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Archives: May 31, 2006

George and Tony Sittin' Up a Tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G

Maybe front lines are here, not in Baghdad

CA: Measure To Improve Election Audit Process Clears Senate

???? Up to 500 still without bunks at Harris County Jail (Houston)

Most important election

Hurdle for U.S. in Getting Data on Passengers (European votes down)

Health: Mysterious Skin Disease (Morgellon’s goes MSM)

Democrats' Senate Hopes May Ride on Tennessee Race

Cities Brace For Terrorism Threat Rankings

Magistrate Rules That Government Must Reveal Monitoring (NY)

Bolivian president accuses U.S. of assassination attempt

Marriages have failed, political careers imploded, civilizations crumbled

Anyone else suffering from American Idol withdrawal?

Not only is he a Republican, he's a cheap bastard. Like that's news.

Announcing The Pre-1776 Mindset Relocation Service for Republicans

Anyone else here have no cell phone coverge in their area?

I need virus protection

Name a local restaurant you would recommend to a visitor...

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Chimp's new Treasury Secretary

Congressman Conyers:If you can't beat 'em.

The Agent Who Might Have Saved Hamid Hayat

FDR didn't get Hitler

Dixie Chicks Poll: What Will 'Taking The Long Way' Sell?

A blast from the past

Haditha was a WAR CRIME: Let's Quit the Rationalizing

Sadly, the Haditha massacre is only a small scale

"Mr. Bush Tear Down That Wall!"

DLC and Non-DLC. The showdown debate thread. Enough is enough.

Will Bush Ever Get Balls?

A Belated WWII Criticism

WP: Canada Pays Environmentally for U.S. Oil Thirst

Loosing the democracy

BILL CHIROLAS: Where are the media articles on energy policy?

American Reporter- GWB and "The Moses Mandate"

Moronmobile Day

Transcript of "The Disposable American: Layoffs and Their Consequences"

San Diego Union Tribune: Immune to outrage?

JOSHUA FRANK: Leftists for Occupation -- The Neocons' Unlikely Bedfellows

JOSHUA FRANK: Al Gore the Environmental Titan?

Security fears stunt online bank growth

JASON MILLER: American Capitalism and The Moral Poverty of Nations

mystery unresolved,woman who may have been Harding's child dies

Chilean judge sees Pinochet case going 'nowhere'

'Granny D' in the West Virgina Woods

The Clownification of America

Losing its wars, U.S. needs to regroup

Haditha: "appears to be outright murder"

FCC plans relaxation of media ownership rules, watchdogs say

Officers reportedly not subjects of investigation of Iraqi civilian massac

MOGAMBO GURU: He will probably crap in his Occidental pants

Traumatized baby quieted by quake - The Jakarta Post

WP: Estate Tax Lunacy

Calls for Impeachment (video)

Independent:Anger at oil chief's $400m retirement package

Arrogance of US troops fed Afghan riots

Dowd; Live from Baghdad, more dying

Yahoo headline (hilarious)

Man's best friend sniffs out brain tumor - St. Louis Post Dispatch

The takeover is complete (M Ivins)

Rice repeats the Follies of her Predecessor Colin Powell in Hostile Rhetor

Is Smaller Government Better Government?

Al-Qaeda's long march to war

Immigration Debate spurring resurgence of Hate Groups

A state of emergency: Bush is a danger to the constitution (Blumenthal)

Cadet Bush Goes to West Point

Enough is Enough, people have had with 'the Lobby'

It will be a verdict on Bush and it looks bad. Very bad

Tax cuts to the uber-wealthy spurring this economy is like Stone Soup

Greenpeace: Nuke Waste in France Water

Hydro and Norske Skog Evaluating Wood-to-Diesel Project

Canada Pays Environmentally for U.S. Oil Thirst

Lester Brown - China "Nowhere Close" To Slowing Desertification - Reuters

Arctic Ocean Salmon Numbers Increasing Rapidly - ADN

NOAA Limits All Salmon Questions To 3 Political Appointees - WP

New Study Projects Ice-Free Arctic Ocean In Summer Before 2020

June Weather In April, Collapsing Igloos - The New World Of The Inuit

Climate Talks Head - US "Off The Hook:" - No US Action Before 2009

Scientists Say Arctic Once Was Tropical

China's Economic Growth "Unsustainable On All Counts" - AFP

A nice overview of the French plan to stabilize plutonium inventories.

MIT, Purdue Studies Link Warming With Stronger Hurricanes - NYT

Colorado River Flows Rebuilt Back To 1490 - Current Drought Mild - AFP

Would kids like "An Inconvenient Truth"?

Holland Can Expect 14-Inch Sea Level Rise By 2050

It's not quite June, but Tropical Storm Aletta is here!

What is happening to Yellowstone's air quality?


Collateral damage: Entire Gaza family

Israeli professor: UK boycott justified

Israelis Enter Gaza to Confront Rocket-Firing Attackers

False flag terrorist operations in the Phillipines.

Fair Elections! Pls. Sign, Support This Declaration of Principles!

VoteTrustUSA Calls For Inquiry into Sequoia Ownership

Democracy Now: Interviews Bruce Funk and David Dill

Bobby Kennedy JR. on '04 election theft in feature Rolling Stone article

CO: Lawsuit Over Electronic Voting Threatened

Alachua County Florida Update

Instant Runoff Voting for City of Minneapolis?

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News May 31, 06-Seeing The Light Edition

John Bonifaz Submits 7,000 Certified Signatures

Who is Vilsack endorsing for governor?

King - Iraq safer than D.C. - embarassing Iowa again

SP2 upgrade question, need advice, please

Quality of digital video camera recordings

Anybody know how to record cd from tape on computer?

It's possible that if I get one more email from Boyd Richie that . . .

Barbara Radnofsky will be in Victoria on 06/15/2006

What are paletas?

WP: Canada Pays Environmentally for U.S. Oil Thirst

Some Tories questioning another gay marriage vote

Troops told Geneva rules don't apply to Taliban

Ottawa offer could clear major stumbling block to Mackenzie pipeline

PM wants to know why rural mail won't go through

Rae vows to defeat Harper and his 'right-wing' agenda

Immigration Minister Monte Solberg Keynote Speaker at CPJ Annual Meeting,

PM seems to back off equalization stance

Second Lacrosse Party Dancer Makes Obscene Gesture In Court

(Australian) Govt assigns new roles to troops in Iraq

Israelis Enter Gaza to Confront Rocket-Firing Attackers

Al-Qaeda's long march to war

Hugh Patterson, Jr., 91; Publisher of Ark. Gazette during '57 crisis

Govt. must reveal some eavesdropping info

50 Die in Rising Iraq Violence ('Multiple-Fatality' Bombings)

LAT: Hopes for Iraq Pullback Fading

Ney lied about trip, says Republican's former aide

AJC: Raytheon bids for border contract (I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!)

'Iron fist' to tackle Basra woes (state of emergency declared)

Sen. John McCain cancels Bilbray event

Loosing the democracy

White House: Haditha details to be public

(Lance) Armstong cleared of doping charges

Bill to BolsterElectionClout Gains (nat'l popular vote winner gets CA)

Court Curbs the Speech of Public Employees(can be fired for "speech")

2 Iraqi Women Killed by Coalition Troops (One pregnant)

Noe is expected to plead guilty in (Bush-Cheney) fund-raising case

At least 100,000 flee homes in East Timor

(Senator Barbara) Boxer: Troops should be pulled out

At least 40 corpses found in Iraq (tortured and executed, as usual)

Saudi envoy urges no U.S. attack on Iran

"Quiet sobbing" follows White House screening of "United 93"

CNN: US & European Countries "Going Thru the Motions to Show to the World

U.S. says it's prepared to talk with Iran

WP--Congressman Tried to Hide Papers, Justice Dept. Says (Jefferson)

NYT/Reuters: Spitzer Wins Democrats' Backing for NY Governor

Rice: U.S. sets conditions for talks with Iran

George W. Bush on 9/11: "But the day ended on a relatively humorous note."

'Iron Fist' Crackdown Declared In Iraqi City

Alaska Ex - Governor (Democrat Knowles) Plans Run to Undo Pipeline Deal

Milosevic not poisoned, UN finds

EU seeks quick US air data deal after court setback

Two women killed in Samarra by US troops on way to maternity hospital

E&P: Syracuse Weekly May Take Legal Action Against Bush Aide Zinsmeister

Gunmen kill sportscaster for Iraqi TV

"Weapon of Mass Destruction" Targets Sex Shop In Waldo (Xn terrorism)

Pence (R) won't run with Fletcher (R) again

US says troops fired in self defense in Afghan riot

U.S. probe finds unprovoked killings in Haditha

Fundraiser (Noe) admits funneling money to Bush campaign

U.S. probes killing of pregnant Iraqi

WP----Canada Pays Environmentally for U.S. Oil Thirst

Study finds rapid pre-Katrina sinking in New Orleans

Energy and environmental anger at Exxon meeting

Iran calls U.S. talks offer 'propaganda'

U.S. not ready to implement new travel law: report

Safavian Said Not Forthcoming on Lobbyist

Noe pleads guilty to illegally funneling money to Bush campaign

Bush 'troubled' by Haditha report

Insurgent attacks in Iraq at highest level in 2 years

Iraq declares state of emergency in Basra

Interest rates of U.S. Treasury bills up this week (highest in 5 years!)

Woman pleads guilty in alleged plot to blow up Forest Service lab

Father of Marine backs son's Iraq comrades (insurgents "hiding with kids")

Afghanistan Parliament demands arrest of U.S. soldiers

NYT/Reuters: Consumer, Environmental Fury Kicks Off Exxon Meeting

Homeland Security grants rile D.C., NYC

AP - Coin Dealer Admits Illegal Donations

Afghanistan wants U.S. troops prosecuted (truck crash accident)

Senator Clinton Kicks Off Her Re-election Bid

U.S. military says two Iraqi women shot to death (one pregnant)

Terrorism invoked in ISP snooping proposal

The Age: Police find 42 bodies dumped in Baghdad

Marines: (Haditha) Allegations undercut us

(Canadian) Troops told Geneva rules don't apply to Taliban

Time is short for Iraq to stabilize, U.S. envoy warns

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 31 May

DHS to Slash Funds for NY and Washington DC

FBI Arrests 2 Pa. Senate Legislative Aides (Dem)

Toyota to Recall 320,000 Priuses

CA Bill to Bolster Election Clout Gains: national popular vote winner...

Injured Marine Talks About Haditha Killings ("friends lost control")

Scientists: North Pole was hot hot hot

(Paul) Hackett Files Lawsuit On Behalf Of 26.5 Million Vets

'Dead' girl from crash found alive

Dixie Chicks New Album, Taking The Long Way, Debuts At #1 On Billboard

Bush: ‘Troubled’ by war crime allegations

U.N. says AIDS spreading unchecked

ACLU files lawsuit over arrests at Santorum book signing

Haditha Response: (130k) U.S. Troops to Receive 'Core Values' Training

Don't Try This at Home (HomeChemistry is being outlawed--affects science)

Iranian drone plane buzzes U.S. aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf

AP: Iraq veteran sues filmmaker over portrayal in "Fahrenheit 9/11

CAIR Calls on Rumsfeld to Resign Over Iraq Massacre

Stolen VA data goes beyond initial reports

Bush to come out in favor of federal marriage amendment


Reminder....Bleak House is replaying...starting on Sat..

My van broke down one and a half hours away from home,...

Hey, where's RevCheesehead gotten to?

WARNING! Diabetics stay away from this thread....

Actually, I think I have been using the words "meticulous yet superfluous

My hand is all swollen and itchy

kid`s now days are just plain crazy in the head --just look at this

G'night my darlings...

Actually, I think I've been using the word "actually" too much

What happens when CSI runs out of chalk...

Complaint About Specific Ad

So, who exactly is in charge of all of our "Permanent Record"s?

A lovestruck Romeo sings the streets a serenade

Probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do

Have you missed me yet?

is anyone a book publisher or editor? I have a

startled into wakefulness

Small world **AKA fucked up**

Anyone know where I can get some Kerry/Edwards stickers ?

WHat's your opinion on Noam Chomsky?

Man Wearing Woman's Bathing Suit & Carrying Flare Gun Arrested

Man Proves He Is Faithful To Wife By Severing His Penis

The Gundam Series

The forgotten Schoolhouse Rock song, rescued by "The Simpsons"

Hillary or Teri

Then came the last days of May

Got SUSE Linux? Check out this cool modification!

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Okay, I have no idea

Bye, DU!

Oh, Hello...I didn't see you there.

Post something fun for me to balance out GD!

Woman Hit By Lightning While Praying

I just hid my own thread

Woman Gets $2 Million in Matchmaker Lawsuit

Wednesday, May 31. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

A Good Ad To Click On

now thats a big baloon

On the road 2 weeks, a stint with homelessness, and now I'm back

Quick Ones 2...

Happy Birthday Broadway Joe.

What cellular carriers start evening rates before 8:00 pm?

Help me!! The Wal-Martians have invaded! I'm about to explode!

Has anyone seen this, too cool. Bicycle stunts

know those "annoy a democrat, get a job" bumper stickers?

Breaking: Antonius: "Yo, Spahtacus, I find dis whole ting kinda gay."

Left Bee-hind game

What's your favorite place to stay in Gatlinburg?

Cuteness alert: My cousin on Easter Sunday.

Dissipation Alert: Yours Truly later that same day.

My new mattress is coming today!!!!


Hmm. I don't think I'll be attending this function.

Question about Allergies in Ireland....

This is a 'Free Association" thread....

I just need to say....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/31/06)

La grammaire

Tell me about a song that brings back really happy happy memories

Is wearing Canadian apparel a good idea when out of the country?

Rescue Me fans: Last night's premiere!

Need advice on my date tonight

'Lost' actress Rodriguez released early (serves 1 day of 60 day sentence)

Maybe I should stop drinking champagne

Any poker players here?

I have to recommend Ron Newcomer's Celebrity Photos.

call me uncultured, but I don't like "fancy" restaurants

X-Men 3 - thematic ties to homosexuality ***Spoiler Alert***

Don't forget, the new season of "Mindfreak" starts tonight!

Sugar Smack---please check your PM!


So what's your opinion of Indigo children?

So when does the 90,000th DUer arrive?

MY first experiment with PhotoBucket video.

A Typical Sinner

suicide ...

What a nightmare!

Any former punk zine readers (MRR, Flipside, etc.)

Australia's RSPCA tackles the rise of Pet Obesity

I'm off to go float around in the pool.

After The Storm Pics II (Dial-up warning)

News of the Weird: Assassin views tape of his attempt to smuggle semen

looking for a bandwidth monitor

Woman Wins $2 Million in Suit Against Beverly Hills Matchmaker

Help! Firefox lost all my bookmarks!!

Any dems here ever post at free republic?

There Is No God

End the conspiracy to shut-up Redqueen!

The search is over.

Bring your own lampshade, somewhere there's a party

Good place to buy book shelves?

Cool, a post I made got deleted!

Burning issue of the day: Ever used a shampoo/conditioner that


Why 'ads by goooooogle?'

HAH! I just got a song on the radio! HAH! HAH!

I was wondering- do you have any opinions on kudzu?

Am I the only person who never clicked on the kudzu thread?

Thread death match- Who wins?

*dons tinfoil hat* CallMeWesley locked Kudzu just for shock value

Last one is mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams

*** OFFICIAL Locked Kudzu Thread #1 ***

Oh, NO!!! In all this kudzu mourning we have forgotten the most important

I am going to tell you something now.

Last one to post, wins!

Ever noticed that freeper spokesmen guys frequently look and sound

Felix the Cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat...

Hey, check it out...

Kudzu's dead; I'm going to bed

What's your favorite BattleMech?

"Oh my god, what do you MEAN you didn't get the e-mail? This is

As a fan of Alistair Cooke's, I think he would have enjoyed this story...

In honor of my 5000th post

RIP Kudzu Thread-- 12/19/05 to 5/31/06

My brother just tried to kill himself......

My first interview in over 9 years...

Anyone else a Casio watch geek?

Ah crap...I just realized what the death of kudzu really means.

Prepare yourself for the ULTIMATE CUTENESS

Exercise for gimps

Request for advice regarding XM Radio Purchase

10,000 POSTS!

There once was a man from Nantucket....

There once was a man from Verona...

NYC folks, my mom and a friend are coming from Arkansas. HELP

Preacher goes off on congregation

We never did get around to naming the Kudzu goat.

Post your minor annoyance here...

I'm off to see some christians get Water Baptized.....

Says-It sites:

there once was a young girl from exeter...


Batwoman is back ... as a lesbian

Rejected Hallmark Cards

Council computer system has erection problem

Depleted Uranium forum Thurs. June 1 Cape Cod Community College


HR People: Please Include Salary Expectations

Is it normal, after feeling really happy, to feel really sad?

Better video of my cats.

Getting cold makes me tone deaf.


time-sensitive post in General

You were a kid once. What was your fave Saturday cartoon growing up?

So what's your opinion of Inigo children?

I'm Kooky like Tom Cruise!

I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

What's the saddest part of your life?

Are there people on DU who you hope to Christ *are* fucking trolls

the dancing pipecleaner returns!

Better video of my two cats.

NYT: A Build-a-Protest Approach to Immigration


Spurious morality

there once was a young guy from St Paul...

"Cars" will be the biggest movie ever. Another grand slam for Steve Jobs

May I recommend to you another web site? It is a gold mine of info.

Some winter tea, some white tea, and small bit of Jasmine - mmmmmmm

Barbie fans--'fess up: What was your favorit outfit for her?

Woman struck by lightning...while praying...

Damn! Why can't the Mets score any runs when Pedro's pitching?

What do you want/expect from a waiter/ess?

May I recommend to you another web site? It is a gold mine of info.

Skinner, did you get my donation yettttttttt?

^( '.' )>

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

hell post a picture of you taken tonight

Have you ever seen anyone die?

Where did the expression "pay through the nose" come from?

Why is it so hard to find "Lucky, Lucky me" By Connie Francis??!

Ok, this is driving me nuts: I need to stop thinking

Howdy Loungers. What's up?

I believe in UFO’s …

I just got and accepted a new job

I never posted in Kudzu

i just hid my first thread ever

Thank you..du

The Happy Rabbit

Route 66, Perry Mason - name other great TV theme..

Anyone else on here like Matthew Sweet?

"In Australia, all citizens over the age of 18 must enroll to vote."

You should not have to apologize....

Post here if you had a good day!

The more I think about it the life of a drifter sounds pretty sweet.

korean dramas

Would you watch a movie version of Atlas Shrugged...

What was ABBA's worst song?

Lawyer Joke!

Who put the "kick me" sign on dubya's back?

I may have lost a beloved companion today....

Revisited Oldie of the Evening, via MP3 player: "You Love the Thunder"

Seriously, what the hell is your problem?

Lyrics... Yeah I know lyrics again!

Women who read on the throne, check in!

Replace one word in a movie title with Kudzu

So did you end up doing that thing with that thing?

If I told you to sod off - and trust me, I'd like to - how would you sod?


what kind of blogger are you?

My son is sick

i love a Heartless Bitch...

Any advice for starting my own forum?

Mail forwarding problem.

I am a energies trader. Flame me. (10 post & I'm out of the 700 club)

Your rain falls like crazy fingers

Proof that God felt mankind was a terrirble mistake......SCRAPPLE

God Answers Prayers of Paralyzed Little Boy

So apparently I was a photographer for my high school newspaper

does anybody, have any idea, why i am so sad...

Anyone else having trouble with adblock?


Just when I thought it was safe to un-hide a thread

Oversized Rodents Attacking Senior Citizens

How Kudzu do it, CMW? How Kudzu?!

Ya know, one time of the year I always want to be in Canada

Googled "Birkenstock wearing" just for fun.

Kudzu is locked? RIP.

Anybody know how to record a tape to cd on computer?

Naked ‘Sorceress’ Falls From the Sky

Hypothetically speaking, if you were at kindergarten registration

Woohoo! I made our reservations...

Snakes on A Plane

So what's your opinion of Ginger Kids?

Can we have a LOUD round of boos for Call Me Wesley

It's over

SICKENING Interview With Katie Couric

I (heart) CallMeWesley!

"Oh yes I'm the great pretender"

T or F - khashka transcends mere sexual orientation

I killed Kudzu! I am the Greatest Thread-killer of them All!!!!

I killed a spider....

Hey, somebody finally invented a cat-trap that works...

My new sig line pic:

Where is a cheap place to buy a US domestic airline ticket?

How do you feel about classist elitism on DU?

Did Californiapeggy get back re her exam results?

Lesser of two evils: who would you rather date?

How should I display Ann Coulter's new book next week?

Can love be rekindled?

What Happens when your Daddy is a Graphic Designer...

Ketchup: The Non-Newtonian Liquid

Michelle Rodriguez Released From Jail Early

To all my dear Lounge friends.....The wait is over.......

Sports Towns: What sport defines your hometown?

*WOW* Robert Smith of "The Cure" has really gone downhill

removing scratches from an iPod screen--thoughts?

I am bullish on Kudzu. It's going places!

Rabbi Lerner takes on Opus Dei & Catholic Hierarchy-- Tonight 8pm

There Is Eternal Life For Animals...according to a book.

Preacher goes off on congregation

There Is No God

Poll: How is your spiritual development?

God's sex.

Forbes: Poison Ivy Getting Meaner

Ocean virus identified in human blood samples

mini-medical/ limited-benefit plan is Ins. industry innovation to lower $

Americans sicker than neighbors to the north

Morgellon’s goes MSM

Hidden Ecosystem Discovered Beneath Cement Quarry

3/4 Page Antigay Ad in today's Denver Post

DC Comics Resurrects Batwoman As Lesbian

Musings on the Hall of Fame....Dan Shaughnessey

Dutch investigators cleared Lance Armstrong of doping in the 1999 Tour de

Doctors: 50-50 Chance That Broken Bone Will Mean Euthanasia For Matsui

Barbaro update.

What star is in the southeast these days?

Hey..need a little help/support please.

Anyone getting any feelings about Bobby Kennedy, Jr.?

Ghost Cat Pics

June 2006 - Prayers and Healing Thread

Forgive me, but has anyone else heard this rumor?

Guess what guys? I am covering Bill Clinton for my show on Thursday.

where do you post most often on DU, when not here ?

possible Kerry sighting tonight from 1986? Cspan3

Larry O'Donnell included Kerry prominently in 2008 possibilities

Great ADL Kerry speech from '04. Funny flying story,

Did you hear about the RS article coming out, RE: 2004 election?

Lou Dobbs is

I've been boycotting this site ever since they came out with an e-mail

Answer this guy in GDP

especially for PA people: looks like Ricky Santorum can start packing.

Self delete

One actual vote to impeach

For those days when the news breeds nothing but despair,

The straws have spoken...JUNE PHOTO CONTEST THEME

Countdown Newsletter -- 05/30/06: Unearthing Haditha (KEITH IS BACK)

Brian Unger '87 to speak at part of Ohio U. commencement

And in other news,

KOEB - 5/31 - Welcome back, Keith, edition

LOL reality show for cats!

Supreme Court limits protections for government whistleblowers

The teachings of Jon

News Google "Marine Massacre" vs. "Haditha Massacre"

God's sex.

Abstinence Only global policy is about big pharm profit, not morality

When Resident Bush met with President Jiang Zemin....

2470 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Freaky 21st century Ghost ship story

Here's a new idea. IMPEACH BUSH CROP CIRCLES!!!!

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life." --Oscar Wilde

Freeper Chickenhawks have NO interest in the troops in Iraq

You're telling me Superman could go to jail?

The MSM is labelling Haditha the "Marine Massacre"

Mass Graves found in Iraq

Hastert segment on WJour, cspan now. Repugs only. A caller saying

Some say April is the cruelist month, but this May hasn't been all flowers

Haditha is going to be a fuckin DISASTER for Bush

I'm angry at war criminals because my family was victimized in Viet Nam

Many see China as an enemy

Is Senator Byrd really over his sheet fetish?

Amir Taheri - the liar about Iran's dress code on Wash. Journal.

GAS Prices and the Memorial Day weekend... an observation

Iraq’s resistance evolves (Bush's big move to start civil war not working)

Bush lies again out of sheer force of habit

Hey, did you hear about the terrorist attack in Waldo?

US AIDS abstinence plan is based on pharm profit, NOT morality - SPREADING

Western Oil to explore for crude in northern Iraq

Probe finds Haditha victims were shot:

America is not prepared for the coming disasters.

Dem "Strategists" differ over offering a detailed agenda versus

Iraq PM (Bush puppet) declares state of emergency in oil-rich Basra

union members:what is Center for Union Facts?

Is the GOP going to smear this man too

I'm sorry but this is just rude!

New Riverbend(Baghdad Burning): Viva Muqtada...

BUSH/BLAIR Killed Plan To Cut Troops

Iraqi good news .... attacks @ their highest levels

BUSH/BLAIR Killed Plan To Cut Troops

Peru Election a "can't lose" for the left.

Every Single Mid East Leader Is Stronger Than Bush

Three Way Race and Virtual Three Way Tie in 2008 ?

New TOON! about Faux News

Who poses the most danger to soldiers who slaughter innocents in Iraq?

Yes! The Katie Couric four hour ass kiss

Democracy Now on "Citizen Journalism"

Amir Taheri: Is he for real or just a Bush mouth piece?

our soldiers are still killing innocent Iraqis

It was only a matter of time before wingnuts rationalized Hadithah

25 years after the first AIDS diagnosis (or just about)

I need some help

How many innocent Iraqis will be killed in the Basra 'crackdown'?

Has anyone seen this, too cool. Bicycle stunts

Gawd! Gas goes up to 3.00 a gallon

what happened to Juan Cole ?

Nothing the US military does in Iraq or Afghanistan is in self defense.

Call the President TODAY about the Marriage amendment (here)

Condi is now announcing Iran's last chance, & the start of the NEW WAR!

CNN: US & European Countries "Going Thru the Motions to Show to the World

Study: Canadians healthier than Americans-that pesky socialized medicine.

International legal experts: Does Rice have a leg to stand on?

anyone know any REAL government grant programs for educational writing

Will Haditha be Rumsfeld's last straw...or..

Do you have an atlas at your side? Diego Garcia. Iran. Must Read

U.S. sets conditions for talks with Iran

Alaska - The Climate Change Poster State - USA Today

Stocks Climb As Oil Plunges

Smoking law leaves puffers out in the street ...

I'll bet you a cheese danish that Peter Pace will be the

"We urge Iran to take this step for peace." -- Condi Rice, 05/31/06 nt

one day till Hurricane season begins and no one is prepared

"The insurgents were hiding in there with the kids."

Iran Bamboozler Invited to White House as "Expert"(Jews, yellow stripes)

Bush Military History Project--#2

I bet if the Haditha story had come out sooner the Italian election...

The Jefferson diversion.

"Prospering in the Housing Bust " (or How to take other people's houses)

Friends from NY or anywhere please check this website out

U.S. asks judges to toss NSA suits

Moronmobile Day

Conyers Blog: If you can't beat 'em...

Ahh,the tortured path to moral relevance.

Proliferation Wars in the Intelligence Community

Bush's neo-con cabal blocked 2003 nuclear talks with Iran

Seriously, if I built a giant brick wall around our country....

The Iraqi resistance: 'Why we fight'

U.S. pleads self-defence in Afghan riots

Shrub live on MSNBC... jesus christ on crutches!!

Syracuse Weekly May Take Legal Action Against Bush Aide

I got this from

New ads on DU

MIT, Purdue Studies Link Warming With Stronger Hurricanes - NYT


6 yr old Fla. Girl Charged With Felony For Kicking Teacher's Aide

Dixie Chicks new album skyrockets to #1 on Billboard charts

Faux News Lost More Viewers in May - KO Continues to Gain

When did the govt become so afraid of us? why? We need role reversal

CNN reporter Arwa says Haditha "Isolated incident" they showed restraint..

Help! Firefox lost all my bookmarks!!

Gale Norton in Slacks - Dirk's Dirty Money

O Wednesday, Wednesday, wherefore art thou, Wednesday? Come CAPTION!!!!

Boo! Dixie Chicks! Scared Ya, Didn't I?

Thanks Admins for a fantastic activist tool!!

The Pentagon expects a WORSE year upcoming? This is total INSANITY!!!

'U.S. Troops Kill Pregnant Woman in Iraq'

Caption * - take your pick, lots to choose from today - pics>>>

Boxer: Troops should be pulled out

Don't blame me, I'm not responsible.

Help, please. Need a list of Repub indictments.

Defiant gas dealer battling Big Oil Goliath in protest

Well if the issues don't work apart....

Bush is "troubled" by the Haditha Massacre

Republicans conceding defeat? Asshole talking points.

So when are Christian Activists going to protest this game?

Fabric of Faith (yes, actual fabric)

How many people think "Jihadism" can be "defeated"?

Voted absentee today (CA)

Blowing the War on Terror, One Case at a Time

The reason the GOP is attacking Al Gore.

'My Senator and Me: A Dog's Eye View of Washington, DC' - Sen Kennedy pics

Nazi-era statues fuel controversy in Berlin

The failed mission to capture Iraqi oil

It's "Aletta". First named storm of season. (Pacific TP)

looking for a bandwidth monitor

A total of 17 incumbants have been ousted in the Pa. primaries.

Compared to Snotty Scotty, how do you rate Tony Snow?

Enron broadband executive convicted, accountant acquitted on retrial

Keith is back! 2-nite on Countdown

The new wingnut owner of Philadelphia's newspapers: Covered up kiddie rape

Neocon disbelieves the science of radio-carbon dating due to human error

What do you worry the most about?

Bush vows punishment if laws broken in Haditha

Need assistance

That * states that it is time for the US to assume a leadership role

bush swearing in Hayden live on cnn

dumb question: what is liberalism???

Anyone ever use GeekSquad? Feeback?

Harry Reid broke no rules in accepting tickets.

Bush vows to punish Haditha crime, Iraqis angry


What was Raygun & 41's response to Pakistan getting the nuke? Ever wonder?

Do you want to see an Official DU Chat room Functionality here?

DHS to Slash Funds for NY, Washington

You know, I don't "hate"

Stroll down war crime lane

Ex-GOP Chairman joins KS Governor Sebelius (D) on ticket

"Iraq is abject misery": Gen. Barry McCaffrey

Tell me again why we're in Iraq.

What's with this crap about the raid being illegal?

Fox News blooper-the Ambassador from Iraq is the US Treasury Sec.?

RNC mailing attacks Pelosi re: gas prices

I have a question. Is what is happening in America now, a Coup

Guy James asked if he could read my piece about talkin' to my

Fight club draws techies for bloody underground beatdowns

'Study: Global Warming Boosts Poison Ivy' If you're allergic, WATCH OUT

Warren Jeffs: Listening to rock is "enjoying the spirit of the black race"

German state bans Muslim headscarf for teachers in schools

How A Bout Some Pressure On Pakistan

Hiroshima memorial honors Chinese atomic bomb victims for first time

Dept of Homeland Security to Slash Funds for N.Y., Washington

I wonder how Bush's base is taking his playing footsie with the Iranians?

Lance Armstrong cleared of doping charges.

One REAL question disarms Condi at press conference!

"When you strike at a king, you must kill him"

Ban abortion, but killing pregnant women in Iraq = OK

Did you ever hear of CCC Credit Services?

* hard at work - signing autographs for CIA employees. photo

re: net neutrality, is this a good witch or a bad witch?

Spoon? gag me. Condi's inter-few on Situation room next.

US plans “significant” Pakistan missile sale

Question about the U.S. military's "stop-loss" program

can you stand it? Condi on w/Wolf AND Tweety at same time: 4:25 PM CDT

Walt Whitman born May 31, 1819

Uhh George? About that statement you made today?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Gagged librarians break silence on Patriot Act

Russia tries to sell military planes to Canada

TX charity raided by FBI to keep government contracts

watched Jarhead. Did you see where they realized they guarded OIL

Starting a War is the ultimate and absolute crime against human kind.

Impeach Alberto Gonzales? Why, yes!

The BEST reason why I think the Anthem in Spanish is OK

US judge tells government to disclose knowledge of domestic spying

Randi Rhodes....US Troops Protecting

Alabama Supreme Court Candidates Want To Shun Federal Govt.'s Laws

Owner of unkempt, filthy Shih Tzu sentenced

When republicans can crack jokes about Haditha & justify it, well,

Bush has a lot in common with Evillene

Fallujah & Haditha are mere warmups for the carnage they have planned.

Cheer Up, DUers

Mom indicted in dog-maul death of son

Before Bush invaded Iraq oil was $25-$30 a barrel

Why does Google think my computer is sick?

Iran Media Calls Talks Offer 'Propaganda' - True dat!

DU bumper sticker I'd really like to see

Iran must "abandon its nuclear weapons ambitions?"

When do John & Stephen return? Anybody know?

Dixie Chicks to appear on Larry King Live tonight..

Save The Country

US Accused of Diluting Global Aids Targets...

Calls For Impeachment (video)

Why is * always such a ****up?

So...that's it then, only 24 Innocent Iraqis murdered. Regrettable

CBS: "Haditha Massacre Could Change the Course of the War"-could it?

Stolen Veterans' Info. Reveals Much

Californians: Anglides or Westley? And why?

Dixie Chicks Radio Station Airplay Query:

Haditha is a failure of leadership....

Daughter alive in bizarre case of mistaken identity

Chimpy's attempt at political suicide: Federal Marriage Amendment

Depleted Uranium forum Thurs. June 1 Cape Cod Community College

Name 1 issue more important than stopping gay people from getting married

"Afghanistan: U.S. Now Faces Resurgent Taliban, Resentful Public"

TIME: How Bush Landed Wall Street Titan Paulson for Treasury

U.S. Troops Kill Iraqi Pregnant Woman & Her "Unborn" Baby

Californians: Angelides or Westly

Wing and a Prayer: Religious Right Got Bush Elected - Now They Are...

Freakers just love frivolous lawsuits

Missing blond alert!

no matter how much info comes out on the repugs..

Democratic senator accepts freebies. Let's hang the filthy bastard.

Kennedy to Sensenbrenner: Leave no vet behind!

FREEP VETS get tinfoily about loss of Vets Private Records

Lawyer: Border Patrol should be investigated for racial profiling

Why can't Iraq put US Troops on Trial?

You know what? Sometimes Ed Shultz just pisses me all the way off.

Lou Dobbs - What company was he just lambasting ?

Russia could build Kalashnikov plant in Venezuela: state arms exporter

*ucker Carlson on the Haditha massacre -- what an ass.

Easy Lou Dobbs poll tonight

Are photojournalists vultures?

I only hope Ms. President will get us out of Iraq.

May I recommend to you another web site? It is a gold mine of info.

HEY! Have you bought Sam Seder's new book, F.U.B.A.R.? Link...

"Cars" will be the biggest movie ever. Another grand slam for Steve Jobs

NYT: Send-a-Brick Project

CNN "Prime News" still seeks story ideas

Isn't it ironic?

Dead Girl from crash found alive


Canadians healthier than Americans

TIVO/DVR/VCR Alert for Larry King tonight (Wed):

Ok folks, let's get our google on - HOW MANY CHILDREN W/GRENADES IN IRAQ?

Why don't US troops put a barricade in front of any road

Public Service Announcement The last day you can donate to Katrina Victims


FCC plans relaxation of media ownership rules, watchdogs say

Rick Warren and this damnable video game is bogus linkage

Security Grants Are Made; Criticism Follows

"Here Lies Terry Schiavo & The Remains of the Post-911 Republican Party"

Bobby Kennedy Jrs Rolling Stone Cover Story: "Did Bush Steal 2004 Election

How Abramoff Did It; First Photos Made Public

Please DU this poll

There were no tickets and McCain didn't pay the Nevada Athletic Commission

Sun Microsystems to cut 5000 California jobs; inks India education deal

Paper May Take Legal action Against * Aide (Zinmeister)

"Soon," he said, "Fitzgerald can't delay this much longer."

PCGAMER MAG - Someone gets the joke... (Abramoff)

What's wrong with this picture?

Dear Mr. President (Letter from a 10 year old girl & Bush's Reply)

Lou Dobbs is so politically correct, come on get over yourself already...

Paul Hackett suing over theft of 26.5 million vets' stolen data...

Frontline's continuing its second part on AIDS

The real reason gas prices are rising

The Independent frontpage focused on Lee "Fat Bastard" Raymond

Turkey Calls on Iran, Israel to Observe Int'l Law concerning nuke programs

Serious question for all.....

Congressman Conyers:Protecting voters from the politicians

Robert Scheer: Bush links energized Enron

freepers crying fraud on dixie chicks debuting at #1

PHOTO: Bush "troubled" by Haditha; is MINDFUL, vows punishment

Help! - Can't Find A Thread

why won't the prez ever sit up straight?

RIT student fights sex assault accusation

Trouble with progressive sites--

Just talked to my conservative son and there's hope for us liberals.......

Immigration reform: Building costs could soar

GE Electronically Files the Mother of All Tax Returns -- 24,000 Pages!

Afghanistan: Taleban's second coming

Guest to Dobbs on "anchor babies": Um, Lou why go after the children?

RW-Nut Book Club Entry Of The Month

Bush Policy Chief Wished For ‘Very Loud Explosion Very Nearby’ Journalists

C-Span The Capitol 9------ hour special

If you ever want to see the RW Agenda for women watch this video

Raise your hand if you thought we'd go 24+ years w/o another female VP nom

Condi on TV now, making sure we all undestand why we will attack Iran.

Haditha - "The Girls Died Screaming"

Are Dick Cheney's money managers betting on bad news?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Roll Call

The middle class dream as lived by the Greatest Generation

Never trust anyone under 30.

We're going to let loose on the Haditha mess on The Guy James Show today

Diixe Chicks to be guests on Larry King tonite

College loan interest rates rise at an all time high

Iraq Veteran Sues Moore Over 9/11 Film

The Twin Towers fell, but they rose AGAIN as the Baghdad Embassy!

Reuters: US tightens security on New England-Canada border

I would like to give someone here their own blog...

The (DU) elephant in the Iraqi room

what is your opinion of the DLC

KO on KC: "How can we miss you if you won't go away?"

Howard Dean on Jon 40 min. says my t.v. guide..

Anyone know what Mike Malloy thinks of Howard Stern ?

Would You Support A Repugnican Turned Democrat

MO former Lobbyist Sen. Talent running "conservative values" ads

Ex-US Secretary of State Tells Bush To Reply To Iranian Presidents Letter

Would you blame the Iranians for suspecting that Bush and Rice are lying?

Need a good kicker to end my LTTE

The DLC: to the History Pages

Rainbow, what is it?

Canadians healthier than Americans: study

What evidence have you seen of *'s low approval ratings?

Ned Lamont answering questions live on dailykos RIGHT NOW

A Chronology of Data Breaches Reported Since ChoicePoint (Feb 05)

Its June !!

Can anyone honestly say they've **ever** seen Il Dunce be sincere?

Dixie Chicks New Album Debuts At #1......

Raise your hand if you think that H2OMan should write THE Plame Book

Here's the impeachment that must be done by a Democrat congress.

NYT's Reporter: Blaming People for their Own Layoffs is causing Sickness!

On Mr. Leopold's story...

Today, a Baghdad court heard of Saddam's massacres (GRAPHIC WARNING!!)

Damn. Commander in Chief was new tonight and I missed it

Doubt Medical Malpractice System Plagued By Frivolous Lawsuits

Someone here TODAY made a comment ealier

Wes Clark defends Murtha on Haditha - Bill O'Reilly caves

(VIDEO) Kerry's 1971 Senate speech in full (more relevant than ever now)

Does DU now allow ultra-right wing ads? Did I miss something?

Great photo of Al Gore - great caption too!

you're going to go back to hating Cafferty again.

Million-year-old ecosystem discovered beneath land of YHWH's Chosen People

"Weapon of Mass Destruction" Targets Sex Shop In Waldo

Time for a Constitutional Amendment

89,975 user registrations - Congrats DU on almost 90,000!

Iran Bamboozler Invited to White House as "Expert"

MSNBC Poll: Do you think Sen. Clinton should run for President in '08?

New Orleans Levees -- wtf is Congress doing about it?!!!

SONY PICTURES: who killed the ELECTRIC CAR? Movie Opens 6/28/2006!!!!!

The New World Order has a Third Reich Odor.

Haditha video from BradBlog

FRONTLINE: "The Age of AIDS" Part 2 On Now!

Facts on Fannie's fraud ... / $10.6 BILLION overstated earnings/ USA Today

Anybody just catch Martha Stewart's litle slap at Bush?

Dear Bull Moose, I am your internet "flotsam and jetsam", your "loony ....

Why marriage matters so much to so many LGBT people

The Iran propaganda begins in earnest

Olympia WA: 22 arrests in protest of military cargo ship (pics)

How I learned to stop worrying and love bandwidth theft.

What was... what might have been... what is... what might yet be...

Advertising on DU: Wednesday May 31 Update

What is the new "Globalization"?

George W. Bush on 9/11: "But the day ended on a relatively humorous note."

So it's marriage protection season again.

DLC Peddles Right-Wing Talking Points; Christian Coalition Official in DLC


Electronic Voting Machine Study Exposes Most Serious Security Flaws Ever

What is the worst thing any Bushist said about Al Gore?


It's the Capitalism, stupid.

Randi just nailed it

*** TOONS: Haditha ***

Canada spends $28 million on armored cars to chase Osama around with

i have an MA -psychology. honors student. now fully unemployed.

Question: Under what president did you become politically aware?

News you've never heard.

"Had Enough? Vote Democratic." or "Had Enough? Vote Democrat." - ?


Anyone seen Rummy lately?

Attorney in Michael Moore suit has a **major** right-wing agenda...

Nearly half of Mississippi blacks approve of Trent Lott's job? WTF?

John Aravosis on


Build the fucking wall.

Something to ponder:

Now, You, Too, Can Kill Sinners in the Name of Christ


Globe and Mail: The truth about ‘Ozone Al'

Left Behind meets The Purpose Driven Life - Evangelical video game.

I clicked on one of these damn adds by accident

Gender isn't a choice.

Great Blogger video - New Orleans

t r u t h o u t: The Continued Interest in the Rove Indictment Story

Shouldn't We Be Prepared for Another Stolen Election

You're far more likely to die violently in a Red state than a Blue state

Ok, I am really sllloooooowww on the news but can you tell me


Con: Fund my sex change

Oh, this is PRICELESS

Suppose it becomes generally accepted that Ohio was stolen in 2004...

DC Comics Resurrects Batwoman As Lesbian

Western aid workers drive past Afghan beggars cradling naked,dirty children

When it comes to illegal immigration I have yet to hear ONE word against

Ohio Mayor Refers To African-American Fire Chief As “King Kong”

I'll be hanging out street front of the FAA building all night June 7th

Ohhhh! I get it now!

July 4th 1776 True democracy via revolution: July 4th 2006 Got Democracy?

AP: McCain cancels Bilbray event over immigration

Chomsky Video: Hamas Policies More Conducive to Peace than US or Israel

Free entertainment courtesy of "conservatives"

McCain pulls out of (CA-50) Bilbray fundraiser

This is a tragic shame: Pregnant Iraqi woman killed by Coalition Troops

Al Gore on The Early Show with Harry Smith Wed. May 31

Why I support Guest Worker Program.

Bush admin hides $75million in Katrina bill for Iran hot chick propoganda

Bush and the Republicans have destroyed our nation and our democracy

smirk's kool aide dispenser Amir Taheri, columnist, opened his mouth

(CA) Bill OK'd to change electoral vote system

is there anything written into our constitution or any other document

Rice to speak to Iran, I am reminded of their "Ragheads only understand

I understand now how the military brass and Rummy intend

Jesse MacBeth Phony....WHY?

Even Republicans Admit Cunningham's Seat Looks Like a Dem Win

Future condi rice quote

Don Evans was on CNBC apologizing for Lee Raymonds salary

Salon: Gonzales to be impeached?

NYT: Paulson's heir apparent at Goldman, Sachs is a Democrat

Americans must reject this shuddery pack of maniacs

Stolen VA data goes beyond initial reports

What kind of person gives up a private sector, $30 million a year job...

ISOO urged to compel VP to report on secrecy

Who should be the next Atty-General or FBI Director ??

Would you refuse to go to Iraq if that was your job?!?

Unity08: What's this, another way to steal elections?

I'm being told Gore didn't deny saying he invented the internet while

as long as we're investigating Haditha, why not White Phosphorus in

Removing 12,000,000 illegal aliens is no problem.

So who will the Freepers blame for losing Iraq?

Check this post out ...

My unoffical count of retired military bumper stickers

Off topic.. but really funny post for cat-lovers...don't miss it!!!

Maine party delegates to hear from Sen. Feingold

DNC: Two Trials Highlight Republican Culture of Corruption in Ohio

Al Gonzales's Southern Strategy: The Curious Timing of William Jefferson

If all the illegal immigrants were gone tomorrow

Bush on CNN: I haven't seen the ad (Swifties); Jeb sends thank you letter

Have Democrats become too center right on economic issues?

Poll Finds 73% of Young Voters Will Vote

Favorite Gore quotes

Need help replying to freeper! Credits Repub. Congress with Clinton's

Condaleeza Rice sets us up with the straw man again.

Anyone hear the Networks talking about the Dixie Chicks success today?

Ralph Nader to Wes Clark via MySpace Message: Nader/Clark '08?

The Chicks are #1 Right? Radical Chicks

History test question from the future: (R rated language)

Tweety's going on again about "the Clintons' relationship"

Watching the Anderson Cooper coverage of Haditha ...Bush & Rumsfeld


Mike Gravel for President – 2008

Older DUers: Did Ronald Reagan get as much media protection as Bush gets?

WP/AP: Sen. Clinton Kicks Off Re-Election Bid

Reid says he won't take free tickets

Ms. Speaker or Madam Speaker?

Bobby Kennedy JR. to question 2004 election in Rolling Stone article

Ladies and Gentlemen a new LOW -the lowest of the low

Great editorial slap at Rick Santorum.


Vulnerable House Seats per Wikipedia. Check it out!

President Bush's dangerous incompetence

unbelievable ...Anderson Cooper just said that every troop in Iraq

Bitching About, or Patronizing Moderates/Centrists?

RFK Jr in Rolling Stone this Friday "Ohio was stolen?"

John Bonifaz Submits 7,000 Certified Signatures

Al Gore won't run -- he'll be CARRIED to the White House.

Reid Accepts Boxing Tickets -- Desperate GOP Rejoices

Fair Elections! Pls. Sign, Support This Declaration of Principles!

DU picks on ED Schultz

Rasmussen poll now reporting Santorum trails Casey by 23% in PA.

I think liberalism is a fantastic thing!

Al Gore is NOT running

Bush first briefed on Haditha:"When a Time reporter first made the call"

Iraq Deputy PM Tariq Aziz has not been charged.

Bush Cuts New York And New Orleans To Steer Money To Jeb

"This must never happen again". So, how do we stop it?

Global warming protesters demand that Max Mayfield step down

The new improved CIA

Our elected officials and their residence - where should they live?

The only reason wives/mothers work

I'm meeting John Kerry tomorrow What should I ask him?

Why are the Dixie Chicks No. 1??

Gore / RFKJR 2008

Casey leads Santorum by 23% (56 to 33%)

NYT: Democrats' Senate Hopes May Ride on Harold Ford, Jr's Tennessee Race

When will the Left stop pushing Right Wing BS?

Reminder: Gore won in 2000. Got it?

AP Story Wrong -- Reid Could Not Have Paid for Boxing Tickets

Where is Mary Cheney?

"New Justice Samuel Alito cast the tie-breaking vote."

there is a ltte in todays Toledo Blade that needs to be pounced

Bobby Kennedy JR. on '04 election theft in Rolling Stone feature article

more civilian murders in Iraq?

7 STICKERS TO GIVE AWAY: I Am For Separation of Church and Hate.

Report from Marcy Winograd-Jane Harman candidate forum last night

Just 23 weeks left: What have YOU done to ELECT DEMOCRATS?

New Research Predicts Landslide for Gore in 2008 --- Defeat for Hillary

Of the following traits which Hillary has, which 1 is her biggest asset?

Focus on the Family ad in today's paper!!!

Lou Dobbs is on the attack, but disingenuously includes Democrats

Salon: Warner to be given prime speaking slot at Kos Convention in Vegas.

How the Left Lost America