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Archives: May 27, 2006

What does I/O error mean?

Gonzales Said He Would Quit in Raid Dispute

Russia to Honour Iran Arms Deal--BBC

More Vietnam War Papers Released (US said could accept Communist takeover)

Rumsfeld Receives Scouting's Highest Commendation

Ads for Liberty University in the DU lounge...

Friday night lyrics... a litlle cynical, but.....

I am not showing you how to make prank phone calls...

I just watched Shaft on TCM.

There's a DU Malloy thread?

Now tell me BEER is good for me, and I'll be a happy boy!

Who is your favortie Beagle?


Anybody know what I/O error means?

Nazi Gernan Talk Shows. I just had this grotesque image

Say what you will about Lay ....

"The human rectum is almost nightmarishly elastic..."

Hey! There's a DU party at miss_american_pie's place!

I'm a Grammar!

Your Favorite Series No Else Heard About...

Friday Night Flamewar

Do We Still Need The Voting Rights Act?--Kerry mentioned


When you vote Repubs into power, they think the government is theirs...

How Long Till Puffy Moonface Timmy Has A Dem On MTP?

Conyers: Grassroots Activity in Support of My Single Payer Health Care

Bush Silences His Texas Swagger (NYT)

Can anyone post or link to audio or video of Bill Maher on Letterman?

25 Democrats voted for Hayden . . . . . where is the outrage?

Breaking: Eyewitnesses to the Haditha massacre!!!

Baghdad ER

a treat for Gore fans

A border fence. 370 miles. $1.18 BILLION.

KR: Iranian-backed militia groups take control of much of southern Iraq

Government threatens journalists while leaking information

Iran minister thanks Iraqi cleric for unity efforts(Sistani)

Diplomatic guards may quit in Baghdad pay row

Pakistan Frets Over Iran Standoff

What If They Gave a War...?

Puerto Rican Influx Could Affect Politics

NYT Mag: Questions for Helen Thomas

GOP Heavy Hitters Pressuring WH to Talk With Iran -Laura Rozen, LAT

Finding Funny in the not-so-funny by Rachel Sklar, Huffinton Post

Sensenbrenner's ugly fight is showing his true colors

Why can't the Democrats be Democrats?

Meaning of Memorial Day becoming a memory

Giuliani A More than Fatally Flawed Potential GOP 2008 Presidential Nomi

For the Record: Pat and the 2,000-lb. leg press

Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State

Fresh evidence of 'executions' by rogue US marines in Iraq

Small-town LTTE: 'Objectivity' not the same as 'equal time'

Abstaining from Sex Education Politics

Good Mocking America: the SCLM on Al Gore

My letter in Chicago Trib today

Is getting paid to take surveys just a scam?

What are people investing in with their 401k?

Revise NAFTA -excellent idea -but is Illegal immigration caused by NAFTA?

Bear Hunting Caught in Global Warming Debate

U.S. Has Complex Views on Cars, Gas Prices

So, ... I'm beginning to think of solar energy roofing panels for my home.

Rainforests 'still at great risk' (BBC)

Free solar in Florida.

Migrating birds suffer huge loss (BBC)

Quake, Ind'sia.. how affect birdflu containment effort?

Mideast Debate Takes Root at UC Irvine

WBAI morning show, Loose Change creators diss Amy Goodman on Air

DC9 w/ 5.5 tons of coke was CIA PLANE

Can we please let the bogus "No Arabs on Flight 77" autopsy claim rest?

Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77

Eureka Councilmember Leonard Speaks Out For Verifiability


"Fleabold" - A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 'Toon Edition, 5/ 27/06

Boston Globe: "Galvin may face primary battle"

cookies question

What is wowexec.exe?

State chair election to be held Friday instead of Saturday?!?!?

Tell Dubya what you think! Birthday Project coming to Houston June 18

Ribs: rub versus mop versus sauce

Need a fantastic dessert idea

Misto - oil sprayer device - have one?

A Simple Meal for Fresh Red Russian Kale

has anyone ever heard of ZipLock Omelets? check out this email I got

Villagers fleeing Afghan fighting

Canadians fight, take prisoners in Afghanistan at ongoing Battle of Panjwa

Couple dumped into garbage truck

Lord Black in 'cash for peerages' inquiry

CanWest opens wallet to buy big for fall TV season

PM backs down on policy for fallen

PM says kin were asked, O'Connor says not

Blair accused of cover-up in Iraq probe (sound familiar?)

Coalition Strike in Afghanistan Kills 5

Harper promises law to set (Canadian) election date every four years

CNN: State Farm penalized in suit over tornado claims.

Iraqi seized at wedding, later found beheaded

Robertson Says He Leg-Pressed 2,000 Pounds

Uribe Rebuts Voting Irregularities Claims

Nearly 3,000 dead in Java quake (BBC)

Nevada blast put on hold indefinitely

Attorney General and FBI Chief might resign....Breaking.

Court of Appeals upholds unconstitutionality of Patriot Act's National Sec

Akaka wants all U.S. vets cared for(Dems radio Address)

Senate Bill Would Require Intelligence Budget Disclosure

Rock slides close road to Yosemite

LAT/AP: House Leaders Concede FBI Right to Search Congressional Offices

Puerto Rican Influx Could Affect Politics

Iran sues Saddam

Reed, Abramoff flew for $92,000

Constitutional Squabble (legislative v executive) May Have Earlier Roots

Iranian Politician Urges U.S. - Iran Ties

OHCHR holds RNA responsible for 49 missing Nepalese

Sudan: Govt accused of massive human rights abuses

Moscow gay rights supporters arrested

Investigation reveals new Tillman questions

CNN: Investigation reveals new Tillman questions (negligence and deceit)

Reid secures deal for Kempthorne approval

Man throws his 2 kids, himself off balcony

US troops to be out in 12 months

Eavesdropping to Go On, Cheney Tells Midshipmen

Blair beefed up his Iran speech to please Bush

Gay Music Director Let Go By Kansas Catholic parish

NYT: With Illegal Immigrants Fighting Wildfires, West Faces a Dilemma

Hugo Chavez visits Bolivian coca region

Copter down in Iraq; 2 Marines missing

Suspended 'Blade' Reporter Fired (Editor & Publisher)

Bill simplifies process for students to decline military recruiters' calls

Photos Indicate Civilians Slain Execution-Style

Bush: U.S. won't relent in war on terror

The children of Guantanamo Bay(fresh allegations of HR abuses)

NYT: At West Point, Bush Draws Parallels With Truman

Another activist murdered (Philippines)

CBS: White House Wants NSA Lawsuits Nixed

Man stabs 28 after opening of Berlin train station

Lord Black in 'cash for peerages' inquiry (Conrad bought his lordship)

Minutemen building Ariz. border fence

NYT: Kerry Pressing Swift Boat Case Long After Loss

Don't get lazy now, governor urges GOP (Jeb)

As rates rise, home foreclosures surge

Australian climber left for dead on Everest reaches base camp

Tam teacher told to leave rifle at home

A divine business plan: Use of (Christian) 'affinity marketing' growing

What is the average number of posts of a DUer?

I'm watching Anchorman for the 3 Brazillionth time

I hate republicans


Beer, condom, or gun - what will MAGNUM give us in the google ads?

Ahhh...a four-day weekend.

Need rec's on a lawn tractor. Which is the best?

Oh the sand, oh the damn sand.....

Okay...What does "tongue in cheek" mean--there is an argument

Here's a reason why we should be glad the 1980s are over:

My little sister's thinking of joining DU

I just had a burning trash can in my house

My four-month old son is thinking of joining DU.....

Billie Jo and Betty Jo and Bobbie Jo and Uncle Joe

Lewis Black-new comedy special June 10th.

Fred and Ethel Ricky and Lucy

How come I absolutely hate Dana Carvey?

Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice

Party in this thread! Ask me anything! I'm staying up all night again!

Abraham, Martin, and John

I am going to hell for laughing at this episode of Family Guy

it's that time again

Every Little Kiss

Who's your favorite author? What is the latest book you've

T-Shirt Philosophy

I'm Free

What does Mary Cheney enjoy more

I'm drinking Jack Daniels at 6 in the morning. Ask me anything.

WARNING!! New XMEN is 5MILILLION times worse than ISHTAR!!!

Hi. My name is lildreamer; and I'm an addict.

I killed a baby cottonball this morning

whos on myface (sorry couldn't resist)

Look its charlie from the chocolate factory

AAAAAGH! If I see "definitely" spelled "definately" one more time,

Urban Word of the Day: Porch Dog

Yeah yeah...

Gay rugby tournament honors Flight 93 victim, Bingham

Portable DVD Recomendations

It's 6:10am Saturday morning in Sunny So Cal and I am in the office.

Warning! Dont let FOX bias keep you from seeing X-Men 3. That sucks

Some dude just flipped his truck like five times

I am 9 post away from 2000 wonder if i can get 9 more post

Congratulations 4 MoronicYears!! 10,000 posts

Has anyone here ever used Urge?

This is my 2000th post ( nothing to see here move along)

Groucho, Chico, Harpo

Can shopping be turned into a social life?

Holy shit! It's the Broodwich!

Francisco star rising...Good day to be a Twins fan!

How many cups of coffee do you drink at one sitting?

Top Liberal Songs by Conservative artists!

I DARE you to look at this pic.

My first try at photobucket

Any Skype users out there?

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

STDs Running Rampant In Retirement Community - Dr blames Viagra

The man is getting me down

O.K., I give up. Why can't I "see" the ads? Is my computer too old and

Does Skinner reply to PMs?

Does Skinner react to PMS?

I apologise to DU for my endorsement of "BloodRayne".

MI, OH and IN DUers -- FUNDAY XII is June 17 at Saginaw, MI

Who the hell is this guy Ron White?

David Lee Roth Hot for Van Halen Reunion

Did humanity survive 06 June 0006?

I'm cranky, ornery, and itching for a FIGHT........

Has anyone ever purchased a used hard drive or know anyone

Science question!

Thanks to good lounge vibes, all went well.

Remember the Gashlycrumb Tinies? (Edward Gorey)

I'm up now...the fun can begin!

Everbody HOP IN

watching VH1's "100 greatest artists of Hard Rock" for the umteenth time

Does anyone use Movielink?

Holy Moly

progmom on the air - post your jazz requests here

"gamble everything for love"

Any Guitar Hero fans in the house?

11:30 am. Air Conditioner is Installed & I'm on my first Mojito

I have a nasty discharge from my pinus.

I just gotta tell somebody (musicians R U listening - or is it 2 early?)

Dirk, Barry, Stig and Nasty?

Is Mrs. Matcom in the house?

I'm unleashing my inner nerd by watching SAILOR MOON!!!

LCD Scratch Repair

I'm listening to the new Dixie Chicks CD right now

which deportment should I take?

Textbook Disclaimer Stickers--print and stick!

Soo...I'm stealing bootleg copies of Firefly off of someone else's server.

It's party tiiiiiiiime!!!

Time for a Snapple yet?

What Old People Do For Fun

Best live-recording music video?

"God Bless America"

I feel so bad, ya'll. Come to my pity party.

Paul, Timothy, George and Rusty?

Top 25 Worst Tech Products

Saturday Lyrics.....

Saturday, May 27. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Bingo, Bango, Bongo, and Irving

3 Survive Rapids Attempt With Wal-Mart Raft

In 2 weeks those Brazilian Boys will be ready to dance.....(futebol fun)

I just got back from Italian Market. Don't you wish you were here?

I don't WANT to be enemies with the police!

Rabrrrrrr's making something exciting for dinner!

Walk The Line

Post a pic of yourself standing in KUDZU

yvr girl is handing out spankings. Should we form a queue?

Happy birthday wishes to...........

Computer help please

Dear God in Heaven!!! Can this be true?

FOX swiftboating Superman!!!! F*ck Fox!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/27/06)

Anyone ever buy

I just got home from an animal rights barbecue.

Why is Charlton Heston such a nasty, mean guy?

No wonder Mary Kate and Ashley were hyped up so much:

Do you want a spanking or a kiss?

hello du'ers, such a breath of fresh air - tech question

I think I hurt Khashka's feelings.

Five random questions for you (and my answers)

Dayum! Nice knobs!

I was googling Superman pics and I got Kevin Federline ?!?!?!?!?

Inconsiderate pig..........

Did anyone here watch "Firefly"?

Mrs. Matcom is away. How drunk is matcom now?

Is it true that it's not how you look, it's how you feel about yourself?

Cthulu, Hastur, Shub-Niggurath, and Yog-Sothoth

Self-delete: sorry- Dupe

This traffic accident on Bravo channel: 100 Funniest Movies

World travelers!! What should I eat in Rome? Florence?

Genesis "The Musical Box" live-1973

Is irish cream and coffee a good way to...

Goodnight people...

CARNIVORES Can You Eat Vegetarians?

Finally caught up to the DaVinci Code...

HELP!! I no longer have a scroll bar...

Motivate me to do some work on my thesis

Someone set off the smoke alarm in my building with a smoldering cigarette

I need to be SCOLDED

Long shot, but Steve Earle fans coming to Vancouver Island in early July..

Mrs. V.'s cousin has passed

Back from a week w/ sis -- she needs your good vibes

Wow! Now I know how Billy Squier's career went south.

Need help carving a name in a tree:

Bravo's 100 Funniest Movies

Night all - enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend

What Precautions Will You be Taking On 6/6/6?

Happy anniversary to me and Mr Pip 31 years!

What moon phase is it now, come to think of it?

Which department should I take?

Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage.

22nd Try at Photobucket

So I clicked this ad at the top of the page...

Tell me something to give me a new perspective on life!

&%#*%)@^$*Q(%# Clowns!!!!!

Post random images from your Photobucket account

does anyone suffer from social anxiety disorder? My son may be.

My daughter has become a "Katy- Kailin"

Try this one....

Happy anniversary to me and Mrs R! 16 years.

Trying to cross post from GD: info on H killing...

Someone in Seattle needs an anatomy lesson

Until recently, I had no idea that men grew hair out of.......

what was the phase of the moon on your natal day?

The juggler...

It's my 48th birthday. Ask me anything, whippersnappers!

I saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle last night.

Now I locked myself out of my apartment....

Why does the Food Network allow The Olive Garden to sponsor its shows?

Angelina Jolie gave birth to Brad Pitt's daughter?????

Ok I saw DaVinci Code last night...and I have to say...

A followup from yesterday, am I still a riot for the fashion police?


BREAKING - Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt baby has arrived.

I heart Geospy!


Congratulations KoKo01!! 35,000 posts

Remind me not to stand naked in front of the window again...

The whole thought of looking for a place to live makes me want to curl up

any ideas for an Eastern or Northern Ohio road-trip?

Can a fully lined dress be altered

VEGETARIANS are you offended by carnivores?

Online photo service - what do you recommend?

A recipe for "Swede wine". I shit you not.

my 9-month old loves Chihuly - NOT Cholula!

I come in the name of Jesus Bitch!

How do you wash the stench of death off a dog?

I KNEW I couldn't stand her! Michelle Kwan is a Republican

I know that the Dixie Chicks are getting a lot of publicity

Maybe I'm elitist, but I love Perrier

Any mechanics here in the lounge this morning?

SOLID-STATEARIANS are you offended by tubevores?

X-Ray Of Duck Shows Image Of Alien In Stomach

X3: A Kick In The Teeth


Hypothetically, who would come to Chicago for a DU meetup & meet CAPeggy?

I'm Michigan Governor Dick DeVos. Ask me anything.

The ad for the home typing job is probably a scam.

Can anybody figure out how this works?

Teens Using Ring Tones Adults Can't Hear

Garvey, Lopes, Russell, Cey

Where ya from?


Photos of my foster kittens at 6 weeks

Where is Oscar and why

you know what he did? He kicked him in the penis...

What role does consciousness play in religion?

Story of ancient South America, one soul made into two souls

Christians....What Happened To Speaking In Tongues???

'Religious experience' induced by mushrooms?

Have you ever had a near death experience?

Who / What Determines How Literal The Bible Is To Be Taken??

What Has Your Belief / Non-Belief Done for You?


Just got some Okabashi shoes

Links to Health Care Groups and Organizations

Ariane lifts record dual payload (BBC)

Is it just me, or does Anderson Cooper (the person) suck?

Police and protesters break up Moscow gay parade

May I brag a bit?

Up-to-Date in Kansas City

A Str8 Friend

Moscow tightens security as gay parade possible in spite of ban.

RANT: There is nothing "Stock" about a "Stock Car".

Go, you Oilers! No Mighty Ducks playing for Lord Stanley's Cup!

New Orleans Saints break franchise record for season tickets sales

Why is everyone wearing WHITE in the crowd at the Miami-Detroit game?

The movie Contact

Who else here experiences when things are seemingly going very well

"Soldiers of Peace" -- song by Graham Nash -

Tell the Senate to Block Another Trillion Dollar Tax Cut

When the Truth is Unconscionable (Haditha & Swiftboat Smears & JK)

The New York Times still not ready to call the SBVT liars.

Last month I wrote a piece on the ten most important US pres elections

Max Cleland at state Democratic candidate event in PA!

The NYT is

Kerry's full statement on Hayden from the Congressional Report

IVAW statement about Jesse MacBeth

A poll to vote in

Was it two democrats that ran against Bush or just one?

Vietnam War Papers Released

And now, for something completely different

Water Falling Over Things 2006, Part II (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Wetzelbill demonstrates why he's a good member

I be on the home page ..... Ken Lay visits Gull Bay?

bush is republican poison -- Saturday 5/27 toon

one thing good about the Bush junta

As usual, Grunts will pay for war crimes, but the big boss's will escape.

Saturday is from Saturn's Day and if not who cares? Please CAPTION!!!!

In the real world, when an employee screws up badly, he's fired.

I can't bother with a Revolution right now because...

Iraq: Bush's Plan for Victory is really a Plan for Politics

If on Cape Cod this weekend Please attend DU forum

Freepers ignorance and racism

X-Ray Of Duck Shows Image Of Alien In Stomach

Can't Sleep. Anyone Go To Jail Today Yet?

So.. Which one's Homer's chair?

I love that Brian Unger guy in for Keith

Let's give a "peaceful" name to the new Blimp!

Could immigration permanently split GOP?

Tony the Idiot on CNN

Top 10 signs the U.S. is becoming a police state

My highlight of the week: pResident Cocaine Crotch

First Tropical Depression on the Pacific side

Time for regime change? Iraq cozies up to Iran.

The Hindenburg Omen

Maybe Singapore Airlines could take over U.S. Executive Branch?

Anyone know how long Fitz's GJ term is, when it's time is up?

The dunce.

The Haditha Scandal's Other Casualty: By MATTHEW COOPER

I am coming up on C-SPAN !

The TrageComedy Continues: Iraqi gov't says it backs Iran in nuke plight

Whoops - AT&T lets confidential info about NSA lawsuit on to the web...

Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77

Marines commit massacre in Iraq. But Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld

Douglas Brinkley: "Bush didn't show curiosity towards Katrina..."

What Precautions Will You be Taking On 6/6/6?

The nation can afford Social Security but not health care system

Shot Dead For Wearing Shorts

President Chuckles giving commencement at West Point....


CNN wants us to believe: Lay, Skilling face hard road

Ready or not Touchscreen voting machines await election test (California)

Todays Hitlers walking

Is Basra going to be leveled like Fallujah was now?

For Memorial Day --- The Mansions of the Lord --- lyrics

Apple Loses Bid to Unmask Bloggers' Sources

Governments and Central Banks are Completely Incapable of Keeping Tomorrow

Top 50 conservative rock songs

WHO puts Tamiflu maker on bird flu alert

Indonesia earthquake kills at least 2,700

Iraq supports Iran on nuclear development

The Hayden confirmation has really torn it for me.

Is there any difference between these two?

U.S. House of Representatives Moves to Accelerate Salvage Logging

Voice Of 'Peanuts' Character Convicted In Animal Rights Protest (Lucy)

Bush, Johnson, Nixon, and the Middle East

Here's the Democratic Hayden fans who support Big Brother

Can everyone get to

Statement on MacBeth Video (IVAW)

You Pat Robertson Fans will love this.........

Does anyone use Movielink?

Iraq supports Iran on nuclear development - Chicago Tribune

Tree-huggers, liberals & peaceniks are domestic terrorists.

Denver Child (13) Locked In A Kennel At Night

Man who bragged of murdering Iraqis debunked by Army

CNET: AT&T leaks sensitive info in NSA suit

Left Everest climber still alive

Caption * at West Point

What are my options for a long distance call default?

Al Gore makes the media rounds

breaking CNN :Attorney General and FBI chief indicated they might resign

Time for a Snapple yet?

I was just starting to feel homesick for the States today...

cookies question to GD

Palast, Sirota, Cockburn, more - streaming LIVE NOW (This is Hell!)

Do you really believe this bullshit about Gonzales ?

Bush pictures on front page

CAPTION: The ultimate effects of global warming

turmoil at

Gonzales pressures ISPs on data retention

Iranian Foreign Minister Meets With Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani

Become an NBC Universal panel member

Guy behind Iran Dress Code lie is a Neo-Con

"FREEDOM TO FASCISM" gets standing ovation at Cannes

To all Dem lawmakers who allowed Haditha to happen - YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!!

Spaceport race is going global

What really happened the day Porter Goss resigned

Suckling on the Corporate Teat

The "Ten Commandments Judge" battles to become Alabama's governor

One nine digit number? Identity theft should be a little more challenging

This is what happens...

Bush, message to Darfur.........

Column by Joe Galloway and email exchange after from Larry Dirita the . .

4pm EDT: CNN recreates the circumstances of Pat Tillman's death

The most horrific part of the November Marine Slaughter of civilians

DU carries ads for "third party" in Minnesota - ???

The lame-duck double act take their final bow

Nevada Divine Strake test postponed

Admin Asks Federal Judges In N.Y., Mich. To Drop Wiretap Cases

US clears despatch of Iraq reserve force(Escalation is always a good sign)

New Dem Vanity Plates Revealed!

Iran files charges with Iraqi court against Saddam and his cohorts

By Popular Demand: Do-It-Yourself Impeachment

Do Some Of Us Here Confuse Journalism With Advocacy?

2465 dead and 17869 wounded Americans.

Heart attack kills Desmond Dekker of Israelites

Tell the FCC to Get the Spies Off the Line:

Al Gore cannot say he is running because of his movie--campaign finance

Tell the Senate to Block Another Trillion Dollar Tax Cut

Attorney General prepared to quit over Jefferson probe: NYT

The GOP is learning: It's not the President, stupid, it's the PRECEDENT!

Hey Everyone! Let's all join the DLC!!!

Sex Storm Hits Gulf (Baby Boom in Biloxi)


Gonzales trying to invade more of your privacy online

Helen Thomas On 'Rude' Questions, Fox News and Tony Snow

CNN:Pat Tillman"Friendly Fire" Story

Copter Down in Iraq; 2 Marines Missing

U.S. urges Russia to withdraw troops from Moldova - Irony is dead

Revolt/Bolt/Vote in the air-- And the most simple solution................

Obviously some people don't want us to discuss

The raid on Jefferson's office - a question

stephanie miller to replace jerry springer on air america?

I knew Jason Leopold in 2002

Democracy Now: Very disturbing information on the immigration bill

Poll: Is Bill O'Reilly Insane, a Crappy Propgandist, or both?

So Ray Nagin was supported by the Republicans

STDs Running Rampant In Retirement Community - Sorry if dupe

I hear the 'christian' Right is going to have another Just-Us Sunday event

Bush Comparing Himself To Harry Truman

So I clicked this ad at the top of the page...

I just finished watching Bagdad ER

Just about 0%

Can Bloggers Get Real? NYT

Rice to meet Italian minister ahead of Iraq troop pullout

(VIDEO)Dean tries to overcome Chris Matthews obsession with the Clenis

Where can I apply for a radio show host job?

Does Bush even know about Haditha?

MSNBC's Maury and Connie Show: Chung unloads on TruthOut & Leopold

Online Journalists : Right to Conceal Sources

"We will never back down, we will never give in", if only WE'D say that.

Desperate, scandal-ridden Ney's homophobic robocall

White House invokes privilege in spy cases

World Power Brokers Bilderberg Meeting In Ottawa

RANT: There is nothing "Stock" about a "Stock Car".

Divorce proceeds as usual even after death

If you were a world power for 5 years,

All The Kings Men

Threats led Bush to intervene in FBI fight

Irony: Jefferson case is biting the GOP in the ass

Why is everyone wearing WHITE in the crowd at the Miami-Detroit game?

The Steven King moment--covered up by the world press

FBI raid on Jefferson's office, chorus of Repub outrage, Gonzales "threat"

My daughter lives in South Florida and I live in North Georgia

The children of Guantanamo Bay

Now I know for a fact the neocons/fundies are going down

The term "Soldier" only apply to "Army" personnel

Laura Bush's clothing auctioned on Ebay. No I am not kidding.

Fourth Estate Radio Show 10pm- 1am!

From Public Life to Private Business

threatening to quit huh Al?

Donor Fatigue

Crap. I can't access bugmenot. Anyone else? n/t

Must Read - Thought Provoking Article "Fruit of the Poison Tree"

If "direct talks" with Iran occur, Iran should demand as a precondition..

Links To Search Warrant & Defense Memo For Rep Jefferson

Iraqi Tennis Players Shot for Wearing Shorts ..... Mission Accomplished.

Digging slows FBI's search for Jimmy Hoffa - Even slower finding Osama

And they're off!! Aletta, first tropical storm of the season.

Everest climer NOT dead. May live to kick legless guy's ass.

Maybe the RRR was right all along

For Memorial Day

Tim Russert question

Bill Bennett laments Chimpy trying to sound half way literate

Never Forget! bush Is The PRO-LIFE Prez!!!!

I hereby resolve...

you know, I wouldn't mind the ads if so many of them...

Father chastises (Canadian PM) Harper in eulogy to dead soldier

Will US attack Iran?

The war is lost; U.S. may have to quit Iraq soon

Patriot shrouding... coming tomorrow night

Proof that wisdom does not necessarily come with age

Bookmark this one folks... Anyone wanna bet on

Bush "barely knew" Kenny Boy Lay...they weren't even penpals, SEE?>>>

Illegal immigration. Cause: NAFTA. Solution:

Joey Chestnut hopes to be the new face of speed eating

Guest lineup for Sunday TV news shows (Murtha, Villaraigosa, Durbin)

Another Katrina victim found today - Saturday

Please check out my letter to the NY Post before I send it.... :-) (edit)

*** Saturday TOONs to end your week ***

They are at it again

My Resolution... The Senate Treasongate Committee

Immigration law: enforce, repeal, or act helpless.

Listening to dick cheney - photo

Stand with the Shoshone in Nevada against any sneaky bomb test.

High school students' science abilities dropping...

Sunday Talk Shows

The REAL First Couple!

New FEMA chief confirmed-Paulison "Duct Tape" guy

Indigenous people 'worst-off world over'

Frank Rich: Gore 'right man in right place at right time'

Court of Appeals upholds unconstitutionality of Patriot Act's National Sec

Bush lackey gets into Harvard.

The george w bush Approval Map - May 2006

Gore, in feisty interview, tells NYT's Nagourney to stop covering politics

STD's running rampant in retirement community - The Villages

I just met Katharine Harris...oh my

George Bush Sr. & Co. destroying glaciers in Chlile for more wealth

How come this never happens at American sports events?

An interesting note on the Iraqi tennis players story

Ralph Nader's letter to Condi - MUST READ!!

DNC: Troops deserve more than Bush's regrets.

The meth lab down the street burned down...

An intriguing message from "Repentant Republicans. . ."

Tired of paying high prices for professional services? Here's the solution

Did everyone read the RW blogger who finally opened his eyes?

Let me finish, Let me finish!

Japan to Murder 260 Whales in the North Pacific this Summer

What exactly was in that info from Jefferson's office that is causing so..

The last word on Jesse Macbeth

Here's a question mostly for Clark supporters

"Hate not Heritage" - Why a dog breeder just lost our business.

Us vs. Them...

What ever became of CNN's Aaron Brown??

American cops taped torturing drug suspect

Military Investigators Conclude U.S. Marines Murdered Civilians in Haditha

why did the Congress (Dem and repuke alike) allow Iraq to happen?

Check out this revealing pic of Mr. Sincerity.

Privatization=Death of Nations

Killer heroin

About the Republican Accusation that Liberals Hate America

pics on Kos: New Kerry Photo Evidence Counters Swift Boat Veterans

This Is the Way It Ends: Attack on Iran May Be Imminent

Analysis: Marine scandal could roil Iraq

Is this fair? Gas prices across the nation

So, Kissinger's Vietnam papers prove Kerry right - what will swifts say?

The New Orleans Aquarium reopened today

The dominant political force of our time is the media. (Media Matters)

The #1 album on iTunes? The Dixie Chicks. #5 is Colbert @ WHCD!

Special Memorial Day Broadcast on The H.O.R.N. (Please K&R)

Are Republicans "Outraged by the Outrage" over Habitha?

What genuine conservative values do you share?

The Old Flag Never Touched The Ground - Campfires of the Afro American

NYT:Kerry Pressing Swiftboat Case, Long After Loss

bumperstickers on my car. i learned how to do pictures, yeehaw

~~~Heads up! Chomsky on CSPAN2 at 7pm~~~

Bush Marriage Breakup ... the Cover.. :)

Help support Universal Single Payer Health Care - June 7th Action Week

Couple allegedly beat child with a Bible

Mystery & Manners

The "girl" problem and due process

TIME >> "taken by a Marine with his cell phone that shows Iraqis kneeling"

Dear America: I am longing to reach you.

Swift liars 101

I want everyone who is thinking of bolting for a third party to do this...

Heads Up to More dirty bushit! This time in Chile.

Immigration Bill Is Worse Than You Think

Am I the only one here against illegal immigration?

Thanks for participating in "Capitalism Sucks!!!!"

Lol ... Interesting trivia

FBI Raid Questions?

DeWine's Enron Cash

Cartooning the Political Week

GOP Coin Dealer Noe Asks Charge Be Dismissed

Ney Flew On A Plush, Private Jet

Songs in the key of W

so, the repubs awash in scandal, polls abysmal, and the dem strategy

"FREEDOM TO FASCISM" gets standing ovation at Cannes

Searching for a Video

Bring Back the Angry Patriot ..

Listening to C-Span. Caller: Press is hurting this country more then

If you like reading jingoistic spam...

Brownstein, LAT: Strong Signs of Rift Among Democrats

Bush's worst ever ratings by Hotline and FOX polls

DU Journals...fetching or forgotten?

Retreat in Montana Senate Race? (Morrison losing Dem support?)

The Elite Senate

America: Beacon or Blight?

William Jefferson MUST be purged from Congress and the party - NOW


Details sought on secret prisons

Haditha: Why don't we know the names...

Iran Chief Eclipses Clerics as He Consolidates Power

Interesting comment in Larry King transcript of Mark Felt interview

No golden glow as leaders take stock

Are things more black-and-white than they used to be?

Kingdom Coming - a review

Rift? I gothcer rift .... right here

Information on "The Impeach Team": (Please kick for visibility)

Immigration Deal at Risk as House GOP Looks to Voters

Not Gonna Shut Up

Global Warming for Food?

What I Like About Al Gore

To Save Face: The Republican Party should Dump BUSH/CHENEY ET AL

The Greatest Play In Major League Baseball? Very political

Ok...this cements it, Republicans are going down in 2006. Here's why...

Democrats again in congressional fray in South Carolina (a great sign!)

Another Memorial Day

Bonifaz Break Through

Busby Jumps to Major Fundraising Lead Over Bilbray

Impeachment? No. Impalement!

Denver Post article implies DLC and AL From are the Democratic Party.

When the Truth is Unconscionable - Haditha & Swiftboat Smears

Take a deep breath everyone.

Sherrod Brown has heavy campaign schedule

Was Edwards Kerry's best possible choice for VP?

Bush: "This is only the beginning."

I'm sick of the intolerance.

Karel on KGO Radio San Francisco: "Wesley Clark should run again."

Gonzales Said He Would Quit in Raid Dispute Uh huh

So what about all these ship jumpers on the right? (Fingerquotes alert)

Let's try another- If Gore was our 2008 nominee, which ticket would you

Okay let's settle this Lou Dobbs crap once and for all

Lieberman is not being "bipartisan"

Lieberman Supports Anti-Choice License Plates For Connecticut

Just Curious, What Is Oprah's Party Affiliation?

I dreamed I was at the Democratic Convention....