rottweiler."

It's 8:07. I'm taking bets on when the child will fall asleep.

Something VERY weird just happened

DU Lounge, dost thou love me?

Carolina Hurricanes victory screed!

Turn on Your Lovelight.....

I making chocolate chip cookies

Largest Domestic Violence Shelter in Chicago at Risk of Closing

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/6/06)

Another sign that Spring is here:

Largest Domestic Violence Shatner in Chicago at Risk of Closing

I Love My New Laptop

Buddy Bolden

I Have The Earworm From Hell . . .

Is it safe?... Is it safe?

Tom Cruise "Mission Impossible 3" under-performs w/ $17M Box Office

Funniest "rave" picture I've seen so far...

I'm watching, "Pal Joey" on TCM right now

Basin Steet Blues

Okay, Loungers--Describe The First Time You Dumped Someone's Sorry Ass.

Who Is MORE Evil....Bush or Hitler???


Which nation has built the worlds best small cars?

Weekend Questions

I just hit 14000 posts! Ask me anything...

Just when you thought you'd seen the grossest Asian food...

The next time your kid says he has no socks.... don't believe him

Should I add taco sauce and cheese on top of my frozen pizza?

"When you're down and troubled/and you need a helping hand.."

I got to see my crush today.

Radio Lady just made me go all nostalgic again

Yikes! I'm down to less than 1/2 a roll

Is it just me or

When things go wrong....

Let's Play a Game--Three Guesses As To At Whose Picture I'm Looking.

Heads up for Chili Peppers fans - on SNL tonight

Caption this picture

good poll/bad poll...

I'm looking around for a little black market Colbert's Formula 401...

Dave Bromberg

Either the cat took a shit in here, or I need to shower again

Okay, Loungers--Describe Your First Date.

Good Evening Loungers

gotta make a beer run

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

SNL: Is Tom Hanks playing Al Gore in the opening?

Got the new Pearl Jam yesterday...

and Barbaro wins

Well I'll be dipped in honey!

7:00 a.m. on the road to our first car show wish us luck

I am now the Boston College 2006-2007 Director of Women's Issues for...

Wish me luck!

What should my wife do and see on her trip to Chicago?

How would you classify yourself spiritually?

Boo-hoo! Commiserate with me - my friends SUCK.

my "Designed to Sell" kitchen before and after pics

Banks are fucking evil

How in the heck does one remove an old shower head...

Best Clarinetest

Automobile hood ornaments Beautiful photos included

Last night I got into a discussion

Bush walks away with Stephen Colbert's big brass balls

I hate Prom night

Can we start a New Jersey derby at a dog track?


In honour of the Kentucky Derby - NAME a racehorse

Complete this sentence

The quintessential "Boston Legal' closing.

Hey, DU, I need your advice...

Recommend 5 bands!

How clean is your dwelling at this moment in time?

The Dillards


Who Is MORE Artistic....Titian or Hitler???

Half a bee! Argh! Half a bee! (Logically)

Well, she brought her baby home yesterday (FJ Cruiser)

What do you like the most and the least about getting older?

Heres my donkey logo for 2006

I had to turn my bipolar friend in for commitment

Giant Bee! Argh! Giant Bee! (Help me)

What's The Official Music For Hell?

meh, book reports! *spoilers*

To MMR, et al.: Well, There's Always Jazz to Handle... (PICTURES!! OMG!!)

Does your dog use you as his/her interpreter?

So I met this cute republican last night

I'm leaving in a few minutes for the Richmond Meet-up.

I need relationship advice....

Post What Novel You're Reading Here:

Your biggest regret when you were 20-30 years old

The thread with no replies

I'm gonna tell you something good to do

I'm looking for a volunteer with good hands

New Episcopal Bishop of California elected

Mark Handley Andrus elected (straight) Episcopal bishop of California

God = infinitely advanced civilization?

I am troubled by the traditional Hindu caste system.

Questions about the scope of original sin

Is Baha'i an Abrahamic faith? Please start your answer with Yes or No.

Ayn Rand Worship: A Modern Religion?

Civil Rights Protection for Severely Mentally Ill Needs to Change

Allergies SUCK. Thank gawd I don't have any.... but for those who

Scientist seeks quicker Tamiflu

(UK) Science degrees threatened - MPs (BBC)

Hacker fears 'UFO cover-up'

A Gay Soap (and Soapbox) in The Bronx

Suggestion to counter anti-gay hate

Spurs Closeout Series

Happy 75th birthday to my childhood hero

NBA BREAKING: Suns 121, Lakers 90, final...



What do we call ourselves? Mediums? Anybody else see the dead?

Is anyone here familiar with Stephen Greer/Disclosure Project?

"The Real John Kerry" Have you seen this concerning the 4-22 speech?

John Kerry: The Moment of Truth In Iraq

John Kerry Vows to Push SBA on Katrina

This is scary!

More disingenuous BS!

Kerry's Speech at Grinnell - To Students "Speak Out!"

Just got in an old macro lens for my D70s

Kicking back....

Sunshine Cemetary

Hurray for Bunny & me!!

Unplanned pregnancies rise among poor women (bad news)

I am planning an anti-alien protest with the Light-year Men/Women...

Bush can't do and he can't delegate, so what good is he, anyway?

VIDEO: British helicopter crash aftermath

Deja Vu, a book some of you will laugh at, while others will

Soul Train on WGN

Ha, Ha! Goss: "My Resignation One Of Those Mysteries" Sez CNN. Ha!

Valerie Plame is...

It's time to purge another dangerous group from the Democratic Party

Re: Kennedy rehab -- Ambien website: Ambien is addictive

'Bush On My Back' - A few protest pics from Oklahoma today.

Hayden is a Pentagon stooge.


DeLay Office Knew Abramoff Arranged Trip

Will B. Mahre Drop His "Dems Have No Plan" BS After Clark's Slapdown?

DeLay Office Knew Republican Lobbyist Abramoff Arranged Trip

Bush says job market best in years...

Is the term "cop" derogatory?

Bush's strange remarks to OK Grads

7 month old doesn't seem to like * - pic

Parents Demand NYC Schools End Phone Ban

Porter Goss gives Commencement Address at Tiffin University (Ohio)

Who thought this was a good idea?

Albania takes Guantanamo Uighurs

When it comes to the Kennedy's

Drudge headline: "Hints of Bribes and Women."

after today it will be hard to watch the osu cowboys play football

Kennedy v. Goss, Day Two...

One - The Campaign To Make Poverty History. Sign the declaration.

deleted - dupe

How to use the new RSS feeds TO PUT DU NEWS ON YOUR OWN SITE:

Which side are you on? Song

I TOLD you guys Bush would have Stephen Colbert's balls as a trophy

Bushpick to replace Goss: Architect of NSA's wiretap scheme?

This site's all about here!

Clarence Boddicker (from Robocop) to head CIA?

Forgive if a dupe, 10 US soldiers killed in helicopter crash.

Illegals Fear Random Roundups -->

A Chilling FBI Fishing Expedition

Allergies SUCK. Thank gawd I don't have any.... but for those who

Why haven't demolition companies copied the WTC collapse?

Meet the new boogeyman: Gulbuddin Hekmatyar

Why aren't they grateful for "freedom on the march"?

Dennis Kucinich Promotional Video (great stuff)

Larry Johnson's take on the Goss resignation

Survey: 694 million people online worldwide

"Salute to fallen medic" / 21 yr. old San Antonio, TX/ KIA

Students wear 'peace' symbols on their mortarboards during * speech

Scooter Dogg Gets Pounded

Come-to-Jesus DU question

2,416 of our troops now dead in W's war

Bernie Ward: special treatment for Rush Limbaugh and Patrick Kennedy

Average Cost of Wiretaps for y2005 - $55,000

Goss / Kennedy: the bi-partisan scandal of the week..

Titan's shadows exposed as seas of sculpted sand

Alexander Solzhenitsyn on how to handle the government

Anyone else catch the "Center on Politics" Annual Presidential Review?

is du a haven for ole hippie type patriots or what

Party on at Saddam's palace...

Did Cheney Start New Cold War With Russia?

If you Visit Drudge, Goss resigning is barely visible

i think its time for a revised version

"Former homosexuals" to present "TRUTH" at 'international' conference

i think its time for a revised version

it appears that the bush administration

are the interests of Iraqis (and Iranis, etc.) morally, ethically and . .

Israeli water knowhow flows to China

Maybe they rescheduled the Goss resignation so that it would be obscured

Just participated in the NYT/CBSnews poll

Truthout: "Why Did Goss Resign?" (Foggo speculation)

Home price futures, coming to an exchange near you.

The 9/11 Cell Phone Calls

A question about weight loss medications.

Ua093 DVD already in stores.

Boston Globe editorials today: Pearl Jam and Neil Young.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Has Companion

Missile hit British chopper downed in Iraq-official

Dissent by pre-Brown court case really lays out democracy in education.

No COOKIES before the election...Saturday 5/6 toon

An Attempt To Kill Iraqi Radical Cleric Al-Sadr Fails

Rawstory update: per Bradblog

Insomnia, I never had it, but I had circumstances physical and

Leadershp vacuum....

pseudo-tough guy Charlie Daniels rants about immigration

Washington Journal

Why I sometimes wonder about America.

Very interesting story I encountered re: a United flight 93 passenger

Russia and China dig in against West on Iran

i`ll bet michelle maulkin

What does Agent Mike look like?

fox has dug up everything they can about Pat Kennedy and were having a

Caption this photo of the bushenfurher in robes at the commencement today

I just found out that Stephen King showed up at anti-war

Why don't we buy the book FOOLED AGAIN & do a pass it on campaign

Some myths and facts about addiction

Important!--Look to Argentina for coping skills in a broken economy

Hayden shows off his Constitutional knowledge!

CAPTION **'s Talking Dummy...

Was Mary McCarthy Fired Because She Wanted Investigations Into Hookergate?

in case you missed Ray McGovern 'interviewed' by the repellant Paula Zahn

Wow, just wow. "West Point Graduates Against the War"

So long, and thanks for all the fish...

Kentucky Derby

Pete Seeger on with Bobby Kennedy...AAR 5:17, coming up

We lost a warrior for the truth today; ex father-in-law died suddenly.

The "separate investigation" (Duke Cunninham-WIRED)

Hear ye... Hear ye...

Doesn't it seem like Afghanistan is Really Heating Up Again?

Why does Smirky want to import ethanol???

Does anyone have a video of those iraqi soldiers taking off their uniforms

Helen Thomas has a new book!

Thinking . . .

Are There Two Helicopters down? One in Iraq and one in

Chávez heads to London ‘to thank British’ - Tony Blair is not pleased

Our Wall Of Heroes.

Ray McGovern being interviewed right now on This is Hell...

If there were a 'terra' attack in June, would Goss escape blame...

When subzero poll #s = "terrorist attacks" can we change the wording?

Shouldn't Goss get the Medal of Freedom too? OK, then how `bout this one

EPA to citizens: Frack you

New Porter Goss comic

10 U.S. Troops Die in Afghan Copter Crash

So the prez is coming in to dumb down the state of OK

In the name of EVERLASTING GLADNESS, . . . . . . . . .please CAPTION!!!!!

Chevron Memo Raises Suspicion

"Holyland" theme park to be tax exempt. Brother Jeb to decide..

Help me choose a protest message

Why are the profits of a single industry more important than ANYTHING else

I have a IE question...techies help!!!!

The Great Republican Rebranding

New "Superman" trailer - Bush's words in Luther's mouth

Did Tony Snow ever do game shows?

I'd Rather Go Hunting with Dick Cheney than have a Kennedy

Former Lantana officer killed on duty - Shakespearean Level of Tragedy

Sex Toys Tax Deductible in Australia

Second bald eagle hatches on California island

AP: U.S. Envoy: Osama Most Likely in Pakistan

Bigotry abounds at Illinois Republican prayer meeting

It's official: The students at OSU* are IDIOTS!

BBC: Hacker fears 'UFO cover-up'

Would you invest in order to fund a free press?

10 US Soldiers killed in crash.

Taking a report seriously (Palestine aid and Hammas)

seems like USA reporter John Diamond has fallen in love with the

Nice Comment on Patrick Kennedy by Conservative Blogger A. Sullivan.

I do believe the 2nd Coming of Christ is any day now

Thank Gawd, For Those Dirty OLD Repub Researchers?

LAT: Negroponte now controls CIA; next: DOD intel, Rumsfeld

My Suspicions

Perseverance quotes for this ardous journey.

So, SO disgusting, re: Sunday Talk shows.

Greg Palast: "The President says Immigrants 'Must Learn to Misinterpretate

Flood Them With Truth!

How many 14 year old kids know what they want to be when they grow up?

I am sorry DU I now realize I have been posting after taking Ambien


United airlines serves military kool aide for a fee

How would you like the DCIA to be a "close friend" of Schmuck Cheney's?

Bush REALLY Said The Following Yesterday (JUST Saw the clip)

Arrested For Having Weed? Paint Pot Leaves on Your House & Go Free!

Should Republicans Impeach Bush Themselves?

Guest lineup for Sunday TV news shows (Dean, Pelosi, Harman,and so on)

Winger uncovers dirt on Ray McGovern: "lunatic behavior a mile long"

I got this email about immigrants, and snopes isn't debunking it (yet)

Keep an eye on the "nuclear football"...if the aides stop carrying it....

What kind of post are you most likely to Recommend

Colbert question

Sunday Talk Shows

CIA boss Goss is cooked "It's all about the Duke Cunningham scandal"

'Its not good for the country"-to have to talk about NSA wiretapping,

It's election year and the amendment to stop flag desecration is back.

Chaos in Basra as Brits Kill Four Iraqis....

I stand with and support Patrick Kennedy

Lets talk about who gets preferences..

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but..

Goss, Negroponte, and the Chimp's uncle all in same Yale frat...

Caption this latest photo of *

Does anyone here know why Raw Story's web site is down???

Is defending our currency, justification for preemptive war?

ABC News: Libby Plans to Call on Rove to Testify

Raw Story?

Does the CIA director have to be approved by Congress?

Was there a double standard in treatment of Kennedy vs. McKinney by police

Poll shows conservative revolt against Bush - Chicago Sun Times

Pol's 'zombie' story echoes nightmares of other users

LA Times: All out war for power between Negroponte and Rumsfeld

Notes on protest from the Rude Pundit

Screaming at the TV?

Dick van Patten heading up the CIA?

Addiction is about shame, fear, avoidance, and depedence.

Pentagon Halts Troop Rotation For Iraq "Indefinitely"

Illegal Immigrants and taxes

President John Kerry's espańol is a heck of a lot better

You are NOT allowed to look at this

Is anyone else bothered by this? (Oil and minerals related).

Reign Man

"US in recession....?"

Chimp has nerve to lecture kids on not "violating human dignity"

DUers in the US: How Are You Doing in the Bush Economy?

Wal-Mart stores are high crime areas - cops upset

Ten Things You Can Do To Shape History

If you were wondering about Judy

tony blankley says it was josh bolten's FATHER who got goss

Russia's Nazis launch wave of racist anti-immigrant attacks

Pollster Suggests Bush Moves Might Be Too Little, Too Late

Oh, Rude One... I think I love you...

Did Cheney mean to start a new cold war with Russia? They think so.

You still work for me? I thought John over there got rid

GOP/MSM jump on Kennedy to distract from massive GOP corruption

Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly, suspected terrorist?

Patrick Kennedy and Ambien info.

"I got my impeachin' panties on!"

This Week , George S. talks to Feinstein, Chambliss, Dean, Delay

I gotta tell ya. I like this guy.

Oh, boy... here they are, the Intel brain trust

Let's suppose - Hurricanes, FEMA, and possibilities

What are the chances of being killed in combat if you join the U.S. Army?

Okay, freeptard trolls? Brave enough to answer a question?

Irony Lives! Bush awarded doctor of laws degree!?!?!

Did Bush stick the knife into Jack Straw?

Ret. General Odom tells US to get out of Iraq now.

Bumper Sticker of the Day

The GOP is the devil's party

FL boot camp guards kill teen - first report: "sickle cell disease" denied

''Whores buying whores for whores.''

A sure sign Bush is in trouble

DU Article "America Duped" from June 20, 2003 by Eric Munoz...

Need router help....

See, the real problem is the Mexicans.

RNC quote on Kerry's speech; New poll on Bush / GOP

Does he have his fingers crossed?

A little walk down memory lane with Porter G.

Don't they all look happy? You would think they would...

Awesme Pearl Jam concert on Letterman- watch it!!

Need help finding info on private security forces shooting Iraqis.

From "The Crisis Papers" home page...

Hey Tweety et al--You are right-- Pelosi promised to invest. Bush Adm.

See? I decided to stand right here in this circle...

What should we send to Tony Blair?

Caption this * pic...

WP: Bush is ready to fight over Hayden's nomination for CIA chief

The pillars of Republicanism: Expedience, Incompetence, Corruption, Greed

70% Expect Gas Prices To Cause Financial Problems

Ohmigod. Joe Klein on CNBC now interviewed by Tim Russert. Ick!

Sat 10am EDT - RAY MCGOVERN LIVE - Stream link - hint: logon early

Former NSA Director Hayden Lied To Congress And Broke The Law

Bill Clinton and the Case for the Unitary Executive

Is the IRS targeting LIBERALS?

Dress codes in public schools....

Not sure what the retired generals hope to accomplish with Rumsfeld

Thank you, Minneapolis Star Tribune, for quoting Colbert

Who's more of a threat: Gore or Hillary?

Wow. Hispanic cops holding back the Hispanic crowd.

DU Chemists! Is there a "safe" way to burn coal to produce electricity?

Just wondering what Rush has to say about the Kennedy matter

"The Passion of the Flight" That's what "united 93" should be called

Williams: An impeachment by the people of America

Hey, New Yorkers!!!! Best of Mike Malloy on WLIB...11:07 pm!!!

NYT "C.I.A. Chief Will Face Critical Gaps in Iran Data"

Hey DU-ers--- Help out SGT Borges in Iraq!

10 Us troops dying in Afgan hardly made the evening news today. A

Has anyone ever heard of Condi

His Highness Lord Pissypants, PhD ---pix--->>>

US 'spyware maker' fined profits (BBC)

Are any Democrats going to talk about universal health care

Think the U.S. Dollar is in the toilet now?

The President, faith, and road repair

Tom Hanks is Bill on SNL

Question of the Night...Can we have Democracy

Welcome to the End Times

February 19, 2009 is D-Day

OK, DU seniors...How is the

Google Video has the full broadcast up now - (COLBERT) -ONE hour 35 mins.

Welp, Election coming up, time to past the Anti-Flag burning ament. Again!

A Way to approach Hayden and his NSA wiretapping...

Wake up America...Take a closer look at those insurgents!

Where Can I Download Randi's Show From Friday Besides

Make no mistake. Hookergate is about Blackmail not Sex.

The type/amount of attention Kennedy is garnering...

CIA chief quits after 'Hookergate'

Chevron Memo Raises Suspicion

Libby lawyer to argue Bush's role in leak!

Marine artillery unit serves as infantry in Iraq

Anybody care to take a pick ax to this?

September 11th, September 11th, September 11th..

The FBI Busts Goss, Wilkes, and the GOP Domestic Spy Industry

CBS news reporting on some blacks allying themselves

Amazing article on Wilkes/Foggo/Cunningham: Anatomy of wingnut corruption

Laura Rozen: Official Story about Goss's departure reeks of mendacity

DUer's, I need your help fighting back on this one!

We know the symptoms, but what's the cause? MSM revisited.

Lehrer Asked the Question About Goss and the Hookers last nite.

The Real Reason Goss Quit - and it wasn't about Hookers...

I offered my new cReep neighbor enlistment forms....

Some Sleeping Pill Users Range Far Beyond Bed (Powell)

Soldiers returning from the WOT have been telling me a lot

Tinfoil Hat Time

Incumbent politician(s) you would most like to see lose in November

A question came up and I need to set the record straight.

Will the hood fit over the horns :)

What a lovely little blog. "Let's behead Democrats." Picture included.

Purity Ball Entrance Fee: Intact Hymen (not a joke)

Frank Rich slams 'United 93' film as 'exploitative'

Laura, your slip is showing. The *'s go to a wedding - pics

Unf*ckinbelievable campaign ad, just heard on Laura Flanders show!

November elections? we'll be Diebolded again, we're use to it by now

GOP pollster: Bush admin. may be 'over'

Bush says fight against terror is 'World War III'---He's F**king Nuts

Gotta wonder how Fox News would have reported Japanese Internment...

* receives honorary doctor of laws degree - more goofy pics

Saturday TOONS! a few tasty morsels. Enjoy!

Not All See Video Mockery of Zarqawi as Good Strategy

CAN I GET A HELL YA? it's inventory time at DU

A sudden moment of clarity regarding accusations of rape.

why is it that immigrants are supposedly taking "black jobs"?

Fox Omits Vital Piece Of Info In "Reports" On Fred Phelps

Colbert and the "Death of Pundit Apartheid"

(Video) Cops on the drug war

I Can't Drive 55!

Let's get a few things straight

Would it bother you if your children grew up to be Republicans? "survey" !!!

In spite of ugliness, there's always the power to create beauty.

is this offensive?

There are differing theories and views on protests and demonstrations

Any Deaf/Hard of Hearing DU'ers?

Guess what!!! Mastercard is doing a create your own ad contest!! Could

sponsor cancels anti-"no child left behind" author at ed. conference

Conyers: Taking Back the House

Long Island Cabbie Busted for Hate Crime

Right Wing Talk show host admits being wrong about Bush! (must hear!)

"Our Descent Into Hell Has Begun"

Why don't our taxes pay for public fitness centers?

(VIDEO) Bill Maher and Bush's Mission Impossible

Cindy Sheehan is illegal; she has broken the law

Anti-War Music

Friendly fascism

VIDEO: Ray McGovern Rummy smackdown on Countdown.


Georgia Gov: Cox (D) does better than Taylor (D) against Perdue (R)

Bush calls terror fight World War III

Limbaugh and His Dittoheads

Grateful Iraqi People Greet The Liberators, May 6, 2006 Edition

Democracy Now archives

Fitz came to town, Goss left

Wasn't there a clip of Bush saying he knew Porter Goss's heart

Dionne: Republicans "rebrand" as conservative policies, rhetoric fail

The Myth of "Fiscal Conservatism"

British Foreign Secretary sacked. Paves way for Iran invasion?

General (Michael Hayden/NSA head) to head CIA: do you think

Add Your "Voice" To This AOL Poll!

Titanic Band - Could This Be Analogy To The Modern Day MSM?....

The Saturday Cartoons

Latino voters overwhelmingly support earned legalization, new study finds

So the new Zogby Poll is about the bird flu and includes questions

Results of AP-Ipsos Poll on Gas Prices

Why assume the prostitutes were women? Take a look at the

Ray McGovern bio: heads up "speak truth to power" dept.

The Bush Takeover

White House photo: On the phone again, wearing his special little jacket..

Is Gore popular in Tennessee?

Homeland Security job= fight Bush critics not make us safe

Rumsfeld's new line contradicted (Ray McGovern making news!!!)

Talk show host Phil Valentine encourages shooting undocumented immigrants

Half and hour and counting 'til Richmond, VA DU Meet-Up. Whoo hoo!

The White House has praise for Bense, possible Katherine Harris opponent

Today's "conservatives" are copulating

Hussein Court Shocked By Ironclad Alibi

Anyone see Bob Novak (re: Porter Goss) on John Gibson's show?

Independent Challenger to Bill Nelson (Dino-FL)

Smoke-colored glasses all the rage?

Citizen-activist arrested while investigating election irregularities

Oh The IRONY -- Lawbreaker in Chief gets honorary "Doctor of Laws"

Just met with Jan Schneider. She thinks Goss will run aganst Nelson

Valerie Plame got the (tentative) title of her new book from Karl Rove...

John Mc.Cain not welcomed at Bob Kerrey's New School commencement

Sex, Lies, and Government Contracts

Which way will Arlen sway in confirmation hearing for Hayden?

Zogby:Most Small Business Employees Oppose Enzi Health Insurance Reform

- Time to Boycott GE, Dateline, and NBC?

I wish the Kennedy thing happened BEFORE Colbert spoke...

"Mr. Rove, your doctrine of preemptive war led to my son's death..."

John Negroponte and the downfall of Porter Goss

Republicans Boycotting Next Years Kentucky Derby

Raw Story (Saturday): Pelosi outlines Democratic strategy for 2006

WP: Pollster Suggests Bush Moves Might Be Too Little, Too Late

NYT: Early Intensity Underlines Role of Races in Ohio

Fox News apparently airing a special on the size of Rumsfeld's balls.

C&L Vid Clip: David Shuster with "a potential blockbuster on Rove"

Fox's Cavuto: An economy that's humming, but most insist we're bumming"

Bush trumpets U.S. job market as best in years

A Triumph for Stephen Colbert

What kind of hypocrisy buckshot was Cheney packing?

Will catchin/killing Bin Laden be the Magic Bullet for the Chimpastration?

Is Cheney Pushing Us into a New Cold War?

Eliz. Dole publicizes reason for fearing Democratic takeover of Congress

Net censorship spreads worldwide (BBC) {Reporters Without Borders}

Classic Michael Moore/Porter Goss Clip

Spot the Red-Flag: "Kennedy's Disclosure Outrages Some in R.I."

Porter Goss, proving (again) that he's a jerk

AP Photo: "President Bush gestures..."

POTENTIALLY hypocritical poll: Were we too hard on Scott McClellan?

Swift-Boating Works -- Santorum Now Within Striking Distance

Are Scottie and Mark McClellan related?

An uplifting Colbert story.

Congress officially warns * on Iran....GOOD JOB!

Corporate Control of both parties???

John Kerry: The Moment of Truth In Iraq

John Kerry Vows to Push SBA on Katrina

Video of the Kids who fight in Iraq

How Colbert Saved Me From Myself by Craig Crawford

Wrongly Convicted, Almost Executed, Awarded $2.25 Million

Near 130 US Base protesters hurt by13,000 South Korean police 3000 troops

Does Valerie Plame Wilson need to write a book??

Brushes with, um, not greatness

Kerry's Speech at Grinnell College: Kerry Tells Students to SPEAK OUT!

We need 6 seats to take back the Senate. Who are they?

Don't get me wrong... I appreciate Pink and Neil Young....

Daily KOS, Markos Moulitsas, WaPo article about Hillary,


Bush doesn't bother with vetoes;he just doesn't enforce things he dislikes